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Fall at ST. LUKE'S


a newsletter of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and School


St. Luke’s Episcopal Church is called by God to illuminate San Antonio with the light of Christ through transformative education for people of all ages, compassionate care for every member of our community, and inspiring worship and music in the Episcopal tradition.


F r o m T h e R e c t o r. . .

As I sit down to write this article I still hear the voice of Presiding Bishop Curry in my ears. His visit to the Diocese of West Texas, and to St. Luke’s, was a brief, yet powerful, revival. I am so grateful that the leader of the Episcopal Church is so filled with the Holy Spirit, so passionate, so authentic, and so focused on our mission of following Jesus. It is one thing to hear the Gospel preached in a powerful way. It is a whole other thing to take action on what we have heard. Here are some of my reflections on Bishop Curry’s sermon and a call to action in response to them. (A video of his sermon at St. Luke’s can be viewed on St. Luke’s website:

Bishop Curry preached about Jesus’ call to love: love our neighbors, love our enemies, and love ourselves. Love, he said, has the power to heal, the power to bind together, the power to renew, the power to restore, the power to lift up, and the power to set free. “There is a balm in Gilead,” he sang, and it is Jesus and his love. I felt like these words dovetailed very naturally with St. Luke’s core value of “Living Generously” which we have been practicing since January. Jesus calls us to love generously, give generously, forgive generously, and serve generously. Our desire to follow Jesus is constantly met by our human nature to be selfcentered. Bishop Curry preached that the opposite of love is not hate. The opposite of love is selfishness. He described this selfishness as self-interest that makes “me” the center of the universe. He even called selfishness the “root of all sin.” Curry said, “selfishness is the

most destructive power in the universe. Selfishness destroys families. Selfishness destroys communities. Selfishness can take down a nation. Selfishness can destroy the world.” To follow the way of Jesus is to live counter-culturally. We live in selfish times. To love our neighbors, love our enemies, love ourselves, and to live generously, is to swim upstream in a society that encourages us to put ourselves first. Jesus reminds his disciples that they will be known as his followers because they live differently from the world. “Just

as I have loved you, you also should love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:31-35) As we enter a new school year, I pray we will take Presiding Bishop Curry’s words to heart, and put them into practice as we follow Jesus. I pray we may be people who confess our selfishness and know God’s grace and forgiveness. I pray we may be people who love our neighbors, pray for our enemies, and forgive quickly. I pray we have the courage to live generously in a tight-fisted world. I pray that as we move forward together as the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement, that people will know we follow Jesus because of our love for one another and the people around us.


Dates To Know September 4th • Labor Day September 8th-10th • Mother-Daughter Retreat This weekend retreat for daughters and their moms (or mother figures) is a special time to share with each other at camp. Arrive Friday before dinner and enjoy a weekend filled with good food, Bible study and worship, singing, fellowship with women of all ages, and lots of fun activities! Return home on Sunday refreshed and filled with new memories, after the closing worship service. Cost for adults is $140, cost for children (ages 6 to 18) is $100. Scholarships are available. For more information contact Camp Capers or call their offices at 830-995-3966. September 10th • Rally Day 10 AM in the Gym. Rally Day is an opportunity to enjoy a meal with your church family and learn more about ministries at St. Luke's.

September 17th • Evensong 4:30 PM in the Sanctuary October 1st • Pet Blessing Bring your pet to the 9 AM service to be blessed! The service will take place on the south lawn of the church. October 15th • Evensong 4:30 PM in the Sanctuary October 22nd • Feast of St. Luke SAVE THE DATE! November 5th • First Communion November 12th • Bishop Visit 9:00 AM Service - the bishop will confirm, receive, and reaffirm youth and adults.

September 17th • Sunday School Begins! Look at our Adult Formaion, Children's Sunday School, and Youth Sections for class information!

RALLY DAY Sunday, Sept. 10 Normal Worship schedule. Come to the Gym at 10:00am for: Ministry Fair, Lunch, Activities, Open House. Get involved at St. Luke’s!

Pastoral Care

Dear Members of the St. Luke’s Episcopal Church Pastoral Care Committee: Did you realize that if you are on the mailing list that receives this newsletter, that means that you are a member of the Pastoral Care Committee? Its true! By virtue of our Baptismal Covenant, we have promised to “seek and serve Christ in all persons”, and that is never more clearly visible than when we are reaching out to help someone in their times of need. Too often in the church, we think of Pastoral Care as something that is limited to the clergy or paid staff. And while it is true that the clergy have a particular Sacramental ministry we can provide, this does not mean that you are exempt from the work of Pastoral Care! Quite the opposite in fact! The church is infinitely more than the clergy! It is so much more than the staff. It is so much beyond the wonderful worship or the beauty of the sanctuary. It is YOU! And it is me! It’s the us that makes the church the sacred institution that is the Body of Christ. And when one of us is in need or sick or celebrating, you are called into action to be part of it! So how do we live this out? Great question! There are 3 ways you can be a bigger part of the Pastoral Care Committee. 1) When you hear of someone who is sick or hurting or in need, let us know. Please call the church office anytime you hear of someone who is in need and let us know so we can activate the resources available we have on hand. But don’t be afraid to reach out to the hurting person on behalf of the Church! You are just as equipped to pray for or listen to the needs of someone as we are! The person-to-person ministry is what makes this incredible community so life-giving and vibrant. Call to let us know how things are going, but don’t be afraid to call them and checkup as well! 2) Join one of the various ministries that relate particularly to this reaching out to those who can’t be onsite. Did you know that every week, dedicated Lay Eucharistic Visitors take home communion to members of our family who are not able to join us for worship? You can be part of this or any number of ministries that extend the Love of Jesus to those in need. Come by and find out more! 3) Pray for one another daily! Pray for us as a Church. This is a difficult endeavor, to be the witnesses of Jesus in an increasingly challenging environment of post-modern society. Prayer opens us up to the movement of God’s Spirit in our lives, and moves us to act in Love and Care for one another. We cannot exist or thrive without your constant prayers, and we covet them! Thank you in advance for your willingness to serve on this committee! You are truly what makes this Church a beacon on the hill. In the Gospel of John, Jesus says, “This is how everyone will recognize that you are my disciples—when they see the love you have for each other.” (Jn 13.35) Together, we will continue to let the world know what the Love and care of Jesus looks like! THE REV. MICHAEL KOEHLER

Adult Formation

”READ, MARK, LEARN : LIFE THROUGH THE LENS OF SCRIPTURE” w/ Fr. Michael in the Parlor In an increasingly complex world, engaging the written Word of God changes how we view our own life and purpose in the greater picture of creation. Each week this class will take a passage of Scripture and study it contextually, thematically, chronologically, and/or historically to see how it speaks to us now in our daily life and culture. We will challenge ourselves to find new ways to use and grow from these stories and verses, seeking to keep them closer to our heart throughout our week.

FOLLOWING THE WAY OF JESUS w/ FR. David in the Large Conference Room The Rev. David Read will lead a Sunday morning series on “Following the Way of Jesus” beginning at 10:00am on Sunday, September 17. This class will meet in the Large Conference Room near the parish offices. This format of the class will combine discussion and teaching on some of the basic practices of Christian living. Between classes members will practice some basic discipleship skills. This is a great course for those looking to renew their relationship with Christ, and those new to St. Luke’s Church. Sept. 10 - RALLY DAY! Join us for breakfast tacos, Ministry Fair, and great fellowship.

Sept. 17 – Beginning a Journey – What to take? What to leave behind? Sept. 24 - Who is Christ? Why should I follow him? Oct. 1 - Called into relationship. The practice of prayer. Oct. 8 – Called into Grace & Forgiveness. We are Prodigals. Oct. 15 – Called to steward God’s blessings. Oct. 22 - Called to be part of God’s story. What is Holy Scripture? Why should I read it? Oct. 29 - Called to fish for people. Guest Leaders: The Ibsen Family. Nov. 5 - Called into Community. What is my role in the Church? Nov. 12 – Guest Speaker on the sacrament of confirmation. Nov. 19 – What are your God-given gifts?

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry's visit to St. Luke's - July 30th, 2017

Children's Sunday School

The message of this past summer's Vacation Bible School states perfectly the message that all of our formation for children seeks to impart and reinforce: That each child is a unique and beloved creation of our

incredible and loving God and that he has a purpose for their life!

Whereas formation happens in all aspects of our daily lives, Sunday School is one way in which this message is shared. Sunday School is offered from 10:00-10:45 a.m. for children ages 2 years (by Sept. 1st) through 5th grade. Infants and toddlers are warmly welcomed by our wonderful Nursery staff.


Noah's Ark Room, main level hallway

The focus of the message for these little ones is that God created them and that God loves them! Recognizing that they learn by seeing, hearing, touching and moving about, the Bible stories and messages involve lots of "hand's on" activities. The Noah's Ark Room is also their childcare room for the 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. services.

3-Year-Olds through 3rd Graders: Godly Play Godly Play is a method of religious formation that focuses on inviting the learner to personally engage in and respond to the stories of God and to become aware of their place in the story! Each Godly Play room is created to be a "sacred space" where children can hear the stories of our faith, "wonder" about them through open-ended questions and then respond to them in their own way through the use of a variety of creative media. The three Godly Play classrooms are grouped according age:


* 3-year-olds and Pre-K 4's Room 211 (2nd floor) * Kindergarten and 1st Graders Room 204 (2nd floor) (1st Graders begin Godly Play on November 19th ~ see Communion Instruction Class) * 2nd and 3rd Graders Room 202 (2nd floor)

Following Sunday School at 10:45, parents of 3-year-olds through Kinder may pick up their children OR request that our childcare staff pick them up and accompany them to their childcare room for the 11:00 a.m. service. Parents of 1st-3rd graders are asked to pick up their children from their classrooms following Sunday School.

4th & 5th Graders

Room 219 (2nd floor)

These oldest elementary students will actually travel through the Bible in two years, and along the "journey" they will gain a deeper understanding of God's story and of their place in it. A monthly Bible Jeopardy game helps to reinforce the experience, and breakfast tacos are served each Sunday! At the end of the year in May the students challenge their parents to a game of Bible Jeopardy. This year the students will travel through the New Testament.

Communion Instruction Class September 17th - November 12th

Room 215 (2nd floor)

This class is geared especially for first graders, although older elementary children are welcome to participate. This class is not a "prerequisite" to participating in the Eucharist, but rather serves as a way to help children begin to explore the meaning of Holy Communion and "why we do what we do" in our worship service. On the last Sunday of the class (November 12th) the children will receive a special blessing and recognition. As a reminder, children do need to be baptized before receiving communion. Baptism Sundays are scheduled throughout the year. Contact Ann Allen ( information about the class and David Read ( about baptism.

Nurseries and Childcare

Children of all ages are wholeheartedly welcomed at all of our worship services. In addition, childcare is offered for all three Sunday morning services for children ages infant through Kindergarten. Childcare is also offered during the Sunday School hour (10:00-10:45) for infants and toddlers. All childcare rooms are located on the main level.

Children's Chapel

Children of all ages are welcome at all of our worship services. Should parents choose, two Children's Chapel services are offered during the 11:00 a.m. service: Preschoolers (ages 3-5 years/Kinder) will be accompanied by the Nursery staff from their childcare room to the Preschool Chapel room where they will hear a Bible story, sing songs and say special prayers. Elementary-Age-Children will begin the 11:00 worship service with their families. Just after the opening prayers they will follow the children's cross and process to the Children's Chapel on the 2nd floor. The service is intended to be inviting and participatory and includes the Gospel reading, singing and prayers. They will re-join their families at the Peace.

Baptism Dates

The service of Holy Baptism will be offered on the following Sundays this fall: October 1st (at the 11 a.m. service); November 5th and November 26th. For more information and to schedule a baptism contact the Rector, David Read (

Looking Ahead this Fall! Fall Festival & Feast of St. Luke - Sunday, October 22nd following the 11:00 a.m. service Advent Lessons and Carols and Advent Wreath Event - Sunday, December 3rd beginning at 5:00 p.m.

Children's Christmas Pageant - Sunday, December 17th at the 11:00 a.m. service

St. Luke's Ministry in Haiti

Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. In 2010, the island nation was struck by a massive, 7.0 magnitude earthquake centered near the town of Leogane. Since then, St. Luke’s has been engaged in a variety of ministries to relieve the suffering. As a congregation, we “bought bricks” to rebuild the Episcopal cathedral in Port-au-Prince. The tragedy in Haiti became much more personal to our congregation when a young girl from Haiti was brought to San Antonio for surgery to repair her fractured leg. She attended Vacation Bible School and worship at St. Luke’s. 4- years- ago, St. Luke’s members made the first of 3 mission trips and worked in an orphanage filled with needy children. The parish also sponsored our own missionary – Cookie Harris – who taught in Haiti for 3 years. On June 23-July 2, thirteen members of St. Luke’s made a trip to Leogane, Haiti to serve again. The team was composed of both adults and high school students – including several parent-child pairs. During the week in Haiti, team members stayed in a compound with both a Haitian family, and the Ibsen Family – a young missionary family from Canada. Please read the reflections written by both Claire and Mac White for a glimpse into the trip. What’s next for our Haiti ministry? Two big initiatives! First, St. Luke’s will be helping to sponsor two girls from Haiti – Shirley & Roby - who are starting high school in San Antonio this fall. Cookie Harris met these two wonderful girls in Haiti, and helped get them an education visa and navigate the enrollment process at TMI – The Episcopal School of Texas. They will be living in the dorm where Michael & Erin Koehler are dorm parents. St. Luke’s first project is to help them get basic laptop computers – an absolute necessity in today’s educational world. The total cost is $1600 for both. St. Luke’s second big initiative is to partner in the Gospel with the Ibsen Family who are missionaries living in Haiti. They need assistance finishing their house so they can host groups like ours. And, they need ongoing financial support for their ministry. The Ibsen’s will be visiting St. Luke’s in late October. If you are interested in supporting them, please e-mail the rector, make a donation on the church website by clicking the GIVE button at www.slecsa. org, and note your donation is for Haiti. Or, make a direct donation to the Ibsen’s by visiting Stay tuned for more information about the Ibsen’s visit and more opportunities to be part of making a difference in Haiti.

St. Luke's Missonaries

The Ibsen Family - Haiti Missionaries

Going to Haiti was, thus far, the most amazing experience I have had in my life. Having my dad go with me was something that I enjoyed, we now share the life changing experiences and the fun memories of our time spent there. During the week, we finished the guest house that we were staying in, by sanding, painting, doing framework, and building bunk beds for the next groups. We also did laundry and got water out of the well for Memos, our cook. It was hard to just get the basic necessity of water, which is something that we're definitely not used to and the process wasn't exactly easy either. For laundry, we needed twenty-five buckets that were five gallons each and for food every day, we needed to get five buckets of water for each meal - it took two pulls from the well to fill each bucket. We only did about two days of real work, and the other days we got to go out into the community and serve. We ran a kids club with the church and with the neighborhood kids, where we played games, sang songs and took polaroid pictures of the kids that they could keep. Some of my favorite parts of the trip were spent with the kids that lived in the community that we were staying in. One of the interns, Isabel, held an English class every other day, where the kids could come and learn to speak basic English. When we were there, they taught us some creole too! That was really fun getting to see them so excited about learning a new language and getting to know them better. There was even a guy who knew Spanish, which helped a lot. We could speak Spanish to him, he would speak creole to the other people, then translate back to Spanish for us and we could tell everybody in English. Also, every day after the work that we did, we would go play soccer with the same neighborhood kids. Even under the intense heat of the day, we all loved being there with them, and it helped us form friendships between us and the local Haitian kids. In the future, I definitely want to go back. The people in Haiti are some of the most welcoming people I have ever met, and even though there is such vast poverty, they are happy. That is something that is so amazing to me and I want to do as much as I can to continue to help. Claire White

Claire and Mac White

This visit to Haiti is a unique experience that has a certain duality that is hard to explain, it is a place full of contradictions. It is known as “The Pearl of the Antilles”, and while this moniker harkens back to the natural beauty of country sharing the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean Sea, we were quickly confronted by the lingering effects of a country that has been devastated by natural disaster compounded by poor leadership. This would be a trip that was both exciting and frustrating, fun – but hard work, both exhilarating and exhausting. This is where the story of our week in Haiti would begin, but the whole story really started much further back when our family was first touched by Haiti when a young girl, who had been badly hurt in the earthquake when the school she was attending collapsed on top of her, who was being sponsored by a local family came to St. Luke’s VBS. It was the first time that we really thought about Haiti and the effects of what was going on there. This girl was about the same age as my daughter and it was great to see despite her injuries and a language difference, that her spirits were high and how children always seem to find a way to communicate. Following this, through the St. Luke’s Youth Group, Claire also began to understand the impact of Mission work, both locally and expanding their world by doing good works on a mission trip out of state in Tennessee. She really seemed to get a lot out of this, and we began to talk about how we might do something together at some point, and that is where Haiti came back into our lives. This opportunity to serve others was a real eye-opening experience for both Claire and me, and I am glad we could do this together. I think that our group allowed for a unique experience while in Haiti, as we had several family teams – two fathers and daughters; a father, daughter and son; and two mothers and daughters - that allowed us to see thing though each other’s eyes a bit more. We were able to help our children understand the context of this place and why we were there and to help them do some of the more demanding work, and they were able to help open the parents up with a more unencumbered view, maybe more innocent, or to let our guard down a bit so we made much more meaningful connections with those we were serving. It made doing the hard work much easier by doing it together – several of us worked with Kyle Ibsen, the local missionary, on construction projects for the compound and I got to teach Claire how to use some power tools to build a bunk, or just by seeing her be challenged by other tasks and succeeding; and it made the community building aspects so much more fun – working with the kids at VBS or kids club, playing soccer every day, or just enjoying the great local food that Mimos and Florencia made for us as we gathered as a team for meals. That was a great time of getting to know everyone better, our mission teammates and our host family by sharing stories. It was also interesting to see how this place related to our church life at St. Luke’s. We opened our first day there by going to the local Haitian church, an open-air pavilion that sat on the edge of a sugar cane field overlooking the mountains in the distance. It was a two hours service, filled with music and a couple of sermons – one for us by Pastor Jean who introduced us and gave us a brief translation from Creole. This was contrasted with a service that David led by candle light, outdoors below the great mango tree we always gathered under, where we shared an evening prayer and served one another Eucharist - sharing a bit of our home life with the local missionaries and Haitian family. And it was not all work, we had one fun day at the beach where we got to snorkel a reef together, take a ride in a carved-out log canoe, collect sea shells, have a great meal and just relax a bit after a week of work. I think one of the most impactful aspects as a parent though was at the end of each day we would have an evening session where we talked about the day, sharing out “yea ducks” and “yuck ducks”, and where everyone really opened their heart and shared how the day had been, and most rewarding - hearing how this experience was affecting our children in their own words. It was easy to see that this trip was going to make a lasting impact, as we all came away with thoughts of how we would like to come back and continue help do more for those we had met and grown to know.

Mac White

VBS 2017 Imagine this building filled with almost 250 children, teens and adults all hearing every day for the whole week that they were "CREATED BY GOD AND BUILT FOR A PURPOSE!" Just that image alone will give you a great picture of St. Luke's VBS 2017. And yet there's so much more to share... * High school students taking on an increased leadership roles as co-teachers alongside adult leaders * The gym filled with Spirit-filled movement, singing, more movement, dancing, skits, and more movement! * Welcoming children from St. Peter/St. Joseph's children's home for yet another year * The "VBS finale" on Friday when with everyone wearing the one-of-a-kind tie dye t-shirt they created * Two big filled-to-overflowing boxes of toothbrushes for children and adults in Honduras ~ knowing that God created us for the purpose of helping those in need * New friendships being created * And helping hands and hearts wherever you looked! VBS is not only the highlight of the year for St. Luke's Children and Family Ministries but, for 3 hours every day for an entire week, 250+ people of all ages come together here for exuberant worship, warm fellowship, generous outreach to others and hearing and sharing the Word of God. That's what makes VBS the amazing and unique experience that it is....and what makes it have a lasting impact on all who come!

St. Luke's Youth Sunday Mornings

The middle school, high school and confirmation groups will meet in the youth room for an opening time of eating breakfast tacos, singing and announcements. The middle school, high school and Confirmation will then break out into separate groups.

Middle School and High School

Students will catch a glimpse of how big God really is and how Jesus reflects that size in his life on earth. In Exodus, God answers a question from Moses about who he is. He says, “I AM” as the answer. God is bigger than any word could possibly describe. Later, Jesus answers the same question over and over again in parables starting with “I AM”. Using these “I AM” statements reflects back to that exodus encounter starting with I am the bread of life sent down from heaven.

Sunday Morning Schedule for grades 6-12

10:00-10:15 - Gathering- breakfast tacos, music, and announcements in the youth room 10:15-10:50 - Sunday School in the youth room Middle school - room 1 Confirmation - main room *High School - prayer room *High School will be meeting in the youth room instead of Order Up this year.

4th and 5th Grade Youth Group Calling all 4th and 5th graders! You are invited to take part in the 4th and 5th grade youth group. This is a great opportunity to hang out with old friends, meet new friends, eat food, play games and to hear about God’s love. We will begin meeting Wednesday, August 23 from 4-5 PM in the youth room. Don’t forget to bring a friend!

Youth Group - Begins August 23rd 4th and 5th Graders - 4:00-5:00 Middle School - 6:00-7:00 Dinner for Middle/High School - 7:00-7:15 High School - 7:15-8:30 This year we are going to Rise Above! We will be discussing what it means have a faith in a God that encourages us to Rise Above difficulties, doubt, struggles, and pressure. Of course, while there is not a magic potion; we have a God that walks with us. He does not guarantee a perfect life, he does promise that he loves us and understands us. His love and understanding will help us to rise above barriers, it will also help us to help others to rise above. We will also have food, worship, small groups, games and lots of fun! If you have questions, you can contact Youth Minister Glenn Meschko at

H o l y L a n d P i l g r i m a g e

Walk on the shore of the Sea of Galilee where Jesus called fishermen to be disciples. Worship on the site of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Visit the place where “the Word became flesh.” Sit on the Mountain of Beatitudes. Dip your feet into the waters of the Jordan River. The Rev. David Read will be leading a pilgrimage to Israel in, 2018, and you are invited to come along. Pilgrims on this 12-day journey will depart on Friday, Nov. 23, and return on Dec. 4, 2018. Travelers will stay 4 nights at St. George’s Cathedral Guesthouse in Jerusalem – just blocks from the Old City, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Western Wall, and the Dome of the Rock. The group will then travel to Nazareth with stops in Bethlehem and Jericho. In Nazareth, pilgrims will stay at the Sisters of Nazareth guesthouse for 3 nights – visiting Mary’s home, the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, the Jordan River, and the Mount of Beatitudes. The group will then return to Jerusalem for two more nights to walk the Way of the Cross and visit the Garden of Gethsemane and Mount of Olives. On several evenings, guest lecturers will lecture from Jewish, Palestinian, and Muslim perspectives on the current Palestinian-Israeli relationship. This is the trip of a lifetime and will transform your faith. The total cost of the trip will be $4,200-$4,500 depending on air fare. Cost includes ground transportation and all meals. A $250 deposit will hold your spot. Deposits are due by October 1, 2017. Make checks payable to St. Luke’s and mark them “Holy Land trip” or make your deposit on-line at by clicking the GIVE button. For more information contact David Read at

On the heels of the recording was the visit of Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop. We already knew of his dynamic preaching and presence and were looking forward to representing ourselves in what we try to achieve every Sunday. Kevin Salfen, choir member and professor at UIW, volunteered to write an anthem for the occasion - he had read Michael Curry's book "Songs my Grandma sang" and noted his fondness for the hymn "How great thou art." So Kevin took the hymn and arranged it in his style for our choir, then included a third verse for the entire congregation to sing. It was a phenomenal feeling to have 500 hundred people join the choir in the anthem. Even Michael Curry said, "My brothers and sisters, I think that deserves an Ay-Men!" The organ saga has, unfortunately, continued through the summer. I know so many of you (and me) miss the organ, and the builder has given one end date after another. We now have a subcontractor trying to complete the finishing and truly hope there will be an organ come the new term. The upside to this is the fact the choir has been situated in the baptistry; I love that we are seated on the same level and can communicate by sight as well as sound. Future plans for the new term include Choral Evensongs on September 17 & October 15 at 4:30. Our Requiem will take place on November 5 at 6:00, and we will observe both All Souls and Veterans Day - we invite you to attend, and we will recognize loved ones during the service. Our annual Advent Lessons and Carols takes place on December 3 at 5:00 which will be followed by wreath making and a pizza party. Even further afield the Association of Anglican Musicians conference takes place in San Antonio next summer and various events will take place at St. Luke's including the closing Eucharist; our congregation is invited to participate. And the following year our choir is in residence at Ripon Cathedral in North Yorkshire - you are invited to join us for that tour; there'll be plenty to see. We look forward to an exciting new year and hope you'll be very much a part of this wonderful ministry! Russell Jackson

Choral Happenings - Music

It's been a busy summer for the Music Ministry. No sooner did we finish choir term than pick-up choir began, followed by further rehearsals for a recording of Christmas Music. In November we'll be releasing a CD called "Christmas on the Hill" which will feature favorite carols, anthems, solos, and organ music. It was great fun planning for this, and the recording sessions took place at Parker Chapel, Trinity University, thanks to David Heller. It's a funny feeling to be purposely putting down tracks when you know you have to be perfect, and this isn't an actual service. I much prefer to let the Spirit inspire us for a live performance in the context of worship, but this was a good discipline just the same.


St. Luke’s Vestry did not meet during the month of July, but will resume meeting monthly in August. Members of the Vestry include: Denise Powers – Senior Warden, Steve McAllister – Junior Warden Heather Shipley – Clerk Suzette Harris – Church/School Liaison Bill Goetz – Treasurer Hollis McDonald, David Cotton, Melissa Priest, Margaret Kelley, Brandon Hudson, Robin Newman, Lindsay Bagby, Marie Morgan, and Howard Lutz. In June, Doug Walton resigned his position on the Vestry due to a transfer to Mississippi.

St. Luke's Memorial Fund

The Vestry meets monthly in the Large Conference Room at 6:00pm. Scheduled meetings are: August 21, September 18, October 16, November 20, and December 18.

The St. Luke’s Memorial Fund exists to receive donations given in memory of a parishioner, family member of a parishioner, or friend of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church & School. When donations to this fund are received, a personal note is sent to the family of the person being memorialized, to acknowledge a generous gift has been made in the name of their loved one. The Memorial Fund does not support the operating budget of the parish. Funds are generally used for more permanent improvements, or for worship needs such as vestments, altar linens and hangings, communion vessels, or furnishings. Generous gifts to the fund are often made upon the death of a loved one, and St. Luke’s members are encouraged to remember their church when describing their “in lieu of flowers” donation preferences. For more information on St. Luke’s Memorial Fund, contact Rhonda Jordan or David Read in the parish offices.

St. Francis Guild The St. Francis Guild is a group of women whose mission is to decorate the church for Christmas and Easter, make palm crosses for Palm Sunday, and meet several times a year for fellowship. Our first meeting will be Monday, September 18, at 11:30 in the sanctuary for Holy Eucharist, and then in the parlor for a salad luncheon. Please mark your calendars and join us for this welcome luncheon. Questions? Call Marie Morgan, (210) 216-9544.

Chrismon Ministry Members of the Chrismon Ministry gather at a member’s home the second Wednesday of each month to create hand sewn, beaded, and sequined felt Chrismons. A Chrismon is a monogram of Christ and a symbol of the Christian faith. Chrismons are presented to children at Baptism; to our home bound and other place living members at Easter time; and to welcome new families when they become members of St. Luke’s Church. Chrismons are also offered for sale to St. Luke’s School parents at their school programs. Monies raised are then given to the school. In 1957 at the Ascension Lutheran Church in Danville, VA, Frances Kipps Spencer coined the word “Chrismon” and created the first designs in white and gold beads strung on wire. She said, “Early Christians used symbols of the early church to transmit the faith and beliefs of the artist/teacher to the viewer”. In 1960 a member of St. Luke’s Garden Guild traveled to Danville to get permission to use Mrs. Spencer’s designs. According to Beverly Worth, a member of the original guild, these first Chrismons were made of gold beads strung on wire then bent into simple shapes of various symbols. That first year guild members made enough Chrismons to cover two 20 feet tall live trees which were placed behind the great altar at Christmastime. Altar boys and children’s choir members posed with the trees which were featured on the front page of the SA Light Life section. The Chrismons made today are heavily beaded and sequined white felt ornaments. The members use their own creativity in designing and decorating the various symbols. Other members then finish the backs and attach explanations of symbols and ribbons for hanging. Designs include angels, various crosses, Chi Rho, butterflies, fleur-de-lis, hearts, baby in manger, fish, dove, shell, harp, lamb, and Alpha and Omega. We invite and welcome anyone who would like to join us in this ministry and fellowship. If you have questions or need more information, call Kay Johnson at (210)-824-1057, Carolyn McCord at 830-980-2541 or Marie Morgan at (210)-493-6410.

Welcome to the Body Welcome the newly baptized: Jordan Taylor Bagby Wyatt Edward Damm Welcome the newly married of St. Luke's: Benjamin Giddens & Kendel Lipe Mark McCullough & Sarita Burns

For more information on being baptized or having your child baptized at St. Luke's, contact The. Rev David Read, Rector, at Upcoming Baptism dates are October 1st (at the 11 a.m. service); November 5th and November 26th

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Vol. 58, No. 4

Fall at st luke's  

Fall edition of Tidings for St. Luke's Episcopal Church in San Antonio

Fall at st luke's  

Fall edition of Tidings for St. Luke's Episcopal Church in San Antonio