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2nd Sunday of the month


(1st Sunday of the month) 5.00pm (2nd, 3rd, 4th &5th Sundays) 6.30 pm TUESDAY:

Holy Communion at St. John’s Holy Communion at St. Anne’s Parish Eucharist at St. John’s Refreshments afterwards in the Hall or St. John’s Open House. All Age Worship at St. John’s Refreshments afterwards in Church Jubilatte Café Church Fellowship, Worship, Discussion & refreshments Sung Evensong at St. John’s

9.00 am Holy Communion at St. John’s 10:00-11:30 am Coffee and Pause for Thought in St. John’s

FRIDAY: 10.00 am Holy Communion at St. John’s First Friday of the month 15.30-17.30 pm Messy Church at St Anne’s At St Anne’s Fun, Activities, Crafts, Worship and a meal. VICAR:

Revd. Jo Elvidge The Vicarage 14 Atheling Road Hythe SO45 6BR

(Tel: 023 8084 5615) E-mail:


Sue Blomley

(Tel. 8084 9482) E-Mail:


David Blomley

(Tel. 8084 9482) E-mail:

Barbara Griffiths

(Tel 07833105099) E-mail:

ST. ANNE’s PRO Wdn. Sue Harvey

(Tel 8084 2333)


(Tel: 8084 4336) E-mail:


Olivia Pearce

via Hall Office

(Tel 8084 4336) E-mail:

Maureen Curtis

(Tel: 8084 6861)

For Weddings, please ring the Hall Office 023 8084 4336

For Baptisms, please see our website


St. John’s Sunday Coffee Rota Most of you appreciate how you really enjoy a good cup of tea/coffee after the Sunday Service, with a biscuit/cake and a good chat/catch up. We rely on volunteers to make and serve the refreshments every week. Unfortunately one of our team has had to bow out for personal reasons, so we would dearly love to recruit another to join a most valuable band of helpers. You know we work in pairs, supporting each other and each team is only called upon six times a year. If you are interested please catch me at church or phone 02380 843559 to leave a message and I will get back to you. Thanks Carol Moody

The SWIFT Consortium aims to provide sustainable water and sanitation across the world. It is led by Oxfam, with Tearfund and ODI as global members and Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) as global associate. SWIFT has provided WASH services to nearly 850,000 people in DRC and Kenya. The South Asia WASH Results Programme (SAWRP) is led by Plan UK, with WaterAid, Unilever and WSUP, as well as WEDC and Ipsos MORI as Monitoring, Evaluation and Verification Advisor. SAWRP has provided WASH services in Bangladesh and Pakistan. Sustainable Sanitation and Hygiene for All is implemented by SNV. SSH4A has provided sanitation and hygiene services to people across Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Nepal, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.


Dear Friends, November is a time when we look back and remember. On ‘Remembrance Day’ we remember those who have sacrificed their lives in past wars. We also remember loved ones who are no longer with us at ‘All Souls’. This year as we remember past wars we are faced with the terrible images of the conflict in Syria and we pray for peace and an end to the suffering. Remembrance is an important part of our Christian Faith. On the night before He died, at the last supper, Jesus took a loaf and broke it and gave it to his disciples saying: “Take eat, this is my body which is broken for you, do this in remembrance of me.” Then he took a cup with wine. He drank from it and gave it to his disciples saying, “Drink this all of you, for this is my blood which is shed for you and for many for the forgiveness of sin.” Christians are to be living reminders of Christ's presence in the world. St. Paul writes: “Remember Jesus Christ, raised from the dead, a descendant of David—that is my gospel for which I suffer hardship, even to the point of being chained like a criminal. …… I endure everything for the sake of the elect, so that they may also obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus, with eternal glory” (2 Timothy 2:8– 10). It’s only when we’ve remembered the Resurrection of Christ, God’s salvation promise that we can truly look forward with hope. For Christians November is both a time of remembering and looking forward. November marks the beginning of the Church’s year, Advent begins at the end of November which marks a time of looking forward to new beginnings and preparing for Christ’s coming.” So as we look back and reflect on the past let us at the same time remember to look forward in the Hope that is ours in Christ Jesus. Yours in Christ Jo

Parish Philanthropy Vicar’s Talents: This year the talents challenge has raised an amazing £2180 to be used as part of the mission fund. Thanks go to all those who took part. Among the many talents here are just a few examples; some hosted events, held talks, made food, took up genealogy or wrote poems, all of which just goes to show the wide and varied talents of our congregation at St John’s. Harvest Supper: I would like to thank all those who attended and performed at this year’s harvest supper. Although not a fundraiser we hope it has helped to nurture a sense of fellowship within our community and my thanks especially go to: Liz Beeson, Jackie Caveney, Elizabeth Deadman and Joyce Dowell for all their help and support both leading up to the harvest supper and on the night itself.


Dementia Drop-in Support Group Meet first Wednesday of each month 2:30 to 4:30pm

Come when you can, leave when you must For carers & Those living With dementia Held at Hythe URC New Road Hythe, SO45 6BR

For more information contact Sally on 02380843560 or email

Hythe and Waterside Dementia friendly Group

Food for thought as we especially remember our loved ones this month REMEMBER ONLY MY BEST When I come to the end of my journey And I travel my last weary mile Just forget if you can, that I ever frowned And remember only the smile Forget unkind words I have spoken Remember some good I have done Forget that I ever had heartache And remember I've had loads of fun Forget that I've stumbled and blundered And sometimes fell by the way Remember I have fought some hard battles And won, ere the close of the day Then forget to grieve for my going I would not have you sad for a day But in summer just gather some flowers And remember the place where I lay And come in the shade of evening When sun paints the sky in the west Stand for a few moments beside me And remember only my best. Source unknown Kindly contributed by Margot Lewis Toilet twinning allows people in the UK to sponsor a toilet and the associated sanitation needs in a developing country. £60 not only builds a safe and clean toilet, but helps communities make lasting changes that will ensure the health, hygiene and wellbeing for generations. With safe toilets and education about hygiene, people have more time for the education or work that supports them, and are far more likely to live into a healthy old age. 50% of people in hospital in the developing world are there because of disease due to poor sanitation; such diseases kill around 900 children a day. For £1 spent on water sanitation programmes brings £8 in increased work time and reduced health costs. So twinning just one toilet reaps at least £480 of benefits. Added to the nonfinancial rewards of increased dignity, is the inclusion of women in community decisions, and increasing safety for women and girls from the risk of assault.

Comedy Corner (just trialling a new thing – do let me know your thoughts) The following have been taken from various parish newsletters:

The Scouts are saving aluminum cans, bottles and other items to be recycled. Proceeds will be used to cripple children. The peacemaking meeting scheduled for today has been canceled due to a conflict. Remember in prayer the many who are sick of our community. Smile at someone who is hard to love. Say "Hell" to someone who doesn't care much about you. Next Thursday there will be auditions for the choir. They need all the help they can get. Irving Benson and Jessie Carter were married on October 24 in the church. So ends a friendship that began in their school days. At the evening service tonight, the sermon topic will be "What Is Hell?" Come early and listen to our choir practice. This evening at 7 PM there will be a hymn singing in the park across from the Church. Bring a blanket and come prepared to sin. Weight Watchers will meet at 7 PM at the First Presbyterian Church. Please use large double door at the side entrance. The Associate Minister unveiled the church's new tithing campaign slogan last Sunday: "I Upped My Pledge--Up Yours" The Fasting and Prayer Conference includes meals. The sermon this morning: 'Jesus Walks on the Water.' The sermon tonight: 'Searching for Jesus.' Ladies, don't forget the rummage sale. It's a chance to get rid of those things not worth keeping around the house. Bring your husbands. Don't let worry kill you off - let the Church help. Miss Charlene Mason sang 'I will not pass this way again,' giving obvious pleasure to the congregation. Eight new choir robes are currently needed due to the addition of several new members and to the deterioration of some older ones. Please place your donation in the envelope along with the deceased person you want remembered. The church will host an evening of fine dining, super entertainment and gracious hostility. The ladies of the Church have cast off clothing of every kind. They may be seen in the basement on Friday afternoon. Low Self Esteem Support Group will meet Thursday at 7 PM. Please use the back door.


From the registers. We give thanks for the lives of:-

Joan de Haven And any known to us whom we have loved

CHARITY CHRISTMAS CARD SALE November 5th St John’s Hall 9:30am – Midday Stallholders will include RNLI and Save the Children. Refreshments will be available.


Parish of Hythe Monthly Prayer List November 2016 Lord God, you have taught us that we are all members one of another; we thank you for the community of which we are part; for those who share with us in its activities and for all who serve its varied interests. Help us to make our own contribution to the community and to learn to be good neighbours, that by love, we may serve one another. Today, we pray especially for:-

Frances Short

John Madgwick

Mary Moat

Amanda Blomley

Michael Whittington

Val Wright

Barbara Scriven

Kenny Sweetman

Ray Ricardi

Veronica Clasby

Penny Pomeroy

David Taylor

Roy German

Edgar Ruddock

Harry Went

Samantha Dowell Bailey

Maddy Lawrence

We continue to pray for our Rwandan family and their community

What We Said 100 Years Ago Kindly submitted by Roy German

Taken from The New Forest Magazine for St. John’s, Hythe November 1916 National Mission. Please note carefully the times of the services and other arrangements. Our “Messenger” sent by the Bishop is The Rev Canon J. J. Cooke-Yarborough. He will come, all being well, on Saturday, Nov. 11th and be with us for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Saturday Nov 11, Reception of the Messenger and devotions in the Church at 8.15 p.m. Sunday Nov. 12, HOLY COMMUNION 8. Canon CookeYarborough will preach at 11 & 6.30 Monday Nov. 13 HOLY COMMUNION 11. Intercessions and address 2.45. Devotional Service & Address 8.15 Tuesday Nov, 14 HOLY COMMUNION 6.45 Intercessions & Address 8.15 Wednesday Nov 15 HOLY COMMUNION 7.45 Intercessions & Address 2.45 Devotional Service & Address 8.15 D E D I C AT I O N A L F E S T I VA L & H A R V E S T THANKSGIVING There were more Communicants than last year and the offerings for the Southampton Hospital and the Eye Hospital amounted to a little more. Canon Cooke-Yarborough very kindly came to pay us a preliminary visit and preached morning and evening., and also addressed two meetings about the National Mission in S. John’s Room. The Church was nicely decorated. Many thanks to those who sent fruit, flowers and vegetables and to those who gave their time to decorate: but we want more helpers for this work.

We are most grateful to Mr. Kingham for his suggestions and for the trouble he took in darkening the Church and making it possible to continue the evening services. The result seemed to be quite satisfactory. Mrs. Bowyer has collected over the past year over £5 for the Church of England Waifs and Strays Society: this includes the contents of the Lenten envelopes and boxes. The task of collecting is one which few people care to undertake, and we are most grateful to Mrs. Bowyer and to those who contribute. BIBLE STUDY The subject chosen in preparation for this Mission is the early history of the Church.; the main points for study at the first meeting held on Oct. 12 were as follows. 1. Our Lord when on earth founded His Church which is defined in the N. T. as “The Body of Christ” 2. To the Church, our Lord gave certain commands, commissions and powers: the power to make rules and regulations which shall be obligations on its members. 3. He solemnly commissioned His apostles. He promised that the Holy Ghost would come to them after His ascension. 4. But our Lord told the apostles that all these commissions and powers were only to be exercised and fulfilled through the Holy Ghost and that they were to wait till He came.

Kindly submitted by Roy German

Exxon Mobil ‘Day of Caring’ Exxon Mobil awarded St. John's Church a ‘Day of Caring’ on October 10th. It was a glorious sunny day when early in the morning trade lorries turned up to deliver building materials needed for the day, tools to complete the various jobs and a skip to dispose of the waste materials. It was not long before twenty volunteers descended on the churchyard to carry out the numerous jobs that had been discussed with Gareth Brown, a team leader from Exxon Mobil. Gareth explained the various tasks and the health and safety aspects of each one. These included removing clutter from the underground cellar, clearing the paths of weeds, removing brambles, strimming grass and sanding down the benches and the main door. The volunteers worked in groups, it was a ‘team building’ day for them and they clearly enjoyed what they were doing. At midday it was a wonderful sight to see so many adults enjoying a picnic on the grass in the churchyard. With the advantage of the glorious weather and the hard work of the volunteers, all the tasks were completed and a few extra ones too. During the day Trish and Rosemary supplied the crew with tea, coffee and the very popular home made cakes. Rosemary Watson the "Jill of all trades" did not stop working and Kevin Elvidge made several trips to the Marchwood tip with a well loaded boot and trailer and with a large bag on his roof rack (we had 3lled the skip by lunch time!!) Our thanks go to the N.F.D.C. for allowing the volunteers easy parking on the day and to PC Builders for supplying materials to stain the benches and main door. We are extremely grateful for the generosity of Exxon Mobil who provided the people-power and materials to complete such a daunting list of jobs. Now it is up to us to maintain the churchyard and there is an idea for this – watch this space! Most of all our thanks go to Alan Ausden. This ‘Day of Care’ was a result of his contact with ExxonMobil. Their 3nancial contribution allowed us to have the Vicar’s Gate restored and now their volunteers have worked wonders in the churchyard. Trish Murphy, on behalf of the Buildings & Maintenance Team.

Poetry Corner

‘Samson’ In Dresden

Kindly submitted by Pamela Gilson

Soot-shadowed angels hush their trumpets to hear from under their poised feet a story of war, and defeat, and strength recovered. Their temple was heaved apart in a night of fire, the topmost golden cross tossed down and buried in a tomb of scorching stone. Beneath the angels’ fretted pedestals, within the new-gilded shell of the church, this cross is the only dark thing to be seen. raw and black as nails raked out of cold ash, a twisted flower planted among pilgrims’ candles, flames as soft as the pastel galleries encircling the listeners, enclosing singers and violins below the resurrected stone bell of the dome.

Stop Press! Help is needed for a few hours to help with refreshments and fellowship at ‘Little Footprints’ a mum and baby group at St Anne’s. Meetings are on a weekly basis starting Monday November 7th from 1-2:30pm. Please contact the office if you are able to help with this on 02380 844336

A very big thank you to those that put so much effort and kindness into Arnold’s memorial service. Particular thanks to Peter, Jo, Lynda and Jeff and to Trish and her willing band of helpers and not forgetting Mike. It was a great comfort to be and for the family to receive so many cards and calls and to share so many memories. God Bless, Marian.

Good Bye Old Friend._ a tribute to Arnold Wride I was in St.John’s one Sunday morning driing around like I generally do when a voice whispered into my ear “How do you fancy an interes'ng and absorbing job?” I looked round and there was Arnold Wride. What I did not know was that Arnold was looking for his successor as Churchwarden. I said to him that I was already very busy in my job as a Ship surveyor. No, he said a task that could occupy some of your evenings. I men'oned that I had a wife, two boys and a dog all of whom liked to see me occasionally. Of course the upshot was that I did accept the request and became a Churchwarden. I knew that if I had a problem I could always turn to Arnold for advice and indeed did so, several 'mes. I had known Arnold in one way or another for years; from the 'me of his daughter’s wedding day when as vestry clerk I relieved him of his top hat and then presented it back to him at the conclusion of the ceremony. I believe this was the only aspect of the ceremony that he had not rehearsed! Our PCC days together, work par'es and fetes, and right back to the days when with him and Marion Avril and myself went on several occasions, to a folk club held in the old HMS Dilligence naval ra'ngs quarters in what is today loosely called the church car park, but was then part of HDC Some of you may remember listening to both Marian and Arnold singing in church, during of our social evenings, some of their wonderful folk songs like “The mighty ship Herzogin Cecille”. I did not know him well, as he worked in London from Monday through to Friday. Aer he re'red of course we met up with each other on numerous occasions and became enmeshed in all sorts of ac'vi'es as diverse as work par'es – where he was known to enjoy the odd bacon sandwich and cup of tea – The wonderful Armchair Travel Club and Quiz nights and the even more infamous Call my Blu: evenings with Arnold’s peculiar mind dreaming up words like Bar'zan and Shalloon and the even more convoluted de;ni'ons of such words! When a<ending one of these evenings he would oen say to me “Would you like to try a drop of this bi<er or stout – he was a great home brewer! Arnold was interested in a wide range of subjects. He was a very interes'ng person to be with - simply because he had so many interests. I and I know many other people will miss him, God bless you Arnold Till we meet again, Tony Bates MBE.

Dates for your diary in the coming months... November 5th 9:30-12:00 th November 13 10.30 am November 13th 6:30pm November 19th 9:30am November 19th - December 4th November 19th 7:30pm November 27th 5:00pm December 3rd 7:30pm December 10th 7:30pm December 11th 4:00pm December 15th 6:30pm December 18th 6:30pm December 20th 9:30-12:00 December 20th 11:00am December 23rd 3:30pm December 24th 9:30pm December 24th 3:30pm December 24th 11:30pm December 25th 8:00am December 25th 10:30am

Charity Christmas card sale St John’s Hall Remembrance service St John’s All Souls service St John’s Christmas Fair St John’s Hall Christmas tree fes'val St John’s Tree fes'val opening concert St John’s Advent Carols St John’s Tree fes'val closing concert St John’s Woodside singers St John’s Children’s Society Chris'ngle St John’s Air Cadets Carol Service&quiz St John’s Nine lessons and carols St John’s Air cadets present wrapping St John’s Carol Sing-along St John’s Christmas party/crib service St Anne’s Christmas Eve Mass St Anne’s Christmas party/crib service St John’s Midnight Mass St John’s Holy Communion St John’s Christmas morning service St John’s

Gardening for November: All tips taken from the RHS website Plant tulip bulbs ready for spring. Prevent winter moth damage to fruit trees by apply grease bands to the trunk. Raise containers and planters onto pot feet to prevent roots from becoming waterlogged. Plant out winter bedding plants. Cover brassicas in netting to keep pigeons from eating the leaves. Put out bird food to encourage birds to the garden. If you are having a bonfire please check that any piles of leaves do not have hedgehogs nesting in them.


One World From ‘Year Times’ we bring you two encouraging articles. Writing’s on the wall for terrible loos It was a toilet twinning advert in a Welcome Break service station that showed Ali Vahdati how he could fulfil a lifelong ambition He had grown up in Iran and had bad memories of school toilets. ‘I vowed that if I ever made any money, I would use it to make life better for schoolchildren in a poor country,’ he says. Ali and his wife, Emma, were both teachers before going into business. Now they have funded toilet blocks and wells for 18 schools in Northern Bangladesh. When they visited the schools recently, one head teacher told them that the lack of toilets had ‘hampered our dignity and health.’ ‘Ali and I are both passionate about education,’ says Emma. ‘We hope the toilets will mean the students are happier to be at school, and that they go on to lead successful, healthy lives.’ ‘This is the best money we’ve ever spent,’ says Ali. The Somerset couple are now funding a project in Guatemalan schools. To find out how to twin your toilet visit SWIFT work brings clean water to Congo (SWIFT: Consortium for sustainable water sanitation and hygiene in fragile contexts) Ungwa Sangani used to wake at 4am each day and take a two-hour round trip to collect water for herself and her three children. All this is a distant memory now that Tearfund has constructed a new gravity-fed water system which pumps water to Ungwa’s village, Lulinda, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Ungwa says there has been a significant improvement in the health of her children since Lulinda received access to clean, safe water: ‘I’ve noticed that my children are less sick and we don’t have to go to the clinic like we did before,’ she says. This work has been done through the SWIFT Consortium, which aims to deliver sustainable access to safe water and sanitation and encourage the adoption of basic hygiene practices in the DRC and Kenya. The consortium, funded with UK aid from the British people, is part of the Department for International Development’s WASH results programme. SWIFT has provided almost 850,000 people in the DRC and Kenya with access to safe water or sanitation, and hygiene promotion activities. For more about the SWIFT Consortium visit

Dear readers, the church has been gifted a bike which is in very good condition to be sold in order to contribute to church funds. Make: Saracen Model: 7005 Flare Frame: Aluminium Condition: Very Good Further information: Cost: new was ÂŁ250 Would like ÂŁ150 or near offer Contact or 02380 849482



Mothers’ Union A festive feeling to our meeting on Thursday November 10th, at 2:30pm when Jane Bidwell will be giving us her expertise about Christmas #owers, at our usual venue in St John’s Hall. All are welcome. Just a reminder that Hythe Branch will be hosting the Deanery ‘Carols and Mince Pies’ service at St John’s Church at 10:30am on Thursday December 15th. We hope to be able to provide enough Mince Pies for our guests.

Waterside Food Bank Shopping List Milk (UHT or powdered) Sugar (500g) Fruit Juice (carton) Pasta Sauces Sponge Pudding (tinned) Custard (tinned or packet) Tomatoes (tinned) Cereals Rice Pudding (tinned) Tea Bags Instant Coffee Rice / Pasta Tinned meat / fish Tinned fruit Tinned vegetables Biscuits or snack bars


19 Depden Gardens, Dibden Purlieu SO45 4RX Tel: 023 81843827. Mobile: 07905 451131 Always there…….24/7…… support anyone at any age when life is difficult and may seem too much to bear. It helps to there…….24/7…… talk and sometimes it issupport easier Always to talk at to any someone you life don’t anyone age when is know. difficult Someone who you and may seem too know muchwill to not bear.judge It you and someone who will not give you helps to talk and sometimes it is easier advice…...someone a Samaritan to talk to someone who you isdon’t know. volunteer. who you know will not judge Someone you and someone who will not give you Desperate? Alone? Suicidal? advice…...someone who is a Samaritan volunteer. If you need help…….. Ring on 023 8063 2888 or 08457 909090 Desperate? Alone? Suicidal? E-mail us on If you need help…….. Ring on Visit between 8am and 909090 10pm at 023 us 8063 2888 or 08457 11,College London Road, E-mail us onPlace, Southampton, SO15 2FE Visit us between 8am and 10pm at No onePlace, else need know 11,College London Road, Southampton, SO15 2FE No one else need know

‘Contact’ is the magazine published on behalf of the Parish of Hythe. Opinions expressed in contributions, accepted in good faith, are not necessarily those of the PCC, Clergy or Editor. Closing date for contributions: 14th of previous month


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DAWKINS & LODGE COMPREHENSIVE SERVICE FOR SPECTACLES & CONTACT LENSES Designer/value frames Free spectacles with N.H.S. voucher Open 6 days a week

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SPARKES PODIATRY and CHIROPODY SERVICES Clair Sparkes Health Professions Council Registered Members of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists Established in Hythe since 1998 Appointments available Mon. Tues & Thurs mornings 8.00 a.m. until 2.00 p.m. Clinic based within Waterside Physio Clinic 1st. Floor, South Street Centre South Street, Hythe, SO45 6EB Lift access available For appointments/enquiries call 07825 794923 or 07863 396856 or visit


PRAYER NET Did you know that in St. Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Church we have a prayer net in the Lady Chapel? If you would like us to pray for you, or someone you love, please write your name and any other information you may like to share on one of the paper fish. Please take a new piece of wool and tie the fish firmly on to the net. The prayer fish are taken off of the net and prayed through each evening. They are then offered up to the altar at the 10.30 a.m. Eucharist on Sunday

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The face of your parishâ&#x20AC;Ś as we celebrated Harvest

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