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I would tell anyone who wants to come here that St. James is a place where anyone can fit in. The teachers and the staff not only teach you, but they love you. I transferred to St. James in the first grade, and it is the best gift my parents have ever given me. - Sally, St. James Student

Baton Rouge, LA

Excellence. Faith. Community. Building a powerful family legacy since 1948

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Our Philosophy In a loving Christian environment, we foster academic excellence, encourage spiritual formation, and nurture the unique gifts and potential of each student. St. James Episcopal Day School, founded in 1948, is a landmark in downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Our faith-based community focuses on the whole child, giving students an exceptional, encompassing education. Serving Pre-K3 through fifth grade, our educators equip all students for a lifetime of learning through challenging academics and a wide range of exploratory experiences.

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- Angele Davis Kelley, St. James Parent

St. James Episcopal Day School

We were searching for an institution that would offer the best opportunity for our child’s educational, spiritual, and personal success. Our criteria included academic excellence, a Christian education, a nurturing environment, optimum student-teacher ratio, and a loving and nurturing culture that would encourage and support his academic, spiritual, and personal growth.

Baton Rouge, LA

Why is St. James the right choice? • •

St. James Episcopal Day School

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Children are surrounded by an environment that promotes love, giving, and excellence. Small class sizes enable teachers to give individualized attention to each student. Children are prepared for a lifetime of success through faith-based activities and a well-rounded curriculum. St. James has implemented 21st century educational practices, utilizing cutting-edge technology and modern methodology.

"We love sharing our experience with others, especially with parents considering St. James for their family. There’s nothing like seeing the smiles on our children’s faces before we drop them off in the morning and when we pick them up from carpool in the afternoon. School is like their home away from home, and that's exactly what we want it to be." - Lisa & Riley Winchester, St. James Parents

Back-to-Back National Blue Ribbon School

Small Student-to-Teacher Ratio

Warm, Nurturing Environment

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I believe St. James sets the bar high for each of their students. While sometimes the world pushes and pushes for more success earlier and earlier, I believe St. James has found that proper balance. For the child that has to continuously work hard to reach that bar, there are teachers ready to help lift them up. The teachers at St. James are truly excellent and treat our children with all of the love and gentle guidance that they need, while encouraging them and fostering their confidence along the way. - Lindsay & Earl Turner, St. James Parents

Baton Rouge, LA

Achieving Excellence

St. James Episcopal Day School

Within small class sizes, St. James provides individualized instruction that makes hands-on learning interesting as well as integrates research-based teaching practices. Enabling students to enjoy their studies and to make connections between the classroom and real life, St. James’ lessons are designed to be thematic and interdisciplinary, utilizing project-based learning, problem-solving groups, partnerteaching pairs and authentic assessments.

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Exceeding national and state standards, St. James focuses on nurturing the whole child through an accelerated, creative, and experiential curriculum.

St. James Episcopal Day School

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• St. James students continue to score in the top 10% of the nation in reading and math. • Students score as high as, or higher than, other independent school students. • Over the years, a number of St. James students have scored the highest possible score of 9 on the Independent School Norms matrix. • Scaled scores reflect our students’ cumulative growth in both knowledgebased and critical skills, as they master new material year to year.

St. James Episcopal Day School

The heartfelt drive behind every teacher creates an engaging atmosphere in the classrooms of St. James. Teachers utilize strategic teaching methods and best practices to challenge students and keep them captivated. The low student-to-teacher ratio allows teachers to be attentive to a variety of academic needs and adapt to a range of learning styles. In addition, the St. James Resource Department helps to differentiate instruction by serving students who are identified as needing additional assistance in the classroom or students who are performing above grade level. Resource teachers are in the classroom at all times, conducting small group and one-on-one sessions for skill strengthening.

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Learning with Passionate, Highly Trained Teachers

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Obtaining High Test Scores

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Excelling in Enrichment Opportunities St. James offers a wide range of enrichment opportunities for students to excel in their unique gifts, highlighting one of the school’s core missions. The art room is a hub of creativity where students work with a variety of mediums. The fully equipped St. James broadcast studio offers unparalleled experiences, led by an award-winning teacher. Current events, school themes, and classroom teachings are successfully incorporated into entertaining and informative school broadcasts twice a day. In addition, St. James offers music classes, a Spanish program, and a physical education program.

St. James Episcopal Day School

“All the teachers are very nice. I get to be with all of my friends. I get to learn all the things I need to know for everything in life.” - Caldwell, St. James Student

Baton Rouge, LA

Gaining a STEM Education

St. James Episcopal Day School

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STEM education at St. James is an approach to teaching and learning that integrates the content of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Using iPads and a 3D printer to enhance study, STEM opportunities encourage behaviors such as engagement in inquiry, logical reasoning, and collaboration and investigation. Throughout their STEM education, students will study forces and motion, energy, molecules, organisms, plants and animals, properties of magnets, space systems, engineering, and more.

Baton Rouge, LA

Utilizing Modern Technology St. James provides balance between experiential learning and a technology directed curriculum. In promoting the use of modern technologies and cutting-edge educational resources in classrooms, students are able to be engaged in new and exciting ways. Ambitious upgrades to classroom technology resources include ActivBoards® and an Apple TV® in every classroom, a student-run broadcast studio, and Apple® devices for all students and teachers.

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"The iPads help me learn so much more than just books. I love all the fun apps." - Mattie , St. James Student

Baton Rouge, LA St. James Episcopal Day School

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Growing in Faith Deepening a strong and active faith is an integral component of St. James’ child development philosophy. St. James provides students with a weekly religion class at every grade level and offers clergy involvement with staff and students, including an assigned Day School chaplain. St. James has been a participant and leader in both local and global outreach projects and maintains a strong, respectful relationship with St. James Episcopal Church and its staff.

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Excellence at St. James Episcopal Day School is experienced in every aspect of the school day — every minute is accounted for and maximized. The values and faith taught to our children give them a foundation of excellence, upon which they can build. Being a kind and loving member of the community is a very important lesson that is embedded throughout daily lessons at St. James. - Brooke & Mark Staley, St. James Parents

Baton Rouge, LA

Fostering Spiritual Growth

St. James Episcopal Day School

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Students are involved in two services each week, where they read lessons, lead prayers, serve as ushers and acolytes, and present music as the hosting grade. The parish family of St. James Episcopal Church stands ready to support and enrich the spiritual formation of students and their families.

Baton Rouge, LA

Studying Christian Education At St. James, the religious studies and culture are designed to help students grow in faith, realize their blessings, and develop a giving spirit. From both a Christian and social perspective, the Christian Education program teaches a variety of virtues, such as thankfulness, truthfulness, kindness, and patience. During weekly classes, the children learn about the liturgy of the church, sacraments, prayers, Bible verses, parables of Jesus, miracles of Jesus, Old Testament stories, and much more.

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“I’ve learned that God will always love you, no matter what.” St. James Episcopal Day School

– Ellen, St. James Student

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We love everything about St. James! We love that our children are getting an excellent education in a Christian environment. We love the sense of community. We feel like we are a part of one big family. We love that they are happy and enjoy school. We love the teachers and staff, and how they care about our children. - Alison & Ruffin Rodrigue, St. James Parents

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Cultivating Community St. James values the power of a strong community.

St. James Episcopal Day School

Together, teachers and staff encourage the small moments that teach children how to become compassionate makers, doers, and learners. Whether participating in extracurricular activities or applying real-world guidance lessons, students cultivate lifelong relationships, foster confidence, and build an understanding of kindness and respect.

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Enhancing Through Afterschool Enrichment

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St. James students have the opportunity to further enhance their educational experience through a variety of extracurricular programs and activities, which are all offered on the school’s campus. Tennis

Instrumental Music




Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts

Boys and Girls Running Clubs Physical Fitness

St. James Episcopal Day School

Robotics and Coding Video Production

Drama Reading and Storytelling Cooking And more!

Baton Rouge, LA

Connecting With Counselors

St. James Episcopal Day School

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The St. James counseling program cultivates and encourages the academic, personal, social, and career development of each child. Supporting every student’s unique gifts, St. James provides classroom guidance lessons, individual counseling, and small group counseling. Throughout their educational journey at St. James, students learn about kindness, acceptance, tolerance, and being proud of who they are. Lessons of self-esteem and self-respect learned at this young age forge a strong foundation, which gives students more confidence in facing challenges that will arise as they move through elementary, middle, high school, and higher education.

"You will get to know all of your teachers and classmates and feel like an important part of St. James. Just like a high-end stereo speaker, St. James might be small, but it makes a great big noise!" – Strader, St. James Student

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St. James Episcopal Day School

Baton Rouge, LA St. James Episcopal Day School

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The elementary years are the foundation for our children's future success. There is no better place in the city of Baton Rouge to ensure that your child will receive the 'total package' for success than St. James! - Vicki Krupala, St. James Parent


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St. James Look Book  

St. James Episcopal Day School's Look Book for the 2016-17 school year.

St. James Look Book  

St. James Episcopal Day School's Look Book for the 2016-17 school year.