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JULY 2017

The Parish of Hythe St. John the Baptist St. Anne

St John’s Patronal Party

THE PARISH OF HYTHE—SERVICES AT ST JOHN’S AND ST ANNE’S SUNDAY: 8.00am Holy Communion at St John's 9:00am Holy Communion at St Anne's (3rd Sunday 3.30) 10:30am Parish Eucharist at St John's (2nd Sunday of the month) 10:30am ‘Open House’ - All Age Worship at St John's (1st Sunday of the month) 5:00pm Jubilatte Café Church Fellowship, Worship, Discussion and Refreshments (2nd,3rd, 4th & 5th Sundays) 6:30pm Sung Evensong at St John's TUESDAY: 9:00am Holy Communion at St John's 10:00-11:30am Coffee and Pause for Thought at St John's FRIDAY: 10:00am Holy Communion at St John's (1st Friday of the month] 3:30-5:30pm Messy Church at St Anne’s Fun, Activities, Crafts, Worship and a Meal

WHO’S WHO VICAR: Revd. Jo Elvidge (Tel. 023 80845615) The Vicarage 14 Atheling Road Hythe SO45 6BR e-mail: LICENSED LAY MINISTER: Sue Blomley (Tel. 023 8084 9482) e-mail: CHURCHWARDENS: David Blomley (Tel. 023 80849482) e-mail: Martin Deadman (Tel. 023 8178 2640) e-mail: ST JOHN’S HALL: (Tel. 0238084 4336) e-mail: ‘CONTACT’ EDITORS: Phil & Catherine Preston (or contributions to the parish office) e-mail: ADVERTISING: via Hall Office (Tel. 023 8084 4336) e-mail: DISTRIBUTION: Maureen Curtis (Tel. 023 8084 6861) For Weddings and Baptisms please phone the Hall Office 023 80844336

VICAR’S LETTER Dear Friends, With the results of the General Election and Brexit negotiations looming we are experiencing a time of great uncertainty. At times such as this it’s important that we encourage and support one another, seeking the good of all people. It’s amazing what support and encouragement can do for our sense of self worth. Steven Morris was a special needs child in Mrs. Bernaducci's class. Steven was a thin African-American boy who was blind. His handicap negatively impacted his self-esteem. However, over a period of time, his teacher realized that Steven had exceptional hearing.

One day she accidently put the class mascot, a mouse, into the rubbish bin. The scratching noise created a minor panic until Steven located the mouse. Mrs. Bernaducci exclaimed: "Steven, you are truly a wonder." The nickname caught on. The next year little Stevie Wonder, full of a sense of his own value, began playing the piano. Stevie 'Wonder' would go on to influence and change American music all because of Mrs. Bernaducci's support and encouragement. We all need that kind of encouragement. Especially in times like this. Times that try our souls. Times that cause stress and uncertainty. St. Paul writes, in his letter to the church in Rome that we should build our neighbours up and live in harmony with one another in accordance with Christ’s example and teaching. “Each of us must please our neighbour for the good purpose of building up the neighbour. For Christ did not please himself; but, as it is written, “The insults of those who insult you have fallen on me.” For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, so that by steadfastness and by the encouragement of the scriptures we might have hope. May the God of steadfastness and encouragement grant you to live in harmony with one another, in accordance with Christ Jesus, so

VICAR’S LETTER that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Welcome one another, therefore, just as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.” Romans chapter 15 verses 2-7. I pray that in the days and months ahead we will truly seek to support and encourage one another by listening to everyone’s point of view. Whilst we may disagree, let’s not be disagreeable but go, filled with the Holy Spirit, into our world with kindness. Yours in Christ


Jill's Jewels I have decided to pass my Church Fair jewellery stall on [after about 15 years!] Luckily Annie and Pam have agreed to take it on. I have thoroughly enjoyed running the stall and I am very grateful for all the lovely things that I've been given to sell over the years. Thank you also to everyone who has helped with the stall. I shall go on selling silky scarves so please keep them coming. Thank you!


NEWS Contact We hope you enjoy this issue of ‘Contact’. Your ideas and contributions are welcome: please send them to us by the 14th of each month. Phil & Cat Preston - email:

Could this be you? Would you be willing to produce the weekly pew sheet? Tim Gibson needs someone to take on this useful task. Contact Tim on: 023 80846744

Messy Church We are looking for some more helpers to join our wonderful crew. Messy Church is held on the first Friday of the month at St Anne’s at 3.30pm. A planning meeting is held for us to discuss the theme and activities we would like to do, to which all helpers are invited. If you feel led to join us in this fantastic outreach work please prayerfully consider this and talk to Jo or me. Many thanks Chris


Sue's Christmas Angel Project We need to let more people know about our Christmas Carol services in a fun way they will remember. We need to get the message out there, and as God's messengers are Angels what better way to spread the word than with Angels? 500 to be precise. I am challenging St John's and St Anne's to produce 500 small Angels as Christmas tree decorations. We will attach a label to each Angel saying, 'Please take me home and take me to a Carol Service.' On the back we'll put the times of our Carol Services. Then at the beginning of December we'll start to give them away to everyone in the village. If everyone, and I do mean everyone, in the two congregations makes an Angel we'll have about 80 Angels. If everyone who makes an Angel makes one a month we'll have about 480 Angels to give away. They can be in any medium that appeals to you, shells, beads, drawings which we'll laminate, plain or painted wood, knitting, crochet, embroidery: you name it, we can do it! To encourage us all there will also be Angel workshops every Friday from 10.30 (after the Holy Communion service] until 12.00, when people can get together whilst making Angels, or bring some of your own work just for the chat and company.


Contemplation during a Mother’s Union Quiet Day at Wolvesey contributed by Margot Lewis Angels Should you hear them singing among stars Or whispering secrets of a wiser world, Do not imagine ardent fledgling children. They are intelligences old as sunrise That never learnt left from right, Before from after, Knowing but one direction, into God, But one duration, now. There melody strides not from bar to bar, But like a painting hangs there entire One chord of limitless communication. You have heard it in the rhythms of the hills, The spiralling turn of a dance, the fall of words or the touch of fingers at the right, rare moment, and these were holy, holy. John V Taylor

PARISH OF HYTHE MONTHLY PRAYER LIST Lord God, you have taught us that we are all members one of another; we thank you for the community of which we are part; for those who share with us in its activities and for all who serve its varied interests. Help us to make our own contribution to the community and to learn to be good neighbours, that by love, we may serve one another. Today, we pray especially for: Frances Short Val Wright Harry Went Pat Hill Sheila Langley

John Madgwick Michael Whittington Kenny Sweetman Ann Cowburn baby Lillie

Mary Moat Samantha BaileySheila Kendrick Margaret Legate

We continue to pray for our Rwandan family and their community. From the registers We give thanks for the lives of baby Noah, Doreen Boyes and for the lives of those we loved who have died; and pray for their families and friends.

We pray for the work of Alpha around the world and its mission to equip the local church to help invite people to explore the Christian faith; especially praying for those participating in the Alpha course at St John’s.


My tribute to Eric Beech How appropriate that Eric`s funeral was on Maundy Thursday. The Eucharist was very important to him, and although he had been unable to come to St. John`s very often in recent times he received the Sacrament regularly at home. He was a server for many years, and we were often together in this role. Before the service everything would be set out carefully because only the best was worthy to be offered to his Lord. When, occasionally, we used incense we were grateful for his expertise. Afterwards he would let us know in no uncertain terms if it had not gone well. St John’s has a fine processional cross, in memory of a former Vicar, but it is not easy to carry because it feels top-heavy. The one which is now used regularly is a tribute to his skills in woodwork. “Well done, good and faithful servant” Norman Curtis


St. John's September Fair Saturday 2nd September 9.30am.-12.30pm In the churchyard and church Grand Raffle, Cake and savouries stall, Book stall, Gift stall Tombola, Jewellery stall, Scarf stall, Plant stall, BBQ, Refreshments, Guess the name, Hamper Raffle, Cards and stationery stall, Bottle draw, Bric-a-Brac, Mothers Union stall and children's games. ‘Sounds Easy’ are coming to sing!


The Anglican Diocese of Swaziland in Southern Africa

A further article in the series on the world church, written by Edgar Ruddock The Kingdom of Swaziland sits on the edge of the great African escarpment, squeezed between South Africa to the West, and Mozambique to the East. It is one of the smallest countries in Africa, stretching barely 100 miles from north to south, and about 70 from East to West. It has a population of around one million, and is governed by an ancient Royal House. Swaziland was never conquered in colonial times, unlike most other countries in Africa. It did however, become a British Protectorate in the nineteenth century, in a deal that secured the continuation of the Kingship, and avoided all-out war with the British. The current King, Mswati III, took the throne on the death of his father, at the young age of only 16. That happened while he was at school in Sherborne, in Dorset. There were high hopes that he would become a moderniser, and more of a democrat, but sadly he was under the tutelage of the old guard, and has assumed most of the old ways, with even more exploitation of the poor than under his father's rule. The old man had been widely loved and revered as a man of wisdom and integrity: these are not qualities associated with the present leadership, even though monarchy remains a deeply embedded concept for the Swazi people. The Anglican Church in Swaziland was for many years part of the Diocese of Zululand in South Africa - the siSwati and siZulu languages are very closely linked. It became a separate diocese in 1968, when the country assumed full independence within the Commonwealth.

THE WORLD CHURCH The country is a very rural, and traditional one. It is scenically very beautiful, with mountains to the north rising to 4000', and wide savannah in the south, in the lowlands, where the climate is sub-tropical. There has been a strong sugar industry, and agriculture, including maize and pineapple, thrive, when the rains are good. In times of drought however, there is much hunger and hardship for rural people. Tourism is increasingly important - there are now several wonderful game reserves displaying all the glories of Africa' rich ecosystems. Swaziland has two main cities, the capital Mbabane in the north-west, and Manzini, "down the valley", in the centre of the country. These are bustling modern cities, with many of the amenities, and challenges, we would recognise here in Britain. There is a growing educated middle class, with ever increasing aspirations, though many leave the country for South Africa or overseas, in search of better employment opportunities. The church is vibrant and strong, though suffers from limited leadership experience. Many of the more able clergy seek to move to South Africa, which perpetuates many of the church's problems. The current bishop, Bishop Ellinah Wamukoya, is a wonderful woman who was previously Chief Executive of Manzini City Council! She became Africa's first woman bishop some five years ago, which was remarkable, as she was elected within the diocese, not known for its liberal views! The church makes a great contribution to the life of the country. It has especially led the way in the fight against HIV/AIDS which has ravaged the country over recent years. The church runs clinics, testing centres, and many orphanages for children left parentless. It is a story of heroism amidst great tragedy.

THE WORLD CHURCH The church has had many decades at the forefront both of education and healthcare. These are now increasingly being handed over to government, but these institutions have been, and remain, centres of Christian mission and influence in the country. Annette and I lived in Swaziland for three years during our time in Africa, and our children attended a very international government primary school in Mbabane, where Annette also taught. I was at that time running training programmes across the Province of Southern Africa - the church including South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia and the South Atlantic Islands. It was during a time of great challenge and change in the region as apartheid collapsed. This had a big effect on Swaziland, as during the years of sanctions against South Africa, Swaziland was a centre of employment and education for many exiles. After 1994, trade with South Africa resumed across the world, and many jobs were lost in Swaziland as a result. The price is still being paid. The church today is rediscovering itself, and has a continuing role in sharing good news with local people, especially through rural development, women's groups, education, and primary health care. The Mother's Union is especially strong, making a great contribution to both the church and many local communities. Swaziland's is an often forgotten church, but needs all the prayers and encouragement from us that we can offer.

NEWS FROM RWANDA News from Rwanda

In April a payment of 450 pounds was sent to Jeanne in Rwanda and I heard back on 3 May that It has been received safely. This payment will go towards the youngest child Linda’s education. She has just started university. Jeanne sends her thanks for both the money and our prayers. I have been doing quite well in my fundraising via the video to DVD service but I do miss the loose change that was so generously placed in the collection box that used to stand at the back of St John’s. For those of you who don’t know the box disappeared from the church early last year, so if you would like to be relieved of your loose change I would gladly welcome it. Just put it in an envelope and mark it "for the attention of Sue Wood Rwanda" and hand It in to the office or give it to Trish or Ann Heslop and they will see that it is delivered. Money can also be deposited straight into Barclays Bank: A/C in the name of. Mrs G V Wall & Mrs S Wood A/C No. 83002152 Sort Code. 20 53 53 Thank you for your ongoing support.

Sue Wood Do you have any personal VHS videos you are unable to watch, i.e. weddings, holidays, precious memories? For a small donation to our Rwandan fund, I will transfer your videos on to a DVD Contact Sue Wood 02380842320


Tickets £7.50 (concessions available)

Do come along to hear these lovely singers! Proceeds in aid of St John’s Church Building Repair

ST JOHN’S PATRONAL FESTIVAL A ‘patronal festival’ is a celebration held in honour of the patron saint of a parish. St John the Baptist is the only saint who is honoured on his birthday; so we have a birthday party for him! This year we were entertained by the talented J.B., a Christian illusionist. He wrote to say; “ that it was a real Blessing to be with you all yesterday and thank you for inviting me along to your Patronal Festival. What a lovely group of people and very welcoming. Everyone made me feel quite at home..THANK YOU…”


Holiday Club St Anne's Community Centre, Warry's Close, Butts Ash, S045 3QQ Monday 31st July—Thursday 3rd August 9:30am - 12:30pm

Landlubbers is suitable for children starting school in September 2017 to 11 years. The children will discover the treasure in the Gospels, namely 'Jesus', through various activities which will include drama, craft and games. The cost is £5 for the 4 days for the first child, and £3 for the 4 days for each additional child in the family; or £2 per day and £1 per day for

each additional child.

For more information and to book a place, please contact either St John's Office or Chris Stubbington on 02380 844336 or

Registration forms will need to be completed. Leaders are fully DBS checked.


The “Ewe Matter” Project that St. John’s and the primary schools in Hythe have been involved in has been encouraging students to think positively about their self-worth as well as the value of the skills and experience of people from other generations. The life-size fibreglass sheep, which the children in the schools have been decorating, are being used across a range of curriculum areas. The sheep will be named at the special Year 6 leavers’ service being held at St. John’s in July in which each child will receive an ‘It’s Your Move’ booklet which will provide them with guidance on the transition from primary to secondary school and help them feel confident about this time of change.

Do you know any good sheep jokes? No - all mine are baaaad! What do you call a quiet sheep? A shhh-eep!


One of the large sheep being decorated.


A reminder of our Corporate Communion Service on Friday 7 July at 10:00am at St John's Church. Please come if you can. All are welcome. On Thursday 13 July at 2.30pm in St John’s Hall we shall be holding our Annual General Meeting. Please would members bring their subscriptions, overseas or other contributions and any toiletries for the women’s refuge. Any suggestions for speakers for next year’s programme would be much appreciated.

Christian Aid week 2017 Many thanks to all those who contributed so generously to the appeal this year. Once Gift Aid has been added we shall have a total of £450. Well done! The C.A. Team.


WHAT WE SAID .. Taken from The New Forest Magazine for St. John’s, Hythe July 1917 This was as far I got, this month, as the Rev. Hooke had written 6 pages this month (actually a sermon preached in Church on Sunday June 10th) and I felt obliged to read it all in case there were any gems of interest!) The Editor of New Forest Magazine had relegated Hythe to the back pages of the edition! But first…….. S.P.G Sale of Work. Deanery grounds, Southampton, Tuesday July 10th, at 2.30. Programme:Opening ceremony by the Mayer and Mayoress

Talk by Miss Pedder, of the S.P.G. staff in 3.30 Easter play “Go and Tell”


War teas

4.00 to 6.00

Children’s Pageant “England’s Call”


Talk by Medical Court


Pageant repeated


The work of the medical Missions in India will be illustrated by a small hospital, with staff of Nurses and Children in native costume as patients, under the direction of Miss Mocatta and Miss Pedder. About 100 children — King’s messengers — from seven parishes are taking part in the pageant. ADMISSION FREE. The purpose of the sale is larger than that of raising funds though it is hoped a substantial sum will be realised. The Rural Dean and the Committee felt that interest and knowledge must come before prayer and offerings, and therefore appeal to the Church and her members to avail themselves of this opportunity of learning more about Missionary Work, and to support it by their presence. Winchester Diocesan Fund. Received with thanks from Sir Richard Gethin, Bart. 10/6. Then followed the sermon. Rev. Hooke wrote that…. He wanted to speak to you this morning about the choral celebration of Holy Communion on the third Sunday of the month…….. In this country before the Reformation, Communion had been getting less frequent; the lay people were present at the service but received

.. 100 YEARS AGO communion often only once a year. The service itself came to be regarded as something done for them by the priest and the congregation were present only for the worship and not Communion. The first English Prayer Book turned the Latin service, the Mass, into the Communion to enable the lay people to take their full share…...the rubric said “at least three times a year, of which Easter was to be one” and it was quite clear that three times was the minimum and not the maximum.(!) …….And so he asked that we might together make the effort here to give the Lord’s own Service its rightful place on one Sunday in the month. …… He hoped that all those who habitually communicated at the late celebration would continue to do so on the third Sunday, unless, of course, they felt that music and hymns were a hindrance rather than a help to their devotion……. The object of shortening Mattins before this service was to avoid repetition, for instance, to avoid two creeds, two collects, the Lord’s Prayer being said four times, prayers for H.M. The King on four separate and distinct occasions: in fact, to shorten the service where possible. …… it was considerably shorter than sung Mattins followed by Holy Communion without music and also shorter than Mattins with Litany or the second part of the prayers and sermon….... ……. There would be a break after Mattins during which a hymn would be sung and those who wished to leave Church were asked to do so then and make their offering at the door where a bag would be held. Those who wished to be present for the later service but not Mattins would have the full opportunity of doing so by coming at 11.30 while the hymn was being sung. (The Rev Hooke also included the following “I venture to say, as gently and courteously as possible — does not Christian charity suggest to you that the future is with those who are younger than yourselves; that it may be a real privilege to put aside what you prefer and remember that if those in your position in the past had made a successful attempt to resist change, there would have been no progress at all.”!! )

Help Wanted – Cleaning in the Church Would you like to join the band of wonderful people who help to clean the church on a regular basis? The more people who help, the easier it is! Please contact Barbara in the office: 023 80844336.


Weekend at Hilfield Friary in 2018 In 1976 a small group of Franciscan brothers came to Hythe from Hilfield Friary near Dorchester, to lead a Week of Renewal. They could be seen around the village, wearing the distinctive brown habit. Since then, the parish has kept a link with the Friary, and we recently spent a weekend there in the guest house, joining the Community for worship and meals. We also spent some time weeding between paving stones! There are fewer brothers there these days, but they are now joined by other men and women - young and old, married and single - who together constitute the Hilfield Friary Community. This Community shares in a rhythm of daily prayer, looks after the Friary land and buildings and offers hospitality to guests and visitors. Following the example of Francis of Assisi there is a particular emphasis on living simply, generously and joyfully on God`s earth. The land and the animals it supports are cared for and provide food for the Community. This is the responsibility of Richard, who lives there with his wife Chantal and their three young children. There is a common table around which the Community and its guests share meals, and yet there is also time and space to be quiet and alone. We are arranging for a group from the Parish to spend the weekend 14 -16 September 2018 at Hilfield, for the Stigmata Festival which takes place on the Saturday. This is an important festival for the Franciscans, commemorating the time when Francis received in his hands and feet the marks of Christ`s Passion. There is always a guest preacher at the Eucharist, and a talk in the afternoon. There are other interesting activities (e.g. art and craft) and conducted tours of the Friary, If you would like to go, please sign the notice at the back of St John`s and let us have a cheque for ÂŁ25 per person payable to Society of St Francis as a deposit.


If you are a tax payer please ask for a Gift Aid form. The total cost will be £65 per person including food (we will be self-catering). The notice includes some practical details. If you have any queries please phone us on 8084 6861 or come and talk to us at coffee time after the 10.30 Sunday service. There is a wealth of information on the Friary website Maureen & Norman Curtis

St John’s Hall – Hub of Activity in the Community St John’s hall continues to take a very busy and active part in our community. It is used by many groups of all age ranges from mothers and toddlers on a Monday to our senior citizens who attend the Evergreen Club twice a month and our ever-popular lunch club on a Wednesday. The numbers for the lunch club average 38 per week and we are now having to start a waiting list. The indoor market on a Tuesday continues to do well and the coffee shop run by church volunteers is thriving. Every day there is something going on including hiring for children’s birthday parties, jumble sales and book festivals to name just a few. If you would like to find out more about any of the groups using St John’s hall please contact the office on 02380 844336.


The ‘One World’ group offered us a story from ‘Tear Times’ magazine this month, hoping that it may encourage others to do something different and help those in need at the same time. The complete article is available in St John’s hall office and online at: Publications/Digital_Tear_Times if you’d like to read it (we have to abide by copyright laws!)

Zip It Grandma! A retired school teacher, discussing her 80th birthday plans, told her grandchildren “I’ve got

everything I need” so decided to do something really different. The intrepid grandma chose to ride on the world’s fastest zip wire at 119mph! This lovely lady made the once-in-a-lifetime occasion even more special by raising sponsorship for Tearfund, saying “I just wanted to help

some children that were in difficulty - I wasn’t scared it was just so exciting”


Tearfund say, ‘You don’t have to be a thrill-seeker like this grandma to bless others on your birthday. Perhaps you could donate to Tearfund instead of cards or presents, or take a collection at your party. Make 2017 a

memorable year by showing your friends and family how much you care about people living in poverty’ has ideas for sharing a generous birthday this year. Article shared by J Shewry and J Smith.

Jo’s Jokes: • • •

I saw a Broadway show about puns. It was the ultimate play on words. I submitted ten puns to a contest, hoping one might win the prize, but no pun in ten did. Glue stick: is that redundant or an epoxymoron?

The Sunday School teacher was describing how Lot's wife looked back and turned into a pillar of salt. Little Johnny interrupted, "My dad looked back once, while he was driving," he announced triumphantly, "and he turned into a telephone pole!”


The Children’s Society Annual

Barbecue At 12.15pm Sunday 13 August In Sue & Peter Harvey’s garden, ‘Craigmore’, Lime Walk, Dibden Purlieu If it rains, the event will be held in St John’s Hall Tickets at the bargain price of £7, on sale after 10.30 services or from the hall office (booking essential) Includes BBQ and salad followed by legendary puds. Soft drinks provided, bring your own stronger drinks Please bring a chair

Let us know: dietary requirements/ if you need transport

INFORMATION Thank you from the Women’s Refuge The Parish of Hythe is brilliant! I put out an appeal for items needed by the families who move on from the refuge—they now have plenty and are very grateful for all the donations of pots and pans, cutlery and crockery. Taize Evensong One of the younger members of our congregation, Hannah, has been invited to sing at Winchester Cathedral’s Taize Evensong on 30 July at 6pm. All welcome. Prayer Net In St John’s church we have a prayer net in the Lady Chapel. If you would like us to pray for you, or someone you love, please write details on one of the paper fish and tie it to the net. We will pray as requested each evening and the fish will be offered up to the altar at the 10.30 Eucharist on Sunday.

The Quick Way to Get Rid of Mice Three churches in town were overrun with mice. The minister of the first church trapped them, thereby starting a bitter row among his congregation about showing compassion towards God’s creatures. The minister of the second church humanely trapped the mice and set them free outside. Three days later, the mice were back. The minister of the third church humanely trapped the mice and then carefully baptised them. They have not been seen since! Author unknown submitted by Annie Carpenter

COULD YOU HELP? Coffee Shop Volunteers Needed Are you able to spare some time on a Tuesday morning to help in the hall coffee shop? We are looking for more volunteers to take an active role in this important community activity. Would you like to help set up at the beginning and close down at the end? Do you have a food hygiene certificate or would you like to apply for one? Interested in any of this please see Barbara in the hall office. 02380 844336. Holiday Club Craft Materials We require, please, the polystyrene bases that you get under chilled pizzas when you purchase them. We would be grateful if you could have washed them and they are not broken. If you have any, please drop them into the office.



Always there…….24/7… support anyone at any age when life is difficult and may seem too much to bear. It helps to talk and sometimes it is easier to talk to someone you don’t know. Someone who you know will not judge you and someone who will not give you advice…...someone who is a Samaritan volunteer. Desperate? Alone? Suicidal? If you need help…...Ring on 023 80632888 or 08457 909090 e-mail us on

Visit us between 8am and 10pm at 11 College Place, London Road, Southampton. SO15 2FE No one else need know


Would you like to advertise in this space? Please contact Barbara in St John’s Hall office: 023 80844336


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Dementia Drop-in at St John’s We are really pleased to announce that we are hosting a new Dementia Drop-in at St John's Church. This will be for people with dementia, their carers, family and friends. The Drop-in runs alongside our Tuesday morning coffee from 10:00- 11:30am on the first Tuesday of each month. There is a local advisor from the Alzheimer's Society available for advice and support. They can: • Listen to you and answer your questions • Help you to identify what information you need and how to find it • Provide you with tailored information to help you live your life to the full • Help you to access the services you need • Support you to plan for the future ‘Contact’ is the magazine published on behalf of the Parish of Hythe Opinions expressed in contributions, accepted in good faith, are not necessarily those of the PCC, Clergy or Editors Closing date for contributions: 14th of previous month

July 2017 Contact  
July 2017 Contact