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Vol. XVII, No. 5 ∙ March 14th, 2018 ∙ St. John Bosco High School 13460 S. Bellflower Blvd, Bellflower CA ∙

Tribe Robotics An Update - Trevor Peitzman By GIANCARLO OROZCO Journalist | Senior ‘18 As St. John Bosco High School continues expanding its platform of supporting the various interests of students, we immerse ourselves into the technological background of the Robotics Program. With the world of technology advancing by the day, we receive insight on the progress high school teenagers with Junior Trevor Peitzman. How would you describe the Robotics program at St. John Bosco? The Robotics team at Bosco, known as Tribe Robotics, is unlike any other team on campus. The variety of skill sets it requires, from CAD to Social Media, from Programming to GrantWriting and everything in between are indicative of the intellectual diversity and uniqueness of our team. Above all, Tribe Robotics is an amazing opportunity for students of varying interests to work together under extreme time constraints as a cohesive, corporate-style team to design, build, and compete at the highest level of competitive robotics. What are some valuable skills or lessons one learns while being a member in the program? One of the most valuable skills members of our team learn during competition season is the importance of communication. With designs as complex as our robot comes out to be, and with as many skill-based subteams as we have, the documentation of work, as well as logical discussion between sub-teams, is integral to our success as a team. Other skills team members learn are shop tool use, manufacturing, programming skills, and, above all, safety.

Are there any current or upcoming events the Robotics program plans to be a part of? Currently, we are in a lull between official build season and the start of our competition. The robot is in a bag and unable to be touched, but we can still develop code and reengineer subsystems excluded from the bag. Our major competition at the Pomona Fairgrounds will take place over March 15th - 17th. We will be competing against over 30 other Los Angeles-area and international teams for a shot at the regional title. In the future, I would personally love to see us attend two regionals and hopefully even the Western Division Finals in Houston, Texas. Also, we as a team need to bolster our programming sub-team in the near future, as its key members will be graduating with the class of 2019. What message do you have for anyone possibly considering joining the program and learning more about Robotics in general? Always keep an open mind. Tribe Robotics is not merely a club of engineering pathway students and those who love STEM subjects. We also need organizers, entrepreneurs, socialites, leaders, and strategists, among many others. The complexity and multi-faceted nature of our competition requires such a complex team. It is young innovators such as these Robotics team members that advance us further as a society, especially in technology. Through their persistence and intelligence, humanity has been able to progress in extremely vital aspects like medical procedures and nationwide safety.



Postseason Success By CALEB WILEY Journalist | Junior ‘19

The 2018 season and playoffs for the St. John Bosco basketball team has been a very fun ride to say the least. The Braves final game of the regular season against the JSerra Lions foreshadowed this, as even that was an extremely entertaining game in which the Braves secured their bid for the Open Division playoffs. With the victory, the team finished the regular season with an overall record of 21-6 and 6-4 in Trinity League play. The first meeting between these two teams was hosted at JSerra, in which the Lions handed the Braves their first league loss of the season after jumping out to a fiery 4-0 start. JSerra earned a commanding 5944 victory, making a muchneeded statement for the rest of their season. However, when these two teams met again for the last league game of the year at Bosco, it wasn’t so easy for the Lions. It was an extremely tough affair, as the Braves earned a monumental 60-57 victory, defending their home court and securing a spot in the Open Division playoffs.

“Number 4 [JSerra player] made some really unbelievable shots. Their team has three very talented players and we found a way to win,” said varsity head coach Matt Dunn. Shots from everywhere were falling for both sides, but the defense and will of the Braves earned them the win in the end. “We learned a lot from when we played them the first time. We learned a lot from the little mistakes we made the first game,” said junior guard Chris James following the game. The victory and placement into the Open Division for the CIF Southern Section meant that the Braves would have to face the former number three team in the nation and number one seed in the Open bracket Bishop Montgomery in Torrance. Bishop Montgomery is an extremely experienced team and is very talented. In the first game of the Open playoffs, the Braves battled hard but the Knights took control of the game early [CONT'D ON SPORTS, A4]

Photo provided by SJBHS Teacher Mr. Torre


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Photo provided by the SJBHS Yearbook Staff and TRIBE ROBOTICS TEAM 2018

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Atrium Art

By CHRISTOPHER ABARQUEZ Journalist | Junior ‘19

Over the summer, there had been plans to showcase student artwork and create a mosaic in the Student Atrium which opened in September 2017. A professional mosaic designer would be designed to convert a design done by St. John Bosco student, David Nyquist, into a permanent mosaic for the Atrium and possibly even teach students how to create a mosaic. The Atrium will present the work done in the drawing and painting in advanced art classes alongside the mosaic. Mr. Dennis Mulhaupt, the president of St. John Bosco, is working to incorporate more art into the school. Mr. Mulhaupt noticed the long hallways throughout the school and wanted to make use of this space by presenting student art. “I have always been personally interested in art. Ever since I got here I’ve always wanted to display student art around the school," he says. "We have been trying to make the campus more attractive and user-friendly. That’s why we added the fountain and new seating around the quad. We will continue to add on to and improve facilities around the campus.” Ms. Valerie MacRae, the visual arts instructor and a space planner for the Los

By TREVOR BURROLA Journalist • Senior ‘18 If you were to ask my classmates what type of the person I am, they would probably say I am the guy you ask for help with homework or what is on the test in those frantic minutes before the period starts. I thought I could escape my teenage years in high school without going to a dance, but, under sustained persistence from my some of

Angeles Religious Education Congress, suggested the mosaic idea after seeing David Nyquist’s artwork at the gallery exhibit. She was impressed with his use of color and the boldness of the piece. “The Atrium has bright yellow and blue chairs and nothing on the walls. The whole space up there is just a blank canvas," Ms. MacRae says. "In addition to the St. John Bosco blue and gold, we could have something more playful, artistic and whimsical.” With the incorporation of art, St. John Bosco will continue with plans for an art competition and other visual refinements throughout campus.

Artwork Photos provided by David Nyquist (Pictured above)

my friends, I decided that I had to attend at least one, and set my sights on the Project Brave dance on February 24. My discomfort over entering this environment was shown by my difficulty in choosing which clothes were right to wear. Ultimately, I choose a “Saturdays for the Boys” shirt because the name spoke for itself. In spite of my initial apprehension, that night is something I will never forget because it was the most fun I had in long time. My fellow seniors, Richard Aguilar and Gio Leguizamon, were kind enough to share their experience and thoughts about Project Brave. When asked where this dance ranks

March 14, 2018

Academic Decathlon By RYAN LINGSANGAN Journalist | Junior ‘19

St. John Bosco offers many opportunities for students to participate in all kinds of sports, and it seems that it is the only activity offered. But that doesn't seem the case with Mr. Salmingo, Vice Principal of Academic Affairs. Mr. Salmingo started a program called Academic Decathlon in the beginning of the 2017 and 2018 school year. “I’ve coached Academic Decathlon for ten years and every year I always feel like ‘Should I do this? It’s a lot of work.’ But at the end of the season I always feel fulfilled and blessed that the students had the opportunity to show off their academic talents.Iin many other fields, like sports, it's very easy to show off your talent to a big audience. In a classroom it's really kind of private, individual thing, so it is an opportunity for our students be able to compete and show that Bosco is better than other schools. It also is the opportunity for them to show off and to be publicly acknowledged for their talent.” said Mr. Salmingo. Academic Decathlon is essentially a contest of knowledge. As with any other sports, Academic Decathlon is team-based competition, where students have to study and work together to solve questions and solve

problems from all academic subjects, math, science, etc. With the emphasis on cooperation and teamwork, students work together building trust and learning new skills, like sports such as football. “I feel like it's great because it’s a new program and it's fun to hang out with other people in the morning classes. The competition is very rewarding with all the work your group puts in. It is very satisfying.” said Rodolfo Olivera, junior class. Our team’s first competition was

competition). There will be a regional contest on April 30th, 2018, in Pasadena to decide which group from a school will be chosen to represent Team USA. As of now, the Bosco team is studying to prepare for the theme of the competition, An Entangled World. This theme is subcategorized into six subjects: literature, social studies, science, art & music, history, and a special area, Human Relationships. When asked why he joined Academic Decathlon,

back on February 3rd, 2018. It was St. John Bosco High School’s first time joining such an event amongst other schools. Starting at Division 4, Bosco finished at first place in that division. With that victory, our team looked at participating for the World Scholar’s Cup, an international competition against teams from different nations. The competition is in either one of these three cities, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Barcelona, Spain; or Melbourne, Australia. It will consist of four events: Collaborative Writing, S c h o l a r ’s Challenge (multiple choice test), Team Debate, and Scholar ’s Bowl (a quiz bowl/ clicker

Brandon Portillo of the freshman class said, “Because I was a part of the [Academic Decathlon] team in my middle school, and I know that it serves well on transcripts when applying for college.” Academic Decathlon is a UC approved program, so it would look good on college applications. Nathaniel Quigg of the sophomore class said he would “join this organization in a heartbeat, having the opportunity to compete academically with other students for medals. It has been such an eyeopening experience as to what academics can do for a person and I can’t wait to join next year.”

to others, Richard Aguilar said, “This is would rank in the top four dances I have ever been to.” Giovanna said, “The music was enjoyable and I also like the senior entries.” Both of their dates also thought the event was a fun time. On the dance floor, many students seemed to be having a good time, as most were dancing to the music. While I am used to softer music, the deafening beats did get me moving. Students I would have never guessed would be at the dance seemed to enjoyed themselves the entire three hours of the event. I might say that they looked uncomfortable at

times, but I can't criticize on that account, because I definitely was too. Even so, it was a great experience I was glad to have in my time at Bosco. However, there are some issues that affected some of the students’ experiences negatively. One of those criticisms I had, or pretty much everyone had, was the long line to get into the dance. The line to get inside the school stretched from the right gate at side of the school to the front of the school only to get into another line to purchase or show your ticket. Although I was glad there was a presale and senior line, that queue extended quite a

distance as well. Despite this, that night seemed to be a great night for the majority of Braves, Jesters, and guests at the dance. I did not see one face without some amusement on it. My classmates and fellow Bosco brothers had a good time, which is to me the most important part of events such as this. The dance was an entertaining and exciting night, and I would recommend to any other Braves who might feel the same apprehension I did to be sure to attend at least one during their time at Bosco – you certainly will not regret it.

Photos Provided by SJBHS Yearbook Staff


March 14, 2018


The Value of the College Bound Braves Kairos Retreat Sandy Ryan

By JUSTIN VARGAS Journalist • Senior ‘18

By BRANDON MIRELES Journalist | Senior ‘18 Kairos is a great retreat and a great experience for seniors and select juniors, in which you learn a lot more about yourself and about your fellow classmates, as well as teachers who partake in it. I was blessed to have gone as both a leader and a candidate. It is a great experience that you will carry with you for a long time as you make great memories with your fellow Bosco brothers over the course of a fourday retreat. Some see it as a week off from school, while others see it as a time of opening up to themselves a time of self-reflection and discovery - something they will take a lot out of. No two Kairos retreats are ever the same, which I know from experience having gone as a leader and a candidate. I asked senior Caden Santiago a couple questioned to see how he saw Kairos, since it is different for every person who goes on this retreat. “Without spoiling too much of Kairos, the thing I liked most about it was the bond created with my Bosco brothers. It's something that really struck me because all the Kairos candidates had four days to spend with each other and within those four days everyone learned a lot about someone that you would not normally learn in

four days.” Santiago said. At the heart of Kairos is the level of self-reflection that is not seen in other retreats. Kairos is not just a retreat, it is an experience that lets one recenter themselves on God and their relationship with Him. As a result of Kairos, many lives have been changed. As Santiago continues, “Kairos means a whole lot to me. It holds a very special place in my heart. To me, Kairos is going to be an unforgettable memory as cliché as it sounds. I would recommend everyone to go on Kairos as a senior or junior as you will create an unforgettable experience.” This just goes to show how much Kairos impacts us and how it leaves a lasting impression. This retreat only makes the brotherhood in which we share a whole lot stronger and makes us respect one another so much more. It is genuinely a great experience where great memories are made and will be taken with us for a very long time when we look back on this experience.

College is now more expensive than ever, carrying a hefty price tag of up to $500,000 for tuition and living expenses throughout a student’s four years of higher-level education. Add on graduate school, and the cost soars even higher. For many who are unable to secure an athletic scholarship, these expenses often become student loans that the student must carry for years or even decades. However, the Bosco Man demonstrates the highest level of potential across all fields including not only sports, but academics. For this reason, the Class of 2018 is blessed to be sending off Vern Ryan – known around campus as Sandy – to the University of Tulane, as part of his success in getting selected as a winning scholar of the Posse Scholarship! Obtaining such distinction from the Posse Foundation is not easy. Hundreds apply but few are chosen. “Candidates must show leadership and withstand three rounds of closely evaluated interviews, and attend precollegiate training, until ten students are left,” said Sandy. In fact, the process to be a Posse scholarship winner is purposely made to be difficult to select candidates that show clear merit for a large award: the last ten students receive a full ride to some of the most decorated institutions in the country such as UC Berkeley, Northwestern, WisconsinMadison, and Tulane. Over the next four years, Ryan’s education — worth over $200,000 — will be completely paid for by the Posse foundation due to his leadership skills and academic success in the classroom. Ryan reflects upon the moment he was notified of his status, “I was notified by a phone call about 1 hour after my last interview. It was a surreal experience that didn’t quite sink in until the Awards Ceremony.”

Having been involved in the basketball program for the last four years – on varsity for the past three – and having taken multiple AP classes in an outstanding academic record, Sandy was certainly a competitive applicant from the start. With college tuition now out of the way, Sandy is especially able to focus on his intended major —business with an emphasis in social entrepreneurship and non-profit. Those looking to find similar ways of paying for college, like Sandy, may find great value in pursuing the Posse Scholarship. Sandy’s interest in the Posse scholarship was first sparked by Ms. Monica Jara of the Bosco Counseling Department. Any underclassmen seeking to minimize their college expenses should reach out to the counseling department as a valuable source of college guidance and information regarding financial assistance. Of course, there are hundreds of other scholarships that, once notified as a finalist or recipient, are dedicated towards paying room and board expenses, or tuition itself. What separates the Posse Scholarship from the rest is its scholars’s distinguished graduation rate of 90% and the over $1.2 billion invested by the foundation scholarships into students across the country. Such success is of course accredited to Sandy’s determination to do well in and out of the classroom, but he also recognizes those who helped him on his way: “I thank the entire Bosco Family for the support they gave me through the process, especially Ms. Jara and Mr. Weiglin [Coordinator of the Social Entrepreneurship Pathway].” With graduation in the near future, Sandy is looking forward to finishing off basketball season and academics strong. Congratulations, Sandy, on your achievement!

Brave of the Issue: Joseph Palombi By CONNOR CARTLEDGE Journalist • Senior ‘18

You have most certainly heard the name Joseph Palombi, whether it be over the intercom, at a rally, or just around campus. How could you not? With his involvement in a little bit of everything at Bosco, Joseph Palombi has made a statement throughout his four years of service and dedication to this school. As a student athlete, academics comes first for Joseph Palombi, which is why he is enrolled in several AP courses and has been an honor roll recipient for four years. Having Palombi in a few classes myself, I can say that he always brings his comedic side out when there is room for a few laughs. When it is time to strap in and emphasize the student aspect of school, Joseph Palombi can be found studying hard for just about any subject. The time and dedication he puts into school have

certainly proven useful, as he is planning on attending West Point military college. Outside the classroom, Palombi can be found either in the weight room--lifting for football--or on the rugby field. As a dual-sport athlete, Palombi puts emphasis on “managing your time and making sure you find space for the most important aspects of your life, including friends and family.” Palombi has led this year’s rugby team to a historic season, securing a first place spot in their bracket. As a center, Palombi has been playing for the football program for four years, traveling with them and winning league titles. Perhaps what Joseph Palombi is known for most famously around campus is his dedication to ASB and his years of extra service to the school. Palombi has been on ASB for four years now, currently holding the position of Vice President on Executive Board. He is one of the few brains behind the festivities and events here at Bosco, along with

an equally involved coordinator officer for Saint Joseph’s festivities. He helps plan events like tribe meetings, dances, and other fun extracurricular activities. Palombi is also involved in Youth Ministry where he takes part in organizing and leading Christian service events, monthly mass, and other religious events. While some may say that the events Joseph Palombi partakes in may be overwhelming, he disagrees. “St. John Bosco has been a large part of my life these past four years, so it seems only fit that I dedicate and put back in just as much or even more than the school has given me over the years. I thank the faculty, staff, and friends I have made here at Bosco for their time and dedication, as I will use what I have learned here and apply it to my everyday life from here on out.” Thank you, Joseph, we can’t wait to see your future endeavors.




Postseason Success By CALEB WILEY Journalist | Junior ‘19

[CONT'D FROM COVER] and never looked back. With the victory, the Behind a roaring student Braves advanced to the section and intense energy, consolation championship Bishop M o n t g o m e r y game against Crespi. It was defeated Bosco by a final another close game that score of 60-43, sending the Bosco had to play well in Braves to the consolation order to win. The team had bracket. to play with togetherness “[It is] a great program. to win this game and that's They have lots of exactly what happened. experience with the playoff “During the game, our environment,” explained team was very together and Junior Forward Josh Adoh. I felt like everyone was on “[Our team is] very the same page,” said Adoh experienced. For some of as the Braves earned the 72our guys, it was the first 60 triumph. time any of them played in a “It has been great. game like that,” said Coach Obviously, we didn't get Dunn. off to the start that we had The young and talented hoped, but our response Braves lack playoff to that was great. We’ve experience and it showed had great practices and this game. However, we're excited for the state they didn't let this game playoffs,” said Coach Dunn determine their mood for the when asked about the rest of the playoffs. The team playoffs overall. was now fighting for the On Saturday, the team Open division consolation earned a first-round win championship and state in the playoffs - 64-61 playoff seeding. over Long Beach Poly. The Braves then faced The Braves advance to the state-ranked R a n c h o regional semi-finals and will Christian at home, and now face Rancho Christian played extremely hard and on Tuesday night at Bosco in spirited, earning a 72-64 the game of the season. win. The Braves beat Rancho Christian, 71-54 Tuesday night, to advance to the CIF State Southern California regional semifinals gainst the Chino Hills Huskies. The game is Saturday at 2 PM at The Pyramid at CSULB

Photo provided by SJBHS Teacher Mr. Torre

State Champs Rugby By KAMERON OJEDA Journalist | Senior ‘18

Bosco's Rugby team had yet another astounding season. The team posted a perfect record - going undefeated - and were also crowned California state champions. “The Rugby team’s key to success this season was the bond and brotherhood that was created throughout the season. This enabled us to perform as a unit on the field which lead to a lot of victories,” said Palombi.

March 14, 2018

Winter Signing Day

By JULIAN BOYD Journalist Senior ‘18

On February 7, 2018, seven athletes from St. John Bosco high school were able to celebrate signing their National Letters of Intent to play sports collegiately. The following Braves signed L etters of Intent: Kevin Coblentz (University of Nevada, Reno), Sal Spina (Stanford University), Cole Aubrey (Montana), Demetrious Flowers (Arizona State University), Kedron Williams (Washington State University), Stephan Blaylock (University of California Los Angeles), and Eli DeRoon (Air Force Academy) are among those 7 athletes. These athletes trusted the process the whole way through, staying at Bosco in spite of difficulties and disappointments. A lot of these players didn’t earn much playing time at all until their sophomore and junior years but persevered and worked hard to achieve their success. Senior linebacker Kedron Wi l l i a m s expressed gratitude to Bosco for helping prepare him for the next level. “I was able to look up to a lot of older [Division 1] guys at my position as a younger guy and I was able to learn from their game and put pieces into mine. Also, the nationally staged games helped me preform on a high

level and get looked at,” Williams said. Williams has not only done a lot for the Bosco football team, but the entire Bosco Community as well. He recently received the Brave of the Year award at the annual football banquet, reflecting on his true

is also a four-year Bosco football player. He excels in the classroom and on the field. This explains why Blaylock will be attending one of the most prestigious academic schools in the country. Blaylock explained how excited he is for his future while also

Photo provided by SJBHS Teacher Mr. Torre

value of citizenship as a Bosco Brave. Demetrious Flowers is a senior running back who has been on the Varsity Team for four years. Although he did not get his first start until his senior year, he trusted the process and knew that his coaches and his hard work with every opportunity given would earn him college offers. “Bosco really helped me with my strength. I think Coach Johnson re a l ly help e d me physically and mentally and put me ahead of a lot of guys going into college. I’m excited to meet new people, live on my own, and just get the overall college experience.” Flowers said. Stephan Blaylock, who will be attending UCLA -

This formula for brotherhood first, rugby second greatly helped the team perform at the highest level on the field, shown by their undefeated record. Going undefeated is never a walk in the park. The squad faced tremendous amounts of adversity which they had to overcome as the season rolled along to continue their success. “Our team faced adversity in the forms of the injuries and having to adapt to multiple referee styles of how they call games throughout the season,” said Palombi. These trials and tribulations were big factors that led to the Braves team success. One of their star players - Junior Gafa - is a member of the USA Rugby team outside of school, while also performing as a key contributor to the

expressing gratitude towards St. John Bosco, particularly the football coaching staff. “I think I’ll do fine academically [at UCLA] because there are many Bosco alumi at UCLA doing very well. I can’t really say only one person helped me. I was helped by every coach at Bosco, from the Offensive Coordinator to the Defensive Line Coach. I am very thankful for every coach and teammate,” Blaylock said. These special athletes have been at Bosco and enjoyed all four years of being a Brave. They are all very blessed to leave campus as collegiate student athletes. They will continue their college careers and their entire futures as Brave Men.

Braves outstanding season. Gafa explains how the qualities and experience of being a Team USA rugby member have helped carry over sustainable results to his high school team. “Being able to represent my country was amazing, but it also meant that I had to hold myself to a different standard. I worked to bring intensity to my high school rugby team and I always had my brother’s backs. We learned to fight together and it led to us going undefeated.” This year’s St. John Bosco Rugby team accomplished a lot and displayed astounding character to get them through the year. They dealt with adversity and all came together as a team to make sure that they dominated each and every play. The squad truly represented the spirit of Bosco athletics.


March 14, 2018


Equality in the PyeongChang Olympics By RYAN JOHNSON Journalist • Sophomore ‘20 The first Winter Olympics event dates back to the period of January 25th, 1924 - February 5th, 1924. The event was hosted in Mont Blanc in Chamonix and in Haute-Savoie, France. This was the ice cold kind of atmosphere that got the snowball rolling. These games consisted of 247 men and 11 women from 16 different nations. At the time, there were only 18 events to compete in, such as ski jump, bobsledding, and hockey. Throughout the years, many different ethnic groups began taking part in these Winter Olympic games, whereas initially the athletes were predominately white. 2018 truly marks a special year for the Winter Olympics. More than ever this year, the games are strongly pushing diversity and acceptance. With 10 African-Americans and 11 Asian-Americans competing for the United States of America this year, the world is increasingly becoming more aware of the diversity present in modern America. Jordan Greenway has overcome a 98-year-old racial obstacle this year, becoming the first African American to suit up for the USA Hockey team. Also, Asian-Americans Alex and Maia Shibutani became the first ever ice dancers of Asian descent to win an Olympic medal for the U.S.

In the desperate times that the United States is facing when it comes to several different racial issues, accomplishments like these are huge eyeopeners for us all as a society. These accomplishments by these “minorities” are a constant reminder of all the things we could possibly overcome if we decide to unify as one, relaying the ever powerful message of unity and equality for all. The Nigerian women’s bobsledding team also emerged this year as the first African country to compete in the sport. As snow is certainly not common in Nigeria, these women had to go above and beyond to practice for these Winter Olympics, using makeshift sleds and courses to practice back home. Even though they placed last in the race, it still showed a lot of heart and initiative to get out there. “It’s good to see the world finally catching up,” says Aja Evans, a track and field star representing America from Chicago. Not only have many racial barriers been broken in this year’s Winter Olympics, but a tremendous amount of acceptance has been shown as well. The acceptance of the LGBT community in this year's Winter Olympics has been huge. Pyeongchang’s Olympics have seen more publicly open homosexual athletes than ever before. The most noticeable of these openly gay athletes was

Baseball & Hockey Recap Baseball When everyone thinks of St. John Bosco athletics, they think of the storied and most well-known programs such as football or basketball. Last year, the Bosco baseball team finally got over the hump and asserted their dominance as a top-tier program in California. Behind a great group of seniors and a junior and sophomore class on the rise, the team had an extremely successful season, winning their first ever Trinity League championship and advancing to the Division 2 CIF semi-

Hockey Bosco's hockey team has had another very successful season thus far. The team won the California Division 2 state championship for the second straight year, beating this year’s rival Capistrano United. How have they done it? It’s not easy to repeat as the best team in your state for two straight years when every team comes at you with their best hit. This reigns true in any sport, but especially on the ice with the gritty play displayed in hockey. This season, there has been a noticeable rivalry forming between two high school club

Canada’s Eric Radford, as he became the first openly gay Olympian to claim gold at a Winter Games event. Pyeongchang took a totally different approach than Russia did in the last Winter Olympics. Russia made it clear that they had no acceptance for homosexuality whilst hosting in 2014. This tone was set by Sochi’s mayor Anatoly Pakhomov, as he openly stated that there were no gay people in his city, trying to protect Russia’s pride and integrity. There have been plenty of instances of acceptance and, sadly, disapproval of the gay community domestically and internationally, as the Winter Olympics have shown. The same goes for the discrimination and hate faced by minority groups fighting for equality alongside them. At the end of the day, we should all accept each other, and set our own pride aside to be able to understand. Understanding is one of the most important parts of acceptance.

By ETHAN PIECHOTA Sports Journalist • Junior ‘19

finals. This year, the Braves will look to build on their extremely successful 27-8 season and reign supreme once again in the Trinity League. The Braves return star senior catcher Kameron Ojeda this season, a key piece in the program that has an extremely bright future in baseball. Ojeda is headed to top baseball program Cal State Fullerton next season and is widely expected to be a top pick in the 2018 MLB Draft. They also return upcoming star and national prospect David Hays as a junior. Hays looks to have a breakout season in one of his first years as a star.

“Our main goal is to just build off of what we did last year. We have a really young team, and even though we won Trinity League last year, this is sort of a rebuilding year,” says Hays. The Braves will also return a handful of juniors that have had impact on their program from day 1. First baseman Hays, Sebastian Orduno, and designated hitter Oscar Favela headline some of these names. The most intriguing storyline for the Braves this year will be their situation on the pitching mound. Last year, the Braves pitching staff was lead by 4 seniors, and they will rely on younger and less

experienced arms this year to get the job done. It certainly won’t be easy, but they have quite some time before league begins. “Last year’s pitching staff was amazing, we had really good pitchers. This year our staff is extremely young, so it’s all about gaining experience and developing our lineup to help us win games,” said Favela. It’s time for Bosco baseball to take the next step as a top national team. They certainly have the reputation following their Trinity League title last year and their success in the playoffs in California. The next step isn’t that far away either for the Braves.

Continued leadership from now-seniors and immense talent coming up from underclassmen and juniors show this fact. The Braves will officially start league play April 13th at Orange Lutheran high school. That is nearly one month away, and will give the team quite some time to mature, prepare and gain experience as a unit. So far, the Braves are 0-2 in meaningless preseason games, losing both games in a double-header to Mission Viejo high school at home. The Braves will take on Damien high School tomorrow, March 14th, at Damien.

powerhouses in California the Bosco hockey squad and Capistrano United. Facing off in the state championship, the Braves defeated Capistrano. Unfortunately, in their most recent affair Capistrano got the best of the Braves in the high school league championship. “We [have been] back-toback champions these past two years. I think we’re still trending in the right direction. This year we were pretty disappointed to not win both championships, but all-inall our program looks pretty strong for the future,” says junior Preston Park.

The team is most definitely trending and heading in the right direction for the present and future. For a team from California, Bosco’s come up on the state and national stage is extremely impressive. “I believe winning those two league titles definitely placed St. John Bosco as a dominating force in the league. It’s going to be crucial that the school continues to recruit new players as some of the older players begin to graduate,” says junior Dante Terramani. The squad may get a chance to take on Capistrano United again. Currently, the Braves

rank behind them at second in Division 2, but may have a chance to play them again soon come national playoff time. It’s great to see another sport emerging here at Bosco,

as the hockey team has proven it is and will continue to be dominant. Look out for them at the National Championships in Minnesota soon.



March 14, 2018

Lessons from the Florida Tragedy

School shootings have sadly become more common in the United States. Even so, most people think that a shooting would never happen at their school. On Wednesday 14, 2018 the world was struck with news of another tragic school shooting. Seventeen people were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, marking one of the deadliest school shootings in the United States since the Sandy Hook school shooting. The shooter was identified as nineteen year old Nikolas Cruz. Although these details have been painstakingly combed over by the national media since the event, it is important to remember the facts when considering the implications of a emotionfilled tragedy such as this. Cruz went into the school equipped with a gas mask, smoke grenades, and an AR15-style rifle. He triggered the fire alarm to draw students into the hallways. He fled the school by mixing in with the students as they evacuated. After he had left the campus, Cruz went to a Walmart and McDonald's before being arrested by the police in Coral Springs, Florida.

Now that the shooting is over, most people are trying to find someone to blame. So many different things have accused of being the source of the problem, including guns, violent video games, health care, and Cruz's parents. One of the biggest controversies revived by this school shooting – as has been the case with past atrocities – is gun control. Some of the most vocal advocates for stricter gun laws are the students of Douglas High School themselves, some advocating for a ban on all assault rifles. Many of these students and parents shared their support for this perspective at town hall convened to hear their perspective. These people were able to discuss their issues with Marco Rubio (a Republican senator from Florida) and an NRA representative. The Florida State Senate has rejected a motion to take up a bill on banning assault rifles, but passed bills that raised the age at which guns can be purchased and banned the sale of bump stocks. Another issue some have raised is with the seeming failure of mental health care in the United States.

Advocates of this aspect contend that the mental health care system must be improved in order to prevent other tragedies from occurring by proactively preventing individuals from seeking to commit such an act to begin with. In this instance, according to Broward County Mayor Beam Furr, Cruz had received mental health care from a clinic, visiting a therapist to help him deal with his depression after his mother’s death. The unfortunate fact that this treatment was ineffective indicates a dire need for improvement in health care in the United States; the lack of treatment of other perpetrators of these crimes – such as the murderer in the Las Vegas shooting ____ – shows how easily others slip through the cracks of America's health system. The minimal treatment prescribed to Cruz, especially in the face of his long history of threatening behaviors, emphasizes this fact. Some teachers have said that the Cruz’s problems were evident since middle school in the form of vocal outbursts and disturbing drawings, including some images of stick figures

shooting guns. Teachers atte mpte d nu m e rou s disciplinary actions and family counseling, but none of them worked in changing Cruz's behaviors. He was ultimately expelled from Douglas High School for his behavior. In spite of all of those who feared he might pose a threat, from teachers to students, little concrete, focused action was taken to try improve his mental state. The nationwide impact of the Florida school shooting has promoted the awareness of many incidents at local high schools where law enforcement has intervened to stop shooting threats. Some students at Bosco shared their feelings about their environment after the Florida incident. “I feel safe here at Bosco, and now that school

Apple's New Rules Help Gamers From creating the latest iPhone X and being the birth parent of the dreaded microtransactions, Apple has finally redeemed itself and risen to higher places. Apple has created a new guideline that requires any apps on the App Store that offer loot boxes to show the chances of getting each different item. This may not sound like much at first, but this is actually a massive solution to what was originally a problem. The reason why this is such a massive change to benefit gamers that play games with loot boxes is because of how they are designed. Most loot boxes are designed so the player has to pay to get one or to earn one by completing ingame tasks. Once they open the loot box, gamers get a random chance to receive an item. This item can range

from being common to extremely rare and powerful. However, loot boxes are just like gambling in that they are extremely addictive due to their randomness. The fact that the probability of winning these boxes is not known to the player allows some developers to make games unfair. They can say that there is a rare chance to receive a super item, but in reality that percent chance isn’t even close to reasonable or possible. A popular computer game titled League of Legends has a loot system that features a chance of obtaining very valuable skins that the player can put on their character. However, the actual percent chance to get one of those skins is just 0.05%. The player would have to purchase about 2,000 mystery crates to have a good enough chance to get

one of them. So, while it looks like gamers can receive one of those legendary skins if they are lucky enough, the percent chance tells otherwise. Also, developers reel players into buying more loot boxes by making it seem like the player was really close to receiving a high-end item. Maybe the item wheel was just a tick off from the super item they wanted, and if they clicked a little bit earlier they would have gotten it. Truth be told, this is just another trick, as most games have their items predetermined. In reality, if that player clicked earlier he or she still wouldn’t have gotten it. What developers really want to do is to create a false sense of anticipation. They want to make it seem to the player like he or she is about

By NICHOLAS BERNAL Journalist • Senior ‘18 shootings have become more relevant and discussed nationally, we will be better prepared,” says GRADE Emmanuel Medina. Another Bosco student, Matthew Ruiz, shared his thoughts: “I do feel safe going to Bosco, but I wish there was a little more security at the school.” These students exemplify that the Bosco community feels safe with the some of the security measures in place, including guards and locking doors during classes. Nevertheless, the atrocity committed in Florida that school shootings are a national threat. That is why it is important to help anybody that seems troubled in order to try and prevent tragedies like the Florida shooting from occurring.

Crowd Chants 'No More Guns!' at Vigil for Florida Shooting Victims Image from

By KEVIN MWANGALE Journalist • Senior ‘18

to get something epic. In doing so, developers make opening boxes a pleasurable experience by using both visual and audio cues. Not all players fall for this, but the ones who do will find it enjoyable to open boxes. Sidelined, the companies are just manipulating gamers into buying more and more. Apple's new guideline should still change some of this. Forcing developers to simply release the chances of obtaining certain items

is a way to stop this. Even if the percent chances are unfair, the player will at least know about it. The guideline simply ensures that the player knows their exact chances of getting certain items before they can purchase whatever loot box or chest they want. The player will have clear knowledge of what he or she is getting into and whether or not it will be worth the chance.

Battlefront II was changed to remove a way to pay for loot crates and rewards Image from


March 14, 2018

A Scandal - The NCAA

College athletes are unpaid for participating in athletics. Recently, this has caused quite the controversy. Along with the appearance of being unappreciated, these athletes are also misinformed about their education. The common argument against college athletes is that they receive a free education, so they shouldn’t be given money for playing sports. Atlanta Falcons 2017 1st round pick Takkarist McKinley (former DE/ OLB for UCLA Bruins) has stated that UCLA heavily suggested for him to take an easy major in school in order for him to find more time on the gridiron. By majoring in Gender Studies, McKinley was not taking a major worth exploring, and it would affect him if he chose not to pursue professional football, suffered a horrific injury, or

suffered post-career issues. As opposed to the average UCLA student pursuing BioMed or Business Colleges amongst other things, college athletic programs recognize the amount of profit that the players bring in and take advantage of situations (jerseys and other sports related products) to find success and comfort for themselves, rather than the players actually doing the “dirty” work. Last year, the NCAA as a whole accumulated over one billion dollars from college sports profits. Legally, the athletes playing these sports didn’t receive a dime of that. They put their careers and health at risk but receive no compensation. The college football playoffs alone acquired the NCAA hundreds of millions of dollars. Yet, only some of the players participating

Unspoken Epidemics By JOSEPH BUSH Journalist • Senior ‘18

In recent years there have been some serious epidemics that have happened, but the news neglects the true importance and danger of these outbreaks. The worst disease that’s still around today is the Ebola virus, reaching epidemic levels in 2014 and persisting into 2018. Ebola hasn’t had a huge outbreak since 2016, but it’s still around in a lot of countries. Ebola symptoms: Pain areas: in the abdomen, chest, joints, or muscles Whole-body chills, dehydration, fatigue, fever, loss of appetite, malaise, or sweating Gastrointestinal: diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, or vomiting blood

Whole body: fever, fatigue, or loss of appetite The best way to keep this from spreading or staying safe is frequently washing your hands with water and soap, covering your mouth when coughing, and not sharing utensils. An epidemic that needs great attention is HIV/AIDS. This disease is as dangerous as they come. HIV/AIDS effects 36.7 million people currently and has caused over 35 million deaths. These are the symptoms you need to watch out for; if you or someone you known has three or more, it is advisable to consult a doctor:

Pain circumstances: can occur while swallowing Another epidemic that Whole body: fatigue, fever, still affects the world is loss of appetite, malaise, measles. This disease is very night sweats, or sweating dangerous and can cause lethal complications (lung These have been some the infection, brain swelling) three worst epidemics of if untreated. It’s so severe the 2000-2018 period. The it has become the leading CDC reminds us to wash our cause of death for young hands with soap and water, children around the world. do not handle items that may have come in contact with Major symptoms include: an infected person’s body Pain areas: in the muscles fluids.

in collegiate sports have full-ride scholarships, occupying only a fraction of this revenue. The NCAA - a nonprofit organization - pockets the money and distributes it to the schools and further organization operations. Michael Beasley, who is currently an NBA player for the New York Knicks advocated and leaked quite a lot of information about his time playing basketball in college as a top prospect. When asked about college athletes lack of pay, Beasley said “My jerseys, they sold my jerseys. Not just me, what about Kentucky and Anthony Davis? What about USC and O.J. Mayo? What about Western Kentucky and Courtney Lee? We bring a lot to these schools and we can’t even park in front of the arenas in games. They still make us, as freshman,

A7 By TOMMY FIERRO Journalist • Junior ‘19v

park two parking lots away from the dorms in the freezing cold.” While the players have their own take and opinions on this subject, coaches are ready to take the next step as well. Rick Pitino, the former head basketball coach for Louisville, was recently fired after a storied career for paying players. This is essential in proving the time for players to be paid is well overdue, and even the coaches are starting to and have already recognized this ideology. The salaries of college coaches at the top athletic schools make even more apparent the fact that the rift between college athletes and the schools that profit off them will only grow wider. The money game in college sports is so great that even revered coaches like Rick Pitino and Sean Miller of

Arizona have jeopardized their careers and legacy over wins and losses and possible championships. This shows that the value of the contributions of the players on the field and the court has far exceeded the compensation they receive in the form of a free "education," that, as shown, is often well below the education offered to nonathlete students. The resolution to the "scandals" of recent months, where players are simply trying to get what they have earned, is to provide greater compensation for the players from the ample revenues of the NCAA. If the NCAA is truly committed to the student-athletes, as it claims to be, giving the players a share of the money they created through their efforts is certainly not too much to ask.

The #MeToo Movement

By GABRIEL ZABALA Journalist • Freshaman ‘21

The topic of sexual harassment has been an issue swept under the rug for years. Too many women have felt embarrassed and ashamed that they have been sexually harassed or violated. The Me Too Movement was started by Tarana Burke back in 2006. The movement advocates for women to show solidarity with each other, more specifically with those who have been sexually harassed. The hashtag #MeToo quickly went viral in 2017 when Alyssa Milano used it to show support of her friend Rose McGowan, who accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment. Because of the #MeToo Movement, more women feel empowered to tell their stories and, most importantly, they now feel that they will be believed. This movement quickly garnered national attention and started a snowball effect of more women coming out and accusing their abusers. The Women’s March on January 21st had around 500,000 people rallying in Washington, DC and over 4.5 million people elsewhere in the US A big development within the #MeToo movement occurred in 2017 when 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist gymnast McKayla Maroney accused the US National Gymnastics Team Doctor Larry Nassar of sexual abuse. McKayla announced this on Twitter and it quickly went viral. In the wake of the #Metoo Movement, other Olympic gymnasts, such as Gabby Douglas, Jordyn Wieber, Simone Biles, and Aly Raisman, came out to tell their stories about sexual abuse perpetrated by Nassar. Since then, he has been convicted of molesting over 200 girls and boys over the course of 30 years at USA Gymnastics and Michigan

State University. However, this isn’t the end of this case. Many people believe that USA Gymnastics and MSU have been systematically protecting Nassar. Regarding Larry Nassar, USA Gymnastics, and MSU, St. Joseph High School junior Ariana Easterday stated, "I understand from a business perspective why they would do what they did, but it’s unacceptable and their gymnasts should be their number one priority." Hollywood has been under fire in recent times due to the sexual allegations that have been made. The vast majority of sexual abuse that has gone on in Hollywood has been swept under the rug. Settlements are handed out or victims are threatened if they reveal their stories. In a recent Tweet, President Donald Trump said, “People[’]s lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation. Some are true and some are false. Some are old and some are new. There is no recovery for someone who is falsely accused - life and career gone. Is there no such thing any longer as Due Process?” St. John Bosco’s art teacher Mrs. Macrae was offended by President Trump's tweet, stating, “It’s complete madness that he has the audacity to try and limit the voices of these women who are coming out and telling their story." Sexual abuse victims often feel ashamed and embarrassed to tell someone that they’ve been abused. Many abusers happen to be people close to the victims; they could be family friends or people they trust, thereby making the victims find it difficult to come out and tell someone. Nowadays, more people feel they have a voice and justice will be served.

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT March 14, 2018 The Little Mermaid: A Guide to Music Festivals


By Caden Santiago & Joshua Orellana '18

For you hardcore festival goers, there are going to be a lot of big festivals this year, such as Coachella, EDC, and Beyond Wonderland. Even if you’re not a hardcore festival goer and you’re planning to go to one, this article will help out a lot, especially if this is going to be your very first festival. For those of you who do not know about Coachella, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is an annual music and arts festival held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. Coachella was cofounded by Paul Tollet and Rick Van Santen in 1999, and it is organized by Golden Voice. The event features artist from many different genres, such as rock, indie, electronic dance music, and much more. This year's lineup for Coachella has leaned more towards hip-hop, as musical artists like The Weekend, Beyoncé, and Eminem are going to be the main stars of Coachella. The audience can also expect many more artists, such as SZA, Tyler the Creator, Post Malone, Kali Uchis, and much more. The event is expected to happen from April 13-15 and April 20-22. The tickets can also be pricey, as the general admission tickets cost $429 and VIP passes cost $999. Those who do plan on going to Coachella should get their tickets as soon as possible because the tickets do sell at an incredible speed and can be sold out within the first two days. EDC, on the other hand, is not your typical festival. EDC, also

known as Electric Daisy Carnival, is probably one of the biggest electronic dance music carnivals in the world. EDC is also annually held in Las Vegas instead of in California. Unlike Coachella with its very pricey tickets, EDC is definitely much more reasonable, as the general admission is $325 and VIP is $699. The festival lasts for three days, starting on May 18 and ending on May 20. Beyond Wonderland is an EDM festival that started up around 2010 by Insomniac events. The festival includes a variety of DJs and artists from all around the globe. The event has been held in various locations, such as San Bernardino, Seattle, and Mountain View. It is a West Coast festival that spans about one or two days. This year, Beyond Wonderland will be taking place in San Bernardino at the NOS Event Center. Two day general admission will be starting at $169; however, if you wanted the VIP bundle, that will cost around $200. This year's lineup is full of performances by DJ mustard, Andy C, Bijou, Chris Lake, Born Dirty, Alesso, and much more. All in all, Beyond Wonderland would be a great experience for first time ravers or festival goers who are looking for a good time! Good luck to all you crazy festival goers and newcomers. Make sure to stay hydrated, keep track of your belongings, and, most importantly, have fun!

A Joseph-Bosco Performance

By JOAQUIN MEDRANO | Journalist Freshman '21 The Little Mermaid is a musical based on the Disney movie of the same title. The musical is about Ariel, a young mermaid who falls in love with a prince, Eric, and seeks to become human to marry him. The musical differs somewhat from the original movie and features classic songs, including "Part of Your World," "Under the Sea," and "Kiss the Girl," providing for an engaging and entertaining story. The production will be performed at our sister school, Saint Joseph High School, located in Lakewood, from March 16th through March 24th. Notably, this is the last performance of the talented seniors in high school theater, so it is even more important to attend the play to support and acknowledge their work and, put simply, to watch an excellent show. Senior Vanessa Burch, who portrays the character of Ariel, says, “The musical is a really good way to get everyone involved in the show and brings Saint John Bosco and Saint Joseph together.” The entire cast for the play contributes immense ability and artistry to the performace, as Senior Miranda Figueroa, who portrays Ursula in the play, shares: “The Little Mermaid has a very talented cast. It’s been one of my favorite shows since I was a little girl and I’m excited to be a part of it. I think people should bring their kids, dates, parents because is one of those shows that everyone loves.” Our Bosco brothers wanted to share their thoughts on the musical as well. “It is an awesome show with a great message that any Bosco or Saint Joseph student can enjoy," says senior Spencer Moore, who appears as Triton in the play. "It has been awesome to work with our very talented and experienced director." Senior Aidan Flaherty, who plays Prince Eric, said, “I think that the show means a lot to many people because it is an important aspect to their childhood and it is very artistic. Come and support your fellow

Braves and Jesters!" The choreographer for The Little Mermaid production, Ms. Louna had said, “I feel that the musical is magical. It has a lot to do with independence, so it will a good experience for the audience because especially high school studies are gaining more independence and learning about their true selves. I think that the students in the musical are Broadwayqualified and I feel that every individual has their own uniqueness. " Having rehearsed since December, the cast is prepared to put on an incredibly entertaining performance enjoyable for audiences of all ages. Working alongside the experienced seniors is a talented cast ready to sustain the Bosco and St. Joseph theater programs into the years to come under the leadership an amazing director in Mr. Larry Van Deventer. As a Bosco community, let us support this production of the 2017-2018 season to recognize the work of the cast and to enjoy an outstanding performance.

Album Review - Black Panther by Jace Fuamatu "Black Panther" is one of the best movies of the year and in my opinion is going to stay on top for 2018. The movie was directed by Ryan Coogler, who is the youngest Marvel filmmaker ever. Ryan also directed the top audience and grand jury film award winning film “Fruitvale Station”, with Michael B. Jordan being the main character as well as being the main character in “Black Panther’’. "Black Panther" earned 404 million dollars in the first ten days the film was released and it is still continuing to break records. Prior to the movie’s groundbreaking release, a soundtrack like no other was first released, "Black Panther The Album". Kendrick Lamar starts off the year with HEAT, with a hot album last year (DAMN) was blazing with songs like ‘’LOVE’’,’’HUMBLE’’ and ‘’Loyalty’’. This year Kendrick’s album was inspired on the newest movie "Black Panther". "Black Panther" is one of the highest-grossing films ever and also one of the more exciting movies to start off the year. Kendrick’s album hit the billboards chart at #1 as well as being #3 on

the top 100 billboards artist. The album has 154,000 album sales and is still going. The "Black Panther" album was also the biggest soundtrack in over a year with big name artists. Kendrick and CEO Anthony Tiffith both produced the album and they discussed with Ludwig Göransson on having some of his work added into the movie, which was a green light. The songs that were fortunate to make it were ‘’All The Stars’’ (Kendrick,SZA) and ”Pray For Me" (Kendrick Lamar,The Weekend). The album is mixed with very talented artists and groups on the come up, such as SOB X RBE from the Vallejo, California. Putting on from the Bay Area they have made hits like “Anti”,“Lane Changing” and many other great songs. Kendrick saw an opportunity for young artists that are on the come up and gave them a chance. This year is a good year for Kendrick and we all hope to see him succeed this year with many more hits like the "Black Panther" soundtrack.

Song List 1. Black Panther by Kendrick Lamar 2. All The Stars (Album Version) by Kendrick Lamar & SZA 3. X by ScHoolboy Q, 2 Chainz & Saudi

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