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Living Generously St. Luke's Episcopal Church


a newsletter of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and School

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church is called by God to illuminate San Antonio with the light of Christ through transformative education for people of all ages, compassionate care for every member of our community, and inspiring worship and music in the Episcopal tradition.


From the Rector

Happy New Year to you! I pray your Christmas and New Year’s Day were filled with joy. Advent and Christmas at St. Luke’s were truly inspiring. From the candlelit Lessons & Carols service to the Advent Wreath Party; from adopting 225 Christmas Angel children to the joy and wonder of our own Children’s Christmas Pageant; it was a beautiful December. Christmas Eve & Christmas Day at St. Luke’s were truly holy. Almost 1,200 people worshipped Christ our newborn King, surrounded by beautiful poinsettias and inspiring music. Many, many, thanks to everyone who made December such a special month at St. Luke’s. 2017 is here! For several years now we have used an annual theme to help focus our ministries, our formation, and our life as a parish family. Our theme for 2017 is

Living Generously. Generosity is an abiding characteristic of God Almighty. Our God is incredibly generous to us. God gives in great abundance. Everything we have is a gift to us from God. Jesus revealed the generous nature of God the Father when he turned water to wine at a wedding in Cana of Galilee (John 2: 1-11), and when he fed 5,000 on the shores of the Sea of Galilee (the only miracle story told in all 4 Gospels). But Jesus most clearly revealed the generosity of God to us by both coming among us, and by stretching out his arms of love on the cross for us. We are disciples of Jesus Christ, and we are called to live like him. We are called to live generously. What does that look like? What would it look like for you to live life more generously? Holy Scripture gives us many examples to guide us in living generously. Here are some examples: Followers of Jesus have generous hearts: In the Acts of the Apostles, St. Luke describes the early Christians as a community of people who were very aware of, and very thankful for, the blessings of God in their daily lives. He wrote, “Day by day, as they spent much time together in the temple, they broke bread at home and ate their food with glad and generous hearts.” (Acts 2:46) Increasing our awareness of God’s generous blessings to us may be the beginning of living generously. Followers of Jesus practice generous hospitality: In the Acts of the Apostles, we find a description of how Paul and his traveling companions were taken in by a generous host. Acts 28:7 reads, “There was an estate nearby that belonged to Publius, the chief official of the island. He welcomed us to his home and showed us generous hospitality for three days.” How might you and I practice generous hospitality in our homes? In our church? Followers of Jesus are generous with forgiveness. Because God is so generous in forgiving our sins, so we are called to forgive lavishly. Jesus commands us to forgive as many as 70 times 7 times (Matt. 28:2). And, Jesus taught us to pray, “forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.” How might we be more generous, and more quick, to forgive those who have offended or hurt us? Followers of Jesus are generous to the poor. Both the Old and New Testaments are filled with examples of how living generously includes giving to the poor. “A generous person will prosper. Whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” (Proverbs 11:25) Proverbs 22:9 reads, “The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.” Followers of Jesus are generous to God. 2 Chronicles 31 describes all the people of Israel giving from their various gifts and talents to decorate and support the temple. Jesus taught, “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. (Luke 6:38)

During 2017, we will have plenty of time to reflect upon the theme of Living Generously. Whether it is being generous to the poor or to the work of God in the Church, or practicing generous hospitality or generous forgiveness, by the end of 2017 my prayer is that each one of us will have grown to be more like our God who is so, so generous with his love for us. Blessings to you, and to St. Luke’s Church & School, as we begin a new year. Peace,


Dates to Know January 15th • Sunday School Resumes Sunday School for adults, children, and youth resumes at 10:00am. Check out one of the 3 offerings for adults: Bible in 90 Days, Journey into Christ, & Fullness of God in the Person of Jesus Christ. January 15th • Make your pledge to God's Work at St. Luke's 282 households have made a financial pledge to be part of God’s work at St. Luke’s in 2017. We know that some families need to wait until the new year to make their financial decisions. Over 90% of the funding for life-transforming ministries at St. Luke’s comes from the good people in our pews. If you have not yet made your pledge or a donation for 2017, you can do so at Thank you! January 15th • Evensong at 4:30 Evensong is a beautiful and contemplative form of sung Evening Prayer led by Russell Jackson & our Parish Choir. The next Evensong is March 19 at 4:30pm. Pipe Organ is coming home! After 35 years of faithful service, St. Luke’s iconic pipe organ was removed to rebuild and restore. Re- Installation of the pipe organ will begin in mid-January. January 17th • Lunch Bunch at Noon TSgt Nicholas Lewis, Military Working Dog Trainer Supervisor will be our guest speaker at the first lunch of the year. Sign up by calling the office (210) 828-6425 or on the Parlor bulletin board. Cost is $10. Bring a guest! (Next Lunch Bunch: Feb. 21) January 22nd • Annual Parish Meeting - 10am The Annual Parish Meeting of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church & School will be held in the Parish Hall. Join us for coffee, snacks, and an opportunity to elect new vestry members, and hear plans for the future of St. Luke’s.

February 3rd - 5th • Father/Son Retreat Fathers and sons are invited to head up to Camp Capers in the Hill Country for a weekend with other men and their sons from around South Texas. For more info visit February 5th• Parents of 2-year-olds workshop On Sunday, Feb. 5, at 10:00am, St. Luke’s Children’s Ministries will host a workshop for parents of twos in the Children’s Chapel. This workshop will be in preparation for a Bible presentation on Feb. 12. February 12th• Day of Living Generously This event will happen monthly. Senior high students will help with the 9:00 worship service and then help to pack bags for Under the Bridge. Then students will go hand out bags at Under the Bridge and return to the church at 12:30 p.m. February 18th/19th• Senior High Retreat Senior high students will go and spend some time together out of the city getting to know one another better and learning about God. Check youth update emails for more information on times, packing list and cost. February 28th • Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper 5:30-7:00 PM. Musical Showcase, Pancakes, Photo booth, Door Prizes, and more!! Keep an eye out for more information on this great tradition with a new twist! March 1st • Ash Wednesday (8am, Noon, 6pm) March 3rd - 5th • Happening Spiritual renewal weekend for older high school students, led by their peers. Happening #136 will take place at St. John's Episcopal Church in McAllen. The retreat cost is $50, and scholarships are available. Any student in 10th grade through 12th grade can attend. June 12th - 16th • Vacation Bible School

INCARNATION: Theologically speaking, I think a life of faith in Jesus boils down to John 1:14, where, as the New Living Translation puts it, “The Word became human and made his home among us.” All the words you use about God or about faith need to have some skin, bones, and breath. I followed the path to Ordination because I believe that Sacramental Living says there has to be tangible side to our faith! I look forward to living out the Incarnation with you as we share God’s Love in real ways with the community and world. CHAOS: My wife Erin and I have 3 incredible and incredibly loud boys: Kenny (7), Joseph (5), and Stephen (Very 3). Collectively, we refer to them as Team Chaos! You will no doubt hear them before you see them, but they are a really caring group of boys. Life in our house is chaotic, but its authentic and we do everything we can to embrace the challenges and blessings. I believe God has a similar view of all us: simultaneously beloved and unadulterated chaos! COMMUNITY: For Seminary, I attended the University of the South School of Theology in Sewanee, TN. It was a wonderful experience to live on top of a mountain surrounded by 13,000 acres of forest. The isolation made for a great setting for the study of Theology, but an even better setting for understanding community. My family learned the value of reliance on one another, and love to find ways to live that out now we are back home in Texas. OUTREACH: One of my greatest passions is for outreach. The Old Testament paints a picture of the responsibility we have to use whatever is at our disposal to the benefit of others. Jesus tells us that the answers we are looking for on happiness and purpose can be found when we seek and serve others. Internal Joy comes from external living. COFFEE: I love a good cup of coffee! Not only because chasing our boys is exhausting and I need the pick-me-up to get going… But a good cup of coffee is an experience, and more often than not provides the chance for a meaningful encounter with someone else. I cherish the opportunity to sip a beverage and get to know someone’s story. We are grateful to be on the journey with you, and anxiously await opportunities to get to know you more!



From the Assistant to the Rector

It is an honor and a thrill to get to live out the Gospel with the community here at St. Luke’s. Over the last 18 months, we have had a chance to worship with you on Sundays, but to be part of the community full time is a true blessing to our family. As the months and years go on, I know that we will have a chance to get to know each other on a more personal level, but I thought I’d start by introducing myself to you in 5 words:

Over the past 30-45 days the SLEC Vestry Nominating Committee has been meeting and discussing the numerous candidates that have been recommended. We are extremely grateful to everyone that provided us with names and guidance as we sorted through the candidates. All of them brought some level of expertise and guidance to SLEC so it was a difficult process. Members of the Nominating Committee were: Reid Harrell, Michael Seiferth, Tyler Mercer, Charles John, Carol McGanity, Nancy Avellar, Mac White, Suzette Harris and David Cotton. The Committee met a total of 5 times to vet and discuss candidates, qualifications, commitment to SLEC and willingness to serve. As a result, the Nominating Committee is pleased to present to the SLEC parish the following five individuals who have been selected and agreed to stand for election to the vestry.

Vestry Nominations

Steve McAllister

Years Attending: 22 Years

What groups/Ministries of St. Luke's are you involved in? Active participant in the 8 am and 6 pm services. Recently completed Bible in 90 Days, Lay Reader Ministry with the Luke team, past Chairman of the St. Luke's School board as having all three of my children have gone to St. Luke's. Served on the vestry twice. I was in charge of the acolyte program in the past.

What do you love about St. Luke's? St. Luke's has been a warm and welcome place for my family and me and we have so many ministries that we offer our members. We have a diverse age group and while I have been a member for many years I am glad that we continue to attract younger members who keep the vitality of St. Luk'es as a place to worship and hear the word of the gospel spoken. I also enjoy the various forms of worship St. Luke's provides. What gifts or skills would you bring to vestry leadership? I have served on financial committees of various organizations I have been involved with. I have also been involved in a men's bible study group for many years and been interested in teaching. I am guest lecturer at several institutions including UTSA and Texas A&M University. I have been involved in several capital campaigns involving non profits and for profit organizations.

Marie Morgan

Years Attending: 56 Years Occupation: Retired teacher of 21 years and a Real Estate Agent

What groups/Ministries of St. Luke's are you involved in? Lay Eucharist Ministries, Lay Eucharist Visitor, Chairman of the St. Francis Guild, Co-facilitator for Bible in 90 Days, EFM Co-Mentor. What do you love about St. Luke's? St. Luke's is my home and family. I love to see all of the opportunities that people have to be in a Christian community and be of service to others as we are called by God. What gifts or skills would you bring to vestry leadership? Having been a teacher for 21 years, I am experienced in working on a team,. I have brought my leadership skills to St. Francis Guild and several bible studies and would like to bring them to the vestry. I am open to bringing new ideas as well as respecting the history of St. Luke's Episcopal Church.

Brandon Hudson Years Attending: 19 Years Occupation: Attorney What groups/Ministries of St. Luke's are you involved in? Over the years our church family has been there to watch our four daughters grow from little nursery crawlers to young ladies. Lizzie, Kara,Anna, and Georgia have been so blessed to have not only St. Luke's Church, but Camp Capers, Mustang Island Family Camp, St. Luke's youth ministry, Vacation Bible School and the St. Luke's Choir to find Christ and God in their own way. What do you love about St. Luke's? Amy and I have made our home here since 1998 and received so much love over the years. Whichever way God chose to reveal himself to our family, it has always been through the spirits of the people who have served this parish over the last twenty years. It has been such a gift that over this journey, Ann, Glenn, David and John and all the other members of St. Luke's family have become a spiritual foundation for our family. What gifts or skills would you bring to vestry leadership? I am so blessed and humbled to have an opportunity to give back to this parish by way of service on the Vestry. I look forward to an opportunity to guide our church and protect its future so other families can draw from this well as their children grow and find their own unique and special relationship with Christ and God.

Robin Newman

Years Attending: 6 Years Occupation: Customer Service Representative San Antonio Water Systems What groups/Ministries of St. Luke's are you involved in? Lay Eucharist Ministry and Cursillo What do you love about St. Luke's? I love the people and the diversity of St. Luke's What gifts or skills would you bring to vestry leadership? I will bring the skills of consensus building and mission to the vestry.

Margaret Kelley

Years Attending: 22 Years Occupation: Obstetrician and Gynecologist Southeast OB-GYN Associates, P.A. What groups/Ministries of St. Luke's are you involved in? Under the Bridge Ministries, Salvation Army Christmas Ministries, Wednesday Evening Classes, and Lenten Dinners. What do you love about St. Luke's? I love that the church has many services and ministries to appeal and support its congregates. I have cherished the Eucharistic Ministries who came to my home when I recovered from neurosurgery seven years ago. Moreover, I appreciate my Birthday Wish call every year on my birthday. These gestures make one feel included in the church family. I also have truly appreciated Father David and Father John for their friendship and spiritual guidance to my family and me. What gifts or skills would you bring to vestry leadership? Professionalism, organization, creativity, and fundrasing. My background in women's health and my commitment volunteerism with underprivileged youth would also be an asset to the vestry. Moreover, I have an extensive musical background and can give input to the music ministry.

This Year in Music

Looking back over 2016 shows a good and active year for the music program. The choir sang six Choral Evensongs, plus Advent Lessons & Carols, Requiem, etc., in addition to morning services, and we presented a concert in the church of Schubert’s Winterreise, the Youth Choir gave a performance of Godspell, and on Good Friday there was a performance of Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater. In July we were Choir-in-Residence at the National Cathedral for a week, which was a superb opportunity to fill in for their choir and to sing in a glorious space. So much history has taken place there, plus DC has its own special feeling. We sang a large amount of repertoire to a very high standard and grew as a musical body. The organ was out all of last year up in Connecticut being rebuilt and restored by the Odell Organ Company. I had the opportunity to visit in December and see the work in progress. There were parts of the organ all over the shop. New pipes were being fabricated, old ones were being mended. We were given three new stops as the company wanted to round out the specification. The organ will come back to the church in early January and reconstruction and voicing will take place throughout January and February. Future plans include the re-dedication of the organ and adding a number of concerts to our program. These will feature the organ, choir, solo recitals by professional musicians, featured artists, collaboration with other groups, plus musical bodies that use our space. Future, future plans are a booking for St. Luke’s Choir to sing in-residence at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, in July 2018. [Incidentally, a former chorister of mine from Northampton became the Assistant Director of Music at St. George’s. One day the queen walked by while he was practicing and asked him why there was a TV monitor on the organ. He said it was so he could watch the conductor; the queen replied, “In my day we used to rely on mirrors!” I just wrote a note to the choir reminding them of times for Christmas Eve. I also called us a family because of how we relate to each other. We spend a lot of time together, we celebrate joys and grief, we are bound by music and worship. The experiences we have and create are something that transforms us all, and in doing so our music takes on a sacramental nature. And that’s our goal for the coming year, et al.

Russell Jackson

New console for the Organ! Christmas Eve at St. Luke's

Spring Classes ST. LUKE’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH | WWW.SLECSA.ORG | 210-828-6425

Journey Into Christ Jesus’ basic call to all of his disciples is, “Follow me.” How do we do that? This course will be led by The Rev. David Read on Sunday mornings at 10:00am, January 15 – April 9 in Room 213. Each session will examine one facet of following Jesus in our world today.

Sessions will include: • “Who do you say I am?” • The Life of Jesus • Called into community – the Church • Called into relationship – prayer • Called to fish for people – invitation • Called into Grace and Forgiveness – the prodigals • Life empowered by the Holy Spirit • Called to be part of God’s story - scripture


This class is a great follow-up to the Bible in 90 Days course! The class will be led by The Rev. Michael Koehler and will meet on Sunday mornings in the Parish Hall at 10:00am beginning January 15. Each week we will take a different story or saying of Jesus and ask ourselves what this teaches us about the nature of God and the opportunity of humanity. We will explore potential historical contexts, traditional interpretations, and personal reflections as we deepen our understanding of God's love for us in and through Christ.

Read the Bible, coverto-cover, in 14 weeks January 15th – April 20th For those who missed out last semester, make reading the Bible your New Year’s Resolution! This course begins Sunday, January 15 at 10:00am in the Large Conference Room. The cost of the course is $20 and includes a Bible and Participant’s Guide. Each Sunday morning session includes a 20-minute video to help the participant understand the readings, and some class discussion.

Sign up by e-mailing, by calling the parish office at (210) 828-6425, Or, drop a Connect Card in the offering plate with your name and contact info.

Children’s Sunday School Bible Time: 2-year-olds - Noah’s Ark Room

Travel Through the Bible: 4th & 5th Grade - Room 209

Godly Play: 3-year-olds through 3rd grade ▪ 3-year-olds & PreKinder 4’s - Room 211 ▪ Kinder & 1st Graders - Room 204 ▪ 2nd & 3rd Graders - Room 202

Nurseries & Childcare - Childcare is available during the Sunday School hour for infants and toddlers on the main hallway.

Youth Sunday School Order Up the Gospel – High School (grades 9-12) at OrderUp on Basse Road Middle School (grades 6th, 7th, and 8th) in the Youth Room

The Green Door is a many-layered ministry. It provides the community with gently used housewares and clothing at affordable prices. Consigners can earn a little income. Volunteers minister to each other and our customers, forming multi-generational friendships. Donated items that do not sell are given to other charitable organizations. And the Green Door donates from its profits to other charities as well as tithes to the church. In 2015, The Green Door awarded gifts totaling $65,000 to local, state, and world ministries. The 2016 gifts are expected to be larger. Please consider consigning your gently used items, donating, or volunteering at The Green Door. We are open Tues through Sat. 10:00 until 1:00. You can call Cynthia at the store with any questions, (210)-826-7111.

When I first arrived, I immediately felt welcomed even though it probably helped that I go to youth group at the same church that Happening was taking place. My favorite part though, was how close our “small family” became, because we spent most of our time together. By the end of the weekend, I felt like I could share anything with my “small family”. Another activity that I liked was the carrot toss. I received many letters from my friends and family and I've never felt more loved. It was such an amazing experience and I cannot wait to go to His Love.

Alexis Guerrero St. Luke's Youth

Happening From a Youth P erspective

At my church youth group my friends kept bugging me about going to Happening, a lock in at my local church because they said it was life changing and that it’s just something that I need to experience. When I would ask what exactly goes on at Happening, they would just say “you’ll have to see for yourself” or “it’s a surprise!”. I was very excited but also little nervous for what they had planned. Now that I've been to Happening I know that my friends knew what they were talking about.

The Green Door

The Women’s Auxiliary of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church started the Green Door Thrift Shop on April 13, 1953. They are now known as The Women of St. Luke’s or WOSL. The first shop was in a rented space and was staffed by 10 female volunteers. Today, the Green Door operates at 1030 Nacogdoches Road on a property owned by the church. Sixty plus male and female volunteers and two paid employees efficiently run the store. In the first year profits were $3000. The profits for 2016 exceeded $78,000.

3 New Ministries

In November, St. Luke’s Church quietly launched 3 new outreach ministries: A “Little Library,” a “Little Food Pantry,” and a Prayer Box. These beautiful “houses” were made by Chuck and Susie Bush, and have been mounted on posts where you enter St. Luke’s south parking area from Jones Maltsberger Road. The principle behind these ministries is that they are hosted by the St. Luke’s community, and serve the community at large. The “Little Library” is a miniature lending library. If you have books to donate, go ahead and add them to the library. If you see a title that you want to read, borrow it, read it, and return it when you are finished. The “Little Pantry” is a miniature food pantry. The directions on it simply say, “If you need a little, take a little. If you’ve got something to share, leave it.” Anyone in need can stop and take some basic, non-perishable food items. Anyone in the congregation should feel free to bring a few cans of food and restock the pantry from time-to-time. On the side of the “Little Pantry” is a mailbox. Paper and pen are provided for anyone who wants to leave prayer requests. Those prayers will be collected weekly and incorporated into the prayers of the parish.

Number of Sunday celebrations of the Holy Eucharist: 210 Number of weekday celebrations of the Holy Eucharist: 81

Number of visits to take communion to the homebound: 134 Number of School Chapel Morning Prayer Services: 142

Number of Baptisms: 23 Number of Marriages: 8 Number of Confirmations: 21 Number of Burials: 14

Christmas Worship Attendance:

4:00pm = 425

6:00pm = 184

8:00pm = 325

10:00pm =155

Christmas Day = 84

Total = 1,173

Total Easter Attendance = 1,107

Number of children adopted through Christmas Angel Tree = 225 Number of people who read the Bible in 90 Days = 85

Number of households who made a financial pledge = 294 Total amount pledged for 2016 = $1,117,696.24 Average Pledge = $3,801

2016 By the numbers

Here are some statistics from 2016 that give some insight into the life of St. Luke’s Church and where God was moving among us.



At a regular meeting of the Vestry held on December 19, 2016, the following agenda items were discussed or acted upon: Current Vestry Members: Charles John, Reid Harrell, Heather Shipley, Denise Powers, Michael Seiferth, Melissa Priest, Howard Lutz, Hollis MacDonald, Doug Walton, Lindsay Bagby, Tyler Mercer, Suzette Harris, David Cotton, Bill Goetz – Treasurer. Opening Prayer: The Rector opened the meeting with a prayer. A timekeeper was appointed. Rector’s Time: David Read shared an update on the rebuilding of the pipe organ. The first of two trucks is currently scheduled to arrive on Monday, January 16. The reinstallation will take approximately 30 days, plus some days for tuning and voicing. He gave an update on pledges received and thanked the vestry members for their help in following up with parishioners. This process will continue in January. He reminded the vestry members that the Annual Council of the Diocese of West Texas will take place Feb. 23-25 in Corpus Christi. At that Council we will elect a new Bishop Suffragan. Following the same pattern as in previous years, the vestry approved the diocesan apportionment distribution. Thank you John Badders: The Rector noted that this was John Badders last meeting before his retirement and thanked him for his service, counsel, and wisdom. John’s retirement breakfast is scheduled for January 8, 2017. Executive Session: The vestry met for a brief executive session led by the Senior Warden. Administration: Bill Goetz reported that the diocesan apportionment for 2016 has been paid in full, and the revolving line of credit with Jefferson Bank has been paid off. The finance committee is working on the 2017 Operating Budget which will need to be adopted at the January 17 meeting of the vestry. The minutes from November were adopted without amendment. Nominations: Reid Harrell reported on the work of the Nominating Committee which consists of 5 retiring members of the vestry and several parish members. The committee will be ready to nominate 5 persons to serve 3-year terms. Women of St. Luke’s: Dana Hamilton gave a brief update on the work of the Women of St. Luke’s. Church-School Liaison: Michael Seiferth gave a brief update on the work of the School Board of Trustees. Next Meeting: January 17, 2017 at 6:00pm in the Large Conference Room Annual Parish Meeting: January 22, 2017 at 10:00am in the Parish Hall.

The Daughters of the King

Are you interested in deepening your spiritual life and extending Christ’s kingdom by committing yourself to prayer, service and evangelism? This is the mission of the Order of the Daughters of the King. Women parishioners interested in knowing more about the Order or becoming members may contact Judy Burnside (210-826-2117), who will be convening a class to provide information about the Order and, for those interested, to prepare candidates for admission in the spring. The St. Luke Chapter meets monthly and is a fellowship that currently has 25 members. The Daughters pray daily for those on the St. Luke’s prayer list and engage in a number of service projects. New members are welcome!

Welcome to the Body

Welcome the newly baptized: Daniella Leal Vasquez Abigail Susan Williams Welcome the newly married of St. Luke's: Louis Clellan Cook and Allison Nicole Bartys Ryan Joseph Berger and Mollie Lynn Richardson For more information on being baptized or having your child baptized at St. Luke's, contact Sara Carrizales, Clergy Secretary, at Upcoming Baptism dates are February 26th, April 15th, May 7th, June 4th, and July 2nd.

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and School 11 St. Luke's Lane San Antonio, Texas 78209

Nonprofit Org US Postage Paid San Antonio, TX Permit No. 1001

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church 11 St. Luke’s Lane, San Antonio, TX 78209 (210)828-6425 | The Rev. David G. Read, Rector -

Joseph Degollado, Facilities Manager -

The Rev. Michael Koehler Assistant to the Rector -

Ann Allen, Children’s Ministries -

Sara Carrizales, Clergy Secretary -

Glenn Meschko, Youth Ministry -

Tom McLaughlin, Head of School -

Suzanna Frey, Assistant to Christian Formation -

Russell Jackson, Music Director & Organist -

Daniel Kittrell Director of Communications -

Dr. David Heller, Associate Organist -

David Thomas, Parish Administrator - Rhonda Jordan, Parish Secretary -

Tidings - January 2017  
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