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Scott Meiklejohn Greg Andrews, right, rehearses with a group of first year students for Glee: Live.

First-year singers ready to get Glee-ful Glee: Live trades McKinley High for Macdonald-Heaslip Hall Theatre at Trafalgar Campus Scott Meiklejohn Sheridan Arts

They’re Sheridan’s best-kept secret. You’ve no doubt heard them on campus. Their voices echoing up from the basement in G Wing. Harmonizing while they walk by in the halls. Now’s your chance to truly see them perform. Glee: Live will debut April 27-28 at the Trafalgar Campus in Macdonald-Heaslip Hall Theatre. Made up of 42 first-year Music Theatre Performance students, the show will make Glee come to life. Songs from the show, dancing, costumes, live music and our very own students will lead the charge. At the helm of the show is Greg Andrews, the head of music discipline for the Music Theatre Performance program. His passion and enthusiasm for the project is infectious. Andrews smiles and sings along at times during rehearsal, which does conjure images of Will Schuester

from the TV show. The aim of the show is simple and one Andrews first brought to life last year. “Give first year students the opportunity to perform in an authentic performance with a live band, an opportunity that they don’t get too often in first year.” Andrews has played many roles to get the project off the ground. He wrote the show, arranged the music, directs and produces it and will even play bass in the live band. “I love doing it,” said Andrews, “They’re all so positive and work so hard, they’re so talented. It’s really wonderful.” The show itself includes everything from Glee you could want: vintage classics like Journey and The Rolling Stones, and current hits from Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. Auditions took place in January, when first-years tried out for the lead roles and Andrews began the tough task of casting the show. Each song has about 18-20 back-up sing-

ers and has been keyed specifically to fit the performer’s range. To say meticulous detail has been put into the show would be an understatement. Andrews carries around a five-inch thick white binder filled with papers consisting of lyrics, musical arrangements, notes and everything else for the show. “It’s a labour of love and it’s a lot of labour.” The performance will be one-of-a-kind, said Andrews “It’s that close to being on the cutting edge. Everything’s been recreated from scratch.” He would know; he’s the one who had to find all the music, arrange it to replicate what the show has done, and then tweak it for a live performance. No easy task, but Andrews is positive all the while. “It’s a great group, well-received, performed really well.” Tickets will be $20 and sold at the Theatre Sheridan box office on Trafalgar Campus.

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