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St. Francis Preparatory School


Construction continues on the new Coach Vince O’Connor Physical Education Center and the new Art Education Center. Additional phases of the school’s modernization program are scheduled to follow.

Preparing for

The Next 150

Pr i n c i p a l ’s M e s s a g e

Dear Graduates and Friends of St. Francis Prep: The nation’s economy began to improve a bit as we neared the end of our 2009-10 fiscal year this past August, and we finally started to see some positive investment returns on the school’s overall portfolio together with the endowment and scholarship funds. For this we are very thankful and we continue to be extremely grateful for your ongoing support of the Prep—even during these difficult economic times. In fact, the Prep continues to thrive thanks to your generosity and because of the ever-present commitment of the Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn who work handin-hand with a very dedicated Board of Trustees, Administration, Faculty and Staff. Thankfully, the Prep finds itself in fine shape enrollment-wise and it remains the largest private, non-diocesan, Catholic high school in the country with more than 700 new freshmen students enrolled this fall and over 2700 students in attendance overall. And the students continue to achieve, while our academic and extracurricular programs continue to excel.

attend the United States Military Academy at West Point (a tremendous accolade for the Prep) while two others attend the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point. As far as our capital improvement project is concerned, in light of the economic downturn last year we decided to “push-back” the timetable a bit, although we completed the “infrastructure” improvements to our heating, air-conditioning, and mechanical systems, and, most importantly, this past spring the Board of Trustees authorized us to move ahead with Phase II of the project which will include the new Art Education Center (located in the former convent) and the new Coach Vince O’Connor Physical Education and Athletic Training Center.

Groundbreaking for these facilities took place on June 13th. Construction has been underway since the summer and should be completed this spring. You can follow the construction progress on the alumni website homepage at alumni.sfponline.org and you will hear a great deal more about this in Our track record of sending more than 99% of the weeks and months ahead as the school’s longthe seniors to college each year remains intact, term “master plan” for modernization continues and the members of this past June’s Class of 2010 to unfold. Future phases are slated to include a are currently attending many fine colleges and new building for our music and science programs, universities. Three of our 2010 graduates now additional physical education facilities, more St. Francis Preparatory School

“...In 2011 we will launch The Campaign for St. Francis Prep: The Next 150—the more broad-based stage of our capital campaign. The initial stage—The 150th Anniversary Campaign—raised $5 million from a relatively small group of very generous major donors...Going forward, however, we will need everyone’s help...”

classrooms, a new chapel, and administrative fellow graduates and friends who support our offices (housed within a new front entranceway to efforts so faithfully. the school). With this in mind, you will find a complete As part of this important process, in 2011 we will listing of 2009-10 fiscal year contributions on the launch The Campaign for St. Francis Prep: The following pages, with donors (thru August 31st) Next 150—the more broad-based stage of our recognized alphabetically within each giving capital campaign. The initial stage—The 150th category and also by graduating class. You will Anniversary Campaign—raised $5 million from also see information about our Franciscan spirit a relatively small group of very generous major at work, the named scholarship fund program, donors. These funds, together with the board’s opportunities for planned giving, plus the very well-thought-out financing plan, enabled upcoming event calendar. us to get started with the project. Going forward, however, we will need everyone’s help, and I In closing, I ask that you continue to keep the Prep know you will do the best you can when you are in your prayers, and remember that we could never asked to “make your pledge.” accomplish all the things we do here without your help. You can also take great pride in the knowledge that your regular annual support helps in many real Thank you again and God bless you! ways that have a direct and lasting effect on young lives (as well as Prep’s day-to-day operations). Among other things, you help us keep tuition at Yours in St. Francis, moderate levels so that more students can afford a Prep education. You also help provide scholarships and sponsorships. This is very important today. Having said this, we remain very optimistic about the capital improvements, the campaign, and the overall future of the Prep thanks to you and your

Brother Leonard Conway, O.S.F. Principal

2 0 0 9 - 1 0 A n n u a l R e p o r t


St. Francis Prep: The Next 150 A Look at Annual Giving Over the Years

The table (below) and chart (right) depict Annual Giving and Total Giving totals over the past six fiscal years and the total number of Annual Donors during the corresponding periods. Please note: The figures used for Total Giving do not include proceeds from the Chancebook Raffles or the Mother’s and Father’s Guild activities.

Despite the tough economic conditions we’ve experienced in recent years, St. Francis Prep alumni and friends have responded to our annual appeals in greater numbers each year to support the school’s Franciscan mission. The tables (left and below) illustrate how the total number of donors has increased the past several years.

FY 2005-08 FY 2009

Number of Annual Donors

FY 2010

FY 2005-08




*FY 2005-08 represents averages over four fiscal years.


St. Francis Preparatory School





FY 2009


FY 2010


2009-10 FINANCIAL STATEMENT For St. Francis Prep’s Fiscal Year September 1, 2009- August 31, 2010

Sources of Revenue

Report of Contributions

September 1, 2009 - August 31, 2010

September 1, 2009 - August 31, 2010

Student Fees

$ 19,424,486

Unrestricted Annual Gifts

$ 238,835

Salaries donated (by Brothers, Sisters & Priest)



Other Restricted Gifts (Scholarships, etc.)

$ 300,253

Gifts, Grants & Other Sources



Payments on Capital Campaign $ 565,751 Commitments

Mandated Services & Interest



Total..................................................... $ 21,681,182 Expenditures Administration



$ 15,423,379








Total..................................................... $ 21,634,418

The Golf Classic

$ 118,027

Homecoming & Reunions (including “Return to N. 6th Street”)



Pathway to St. Francis



Chancebook Drive



Fathers’ Guild



Mothers’ Guild



Total...................................................... $ 1,391,537 2 0 0 9 - 1 0 A n n u a l R e p o r t


Annual Contributors 4

We are very grateful for the outpouring of generosity from alumni, parents, friends, corporations and foundations who support St. Francis Preparatory School through the many events, reunions, direct mail appeals and voluntary contributions throughout the year. The following donors contributed their gifts or their payments on pledges to the Prep during our fiscal reporting period, September 1, 2009 through August 31, 2010.

Franciscan Builder (Gifts of $250,000+)

Peter Callahan Endowers

(Gifts of $100,000 +)

Joseph P. Walker

Legacy Society

(Gifts of $50,000+)

John J. Brown The Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn at St. Francis Monastery Lucy Marchassalla The Estate of J.B. Robb Soros Fund Charitable Foundation Cornerstone Donors (Gifts of $25,000+)

Francis J. Aquila Anthony T. Corbisiero Grand Patrons

Thomas M. Coletti and Anne M. Harnett-Coletti CulinArt, Inc. Joanne L. Frisoni-Lostritto and Joseph Lostritto

(Gifts of $10,000+) Harvard Maintenance, Inc. Michael F. Mongelli, II Nancy Niedermeyer

Investors (Gifts of $5,000+)

Elizabeth and Robert Adams Michael Beaury BMS, INC Brooklyn Benevolent Society Church of St. Cecilia’s (Trustee for donations to The Daniel Pujdak Scholarship Fund.) Flynn & O’Hara Uniforms Inc Thomas P. Fumai Anna E. Gallagher Charitable Trust

St. Francis Preparatory School

John S. Pereira, Sr. Gerald P. Scales The Margaret Sorensen Charitable Trust

Marc and Paige Hamlin John M. Jorgensen Anthony R. Lamonaca Maria and Michael Marchassalla Ridgewood Foundation Brian Toolan Tritec Building Co,. Inc Christopher V. Waldorf

Annual Contributors Principal’s Cabinet $2,500.00 + Robert G. Adamo Anonymous John J. Cahill John Campo James E. Corrigan Peter Corritori Matthew I. DeLuca, Jr. Dan Duffy Terence W. Edwards John G. Fowler Phyllis Gambino-Skody John J. Grein and Ana Hernandez-Grein Michael A. Henning Eileen T. LeMonda Christopher C. Lofaso Bruno Mastropasqua William B. Maury Vincent J. McGill James E. McGlyn Joseph P. Moodhe Frank T. Pizzurro William J. Skody Martin B. Tener Jerome Truzzolino Unitedhealthcare Services, Inc. Waldorf and Associates Kathleen M. Wright St. Francis Society $1,000.00 + Michael A. Agnes Alive In Hope Foundation Jeffrey Alter Anaconda Sports Inc. Stephen J. Antal Father Raymond Attanasio Louis C. Barricelli, Jr. Charles A. Bennett Robert C. Benz Walter A. Bishop BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. Robert G. Bombara, Sr. Michael A. Brader-Araje

Michael J. Brunetti and Maria G. Sciortino-Brunetti Peter W. Buchbauer Joseph M. Busuttil Lawrence P. Byrne Marianne L. Castano-Clemente Vincent F. Catalanotto Christopher J. Coloracci and Lisa A. Bilko-Coloracci John Daley Deutsche Bank Foundation Donald P. Devane Joseph J. Donini and Lisa M. Ferrara-Donini MaryBeth Dunkak-Marchiony William Dunn Most Rev. John C. Dunne Nate Eisler Faith In The Future William R. Ficke Mr. and Mrs. John Fry John A. Fry Thomas A. Gebert Robert J. Genalo Joseph M. Genna Ralph L. Gentile John F. Goydas Michael G. Grittani Bart J. Haggerty John B. Higgins Hudson Valley Arts, Inc. Steven Jenkusky Harold D. Jones Thomas Kasulka Raymond F. Keenan Mr. and Mrs. Emmet P. Kelly Charles J. Kilkuskie Mary and Roger Kobel Charles Krpata Maria and Sheldon Lewis Edward F. Linekin Susan E. Loftus Nicholas V. LoPrinzi John R. Mathis William F. McCaffrey Dennis J. McDermott James E. McHugh Timothy J. McNicholas

Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Jane Modry Walter J. Morley Royce A. Mulholland Edward R. Murray Thomas P. Napier, Jr. Thomas M. Nevitt and Maria K. LaMacchia-Nevitt Carol and Alfonse Niedermeyer Edward J. Nolan, III Robert G. Ostrander Garret and Valerie Oswald Lawrence J. Pascal Jonathan Pereira Vincent C. Porreca Sean M. Prendergast Lawrence F. Reinalter Frank Rizzo and Marylene Ansa-Rizzo Catherine A. Ruebenacker-Mazzola Martin G. Shannon St. Francis College Michael Strofolino The Henry Luce Foundation, Inc. Robert L. Torre Anthony Truzzolino Douglas M. Tynan Robert A. Waegelein, Jr. Peter J. Werner Xiu Nian Yang and Yan Shen Brother Alan Zodda, O.S.F. 6100 Society $500.00 + Ronald P. Antal Michael Apicella James Atkinson Theodore Bajo Bank of America John R. Baumann Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School Peter Brady John P. Butler Christopher L. Campese LeeAnn A. Canavan-Black Larry Carbone

Joseph V. Carney and Danielle D’Urso-Carney Bro. Greg L. Cellini, O.S.F. Robert E. Cherichella Patricia Cinque-Maher and Thomas Maher Anthony J. Classi Juan S. Cockburn Christine and Kevin Coffey Colgate-Palmolive Company John M. Collins Daniel V. Corry Brendan Cregan and Deborah A. Strack-Cregan Mary T. Curley-Leptak Roger Daly Joseph R. Davis Caroline A. De Oliveira Maria and Alexander DelCielo Francis E. DeSantis Elda A. DiRe Cosmo J. DiTucci Lt. Col. Richard E. Donaghy James P. Donnelly Albert G. Doumar Andrew I. Drazic Richard F. Dyas George M. Feeney Louis G. Fellin Patrick F. Finn Marianna Fior-Brown Josephine and Walter Foley Robert J. Frank GE Foundation Joseph T. Giacinto Barbara A. Hammel Gerard J. Hevern William J. Infosino Richard C. Jewell Anthony J. Keck Harold F. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Patrick King Elizabeth and Piotr Kumelowski Gary R. Lampert Margaret Lazo Timothy J. Leary Patricia E. Loftus Joseph A. LoScalzo

John J. Lyons Joseph T. Malone Stephen E. Mandia Paul W. Mandzuk Robert W. Mayer Patricia and William McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. George McCartney Bernard J. McKenna Mr. and Mrs. Brian McShane Carmen Z. Menendez-Puerto Michael A. Mulqueen Thomas A. Murawski William Murphy Mary and Vincent O’Connor Elizabeth Olwell-McNulty and Robert F. McNulty Donna and James O’Meara Teresita and Melcho Pablor Loretta F. Palyo-Rueth Stephen P. Pazan Tracy A. Perlman Joanne L. Persico Christopher P. Petsanas Peter J. Rappa Ross A. Rauh Bridget Recker Francis J. Regina James S. Romano Melissa Rosa-O’Leary Brother Becket Ryan, O.S.F. Brian J. Ryan Martin A. Schaetzle Martin J. Schretzmann Bryan Schrubbe Alpesh D. Shah Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sherlock Thomas E. Slaymaker St. Joseph’s College Tara Stackpole Henry Sterbenz William Strack James P. Sulecki Tom Sweeney Maria and William Terrone Maryellen & Benedict Tockarshewsky Dorothy E. Torsney Train Babcock Advisors LLC Theresa E. Werner

2009-10 Annual Report


Annual Contributors

Thomas E. White Katie and Mike Zambardino Red and Blue Society $250.00 + Stephen G. Adams Vincent S. Agusta Anthony A. Alfano Douglas M. Amann Frances J. Arricale George C. Barone George Benczak George C. Bergleitner, Jr. Anthony J. Biancaniello Bio-Cellular Science Inc Bishop Reilly High School Alumni Association Thomas A. Booras, Jr. Thomas J. Brady Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Braithwaite Tania M. Broschart Chris Brown Thomas Burke Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Camilleri Robert Capen Bernadette C. Carella-Palumbo Tara and Stephen Carlino Janet M. Carroll-Blagg Joseph E. Castana Mary C. McHale and Joseph Castellano Joseph C. Ciechalski Gerilyn Coccia and Michael Schablin Mary B. T. Colucci Jean Colucci-Kiley and John E. Kiley


Clifford G. Condon Kevin J. Connors Thomas J. Connors Walt Conry Brother Leonard Conway, O.S.F. Carissa M. Covatti John P. Crean Arthur A. Crowe Rose L. DeInnocentiis-Ruesing Edwin M. Delaney, Sr. Anna M. D’Elia-Delaney Thomas DeMaria William J. Dooley, III John M. Downing, Sr. John P. Duffy Michelle E. Estilo-Kaiser Michael J. Falabella Laurie S. Feld William J. Ferguson, Jr. Alice G. LoSordo-Fitzgerald and John J. Fitzgerald MaryIrene I. Flynn Jon Fredas Rudolph H. Funke Joseph E. Garcia John E. Gibbons Al Haag, Jr. Timothy Hannon Denise and Paul Heckelman Ronald J. Hoefner Sung S. Hong Joseph M. Hughes Kathy and William Hughes Jaime Jaramillo Dwight E. Jordan Paul M. Jourcin Georgia Kaporis Thomas J. Kelly

St. Francis Preparatory School

Lesley A. Koniuch-Kleinschmidt Sonia Kreidenweis-Dandy GraceAnn A. LaForgia Louisa Chiu and Danston Lam Joseph A. LaPiana Donna Larmann Krista and Paul Laurenzano Patricia and Joseph Leighton Timothy J. Lennon Valerie and Joseph Lodato Mr. and Mrs. Vito Lolli James M. Lynch Mary and Frank Macchiarola Frank A. Massuli Leonard V. Masucci James R. Mazzeo John J. McAree Edward C. McGarrity Richard W. McGraw, Jr. Brian B. McKeon Arthur F. McMahon Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. McMahon Bevin K. Meade-Gibbons and Christopher Gibbons John A. Meehan Robert C. Minion MMC Matching Gifts Program John E. Mollica John P. Monaghan Joshua Mulholland Raymond Nash New York Life Foundation Daniel A. Nolan Terrance J. Nolan John J. O’Boyle Mr. and Mrs. Dan O’Byrne Jane T. O’Connor Brian O’Donoghue Edward R. O’Malley Alton J. O’Neil James P. Pagano Jacqueline and John Paguaga Thaddeus W. Paluszek Louis G. Pastina Mr. and Mrs. Nestor Pastor Joseph G. Pellechi Margaret M. Connelly-Petrarca and Edward Petrarca Mary A. Phelan Bridget C. Plante Alex J. Poulos Andrew Prior Andre F. Python, Jr. Hank E. Riehl Diane C. Rush-Roberts and Matt M. Roberts Roche Molecular Systems Rockville Bank Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jose Rojas Barbara and Matthew Roseanu Michael A. Rozza Benedict F. Ruggiero Edward P. Russell James P. Sammon Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Schick Karen M. Schnaue-Sinicropi Marcia Scimecca Mr. and Mrs. Frank Scully Donald Sileo Raymond J. Smith John G. Spicijaric George B. Sula

Thomas W. Terryn Mary T. Thomassen-Kruh Mr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Toscano James J. Troy United Way Of New York City Carlos Valerio Felicia Varlese and William A. Viscovich Christine E. Walsh-Freda and Michael Freda Richard J. Weilminster Harry W. Whelpley James M. White Xaverian High School Jayne and Charles Zimmermann Terrier Society $100.00 + James M. Abbott John D. Abbruzzese Phillip F. Acevedo John J. Adams Florence Agoglia Michael Agresto Ann E. Ahlstrom-Saxer Michael Carragher and Jae Ahn Catherine Alcuri Janelle Alexander Blair F. Allen Robert Allen Camille A. Soccoli-Alma and David V. Alma Altria Employee Involvement Programs American Express Gift Matching Program American International Group, Inc. Charles Amorese Jennifer H. Anderson Edward A. Andrie Philip P. Andriola and Laura J. Aglietti-Andriola Ellen and Dean Arfanis Geraldine P. Armesto-Chadenat William B. Ashton John F. Astarita Joseph J. Attilio, Jr. Michael X. Aufiero Paul Augello Charles V. Austin Automatic Data Proessing, Inc. Charles J. Badaracco Peter M. Baiardi Alexander S. Balko Laura Barcia Kathleen Barnes-Romagnano Barbara J. Barone-Fierst and Timothy J. Fierst Therese and Fred Basedow Emily and Daniel Bash Gerard J. Baxter Rina A. Beacco Lawrence K. Becker Karl T. Bednarek Mr. and Mrs. John M. Benik Denise Bennett Bridget Betts Dolores Blaskovic-Radovic and Rino Radovic Gerard E. Boeckhaus Vincent C. Bracco Mr. and Mrs. Philip P. Brady

John E. Bransfield Martin Brennan Mr. and Mrs. Jason Broad William T. Brooks Gary J. Brownell Joanne E. Brunn Christopher J. Bucaria William J. Burns Timothy Caffrey Dr. and Mrs. Gene Caiafa Terry Cain Steven R. Calandro Charles M. Caminiti Pasquale D. Cangiano Danielle Cannataro-Forte and Jim Forte Robert J. Cannon Donna M. Cantrell-Gerzof Dennis J. Carey, Jr. Louis A. Carnivale Maureen and Patrick Carragee Kathleen Carroll Patrick J. Carroll Jeanine Carroll-Ferrone Michael Castellano and Maureen Kittredge-Castellano Vincent M. Catalano MaryAnn and Anthony Catalanotto Barbara and Anthony Catalanotto Richard W. Caunitz Nicole E. Ceslik-Spaargaren Shant Chalian Chevron Humankind Mr. and Mrs. James Chu Marie Clifford Robert L. Clifford Francis X. Clines Carl J. Cocchiola Robert A. Cochrane Timothy J. Cole, Sr. John Coleman John J. Collins Kevin Colucci Thomas F. Comiskey Commercial Combustion Services & Installation Corp. Gerard A. Compito Eileen Conlon Danielle Connelly Janet Connolly Frederick Conroy Kevin Conroy, Sr. Gerry Conway Jack A. Conway Walter J. Cook, II Linda J. Cooper-Nardulli John R. Corbisiero Lori and William Costello Marilyn and Raymond Cote Philip S. Cottone Bruce Cotugno Kerin E. Coughlin Vera and Daniel Covatti Eileen Crean Samuel R. Crescente Anthony J. Croce Paul R. Cronen David Crowe John J. Crowe Robert T. Crowe William R. Crowe Paul V. Cucarese

Annual Contributors Meryl and Sean Cunningham Thomas D’Alto, Jr. Joseph E. D’Amato Richard G. Danderline John J. D’Angelo Paul R. Dannenhoffer Gerald A. Davis Paul J. DeBenedittis Michael DeCarlo Grace I. DeFina-Battaglia Frank X. DeFontes Richard M. DeFronzo George P. DeGeorge Safeta Deljanin Christina DelPin-Cella Mario R. DeLuca Michael D. DeLuca Paul V. DeLuca Nancy L. Demers James DePalma Denise G. DeRosa Nancy and Benny DeStefano Joan M. Devaney-Spillane Margaret Devlin Pamela L. DeVoti-Ginex Thomas J. DiCanio Claire R. Diele Edward V. DiLello Nicholas A. DiLello William Dimoulas Frank Dinaro Mr. and Mrs. Martin Doherty Robert K. Doherty James Dollard Mr. and Mrs. Steve Dominguez Christopher A. Donelan Eugene E. Donnelly Eileen E. Donnelly-Buser Louis Doria Kathleen and Joseph Dougherty Andrew Doulos Francis H. Dowd Lawrence J. Doyle John J. Duffy James T. Dunphy Paul D. Duran Theodore P. Dymczynski Joseph G. Eaton Mr. and Mrs. Jean Edouard Denise A. Egan-Sintetos Vincent J. Emilio Mr. and Mrs. Martin Eng Peter A. England Susanne M. Engler-Scott Alan N. Eremin Michael P. Esposito Patrick Evangelista William J. Eyring Fairfield University Joseph A. Fatuzzo and Bridget M. Moore-Fatuzzo John C. Fay Roni Fazzone Susan L. Feehan-Gidwill Eugene J. Feldhaus Valerie R. Felicetti-Massimo Robert J. Fey Mary L. Filangeri Alejandro R. Finardo Richard T. Finger, Jr. Robert D. Fiorillo Robert A. Fischer

Angela and Michael Fischetti Sal A. Fischetti and Denise E. McBride-Fischetti Heidi R. Flori Edmund W. Foley Mr. and Mrs. James Ford Theresa C. Forget Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Fouche John F. Fraas Richard Frasca Joseph Freda Salvatore F. Frevola Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fryer John J. Fugelsang Michael P. Gabbola Anna M. Galleazzi-Ranieri Brigid and Joe Garafola John P. Garufi Joan Gasser-Buckley Joseph F. Gavin Frederick J. Gavitt George R. Gebus Peter J. Ghisone David M. Gibbons Rev. Msgr. William J. Gill James R. Gillespie Steven C. Gillman Christopher C. Goetz Catherine and Vincent Goodwin Frances and William Gorham Mary Gorman-Geraci Dina M. Gould Joseph N. Graif Angela M. Gray Donald J. Guarino Thomas J. Guida Joseph S. Gulino, Jr. Peter C. Haas, Jr. Marianne E. Haggerty-Zidar Marie Haig Francis J. Hannafey James A. Hannon Robert R. Hans Sharon Harris Brian Hawkins Sylvia T. Hayduk James M. Healy John A. Hernandez Joseph T. Himmelsbach Roseann Hinchey Kenneth B. Hogan, Sr. Denise A. Hojnacki-Totura James J. Holland Joseph M. Holm Willie Holmes Michael Honan William P. Horohoe Terence A. Howard Eileen and William Howarth Gregory J. Hrycak Mr. and Mrs. George Hu Arlene T. Huber-Jaklitsch Albert T. Hutwagner Chris L. Hyland Ray T. Iannicelli Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Iemma Anne Iengo Peter Iovino Ted D. Jahn, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Francis S. Jamin Claudia Jaramillo-Lee Ronald S. Jendras

Eddie Jenkins Judith C. Jocson-Singer Mr. and Mrs. Varughese Joseph JP Morgan Chase Foundation Murat Karaca Christopher Kelly Denis A. Kelly Justin F. Kelly Joseph G. Kempton, Jr. Catherine M. Kennedy Edward C. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Kennedy Robert L. Kennedy Loretta A. Kennedy-Rederscheid Mr. and Mrs. Gene Kenny Donald E. Kent Mark J. Ketner Brian S. Kightlinger David R. Kilanowski Kevin J. Kiley Eileen A. Kilkelly-Westfahl Helene and Michael Kispert Robert F. Koehler Brian E. Kohm and Korrine N. Sheerin-Kohm John Kohout Stefan R. Korolczuk Robert G. Koster Jerry Koutsavlis Brian C. Kramer Ronald Krausankas Nicholas I. Kumelowski Eugene Kurdy Natalie and Nick Kusturic Mr. and Mrs. James Lake Mr. and Mrs. John LaMonte Rev. Daniel Lanahan, O.F.M. Sister Mary Kenneth Lane, C.S.J. Jack F. Lanzer Debra and Gustavo Laserna Anthony C. Laurino Joseph A. Lavelli John P. Lavin Timothy Leary William J. Leary Maureen and Robert Leggett Edward J. Lennon John T. Leone Anthony S. Lesica Arthur Leupold Shi-Yuan and Hwai-Ju Lin Mr. and Mrs. Lester Lindemann Gerald LoBiondo Edward A. LoBue Nancy and Robert LoCascio Alfred F. Logozo Susan Lombardi-Abbott MaryAnn Lomuscio-Borriello Patrick Lonergan Daniel F. Lynch Michael P. Lynch Thomas D. Lynch Joseph F. MacDougall Elizabeth A. MacEwen-Timken Kathleen A. Mackin-Sciortino Michael P. Madden and Jodi E. Passarella Viginia S. Maina John Malarkey Vincent A. Male William J. Maloney Stephen B. Mangano

James J. Manning Paul D. Mannix Blaise M. Marchese Thomas Marchesini Robert P. Maroney Joseph F. Martin Lourdes M. Martinez-Cipolla Donald Marvel Bruce N. Massie Margaret and Donald Mattison Rosemarie Mazza Eugene J. McArdle Colette McCann-McArdle and Patrick J. McArdle Meriah McCauley Jim McClenahan Tina McClenahan Brian R. McCormack John F. McCormack Michael D. McCrory Edward P. McDonagh Timothy R. McGinn Kerry A. McGinn-O’Neill Susan M. McGrath Teresa McGrath-McNulty Mr. and Mrs. Richard McGraw Thomas J. McGuirk Harold J. McKay Karen A. McKeon Matthew T. McKeon Robert McKeon Kathy and Patrick McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. Hank McMahon Hugh J. McMenamin Karen and William McNeece John F. McNicholas Michael J. McPartland James W. McTiernan

Daria E. Meade-Connolly Colleen A. Meade-Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Meaney Dennis Meehan Lisa M. Melillo-Molinaro James L. Melone Meredith Corporation Foundation, LS-193 Paul B. Michiels Thomas P. Miller Lisa A. Miranda-Sloan Brother Louis T. Miritello, O.S.F. Maria and Steven Miss Peter A. Morgan William F. Morgan Brother Roman Morris, O.S.F. Nicholas D. Mosesso John D. Moten Arthur C. Mueller Joseph Mugivan Dorothy A. Mulholland Robert H. Mulvena George Munoz Mr. and Mrs. William J. Murdoch Rosemarie Murphy James W. Murtagh X. J. Musacchia Doris and Frank Nastro Kathleen Nealon Martin J. Neville Jack Niedermeyer Richard T. Nolan Frederick S. Noz NYSE Group Rev. Msgr. John H. O’Brien Luke T. O’Brien

2009-10 Annual Report


Annual Contributors

Patrick J. O’Brien Kate K. Occhipinti-Solis Occidental Petroleum Corp. Daniel D. O’Connell Kevin O’Connell, Jr. Maureen R. O’Connor-Mansfield John F. O’Hara Debra M. O’Hehir Daniel J. O’Keefe Frances and Joseph Olexa Caroline L. Orlando-Murillo Mr. and Mrs. Peter O’Rourke Robert F. O’Rourke Nereida Ortega & Robert Siciliano Robert W. O’Shea Tracy and Brian Ott Michael S. Pagano Joyce W. Pak-Mcpherson Michael J. Palumbo Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Pantaleo Nicholas L. Pantaleo, Jr. Angelos Papatheodorou and Valerie Ciccolilli-Papatheodorou Kalitsa Pappas-Gabriel Paraskevi Paralemos-Tsahas Paul D. Parvis, Sr. Christopher M. Pastina Armand Patella and JeanneMarie Boisselle-Patella Peter A. Patrissi Francis X. Pecquex Luigi Pedalino Bartholomew H. Peluso, Jr. Nancy and Nicholas Pennetti Salvator Perednia Carroll and Patrick Perpignano Geraldine M. Perret-Ferguson Mary Perry James V. Petitto Gerard R. Petri James C. Petrillo Alana Petrocelli Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pettersen Susan Pezzino Mr. and Mrs. Selwyn Phillip Elizabeth M. Picerno Richard A. Pinto Pitney Bowes


Vincent J. Placanica Barbara R. Pokorny-Durante Antonia Polumbo Stephanie Poggi-Sanfelice Grace L. Portoghese Edward J. Powers Jack M. Prenderville Michael J. Prior Robert A. Puppa, Jr. Colin P. Quinn and Alice A. Dunkak-Quinn John S. Quirke Richard P. Raaf William A. Rabl Paul A. Ragnetti Ismael Ramirez Nora and James Raphael Ellen Raspitha Thomas J. Reichling David Reid Joseph P. Reid Christopher R. Reidy Mark J. Reisig Richard Remshaw Bernard T. Renzy, III Gerald J. Ricciardo Ann Marie and Frederick Rich Denise Riordan-Larkin Michael J. Rivera and Aimee B. LoCicero-Rivera Angelo M. Rizzo Sam Rizzo Alysoun V. Roach Judith Roach Megan M. Robinson-Rogers Claudia M. Rocco Nicholas C. Rocco, Jr. Eugene Roche Robert Rooney Lorraine Rosenquest Ana E. Rosu James T. Roth Robert P. Rourke Kenneth P. Ruane Stephen G. Rush Joanne and Kenneth Sackowski Elizabeth Salerno Karen and David Sanchez

St. Francis Preparatory School

Gerald A. Sankner Arelys Santana Robert M. Sawicki Marcella A. Scalia-Squeglia Michael J. Scanlon Amelia F. Scarpulla Pauline M. Scelfo John J. Sceppa Bro. Robert G. Schaefer, O.S.F. Suzanne M. Schaefer-Sideris Elizabeth S. Schaub Dario Schiavetta Mary Schimitsch Ray Schlageter Carol Schneider-Kennedy Roy J. Schoenhaar Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Schrubbe John L. Schultz Michael J. Schulz and Lisa M. Olmo-Schulz Robert Schwartz Louis E. Scimecca Leonard Sclafani Daniel J. Scotti Barbara A. Scotto-Foley and Michael F. Foley Gregory M. Semashko Lauren and Patrick Sexton Terry D. Sgarlata John J. Sharkey James A. Shaughnessy Sister Louise Sheehan Patricia M. Shurina-Vail John J. Sidtis Raffaela Silecchia-Quinto and Luis Quinto Anthony J. Simeti Mr. and Mrs. Jack Simmons Joseph A. Siolek, Jr. Joseph T. Skerrett, Jr. Carol A. Skinner-Barden John Skorupa Gerald W. Smith Linda and John Smith Kristin Smith Patricia S. Smith-Nallen Mr. and Mrs. Kyaw Soe Dominick Solimando

William J. Spadola Anthony J. Sparacino Paul P. Spensieri Veronica and John Steingasser Lisa M. Stimpfl-Strumpf Lee J. Stuart Laura and Nick Stuller Catherine and Guido Sumberac Walter Szczupak Emery J. Szlezak Carolyn Szostek Henry B. Szot T. Rowe Price Associates Maurice J. Taaffe Anabela Tang Joseph F. Taylor Margaret M. Taylor-Finucane Lois and Michael Tedesco Terence Tener Mr. and Mrs. Robert Terry Lori J. Thompson-Saputo Mr. and Mrs. Philip Titolo Arthur W. Toohig Thomas F. Toomey, Jr. Tower Ford, Inc. Peggy Travers Arthur J. Tremblay, Sr. Robert H. Trigg Jean and Salvatore Truzzolino Timothy J. Tubridy Jennifer L. Tucci Joy Tumang-Block Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Tyson UBS Matching Gift Program John M. Urbielewicz James P. Vafeas Linda and Nicholas Vagra Sergio B. Valentini Maria M. Velazquez-Martinez Silvana T. Veltri-Sutich Sister Mary N. Ventricelli, O.P. Verizon Foundation Diana E. Viscovich-Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Votin John J. Wagner Joseph F. Wahl Harry B. Wallen F. G. Walsh Robert T. Walsh Eileen M. Walsh-Prymaczek Raeann Walters-Kyriakou Jessica L. Watz Francis J. Weber, Sr. Richard Weglarz Daniel P. Weitekamp Thomas J. Welling Angela Wen Eugene P. Westhoff Brian M. Wickham Philip J. Wierzbicki Nancy and Robert Williams Richard J. Witt Margaret Wolf Donald J. Wolfe and Ann Marie R. Bongiorno-Wolfe Denise Ann Wuria Anthony P. Yanni George H. Yonkie Robert V. Yzaguirre Susan M. Zollner-Hinners William J. Zuk Andrew J. Zupicich

Supporters $25.00 + A.T. Abbatemarco Robert Abril, Jr. Marissa Accardi Radames Acevedo Thomas F. Adams Vincent Addeo Adeoye Adegbola Thomas P. Adissi Julie Agate Peter V. Agro Michael J. Agusta Louis G. Alba Catherine A. Albaneze Surrenca Albert Amanda Albert-Notaris Amy Alcott-Tulevech Jack Alesi David M. Alexandro Warren Algenio and Michelle Teylan-Algenio Francis Alicata Edward G. Allcock, Sr. Diane M. Ambroselli Anthony P. Amoroso William Andrejko Maria Andreu Mary R. Andriano-Bosko Stacey L. Angell-Pyc Louis Angulo Christine Antis Rosemary Antonelle-Quast Mr. and Mrs. Nishan Apelian Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Apurado Joseph Aquilina Leonard P. Arcuri Maria Arellano Mario Arena and Janine Grotano-Arena Alexander M. Arevalo Sammy Armas Denise M. Armenio-Sodokoff Laura Arminio-Torcolese Anthony C. Armstead Joseph B. Arroyo Maria-Grazia Asaro Toni A. Asaro-Connors Sister Wilda Asfour, S.C. Luz Astudillo Monique C. Atherley Sondra A. Austin Augustine Aversano Tiffany A. Avon AXA Foundation Daniel Bacci and Kelley A. Hughes-Bacci Renee V. Badami Max Badette Virginia and Gerald Bagnall Charles Bailey Alysse K. Bak Jessica Baker Mr. and Mrs. John B. Baker John L. Balbi Marian E. Baldwin-Fuerst Deanna Balla Thomas Balla Stephen C. Banas Korey W. Banks Joseph L. Barbarino

Annual Contributors Heather Barbosa Andrea T. Barcia-Volding Jim G. Barkoukis Jo M. Barnes-Conlan Jaclyn Barnikel Richard Barquero Stella M. Barresi Vanessa L. Barrios Denis S. Barry, Jr. Pat and Jim Barry Kelli A. Bartels Edward Bartosiewicz Thomas J. Baskind Kristen E. Batorfalvy Trinidad Battad Gina Battaglia Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Beck Steven Benini Scott N. Benish and Francine O. Olexa-Benish Marla Benoit Lisa A. Bernabeo-Catapano Mary A. Bernstein Mariana Bernunzo-Connolly Jimmy Berthaud John A. Bertone Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bertorelli Lisa B. Bianculli-Hutter Daniel Bifani James A. Biggin Nina L. Binder Georgine Bitsko Carolyn J. Bittel-Szydlowski Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Biundo Brendan T. Black Brian P. Black Marianne Black-Prawda Theresa Blain Robert N. Blanche Marissa Blando Catherine L. Blaskey-Rigney Margaret A. Blewitt-Padley Ronald A. Bo Steven L. Bo Gerard H. Boehme Jeffrey C. Boehme Robert H. Bohack, Jr. Stephanie H. Bohaczyk-Gossett Barbara A. Bohn Robert Bommarito Mike Bonasia Bryan A. Bonelli Thomas R. Bongiorno John T. Bonomolo Mark F. Borowski Elsie and Hannibal Bourne William J. Boyd Anita and Thomas Boyle Mr. and Mrs. Raul Boysillo Michael G. Brady Nicole Brady Dennis A. Breen James T. Brennan Thomas Brenner Charles Brincat Arlene Broad Mr. and Mrs. Howard Broad Amber Brodas Eileen Browne Salvatore Brucculeri James I. Brucia Joann Brunetti-Manzella

Enna and Louis Bruno Maryellen L. Bruno Michelle G. Bubnik Michael Bucella Paul O. Buchbauer Peggy and John Buckley Christina Buffamonte Salvatore Bullaro Beatrice and Robert Bullock Victoria S. Bunatta-Gallagher Susan B. Burdan Elaine and Bruce Burik Mr. and Mrs. Michael Burke Stephen F. Burke Theresa M. Burke-Yarri Sally J. Burnett Emmanuel Bustos John Buzzetta Thomas M. Byrne Gabriel Caamano Anthony and Mercel Cabahug John P. Cahill Charles J. Cain Patricia A. Calastro-Ortiz James J. Cali Michael F. Califano Richard A. Calosso Camille Cameron Matthew Campese Juan P. Campmany Bennett J. Canizaro and Joanne Maio-Canizaro Mary B. Cannella-Zaoutis David V. Capano Nicholas Capezza Anna Capezzuto-Petrizzo Michelle J. Capuano-Fenimore Nicolo Caputi Michael W. Caputo Vincent Caputo James F. Caravella Louis F. Carbone and Denise L. LaPlant-Carbone Carmine A. Cardona Christopher Carey Susan T. Carlson-Crimi Diane P. Carman-Covello Robert Carmen Carmine Carpentier John L. Carrion Edward T. Carroll Patricia Carroll Eileen Carroll-Scardino and Donald D. Scardino Joseph Carter, Jr. Michael P. Caruso Marilyn R. Casalaina-Cote Nicole J. Casella-Piotrowski John B. Casey Andrew Cashin James V. Cassano Michael E. Cassidy Theresa Cassidy-Cholakis Michael A. Castelli Nicole Casten Renelita Castillo-Montesano Roberto Catalano Joseph Catalanotto Kevin E. Catalanotto Anne-Marie Cataldo-Wenger Philip T. Catanese, Sr. Laurie A. Catizone-Jordan

Louise Caudullo Nunzio D. Cazzetta Robert F. Cefalu Mr. and Mrs. James F. Cerven Joseph S. Cervia Thzaira Charles Donna O. Charles-Onike Tracy L. Chevel Michael P. Chiara Stacie Christopoulos-Tedesco Olivia Chrysafis Jennifer A. Chu Katherine Chu Andrew J. Ciccaroni and Mary A. Barbera-Ciccaroni Frank Ciccone Frank Cioffi Jill T. Cirino-Seyfert Brian P. Clarke Kaleena D. Clarkson-Jean-Pierre Suzanne M. Clay-Pechtol Jennifer Clem-Haniff George J. Clough Daniel Cocuzzo Marilyn Coffey Suzanne Colagiacomo-Stallone Lorianne Colalillo-DeWitte Anthony Colarusso Jennifer Colarusso Paul J. Colelli Elizabeth Coleman Charles D. Colletti Jason Collichio Elisa Colon Thomas J. Colucci Michael L. Columbia Edward Conlon, Jr. Katie E. Connell Peter J. Connolly Kerri A. Connolly-Kraetzer James P. Conroy Kevin J. Conroy Thomas F. Conroy, Jr. Jennifer Conte-DeLapa Richard J. Contrada Keith D. Cook Jean F. Coppola

James J. Corcoran Justine M. Corker Joseph A. Corona Armilene S. Coronel Christina Coronel-Bambina Patricia M. Corrigan Nicholas Corsini Elise Costa Rosemary Costantino-Moeller Anita Costi Joseph C. Cotter Robert V. Cotumaccio Jami Coumoutsos Nicolette Cover Laurene N. Cowhey-Lang Christa M. Cowhey-Marano Janis L. Cowhey-McDonagh Kerry M. Coyle-Arale Nayda V. Coy-Sabosik Greg A. Crasto Shannon K. Crawford Marie-Elena CrimminsWohlmacher MaryEllen J. Crowley Brandon M. Cruz Elizabeth M. Cucinotta Anthony L. Cuda Catherine Cudmore Robert J. Culkin Vanessa Curatolo Scott E. Curry Michael Curti Thomas J. Curtin, Jr. Salvatore L. Cusumano Frances and Ludomir Czynski Marilyn Dabady-Lynk Paula D’Aguanno Joseph D’Alessio, II Erin M. Daley-McGovern Ronald P. D’Amelia Joseph V. D’Amore Leonard T. D’Angelo Maryellen D’Angelo-Donohue Peter R. Danylchuk Cristina DaSilva Catherine A. Davies-Brown Heather Davis-Rinaldi

Joseph A. Davniero Thomas M. Day Giuseppina Dazzo Frank A. de Caro Bernadette Dean-Lonergan David Deannuntis Linda M. Decarlo-Kenniff Melissa Defrank Tina Del Ciello-Bernard Tita and Andrew Del Giudice Tino Del Greco Daniel Delatorre Filomena D’Elia Antoinette DeLorenzo Christopher N. Deluso and Cheryl A. Dobson-DeLuso Danielle Delvecchio Geraldine A. DeMarco-Bauer Richard F. DeMarinis Frank Demattia Mr. and Mrs. Onofrio Demattia Tara Demkowicz Thomas Denicker Brian K. Dennehy Dominick P. DePaola Daniel G. DePasquale Laura DePinto Jason Derienzo Ellen M. DeRiso John P. DeRiso Michael L. DeRosa Charles J. DeRose M. A. DeSantis Reginald Desroches Francis G. DeVenecia John P. Devlin Hans E. DeWitte Nancy E. Diaz-Candelaria Diana J. DiBella Elvira M. DiBiase-Francischelli Lisa B. DiDonna-Feeley Michael D. Diesso Christina Dietmann Joshua Dietz Yuri Dieujuste Josephine DiGangi-Giudice Danielle Digiorgio

2009-10 Annual Report


Annual Contributors

Donna M. Dill Douglas DiMarco Elena Dimichael Elizabeth DiMola Donna M. DiNoto-Doherty Linda A. DiRe-Cochran Steven R. DiSalvo Michael J. DiSanto Joanne R. DiSimone-Virella Gerard C. DiStefano Christopher D. Ditta Maria L. DiTucci-Petrocine Mr. and Mrs. Andras Divald Estela B. Divino Nadine T. DiVittorio-Sessa Joanne M. Dixon-Rice William Dobranski Kristen M. Doheny Allison Donadio Nancy M. Donato Sister Margaret Donnelly, R.S.M. John F. Donohue Michael Donovan Maryellen and Steve Donovan James Dooley Sister Martin M. Doran, O.P. Christopher M. D’Orazi Patricia E. Doster-McCabe Kevin Dougherty Timothy R. Dougherty Victoria M. Doulos-Figgers Mary J. Dowing Mary-Louise A. Downer-Powell Eugene J. Downing Sheila M. Downing-Costello and Oscar F. Costello Danielle Dreizen-Sturiano Fay Drogin Maryanne S. Ducey Katia A. Ducheine Mary K. Duffy-Scally Sirece P. Dugard


Martha L. Dunlavey Joseph Dunne Mary Dunne Noelle Dunphy Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Duval Jeanine Duvally Michael Dwyer Nicole C. Dyon-Jordan Edward Ebinger Christopher Ecker Barbara Efthymiou-Harris Eszel Elizes-Tobias Robert G. Elliot, Jr. Terrence J. Ellison Yvette C. Ellis-Ramos Maria C. Empaynado-Gilday Alex J. Englese Abraham Esfandiary Charles Esposito and Maria D. Puppelo-Esposito Dennis M. Esposito Karen Estilo-Owczarski Antonia M. Etheart-O’Sullivan Armand Evangelista Kim C. Facey-Pedercini William T. Fadelici, Sr. Maureen Fagan-Zullo David Farran Sister Clare Farrell Craig M. Farrell Brian J. Fay John P. Fay Alfred E. Fazio, Jr. Juliana Fazio Gina M. Feerick-Rosselli Thomas Fenezia Eileen P. Fennell Theresa C. Fennell John J. Ferguson, Sr. Kenneth Ferguson Clare M. Ferguson-Valenza Brenda C. Fernandez-Aulbach

St. Francis Preparatory School

Anna Ferraiuolo Alyssa Ferrante Jennifer Ferrante Jessica Ferrara Nicholas P. Ferrari and Roseanne Suraci-Ferrari Denise A. Ferrarotti-Matranga Frank A. Ferri Gina Ferro-Carlton Kasey Fey Nickki Figurski Norma M. Filippi-Quigley Douglas S. Filomena Gina Filoso-Setaro Kathleen A. Filshie-Sullivan Brian Fink Robert J. Finnerty, Jr. Robert J. Fiordaliso Henry C. Fiorillo Ellen Fischer-Taylor Jennifer Fitzgerald-DeLuca Dennis T. Fitzpatrick Peter J. Fitzpatrick Rita Fitzpatrick Noreen E. Flaherty Stephanie E. Flanagan-Grimes Yvonne M. Flesche Brendan Flynn Eugene J. Flynn Siobhan P. Flynn-Higgins Peter Foglio Ernest M. Folli Ann Forde-Costello Michael Forman William B. Fornaro Kristin N. Foti Erica A. Fotiades Kristen M. Fowler-Gobbo Diandra Foy Donna F. Francis-Nuri Demetrios G. Frangiskatos Donna M. Franz-Livecchi Arthur Freer Emina Friskan-Hormann Joseph Fritsch Ryan Frontera Steven A. Frosch Elizabeth Fryer-Kalkau Barbara A. Fuchs-Janny Dawn I. Fulton-Manos Robert E. Furey Monica Furman John S. Fusco Paul J. Gagne Martin Galak Michael A. Galeti Dennis P. Gallagher Marie T. Gallagher Noreen M. Galoppi Barbara and Louis Gambarini Evamarie Gambino Paul Gangi James G. Gannon Peter J. Gannon Carlos Garcia Jonathan Garcia Reina M. Garcia Rose M. Garcia Kenneth B. Garry Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Garzon Daniel Gearity Harold C. Gee

Bryan Geffen Napoleon Georgatos Thomas George Katherine Geraci and Kyle Sturcken Jacqueline Gerard Christopher S. Gerdau Elizabeth K. Gerdts John F. Ghingo Michael Giacomino Justin Giamanco Blake Giamanco-Miceli Dorothy and Vincent Giammona Sal Giannone Thomas J. Giglio Cara Gilbride Kathleen Gilfeather-Zeltmann Ryan Gilfedder Mr. and Mrs. Cyril G. Gillman Jennifer M. Gilroy-Ruiz Elizabeth R. Giordano Michael C. Giordano and Carol R. Tilt-Giordano William Giordano, Jr. Anthony Girgenti Edin Giron Bianca Giudice Mr. and Mrs. Alex Glatt Lawrence Goldberg Rudy Goldblatt Mr. and Mrs. Alec Goldfarb Carolyn Goldner-Labella Louise M. Golero-SanFilippo Shawn Gomes Jason Gomez Claudia E. Gomez-Kosakowski Lisa A. Gonzales-Hering Ricardo C. Gonzalez Roxana Gonzalez-Hoppe Yvonne C. Gorbea-Maddiona Franco Gordillo Alietta Gordon Isaac Gordon James P. Gordon Sarah Gordon-Corallo Robert Gormley Scott K. Gormley and Patricia A. Robilotta-Gormley Kathleen M. Gorta-Canning Maureen A. Gotimer Howard T. Gould Matthew L. Grabowski Leonard Graczyk Jack T. Grafing Daniel Granados Sabrina Grandchamps Keith J. Grande and Debra M. Thompson-Grande Jennifer Graney-O’Connor Isidra Grant Michael A. Grappone Peter Grassi James Grech Suzana Grego Ingrid M. Grein-Bailey Barbara L. Grein-Napoli Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Grieci Michelle Grieco Marie Griffin Ted F. Grondzki Michael Groneman Nicholas Guarino

Joseph A. Guglielmo Gregory J. Guido Kathleen A. Guilfoyle-Rohr Latoya H. Guishard Pina M. Gulla-Campagna Camille and Joseph Gulotta Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gumaer Kellie Gutbrod-Diekemper Mireya Gutierrez Thomas O. Hacker Elpida Halaris Jane C. Halligan Jennifer L. Hallinan-LaSerre Patricia and Robert Hammond William E. Hanauer Debra A. Handte-Wang Robert J. Hanophy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Happe Dina R. Haracopos-Signorelli Brigid A. Harmon Christine H. Harper James R. Hart Catherine Hartnett Jose Hasbun Eva Hatzis Briana P. Hauff Lynn F. Hausser-Choisez Patricia E. Havern-Boemo Frederick E. Haynia Bernard J. Heeran Mary R. Heeran-Ramos and Arsenio Ramos Michael T. Hefferon John J. Hegarty Christo J. Heiman Jesse P. Heimowitz Margaret Heinze Frances M. Hendrickson-Fager Eileen Hennessy Steven L. Henning William T. Hensch Robert D. Hensel Donald S. Herbert Leo F. Herbert Garda A. Hermany Natalie Herrera Claus Hertel Luke C. Hester Michael J. Hetzer John G. Hibbits Thomas Hickey Mr. and Mrs. Omar Hidalgo Steven D. Higgins Elizabeth E. Hiris-Jagde David J. Hodnett Stephen C. Hoenigmann Mr. and Mrs. James Hoffmaier Susan Hoffmaier-DiCicco Michael S. Hoffman Eric F. Hoffmann, Jr. Anne M. Hogan Donald J. Hogg Michael Hoover Everett Hopkins Daniel J. Hresko Edward Hrvatin Richard V. Hrvatin Lisette J. Hudon-Clark Dennis J. Hughes William J. Hundt Christine Hunt Margaret and Don Hurley

Annual Contributors James T. Hyland Natalie Iandiorio Maria K. Ieni Gasper F. Ilasi Janine M. Ilchert-Foreman Daniel T. Ilie Dom M. Indindoli Dexter Ingram Janet M. Insardi Raymond J. Irrera Michele A. Irving Deborah A. Isberto-Forsyth Daniel Isca Lauren Jackson Leon Jackson Richard G. Jacobson Diann and Ted Jahn Michael Jamin Joan Janda Margaret L. Janicek Patricia Jaramillo Vilma Jardines-McEnerney Cherelyn T. Jaskolski-Karras Michael P. Jeffrey Gary S. Jendras Chanel Jennings Douglas S. Johnston Donald T. Jones James J. Jones Eric Jonke Pascale Josama David Joseph Aiyana N. Joseph-Cottman Henry G. Justus Norma R. Kalkhoff Viktoria Kamin Marilyn A. Kammer Richard P. Kancler James Kaplon Daniel Kappes Stephanie Kasparian Mr. and Mrs. William Kawka Michelle A. Kawka Angelos Kazalas Dennis Keating Craig Keelty Thomas Kelleher Charles W. Kells Bernadette A. Kelly Kevin J. Kelly Mary A. Kelly Matthew Kelly Krystal K. Kelly-Mumper Mark S. Kempisty Barry Kenney Patrick Kenny, Jr. Thomas J. Kenny Gerald S. Keough Samantha M. Kerath Jane Kershaw-Starkes Sally Khan Michael J. Kiely Lauren Kilduff-Busch Laurie A. Killcommons Catherine M. King-Wilkinson Robert Kirby Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kirchhofer Joseph C. Kirincich Michael G. Kirk John T. Klammer George C. Klein Lorraine M. Klein-Leone

George Klidonas Rev. Msgr. Corneilius T. Kneafsey Clare T. Knott Kenneth H. Kobetitsch Peter M. Koch Patricia Kochan George E. Kochanowski Lissy and Matthew Kochupurackal Murray Kofkin Stephanie Kontopoulos Kimberly A. Kortz-Rybak Theresa F. Kosmala-Davis Loretto D. Koster Nancy Kouril-Castrogiovanni Margarita P. Koutsouras Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kozo Michael Kozo Jack R. Kramer Carol C. Kramer-Nocella William A. Kraus, Jr. Frederick J. Kress Nancy Kreuzburg Keri Kroboth Mr. & Mrs. Dominick D. Kruger Joseph Kuceluk Anthony J. La Bello Joseph A. LaBarbera Stefanie LaBella Amy E. LaCascia-Notter Frank J. Lackner Christine A. Laino Donna Laks Brother Campion Lally, O.S.F. Anna N. Lam-Chi Philip L. Lamendola Francis T. Lang Thomas Laquercia John T. LaRossa Lawrence M. Laskowski Winifred A. Latvis Domenick Laurendi Michael A. Lauritsch Charles F. Lauth Susan Lavelle-Kopen John G. Leahey Christine M. LeBlanc-Fahey and James H. Fahey Matthew Lebron Robert W. Leckie Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Ledbetter David Y. Lee William R. Lee John Leistman, Jr. Stephanie Lello John Lemire Mary Lem-Logan Angela M. Lenihan Rita A. Licari-Tyska Giuseppina Licata Alessandra Licchi-Fusaro Denise A. Lindenauer Arthur P. Linnemann Marguerite E. Lipay Joseph M. Lisante Sonya H. Listl-Kall Richard V. Liuzzo Maria E. Lluberes Marykate Locantore Mr. and Mrs. Sal LoCascio Toni Lodato-Murphy Lorraine A. Lods

Joseph M. Loftus Stacey A. Logan-Docke Dolores C. Lois Aline M. Lojacono-Mauro Adam C. Lombardi Cristina Lombardi Patricia A. Lombardi Angela Lomuscio-Trovato John I. London James F. Lonergan Francis J. Lonigan Leighann S. Lord Robert M. Lorenzo Joseph M. Losquadro, Jr. Daniel J. Loughran Frederick Louis-Jacques Robert Ludwig Caroline Lui-Tong Priscilla Luna Sheryll Luna-Karroll Catherine C. Lydon-Mesa Elizabeth Lynch-Melo Timothy MacBryde Alan S. MacKenzie Roberta Maffei-Chiappelloni Francis A. Maggiore Kevin E. Mahoney Timothy D. Mahoney John L. Maiorino Christine M. Makky Bro. Lawrence Makofske, O.S.F. Alison J. Malarkey-Costalos Terrance Maletic Ingrid Malley James J. Maloney Tara M. Maloney William M. Mancini Mario Mancuso Teresa E. Mansfield-Donohue Mr. and Mrs. Marc Manzo Anita R. Maraventano Robert A. Marietta Laura A. Marinconz-DeMario Monica A. Marinello-Duffy Vincent L. Marino Lisa D. Marion Jaclyn Marmora-Joerg Stephen Marra Jasmine C. Marrero-Pratt Catherine Martarella Gordon J. Martin Clara M. Martinez Gerald B. Martori John Marzano Ann M. E. Mascia-Roubal Gaetano J. Mascolo Michael Massone Anthony N. Mastandino Tom Masterson and Joanne McConnell-Masterson Maria E. Mastromauro-Comparato Benedict Mastrototaro John T. Matrejek Marie Mattera Mr. and Mrs. Aldo P. Matulich George Mayer Glen J. Mazzara Lisa M. Mazzara Michael J. McAndrew Patricia A. McAndrews Timothy J. McAuliffe John J. O’Grady and

Maryellen McCabe-O’Grady Gerald E. McCarthy Lauren M. McCarthy Sarah S. McCarthy Joan A. McCarthy-Mescall Mary McCartney William G. McConnell Susan A. McCook-Fink Tara M. McCormick Rev. Msgr. J. Edward McCullough Sean S. McDermott Jim McDonald Rev. William K. McDonald Joan and James McElroy Cecelia McEvoy-Walter Deborah A. McGee-Johnson Colleen McGee-Woodley John R. McGlynn and Chrissyann Piambino-McGlynn Joseph McGowan Kerrie McHugh Brenda McIntyre Richard E. McKenna Patrick J. McLaughlin Bridie McLoughlin William A. McLoughlin Erin McLoughlin-Turner Aris J. McMahon Dennis J. McManaman Jennifer McNally Tricia M. McNally-McCarthy Holly McNulty Thomas D. McNulty Maura McShane Stephen A. Mears Christi A. Medina Lauren Meditz-Coscia Sandy Mehta Michael P. Mejia Nicolette M. Mele-Pace John G. Melito Michael Melodia

Barbara J. Mergner-Dunn Lauren Messineo Regine Metellus Julianna Michael Kevin A. Michels Catherine C. Mihelic-Nagle Victoria L. Mihulka Heidi A. Milad-Zakariya Leona and Frank Milano Richard A. Milcetic Andrew Milia Susan D. Miller-Brown Kenny Milord Frank M. Minaudo Marilena M. Minucci Thomas P. Mione Eugene J. Mirabella Regina A. Miranda-Vasquez Mr. and Mrs. Albert Miro Christopher Mitsis Peter E. Modica Brother Joseph Moloney, O.S.F. Ann Monaco-Sapia Gladys Moncayos Kelley S. Mondesire Joseph W. Montaperto Brother Antonio Montera, O.S.F. Daisy Montesinos Mr. and Mrs. William Monti Jacqueline Mora William M. Mora Claudia Morales Vivianna Morales John Moran Joseph E. Moran Matthew Morano John A. Mordini Bettina Moreno Glenn P. Morgan Elizabeth Morgan-Seibold Frank D. Morgera Stephen P. Morris

2009-10 Annual Report


Annual Contributors Jennifer L. Morrison-Hart Linda Morrissey Lisa N. Morrissey-MacSpadden Josephine Morrone Matthew Mosca William K. Mosca Michael Mosiurchak Betty Motroni Sonaal Mukhopadhyay John Muldoon Maria L. Mule-Esteves Robert Mullane Stephen Mullarkey Meredith Muller Gregory P. Mulligan Katherine Mulry Edward Mulvihill Ronald A. Murad Mario Murillo Brian H. Murphy Cristin M. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Murphy Noreen Murphy Teresa Murphy Thomas P. Murphy Traci K. Murphy-Regis Louis R. Murren Alexsandria Musso Paola Musso Michele D. Myers-Trageser Nicolas Naranjo Thomas S. Nardo Nicholas M. Natalizio Sandy P. Naupari Lynne Navratil Debra A. Newhook Carmen R. Newman-Bissell Amber E. Ng Patricia A. Nicholas-Prufeta Jill Nicolois Denise M. Niedermeyer-Tracey and Brian Tracey William J. Ninehan Robert M. Nodar Stephanie Nolan Bernard J. Noonan John D. Nowak Elizabeth M. Nugent Tara A. Nutley Sandra E. Nuzzo-Pace Gerard A. Oates Patrick J. O’Beirne Edward C. O’Brien John T. O’Brien Thomas C. O’Brien Thomas E. O’Brien Sharon O’Brien-DeNara Emily Occhipinti Daniel J. O’Connell Ann O’Connor John J. O’Connor Margaret M. O’Connor-Hanson Joseph O’Doherty, Jr. Joseph P. O’Donnell Kevin V. O’Donnell Cathleen Ognibene Kathryn A. O’Hagan Daniel F. O’Hara Daniel F. O’Leary Dominick Olivier Edward J. Olson Charles J. O’Neill


James D. O’Neill Michelle M. O’Neill Robert P. O’Neill Kerri O’Neill-Lopez Maureen O’Neill-Regan Kathleen M. Orlowski-Graham Terence M. Ormsby Edward F. Orr, III Mary E. Osokowich-Dragonetti Max J. Osse Deanna M. O’Toole-Rodriguez Roberta M. Ott-Schaaf John Owens Andrew J. Pafitis Sophia Pagan John Paglia Peter J. Paguaga Susanne Paier-Lagan Christina Palumbo James M. Palumbo James Palya Menelaos Panagopoulos Nancy A. Panula Bernadette M. Pappas-Bruno Camille G. Paredes Giovanna Paredes Emily Parra Roberta A. Parziale-Lataille Erika Pascucci Marie V. Pasquale-Vaccaro Mr. and Mrs. Frank Passero Roy W. Pastor George J. Patterson Larissa Pavlovic Sandra M. Pecini Peter L. Peluso Cecilia Pena Diane Pena Joseph D. Pepe Anthony Perdichizzi Charles J. Pergola Joseph Peros Michele Peros Karen Perri Frank J. Perrone Christine M. PersichetteDobrosielski Susan Peters Denise J. Petrenas-Cerrotta Frank Petrizzo Linda and Robert Petro Salvatore Petronella Brendan Pettei Timothy C. Pettolina Bridget Phelan Daniel J. Phelan Breda M. Phelan-Paccione James M. Phillips Nicole M. Phillips Anthony Pianese James Piazza James Pickel, Jr. Jeffrey Pierre-Louis Jocelyn Pimentel Juan C. Pineda Michael T. Pinto George J. Pipino Vincent F. Pitta Lisa M. Planeta Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Planeta Lauren Plate-Waldman Peter Plaza

St. Francis Preparatory School

Vincent A. Podraza Donna M. Pollard Joseph T. Ponessa William P. Ponzio Joan C. Popper-Kane Katiuska J. Porro Paul Portoghese Katie M. Porto-Staphos Jennifer E. Porto-Yaeger Mona Poulas John Power Harry Prassakos Shivaun Prendergast Thomas J. Prendergast Eric Prush Nicholas Puglisi Chalyn Pungkanondr Peter J. Purpura Allyson Putre Jennifer H. Pymm Patricia A. Queal-O’Rourke Andrew J. Quinn Edward Quinn James D. Quinn Julian Quiterio Richard P. Raaf John P. Raarup Giancarlo Racanelli Patricia and Michael Racanelli Marc Racioppo George J. Raff James J. Raftery Anne M. Rahn-Cosmai Josephine S. Rahner-Goetz Luis A. Ramos Alicia N. Ramotar-Golan Richard F. Randall Anna M. Rapone-Espiscopio Phil J. Ras Brian Recker Elaine and Rodger Recker Nicholas P. Redchuk Robert Redwood Susan Reese Katelyn Regan-O’Prey Robert Reggio Regions Financial Corporation Francis V. Reilly Patricia J. Reilly Michael G. Reinhart

Michael Remes Mr. and Mrs. Michael Restagno Michelle G. Richards John X. Richardson Douby Riche Alexandra Rigas Yannick Rigg Dennis Ring Victor W. Ritter Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Rizzo Mary C. Rizzo Peter L. Rizzo Diane L. Robello-Brockmann Alfred E. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Robles Thomas Roche Richard Rodrigue Daniel Rodriguez Laura M. Rodriguez de Muniz Jonathan Rodriguez Lisa Rodriguez Michelle Rodriguez Tina Rodriguez Ian Rogers Maricel A. Rojas Kimberly Roma Robert A. Romandetto James Romanelli Olga Romanidis-Skouloudis Peter Romano Jeannine Romano-Distefano Michelle Ronda Sonnia and Arcadio Ronquillo Tania M. Ronquillo Eric Rooney George M. Rosenkranz Francis V. Rossano Christian M. Rossello John J. Rossi Christopher Roth Thomas G. Rottenberger Elizabeth and Stanley Routh Connie B. Rovigo Brian T. Rowe Robert M. Rozzi Jeanne M. Rubsam-Kane Janine Rucconich-Sypniewski Andrew Rudzinski James Ruebenacker Erika A. Rueb-Minogue

Arthur D. Ruggiero Ronald S. Ruotolo Maria Ruotolo-Stavropoulos Bernadette C. Russelman Catherine M. Russelman-Robotis Anthony F. Russo Anthony J. Russo Jane V. Russo-Connors Patricia A. Russo-DeRupo Jennifer Russo-Medici Pietro Sabatino Jennifer Sacco Michael S. Sajecki Maria T. Sakatis-Ioannou Stephen Salazer Joseph A. Salerno Jessica Sanchez Kenneth M. Sanchez Thomas J. Sanelli Lawrence L. Santangelo Michael Santopietro and Kerry Ann Collins-Santopietro Louisa A. Santulli-Scigowski Yessenia Sarmiento Roseann C. Sarra-Geiger and Robert J. Geiger Emil L. Sartori Victoria A. Satlov Charles A. Sauer Joseph Savoca Frank S. Scaduto Mildred A. Scala Joseph E. Scalia Tracy Scalisi John R. Scanlon Frances O. Scarantino Nick T. Scarlatto Danielle M. Schaefer Danielle M. Schaefer-Klyap Robert T. Schanz Eugene P. Schatz Stephen E. Schatz Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Schatz Lorraine Schaum Steven J. Schell Ella M. Schiralli Lawrence F. Schiralli Robert S. Schiro Mr. and Mrs. Hilliard Schlesinger Ronald E. Schmid

Annual Contributors Craig Schmidt Nora Schnabel Jennifer L. Schnarr-Bommarito John A. Schneider Joseph F. Scholle Patricia A. Schulz-Wark Kathleen Schweiger David Schweikert Ronald P. Scocozza Joy C. Scocozza-Johnson Brianna Scott Raphael Scotto Maria Scotto-Lagermasini Mariella Scozzari Michael Scudiero Andrea Scully Jason S. Seely Elizabeth K. Seiffer Christopher Semetis Christina V. Senken Carl Serafino Ralph A. Serpe Anthony F. Settino Rosann Sferrazza Kevin K. Shanahan and Marie B. Sweeney-Shanahan Margaret Shane Maureen and Tim Shannon Timothy Shannon Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shaw Tazia Shaw-Harrison Chris Shea Daniel Shea Joseph M. Sheehan Cynthia and Thomas Sheehy James E. Sherlock Danielle Sherwood Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sica Christopher Siegel Laura Siggia-Anderson Thomas F. Silecchia Alberto Silva Erika Simonelli Maureen A. Simpson Patricia M. Simpson Louis S. Sinatra Lynn M. Sinisgalli-Finley Nicholas A. Siragusa, III Joan K. Sireci

Gary Siwruk Roger F. Skelton Steven Slisz Jean L. Smith Thomas R. Snowden David Soares Robert M. Sobocienski Mauro F. Solorzano Anthony Somma Bernard J. Sorahan Christopher J. Sorgie Armando Sosa Carmen Sosa Julio P. Sosa Joe Sowa Antonella A. Spaventa-Fitzgerald Anna Spensieri-Digiuseppe Anthony L. Sposito Christopher S. St. John Joseph M. Staszewski Thomas M. Steffens Vincent Stempel, Jr. Kurt J. Stenzel Al Stiegler Julie M. Stiso-Siegel Christopher Streich Brian J. Sullivan Alfred J. Sumsky Kristine M. Sward-Brescio Karen Swiatocha Peter M. Swist Susan M. Szabo-Mosquera Zenon J. Szaro Jennie Szeto Joseph Taddeo Marlene T. Talisaysay Julian I. Tamayo Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Taranto Albert Tarectecan Leonel Tarectecan Darnell Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Lido W. Tenaglia Sheila A. Tendy Jian L. Teng Andrea Termini Janice and Michael Testagrose Christopher Testani The Bank of New York Mellon Mr. and Mrs. Craig L. Thompson

Patricia A. Thomson Claire P. Thornton Danielle Thornton Matthew Thornton Bro. Christopher D. Thurneau, O.S.F. Antonio Tiseo Jacqueline Titolo Winifred C. Tobias Barbara Tobias-Josephs Benedict J. Tockarshewsky, Jr. Edward M. Tonkin Andrea Tonso-Livadaros Daniel E. Toomey Sabino R. Torre Cynthia Torres Daisy Torres Joseph Toscano Patricia A. Toscano-Robertson Phyllis Toss-Rocco Erik J. Toulon Marc E. Toulon William T. Trace Matthew Tramonte Karen Trimarco-Hampton Christine Tripodi Louis Tripodi Matthew Triunfo Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Troina Debra A. Troina-Roselli Stefana Trupiano Christina Tsakonas Rocio Tua Danielle Tubb Christina M. Tubridy-Brennan Henry F. Tucker Joseph P. Tucker Michelle Tucker Alexandra M. Tudose Patrick J. Tufano James R. Turley Natalie M. Turner-Molloy Ralph A. Turturro Kristin A. Twomey-Sainato Jane M. Tynan John Ulrich Sandra Ulrich Jolette Ulysse Dennis G. Urquhart Stephen Vaccaro

Steven R. Vaccaro and Monique A. Vallerugo-Vaccaro Andrew Vagenas Charles Valenza John A. Valenza Catherine Valeros Stephanie Valladares Michael C. Vallone Nicole Valme-Duncan Doris R. Varlese Laura A. Varlese-McCormack Michael A. Varrone Carol A. Vassallo-Cuttita Christine Vazquez Jessica Velasquez Thomas Velez Kristina Veljak Dominic Veneziano Ericka A. Ventura John R. Venuto Robert Vessa Michael A. Vetere Marc Vicino Alyssa Viglietta Nelson Villa Gabriela Villacres Beatrice Villalon-Garcia Frank T. Villano Mark Viloria Gina M. Vinci Anthony E. Viola Theresa Visco Mauro A. Viskovic and Lisa M. Downward-Viskovic Suzanne and Michael Vollaro Matthew Volz Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vozos Matt Vranic Dominick J. Vulpis Frank Vulpis Robert F. Waegelein, Sr. Richard D. Waitkus Frederick J. Walker Michael Walker Brian P. Walsh Brian T. Walsh Kenneth G. Walsh Robert P. Walsh Noreen A. Walsh-McCarthy Rosemarie Ward Elena Wasilewski Kristen Waters Howard K. Weber William L. Weber Shirley and Thomas Wecera Thomas L. Weigand Christopher Weigel Wells Fargo Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Louis Werner Noelle L. Werner Gary R. Westhoff Edwin O. Westley Kevin B. Westley David J. White Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. White Kathryn White-Pedrani Monica P. Wiedemann-Sicilian Martin T. Wilczynski Ronald Wilks Kenneth C. Williams Sade Williams Nicole Williams-Nurse

Michael Winnicki Richard T. Wizbicki Barbara and Joseph Wojciechowski Amy Wolcson-Speiser Kenneth W. Wolf Billi J. Wolf-Waters Kirsten M. Wood-Cesped Edward J. Woods Mary C. Woods Gerard L. Wosleger Margaret M. Wuerz Bernard F. Wynn Michael Xifaras Charleen Yang-Toles Linda Yankoschuk-DiCarlo John Yaros Mr. and Mrs. Hop Yee Geraldine A. Yeghikian Ricky Yeung Yvonne Yeung Brendan P. Yorke Christopher Yorke Maureen V. Young-Perna Steven J. Zablocki Michael Zacchea Freddie Zamora Eric Zapata Erik J. Zengen Sophia Zevgolis-Kohlberg Christina M. Ziegler-Conforti Michele D. Ziella Rev. Nicholas A. Zientarski Susanne and Rudolph Zientarski Thomas Zinkand Christine M. Zirkelbach-Rosenfeld Michael D. Zizzo Nancy M. Zollner-Ferraris Athena A. Zoulis Tommy J. Zovich Linda B. Zuech Thomas B. Zuhlke Sandra L. Zukowski-Hawxhurst and James Hawxhurst Christopher Zumpano Bernarda Zurita

Other Contributions Nancy A. Abraham-Selinske Jessica A. Abramaitis Danielle A. Albu Lawrence Alvarez Matthew A. Anello Daniel J. Angielczyk Keena H. Anthony Stephen M. Antignani Roslynn Aquino Jennifer Armas Lisa A. Augstein Mr. and Mrs. Michael Avellino Jennifer S. Bacchus Ryan D. Bacci Sharon and Thomas Bala Loretta Bandera-Adamo Eileen J. Barnes-Corley Thomas D. Barra Juliana I. Baxley Edward J. Bohan Denise Boorman Lauren Bova Simone R. Bradshaw Robert K. Bubnik, Jr. Stephen Buccellato

2009-10 Annual Report


Annual Contributors Michele Buoninfante Lebro C. Burnette Brandon J. Butt Philip A. Buttling Elena Caban Thomas F. Cacciola Keri Calabrese Diana M. Capalbo Kristin Cara Carl F. Caridi James R. Carmody Robert F. Carra Edward J. Carroll Doris Carron Catherine T. Castiglia-Canino Frank P. Castiglione Aida I. Castillo Jack M. Castronova Joseph Cervone Frank Cesare Henry F. Chamorro Vivian Cho George L. Cintron, Jr. Stephanie M. Cipolla David M. Cleveland, Jr. Joseph G. Cocchiarella Assunta Cocchiola Laurett Coffey-O’Malley Christina M. Coiro-Fuchs Camille E. Coiro-Penny Mercedes Colwin Jennifer C. Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Dalmolin James F. D’Amico Deborah Daniszewski Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Dellacona Giuliana Destefanis Stephen P. Diamond, Jr. William J. Diblasi Mr. and Mrs. Michael DiLillo Thomas J. Donovan Mary Ellen Dorsey


Thomas E. Doyle Jonathan G. Drosinos Francois Dumaine Anna M. Eardley-Arouh Stephanie E. Echeverria Desmond E. Edmonds Dominique K. Edmonds Richard J. Edwards Maria Erasmo Dominick Fazzari Ellenoira Featherston Martina Featherston Shinann T. Featherston Erika Feltman Andrea Filpi Michael Fitzpatrick Joseph P. Florio, Jr. Catherine A. Flynn Natalie Fouche Nicolle Frantellizzi James Frontera Matthew F. Fryer Amanda Gavin Collene A. Gavin Lauren A. Geffen Benjamin A. Gerace, Jr. Jean-Paul Gerosa William J. Gerrard Flora and Frank Giaccio Diana M. Giacomino Mary Gilmartin Jennifer C. Giordano-Palma Brian M. Glatt Gerry J. Grillo Christopher B. Gueci Courtney M. Hanson Stephanie Iannitelli Kimberly M. James Anil Jethanandani Suzanne E. Kelly Amy E. Kirchner Victoria A. Lassen

St. Francis Preparatory School

Joseph L. Lentino Justin A. Lewis Kathryn A. Mallach Christy Marchia-Duckworth Justin T. Martinez Victoria Masilang Megan B. McGrail Angelica M. McKessy Krista B. McManus Ashley C. McQuillan Jackie and Matthew Meagher Jaenelle D. Medina Marielle D. Medina Perry Meekins Angela N. Melillo Nicholas V. Melillo John Mendez Norman Miller Heath M. Mills, Jr. Dorothy Mis Patricia C. Mitchell-Quinn Maelynne K. Monti Carlos Morales Annamarie P. Morgera Christina M. Morgera Peter Muhlhausen John B. Mullahy John V. Mullane Andres A. Munoz Michael J. Murphy Kathleen A. Murray-Kelly Nayan J. Naidoo William Ng Mary and Leo Nicholas Lauren P. Nigro Ronald B. Nonaillada Jose Nunez William T. O’Brien Angela S. Oliveri Christopher Olwell Timothy Olwell Patrick J. O’Mara

Steven Osojnak and Marion L. Passero- Osojnak Keith A. Palzer Constantina Papageorgiou Sun-Min Park Nestor D. Pastor Louiza Patsis Raymond A. Pecini Christopher Pierno Jeffrey B. Porter Kyle Porter Anthony V. Prainito Matthew Prusak Lauren Puccio Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Rand Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Reiff Colleen S. Reilly-Fitzpatrick Steven Resk Matthew S. Reyes Thomas A. Richardson Melisa Ritchie Jaclyn J. Rohan Frank Rullo John Ryan, Jr. Joseph M. Ryan Susan A. Saul Peter J. Scala and Mary E. Meier-Scala Suzanne M. Schiefele-Juran Diana Schioppi Laura A. Schioppi Walter J. Schubert Vincenzo A. Scilla, Jr. Nora M. Scullin Gloria Sharon Patrick J. Sheehy Jason Shortt Keith F. Sidorowicz Adrianna X. Sikula Alexander M. Simeon Augusto C. Solares Victor O. Sousa

Melissa A. Sparr Wendy and Richard Spiegel Antoinette Spina Jake Stamoulis Emily E. Stepancic Andrew F. Taveras Steven Terrezza George L. Theofanis Jennifer M. Thomas Tiffany Thompson Christina M. Trezza Thomas S. Tripodianos Andrew Ulitsky Vincent A. Verdi Christina Villegas Anthony L. Vucenik William J. Walker, Sr. Charles White Lloyd G Williams Jennifer M. Wilson Kristin Yee Julia A. Zackiewicz Vincent Zelinsky Alex V. Zoitos

For more than 150 years, St. Francis Prep has provided a quality, Catholic eduction in the Franciscan tradition for the children of New York City. This was achieved with the support and devotion of many Franciscan Brothers, Women Religious and lay faculty.

Giving by Class Year

While Prep has been continually blessed with many talented educators, we retain a higher number of lay faculty than any other time in our history. Providing our students with access to current technology, quality facilities, expansive extra curricular programs and need-based tuition assistance is at the heart of Prep’s mission. The support and generosity of thousands of alumni, parents, and friends helps us bridge the gap and continue our mission. We are thankful to all alumni, particularly those, who in their special anniversary year, have sought to “give a little extra” to continue our mission. For this, we are truly grateful! Class Amount Donors #Alumni Participation Class Amount Donors #Alumni Participation Rate Rate

1936 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974

$225 $1,500 $20 $934 $655 $200 $375 $135 $970 $1,770 $5,025 $2,190 $1,882 $3,085 $101,900 $4,509 $6,495 $5,587 $7,610 $3,540 $267,667 $12,980 $8,070 $19,783 $8,010 $4,615 $5,135 $979 $5,780 $3,615 $2,041 $5,450 $2,833 $8,577 $11,577 $6,270

2 7 1 7 7 2 6 4 11 12 13 14 15 16 13 22 30 19 28 18 25 53 24 24 29 27 19 15 14 25 20 32 22 30 25 32

62 160 148 152 134 138 121 93 147 198 143 134 178 168 158 189 197 256 202 221 118 252 204 203 202 351 223 182 175 290 198 261 229 202 228 315

3.23% 4.38% 0.68% 4.61% 5.22% 1.45% 4.96% 4.30% 7.48% 6.06% 9.09% 10.45% 8.43% 9.52% 8.23% 11.64% 15.23% 7.42% 13.86% 8.14% 21.19% 21.03% 11.76% 11.82% 14.36% 7.69% 8.52% 8.24% 8.00% 8.62% 10.10% 12.26% 9.61% 14.85% 10.96% 10.16%

1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

$36,160 $83,852 $8,874 $30,015 $149,190 $43,427 $3,955 $9,859 $5,685 $12,152 $12,342 $4,240 $5,396 $13,140 $1,835 $23,097 $1,272 $960 $1,784 $905 $2,895 $1,985 $1,280 $430 $2,860 $7,540 $435 $605 $510 $5,700 $315 $585 $380 $350 $405 $715

70 54 45 29 62 135 44 34 46 55 125 32 43 34 33 151 20 14 18 14 38 18 7 12 16 145 10 9 16 171 12 20 19 22 27 36

690 687 659 592 700 735 693 660 708 716 682 662 693 659 686 681 642 683 687 669 684 662 689 683 668 662 651 692 698 637 636 656 684 647 666 683

10.14% 7.86% 6.82% 4.90% 8.85% 18.37% 6.35% 5.15% 6.50% 7.68% 18.33% 4.83% 6.20% 5.16% 4.81% 22.17% 3.12% 2.05% 2.62% 2.09% 5.56% 2.72% 1.02% 1.76% 2.40% 21.90% 1.54% 1.30% 2.29% 26.84% 1.89% 3.05% 2.78% 3.40% 4.05% 5.27%

BOLD YEARS = Special Anniversary Reunion Year Class (10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th, 45th, 50th, 55th, 60th, 65th, and 70th).

St. Francis Preparatory School


Giving by Class Year Class of 1936 75th Anniversary Class Reunion April 9, 2011 Dennis J. Carey William J. Leary

Class of 1940

James J. Holland William F. McCaffrey William A. McLoughlin James W. McTiernan X. J. Musacchia Thomas C. O’Brien Daniel P. Weitekamp

Class of 1946 65th Anniversary Reunion April 9, 2011 Thomas F. Cacciola James F. Caravella Gordon J. Martin Patrick J. Tufano

Class of 1947

William J. Boyd

Joseph E. Castana Timothy J. Cole Francis H. Dowd Paul Gangi Rev. Msgr. William J. Gill John J. Hegarty Daniel F. Lynch James D. Quinn Joseph P. Reid Francis V. Reilly Emil L. Sartori

Class of 1942

Classs of 1948

Class of 1941 70th Anniversary Class Reunion April 9, 2011

Blair F. Allen Thomas J. Connors Kevin Conroy John J. Duffy Salvatore F. Frevola Thomas S. Nardo Edward M. Tonkin

Class of 1943

Lawrence J. Doyle Timothy J. Horgan Harold J. McKay John D. Moten Joseph P. O’Donnell Walter J. Schubert Maurice J. Taaffe

Class of 1944

William T. Brooks William P. Horohoe

Class of 1945

A.T. Abbatemarco John A. Bertone Thomas D. McNulty William K. Mosca John V. Mullane Alton J. O’Neil


Vincent C. Bracco James J. Corcoran Roger Daly Cosmo J. DiTucci Joseph M. Hughes Joseph M. Loftus Edward C. O’Brien John F. O’Hara Alfred E. Roberts Anthony J. Russo John R. Scanlon Victor O. Sousa

Class of 1949

Ralph L. Gentile Gerry J. Grillo Francis J. Hannafey Luke C. Hester Thomas J. Kelly Joseph F. MacDougall Blaise C. Mazzella Edward P. McDonagh James E. McGlyn Eugene J. Mirabella Richard T. Nolan Charles J. O’Neill Gerald W. Smith

2009-10 Annual Report

Class of 1950

Charles V. Austin George J. Clough Ronald J. Hoefner Robert F. Koehler Thomas D. Lynch Anthony N. Mastandino John J. McAree Robert C. Minion John S. Quirke Richard P. Raaf Robert A. Romandetto Brother Robert G. Schaefer, O.S.F. John L. Schultz Richard J. Witt

Class of 1951 60th Anniversary Reunion April 9, 2011

John J. Adams Gerard J. Baxter Paul V. DeLuca William J. Dooley John J. Fugelsang Rev. Msgr. Corneilius T. Kneafsey Rev. Daniel Lanahan, O.F.M. William R. Lee Patrick J. McLaughlin John A. Meehan Thomas P. Miller Brother Roman Morris, O.S.F. Daniel J. O’Keefe Jack M. Prenderville Bernard F. Wynn

Class of 1952

Edward J. Bohan Kevin J. Connors John P. DeRiso John F. Fraas James P. Gordon John F. Goydas Robert L. Kennedy Edward J. Lennon Thomas J. McGuirk Bernard J. McKenna John G. Melito Daniel D. O’Connell Robert Reggio Emery J. Szlezak

Robert H. Trigg Robert F. Waegelein

Class of 1953

George C. Bergleitner Nunzio D. Cazzetta Joseph C. Cotter Albert G. Doumar Henry C. Fiorillo James M. Healy Timothy D. Mahoney Blaise M. Marchese Rev. William K. McDonald John E. Mollica Rev. Msgr. John H. O’Brien Vincent A. Toscano Joseph P. Walker

Class of 1954

John J. Collins John J. Crowe John M. Downing John P. Duffy Robert J. Fey Ernest M. Folli Robert J. Frank Howard T. Gould Leo F. Herbert William J. Hundt Anthony J. Keck Charles J. Kilkuskie Alfred F. Logozo Francis J. Lonigan Michael J. McPartland Brother Joseph Moloney, O.S.F. John P. Monaghan William F. Morgan Edward Mulvihill Edward R. O’Malley Peter J. Purpura Joseph F. Wahl

Class of 1955

John F. Astarita John R. Baumann Thomas A. Booras Philip A. Buttling Charles J. Cain Edward T. Carroll John P. Crean Frank X. DeFontes Matthew I. DeLuca Most Rev. John C. Dunne Alan N. Eremin John J. Ferguson James A. Hannon Dennis J. Hughes James T. Hyland Anthony J. La Bello Brother Campion Lally, O.S.F. Anthony C. Laurino Alan S. MacKenzie Vincent A. Male Gerald E. McCarthy Joseph O’Doherty James D. O’Neill Gerard A. Oates Paul A. Ragnetti Bernard T. Renzy Joseph M. Sheehan Frank T. Villano F. G. Walsh Robert P. Walsh

Class of 1956 55th Anniversary Class Reunion April 9, 2011

James A. Biggin Joseph V. Carney John B. Casey Francis X. Clines James E. Corrigan Edwin M. Delaney James P. Donnelly Eugene J. Flynn James R. Gillespie James R. Hart Frederick E. Haynia Harold F. Kelly Francis T. Lang Richard E. McKenna Victor W. Ritter Robert P. Rourke Ralph A. Serpe Raymond J. Smith Henry B. Szot

Class of 1957

Edward A. Andrie Anthony C. Armstead Charles Brincat James I. Brucia John P. Cahill Richard W. Caunitz John Coleman Charles D. Colletti Philip S. Cottone Joseph E. D’Amato George P. DeGeorge Robert K. Doherty Vincent J. Emilio Robert E. Furey Michael A. Henning Kenneth B. Hogan Michael P. Jeffrey Henry G. Justus Edward C. Kennedy Robert Kirby Bro. Louis T. Miritello, O.S.F. Walter J. Morley Robert W. O’Shea Edward Quinn Andrew J. Quinn George J. Raff Walter Riebenack John A. Schneider Daniel E. Toomey

Class of 1958

Thomas J. Brady Robert F. Cefalu Daniel V. Corry Joseph R. Davis Thomas M. Day John P. Devlin John C. Fay Donald J. Guarino John G. Hibbits Gerald S. Keough James J. Manning William G. McConnell Peter A. Morgan Joseph T. Ponessa Charles A. Sauer

Giving by Class Year Joseph F. Taylor Douglas M. Tynan Martin T. Wilczynski

Class of 1959

Michael A. Agnes Peter M. Baiardi Peter Callahan Thomas F. Conroy Kevin J. Conroy Peter M. Corritori William Dunn Peter A. England Eugene J. Feldhaus Peter J. Ghisone James J. Jones James J. Maloney Donald Marvel John R. Mathis Timothy J. McAuliffe Rev. Msgr. J. Edward McCullough Hugh J. McMenamin Thomas P. Murphy Thomas P. Napier Raymond Nash Martin J. Neville Lawrence J. Pascal Thomas J. Prendergast James P. Sammon Leonard Sclafani Francis J. Weber

Class of 1960

Louis G. Alba Anthony J. Biancaniello Charles M. Caminiti Patrick J. Carroll Ronald P. D’Amelia Peter R. Danylchuk Frank A. de Caro Richard F. DeMarinis Dominick P. DePaola M. A. DeSantis Gerard C. DiStefano Richard E. Donaghy James T. Dunphy Dennis M. Esposito William R. Ficke Peter J. Fitzpatrick George R. Gebus Joseph T. Giacinto Ray T. Iannicelli John M. Jorgensen George C. Klein Lawrence M. Laskowski Joseph M. Lisante James R. Mazzeo Joseph E. Moran Stephen P. Morris Thomas A. Murawski John J. O’Boyle John J. O’Connor Robert F. O’Rourke Bartholomew H. Peluso Edward J. Powers Richard F. Randall John X. Richardson Hank E. Riehl Francis V. Rossano Benedict F. Ruggiero Anthony F. Russo

Joseph A. Salerno Robert M. Sawicki Joseph E. Scalia John J. Sceppa Joseph F. Scholle Daniel J. Scotti Joseph T. Skerrett William J. Spadola Alfred J. Sumsky Peter M. Swist Arthur W. Toohig Brian M. Wickham Philip J. Wierzbicki Richard T. Wizbicki William J. Zuk

Class of 1961 50th Anniversary Reunion April 9, 2011

James M. Abbott Charles A. Bennett Mike Bonasia Arthur A. Crowe Francis E. DeSantis Donald P. Devane William Dimoulas John F. Donohue Eugene J. Downing John P. Garufi George Mayer John F. McCormack Thomas P. Mione Daniel A. Nolan Thomas E. O’Brien Francis X. Pecquex Richard A. Pinto Terry D. Sgarlata Henry Sterbenz Michael Strofolino Robert L. Torre Richard J. Weilminster Thomas J. Welling Edwin O. Westley

Class of 1962

Theodore Bajo Joseph L. Barbarino Denis S. Barry Thomas R. Bongiorno Thomas M. Byrne William R. Crowe Robert J. Culkin Richard M. DeFronzo Paul D. Duran George M. Feeney Rudolph H. Funke John E. Gibbons Ted F. Grondzki John A. Hernandez Dom M. Indindoli Donald E. Kent Thomas M. Laquercia Joseph F. Martin Leonard V. Masucci Bernard J. Noonan Joseph D. Pepe John S. Pereira George J. Pipino William J. Walker

Class of 1963

Robert Allen William Andrejko Martin Brennan Joseph C. Ciechalski Frederick Conroy Gerry Conway John Daley Francois Dumaine David M. Gibbons Joseph T. Himmelsbach Leon Jackson Richard C. Jewell Richard P. Kancler John T. Klammer Stefan R. Korolczuk Charles Krpata Timothy Leary Robert G. Ostrander Charles J. Pergola Thomas Roche Robert S. Schiro James E. Sherlock Martin B. Tener John A. Valenza Thomas L. Weigand Eugene P. Westhoff Michael Winnicki Rudolph Zientarski Thomas Zinkand

Class of 1964

Leonard P. Arcuri Augustine Aversano Thomas J. Baskind Robert G. Bombara Leonard T. D’Angelo Terrence J. Ellison William J. Eyring Leonard Graczyk Peter C. Haas Michael Honan Albert T. Hutwagner Barry Kenney Robert W. Leckie John T. Leone Frank A. Massuli Edward R. Murray Edward F. Orr Joseph G. Pellechi Ronald E. Schmid Roy J. Schoenhaar Terence Tener Dominic Veneziano Anthony E. Viola Frederick J. Walker Robert T. Walsh Vincent Zelinsky Michael D. Zizzo

Class of 1965

Michael P. Chiara Michael L. DeRosa Richard F. Dyas Theodore P. Dymczynski Michael P. Esposito John B. Higgins William J. Infosino Ronald S. Jendras Paul M. Jourcin John T. LaRossa Dennis Meehan

Patrick J. O’Mara Michael J. Prior Kenneth P. Ruane Andrew Rudzinski George B. Sula Andrew Ulitsky Charles Valenza Kevin B. Westley

Class of 1966 45th Anniversary Reunion April 9, 2011 David V. Capano Christopher Carey Robert A. Cochrane Robert T. Crowe Thomas J. Curtin James Dollard Alfred E. Fazio Kenneth B. Garry Vincent L. Marino Louis R. Murren John Power Robert M. Rozzi Roger F. Skelton Anthony Somma Kenneth G. Walsh

Class of 1967

Michael Agresto George C. Barone John J. Cahill Philip T. Catanese Robert E. Cherichella Juan S. Cockburn Nicholas A. DiLello William B. Fornaro Robert R. Hans Kevin E. Mahoney Dennis J. McManaman Terrance J. Nolan Phil J. Ras Dominick Solimando

Class of 1968

John L. Balbi Alexander S. Balko Edward Bartosiewicz John Buzzetta

Anthony L. Cuda Ludomir J. Czynski Michael Donovan Louis G. Fellin Joseph E. Garcia Michael A. Grappone Gerard J. Hevern Eddie Jenkins Thomas Kelleher Charles W. Kells Joseph A. LaPiana Edward A. LoBue Terrance Maletic John T. Matrejek William J. Ninehan Daniel F. O’Leary Vincent F. Pitta Vincent J. Placanica Gerald J. Ricciardo Howard K. Weber David J. White

Class of 1969

Dennis A. Breen William J. Burns Carmine Carpentier William T. Fadelici Dennis P. Gallagher Thomas J. Guida Steven L. Henning Justin F. Kelly Kevin J. Kelly David R. Kilanowski Arthur P. Linnemann Michael P. Lynch Kevin A. Michels John P. Raarup John J. Sidtis Joseph Toscano Timothy J. Tubridy John Ulrich John J. Wagner Thomas B. Zuhlke

Class of 1970

John E. Bransfield Thomas Brenner Pasquale D. Cangiano Nicholas Capezza Carmine A. Cardona

St. Francis Preparatory School


Giving by Class Year Vincent M. Catalano Samuel R. Crescente David Crowe Paul V. Cucarese Michael D. Diesso Edward V. DiLello Michael Dwyer Edward Ebinger Robert D. Fiorillo Richard Frasca Michael Groneman Nicholas Guarino Timothy Hannon Dennis Keating Patrick Lonergan John J. Lyons Michael Massone Robert W. Mayer Dennis J. McDermott James L. Melone Michael Mosiurchak Michael A. Rozza Robert Siciliano Gary Siwruk Thomas M. Steffens James R. Turley Charles White

Class of 1971 40th Anniversary Reunion April 9, 2011

Steven R. Calandro Carl J. Cocchiola Thomas F. Comiskey Jack A. Conway Paul R. Cronen Mario R. DeLuca Thomas J. DiCanio Kevin Dougherty Thomas J. Giglio Gary S. Jendras Michael J. Kiely Robert Ludwig John L. Maiorino Gaetano J. Mascolo John Owens James C. Petrillo Ross A. Rauh Robert Rooney Lawrence L. Santangelo Henry F. Tucker

1 8

Frank Vulpis Harry W. Whelpley

Class of 1972

Robert G. Adamo Charles Amorese Charles J. Badaracco Brendan T. Black Gerard H. Boehme Stephen F. Burke Richard J. Contrada Richard G. Danderline Thomas DeMaria Michael J. Falabella Robert J. Genalo Joseph N. Graif William T. Hensch Steven Jenkusky Raymond F. Keenan George E. Kochanowski Charles F. Lauth John T. O’Brien Luke T. O’Brien William P. Ponzio Francis J. Regina Dario Schiavetta Keith F. Sidorowicz Anthony J. Simeti Louis S. Sinatra Joe Sowa Anthony J. Sparacino Lee J. Stuart Walter Szczupak Richard Weglarz

Class of 1973

Stephen J. Antal Lawrence K. Becker Terence W. Edwards Sal Giannone Gasper F. Ilasi James Kaplon Michael G. Kirk Peter M. Koch Joseph Kuceluk Jim McDonald Vincent J. McGill Patrick J. McLaughlin Joseph P. Moodhe John D. Nowak Kevin V. O’Donnell Daniel F. O’Hara

2009-10 Annual Report

James M. Phillips Andre F. Python Rodger J. Recker Sam Rizzo Thomas F. Toomey James J. Troy John R. Venuto Edward J. Woods Anthony P. Yanni

Class of 1974

John D. Abbruzzese Karl T. Bednarek Jeffrey C. Boehme Gary J. Brownell Paul O. Buchbauer Juan P. Campmany Louis A. Carnivale James V. Cassano Charles Esposito David Farran Robert Gormley William E. Hanauer Peter Iovino Daniel J. Loughran Paul W. Mandzuk Bruce N. Massie Edward C. McGarrity John F. McNicholas Frank M. Minaudo Michael A. Mulqueen Thaddeus W. Paluszek Thomas G. Rottenberger Stephen G. Rush Martin J. Schretzmann John Skorupa Christopher S. St. John Zenon J. Szaro Thomas W. Terryn William T. Trace Dominick J. Vulpis Peter J. Werner George H. Yonkie

Class of 1975

Radames Acevedo Francis J. Aquila Mario Arena Georgine Bitsko Brian P. Black Bennett J. Canizaro Anna Capezzuto-Petrizzo Anthony Catalanotto Patricia M. Corrigan Catherine A. Davies-Brown Bernadette Dean-Lonergan James DePalma Denise G. DeRosa Elvira M. DiBiase-Francischelli Claire R. Diele Jeanine Duvally Robert G. Elliot Brenda C. Fernandez-Aulbach Joseph Fritsch Peter J. Gannon Frederick J. Gavitt Anthony Girgenti James Hawxhurst Garda A. Hermany Deborah A. Isberto-Forsyth Marilyn A. Kammer Patricia Kochan

Ronald Krausankas Nancy Kreuzburg Mary Lem-Logan Angela Lomuscio-Trovato John I. London Roberta Maffei-Chiappelloni Francis A. Maggiore Joanne Maio-Canizaro Anita R. Maraventano Gerald B. Martori Tom Masterson Maria E. Mastromauro-Comparato Eugene J. McArdle Maryellen McCabe-O’Grady Joanne McConnell-Masterson Timothy R. McGinn Erin McLoughlin-Turner Timothy J. McNicholas Patrick J. O’Beirne Daniel J. O’Connell John J. O’Grady Louis G. Pastina Roy W. Pastor George J. Patterson James V. Petitto Gerard R. Petri Breda M. Phelan-Paccione George M. Rosenkranz John J. Rossi Michael S. Sajecki Gerald A. Sankner Robert T. Schanz Joseph A. Siolek Joan K. Sireci Vincent Stempel Brian J. Sullivan Ralph A. Turturro Michael Walker Harry B. Wallen Brian T. Walsh Kathryn White-Pedrani Kenneth W. Wolf Sandra L. Zukowski-Hawxhurst

Class of 1976 35th Anniversary Reunion April 9, 2011

Michael J. Agusta Ann E. Ahlstrom-Saxer William B. Ashton Michael X. Aufiero Michael Beaury Mary A. Bernstein JeanneMarie Boisselle-Patella John J. Brown Peter W. Buchbauer Donna M. Cantrell-Gerzof Bernadette C. Carella-Palumbo Camille E. Coiro-Penny Gerard A. Compito Peter J. Connolly John R. Corbisiero Filomena D’Elia Alexander V. DelCielo Nancy M. Donato Eugene E. Donnelly MaryBeth Dunkak-Marchiony Denise A. Egan-Sintetos Dennis T. Fitzpatrick Noreen E. Flaherty

John S. Fusco Paul J. Gagne Maureen A. Gotimer Janine Grotano-Arena Jane C. Halligan Michael J. Hetzer Mary A. Kelly William A. Kraus Frank J. Lackner Philip L. Lamendola Susan E. Loftus Kathleen A. Mackin-Sciortino Stephen E. Mandia Robert H. Mulvena Peter J. Paguaga Armand Patella Peter L. Peluso Donna M. Pollard Vincent C. Porreca Lawrence F. Reinalter Nicholas C. Rocco James T. Roth Gerald P. Scales Pauline M. Scelfo Michael Scudiero Thomas E. Slaymaker Patricia S. Smith-Nallen Sabino R. Torre Joseph P. Tucker Gerard L. Wosleger Linda Yankoschuk-DiCarlo

Class of 1977

Anthony A. Alfano Ronald P. Antal Paul Augello Eileen J. Barnes-Corley Lawrence P. Byrne Michael Castellano Joseph S. Cervia Frank Ciccone Anthony J. Croce Maryellen D’Angelo-Donohue Paul R. Dannenhoffer William Dobranski Yvette C. Ellis-Ramos Norma M. Filippi-Quigley John J. Fitzgerald MaryIrene I. Flynn Michael P. Gabbola Marie T. Gallagher Joan Gasser-Buckley Marie Griffin Mary R. Heeran-Ramos Frances M. Hendrickson-Fager Robert D. Hensel Chris L. Hyland Dwight E. Jordan Maureen Kittredge-Castellano Robert G. Koster Alice G. LoSordo-Fitzgerald John J. Lynch Michael P. Madden Teresa E. Mansfield-Donohue Karen A. McKeon Lisa M. Melillo-Molinaro Andrew Milia Frank D. Morgera Robert Mullane Thomas M. Nevitt Kathleen M. Orlowski-Graham Jodi E. Passarella

Giving by Class Year Stephen P. Pazan Colin P. Quinn Richard P. Raaf Louis E. Scimecca Gregory M. Semashko Michael A. Vetere

Class of 1978

Joseph B. Arroyo James Atkinson Marianne Black-Prawda Joanne E. Brunn Marilyn R. Casalaina-Cote Christina M. Coiro-Fuchs Anthony T. Corbisiero Maria L. DiTucci-Petrocine Susan L. Feehan-Gidwill John A. Fry Richard G. Jacobson Vilma Jardines-McEnerney Suzanne E. Kelly Loretta A. Kennedy-Rederscheid Loretto D. Koster GraceAnn A. LaForgia Maria K. LaMacchia-Nevitt Eileen T. LeMonda Michael J. Marchassalla Maria L. Marchassalla William Murphy John J. Paguaga Raymond A. Pecini Edward Petrarca Diane L. Robello-Brockmann Brian J. Ryan Michael J. Scanlon Robert A. Waegelein James M. White

Class of 1979

Thomas F. Adams Vincent S. Agusta Loretta Bandera-Adamo Louis C. Barricelli Robert H. Bohack Theresa M. Burke-Yarri LeeAnn A. Canavan-Black Robert J. Cannon Louis F. Carbone Marianne L. Castano-Clemente Frank P. Castiglione Paul J. Colelli John M. Collins Mary B. Colucci Margaret M. Connelly-Petrarca Marie-Elena Crimmins-Wohlmacher Scott E. Curry Tina Del Ciello-Bernard Geraldine A. DeMarco-Bauer Joan M. Devaney-Spillane Elda A. DiRe Louis Doria Alice A. Dunkak-Quinn Clare M. Ferguson-Valenza Joanne L. Frisoni-Lostritto Thomas P. Fumai Thomas A. Gebert John J. Grein Ingrid M. Grein-Bailey Michael G. Grittani Christo J. Heiman Ana Hernandez-Grein

Joseph M. Holm Bernadette A. Kelly Mark J. Ketner Sonia Kreidenweis-Dandy Anthony R. Lamonaca Gerald LoBiondo Christopher C. Lofaso MaryAnn Lomuscio-Borriello Joseph Lostritto William B. Maury Carmen Z. Menendez-Puerto Lisa A. Miranda-Sloan Kelley S. Mondesire Michael F. Mongelli Royce A. Mulholland Sharon O’Brien-DeNara Caroline L. Orlando-Murillo Garret J. Oswald Peter J. Rappa Angelo M. Rizzo Jeanne M. Rubsam-Kane Diane C. Rush-Roberts Martin A. Schaetzle Carol Schneider-Kennedy Deborah A. Strack-Cregan Brother Christopher D. Thurneau, O.S.F. Phyllis Toss-Rocco Anthony Truzzolino Felicia Varlese William A. Viscovich

Class of 1980

Elizabeth G. Adams Robert J. Adams Amy Alcott-Tulevech Jeffrey Alter Louis Angulo Joseph Aquilina Joseph J. Attilio Marian E. Baldwin-Fuerst Mary A. Barbera-Ciccaroni Kathleen Barnes-Romagnano Stella M. Barresi Scott N. Benish Mariana Bernunzo-Connolly Lisa A. Bilko-Coloracci Nina L. Binder Walter A. Bishop Robert N. Blanche Ronald A. Bo Gerard E. Boeckhaus Mark F. Borowski James T. Brennan Joann Brunetti-Manzella James J. Cali Michael W. Caputo Michael P. Caruso Andrew J. Ciccaroni Jill T. Cirino-Seyfert Anthony J. Classi Suzanne M. Clay-Pechtol Christopher J. Coloracci Jean Colucci-Kiley Kerri A. Connolly-Kraetzer Lori A. Costello William P. Costello Bruce Cotugno Robert V. Cotumaccio Lisa B. DiDonna-Feeley Donna M. DiNoto-Doherty Steven R. DiSalvo

Joanne M. Dixon-Rice Mary-Louise A. Downer-Powell Maryanne S. Ducey Joseph G. Eaton Joseph A. Fatuzzo John P. Fay Juliana Fazio Eileen P. Fennell Gina Filoso-Setaro Barbara A. Fuchs-Janny Harold C. Gee Joseph M. Genna Kathleen Gilfeather-Zeltmann Michael C. Giordano Yvonne C. Gorbea-Maddiona Jack T. Grafing Barbara L. Grein-Napoli Thomas O. Hacker Debra A. Handte-Wang Dina R. Haracopos-Signorelli Elizabeth E. Hiris-Jagde Daniel J. Hresko Edward Hrvatin Arlene T. Huber-Jaklitsch Janine M. Ilchert-Foreman Janet M. Insardi Norma R. Kalkhoff Jane Kershaw-Starkes John E. Kiley Laurie A. Killcommons Jack R. Kramer Frederick J. Kress Joseph A. LaBarbera Joseph A. Lavelli John G. Leahey Elizabeth A. MacEwen-Timken Bruno Mastropasqua Susan A. McCook-Fink Robert F. McNulty Nicolette M. Mele-Pace Marilena M. Minucci Joseph W. Montaperto Bridget M. Moore-Fatuzzo Jacqueline Mora Linda Morrissey Debra A. Newhook Patricia A. Nicholas-Prufeta Denise M. Niedermeyer-Tracey Frederick S. Noz Elizabeth M. Nugent Maureen O’Neill-Regan Francine O. Olexa-Benish Elizabeth Olwell-McNulty Roberta M. Ott-Schaaf Michael S. Pagano Loretta F. Palyo-Rueth Bernadette M. Pappas-Bruno Christopher M. Pastina Frank J. Perrone Mona Poulas Sean M. Prendergast Maria D. Puppelo-Esposito William A. Rabl Anne M. Rahn-Cosmai Mathias M. Roberts Connie B. Rovigo Arthur D. Ruggiero Catherine M. RusselmanRobotis Roseann C. Sarra-Geiger Victoria A. Satlov Donald D. Scardino

Elizabeth S. Schaub Suzanne M. Schiefele-Juran Lawrence F. Schiralli Ray Schlageter Karen M. Schnaue-Sinicropi Ronald P. Scocozza Martin G. Shannon Patricia M. Simpson Lynn M. Sinisgalli-Finley Steven Slisz John G. Spicijaric Julie M. Stiso-Siegel William Strack Sheila A. Tendy Carol R. Tilt-Giordano Arthur J. Tremblay Louis Tripodi Sandra Ulrich John M. Urbielewicz Michael A. Varrone Beatrice Villalon-Garcia Richard D. Waitkus Thomas E. White Christine M. ZirkelbachRosenfeld Nancy M. Zollner-Ferraris

Joseph D. Gulotta Thomas Hickey Terence A. Howard Mark S. Kempisty John P. Lavin Anthony S. Lesica Sonya H. Listl-Kall Paul D. Mannix Cecelia McEvoy-Walter Teresa McGrath-McNulty Brian B. McKeon Perry Meekins Paul B. Michiels Lisa N. Morrissey-MacSpadden Nicholas D. Mosesso Brian O’Donoghue Terence M. Ormsby Steven Osojnak Keith A. Palzer Marion L. Passero-Osojnak Sandra M. Pecini Ismael Ramirez Ella M. Schiralli Doris R. Varlese Vincent A. Verdi Susan M. Zollner-Hinners

Class of 1981 30th Anniversary Reunion April 9, 2011

Class of 1982

Edward G. Allcock Stephen C. Banas Catherine L. Blaskey-Rigney Christopher L. Campese Larry Carbone Eileen Carroll-Scardino Oscar F. Costello Michael Curti Christina DelPin-Cella Douglas DiMarco Linda A. DiRe-Cochran Karen Estilo-Owczarski Dominick Fazzari Ellen Fischer-Taylor Ann Forde-Costello Donna M. Franz-Livecchi Joseph Freda Carolyn Goldner-Labella

Mary R. Andriano-Bosko Daniel Bacci Joseph M. Busuttil John P. Butler Jeanine Carroll-Ferrone Mercedes Colwin Clifford G. Condon Jean F. Coppola Janis L. Cowhey-McDonagh Michael D. DeLuca Eileen E. Donnelly-Buser Theresa C. Fennell Joseph F. Gavin Paul D. Heckelman Donald J. Hogg Denise A. Hojnacki-Totura Richard V. Hrvatin Catherine M. Kennedy Lorraine M. Klein-Leone Edward F. Linekin Catherine C. Lydon-Mesa

St. Francis Preparatory School


Giving by Class Year Susan M. McGrath James W. Murtagh Salvator Perednia Geraldine M. Perret-Ferguson Mark J. Reisig Denise Riordan-Larkin James S. Romano Nick T. Scarlatto Suzanne M. Schaefer-Sideris Patricia M. Shurina-Vail Maureen A. Simpson Jerome Truzzolino Margaret Wolf

Barbara J. Mergner-Dunn Glenn P. Morgan Christopher P. Petsanas Grace L. Portoghese Robert A. Puppa Anna M. Rapone-Espiscopio Edward P. Russell Bernadette C. Russelman Brother Becket Ryan, O.S.F. (H) Peter J. Scala Carol A. Skinner-Barden Barbara Tobias-Josephs Silvana T. Veltri-Sutich

Class of 1983

Class of 1984

Stephen M. Antignani Christine Antis Renee V. Badami Barbara J. Barone-Fierst Rina A. Beacco Eileen Browne Carl F. Caridi Anne-Marie Cataldo-Wenger Mary T. Curley-Leptak Joseph A. Davniero Christopher D. Ditta Sheila M. Downing-Costello Maria C. Empaynado-Gilday Michelle E. Estilo-Kaiser Denise A. Ferrarotti-Matranga Timothy J. Fierst Marianna Fior-Brown Sal A. Fischetti Yvonne M. Flesche Heidi R. Flori Jon Fredas James G. Gannon Robert J. Hanophy Kelley A. Hughes-Bacci Nancy K. Kelly Joseph G. Kempton Eileen A. Kilkelly-Westfahl Kenneth H. Kobetitsch Nancy Kouril-Castrogiovanni Denise A. Lindenauer Aimee B. LoCicero-Rivera Patricia E. Loftus Joseph A. LoScalzo Robert A. Marietta


Nancy A. Abraham-Selinske Marylene Ansa-Rizzo Andrea T. Barcia-Volding Steven L. Bo Michael G. Brady Michael J. Brunetti Vincent F. Catalanotto Michael L. Columbia Nancy E. Diaz-Candelaria Estela B. Divino Joseph J. Donini Thomas E. Doyle Nicole C. Dyon-Jordan Anna M. Eardley-Arouh Lisa M. Ferrara-Donini Michael F. Foley Anna M. Galleazzi-Ranieri Ricardo C. Gonzalez Roxana Gonzalez-Hoppe Marc Hamlin Kathleen A. Guilfoyle-Rohr Christina Hanophy Lynn F. Hausser-Choisez Patricia E. Havern-Boemo Denise M. Heckelman John Kohout Gustavo Laserna Margaret Lazo Richard V. Liuzzo Monica A. Marinello-Duffy Denise E. McBride-Fischetti Mary E. Meier-Scala Susan D. Miller-Brown Patricia C. Mitchell-Quinn

2009-10 Annual Report

Joshua Mulholland Vincent O’Connor (H) Maureen R. O’Connor-Mansfield Debra M. O’Hehir Michael J. Palumbo Joanne L. Persico Elizabeth M. Picerno Patricia A. Racanelli Michael Racanelli Michael J. Rivera Frank Rizzo Alysoun V. Roach Amelia F. Scarpulla Patricia A. Schulz-Wark Barbara A. Scotto-Foley Nicholas A. Siragusa Thomas R. Snowden Antonella A. Spaventa-Fitzgerald Lisa M. Stimpfl-Strumpf Andrew F. Taveras Margaret M. Taylor-Finucane Benedict J. Tockarshewsky Robert V. Yzaguirre

Class of 1985

Stephen G. Adams Peter V. Agro David V. Alma Maria Andreu Denise M. Armenio-Sodokoff Sondra A. Austin Jim G. Barkoukis Stephanie H. Bohaczyk-Gossett Maryellen L. Bruno Richard A. Calosso Matthew Campese Susan T. Carlson-Crimi Diane P. Carman-Covello John L. Carrion Janet M. Carroll-Blagg Michael E. Cassidy Michael A. Castelli Laurie A. Catizone-Jordan Henry F. Chamorro Thomas J. Colucci Katie E. Connell Linda J. Cooper-Nardulli Justine M. Corker Laurene N. Cowhey-Lang Nayda V. Coy-Sabosik Erin M. Daley-McGovern Ellen M. DeRiso Charles J. DeRose Reginald Desroches Joanne R. DiSimone-Virella Patricia E. Doster-McCabe Barbara Efthymiou-Harris Armand Evangelista Patrick Evangelista Maureen Fagan-Zullo Brian J. Fay Kathleen A. Filshie-Sullivan Robert J. Fiordaliso John G. Fowler Donna F. Francis-Nuri Thomas George Jennifer M. Gilroy-Ruiz Christopher C. Goetz Louise M. Golero-SanFilippo Kathleen M. Gorta-Canning Donald S. Herbert Steven D. Higgins

Raymond J. Irrera Margaret L. Janicek Justin J. Jannone Judith C. Jocson-Singer Douglas S. Johnston Joseph C. Kirincich Carol C. Kramer-Nocella Denise L. LaPlant-Carbone Debra A. Laserna Susan Lavelle-Kopen Angela M. Lenihan Lorraine A. Lods Leighann S. Lord Frederick Louis-Jacques Christine M. Makky Joseph T. Malone Lourdes M. Martinez-Cipolla John Marzano Glen J. Mazzara Michael J. McAndrew Joan A. McCarthy-Mescall Regine Metellus Heidi A. Milad-Zakariya William M. Mora John A. Mordini Betty Motroni Michele D. Myers-Trageser Frank J. Nastro (H) Nicholas M. Natalizio Carmen R. Newman-Bissell Robert P. O’Neill Deanna M. O’Toole-Rodriguez Mary E. Osokowich-Dragonetti Nancy A. Panula Salvatore Petronella Juan C. Pineda Lauren Plate-Waldman Joan C. Popper-Kane Luis A. Ramos Nicholas P. Redchuk Mary C. Rizzo Michelle Ronda Brian T. Rowe Catherine A. RuebenackerMazzola Ronald S. Ruotolo Jane V. Russo-Connors Stephen Salazer Louisa A. Santulli-Scigowski Danielle M. Schaefer-Klyap Steven J. Schell Maria Scotto-Lagermasini Alpesh D. Shah Kevin K. Shanahan John J. Sharkey Chris Shea Camille A. Soccoli-Alma Bernard J. Sorahan Christopher J. Sorgie Kurt J. Stenzel Patricia A. Toscano-Robertson Erik J. Toulon Marc E. Toulon Karen Trimarco-Hampton Debra A. Troina-Roselli Stephen Vaccaro James P. Vafeas Sergio B. Valentini Michael C. Vallone Laura A. Varlese-McCormack Diana E. Viscovich-Ryan William L. Weber

Theresa E. Werner Kenneth C. Williams Billi J. Wolf-Waters Geraldine A. Yeghikian Maureen V. Young-Perna Christina M. Ziegler-Conforti Linda B. Zuech Andrew J. Zupicich

Class of 1986 25th Anniversary Reunion April 9, 2011

Douglas M. Amann Frances J. Arricale Michael A. Brader-Araje Christina Buffamonte Robert L. Clifford John J. D’Angelo Gerald A. Davis Christopher A. Donelan Craig M. Farrell Valerie R. Felicetti-Massimo Alejandro R. Finardo Jean-Paul Gerosa Barbara A. Hammel Catherine M. King-Wilkinson Lesley A. Koniuch-Kleinschmidt Jerry Koutsavlis Robert P. Maroney Patricia A. McAndrews Sean S. McDermott Matthew T. McKeon Kathryn A. O’Hagan Edward J. Olson Paraskevi Paralemos-Tsahas Erika A. Rueb-Minogue Jennifer L. Schnarr-Bommarito Marie B. Sweeney-Shanahan Jennie Szeto Christopher Testani Joy Tumang-Block Brian P. Walsh Christine E. Walsh-Freda Charleen Yang-Toles

Class of 1987

Thomas P. Adissi Jae Ahn Laura Barcia Thomas D. Barra Carolyn J. Bittel-Szydlowski Margaret A. Blewitt-Padley Michael Carragher Nicole E. Ceslik-Spaargaren Shant Chalian Laurett Coffey-O’Malley Walter J. Cook Elizabeth M. Cucinotta Anna M. D’Elia-Delaney Michael DeCarlo Stephanie E. Flanagan-Grimes Siobhan P. Flynn-Higgins Michael Freda Claudia E. Gomez-Kosakowski Jennifer Graney-O’Connor Vincenzo Ieraci Denis A. Kelly Winifred A. Latvis Timothy J. Lennon Nicholas V. LoPrinzi

Giving by Class Year Caroline Lui-Tong Elizabeth Lynch-Melo Mario Mancuso Joseph McGowan Colleen A. Meade-Edwards John Mendez Arthur C. Mueller Brian H. Murphy Kalitsa Pappas-Gabriel Vincent A. Podraza Patricia A. Robilotta-Gormley Eugene Roche Marcella A. Scalia-Squeglia Mary Schimitsch Maria G. Sciortino-Brunetti James A. Shaughnessy Anna Spensieri-Digiuseppe Lori J. Thompson-Saputo Christopher Yorke

Scott K. Gormley Marianne E. Haggerty-Zidar Michael S. Hoffman Gregory J. Hrycak Michael Jamin Brian C. Kramer Patrick J. McArdle Aris J. McMahon Krista B. McManus John B. Mullahy Ronald B. Nonaillada Louiza Patsis Megan M. Robinson-Rogers Daniel Shea Thomas F. Silecchia Marlene T. Talisaysay Thomas S. Tripodianos Jennifer M. Wilson

Class of 1988

Amanda Albert-Notaris David M. Alexandro Anthony P. Amoroso Stacey L. Angell-Pyc Kelli A. Bartels Lisa A. Bernabeo-Catapano Lisa B. Bianculli-Hutter Ann M. Bongiorno-Wolfe Sally J. Burnett Patricia A. Calastro-Ortiz Michael F. Califano Mary B. Cannella-Zaoutis Michelle J. Capuano-Fenimore Nicole J. Casella-Piotrowski Theresa Cassidy-Cholakis Anthony J. Catalanotto (H) Barbara M. Catalanotto (H) Thzaira Charles Brian P. Clarke Marilyn Coffey Lorianne Colalillo-DeWitte Keith D. Cook Armilene S. Coronel Christina Coronel-Bambina Christa M. Cowhey-Marano Kerry M. Coyle-Arale Greg A. Crasto MaryEllen J. Crowley Joseph V. D’Amore Marilyn Dabady-Lynk Linda M. Decarlo-Kenniff Christopher N. Deluso Brian K. Dennehy Diana J. DiBella Nadine T. DiVittorio-Sessa Cheryl A. Dobson-DeLuso Victoria M. Doulos-Figgers Lisa M. Downward-Viskovic Andrew I. Drazic Katia A. Ducheine Eszel Elizes-Tobias Alex J. Englese Kim C. Facey-Pedercini Gina M. Feerick-Rosselli Laurie S. Feld Gina Ferro-Carlton Douglas S. Filomena Robert J. Finnerty Jennifer Fitzgerald-DeLuca Kristen M. Fowler-Gobbo Emina Friskan-Hormann Dawn I. Fulton-Manos

Jo M. Barnes-Conlan Thomas Burke Robert F. Carra Catherine T. Castiglia-Canino Kevin E. Catalanotto Thomas M. Coletti James P. Conroy Kerin E. Coughlin Paul J. DeBenedittis Mary K. Duffy-Scally Richard J. Edwards Kenneth Ferguson Kellie Gutbrod-Diekemper Claus Hertel Susan Hoffmaier-DiCicco Ted D. Jahn Claudia Jaramillo-Lee Christine A. Laino Jack F. Lanzer David Y. Lee Stephen B. Mangano Laura A. Marinconz-DeMario Colette McCann-McArdle Ann Monaco-Sapia Jennifer L. Morrison-Hart James M. Palumbo Peter A. Patrissi Tracy A. Perlman Luis Quinto Rino Radovic Peter L. Rizzo Raffaela Silecchia-Quinto Mary T. Thomassen-Kruh Christina M. Tubridy-Brennan

Class of 1989

Laura J. Aglietti-Andriola Philip P. Andriola Roslynn Aquino Alexander M. Arevalo Steven Benini Dolores Blaskovic-Radovic Christopher J. Bucaria Edward J. Carroll Aida I. Castillo Frank Cioffi Stephen P. Diamond Michael J. DiSanto Roni Fazzone Nicholas P. Ferrari Steven A. Frosch

Class of 1990

Phyllis Gambino-Skody Christopher S. Gerdau John F. Ghingo Christopher Gibbons Cara Gilbride Lisa A. Gonzales-Hering Franco Gordillo Matthew L. Grabowski Keith J. Grande Suzana Grego Gregory J. Guido Bart J. Haggerty Jennifer L. Hallinan-LaSerre Anne M. Harnett-Coletti Christine H. Harper Michael T. Hefferon Eric F. Hoffmann Maria K. Ieni Daniel T. Ilie Michele A. Irving Cherelyn T. Jaskolski-Karras Viktoria Kamin Georgia Kaporis Mary E. Kobel (H) Roger J. Kobel (H) Brian E. Kohm Theresa F. Kosmala-Davis Stefanie LaBella Amy E. LaCascia-Notter Alessandra Licchi-Fusaro Toni Lodato-Murphy Aline M. Lojacono-Mauro Robert M. Lorenzo Alison J. Malarkey-Costalos Lisa D. Marion Ann M. Mascia-Roubal Sarah S. McCarthy Michael D. McCrory Deborah A. McGee-Johnson John R. McGlynn Tricia M. McNally-McCarthy Catherine C. Mihelic-Nagle Peter E. Modica Gregory P. Mulligan Traci K. Murphy-Regis Stephanie Nolan Tara A. Nutley Sandra E. Nuzzo-Pace Michelle M. O’Neill Lisa M. Olmo-Schulz Max J. Osse Susanne Paier-Lagan Joyce W. Pak-Mcpherson Paul D. Parvis Marie V. Pasquale-Vaccaro Diane Pena Christine M. Persichette-Dobrosielski Denise J. Petrenas-Cerrotta Timothy C. Pettolina Bridget Phelan Nicole M. Phillips Michael T. Pinto Stephanie Poggi-Sanfelice Barbara R. Pokorny-Durante Jennifer E. Porto-Yaeger Jennifer H. Pymm Patricia A. Queal-O’Rourke Josephine S. Rahner-Goetz Thomas J. Reichling Michael G. Reinhart Laura M. Rodriguez de Muniz Maricel A. Rojas

Janine Rucconich-Sypniewski Jennifer Russo-Medici Thomas J. Sanelli Frances O. Scarantino Eugene P. Schatz Michael J. Schulz Joy C. Scocozza-Johnson Jason S. Seely Anthony F. Settino Paul P. Spensieri Anthony L. Sposito Roseanne Suraci-Ferrari Kristine M. Sward-Brescio Susan M. Szabo-Mosquera Debra M. Thompson-Grande Patricia A. Thomson Claire P. Thornton Andrea Tonso-Livadaros Natalie M. Turner-Molloy Kristin A. Twomey-Sainato Steven R. Vaccaro Monique A. Vallerugo-Vaccaro Kristina Veljak Mauro A. Viskovic Monica P. Wiedemann-Sicilian Amy Wolcson-Speiser Donald J. Wolfe Kirsten M. Wood-Cesped Brendan P. Yorke Eric Zapata Rev. Nicholas A. Zientarski Tommy J. Zovich

Class of 1991 20th Anniversary Reunion March 12, 2011

Denise Boorman Michele Buoninfante Kathleen Carroll (H) Thomas D’Alto Nancy L. Demers Susanne M. Engler-Scott Michael Fitzpatrick Walter L. Foley (H) Patricia Jaramillo Donald T. Jones Brian S. Kightlinger Dolores C. Lois Catherine Martarella

Daria E. Meade-Connolly Michael P. Mejia Mario Murillo Cathleen Ognibene Shivaun Prendergast Colleen S. Reilly-Fitzpatrick Korrine N. Sheerin-Kohm Jennifer M. Thomas Carol A. Vassallo-Cuttita

Class of 1992

Jennifer A. Chu Suzanne Colagiacomo-Stallone James H. Fahey Nick A. Kusturic Christine M. LeBlanc-Fahey James E. McHugh (H) Kathleen A. Murray-Kelly Robert M. Nodar Margaret M. O’Connor-Hanson Brian F. Ott Roberta A. Parziale-Lataille Christina V. Senken Anthony L. Vucenik Nancy M. Williams Robert Williams

Class of 1993

Toni A. Asaro-Connors Robert Bommarito Danielle Cannataro-Forte Daniel G. DePasquale Edmund W. Foley Peter Grassi Kimberly A. Kortz-Rybak Kerry A. McGinn-O’Neill Elizabeth Morgan-Seibold Patrick J. O’Brien Kerri O’Neill-Lopez James Palya Alex J. Poulos Alicia N. Ramotar-Golan Dennis Ring Melissa Rosa-O’Leary Laura Siggia-Anderson Jennifer L. Tucci

Class of 1994

Jennifer H. Anderson Maurice Braithwaite (H) Donna O. Charles-Onike

St. Francis Preparatory School


Giving by Class Year David J. Hodnett Rita A. Licari-Tyska Colleen McGee-Woodley Bevin K. Meade-Gibbons Lisa M. Planeta Harry Prassakos Marc Racioppo David Reid Maria T. Sakatis-Ioannou Jian L. Teng Matthew Thornton Angela Wen

Class of 1995

Susan B. Burdan Nicole Casten Stacie Christopoulos-Tedesco Kerry A. Collins-Santopietro Joseph A. Corona Danielle D’Urso-Carney Heather Davis-Rinaldi Grace I. DeFina-Battaglia Rose L. DeInnocentiis-Ruesing Richard T. Finger Reina M. Garcia Daniel Granados Eileen Hennessy Michelle A. Kawka Eugene Kurdy Susan Lombardi-Abbott Regina A. Miranda-Vasquez John Moran Sonaal Mukhopadhyay Maria L. Mule-Esteves Chrissyann Piambino-McGlynn Katie M. Porto-Staphos Matthew Prusak Tania M. Ronquillo Ana E. Rosu James Ruebenacker Pietro Sabatino Kenneth M. Sanchez Nora M. Scullin Robert M. Sobocienski Mauro F. Solorzano Danielle Tubb Dennis G. Urquhart Eileen M. Walsh-Prymaczek Noelle L. Werner Gary R. Westhoff Steven J. Zablocki


Michele D. Ziella

Class of 1996 15th Anniversary Reunion March 12, 2011

Rosemary Antonelle-Quast Jennifer Armas Korey W. Banks Vanessa L. Barrios Valerie Ciccolilli-Papatheodorou Edward Conlon Christopher M. D’Orazi Pamela L. DeVoti-Ginex Theresa C. Forget Demetrios G. Frangiskatos Jennifer C. Giordano-Palma Pina M. Gulla-Campagna Angelos Papatheodorou Luigi Pedalino Bridget C. Plante Michael Santopietro Bryan Schrubbe Elizabeth K. Seiffer

Class of 1997

Carissa M. Covatti Francis G. DeVenecia Meredith Muller Andrew Prior Christian M. Rossello James P. Sulecki Kristin Yee

Class of 1998

Julie Agate Jennifer Clem-Haniff Joseph Dunne Frank A. Ferri Matthew F. Fryer Anna N. Lam-Chi Cristina Lombardi Andres A. Munoz John Paglia Jennifer Sacco Stephen E. Schatz Carl Serafino

2009-10 Annual Report

Class of 1999

Janelle Alexander Victoria S. Bunatta-Gallagher Jason Collichio Joseph D’Alessio Andrea Filpi Ryan Frontera Michelle Grieco Brian Hawkins Stephen C. Hoenigmann Sheryll Luna-Karroll James M. Lynch Jonathan Pereira Patricia A. Russo-DeRupo Lauren G. Sexton Michelle Teylan-Algenio Jessica L. Watz

Class of 2000

Surrenca Albert Warren Algenio Diane M. Ambroselli Sammy Armas Laura Arminio-Torcolese Tiffany A. Avon Alysse K. Bak Jaclyn Barnikel Nicole Brady Emmanuel Bustos Gabriel Caamano Vincent Caputo Renelita Castillo-Montesano Tracy L. Chevel Katherine Chu Kaleena D. Clarkson-Jean-Pierre Daniel Cocuzzo Jennifer Colarusso Elisa Colon Jennifer Conte-DeLapa Rosemary Costantino-Moeller Brandon M. Cruz Vanessa Curatolo Paula D’Aguanno Giuseppina Dazzo Danielle Delvecchio Laura DePinto Jason Derienzo Josephine DiGangi-Giudice Allison Donadio Danielle Dreizen-Sturiano

Abraham Esfandiary Antonia M. Etheart-O’Sullivan Jessica Ferrara Nickki Figurski Kristin N. Foti Elizabeth Fryer-Kalkau Evamarie Gambino Carlos Garcia Rose M. Garcia Napoleon Georgatos Jacqueline Gerard Blake Giamanco-Miceli Elizabeth R. Giordano Bianca Giudice Jason Gomez Sarah Gordon-Corallo Sabrina Grandchamps Latoya H. Guishard Mireya Gutierrez Elpida Halaris Brigid A. Harmon Jose Hasbun Anne M. Hogan Lisette J. Hudon-Clark Natalie Iandiorio Daniel Isca Lauren Jackson Chanel Jennings Aiyana N. Joseph-Cottman Matthew Kelly Krystal K. Kelly-Mumper Lauren Kilduff-Busch George Klidonas Stephanie Kontopoulos Keri Kroboth Stephanie Lello Maria E. Lluberes Marykate Locantore James F. Lonergan Joseph M. Losquadro Priscilla Luna Timothy MacBryde Frank Macchiarola (H) Tara M. Maloney Jaclyn Marmora-Joerg Stephen Marra Jasmine C. Marrero-Pratt Clara M. Martinez Marie Mattera Tara M. McCormick Jennifer McNally Maura McShane Stephen A. Mears Lauren Meditz-Coscia Victoria L. Mihulka Jane Modry (H) Bettina Moreno Stephen Mullarkey Cristin M. Murphy Noreen Murphy Alexsandria Musso Paola Musso Nicolas Naranjo Sandy P. Naupari Kevin O’Connell Kate K. Occhipinti-Solis Sophia Pagan Christina Palumbo Joseph Peros Brendan Pettei Jocelyn Pimentel Peter Plaza

Julian Quiterio Katelyn Regan-O’Prey Alexandra Rigas Daniel Rodriguez Kimberly Roma Olga Romanidis-Skouloudis Jeannine Romano-Distefano Christopher Roth Frank Rullo Maria Ruotolo-Stavropoulos Yessenia Sarmiento Craig Schmidt Kathleen Schweiger David Schweikert Mariella Scozzari Christopher Semetis Rosann Sferrazza Erika Simonelli David Soares Julio P. Sosa Christopher Streich Karen Swiatocha Julian I. Tamayo Leonel Tarectecan Daisy Torres Andrew Vagenas Carlos Valerio Catherine Valeros Jessica Velasquez Robert Vessa Nelson Villa Gabriela Villacres Christina Villegas Mark Viloria Matthew Volz Noreen A. Walsh-McCarthy Raeann Walters-Kyriakou Elena Wasilewski Nicole Williams-Nurse John Yaros Freddie Zamora Sophia Zevgolis-Kohlberg Athena A. Zoulis Christopher Zumpano

Class of 2001 10th Anniversary Reunion January 8, 2011

Lawrence Alvarez Bro. Leonard Conway, O.S.F. (H) Tino Del Greco Yuri Dieujuste Joseph S. Gulino Kenny Milord William Ng Nicholas L. Pantaleo Frank S. Scaduto Nora Schnabel Matthew Tramonte

Class of 2002

Jessica Baker Jimmy Berthaud Eileen Conlon Richard W. McGraw Angelica M. McKessy Emily Occhipinti Nicholas Puglisi Joseph M. Staszewski Matthew Triunfo

Giving by Class Year Class of 2003

Geraldine P. Armesto-Chadenat Deanna Balla Kristen E. Batorfalvy Simone R. Bradshaw Frank Demattia Dan Duffy (H) Michael Giacomino James Grech Adam C. Lombardi Patricia A. Lombardi Mary McCartney Holly McNulty Lauren Messineo Constantina Papageorgiou Camille G. Paredes Lauren Puccio Diana Schioppi

Class of 2004

Robert Abril Marissa Accardi Vincent Addeo Adeoye Adegbola Maria-Grazia Asaro Monique C. Atherley Max Badette Thomas Balla Heather Barbosa Richard Barquero Gina Battaglia Daniel Bifani Marissa Blando Amber Brodas Tania M. Broschart Salvatore Brucculeri Michelle G. Bubnik Michael Bucella Salvatore Bullaro Camille Cameron Nicolo Caputi Joseph Carter Andrew Cashin Roberto Catalano Olivia Chrysafis Anthony Colarusso Nicholas Corsini Elise Costa Jami Coumoutsos Nicolette Cover Shannon K. Crawford Catherine Cudmore Cristina DaSilva David Deannuntis Melissa Defrank Antoinette DeLorenzo Tara Demkowicz Thomas Denicker Christina Dietmann Joshua Dietz Danielle Digiorgio Donna M. Dill Elena Dimichael Kristen M. Doheny Timothy R. Dougherty Sirece P. Dugard Christopher Ecker Ellenoira Featherston Thomas Fenezia Jennifer Ferrante Kasey Fey

Brian Fink Brendan Flynn Peter Foglio Michael Forman Erica A. Fotiades Diandra Foy Arthur Freer Monica Furman Martin Galak Jonathan Garcia Daniel Gearity Bryan Geffen Justin Giamanco Edin Giron Shawn Gomes Alietta Gordon Isaac Gordon Isidra Grant Briana P. Hauff Jesse P. Heimowitz Margaret Heinze Natalie Herrera Michael Hoover Everett Hopkins Christine Hunt Eric Jonke Pascale Josama David Joseph Daniel Kappes Stephanie Kasparian Angelos Kazalas Craig Keelty Patrick Kenny Thomas J. Kenny Samantha M. Kerath Margarita P. Koutsouras Michael A. Lauritsch Matthew Lebron John Leistman Giuseppina Licata Lisa M. Mazzara Meriah McCauley Kerrie McHugh Arthur F. McMahon (H) Christi A. Medina Sandy Mehta Michael Melodia Julianna Michael Richard A. Milcetic Christopher Mitsis Gladys Moncayos Daisy Montesinos Claudia Morales Vivianna Morales Matthew Morano Katherine Mulry Kathleen Nealon Amber E. Ng Dominick Olivier Andrew J. Pafitis Menelaos Panagopoulos Giovanna Paredes Emily Parra Larissa Pavlovic Michele Peros James Piazza Jeffrey Pierre-Louis Katiuska J. Porro Eric Prush Chalyn Pungkanondr Allyson Putre Giancarlo Racanelli

Robert Redwood Michael Remes Michelle G. Richards Yannick Rigg Jonathan Rodriguez Lisa Rodriguez Michelle Rodriguez Tina Rodriguez Ian Rogers James Romanelli Peter Romano Eric Rooney Jessica Sanchez Joseph Savoca Tracy Scalisi Brianna Scott Andrea Scully Tazia Shaw-Harrison Christopher Siegel Alberto Silva Kristin Smith Armando Sosa Joseph Taddeo Albert Tarectecan Darnell Taylor Andrea Termini Danielle Thornton Jacqueline Titolo Cynthia Torres Stefana Trupiano Christina Tsakonas Rocio Tua Alexandra M. Tudose Jolette Ulysse Stephanie Valladares Thomas Velez Ericka A. Ventura Marc Vicino Alyssa Viglietta Gina M. Vinci Theresa Visco Matt Vranic Kristen Waters Christopher Weigel Sade Williams Michael Xifaras Ricky Yeung Yvonne Yeung Erik J. Zengen

Class of 2005

Keri Calabrese Joseph Cervone Danielle Connelly Deborah Daniszewski William J. Diblasi Nicolle Frantellizzi Louis Martinez Timothy Olwell Erika Pascucci Cecilia Pena Jaclyn J. Rohan Tiffany Thompson Brother Alan Zodda, O.S.F. (H)

Class of 2006

Phillip F. Acevedo Lauren Bova Stephen Buccellato Timothy Caffrey Vivian Cho Martina Featherston

Alyssa Ferrante Amanda Gavin Ryan Gilfedder Mary Gilmartin Stephanie Iannitelli Angela N. Melillo Heath M. Mills Matthew Mosca Kyle Porter Steven Resk Melisa Ritchie John Ryan Jason Shortt Steven Terrezza

Class of 2007

Elena Caban Joseph Catalanotto Frank Cesare Daniel Delatorre Erika Feltman Natalie Fouche James Frontera Diana M. Giacomino William Leckie Christy Marchia-Duckworth Victoria Masilang Lauren M. McCarthy Annamarie P. Morgera Jose Nunez Christopher Olwell Nestor D. Pastor James Pickel Christopher Pierno Antoinette Spina

Class of 2008

Jessica A. Abramaitis Juliana I. Baxley Stephanie M. Cipolla Jennifer C. Cunningham Salvatore L. Cusumano Stephanie E. Echeverria Desmond E. Edmonds Shinann T. Featherston Joseph P. Florio Catherine A. Flynn Benjamin A. Gerace Anil Jethanandani Marc A. Manzo Ashley C. McQuillan Peter Muhlhausen Michael J. Murphy Nayan J. Naidoo Danielle M. Schaefer Laura A. Schioppi Vincenzo A. Scilla Augusto C. Solares Paulette Toscano (H) Christina M. Trezza

Dominique K. Edmonds Lauren A. Geffen William J. Gerrard Christopher B. Gueci Courtney M. Hanson Ted Jahn (H) Amy E. Kirchner Victoria A. Lassen Justin A. Lewis Kathryn A. Mallach Justin T. Martinez Nicholas V. Melillo Angela S. Oliveri Matthew S. Reyes Joseph M. Ryan Adrianna X. Sikula Emily E. Stepancic Carolyn Szostek (H) Julia A. Zackiewicz

Class of 2010

Danielle A. Albu Daniel J. Angielczyk Jennifer S. Bacchus Ryan D. Bacci Lebro C. Burnette Joseph Castellano (H) George L. Cintron David M. Cleveland Joseph G. Cocchiarella James F. D’Amico Thomas J. Donovan Jonathan G. Drosinos Collene A. Gavin Brian M. Glatt Kimberly M. James Thomas J. Kelly Nicholas I. Kumelowski Joseph L. Lentino Sean C. Marchia-Duckworth Megan B. McGrail Jaenelle D. Medina Marielle D. Medina Maelynne K. Monti Christina M. Morgera Lauren P. Nigro Sun-Min Park Jeffrey B. Porter Anthony V. Prainito Douby Riche Alexander M. Simeon Melissa A. Sparr Jake Stamoulis George L. Theofanis Antonio Tiseo Benedict J. Tockarshewsky Lloyd G. Williams Alex V. Zoitos

Class of 2009

Matthew A. Anello Keena H. Anthony Lisa A. Augstein Robert K. Bubnik Brandon J. Butt Diana M. Capalbo Kristin Cara James R. Carmody Jack M. Castronova Giuliana Destefanis

In reports of this type, some errors are inevitable. If your name was omitted or improperly listed, please accept our apologies. If you have detected an error, please notify the Office of Development so that we may correct our records.

St. Francis Preparatory School


Young Alumni Club Members The Young Alumni Club was created in December 2009 for graduates of the past five years to encourage them to reconnect with former classmates and to cultivate the next generation of Prep supporters. Membership in the Young Alumni Club consists of many enthusiastic class leaders. Club membership is just $15 per year and participants receive a special momento for their support. Jessica A. Abramaitis ‘08 Danielle A. Albu ‘10 Kirk K. Aleman ‘09 Matthew A. Anello ‘09 Daniel J. Angielczyk ‘10 Keena H. Anthony ‘09 Lisa A. Augstein ‘09 Jennifer S. Bacchus ‘10 Ryan D. Bacci ‘10 Juliana I. Baxley ‘08 Lauren Bova ‘06 Robert K. Bubnik ‘09 Stephen Buccellato ‘06 Lebro C. Burnette ‘10 Brandon J. Butt ‘09 Elena Caban ‘07 Keri Calabrese ‘05 Diana M. Capalbo ‘09 Kristin Cara ‘09 James R. Carmody ‘09 Jack M. Castronova ‘09 Joseph Cervone ‘05 Frank Cesare ‘07 Vivian Cho ‘06 George L. Cintron ‘10 Stephanie M. Cipolla ‘08 David M. Cleveland ‘10

Joseph G. Cocchiarella ‘10 Jennifer C. Cunningham ‘08 Salvatore L. Cusumano ‘08 James F. D’Amico ‘10 Deborah Daniszewski ‘05 Daniel Delatorre ‘07 Giuliana Destefanis ‘09 William J. Diblasi ‘05 Thomas J. Donovan ‘10 Jonathan G. Drosinos ‘10 Stephanie E. Echeverria ‘08 Desmond E. Edmonds ‘08 Dominique K. Edmonds ‘09 Ellenoira Featherston ‘04 Martina Featherston ‘06 Shinann T. Featherston ‘08 Erika Feltman ‘07 Joseph P. Florio ‘08 Catherine A. Flynn ‘08 Natalie Fouche ‘07 Nicolle Frantellizzi ‘05 James Frontera ‘07 Collene A. Gavin ‘10 Amanda Gavin ‘06 Lauren A. Geffen ‘09 Benjamin A. Gerace ‘08 William J. Gerrard ‘09

Diana M. Giacomino ‘07 Ryan Gilfedder ‘06 Mary Gilmartin ‘06 Brian M. Glatt ‘10 Christopher B. Gueci ‘09 Courtney M. Hanson ‘09 Stephanie Iannitelli ‘06 Kimberly M. James ‘10 Anil Jethanandani ‘08 Thomas J. Kelly ‘10 Amy E. Kirchner ‘09 Nicholas I. Kumelowski ‘10 Victoria A. Lassen ‘09 Olivia R. Leach ‘10 William Leckie ‘07 Joseph L. Lentino ‘10 Justin A. Lewis ‘09 Kathryn A. Mallach ‘09 Marc A. Manzo ‘08 Christy Marchia-Duckworth ‘07 Sean C. Marchia-Duckworth ‘10 Justin T. Martinez ‘09 Louis Martinez ‘05 Victoria Masilang ‘07 Lauren M. McCarthy ‘07 Megan B. McGrail ‘10 Ashley C. McQuillan ‘08

Marielle D. Medina ‘10 Jaenelle D. Medina ‘10 Nicholas V. Melillo ‘09 Angela N. Melillo ‘06 Heath M. Mills ‘06 Maelynne K. Monti ‘10 Christina M. Morgera ‘10 Annamarie P. Morgera ‘07 Peter Muhlhausen ‘08 Michael J. Murphy ‘08 Nayan J. Naidoo ‘08 Lauren P. Nigro ‘10 Jose Nunez ‘07 Angela S. Oliveri ‘09 Christopher Olwell ‘07 Timothy Olwell ‘05 Sun-Min Park ‘10 Nestor D. Pastor ‘07 James Pickel ‘07 Christopher Pierno ‘07 Madeline J. Pitz ‘10 Jeffrey B. Porter ‘10 Kyle Porter ‘06 Anthony V. Prainito ‘10 Steven Resk ‘06 Matthew S. Reyes ‘09 Douby Riche ‘10

Melisa Ritchie ‘06 Jaclyn J. Rohan ‘05 Joseph M. Ryan ‘09 John Ryan ‘06 Danielle M. Schaefer ‘08 Laura A. Schioppi ‘08 Vincenzo A. Scilla ‘08 Jason Shortt ‘06 Adrianna X. Sikula ‘09 Alexander M. Simeon ‘10 Augusto C. Solares ‘08 Melissa A. Sparr ‘10 Antoinette Spina ‘07 Jake Stamoulis ‘10 Emily E. Stepancic ‘09 Steven Terrezza ‘06 George L. Theofanis ‘10 Tiffany Thompson ‘05 Antonio Tiseo ‘10 Christina M. Trezza ‘08 Lloyd G. Williams ‘10 Julia A. Zackiewicz ‘09 Alex V. Zoitos ‘10

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no matter where you are! The St. Francis Prep Alumni Website is the perfect way to stay connected to fellow Prepsters, get the latest news, learn about events, even establish a link to your social/professional online networks including:

You can also create a link to your own business and/or personal website. To create your links, just go to the St. Francis Prep Alumni Website at: alumni.sfponline.org After you login, go the the menu on the right hand side and click on “NETWORKS.”

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2009-10 Annual Report

Making a Gift to St. Francis Prep is Easy....

Gifts of any size are appreciated and will help make a Prep education more affordable for a deserving student. There are many ways to offer your support: Online Giving Gifts made with a credit card help the Prep benefit almost immediately. You may donate to Prep using your American Express, MasterCard, Visa or Discover Card on the St. Francis Prep Alumni Website at: alumni.sfponline.org. (Click on the “Donate to the Prep” menu item.) Check or Money Order If you wish to make your gift by check or money order, kindly forward it to: St. Francis Preparatory School, Office of Development, 6100 Francis Lewis Boulevard, Fresh Meadows, NY 11361. Checks or money orders should be made payable to St. Francis Prep. Pledged Gift You may pledge a gift and arrange convenient payment installments. Later this year you will be asked to consider your “pledged” support for the campaign to help fund the Prep’s modernization program.

Gifts of Stocks and Bonds Donating appreciated securities is another way of helping Prep while also providing potential tax advantages for you. For example: If you purchased stock many years ago for $1,000, and it is now worth $10,000, an outright gift of that stock to St. Francis Prep would result in a charitable deduction of $10,000. You also avoid paying capital gains tax on the $9,000 of appreciation. For further information on how to transfer stock, please call Robert Angeletti at (718) 423-8810, ext. 269.

Many Companies Match Gifts...

Does yours?

Corporate Matching Gifts Hundreds of corporations now sponsor matching gift programs and will “match” charitable contributions made by their employees and, in many cases, retirees and/or spouses. Please contact your company’s benefits department. For more information, please contact: Robert Angeletti, Director of Development (718) 423-8810, ext. 269 e-mail: rangeletti@sfponline.org

2009-10 Annual Report


The Bro. Ralph Clifford, O.S.F. Planned Giving Society 26

Leaving Your Legacy

For 35 years prior to his untimely passing in the fall of 2002, Bro. Ralph Clifford served as Treasurer of St. Francis Prep. His responsibilities included overseeing all aspects of the school’s financial affairs including the management of the physical plant. With an eye toward the future, Bro. Ralph practiced prudent fiscal management and preventative maintenance measures that helped put St. Francis Prep on the sound financial footing that it finds itself today. Consequently, it only seemed appropriate that Prep should honor Brother Ralph’s memory by establishing a special “society” for alumni, parents, and friends who remember St. Francis Prep in their estate plans.

Bro. Ralph Clifford, O.S.F.

Members of this giving society are invited each year to the Principal’s Dinner and will be afforded permanent recognition as members of the Bro. Ralph Clifford Society. All gifts will be directed to the St. Francis Prep Endowment Fund unless otherwise designated.

Thomas P. Aylward ‘54 Bro. Ralph Clifford, O.S.F. ‘48* Bro. Leonard Conway, O.S.F. H ‘01 Robert J. Crimmins ‘56 Paul V. DeLuca ‘51 Paul D. Duran ‘62 Estate of Hugh R. Fredin ‘44* Phyllis Gambino-Skody ‘90 Robert G. Healy ‘42* Michael A. Henning ‘57 Sr. Mary Kenneth Lane, C.S.J. John McGinley H‘82* James E. McGlyn ‘49

St. Francis Preparatory School

Francis J. McKenna ‘38* Alton J. O’Neil ‘45 John S. Pereira, Sr. ‘62 The Estate of J.B. Robb (in memory of Albert Maxwell Robb) William and Camille Ruggiero Charitable Remainder Trust* Michael Sinatra Estate of Margaret Sorensen Charitable Trust* Robert Stenger H ’83* Daniel Weitekamp ‘40 Brother Alan Zodda, O.S.F. H ‘05


Membership in the Bro. Ralph Clifford, O.S.F. Planned Giving Society is open to those individuals utilizing one or more of the following vehicles to support the education of future Terriers:


This is a gift made by a provision in one’s will naming St. Francis Prep as a beneficiary. This can help reduce estate taxes.

Trusts and Wills

All or part of what remains after loved ones have been provided for can be put in trust or directed for the use of St. Francis Prep. Assets can be put aside also for a limited period of time and then returned to the donor.

Charitable Gift Annuity

This gift allows the donor to receive benefits for his/her lifetime and to qualify for a charitable tax deduction. This form of support is attractive when one has highly appreciated assets. St. Francis Prep requires a minimum gift of $10,000 to establish this.

Charitable Remainder Trust

This form of support transfers assets to a trustee, who then manages the trust and pays an income back to the donor for life or for a specific time period. When the trust terminates, the remainder passes to St. Francis Prep.

Unit Trusts

A Unit trust has a fixed percentage rate of return on the initial principal value. Benefits include an income tax deduction, the avoidance of capital gains tax (when appreciated securities are used), as well as an estate tax reduction. St. Francis Prep requires a minimum gift of $25,000 to establish this.

Life Insurance and Retirement Plans

If you own a life insurance policy that is no longer needed, consider it as the perfect vehicle for a charitable gift! To receive a charitable deduction, name St. Francis Prep as both the owner and the beneficiary of the policy. If the policy has a cash value, you can take a charitable deduction approximately equal to the cash value at the time of the gift. In addition, if annual premiums are still to be made and you continue to pay them, those premiums will become taxdeductible each year. Please consult your financial advisor or tax professional on how any of the above mentioned strategies best suit your personal financial situation. Once you have your plan in place, please contact St. Francis Prep’s Director of Development, Robert T. Angeletti, at (718) 423-8810, ext. 269, or via e-mail: rangeletti@sfponline.org

2009-10 Annual Report


Gifts Made in Memory of...

In Memory of Norma Achino Linda Yankoschuk-DiCarlo


In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Vito Adamo Robert G. Adamo In Memory of Gerard F. Agoglia, Class of 1942 Florence Agoglia In Memory of Matthew F. Alcuri, Class of 1958 Catherine Alcuri Marie Haig In Memory of The Apurado Family Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Apurado In Memory of Harold Badaracco Charles J. Badaracco In Memory of William C. Barnes, Class of 1979 Eileen J. Barnes-Corley Lorraine Rosenquest In Memory of Sheila Barrett-Knudsen, Class of 1978 Catherine L. Blaskey-Rigney

In Memory of Natividad and Graciano Cedana Jennifer Armas In Memory of Richard Cefalu, Class of 1962 Robert F. Cefalu In Memory of Bro. Ralph Clifford, O.S.F. , Class of 1948 Brother Leonard Conway, O.S.F. Brian C. Kramer Sister Mary Kenneth Lane, C.S.J. Bridget Recker Christopher V. Waldorf In Memory of Lee Combs Meriah McCauley In Memory of Leonard J. Connolly, Class of 1955 Janet Connolly In Memory of Ned, Cecelia, and Virginia Conway Brother Leonard Conway, O.S.F.

In Memory of George Dillman, Class 2000 Mary J. Dowing In Memory of Joseph Dini, Class of 1984 Amelia F. Scarpulla In Memory of Catherine, Mario, and Salvatore Ditucci Cosmo J. DiTucci In Memory of German V. Divino, Jr. Estela B. Divino In Memory of Thomas Doshna, Class of 1964 Joseph C. Ciechalski In Memory of Katheryn and Edward Dougherty Karen M. Schnaue-Sinicropi In Memory of Anthony P. Dowd, Class of 1956 Edwin M. Delaney, Sr. In Memory of Avdoc and Georges Dumaine Francois Dumaine

In Memory of Madeline and Sabato Corbisiero John R. Corbisiero

In Memory of Robert J. Dunne Mary Dunne

In Memory of Frank C. Costi Anita Costi

In Memory of Rose and Daniel Duran Paul D. Duran

In Memory of James Cotumaccio Robert V. Cotumaccio

In Memory of Lily and George Egan Barbara and Anthony Catalanotto In Memory of Ferdinando Emilio Vincent J. Emilio

In Memory of Thomas Booras , Sr. Thomas A. Booras, Jr.

In Memory of John P. Crean, Class of 1955 Eileen Crean John J. Ferguson, Sr. Arthur Leupold Mr. and Mrs. Frank Passero Susan Peters Richard Rodrigue

In Memory of Manuel Bravo Sonnia and Arcadio Ronquillo

In Memory of Bro. Louis Cunningham, O.S.F William R. Lee

In Memory of Michael Brennan, Class of 1991 Edmund W. Foley Brian S. Kightlinger Meredith Corporation Foundation, LS-193 Alana Petrocelli

In Memory of David DeLio Anthony J. La Bello

In Memory of Janina Benczak George Benczak In Memory of Joseph C. Bennett, Class of 1926 Denise Bennett Martha L. Dunlavey In Memory of Joseph Bommarito, Class of 1980 Jennifer L. Schnarr-Bommarito

In Memory of Guy Brooks, Class of 1950 William T. Brooks In Memory of Judy Buttling Philip A. Buttling In Memory of Major Jeffrey R. Calero, Class of 1991 Dexter Ingram In Memory of Mary and Louis Capano David V. Capano In Memory of Richard Coppolino, H1993 Carl J. Cocchiola Assunta Cocchiola

St. Francis Preparatory School

In Memory of Gerald J. DeCarlo Michael DeCarlo

In Memory of Jason Erhardt, Class of 1997 Susan A. McCook-Fink In Memory of Rev. Salvatore Fink, , O.S.F., H1987 James P. Gordon In Memory of Thomas Finn, H2002 Robert Capen Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Kennedy In Memory of Lieutenant Barry K. Fisk, Class of 1962 George M. Feeney

In Memory of Anthony “Tod” DeFronzo, Class of 1961 Richard M. DeFronzo

In Memory of Mary Forrester Patrick J. Carroll

In Memory of Francis DeMola, Class of 1941 Elizabeth DiMola

In Memory of Andrew Fuchs Barbara A. Fuchs-Janny

In Memory of Timothy Devane, Class of 1957 Donald P. Devane

In Memory of Maria Gabriel Kalitsa Pappas-Gabriel

In Memory of Desmond Devlin, Class of 1958 Margaret Devlin

In Memory of Thomas M. Garrettson, Class of 1937 Mr. and Mrs. Nishan Apelian Joseph and Kathleen Dougherty Lawrence Goldberg Mary Gorman-Geraci Teresa Murphy Laura and Nick Stuller

In Memory of Joseph DiGilio Danielle Tubb

In Memory of Dorothy and Bob Genalo Robert J. Genalo In Memory of Sally Genova-DeGeorge George P. DeGeorge In Memory of Vincent F. Giammona, Class of 1979 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Duval In Memory of Nathalie and Franklin Gilbert Michelle Tucker In Memory of Bro. Austin Gill, O.S.F., Class of 1954 Rev. Msgr. William J. Gill In Memory of Bro. Edwin Gill, O.S.F. Rev. Msgr. William J. Gill In Memory of Bro. Robert Gill, O.S.F. Bro. Becket Ryan, O.S.F. In Memory of Florence and Charles Gillman Steven C. Gillman In Memory of Bernard F. Gray, Class of 1945 Angela M. Gray In Memory of Vincent Halloran, Class of 1976 Jane C. Halligan

In Memory of Anthony Johnson, Class of 1966 Thomas J. Curtin, Jr. In Memory of deceased members of the Kawka and Grossarth Families Mr. and Mrs. William Kawka In Memory of Rosemary Keck Anthony J. Keck In Memory of Thomas Kelly, Class of 1980 Mr. and Mrs. Emmet P. Kelly In Memory of Kerry Kenny, Class of 1975 Mr. and Mrs. Gene Kenny In Memory of Richard Knott Sr. Clare T. Knott In Memory of Andrew F. Kobel 1973 Mary and Roger Kobel In Memory of Martin Koenigsamen Joseph M. Loftus In Memory of Dorothy and Robert Koster Robert G. Koster In Memory of John Kowalski, Class of 1990 Toni Lodato-Murphy

In Memory of Sr. Eileen Harrigan, S.C.H., H1986 Anne Lengo

In Memory of Bro. George Larkin, O.S.F. Bruce N. Massie

In Memory of Chrysostomos D. Hatzis Eva Hatzis

In Memory of Wini Latvis Winifred A. Latvis

In Memory of Patricia Shea Havern Patricia E. Havern-Boemo

In Memory of Pauline Lauriano Thomas F. Adams

In Memory of Melanie A. Hendricks, Class of 1984 Patricia A. Schulz-Wark

In Memory of Monsignor John Lavin Jennifer Russo-Medici

In Memory of Mary and Walter Henning William J. Maloney William J. Spadola

In Memory of Robert LeStrange, Class of 1958 Timothy J. McAuliffe

In Memory of Mary and William Herbert Leo F. Herbert

In Memory of Giulia Lewis Emily and Daniel Bash Bio-Cellular Science Inc. Maria and Sheldon Lewis

In Memory of Richie Hoffman Michael S. Hoffman

In Memory of Raymond J. Lipay, Class of 1956 Marguerite E. Lipay

In Memory of Helen and Stephen Hojnacki Denise A. Hojnacki-Totura

In Memory of Frank Lombardi Kathleen Nealon

In Memory of Edwin Howard, Class of 1948 James J. Corcoran

In Memory of Frank Lonigan, Class of 1954 John P. Duffy William F. Morgan

In Memory of Marian R. Hrycar, Class of 1963 Gregory J. Hrycak

In Memory of Grandma Mae Louis E. Scimecca

In Memory of Eugene Hughes, Class of 1951 John J. Adams William J. Dooley, III

In Memory of Michael A. Maina, Class of 1961 Viginia S. Maina

In Memory of Pauline Innamorato Marianne Black-Prawda

In Memory of The Mamisa Family Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Apurado

In Memory of Josephine C. Manggione Francis A. Maggiore In Memory of Robert T. Manning, Class of 1965 James J. Manning In Memory of John “Zeek” Marchassalla, Class of 1979 Vincent S. Agusta James Atkinson Louis C. Barricelli, Jr. Joseph M. Busuttil Anthony J. Classi John M. Collins Christopher J. & Lisa A. Coloracci Mary B. T. Colucci Brendan Cregan & Deborah A. Strack-Cregan Joan M. Devaney-Spillane Louis Doria Alice A. Dunkak-Quinn and Colin P. Quinn John G. Fowler Thomas P. Fumai Joseph M. Genna John J. Grein, III and Ana Hernandez- Grein Michael G. Grittani Mark J. Ketner Anthony R. Lamonaca Gerald LoBiondo Christopher C. Lofaso MaryAnn Lomuscio-Borriello Joseph Lostritto and Joanne L. Frisoni-Lostritto Lucy Marchassalla Michael and Maria Marchassalla Bruno Mastropasqua William B. Maury Carmen Z. Menendez-Puerto Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc. Michael F. Mongelli, II Joshua Mulholland Royce A. Mulholland William Murphy Doris and Frank Nastro Thomas M. Nevitt and Maria K. LaMacchia-Nevitt Valerie and Garret Oswald Edward Petrarca and Margaret M. Connelly-Petrarca Richard P. Raaf Peter J. Rappa Frank Rizzo and Marylene Ansa-Rizzo Brian J. Ryan Michael J. Scanlon Martin A. Schaetzle Carol Schneider-Kennedy Soros Fund Charitable Foundation William Strack Anthony Truzzolino Jerome Truzzolino Robert A. Waegelein, Jr. Thomas E. White

In Memory of Terence P. McCollum, Class of 1967 Terrance J. Nolan In Memory of Colin Jude McGarrity Edward C. McGarrity In Memory of John McGinley, H1982 Michael Carragher and Jae Ahn Nancy A. Panula Luigi Pedalino Mr. and Mrs. Selwyn Phillip Kristin Smith In Memory of Fred McGorry, Class of 1955 John J. Ferguson, Sr. In Memory of Bernice R. McHugh James E. McHugh Dorothy E. Torsney In Memory of William J. McInerney Eileen Hennessy In Memory of Hank McMahon, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Hank McMahon In Memory of James McManus, Class of 1952 Daniel D. O’Connell In Memory of Thomas M. McPartland Michael J. McPartland In Memory of Maria Mejia Michael P. Mejia In Memory of Josephine Melito John G. Melito In Memory of Rita J. Mergner Barbara J. Mergner-Dunn In Memory of John J. Mollica, Class of 1923 John E. Mollica In Memory of John Moran, Class of 1985 Luis A. Ramos In Memory of Larry Morgan, Class of 1961 William F. Morgan In Memory of Joseph A. Mulholland Dorothy A. Mulholland In Memory of Brian Murphy, Class of 1983 John J. Sharkey In Memory of Francis X. Murphy, Class of 1957 Rosemarie Murphy In Memory of Bro. Roger Nagel, O.S.F. Paul Gangi Edward C. O’Brien

In Memory of Francis J. McCaffrey William F. McCaffrey In Memory of Edward McCarmach Jr. Blair F. Allen

2009-10 Annual Report


Gifts Made in Memory of... (con’t) 30

In Memory of Alfonse Niedermeyer, Class of 1979 American International Group, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Beck Mr. and Mrs. Michael Burke Andrew Doulos Robert A. Fischer John Lemire Jack Niedermeyer Nancy Niedermeyer Carol and Alfonse Niedermeyer Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Schick In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Oates Gerard A. Oates In Memory of Kathleen O’Brien Thomas C. O’Brien In Memory of Kalla P. O’Brien Thomas C. O’Brien

In Memory of Daniel Pujdak, Class of 2001 Catherine A. Albaneze Church of St. Cecilia’s Eileen Conlon Frances and Ludomir Czynski Pina M. Gulla-Campagna Joan Janda Mr. and Mrs. Aldo P. Matulich Rosemarie Mazza Lauren Messineo Linda and Robert Petro Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Robles Maureen and Tim Shannon

In Memory of Anna and Rudolph Sidorowicz Keith F. Sidorowicz In Memory of Elizabeth B. Barry Sisk, Class of 1983 Jon Fredas In Memory of Margaret Sotiriou-Abramo, Class of 1985 Louisa A. Santulli-Scigowski

In Memory of Patricia Puppa Robert A. Puppa, Jr.

In Memory of Timothy Stackpole, Class of 1977 Peter Brady Lisa M. Melillo-Molinaro Tara Stackpole

In Memory of Rena and Primo Ragnetti Paul A. Ragnetti

In Memory of Robert Stenger, H1983 Robert Capen

In Memory of William V. Reilly, Class of 1952 Patricia J. Reilly

In Memory of Brother James O’Grady John P. DeRiso John A. Meehan

In Memory of Millie and John Ricciando Gerald J. Ricciardo

In Memory of Fred Szostek Robert Carmen Elizabeth K. Gerdts Vincent and Catherine Goodwin Murray Kofkin Mr. and Mrs. Dan O’Byrne

In Memory of Frances Okens Joanne and Kenneth Sackowski

In Memory of Julianna Rose Rizzo Peter L. Rizzo

In Memory of Kien Ta, Muot Ta, and Ly Lam Anna N. Lam-Chi

In Memory of Christopher Olexa, Class of 1977 Frances and Joseph Olexa

In Memory of Albert Maxwell Robb The Estate of J.B. Robb

In Memory of Anne Taxiarkis Jean and Salvatore Truzzolino

In Memory of George Robb, Class of 1966 James Dollard

In Memory of Alphons W. Tobias Winifred C. Tobias

In Memory of Cecilia and Harry Pak Joyce W. Pak-Mcpherson

In Memory of Marie and Nicholas Rocco Nicholas C. Rocco, Jr. Claudia M. Rocco

In Memory of Michael Travers, Class of 1951 Peggy Travers

In Memory of Thomas Palumbo, Class of 1977 Bernadette C. Carella-Palumbo

In Memory of Clemente Ruggiero, Class of 1956 John Coleman

In Memory of my parents Lawrence L. Santangelo

In Memory of Terrence Ryan Albert T. Hutwagner

In Memory of my parents and parents-in-law Joseph M. Sheehan

In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. T. Salamone Adam C. Lombardi

In Memory of Brother Pacificus, O.S.F. Joseph E. Castana

In Memory of Laraine Perdichizzi Anthony Perdichizzi In Memory of Robert F. Perret Geraldine M. Perret-Ferguson In Memory of Kenneth J. Phelan Daniel J. Phelan In Memory of Joseph Piegari Theresa Blain In Memory of Nancy Portoghese-Bauer, Class of 1980 Paul Portoghese In Memory of Ralph Prisco, Class of 1972 Thomas DeMaria

St. Francis Preparatory School

In Memory of Anthony Scelfo Pauline M. Scelfo In Memory of Mary and George Sceppa John J. Sceppa In Memory of John Scott John F. Astarita In Memory of Charles Shane Jr. Ms. Margaret Shane In Memory of Thom Sheehan, Class of 1955 John J. Ferguson, Sr. In Memory of Kathleen Sheehan Sister Louise Sheehan In Memory of Stephen Shurina Patricia M. Shurina-Vail

In Memory of Edward A. Tynan Jane M. Tynan In Memory of Theresa Vales, Class of 1985 Theresa M. Burke-Yarri In Memory of Hugo Vallejo Bernarda Zurita In Memory of Candido Venuto John R. Venuto In Memory of Brother Bernandine Voute Richard J. Edwards In Memory of Mary and Frank Walker William J. Walker, Sr. In Memory of Bro. Timothy Walsh, H1984 George J. Clough In Memory of Anna Walz George C. Bergleitner, Jr. In Memory of Kevin Wuerz, Class of 1982 Margaret M. Wuerz In Memory of Helen and Nicholas Zodda Brother Alan Zodda, O.S.F.

Gifts Made in Honor of...

Any gift or donation to St. Francis Prep can be made “in memory” or “in honor of” a loved one, favorite teacher/administrator as a way of paying tribute those (living and deceased), who have made a difference in your life. All gifts, no mater the size, will make an impact in the lives of deserving St. Francis Prep students. In Honor of Douglas J. Berry Amy Alcott-Tulevech In Honor of Deacon James Biggin, Class of 1956 James A. Biggin In Honor of Jessica Blain, Class of 2009 Theresa Blain In Honor of Justin Bohn, Class of 2005, and Ryan Bohn, Class of 2010 Barbara A. Bohn In Honor of Thomas Booras, Class of 1955 Robert F. Koehler In Honor of Lucia P. Cellini Bro. Greg L. Cellini, O.S.F. In Honor of The Class of 1983 Heidi R. Flori In Honor of The Class of 1950 Robert F. Koehler In Honor of The Class of 1952 Robert L. Kennedy In Honor of The Class of 1995 Richard T. Finger, Jr. In Honor of Bro. Leonard Conway, O.S.F., H2001 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kirchhofer Bridget Recker In Honor of Sr. Barbara Coyle, C.S.J. Theresa M. Burke-Yarri In Honor of Dave Daly, former Track & Field Coach John A. Fry In Honor of Sr. Margaret Donnelly, R.S.M. Mr. and Mrs. James Ford In Honor of my 15th year graduation Rose L. DeInnocentiis-Ruesing In Honor of The Franciscan Brothers Stephen J. Antal

In Honor of Bernadette and Gerald Griffin Marie Griffin

In Honor of Donna M. Pollard, Class of 1976 Ann E. Ahlstrom-Saxer

In Honor of Daniel Henning, Class of 1960 William J. Maloney

In Honor of Tommasso and Maria Scarlatto Nick T. Scarlatto

In Honor of Richie Innamorato Marianne Black-Prawda

In Honor of Christy and Claude Steingasser John and Veronica Steingasser

In Honor of Bro. Edward Kent, O.S.F. Jubilee Michael Apicella In Honor of Bro. Robert Kent, O.S.F., H1996 Peter Callahan Kevin Conroy, Sr. Vincent J. McGill Matthew and Barbara Roseanu In Honor of Pierce Krauland, Class of 2011 Jill Nicolois In Honor of Dr. and Mrs. Frank Macchiarola, H2000 Alive In Hope Foundation

In Honor of Gale and Mike Strofolino, Class of 1961, and Family Michael Strofolino In Honor of Rev. William Sweeney, H2003 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Happe Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Ledbetter In Honor of The Ventricelli Family Sister Mary N. Ventricelli, O.P. In Honor of Jenna Wojciechowski, Class of 2009 Joseph &Barbara Wojciechowski

In Honor of Bernice & James McHugh, H1992 Daniel V. Corry James T. Dunphy Denise Ann Wuria In Honor of Mary and George Megella Leo F. Herbert In Honor of Traci Murphy, Class of 1990 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Murphy In Honor of Mary & Vincent O’Connor, H1984 Ismael Ramirez In Honor of Kerri O’Connor, Class of 1996 Ann O’Connor In Honor of John Pereira, Class of 1962 Noreen M. Galoppi In Honor of Damiana Perez Arcadio and Sonnia Ronquillo

In reports of this type, some errors are inevitable. If your name was omitted or improperly listed, please accept our apologies. If you have detected an error, please notify the Office of Development so that we may correct our records.

2009-10 Annual Report


N. 6 Street Reunion th

On Saturday, October 3, 2009, St. Francis Prep went “back to Brooklyn” (the site of the school from 1952-74), to celebrate the close of its 150th Anniversary Year, renew old friendships and relive fond memories. It was a festive occasion and more than 500 alumni and guests were present. Thanks for your support of this fine event.


Michael J. Agusta ‘76 Anthony A. Alfano ‘77 Robert Allen ‘63 William Andrejko ‘63 Ronald P. Antal ‘77 Stephen J. Antal ‘73 William B. Ashton ‘76 John F. Astarita ‘55 Paul Augello ‘77 Augustine Aversano ‘64 Theodore Bajo ‘62 John L. Balbi ‘68 Joseph L. Barbarino ‘62 Kathleen Barnes-Romagnano ‘80 Edward Bartosiewicz ‘68 Thomas J. Baskind ‘64 Charles A. Bennett ‘61 George C. Bergleitner ‘53 Anthony J. Biancaniello ‘60 Walter A. Bishop ‘80 Brian P. Black ‘75 Gerard H. Boehme ‘72 Jeffrey C. Boehme ‘74 Thomas R. Bongiorno ‘62 Thomas A. Booras ‘55 Dennis A. Breen ‘69 Charles Brincat ‘57 Gary J. Brownell ‘74 James I. Brucia ‘57 John Buzzetta ‘68 Thomas M. Byrne ‘62 John J. Cahill ‘67 Terry Cain Charles J. Cain ‘55 Steven R. Calandro ‘71 Peter Callahan ‘59 Juan P. Campmany ‘74 Richard W. Caunitz ‘57

St. Francis Preparatory School

Nunzio D. Cazzetta ‘53 Frank Ciccone ‘77 Joseph C. Ciechalski ‘63 Francis X. Clines ‘56 Charles D. Colletti ‘57 Frederick Conroy ‘63 Gerry Conway ‘63 Jack A. Conway ‘71 Anthony T. Corbisiero ‘78 John R. Corbisiero ‘76 Peter M. Corritori ‘59 Daniel V. Corry ‘58 John P. Crean ‘55 Samuel R. Crescente ‘70 Anthony J. Croce ‘77 Paul V. Cucarese ‘70 Elizabeth M. Cucinotta ‘87 Anthony L. Cuda ‘68 Joseph E. D’Amato ‘57 Leonard T. D’Angelo ‘64 Richard G. Danderline ‘72 Frank X. DeFontes ‘55 Edwin M. Delaney, Sr. ‘56 Mario R. DeLuca ‘71 James DePalma ‘75 M. A. DeSantis ‘60 Nicholas A. DiLello ‘67 Cosmo J. DiTucci ‘48 William Dobranski ‘77 Sister Margaret Donnelly, R.S.M. James P. Donnelly ‘56 Sister Martin M. Doran, O.P. Albert G. Doumar ‘53 Francis H. Dowd ‘47 John M. Downing ‘54 Mary K. Duffy-Scally ‘88 Francois Dumaine ‘63 Richard F. Dyas ‘65

Joseph G. Eaton ‘80 Terrence J. Ellison ‘64 Vincent J. Emilio ‘57 Michael P. Esposito ‘65 William J. Eyring ‘64 William T. Fadelici ‘69 George M. Feeney ‘62 Louis G. Fellin ‘68 Robert D. Fiorillo ‘70 Dennis T. Fitzpatrick ‘76 Rita Fitzpatrick William B. Fornaro ‘67 Joseph Fritsch ‘75 Rudolph H. Funke ‘62 Robert E. Furey ‘57 Dennis P. Gallagher ‘69 Peter J. Gannon ‘75 Kenneth B. Garry ‘66 Frederick J. Gavitt ‘75 Robert J. Genalo ‘72 David M. Gibbons ‘63 John E. Gibbons ‘62 Maureen A. Gotimer ‘76 Joseph N. Graif ‘72 Thomas J. Guida ‘69 Steven L. Henning ‘69 John A. Hernandez ‘62 Michael J. Hetzer ‘76 Gerard J. Hevern ‘68 John G. Hibbits ‘58 John B. Higgins ‘65 Kenneth B. Hogan ‘57 Michael Honan ‘64 Daniel J. Hresko ‘80 Dennis J. Hughes ‘55 Chris L. Hyland ‘77 Gasper F. Ilasi ‘73 Peter Iovino ‘74

Leon Jackson ‘63 Gary S. Jendras ‘71 Ronald S. Jendras ‘65 Eddie Jenkins ‘68 Steven Jenkusky ‘72 James J. Jones ‘59 Paul M. Jourcin ‘65 Henry G. Justus ‘57 Anthony J. Keck ‘54 Charles W. Kells ‘68 Harold F. Kelly ‘56 Kevin J. Kelly ‘69 Edward C. Kennedy ‘57 Donald E. Kent ‘62 Sally Khan David R. Kilanowski ‘69 Robert Kirby ‘57 John T. Klammer ‘63 Rev. Msgr. Corneilius T. Kneafsey ‘51 Peter M. Koch ‘73 Stefan R. Korolczuk ‘63 William A. Kraus ‘76 Ronald Krausankas ‘75 Joseph Kuceluk ‘73 Frank J. Lackner ‘76 Thomas Laquercia ‘62 Anthony C. Laurino ‘55 Robert W. Leckie ‘64 Edward J. Lennon ‘52 Arthur P. Linnemann ‘69 Patrick Lonergan ‘70 Francis J. Lonigan ‘54 Daniel J. Loughran ‘74 Robert Ludwig ‘71 Thomas D. Lynch ‘50 John L. Maiorino ‘71 Bro. Lawrence Makofske, O.S.F. Terrance Maletic ‘68

Blaise M. Marchese ‘53 Joseph F. Martin ‘62 Gaetano J. Mascolo ‘71 Michael Massone ‘70 Frank A. Massuli ‘64 Benedict Mastrototaro Leonard V. Masucci ‘62 John R. Mathis ‘59 John T. Matrejek ‘68 James R. Mazzeo ‘60 Eugene J. McArdle ‘75 Gerald E. McCarthy ‘55 John F. McCormack ‘61 Rev. Msgr. J. Edward McCullough ‘59 Dennis J. McDermott ‘70 Rev. William K. McDonald ‘53 James E. McGlyn ‘49 James E. McHugh H ’92 Richard E. McKenna ‘56 Patrick McLaughlin ‘73 William A. McLoughlin ‘40 James L. Melone ‘70 Frank M. Minaudo ‘74 Brother Louis T. Miritello, O.S.F. ‘57 John E. Mollica ‘53 William K. Mosca ‘45 John V. Mullane ‘45 Michael A. Mulqueen ‘74 Thomas A. Murawski ‘60 Thomas P. Murphy ‘59 William J. Ninehan ‘68 Daniel A. Nolan ‘61 Terrance J. Nolan ‘67 Bernard J. Noonan ‘62 John D. Nowak ‘73 Patrick J. O’Beirne ‘75 John J. O’Boyle ‘60 Luke T. O’Brien ‘72

Daniel J. O’Connell ‘75 Kevin V. O’Donnell ‘73 John F. O’Hara ‘48 Daniel F. O’Leary ‘68 James D. O’Neill ‘55 Charles J. O’Neill ‘49 Robert F. O’Rourke ‘60 Cathleen Ognibene ‘91 Edward F. Orr III ‘64 John Owens ‘71 Joseph G. Pellechi ‘64 Peter L. Peluso ‘76 John S. Pereira ‘62 Gerard R. Petri ‘75 James C. Petrillo ‘71 James M. Phillips ‘73 Vincent F. Pitta ‘68 Edward J. Powers ‘60 Thomas J. Prendergast ‘59 Michael J. Prior ‘65 Edward Quinn ‘57 Andrew J. Quinn ‘57 John P. Raarup ‘69 George J. Raff ‘57 Richard F. Randall ‘60 Phil J. Ras ‘67 Walter Reibenack ‘57 Robert Rooney ‘71 Thomas G. Rottenberger ‘74 Michael A. Rozza ‘70 Robert M. Rozzi ‘66 Andrew Rudzinski ‘65 Benedict F. Ruggiero ‘60 James P. Sammon ‘59 Gerald A. Sankner ‘75 Robert M. Sawicki ‘60 Joseph E. Scalia ‘60 Ronald E. Schmid ‘64

John A. Schneider ‘57 Roy J. Schoenhaar ‘64 Martin J. Schretzmann ‘74 Leonard Sclafani ‘59 Daniel J. Scotti ‘60 Michael Scudiero ‘76 Terry D. Sgarlata ‘61 James E. Sherlock ‘63 Danielle Sherwood John J. Sidtis ‘69 Roger F. Skelton ‘66 Dominick Solimando ‘67 Joe Sowa ‘72 William J. Spadola ‘60 Sam Stith ‘56 Tom Stith ‘57 Christopher S. St. John ‘74 George B. Sula ‘65 Zenon J. Szaro ‘74 Walter Szczupak ‘72 Henry B. Szot ‘56 Terence Tener ‘64 Maria and William Terrone Thomas W. Terryn ‘74 Edward M. Tonkin ‘42 Arthur W. Toohig ‘60 Daniel E. Toomey ‘57 Sabino R. Torre ‘76 Robert L. Torre ‘61 Vincent A. Toscano ‘53 Paulette Toscano H ‘08 William T. Trace ‘74 Peggy Travers Arthur J. Tremblay ‘80 Timothy J. Tubridy ‘69 Joseph P. Tucker ‘76 Henry F. Tucker ‘71 Ralph A. Turturro ‘75

Charles Valenza ‘65 Dominic Veneziano ‘64 Sister Mary N. Ventricelli, O.P. Dominick J. Vulpis ‘74 Frank Vulpis ‘71 John J. Wagner ‘69 William J. Walker ‘62 F. G. Walsh ‘55 Howard K. Weber ‘68 Francis J. Weber ‘59 Richard Weglarz ‘72 Richard J. Weilminster ‘61 Eugene P. Westhoff ‘63 Edwin O. Westley ‘61 David J. White ‘68 Michael Winnicki ‘63 Kenneth W. Wolf ‘75 Edward J. Woods ‘73 Gerard L. Wosleger ‘76 Anthony P. Yanni ‘73 George H. Yonkie ‘74 Thomas Zinkand ‘63 Michael D. Zizzo ‘64

2009-10 Annual Report


Campus Ministry Appeal 34

Campus Ministry: Putting Faith into Practice Campus Ministry is where St. Francis Prep’s students put their faith into practice. Activities are geared toward raising consciousness about social justice issues through immersion programs sponsored by the Prep in conjunction with local and regional social service agencies. Students conduct a variety of fund raising activities to finance the various aspects of engaging in these experiences. We are grateful to the many family, friends and alumni who supported our students and these programs this past academic year. A.T. Adebayo Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Aguilar Richard J. Ahlemeyer AKS International Inc. Nancy and Frank Albaneze Jean Alfano Sharon and Selwyn Alves Carol Amato Ronald P. Antal ‘77 Ina Babb-Henry Daniella and Rolando Barro Marlene Beaman Gloria Bebbs-Lepsey Peter J. Beichert Noreen M. Beichert Ben Mele Construction, Inc. Donna Birmingham Laura and Elmer Blackburne Daniel L. Boccone ‘77 Irene and Ferdinand Boccone Richard Bory Anne Marie and Kevin Bowler Diane and Robert Boyle Ashley and Thomas Brady Maurice Breen Nancy B. Brett-Martin ‘92 Diane Brierley Rosemarie and James Brown Jacqueline Browne Latonya Bullock Cathy and Larry Burke Lawrence P. Byrne ‘77 Marie Camit Anna and Joseph Campanaro Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Capellupo Maryann and Frank Campo Eileen Cantoni Sister Diane Capuano, O.P. Mr. and Mrs. Carrig William J. Caruso Joan Cashen Dorothy H’10 and Jimmy Cassano Joan R. Cassidy Mary C. McHale and Joseph Castellano H’10 Nancy and Russ Castrogiovanni Sylvanie and Robert Charles Joanne and Paul Chatham Jennifer Cipollino Susan and Robert Clarke Zora M. Clement Gerilyn Coccia and Michael Schablin Arlene and Ray Coccia Lillian and Paul Cohen Linda and Raymond Connor Lynn and Brian Cooney Maureen Corrado Michael D. Costa Eileen and Nicholas Costa

St. Francis Preparatory School

Maureen Costello Dolores Costello Virginia and John Courtney June and Patrick Creegan Mary and John Creel Peter Cuccio ‘73 Susan and Alfred D’Andrea H’07 Eileen Daly Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dauro Vincent Del Bagno Barbara Dennehy Margaret and Dan DePasquale Jeannine & Michael DiLeonardo Marie and Charles Dileonardo Michael Dilillo Gloria and Michael Dilillo Panagiota and Gerasimos Dimitriou Mr. and Mrs. Lambros Dimitriou Donna and Dominick Dipasquale Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. DiSpigno Juliann and Vincent Doherty Patricia and Henry Doherty Mike Donavan Matt and Cathleen Donovan Sr. Martin M. Doran, O.P. Bernard F. Dowd Catherine and John Dowling Marie and James Doyle Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Drosinos Claudette and Christopher Dukas Ruth and John Dumas Sister Jane M. Durgin, C.I.J. Louise and Keith Dutton Bob C.H. Eng Elizabeth and Thomas J. Faherty Richard J. Fanning Maureen and Joseph Featherston Andrea and Gary Ferranti Caroline Ferrari Theresa Finn Mary Finnerty Denise E. McBride-Fischetti and Sal A. Fischetti ‘83 Johanna Flannery Denise Fogarty Peggy and Michael Forde Sharon Forrester-Grant Stacey and Patrick J. Foye The Franeta Family Mr. and Mrs. Jay Frango Oronzo Frankini James Frankini ‘79 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Frankini Rev. James F. Fraser Richard Frein Mr. and Mrs. Karl Freitag Carol and John Galanaugh Constance Gardner Beryl Gathers-Pearson Sabrina Z. Georgio ‘13

Mr. & Mrs. Domenick Giammarco Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Gilmartin Dorothy and Michael Girardi Jonathan Glover Yvette and Arturo Godreau Kimberly Godwin Gianfranco Goglia Celestina Goglia Mr. and Mrs. Corrado Goglia Michelle Goldstein Sharon Gonnella John F. Goydas ‘52 Maria and James Guerin Patrick Guichard William Guido Rosemary Gurry Gertrude Gwardjak Maria Salcedo & Eric M. Hafker ‘86 Kathleern and William Haid Jeann M. Haid ‘78 John J. Hamilton Elizabeth and Donald Hamilton Julia and Gregory Happe Kathleen Harkins Catherine Hartnett Laura and Patrick Hassett Patricia Healy Ellen and William Healy Elizabeth and Wayne Henning Kerry Henning Elizabeth A. Henning Lauralee Hibbert Patrick Hickey Frances Hicks Maureen and Joseph Hilly Cynthia L. Hines William Hiser Julia Hodge Thomas S. Hojnacki ‘79 Kay M. Howard Andrea and James Hurley Joni and Richard Iacono Marge Iannucci Claire Jackson Joseph Janos Dele Jobi Sr. Margaret Jogues, C.S.J. William B. Johnson Carolyn Johnson-Rini Marilyn and William Jones Sr. Maureen Joseph-Zick, O.P. Esther Judge Jacques Juillet Haifa Kalile Sr. Kathleen Kane, C.S.J. Mr. and Mrs. William Kawka Dorothy Kearns Lisa and Louis Keen Jean and Louis Keen Margaret and Bernard Keenan

Nancy J. Kelley John T. Kelly Kevin Kennedy Paul R. Klyap ‘60 Clare T. Knott Patricia and Thomas Koppinger Marie and William Krejci Sister Mary Kenneth Lane, C.S.J. Mary Grace LaRocca Fernanda M. LaRocca Anthony LaRocca Las Consulting Group, LTD Margaret and Fred Ledbetter Mary Lee Sr. Claude Lenox, C.S.J. Suzanne and Ira Levy Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Licato Elizabeth Licato Milan Licul Constanza Liolios Mr. and Mrs. Sal LoCascio Maureen and Martin Logan Mary T. Long Nicholas V. LoPrinzi ‘87 Mr. and Mrs. John Lordi Robert J. Lowenberg Mr. and Mrs. John Lugo Jane Lynch Christina Maddalena Christine and James A. Madden Rosemarie and William Mahoney Lydia Maisonave Lorraine Maloney Lucia T. Marrone Gerald B. Martori ‘75 Josefina Martinez Sister Rita M. McCauley, C.S.J. Josephine and Jerome McCloskey Kathleen & Christopher McCormick Rev. Robert R. McCourt Helen and Lawrence McCrory Mr. and Mrs. Christopher McDougall Ann and Donald McGarity Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McKenna Kathy and Patrick McLaughlin ‘73 Camille and Charles McMenamin Eileen McShane Lee and Thomas Megna Geraldine and Michael Merlo Metro Management Development, Inc.

Martha Meyer Jacqueline and Roland Michel Irene and Richard Milla Mr. and Mrs. William Miller Maria and Joseph Minchella Staci Minkoff Panorea Moore Dorothy and Luke Moore Maria and Richard Morelli Sr. Mary Francesca Morelli, O.P.

Dawn and Richard Morici Joyce Morris ‘79 Ann and Dan Mulcahy Marie G. Mullen Rosemary and George Mulry Sonia Munoz Ronald A. Murad Jennifer S. Murphy William Murray Mr. and Mrs. Victor Nacinovich George Naeder New York City Alarm Corporation Rochelle Noel Patrick J. O’Byrne Mary and Joseph O’Dea Mary O’Hagan Helen T. O’Neill Mr. and Mrs. Francis O’Reilly Arlene and James O’Rourke Veronica and Thomas O’Sullivan Mary and Martin Odea Catherine and Arthur Olsen Priscilla and John Ornelas Ariel Y. Ottey ‘12 Philona Overstreet Antonia Palumbo Rina and Ferruccio Pamic Eddie Pamic Lillian Papandrea Robin and Robert Paquette Laurie Parisi

Angela and Rudolph Parisi Andre Parson Joseph Parvis Dace Pellettiere Bro. DeSales Pergola, O.S.F. ‘85 Teresa and Gerald Perich Colleen and John Pfeifer Audrey I. Pheffer Karla Piacentini Jesus Pinedo Ruth and Livinski Plaskett Dennis E. Powers Susan and Phillip Prevete Prodigy Plumbing & Heating Corp. Professional Billing Associates, Inc. Jean and Alex Prokopchuk Christina and Leo Pujdak Karyn and Bill G. Quinn Barbara and Charles Raab Richard P. Raaf ‘50 Nora P. Reape Bridget Recker Virginia Regan Patricia A. Reynolds Anne and Michael Rice Lorraine Rimoncelli Rita and Saverio Rizzi Kathleen and James Roberts Michaela E. Robinson Janet and John Robinson Megan M. Robinson-Rogers ‘89

Bernadette Rochelle Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rodriguez Anna and Francisco Rosario Regina A. Rothowski Kara and Michael Rutigliano ‘87 Fernando Salazar ‘1994 Nancy E. Saldana William Sanford Maria V. Santiago Dorothy Scacalossi Margaret Scanlon Mary and Ralph Schleske Margaret Schook Sr. Mildred Schubert, S.C.H. Donna and Thomas Schule Raymond A. Scott Roseanne Scott Joyce and Michael Scully Sarah and Michael Searson Margaret Shane Danielle Sherwood Virginia Simon Cleann Simon Balwinder Singh William J. Skody Brother Kevin F. Smith, O.S.F. ‘58 Laura L. Smith Barbara Smykowski Dolores Soho Margaret F. Sorahan Aimee Spennato

Jennifer and Sean Spinney Janice and Gene Spitzer Margaret F. Sorahan Tara Stackpole Patricia Stanis Marianne and William Stolfi Eileen M. Sullivan Lola Sullivan Sue and John Sullivan Linda Sullivan Cynthia Sweeney Mary Sweeney John A. Szcepanski Carolyn Szostek H’09 Anabela and Luiz Tang Luis C. Taylor Lisa Tempro Barbara W. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Keith Thomas Monica Thomas Claire P. Thornton ‘90 Ann and Frank Tomitz Mrs. and Mr. Dawn M. Tortora- Morici

Paulette and Vincent Toscano ‘53 Christopher L. Trabold Julie Trinidad Sharon Ann and Robert Trinidad Carl M. Truffi Sally Truffi Jean C. Tuzzo United Miners Soccer Club, Inc.

Victoria A. Ursitti Vam Corporation Nancy Vasquez Maria M. Velazquez-Martinez Irene Vella Sister Mary N. Ventricelli, O.P. Mary J. Verrall Suzanne and Stephen Viggiano Jeanette A. Viscovich Melissa Viscovich Tara and Stephen Viscovich Monica and Steve Vlkovic Alexander F. Vozos ‘03 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vozos Jacqueline M. Vozos ‘01 Norma Walkes Mr. and Mrs. James Walsh Patricia Walsh Barbara Wehnes Cheryl and Richard Weston Mr. and Mrs. James Weldon Laughlin and Diana Whalen Mabel Williams Dave Williams Maureen and John Wilson William P. Woods Johanna Zafferese Kathy Zimmer Nancy M. Zollner-Ferraris ‘80 Andy M. Zovich ‘82

2009-10 Annual Report


The Named Scholarship Program 36

An Endowed Scholarship The Gift that Keeps on Giving St. Francis Prep welcomes the establishment of named, permanently endowed scholarship funds in memory or in honor of the individual (s) or family named—by providing an initial contribution of at least $10,000 and a longterm commitment of $100,000 or more. The following pages highlight the permanent scholarship funds that have been officially established at the Prep, and we hope to add many more in the years ahead through outright gifts made by generous graduates and friends, through bequests-by-will, and through other planned giving methods. It’s a wonderful way to pass along the gift of a Franciscan education! The following funds have balances of $25,000 or more (as of fiscal year ending August 31, 2010). Funds with $100,000 or more have been designated as “permanently endowed scholarship funds” while funds with balances of $25,000-$99,999 are presumed to be building toward permanently endowed status. Our heartfelt thanks to those who have started these funds and whose generosity continues this legacy.

St. Francis Preparatory School

The Mike Abruzzo and Ruth Speer Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mike Abruzzo was the Dean of Men and Ruth Speer was the Dean of Women at St. Francis Prep for many years. The scholarship fund established in their memories provides for a financial award to a deserving student at Prep each year. FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2009 $79,562



FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2010 $79,735

The Michael Brennan ’91 Memorial Scholarship Fund

This fund was established in memory of one of Prep’s 9-11 heroes, Michael Brennan FDNY, Class of 1991, who was working with Engine Co. 54, Ladder Co. 4, Battalion 9 when he responded to the call that fateful day. “Mikey B” played football at the Prep, and he was an avid snowboarder and surfer who lived in Woodside. His family, especially his older brother Brian Brennan ‘87 and his mother Eileen Walsh, along with classmates and friends, have supported this fund since its inception. FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2009 $22,444



The initial award will be made in 2010-11

FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2010 $24,726

The Bro. Ralph Clifford O.S.F., Robert Smith O.S.F., and Leonard Conway O.S.F. Scholarship Fund Established through the generosity of SFP trustee, Michael Henning ’57, this fund honors and recognizes the Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn for the tremendous influence they had on Mike’s life, most notably the late Brother Ralph Clifford, the Prep’s long-time treasurer; Brother Robert Smith, long-standing trustee and fellow SFP Hall of Famer; and Brother Leonard Conway, now serving his 28th year as Principal of the Prep. FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2009 $94,540



FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2010 $102,469

The Corbisiero Family Scholarship Fund

Established through the generosity of Anthony Corbisiero ’78 and his family (with matching gifts provided by the George Soros Foundation), this scholarship fund will soon provide assistance to many deserving St. Francis Prep students in perpetuity. FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2009 $149,028



FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2010 $161,527

2009-10 Annual Report


The Martin Doherty ’76 Memorial Scholarship Fund

This fund was established by Michael Doherty ’77 in memory of his brother, Marty, who was tragically killed in 1980. Marty played football and rugby as a student at Prep and graduated in 1976. His brother, Michael, who lives in Texas, together with other family members, classmates and friends, continue to honor Marty’s memory through this scholarship fund. FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2009 $32,750



The initial award will be made in 2010-11

FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2010 $35,497

The Captain Vincent Giammona ’79 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Vincent Giammona was a very high-spirited and well-liked student who participated in the Track program while at Prep. In 2001, he was looking forward to celebrating his 40th birthday by running his first NYC marathon, but he was killed on September 11th along with 343 of his FDNY colleagues in the greatest rescue effort in the history of the department. He was posthumously promoted to Fire Captain. The scholarship award recipient must be a current member of the SFP Track & Field Team and he/she must prepare an essay (min. 150 words) that answers the question, “What would you suggest we do to keep the memory and good will of September 11th alive so people will never forget?” Preference may be given to sons or daughters of Firefighters, Police Officers and/or Military personnel. FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2009 $50,541



The initial award will be made in 2010-11

FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2010 $54,780

The Walter and Mary Henning Memorial Scholarship Fund

Established through the generosity of SFP trustee, Michael Henning ’57, this fund honors the memory of his parents, Walter and Mary, who raised six boys in Queens Village, two of whom (Mike and Dan ’60) attended St. Francis Prep on North 6th Street in Brooklyn. FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2009 $167,865



Contributions can be made online to any of these Scholarship Funds by going to http://alumni.sfponline.org and clicking on DONATE TO THE PREP 38

St. Francis Preparatory School

FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2010 $182,043

The Thomas R. Kelly ’80 Memorial Scholarship Fund

This fund was established in memory of another of the Prep’s 9-11 heroes, Thomas R. Kelly FDNY, Class of 1980, who lived in Riverhead at the time of the attacks on the World Trade Center. The scholarship fund provides a financial award each year to a deserving Prep student. FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2009 $42,510



FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2010 $40,075

The Bernice and James E. McHugh H’92 Scholarship Fund

This fund was established in 2007 in honor of the long-time track coach at Prep, Jim McHugh, and his late wife, Bernice. Track alumni and members of the Class of 1957 came together in 2007 under the leadership of Ed Kennedy ’57 and Dan Corry ’58 to raise the money from classmates and track teammates to initiate this fund, and they continue to oversee the annual selection of each scholarship recipient (a senior track athlete in good academic standing who has financial need) as well as ongoing fund-raising efforts. FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2009 $77,913



FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2010 $77,647

The John “Zeek” Marchassalla ’79 Memorial Scholarship Fund

John “Zeek” Marchassalla was the captain of the SFP 1978 CHSFL City Division Championship football team. He was named the head coach of the JV team in 1981 and coached what went on to become, arguably, one of the best teams to ever play at the Prep. John was an extraordinary individual who was loved and admired by many. After his untimely passing, legions of Prep alumni rallied to establish this scholarship fund in his memory. This fall, many of John’s classmates and former teammates came together and raised nearly $150,000 for the fund to help celebrate 25 years of providing a scholarship award in his name to a deserving football student athlete. FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2009 $22,513



FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2010 $165,087

Contributions toContributions any of these to Scholarship are fully tax-deductible and can help any of theseFunds Scholarship Funds are fully tax-deductible and can help the life ofSt. a deserving St. Francis Prep student. change the life change of a deserving Francis Prep student.

2009-10 Annual Report


The Brian P. Murphy ’83 Memorial Scholarship Fund

This fund honors the memory of Brian Murphy, SFP Class of 1983, who played football at the Prep and then at Brown University before embarking on a legal career. He succumbed to a brain aneurysm in 1997, and football alumni have honored his memory by establishing this scholarship fund at St. Francis Prep and continuing to support its mission through The Brian Murphy Foundation. FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2009 $75,754



FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2010 $75,157

The Alfonse J. Niedermeyer ’79 Memorial Scholarship Fund

This fund was founded in memory of Port Authority Police Officer Alfonse J. Niedermeyer, St. Francis Prep Class of 1979, who lost his life in the heroic rescue efforts of September 11, 2001. Initial funding for the scholarship comes through the generosity of Al’s wife, Nancy, and ongoing support from family members, classmates and friends will be structured to insure that the fund can provide financial assistance to deserving students at the Prep in perpetuity. Certain considerations will be part of the process to help determine the scholarship recipients in any given year. These will include: students who have a sibling(s) currently enrolled in a Catholic school; students who are in good academic standing; students who experience a sudden loss or tragedy in their family; students who had an association with Al or the Niedermeyer Family. Candidates will submit an essay describing how a scholarship will benefit their family. Award recipients will be determined at the discretion of St. Francis Prep’s Principal. Mrs. Niedermeyer and her family will have the opportunity to review the performance of the scholarship recipients each year, meet with these students when convenient, and review the investment performance of the fund as appropriate. FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2009 $63,722



FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2010 The initial award will be made in 2010-11 $83,958

Contributions can be made online to any of these Scholarship Funds by going to http://alumni.sfponline.org and clicking on DONATE TO THE PREP 40

St. Francis Preparatory School

The Mary and Vincent O’Connor Scholarship Fund

Under Coach Vince O’Connor, the St. Francis Prep Varsity Football Team has recorded 325 victories over 56 seasons and they have won 16 CHSFL Championships (with undefeated seasons in 1957, ‘64, ‘66, ‘72, ‘73, and ‘83), including the 2005 CHSFL Championship victory over St. Peter’s-- the 300th win. Numerous St. Francis Prep Football Student Athletes have gone on to play at the college level and in the professional ranks. Coach O’Connor’s lovely wife, Mary, his son, Martin (and wife Anne), his daughter, Maryrose, son-in-law Patrick, and his three wonderful grandchildren, Connor, Patrick and Dylan, have been his inspiration, and he wears the label “Devoted Husband, Father, and Grandfather” as well as he does his title of “Coach.” For all these reasons, plus many more, and in celebration of more than a half-century of extraordinary service, St. Francis Prep established The Mary and Vincent O’Connor Scholarship Fund which will benefit many deserving Prep students in the years to come. The Mary and Vincent O’Connor Scholarship is presented each year to one or more Prep football student athletes who demonstrate strong character and above average academic performance, and whose continued progress would be enhanced by the financial assistance provided by this award as determined by the coaches, moderator, and the SFP Principal. FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2009 $170,341



FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2010 $170,727

The James Prendergast ’79 Memorial Scholarship Fund

This fund honors the memory of James Prendergast, SFP Class of 1979, who battled and finally succumbed to cancer at a young age. He and his four siblings all attended the Prep, and the Prendergast family, together with friends and classmates, provide ongoing support for this scholarship fund. FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2009 $58,738



FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2010 $63,664

Contributions Contributions to any of these Scholarship Funds are Funds fully tax-deductible and canand help to any of these Scholarship are fully tax-deductible can help change the life of a deserving St. Francis Prep student. change the life of a deserving St. Francis Prep student.

2009-10 Annual Report


The Daniel Pujdak ‘01 Memorial Scholarship Fund

When FDNY firefighter Daniel Pujdak tragically fell from a Brooklyn rooftop battling a fire in 2007, the many “families” to which Daniel belonged suffered the profound loss along with his mom, dad and siblings. These extended families included the FDNY and his many classmates and baseball teammates at St. Francis Prep where both he and his two brothers graduated, and his father, Leo, is a veteran member of the St. Francis Prep faculty. “The Prep is a tightly knit school community. Many of our students establish friendships that last a lifetime,” noted Prep’s Principal, Bro. Leonard Conway, OSF. “Dan was a very good natured kid who always put his heart and soul into everything that he did,” said his baseball coach, Bro. Robert Kent, OSF. That’s probably why the Prep’s Alumni Office was flooded with phone calls and letters offering condolences and donations to what has now become a permanent scholarship fund established in Daniel’s name. “There was just a total outpouring of love for him and the Pujdak family,” Development Director Robert Angeletti noted. “There was a groundswell of support to do something significant to honor his memory.” FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2009 $147,626



FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2010 $159,634

The Albert Maxwell Robb Memorial Fine Arts Scholarship Fund

This fund was established in October 2009 through a bequest-by-will left by the late J.B. Robb who stated in article seven that, “The (Franciscan) Brothers are to establish a Fine Arts Scholarship, the income from which is to be given annually to a graduating high school senior (to assist with his/her final year tuition) whose talents lie in the specific areas of the (Arts). The scholarship is to be called ‘The Albert Maxwell Robb Fine Arts Scholarship’ (in honor of the donor’s brother).” FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2009 ----------



FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2010 The initial award will be made in 2010-11 $85,609

Contributions can be made online to any of these Scholarship Funds by going to http://alumni.sfponline.org and clicking on DONATE TO THE PREP 42

St. Francis Preparatory School

The Thomas J. Sheehan ’55 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Tom was a track star at the Prep in the 1950’s and this fund was started by his classmates as a memorial to this fine man. The fund is managed by investment advisor and Tom’s 1955 classmate at Prep, Jack Ward, and it provides for full or partial scholarships for deserving two-sport student athletes at Prep each year. FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2009 $72,089



FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2010 $64,135

The Paulette and Vincent A. Toscano ’53 Scholarship Fund

Funded through the extraordinary generosity of Paulette H’08 and Vincent A. Toscano ’53 of Princeton Junction, New Jersey, this permanently endowed scholarship fund will aim to ease the burden of tuition for four (4) Prep students during any given academic year--one freshman, one sophomore, one junior, and one senior. Each student selected for the scholarship will receive a tuition-free education for that academic year, with the award being renewable in each subsequent year provided the student remains in good academic standing. The criteria used to determine scholarship recipients in any given year will include: Financial need (with preference to a student with a sibling or siblings attending St. Francis Prep); superior academic performance and the maintenance of a high grade point average. Award recipients will be determined by the Principal of St. Francis Prep. Mr. and Mrs. Toscano and their family will have the opportunity to review the performance of scholarship recipients each year, meet with these students when convenient, and review the investment performance of the fund as appropriate. St. Francis Prep, its faculty, staff, alumni, and especially its current and future students, will be forever grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Toscano for their generosity and thoughtfulness in making this wonderful gift of education available to deserving young men and women. FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2009 $371,427



FUND BALANCE AS OF SEPT. 1, 2010 $364,177

Contributions to Contributions any of these Scholarship Funds are fully tax-deductible and can help to any of these Scholarship Funds are fully tax-deductible and can help change the life of a deserving St. Francis Prep student. change the life of a deserving St. Francis Prep student.

2009-10 Annual Report


Additional scholarship funds with balances under $25,000 (not permanently endowed) have served as another source of financial assistance for deserving students at St. Francis Prep. We thank the generous supporters of these funds as well. Anonymous Donor (Class of 1954) Scholarship Fund

The Hank “Hawk” McMahon Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Jefffery Calero ‘91 Memorial Scholarship Fund

The John McGinley Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Richard Coppolino Memorial Scholarship Fund The George Dillman ‘00 Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Stephen J. Shurina Memorial Scholarship Fund The Timothy Stackpole ‘77 Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Class of 1959 50th Anniversary Scholarship Fund

The Daniel Weadock ‘57 Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Michael F. Lynch ‘86 Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Giulia Lewis ‘06 Memorial Student Sponsorship Program

Please Note: The value and/or returns of a portfolio will fluctuate with market conditions. St. Francis Prep’s Investment Advisor and Portfolio Manager is The Nolan Group, 7 Dennin Drive, Albany, NY 12204. Audits and Financial Statements are prepared by Walter J. Cook ‘60, Certified Public Accountant. Special thanks to: • The Anonymous Alumni Donor who contributes approximately $15,000 in student financial aid each Christmas. • Mr. & Mrs. Vincent A. Toscano who provide special cash awards each year (separate and apart from the permanent scholarship fund) to SFP students and families in need of financial assistance. • Other generous sponsors who provide direct financial assistance to deserving students each year. St. Francis Preparatory School Board of Trustees 2010 - 2011

Brother William Boslet, O.S.F. President

Brother Thomas Grady, O.S.F. Vice-President

Brother Leonard Conway, O.S.F. Secretary

Brother Richard Contino, O.S.F. Brother Gary Cregan, O.S.F. Brother Joshua DiMauro, O.S.F. Reverend Elaine Flake Mr. Michael Henning Sister Loretta McGrann, C.S.J.


St. Francis Preparatory School

Mr. Arthur McMahon Brother Gabriel O’Brien, O.S.F. Mr. John Pereira Ms. Joanne Persico Brother Robert Smith, O.S.F. Dr. Hannah Masterson, Trustee Emeritus

The Pathway to St. Francis

The Pathway to St. Francis is an ongoing project which affords alumni and friends of Prep the chance to memorialize friends, family and loved ones by purchasing paving stones and other memorials that will remain on permanent display in front of the school. Since its inception, overall contributions to the “Pathway to St. Francis” have totaled over $150,000. During the fiscal year that ended August 31, 2010, the following alumni and friends of St. Francis Prep purchased bricks (as a memorial or special tribute) in support of this project.

Ronald P. Antal ‘77 Stephen J. Antal ‘73 Marie and Gene Caiafa Robert Capen James E. Corrigan ‘56 Daniel V. Corry ‘58 Mary T. Curley-Leptak ‘83 Tino Del Greco ‘01 Pamela L. DeVoti-Ginex ‘96 Valerie R. Felicetti-Massimo ‘86 Angela and Michael Fischetti

John F. Goydas ‘52 Robert R. Hans ‘67 John B. Higgins ‘65 James J. Holland ‘40 Joseph M. Holm ‘79 Roger Kobel H ’90 Mary Kobel H ’90 Dennis Meehan ‘65 Michael A. Mulqueen ‘74 Martin J. Neville ‘59 Lawrence J. Pascal ‘59

Mary A. Phelan Grace L. Portoghese ‘83 Ellen Raspitha Melissa Rosa-O’Leary ‘93 James P. Sammon ‘59 Ray Schlageter ‘80 Martin J. Schretzmann ‘74 Marcia Scimecca John Skorupa ‘74 Brian Toolan Kathleen M. Wright

St. Francis Prep is extremely grateful to Jane and Peter Mazzurco, parents of Vanessa ‘99, Vincent ‘03, and Peter ‘03, and Tony Porcasi, for donating their professional landscaping and design services to create and maintain the Pathway!

2009-10 Annual Report

St. Francis Preparatory School Office of Development 6100 Francis Lewis Boulevard Fresh Meadows, NY 11365

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Flushing, NY Permit No. 479


ALUMNI CALENDAR OF EVENTS Thursday, February 10, 2011 Healthcare Services Sector Alumni Chapter Reception Saturday, March 5, 2011 Florida Area Alumni Chapter Reunion Saturday, March 12, 2011 Class of 1991 20th Anniversary Reunion and Class of 1996 15th Anniversary Reunion Thursday, March 17, 2011 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City Saturday, March 26, 2011 Annual Principal’s Dinner for Benefactors and Trustees Saturday, April 9, 2011 Alumni Spring Reunion Classes of ‘36, ‘41, ‘46, ‘51, ‘56, ‘61, ‘66, ‘71, ‘76, ‘81, ‘86 & Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Thursday, May 5, 2011 Financial Services Sector Alumni Chapter Reception Thursday, May 12, 2011 Greater Boston Area Alumni Chapter Reception Monday, June 20, 2011 18th Annual Golf Classic at The Cherry Valley Club Garden City, NY Honoring Bro. William Boslet, O.S.F. Bob Adams ‘80 Jeff Alter ‘80

Visit us at http://alumni.sfponline.org to get more information or to register online for any of these events.. To speak to an Alumni/ Development Office representative, call (718) 423-8810, ext. 259

Profile for St. Francis Preparatory School

St. Francis Preparatory School Annual Report  

Annual Report of Donors for the fiscal year September 1, 2009 - August 31, 2010

St. Francis Preparatory School Annual Report  

Annual Report of Donors for the fiscal year September 1, 2009 - August 31, 2010