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St. Mary’s College Galway Yearbook 2015-16

Pictured here are two teams who competed successfully for St. Mary’s College during this year. Both represent two of the major strands that we as a College community endeavour to promote on an ongoing daily basis, those being the two pillars of Academics and Sport. On the right are the Senior Science Quiz team, who finished runners-up in the Galway Mayo region and qualified for the AllIreland final where they finished in tenth place. Below are the Senior 4 x 100m Relay team who won the Connacht title, and now hope to do well at the All-Ireland in June. Neither strand is exclusive, as you’ll notice from the overlap of the photographs, there is a place for both in a student’s life, and through our promotion of extra-curricular activities we encourage that balance. This yearbook is full of examples of how our students participate in all aspects of school life. In years to come it will hopefully serve as a reminder of the craic you had in Mary’s, the friends you met and the memories you all share. It serves as a snapshot of a year in the life the College, the building may be old and proud, but our students are young and vibrant! As usual, I have to say a huge thank you to all those who helped me compile Yearbook 2016, from those who took photographs and wrote articles, to those who tracked down information and named names. Once more I was astounded at how well our students know their peers, and had no shortage of volunteers able to name every student appearing in the class photos and teams. Next year will see Mary’s face into a new era as we say farewell to our Principal, Mr. Ciaran Murphy and Deputy Principal, Mr. Michael Lee, as well as our College President Fr. Barry Hogg. Can I say thank you to all three for the support you have given to the publication of this Yearbook over the years, and wish you all well in your retirement. We wait with bated breath to see who will take over the reins, which being the year for commemorating our new beginnings after the 1916 rising is probably quite apt.



Table of Contents

Principal and President's address First year 2011 Leaving Certificate 2016 Pen Pictures LC 2015 Initial Destination Academics 2015 Awards Day 2015 Year Groups Basketball 1916 Commemorations Erasmus+ Athletics BT Young Scientist Calling All Foodies Charity College Choir Debating Society Comhairle na nÓg Election 2016 Mary’s Feast Day Handball French Tour Science Quizzes Science Week Science Competitions Mary’s Got Talent Prefects Soccer Student Achievements Student Council Charity Calendar Launch Comhairle na nÓg Turas Chonamara Hurling Blitz A note from the Chaplain

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Message from the Principal and the President Welcome to the St. Mary’s Yearbook for 2015-16. Another year over and lots of successes to celebrate, summer tests underway, Junior and Leaving Cert exams starting on June 8th and other classes looking forward to summer holidays.

Website: Phone: 091 522369

Mr. Anthony Carey and his magazine team have once again captured all the main stories and highlights of this School Year and we are, as always, very proud of their efforts. We are also delighted with the outstanding achievements of our students in all areas. A Yearbook, such as this, is an excellent reminder to all of us of how much is done in St. Mary’s in any given year. We would heartily recommend that all students, especially our Leaving Certs, retain these ‘reminders’ of their schooldays. The significance of these memories will increase with each passing year. Goodbye to our Leaving Cert class, we wish you well in your future endeavours. May you experience happiness and fulfilment in whatever it is you choose to do. We will rejoice, as always, in your accomplishments. Remember that there will forever be a warm welcome for you here in St. Mary’s College. Enjoy the synopsis of this past year, 2015/16, read on…. we wish all of our students, staff and their extended families a happy and healthy summer. Ciarán Murphy/Fr. Barry Hogg Principal/President.


First Year 2011

2011….Michael D Higgins was inaugurated President of Ireland...Enda Kenny led Fine Gael into government...Trap led Ireland to the Euros...Mayo won the first of their five in a row Connacht titles, but Dublin won the All-Ireland. ..Kilkenny powered to another Hurling title...The Artist was the film of the year...Meanwhile, this intrepid bunch were starting their journey on their way to becoming ‘Mary’s Men’ . The few photos here show how they were when they started off...some have joined us on their journey, others have departed….the fresh faced, wide-eyed innocence is clear to see...but how have they turned on….


Leaving Certificate 2016 Profiles Roland Ferenczi

Ladmy Sila

Rolando had to be surgically removed from his baseball cap for this photograph. He hopes to go into architecture, specialising in tree-houses, which he designs along with many other wonderfully imaginative drawings in his copy. Can brighten up your mood in an instant.

Back with us for another year big Ladmy has been a rock of sense around the place. The Bete Noir lives up to his name on the basketball court where he occupies the position of two players. Working steadily this time around a place in College is assured for this gentle giant.


Hakeem Hamad

Burkey is the one student in LC who could be mistaken for an Amazonian Sloth. This laid back student left us last year but probably forgot and wandered back through the gates in September. This time hopes to remember to take up an accountancy course elsewhere and stay there.

Re-joined us again this year in his quest to tie down that desired place in College, which he says will be in England. There he’ll pursue his quest to find a cure for receding hairlines, in between sessions in the gym. They say Chaz Heisenberg (III) is the go to man for the instant catchphrase, though we’re ‘not sure about that’

Waleed Ahmad

Daniel Lukau

Waleed has somehow made it through five years of Mary’s and hopes to come back again next year for another go. Eternally smiling, Waleed always has something to say, and nothing usually stops him from saying it. Hopes to do up a CV to apply for a job at Apu’s Kwik-E-Mart.

We’re told that his seven inch fingers have doubled as chopsticks, and get great use when grooming his always perfect five x five box haircut. Nzundu is a very funny dude who smiles his way through most things every day.

Jonathan Lorica

Dovydas Seputis

Quiet man Jonathan is a really nice guy who has he reputation with the ladies, although the crowd usually following him could be his sisters. A stalwart of the basketball court, his sound personality will see him reach success wherever he ends up.

Dovydas has been growing rapidly since first year and we don’t know if he’s ever going to stop. His head hasn’t actually grown though. He is a witty lad who is a lover of homework, and he honestly can’t get enough of it even having been known to ask for extra. A handy Javelin thrower he has represented the College in athletics.

Gavin Hegarty

Dawid Hydzik

Came back to us this year as he secretly loves the place. After a solid LC last year he’ll blow us away this year and become a famous businessman after NUIG. Has spent the year honing his infamous backhand cross-table shot and is the undisputed king of Table Tennis as well as a tough tackling soccer aficionado.

They say Dawid has the squealiest voice in LC, but we’re not so sure, as he’s a quiet guy. Claims to be Polish, but we reckon he’s actually Mexican or Spanish. Takes it nice and handy in the gym, but still packs a punch. Dawid is headed for a place in College to study for a degree in coffee tasting.


Leaving Certificate 2016 Profiles Ogechi Aden

Jonas El-Ehmer

Happy-go-lucky Ogechi prefers to live life to his own terms, and is heedless of any other terms in existence. Bench presses loads, but is probably not sure how much. Will eventually get around to realising he has to sit the LC in June and then head for Hollywood to star in a remake of ‘Clueless’.

This tough tackling midfielder was a star of the senior soccer team, as he allowed his toes do the talking. A solid student who hopes to leave Mary’s and study for a career in Podiatry, when he’s not working on his ever expanding biceps. Jonas is another of our ever reliable prefects whose never found wanting when he’s needed.


Bjorn MacDonnacha


Claudio’s winning smile and amiable personality may well see him appear on stage as an actor. The Dark Knight aka Shadow sees himself as a future Marvel hero, maybe as ‘Thor’, since he wields his T Square just like Thor’s hammer. He has unreal dance moves but he’ll never be a Javelin thrower.

Bjorn the Wall, put his head through a car and didn’t even flinch! Destined for great heights in aviation if his penchant for blowing things up doesn’t get in the way. Bjorn will rock his way casually through life, decked out in that scary Swiss shirt

Thilina Migel Wasam

Michael McNally

Thilina has a reputation for being very friendly and helpful, as well as being the only person who actually likes higher maths paper two. ‘Bob’ is a dedicated student who prefers the books to the gym and is heading for a fine College career before trying out for the Sri Lankan cricket team.

Mike revealed a new found ability at Badminton this year, which was great as it took his mind off studying for at least a Monday lunchtime. Having a second stab at the leaving having deserted his college course after a month, this time around he’s making sure. An ardent gamer, quiet and relaxed Mike is heading to the world of Psychology, or to find a cure for the Walking Dead

Krystian Gabzdyl

Kelvin Samson

Kelvin, not unlike the Incredible Hulk has been bursting out of his uniform, but there’s no anger involved. This talented athlete , the Connacht Multi-event champion, has turned his gloved hand to many different sports as he does his best to sculpt the perfect body. Kelvin is equally adept in the classroom as he is on the dance floor and will break hearts in NUIG.

The only student who has to tie his hair back for Chemistry experiments! Krystian is an astute student who comes to life when looking for mistakes in maths class. This eversmiling-no- jumper -wearing Anime lover is also a dab hand at chess, where his analytical brain comes into its own. Organic Chemistry?...easy!

Amed Ibrahim

Selasie Seshi-Doe

Medicine was Amed’s first choice on the CAO form and his second..and, well we think it took up all the places. So, if he doesn’t get the points this time around expect him back again next year. At least that way he might actually improve enough o beat Hakeem at Table tennis, and spend more time honing his biceps. Destined for a high point yield this time round as he’s working like mad

Apu joined us from Tuam way back and has fitted into Mary’s perfectly. A star member of the College Science quiz team and sprint relay team, this senior prefect is probably most at home belting out Ed Sheeran hits at the Mary’s Got Talent show. This ardent smiley chemist is destined for a Science career after NUIG, possibly trying to invent a new hairline.


Leaving Certificate 2016 Profiles Eltahir Osman

Malcolm Corbett

Eltahir is from somewhere foreign, but sweats just as much as any of us trying to make the ‘gainz’ in the weights room. As a result he is constantly thirsty, and may well employ a water diviner after he graduates, or maybe just buy a camel. Has set high standards for himself and believes that a ‘B’ grade is only as good as a pass.

Malkoo was once touted as the new Gerard, but like his beloved Liverpool that didn’t work out. Surprised a few at the grads, showing that he has more to offer, and has not, contrary to public belief ‘given it all up for a turnip’. Multitalented he’ll find success out there, as a poetic rapper, or a chicken roll wrapper.


Jamie Warde

Piotr is really loving this time of the year as he gets to indulge in two of his favourite pastimes…revising things he’s studied and studying other things that he hasn’t yet revised. Will set up a Polish women’s appreciation group in College, where he’ll specialise in showing off his silky Messi like soccer skills.

Curly Sue has a winning smile and a shot-putters arm. Loves his nights out, although he does find that they get in the way with his study schedule. Jamie will continue to grow after he leaves Mary’s and will not be lacking in something to do, unless he has to do it.

Shane Traynor-Canavan

Filip Cugalj

Usain Shane is a flyer on the track and has anchored a few record-breaking relay teams. Specialising in 400m he is a determined athlete who is extremely laid back when it comes to the books and a bit of studying. Always immaculately dressed, Majestic G will carve out a niche while trying for the Olympics.

Filip is a steady business student who spends all his early mornings in the pool. He is a champion swimmer who has also represented the College in athletics and intends not to ‘put all his eggs in one basket’! Will be supporting Serbia in Euro 2016

Ruari Grealish

Jacob Duggan

‘Mr. Spray from the Trey’ Ruari specialises in three point shooting for the College basketball team. A popular senior prefect, Ruari can turn his hand to many tricks, and no doubt will pull a few of them as he progresses through College. Will be found busking outside the King’s Head soon.

This year Jacob added the role of Senior Basketball manager to his role as a Super Smash Bros gaming expert and senior prefect. An adept student he will get very stubborn with his exams, being convinced that even when he’s wrong he’s right, and assure his place in College. This he’ll greet with a resounding ‘hello world’.

Caolán Kelly-Delaney

Andrius Sirvys

Caolán is another of this year’s successful senior science quiz team who will undoubtedly carve out a niche for himself in College. Apparently he’s banned from Uno in the games room, which luckily leaves him with more time to indulge his passion for kayaking.

If you have an hour or so to spare go and pick a discussion with Andrius. No matter what the topic he will debate it fervently in his Lithuanian American accent, and then come back for more. A fervent ‘Yes’ campaigner Andrius is head of the Student Council, and a great student to boot. Success beckons because he’ll make it


Leaving Certificate 2016 Profiles Conor Houlihan

Elijah Noble O’Connor

Kirby joined us this year from the Bish and settled in quickly. He has immaculate dress sense, and if not working as a TV producer or Series writer will be on the look - out for a role as a fashion model. His never say die attitude and determination will see him gain success.

Intends to fully grow his beard and set the world of Physics alight once he escapes from the confines of Mary’s. Elijah was a star of this year’s Senior Science Quiz team, despite having some serious Polish attractions to keep him distracted. A student of Japanese and exponent of Kendo

Nathan Ward

Aran Grealish

Stumpy hit new heights this year when he was selected to play soccer for Ireland as a dependable centre-back, mirroring the role he has fulfilled for Mary’s over the years. If he doesn’t make it as an Irish player he might get picked up by China, after he finishes in College, where he hopes to study Home Ec.

Aran is a talented basketballer who also has time to help out his classmates. A regular at the Mary’s Got Talent Show, Aran demonstrated his abilities with a number of musical instruments and will be missed in the school choir. This senior prefect is destined for College next year.

Ethan Flanagan

Derek McDermott

Ethan will take life on the chin and put his best foot forward on his way to some third level business qualification. Is rumoured to be heading to Donegal for a role in the new Star Wars movie, where he will definitely ‘pull the birds’, whose ‘birds’ will be another day’s discussion. May well manage a hotel somewhere so watch out Basil Fawlty

Disappears mysteriously at lunch time every day, claiming to be going to his nans. We’re not too sure about that though. A good student who’ll find a home down around NUIG next year. Derek the dinosaur has an astute eye and his witty comments are worth waiting for.

Adam Taylor

Nordine Kago

They seek him here they seek him there. Adam is the school’s scarlet pimpernel, flitting from class to class leaving nothing more than a sense that he has travelled this way. Friendly Adam will carve out a quiet niche for himself somewhere and just get on with it.

Javelin throwing Zidane specialises in hair grooming and huge amounts of summarising, when he’s not drawing some pretty lifelike pictures. Will study like mad for the LC and end up with a place in College, or open a chain of barbers. Failing that he’ll become a professional diva and dramatically experience life.

Dumitru Ipati

Kealan Lennon

Dumitru was reputedly born in a gym in Eastern Europe and is now officially nearly as broad as he is tall. Heading for the flanker position with Connacht this world Judo medallist and all round hard-working nice guy will undoubtedly find success, and a shirt that still fits his neck, since he’s willing to try anything.

Kealan has had an eventful five years in Mary’s. His ability to procrastinate is second to none. Be assured that if it was possible to postpone the LC Kealan would be the one arguing with the Chief Examiner. Always seen with a ball as he believes ‘you’ll never walk alone’ .Someone’ll have to tell him a ball is an inanimate object


Leaving Certificate 2016 Profiles Cian Walsh

Alex Murphy

Our reliable goalkeeper on any number of teams scares potential scorers away with his devil’s curly fry eyebrows. Since the tongue is hanging out of his mouth a lot these days we know he’s studying hard and is heading for College. Cian is a gent who will save the best for last.

Alex was an ambitious member of the All-Ireland winning basketball team, but his ability at soloing always seemed to let him down. Only kidding! An excellent football freestyler Alex put on a great couple of shows at the Mary’s Got Talent show.. Intends to emigrate to Belfast and hang around the Game of Thrones set waiting for at least one of the Starks to show up.

Daniel Gibbons

Eoghan Kelly

Daniel is another of our senior prefects, but one who made his debut at this year’s Mary’s Got Talent show and wowed us with his guitar playing talents. It’s rumoured he bought the guitar in Tesco's. This enthusiastic gamer sees it as his ambition to put glitches on Black Ops. Unbelievably adept in the indoor football net he somehow becomes butter fingers outside

This secret Moycullen farmer and excels in basketball and has represented Ireland in his favourite sport, as well as helping to improve the skills of anyone who asks. Indeed, he’s off to the US on scholarship after the LC, which this smart guy should sail through. Eoghan is the head prefect and is utterly reliable, except when it comes to lifting weights.

Edward McDonagh

Daniel Shomefun

Eddie the Bomber showed everyone up with his spectacular dance moves at the grads. Has a love for boxing and chess and will probably take inspiration from both to focus on a career as a professional choreographer. Either way he’ll be found arguing his case somewhere after graduation

Big Daniel is the king of the weights-room, and luckily is leaving this year before he bursts out of his uniform. He put his power to good use this year, winning at shot-putt at the South Connacht athletics finals. Intends to develop a chain of protein shops post LC, and to store his product in extra strong lockers that can’t be broken.

Conor Scully

Kamil Szymaszek

Friendly and helpful, Scully is stretching like a mad thing and once he takes his head out of the clouds he’ll see his future mapped out clearly for him. Enjoys the odd flutter or two and may well end up as a manager in a new Paddy Powers outlet in Annaghdown, or an Ag science student working on a big farm.

Kamelto is a talented guy who can turn his hand to most sports successfully. As well as putting in biting tackles for the senior soccer team he also excels at cross -country, although he is very prone to injuries and ambulances in both. Adept in the classroom, Kamil should carve out a niche for himself in College post Mary’s. Watch out Rob Heffernan.

Patrick Doyle

Nathan Ward

Pa has a cultured left foot and has been a stalwart left back on Mary’s soccer teams over the years, chipping in with the odd ‘Vardeyesqe’ goal. Dribbles may be quiet, but finds a new lease of life in the Grotto, where he prays practically every day. He will be rewarded for his dedication.

Shmuel unfortunately spent the last few weeks of LC hobbling around the corridors as a result of a gammy knee he picked up while studying, sorry, playing ball. When studying he finds it hard enough to even pick up a pen. The star striker on a number of Mary’s soccer teams, Nathan will succeed on the pitch and off it, but watch out for that acerbic tongue.


Leaving Certificate 2016 Profiles Steven Stoica

Cathal McNamee

Made his debut in the Mary’s Got Talent as a cap wearing rapper and wowed the audience with his moves. Steven is an ardent student who likes nothing better than to settle down in class with a good book and dream about wildlife, especially Coyotes. A future as a slagging hair-stylist beckons for Lica.

You’d need a tough skin around Cathal as his witty oneliners can make or break you. Very observant and astute he needed no help whatsoever when filling in his CAO form. He only hopes now that hey are ready for him up in GTI, although it will be heartbreaking for him to have to leave the gym in Mary’s

Ryan Ferguson

Vincent Cussen

When Ryan actually says something it is rare, but worth listening to. Ryan intends to carve out a niche for himself as a public speaker, when he isn’t shooting hoops. Not to be mistaken with Alex Ferguson Ryan was another ambitious member of the senior basketball squad this year.

Vinny is another regular on the Mary’s soccer teams although he spent more time on the bench listening with his ears than actually playing. In fairness he can hear a lot with them. Will probably look for a job in Geordie Shore but end up as a double for Donkey in Shrek. Failing that he hopes maybe to be spotted by Spike Lee for a role in one of his films

Kyle Waldron

David Boyle

Kyle started off his sporting career in Mary’s as a great sprinting prospect, but soon converted that talent into sitting down playing Xbox. He’s now very fast at FIFA 16 and is hoping to transfer that into being a world champion. Kyle is a quietly spoken senior prefect who goes about his business with the minimum of fuss

David decided that he wasn’t sure about continuing as a footballer so gave it up to do something else, although we’re not sure what yet. Looking to find a job in a ‘Dunno’ factory and become the leading producer of ‘Dunnos’. Failing that he’ll make a stab at wasting hours on FIFA 16 on PS4 before heading down the road to College

Eanna Cusack

Pavel Rudyk Paul is a very polite guy who has been a serious gym shark, changing himself from a twig to a log over the past year with all kindzz of gainzz! The new muscle has seen him make a successful debut as a College shot-putter, and bolstered by cheeseburgers he’ll make this a success too.

Amiable Eanna is a master of the arts, specialising, we are informed in swordsmanship, horsemanship, joke-telling and baking…while also finding time to impress the women. All this information is stored in his ample forehead, and is processed to maximise his potential, possibly as a famous film-maker.

Kelechi Asonye

Jaroslaw Janas

This speedy Gym shark may well find himself a new career as a high hurdler, although he actually stands a better chance at running under them. Now that he has officially retired from COD he hopes to pursue his quest to be Mr. Universe in NUIG, as it has more mirrors, and then to take the business world by storm.

This aspiring businessman reckons you can’t outdo his mind, especially when it comes to poker in the games room. This chief of the College Polish crew is also is a bit of a magician, as he can make Uno cards disappear regularly. Loves Anime and quantum physics, an odd mix you might agree.


Leaving Certificate 2016 Profiles Ovidijus Kvietkauskas

Dylan Delaney

Ovidijius has breezed his way through Mary’s and is now heading for a carefree life out in the big blue yonder. This aspiring NBA allstar has kept his youthful good looks since first year although he hopes to develop ears as he gets older.

This champion kick boxer models himself closely on Lloyd from ‘Dumb and Dumber’, and his favourite past-time in school is taking seconds from the other lads. Dylan has represented the College in Cross-Country at all levels, and will take that tenacity with him into the LC and beyond.

Richard Fregene

Eoghan Frain

It’s rumoured he applied for the incumbent Principal’s post as Papa already believes he’s in charge. Hopes to return home and open a bank account after he finishes in Mary’s and then set up a business that he’ll conduct online. His motto will be ‘quantity not quality’.

Frainers will try to convince you that he’s an expert at every sport, but we know otherwise. This busy senior prefect has spent a couple of years trying to teach the teachers so we suspect that long term he wants to sit in the staff room on a permanent basis. This diehard James’s man will one day provide the platform for a whole new generation of Galway footballers

Umar Loughnane

Arkadiusz Wojciechowski Arka has spent most of his many half days in school growing tall, and now can almost hit his head off the Grotto on the way in. A quiet man who keeps his words for when they’re needed this Polish giant will find success quietly but surely outside the gates of Mary’s. And, to ensure he does he’s even studying a bit now we hear.

We think that even when he’s not at school Ali wears his Mary’s jacket. An intense stare marks Ali as a serious dude who has made a very concerted effort to win the attendance award this year. A man of strong opinions one of his favourite words is definitely ‘dosser’, while he believes Oxygen is the root of all evil!

Landu Ndombasi

Allen Duggan

This funny guy randomly spouts witticisms from his goat jaw. He is a dreamer whose lips clap together like a round of applause when he chews! Imagines one day he’ll make the Irish soccer team, and since he always thinks he’s right probably will. Joshua recently commenced and finished a short career as a high hurdler, without getting a Health and Safety Cert.

Allen kind of mooches around the place without getting spotted much, yet he’s always there. Perhaps one day he’ll fulfil his dream of coming to Mary’s every day after he has left...following in the family footsteps and driving a bus through the gates. Working hard for the LC he’s destined to do a bit more study in third level before that though.

Breffini Bruen

Charlton Conroy

Breffini Henry joined us in fifth year because he wanted to study...yeh mad! He initially started off as a gymshark and silently hoped to develop a ‘Carbon’ body. However, the lure of Muffins and ice-creams in Supermacs soon put paid to that dream. His ease with the books and the hundreds of hours spent revising should see him coast into NUIG.

Friendly Charlton will develop a line of Hairdressing salons and spend his time writing poems to promote them. He’ll certainly attract the ladies in and might even attract the attention of his hero Macklemore with his poetic lines, before living happily ever after miles away from a crosscountry field.


Leaving Certificate 2016 Profiles Andrew O’Connell

Morgan Cubbard

Andrew tried his hand at quite a few subjects during his time in Mary’s and found it hard to decide which ones he preferred. Having a penchant for public and private speaking he may well be found seeking out a position in the Dáil in later years. The corridors of Mary’s will miss this young man

Morgan decided a couple of weeks before LC that he’d be best served by doing all his study at home, so we’re expecting a huge number of points come August. This chatty serial trialist for the College athletics and Crosscountry team has also been known to swing a hurl and a leg (in kick boxing)

And, since their days of fighting fires and casting shadows in Mary’s are now coming to an end we wish the best of luck to these two as well. Happy retirement to our Principal Ciaran Murphy, and Deputy Principal Michael Lee. We predict a future not too far from a Golf Course!

Best of Luck to all our Leaving Certificate Class of 2016, both in their Exams and in their future careers. May the road rise to meet ye.


LC Class of 2015 Initial Destination

A huge variety of interesting choices indicated here for our class of 2015...they will make some impact on the world

Christopher Finn-Arts in NUI Galway*Rory Owens-Mathematics in TCD*Keith Daly-Computer Science in NUIG*Ross Walsh-Biomedical Science in NUIG*Cian Mc Andrew-Agricultural Science in UCD*Donal ConneelyElectrical& Electronic Engineering NUIG*Faddle Badiane-Deferred course in Computer Science (UK)*Michael Mc Nally-Repeating in St Mary’s*Dara Killalea-Arts in NUI Galway*Desmond Conneely- Primary Teaching Colaiste Mhuire Dublin*Cathal De Lamport-Commerce in NUI Galway*Gavin Hegarty-Repeating in St Mary’s*Seán KellyArts in NUI Galway*Gary Cullinane-Commerce in NUI Galway*Amed Ibrahim-Repeating in St Mary’s*Mark O' Connell-Arts in NUI Galway*Piotr Bielski-Science in NUI Galway*Jack Felle-Commerce in NUI Galway*Dylan Madden-Arts in NUI Galway*Ladmy Sila -Repeating in St Mary’s*Matthew McDermott-Public &Social Policy in NUI G*Naqi Ahmed-Science in GMIT*Cathal Burke - Repeating in St Mary’s*Stephen Donohue-Mechanical Engineering in GMIT*Brian Walsh -Retail Management in GMIT*Jack Forde-Plc Sports and Ex. in Galway C. C.*James Bourke-Murphy-Access in NUI Galway*David Brennan-Casserly-Arts in NUI Galway*Ahmed ShikhrakabBiomedical Science in UK*Ciaran Cafferkey-Plc in Sports Studies GTI*Robert Carroll-Business in GMIT*Samuel Samson-Access in NUI Galway*Felix Brown-Heritage studies in GMIT*Martin Kelly-Plc in Health Science & Comp Therapies GTI*Colin O' Reilly-Business in GMIT *Haakim Hamad-Repeating in St Mary’s*Henrique NkolovataScience in GMIT*Padraic Creaven-Working locally*Gerard Mangan-Architectural Technology in GMIT*Adam Hernon-Plc in Sports Studies GTI*Amal Lukose -Repeating in St Mary’s*Pawel Wedlarski-Computer & Software Dev. in GMIT*Marvin Gwembe-Business in GMIT*Pawel Szuszkiewicz -Business Information Systems in GMIT*Sean Patten-Civil Engineering in GMIT*Aaron Corless-PLC in IT in GTI*Chigoziem Asonye-Plc in Information Technology GTI*Oran Diviney-Plc in Motor Technology in Galway C. C.*Paul Maguire-PLC in Social studies GTI*Jake Van Leynseele-Working locally*Jordan O' Reilly-Business Information Systems in GMIT*Joshua Corcoran-Plc in Sports Studies GTI*Keiaronne Virginio-Hotel Management in GMIT*Joshua Forde -Plc in Film &TV in Galway C. C.*Sean O' Reilly-Plc in Security studies GTI*Sean Condon-Heritage Studies in GMIT*Jordan ConnollyPlc in Mechanical engineering in GTI*Ben O' Connor-Plc in Film & TV in Galway C. C.*Matthew Mc Nally-Plc in Security studies GTI*Kevin Guinan-Plc in BIS in Galway C. C*Benjamin Brown-Plc in Music Production in GTI*Daniel Hrycyk-Plc in BIS in Galway C. C*Micheal Bohan-Working locally*Dylan Neary-Plc in Security studies GTI*Jordan Gill-Plc in Security studies GTI*Matthew Cronogue-Plc in Computers Game Dev. in GTI*Sergey SuslovHas moved to Russia*Corey Hosty-Working locally in Galway City*Jake O' Connor- Plc in Agriculture in Westport 14

LC 2015 Initial Destination Statistics

Percentage Students

Initial Destination LC 2015


30 22

10 4 University





The vast majority (93%) of our students from the graduating class of 2015 are still in full time education. Of these, over half are following a degree or diploma course in third level, while another 10% are back repeating in the hope of securing their first choice course in College. Many more are attending PLC courses, many with a view to enhancing their skill-set before entering third level. Indeed the PLC option is becoming increasingly more important as students take the time to assess their options before they hit College or join the workforce.

Student Particpation Numbers post LC 2015 Work/Other, 3

Repeating, 7

University, 21

PLC, 21

IT, 15


Academics 2015 Congratulations to each of the students shown who each received in excess of 450 points in their Leaving Certificate in June

Top: Chris Finn, Michael McNally, Donal Conneely, Keith Daly, Desmond Conneely Bottom: Ross Walsh, Rory Owens, Cian McAndrew, Dara Killalea, Faddle Badiane

St Mary’s College students Christopher Finn ( 610 points) Keith Daly (585 points) and Rory Owens ( 570 points) who got top marks in the Leaving Certificate 2015

St. Mary’s College Principal Mr. Ciaran Murphy along with NUIG Scholarship winners Christopher Finn and Keith Daly. Keith was also a recipient of a prestigious JP McManus AllIreland Scholarship. 16

Academics Junior Certificate 2015

Well done to the students pictured all of whom achieved 8 or more honours grades in the Junior Certificate examination 2015 From top left: Diarmuid Mulkerrins, Bryan Healy, Jeroen O’Flaherty, Mark Gilligan, Josh Pyne Daniel Healy, Michael O’Connor, Daniel Leporda, Jason Sherlock, Rahul Joseph Aaron Cooke, Maik Lummp, Jordan Miller, Matthew Mooney, Shane Hastings Shane Rafftery, Hari Kharel, Lucas Hydzik

Well done to fifth year students Shane Raftery, Aaron Cooke and Mark Gilligan who all received a commendation award from the NUIG Business Department to mark their outstanding achievement in the Junior Certificate Business Examination 2015. The lads are pictured here along with their teacher Mr. Gerry Dempsey and the Head of NUIG Business Department Dr. Kieran Conboy


Awards Day 2015 In front of a packed study Hall the annual awards were presented to those deserving recipients who had excelled both in the academic and extra-curricular fields during the year. Awards were presented by College president Fr. Barry Hogg, and College Principal Ciarán Murphy

Fifth Year Academic Award Winners: Dylan Delaney, Caolán Kelly-Delaney, Piotr Czuba, Eoghan Frain, Thilina Migel Wasam, Bjorn MacDonnacha

College Contribution Award winners with Fr. Hogg: Brian Walsh, Dave Brennan-Casserley, Kieronone Virginio and Naqi Ahmed

Third Year Academic Award Winners: Dylan O’Boyle, Kevin Walsh, Andre Ferreira, Matthew Mooney, Mark Gilligan, Bryan Healy, Niall Hession

First Year Academic Award Winners Hubert Matuszewski, Seán Nevin, Cormac Croke, Jordan O’Connell-Midleton, Pedro Gil Quaresma, Ciarán Corcoran, Shane Folliard


Awards Day 2015

Second Year Academic Award Winners: Michael Moloney, Eryk Bijak, Joseph Downes, Fiachra Mulkerrins, Paul Conneely, Brooklyn Gill

First Year students Joseph Kennedy Mills, Rykelmy Rodrigues, Tyler Molyneux and Blake Cummins all received a merit award for their work during the year.

Best Leaving Certificate Academic Performance: Christopher Finn, Dรณnal Conneely, Keith Daly, Rory Owens

Sportsstars of the Year: Senior: Seรกn Kelly Junior: Diarmuid Mulkerrins


Fifth Year 2015-16

Front Row: Hubert Dabrowski, Shane Rafftery, Michael Kerin, Dillon Kelly, Jordan Powell-Lavin, Cathal Day-Lavelle, Sagheer Ahmed, Jamie Lennon-Coyne, Craig Chikarakate, Dylan Hayes, Gadzi Malaba, Sealtiel Toko, Maik Lumpp Second Row: Arturis Mozuraitis, Rafal Porebski, Remy Corbiere, Leo Gibbons, Vainqueur Kayombo, Dean Frawley, Brendan Flanagan, Matthew Mooney, Gabriel Dossen, Diarmuid Mulkerrins, Josh McNamara, Juan Villeluenga Alonso Third Row: Gary Sullivan, Blake Cunniffe, Shane Hastings, Patryk Waniak, Mark Gilligan, Peter Juhasz, Tommy Molloy, Alan Duggan, Ian Wynne, Kevin Walsh, Andras Fejer, Jason Sherlock, Lucas Hydzik Fourth Row: Jarek Treda, Aaron Cooke, Adrian Maxim, Niall Hession, Remon Abdur, Jordan Miller, Josh Pyne, Jeroen O’Flaherty, Ethan Fahy, Ryan Traynor-O’Toole, Kevin Vahey, Daniel Leporda, Matthew Griffin, Raoof Bazazadegan, Martynas Sakalauskas, Dylan O’Boyle Back Row: Daniel Naughton, Hari Kharel, Patrick Ipacs, Stephen Sullivan, Enzo Rodrigues, Kwadwo Sarpong, Aran Hrehorow Daly, Dion Walshe, Francely Lomboto, Sean Kenny, Michael O’Connor, Darren Dunne-Lynch, Adam Cohen, Faustas Tamulis, Andrejs Kozlovs, Rahul Joseph Absent: Paul Byrne, Kamil Bockowski, Seán Croke, Damien Drzewiecki, Bryan Healy, Daniel Healy, Cian Lynam, Jason Kelly, Bojan Petrovic, Patryk Tracz 20

Third Year 2015-16

Front Row: Michael Moloney, Shaoor Ahmed, Aaron Burke, Dennis Onuoha, Daniel McDonagh, Paul Conneely, Ciaran Delargey, Fiachra Mulkerrins, Lee Shaughnessy, Shane Kyne, Tom Kelly Second Row: Michael Mongan, Conor Delaney, Leon Long, Cailum Fitzgerald, Paul Arrigan, Eimhin Mulkerrins, Ethan O’Brien, David Arzumanyan, Ian Kennedy, Ralfs Liberts, Liam Doran Third Row: Nathan Canavan, Leon Gyoh, Liam Lydon, Paul Croitoru, Sammy Nana, Abraham Shomefun, Avelino Assogba, Yu Yang, Luke Flaherty, Collins Williams Fourth Row: Henok Dems, Cian Costello-Hynes, David Stoica, Jerry Atu, David Warde, Muiz Ajiboye, Dion Darcy, Liam Gwilliam, Nathan Walsh, Adam Donoghue, Emmanuel Egbaddon, Victor Mbarara Fifth Row: Dominik Irlik, James Brennan, William Onyenweson, Kevin Hourigan, Cathal Flynn, Cian McHale, Cormac Kay, Joseph Downes, Stephen Flaherty, Tornike Dolenjasvily, Taofeek Adekole, Ryan Meja Back Row: Chinaecherem, Ikegwuruka, Ceilim Costello, Thomas Caffrey, Jordan Enofe, Alex Leporda, Aslan Mohammed, Alexander Renaut, Joshua Brodricks, Tebogo Madire, James Brown, Brooklyn Gill, Cian Fitzgerald, Eryk Bijak Absent: Eugene Furus, Tomass Levalds, Mark O’Reilly, Dennis Onuoha, Matthew Walsh 21

Second Year 2015-16

Front Row: Liam Keady, Adam Forde, Josh Donnellan, Mohammed Abdelrazig, John Flaherty, Cilian Flanagan, Dylan Spelman, Daniel Kennedy, Jason McDonagh, Tyler Molyneux, Mustafa Awan, Jack O’Regan, Hayden Drury Second Row: Ciarán Corcoran, Alex Cleary, Leo Sesay, Harold Valionis, Emmanuel Awoponle, Diego Brule, Sammy Bomba, Andre Titilincu, Rykelmy Rodrigues, Evan Harte-Conroy, Cormac Croke, Shane Folliard, Morgan O’Callaghan Third Row: Lucky Sila, Maciej Porebski, Zalan Nemeth, Liam Griffin, Brian Martin, Blake Cummins, Hakeem Ryan, Fergal Byrne, Michael Lukyanov, Abhi Sangani, Sean Nevin, Dean Watson, Dylan Sweeney Fourth Row: Tresor Sangi, Matthew Healy, Pedro Gil Quaresma, Jack Gavin, Sheriff Subair, Jordan O’Connell-Midleton, Tyrese Ryan, Jordan Palmer Agbontaen, Enoch Abiodun, Elijah Alliowe, Hubert Matuszewski, Tadhg Faherty, John Ashton, Ola Ogbebor Back row: Paul Kelly, Justin Mulhall, Miguel Prieto, Robert Fleming, Paul Ward, Éamonn MacDonnacha, Wesley Ward, Dylan McDonagh, Nicholas Alvarez, Pablo Garcia Aroca, Jakub Szymonik, Sai Shreyas Gujulla, Luke Caulfield Absent: Aleksander Polchowski, Daniel King, Joseph Kennedy-Mills, Michael Harlowe, Dessie Costello-Hynes, Colin Scanlon


First Year 2015-16

Front Row: Samy Hammar, Bogdan Florin Tabalae, Cathal Forde, Kallum Tobin, Martin O’Brien, Romeo Pecha, Jamie Burke, Oryn Quinlan, Patryk Brzezinski, Oisín Dillon Second Row: Sam Cooke, Rhys Plower, Nathan McNeela, Michael Robinson, Carl Thornton-Byrne, Max Zaczynski, Aaron Dossen, Dylan McDonagh, Ryan Ward, Jack Flaherty, Dylan Caffrey, Russel McPherson, Guillermo Moya Mingot Third Row: Eanna Davoren, Vincent Idemudia, Mircea Tabalae, Jack Molloy, Daragh Kyne, Kevin Walsh, James Bradley, Mark O’Boyle, Patrick Nnadi, Ryan Connolly, Dylan Traynor-Canavan, Taimoor Abid, Patryk Levalds Fourth Row: Damien Kiely, Bernard Sarpong, Sean Chikarakate, Khakan Ahmad, Edmond Mahero, Eneko O’Rourke, Prince Idemudia, Martin Mongan, Nathan Ward, Conor McDonagh, Nabil Latidoye, Jack Morkan, Cian Mulrooney Back Row: Usman Shahid, Alex Pitman, Ihtasham Ahmad, Szymon Kryla, Michael Ward, Colm Downes, Patryk Jastrzebski, Joshua Atairu, Ahmed Aly, Adrian Asogu, Iwo Kania, Ashton Glavin, Anthony Sultanov, Conor Croke Absent Andrew Costello, Cameron Fitzgerald-McLaughlin, Colm Gwilliam, Chimobi Ikegwuruka, Adam Molloy, Bernard Sweeney 23

Basketball Report This year’s St. Mary’s College basketballers, after unprecedented success in the 2014/15 season, found themselves having to up their intensity to compete in the “A” division in 2016. The lads continually improved throughout the season, were certainly not overawed, and gained vital experience at the top level of schools basketball in the country this year. The senior team, fresh off their “B” National Championship win from last year, battled throughout this season and were within two points of qualifying for the Ireland “A” playoffs. Led by team captain Eoghan Kelly, they nearly knocked off The Bish at home, losing on a last second basket to end their first season in ‘A’. We also suffered another heartbreaking last second defeat to Athenry. Eventual regional winners Oranmore were too strong for all teams but St. Mary’s learned a lot for the following year. Other students to shine for Mary’s were Ladmy Sila, Ruairi Grealish, Diarmuid Mulkerrins, and Kelvin Samson.

Basketballers bid farewell to Gerard Davoren

The full U19 squad: Eoghan Kelly, Eoghan Frain, Ladmy Sila, Alex Murphy, Ruairí Grealish, Aran Grealish, Ryan Ferguson,Diarmuid Mulkerrins, Kelvin Samson, Martynas Sakalauskas, Faustas Tamulis. Manager Jacob Duggan

Jacob did a great job videoing all games and putting them on youtube. The Under 16 team, led by team captains Fiachra Mulkerrins and Paul Kelly, also took some huge strides to future success. They battled closely against some seasoned competition in the region and had a great learning experience in the Cup game versus Presentation College Bray. Other top contributors to this team were Eimhin Mulkerrins, Jerry Atu, and William Onyenweson. What’s heartening for the future is the amount of players participating at this age group. Full squads of U16s: Fiachra Mulkerrins, Muiz Ajiboye, Shane Kyne, Eimhin Mulkerins, Paul Kelly, Gerard Davoren, Avelino Assogba, Jerry Atu, Chinaecherem Ikegwuruka, William Onyenneson, Vainqueur Kayombo, Sealtiel Toko, Miguel Prieto, Sagheer Ahmed, Rahul Joseph, Dean Murphy Curran, David Arzumanyan, Josh Brodricks, Paul Croituru, Taofeek Adekola, Alex Leporda, Tebogo Madire. Thanks to Dean Murphy Curran and Mark Gilligan for looking after all the match day gear. The first year team, led by team captain Eanna Davoren, showed that they have some solid potential to add to the future success of St. Mary’s basketball. They had a big win versus Presentation College Athenry and some narrow losses to The Bish, The Jes, and Calasanctius College Oranmore in regional playoffs. Other top first years were James Bradley, Daragh Kyne, Maksymilian Zaczynski, and Rhys Plower. Full 1st yr squad: Eanna Davoren, James Bradley, Daragh Kyne, Maksymilian Zaczynski, Rhys Plower, Josh Atairu, Oisin Dillon, Ashton Glavin, Chimobi Ikegwuruka, Edmund Mahero, Dylan McDonagh,Oryn Quinlan, Kallum Tobin, Kevin Walsh, Sam Cooke.

Much of the first year team also helped spearhead the efforts of the Under 14 team that played in the All-Ireland qualifier in Tralee in early March. The team went 1-1 and narrowly missed qualifying for the All-Ireland semi-finals. Some of the top players on the Under 14 team were Eanna Davoren, James Bradley, Daragh Kyne, Rhys Plower, Miguel Christino Prieto, Enoch Ebiodun, and Sheriff Subair. (Sheriff, Eanna and Rhys have been selected to the Regional squad to train over the summer for the Inter-Regional Tournament in October) 23

Basketball Report The second year team, led by team captain Paul Kelly, had an outstanding season. The team went undefeated in regional matches, including a big eight-point victory against The Bish. The loss of Gerard Davoren, as his family moved to the US, was tough, but they kept pushing forward. They lost a hard-fought battle by three points to The Bish in the regional championship game. St. Mary’s would host one of the second year All-Ireland qualifiers, with a win over Templeogue College and two losses against Mercy Mounthawk Tralee and St. Malachy’s Belfast. Other top second year contributors were Cormac Croke, Rykelmy 2nd Year squad Rodrigues, Back: Tim Rice (Coach), Emmanuel Awoponle, Jack Gavin, Paul Kelly, Enoch Abiodun, Cormac Croke, Rykelmy Rodrigues, Hakeem Ryan, Miguel Christino Sheriff Subair, Mike Lynch (Coach) Prieto, Enoch Front: Ellijah Alliowe, Eanna Davoren, Seán Nevin, Lucky Sila, Adam Forde, Tadhg Faherty, Miguel Criistino Prieto, Justin Mulhall, Rhys Ebiodun, and Plower Missing from Photograph: Gerard Davoren, Hayden Drury, John Flaherty, Robert Fleming Sheriff Subair. The Under 15 team, a mixture of 1st, 2nd and 3rd years, led by team captain Paul Kelly, capped off the season in May with an appearance in the All-Ireland final at the National Basketball Arena in Tallaght, losing to St. Malachy’s by 13. They earned this opportunity after a big All-Ireland semi-final win over Templeogue College by 10 earlier in the day. The team qualified in March in Malahide by virtue of two wins over Gaelcholáiste Mhuire A.G. of Cork and the hosts Malahide Community School. Other top contributors to this team were Gerard Davoren, Cormac Croke, Rykelmy Rodrigues, Miguel Christino Prieto, Enoch Ebiodun, and William Onyenweson. It was a great way to finish this season and shows that St. Mary’s is in the diviU-15 All-Ireland A runners-up sion (A) where it belongs. Back: Rykelmy Rodrigues, Hakeem Ryan, Aslan Mohamed, Muiz Ajiboye, William Onyenweson,

Full U15 squad: Paul Kelly, Emmanuel Egbad- Enoch Abiodun don, Avelino Assogba, David Arzumanyan, Front: Luke Flaherty, Tadhg Faherty, Paul Kelly, Miguel Prieto, Cormac Croke, Avelino Assogba Muiz Ajiboye, William Onyenneson, Dennis Onuoha, Aslan Mohammed, Collins Williams, Luke Flaherty, Samy Nana, Hakeem Ryan, Rykelmy Rodrigues, Gerard Davoren, Cormac Croke, Emmanuel Awoponle, Robert Fleming, Adam Forde, Jack Gavin, Sean Nevin, Tadhg Faherty, Enoch Abiodun, Sheriff Subair. A great debt of gratitude is due to past pupil Mike Lynch and US visitor Dr Tim Rice from Texas, a longtime friend of the Principal Mr Murphy, who shouldered the burden of the coaching duties during the year and of course to Mr Quinn and Mr Murphy. Good luck to all the Leaving Certs in June. 25

Junior Basketball action


Senior Basketball action


1916 Commemorations Four of our students, Gerard Davoren, Michael Lukyanov, Shane Folliard and Pedro Quaresma, along with their teacher Ms. Niamh Byrne made the trip to Croke Park where they were presented with the Irish Flag by president Michael D Higgins. We then had a ceremony in the Study Hall, at which Andrius Sirvyus, Pedro Quaresma, and Patrick Davoran all gave very eloquent presentations to the student body about the events of Easter week and its repercussions. Senior Prefect Eoghan Kelly next read out the Proclamation after which we watched as the newly acquired Irish tricolour was raised over the roof of the College


Erasmus+ 2016

‘Bien dans son corps, bien dans sa tête, bien dans son avenir’ Léargas is a not-for-profit organisation, wholly owned by the Department of Education and Skills, and its Board is appointed by the Minister. It was established to support international exchange and collaboration in the youth sector, mainly through the medium of European Commission-funded education and training programmes. One of these programmes is the Erasmus+ which is the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport for the years 2014 to 2020. It provides funding and support for organisations to operate projects consistent with its objectives and which encourage European exchange, co-operation and learning. Erasmus+ is funded by the European Union through the contributions of member states, including Ireland. Erasmus+ aims to modernise and improve the quality of teaching, training and youth work across Europe, and to support the development, transfer and implementation of innovative practices. These objectives are closely tied with the Europe 2020 strategy of achieving a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy by 2020 for all of Europe’s citizens. Fundamental goals for Erasmus+ include improving key competences and skills, and fostering partnerships between education and employment. The programme also seeks to promote European values as stated in Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union: respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights.

St. Mary’s Erasmus+ student participants Back: Alexander Polchowski, Olaoluwa Ogbebor, Sai Shreyas Gujulla , Colm Downes, Michael Lukyanov, Cian Fahy, Kallum Tobin, Hayden Drury, Hakeem Ryan, Nathan McNeela, Cathal Forde, Hubert Matuszewski, Mircea Tabalae , Jakub Szymonik, Éamonn MacDonnacha. Front: Dylan Caffrey, Michael Robinson, Andrei Titilincu, Oisín Dillon

This year 19 students and 5 teachers from St. Mary’s College were accepted on an Erasmus+ programme and over the year worked in close cooperation with four other schools from across Europe to complete their project. The other schools involved are situated in Germany, France, Spain and Romania and each will be working on different aspects of the project entitled ‘Bien dans son corps, bien dans sa tête, bien dans son avenir’ or, in English, ‘Healthy in your body, healthy in your head, healthy in your future’. The project’s immediate aims are directed at fostering a sense of cooperation and fellowship amongst the students involved, and obviously in promoting a view for healthy living. The project involves visits by the St. Mary’s students to each of the participating countries to explore aspects of their educational practices, and to establish a link with their fellow students from each of the cooperating countries. Planning for the project is on-going, with the first major aspect occurring in January 2016 when 20 representatives from each school visited Galway for a six day learning experience. They were hosted by the College and participated in a series of events around Galway city and county. 29

Erasmus+ 2016 Sunday 17th January Groups started arriving into the College around seven, as one by one each contingent became acquainted with their rooms and dorms. First impressions of Mary’s as seen lit up by those walking up the driveway were that it was like Hogwarts…a big impressive castle! By midnight everyone was fed and well settled, except our Romanian visitors who were, luckily, still en route. Luckily? Well, they had left their school early on Sunday morning, leaving plenty of time to reach their flight in Bucharest. However, the weather had other ideas, and after two attempts to get through snow covered passages in the Carpathian Mountains they deserted that idea for a train. However, even that was stopped by snow for a while, and the combination of all these factors left them having to dash headlong through the capital in a fleet of taxis. Arriving at the airport after the gates had closed they had to try all sorts of persuasive ploys to get them to hold the plane and let them on, much to the chagrin of the other passengers who then had to wait an extra hour before departure!! Eventually arriving in Dublin they then found they had missed their bus and had to wait another hour…but all journeys have a silver lining and it all ended well when the Citylink bus driver went beyond the call of duty to leave them right to the gates of the College at 4am. There Mr.Lennon saw them securely to their destination after their long and arduous journey.

Monday 18th: After breakfast at eight all five groups, totalling …, and a few translators from our student body, met for the opening speech from Mr. Ciaran Murphy. He welcomed everyone, and then Maik Lumpp, Andre Titilencu, Remy Corbiere, Diego Brulhe, and Pablo Garcia welcomed each of the groups in their own language. Afterwards, each group was given an extensive tour of the College, pointing out all the various facilities. Safe to say they were a bit gobsmacked at what we have to offer our students. After the break everyone headed to the small gym, where they participated in ‘getting to know you’ games designed to break the ice, and get all the students communicating in whatever language worked best! After a sumptuous dinner provided by Radek and his kitchen staff everyone again gathered, were divided into three groups, Shannon, Liffey and Corrib, and were introduced to the joys of Gaelic Games. Mr. Dempsey set up a hurling match amongst his first years to demonstrate the beautiful game, allowing our visitors to experience the feel of the ash. Mr. Lennon and his volunteers showed the basics of Gaelic Football and Handball, while Mr. Carey showed a video which incorporated the best of men’s and women’s football and hurling, and handball. That evening we gathered in the conference room to watch the first two short videos produced by each group. First up was Jakub and Alex with their short depicting a day in the life of a Mary’s student. This was followed by the French presentation. Both videos were greeted warmly. Next up was a session of board games, which saw a lot more mixing by each of the groups, and some really interesting games! Tired, and enthusiastically, everyone went off to bed to prepare for the activities to follow next day.


Erasmus+ 2016 Tuesday 19th After breakfast on Tuesday the group was split into three groups for activities during the course of the day. The first of the groups started work on the great Erasmus+ wall mural, one that was to be displayed in the school as a memorial to our successful exchange. Up in the art room the French art teacher coordinated the activity as all the students got to grips with the acrylic paints needed. Meanwhile, another of the groups departed to the dance room and learned a Romanian folk dance, amidst plenty fun and laughter. The third group drew the short straw and headed off for some Irish classroom experience. However, after the small break the positions were reversed as the groups swapped around and each got to try the earlier activities. In the afternoon the entire group hit Galway city for a spell of ‘Geocaching’, or in simple terms they had a huge treasure hunt around the city. This was a first opportunity for many of the visiting students to get to see around the city, and many photographs and group selfies were taken to commemorate the fact! The evening saw the final three six minute videos from Romania, Germany and Spain after which there was a lot more bonding over board games. Wednesday 20th Breakfast bright and early and then everyone piled on to our buses to head off to Connemara. Unfortunately, the weather had conspired to close off the top loop of Diamond Hill so alternative arrangements were quickly made. It was decided to go instead to go and take the Mameen trek, and this proved very popular. The rain held off and the entire group, plus a few stragglers under the guise of ‘interpreters’, made their way merrily over 14 km of Connemara terrain. After numerous encounters with rocks, moss, heather and French sheep a tired and well exercised bunch arrived back to the College, and once well fed and watered by Radek and his crew in the kitchen, they settled down to watch some films in each of the College ‘Cinemas’ (or IT rooms) . Thursday 21st With very few complaints of sore and tired limbs the group prepared for another action packed day in the College. Once again the three groups split up and headed off to do their various activities. Once more it was painting the mural, and classes, and also this time some of the groups served their time creating a song about the week. The afternoon was equally busy as the group were entertained by musicians from Maoin Cheol na Gaillimhe who wowed them with their excellent guitar playing. After this the song group presented the fruits of their labour to much appreciation, and then everyone combined their creative talents to design a logo that best described the mobility. The small gym was the scene of a giant ceili in the evening. Dancers from the Hession School of Irish Dancing put on an impressive display for all present and then stepped into the crowd to help organise them and lead them in a huge Siege of Ennis. Much appreciation for the hard work and skill of the Irish dancers was noted as students and teachers alike proceeded to fall over their feet on numerous occasions before hammering out a decent few steps. Friday 22nd The last day! A drama workshop organised by former Mary’s student Conor Geoghegan saw each of the groups being put into diverse scenarios and having to mime and act their way out of them. This very active workshop was well appreciated by all but was cut short as we all departed for the church for a special audience with the Mayor of Galway City, Mr. Frank Fahy. It was also an opportunity to thank everyone for their participation over the week and to look forward to the next stage of the exchange. Mary’s students thanked everyone fluently in their own language, and this was reciprocated by representatives of each of the visiting groups, whose students displayed their excellent English language skills. Mary’s coordinator Maura Geoghegan thanked everyone and presented the Mayor and each of the visiting groups with a commemorative book detailing the history of the College. The mayor then said a few words, pointing out the value of such exchanges as Galway attempts to become the European City of Culture 2020. He then posed for a few group photographs before heading to see the finished Erasmus+ mural which now hung proudly on the College wall. After lunch, with all bags packed and ready to go for the French and Romanian groups, the students participated in a huge table quiz featuring questions from each of the five countries. It was surprisingly competitive as each group tried their best to work out such questions as for instance what is the literal translation of ‘uisce beatha’! The winners received their prizes and then that was that. The entire group gathered in the front hall for a last bout of selfies, high fives, exchange of addresses and more than a few tears. The French were first to hit the high road home, with calls of ‘a bientot’ ringing in their ears…roll on the end of February.


Erasmus+ 2016...The Irish Leg The full details of the visit to Mary’s by all the participating schools has been outlined in the previous are some of the photographs to illustrate the craic we had with our European visitors.


Erasmus+ 2016 Visiting France and Germany In February ten of our students along with Ms. Maura Geoghegan and Ms. Grรกinne Kelly visited tour partner schools in France and Germany for a week. The picture collage below shows some of the antics we got up to, and the places we visited


Gaelic Football

Juvenile Football 2016 Back Row: Paul Kelly, Shane Folliard, Emmanuel Egbaddon, Rykelmy Rodrigues, Blake Cummins, Gerard Davoren, Tadhg Faherty, Sheriff Subair, Cormac Croke Front Row: Lucky Sila, Tyler Molyneux, Des Costello-Hynes, Stephen Flaherty, Daniel Kennedy, Dylan Spelman, Justin Mulhall, Jason McDonagh, Evan Harte-Conroy, Brían Martin Our Juvenile footballers, under the guidance of Mr. Mike Murphy and Mr. Ronan Faherty had a good year of football and showed some definite promise for the future. They reached the Connacht semi-final where they were beaten by the eventual Connacht champions St. Attracta’s Tubbercurry. Along the way they had beaten St. Louis Kiltimagh, The Bish, and Claregalway. Hopes are high that next year they may make the breakthrough.

First Year Football 2016 Back: Chimobi Ikegwuruka, Max Zaczynski, Patrick Nnadi, Kevin Walsh, Cian Mulrooney, Romeo Pecha, Cian Fahy, Darragh Kyne, Colm Downes, Aaron Dossen Front: Dylan Traynor-Canavan, James Bradley, Kallum Tobin, Oisín Dillon, Jack Molloy, Eanna Davoren

First Year footballers had a very interesting year, and were easily the most dedicated group when it came to training over the year. Under the watchful eye of Mr. Lennon, who employed the help of Mr. Liam Sammon to assist with the coaching, they have steadily improved and must surely be in with a chance of progressing further in their respective competitions next year. Although many do not actually belong to a club they have been enthusiastically learning their craft and the improvement has been very noticeable. Over the year they participated in a number of blitzes, and played regular matches against Oranmore and the Bish, where they competed very well against those bigger schools. In the championship quarter final they lost narrowly to a Bish team that went on to win the Connacht title. We’ll continue to watch this space...

Back: Usman Shahid Dylan McDonagh, Dylan Caffrey, Carl Thornton, Ahmed Aly, Nathan Ward, Patryk Brzezinski, Vincent Idemudia, Russel McPherson, Prince Idemudia. Front: Mircea Tabalae, Michael Robinson, Nathan McNeela, Bogdan Florin Tabalae, Damien Kiely, Sam Cooke, Szymon Kryla, Martin Mongan, Adrian Asogu


Multi-Events Athletics The athletics year kicked off in fine style at the fantastic Athlone IT indoor arena in October. We sent down a small but very talented team of athletes, all of whom performed brilliantly on the day. 64 athletes were entered in the minor boys event, and after some great individual efforts Enoch Abiodun emerged in 6th place overall. Close behind him were Multi-Events Team 2015 two first years making their debuts in the red and black of the Back: Kamil Szymaszek, Kelvin Samson, Gabriel College, and both of whom had brothers competing in the older age groups. Dylan Tray- Dossen, Shane Traynor-Canavan, Francely Lomboto nor-Canavan and Aaron Front: Enoch Abiodun, Dylan Traynor-Canavan, Aaron Dossen both enjoyed their Dossen, Dennis Onuoha, Ryan Traynor-O’Toole first taste of action, running two of the fastest 800m times of the day, and both will be back at the same age group next year. At Junior level Francely Lomboto found himself just out of the medals when he finished in fourth place out of the 32 athletes entered. Indeed, only 40 points separated the first four athletes in this event. Dennis Onuoha unfortunately failed to record a Long Jump and consequently was unable to feature in the end, although he did finish in the top half of the field. At Intermediate level there were 19 competitors and we had our best performers as Kelvin Samson took his brother’s title to emerge as Connacht Champion, narrowly edging his team mate Shane Traynor-Canavan into second place. The scores were a very close 2765 to 2725. Ryan Traynor -O’Toole would almost certainly have completed a clean sweep for Mary’s had he not had three fouls with the Shot Putt, and thus failed to score. He eventually finished 6th, with Gabriel Dossen a place further back. At Senior level Kamil Szymaszek was very unlucky not to win as he finished a close second, ahead of another Mary’s man Dylan Neary in third place. All-Ireland Finals Shane, Kelvin, Francely, and Dylan later went on to represent Connacht and Mary’s at the All-Ireland’s, also in Athlone in November. Although there were no medals this time each athlete improved greatly on their Connacht performances and did the College proud. Shane reversed the Connacht positions when he finished in 8th place from the 16 athletes entered, scoring 2865 points, 45 ahead of Kelvin who finished 10th. Francely also improved his Connacht score significantly, and finished as the second Connacht athlete in 9th place. Dylan, although running and jumping well finished in a very creditable fifth place in the Senior event. 35

Kelvin, Shane and Francely at the All-Ireland Combined Events in Athlone IT

Cross-Country 2016

Connacht Senior Cross Country Champions 2016

South Connacht Intermediate Cross Country Champions 2016

Back: Landu Ndombasi, Enzo Rodrigues, Eoghan Kelly, Kelvin Samson. Front: Shane Traynor Canavan, Dylan Delaney, Tommy Molloy, Diarmuid Mulkerrins

Back: Kevin Hourigan, Gabriel Dossen, Gadzi Malaba, Hakeem Ryan. Front: Ryan Traynor O’Toole, Dennis Onuoha, Diego Brule

Minor Cross-Country 2016 (left) Back: Eanna Davoren, Szymon Kryla, Mark O’Boyle, Dylan McDonagh Front: Kallum Tobin, Dylan Traynor-Canavan, Vincent Idemudia, Cathal Forde, Patrick Nnadi Junior Cross Country 2016 (right) Back: Enoch Abiodun, Tresor Sangi, Robert Fleming, Blake Cummins. Front: Des Costello-Hynes, Kevin Walsh, Jordan O’Connell, Jason McDonagh


Track and Field Athletics All-Ireland Finals Tullamore June 2015 St. Mary’s had a very successful trip to the National Track and Field finals in Tullamore at the start of June. Having recorded some excellent performances throughout the day we emerged with two sets of medals. Samuel Samson once again showed why he has been one of the most talented athletes to wear the Mary’s colours as he won his seventh national medal, when his fast finishing brought him the bronze medal in the senior 400m Hurdles We had some great performances from Shane Traynor-Canavan in the Intermediate 400m Hurdles, and the 400m, just missing out on the medal positions, from Blake Cummins finishing 6th in the minor 800m, from Antonio Lingurar who finished 7th in the Junior long jump, and from Andre Ferreira and Dylan Neary, who finished fifth and sixth in the senior 110m Hurdles. However, it was in the penultimate event that the icing was truly put on the cake when the Intermediate relay team of Ryan Traynor O’Toole, Selassie Seshi-Doe, Kelvin Samson and Shane TraynorCanavan finished in third place to capture the first ever relay medals for the College. It was a brilliant performance from four lads who put in a lot of very hard work and training and who got their just rewards. Connacht Finals Athlone May The Connacht finals once more proved to be happy hunting grounds for The College, as we succeeded in winning the Best School shield in the Junior, Intermediate and Senior category. The senior Shield was especially valuable as this was the tenth year in a row that we had won this category, a fine testament to all the fine athletes who have donned the red and black, and all the hard work taken in getting them to this level. On the day we won 6 gold medals, 10 silver and 12 bronze, a fantastic achievement. Gold medal winners, and Connacht champions, were Shane Traynor-Canavan (400m and 400m Hurdles), Kelvin Samson (400m hurdles), Yu Xuan Yang (Junior Hammer), Rylekmy Rodrigues (Junior Long Jump) and a brilliant performance by the senior 4 x 100m relay team of Kamil Szymaszek, Selassie Seshi-Doe, Kelechi Asonye and Shane Traynor Canavan. Next up is the All-Ireland schools finals in Tullamore in June. Pictured below are the Mary’s teams who won the Senior, Intermediate and Junior Track and Field best school shields, the best overall school cup, and the Senior Cross Country shield.


BTYS Report 2016 On the 6th to the 9th of January I was participating in the BT Young Scientist Exhibition at the RDS in Dublin. This is an opportunity for teenagers in secondary school to be able to do their own experiment or survey in subjects they are interested in. My project was ''An investigation into the best type of light suitable for the activity of Hermit Land Crabs during daylight hours''. With this project I was awarded a Highly Commended Award. The BT Young Scientist was held at the RDS in Dublin. There were 2,148 projects entered, including two from St. Mary’s. These were my own, and one by fifth year students Jeroen O’Flaherty, Shane Hastings and Mark Gilligan, entitled ‘Language: the Next Generation’ concerning how language is evolving from idiomatic speech to emojis. There were lots of other different interesting kinds of projects from fields as diverse as music, agriculture, sport, technology, maths and many more. And it wasn’t just projects there. There were stalls from companies, schools and organizations, where it was possible to go and talk to them about their work or College. There was also different types of shows and demonstrations going on, including ones by Titan the Robot and a show by the ‘Million Dollar Mentalist’ David Meade. Many politicians and other famous people such as President Micheal D Higgins and Brian O'Driscoll paid a visit and caused a stir around the arena. I also had to explain my project to many different people I thought it was a great experience. I was able to meet many new people and make friends. I was also able to see very interesting projects and get them explained to me. I was also able to see many different shows. Altogether, I thought it was an excellent experience and would definately consider doing it again. I was only able to achieve this with the help of Mr.Carey. If anyone wants to enter the BTYS they should start thinking of their project quite quickly as you have to enter by the end of September each year.

Mark, Shane and Jeroen along with Senator Gerard Craughwell

-by Éamonn Joeín Mac Donnachá (seen here with a few admirers!)


BT Young Scientist Visit 2016 In January a big bus load of students made the trip to Dublin to visit the BT Young Scientist exhibition and see how our two groups participating were getting on. With so much to see and do it was a memorable experience which will hopefully inspire a few more to participate next year. Here are a few photos from the day, and from over the week.


Calling All Foodies! St. Mary’s College, under the expert stewardship of Mary McKearney, held a fundraising event for a new school minibus on Tuesday 10th November 2015. This event, “Calling All Foodies”, was held in the Galway Bay Hotel, and showcased approximately 40 artisan food producers as well as hosting cookery demonstrations by four of Galway’s best known chefs. These were  J.P. McMahon – Chef/Restauranteur/Author and Irish Times food writer  Jess Murphy – Kai Restaurant, Best restaurant in Connaught and Best Chef 2015  Robbie Webster – Head Chef of Galway Bay Hotel  Heather Flaherty – An Builín Blásta, Spiddal Craft Village With MC Ollie Turner of Galway Bay FM, and live music provided by Maoin Cheoil na Gaillimhe adding to the occasion, the event was very well attended on the night and a huge success overall.


Charity 2015-16 As in previous years it was all hands on deck as we faced into our 14th annual charity drive in the weeks leading up to the Christmas break. This year’s recipients were the Galway Hospice Foundation and the Irish Kidney Association Renal Support Centre in Beaumont Hospital. As usual the Staff and Students of the College organised raffles, an auction, a charity carol singing session and had students collecting using contribution cards. To date, since the inception of the charity in 2002 we have raised €219 000 and this year we were proud to help both the Galway Hospice Foundation and the IKA Renal Support Unit. The Galway Hospice provides a comprehensive range of Palliative Care services to patients with active and progressive diseases which cannot be cured. Galway Hospice Foundation is a voluntary organisation. It was established in 1986 when a group of local doctors and nurses came together with a view to developing hospice services for the people of Galway city and county, as no such services existed there at the time.

The Irish Kidney Association Renal Support Centre has been in operation since 2000. The Centre, located in the grounds of Beaumont Hospital, just 100 metres walk from the main hospital entrance, is open all year round and provides free accommodation for all its residents, who include families of kidney patients from outside Dublin. It is available to all families no matter what Dublin hospital their family member is attending. Kidney patients who have to travel long distances to see their consultant as an outpatient may stay overnight. The Centre arranges a counselling service, as required, by outpatients and their families. Preference for accommodation is given to families of patients receiving transplants from deceased and living donors and families of the seriously ill. This year the hard work and diligence of everyone in the Mary’s Community managed to raise €7600 during the drive, and our students were once again impressed and amazed by the levels of generosity shown by the people of Galway. The cheques were presented to each charity in January. Pictured accepting a cheque for €3300 raised for the Irish Kidney Association during the St. Mary’s College Charity Drive are Angeline Cooke, Seán Armstrong (Teacher), Seán Croke, Josh Pyne, Matthew Mooney, Diarmuid Mulkerrins, Daniel Healy, Chris Curley, Mr. Darragh Kerrigan, Mr. Ciarán Murphy .

Orla Feeney accepts a cheque for €3300 on behalf of the Galway Hospice. Also pictured are Seán Armstrong , Seán Croke, Josh Pyne, Matthew Mooney, Diarmuid Mulkerrins, Daniel Healy, Darragh Kerrigan, and Ciarán Murphy


Christmas Charity Day and Events

Images from the obstacle course, the 5-a-side, Carol singing, auction, computer games, and the Teachers V Students match , won in flying fashion by the aging teachers!! 42

College Choir This school year once again saw the College Choir grace our special events with their talents. Throughout the year they have performed at the Manuela Riedo Concert in St. Nicholas Church, in our College Masses, on the College Feast Day, with the NUIG Orchestra at their Christmas Concert, and in a special Study Hall concert to mark farewell to one of its stalwart members, Paddy Davoren, who returned to the US. The Choir, excellently marshalled by Mr Richard Bell, Mr Colin MCaul and Mr Darragh Kerrigan never fail to uplift us with their performances.


Debating Society The St. Mary’s College Debating society, under the watchful eye of Ms. Niamh Byrne, continued throughout the year and students participated in many competitions including the ‘Europe Direct Soap Box’, ‘The West of Ireland Schools Debating Competition’ and the ‘Matheson Junior Debating Competition’. St. Mary’s students faced some serious competitors throughout the year but they always brought their St. Mary’s flare. The college was represented in the ‘West of Ireland Schools Debating Competition’ by Mark Gilligan who had success in four preliminary rounds of the competition before earning his place in the final. Second year students Hubert Matuszewski and Pedro Gil Quaresma (pictured right) represented St. Mary’s College in the All-Ireland final of the ‘Matheson Junior Debating Competition’ as they were chosen to represent the Connacht region in the final. A new venture this year for the debating society was participation in ‘The Concern Campaign Academy’. This year three of our senior school debaters, Jordan Millar, Jeroen O’Flaherty, and Mark Gilligan (pictured back right in this group) took part in the academy which was facilitated by the charity ‘Concern’ and involved travelling to Limerick or Dublin once a month for workshops where they were taught many different aspects of campaigning and public speaking. During these workshops the students learned a lot about the world of media and how it can be used to push and develop a good campaign. They were asked to write articles for an Irish Times editor who reviewed and edited their work. St. Mary’s also hosted one of the workshops where they invited all members of the campaign academy from the west of Ireland to come to St. Mary’s where they learned all about the world of film-making and its effectiveness in a campaign. The highlight of these workshops was an overnight trip to ‘Carlingford Adventure Centre’ where St. Mary’s students were part of a group of thirty 5th year students from all over Ireland who travelled to County Louth to enjoy all sorts of activities such as Archery, Zorbing, as well as team building challenges. Jeroen and Jordan were paired for a zorbing challenge where the pair beat every other team! The trip also included many workshops focused on the topic of leadership and the attributes of a leader and public speaking. The students learned a great deal from the trip and came back with confidence and public speaking skills which undoubtedly will give them a competitive advantage in their debates next year! The culmination of the academy was a final trip to Concern Headquarters in Dublin to present their campaign ideas. In preparation for the final workshop St. Mary’s students filmed, edited, and produced a short film on the deadly effects of potholes and how they contain the power to ruin people’s lives. The students received a standing ovation in Dublin as they concluded their presentation and it was no surprise when their campaign was acknowledged as the winning campaign from the workshop. The boys were fortunate to graduate from the academy on a winning note. The students took a lot from the workshops and the senior trio intend to follow up by attending and participating in the very competitive Concern debating competitions next year with a view to competing against some of the people they met during the academy.


Comhairle na nÓg Comhairle na nÓg are child and youth councils in the 31 local authorities of the country, which give children and young people the opportunity to be involved in the development of local services and policies. In light of the fact that Comhairle na nÓg is for young people under the age of 18 and who therefore have no other voting mechanism to have their voice heard, Comhairle na nÓg is designed to enable young people to have a voice on the services, policies and issues that affect them in their local area. Mary’s students representing Galway City Comhairle na nÓg at

Mary’s students are very active in the Galway City Comhairle, and have attended many seminars, infor- the national Dáil na nÓg conference at Croke Park in October include, from left, HuberMatsuzewski, Morgan O’Callaghan, mation sessions and training days over the year. Patrick Davoren, Dylan O’Boyle and Mikey Kerin Amongst the many they attended, some of which feature in the photographs below, were a visit to the Irish Centre for Human Rights in NUIG to speak about the work of Comhairle and Youth Participation in it, attendance at the Cyber Crime Consultation Seminar in Dublin, visits to various schools around the city to explain their work, participation in the launch of the Galway City Community Network, participation in the ‘Make Your Own Way’ competition, helping launch the ‘Let’s Go Mental 2015’ campaign to support youth mental health issues, training on issues pertaining to the refugee crisis and attendance at the National Dáil na nÓg conference at Croke Park in Dublin. In all cases Mary’s students were the amongst those who were the driving force behind this wonderful initiative for youth in the city.


Mary’s in Power! Just as was the case five years previously many alumni of St. Mary’s put their necks on the line and stood for election in February’s general election. The former Mary’s students who found themselves staring out across Galway from myriad telephone poles met with limited success, Moycullen’s Seán Kyne and Carnmore’s Noel Grealish retaining their seats, while Labour’s Derek Nolan felt the general backlash against his party and failed to hold on to his seat. Other Mary’s men who gave a good account of themselves were Niall Ó Tuathaill and James Charity, while Éamon Ó Cuiv, whose two sons Brían and Padraic both attended the College, was another winner, easily holding on to his seat. With such a great and active debating society in the College, and with our considerable association with the Galway City Comhairle na nÓg, it may be that some of these politicians are just keeping the Leinster House seats warm for when some of our current students graduate from Dáil na nÓg to follow their path.


Feast Day 2015 Once again the annual College Feast Day was an excellent success, thanks in no small part to the efforts of Radek and his kitchen staff. Feeding a full two course Christmas dinner to over 400 hungry students is not an easy task but the supremely professional kitchen crew, and the excellent staff waiters and waitresses, made it look effortless.


Handball All-Ireland Championships

St. Mary’s 5th year student Diarmuid Mulkerrins took 1stplace in the All-Ireland Handball Championship, held in Kingscourt, County Cavan on Saturday, February 13th. Mulkerrins won the championship in a hard-fought game with scores of 7-15, 15-7, and 15-14 against Kilkenny’s Eoin Brennan. Competing in the under-17 40×20 category, Mulkerrins advanced to the finals after beating St. Paul’s Cavan’s Caolan Smyth 15-9, 8-15, and 15-0. This year’s championship marks the second time Mulkerrins has made it to the All-Ireland Championship, and his first time as champion. At one point, Mulkerrins was losing 10-14 in the tie-breaker. “My odds weren’t looking good, but I took it one point at a time and thankfully I came out on the right side,” Mulkerrins said. He went on to say, “I want to especially thank my coach, Mr. Gerry Dempsey, who has travelled all over the country with me during the last few years.” Connacht Championships.

Congratulations to Diarmuid Mulkerrins on winning the Connacht Championships held in the College. Also to Shane Kyne and Fiachra Mulkerrins who, along with Diarmuid have qualified to take part in the All-Ireland finals which were held this year in Dungarvan Co. Waterford. On Saturday the 21st November Diarmuid played the All Ireland Schools Handball 60×30 intermediate singles(u17) in Dungarvan Waterford. He played Tyrone man Turlough Clarke in the semi final and won convincingly 15-0, 15-1 to book himself a place in the final. Shane Dunne of Kilkenny came through from the other side of the draw after beating Jerome Cahill (Tipperary) who won the u16 All Ireland only a month before. After a titanic battle Dunne went on to beat Diarmuid 15-11, 13-15 and 15-8 in the final and the Mary’s man had to settle for silver. Second best in Ireland…not bad at all!! Diarmuid also received a special commendation and award from the College at a ceremony in September. This was to mark his achievement in winning a World Doubles Handball title and finishing runner up in the World single wall championship while competing for Ireland in Calgary Canada over the summer.


French Trip 2015 Day 1: We landed in Beauvais airport around 9.30 and got straight onto the bus and headed for Normandy. We got to Normandy and went to see the Bayeux tapestry. The Bayeux tapestry is over 9 centuries old. It is an embroidered cloth that is 70m long and 50cm tall. It tells the events leading up to the Norman conquest of England and the battle of Hastings. William, duke of Normandy and Harold, earl of Essex who then became king of England are the main two people in the tapestry. The tapestry was originally kept in the Bayeux cathedral which we passed by but is now stored in the Musée de la Tapisseri in Bayeux. We then went to the German World War II burial site. There were in excess of 21,000 German soldiers buried here. It was called la Cambe. We then got back on the bus and headed to the hotel for the night. Day 2: We had to get up at 7.30 this morning and we got on the bus heading for the D-day landing sites. We first went to Gold beach this is where the British attacked. Winston Churchill was the man who organised this attack it is known as Operation Overlord. The British placed big floating piers a couple of metres off the coast. They also had long floating roads stretching from the beach out to the piers. They used this for unloading vans, tanks and ammo. They had good defence, they used anti air missiles ships to block off the coast and air balloons with wires hanging from them to catch any planes that flew night they blew steam out of the ships for an hour and a half to block the lights. This operation occurred on the 6 June 1944 and it was very successful. We went to see a short film about this in a panoramic cinema and we also went to a museum with all the different guns and uniforms the soldiers used. Next we went to American WWII cemetery in Normandy. It is located right beside Omaha beach. This is the beach attack that is featured in the film ‘Saving Private Ryan’, one that cost the lives of thousands of soldiers. There are over 9,000 soldiers buried here. The next place we went to were the German gun placements. These were massive guns built into cement bases and they did a lot of damage. After the beaches we went to the Pegasus memorial.It is dedicated to the 6th division British paratroopers who landed here and cut off 4 bridges. They did this because the Germans thought they were going to attack in the south so they had no way back up to the north only through Pegasus Bridge which was captured by the British. This was one of the first battles of D-day The final place we went to was Merryville battery. It is where the German bunkers and guns pointing at Sword Beach were situated. Luckily, these guns were taken away only two and a half hours before D-day landings began. We then headed back to the hotel and went around the town were we stayed.


French Trip 2015 Day 3: We had another early start this morning. We got on the bus and headed for a long drive to Paris. When we got to Paris we drove down the Champs Élysées and saw all the famous shops. At the end of the Champs Élysées we came to the world’s craziest roundabout around the Arc de Triomphe. There are no lines around this roundabout and the drivers go everywhere! Next we went to the Notre Dame Cathedral. It took over 200 years to build. It was built during the medieval times and is built using gothic architecture style. We then went to the Eiffel tower which is more than 300m tall. Some of us climbed it but the lines were massive so most of us went around the shops. We then went on a cruise of the Seine river. During the cruise we went under 22 bridges and saw all the famous monuments around Paris. The last place we went to was the Hard Rock Café for dinner. We then went to our hotel in Paris. Final day: We had another early start again this morning and went to a supermarket to buy our lunch for Disneyland. We arrived early to Disneyland and got straight in. The lines weren’t too big at the start but after a while they got long. There were Freepass tickets to get on all the rides so we got a time where we could go to the ride and get straight on. The best ride was Space Mountain which we went on lots of times. All the rides were good except for one ride when the teachers and a few students got stuck and had to get off half way through. We spent about 6 hours in Disneyland and then headed for the airport. We landed back in Dublin around 12 and got on the bus back to St. Marys. We got to St. Marys at 2.30 and went home…exhausted but delighted to have made the trip of a lifetime!

Paul Conneely


Science Quizzes Our Senior Science quiz team competed at the ISTA Galway Quiz championship in November. This event was part of our science week participation and 34 teams from all across the city and county competed. Our first team of Elijah, Caolan and Selassie led the competition practically from start Senior Science Quiz Teams 2015 to finish, but a couBack: Kelvin Samson, Thilina Migel Wassam, Eltahir Osman ple of dodgy anFront: Caolan Kelly-Delaney,Elijah Noble O’Connor, Selassie Seshi-Doe swers in the final round saw Oranmore catch up with them to force a tie-break. Unfortunately, they then went on to win it and we had to accept second place this time. However, we did qualify for the All-Ireland finals for the 7th year in a row, the most consistent record of all Galway school teams. We travelled to Trinity with high hopes but a couple of poor rounds at the start saw us playing catch up, and try as we might we couldn’t close the gap. Finishing strongly we eventually finished in 10th place out of the 39 competing teams from all across the country. Not a bad effort! Our Junior science quiz team also had to face Calasanctious in a tie-break but this time the tables were turned as we emerged winners for the first time since 2010. The first team of Thomas, Aaron and Danny did very well, making up a four point deficit over the last two rounds to force the play-off, and then carried their excellent run through Junior Science Quiz teams 2016 to take the title. 38 teams from all across Galway city and county as well as a few from Mayo competed in what Back: Luke Flaherty, Abraham Shomefun, Shaoor Ahmed Front: Thomas Caffrey, Daniel McDonagh, Aaron Burke was a very high standard quiz prepared by GMIT lecturers. Representatives from the sponsors Boston Scientific presented the lads with their trophies, and an excellent cash prize, and complimented them on their high level of science knowledge.


Science Week Science week saw world renowned juggler and Science demonstrator Mr. James Soper visit the College and regale the students with his knowledge of Physics, Forces, Balancing and Juggling. He performed three shows and as can be seen encouraged plenty of participation from our students.


Science Competitions: SciFest and HP Hackathon As well as the BT Young Scientist Mary’s were also very active in other science competitions over the year. In November our team of intrepid Hackers and aspiring Computer Programmers, under the watchful eye of their mentor Mr. Colin McCaul finished a close second of all the Galway schools who entered the HP Hackathon. The lads were put to the pin of their collar to solve the various challenges devised by the HP team and following a very close fought contest emerged as runners-up to local rivals the Jes. St. Mary’s Coding team, Peter Juhasz, Shane Hastings, Hari Kharel and Mark Gilligan, pictured with their winning certificates, and hard at work trying to solve their allotted problems.

Meanwhile, four groups of second years put their minds to solving a few problems and finding out new data when they entered the National SciFest competition. This is the second biggest science competition in the country after the BTYS, and the lads go to display their projects amongst 64 other entrants from all across Connacht and Clare. The experience was a very worthwhile one, and the lads gained some valuable experience about how to display their project, and how o engage with the judging system. Left, Fergal Byrne and Michael Lukyanov , whose project was on ‘Addiction, and how far we are willing to go to win’.

Pedro Gil Quaresma, Jack Gavin and Abhi Sangani, whose project was entitled ‘The Mozart Effect: and investigation into spatial awareness performance’.

Jakub Szymonik and Aleksander Polchowski investigated the attitudes we have towards having our picture taken, while our final group, pictured right, of Hubert Matsuzewski and Morgan O’Callaghan did their project on the ‘Apathy of teenagers towards Politics’ 53

Mary’s Got Talent...the stars

Cailum Fitzgerald Ruari Grealish Daniel Gibbons

Alex Murphy

Steven Stoica

The 4 wise men Mike and Conor

Lucas Hydzik

Selassie Seshi Doe

Emmanuel Awopoule 54

Mary’s Got Talent...the action Another hugely popular Mary’s Got Talent show passed of without much of a hitch in a packed gym at the end of the year. This, the fourth staging of the event, helped to re-affirm what we always knew...Mary’s does have talent. From rapping to singing, ball-juggling to body-popping, and with a little bit of comedy thrown it we can say we had it all. Well done everyone, and particularly to third year Cailum Fitzgerald who wowed the crowd with his excellent singing and guitar playing.


Prefects Who are the Prefects? Each year a number of 6th Year students are selected to be prefects. Those chosen have demonstrated their leadership within the student body and have the qualities deemed necessary to undertake a leadership role within the school. They have contributed positively during their time in the College, through academics or extra-curricular activities, through exemplary behaviour and through their amicable personality, and have proven themselves worthy to be the students who demonstrate all that is worthy in our school. During their tenure our prefects carry out a number of important tasks within the school, including:

Supporting and mentoring younger students

Representing the student body

Representing the school externally

Assisting in the maintenance of discipline within the school

Supporting and helping staff

St. Mary’s College Prefects 2015-16 Back: Cian Walsh, Ruari Grealish, Caolán Kelly Delaney, Fr. Barry Hogg (College President), Jacob Duggan, Eoghan Frain, Selasie Seshi-Doe Front: Kyle Waldron, Filip Cugalj, Thilina Migel Wasam, Eoghan Kelly, Daniel Gibbons, Aran Grealish, Rohin Joseph, Jonas El-Ehmer 56

Soccer 2016 It was a good year for the red and black albeit one that fell short at and near the final hurdle on more than one occasion. The star performers were our senior team under the stewardship of Paul Concannon and David O’Boyle. Following early success in the Walter Burke Cup, where they overcame their Bish rivals 3 : 2 in a pulsating final, they continued their early season promise with a successful run through the Connacht senior cup to reach the final. Along the way they overcame Ballyhaunis, Aloysius and Summerhill, before eventually facing first timers Presentation Athenry in the Connacht Final. The weather had played havoc with fixtures all winter, and it proved no different come final time when the original match, fixed for Terryland was once more postponed at the last minute. This was very unsettling, and the resultant re-fixing of the match for the astro-turf in Mervue on a weekday during the mid-term was even more so, depriving many of the chance to go to the match. On the day it was probably the worse possible conditions in which to have to play, with driving wind and freezing rain meaning that it was a bit of a lottery who would emerge victorious. We went behind early on, but before half-time, facing in to the wind a Nathan Ward equaliser meant that parity was restored with the elements now in our favour. Soon after half-time Gabriel Dossen put us into the lead, but almost immediately our keeper, Cian Walsh was deceived by the swirling wind and Athenry drew level. It remained like that until full-time, and, with both teams visibly wilting in the conditions, extra time ensued. Athenry pushed hard and once they scored they had the wind in their sails and try as we might we couldn’t get the goal back. So, out journey this year ended in disappointment, but it was definitely a great one with every player doing himself and the College proud.

Connacht Senior Finalists 2016 Back. Mr. David O’Boyle (Coach), Hakeem Ryan, Aaron Hrehorow, Daniel Healy, Dion Walshe, Nathan Ward, Cian Walsh, Patrick Doyle, Landu Ndombasi, Ruari O’Connor, Kamil Szymaszek, Mr. Paul Concannon (Coach) Front: Gavin Hegarty, Jordan Lavin-Powell, Francely Lomboto, Gabriel Dossen, Tommy Molloy, Jonas El-Ehmer, Nathan Ward, Vinny Cussen, Seán Croke

Looking cold wet and miserable at the Connacht Final


Soccer 2016 Team Captain Kamil Szymaszek receives the Walter Burke Memorial Cup following their victory over the Bish in our annual tournament match. Mary’s seniors won an exciting match 3—2.

First Year Soccer: Under the watchful eye of the senior management team of Mr. Paul Concannon and Mr. David O’Boyle, the first years showed that they have a lot of potential going forward. They played a number of matches throughout the year, before eventually losing out to St. Geralds Castlebar in the Connacht Quarter-final.

U-15 Soccer Mr. Richie Bell’s charges played and trained hard all season and again showed that they are a team with considerable potential. The highlight of the season was the 4-3 defeat of the more fancied Claregalway College in an early cup match. This outstanding performances by Hakeem Ryan, Tresor Sangi, Rykelmy Rodrigues, and Avelino Assogba saw the Mary’s lads triumph with a last gasp winner in a topsy-turvy match. Following this we defeated Aloysius Athlone, before falling at the Connacht semi-Final stage in a tight match V St. Gerald’s Castlebar.

A photograph taken in typical match playing weather! U-17 Panel 2016: Connacht Semi-finalists Back: Hakeem Ryan, Jonas El-Ehmer, Francely Lomboto, Nathan Ward, Cian Walsh, Landu Ndombasi, Seán Croke, Josh Pyne, Daniel Healy Front: Dion Walsh, Gabriel Dossen, Tommy Molloy, Aaron Hrehorow, Brooklyn Gill, Nathan Ward Under the stewardship of Mr. De Paor and Mr. Armstrong, this team made it all the way to the Connacht semi-finals before succumbing to Presentation Athenry. Along the way they had defeated St. Aloysius Athlone, and St. Louis Kiltimagh, while also drawing with their erstwhile conquerors Athenry in a group match earlier in the season. Most of them are still eligible for the senior team next year so hopefully their fortunes can change then.


Student achievers At various occasions during the year outstanding achievements by some of our students, or former students, were marked during special award ceremonies in the Study Hall. Pictured are the recipients of some of these awards. Shane Traynor Canavan was the anchor member of the GCH 4x100m relay teams that set Irish U-18 and U-19 records over the summer period. Shane had also anchored Mary’s to the bronze medal in the Irish Schools Intermediate relay final in June Diarmuid Mulkerrins was honoured for his performance in winning medals at the World Handball Championships in Canada over the summer. Diarmuid later went on the win the Irish Schools Handball title. Paul Kelly was honoured for his achievement in making the Irish U-16 Basketball team, while Hakeem Ryan made his Irish Debut as a member of the U-15 soccer team. Hakeem, along with teammate Blake Cummins were also members of the Mervue team that won the Galway U-15 premier League. Another soccer layer making the headlines was Nathan Ward, who played for the Irish U-18 team in two internationals. Fifth year student Gabriel Dossen performed brilliantly to take an Irish Boxing title, while another fighter who did excellently was Wesley Ward. Wesley won a world kick boxing Gold and Silver medal at the championships in Spain during the year. Special mention also to Dessie Costello-Hynes, Daniel Kennedy and Dylan Spelman who were all important players on the St. James’s team that won the U-14 A Galway Feile title Finally, the achievement of former Mary’s men, manager Jeffrey Lynsky and goalkeeper Jack Forde, in winning the All -Ireland Minor Hurling title for Galway was also acknowledged.


Student’s Council What is a Student Council and what can it do? A student council can listen to the views, opinions and ideas of all students in the school. It can represent students’ views and it can be a forum for students concerns to be addressed. It can also air students’ difficulties which may not otherwise come to light. It can bring views and concerns of students forward to management and teachers in a diplomatic way. In its consultative role students could be consulted prior to the implementation of new school policies i.e. uniforms, bulling, sports etc.. A student council can contribute to the development of school policies and should provide management with information, voice student concerns and provide management with ideas and solutions to problems. It can also provide management with information about the opinions of the student body and give feedback to the student body from management. The student St. Mary’s College Student Council 2015-16 council can provide support on a confidential ba- Back (5th year) Daniel Naughton, Mark Gilligan, Jeroen O’Flaherty, (6th Year) Andrius Sirvys, Kelechi Asonye, Claudio Sangi-Jonao, ( 3rd Year) Calum Fitzgerald, Thomas Levalds, Yu Xuan sis for students with probYang lems. A student council can be a learning tool; Middle: (2nd year) Diego Brule, Aleksander Polchowski, Pedro Gil Quaresma students can learn to think Front: (1st Year) Aaron Dossen, Andrew Costello, Bernard Sarpong critically through involvement with it. A student council can create a positive school atmosphere by providing students with a sense of ownership; it can make the school more pleasant and fun. A student council can establish links with the wider community, it can improve the day-to-day conditions for students and raise awareness of social issues such as poverty, the environment, health, peer pressure etc.. A student council can be a partner with management, staff and parents in the running of the school Get active involved


Turas Chonamara Ar an 17 Bealtaine 2016 tógadh grúpa daltaí ón gcéad bhliain cuairt ar Ghaeltacht Chonamara. Deis iontach a bhí ann do na scoláirí an Ghaeilge a úsáid don lá uilig agus an Ghaeilge a fheiceáil in úsáid mar theanga bheo ar bhonn laethúil. Thug na daltaí cuairt i dtosach ar an Spidéal, áit a chas siad le hiar-mhúinteoir na scoile Séamas Ó Máirtín. Fuair na daltaí deis breathnú ar seit Ros na Rún atá suite sa Spidéal ansin. Ar aghaidh leo go dtí An Cheathrú Rua agus go dtí Scoil Chuimsitheach Chiaráin, an mheánscoil áitiúil. Chuir príomhoide agus múinteoirí na scoile fáilte mhór rompu. Thug daltaí na hIdirbhliana sa scoil taispeántas do scoláirí Choláiste Mhuire. Labhair siad faoi stair na scoile agus faoin gceantar é féin. Chaith na daltaí tamall ar Thrá an Dóilín agus ansin ar aghaidh leo go dtí Raidió na Gaeltachta. Tógadh ar thuras thart timpeall an fhoirgnimh iad agus fuair said deis casadh leis na craoltóirí agus na stiúdeonna a fheiceáil. Ar an mbealach abhaile, thug na daltaí cuairt ar an gceardlann sa Spidéal.

The boys in the Raidió na Gaeltachta studio.

Thaitin an turas go mór lenár scoláirí. Chonaic siad go núsáidtear an Ghaeilge go nadúrtha agus go laethúil. Fuair na daltaí blas de chultúr agus d’oirdhreacht na Gaeltachta agus is cinnte gur chuir sé go mór le scileanna labhartha na ndaltaí, scileanna atá iontach tábhachtach.


Hurling Blitz 2015 Every year since 2012 we have hosted the Centenary Cup U-11 Hurling blitz. The entire College hurling fraternity, and many more besides , weigh in to ensure that the event runs smoothly. This year we had the added bonus of having the Minor All-Ireland cup to hand and the young hurlers fulfilled a dream that may one day become a reality for some of them by hoisting the cup aloft.


A Note from the Chaplain My name is Fr. John O Halloran, I was ordained on January 6th 2016 in Galway Cathedral. My first appointment as a Priest is as a Curate in Galway Cathedral and also Chaplain here in St. Mary’s College. I myself went to St. Pauls Secondary School in Oughterard. I have fond memories of competing here on the fields of St Mary’s in Gaelic football, soccer and in Cross country running. Anyways enough about me, my role here as Chaplain in St. Mary’s is a faith presence in the school community a person who is available to students, parents and staff members alike. The Chaplain works closely with school management, year heads, class tutors, and classroom teachers to promote a harmonious school environment for the well-being of all its members. This vision is shared by the Chaplain who endeavours to accompany young people on their journey through life, and encourages them to let their light shine brightly. The role of the School Chaplain is wide and varied, and can involve meeting students on an individual basis, organising liturgies and prayers, and participating in activities which relate to the well-being and development of the school community. This role enables the development of relationships of trust with students, staff and parents. The Chaplain responds to the spiritual and religious needs of the students and the whole school community, while respecting the religious and personal convictions of all. One of a School Chaplain's key duties is to provide pastoral care. All of us need some kind of nonjudgmental, understanding support: someone to listen actively and offer comfort, someone to provide assurance and encouragement that help is available. ‘Be a window unto Christ for people’ Blessed Mother Teresa 63

St. Mary’s College Yearbook 2015-16 ‘A year in the life of Mary’s’

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Yearbook 2016  

St. Mary's College Galway Yearbook 2015-16