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Happy New Year !




In this edition; International Field Day Beyond Classes ,  TET times,  Games, Career day,  Spirit of St.Paul, January Birthdays

Spirit of St.Paul

Elementary classes had fun celebrating Pajama Day!

Foreign Language Field Day & Career Talks

Middle and High school students listened to career advice from their  St.Paul teachers. For Field Day, all the students played games that were organized by the  foreign language classes. For example, a Chinese game we learned was how to make speed wheel with newspaper!

Elementary Beyond Classes.

Middle & High School Beyond Classes

Soccer & Basketball

TET 2017 For TET, elementary students from the Vietnamese classes prepared special performances that celebrate Vietnamese culture. Students also enjoyed watching a dragon dance.  We thank Ms.Phuong  for your amazing efforts to make this celebration happen for all of our tstudents.


What is Tet?

Tet or Vietnamese New Year is the most important celebration in Vietnamese culture. Tet celebrates the arrival of spring based on the Vietnamese calendar, which usually has the date falling in January or February.


Dr. Steve Jordahl

Mr. Moo Eiselstein

We have this home in the lake. We'd also take walks on the lake and fish and get together with neighbors and stay up until new years; playing games, going fishing and grilling steaks.

Tet is special time for my family, we like to go to around Hanoi to discover the culture of Vietnam. My family enjoyed the quiteness of Hanoi and spending time together.

Mr. Matthew Kelly

Ms. Misty Wayland

Mr. Zachary Vilinskis Ms. Phan Thị Kim Ngân (Ms. Iris) Mr. Đặng Duy Thuận Ms.  Đỗ Thanh Thủy

January Birthdays STUDENT BIRTHDAYS Kim Jun Woo / Le Ethan Phuoc / Kang Seung Hun / Ji Seung Heon (1) Kim Hyun Gon / Ji Jun Yeop / Kim Tae You (2) Cho Eun Kang / Kim Ga Yeon (3) Ballew William Tucker Liam / Ferguson Dahlia / Yoon Chae Young / Choi Ah Reum / Cheon Ye Jin / Lee Jong Won (4) Jang Jun Seo / Park Du Won / Kim Do Hyun (5) Cardona Barber Pablo (6) Nguyen Hoang Nam (7) Kil Hyun Jong (8) Suh Sang Pill / Kim Gi Eun (9) Lee Ha Eun / Jung Chang Wook / Han Chae Ryim / Kim Ye Eun / Lee Min Ho (10) Kim Hyo Min / Park Chul Soon / Bui Quoc Binh (12)

We say Good Bye to the old Editing Team Shin Yu Liu, Andy Vu, Jane Kim, Phuong - all contributed to this edition Teacher: Ms. Liz Welcome to the new Editing Team. Daniel, QueAnh, Jane, SuJin, Lily, Mia, Ji Hyun, TueAnh - all contributed to this edition. Teacher: Ms. Liz

Monthly Newsletter - St. Paul Times Jan2017  
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