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BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2015-2016 Dr. Carlos Rodriguez-Fierro, Chairman Mrs. Jennifer Guillen, Vice-Chairman Mrs. Heidi Gould, Secretary Mrs. Carrie Wachtel, Treasurer Dr. Jennifer Avegno Mr. Alex Breckinridge Mr. James Dugan Mr. Miguel Elias Mrs. Lee Anne Garner Mr. Kyle Graffagnini Mr. Steven Hemperley Mrs. Norma Kimble Mrs. Laurie Leaman Mr. Bruce Lelong Mr. Aaron Middleberg Mr. Leon Nowalsky Mr. Eric Revels Mr. Greg Schafer Mrs. Cathy Schieffelin CDR Damon Singleton Mr. Robert Suggs

EX-OFFICIO Dr. Robert Eichberger The Reverend Richard B. Easterling

PARENTS GROUP OFFICERS Mrs. Laurie Leaman, President Mrs. Cathy Schieffelin, Vice-President Mrs. Liz Schafer, Secretary Mrs. Emily Dodart, Treasurer

ADMINISTRATION Dr. Robert Eichberger, Headmaster Mrs. Romaine McCarthy, Director of Middle School Mrs. Jennifer Griffith, Director of Lower School Mrs. Hayley Harang , Director of Early Childhood Mrs. Sherri Weiser, Director of Resource Services Ms. Lori Donaldson Dowden, Director of Finance Mrs. Bettye Bagot, Financial Consultant Mrs. Elaine Eichberger, Director of Admissions Mrs. Wendy Granier, Director of Advancement Miss Kacie Fuselier, Director of Communications Mr. Wes Ganucheau, Director of Technology

On These Steps In 1943, long before St. George’s Episcopal School

was founded, Porteous Hall was home to Joseph Kohn School of Commerce, a business and secretarial high school for young ladies. Throughout its history, the building’s front portico has served as a popular gathering spot and an attractive backdrop for group photos. Pictured here are staff members of the Kohn student newspaper, The Broadcaster. The late Mercedes Landwehr, seated on the lower step, far left, is a cousin of St. George’s Third Grade Teacher Sutton Ruiz and her daughter, Gloria, third generation. Mercedes and her sister Doris were both Kohn students. Mrs. Ruiz said that Ms. Landwehr, a graduate of 1943, was known as an active member of the student body and served many clubs and committees. She was also a volunteer of the American Red Cross and was recognized with a lifetime achievement award. Kohn School occupied the properties at 923 Napoleon and the adjacent wooden building between 1925 and the mid 1950s. The property was built in 1875 as McDonough No. 6, designed by renowned architect William Freret. Damaged by Hurricane Camille in 1969, the property was abandoned by the Orleans Parish School System. In 1977, it was acquired by St. George’s, renovated and restored, and was designated a landmark of the National Register of Historic Places.

ST. GEORGE’S EPISCOPAL SCHOOL is a private, co-ed, independent school for students from preschool through eighth grade. Established in 1969, St. George’s is distinguished by its qualified faculty, low student-to-teacher ratio and concept of “individualized education,” which builds upon the distinct talents and learning styles of each individual student. OUR MISSION: We excel in educating children. At St. George’s, each child grows academically, creatively, emotionally, and spiritually, while developing a sense of self-worth and moral responsibility. We recognize that no two children are alike; each one possesses a fascinating combination of gifts and challenges. We serve a blend of learning profiles in a family-like atmosphere of care and concern with a highly trained and dedicated faculty. Together, we embody perseverance, integrity, compassion and respect—values that foster lifelong learning and success. INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS are distinct from other schools in that they are primarily supported by tuitions, charitable contributions and endowment income rather than by tax or church funds. National Association of Independent Schools membership requires that a school be governed by a board of trustees, practice nondiscriminatory policies, be accredited by a state or regional association and hold nonprofit status.

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ACCOLADE: In the Middle Ages, the Knighting Ceremony acknowledged personal achievement and service. A tap with a sword signified formal recognition of a job well done. This tap was called the accolade. Accolade is published by St. George’s Episcopal School and is mailed to parents, grandparents, alumni families, faculty, friends and educational institutions. ABOUT OUR COVER: Construction is underway for expansion of the Michael R. Boh Early Childhood Center. Eighth graders Ben Walker and Katie Williams pose with their kindergarten buddies, Jacob Lowe and Lucy Harang. EDITOR: Christine Perrin CREDITS: Wendy Granier and Kacie Fuselier, contributing writers; design by John Barousse Design; photography by Caroline Avegno, Kacie Fuselier, Jeff Johnston, Katie Morton, Mike Palumbo and Elise Smith. THANK YOU: Elaine Eichberger, Margie Fell, Tanya Musa, Connie Philburn and the parents, faculty and alumni who submitted photos and information.

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