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Colin’s Potential

Since 2014, when then 10-year-old Colin Schlereth was diagnosed with stage 4 medulloblastoma, the Schlereth family has been on a journey strewn with tears, fears, frustrations and triumphs. Medulloblastomas are fast-growing tumors that develop in a part of the brain that controls movement, balance and posture. Both the tumor and its treatment, which included proton beam radiation therapy and chemotherapy, sidelined Colin from hockey and hurt his school performance. “As a parent, it was devastating to see your son go from a healthy, active and thriving fourth-grader to one who was unable to write his name,” says Becky, Colin’s mother. According to CDI cancer researcher Josh Rubin, MD, PhD, pediatrics, cognitive deficits are the greatest obstacle to full functional recovery in the survivors of pediatric brain tumors. Now, CDI funding brings researchers in his lab together to answer an important question: can data, collected at the time of a child’s diagnosis, predict that child’s cognitive outcome? “Until we understand how tumors derail the structural and functional factors of brain development, it will be difficult for us to optimize cognitive recovery,” Dr. Rubin says. “Now, we don’t know how much influence genetics, environment and treatment have in determining outcomes.” 6

Children's Discovery Institute: 2018 Report to Investors  
Children's Discovery Institute: 2018 Report to Investors