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Annual Report 2018


a newsletter of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and School


St. Luke’s Episcopal Church is called by God to illuminate San Antonio with the light of Christ through transformative education for people of all ages, compassionate care for every member of our community, and inspiring worship and music in the Episcopal tradition.


From the Interim Rector Happy new Year to you all. I am so excited about what this new year will bring to St. Luke’s. When I came on board as your interim rector back in November of last year, we were on some really shaky ground financially. Our stewardship campaign had stalled and the organ fiasco was coming to a head. Through the hard work and dedication of the Finance Committee, the Donor Development Committee, the vestry, and the St. Luke’s staff, we got our arms around the problems and started moving ahead in a positive direction and we ended the year in a much better place than we had forecast. We all worked hard on a budget for 2018 in order to make it realistic and conservative. Living within our means was the watch word. This was all possible due to some major adjustments in staffing. As you all know, Ann Allen, head of children’s ministries, decided to retire in mid-February. This was her decision alone and had nothing to do with budget constraints, but it did give us the opportunity to rethink staff rolls. Jill Martinez has been working with Ann for several months and though no one could ever take Ann’s place, Jill, along with lay volunteers, will be the new head of Children and Family ministries.

As you know, our beloved pipe organ has been rendered unusable by a failed vendor. Our music director, Russell Jackson, along with our fabulous and talented choir remain upbeat and continue to provide beautiful music every Sunday with the aid of a digital organ donated for our use. Plans to repair our pipe organ are on hold until a new rector is in place and a comprehensive capital campaign can be initiated. Our search for a new rector begins in earnest February 3rd when we gather in the gym to begin the process of putting together our parish profile. The parish profile is the document that guides the Search Committee in its selection of our rector. Please plan on being here on February 3rd from 9 – 1. Everyone’s voice is so important in this beginning process. I am thrilled to be with you as your interim rector and I have great confidence in the future of St. Luke’s. This is my church home and will be my church home when my time as interim rector is complete. I want us to thrive. The staff and lay leaders of this church are and will continue to work so that Christ may be made known here on this holy hill.

Even with Ann’s retirement we still needed God bless you all, to adjust our staffing to operate within budget constraints. Therefore, we had to say goodbye to our Fr. John Badders+ Youth Minister, Glenn Meschko. Glenn has served our youth for the past six years with dedication and love and it was heartbreaking to have to say goodbye. Daniel Kittrell, who currently serves as our Director of Communications, has also been working as an Assistant Youth Minister. In addition to his duties as Director of Communication, he will now be the Interim Youth Ministry Coordinator under the supervision of Fr. Michael Koehler. THE REV. JOHN BADDERS

Dates to Know January 21st • Annual Parish Meeting Services at 8 AM and a combined 10 AM. The meeting will take place in the Sanctuary at 11 AM. Discussing St. Luke's and voting for new vestry members. January 21st • Choral Evensong 4:30 PM. Choral Evensong for the Epiphany. Music includes Tomas Luis de Victoria, Craig Phillips, Edgar Bainton's visionary anthem "And I saw a new heaven" and a new setting of the evening canticles by Charles Villiers Stanford. Reception following. For more information, contact Russell Jackson, Music Director & Organist, St Luke's Episcopal Church, Free childcare is provided. January 28th • Bibles for 2-Year-Olds During both the 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. worship services. 2-year-olds and their families will receive their Bible and a special blessing. February 3rd • St. Luke's Parish Profile Workshop 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM. This meeting will be held in the gym. This work session, facilitated by the diocesan office, encourages participation from each and every member of the congregation. The purpose of the work session is to identify who we are and where we are going as a congregation. Lunch and Childcare are provided.

February 14th • Ash Wednesday Services at 8 AM, 12 PM, & 6 PM. Childcare available at 12 PM and 6 PM March 2nd - 4th • Happening Spiritual renewal weekend for older high school students, led by their peers. Happening #139 will take place at St. John's Episcopal Church in McAllen. The retreat cost is $50, and scholarships are available. Any student in 10th grade through 12th grade can attend. March 3rd • St. Luke's Serves! Outreach opportunities for all will give participants a chance to serve as the hands of Christ in our community! Keep a look out for more information! March 24th • St. Luke's Serves! Outreach opportunities for all will give participants a chance to serve as the hands of Christ in our community! Keep a look out for more information! June 18th - 22nd • Vacation Bible School

February 13th • Shrove Tuesday 5:30 - 7:00 PM in the Parish Hall. Ash Wednesday (and the beginning of the season of Lent) is on February 14th, so let's get together before that and enjoy "breakfast for dinner", complete with all-you-can-eat pancakes, syrup, bacon and sausage! In addition to this delicious meal, there will be "Mardi-Gras" crafts for kids. All are welcome AND are encouraged to bring friends!

Interested in Acolyting? *Open to youth 10 years old and above.* If you are interested in becoming an acolyte or learning more about the worship traditions of the Episcopal church, come join us for Sunday School during Lent. This 6 week program will focus on traditions, training, and growing your faith! Contact Michael Mortensen ( Nancy Hawkins ( for more information or to sign-up.

Lent 2018 For Christians, the road to the Passion, Crucifixion, and Resurrection of Jesus requires intentional steps. The great joy and salvation we experience in Holy Week and Easter demands that we take a period of time to reflect and act on the importance of this Truth. For thousands of years, the season of Lent has been set aside to bring all Christians to a deeper understanding of the Love and forgiveness available to us in our Lord Jesus.

During this time at St. Luke’s, we will seek to grow in our personal faith and collective understanding of how Jesus’ words and actions bring us direction and hope in our lives today. You are invited to take advantage of any and all of the opportunities for community, reflection, and action offered as we draw ever closer to Christ’s victory over death at Easter.

Wednesdays in Lent - Starting February 21st 5:45 PM :: Community Potluck in the Parish Hall - The main course will be provided! You are welcome to bring along a side dish or desert to share. Bring the whole family! 6:15 - 7:00 PM :: Lenten Program - Reflections and Community Worship will take place in the Parish Hall for Adults. A program for 1st through 5th graders will occur at this time (details will be announced at a later date). Childcare available fro Kinder and younger aged children will be available.

St. Lukes's Serves - March 3rd and 24th Save these dates! Outreach opportunities for all will give participants a chance to serve as the hands of Christ in our community! More information will be provided at a later date.

Sunday Morning Adult Forum - Observing A Holy Lent Sundays @ 10 AM February 18th - March 18th - In the Parlor

Participants will engage in the 5 aspects of life that are encouraged in the “Invitation to a Holy Lent” from the Ash Wednesday service: “by self-examination and repentance; by prayer, fasting, and self-denial; and by reading and meditating on God's holy Word.” (BCP 265) We’ll look at scriptural and Church Father’s writings for the basis and encouragement of these practices in our daily life.


Vestry CanDidates Over the past 30-45 days the SLEC Vestry Nominating Committee has been meeting and discussing the numerouscandidatesthathavebeenrecommended.Weareextremelygratefultoeveryonethatprovideduswithnamesand guidance as we sorted through the candidates. Members of the Nominating Committee were:David Cotton, Suzette Harris, Charles John, Marie Morgan, Kristyn Mowen, Denise Powers, Heather Shipley, & Kim West. The Committee met to vet and discuss candidates, qualifications, commitment to SLEC and willingness to serve. As a result, the Nominating Committee is pleased to present to the SLEC parish the following nine individuals who have been selected and agreed to stand for election to the vestry.

Chuck Bush

Years Attending: 6 Years Occupation: Retired Army Officer

What groups/Ministries of St. Luke’s are you involved in? I am involved in Christian education co-teaching Godly play, Lay Eucharistic Ministry, 4th day reunion groups as a follow on to Cursillo, and EFM (Education for Ministry).

What do you love about St. Luke’s? What I love about St Luke’s is the people. I appreciate our traditions and our mission of bringing the light of Christ to San Antonio. What gifts or skills would you bring to vestry leadership? I am a good listener that takes the time to understand issues and concerns. I am a good follower. I respect the consensus of the leadership team and will work tirelessly to help make St. Luke’s successful. I am very organized and have a strong background in planning and operations. I have a lot of leadership experience from my years in the military and leading the vestries of three other Episcopal churches.

William R. “Will” Holshauser

Years Attending: 8 Years Occupation: Commercial Real Estate Finance - Owner of Trinity Real Estate Finance Inc. What groups/Ministries of St. Luke’s are you involved in? I have been a part of the “Luke” Lay Eucharistic Minister team for approximately 5-6 years. Also my wife Jenny and I have led Children’s Classes on Sundays.

What do you love about St. Luke’s? As a lifelong Episcopalian, I relish the liturgy and structure of our organization and services. Plus, the greater St. Luke’s Community is a high quality collection of faithful people. What gifts or skills would you bring to vestry leadership? I am a native of San Antonio and graduate of Alamo Heights, as well as Vanderbilt University. I am blessed with a loving wife of 10 years and two small children. Beyond my family, I am a shareholder in a financial services business focused on commercial Real Estate with 15 employees and 1.7 billion of loans under management. I bring strong leadership and interpersonal skills, vision, and a thoughtful, analytical approach to management and problem solving.

Roger Thurmond

Years Attending: 22 Years Occupation: Insurance Business Development

What groups/Ministries of St. Luke’s are you involved in? I am involved with the Matthew Team (Lay Eucharistic Ministers) and have served for approx. 10 years. I have been an usher for approx. 15 years. Last year I served as Head Usher. I have also served as a co-chairman on the Stewardship Committee.

What do you love about St. Luke’s? I love the traditions, the pageantry, and the members that belong to the St. Luke’s family. I have many lifelong memories at St. Luke’s that include many family members. What gifts or skills would you bring to vestry leadership? Having been involved in various areas of St. Luke’s, I truly feel that I have the desire to serve; as well as the ability to bring people together for the common good of our St. Luke’s Church members. I have worked in the Insurance business for the last 20 years. This experience has helped me in collaborating with many different and talented individuals. I understand the value of working with others and finding commonalities that bind us together as Christians. I do believe in the power of prayer and it is a part of my daily life. I welcome the opportunity to serve God, St. Luke’s Church, and all of its members.

Seth McCabe

Years Attending: 10 Years Occupation: Budget & Finance Director for Bexar County What groups/Ministries of St. Luke’s are you involved in? My wife and I have acted as Sunday School teachers for the past few years with my wife being more of the active teacher and I being more of the “hall monitor.” Our family has also assisted with making and providing sandwiches over the last several years for the Under the Bridge ministry. Together, with our two daughters, we have also participated as ushers and oblationers at the 9am service in the last year.

What do you love about St. Luke’s? Our family came to St. Luke’s ten years ago due to the family environment and youth ministry that St. Luke’s provides. We have felt like a member of a solid Christian community since the first day we came to Sunday service and have enjoyed watching our children grow and be nurtured in a family environment. What gifts or skills would you bring to vestry leadership? My financial background and problem solving ability are the skills that I feel that I would bring to the vestry leadership. I have developed a strong foundation of budgeting and financial forecasting capabilities during my time with Bexar County, which requires me to work with others in putting together a $1.7 billion budget. As the Budget & Finance Director for Bexar County, I am also called upon on a daily basis to problem solve and lead a team in developing funding strategies for future initiatives. I feel these skills and attributes would be helpful at this time as a member of the St. Luke’s Vestry.

Steven Rodriguez

Years Attending: 5 Years Occupation: Professor

What groups/Ministries of St. Luke’s are you involved in? Children’s Bible Study, Vacation Bible School What do you love about St. Luke’s? Open-mindedness and thoughtfulness about studying and applying the bible that I see in staff and congregants. What gifts or skills would you bring to vestry leadership? I feel I am particularly gifted at understanding the needs of others. In my professional endeavors, I have always taken an entrepreneurial approach to use this gift to build new ways to bring people together toward service. I think that this gift would be particularly helpful in group planning about the overall long-term priorities of the church community.

James Michael McMillan

Years Attending: 20+ Years Occupation: CEO & President of Galore Resources Inc. What groups/Ministries of St. Luke’s are you involved in? Over the years I have been involved with the Donor Development Committee, usher teams, youth mission trip, youth fund raising (golf events and auctions), youth Sunday School teacher, and volunteer. What do you love about St. Luke’s? I love the fact that St. Luke’s is a community of good people who are committed to loving each other and helping each other grow closer to God. I have seen my two boys grow in this church and my granddaughter baptized here. St. Luke’s is a church home of good supportive people. What gifts or skills would you bring to vestry leadership? The ability to think outside the box. For over 20 years I have been involved in consulting, restructuring and selling on-going service companies in the energy industry. Currently, I am in the process of salvaging a public junior mining company into a success. I wish to use these skills to be an effective participant in dealing with any negative issues dealt St. Luke’s and turn them into a positive. There’s always a solution. I hope to encourage a more vibrant and meaningful environment at St. Luke’s.

Roberta Kidder

Years Attending: 3 Years Occupation: Program Manager, Clinical Analyitcs and Informatics at Air Force Operations Agency

What groups/Ministries of St. Luke’s are you involved in? I am involved in Young(ish) Adult small group (Coffee and Compline), Green Door, Altar Guild, Usher, Food after Church service on Sunday, Women of St. Luke, Angel Tree, Previously Adult Sunday School. What do you love about St. Luke’s? It’s like St. Luke’s opened her arms and welcomed me into her heart. No church is perfect, just like us they are flawed, broken and need God to light their way. St. Luke’s may not be perfect but she’s pretty perfect for me. What gifts or skills would you bring to vestry leadership? 20+ years of Management: Analytical, practical, diligent and direct in communications. Ability to make hard decisions when needed.

Laura Salfen

Years Attending: 6 Years Occupation: Development Assistant at the San Antonio Botanical Garden and Adjunct Music Instructor at St. Philip’s College What groups/Ministries of St. Luke’s are you involved in? I have been a member of the St. Luke’s Choir since 2011 and have attended several Holy Strollers events with my son Wystan.

What do you love about St. Luke’s? Kevin and I were first drawn to St. Luke’s by the outstanding choir and music program, and we have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in the choir residencies at Gloucester Cathedral and Washington National Cathedral. I also love the welcoming, caring atmosphere of St. Luke’s and the opportunities the church provides for spiritual growth. What gifts or skills would you bring to vestry leadership? I am detail-oriented, hard-working, and dedicated. I also believe that my nonprofit and development experience would be helpful as St. Luke’s looks for new approaches to sustaining the good work the church is already doing and to exploring new opportunities in a time of transition.

Renee Wright

Years Attending: 15 Years Occupation: Marketing/Office Manager - Shelly Home Company What groups/Ministries of St. Luke’s are you involved in? I started as a Sunday school teacher and Godly Play team leader in 2003 and continued to teach until 2016. When my boys were young, I was very involved with children’s ministry and was the chairperson for the group. I have volunteered and held leadership roles with Vacation Bible Study for the past 15 years to include chairing VBS. I have been extensively involved with the Women of St. Luke’s and served as a board member for multiple years as a past President, Christian Giving chair and nominating chair among many other roles. I am a past Chairman of the Green Door Thrift shop and also served on that board for multiple years. I was part of the team that installed, implemented and trained the volunteers on a computer software system. My husband and I were also founding members of the Amigos Young Married fellowship group. What do you love about St. Luke’s? The first time Keith and I visited St. Luke’s, it was “senior recognition Sunday” and a senior in high school named Elizabeth Allen delivered the sermon. I was so impressed with what she had to say and I vividly remember thinking that I would be so proud if my boys (ages 3 and 1 at the time) could grow up with such a strong church family. Our oldest son is now a college freshman and while he did not deliver the sermon as a senior last spring, I am so proud that our boys have grown up with a strong church family that has loved and supported us for so many years. St. Luke’s church through Sunday school, youth group and other fellowship gatherings such as the Advent Wreath Event (which we have never missed) has given each of my boys a strong Christian identity and I am so thankful for our church home. I am also thankful that through the Amigos group, Keith and I made our closest friends in San Antonio and all of our kids have grown up together and now their bonds are continuing on through college and in to adulthood. What gifts or skills would you bring to vestry leadership? I was blessed to stay home with my three boys for many years when they were young and I used that time to volunteer in multiple capacities for St. Luke’s. I have experienced so many ministries that span across generations. I have formed friendships with some of the youngest and oldest members of our church and I believe all of my past volunteer experiences would be beneficial to the vestry leadership. Now that I have returned to the work force, I am enjoying the ability to work in a creative environment while using my book keeping and past banking experience. I believe these skills would also be beneficial to the St. Luke’s vestry leadership.

Music Ministry There are some exciting things going on in our music department. Last year I made known we were hoping to set up a series of Choral Scholarships to help endow the interns’ positions, and the V.H. McNutt Memorial Foundation graciously came forward with a $2700 sponsorship. So I’m pleased to announce that Valerie Jeannin will be the first recipient of the McNutt Memorial Foundation Scholarship. If you would be interested in sponsoring the same amount for another recipient I would be pleased to hear from you. You may have noticed the temporary organ situation is sounding a little bolder. Since the Visser was removed for rebuilding three years ago, we’ve been relying on a little Rodgers electronic instrument. Since the Rodgers has been failing, and now that we know the pipe organ has been severely damaged and will be out for a long period, Mary Ann Winden very kindly came forward to offer us her Allen organ which was installed in her home. This is a larger digital instrument that was

originally installed in a church and is much more able to accompany the choir and lead congregational singing, so many thanks to Mary Ann. We have a Choral Evensong coming up on January 21 at 4:30 – the same day as the Annual Meeting – so we invite you to come and experience the holiness of beauty as the Choir sings music by Stanford, Phillips, and Bainton’s exquisite “And I saw a new heaven.” Later in the season, on March 18 at 4:30, the Choir performs Sir John Stainer’s “The Crucifixion” as a Lenten Meditation. This work chronicles the last few hours of Jesus’ life beginning with the Arrival in the Garden of Gethsemane and culminating in the Last Words from the Cross. The meditation features great choruses, recitatives, magnificent hymns, and tenor and bass soloists. We do encourage you to witness this great piece of writing in preparation for Holy Week.


Daughters of the King The Order of the Daughters of the King is an international order of women of the church who meet regularly, support one another and devote themselves to lives of prayer, service and evangelism. Would you like to be a member of the St. Luke chapter of this Order? There will be a few sessions of preparation this winter and spring followed by an admission service in June. Our motto is “I am but one; but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. What I can do, I ought to do. What I ought to do, by the grace of God, I will do. Lord, what will you have me do?” For more information about becoming a Daughter, contact Gretchen Bealer at 210-824-6191 or ask anyone you see wearing a modified Greek Fleury cross, the cross of our Order.

VBS 2018

June 18th - 22nd 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Mark your calendars for this always amazing week! Kids ages 3 years (by June 15th) through 5th Grade will discover the many ways that Jesus is with us at all times and in all places! There will be opportunities for rising 6th through 9th graders to serve as "Crew Helpers", and for rising 10th-12 and adults to serve as "Crew Leaders!" On-line registration will begin on March 1, and forms will also be available in the narthex and church office. Many, many helping hands are needed to make this wonderful week as memorable as it always is, and so be praying about ways you might want to serve! Details will also be available beginning in March! If you have any questions, contact Jill Martinez (

Welcome to the Body Welcome the newley baptized: Oliver Hieftje Welcome the new members of St. Luke's: The Morin Family Gregory, Jennifer, and Elizabeth Kirkland For more information on being baptized or having your child baptized at St. Luke's, contact Michaela Rogers, Administrative Assistant to the Clergy, at Upcoming Baptism dates are: February 4th & March 30th (Easter Vigil).

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Vol. 59, No. 1

St. Luke's Annual Report 2018  

St. Luke's Annual Report 2018 (Tidings) for St. Luke's Episcopal Church in San Antonio

St. Luke's Annual Report 2018  

St. Luke's Annual Report 2018 (Tidings) for St. Luke's Episcopal Church in San Antonio