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MARCH 2018


The Parish of Hythe St. John the Baptist St. Anne

Joel 2: 12-14

THE PARISH OF ST JOHN’S AND ST ANNE’S SUNDAY: 8.00am Holy Communion at St John's 9:00am Holy Communion at St Anne's (3rd Sunday 3.30) 10:30am Parish Eucharist at St John's (2nd Sunday of the month)

10:30am ‘Open House’ - All Age Worship at St John's (1st Sunday of the month) 5:00pm Jubilatte Café Church Fellowship, Worship, Discussion and Refreshments (2nd,3rd, 4th & 5th Sundays) 6:30pm Sung Evensong at St John's TUESDAY: 9:00am Holy Communion at St John's 10:00-11:30am Coffee and Pause for Thought at St John's FRIDAY: 10:00am Holy Communion at St John's (1st Friday of the month] 3:30-5:30pm Messy Church at St Anne’s Fun, Activities, Crafts, Worship and a Meal

WHO’S WHO VICAR: Revd. Jo Elvidge (023 80845615) The Vicarage, 14 Atheling Road, Hythe SO45 6BR LICENSED LAY MINISTER: Sue Blomley (023 8084 9482) CHURCHWARDENS: David Blomley (023 80849482) Martin Deadman (023 8178 2640) CHILDREN & FAMILIES MINISTRY COORDINATOR: Chris Stubbington via Hall Office (023 8084 4336) ST JOHN’S HALL: (0238084 4336) ‘CONTACT’ EDITORS: Phil & Catherine Preston (or contributions to the parish office) ADVERTISING: via Hall Office (023 8084 4336) DISTRIBUTION: Maureen Curtis (023 8084 6861) For Weddings and Baptisms please phone the Hall Office 023 80844336

VICAR’S LETTER Dear Friends, We all relish a great love story and this love story is no different.

It all begins with one emperor penguin jumping out of the water and doing a belly splash onto the ice. Then he rises on his little web feet and the voice of the narrator says: "Like most love stories, it begins with an act of utter foolishness. Each year at about the same time, the emperor penguin will leave the comforts of his ocean home and embark on an incredible journey. Though he’s a bird, he won't fly. Though he lives in the ocean, he won't swim. For the most part, he’ll walk. But he won't walk alone." Gradually the scene fills with hundreds of penguins, padding along on their little feet, past immense ice formations under a crystal blue sky. The destination is always the same, but the path isn’t, since the ice and land never stop shifting. New roadblocks will arise which seem to baffle them. But they never stop for long. Soon one of them will pick up the trail and the journey continues. That's the introduction to the epic film the March of the Penguins. It's the story of their journey of over 70 miles to mate and breed in the most unaccommodating of conditions. Mark 1 verses 9-15, begins the tale of another and even more amazing love story, and another journey, the march of Jesus, the journey of Lent, and the journey of faith. The story begins with Jesus’ baptism where he’s affirmed as God’s Son, it continues with his journey into the wilderness, which is a time of preparation for His vocation to proclaim the good news of the Kingdom; here begins a journey that leads to the cross. Lent is a time when we’re called to reflect on our journey and to seek to walk more closely with Jesus. Whilst the destination is always the same, the path can be quite different for each

VICAR’S LETTER and every one of us. The good news is we never make the journey alone. Our Lenten theme for this year is "Sharing God’s Life" and during Holy week Edgar will be leading us on a “Journey into the Deep” in which we’ll reflect on where we are on our journey of faith and seek to go deeper. To follow Jesus we have to be prepared to journey with him. In the same way that Jesus’ ministry began with His baptism – so our journey of faith and of being a disciple of Christ begins with our baptism. Lent is a time when we draw aside, when we spend time alone with God in the wilderness, reflect on our journey so far and prepare ourselves for our vocation. Lent is a time when we face up to the temptations that life throws at us and learn to resist them in the light of Christ’s example. Lent is a time when we’re invited on a journey. Like the penguin's march, it’s a journey of love that begins with an act of utter foolishness as St. Paul says in 1 Corinthians. ‘The message about the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God’. If we want to be part of the most amazing love story of all time we must be prepared to make the journey of faith, to take up our cross and follow Christ. If we really want to get to the destination that Christ leads us to and has promised us then, like the emperor penguin we have to take that leap of faith. Each of us has to take steps not only to deepen our own faith so that our spiritual lives are enriched we are also called to accompany one another on that journey. Have a safe and blessed journey and a very Happy Easter when we get there. Yours in Christ


Lent lunches will be served every Saturday During Lent to raise money for conservation Projects both local and international Come and enjoy delicious soup, fresh bread, cheese And tea or coffee Suggested minimum donation £5 for adults, £3 for concessions No need to book, just come along All are very welcome 17th February, 24th February, 3rd March, 10th March, 17th March and 24th March 12.00-1.30 at St John’s Hall New Road, Hythe


We pray that our church family will be united in our worship of God, in fellowship with one another, and in ministry to the community.

Today, we pray especially for: Amanda Blomley Sheila Bolwell Harry Went Val Wright Ann Cowburn Kenny Sweetman Pamela Bird Sheila Kendrick Janet Papworth Greta Wall Win Hardwick Cathy Heyes Jean Shorter

Keith Bolwell Michael Whittington Henry Bird Pat Hill Nicholas Ken Hailstone

We give thanks for the lives of all those known to us who have died. In particular we remember Bridie Phelan, Tony Shorter, Clive Foster, Keith Briant, Walter Gregory, Eileen Ruffell, Mary Moat and Dorothy Carr and pray for their families and friends.


‘In Mary Sumner’s Footsteps’ is our Mothers Union chosen theme for 2018. At our meeting on Thursday 8 March at 2pm at St John’s Hall, our speaker will be Jane Horne who will tell us more about how to expand Mary Sumner’s vision. All are very welcome. A reminder about the Woman’s World Day of Prayer Service on Friday 2 March at 2pm at ‘Cornerstone’ URC. The theme is ‘All God’s creation is very good’, and has been compiled by the women of Suriname. Please come along if you can. All are very welcome.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT A Restless Hope Do not give us rest, Lord while people are hungry and we are rich As long as justice is a dream press us on and do not give us rest. Do not give us rest, Lord while people live in fear and we are safe As long as hatred stifles love stir us up and do not give us peace. Do not give us comfort, Lord, while people are desperate and we are well. As long as lives are lived in pain disturb us and do not give us comfort. But give us hope to share, O Christ hope that disturbs and stirs and shakes the hope of Job the hope of new life beyond the pain Until all find comfort and peace and rest Christ, give us hope to share. Acknowledgements: Francis Brienen, The Prayer Handbook, URC, London. Contributed by Margot Lewis.


What We Said 100 Years Ago Taken from the New Forest Magazine for St. John's March 1918


Vicar : Rev F. E. Y. Hooke, M.A. Churchwardens Mr. E. Lermitte, Mr. E. ManLay Reader—Mr. J. Orkney. For Services, see January number

HOLY WEEK. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday services will (D.V.) be as follows—HOLY COMMUNION :— Monday and Thursday, 7.45; Tuesday 6.45; Wednesday 11.0 Mattins each day at 10.30. Evensong each day at 8. Devotional Service and Address on Wednesday at 3. GOOD FRIDAY: 8, Mattins 10; Children's Service: 11.45, Litany and AnteCommunion Service with Addresses on the Seven Words of our Lord from the Cross, lasting till 3 ; Evensong, 8. Last year, the Three Hours Service. was held and was much appreciated and very well attended; but there was hardly any congregation at 11. The Vicar feels that the needs of those who come at 11 can be met by the early part of the Three Hours Service—as a matter of fact nearly all of them came to part of it last year—which will begin with the Litany at 11.45. This arrangement will allow of a Service for Children at 10 which I really needed. EASTER DAY. Holy Communion 6, 7, 8, and 12 ; on the following Monday at 11 ; and the Tuesday at 7.45. White flowers for the decoration of the Church at Easter are specially asked for; they may be sent to the Church on the Saturday morning at 10 a.m. PRISONERS OF WAR. The amount' sent from our branch for each of

NEWS FROM OUR FRIENDS IN RWANDA Dear Family and the whole of Saint Anne’s and Saint John’s Church Thanks for your support and these are blessing that my family will never forget. Linda is starting her second year beginning next month. She is in a short holiday now. She is helping at home. She likes cooking. Herve is still doing internship while waiting to have an opportunity to have a job in that company. He is gaining good experience and hope God will open the way for him. I thank God because they provide him lunch and transport fees. Sylvie is the one who got married last year. She returned to her studies. She is in France doing her internship for 6 months. This will end her studies and she will join her husband in Germany to live in July. Mutesi is still working in the one bank here in Kigali and she is happy in her family. Her daughter Maya started nursery school this year. Dear family, the life is getting more expensive every day every year, here is worse, school, fees, getting a job...very challenging but hope God will continue to provide. Keep in touch. Hope the bank transaction will go on well. I will inform you. May God bless you and will continue to provide and protect you. With love from Jeanne Due to the closure of Barclays Bank I made the decision to pay £900 - two years worth of payments to Jeanne in Rwanda whilst Hythe was still open. I have informed her of what I was doing and why and also told her that the final payment will be with her in 2020 when all the education of her children will be at an end. If any one of you would like to contribute to the fund please pass any cash to me. I can still use the post office for transactions. I thank all of you who have donated in the past. Sue Wood

Do you have any personal VHS videos you are unable to watch, i.e. weddings, holidays, precious memories? For a small donation to our Rwandan fund, I will transfer your videos on to a DVD Contact Sue Wood 02380842320


What to give up for Lent Give up grumbling! Instead, ‘in everything give thanks’ Constructive criticism is OK but moaning and groaning and complaining are not Christian disciplines. Give up 10-15 mins in bed! Instead, use that time in prayer, Bible study and personal devotion. Give up looking at other people’s worst points! Instead concentrate on their best points. We all have faults. It is a lot easier to have people overlook our own shortcomings when we overlook theirs first. Give up speaking unkindly! Instead let our speech be generous and understanding. It costs so little to say something kind and uplifting. Give up your hatred of anyone or anything! Instead, learn the discipline of love. Love covers a multitude of sins. Give up your worries and anxieties! Instead, trust God with them. Anxiety is spending emotional energy on something we can do nothing about. Live today and let God’s grace be sufficient. Give up TV one evening a week! Instead visit some lonely or sick person. There are those who are isolated by illness or age. Why isolate yourself in front of the television? Give someone a precious gift of your time.


Give up buying anything but essentials for yourself! Instead give the money to God. The money you would spend on luxuries could help someone meet their basic needs. We are called to be stewards of God’s riches, not consumers. Give up judging by appearances and by the standard of the world! Instead learn to give up yourself to God. There is only one who has the right to judge, Jesus Christ. Publicly available on Rev. Craig Gates Contributed by Sue Blomley


List of Food Needed Urgent Coffee Sponge Puddings Dried Milk Powder Tomatoes (tinned) Sugar (500g) Toilet Rolls No Baked Beans or Soup please

March 2018 Supplies low Meat (tinned) Pasta Sauce Fish (tinned) Custard Instant Mashed Potato Potatoes (tinned) Rice Pudding Vegetables (tinned)

ONE WORLD Getting Ready to Fly It looked like an impossible dream for a young man fleeing catastrophic civil war. But now Dut Agwang will soon be helping other desperate people as a fully-fledged Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) pilot … Dut reflects on the Bible verse John 15:5: “I am the vine; you are the branches” as he unpacks the intertwining narratives of his story. A gentle strength radiates from this quietly spoken South Sudanese man in his early 30s. Pressing into God like this has brought fulfilment of a dream for Dut. In a country deeply divided by tribal and ethnic loyalties, he has learned to look to God alone for his purpose and strength. “I was on my way from Kenya to Sudan on a military truck and a dream came into my mind that I was flying an aircraft – a humanitarian aircraft dropping food items,” he says. Like many dreams, it was rooted in Dut’s childhood, growing up in camps for refugees and internally displaced people, where the hum of an aeroplane overhead drew the children like magnets. “We would run to the airstrip to touch the aircraft and say ‘hi’ to the pilots. It was a great adventure.” The scene he describes is easy to picture – played out day in, day out at MAF airstrips across the world. Children, just like Dut, inspired by the roar and excitement of a little plane coming into land.

ONE Growing up during the Sudanese civil war of the 1980s and 90s, there wasn’t much space for dreams. Dut knew extreme hardship and heartache as a fleeing refugee living in desperate conditions.

His father, a soldier, died of disease and malnutrition before Dut finished primary school. His youngest brother died of disease when he was just four years old. He had lost so much. “So when the dream came into my mind I prayed immediately to the Lord and said: ‘Lord, may you please let this be a dream come true. And I’ll have to make sure that I live up to it’.” Dut completed his secondary education in Kakuma refugee camp in northern Kenya. “The UN provided many reading materials and I worked hard and passed all my exams,” he explains. But with no money to attend university, he reluctantly started his journey back to Juba, South Sudan. It was then that Dut had his impossible dream, riding on the back of a truck. Arriving in Juba, he found a job next to an office where they were recruiting candidates for a government pilot training scheme. After several interviews, Dut was miraculously chosen and in 2008, his long journey as a pilot began. During his training in Johannesburg, South Africa, he met two pilots who were learning to fly a Cessna Grand Caravan – an aircraft perfectly designed to land in the remotest places amidst extreme weather conditions. These two men were pilots with Mission Aviation Fellowship, an organisation that quickly found a place in Dut’s heart.


When the funding for the government training dried up, Dut was forced to return to South Sudan to look for a job. He heard about a vacancy at MAF, and successfully applied.

“I began working with MAF first as a bookings clerk, then as part of the Dispatch Team and then as Ground Operations Co-ordinator.”Spotting his aptitude, Dut was encouraged to enrol as the first candidate in MAF’s new pilot internship scheme, which he will soon graduate from as a fully-fledged MAF pilot. “I love the purpose and mission of MAF – working for a Christian organisation geared towards serving the lives of desperate people in hard-to-reach destinations. “My life hasn’t been easy; right from the start it has been very hard. I’m thankful to God for taking me to where I am now. Each step is a progress in my life.”

God really can turn impossible dreams into reality, using our ‘mustard seeds’ of faith.

Dut’s story has inspired us at MAF to pray for funds for another Cessna Grand Caravan to fly help, hope and healing in South Sudan. It may be an impossible dream, but we believe that God wants to reach thousands more remote people with the vital cargo they need to survive.

+ To find out more about how you can help turn impossible dreams into reality, visit Article from ‘Inspire’ magazine. Permission for use via June Smith


Here is a report of work and activities organised by our Children & Families Coordinator, Chris Stubbington

Messy Church at St Anne’s has several regular families attending and numbers continue to grow slowly. We have a great team of helpers for this event, which makes it possible to do. Messy Church This started at St John’s in January and was attended by 25 children and 14 carers; a fantastic, very busy afternoon. We would like to recruit a separate team to those who help run St Anne’s, and are looking to actively recruit new helpers for this event. We are very grateful for the St Anne’s team who are happy to support the new venture while we get up and running.

Little Footprints - continues at St Anne’s, with between 15 and 22 carers including dads and grandparents and their babies, They have time to highlight areas of their babies’ development, and we actively encourage parents to give their babies the best start in life. New members join us each week and others leave as mums return to work. We have lost a couple of volunteers at this group and would really appreciate a couple more to help share the workload. This includes tea/ coffee/hot chocolate making, helping with any activities, cleaning and washing of equipment etc. Baby Signing – I ran 2 courses last year, and now almost have enough interest to run another course in the near future. Ignition – We now regularly have 14 young people attend each week. We continue to seek a volunteer to help run the group with drama experience. The group is currently starting to work on a play that Lorna is writing for them.

CHILDREN & FAMILIES UPDATE Sunday Club We are regularly having between 3-8 children. The new way with the children starting in the service, leaving during the second hymn and coming back for communion and staying is working well, although tweaking what we do in the time between to still be able to get the message to them and relate it to their lives can be a challenge in the time. The Parenting Course for ‘Primary Years’ is nearing the end having had 5 families attending. A Parenting course for the ‘Early Years’ parents with children under 5yrs, is starting on 19 April. The Junior Choir now has 7 members, 2 of which do not regularly worship at St Johns but are part of the Ignition group and have been happy if able to come along and sing during the services, they are all working on their appropriate awards. All members now proudly have their Junior Choir hoodies.

‘Open the book’ We have delivered our first ‘Open The Book’ sessions to Waterside Primary and Hythe Primary Schools, both schools very much enjoyed it. The Men’s Group and members of the church are helping us with making props and costumes for ’Open the Book’ a very important part of the project. We will be going into each school once a month. We continue to build good relationships with the schools, the pupils and their families. ‘Who Let the Dads Out’ and ‘Tots Praise’ are new ventures we are exploring with a view to stating here at St Johns. The ‘Marriage Sessions' from ‘Care for the Family’ I hope to run over four evening sessions and am looking into when that

Friday 23 March 2018

Also at St Anne’s Church on the first Friday of each month!

CHILDREN & FAMILIES UPDATE would be appropriate to do. Holiday Club Details about the venue and events to follow soon.

Baptisms We have been busy making Baptism visits and have a growing number of parents wanting to baptise their children with us which is great. We are starting this year to send cards to the children baptised on the anniversary of their Baptism to remind the family of this event and to give them updated information about the work of the church. All these activities take planning, resourcing and preparation, and without the valued support of the church members would not be possible, so many thanks! We would really appreciate more help for the following: • • •

Messy Church at St Johns (4th Friday of the month) Little Footprints at St Annes, Monday afternoons 1-2.30pm (even if not every week) Sunday Club – on a Sunday morning during the 10.30am service to support the leader.

Please prayerfully consider and if you would like to volunteer or if you would like to know more about them please come and have a chat with me. Blessings, Chris Stubbington Children’s & Family Ministry Coordinator

LENT LUNCHES 2018 Part of the money raised through this year's Saturday Lent Lunches will go to support an exciting initiative in India tackling climate change. The Church of South India, which is an ecumenical church formed out of many of the former denominational missions, including the Anglicans, last year launched a bold programme to ensure that all its church schools become "Green Schools". The Church is responsible for over 1000 schools across five states in Southern India, and therefore has a potentially huge impact not just on the lives of local people, but also on the future strategies and development of the country as a whole. The Christian Church, albeit a small minority of the total population, carries huge weight through its long commitment to education. USPG is the global partner supporting the Green School initiative, alongside the local churches in every diocese. • • • •

• •

Each school building will become resource efficient, using little water, minimal energy, and maximum recycling and reusing of materials. Water capture off roofing will be an important feature. All this will be linked to curriculum education, so children learn skills to share with their families and communities as they grow up They will learn to live in harmony with nature, with the forests and hills, and to minimise the use of carbon-based products. Sustainability will be at the heart of the programmatic drive. The Christian faith will be taught, so that God's concern for God's world will become a motivation and driver for both individuals and communities. The whole programme will be linked to initiatives of the national government, through its Department of Science and the Environment. Mobile libraries will be established to assist with literacy, and to carry practical resources for environmental care by the community.

One head teacher talks of an area where massive chemical pollution has taken place, and is exploring with his staff how the programme can help pupils and the community heal some of this catastrophic damage to the environment. Your gifts at the lunches will go to fund USPG's partnership in this exciting programme, spurred by the local church in action. Thank you for your support. Edgar Ruddock



"Journeying into the deep..." This is an invitation to go on a journey! To make your own personal journey through the days of Holy Week. Too often we jump to Easter Eggs and fluffy bunnies, without struggling with the stark realities of our broken, troubled world. This journey goes deep, so we may fly high! You might simply want to follow the story of Jesus’ last days on earth, as it unfolds in all its tragedy and exhilaration. You may want to go a little deeper, and explore some of the symbols of the week as we unveil them from our reading of the Scriptures. Or you may like to go deeper still, and choose an area of your life that you are unhappy or uncomfortable about, and think through how it might change for the better. Together and alone, we will explore how we can grow into people more whole and purposeful, a community journeying closer to Christ. Join us as we weave our own stories, memories, experience and hopes into the unfolding drama of the week, which will be led by Canon Edgar Ruddock. Palm Sunday …. Into Jerusalem 10.30am St John’s

A Day of Triumph and Humility


…. Into Conflict -

A Day of Anger and Justice


…. Into Deception -

A Day of Tricks and Questions


…. Into Hard Truths - A Day of Challenges and Warnings

These 3 meetings in the context of Night Prayer, each at 7.30pm


Good Friday

Into the Abyss - A Day of Love and Disaster

A 3 hour devotion, midday, following the Ecumenical Witness at 11.00am Saturday

Into Loneliness - A Day of grief, emptiness, and waiting

Easter Sunday

Into New Life - The Day of Mystery and Joy

Sunrise service 6.30am Easter Family Eucharist, 10.30am For more information about these events, please ask Jo or Edgar NOTE FROM THE EDITORS Contact We hope you enjoy this issue of ‘Contact’. Your ideas and contributions are welcome: please send them to us by the 14th of each month. Please note that we cannot publish copyright images, texts or articles without the express permission of the artist or author! Phil & Cat Preston - email:

ST JOHN’S BELL APPEAL An ‘A PEAL’ for St John’s Bell to Ring Again. We are looking to have our bell ringing out to the community again in time for the Anniversary Remembrance Day Service in November. Many of you have said how much you would like to hear the bell again - well now is your chance! To make this happen we need to raise funds. Anyone wishing to donate please place in an envelope. If you are a tax payer and able to gift aid, please hand in to the office or give to church wardens. Cheques made payable to St Johns PCC Hythe. Anyone wishing to host an event of some sort - or if you feel the need to sky dive or bungee jump to raise funds please let us know and we can arrange publicity etc for you. Any further ideas for fund raising gratefully received. Lets hear it for the bell…...


Please note that we are working with our advertisers to update you with good quality adverts. New advertisers are always welcome!

Would you like to advertise in this space? Please contact Barbara in St John’s Hall office: 023 80844336

FOOD FOR THOUGHT I’ve had people say to me, ‘Huh, God is just a crutch!’ Well, sorry they're wrong! God isn’t a crutch, he’s a stretcher! Based on a quotation from a member of the Christian Rock Group Petra

In St John’s church we have a prayer net in the Lady Chapel. If you would like us to pray for you, or someone you love, please write details on one of the paper fish and tie it to the net. We will pray as requested each evening and the fish will be offered up to the altar at the 10.30 Eucharist on Sunday.

DEMENTIA DROP-IN Dementia Drop-in The Dementia Drop-in runs alongside our Tuesday morning coffee from 10:00- 11:30am on the first Tuesday of each month. There is a local advisor from the Alzheimer's Society available for advice and support.


Jill's Silky Scarves After the great support that I had at the Christmas Fair I have decided to continue to sell silky scarves. Now would be a good time to sort out your scarf drawers ready to restock at the May Fair! I need more scarves to sell! Thank you!


I'm giving up spray deodorants for Lent. Roll on Easter 2018! Borrowed or lent: you choose? Why did the Easter Egg hide? Because he was a little chicken! Church notice: This being Easter Sunday, we will ask Mrs Cusworth to come forward and lay an egg on the altar. Come work for the Lord. The work is hard, the hours are long and the pay is low. But the retirement benefits are out of this world!


We are holding a COFFEE MORNING in St John’s Hall, Hythe on Saturday 17th March 2018 9.30 – 11.30 Please come along and bring your friends. Tea, coffee and cakes Bring & Buy Gifts & Raffle Greetings Cards The Lent Lunch is immediately after this at 12.00 in the hall


Phone: 023 8084 7520

New advertisement pending.

Steve’s Piano Tuning and Repairs Steve Robson 19 Depden Gardens, Dibden Purlieu SO45 4RX Tel: 02381843827 Mob: 07905 451131

CAN YOU HELP? Coffee Shop needs extra helpers! The Tuesday morning coffee shop in St John's Hall would love to have some extra helpers. Could you spare a couple of hours once or twice a month to join our friendly team? Help is needed to serve coffee, tea and snacks, or to wash up. The coffee shop is an important place for many people to find reasonably priced refreshments on Market Day, and it also helps to keep the Indoor Market going, which contributes to Church income. If you think you could help, please contact Barbara in the hall office 023 8084 4336, or Rosemary Watson 023 8084 1189. Church Cleaning Church Cleaning - As you may know we now have Charlotte who comes in for an hour on a Tuesday to vacuum the church, clean the floor tiles and clean the disabled toilet. So all the hard work is done by Charlotte but general dusting and cleaning still needs to be done. There is a list at the back of church asking for volunteers to complete the cleaning during each month. If you are able to spare about an hour one week then please sign up and the more volunteers we have the better. Thank you! Delivering ‘Contact’ If you enjoy reading ‘Contact’ every month, please do consider joining our team who deliver to regular subscribers. More info from Maureen Curtis (023 8084 6861) Thank you!

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Easter Services at St John’s and St Anne’s 2018

3.30pm 8.00am 9.00am 10.30am John’s 6.30pm

Friday 23 March Messy Easter at St John’s

Sunday 25 March Palm Sunday Holy Communion at St John’s Holy Communion at St Anne’s Palm Sunday Procession with donkey at St (meet in car park by The Grove at 10.20am) Choral Evensong with Passion Narrative at St John’s

Monday 26 - Wednesday 28 March (each evening) 7.30pm Holy Week - Night Prayer at St John’s Thursday 29 March Maundy Thursday 3.30pm Messy Easter at St Anne’s 7.30pm Jesus’ Last Supper including Communion and Washing of Feet 11.00am 12-3pm

Friday 30 March Good Friday United Service at Waitrose (meet in car park by the library at 10.45am) ‘Into the Abyss’ - Reflections, hymns and prayers at St John’s

Sunday 1 April Easter Sunday Dawn Eucharist at St John’s Easter Day - Said Holy Communion at St John’s 9.00am Easter Day Service - Holy Communion at St Anne’s 10.30am Easter Day Service– Family Communion at St John’s 6.30pm Easter Songs of Praise at St John’s 6.30am 8.00am

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March 2018 Contact