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St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Annual Meeting January 15, 2017

Call to order and Opening Prayer

Declaration of Quorum

According the By-Laws of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, sixty percent of members present in person shall constitute a quorum.

Appointment of Clerk (Claudia affirms she will continue as Clerk) Minutes of the Annual Meeting of January 2016 “Floor” Nominations of Vestry Candidates 1. Tina Tipps 2. Ria Zander 3. Mark Clymer

Diocesan Convention Delegation Ontario December 2017 1. Mark Clymer 2. Nancy Wallis 3. Pat August Reports Report by Priest in Charge Report by Acting Treasurer Report by Sr. Warden

Report by Jr. Warden Reflection on Ministry 2016 (Please see written reports)

Vestry Elections and Commissioning Thanksgiving to Outgoing Vestry members

Leslie Derrick, Christopher Gilbertson and Ed Merrilees


Closing Song


Priest in Charge Under Special Circumstances, Annual Report to members of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Sunday January 15, 2017 Laguna Beach CA 92651 My Brothers and Sisters in Christ: Sawubona, Yebho. This is a salutation you would hear if you were to travel to Johannesburg and Cape Town South Africa, the cities where my family live and where I was born and raised. The Zulu/Xhosa greeting, “Sawubona” means “I see you” and the response “Yebho, Ngikhona” means “Yes, I am here.” As always, when translating from one language to another, crucial subtleties are lost. Inherent in the Zulu/Xhosa greeting and our grateful response is the sense that until you saw me, I didn’t exist. By recognizing me, you brought me into existence. Sawubona (“We see you”) is an invitation to a deep witnessing and presence. At its deepest level this “seeing” is essential to human freedom. I began as your Priest in Charge September 1st 2016. Thank you all for your warm hospitality, especially towards my wonderful wife Angela, and my three energetic children, Jonah, Oliver and Cora. How providential that on the weekend of remembering the life of Martin Luther King Jr. St. Mary’s Church will hold its Annual Meeting to reflect on mission and dream together how we are called to be part of the Jesus movement on Park Avenue in Laguna Beach. One of my favourite parables is Jesus attending the wedding at Cana. I might quote that parable to many times as I explore my wine iPhone App, VIVINO, as I discern a suitable Merlot or Pinot Noir. Indeed, Jesus turns water into wine and inaugurates a new celebration, a new way of looking at things, a new reality. The word for that newness is ‘kingdom’. It’s become a very much more important word in Christian preaching and teaching over the last generation or so. That’s not always a good thing in some ways, as it is impossible to rid the word of its worldliness, patriarchy and its hierarchical and royalist associations. It seems to suggest something traditional but given a modest twist. But the story of the wedding of Cana blows all of this away: the kingdom of God is rooted in delight. The kingdom is Christ present in the neighborhood. When Jesus answers the call, and begins to act then something new and glorious happens, the stuffed-shirts get affronted and the nobodies, suddenly find themselves

very close to the action – the outsiders become the insiders and water becomes wine. The ordinary becomes extraordinary, the mundane the very special. I look forward to exploring new beginnings with you. I look forward to seeing where God is calling us and saying Yes to that call. I look forward to living into the mission statement of St. Mary’s with you. The mission statement, “to be open to God’s love and guidance, to embrace all in the name of Jesus Christ, to be free to use God’s gifts for the daily expression of our faith.” I look forward to discerning and seeing with you where God is calling us in ministry in Laguna Beach and in our Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles. I give thanks to the current Vestry members, for calling me to serve as your Priest in Charge. I give thanks for the trust and support from my Bishop, The Right Reverend J Jon Bruno. I give thanks to our current Senior Warden, Leslie Derrick for your strength, passion for ministry and wisdom. Thank you, dear Larry Spang, our Junior Warden for your continued passion for beauty and the nurturing of our campus. Thank you to each Vestry member and to all who have in the past served on Vestry in any capacity. Thank you, Dick Swintek for offering your accounting wisdom as Interim Treasurer. Thank you to Pat August and the stealth dedication of our Altar Guild. Thank you that we always have enough Holy Communion so that all gathered might be fed. Thank you Mimi for your tenderness in nurturing our little ones in childcare during the church service. Thank you to Claudia Mellin and the creative members of our Communications Ministry in discerning how to share the digital Gospel and increasing our community visibility. Thank you to the ministry of our Episcopal Church Women, ECW and your support of St. Mary’s. Thank you to Mary Hill and all involved in offering hospitality, coffee and scrumptious delights after services. Thank you to The Reverend Will Crist, and The Reverend Canon Mary Crist for your sacramental creativity and presence at St. Mary’s Church. Thank you, Scott Freeborn, and the teams of our Outreach – ASL Meal Teams in reaching out to those who are on the margins. Gratitude and thanks to Barbara Van Gaasbeek for your passion and all those who have contributed to our Outreach – Ministry Projects. Let us indeed continue this mission work. Thank you, Ann Jones, in your ministry of keeping us connected to the Interfaith Ministry Council of Laguna Beach.

Thank you, Bob Gunn, our Music Director, Karen Zfaty Choir President and every choir member for leading us in song for it is indeed a joy and a blessing to offer a song of praise to our Lord. Thank you, Elaine Nadlin for your creative efficiency as Office Manager. Finally, to each person who worships at St. Mary’s, who supports our ministry in person or from a distance or who shares the good news of the Gospel to the world, thank you, thank you, thank you.

I continue to serve on the Councils of the Church. I continue to be a member of the Corporation of the Diocese of Los Angeles CA, and represent the Corporation at the Diocesan Council. I continue to serve on the Commission on Ministry and The Program Group on Global Partnership. I have been elected to be 1st Clergy Deputy to our 79th General Convention, Austin Texas. I will also be the Chaplain to the House of Deputies of the Episcopal Church. Know and trust that I will always make sure to be present and available to the needs of our St. Mary’s Church community first. Let us together vision and see where God is calling us. Let us pray together how we will be a lighthouse of hope and hospitality on the shores of Main Beach, Laguna Beach. Let us begin 2017 in living a life of generosity. Blessings and strength to you and your loved ones as we journey together. Your servant in Christ Fr. Mack+

TREASURES REPORT Submitted by: Dick Swintek Comments on the year ended December 31, 2016 Sometimes unforeseen and unplanned events occur that are accompanied by a reminder of God’s grace at work. That was evidenced here at St. Mary’s during the past year. A year in which our balance sheet and available financial resources were strengthened significantly. Our cash position increased during the year by over $107,000 and our operating revenues exceeding our operating expenses by over $45,000. Our cash position at year end was $227,188 the highest level since year end 2009. Three such unplanned and unforeseen events accounted for a large part of our 2016 financial success. During the year we received bequests from the estates of former parishoners Andrew Berner and John Chamberlain, in the amounts of $ 68,000 and $10,000 respectively. These amounts, although unrestricted by the donors, have been designated by the vestry as Capital funds and will be used in the future to fund several years of debt service on our remaining mortgage debt which stands at $332,465 at year end. The third unplanned event developed during our search for our new rector. In a meeting with Bishop Bruno the vestry was informed that he wanted to help St. Mary’s continue its proud tradition of service to God and community. A series of discussions and negotiations took place thereafter and resulted in an agreement that provided $25,000 of financial benefits to St. Mary’s during last year and will continue through August 2018. Such benefits will amount to nearly $75,000 in 2017 and 50,000 in 2018. Taking into account the diocese subsidy, St. Mary’s annual cash contribution to fund the salary and benefits of our new priest in charge, Father Lester Mackenzie are approximately $60,000 annually. We are indebted to Bishop Bruno for his generous assistance to St. Mary’s Potentially, the best and most valuable part of the agreement was the arrival of Father Mac. and his wonderful family. In his four months with us, he has, with great enthusiasm and vigor, taken the lead in helping St Mary’s to begin to develop a plan and strategy to grow and revitalize our parish. Father Mac’s experience at St. Mathew’s in Pacific Palisades should be invaluable to us due to the demographic similarities of the two parishes. In addition St. Mathew’s has a number of vibrant and successful programs that draw people to the church. Many of these programs are portable and can be initiated here at St, Mary’s, providing new and exciting opportunities for growth and participation. From what I have seen Father Mac leads from the front and we can learn a lot from him. I have already! On other fronts, during 2016 we continued to make a number of investments in our campus that are more fully discussed in our Junior Warden’s report. In addition, the aged and increasingly unreliable computer system in the Parish Office and the unstable and problematic office telephone system were also replaced during the year.

Tempering the many good things brought to us during 2016 was a major disappointment --- a drop in pledge income amounting to $43,222 less than we had budgeted. The vestry and I will be making this issue a high priority in 2017 (See below). Comments on 2017 A copy of the proposed budget for 2017 is attached. It currently reflects an excess of operating income over expense of $4,834 and includes the cash subsidy of $51,441 that we will receive from the diocese during 2017. Without the subsidy we would be showing an excess of expense over income of $46,607 and a corresponding decrease in our cash resources. Among our financial goals in 2017 will be to realize a sufficient amount of additional revenue to match the diocese cash subsidy currently unbudgeted, since to do so would demonstrate that we are making significant progress towards financial self-sufficiency, as well as further bolster our cash position moving into 2018. In preparing the 2017 proposed budget, we used the pledge amounts submitted by 49 pledging units as of January 11th, which total $196,000 plus an estimate for non-pledge giving of $30,000, a combined total of $226,000. We need to work toward a total of $275,000. We expect to receive additional pledges over the coming weeks as we contact those who have not yet responded. We will revise our 2017 budget when those pledges are received. With individual reflection and the grace of God we hopefully pray that we will reach our goal. In the near future we intend to provide you with additional information about our previous pledge activity over the past several years as well as the projected financial effects that would result from reasonably attainable near-term growth in parishioners at various levels. In closing, I wish to thank each and every one of you for the financial commitments and other support that you so generously have historically provided to St. Mary’s. Your support sustains our church and permits the continuation of nearly 90 years of a legacy of service to worthy causes and to the many individuals in-need in our community as well as in other parts of the World. I also want to acknowledge and express my appreciation for the tireless work and effort made by Mary Hill and Claudia Mellon every week of the year to account for the contributions made to St. Mary’s as well as the support of our office manager Elaine Nadlin. Respectfully submitted,

Dick Swintek PS: Copies of our 2016 Balance Sheet and Operating Statement with Actual versus Budget Comparison and the Proposed Budget for 2017 are attached for your information and review.

Saint Mary's Episcopal Church Balance Sheet As of December 31, 2016

ASSETS Current Assets Checking/Savings 1100 · Bank Accounts Special Funds Capital Funds Agency Funds 1101 · Plaza - Operating Total 1100 · Bank Accounts Total Checking/Savings Other Current Assets 1205 · Other Receivables 1300 · Prepaid Expense Total Other Current Assets Total Current Assets Fixed Assets 1500 · Land & Buildings 1501 · Buildings Estimated 1502 · Contents Estimated 1503 · Land - Estimated Value Total 1500 · Land & Buildings Total Fixed Assets TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES & EQUITY Liabilities Current Liabilities Accounts Payable 2100 · Accounts Payable Total Accounts Payable Other Current Liabilities 2100 · Current Liabilities 2105 · Agency Funds 2107 · Prepaid Pledges (2016) Total 2100 · Current Liabilities Total Other Current Liabilities Total Current Liabilities Long Term Liabilities 2200 · Long Term Liabilities 2201 · Plaza Bank Total 2200 · Long Term Liabilities Total Long Term Liabilities Total Liabilities Equity 3100 · Fund Balance Special Funds Capital Funds Operating Funds Net Income Total Equity TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY

41,842 83,698 4,240 97,407 227,188 227,188 831 2,666 3,497 230,684

3,000,000 252,155 1,500,000 4,752,155 4,752,155 4,982,840

2,420 2,420

4,240 43,500 47,740 47,740 50,160

332,465 332,465 332,465 385,045 4,486,961 5,824 62,008 45,421 113,253 4,600,214 4,985,260 Page 1 of 1

Saint Mary's Episcopal Church Operating Statement Year Ended December 31, 2016 With 2016 Budget Comparison and 2017 Proposed Budget 2016 Budget

Actual OPERATING INCOME/EXPENSES Income 4000 · Buildings & Grounds Income 4001 · AA/Al-Anon Income 4002 · Rental of Parking Lot 4002a · Health-in-Balance (Arthur Mgmt) 4002d · Turn-Key (Park Glen) 4002g · Michael Bolton 4002h · Creative Identity Total 4002 · Rental of Parking Lot 4007 · Creative Identity (Facility) 4008 · Campus Rental Events Total 4000 · Buildings & Grounds Income 4100 · Miscellaneous Income 4106 · Misc. Income 4109 · Altar Flowers 4110 · Altar Flowers Christmas 4112 · Altar Flowers Easter 4134 · Diocese Subsidy Total 4100 · Miscellaneous Income 4300 · Education 4303 · Christian Education Total 4300 · Education 4600 · Ministry Income 4607 · Outreach Income Total 4600 · Ministry Income 4700 · Plate Contributions 4701 · Open Plate Total 4700 · Plate Contributions 4720 · Pledge Contributions 4702 · Non-Pledge Contributions 4702a · Non Pledge-Practice the Tithe 4702c · Non-Pledge Contributions-Other 4702 · Non-Pledge Contributions - Other Total 4702 · Non-Pledge Contributions 4748 · 2016 Pledges 4749 · 2017 Pledges Total 4720 · Pledge Contributions 4730 · Special Offerings 4731 · Christmas Offering 4732 · Easter Offering Page 1 of 4Total 4730 · Special Offerings

2017 Over (Under) Proposed Budget





3,840 8,085 1,320 831 14,076 17,900 5,195 39,598

3,000 5,000 800 1,080 9,880 21,000 3,000 35,880

840 3,085 520 -249 4,196 -3,100 2,195 3,718

3,000 5,000 800 1,080 9,880 18,000 1,500 31,380

1,173 1,890 1,855 550 17,147 22,615

3,000 2,500 700 1,500 0 7,700

-1,827 -610 1,155 -950 17,147 14,915

1,100 2,000 2,000 500 51,441 57,041

0 0

200 200

-200 -200

200 200

46 46

0 0

46 46

100 100

4,963 4,963

5,000 5,000

-37 -37

5,000 5,000

0 19,781 0 19,781 211,998

10,000 0 40,000 50,000 225,000

-10,000 19,781 -40,000 -30,219 -13,002

10,000 20,000 30,000 196,000





1,384 1,052 2,436

0 0 0

1,384 1,052 2,436

1,500 1,000 2,500

Saint Mary's Episcopal Church Operating Statement Year Ended December 31, 2016 With 2016 Budget Comparison and 2017 Proposed Budget

Total Income Expenses 5000 · Committee Expense 5002 · Altar Guild Exp 5005 · Christian Education 5009 · Altar Flowers 5011 · Hospitality 5012 · Music & Liturgy 5015 · Stewardship 5023 · Outreach Total 5000 · Committee Expense 5050 · Parish Communications 5051 · Parish Communications 5052 · Internet Support 5053 · Parish Communications - Other Total 5050 · Parish Communications 5100 · Diocesan Expense 5101 · Mission Share Fund 5103 · Special Donations Total 5100 · Diocesan Expense 5200 · Employee Benefits 5202 · Employer Payroll Taxes 5203 · Workers' Compensation Total 5200 · Employee Benefits 5300 · Office Expense 5301 · Computer Training/Installations 5302 · Bank Service Charges 5303 · Bank Merchant Fees 5304 · Other Office Expense Total 5300 · Office Expense 5400 · Real Property Expense 5401 · Building Repair/Maint 5403 · Insurance 5404 · Jantorial Service 5405 · Landscape Maintenance 5406 · Parking Lot Lease 5409 · Taxes-Personal and Property Total 5400 · Real Property Expense 5450 · Rectors Allowances 5452 · Discretionary Needy Fund 5453 · Housing 5454 · Health/Life Insurance Page 2 of 4

Actual 301,437

2016 2017 Budget Over (Under) Proposed Budget 323,780 -22,343 322,221

1,557 0 2,111 160 484 0 227 4,539

1,250 1,500 4,000 1,300 1,500 1,000 1,000 11,550

307 -1,500 -1,889 -1,140 -1,016 -1,000 -773 -7,011

1,600 500 2,500 1,000 750 1,000 300 7,650

356 1,231 63 1,650

1,000 2,000

-644 -769



500 1,500 500 2,500

16,000 200 16,200

16,145 250 16,395

-145 -50 -195

20,000 500 20,500

5,088 896 5,984

5,500 2,000 7,500

-412 -1,104 -1,516

5,500 2,000 7,500

5,380 15 1,321 0 6,716

0 150 1,800 300 2,250

5,380 -135 -479 -300 4,466

2,000 150 1,500 500 4,150

21,682 7,037 12,200 5,134 7,200 1,907 55,160

10,000 5,500 12,000 6,000 7,200 2,200 42,900

11,682 1,537 200 -866 0 -293 12,260

20,000 7,000 12,000 10,000 7,200 2,500 58,700

0 8,775 236

1,250 6,000 200

-1,250 2,775 36

800 0 460

Saint Mary's Episcopal Church Operating Statement Year Ended December 31, 2016 With 2016 Budget Comparison and 2017 Proposed Budget

5454a · Health/Dental Premiums (Mac) 5455 · Pension 5455a · Pension-Mac 5456 · Utilities 5456a · Utilities-Electricity/Gas (Mac) 5456b · Utilities-Water/Trash (Mac) 5456c · Utilities-Gardener (Mac) 5456d · Utilities-Pool Maint (Mac) 5456e · Utilities-Pest Control (Mac) Total 5456 · Utilities 5457 · Continuing Education 5457a · Continuing Education (Mac) 5458 · Cell Phone 5458a · Cell Phone (Mac) 5459 · Commute 5459a · Commute (Mac) 5460 · SECA Reimbursement 5460a · SECA Reimbursement (Mac) 5461a · Pest Control (mac) 5465 · Other Rector Payments (Mac) 5450 · Rectors Allowances - Other Total 5450 · Rectors Allowances 5500 · Salaries 5501 · Child Care 5502 · Music Director 5503 · Office Manager 5504 · Part Time Labor 5505 · Rector Total 5500 · Salaries 5550 · Utilities Expense 5551 · Electricity 5552 · Gas 5553 · Telephone 5554 · Trash 5555 · Water Total 5550 · Utilities Expense 5600 · Special Expenses 5601 · Retreats 5602 · Special Events Total 5600 · Special Expenses 5650 · Office Supplies 5651 · Books - Prayer/Hymnal/Library 5652 · Bulletins/Printing Page 3 of 4

Actual 5,800 474 0

2016 Budget

Over (Under) 0 5,800 0 474 0 0

2017 Proposed Budget 18,396 0 16,875

800 403 0 445 0 1,648 0 0 700 400 3,033 0 3,213 0 90 627 0 24,995

0 0 0 0 0 0 750 0 600 0 2,600 0 2,800 0

800 403 0 445 0 1,648 -750 0 100 400 433 0 413 0

0 18,000 32,200

627 -18,000 -7,205

3,000 960 1,560 1,080 600 7,200 0 1,200 0 1,200 0 2,500 0 0 0 630 0 49,261

2,040 28,500 16,902 4,653 42,109 94,204

2,000 30,000 20,800 3,400 62,500 118,700

40 -1,500 -3,898 1,253 -20,391 -24,496

2,400 30,000 24,200 0 63,326 119,926

3,699 1,117 2,090 2,091 1,845 10,843

5,300 1,500 3,500 2,000 1,700 14,000

-1,602 -383 -1,410 91 145 -3,157

3,800 1,500 2,500 2,200 2,000 12,000

180 2,095 2,275

400 0 400

-220 2,095 1,875

500 1,500 2,000

571 1,109

500 500

71 609

600 1,200

Saint Mary's Episcopal Church Operating Statement Year Ended December 31, 2016 With 2016 Budget Comparison and 2017 Proposed Budget

5653 · Equipment/Furniture 5654 · Postage 5655 · Office Supplies Total 5650 · Office Supplies 5700 · Professional Fees 5701 · Audit 5702 · Accounting 5703 · Payroll Processing 5705 · Search for New Rector Total 5700 · Professional Fees 5800 · Travel & Ent 5801 · Entertainment 5802 · Meals 5803 · Travel Total 5800 · Travel & Ent 5900 · Miscellaneous Expense 5950 · Mortgage Interest 5952 · Transfer to Capital Debt Relief Total Expense Net operating income

Page 4 of 4

Actual 8,934 1,542 2,555 14,710

2016 2017 Budget Over (Under) Proposed Budget 12,000 -3,066 4,000 2,500 -958 2,000 4,000 -1,445 3,000 19,500 -4,790 10,800

1,613 12,700 2,310 0 16,623

1,500 12,000 2,400 15,000 30,900

113 700 -90 -15,000 -14,277

1,500 13,200 2,500 0 17,200

1,149 347 596 2,091 26 0 0 256,016 45,421

0 1,000 4,000 5,000 500 8,000 10,985 323,780 0

1,149 -653 -3,404 -2,909 -474 -8,000 -10,985 -67,764 45,421

1,200 1,000 2,000 4,200 1,000 0 0 317,387 4,834

2017 Vestry Candidate Bios Tina Tipps

Born in Clearfield, Utah at Hill Airforce Base, our family moved around a lot and settled in sunny Southern California when I was 3 years old. Blessed to be raised with a strong Christian faith instilled in me by my mother, it was much later in life that I was baptized and confirmed an Episcopalian. Finding and joining the St. Mary’s community came at a critical point in my faith journey and deepened my passion for worship and serving our lord. My passion for serving includes being a reader, serving on the Altar, singing in the choir, and managing the Usher schedule. The invitation to join the St. Mary’s choir was truly an incredible gift and a joyful form of prayer. I currently work for Panasonic Avionics as a Technical Instructional Designer/Instructor for their line of In-Flight Entertainment Systems. My career in Learning & Development expands over 20 years and several industries including: healthcare, pharmacy, automotive, financial, and now avionics. Leslie has been my soulmate and partner for the past 23 years and we presently live in Irvine with our fur babies Willie and Bentley. In my free time I enjoy dinner with friends, shopping, movies, walking and playing with our dogs.

Ria Zander

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Ria Zander was baptized at Grace Memorial Episcopal Church in Hammond, LA, and has been a member at several Episcopal churches throughout her life. Ria Zander is married to Dave Rhea and they have a son, Zander Rhea, 4 years old, and a Puggle named Happy. They live in Laguna Beach and Zander is in preschool at Anneliese’s Willowbrook campus. Ria has been a corporate attorney for 22 years and currently works as the Associate General Counsel, Product, Privacy and Regulatory, at Ten-X, LLC in Irvine ( Her husband, Dave, owns Coastal Online Marketing (internet marketing consulting for a variety of businesses). They have been members of St. Mary’s since 2009. They are volunteers for the ASL/Feed the Homeless program, and enjoy supper clubs. Ria’s hobbies include gardening, ceramics, travel (especially to beaches and snow), reading, art, theater and live music.

Mark Clymer

Mark is a cradle Episcopalian, the youngest of four from a career Army family. Wherever the family moved, from West Point NY to Honolulu HI, every parish home provided opportunities to serve in the choir, as an acolyte, or in the youth group. From 4th grade, Mark lived in Arlington VA where he graduated from Yorktown High School, and subsequently attended Randolph-Macon College, in Ashland VA, majoring in Religious Studies. A move to Phoenix AZ initiated a 26 year career with Montgomery Ward and Co., with multiple opportunities at the local, regional, New York, and Chicago Corporate offices. A subsequent career in information technology management with a major credit reporting agency, brought Mark and his partner Marc from Chicago IL to Orange County CA in 2005. Mark and Marc have been together 19 years, and were married in June of 2008. A call from a supper club brought Mark and Marc to St. Mary’s in the fall of 2005. Marc was confirmed in the Episcopal Church by Bishop J. Jon Bruno the following year. This is Mark’s second time to serve on the Vestry, having also served on the communications committee, edited The Parish Voice, and represented St. Mary’s at three Diocesan Conventions. Mark actively participated, and graduated from the first

four-year Education for Ministry group at St. Mary’s. A frequent lay reader, Mark faithfully attends the 8AM Sunday service. Now retired, Mark devotes much of his time to photography, cooking, reading and travel.

The Senior Warden’s 2016 annual report Annual Meeting of the Parish, January 15, 2017. St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Laguna Beach, California This has been an exciting year. As I reflect on 2016, I’m filled with gratitude for the many blessings from God and I feel fortunate to witness Gods great work among us. The 2016 Vestry, started the year with excitement and vigor to address the Parish Profile and find our next spiritual leader. All the while, we needed to carry on with the business of St. Mary’s operations and all of our ministries. We quickly mobilized and created a Project Plan with the current ministries. Every vestry member was assigned to be a liaison or oversee 3-5 ministries under the following categories. • • • • • • •

Communications Sunday Services Christian Education Grounds/Campus Finance Outreach In reach

To my amazement, I discovered there were 60+ ministries under these categories that would require support during the year. This was a humbling realization. Regarding our search, one of our goals was to ensure we were transparent where we could be and we would provide open communication throughout the process. We created a ‘vestry rotation’ list. Every week, a vestry member would attend both services to inform the Parish on our progress. The vestry member was available after the services to take suggestions and address any questions. No surprise, there were many questions and suggestions. The vestry began the parish profile work on February 14th and completed it in May. Between February and May you were asked to participate in various surveys and meetings to help define who we are and where we would like to be in five years. You did so enthusiastically and in great numbers. Thank you to everyone that provided support on the Parish profile. Your input was invaluable. On March 30th, your vestry met with Bishop Bruno for dinner in the Guild Hall. Prior to that meeting we believed our options were limited. A national search would be a financial strain that would put us in a serious predicament in the coming years. This meeting turned out to be one of our first blessings during the search process. My hope was that the Bishop would advise us on what we could do, given our financial and logistical constraints. That night paved the way for where we are now.

With the Bishops generosity and through dialog, creativity, prayer and discernment we were able to come up with solid plan for moving forward. So much of what we achieved was purely by the grace of God and by Bishop Bruno’s support. On June 8th, I met Lester Mackenzie for the first time. We had cappuccino at the Panni Café. I’ll never forget that day. It didn’t take long for me to see that he had a lot in common with St. Mary’s and what we wanted for our future. It was also God’s word that let me know this would work out. My search concerns began to disappear and my prayers turned to the Mackenzie family. They would be moving into a new home, sight unseen. Angela was starting a new Job. The kids would be going to new schools and Lester would be St. Mary’s Priest in Charge. This was a big commitment for Lester and his family and as we all know, transition is hard. There were many details to work out. Everything eventually started to come together. Once again, God came through. All in all, this past year has been about growing in faith. Not just for me, but for all of us. I believe this experience has brought us closer together as a community and closer to God. From a time of sadness, on Elizabeth last day, to our joy when Lester preached his first sermon, we all had to have faith. We had to trust that Gods plan was greater than any of us could imagine. Yes, as a church family we are growing and we will continue to raise each other up with God’s Grace. More Memorable highlights from 2016: • In January, Elaine Nadalin joined St. Mary’s as our new office Manager. • In May, Christina Cole, Robbie Stewart, Kathy Kellogg and Cheryl Knight won the Canterbury Cup Golf tournament and brought home ‘our’ trophy. • June 12th I announced at both Services that Lester Mackenzie would be our new Priest in Charge under Special Circumstances. • On August 29th the vestry hosted the ECW Spaghetti dinner for thanksgiving for all that ECW does. We raised $435.00 • September 4th Lester Mackenzie preached his first sermon as our PIC at St Mary’s. The vestry hosted a luncheon prepared by Noonerz (of course), for Lester and his family. • Also in September, Martha Davis, Larry Spang and I accepted the award from Laguna Beach, for our beautification project of the front gardens. • December 3rd at the Diocesan Convention we elected Rev. John Taylor as Bishop Coadjutor for the Diocese of Los Angeles. Thanks to the 2016 vestry for all their support and help. I was honored to serve as your Senior Warden. I want to thank my Junior Warden, Larry Spang for doing a tremendous job on our campus. Your work ethic and tireless dedication to our projects continues to astonish me. Thank you to Dick Swintek for your keen eye and laser sharp focus on our finances and for continuing on in 2017. Thank you to Claudia Mellin for your ministry as our vestry clerk and your continued support in 2017. The next vestry is in good hands with Lester, Dick and Claudia. In closing I would like to share 2 simple quotes:

• •

The Best Place to Serve God is right where you are. It is with God’s help that all things are possible.

Blessings and Peace, Leslie Derrick St Mary’s Senior Warden, 2016


2016 has been a busy year for St. Mary’s Vestry and I am humbled that I was a part of its activities. The Ministries I was personally part of have been:

CREATIVE IDENTITY; Creative Identity has remained a crucial part St. Marys’ Campus life as daily tenants of the lower church, renting out two of our classrooms and providing St. Marys with a steady income. I have been a conduit between the Vestry and Creative Identity, ensuring that issues are dealt with quickly and professionally. MENS BIBLE STUDY: Mens Bible Study remains a strong, vibrant part of the spiritual life of St. Mary’s. Men of all religious faith are invited to spend an hour every Thursday in prayer and study of the Bible. I have been an active participant in the Vestry’s search for a new rector, joining with most of the Vestry in our meeting with Bishop Jon Bruno this summer that resulted in the appointment of Reverend MacKenzie as our priest-in-charge. I have also been an active participant of Vestry’s finance committee, wrestling with some of the tough decisions that shaped the Parish’s Budget. Respectfully submitted, Christopher Gilbertson

ALTAR GUILD - 2016 A big thank you from Altar Guild to everyone who donates flowers during the year and at the two festival seasons of Christmas and Easter. These donations enable us to decorate the church and enhance our celebration of Jesus’ birth and resurrection. We are also grateful to members of the congregation who help set up and clean up after these celebrations. Many hands make light work. Speaking of flowers; a special thank you to Claudia Mellins, Judy McKay and Carrie Joyce. These ladies regularly pick up the flowers for the church, saving the church the delivery fee and allowing the donated flower money to go farther in the budget. Our members make sure that the proper Eucharistic set up is ready for every service during the year; that the linens used during the Eucharist are lovingly handwashed and returned for use, that the silver is polished, the altar linens changed. This is a quiet but wonderful ministry. If you are interested in becoming part of this ministry, please speak to the Rev. Lester McKenzie or me. We have several openings and would love to have you join us. Men are welcome to join too. We are currently looking for donations for oil burning candles for the pew candles and for more stable pew candles than the current ones which were a donation from St. Margaret’s of Scotland. If you are interested in donating please contact me. The current members of Altar Guild are: Susan Jones, Gigi Meeker, Pat August, Claudia Mellins, Ruth & Ray Jung, Carrie Joyce, Helen Meyer, Nancy Sellas and Spence McIntyre. Our special thanks goes out to Spence for his continuing and dedicated help at the 8 am service. Pat August, Altar Guild Directress

COMMUNICATIONS MINISTRY Annual Report 2016 The goal of the Communications Ministry continued to be to strengthen communication within the congregation of St. Mary’s as well as providing greater visibility, interest and accessibility to the community regarding services, special events and other relevant information. The group met monthly and as needed in 2016. The following were major areas of emphasis in 2016: Congregation: • Sent weekly e mail blasts with notifications and reminders. • Distributed flyers announcing special events. • Reinstated prayer list in the bulletin and online. • Provided personal assistance with the website and social media on request. • Maintained and improved website. Community: • • •

Displayed banners and posters re special events. Placed ads in local papers re Easter and Christmas services. Provided items to local print papers and online services re special events as well as items of interest (i.e. appointment of Lester Mackenzie as Priest in Charge, Outreach Projects, etc.) • Submitted items to the EpiscopalNewsUpdate. • Placed a full page ad in Laguna Beach City Guide. • Rejoined Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce and designed St. Mary’s page on their website. Congregation and Community: (Website and Social Media) • • • • • •

Began actively posting and sharing announcements and pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Began recording the weekly sermons and posting them on the St. Mary’s YouTube channel. Created a page on the website with bios and pictures of the Vestry. Created a link to the new parish profile. Began monitoring usage for opening and launching the weekly email blasts. Created and implemented a privacy policy.


Expanded users who can update/maintain the website instead of relying on one source.

Respectfully submitted, Claudia Mellin, Chair Members: Joslyn Aitken, Mark Clymer, Jorge Cortes, Shanna George, Frances King, Donna Phillips

ECW Report – 2016

All women of the church are invited to join ECW and support the church through worship, service, gifts and fellowship. We have several fundraisers during the year that we hope promote and encourage the sense of community within St. Mary’s, Laguna, nationally and internationally. We meet the second Tuesday of the month in a member’s home and this year began a program of having several of our meetings during the day, rather than in the evening, hoping to encourage those who do not like driving a night to continue their fellowship with us. This has been very successful and enjoyable. This year we had a welcome meal for our new Priest-in-Charge Lester McKenzie. We had several soup and salad luncheons along with a bratwurst lunch and still had time for another soup and salad/ bake sale and Silent Auction in December, all of which were very popular with the congregation. We thank everyone for their support and encouragement. Every year the proceeds from these various activities are then donated to outreach - either local, in the United States or internationally. This past year we were able to give to the following: Nets for Life


ECW, Diocese of Los Angeles


Laguna Food Pantry


Laguna – Friendship Shelter


Children’s Shelter Program, Laguna $100 IRIS Ministry Mozambique


Church in Ruwenzon Diocese, Uganda Habitat for Humanity


$100 – a total of $1300

The two outreach donations for Africa are a result of one of our member’s association with the female priest in Uganda where we have donated money for concrete blocks to replace a fragile wooden temporary church. IRIS Ministry is headed up by the daughter of one of our much beloved, but deceased, former parishioners Glenetta and Jim Farrell. Pat August

2016 Hospitality After 10:30 Service The Guild Hall is our gathering place for coffee, snacks and social after service. The Hall was beautifully painted this year providing a more pleasant space. Our ministry provides an opportunity for people to stay and socialize with others. It is a comfortable environment for newcomers or visitors to interact with members. We have observed a significant increase in participants this year and anticipate it will keep growing. Several volunteers make this ministry a success. Our group has increased to 22 for 2017. Some choose to set up the room and make coffee prior to start of the service. Others bring food to eat and clean up. A few willingly do both on the same Sunday. There is always a helping hand when needed. Assignments are generally scheduled every other month. We welcome anyone who would like to join this ministry. Blessings, Mary Hill

2016 Music Report 2016 was another year of spiritual and musical growth on many levels for St. Mary’s Choir. We lost a couple of members this year, but continued to sing together some of the most beautiful sacred music ever written under the guidance of our remarkably gifted, loving and dedicated musical director Bob Gunn. We have grown to a truly remarkable choir comprised of: Sopranos: Joslyn Aiken, Carrie Joyce, Shauna McFadden, Jane Riedel and Tina Tipps Altos: Shanna George, Pat Kollenda, Donna Phillips, Laura Stallone and Karen Zfaty Tenors: Will Crist, Tom Davis, and Rebecca Lyles Basses: The remarkable Bob Gunn is our Bass section, in addition to directing and accompanying us. Sheesh! We are always in hot pursuit of other men and to join us! We bid a sad farewell to our dear Sally DeBelles who finds herself unable to continue with us for health reasons. We miss her and cherish seeing her in the congregation on Sundays. We welcome to our choir family all who would come to help us lead worship. As I always mention, there are many reasons we are drawn to sing in St. Mary’s Choir, including: 1. The opportunity to accomplish something together that none of us can do alone: to sing together - in harmony – to the glory of God. 2. The opportunity to read, hear, sing and meditate on words of truth, love, peace, joy and hope. In rehearsal, as we hone each passage, the repetition drives those words into the deepest parts of our souls – and they reside there with us throughout our lives, reminding us of God’s unfailing love for us. 3. The opportunity to serve God and to serve our parish family. 4. The opportunity to prepare for and glimpse heaven’s choir singing along with us. 5. The opportunity to experience and participate in the art of beautiful poetry, melody and harmony. 6. The opportunity to exercise our intellects – singing requires both sides of the brain simultaneously. 7. The opportunity to be part of a close family within the parish family. Working and worshiping together for four hours each week draws us close. We rejoice together and bear each others’ burdens.

8. The opportunity to leave the stresses of life behind by such focus that everything else fades away, and, then, to return calm and energized. Our choir is privileged to do all of these things under the direction of our very gifted, dedicated, loving and funny Musical Director, Bob Gunn. Bob demands excellence in the gentlest, most humorous ways. He leads us to sing better than we really can. His beautiful piano improvisations during communion and other moments in the service lead us into intimacy with God. As every choir member would tell you, we are extraordinarily blessed to be able to make music and serve our parish under his direction. As we prepare for the music of Sunday mornings – hymns, responses, psalms, offertories, and communion – and as we prepare for special seasons and feasts – Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter, we sing with joy and gratitude and we look forward to moving into this new year singing God’s praises! Karen Zfaty Choir President

Outreach-ASL Meal Teams

Five groups headed up by Jon Lombardo, Christine Calderon, Jorge Cortes, Joslyn Aitken, Jasmine Reed and Scott Freeborn bring dinner and support to the ASL on the second, third and fifth Thursdays of each month. In 2016 St Mary’s provided over 2,250 meals thanks to the support and dedication these groups. We also brought in breakfast on Christmas feeding another 70 people. We will continue our mission in 2017 with the current schedule. One area that I am considering is being able to provide support for breakfast. Ideas are breakfast bars, fruit, hard boiled eggs, and bottled water is always needed. This will require regular donations from the congregation. Respectfully submitted, Scott Freeborn

Outreach-Ministry Projects Sub-Saharan Africa. During Lent in 2016, St Mary’s once again supported the Nets for Life Program, providing antimalaria nets, impregnated with insecticide, to impoverished countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, where malaria is so widespread. The final results are: $2,520 donated, 210 nets purchased, and 630 lives saved.

Ecuador. In April 2016, St Mary’s donated to the survivors of the massive 7.8 earthquake in Ecuador. Monetary donations totaled $1,000.00, and since every $1 provides $22 worth of aid to Ecuadorians, actually donated $22,000.00 of relief aid. Also sent 377 toothbrushes, 97 tubes of toothpaste and 120 packets of dental floss, to help with dental hygiene needs in Ecuador.

Haiti Relief. In October 2016, in response to the urgent need for aid following the enormous damage and destruction caused by Hurricane Matthew, we raised a total of $1,700.00. Again for every $1 raised, $22 of aid is provided to Haitians, so this means St Mary’s has actually given $37,400.00 worth of relief aid to Haiti, via Giving Children Hope! Thank you so much, and thanks also to those who contributed via ERD. We also delivered 70 toothbrushes, 184 tubes of toothpaste, 82 bars of soap, 3 hand sanitizers, 8 bottles of shampoo, and 8 bottles of mouthwash to Giving Children Hope. They will be sent out on the next container going to Haiti.

The Shoe That Grows Program.

In Advent 2016, St Mary’s supported an unusual relief program. In many countries around the globe, contaminated water on river banks and contaminated soil provide breeding grounds for parasites which can easily enter the body through bare feet. Approximately 300 million children in the world suffer from the effects of parasites. Parents who live in impoverished countries cannot afford to buy new shoes for their children. Because International from Idaho provides a simple solution – footwear that grows as a child’s feet grow. St Mary’s raised $3,000.00 in order to provide 200 pairs of these special sandals to poverty-stricken children. Thank you so very much to all who faithfully contribute to these and other causes with such generous and loving hearts. Respectfully Submitted, Barbara van Gaasbeek

St. Mary's Episcopal Church  

Annual Report 2017

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