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JULY 2016

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CONTACT The Parish of Hythe St. John the Baptist St. Anne

Picture usually provided by 3 ladies in turn. Margot, Kate & Kaye (sometimes by Ed who maintains rota)



8.00 am 9.00 am 10.30 am

2nd Sunday of the month


(1st Sunday of the month) 5.00pm (2nd, 3rd, 4th &5th Sundays) 6.30 pm TUESDAY:

Holy Communion at St. John’s Holy Communion at St. Anne’s Parish Eucharist at St. John’s Refreshments afterwards in the Hall or St. John’s Open House. All Age Worship at St. John’s Refreshments afterwards in Church Jubilatte Café Church Fellowship, Worship, Discussion & refreshments Sung Evensong at St. John’s

9.00 am Holy Communion at St. John’s 10:00-11:30 am Coffee and Pause for Thought in St. John’s

FRIDAY: 10.00 am Holy Communion at St. John’s First Friday of the month 15.30-17.30 pm Messy Church at St Anne’s At St Anne’s Fun, Activities, Crafts, Worship and a meal. VICAR:

Revd. Jo Elvidge The Vicarage 14 Atheling Road Hythe SO45 6BR

(Tel: 023 8084 5615) E-mail:


Sue Blomley

(Tel. 8084 9482) E-Mail:


David Blomley

(Tel. 8084 9482) E-mail:

Barbara Griffiths

(Tel 07833105099) E-mail:

ST. ANNE’s PRO Wdn. Sue Harvey

(Tel 8084 2333)


(Tel: 8084 4336) E-mail:


Olivia Pearce

via Hall Office

(Tel 8084 4336) E-mail:

Maureen Curtis

(Tel: 8084 6861)

For Weddings, please ring the Hall Office 023 8084 4336

For Baptisms, please see our website


Dear Friends, Last weekend the nation celebrated our Queen’s th official 90 Birthday. In Hythe the community came together to celebrate and reflect on her life of Service to our nation. Queen Elizabeth II has been a symbol of stability and unity and a remarkable example of faith and service. Her dedication to serving our nation including diplomatic visits to other countries, welcoming and entertaining leaders of other nations who come here on State Visits has been admirable. We witnessed her ability to bring people together across the nation and in our own village at all the events held to celebrate the occasion of her 90th birthday. The Queen has been a unifying influence among the 53 member nations of the Commonwealth. As Supreme Governor of the Church of England The Queen has upheld the doctrines of the Christian Faith and has spoken of how her faith has sustained and guided her. Being the longest reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II has provided much needed stability for us in an ever-changing world. In a time when celebrities and leaders often fail to set a good example to younger members of our society, the Queen has been faultless. Our Queen has always had a heart of service – service to Christ her King, and service to all her subjects. Apart from the accounts of Jesus birth, the passage in the bible that the Queen most often cites is that of the Good Samaritan (Luke chapter 10 verses 25 to the end of verse 37). The Queen often emphasizes our duty to others and she has reflected this quality of duty to others in her life. In 1985 The Queen said “The story of the Good Samaritan reminds us of our duty to our neighbour. We should try to follow Christ’s clear instruction at the end of that story: Go and do likewise.” Her Majesty has certainly been faithful to this calling, in turn let us also “Go and do likewise.” We thank God for our Queen and pray that He will continue to bless her and us in His service. With love in Christ, Jo


Letter from the Editor Hello, I’m Olivia and I’ll be your editor for the coming months. If you have any articles, comments or suggestions you’d like to submit to Contact magazine I gratefully welcome them and ask that you email them to or bring a paper copy either to the office at St John’s Church or the ‘P’ pigeonhole at Cornerstone URC. This is your magazine for your community so please do inform me of community happenings that we can cover. Thank you, Olivia Pearce Feast Day: As we keep the Feast Day of Mary, Martha and Lazarus and celebrate with the Archbishop of Canterbury the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Sisters of Bethany. God our Father, whose Son enjoyed the love of His friends Mary, Martha and Lazarus in learning, discussion and hospitality; may we so rejoice in your love that the world may know the depth of your wisdom, the wonder of your compassion and your power to bring life out of death. Throughout the merits of Jesus Christ your friend and brother who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God now and forever. Amen.

Exciting Holiness 29th July. Kindly submitted by Margot Lewis.


Food for thought: ‘God’s Cake’ Somemes we wonder, “What did I do to deserve this?” or “Why did God have to do this to me?” Here is a wonderful explanaon: A daughter is telling her Mother how everything is going wrong, she’s failing algebra, her boyfriend broke up with her and her best friend is moving away. Meanwhile, her Mother is baking a cake and asks her daughter if she would like a snack, and the daughter says, “Absolutely Mum, I love your cake.” “Here, have some cooking oil,” her Mother o(ers. “Yuck” says her daughter. “How about a couple raw eggs?” “Gross, Mum!” “Would you like some +our then? Or maybe baking soda?” “Mum, those are all yucky!” To which the mother replies, “Yes, all those things seem bad all by themselves. But when they are put together in the right way, they make a wonderfully delicious cake!” God works the same way. Many mes we wonder why He would let us go through such bad and di/cult mes. But God knows that when He puts these things all in His order, they always work for good! We just have to trust Him and, eventually, they will all make something wonderful! Author unknown. Kindly submitted by Sue Blomley


From the registers. We give thanks for the lives of:-

Ena Courtney Blandford Olive Van Der Plank Bill Lincoln and for the lives of those we loved who have died. Open Garden – 15 Curlew Drive July 2nd 9:30-12 Join us for a charity morning of tea, cakes and fellowship in aid of Riders For Health, Bible Society and St John’s Church. Speak to Ray & Ann Heslop for details

The Children’s Society Annual

Barbecue At 12:15pm Sunday 14th August

In Sue & Peter Harvey’s Garden ‘Craigmore’, Lime Close, Dibden Purlieu If it rains, the event will be held in the Church Hall Tickets at the bargain price of

£7 Available from St John’s Hall or after the 10:30 service (booking essential) Soft drinks provided, bring your own stronger drinks Please bring chairs.

Going to church could save your life: Women who worship once a week are '25 per cent less likely to die early' Study looked at nearly 75,000 church-goers over a 20-yearperiod. Those who attend more than once a week were 33% less likely to die early. Sense of optimism and community were thought to be factors behind it Going to church is not only good for the soul, it can also stop you dying young, a study claims. A weekly worship can slash your chances of dying early by a quarter if you are female. Attending just once a week was associated with a lower risk of death for women from all causes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, the study which spanned over 20 years found. Researchers believe optimism and a sense of community can combat the effects of stress and depression, resulting in longer life. Dr Tyler VanderWeele, a professor of epidemiology of Harvard's school of public health, examined attendance at religious services and subsequent death in women. It was assessed using questionnaires from between 1992 and 2012. Researchers used data from the Nurses' Health Study in the analysis published in JAMA Internal Medicine. 'Our results suggest that there may be something important about religious service attendance beyond solitary spirituality,' Professor VanderWeele said. 'Part of the benefit seems to be that attending religious services increases social support, discourages smoking, decreases depression, and helps people develop a more optimistic or hopeful outlook on life.' Article taken from the Daily Mail, kindly suggested by Eunice North.


Upcoming Events Mother’s Union The Mother’s Union corporate communion service is at 10pm on July 1st at St John’s Church. Please try to come if you are able. AGM – Thursday 14th July. 2:30pm Mother’s Union Annual General Meeting will take place in St John’s Hall. Please remember to bring cheque books as subscriptions need to be collected. Overseas money or boxes will also be needed as will any items to support the Women’s refuge. Can I also ask for suggestions of speakers for the coming year, thank you. All are welcome. Hymnathon Saturday 16th July 10:00-15:00 St John’s Church. Come and join in during the day and listen to Hythe’s top 50 hymns. Refreshments available. John’s BIG birthday… Sunday 17th July Everyone is invited to the hall immediately after the 11am joint service with the URC on the promenade for cake and a drink and later asked to join us for Afternoon Tea at 3pm. Please come and help John celebrate this very special day; his 80th birthday! He hopes to see you there. (please contact or for further information)


Parish of Hythe Monthly Prayer List - June 2016 Lord God, you have taught us that we are all members one of another; we thank you for the community of which we are part; for those who share with us in its activities and for all who serve its varied interests. Help us to make our own contribution to the community and to learn to be good neighbours, that by love, we may serve one another. Today, we pray especially for:-

Frances Short

John Madgwick

Mary Moat

Amanda Blomley

Michael Whittington

Val Wright

Barbara Scriven

Kenny Sweetman

Trevor Nash

Veronica Clasby

Ray Ricardi

Frank Miners

Arnold Wride

Eileen Catling

Pat Gibbs

Roy German

Sheila & Keith Bolwell

We continue to pray for our Rwandan family and their community



What We Said 100 Years Ago Taken from The New Forest Magazine for St. John’s, Hythe July 1916 THE MISSION OF REPENTANCE AND HOPE. What is the object and purpose? Briefly, to help the Church to witness more truly to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ and to exercise a larger and better influence on the national life. Our Lord’s words spoken to His disciples are still true; “ye are the salt of the earth; ye are the light of the world.” They remind us that the Church which is defined in the New Testament as “the Body of Christ” does not consist only of those in Holy Orders. Consequently the appeal is a call to all church-people, to all members of Christ who will hear the voice of the Good Shepherd. It is a call to penitence and selfexamination, a call to us as individuals to examine the basis and structure of our lives, and to see by the light of God the Holy Spirit why they are not truer witnesses to our Blessed Lord. For we have all failed, partially at least, to be what we ought to be: and the reason for this failure is sin of some kind. Do not let any us make any mistake about that; sin is the only thing that can separate us from God and the only thing that does. To fail to be what by the grace of God we might be is sin. So let us begin by recognising this failure which prevents our lives from being the witnesses to Christ that they ought to be. “Sin”, Bishop Creighton said, “comes from a lack of power which we have not sought because we did not feel its need.” Any attempt to contemplate and to realise God as He is must by his grace bring us some vision of God, and the vision of God is the source of all true penitence.


Perhaps to some, that may seem impractical and indefinite. If it does, the thought of Incarnation will help us. For if we find it difficult to realise what God is in Himself, Spirit, Light, Love; we see Him fully manifested in the Person of our Blessed Lord. Read the gospel story over and over again. Think much and often of the Passion and the vision of God manifest in the flesh will come to you, and His infinite love will make an appeal that is irresistible. Then there will be no difficulty in seeing our sins and our failures and penitence will be easy. The mission in its preparation is an appeal not to the world outside but to the faithful to respond to the Saviour’s invitation. “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you”. We all need not to seek novel or sensational appeals, not new methods; but humility to use and use better the means of grace which Jesus Christ offers to us in Church. Our best wishes to Miss Whitemore on her marriage and many thanks for her work in Sunday School.

Dementia Drop-in Support Group Meet first Wednesday of each month 2:30 to 4:30pm Come when you can, leave when you must For carers & Those living With dementia Held at Hythe Library Pylewell Road Hythe, SO45 6AQ

For more information contact Sally on 02380843560 or email

Hythe and Waterside Dementia friendly Group


Happy 140th birthday Mothers' Union This year Mothers' Union will have been providing parishbased fellowship and practical support for families for 140 years. Founded in 1876 to support parents as they undertook to develop the all-round well-being of their children, today Mothers' Union is in 83 countries around the world, which means it is active in thousands of parishes around the globe. With a few exceptions Mothers' Union groups, known as branches, are usually based in an Anglican or interdenominational Church. Their purpose is to build a faithful Christian community in that area, that links with other branches all over the world to encourage a wider nurturing of faith; and to enable stable family life to flourish. At the very local parish level this support to family life can take many forms. Perhaps there is a need for baptism support for parents coming into the church; perhaps the local prison needs help to run a crèche during visiting hours, or to give a cup of coffee and a listening ear and prayer support to families with someone in hospital. The local level projects that Mothers' Union members contribute to their local area are as diverse in nature as the number of parishes we are operational in — but they all are run by volunteers and all are done in the name of Christ. At a national and international level Mothers' Union speaks out on issues such as the commercialisation and sexualisation of children, and on issues of gender equality in forums such as the United Nations in New York, where the organisation holds consultative status. Mothers — yes, but also women without children, married women — yes, but also single women. AND MEN! This always is a surprise, but here in the UK many men are members of Mothers' Union and contribute an enormous amount to the charity both nationally and at the local level. Mothers' Union's voice on issues of social injustice, its practical support to those who need it, and it's fruitful faith life attracts Christians from across the spectrum. There is so much to celebrate! (Kindly submitted by Roy German)


One World ‘A Letter from Tanzania’

Taken from the URC magazine ‘Reform’.

Julianna Msoffe and Daniel Paulo are midwives at Kiomboi Disrict hospital in Tanzania, where WaterAid is installing a new system to ensure running water 24 hours a day, and rehabilitating toilets and washing areas. The project is part of WaterAid’s Deliver Life appeal. This winter, WaterAid want to reach 130,000 mums and their families around the world with safe water.

Water is life. We need to have safe, clean water for the hospital staff and also for the patients. We are supposed to have a very clean environment so that disease is not spread. But water is a challenge, as we only have it for one hour a day. The toilets are also a problem. They are dirty because there is no water. Another challenge is that by law you are supposed to wash your hands after every procedure, but sometimes there is no water, so you find yourself doing two procedures without washing your hands. The impact of not washing hands is that you transfer infection from one place to another, which is very dangerous. For three weeks in March we did not have water. We used water that comes from rain. Secondly, we had to send a car to the river. The water was not enough, and that led us to major problems because we could not even wash our equipment properly. The number of cases of sepsis increased and some of the babies died. The first quarter of this year we had 41 cases of neonatal sepsis. A cause of neonatal sepsis is the water used to clean the baby. If the water is dirty and has bacteria it may lead to infections. The bacteria penetrates through the skin of the baby very easily, so we advise all the mothers not to allow water to touch their babies’ belly buttons. Seeing a child dying from neonatal sepsis is devastating. We love our jobs because they help us to assist women. Being a nurse is a passion; we’re there to help the patients, and when they recover, we feel great happiness. Sometimes we feel angry about the water situation. We would love to have clean, safe water that is available frequently. WaterAid is running a project to change our situation, and we pray to God that they may succeed, because if so, they may be able to avoid all deaths, like those that occurred in the past. The WaterAid project will have a positive impact if it will be able to supply enough water in this ward, so we don’t have to go and bring water from outside. It will decrease the levels of infections and contamination.

Gardening for July (another new section, do let me know your thoughts)

Autumn-flowering bulbs such as autumn crocuses, Colchicum, Sternbergia, Amaryllis and Nerine can be planted now. Take cuttings of patio and container plants ready for next year. Pinks and carnations that have become leggy can be propagated either by layering or taking cuttings.

Reflections on a favourite sermon This is a new section which I'm hoping – with your generous contributions - will become a regular feature to spread God's message to those who, for various reasons, do not or are not able to attend church. With this in mind I hope you'll permit me to tell you my own reflections on my favourite sermon from this month.

St John's evensong, Trinity Sunday. I’d like to tell you the story of a boy, secondary school age, bullied, cast out. His father actively supports those who kick and beat him, saying 'that boy is no son of mine'. His crime? Love. This boy's family had disowned him simply for having the strength and courage to be true to himself. Imagine if you will being kicked out of your home, attacked by your peers and having nobody to turn to, all for falling in love. Love should bring happiness. Not pain. Yet pain is all this young boy will feel he is worthy of receiving because he doesn't conform to his family's ideals. Now I expect, dear reader, you may be thinking of that old adage 'let he who is without sin cast the first stone' but it is the following verse upon which this message is based; 'neither do I condemn you'. In daily life we have to make snap decisions, from 'tea or coffee' to the more important 'would you like to purchase payment protection insurance?' But when we make these judgements about people we are reducing complex personalities into a series of binary oppositions. They like cats not dogs, tea not coffee, psalms not hymns. By reducing people to statistics we lose that fundamental ambiguity which makes us humankind in doing so we remove from ourselves our ability to feel empathy and compassion. People are not perfect but we have a culture dependent on retribution and rehabilitation. Christianity is founded on the belief that there is goodness in everyone and when we recognise that we redeem ourselves by not condemning others. While I'm not asking you to race out and adorn your house with rainbow flags to show your acceptance of everyone (although I'm sure it would raise a smile should you choose to do so) I would ask that you open your mind and heart regardless, not in spite of, whom people love or how they identify themselves, and I hope in doing so you will free yourself from the shackles of prejudice and see 3D individuals in place of 2D binaries.



Mothers’ Union The Mother’s Union corporate communion service is at 10pm on July 1st at St John’s Church. Please try to come if you are able. AGM – Thursday 14th July. 2:30pm Mother’s Union Annual General Meeting will take place in St John’s Hall. Please remember to bring cheque books as subscriptions need to be collected. Overseas money or boxes will also be needed as will any items to support the Women’s refuge. Can I also ask for suggestions of speakers for the coming year, thank you. All are welcome.

Waterside Food Bank Shopping List Milk (UHT or powdered) Sugar (500g) Fruit Juice (carton) Pasta Sauces Sponge Pudding (tinned) Custard (tinned or packet) Tomatoes (tinned) Cereals Rice Pudding (tinned) Tea Bags Instant Coffee Rice / Pasta Tinned meat / fish Tinned fruit Tinned vegetables Biscuits or snack bars


HARVEST SUPPER SATURDAY 8th OCTOBER Polish up your dancing shoes and practise your scales! IT’S BACK! The St John’s and St Anne’s home grown entertainment extravaganza! At the Harvest Supper we hope to present an evening of entertainment comprising entirely of your talent! Can you sing, play an instrument, recite a poem, tell a joke, play the spoons or perform part of Swan Lake? Nearer the date I shall be seeking out the hidden talents of our congregations. Don’t hide your light under a bushel! Thank you. Jill James


19 Depden Gardens, Dibden Purlieu SO45 4RX Tel: 023 81843827. Mobile: 07905 451131 Always there…….24/7…… support anyone at any age when life is difficult and may seem too much to bear. It helps to there…….24/7…… talk and sometimes it issupport easier Always to talk at to any someone you life don’t anyone age when is know. difficult Someone who you and may seem too know muchwill to not bear.judge It you and someone who will not give you helps to talk and sometimes it is easier advice…...someone a Samaritan to talk to someone who you isdon’t know. volunteer. who you know will not judge Someone you and someone who will not give you Desperate? Alone? Suicidal? advice…...someone who is a Samaritan volunteer. If you need help…….. Ring on 023 8063 2888 or 08457 909090 Desperate? Alone? Suicidal? E-mail us on If you need help…….. Ring on Visit between 8am and 909090 10pm at 023 us 8063 2888 or 08457 11,College London Road, E-mail us onPlace, Southampton, SO15 2FE Visit us between 8am and 10pm at No onePlace, else need know 11,College London Road, Southampton, SO15 2FE No one else need know

‘Contact’ is the magazine published on behalf of the Parish of Hythe. Opinions expressed in contributions, accepted in good faith, are not necessarily those of the PCC, Clergy or Editor. Closing date for contributions: 14th of previous month


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SPARKES PODIATRY and CHIROPODY SERVICES Clair Sparkes Health Professions Council Registered Members of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists Established in Hythe since 1998 Appointments available Mon. Tues & Thurs mornings 8.00 a.m. until 2.00 p.m. Clinic based within Waterside Physio Clinic 1st. Floor, South Street Centre South Street, Hythe, SO45 6EB Lift access available For appointments/enquiries call 07825 794923 or 07863 396856 or visit



Did you know that in St. John’s Church we have a prayer net in the Lady Chapel? If you would like us to pray for you, or someone you love, please write your name and any other information you may like to share on one of the paper fish. Please take a new piece of wool and tie the fish firmly on to the net. The prayer fish are taken off of the net and prayed through each evening. They are then offered up to the altar at the 10.30 a.m. Eucharist on Sunday

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The face of your parish… as we celebrated the Queen’s 90th Birthday

Contact July 2016  
Contact July 2016