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St. Mary’s College Galway Yearbook 2018-19

Welcome to the St. Mary’s College Yearbook for 2019. This year has been one that has seen many changes, happening now in the present, and in the years to come. It has been a year of new beginnings. We began the year with a new management team in place, and Mr. Kieran Sweeney and Mr. Gerry Dempsey have led the school with aplomb, keeping us on an even keel despite all the changes afoot. For the first time in many years we welcomed back a Transition Year class, and they have had a hugely successful and enjoyable year. This Yearbook gives a flavour of what they have been up to during the course of the year. One of the things they helped begin again was our association with the girls down the road in a revival of the Musical. Hard to believe that it had been 15 years since we last had one...what took us so long? It brought a familiar buzz back to the corridors that has been badly missed. It also gave us an idea of what life may be like when the girls from Our Lady’s College come to join us in 2021. That was the big news, heralding a totally new beginning for both schools. I don’t think the uniform will be quite like what Rhys is wearing in this photograph, and we won’t be William Ocean High School, but who knows. It is an interesting time for both schools, with many changes on the horizon. However, if it is as successful as the amalgamation we had to bring the school musical to life then exciting times are ahead. Ní neart go cur le chéile. For our excellent leaving Certificate class they will begin their new lives outside of the confines of the College, as Mary’s men. They have contributed significantly to the life and success of the College during their time here, and will be missed. May they all have success, and remember their roots with fondness. As is customary I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this publication: Naming names, taking photographs, writing articles, facilitating the publication, buying a copy and ignoring the errors. The yearbook gives us but a synopsis of a year in the life of the College. In years to come you’ll hopefully take it out when memories are fading and reminisce about the craic you had in what are ‘the best years of your life’. Enjoy it now, and a few years down the line. Editor

Table of Contents

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Message from the Principal

Website: Phone: 091 522369

Welcome to the St. Mary’s Yearbook for 2018- 19 . Another year over and lots of successes to celebrate, summer tests underway, Junior and Leaving Cert exams starting in June and other classes looking forward to summer holidays. Mr. Anthony Carey and his Yearbook team have once again captured all the main stories and highlights of this school year and we are, as always, very proud of their efforts. We are also delighted with the outstanding achievements of our students in all areas. A Yearbook, such as this, is an excellent reminder to all of us of how much is done in St. Mary’s in any given year. We would heartily recommend that all students, especially our Leaving Certs, retain these ‘reminders’ of their schooldays. The significance of these memories will increase with each passing year. Goodbye to our Leaving Cert class, we wish you well in your future endeavours. May you experience happiness and fulfilment in whatever it is you choose to do. We will rejoice, as always, in your accomplishments. Remember that there will forever be a warm welcome for you here in St. Mary’s College. Enjoy the synopsis of this past year, 2018/19, read on…. we wish all of our students, staff and their extended families a happy and healthy summer. Kieran Sweeney 4

First Year 2014

Not much difference in 2014 as Manchester City were the reigning Premier Champions when these lads first entered the College, although during their first year Chelsea did take over. Dublin hadn’t yet started their Sam Maguire dominance as Kerry outplayed Donegal, while Kilkenny retained their Liam MacCarthy Cup. Transformers: Age of Extinction was the most popular film of the year ahead of the Hobbits battling their five armies, but it was 12 Years a Slave and Gravity that were the big Oscar winners. Sam Smyth scooped the most popular song while everyone remembers Pharrell Williams and Happy, the most popular video of the year. All during the time when these lads were enjoying their first year . Read on to see how many of them ended up.


Leaving Certificate 2019 Profiles Emmanuel Awoponle

Andrei Titilincu

Twisty and bendy Emmanuel is Mary’s answer to Michael Jackson, and those white gloves will be missed on the stage. Although very quiet generally, he has been known to produce the odd sarcastic comment par excellence in his capacity as the quiet Snatch Brother. Will end up in whatever College he’s told to go to!

Usually remains tight lipped, but when he does say something boy you listen. A master at making up interesting stories and playing the Jew’s Harp, Andrei is destined for something great in the science field. There he’ll probably be found wearing a polo neck under his lab coat and studying something very complex.

Rykelmy Rodrigues

Leo Sesay

Hikky may eventually return to the forests of Brazil if he ever gets a passport. Has discovered a whole new world of study this year and this should see him comfortably play in goal for some college team going forward. In spite of being almost permanently injured he has won Connacht titles in both Javelin and Long Jump but like Bob Geldof he doesn’t like Mondays, or mornings in general.

For a long time we weren’t sure if Leo actually spoke, but now we realise he does, and when he does it’s usually worth listening to. Has lately modelled his hair on Jordan’s Mop cut adding even more to his laid back image. A great man for punching the odd wall we don’t see too many standing in his way as he makes his way steadily in life

Daniel King

John Flaherty

Daniel is hoping that his graduation present might be a uniform jumper, but we doubt he’d wear it anyway. Quiet Daniel is extremely adept at the sneaky one-liner, and is no mean proponent of art and drawing, as the margin art of his books will testify. Does a good impression of a principal so there may yet be a job for him back here yet.

John is the last of his line to be making the daily commute into the College from out in the backwoods of Claregalway. Was a brilliant basketballer in first year, we all remember that last minute flick, but never really grew into it after that. A reputed terrier on the soccer pitch he’ll take all his skills down to NUIG for a spin next year.

Jordan Palmer Agbontaen Jordan has been revelling in his new found mop haircut, and his role as a model that has inspired a plethora of copycats sprouting up around the school. His next job will be to grow a proper moustache. Will more than likely be found in the NUIG library asking random students if they ‘think they’re big’ in that rumbling bass voice of his. Successful times coming

Éamonn MacDonnacha

Fuzzy is the school’s resident thinker of strange sciencey thoughts, and Long Jumper. A two time BTYS participant Eamonn will do something great for the environment while serenading it on his Saxophone, and probably even get to use an upto-date NUIG student card for real! Success is a certain for this amiable lad, watch out for the weird inventions

Liam Griffin Although Liam is a regular gym shark we reckon his actual muscular strength lies in his constantly chewing jaw muscles. Kinda just sits there absorbing things by osmosis, so relaxed that we wonder if he sleeps with his eyes open. A rugby field beckons somewhere for this amiable lad.

Matthew Healy

Chatty Matt is the school’s answer to Virgil Van Dyke, or rather to an extremely clumsy VVD. Another of our hardworking prefects, Matt specialises in kicking the ball at the roof during PE, although he has actually improved a little with his lack of accuracy. Will make a fine addition to the corridors of NUIG next year.


Leaving Certificate 2019 Profiles Evan Harte Conroy

Enoch Abiodun

For a while there Evan flirted with the idea of being a dentist, obviously having been attracted by the hours spent getting those perfect teeth just right. Evan has been a model student during his time here, and is the only prefect capable of matching Raheem Sterling’s run…if only he played for United there’d be a new idol to replace the orthodontist

Relaxed and likeable Enoch is the third man in the infamous Snatch Brothers (but the first of the E Abioduns) and will no doubt take his athletic prowess all the way to the Olympics where he’ll use his advanced Biology knowledge to space out the opposition. Intends to stubbornly turn up late for every lecture in NUIG.

Aleksander Polchowski

Samuel Bomba

So, intent on gathering so many points that he can sell them for bitcoin Alex has his sights set on being an actuary. Failing that, this ardent Student Council president should consider returning in a few years to reclaim ‘his’ Chemistry lab, and specialise in his own brand of outrageous hair dye. Will be immortalised forever as the face of ReelLife Science.

When he’s not hacking into every computer system in the College Sam can be found gulping down giant cans of Monster and tending to his hair. We reckon he uses his ever present headphones solely for listening to Terms and Conditions and the latest tech podcasts. Heading to the US to deliver Coffee to High School teachers.

Michael Lukyanov

Dean Watson Bubba has the best fake laugh in sixth year we’re told, but you’ll never hear much from this quiet lad. Tends to get quite animated about rugby though, and has often been left speechless after a match. Maybe not going to be a chemist but definitely will be a success somewhere.

This self-professed science geek will have to be ripped from his iconic Mary’s school jacket if he hopes to wander the corridors and labs of NUIG. Or maybe that would just remove his protection against stalkers? A brilliant mind hides behind those sparkling eyes, and a career in a chemistry lab is forecast.

Jakub Szymonik

Cillian Flanagan

Our resident filmmaker and ReelLife Science expert, Jakub will be a huge loss to the College. His mature outlook just marginally fails to mask his inherent laziness, or rather his ‘selective participation’. Will ultimately make the best Anime film ever out of Duct tape and retire to an exotic pet farm with an engineering degree.

Cillian is the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of sixth year, as his outside persona is reputedly way different to the quiet lad occupying a seat in class. Has a mightily dark sense of humour, but his real passion lies in Japanese warships, and his love for Anime. Will continue to grow his hair long in Uni next year, where History may be his calling

Eimhin Mulkerrins

Ciarán Corcoran Smiley Ciaran has truly (and literally) given his heart to biology over the last year and may well end up in animal husbandry when he finishes up here. Our resident ‘Hard man’’ denies constant rumours that he is indeed ‘whipped’ and that he is certainly his own man. We believe it. Will be as happy out of here as in.

Fiachra’s brother should have left us last year, but as the last remaining member of the Moycullen Mulkerrins dynasty he generously gave us one more year. Eimhin has a winning personality, and as his prowess as a race walker on our All-Ireland winning team showed, a determined one too. Will cheerfully be successful at whatever he tries down the line.


Leaving Certificate 2019 Profiles Hubert Matuszewski

Zalan Nemeth

So, basically, Hubert is our resident deep thinker destined for great things in a scientific field, or maybe in Economics, or English…basically great things somewhere. This long-time pillar of the debating team has mysteriously evolved from buzz cut first year to hairy sixth year, and we can only guess at what’s coming down the line when he stops shaving.

Coming to a doctor’s surgery near you soon, though maybe a Psychiatrists office might be a more realistic option for deepthinking chess grandmaster Zalan. With a great sense of humour Zalan is the perfect man for analysing any relationship, and teachers need to be on their guard when the brow furrows, as a tough question invariably follows suit.

Bamlak Belay

Tyrone Ezeogu

Mild mannered Bamlak joined us for the senior cycle having left the highlands of Ethiopia far behind. His first task was to learn English from his economics teacher and he hasn’t looked back since. Will take his much improved English and football skills down to GTI for a ‘year off’ doing something sciencey.

Quiet spoken Tyrone joined us from out east somewhere and is easily the loudest in the school. Never short of a song, or a wooly hat, he will stare his way intently into an event organiser position somewhere down the line, so look out for those tickets on sale for his diva revival

Harold Valionis

Sherriff Subhair

Harold is the ultimate DIY engineer and if he doesn’t invent something to save the world we’ll be shocked. Once that is done he’ll retire to a jungle somewhere and live as a recluse, cycling everywhere and surviving on some type of weird drink, using his gymnast skills to swing through the trees letting his locks flow behind him. Now, picture that!

Junior got the jump on Brexit and returned to the fold this year after unsuccessfully making a break last year. Probably banged his head on the door frame on the way out too. His ability to dunk on a six inch jump definitely makes him stand out, even more than his Ju Ju twerking did in third year, and his immortal mural in the study hall

Brian Martin

Shane Folliard

Explosive Breeean is really just a big soft Teddy bear at heart. He’s extremely fond of Rugby, believing that all, and he means all, other sports are for wimps. Couldn’t hack Cross-Country though! His true Cork red-bearded rebel lineage makes it impossible for him to lose an argument, while his scientific nature leads him to question literally everything.

Will move to Moycullen after graduation to live amongst the other former Head Boys. Steady and solid Shane will take to the corridors of NUIG like a duck to water and actively continue on his pathway to a loss of innocence. Has worn his head prefect role with dignity and respect and his positive nature will be sorely missed

Elijah Alliowe

Tyler Molyneux

Elijah’s early dalliance with fame took him right to the top as a member of the Eli Ju-Ju MGT winning combo in third year, but it is as a member of the Snatch Brothers that he really has found his niche. Will possibly need a calculator to tot up all those LC points in June., or maybe just use those super long fingers of his to do the counting

Since flukily scoring the winning goal against the teachers in this year’s charity match the grin has not left Tyler’s face. This extremely well-mannered prefect epitomises the ‘Spirit of Mary’s’ and may well go into the family business of modelling, but we reckon something in the Biology world might suit better.


Leaving Certificate 2019 Profiles Colin Scanlon

Alex Cleary

Hopes to follow in Morgan’s footsteps, not actually into his line of work, just in his footsteps. Has tried unsuccessfully to swallow his fingers during his time in school and now sees his future definitely tied to something in Business, maybe running a gym, or selling alarm clocks.

Had those lengthy face covering long locks shaved back specifically for this profile picture so this is what he actually looks like. Alex has kept stretching over the years in his quest to be the Peter Crouch of the soccer yard. Alex has a relaxed personality that will serve him well in whatever path he follows down the road.

Lucky Sila

Fergal Byrne

Another of the sixth year cohort that has spent the last couple of years stretching out from a ball shape to a spaghetti one. He has been an almost constant on the senior basketball courts where he sees himself as basketball’s Sadio Mané. His new found appreciation for study might yet see him knocking around college next year.

Fergal found fame at the BT young Scientist competition where his mighty afro was a big hit and his science knowledge wowed his fellow competitors. Fergal has a great sense of humour but we seldom witness it as he often disappears to the sports hall for a good nap. Destined for a nice table in NUIG

Tresor Sangi

Daniel Kennedy

T for trouble, which getting into is Tresor’s favourite pastime. His irrepressible cheeky comments have been a source of constant amusement...up to a point! He has a reputation of mixing genuine speed with fearless tackling on the soccer field to make him St. Mary’s ‘dirtiest’ player ever in our opinion.

The original Slim Shady is an absolute fearless opponent on the soccer field and his crunching tackles have left at least one fellow student in casualty. Has tried his hand at being a barber, specialising in the three layer fade, but would probably be best suited to cutting hair virtually on PS4

Cormac Croke This head boy wannabee is the main supplier of basketballs to the senior courtyard, but we suppose you’d expect no less from the senior basketball captain. Smiley Cormac is not known to be knocked back by much and his jolly outlook on life will make him a winner in whatever path awaits out of Moycullen. Not Head prefect

Morgan O’Callaghan

Morgan will end up as a politician driving his own bus to political rallies. A career in bus mechanics beckons for this lover of all things coach, but he will still be ready to drop his spanner at a moment’s notice to fight a worthy cause. A former BTYS participant, it was the only time he actually got away from Colin in his Mary’s years!

Dylan Spelman

Des Costello Hynes

Like a cat Dylan nose how to find a nice quiet spot to grab himself a bit of shut eye and retire from the stresses of the day. We’re reliably told that no -one in Connacht wanted to fight him, so making him an undisputed Boxing champion. Dylan has rethought his career so many times that he has confused himself, but we think there’s a good SNA in there waiting to get out.

The ginger ninja started his career as a dynamic tricky corner forward but has graduated slowly but surely to the full forward slot, leading the line for his beloved Jimmies. Des is still unsure about his future but his quick feet and agility should lead him along the right path, and we’ve no doubt he’ll grow into it


Leaving Certificate 2019 Profiles Jack Gavin

Muhamed Sulahri

Jack has gradually been squeezed and compressed from a roundy first year into a streaky long sixth year, or in his beloved Connacht Rugby parlance from prop to lock. Jack has a great personality, but is not immune to the odd slap fight and hug. Will happily breeze through college

Joined us from Cavan last year but you could never tell from his accent. We reckon he models himself on Mo Saleh, except with a better set of eyebrows, and he certainly shows us a few spectacular goals in PE. Sciencey Muhammed is destined to stroll around the corridors of NUIG, probably looking for Enoch.

Samuel John

Liam Keady

Just like his ability to switch school from Merlin to here Sam’s loyalty to football teams follows a similar path. We think he’s currently on Liverpool having given up on poor Arsenal. But, could be Man city next week…Sam is a determined student who when he’s in gives it all he has. His quiet reserved nature will be well respected in whatever he does.

Like Liam we have forgotten everything we were going to right about him. We reckon he’ll go into business in the catering world since they are the subjects dearest to his heart. So, look out for the new franchise out there in Inverin, or Barna, or wherever out in the sticks he’s from. Success shouldn’t be an issue so we’ll watch this space

Luke Flaherty

Jose Poblaciones

Cheeky chap Luke thinks he’s a hit with, well, everyone, but we reckon he’s more of a chancer. Has made an art form out of complimenting the female teachers in his endless quest to be the best possible teacher’s pet. Better with the books than at his attempts to be Ronaldo, a bright future awaits his guns in NUIG

One of the few Real Madrid supporters that can hurl abuse at the opposition in a thick Galway accent. Has taken a while to adjust to both the miserable cold, timekeeping and general English but has coped admirably. Jose will return to warmer climates, regrow his Daniel butchered hair, and establish a Spanish nursery for Mervue B

Sean Nevin

Sean’s absence from the basketball courts this term has meant that the first years had no-one to whip their asses. Decided to spend more time at home studying for the daunted leaving certificate so as to get the edge on the rest of the lads, lets hope it pays off in June.

Wishing our class of 2019 the very best of luck with their exams in June, and with their future careers. You are now Mary’s Men, be proud of where you have come from and remember to look out for each other 10

LC Class of 2018: Initial Destination

Muiz Ajiboye - Science NUI Galway # Paul Arrigan - Arts NUI Galway #David Arzumanyan - Business GMIT #Avelino Assogba - PLC GTI #Jerry Atu - PLC GTI #Eryk Bijak - Furniture &Wood technology GMIT #James Brennan - PLC in GTI #Joshua Brodricks-O'Eguakun -Business GMIT #James Browne -PLC GTI #Aaron Burke -Arts NUI Galway #Thomas Caffrey -Film&TV studies GMIT # Nathan Canavan -PLC Apprenticeship Preparatory Programme GTI #Paul Conneely -Global Commerce NUI Galway #Celim Costello -PLC GTI #Cian Costello-Hynes -PLC in soccer skills GTI #Paul Croitoru -Year out Working #Taofeek Daouda-Adekola -PLC GTI #Dion Darcy -PLC GTI #Conor Delaney -PLC GTI #Henok Dems -PLC in soccer skills GTI #Tony Dolen -Working Year out #Adam Donoghue -PLC in GTI #Joseph Downes -Year out working #Jordan Enofe -Year out travelling in Africa #Cailum Fitzgerald -Year out working #Cian Fitzgerald -Apprenticeship in Carpentry #Stephen Flaherty -PLC in Business GTI #Brooklyn Gill -Working UCHG #Liam Gwilliam -Business GMIT #Leon Gyoh -Business GMIT #Kevin Hourigan -Commerce NUI Galway #China Ikegwuruka -PLC in Business GTI #Dominik Irlik -Chemical & Pharmaceutical Science GMIT #Zino Johnny -Business GMIT #Cormac Kay -Business Event management GMIT #Ian Kennedy #PLC GTI #Shane Kyne -Science GMIT #Ralfs Liberts -PLC GTI #Leon Long-Access programme NUI Galway #Liam Lydon -Apprenticeship Toolmaking #Tebogo Madire -Science NUI Galway #Michael Maloney -PLC in Business GTI #Victor Mbamara -PLC in Information technology GTI #Daniel McDonagh -Commerce NUI Galway #Ryan Meja -PLC GTI #Aslan Mohammed -Business Information systems GMIT #Michael Mongan Year out working #Fiachra Mulkerrins -Commerce NUI Galway #Jakub Muzyka -Business GMIT #Sammy Nana -Business Information systems GMIT #Ethan O' Brien -Apprenticeship in Agricultural mechanics #Emmanuel Ohagwu -PLC in Information technology GTI #Dennis Onuoha -PLC in Business GTI #William Onyenweson -Studying Canada #Uros Rakic –University Course deferred, working for the year #Alexandre Renaut -PLC in Games Development & Design GTI #Ali Shabu -Medicine NUI Galway #Lee ShaughnessyCommerce NUI Galway #Abraham Shomefun -Arts NUI Galway #David Stoica -PLC in Business GTI #Faustas Tamulis -Mechanical Engineering GMIT #Matthew Walsh -PLC GTI #Nathan Walsh -PLC in Apprenticeship Preparatory Programme GTI #David Warde -PLC in Business GTI 11

Academics: Best Leaving Certificate Results 2018

Well done to the Leaving Certificate Students from the class of 2018, but especially to each of those featured above who scored in excess of 450 points in their Examination, and who, as we can see on the Initial Destination page are now following a variety of paths. Top: Uros Rakic, Thomas Caffrey, Daniel McDonagh, Paul Conneely, Ali Shabu Bottom: Kevin Hourigan, Fiachra Mulkerrins Paul Conneely received the ‘Academic Student of the Year’ shield on LC Graduation Day. Congratulations Paul


Best Junior Certificate 2018

Congratulations to the boys pictured here, each of whom achieved a minimum of eight Higher Level honours grades in their JC 2018. Dylan Caffrey and Mircea Tabalae were the outstanding students amongst them

Top: Ihtasham Ahmad, Iwo Kania, Szymon Kryla, Nathan McNeela Second row: Sam Cooke, Bence Galambas, Colm Downes, Jack Molloy, Andrew Costello Third Row: Eanna Davoren, Dylan Caffrey, Cian Mulrooney, Rhys Plower, Mircea Tabalae

JC Class of 2018 with their certificates 13

Fifth Year

Front Row: Bogdan Tabalae, Anthony Sultanov, Sean Chikarakate, Alex Mitev, Carl Thornton Byrne, Dylan Traynor Canavan, Aaron Dossen, Kallum Tobin, Ryan Connolly

Second Row: Dylan Caffrey, Jason McDonagh, Gerard Davoren, Colm Downes, Cian Fahy, Oisín Dillon, Edmond Mahoro, Partryk Jastrzebski, Eneko O’Rourke, Iwo Kania, Jamie Burke

Third Row: Patryk Brzezinski, Ihtasham Ahmad, Joshua Atairu, Prince Idemudia, Cameron Fitzgerald McLaughlin, Romeo Pecha, Colm Gwilliam, James Kebana, Loic Tenekeu

Back Row: Adrian Asogu, Samy Hamar, Mobi Ikegwuruka, Damien Kiely, Patrick Nnadi, Thabiso Dube, Bernard Sarpong, Jack Morkan, Usman Shahid

Absent: Jack Flaherty, Dylan McDonagh, Michael Robinson, Taimoor Abid, Tadhg Faherty, Lokman Mia, Michael Harlowe, Mark O’Boyle


Third Year 2018-19

Front Row: Victor Asiegbu, Hassan Diarrassouba, Ify Asogu, Christopher Onouha, Sammy Leboukh, Kevin Umude, Carlos Virginio, Adrian Mamali, Izzi Cordova, Hanif Latif, Bartek Pawlik, Prodige Mendes, Eoghan King, Najmudeen Binuyo

Second Row: Christian Lally, Dean Walshe, Fabio Balaz, Aaron Canavan, Martin Ward, Sean Moloney, Cyrus Palmer Agbontaen, Artemiy Vershinin, Aaron Fahy, Ignas Simanavcius, Liam Davoren, Peter Irmudumon, Seán Hopkins, Jakub Szoja, Paul Irmudumon

Third Row: Mario Meruta, Solomon Shomefun, Maks Marszalek, Destiny Newman, Zach Mooney, Jamie Pizzey, Ryan Thornton Byrne, Jamie Canavan, Maks Nocewicz, Omar Hammam, Tom Hiney, Rakib Rana, Zaid Abu Diak, Jack Hennigan

Fourth Row: Maciej Luczak, Obinna Ohakwe, Michaelangelo Ojeani, Gavin O’Sullivan, Abel Sunny Kochekadan, Luechia Gyoh, Fadl Adekola, Michael Hydzik, Sean Keady, Joseph Arosomade, Gradi Lomboto, Emmanuel Abiodun, Carlos Marino Viedma.

Back Row: Ramon Fietz, Darell Ngodjo, Ricardas Lingaitis, Sandrius Keras, Jonathon Ekoh, Joshua Casey, Colin Forde, John O’Loughlin, Kacpar Borszcz, Cormac Hannon, Michael Bernard Ward, Linus Wilde

Absent: Aaron Groarke, John Atairu, Swabur Mabasa, Evan Lynam, Bogdans Dubravskis, Olaf Kania, Paul Kearns 15

Second Year 2019

Front Row: Leon Bartolovic, Kristian Bubanov, Ron Degani, Austin Curren Doherty, McEdison Sido, Michael Jiminez, Jesse Ezeogu, Bobby Curran, Hedris Ofili, Rodger Sarpong, Favour Odion, Cathal O’Grady Corcoran

Second Row: Edvinus Zakarauskas, Oktavio Neziri, Paul Hamilton, Evan Francis, Luke McKenna, Mark Kearns, Ben Carew, Jan Ronin Macatangay, Pelayo Davara, Donnie Meehan, Ibrahim Ijaz, Nicholas Faraon, Tom Browne, Shafy Mohammed

Third Row: Sean McDarby, Evan Ward, David Whyte, Kevin Tierney, Isshak Boussoufa, Adam Ruboneka, Naoise Walsh, Alex Coveney, Matthew Lukyanov, Daniel Kolcs, Keane Greer, Zedlynl Louis Penas, Chukwudi Nwaonukwube

Fourth Row: JJ Walsh, Dan Carey, John Osifo, Ryan Tierney, Joshua Osifo, Liam Murphy, Daniel Zeps, Karol Zawistowski, Gabriel Badalov, Aleksandras Petraitis, Jack Walsh, Caleb John

Back Row: Matthew Connolly, Dovydas Balsys, Darcy Mbiajeu, Conor Horan, Divine Okeke, Simon Browne, Jay Martyn, Sean Stafford, Diarmuid Davoren, Mark Bradley

Absent: Eoin Kiely, Francis Ward, Emmet Darcy, Robert Bodric, Franz Khyle Sobrevig, Franciso Mongan, Daniel Wilson, Markus Kleins, Nasir Ahmad


First Year 2018

Front Row: Nathan Geraghty, Conor Lillis, Eahab Raid, Luke Flaherty, Michael Ward, Daniel Regan, Matthew Costello, Vladislavs Asimovs, Darius Contor, Macksymilian Pokora, Ethan Conneely, Luca Simovic Second Row: Kelechi Ohakwe, Tyler Mooney McGreene, Charlie Sweeney, Joseph Osifo, Richard Grebstels, Princewell Onyeari, Filip Domaracki, Eoghan Keeler, Kieran Burbage, Padraic Faherty, Ethan Kyne, Christopher Hanley Third Row: Henry Cao, Brandon Ward, Wazeer Awotunde, Alan Kyne, Dermot Maughan, Ezekial Abiodun, Samuel Pitman, Lee O’Sullivan, Andrew Tritten, Tobiasz Rosman, Sean Okeke, Fortune Igbokwe, Kevin Karasi, Sean Igegeri Fourth Row: Dickson Nana, Eoin Connolly, Bartlomiej Tatol, Mark Sullivan, Mateusz Stasiak, Immanuel Freddy, Daniel Richardson, Daniel Umude, Kyle Corbett, Finn Hiney, Joseph Sido, Etinosa Godswill Daniel Back Row: Cian Diviney, Corey Plower, Cian Costello, Colm Rooney, Rawad Shatwan, Reuben Coveney, Jahangir Rashid, Declan Gbinigie, Adam Condon, Shayne Ward

Absent: Raid Boussafa, Emmet Gwilliam, Dara Horan, Ricco Mongan, Edvinas Kontrimas, Mahmood Mubashir,Harris Ofili, Edgar Zakarauskas, Alan Cubbard, Ilya Kampans, Shane McNamara, Jack O’Reilly-McCaffrey, Karim Rasian, Daniel Richardson, Toju Eruwa


Awards Day 2018 Our annual Awards Day took place at the end of May before a packed Gymnasium. Academic and ’Spirit of Mary’s’ awards were given out by Principal Mr. Tom Nolan and the respective year heads. The Spirit of St. Mary’s Award are given to students who have contributed positively towards the school and their classmates throughout the year, while the academic awards are presented to those who performed at the top level of their class consistently during the year.

The crowded Gymnasium, eagerly awaiting their awards

Leaving Certificate Academic Award Winner Paul Conneely

Fifth Year Academic Award Winners Leaving Certificate ‘Spirit of Mary’s’ Award Winners

Alex Polchowski, Shane Folliard, Eamonn MacDonnacha

Michael Mongan, Paul Arrigan, Daniel McDonagh, Eryk Bijak

Fifth Year ‘Spirit Of Mary’s’ Awards Sai Shreyas Gujulla, Jakub Szymonik, Dean Watson Junior Sportstar winner: Eanna Davoren Senior Winner: Kevin Hourigan (absent) 18

Awards Day 2018

First Year Academic Award Winners

Second Year ‘Spirit of Mary’s’ Awards

Tom Brown, Liam Murphy, Chukwudi Nwaonukwube, Evan Francis

Carlos Virginio, Zaid Abu Diak, Jamie Pizzey

Third Year Academic Award winners Cian Mulrooney, Dylan Caffrey, Mircea Tabalae

First Year Academic Improvement Award Winners Zedlynl Penas, Alex Coveney, Ali Stewart, Evan Fox

Third Year Academic Improvement Award Winners Ify Asogu, Sandrius Keras, Solomon Shomefun

First Year ‘Spirit of Mary’s’ Award Winners Isshak Boussoufa , Diarmuid Davoren, David Whyte, Gabriel Badalov

Second Year Academic Award Winners

Third Year ‘Spirit of Mary’s’ Award Winners Cian Fahy, Sam Cooke, Mark O’Boyle

Oisín Dillon, Eanna Davoren, Conor Croke

Cormac Hannon, Aaron Fahy, Gavin O’Sullivan 19

Cross Country 2019 Action from the Connacht Cross Country Championships held in the Loughrea in MidFebruary, and the All-Ireland Finals held in Kildare in March. At the Connacht Finals our Minor team ran brilliantly to qualify for the Connacht Finals by finishing third, while the Junior team were runners-up. At the Connacht's, the minors, short two runners finished a very close fourth while the Juniors improved to become the Connacht Champions for the first time since 2012. In the subsequent All-Ireland final they finished as the seventh best team in the country. Pictured left are the Connacht winning Junior Squad: Back: Evan Francis, Sean Okeke, Wazeer Awotunde, Eahab Raid Front: Adam Condon, Liam Murphy, Luke Flaherty, Dan Carey


Athletics—Track and Field

The season began in earnest at the South Connacht Finals in early May, held over two days, the younger age groups in Dangan, followed by the older ones in Athlone. The goal of these is, as always to qualify as many athletes as possible for the Connacht finals, so as to give us the best chance of winning in the shield competitions. Once more, we achieved our goal and 38 athletes made their way to Athlone IT for the Connacht finals. Another long day in Athlone saw the large contingent of Mary’s athletes emerge victorious as the Overall Best Boy’s school for the lucky 13th year in succession, but we had to fight for every single point on a day of excellent athletics. We succeeded in winning the Junior (u-15) best school shield, sharing it on this occasion with Seamount College, while narrowly winning the Intermediate (u-17) shield and also brilliantly recapturing the Senior (u-19) shield that we had lost last year. Individually there were some great performances from the Mary’s boys with three new Connacht Champions to add to the roll of honour. In the Junior boys event the only winner was John Osifo who took the 100m title with a fantastically determined run. He later matched that effort in the 4 x 100m relay only to find out that we had been disqualified on a changeover technicality . This, unfortunately, was a forerunner for the highly talented Intermediate 4 X 100m team who also suffered the same fate in the next race, despite winning convincingly. Our other champions on the day came in the hammer events as Richard Lingaitis and James Kebana took the Intermediate and Senior titles respectively. Other medallists on the day were Diarmuid Davoren (Junior Hammer), Naoise Walsh (Junior Shot Putt), Patrick Nnadi (Inter 100m), Hassan Diarrassouba (Inter 400m Hurdles), Ignas Simanvcius (Inter shot), Solomon Shomefun (Inter Discus), Cyrus Palmer (Inter Javelin), Colm Downes (Senior Hammer), Rykelmy Rodrigues (Senior Javelin), Thabiso Dube (Senior 400m Hurdles) who each took the silver , while bronze medals were won by Fortune Ikbogwe (Minor Shot), the Minor 4 X 100m relay team of Sean Okeke, Richard Grebstels, Ezekial Abiodun and Eahab Raid, Dan Carey (Junior 1200m Walk), Ryan Tierney (Junior Long Jump), Caleb John (Junior Triple Jump), Liam Murphy (Junior Hammer), Dylan Traynor-Canavan (Inter 400m), Kallum Tobin (Inter 400m Hurdles), Adrian Mamali (Inter Triple Jump), Artemiy Vershinin (Inter Hammer) and the senior 4 x 400m relay team of Colm Downes, Ify Asogu, Eamon MacDonnacha and Thabiso Dube. Pictured on the right was our team at the All-Ireland finals in Tullamore in June 2018. No medals, but some excellent performances


Charity 2019 The culmination of the extensive charity drive carried out by students in St. Mary’s College throughout the school year occurred when three cheques, each for €2800, were donated to deserving charities following a special ceremony at the College . The College has been engaging in their yearly charity drive since 2001, and this year their efforts helped exceed the excellent combined total of €250 000. That’s over quarter of a million euro that has been raised and used to support deserving local, national and international charities during that time span, an achievement for which everyone can be truly proud. Teachers in St. Mary’s are the driving force behind the idea, but it is the hard work and dedication of the students that results in the success of the operation. Every year students participate in events such as singing carols on the streets of Galway, collecting prizes for and organising raffles and auctions, organising a bake sale, going door to door around the city and its environs collecting for the chosen charities. They also learn all about the chosen charities and their work, a practice that benefits them greatly and helps them understand the importance of helping those less fortunate than themselves. This year the beneficiaries were both local and national, with the money going to the excellent work of the Galway Speeders, who promote sport amongst young people with disabilities, Galway Autism Partnership (GAP) and the Temple Street Children’s Hospital in Dublin. Representatives from each of the charities were on hand and thanked the students sincerely for the work they had done. On that note the students and staff of St. Mary’s College would sincerely like to reciprocate that thanks and offer a huge ‘Thank you’ to the people of Galway without whose help, support and generosity this venture would not succeed.

Our hardy crew who did the ‘Darkness into Light’ walk in aid of Pieta House. Well done everyone.

Scenes from the Cake sale held in aid of the Christmas Charity


Charity Day Fun 2018


Hurling 2018 Junior Hurling By Éanna Davoren, Kevin Walsh, Cian Mulrooney & Daragh Kyne The junior hurlers had a good campaign this year but were to fall short to a strong St. Cuans side in the semi final where we were beaten by just a point. The campaign started off against Coláiste na Coiribe on a fine September afternoon on the front pitch. The game was level at half time with some good scores coming from Diarmuid Davoren, Eanna Davoren, Sam Cooke, Cian Mulrooney and Joshua Casey to name a few. The game was nip and tuck in the second half and scores were coming frequently from both sides. Mary’s, a goal down with two minutes to go, were in danger of losing. Diarmuid Davoren number 9 and midfield struck a brilliant goal effort from the 21 yard line which was saved but appeared to go through the side netting. The ref flagged it as a 65 and uproar was to follow. Diarmuid struck the 65 in the square and the ref then blew the full time whistle. Coláiste na Coiribe ran out winners 3-13 to 1-16. On Wednesday 10 th of October we played Coláiste Chroí Mhuire again on the front pitch. This was a poor game as we ran out winners 6-17 to 1-8. The following week we played St. Enda’s in a must win game. This was a thrilling and entertaining game in which the skills of the game were shown to great effect. Enda’s were ahead at half time but our never-say-die attitude was shown in the second half. With time up on the clock Paul Kearns had a free which was to level the match. Paul struck it brilliantly and split the posts. This levelled the game and as we had an inferior scoring difference we went through as group runners up. Our next game was against Ballygar in the Connacht quarter- final which was played in Knockdoe. We were without a few of our key players who were injured and away getting themselves a tan. This match was evenly matched for most of the game until James ‘the bomber’ Bradley grabbed a ball from the sky, burst through a wall of defenders and buried the ball in the back of the net. Daragh ‘the dazzler’ Kyne was also having a great game at full back where we believe he is most suited. In the dying moments of the game Ballygar won a penalty. Their midfielder struck a great shot only for Jack ‘the wall’ Molloy to produce an incredible save which won us the game. Our semi-final was played on a cold January day in Knockdoe against a strong St Cuan’s side. We lined up with a strong side and we felt we had a great chance of Junior Hurling 2018-19 progressing to the final. The game was tight in the first half with Eanna Davoren Back: Aaron Groarke, Eanna Davoren, Colin Forde, James Bradley, Liam Davoren, Seán having an excellent display at midfield. Stafford, Sam Cooke, Joshua Casey, Jack Molloy, Daragh Kyne, Cian Mulrooney Paul Kearns was also in fine form and Front: Kevin Walsh, Mark Bradley, Emmet Darcy, Paul Kearns, Diarmuid Davoren, scored a brilliant goal after twenty five Mark Kearns, Cian Fahy minutes. At half time Cuan’s led by a single point. In the second half Diarmuid Davoren got motoring and tapped over a few fine points from open play. The game was now really in the melting pot and our younger players were really beginning to step up to the plate. Mark Bradley was having a stormer at corner back and Emmet Darcy was hurling really well in the other corner. With 15 minutes to go we took the lead thanks to monster score from our captain Davoren. Unfortunately, though Cuan’s scored a goal and took a two point led into the dying moments. James Bradley scored a great point and we thought the ref would give us more time but he blew the final whistle. We were unfortunate not to win but so is the way sport goes. We promise that we will we return a title back to the school in the next two years Mary’s abu!

On the right are Mary’s men Paul Kearns, Kevin Walsh, Jack Molloy, Oisin Dillon and Jason McDonagh who represented the Galway Tribesmen Celtic Hurling team against Mayo during the year 24

BT Young Scientists Experience 2019

Éamonn MacDonnachá and Michael Lukyanov with their project investigating the percentage germination viability of the common dandelion

We had a record number of 15 entries trying out for a place at this year’s BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition , with myriad projects vying for a place at the RDS. When the selections were announced we were delighted to have five projects selected to go forward and represent St. Mary’s in this prestigious competition . This was the highest number of entrants from any Galway school, making up almost a quarter of all entries! BT Young Scientists 2019

Cathal Forde and Mircea Tabalae investigated how our poor perception makes us unreliable ear witnesses

We were thrilled, but also faced Mircea Tabalae, Cathal Forde, Conor Croke, into a lot of hard work to get the Ron Degani, Alex Polchowski, Michael projects ready for presentation in Lukyanov, Dan Carey, Nathan McNeena, Liam Murphy, Éamonn MacDonnacha January. In total ten of us, with our teachers Mr. Carey and Mr. Lennon went up to Dublin to take part and we had a ball. Over the four days we were there nearly 50 000 people visited the exhibition, and we were blown away by how big it is and how important it is. There were school tours from all over the country there, as well as many VIPs as each of the politicians wanted a photo opportunity! We took a while to get to know out fellow competitors (well some of us did), but by the end we were swapping phone numbers and e-mails and promising to stay in touch.

Liam Murphy and Dan Carey with their project about the participation of Galway Schools in the BTYSTE

Overall it was a fantastic learning experience and one which we will never forget. We didn’t win any of the really big prizes but we got some great comments from the judges, we learned loads about science, met loads of new people, had good craic at the disco, saw a decent film, and are already planning our next project. Roll on 2020 Alex Polchowski did his experiment on our perceptions about Bitcoin


Conor Croke with his project ‘Is the Duracell Bunny pulling the fur over our investigation of battery efficiency

BT Young Scientist Visit Some scenes from the Mary’s visit to and participation in the BTYS in January


BT Young Scientist Visit Some more scenes from the Mary’s visit to and participation in the BTYS in January


Feast Day Christmas 2018 Another successful Mary’s Feast Day celebrated with nearly four hundred hungry mouths receiving a full Turkey dinner for Christmas. Well done to Radek and his crew in the kitchen, to all the staff who helped organise the event.


Sports Day 2019


Gaelic Football Some powerhouse performances throughout the year from what is developing as a team with excellent possibilities from our Junior and Juvenile ranks, but unfortunately no silverware again. Our Junior squad were the pick of the bunch, taking numerous scalps on their way to Connacht semifinal stage, before eventually falling to a late late comeback from Balla Community School. However, a large number of them are still underage again so can give it another lash next year. The Juvenile team had a great run in the league, defeating Calasanctious, Headford and the Bish but just failed to make the league final, where again late goals cost us dearly. They are a hugely talented team and will be back. On the club scene we had some great success for a number of our players with Moycullen, St. James’s and Salthill Knocknacarra competing for county titles during the year. The winning team members are shown here. Mary’s lads also continued to carry the flag for the Galway senior team, with Ruari Lavelle, David Wynne, Gareth Bradshaw, Johnny Duane and Sean Kelly all togging for the Maroon and White this season. Hopefully Paul Conroy will overcome his injury to join them later in the season.

Junior Football 2018-19 Back: Conor McDonagh, Joseph Arosomade, Jack Molloy, Cyrus Palmer Agbontaen, Des Costello-Hynes, Emmanuel Abiodun, Eanna Davoren, Romeo Pecha, Darragh Kyne, Damien Kiely, Colin Forde, James Bradley, Inigo Casteudnos, Cian Mulrooney Front: Dylan McDonagh, Dylan Traynor Canavan, Gradi Lomboto, Ify Asogu, Sam Cooke, Hassan Diarrassouba, Paul Kearns, Cian Fahy, Liam Davoren

Juvenile Football 2018-19 Back: John Osifo, Luke McKenna, David Whyte, McEdison Sido, Aaron Groarke, Joshua Osifo, Jack Walsh, Caleb John, Emmanuel Abiodun, Ify Asogu, Evan Fox, JJ Walsh, Ben Carew, Mark Kearns, Hassan Diarrassouba, Evan Francis. Front: Christopher Onuoha, Kyle Rossborough, Sean Okeke, Jay Martyn, Diarmuid Davoren, Joseph Osifo, Christopher Hanley, Mark Bradley, Emmet Darcy, Joseph Sido, Padraic Faherty, Corey Plower, Gradi Lomboto


Transition Year 2018-19 TY 2018-19 Front Row: Russel McPherson, Andrew Costello, Oryn Diviney, Nabil Latidoye, Cathal Forde

Second Row: Mircea Tabalae, Nathan McNeela, Jack Molloy, Rhys Plower

Third Row: Cian Mulrooney, Alex Pitman, Eanna Davoren, Szymon Kryla, Daragh Kyne

Back Row: Kevin Walsh, James Bradley, Sam Cooke, Conor Croke

Over the year in TY the one thing that we have noticed is that a group of us came together as individuals and we leave as a team, having formed friendships that will last a lifetime. Before TY many of us were already friends but not all of us were as close as we were in different classes, or had different interests. However, all that background differences were soon put aside as we started together from day one to meld together into the group we would become. Mr. Bell and Ms. Jordan first took us all down to the Gym and we immediately started our first team-building exercise. Soon after that we all went down to Bay Sports outside Athlone where again our shared experiences brought us closer together. Over the past year we have spent all day, every day in each other’s company. At times it was a bit much, but I can safely say that we have enjoyed ourselves hugely, and more importantly made friends for life—Sam Cooke TYs on their Graduation day, showing off the fruits of their year long labours. Rhys Plower, pictured below, was chosen as the TY student of the year, some might say in spite of the White Suit


A Year in Transition During the year we kept ourselves busy’s a small flavour of some of the things we got up to...a visit to the Claire Byrne Live show in Dublin, A talk with Robert Troy TD about life in the Dáil during our politics course, listening to the fascinating astronaut Shane Kimbough about his life on the International Space Station, our day out at the ploughing championships, our St. Patrick’s Day adventure, our Christmas Box packing for Team Hope, and other aspects of our Social Outlet programme including our trip to the Nursing Home and our time spent with GAP. Our history tour of Galway with Dr. William Henry, our biodiversity project work, our trip up Diamond Hill and to Bay Sports, our participation in the Road Safety Association roadshow and so much more. These were but a few of our trips, course and events as we had a ball. The photos highlight a flavour of the year.


A year in Transition— Across the Border TY IN BELFAST by Rhys Plower, Andrew Costello & Nabil Latidoye. For our TY trip we decided to go to Belfast. On the day we were to depart we met at the school at quarter to eight in the morning. We got on the bus and took off. We reached Belfast at around half past one in the afternoon. When we reached the city, we met with a tour guide who gave us a guided tour around the significant areas of Belfast. We were shown around the Falls road, Shankhill and many of the other areas rich in Irish history. After this tour we then proceeded to the Ulster Museum situated in Belfast City. This museum had everything from modern art to dinosaur fossils to mummies. When we entered the building, we were told we could begin to make our own way around the museum and that there may be too much to see in the little time we had. However, we did manage to see most of the important exhibits which were very enjoyable and insightful into what life may have been like at that time in history. We left the museum and proceeded to our hotel located in the Queens quarter of the city. We had dinner and went into bed ready for the next day. The next morning, we were on board the bus en route to the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge. This journey took just over an hour. Once we reached the area where the bridge was, we were somewhat disappointed to discover that we would be unable to cross the bridge due to the inclement weather. While we were all hoping to be able to cross the bridge, we were still able to take a walk down top where the bridge was situated. This walk was very scenic as it took us down along the cliffs for almost a mile. We were able to capture some very impressive photos of the cliffs and the bridge itself. Our next destination was the Giants Causeway. But before we were to go there, we took a stop at The Dark Hedges. This was good fun as it was a significant part of a major series, Game of Thrones. We arrived at the Giants Causeway where we were given our tickets which granted us access to the guest center. We were given a small device which played small info recordings about what we were looking at the time. We walked down a long path which took us the guts of 20 minutes. When we reached the bottom of the hill, we were greeted with an amazing view of the Giants Causeway. There we took loads of pictures and were given info regarding myths and stories about the Causeway. It was a very enjoyable experience to be able to see something you have heard so much about. That evening we gave a visit to Crumlin Road Gaol. This is a very significant place regarding Irish history. We were informed this was the last place where an Irish criminal was hanged. We were also told about different events which took place in the Gaol such as escapes, riots and burials. In retrospect this was perhaps the best piece of our trip. I would say this as it was the place where we learned the most and the most interactive trip. Finally, on our last day we visited the Titanic Museum. On arrival the building itself was breath-taking. The sheer size was enough to make us anxious to get inside. We entered the building where we were greeted by a staff member who told us about the building and also a bit of history about the Titanic. While I did really enjoy the museum, I wouldn’t really want to visit it for a second time. I think one you have seen it, that is it. Looking back on the trip I realise how enjoyable it was and how grateful I am to have been able to take the trip. My favourite piece of the trip I must say was in fact the gaol. It has very significant historic meaning regarding Irish history. It was very insightful into what the North was like during the times of the troubles and what it might have been like to be in the jail at the time. 33

A Year in Transition - Diamond Hill and Belfast


A Year in Transition—Biodiversity Project

During the year, as part of our Agricultural Science Module we embarked on a number of projects that will hopefully increase the diversity of wildlife around the College. Biodiversity is a big buzz word these days as the United Nations recently announced that over one million species, including possibly humans, are in grave danger of extinction due to our disregard for Biodiversity. So we did a little bit to help, working with aid from the Galway County Council. We planted an Orchard, carried out surveys of wildlife around the College grounds and set up some bee hives. Every little helps, and if we all made a little wild patch in our gardens that would help greatly. Prior to our work on biodiversity, which was a year long project, we attended the Youth Work Ireland Climate Change Summit 2018 in the Meyrick Hotel Galway in September. Our school was one of 7 schools who were at the summit, basically the G7 if we do say so ourselves. The summit kicked off with an icebreaker. This was like speed dating where we stood in two big circles and faced each other, answering questions and rotating so you faced a new person every time. This was an excellent way of breaking the ice’ between us, although we wouldn’t want to break the ice since this was all about climate change. We were then introduced to a professional on climate change who gave us a lecture regarding what causes climate change and what the eventual result would be if it continued. To finish off the summit we were given a choice to decorate either a reusable shopping bag or a reusable cup which we were allowed to keep afterwards. Overall the summit was a productive way to raise awareness of climate change and we would recommend going to it if you are given the opportunity.


A Year in Transition— St. Patrick’s Day St Patrick's Day Parade By Jack Molloy and Russell McPherson We met at the school at half eight in order to get our costumes on and to get everything organized. The theme of our show was ‘Mary’s for the win’, featuring all the shenanigans that accompany a day out at a hurling final. We prepared all our costumes and masks, and our huge sandwich props and hurls during our time in art class with Ms Anja Sammon and her husband Peadar so really looked the part on the day. We walked to the meeting point at the front of the NUIG where we waited for a while for the parade to begin and then we started walking towards the cathedral. Once we reached the cathedral, we put on our performance that we had been rehearsing for many months. We continued walking, putting on several performances before we got to the judging area at the top of Eyre Square. There we put on our best performance, offering pretend sandwiches to all of the judges, including the mayor!


A Year in Transition— The Musical Back to the 80’s by Conor Croke & Alex Pitman Throughout the year our school had been organising a school musical along with the ‘Our Lady’s College’. The show that we had chosen to perform was ‘Back to the 80’s’. It was about a group of teenagers from the 1980’s going through their final year of High School. For us the music was something that we were vaguely, if at all, familiar with, but our teachers and parents really were re-visiting their youth. Needless to say we didn’t get a lot of the lyrics references…but we’d often hear them sniggering away in the background. There was a lot of preparation that went into this production. Throughout the year we had spent many days rehearsing our lines and the choreography of the dances. We also spent many weeks building Mr. Devally’s and Ms. Sammon’s sets

for the stage and gathering props and costumes. Initially this was something that for the most of us was equivalent to pulling out our toenails, and when the producer Mr. Bell first told us it was going to happen regardless we hovered for comfort in the equivalent of four to a seat trying to hide at the back of the room. The girls were, in general, much more cool about the whole affair, and slowly but surely we learned to relax into it too. Our directors Ms. Ruth Gilroy and Ms Ciara O’Loughlin soon got to grips with us and fairly put us through our paces. They understood the effort needed to stage a quality School Musical, we kinda didn’t…and it was a huge learning experience As opening night loomed we started to panic a bit as we finally realised what was needed of us, and how unprepared we actually were. Frantic line-learning and repetitive step practicing of Ms Gillian Keady’s choreography ensued, and as the confidence improved so did the acting and the dancing. We gelled, we relaxed and then we put on our show. Mr. Carey and Ms. Gilroy got talked into playing the teachers parts, but they too soon became part of the gang. Apart from a few minor setbacks, the show was a huge success. We performed for three nights and had received a great crowd on each one. We were also nominated for two awards by GUMS, one for visual display and one for our brilliant video of the dream scene, however, somehow we didn’t win! Walking on to boards at St. Mary’s in front of our peers and parents, friends and critics, was an amazing experience, and one that will live long in our memories, no matter what we get to do in the future. It was one of the biggest highlights of the year and we hope that next year’s class will gain just as much enjoyment.


Musical 2019—’Back to the Eighties’ After a long hiatus the famous Mary’s boards once more saw heavy use as we tripped the light fantastic, establishing our association with Our Lady’s College to produce an excellent performance of ‘Back to the Eighties’. This vibrant musical was truly brought to life by the enthusiastic efforts of the students and staff of both Colleges.


Musical 2019—’Back to the Eighties’ At the Gums awards we received nominations for ‘Best Visual Display’, and for the most Iconic Moment...the famous video scene!


A Year in Transition— Becoming a Team

We came as individuals, we left as team. That was thanks in no small way to our initial involvement in team building exercises, the craic we had trying to negotiate our way across the gym floor without touching it, and of course our fun on the water slides and kayaks of Bay Sports in Athlone. We also realised the value of having all that we have, and the value of the opportunity we have been give, especially through our work on the Social Outreach programme, and in particular when packing our Team Hope Christmas boxes. Little things can make a big difference to someone’s life. Our Transition year was a big thing, and will make a big difference in ours


Open Evening 2018 We were at our best in November as we welcomed everyone to have a good look at what we have to offer.


Science Quizzes and Competitions

ISTA Senior Science Quiz Teams 2019 Back: Alex Polchowski, Harold Valionis, Hubert Matuszewski, Zalan Nemeth Front: Michael Lukyanov, Andrei Titilincu, Brian Martin, Éamonn MacDonnachá, Jakub Szymonik

We had a very successful year with our Senior Science Quiz teams. We entered three teams in the ISTA Pharmachemical Quiz and finished in second, third and fifth position out of 34 teams entered at the Regional Finals in GMIT. This meant two teams had subsequently qualified for the National finals, the others, despite having led the competition right up to the last round just very disappointingly falling short by a single point. So, two teams headed off to Trinity College in Dublin, and acquitted themselves brilliantly, finishing in 7th and 20th places, out of 48 teams. But for a few errant answers they would have brought home a bit of silverware! Nevertheless, a good time was had by all and a decent bit of science learned.

At the ReelLife Science competition we also achieved fantastic success when the video by Jakub Szymonik and Alex Polchowski, entitled Myth Buster: Did we Evolve from Monkeys? Received the runner-up prize in this prestigious national competition. To win this prize it fended of f the challenge of almost 200 videos from all across the country, including yet another excellent on from our own Michael Lukyanov dealing with Plasma. Michael’s video was also highly praised by the judges, achieving a top five finish

Our annual Fr. Sean Manning Primary School Science Quiz drew another huge crowd, with over fifty tables taking part, and saw Bushy Park NS claim the title for the first time 42

Soccer Senior Soccer 2017-18 Back: Zino Johnny, Paul Arrigan, Henok Dems, Cian Costello -Hynes, Blake Cummins, Stephen Flaherty, Shane Folliard, Enoch Abiodun, Rykelmy Rodrigues. Front: Tresor Sangi, Avelino Assogba, Dion Darcy, Tyler Molyneux, Luke Flaherty, Daniel Kennedy

Senior Soccer 2019 Back: Jorge Poblaciones, Luke Flaherty, Tyler Molyneux, Blake Cummins, Rykelmy Rodrigues, Shane Folliard, Enoch Abiodun, Tadhg Faherty, Patrick Nnadi, Daniel Kennedy Front: Inigo Casteudnos, Bernard Sarpong, Jack Flaherty, Carl Thornton Byrne, Romeo Pecha, Dylan Traynor Canavan, Tresor Sangi, Des Costello-Hynes, Dylan McDonagh Despite somehow overcoming the teachers in the annual Christmas Charity match following a great comeback against aging legs, the Senior had a rather truncated year, going out to a super St. Gerards Castlebar team at the Connacht Cup Quarter Final stage. Along the way they overcame Coláiste na Coiribe and Gort CS to qualify behind St. Joseph’s in their group.

U-15 Soccer panel 2018-19 Back: Chukwudi Nwaonukwube, Carlos Viedma, Divine Okeke, Josh Osifo, Emmanuel Abiodun, Ify Asogu, John Osifo, Jonathon Ekoh, Liam Murphy, Caleb John, McEdison Sido, Front: Evan Fox, Swabur Mabasa, Hassan Diarrassouba, Karol Zawiatowski, Gradi Lomboto, Francis Mahon, Darcy Mbiajeu This very talented team overcame St.Enda’s and Coláiste na Coiribe to reach the Connacht Quarter Finals where they narrowly lost out to eventual winners St.Gerald’s Castlebar by 2:1, despite squandering numerous chances . They’ll be back stronger and more determined next year .

First Year Soccer 2018-19

First Year Futsal Galway Runners-up

Back: Charlie Sweeney, Finn Hiney, Padraic Faherty, Kieran Burbage, Joseph Sido, Joseph Osifo, Richard Grebstels, Eahab Raid, Brandon Ward, Lee O’Sullivan Front: Mark Sullivan, Andrew Tritten, Luke Flaherty, Sean Okeke, Adam Condon, Alan Cubbard

Back: Padraic Faherty, Joseph Sido, Lee O’Sullivan, Joseph Osifo, Eahab Raid, Charlie Sweeney, Eoin Connolly, Richard Grebstels. Front: Mark Sullivan, Finn Hiney, Sean Okeke, Luke Flaherty, Adam Condon, Alan Cubbard



Prefects 2018-19 Back: Mr. Paul Concannon (co-ordinator), Bogdan Tabalae, James Kebana, Ger Davoren, Paul Conneely (Outgoing Head prefect), Usman Shahid, Tadhg Faherty, Cian Fahy, Mr. Gerry Dempsey (Deputy Principal) Front: Evan Harte Conroy, Matthew Healy, Shane Folliard, Tyler Molyneux, Eimhin Mulkerrins, Jakub Szymonik, Alex Polchowski, Éamonn MacDonnachá The prefects are chosen by staff based upon their overall contribution to St. Mary’s College during their junior years. They represent the College at numerous official engagements over the year and help to maintain order around the College. They truly lead by example. Outgoing Head Prefect Paul Conneely hands over the task to this year’s Head Boy Shane Folliard.



U-16 Basketball Back: Maks Marszalek, Daragh Kyne, Carlos Virginio, Mobi Ikegwuruka, Evan Lynam, Solomon Shomefun, Prodige Mendes, Mike Lynch (Coach) Front: Adrian Mamali, John Atairu, Rafael Sampaio, Sandrius Keras, Zaid Abu Diak, Ryan Thornton Byrne

First Year Basketball Back: Cian Diviney, Richard Grebstels,Sean Okeke, Corey Plower, Nathan Geraghty, Fortune Ikbogwe Front: Dara Horan, Alan Kyne, Emmet Gwilliam, Luke Flaherty, Wazeer Awotunde

Back: Dickson Nana, Etinosa Godswill Daniel, Joseph Osifo, Ezekial Abiodun, Harris Ofili Front: Edvinus Kontrimas, Vladislavs Asimovs, Rueben Coveney, Kyle Corbett

The U-19 squad came up against some tough competition this year but nevertheless gave as good as they got. They had a great victory over Belvedere College in the Irish Cup but despite their highest points score of the year they went out on a 7984 score line to Crescent CS from Limerick. Senior squad members following a Injuries to key player tough session with former Mary’s man Ger Davoren did not Johnny O’Brien at the ‘Train Station’ help. Our U-16 squad had a very busy year both in the league, regional and national cup competitions, where their most notable performance was an excellent win over Portlaoise CBS in the Irish Cup. Meanwhile there was such great interest in first year basketball that an A and B team were entered, and they were also kept very busy with regular challenge, league and cup matches. The year culminated in a narrow defeat to local rivals St. Josephs in the West League A final in NUIG, and then elimination at the hands of Malahide CS in the All-Ireland play-off series

First year basketballers following a scrimmage series with the Jes

Congratulations to Mobi Ikegwuruka (right) who represented the Irish Schools basketball team in their U-16 international V Russia, and to Evan Fox who was a member of the victorious West U-15 team in the National Regional Finals


Science Week 2018 Science Week in November was a very busy time around the College as we participated in a number of events over the week. We once more hosted the Fr. Seรกn Manning Primary Science Quiz, a phenomenon that keeps growing, while everyone enjoyed themselves, and hopefully learned a few new things while overcoming one or two fears, when the 'Bug Doctor', Dr. Michel Dugon from NUIG paid a visit for Science Week. We also learned what to do if bitten by a snake...handy to know! We think the photos speak for themselves! We also participated in ReelLife Science, the ISTA Senior Science Quiz, and attended talks from a Biomedical Engineer and an Astronaut


Science Week 2018


Carol Service Christmas 2018


Carol Singing Christmas 2018 Sometimes I think the good people of Galway just pay us to stop singing and go away. Another greatly successful charity carol singing few hours down on Shop Street. Cold fingers, cold noses, sore throats, but warm hearts, and great intentions


Mary’s on Tour It wasn’t all sitting at desks studying during the year as we got out and about on a few interesting field trips. Here’s a taste of some of them...

CSPE trip to the Courthouse to check the day’s proceedings (above), and a trip to the Corporation offices to check on the Mayor (below)

Our BTY Young Scientist Visitors (above ) and our Code Breakers in NUIG below

Planning the future at Ceannt Station (above left), and preparing for the future at the Enterprise Ireland STEM workshops in the Porterhouse (above right)

Clockwise from left...Inis Meáin visiting the inspiration for JM Synge’s work, TY and Fifth years at the Town Hall Theatre, Third years on Diamond Hill, First years at NUIG Zoology and fifth years on Inis Meáin


LCVP being inspired by the Dough Brothers

SciFest SciFest is the second biggest Science competition outside of the BTYS and this year we had our largest ever entry in the competition with eight second year and three Transition Year projects taking part. It was also a very successful outing as second year student Liam Murphy won the Institute of Physics first prize for his project on establishing the best conditions to obtain electrolysed Hydrogen gas. For many it was their first experience of being judged for their work , getting to exhibit for the public at the GMIT venue and of course getting to meet many like-minded students from other schools around Connacht. It was a valuable experience and hopefully one that will stand to them as they progress with their science futures in St. Mary’s


French FÊlicitations to our group of TY students who won the Art Competition with a comic strip depiction of a scene from World War I, and came second in the Jeu de Piste at Culture & Language Day NUIG. Merci to the Discipline of French for organising a thoroughly enjoyable event. This event marked events around the 100th anniversary of the signing or the Armistice on 11 th November 1918 to bring an end to the war in France . During the year we also celebrated French Cultural Week by inviting the La Petite Crepe, and inviting our students to order their crepes through French...amazing how quickly they were able to learn then! Finally, we were happy to have our French Assistant, Dominique Brancourt with us for most of the year. He helped greatly in the classroom, was popular with the lads, but unfortunately couldn’t engineer a win for the French students over the Germans in the end of year soccer match


Mary’s Business

Young Enterprise Galway Competition by Sam Cooke At the beginning of the year James, Jack, Cian and Sam set up a mini company called Gaaplayersports. Throughout the year buying and selling all sorts of sports gear including their signature gaaplayerbox the boys managed to take in €2,899 euro and make €500 in profit. On the 28 th on March the lads represented the school up in the Salthill Hotel at the Young Enterprise Galway Competition. They pitched their product to 3 different judges, and with the help of Mr. Armstrong and Ms. Byrne who prepared them with their speeches they won a prize of 100 euro for the best pitch of the day. Our Bond Traders team, under the watchful eye of Mr. Sean Armstrong, won a very nice I-Pad for themselves following their victory at the Bank of Ireland Bond Traders challenge

Our LCVP school bank crew did a great job during the year, not least of which was receiving €1000 from Bank of Ireland for having opened loads of accounts. Thank to Caroline Fahy and all in BOI.


Around the school– always something happening

Plenty of interest in Book Week this year!

Our connection with Comhairle na nÓg was maintained as the lads had great fun with the Circus team building We had great success at Handball this year, with Ethan Kyne and Christopher Hanley winning the Connacht First Year doubles title, while second years Diarmuid Davoren and Mark Bradley won the Connacht Doubles Junior Championship Congratulations to the fifth year team (in white) who overcame the challenge of the Sixth Years to take the Walter Burke Cup this year in what was a great match, with a bit of bite! The games room (right) proved a popular lunchtime option for many of the boys Meanwhile our Applied Maths team (below) brush on their calculator work prior to the IMTA finals in Dublin


LC Graduation Class of 2019

As head prefect, it’s an honour to be given the task of commemorating the five years we have spent together in this College. We came into this school as boys and most of us have matured into young men, ready and eager to assimilate into the adult world but still not ready, just yet , to start paying for everything without the help of our parents. Firstly, I’d like to thank all the teachers and principals that we have had over these five years for their professionalism, patience, hard-work and for the role they have played in shaping us into the men that we are today. I have to thank Yvonne, Maura and Fiona, working in the office, for their unwavering kindness and the respect that they have shown to us students. I must thank Frank and Kevin for the cleaning and maintaining of the school and on behalf of all students I apologize for the state of those toilets. Finally, I have to thank my classmates. I understand that after 5 years a lot of us are getting sick of each other... but over these 5 years we have created unbreakable bonds of friendship and unforgettable memories which we will go on to tell to our children, but probably not our parents. Along the way, we have achieved great success in a variety of fields. In first year our basketball team won the All-Ireland. We won the Junior Cert science quiz, came 2nd in an All Ireland chess tournament, acquired numerous Senior and Junior Athletics Shields, won a Stock Trading competition and had a multitude of projects selected to participate in the BT Young scientist, with two winning highly commended rewards. A few of these accolades were won primarily thanks to the contributions of Paul Kelly, Pedro Quaresma and a few other lads who actually left the school after Junior Cert but if Mr Bell counts the little stubble on the back of his head as him not being bald , then I think we can still count those achievements as ours. In my opinion the most important lesson we can learn from the five years we have spent in St Mary’s College is how quickly these 5 years have gone. This isn’t something we can dismiss as some product of school’s mundane routine or a silly cliché that “time flies when you’re having fun” THIS IS LIFE! It goes by quickly and it waits for NO ONE. Not for you to mature, not for you to get yourself up off the couch and pick up the courage to go travel the world , to go after your dream job , to go talk to that girl or boy that you are interested in. Time is the most precious, most valuable thing on earth. Because unlike everything else, you can’t get time back! So don’t waste it. -Shane Folliard 55

Leaving Certificate Graduation


Leaving Certificate Graduation


Road Safety Visit As part of the TY programme we invited the RSA in to the school with their Road Coaster to highlight issues with road safety. The TYs got to try out many hands on experiences including changing a wheel, driving a car and playing football and connect 4 with distorted beer goggles. It was very funny, but with a deadly serious side. We also got to spin around in a car, simulating what happens during a crash...frightening stuff. In the road coaster we got to try out many simulations, all of which certainly opened our eyes to road safety.


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