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December 2013

Nov. 25 - Dec. 10: 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence November 22 [Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs press release] November 25 to December 10 have been designated as the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, an annual campaign to raise awareness about gender-based violence. In conjunction with the 16 Days, The Episcopal Church is calling for resources on gender-based violence in response to General Convention resolution A139 on Gender Violence. Parishes and dioceses are also invited to share information on ministries and events related to genderbased violence. Gender-based violence, as defined by the United Nations in 1993, is any act “… that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivations of liberty, whether occurring in public or private life.” According to the United Nations, gender-based violence is widespread across countries, classes, races, cultures and religions and affects individuals, their families and communities. It should be noted that men and boys are also subject to gender-based violence. Send resources to Lynnaia Main, Episcopal Church Global Relations officer at The resources gathered during the 16 days will be posted on Episcopal News Service Online. Info on the resources will be distributed. “The annual 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence is an international campaign that began in 1991 at the Center for Women’s Global Leadership at Rutgers University,” explained Main. The theme of the 2103 campaign is From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World: Let’s Challenge Militarism

Our Staff & Vestry Vestry: Chuck Barnett - Senior Warden. Dan Ferguson- Junior Warden, Ann Philen, Bill Ramsey, Melanie Velaski, & Beth Woods Vestry Elect: Linda Aligood, Tom Chaapel, Frank Murphy Carol Farrel - Treasurer Dr. Kadisha Onalbayeva - Music Director Sally Putters - Parish Nurse

and End Violence Against Women! with three priority areas: violence perpetrated by state actors; domestic violence and the role of small arms; and sexual violence during and after conflict. Main noted that key events also are marked during the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, with the start and end dates emphasizing the link between violence against women and the violation of their human rights: November 25 – International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and White Ribbon Day December 1 – World AIDS Day December 10 – International Human Rights Day Among the resources available for observing the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence: • Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori will preside and preach in the Chapel of Christ the Lord in the Episcopal Church Center, NYC, on November 25 – International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women/ White Ribbon Day. • In past years, Anglican Women’s Empowerment, Episcopal Church Women (ECW) and the Episcopal Women’s Caucus have jointly published daily prayers during the 16 Days. This year, the ECW National Board will post a daily prayer on the theme Violence Against Women and Girls; sign up for the free e-Communique newsletter here. • The Anglican Communion’s women’s desk published a resource called “Anglicans and the 16 Days” that features various resources and initiatives Communion-wide and is available here. • Episcopal Church Global Partnerships blog will feature daily contributions on gender-based violence by guest bloggers from around the Church. • A Letter to the Churches of the Anglican Communion from the Primates of the Anglican Communion following their Primates’ Meeting in Dublin, Ireland (24-30 January 2011) • Anglican Consultative Council 15 – Resolution 15.07 on Gender-Based and Domestic Violence, 2012 For more details from the campaign organizers, see From Peace in the Home to Peace in the world.

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Saint Monica’s Messenger

Healthy tips for the season by Nurse Sally Dodie Matlock hands out candy to this precious goblin who was one of hundreds who participated in Trunk-orTreat on Halloween night.

A Voice from the Pew By Tom Chaapel While browsing the internet and writing this message, I came upon this sobering statistic: “Currently two million Americans live in nursing homes. Fifty million Americans alive now are expected to spend their last days in a nursing home.” And many of these face daily lives of loneliness. When I graduated from high school, I got a job working for a TV repair shop in Upstate New York. I had to make service calls, sometimes repairing the set at the home, or with more serious problems, bringing it back to the shop. One day, I was given a service call for a resident at “The Home for the Aged,” an elderly care facility of days past. I, toolbox in hand, was welcomed into her small room by a somewhat frail, but smiling, elderly lady. She told me that she would like me to look at her TV because she thought it needed some adjustment. I looked at her small tabletop 12” black and white TV; and to me the picture looked perfectly clear. We chatted awhile about things I can’t specifically recall now. Anyway, I readjusted some normal user front panel controls, but really, left it no better than when I first saw it. However, she seemed to be appreciative and said, “I guess it just needed an expert touch.” Even back then, I sensed that the woman just needed someone to visit her and talk with her awhile. I hope my service call helped. I felt bad about having to charge her; but the business didn’t belong to me and the policy dictated we charge for service calls. That brief encounter, so many years ago, still haunts me sometimes. I often wonder if she spent the last years of her life alone, or did she have friends or family who would visit her sometimes. As we approach the Christmas season of giving, and always, may we all hearken to God’s words that old age is a blessing and worthy of respect. May we each find in our hearts some form of giving to an elderly person that needs our help and our caring.

As I sit at my desk with my kitty curled up in my lap and purring kitty carols, I think about Thanksgiving and the cherished memories I have. When grandkids were younger, we would meet at Calloway Gardens for the holiday, renting a villa that slept 12, our exact number! The fun and games would go well into the night and we had a wonderful get time together. The grandkids ask, “Will we ever all go to Calloway Gardens again?” With them scattered from Seattle to Florida and Georgia to Wisconsin, I’m doubtful it will happen, but I have those memories I cherish. I’d like to offer some health tips for the holiday season: “Taking a breather” - Deep- breathing exercises can help maximize oxygen exchange, facilitate relaxation and reduce stress. They can also act on the centers in your brain that lower blood pressure. The following exercise can help get you started: Get comfortable - Wear clothes that are loose at the waist, and either lie on your back or sit comfortably in a chair with your feet resting on the floor. Take position - If lying down, rest one hand on your abdomen and one hand on your chest. If sitting, place your feet flat on the floor, relax your shoulders and put your hands in your lap. Basic breathing to start - Inhale through your nose, as this filters and warms the air. Exhale through your mouth. Concentrate on your normal breathing for a few minutes. Inhale deeply - Inhale while slowly counting to four or for about four seconds. Expand your abdomen slightly as you inhale. As you breathe in imagine the air flowing to all parts of your body, supplying you with cleansing, energizing oxygen. Exhale slowly - You may wish to hold the air in your lungs for a few seconds. Next, exhale to a count of four, as your abdomen contracts. Imagine tension flowing out of you along with the exhaled breath. Repeat--Pause for a moment. Repeat

Tamara Edwards was among 34 who took advantage of free flu shots offered by Nurse Sally and Sacred Heart’s Mission in Motion at St. Monica’s on Saturday, November 15.

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We salute you! Mady shows us her medal: Congratulations to Madalyn Wright and the Ensley Chief’s Blue Mini-Mites Cheer Team for winning 1st place in the Gulf Coast Youth Association cheer competition on Nov. 23.

Make a difference this Advent

On Sunday, November 10, we paid tribute to our veterans. Pictured here are Dan Ferguson, Tom Condon, Lyle Morreau, Robert Westbrook, Jim Morningstar, Paul Palmer, Dave Somerville, Bill Ramsey, John Nicholls, Susan Early, John Velaski and Maurice Currie.

St. Nicholas Day: Dec. 6 St. Nicholas of Myra, born in 260, was a wealthy man who dedicated his life to serving the poor. He is the patron saint of needy children. The true St. Nicholas was a man of deep faith who lived his life in devotion to Christ. Perhaps the best-known story about Nicholas concerns his charity toward a poor man who was unable to provide dowries for his three daughters of marriageable age. Rather than see them forced into prostitution, Nicholas secretly tossed a bag of gold through the poor man’s window on three separate occasions, thus enabling the daughters to be married. Over the centuries, this particular legend evolved into the custom of giftgiving on the saint’s feast day, December 6. In the English-speaking countries, St. Nicholas became, by a twist of the tongue, Santa Claus—further expanding the example of generosity portrayed by this holy bishop. Learning about the gift-giving life of the real St. Nicholas is a way of connecting to the true spirit of Christmas. Read more at the St. Nicholas Center. Focus your energy on this day, and throughout the Christmas season, on giving to the needy – just as Nicholas did. His life, which embodied compassion and charity, is a model for us as we are called to respond to human need by loving service.

Advent is a season observed by Christians as a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus. The word “advent” comes from the Latin word adventus, meaning “coming.” Advent is a time of expectation and hope, when we look forward to God coming for all creation and live in expectation of what might be. It is a time to remember those suffering around the world and across the street. While we await Christ, take the time to alleviate the suffering of our fellow men and women – those who are hungry, returning from war, or struggling financially. Here are some ideas and resources: Send cards to soldiers overseas (, visit a nursing home, or help fight hunger or provide clean drinking water around the world by donating to Episcopal Relief and Development ( God gave each of us the ability to make a difference, to bring a light into the dark places of the world – right here and right now. We live in expectation of a world that is healed, thanks in part to your ministry to those in need.

Our Holiday Craft Fair on November 16 was such a success, another has been planned for February 15. Fifteen vendors were selling everything from organic coffee to quilts and birdhouses. Mark your calendar for February!

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Three new vestry members elected at Annual Meeting On Sunday, November 17, 2013, we wrapped up our Flourish in Faith Program by turning in our pledges and burning our Blessing Leaves as a symbolic offering of thanksgiving to God. Following the service, we held our annual meeting. Our Senior Warden, Chuck Barnett called the meeting to order and the Rev. Sandra Mayer offered a prayer. In the first order of business, Mela- Viv Welch and Brenda Ferguson nie Velaski addressed the and John Velaski watch as our meeting with a pre-filed Leaves of Blessings are burned as resolution, in which she a symbolic offering of moved to invoke Canon thanksgiving. Photo by Jennifer Johnson 14 under Title 1 of the Canons of the Episcopal Church: “This resolution allows for the retention of retiring Wardens and Vestry members in order to facilitate continuity of the vestry while there is no Priest-in-Charge or Rector of the parish.” This would allow for the retention of Chuck Barnett as Senior Warden and Beth Woods as a vestry member. Chuck explained that he met with Bishop Duncan earlier in the week at which time the Bishop expressed his desire to “freeze” the vestry while there is no Priest-inCharge or Rector. The Bishop offered two options: either he could freeze the vestry, in which case Chuck would become The Bishop’s Warden, or the congregation could vote to keep the current members of the vestry and Chuck would remain Senior Warden for another year or until we have a Rector or Priest-in-Charge. After some discussion about extended service resulting in “burn out,” Fred Woods moved to amend the resolution as follows: “This resolution allows for the retention of retiring Wardens and Vestry members in order to facilitate

continuity of the vestry while there is no Priest-in-Charge or Rector of the parish for a period of one year to be readdressed at the next Annual Meeting or until such time as there is a Priest-in-Charge or Rector of the parish.” The motion passed 34 to two. There were still three previously vacated positions that needed to be filled. Pre-filed nominations for new vestry members were Linda Aligood, Tom Chaapel, Susan Early, Frank Murphy, Dave Somerville, and Jackie Wright. There were no nominations from the floor. New vestry members elected at the meeting are Frank Murphy for a three-year term, Linda Aligood for a two-year term, and Tom Chaapel for one year. The Vestry Liaisons for the SWEEPS Commission gave reports on Service, Worship, Education, Evangelism, Pastoral Care & Parish Life, and Stewardship. Fred Woods, newest member of the Finance Committee, presented the 2014 Proposed Budget of $103,000. The 2014 budget is $19,471 less than last year’s budget with significant savings in the priest salary, but increases in outreach by 10%. Delegates chosen to represent St. Monica’s at the 43rd Annual Diocesan Convention, February 20-22 at St. Christopher’s, Pensacola were Chuck Barnett, Ray Farrel and Viven Welch. In the open forum, the question arose, when could we start the search process? Chuck explained that we are not financially able to support a full-time or part-time priest at this time. The average cost to support a full-time priest fresh out of seminary is between $50,000 and 60,000 plus an additional $20,000 in benefits. The only way to support a full–time priest is to increase our individual pledges and/or increase our membership. It was stated that increasing our membership is something everyone should be working toward by inviting people to church.

Favor House Wish List

Children’s Items & Food: Apples, oranges, bananas grapes Non-sugar snacks Animal Crackers, graham crackers Snack-size chips Pretzels School Supplies - pencils, pens, crayons, glue,

folders, notebook paper, etc. Craft Supplies Fabric Paint Story Books (all ages) Dolls & Games Entertainment DVDs (G & PG) Coloring Books, crayons

In recognition of All Souls Day, The Rev. Albert Kennington lead us all in the service of Commemoration of the Faithful Departed in the Memorial Garden.

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New Year to bring new ministry opportunity The start of the New Year will also be the beginning of a new ministry at St. Monica’s. Its purpose will be twofold: to help feed people in our immediate area and to involve our congregation in a shared ministry. The idea was borrowed from the “Rice and Beans Ministry” started at St. Agatha’s Episcopal Church in Defuniak Springs early this year, presented to the Vestry, and approved at the November meeting. There are currently twelve churches in the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama, and two in our diocese who are already involved in this outreach, and the need is growing. While resources are always an issue for small churches, this ministry is a perfect example of how much can be done in the community even by a small congregation. On the last Saturday of each month, for about an hour and a half, or until the supply runs out, we will be distributing rice and dried beans to each family who comes. For part of that time we will also be providing them with a simple breakfast. We will begin by following the model of St. Agatha’s which started by helping 30 families each month. The Vestry has approved the purchase of bulk rice and beans, which will be re-bagged for distribution, as well as items to be prepared for breakfast. This ministry has already been blessed by the generosity of one of our Vestry members who has committed to providing the rice and beans needed for the first three months! But we will need volunteers to package these items, help prepare breakfast, distribute food, and get the word out in our community. It is my hope that this new ministry will not be just outreach, but also in reach, bringing our congregation togeth-

Winter Woods 2013 Three mini winter camp sessions will be offered at Beckwith this year. Opportunities to imagine, listen and envision the future of youth and young adult ministry. Participants will explore faith and friendship, engage in fireside stories, field games, challenge course activities, arts and crafts, praise and worship and much more! Junior High: 6-8th grades, Dec. 27-28th Senior High: 9-12th grades, Dec. 29-30th Young Adults: 18-30 yrs., Dec. 31st -Jan.1st *Overnight is optional for Young Adults. Must be a high school graduate. There is no cost for this event! Each session begins at 11am and ends at 3pm the following day. Register online at: Do you have questions? Contact: James Lawrence, Diocesan Youth Coordinator & Summer Camp Director at, or call (251) 928-7844 or (251) 616-2162.

By Connie Chamberlin

er to work together in new groups. It would be great to see a couple of the guys from Band of Brothers working with a few choir members and some of our Sunday schoolers, or some of the Vestry working with some of the quilters. This ministry doesn’t require a weekly or monthly commitment and there are parts of it can be done by anyone. There are still details to work out about exact times for distribution, recruiting volunteers and organizing into some teams for shopping, packaging, cooking, and serving. If you are interested in helping in any way, or would like more information, please contact me:, 587-5022 (home), or 261-7007 (cell).

A delegation of eight represented St. Monica’s at the Small Church Conference on November 9 at St. Agatha’s in DeFuniak Springs. Pictured above are Dan Ferguson, Carol Farrel, Connie Chamberlin, Brenda Ferguson, Viv Welch, Beth Woods, Chuck Barnett and Brennis Whaley. Presentations at the conference included The Rt. Rev. Cy Jones who spoke on Evangelism in the 21st Century, The Rev. Steve Panky who talked about the “We Dream of a Diocese Commission” and Elizabeth MacWhinnie, Diocesan Communications Director, who told us about the new Diocesan Communications Plan.

Join us for

Christmas Eve Service 7 pm December 24 The Reverend John Phillips Celebrating

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Diocesan Medical Mission to Dominican Republic: Is it for you? By Diocesan News Team Are you looking for an opportunity to use your Godgiven skills to reach out to others in need, visit another culture, and bring healing and love to those less fortunate? The Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast will send its annual medical mission to its companion Diocese of the Dominican Republic, March 15-23, 2014. The team will conduct a family practice clinic in the parish of San Marco Iglesia and Escuela in the town of Haina, reaching out to the surrounding community and the parish mission sites of San Bartholomew and Piedros Blancos. They will also improve the water supply for San Marco by adding a purification system to the recently installed well. Unlike past missions to Guatemala, the team size is restricted due to transport and accommodation limitations. Listed below is the typical team structure: Three primary care givers (M.D., P.A., or N.P.). Dominican health authorities require a minimum of one M.D. on a visiting medical team; Three Spanish-English translators to work with primary care givers (basic medical terminology needed); Two Spanish-English translators for aftercare (explaining prescriptions and follow-up care);

Making a bequest From the Episcopal Church Foundation Joe and Anna have been faithful supporters of their organization. They believe it is important to support and encourage its mission. Joe: Several years ago, Anna and I decided to become part of the organization's mission. We believe that they are truly helping others. We think that it is important to partner with them to make a difference. For that reason, Anna and I have made gifts over the years to help others. Anna: We wanted to do more than to just make gifts. Joe and I have been careful over the years and have accumulated some resources. We plan to be generous with family, but we also have the ability to be generous with charity. After talking it over, we decided to leave a bequest in our will. Our attorney took the simple language available from The Episcopal Church Foundation and included a nice bequest to our church. We are delighted that we will be helping others through ECF. You also may want to make it easy and convenient to have a bequest included in your will. The language link below shows how a bequest can very easily be included in your will. You might find it helpful to print the bequest language at Please feel free to give this information to your attorney. If he or she has any questions, please contact The Episcopal Church Foundation, 815 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10017 or call 800-697-2858. *Please note: The names above are representative of a typical donor. Since your benefits may be different, you may want to view a color example of your benefits by going on line to

Two pharmacists, or one pharmacist and one pharmacist tech; One registered nurse for triage; One lay person to handle traffic flow and crowd control. The mission group will install a simple water purification system for San Marco’s new water supply. Someone with basic plumbing knowledge will be needed to assist the team leader with system installation. Spanish speaking capability is not essential but beneficial. Team members will be responsible for raising at least $350.00 toward the mission fund, to cover the costs of medicines and in-country expenses such as room and board, transportation, fees, and medical referrals. Funds may be from personal, church, or community resources. Team members are also responsible for the cost and purchase of their own airfare. Tickets in the past have ranged from $550 to $900. While the mission fund covers room and board on the mission site, team members are also expected to cover the cost of their dinner each night and two nights’ lodging at $47.00 per night. The team will stay at the Hotel Mercure in the old colonial portion of the capital city of Santo Domingo and commute by bus to the clinic site each day, Monday through Friday. Past clinics there have averaged 500 patients for the week. The team will attend a medical packing mission tentatively set for St. Paul’s, Foley, Saturday, March 1. This will be the only scheduled team meeting prior to the mission and will be important to the overall mission success. The deadline for submitting applications is Tuesday, December 31. The team size is relatively small. Therefore it is recommended that you submit your application as soon as possible. Visit to download an application to participate in the 2014 medical mission. Questions may be referred to Keith Greene, team leader: Home: (850)651-4158; Cell: (850)496-7724; email: Note: The diocesan construction mission to the Dominican Republic occurs the week following the medical mission, March 22-30, 2014. Opportunities for non-medical team members are limited on the medical mission. Others may consider joining the construction mission. If you are lacking a needed skill, it will be taught to you.

Don’t miss the

Parish Christmas Party! Wednesday, December 18 6 pm until Main course provided, bring a side dish to share!

Connie Chamberlin John Velaski & Dave Somerville

EYC Bill Ramsey & John Nichols Carol Farrel Juliana Horn & Jackie Wright

John Velaski

Chuck Barnett & Connie Chamberlin

Bill & Sally Putters


Jim Morningstar & Jeff Woods

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December 22


Viv Welch

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Dave Somerville

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December 15

* If you are unable to meet your obligation, please call a replacement, or swap with someone.

Carol Farrel

Jackie Wright

Advent Greenery

Shelby Kizer &

Ron Philen

Jackie Wright

Lector 1st Reading

Dave Somerville

Frank Murphy

December 8

Eucharistic Minister, 9:30

December 1

Service Schedule for December 2013

John Velaski

Jeanine Black



Mandy Farrel

Bill Ramsey & Jeff Woods


Beth Woods

Dave Somerville

Connie Chamberlin

Fred Woods

Dave Somerville

December 29

December Prayer Requests Rosalynda Blackburn The Brown Family Max & Marie Cartwright Miles Cooper Destiny Coy Diane Duncan Ora Early Ray Farrel Debi Froggatt Ron Giles Scott Gilliam Mildred Hamby Jane Hunter Wendy Johnson

Jim & Judy Knapp Chuck Knight Charlie Martinson Bob Matlock Aurelia Medina Fran & Llewellyn Newton Dorothy Pemberton Leroy Robbins Tiny Robinson Maggie Rose Rodak Barbara Roper Philip Scafe Rusty Sellers Pauline Somerville

Military Prayer List Texann Stephens Nichole Teague Bob Tebbs Baby Jase Velaski Faye Walker Brandon Warrick Ken Whiting Seth Whiting Marcella Young

Birthdays in December… 8, Bill Holland; 9, Waymon Fulgham; 12, Susan Early & Kelly Woods; 15, Jo Jo Johnson; 22, Ernest Johnson; 23, Dodie Matlock; 27, Paul Palmer

Anniversaries in December… 10, Tom & Lawana Joyner; 16, Bob & Dodie Matlock If your birthday or anniversary is not listed or not listed correctly, please let Viv Welch know.

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