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MARCH 2017

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CONTACT The Parish of Hythe St. John the Baptist St. Anne



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(1st Sunday of the month) 5.00pm (2nd, 3rd, 4th &5th Sundays) 6.30 pm TUESDAY:

Holy Communion at St. John’s Holy Communion at St. Anne’s Parish Eucharist at St. John’s Refreshments afterwards in the Hall or St. John’s Open House. All Age Worship at St. John’s Refreshments afterwards in Church Jubilatte Café Church Fellowship, Worship, Discussion & refreshments Sung Evensong at St. John’s

9.00 am Holy Communion at St. John’s 10:00-11:30 am Coffee and Pause for Thought in St. John’s

FRIDAY: 10.00 am Holy Communion at St. John’s First Friday of the month 15.30-17.30 pm Messy Church at St Anne’s At St Anne’s Fun, Activities, Crafts, Worship and a meal. VICAR:

Revd. Jo Elvidge The Vicarage 14 Atheling Road Hythe SO45 6BR

(Tel: 023 8084 5615) E-mail:


Sue Blomley

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David Blomley

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Barbara Griffiths

(Tel 07833105099) E-mail:

ST. ANNE’s PRO Wdn. Sue Harvey

(Tel 8084 2333)


(Tel: 8084 4336) E-mail:


Olivia Pearce

via Hall Office

(Tel 8084 4336) E-mail:

Maureen Curtis

(Tel: 8084 6861)

For Weddings, please ring the Hall Office 023 8084 4336

For Baptisms, please see our website


Dear Friends, Rejoice! It's Lent. Sounds strange doesn't it? Joy and Lent don’t seem to go together. Lent is the somber season. Our attention is focused on the crucifixion, suffering, sacrifice, the passion and death of our Lord. This emphasis on the cross is intended to drive us to repentance and to acts of fasting. The question is what should our proper attitude be in this holy season? Whilst Lent has traditionally been a season of giving things up, some think it’s better to take something, others though opt out – they ignore the run up to Good Friday and Easter Day. Whatever the reason for "not doing Lent," I think it’s a great loss for any Christian not to prepare for Good Friday and Easter. Every spring people prepare for summer by “spring cleaning,” their homes. Before we play a sports match or run a marathon we spend time training and preparing. So why shouldn't Christians prepare for the most important events in Jesus' ministry - what he did for us on Good Friday and Easter Day? If it helps you, think of Lent as a time of Christian training and spring cleaning. Our Lenten disciplines work for us privately, personally, individually. Whether we choose to get fit by giving something up – Or by taking something up it’s important to do something rather than opt out.

If we want to have a spiritual spring clean – the Daily Examen, an Ignation spiritual exercise is a good practice to help us achieve this: If we’re wanting to get spiritually fit we could also follow the Daily Examen or we could decide to strengthen one aspect of our spiritual discipline such as daily Bible Study or our prayer life, using daily Bible notes, joining a Lent Home Group, or attending morning and/or evening prayer held each weekday in St. John’s. Wishing you all a healthy and joyful Lent. Yours in Christ, Jo

Your church would always welcome more regular cleaners A heartfelt thank you to two of our regular and longstanding cleaners – Maureen and Norman – who have needed to retire; and a welcome to Anne and Margaret who have joined the team again. Everyone can help after a service in church - by hanging up your kneeler - by tidying your books away You will be helping to keep your church tidy and welcoming for visitors.


Food for thought Lenten Prayers for Others God of the heights and the depths we bring to you those driven into the desert, those struggling with difficult decisions. God of light and darkness we bring to you those lost in the mist of drugs or drink, those dazzled by the use of power may they choose life. God of the wild beast and the ministering angel we bring to you those savaged by others’ greed those exhausted by caring for others. May they feel your healing touch. Written by Kate McIlhagga Taken from ‘Just as I am’ Ed. By Ruth Etchells Kindly submitted by Margot Lewis.


From the registers. We give thanks for the lives of:-

Avril Bates Kath Brewster Mick Martret and for the lives of those we loved who have died. THANK YOU Thank you all for the support, love and prayers that you have given myself and the family after the death of Avril. She has been a rock to me, the boys and the grandchildren for more than fifty years and is much missed. You, the church family have been wonderful - thank you. Tony Bates MBE


A date for your diary to SPRING CLEAN our church Thursday 30 March 10-4 & Friday 31 March 11-4 or Thursday 5 April 10-4 & Friday 6 April 11-4 (listen out for notices) Come when you can Leave when you must Jobs for all Free refreshments

Dementia Drop-in Support Group Meet first Wednesday of each month 2:30 to 4:30pm Come when you can, leave when you must For carers & Those living With dementia Held at Hythe URC Atheling Road SO45 6BR

For more information contact Sally on 02380843560 or email

Hythe and Waterside Dementia friendly Group


Parish of Hythe Monthly Prayer List – January 2017 Lord God, you have taught us that we are all members one of another; we thank you for the community of which we are part; for those who share with us in its activities and for all who serve its varied interests. Help us to make our own contribution to the community and to learn to be good neighbours, that by love, we may serve one another. Today, we pray especially for:-

Frances Short Amanda Blomley

John Madgwick

Mary Moat

Michael Whittington

Val Wright

Samantha Dowell Bailey Kenny Sweetman

Harry Went

We continue to pray for our Rwandan family and their community

Appeal for Crockery and Cutlery

The Women’s Refuge urgently need cutlery, crockery, kitchen utensils and baking sheets for the families who move into their own accommodation. Please give them to Trish Murphy (02380893243, who will deliver them. Thank you.

What We Said 100 Years Ago Taken from The New Forest Magazine for St. John’s, Hythe March 1917

LENT. The Rev. R. H. O'Donovan, R.N., is very kindly giving a course of addresses on Thursday evenings at 7.0 on "The Spirit life in the light of the miracles of S. John's Gospel." There will be no week-day afternoon preaching this year. The meeting for Bible study will be continued during Lent on Wednesday afternoons in S. John's room, and those who have leisure are earnestly asked to attend it. The book that is being studied is the Acts of Apostles. THE BISHOP'S VISIT. As at present arranged, the Bishop of Winchester will visit Hythe on Thursday March 15.. There will be Divine Service at 3.30, at which he will give an address, and Churchpeople are asked to meet him after this service at tea in S. John's room. It is hoped that everyone will make a point of being present, if possible, to hear the Bishop, and to give him a very hearty welcome. It will be the first visit that Hythe has had from the Diocesan since the Church was consecrated on July 16th, 1874. There will be a Celebration of Holy Communion at 11 a.m. Wednesday, March 14th, and on Wednesday, March 28th. The object of Lent has been defined as "the patient, still, reserved consideration of the duties that lie nearest to hand" and the definition is a good one if we keep steadily in view the purpose of self-knowledge as an indispensable condition of repentance.

Lent leads us to Good Friday and the Cross and Passion of our Lord and Saviour. One of the most striking books of the modern times dealing with the Passion is "Lessons from the Cross" by the late Bishop Creighton. It is thoroughly practical and helpful. It is published by Nisbet for 1/6. A copy will be found for use in Church in the bookshelf. It is hoped that some members of the congregation will make a real effort this Lent to use the Church for prayer, meditation and devotional reading . THE SUNDAY SCHOOL TREAT was held on Jan. 17, and Mr. Spitari gave an excellent entertainment. The Vicar read out the list of those who had gained prizes, and said that the children had chosen (sic) to give up their prizes this year and give the money to the Red Cross, and so £3 had been sent. He thanked the teachers for their work, and asked the parents to send the children regularly and try to see that they learned their lessons. He thanked all those who had subscribed to the treat, and the teachers and others who helped that evening. Subscriptions were given by Mr. Betteridge, Mr. Rivett-Carnac, Captain Dixon, Major Gen. Sir Henry Ewart, Bart., Miss Ediss, Mr. Ford, Mr. Hayward, Mr. Kerr, Colonel Malet, Mrs. May, Mr. and Mrs. Manning, Mr. and Mrs. Mason, Miss Milligan, " Pier View," Mrs. E. Stephens, Mrs. West, Mrs. J. Wyatt, Miss Welch, the Vicar and Mrs. Hooke ;—Total, £3 12s. 6d MOTHERS' UNION. Members who are communicants are reminded that the Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, March 25, which this year falls on Sunday, is the day for their corporate communion. Holy Communion on that day at 7 a.m., and on the following Wednesday at 11. Kindly submitted by Roy German

On Friday 3rd March 2017 at 2pm St John’s Church will be the hosts for this year’s WOMEN’S WORLD DAY OF PRAYER 2017 followed by refreshments in St John’s Hall, provided by the Mothers Union. The theme devised by the Christian Women of the Phillipines is: Am I Being Unfair to you? It is always enjoyable taking part in this service, so do tell your friends and come along. Note also that for the first time in 5 years, our own church will be hosting this occasion. Please give it your support and any offers of cakes will be welcome too. (see Sue Harvey re these)

Box holders are reminded that if their boxes are to be emptied before the end of the financial year, please could they be handed in well before the end of March. We are also anxious to clear the boxes of £1 coins due to the new currency soon to be issued. Thank you to all box-holders, your continued support is much appreciated. Sue Harvey, Trish Murphy, June Smith.

PART OF THE FAMILY! The Anglican Church in Madagascar The first in a series of articles highlighting the work of the Anglican Communion around the world, by Edgar Ruddock.

Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest island - almost 1000 miles from north to south. It contains the largest number of the worlds most rare and endangered plant life, and animals. It is set in the southern Indian Ocean, off the coast of South East Africa, though it has a very different geological history to the rest of Africa. The island is rich in resources, spread along a long mountainous spine. There is a big cultural difference between the peoples of the interior, and those along the coast. The human heritage is partly African, partly Indian, and partly Arabic, as a result of early slave trading. Then of course the European powers arrived, with a resulting strong French influence in the current context of the Republic, which gained independence in 1960. There followed a period under a Marxist dictatorship, before a more democratic system became established. Most of the population of 23m are rural subsistence farmers, often desperately poor. But many have migrated towards the capital, Antananarivo, in the central highlands, where there is employment in government, industry and commerce. This has led to a deepening of the "us and them" divide between the interior and the coastal areas. The Anglican Church in Madagascar is strong, though not as large as the Roman Catholic Church. There are also strong independent, African and charismatic churches that attract large numbers of followers. Many others still follow traditional religions, or a combination. The Anglicans have seven dioceses, all of them very large, with difficult terrain, and poor roads. Communication between parishes, clergy and their bishops is therefore always slow, and difficult. Transport is expensive, dangerous, and slow In spite of all these challenges, the churches are vibrant and growing! The youngest diocese, Toliara, started with seven parishes some five years ago, and now has over sixty. What does that say to us, in the dear old C of E? .

The churches engage in evangelism, rural development work, education and primary health care. They contribute a lot to the stability of local communities, and their leaders are actively engaged in public life, seeking to influence government policy in terms of justice, reconciliation, development and education. USPG supports the Anglican Church in Madagascar, through the Province of the Indian Ocean, of which it is a part, alongside Mauritius and the Seychelles. USPG is providing resources for leadership training, development work, the training of parish treasurers and administrators, as well as evangelism and church growth. It is a partnership the church urgently needs, and there is much for us to learn from the faithfulness, energy, and commitment of those Christians living and working in this amazing, beautiful, and challenging part of the world. Pray for political stability, integrity in leadership, and for the encouragement of self-reliance and community development at all levels. Pray for Anglican brothers and sisters as they seek to witness to Christ in the midst of so many challenges for them, their families, and their communities

The Bishops of the Anglican Church in the Indian Ocean.


One World Saved from the Streets – taken from ‘Inspire’ Magazine. Young children, like Brigitte from Western Ukraine, are being rescued from a life of exploitation and now have a future, says Stephen Barbor from the British Christian charity ChildAid. Shortly after her birth Brigitte was sold for £4. as a young girl, and in preparation for a life of prostitution and servitude, she was taught to dance. By the age of six she had already learnt how to steal and break into homes. Brigitte was taken into care by social workers in Ukraine when she was found on the streets. Orphanage staff wanted to ensure she didn’t fall back into the hands of those who had previously exploited her and contacted New Beginnings, partners of the UK charity, ChildAid. At our foster home a series of profound transformations began. Alongside our house parents, Brigitte’s new sisters helped her adjust to a different life within a loving family. Brigitte has learnt basic life skills such as eating from a plate at a table,holding a conversation and having control of her emotions. She has found out about nutrition, how to prepare and cook meals – and through a garden plot and a brood of chickens, has also learnt where her food comes from. She now attends school, having only had 18 days of schooling previously. Brigitte recently asked to visit her biological mother and sisters. While it proved a short drive away, the gulf was immense. But the love that God has breathed into this child through her foster family, along with the hope and grace she has found in Christ, gave her the power of reconciliation and forgiveness for her mother. It is thanks to God that Brigitte’s life has been changed, but we also thank those who have heard God’s calling and have opened their doors and their lives to save other unloved, needy and deserted children. We thank God for Brigitte too, and for those who help with the financial support needed to maintain programmes like these. What is the true price of a child? It’s certainly not the £4 Brigitte was sold for. ChildAid supports families in crisis, orphans, and children living with disabilities through their local partners in Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Siberia and Ukraine. Visit for more information.

Wednesday Lunch Club We would like to thank the cook and those who serve at the Wednesday Lunch Club for the delicious food that is prepared and served each week. For the kind and welcoming atmosphere and the attention to detail, like flowers on each table, table cloths , even a valentines day cake in the shape of a heart and importantly remembering if people have special dietary requirements. On behalf of all those who go we would like to say how much we appreciate what is done by these volunteers. - Pamela and Henry Bird.

St John’s Improvement Fund We will be hiring a stall at the Tuesday Indoor Market in the hall for 4 weeks from 21 February to 14 March. We will be selling new /nearly new items so come along and have a browse. Proceeds to the St Johns improvement fund. Did you spot the men climbing on St John’s Church roof? Steeplejacks have made a start to improve the condition of the roof by replacing slates, clearing gutters from debris and trees! The bell rope has been removed for now as the rain was finding its way through the roof using the rope. Watch for future updates.

Little Footprints The Little Footprints group would like any donations of scrapbooking materials, the mums are making scrapbooks about their babies’ development within the group and we would appreciate any materials and embellishments to create and decorate the pages to start them off. Please give any donations to Chris or hand in to the office – many thanks.

Volunteers Needed Are you able to help with the forthcoming Messy Easter, Holy Saturday 15th April (one to be held at St Anne’s in the morning and St John’s in the afternoon) and Holiday Club 31st July to 1st August at St Anne’s. Please sign up on the sheets at the back of St John’s. Many thanks.



Mothers’ Union Due to the cancellation of our February meeting there will be a meeting on Thursday March 9 th at 2:30pm in St John’s Hall. At the time of writing, our speaker has not yet been determined. We shall, however, be able to arrange lifts to the Lady Day Service on Monday 27th March at 10:30am at Brockenhurst, so please come to the meeting if you can. A reminder of the Women’s World Day of Prayer Service at St John’s Church on Friday March 3rd at 2pm and our catering for this event. Also, the Mother’s Union Corporate Communion Service at St John’s Church at 10am on Friday April 7th. All are welcome to both of these services.


19 Depden Gardens, Dibden Purlieu SO45 4RX Tel: 023 81843827. Mobile: 07905 451131

‘Contact’ is the magazine published on behalf of the Parish of Hythe. Opinions expressed in contributions, accepted in good faith, are not necessarily those of the PCC, Clergy or Editor. Closing date for contributions: 14th of previous month


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SPARKES PODIATRY and CHIROPODY SERVICES Clair Sparkes Health Professions Council Registered Members of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists Established in Hythe since 1998 Appointments available Mon. Tues & Thurs mornings 8.00 a.m. until 2.00 p.m. Clinic based within Waterside Physio Clinic 1st. Floor, South Street Centre South Street, Hythe, SO45 6EB Lift access available For appointments/enquiries call 07825 794923 or 07863 396856 or visit


PRAYER NET Did you know that in St. John’s Church we have a prayer net in the Lady Chapel? If you would like us to pray for you, or someone you love, please write your name and any other information you may like to share on one of the paper fish. Please take a new piece of wool and tie the fish firmly on to the net. The prayer fish are taken off of the net and prayed through each evening. They are then offered up to the altar at the 10.30 a.m. Eucharist on Sunday

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Waterside Food Bank Shopping List Milk (UHT or powdered) Instant Mashed Potato Peas (tinned) Carrots (tinned) Tomatoes (tinned) Rice Pudding (tinned) nappies (all sizes) Toilet Rolls Please no baked beans or soup PLANT SALE - St John’s church hall Saturday May 6th from 9.30 until 11.30 Do come along to our plant sale when you can. Buy plants for your garden, patio, allotment and indoors. Pick up bargains for garden equipment and related outdoor items. Get lucky with the raffle. Relax over drinks and cake throughout the morning. All proceeds to St John’s church. Contact 02380848770 for further information, offers of help, collection of donations (if needed) or bring along your plants etc. to the hall from 6.30 on Friday evening or from 8.30 on Saturday.

Contact March 2017  
Contact March 2017