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THE BRAVE Vol. XVII, No. 4 ∙ February 9th, 2018 ∙ St. John Bosco High School 13460 S. Bellflower Blvd, Bellflower CA ∙

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Congratulations! - Student Art Exhibited in LA Cathedral Five St. John Bosco students featured their artwork at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels on January 21st for the Robert Graham Memorial Exhibition. Cruz Cordero, James Marshall, Will Kennedy, Aaron Aguirre, and Raymond Solorza presented their artwork at the cathedral. This exhibition is a yearly event where students from different Catholic schools come together to present their artwork at the cathedral for the memorial of Robert Graham, a sculptor who designed the cathedral’s bronze doors but passed away in 2008. The artwork is presented along with a mass at the cathedral. Even though this is a yearly event, this is St. John Bosco’s first year of submissions. Every year, a theme is chosen for the artist to base their artwork from. This year’s theme is Spirituality. Every piece of artwork by the students represents the theme in an interesting and creative way the theme through their art. All five of the St. John Bosco students used graphite on paper for their drawings. While this St. John Bosco’s first time submitting to the exhibit at Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels, there may be plans to continue to submit work for next year. William Kennedy, also a senior at St. John Bosco, states his explanation of how [GO TO WHERE ARE THEY NOW FOR MORE ART, B9] he interpreted the theme in his piece: Raymond Solorza, a senior at St. John Bosco, talks about his piece, Faith’s Dance, and explains how he followed the

theme: “Freedom to express our faith in this day and age is becoming a scary thing to do. Fear of judgement keeps us still. This drawing represents the freedom felt when we drop the fear and no longer afraid, we celebrate mind, body and soul in our Faith’s dance.”

“It is a representation of picking up our personal cross and accepting it as part of our Faith’s Journey. It is through bearing our cross with grace and acceptance that we strengthen our spiritual connection with God.”

Playing God? By TREVOR BURROLA Journalist | Senior ‘18

In today’s world, it seems almost impossible to not have some form of artificial intelligence in a household. Every smartphone has voice command with a personality responding to a request. An internet browser remembers the sites you frequent and then later suggests those websites when you are not on them. The Amazon product called “Alexa” can be looked at as a personal electronic assistant who can schedule events, play music, research facts, and tell you the weather. Unless you live under a rock, technology has impacted or become a part of life greatly. Although fictional works have speculated that the future could become this, it is possible that these could become nonfictional tales. Technology has advanced significantly these past decades to the point where it is becoming a part of life. Who knows what it will be in a couple years. If the speculations are to be true, the world would experience robotic assistances and workers. [SEE NEWS, A3]

IN THIS EDITION A Shutdown Sinkhole See A2

Cruz Cordero, who is currently a sophomore at St. John Bosco, discussed his work, Serenity, stating: “While creating my art piece, I was in a serene state of being and had a very open mind about faith. I left portions of my art unfinished as my journey in faith is just beginning.” Written by Chris Abarquez '19

Valentine's Day? See A5

Dear Mr. Trump See A6

Alumni Update See B9



February 9, 2018

Government - A Divided Congress & The Shutdown Sinkhole

By MARK MCDERMOTT Editor-in-Chief | Senior ‘18

On January 20th, the federal government shut down for about three days when Congress failed to cobble together some tax dollars to continue spending for a few weeks. It didn’t affect much in terms of the everyday lives of the people, with a relatively short duration primarily over a weekend, until Congress punted the issue to February 8th, yesterday, with yet another temporary spending bill. Another shutdown seems to be looming in the near future, because, as the half-applauding, halfwretching audience of the State of the Union address showed clearly, Congress is so deeply divided it no longer truly represents the will of the people. The primary battlefield of the shutdown is immigration. More than any president before him, Donald Trump has pushed the critical problems of illegal immigration to the forefront of politics from the beginning of his campaign for office. To jump-start the legislative battle, Trump pledged last September to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) in March 2018. This forced Congress to address the issue, as the president does carry the power to undo an executive order such as DACA enacted by a previous president. The six-month timeline coincided with the end of government funding, which is hardly a coincidence:

the president hoped that by attaching the immigration issue along with government funding, Congress would be forced to compromise, a point he emphasized in his well-received State of the Union speech. In theory, it was an

position was supported by 65% of Americans; even 75% of Republicans supported a pathway for those under DACA to achieve citizenship. The compromise would prevent a recurrence of the disastrous 1986 Reagan

excellent piece of political strategy. But Congress decided to wreck everything, as usual. President Trump’s compromise was very reasonable, with each party receiving something of great value. The bill granted a path to citizenship for 1.8 million people in the country illegally – including all under the DACA program and many more – in exchange for $25 billion for border security. According to an ABC News poll, this

amnesty, where Reagan granted amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants in exchange for a promise of border security by Congress. Congress, being Congress, quickly forgot its promise, paving the way for millions more to enter in hopes of a future amnesty, worsening the issue into the crisis that we have today. President Trump moved to prevent this from recurring, not settling for a promise or “clean” bill, rather choosing

to attach border security to the DACA plan, which was in turn connected to a government spending bill to force it through. So, in a nation that can’t even gather a majority of votes for any presidential candidate, a congressional dispute over a law collecting 65% support from the people instead caused a government shutdown. Why? There are three main causes. First of all, President Trump’s dubious comments about other nations during his campaign and his elected tenure have ensured that any proposal he makes is tinted with fears of racism. Regardless of circumstances, some things he has said are at the very least crude and disrespectful for someone in his position. In many ways, however, this only bolsters for the second, preexisting cause, a classic Democratic tactic: the labeling any proposal for border security as racist. Even so, Trump has made his position so volatile that even Republicans hope to distance themselves, while eroding the support for a legitimate proposal. The underlying truth is that border security is not a proposal based in bigotry; security is necessitated by the fact that the American economy is now 80% service sector and demands skilled workers, not impoverished labor, alongside the unbelievable number of deaths from the opioid drugs pouring over the southern

border. Immigration in the 19 th and early 20 th centuries was needed to fuel the rapid-growing industrial economy, but that economy is long gone. Immigrants are still essential to what America is as a nation – most can and do contribute to society – but increased control over who enters is badly needed. The proposal itself is not racist; rather, it has been framed that way, and the president, in spite of some of his prudent political maneuvering, has only given ammunition to believers in that fallacy. Finally, both parties are attempting to enforce an ideological loyalty that is unsustainable in the way the U.S. government works. In other words, compromise means yielding some positions – there will be parts that go through and others that don't. That is the way the game must be played. This shutdown quagmire shows the worst of what our government has to offer: in the face of clear public support across party lines, the representatives supposedly acting out the will of the people are doing the opposite, and stirring up anger all around. It is no wonder Congress has a whopping 16% job approval: they have a very simple, very clear task that helps both sides and the nation as a whole, and they cannot do it because of their petty political feuding.

Current Events in the World Today 1. Pelosi sets record for longest continuous speech in the U.S. House: Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke for eight hours on the House floor where she told stories about the Dreamers who were brought to the United States illegally as children. Her speech was intended to protest the budget deal that does not include protections for Dreamers. 2. North Korea, U.S. set for uncomfortable encounter at Olympics: North Korea’s ceremonial leader and U.S. Vice President Mike Pence are set for their first face-to-face encounter on Friday when they attend the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. 3. Government Shuts Down Part Two: The government ran out of money at midnight Thursday when plans to pass a sweeping bipartisan budget deal hit a snag in the Senate. It is projected to be a short-lived shutdown. 4. What happens in a U.S. government shutdown? • • •

Many major federal responsibilities, like sending Social Security checks and operating the military, would continue Government operations and employees deemed “essential,” like those in the military and law enforcement, would continue to report to work Employees in “non-essential” government functions would stay home and be prohibited from showing up – PAY IS NOT GUARANTEED * Health and Human Services: half of its 82,000 staff on furlough * National Park Service: closed/ limited access * Department of Defense: At the Pentagon, military personnel should expect to show up to work during a shutdown, but not expect any pay for the duration


February 9, 2018

The AI Future By TREVOR BURROLA Journalist | Senior ‘18

[Cont’d from COVER]

Some may see this as humanity slowly bringing its own downfall, but there are benefits to it. Artificial intelligence can help retrieve and store information without losing or forgetting it. Sophia, the female robot, has held multiple interviews over the years about what the future holds for artificial intelligence and robots in general. In fact, in a report by USA Today, Sophia has more rights than most women do in Saudi Arabia. There are already machines that can have a conversation with humans, which is still mind boggling. It probably won’t be long until they are our personal assistants since you do not have to pay them. They are programmed only to serve and perform at the best of their ability with no question asked, thus resolving any conflicts that a normal human worker will have. Therefore, they could be helpful to those who need all day assistance in their lives. However, movies like the "Terminator", "Alien", and "Blade Runner" show a possible danger if artificial intelligence becomes too powerful and begins to serve itself. It would be ironic if the end of humanity will be its own creation in which we pretend we are like God. Those at Wired have reported on a newly developed humanoid robot

that can do push-ups and sweat, which will be done to cool down its motors. Boston Dynamics have periodically post videos of their humanoid robot named Atlas in which it can be seen to do flips and high vertical jumps at ease. Today’s world has debated the use of drones in the field of combat. Could the next discussion be about robotic soldiers? The more technology advances, so does the growth of AI. Already there have been AI including Sophia which have said robots and technology will rule the world. Despite these predictions, the world is still decades away from this ever occurring and maybe it will not even come true because of the unpredictability of life. The idea of weaponized AI has scared a lot of people to which has led to less media coverage on the issue. When the news is turned on the reporters are only reporting local news or the president. People have only learned about these new advancements through social media. This is more concern because the average human being does not use Twitter or Facebook for research. Most people are unaware of this becoming a polarized and potential moral issue begging someone to ask the question as to why there is not much talk of AI? As time goes, scientists and engineers will continue to expand the boundaries of technology, but should we play God?


Sports Update

Super Bowl LII: A Recap Sports Columnist & Editor: Ethan Piechota ‘19 In the greatest sporting event of every year, the newlook Philadelphia Eagles took on the New England Patriots and their legendary dynasty in Super Bowl 52 on Sunday, February 4th. Many didn’t believe the Eagles would even be in the position to compete for a Super Bowl Championship come February considering the loss of MVP candidate quarterback Carson Wentz in week 14 of the NFL regular season. Despite the absence of Wentz, the Eagles finished the season 13-3 as the top seed in the NFC Conference. The Eagles defended their home field throughout the playoffs behind a stellar defense, solid QB play, and a roaring crowd. They defeated the Atlanta Falcons in the Divisional Round by a score of 15-10 in a nail biter. Following this, they embarrassed the Minnesota Vikings 38-7 with a Super Bowl berth on the line. Just like that, the Eagles had punched their ticket to the big game, despite being labeled as “underdogs” in both of their games played. The New England Patriots finished atop the AFC Conference just like the Eagles with a record of 133. The difference between the teams however was that Tom Brady and Bill Belichek still existed for the Patriots, as well as immense playoff experience across the board. As expected, the Pats ran

through the AFC playoffs with wins at home over the Tennessee Titans and young Jacksonville Jaguars. This set the stage for a rematch of the 2005 Super Bowl between the Eagles and Patriots. The Patriots had won that game with Tom Brady at QB, and nothing had changed for them 13 years later. However, the Eagles were showing up with their backup QB at the helm for the biggest game in franchise history. Today, the team that most represents a dynasty in the NFL craved another ring behind their legendary quarterback in Patriots' Brady. The most passionate Eagles fans had been craving for revenge and bled for the first Super Bowl in franchise history. Two weeks had passed following the last time both teams had taken the field and Super Bowl Sunday was here. The Eagles stormed out onto the field with “Dreams and Nightmares” by Meek Mill blasting, while the Patriots came out to “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osborne (yikes, lame). Most experts only gave the Birds a chance if the game was low-scoring and Brady had been neutralized. But that was not the story of this game whatsoever. Nick Foles and Tom Brady engaged in an offensive barnburner, with both offenses combining to put up the most points (74) in Super Bowl history.

With the Eagles holding the lead for most of the game, the Patriots finally took control of the game with 9 minutes remaining in the game, as Brady manufactured a signature touchdown drive to give his team a 33-32 lead. All hope seemed to be lost for the Philadelphia Eagles and their tremendous season. “Not so fast,” (Nick Foles, probably). The quarterback by the name of Nick Foles who considered retirement just two years ago answered the great Tom Brady with a signature drive of his own. Foles lead his team down the field with a 7 minute drive, capping it off with the gamewinning touchdown pass to tight end Zach Ertz with 2 minutes remaining. This gave the Eagles a 38-33 lead. This one wasn’t close to over yet. Brady looked to be leading a drive of his own in heroics at the end before Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham made the biggest play in franchise history, sacking Brady and knocking the football loose for the Birds to recover. The Eagles would close out the game with a 41-33 victory. The great city of Philadelphia burned down following the team’s first Super Bowl victory of all time. One can only hope this is the beginning of a new dynasty in the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Current Events in the World Today 5. SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch Was Almost Perfect: The Falcon Heavy launched and deployed its payload, a cherry red Tesla roadster, into space successfully. Two of its three nine-engine cores, the Falcon Heavy’s side boosters, also returned to Earth, landing nearly simultaneously in a brilliant display of aeronautical precision, but the Falcon Heavy’s center booster (its middle core) missed where it was supposed to land 6. How Effective Is the 2018 Flu Shot? Early findings from Canada indicate a 17% effectiveness against the viral strain, known as H3N2, that’s been the main culprit of flu in the U.S. this winter. Flu viruses that spread easily among humans tend not to grow as well in chicken eggs as bird flu strains do. This is especially the case for H3N2 viruses, and it affects the process with how these vaccines are made – they contain ‘killed’ or inactivated flu viruses that were grown in chicken eggs 7. Other Eclipses Coming Up in 2018: • • • •

February 15 - Partial Solar Eclipse July 13 - Partial Solar Eclipse July 27 - Total Lunar Eclipse August 11 - Partial Solar Eclipse

8. Winter Olympics 2018 Day 1: the Court of Arbitration for Sport rejected the appeals of 47 Russian athletes and coaches to be allowed entry into the Winter Olympics at the last minute.



February 9, 2018

Academic Pathway Spotlight A Bio-Medical Experience St. John Bosco High School provides many opportunities for students to learn and grow. Along with the normal courses, students are able to take specialized courses called Pathways. One of these pathways, the Bio-Medical Pathway, focuses on medicine and the health sciences by teaching students who want to be in the medical professions in discipline-related subjects. The pathway, spearheaded by Mr. Robert Linares, provides a rigorous course throughout the four years at Bosco, including not only lectures but also field trips. One such trip the Bio-Med students took was to Stanbridge University. “What we looked at,” said Mr. Linares, “were three components of their curriculum, with regards to anatomy and physiology. One was a live cadaver (human corpse) component, where the students were allowed to watch the autopsy and dissection of a cadaver. Then we saw the virtual reality component, with 3D glasses, to visualize organ systems and molecules. The third component involved images of an actual cadaver, dissected, picture by picture. It was on a wide screen the size of a table, able to be used for educational purposes.” This trip showcases the advancements in medical technology and allows for the


Entrepreneurship: Insights With Mr. Weiglin

Junior ‘19

students to learn about their subject while having fun. One of the students, Ismael López, a junior, recounted their experience at the Virtual Reality labs: “We saw many simulation labs that make students undergo scenarios of what it’s like in the ER and dealing with patients in critical conditions as well as for students who want to be veterinarians with simulation labs with animals. We learned to also interact with patients by using mannequins.” "The trip also provided the cohorts a chance to check out Stanbridge University’s medical education and facilities," Mrs. Michelle Dolphin, a faculty advisor in the Bio-Medical Pathway, commented. Aside from the field trips and rigors of coursework that demand the students' most utmost attention, one of the greatest achievements for this year's current senior cohort ­– the first cohort to have completed the pathway – will have, by the end of this year or earlier, finished their internship with St. Mary's Medical Center in Long Beach, partnered with the nationally recognized COPE Health Scholars & UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. Truly, this pathway has grown and evolved so much thanks to the guidance of the teachers who have made it possible and the students who took this opportunity.

By GIANCARLO OROZCO Journalist | Senior ‘18

“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen” - Scott Belsky. In a world constantly in need of change and advancement, it is up to those willing to step forward and innovate to be the leading force in creating a change. Leaders – more specifically, entrepreneurs, are the ones who fill this position. Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running a new business, often initially a small business. The people who create these businesses are called entrepreneurs. Whether it be advances in technology, medicine, or business, entrepreneurs’ creations have led us to the position in which we are in today. The Brave interviewed the Social Entrepreneurship Pathway Coordinator, Mr. Bryce Weiglin, to learn about the great learning and experiences the program provides. What would you say is the biggest benefit of partaking in the Social Entrepreneurship Pathway? “I believe the biggest benefit is exposure. The students are placed in real life situations that help them develop valuable skills and I think that’s one of the most beneficial aspects of being in the Pathway.” What are some activities the students in the Pathway participate in? “There is a number of hands-on activities the students perform. The main one is UCLA’s Project Echo Business Competition, in which students are to create a business idea, plan, and cultivate a presentation in which they pitch their business idea to a board of judges. It is very important because it gives students experience and knowledge [in] pitching a legitimate idea to potential investors.” Do the students get insight of some sort from those who work through various types of businesses and infrastructures? “They do. The Pathway provides approximately 15+ guest speakers each year, with each speaker coming from a different background and position in business, giving students vital information and insight to better understand what career or position they wish to pursue.” Lastly, can you give us any little previews as to what is to come of the Social Entrepreneurship Pathway in the future? “We are currently in the process of [working with] Babson College and USC. We aim to work with professors and Deans of Business to constantly improve the Pathway and make it the most beneficial program this school and hopefully others have ever experienced.”

Brave Mathematics in the Field On Wednesday, January 10, Ms. Blakeman’s AP Calculus AB and BC students were given an opportunity to attend the Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM) held at the San Diego Convention Center. Sponsored by the American Mathematical Society (AMS) and the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), the JMM is the largest gathering of mathematicians in the United States and the largest math convention in the world. Upon hearing the words “math convention,” one might immediately assume that the JMM is a conference filled with nerds

giving mundane lectures on obscure theorems that would lull any high school student into a pleasant afternoon nap. However, the JMM presents college bound and collegiate students with the latest work from many of the nation’s most distinguished professors who explore new methods of applying mathematical principles and properties on a daily basis. Prof. Stanley Rothman of Quinnipiac University modified a known statistical formula to create a General Linear Theorem with three separate equations to predict, within a reasonable margin of error, the outcomes of NBA, NFL, and MLB games. After

corroborating the results for the MLB since 1901 and for the other leagues since they merged, Professor Rothman was able to isolate the underperforming, over performing, and average teams based on his theorem. After sitting in on Prof. Rothman’s lecture, students had the honor of listening to Professor Alissa Crans of Loyola Marymount University, one of Ms. Blakeman’s key mentors as she was completing her collegiate research. A truly engaging teacher, she used visual models to explain the concept of a quandle, which describes the change in position of a point in a manner often

By JUSTIN PERRY Executive Editor | Junior ‘19

related to the movement of adjoining knots. Other notable lectures focused on topics like the analogy of a zombie apocalypse to explain the concept of SIR models involving multiple interdependent variables and the use of Fibonacci sequences to create dazzling wallpaper spirals, 3D models, and animation. Aside from attending lecture sessions, students had access to various exhibits where they interacted with representatives of companies that offer a variety of services, including data analysts, accountants, professional tutors, technology experts, and government contracted

engineers. Students also had access to the mathematical art exhibit that featured beautiful 3D models and both printed and painted patterns. All-in-all, the JMM proved to be a worthwhile experience, as students were able to meet professors from some of their future colleges and extend their knowledge of mathematics beyond the realm of the traditional classroom. After disembarking from the Bosco van around seven p.m. after a very long day, many students were thankful for having been the first Bosco students to have been given such a unique opportunity.

February 9, 2018



Tradition: Feast Day 2018

College Bound: Juan Aleman

St. John Bosco high school is founded on the principle of a home, school, church, and playground. Bosco provides this through great teachers, a close-knit environment of the Oratory, monthly school mass, and days like feast day as a day of play and celebration. On January 31st, we celebrated Don Bosco’s feast day by having a game day for all the students to enjoy with jumpers and food provided by the school. This day was to commemorate Don Bosco and all that he did for the young. Some Bosco alumni and now teachers shared the influence Don Bosco and St. John Bosco High School have had in their lives. Mr. Hastert, a religion teacher here at Bosco, shares how he feels affected by Don Bosco's legacy: "Our patron often talked about how he respected young people and how important it is to try and be friends with them. As a teacher, it is important to do so because you want to build that connection between teacher and student to develop a relationship whether that be in attending games or going to plays. St. John Bosco sets a good example on how people should live their life." Mr. Jaramillo, Activities Director and CYM, also feels the impact of Don Bosco's legacy because he feels that Bosco's methods model how a true teacher using these three components: “you’re the teacher, you’re a catholic teacher, and Salesian teacher. This means you are in and out of the lives of these young men. Don Bosco did that by always being with the young men and doing what they liked such as sports or other extracurricular activities...Coming back to Bosco was always my dream. Life doesn’t work out like that, and I worked at two schools before I came back to Bosco. And it made me realize Bosco isn’t just one place. It is a Salesian world I that want to be a part of.” Fr. Nick Reina, Director of St. John Bosco High School, says the legacy of St. John Bosco affects his life because "I became a Salesian to work with young people just like Don Bosco. Reason, religion, and kindness has been a motivation to me in dealing with young people and I [sometimes] learn more through them than young people learn from me.” He also feels that St. John Bosco has a special meaning to him: “It’s a home because it’s a part of my life it a part of my community. It’s my other family outside of my brothers and sister and they have their families. Wherever I have gone, the faculty and students have always been a family to me. My days are exciting because there are always things happening so no two days are ever the same.”

Four years of no sleep, stress, exams, pulling all-nighters, and dozens of drafts of personal statements later, the time has come: it all comes down to this. It's December 14, 2017, 3:28 pm Pacific Standard Time, and MIT has notified early decision applicants of their status. Juan Aleman, an early decision applicant, nervously but optimistically clicks his way to his MIT portal. A message indicates there is a status update - his decision awaits. According to Forbes annual “America’s Top Colleges List,” MIT ranks #5 in the nation. With a daunting acceptance rate of 8%, no applicant knows for sure their chances of admission until the night the results come out. On behalf of the Bosco community, we congratulate Juan for being accepted to one of the most prestigious institutions and arguably the best engineering school on the face of the Earth, MIT. But wait, there’s more. As of January 23rd, Juan has also been accepted to the University of Southern California (USC) — with a competitive acceptance rate of 16.5%. What makes this even more of an outstanding achievement is his reception of the USC merit scholarship, a full-ride or, in other words, $72,000 in debt-free tuition. By “working hard, asking for help, and getting connections through the school you want to go to really helped me, and your personal statements need to be spot on,” he says. The aforementioned is true for all applicants looking to be accepted by elite and very selective universities, such as Stanford and the Ivy leagues. Grades, SAT scores, letters of recommendation, and the ability to write a coherent personal statement are essential for these types of institutions. Having all of the above, Juan was certainly a competitive applicant from the start. However, Juan is in a pickle. He has applied to all the Ivy leagues. Those decisions don't make their way back until mid-March of 2018, and there is a more than realistic possibility that he will be accepted to several of them. To Juan, “financial assistance is very important. As you know, I have received USC’s merit scholarship so that is definitely a school I'm looking at with heavy consideration.” We live in a time where tuition costs as much as $75,000 and up to $350,000 throughout 4-6 years of higher level education — making students prone to taking out student loans. That is why more and more students—especially from Bosco—are using the amount of financial assistance they will receive as an influential factor in deciding where they will attend. For now, Juan is looking forward to the Ivy leagues' decisions, staying away from contracting senioritis, and enjoying the rest of senior year.

By BRANDON MIRELES Journalist | Senior ‘18

By JUSTIN VARGAS Journalist | Senior ‘18

Bosco Lampoon Anxiety, Exhaustion, & Red Bull-Driven It's Yet Another Valentine's Day...

The months pass by, second semester progresses, memories of New Year’s Eve fade into the distance, and with it all we welcome what is perhaps the crown jewel of national holidays, Valentine’s Day. Indeed, it is without equal both in the extent of its importance and the scope of its influence, except maybe in comparison with such notable holidays as President’s Day or National Spaghetti Appreciation Day. And is it any wonder? Truly this is the holiday for all people, for there is not a soul on this planet who doesn’t long for a day once a year where everyone is obligated to deliberate as to whether it’d be awkward to consider someone their valentine for the sole purpose of

spending exorbitant amounts of money on candy and flowers. This is of course the result of the well-known fact that everyone loves the holiday. Simply look at the circumstances: gender roles play no part whatsoever in the inclinations of one’s necessity to pay for Valentine’s Day gifts, everyone loves to buy and receive love-related presents with denotations of romantic commitment for/from people whom they’re unsure of emotionally, and there’s absolutely no fear of being chastised for choosing not to find one’s self obligated to spend on extortionate items. It is undoubtedly the humble opinion of the silent majority that such a wondrous day

of days should be extended for a long period of time; maybe a week? A month? The possibilities are endless. And who would dare object: after all, it isn’t as though the celebration has ulterior consumerist/ capitalist motives that play on the fragile relationships and emotions of couples on an international spectrum. How preposterous to conjecture that men in relationships are targeted in particular in marketing schemes advertising the sale of perishable and entirely materialistic items as a means of reiterating one’s love for another. No, there’s no chance that the holiday has perhaps created a trend of replacing genuine indications of

By NOAH FISHER Contributing Writer

affection with tangible possessions, and it’d be preposterous to insinuate that the purpose of the holiday may be intrinsically connected to the economy or monetary gain for a few involved corporations. Never mind those who might object because they have no one to call their valentine, for it is not at all the fault of this grand day, which seeks solely and innocently to promote love in its purest form, but rather it is the perpetual unfailing work of the cosmic forces of social Darwinism that have rendered these people necessarily lonely. The association of their feelings of dejection with Valentine’s Day are indisputably without reason; surely no

Senior ‘18

demographic is excluded and no criteria exists for the validation of one’s desire to participate in the festivities. Having thus cleared the air of any false pretexts, let us unite in the tranquility of such a delightful and wholesome holiday, as it not only brings us closer together, but weeds out and destroys the socially unfit, the outcast, the undesirables of society as a necessary cog in the machine that is the natural selection of the civilized world.



February 9, 2018

Dear Mr. Trump, TPS - by Joaquin Medrano '21

Based on the Immigration Act of 1900, Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is a program that gives temporary protection to refugees fleeing natural disasters and armed conflict. As of 2017, more than 320,000 migrants from 10 different countries — Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Yemen, Haiti, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Nepal and Syria — are protected under the program. TPS is amazing because it gives people the opportunity to start their lives again, as they can work without fear of being deported, buy properties, and apply for citizenship. Sadly, in 2017, the Trump administration announced that TPS would no longer be offered. At first, the White House canceled the program for Haitians, then for the other protected countries. As a result, many families across the United States will either have to stay here, undocumented, or go back to their countries where there are little to almost no opportunities for work. I believe that we should think of the families who would have to leave

everything they know and everything they have accomplished. They came to the United Sates just like the Pilgrims, the founders of this nation, and now some people want to make them suffer in another country because of their racism and square mindedness. I feel that people should really take the time to learn about the fundamental principles of this nation before they develop opinions on this matter. If we have people who are ignorant or racist taking control of our decisions, I fear for future generations. Reviewing the Declaration of Independence, one might be able to conclude or even agree with the decisions the president is making. However, the rights that the revolutionaries were fighting for — the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness on which this country was founded — are being taken away from these immigrant families. President Trump would take away the possibility of immigrants to begin a new life in a new country, a land that is strange to them. He would also take away their liberty because in this land, they can accomplish what

would never be possible in their own countries. Finally, immigrants would be unable to pursue happiness because they would be unhappy if forced to return to their country of origin. As an immigrant myself, I would really like to meet Mr. Trump and have a nice conversation with him; honestly, I would like to examine his mental sanity. What have immigrants done to him? Why does he hate us? I don’t want anyone who

will clean your bathroom?" There are many unique people in this great nation, so why would you, Mr. President, only allow immigrants who perform manual labor for your benefit to stay? Why do you think that we do the jobs no one else wants to? We want to offer a good life to our people, to our brothers and sisters, to our children, to our family in our countries. If you hate us so much, why do you pretend

would people from the U.S. go to such disgusting places? Why would you, Mr. President, betray the ideals of the nation you are governing? Mr. Trump, I would like for you to think about your actions, and I would like your administration to think about its actions as well. I hope that you can reconsider the decisions you are making because entire families would be destroyed. To my Hispanic community, I we

seeks to hurt us to be the person in charge of our fate. I understand that our situation is not the best. Yes, Latin American countries are third world countries, but, like Mr. Trump asked before he became president, "Who

that you don’t say anything racist if you clearly do? Like I said, we might be third-world countries, but are we “sh**holes?” Most of our economy is based on tourism, but most tourists are from the U.S.. Why

must stay strong, learn about our rights, and be informed. I hope that the government can hear our voice and pray families do not get deported. We will be awaiting for their response in March of this year.

Ramping It Up, by Kevin Mwangale '18 Gaming has always been known to have its fair share of difficulties so as to provide challenges for all players of all skill sets. However, there has been some controversy about one difficulty more than another-easy mode. Game developers like to mock gamers for playing on the easiest difficulty in many ways. Some are more impactful than others like locking players out of content that they can’t access until they play higher levels. Some are less impactful like forcing a gamer to wear a chicken hat until he or she gets to play on normal mode. Now people that play easy mode are discouraged for simply playing an easier mode, but is that necessarily a bad thing? Easy mode is just dumbing down the game. All the programmers have to do is

to dumb down a satisfying final boss that fights with interesting patterns and movements for easy mode. Some designers just want the gamer to play how the game was intended, and at least to understand the game's mechanics. So, they mock easy mode or make it unappealing so other modes can be played for a more authentic experience. Of course, it also depends on the game's series and what it’s known for. Take a game like Dark Souls that is well known for being stupidly difficult but ultimately satisfying when beaten. If that game had an easy mode, it would ruin the entire appeal of playing it. Dark Souls is known for being difficult and never holding the player's hand. It requires quick thinking, planning, adaptability, and sometimes a couple of

deaths to get through the obstacles it presents. Once players get through these obstacles, they are rewarded in game with items and they get the satisfaction of overcoming a difficult task due to their skills and wits. If the developers added in an easy mode where the enemies did much less damage and the player was allowed to make many more mistakes, it would defeat the whole purpose of the game. There is no satisfaction or challenge when every enemy can be beaten by just mashing the attack button. The whole game would be dumbed down to cater to a different audience that should just play a different game. Don’t pick up a game if it's main appeal is challenge and difficulty and expect it to be easy. If challenge and difficulty don’t appeal to the gamer,

then they can go play many other games where difficulty isn’t one of the main points of playing. Even so, difficult games should still be fair in how they push easy mode players to higher difficulties. Take a game like “Twisted Metal,” a racing game that’s known for being difficult. In easy mode the player is allowed to play one racetrack and one boss fight until they play on normal or above. Not a lot of time has been used, and it feels more like a tutorial than a difficult game. This method of pushing players towards higher difficulties is fine. It’s like a sample of what the game is actually like. Unfortunately, other difficult games that include an easy mode aren’t so nice to the player. Cuphead is an example of a great difficult game, but it is pretty unfair

in how easy mode is used. “Easy mode,” also known as “simple mode,” can only be done for boss fights and it won’t allow the player to play the final part of the game. The game doesn’t tell you early on about this and it forces you to replay those boss fights in regular mode. If developers are going to do this, then they should at the very least inform the players early on. Tell them they are missing out on content before they make this decision. Ultimately, to solve the problem that games want to push players out of easy mode is to simply not play those games. The game is designed to be hard and not all games must appeal to every audience. So if the player wants an easygoing experience, they should just play a different game.

February 9, 2018


A Concert at Metro Union Station


The Ball Wars

Joint Article: Caden S. & Joshua Orellana '18

CONNOR CARTELEDGE Journalist | Senior ‘18

On Saturday, January 20, Joyce Manor, Surf Curse, and Peach Kelli Pop performed live at Metro Union station in Los Angeles. It was quite an interesting show; being at the train station made it a whole different experience for those who went. The show was held to the highest of standards since it was a full house and sold out in about two days after releasing its touring list. The bands then announced a second showing for the same day. However, it will be earlier, with doors opening at 2:00 and the show starting at 3:30. The crowd was intense and had a very enthusiastic vibe. This isn’t the first time Union Station has hosted a show or event. The station hosts a collection of unique events, cutting edge performances, music, art exhibitions, and cultural programing, showcasing the diversity of entertainers, artists and innovators throughout Los Angeles. There will also be many shows in the near future, such as The Mudbug Brass Band and Life Underground. The show started off with Peach Kelli Pop, a band full of females. To be honest, we had never heard of this band but they started off pretty strong, which hyped the crowd up for Surf Curse and Joyce Manor. Peach Kelli Pop started off with one of their popular songs, “Prince Castle 1987,” then they transitioned right into “Heart Eyes” and played another one of their popular songs, “Halloween Mask." Having never heard of the band, it was surprising to hear how well they played and how intense the crowd got when they were playing their songs. When Surf Curse came on stage the intensity grew and the pit started going wild. The crowd's age group was around 18-23, consisting of young adults who made the show even more enjoyable than it already was. Surf Curse opened up with “The Strange and the Kind,” and the crowd was intense. As soon as they started everyone went separate ways and got lost in the crowd. Screams could be heard from everyone, & they could also be seen moshing, and overall it was a fun experience. Some other songs Surf Curse played were “Freaks,” “Nostalgia,” “Christine F,” and “All is Lost.” As soon as Joyce Manor came on, everyone went crazy. Everyone was screaming and the crowd was feeling themselves. Joyce Manor had opened up with “Beach Community” and played other songs such as “Falling in Love Again” and “The Jerk.” After Joyce Manor played their last song, finished, and went off stage, the crowd was constantly screaming “Encore!” and after a minute of the crowd screaming, Joyce Manor got back on stage and played two more songs. The band's two final songs were “Leather Jacket” and “Christmas Card.” The sound in the venue wasn't the greatest, but it wasn't the worst. However, standing in the back would have had you questioning what the bands were singing since the sound was more exposed to the open. They didn't have many speakers, just enough to be loud and sound decent for the people in the front and middle sections of the pit. Being in Union station, it had a Ballroom kind of feeling to it. Overall, the concert was a unique experience. Seeing the three bands play at Union Square isn’t something you get to see everyday. The crowd was very active and excited, and everyone sang their hearts out to all of the bands.

Last time we touched on the subject of the Ball family, we explored their striking similarity to the reality superstars the Kardashians and how Lavar Ball has molded his three sons into the ultimate basketball trio. For those who thought the Ball family was done there, however, they couldn’t be more wrong. Unless you have been sleeping under a rock, you have probably heard about UCLA’s decision to indefinitely suspend three players, including LiAngelo Ball, who were arrested in China for shoplifting from their basketball program. While some analysts thought that the estimated two to three months of suspension was a fit punishment for the boys, or perhaps even too light a punishment, others, such as Lavar Ball, were outraged. How outraged, you ask? To put it short, Big Baller Brand is going international. Lavar Ball immediately withdrew LiAngelo from UCLA when he learned about his suspension. Lavar did not believe that a few months away from basketball was healthy for LiAngelo, and like any parent, did what he thought was best for his son. That’s when a member of the Lithuania pro basketball team, Prienai-Birstonas Vytautas (or Vytautas for short), messaged the manager for the Balls on twitter, sparking an interest in LaMelo and LiAngelo in playing internationally for them. Since then, the Ball family packed their bags and moved to Lithuania. Some have called the move stupid, saying that it ruins the chance for the remaining brothers to play in the NBA, but the move has also been described as pure ingenuity. Not only did Lavar get both of his sons in a pro league, which enabled LaMelo Ball to be the youngest basketball player to ever sign a pro contract, but he has also seemingly created a league of his own. On one side, it can be viewed as if the Ball Family has invaded another country, disrupted a tradition that has been going on for years, and bought their way onto the court just so the boys can get some points on the board. From the other side however, the family has moved to a foreign country, where they have turned a league that was unfamiliar in America into a media magnet, not only increasing Vytautas' value, but increasing the family's value as well. Call it what you will, but there is no argument that the Ball family is getting attention and publicity from their move. For now, the boys are averaging a high amount of points, and I am eager to see how they do after the Big Baller Challenge is over. Lavar Ball may have a big mouth, but the flow of wealth from all the attention and endorsements he has been presented with matches it.

2017 Best Album - Raymond Ewbank '18 Kendrick’s fourth studio album DAMN was handsdown the best album of the year. It was no surprise he was nominated for and won Best Rap Album at the Grammys. He perfectly blends his political thoughts and deep lyrics flowed together with masterpiece songs. Kendrick's voice is the most prominent part of the album, playing multiple roles and different characters throughout the album. "HUMBLE" was a "teaser" single for the album, released early on March 30, 2017. This got everyone excited, as it was just a small taste for the whole album. The album opens with "BLOOD," a song with soft strings and Kendrick’s vocals. He tells a story about how he sees a woman who needs his help, but instead ends up getting shot by her. This flows into the hard bass beat of "DNA." Here, Kendrick raps about his race, and confronts the people talking to him about his race. He ingeniously uses

a sample of Geraldo Rivera talking about young AfricanAmericans and hip hop to prove his point. The album slows down drastically with the calm and slow track "YAH." Kendrick uses the soft hi-hat and light bass to finish his thoughts from the last track and flow back into "ELEMENT," the next single released from the album. Kendrick not only describes his upcoming from the ghetto, but calls out upcoming rappers trying to stick into the crowd and not take from their own flow. The album the calms down again on "FEEL" with the gentle bass and flat beat. The repeated, “I feel like”, accentuates his views since achieving greater fame and what he’s seen. "LOYALTY," however, switches it up with a genius sample of 24K Magic and heavy bass. Throughout the song, Kendrick calls into question what he really wants the most from the people around him, loyalty. "PRIDE" comes in with

a harsh bass and mellow guitar to talk about his hardest sin to avoid, with him fully knowing his greatest weakness. The album then fires up to "HUMBLE," the resonant bass and even darker sounding piano chords dr iving Kendrick's aggressive lyrics about his rivals staying humble. The juxtaposition of Kendrick’s lyrics about being humble and the aggressive hard hitting trap beat is ingenious. The almost hypnotic strings and warped bass of "LUST" makes this definitely the most out of place sounding track in the album but does it’s job of describing Kendrick’s views on the lusts that come with fame and wealth. The final single, "LOVE," and its soft and relaxing beat pair with Kendrick’s questions of love. "XXX" then takes a depressing turn with the first part starting with a slow beat then quickly switching to a hard bass and funky record scratching beat and quickly switches again to harsh sirens

and then reverts back to a slow jazzy beat. Kendrick brilliantly uses this to talk about our country’s current violence problems. "FEAR," the longest track on the album, continues the jazz beat and Kendrick raps about specific fears throughout his life. It is a special song, mentioning Kendrick’s different fears from the ages of 7, 17, and 27. It ends with Carl Duckworth talking about his own religion's (the Hebrew Israelites') views on the atrocities suffered by African-Americans. The track "GOD" then comes in with a vigorous bass and soothing chords, the track as a whole is a Kendrick flaunting his successes, comparing it to “what God feel like”. The album finally ends with "DUCKWORTH," a melancholy jazz tune and Kendrick rapping about how Top Dawg had planned to rob a KFC where Kendrick’s father was working. Finally on December 8, 2017 Kendrick released

the “Collector’s Edition” of DAMN. While not containing any bonus tracks, it simply reverses the track order, with "DUCKWORTH" playing first and ending with BLOOD. This accentuates the storyline of the album, looking into Kendrick’s many contradicting thoughts on not only his life and personal values, but God as well. This is easily the best album of 2017 and is considered to be Kendrick Lamar’s best album. Many not only consider it to be an instant classic, but a masterpiece, showing everyone he can not only run the rap game, but also do it by just looking into his many contradicting thoughts.



February 9, 2018

Bosco Sports Updates RECAP The St. John Bosco basketball season has been crazy to say the least. It’s been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, from going as high as being ranked 19th in the country and top 3 in the state of California, to the team’s current tough losing streak. Back in early January, the Braves knocked off Mater Dei for the first time in school history. Now, the team is looking to finish the season strong and make the Open Division. The Braves had a lot of momentum coming into league play with a great record of 12-2 in pre-league play. Their only losses came to top-ranked Etiwanda and fellow league opponent Santa Margarita. They did this without 6’7" transfer Jonathan Salazar from Panama playing a single game. Salazar has since made an immediate impact to the team’s success. During play before league, the team had signature wins against top ranked teams Crespi and Rancho Christian, putting the program on the map. The team faced adversity right away when entering league, finding out that senior star Alpha Okoli was ruled out by CIF because they believe that he already surpassed his 8th eligible semester to participate in sports. “He took some online classes his 8th grade and they started his high school clock there,” explained varsity head coach Matt Dunn. The team has since showed great character in league and has fought through playing without him, but Okoli has been missed on the court. “We not only miss a great all-around player on both ends of the floor, but a leader and a voice on the court that we need to help us through adversity,” says junior guard Christian James. The team started Trinity League play off great, beating Orange Lutheran by 23 points on the

Sports Journalist: Caleb Wiley ‘19 road to kick things off. The team really clicked and dominated the game from start to finish. Following this was the biggest game of Bosco’s season, a home date vs. Mater Dei. The team hit the ground running and never looked back, jumping out to a early lead over Mater Dei after the first quarter. By the end of the first half, Bosco lead by a score of 28-22. Bosco had all the momentum going into the second half and you can almost smell the history that is about to be made. Never in program history had Bosco beat Mater Dei in their historic rivalry. Coach Dunn and the team ended up grinding out the win, winning by a final score of 60-51 as the student section rushed the court in joy. Dunn explains the emotions of that night, “For our team it was a great win, to beat a really great team and it was even a bigger deal for our school community...It was a huge deal.” However, this same Bosco team that was once 4-0 in league and 16-2 overall, beating Mater Dei and Santa Margarita back to back in the same week, top 20 in the nation via MaxPreps, is now ultimately struggling to find their way after some key losses in league play. Unfortunately, all chances of winning league are officially out the door, and the chances of going to the Open Division for CIF are getting slimmer every game. On Tuesday night, the Braves demolished Servite by 30 points to gain some momentum heading into some huge games. The team will round out its regular season before playoffs with a senior night home game against a very good JSerra team in their most meaningful game of the season.

SJB Hockey


Sports Journalist: Isaiah Horton '18

Sports Journalist: Kameron Ojeda '18

In California, there are a finite amount of schools that participate in ice hockey. St. John Bosco High school has not only an ice hockey team, but an outstanding one. Last year the Braves had an amazing season, ending with an undefeated record of 15-0 and bringing in a Division II CIF Championship home.

The St. John Bosco soccer team is so far holding a 5-13-4 record and is 1-6-1 in league. They are having a rough time winning games, but that is not stopping their drive to finish out the season strong and on a good note. They have had a shaky season so far, facing a lot of adversity throughout while trying to overcome a losing run.

This year Bosco Hockey is currently 10-2, an amazing record especially considering the caliber of teams the team plays against. The fast paced team, led by Coach Tomas Kapusta, dominated in their last season and are seeking to achieve more in the future.

St. John Bosco does have a very talented team. However, with that talent comes a lot of youth and inexperience. As they gain experience, their plays, technique, and mindset will sharpen. Most of the starters and key players on this team are juniors and seniors. That could be a positive to next year because for a lot of these guys, it is their first year up on varsity.

Trevor Burrola, a senior who has played on the varsity team for four years, said “Last season was long but probably the most satisfying season I felt about my time Bosco. Going undefeated is not easy yet it was our goal and we accomplished it.” Everyone in the Braves community is overjoyed at what the hockey team has achieved, and hopefully they can have another amazing season and show everyone the hours of hard work and dedication they put in to achieve greatness. Coming from a dramatic win or an amazing season is not always the easiest. Sometimes the same intensity and fire is absent, making it harder for teams to play to their full potential. Trevor expressed his thoughts on the current season, and his attitude towards achieving the team's goals: “This season is a lot harder than because we lost some players who we were important to our lineup. However, it does not distract or discourage us from winning the league again. In fact it motivates us even more.” Trevor's "don’t back down" attitude is present throughout the rest of his teammates. With the season coming to an end on February 23rd, hopefully they can finish strong before playoffs begin, and ultimately bring home another trophy for the Braves!

With experience and knowledge that they get from this current season, they will be able to come back next year with a lot more experience and higher expectations. Also, looking at other teams in the Trinity League, Bosco seems to be one of the youngest teams out of the bunch. The Braves are surely taking note of this and will continue to focus on developing these players to ensure dominance in the coming few years.

February 9, 2018



Alumni Athlete Update

Aaron Grimes

Aaron Grimes, a graduate of the class of 2012, is St. John Bosco’s first professional golfer. While he was at St. John Bosco he was a talented golfer. Coach Hastert says, “He is one of the best golfers that has played for me.” Once he graduated from Bosco, he attended College of the Canyons. After one year there, he attended USC. He felt he was not able to play enough so he transferred to Cal State University of Northridge. While at Cal State University of Northridge in 2016, he felt he was playing good enough to make money playing golf, so he decided to become a professional golfer that year. He has been able to have some success, including winning an event on the Bo Tour. This year, he was able to receive conditional status on the Asian Development Tour, the biggest tour he has played on. While he was in Thailand, it was a big adjustment for him. The most difficult thing he had to deal with was the food, as on the second day there he ended up getting food poisoning. The best finish he had at a tournament in Asia was fourth. He plans to travel back to Asia this year and hopes to win an event. He said that Bosco helped him to not "make any stupid decisions while in Thailand.” He believes that Bosco has helped him make sure he always has good character with whatever he is doing. During his professional career he has had to overcome some tough mental obstacles. He had to learn to trust that his golf abilities were good enough to compete with the people he is playing against. He also had to learn that when he went out to play a tournament that he would be able to win money. Once he was able to get better at his mental approach he was able to perform a lot better in tournaments. He has also played in some Q-School events in hopes of making the PGA Tour. He did not play to the best of his ability during these events and was not able to get any status for any PGA Tour events, but is working towards having greater success during Q- School in order to be able to play in some PGA Tour events. Sports Journalist: Nicholas Bernal ‘19

The Rosen One

During his time at St. John Bosco High School, Josh Rosen made a tremendous impact on not only his school, but on the entire Bosco community. Coming out of high school as a national recruit, there was a lot of hype and attention that was brought towards Rosen. The attentionlevel could be compared to the type that professional athletes garnered on the biggest stages. As a sophomore in high school, Rosen earned the starting quarterback job at Bosco and immediately brought a winning culture to the Braves. He made such a big impact that people label the time he was at Bosco as “The Rosen Era.” In a recent conversation with his high school offensive coordinator Chad Johnson, went into vivid detail about how much Josh Rosen meant to the Bosco community. “Josh’s impact on the Bosco community is unmatched. Seeing him grow as a freshman and seeing people gravitate around him was really special. He made Bosco ‘Quarterback U’ and is one of the main reasons we started a winning tradition in 2013.” It is clear how much Josh meant to Bosco football and his coaches as well. I personally got to see the relationship up-close every day, and it was a really special bond. It is rare to see a coach and player have a father-son relationship on and off the field like Rosen and Johnson had. Prestigious head coach of Bosco football – Jason Negro – also added in on Josh’s impact to the community and to the football program. “It is hard to put into words how much Josh still means to the Bosco community. He started as a sophomore in 2012 and made an immediate impact. Not many people can do what he did at such a young age. As the success continued, he brought national attention to our school and we never looked back as a family and as a team. He also impacts the future at Bosco because when people see [his] success after high school, they see how much Bosco prepares kids for the next level. It is so amazing to see him go into the NFL Draft.” Overall, Josh Rosen really is one of the most important figures in Bosco history and is soon joining the list of very few Braves in the NFL. Hopefully this April 2018 Rosen will become the highest drafted player in the NFL Draft to have attended St. John Bosco. Sports Journalist: Julian Boyd ‘18

Evan Longoria

Evan Longoria is not just a person that is known throughout Long Beach and Bellflower, he is a widely known individual throughout all of Major League Baseball (MLB). The St. John Bosco High School alum has worked his way to the very top to play at the most elite level of baseball that every player wishes to achieve. Evan Longoria epitomizes the definition of perseverance and elite work ethic. Starting off at a junior college out of high school, he worked his way onto a roster at a Division 1 college, Arizona State University, or ASU. Later on, he was the 3rd overall draft pick and then won rookie of the year in his first season in the MLB. Evan said, “My goal has always been to push myself and get better every day and have fun while doing it. I never feel like the work put in is actual work. I get to play a game for a living.” That was exactly what he did, he pushed himself and did the extra work that no one else was willing to put in. But the main thing that seemed to have made it possible was that he was having fun while doing so. Evan Longoria later states that, “Emotionally, in high school, it was tough to look at other players who were getting opportunities that I felt I deserved. I learned that I was very persistent and I had a ton of belief in myself.” Another person that was very close to Evan in the baseball world was Don Barbara. When asked what Don feels made Evan Longoria the player he was, Don said, “Evan was a guy that always believed that he was going to play in the big leagues. He trained for it hard every day.” Don Barbara and Evan both know that it was Evan's determination and work ethic that set him apart from other players. He was able to use his talents to outperform other players who did not have his work mentality. That is why he kept climbing up the charts and was able to accomplish what he did. Sports Journalist: Kameron Ojeda

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