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ANNUAL REPORT Our salute to the loyal alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff and friends whose generosity helped St. Francis Prep in many wonderful ways this past year.

Building on our Success and our Franciscan Tradition

Bro. Leonard Conway cuts the ribbons to officially open the Coach Vince O’Connor Physical Education and Athletic Training Center and (inset) the Art Education Center.

Principal’s Message

Dear Graduates and Friends of St. Francis Prep: Our economy continued to have its ups and downs during our 2010-11 fiscal year which ended on August 31, but in the end we saw some real gains in St. Francis Prep’s financial portfolio, including the scholarship funds that you helped establish and build with your generous gifts. For this we are very thankful and we continue to be extremely grateful for your ongoing support. We simply could not do all the things we do at the Prep without your help. So thank you again!

maintaining its standing as the largest private, non-diocesan, Catholic high school in the country. We have another large freshman class and over 2700 students enrolled overall. And more than 99% of the seniors go on to college each year, with the members of this past June’s Class of 2011 receiving over $60 million in scholarship offers and attending many fine colleges and universities this fall.

The Prep also received reIn fact, the Prep continues to accreditation from the Middle “...the dream thrive thanks to your generosity States Association of Colleges and because of the ever-present Secondary Schools this past of modernizing and commitment of the Franciscan year, and our Music Department our facilities is received special recognition, Brothers of Brooklyn and a very dedicated Board of Trustees, establishing the Prep as the first finally becoming Administration, Faculty and Staff. high school to ever receive a separate music credential from the a reality...” You can take great pride in the association. This underscores the knowledge that your regular fine tradition and reputation we support helps in ways that have a direct and lasting have established with so many of our academic and effect on young lives (as well as Prep’s day-to day extracurricular programs. operations). Among other things, you help us keep tuition at moderate levels so that more students On September 25th we dedicated brand new, statecan afford a Prep education. This has enabled of-the art facilities: The Coach Vince O’Connor the Prep to remain on solid ground enrollmentPhysical Education and Athletic Training Center wise despite the ongoing economic uncertainty, AND The Art Education Center. This is part of

Conte nts: All Contributions Pages 10-27

Memorial Gifts Pages 28-31

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report

Honorary gifts Page 32

Pathway to St. Francis Pages 33

If you supported Prep’s Annual Fund, Capital Campaign, the Annual Golf Classic or any of the other events, reunions, or fund raising activities between September 1, 2010 and August 31, 2011, your name should be listed in this report. Please let us know and accept our apology if an error or omission is present here. Thank you again for your generosity.

our “Master Plan” for Modernization as well as The Campaign for St. Francis Prep which begins its second stage–The Next 150 –with a goal of $10 million. (The first stage–The 150th Anniversary Campaign–generated $5 million in pledges from a relatively small group of very generous major donors. These funds, together with the trustee’s well-thought-out financing plan, enabled us to get to where we are today with the project.) The first commitment of $1 million toward our new $10 million campaign goal will be realized through a series of annual walk-a-thon events instituted this fall. The first of these events on October 7th was very successful and raised over $250,000. Our entire student body, faculty and staff participated. So after years of planning, the dream of modernizing our facilities is finally becoming a reality thanks to the foresight of the Board of Trustees and the generosity of alumni and benefactors like you. Future phases of the “Master Plan” will include the construction of a new building that will house our music and science programs, plus a totally re-designed entranceway to the school that will include a new chapel.

Class Participation Pages 35-43

Capital Campaign Pages 26-27

Having said this, we are very optimistic about the future of St. Francis Prep thanks to you and your fellow graduates and friends who support our efforts so faithfully. In the following pages you will find a complete listing of 2010-11 fiscal year contributions, with donors (thru August 31st) recognized alphabetically within each giving category and also by graduating class.You will also see information about our excellent programs, our named scholarship funds, opportunities for planned giving, plus the upcoming alumni event calendar. In closing, I simply ask that you keep the Prep in your prayers. Thank you again and God bless you for all you have done and will continue to do for this wonderful school! Yours in St. Francis,

Brother Leonard Conway, O.S.F. Principal

Planned Giving Pages 46-47

Scholarship Report Pages 48-52

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report

St. Francis Preparatory School Board of Trustees 2011 - 2012

Brother William Boslet, O.S.F. President Brother Kevin Smith, O.S.F. Vice-President Brother Leonard Conway, O.S.F. Secretary Brother Richard Contino, O.S.F. Brother Gary Cregan, O.S.F. Brother Joshua DiMauro, O.S.F. Reverend Elaine Flake Mr. Michael Henning Sister Loretta McGrann, C.S.J. Mr. Arthur McMahon Mr. John Pereira Ms. Joanne Persico Brother Jeremy Sztabnik, O.S.F. Dr. Hannah Masterson Trustee Emeritus Brother Robert Smith, O.S.F. Trustee Emeritus

2010-11 Financial Statement September 1, 2010 through August 31, 2011

Sources of Revenue Student Fees & Bookstore $ 20,476,091 Salaries donated by Brothers, Sisters & Priest $ 682,290 Gifts, Grants & Other Sources $ 750,312 Mandated Services & Interest $ 2,181,552 ___________ Total............................................................................ $ 24,090,245 Expenditures Administration $ 2,701,775 Instruction $ 16,148,251 Plant $ 3,177,358 Other $ 715,604 ___________ Total............................................................................. $ 22,742,988

Report of Contributions September 1, 2010 - August 31, 2011

Unrestricted Annual Gifts $ 261,650 Restricted Annual Gifts (Scholarships, etc.) $ 255,499 Payments on Capital Campaign Commitments $ 587,747 The Golf Classic $ 153,396 Homecoming, Reunions and Receptions $ 57,556 Pathway to St. Francis $ 26,265 Campus Ministry $ 19,359 Chancebook Drive $ 26,246 Fathers’ Guild $ 8,320 Mothers’ Guild $ 7,077 __________ Total.............................................................................. $ 1,403,115

Snapshot: Giving Through the Years Fiscal Year 2009- Fiscal Year 2011 Total Dollars $1,400,000 $1,300,000

$1,403,115 Annual Giving Participation $1,391,537

Three Year Analysis

$1,200,000 $1,100,000


$1,000,000 0 Fiscal Year 2009

Fiscal Year 2010

Fiscal Year 2011

St. Francis Prep alumni and friends continue to respond to our appeals in greater numbers each year to support the school’s Franciscan mission. The chart above depicts total giving to St. Francis Prep over the past three fiscal years.

The SFP Alumni and Development Team is dedicated to securing support for the programs and students of St. Francis Preparatory School. For more information on how you can get involved, please contact us. Bro. Robert Kent, O.S.F. Alumni Director (718) 423-8810, ext. 230 alumni@sfponline.org Robert T. Angeletti, Director of Development (718) 423-8810, ext. 269 development@sfponline.org Michael Graziano Associate Director of Development Sally Khan Associate Director of Development

Total Number of Donors

Maria Velazquez Assistant to the Director of Development


1,630 Donors

1500 1400 1250 1000 750

1,118 Donors

1,489 Donors

500 250 0

Fiscal Year 2009

Fiscal Year 2010

Fiscal Year 2011

The chart above illustrates how the total number of regular annual donors (not including capital campaign donors or event participants) has increased over the past three fiscal years.

Nancy DeStefano Assistant to the Alumni Director Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this publication. However, should there be any errors or omissions, we apologize in advance and ask that you bring them to our attention by emailing us at: development@sfponline.org or by calling (718) 423-8810, ext. 268. Front cover photos provided by P.J. Smith, father of Devin ‘12.

Supporting Excellence

How Your Contributions are an Investment in Success St. Francis Prep Nurtures

Talent & Creativity in Music & The Arts

Alums Adrian ‘91 & and Rina Estevez-Domondon ‘93 are accomplished professionals in the medical field who chose St. Francis Prep for their daughter, Ashley ‘12 (pictured below), because they knew it was the only Catholic school in the area which offers a vast curriculum for creative pursuits. As one of the many talented art students at Prep, this senior is preparing for college and boasts that SFP’s new Art Education Center is “as good, if not better than some of the college art classrooms” she recently visited.

Emmy-award winning composer Jim Dooley is a 1994 graduate of St. Francis Prep. He moved to Los Angeles to study the art of film composing. In 1999 he began collaboration with the world-renowned Hans Zimmer on Gladiator and as an additional composer, arranger and orchestrator on such notable features as The Da Vinci Code, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, The Ring, Tears of the Sun, King Arthur, Ridley Scott’s Hannibal and Black Hawk Down. Jim also worked on several animated feature scores such as Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Madagascar I and II, its spinoff short, Madagascar Penguins in A Christmas Caper and the academy-award winning Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Jim’s music genius and hard work brought him many successes. And yet we can only speculate how St. Francis Prep’s expansive music curriculum and dedicated faculty may have helped nurture Jim’s pursuit of music during his high school years.


Middle States Association Grants St. Francis Prep Coveted Music Credential

In September 2011 Prep dedicated a new 8,500 square-foot Art Education Center. The center includes over 40 top-of-the-line Apple computers, running Adobe’s Creative Suite and other sophisticated computer design programs. The classrooms were all custom designed to the Department’s specifications with the goal of providing the most advanced high school art education program in the area!

The report recognized the fact that the music program is led by “highly qualified and talented instructors using modern instructional techniques and strategies, which allow all students to develop an appreciation for and an understanding of music as a valuable and expressive art form.”

The Alvernian Drama Society and the Art Department work hand-inhand to produce two first-rate stage performances each year. “Everyone works together to produce some of the most spectacular high school performances.” said Len Antinori, the Chair of the Art Department.

Above: Student-designed posters for the Drama Society’s rendition of “Annie” and “Footloose.” The students donated the proceeds of “Annie” to Covenant House’s program to combat youth homelessness.

In 2010, St. Francis Prep’s Music Program earned the Middle States Association Music Credential during our last accreditation review. It is one of a select few credentials the accreditation agency bestows upon schools in order to recognize “gold standard” programs. The agency cited what many students can attest to: “Prep is a school where students receive outstanding support and are provided education and performance programs that are of superior quality.”

Prep’s student musicians have earned distinction and have performed for audiences both locally and internationally. In 2010, they performed a four-concert tour in London, England and this past summer they performed for audiences in Italy. Recently, several of Prep’s music courses (History of Music, and Principles of Orchestration and Electronic Composition)were approved for college credit at St. John’s University.

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report

Bro. Leonard said, “Prep has been fortunate to have so many dedicated and talented students and faculty members across all disciplines. We are especially grateful to all those whose talent and dedication earned us this fine recognition.”

Prep Students Develop

Critical Thinking and Research Skills in Math, and Physical & Social Sciences

Intel Science Competition: A Long Record of Achievement


2000 2003 2006








Prep’s Science Research Program is a rigourous and demanding extracurricular four-year program designed to engage students in conducting high-level, original research in the natural and social sciences. Students work under the guidance of faculty advisors and field mentors. Participants compete in a variety of other science competitions across the City and the State. For a great many, their participation in the program affords them invaluable college level research skills and helps them gain admission into many highlevel college and university programs upon graduation.

St. Francis Prep sponsor’s chapter of the National Mathematics Honor Society–Mu Alpha Theta– which now has a membership of more than 135 Prepsters. Mu Alpha Theta has been recognizing students (and their faculty advisors) who excel and demonstrate outstanding extracurricular achievement. The organization was founded in 1957 and is dedicated to inspiring keen interest in mathematics, developing strong scholarship in the subject, and promoting the enjoyment of mathematics in high school.

A St. Francis Prep student was named as a semi-finalist in the prestigious Intel Science Competition in 10 consecutive years and 11 out of 12 years. (In some years, we’ve even had more than one semi-finalist!) Prep is the only Catholic School in the nation to achieve this distinction. It’s testimony to the academic rigor at Prep as well as the talent of our students and the initiative of our faculty.

The SFP Library provides students with access to a wide range of advanced online research database tools. A professional staff with experience in Library Information Science empowers each student with the ability to access, retrieve and evaluate informational resources.

Many of our of Science Research Program students earn admission to first-rate University science programs. A few are pictured above with Robyn Armon (second from left), Chair of the SFP College Office/Guidance Department. Pictured are: Kelly Ann Corrigan ‘10 who is studying at the University of Pennsylvania (far left); Carlos Sanchez ‘10 and Elizabeth Matomoros ‘10 , who along with Kristina Saffran ‘10 (not pictured), are all studying at Harvard University.

St. Francis Prep’s Forensics Team claimed first place in the 8th Annual Forensics World C.S.I. Challenge. The program was designed by reallife police and forensic pathologists with the aim of teaching students how to apply classroom lessons to real life. ForensicsWorld, which offers educational programs in forensic science, criminal investigation and criminal law, tries to make it as close to reality as possible. Off-duty police and medical examiners grade teams on their evidence collection and analysis, teamwork and interviewing skills. Participants glean evidence from fabricated crime scenes and interview “witnesses.” The program challenges students to learn every aspect of investigative and forensic procedures.

Dr. Joseph Cervia ‘77 went on to study at St. John’s University where he majored in Biology and graduated summa cum laude Afterwards, he studied medicine at New York Medical College where he graduated as valedictorian of the Class of 1984. A board-certified internist, pediatrician, adult and pediatric infections diseases specialist, Dr. Cervia has dedicated much of his career to the care of individuals battling infectious diseases. He has authored over 100 articles, chapters and abstracts, lectured widely and serves as a consultant to numerous local and national organizations. He is pictured above being presented with the Alumni Medal of Honor by the Board of Governors of the New York Medical College at a banquet in 2009. St. Francis Prep is proud to count Dr. Joseph Cervia among the ranks of its alumni.

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report


Supporting Excellence

How Your Contributions are an Investment in Success Prep Students Develop an appreciation for

History, Literature, Languages and


Prep offers students a variety of course electives (in all subject areas) that exceed NewYork State’s requirements. In the English Department, the one-day Renaissance Festival supplements a course of study and challenges students to emulate the Shakespearean period with costumes and dress in order to develop a greater understanding and appreciation for the actual Renaissance environment. Other course offerings include Gothic Literature, Drama, and Fiction, to name just a few.

In recent years, students from Gerard Kruger’s German II and German III classes earned outstanding scores recently on the National German Examination for High School students. Andrew Kim ‘10, Gayun Lee ‘11 and Kathy Zajac ‘11 all scored at or above the 90th percentile. Kathy ranked a remarkable 98th percent nationwide! The exam was taken by nearly 26,000 students throughout the United States.

Prep students participate in Poetry Out Loud, a National Recitation Contest created by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Poetry Foundation. It starts at the classroom level. Winners advance to a school-wide competition, then to a regional and/or state competition, and ultimately to the National Finals. A total of $50,000 in awards and school stipends made available. Prep’s Jessica Ruddy ‘09 was one of three finalists in the NYC “Poetry Out Loud” National Recitation Competition in her senior year. She competed against thirty other students from the New York-Metropolitan area and St. Francis Prep was the only Catholic school with a qualifier in the competition.

The Writing Center is a place where students can meet with faculty to further develop their writing style and ability to find their “voice” for both academic and extracurricular writing endeavors. “Our goal is to help students with all aspects of the writing process, from the initial draft through proofreading in order to encourage a lifetime enjoyment of writing.” said English Department Chair, Dr. Stephen Marino ‘71.

Peter Facinelli ‘91

“Prep is a great place. As a student, I found that I could just be myself. I didn’t have to belong to a clique or a team to fit in and feel comfortable,” said movie and television actor Peter Facinelli ‘91 in a talk he gave to our graduating seniors. Peter credits St. Francis Prep with providing him with the self-knowledge and freedom that he needed to discern his true vocation and to go on to study acting in college. “I think everyone has an inner voice which tells them what they should do in life. Prep gave me that.” He achieved success on the “big screen” in the Twilight series, and on television in HBO’s Nurse Jackie.


St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report

For more than 50 years “The Little Portion” has been a vehicle to encourage creative writing and to provide our talented students with a professional level journal in which to publish their works of poetry and short fiction. Prep alumnus and faculty member Eric Hafker ‘86 serves as the moderator and inspiration for the current generation of creative writers. Eric is both a faculty member and a talented writer. Recently he won the Atlanta Review’s 2010 International Poetry Prize and is working on his second book of poems.

Pete’s “Tweet”

“Visited my old high school St. Francis Prep this morning 2 speak 2 the graduating class”

Prep Students Embrace Our

Franciscan Values, Catholic faith and Address issues of Social justice At Every Celebration of Mass, Prep students serve as:

Spiritual development at St. Francis Prep is accomplished through both coursework instruction in the Religion Department and with Campus Ministry activities which help students put their faith into practice.

As a student at Prep, Jim White ‘78 was into sports, drama and active in politics. Some say that it was here, at St. Francis Prep, that he learned to blend his innate charisma with a disarming sense of humor. He received a scholarship to Mercy College and upon graduation, Jim worked at Covenant House for a year. He then went on to a successful career on Wall Street, but he never suffered illusions about what filled his soul. Early on, Jim mapped out his plan: work hard, save money, and return to Covenant House to work at what truly exemplified his Franciscan values and education. Today he is the Executive Vice President of Development & Marketing at Covenant House–the largest privately funded agency in the Americas providing shelter, food, immediate crisis care, and an array of other services to homeless and runaway youth.

The Franciscan Youth Movement, led by Bro. James McVeigh, brings the spirit of our patron, Saint Francis, to life throughout the year by engaging students to participate in simple and yet powerful acts of kindness and service throughout the year.

Liturgical Assistants

Eucharistic Ministers

The Retreat Program is an essential part of our efforts of Christian and Franciscan formation at Prep. Through participation in a retreat, students are able to deepen both their personal spirituality as well as their friendships with classmates.

During the Annual Donation Drive Campus Ministry challenges students in each COR to gather nonperishable goods and other common household items that supply local aid to organizations which assist families in need. Several tons of goods are collected on each occasion.

Liturgical Dancers


Most of the off-campus retreats take place at the Franciscan Retreat Center at Camp Alvernia, which is located in Centerport on Long Island. The camp consists of 13 beautiful, waterfront and wooded acres which provide a relaxing environment for reflection.

Each year, Prep hosts a Model United Nations program with students from other area schools. Students serve as Delegates and discuss issues at the forefront of international relations, and in the process, they become aware of critical world issues.

Members of the Choir

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report


Supporting Excellence

How Your Conribution is an Investment in Success

Supporting Excellence

How Your Contributions are an Investment in Success

Spirit of Teamwork Leadership Skills

Terrier Athletics Help Foster a and Develop

Prep has the distinction of being the only high school to count among its alumni ranks a Super Bowl Winning Coach and a World Series Winning Manager.

On for Ol’ St. Francis Terrier Spirit & Pride

In Prep’s early “Brooklyn Era” the Franciscan Brothers cultivated Terrier spirit with a “Rally in the Alley.” That spirit followed the Prep out to Queens. Now more than 70 Clubs, extra-curricular activities and sports enrich the Prep student life. The dedicated team of coaches and club moderators who continue in the spirit of the Franciscan Brothers is led Student Activities Director, David Ganci ‘88 and Athletic Director, Sal Fischetti ‘83. Each leads a fiercely dedicated team of coaches and moderators who enhance Prep’s Terrier spirit, pride and tradition!

For more than three decades, Coach Tim Leary ‘63 has served as the Varsity Men’s Basketball coach. Each year a very friendly, yet spirited rivalry between Prep and Holy Cross takes place. It’s been dubbed by the local press, “The Battle of the Boulevard” and is always in front of sold out crowds!


Coach Vincent O’Connor H ‘01 has been at the helm the Prep’s Football program for more than half a century! In that time, he’s not only amassed an impressive record of victories, but he’s also earned the love and respect of countless numbers of Prepsters for his commitment, dedication and concern for the whole community. This past September, St. Francis Prep dedicated the Coach Vince O’Connor Physical Fitness & Athletic Training Center, which was donated by Peter Callahan ‘59 and Family. The facility also includes a state-of-the-art “strength training” equipment circuit room that is dedicated to long-time assistant coach Frank Nastro.

As a kid sleigh riding down a snowy hill in Astoria Park, Tom Santagato ‘02 never dreamed of one day competing in the Olympics. But his competitive spirit will be on full display in the 2014 Olympics in Russia in a sport called skeleton - a kind of one-man bobsledding - where top athletes race down a snowy track at 80 mph.

Vince Lombardi ‘33 starred as a fullback on the SFP football team. His play at Prep’s earned him a spot on the virtual All-City football team. He went on to star on the Fordham football team, where he was a member of University’s famed “Seven Blocks of Granite.” Lombardi is arguably the greatest football coach of all time, and is on the short list of history’s greatest coaches, regardless of sport. He turned the Packers into the most envied and successful franchise in the 1960’s, leading them to five NFL Championships, including victories in Super Bowl I and II, which solidified Lombardi’s status as the greatest football coach in history. The three constants throughout Lombardi’s life were football, family and his faith.

Joe Torre ‘58 played baseball at Prep. Later, he played Major League Baseball and became a nine-time all-star as a catcher, first baseman and a third baseman for the Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves, New York Mets, and the St. Louis Cardinals. After his retirement as a player, he managed all three teams. Torre also managed the NY Yankees where he reached the post season each year and won ten American League East Division titles, six American League pennants, four World Series titles, and compiled a .605 winning percentage overall. With 2,326 wins, he is currently ranked 5th on the list of Major League Baseball all-time managerial wins. He currently serves as Major League Baseball’s Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations.

Kevin Garcia ‘08 was selected by the New England Revolution in the third round of the MLS Supplemental Draft. During his four seasons with the Villanova Wildcats, Garcia contributed six goals, including one in his senior campaign of 2011, and made 73 career starts. Garcia becomes the third Wildcat to be selected by an MLS franchise.

SFP Tennis Coach John Brennan’s mission at St. Francis Prep is to maximize talent. He wants to see his players improve and eventually play college tennis. But make no mistake, the Terriers never-ending winning streak over 13 years, which reached an unfathomable 200 this year, holds a special place in his heart.

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report

St. Francis Prep Has a Rich Tradition of Excellence With Ongoing Development & Advancement The Franciscan Brothers have always been dedicated to improving the learning environment for Prep students. Recently, the school embarked upon and completed Phases I & II of a Capital Improvement Project. A new Art Education Center (bottom image) and Physical Education and Athletic Training Center (top image) were created. Phase III of the construction will include the addition of a new wing for Science and Music. From founding days in Brooklyn on Baltic Street in 1858 then on its move to N. 6th Street (1952-1973) to its present campus in Fresh Meadows Queens, the Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn have always sought to obtain the best facilities for their students. After St. Francis Prep took over the building formerly occupied by Bishop Reilly High School, the students were blessed with having a relatively new and very modern facility. However, time marches on and in 2008, the Franciscan Brothers embarked upon a major modernization and capital improvement program.

The new CoachVince O’Connor Physical Fitness and Athletic Training Center

The New Art Education Center

Prep was recognized by U.S. News andWorld Report as an Outstanding American High School

St. Francis Prep is a Member of the New York State Association of Independent Schools

Prep employs advanced technology and computer software to provide parents and students with up-tothe-minute academic progress reports, class assignments, and course selection. In addition, each classroom features SMART Board Technology.

The dedicated faculty and staff continue in the great tradition of preparing our students for college by focusing on the four “Golden Links” of Franciscan Education: Spiritual, Intellectual, Social and Physical. Last year, members of the Class of 2011 received over $60 million in scholarship offers and are attending many of the finest colleges and universities. They leave St. Francis Prep well-prepared for college as well as for the many challenges they face in the years ahead.

Math skills are often cumulative in nature, one skill building upon previously learned skills. Math Department Chair, Sr. MaryAnn Napier, C.S.J., and her colleagues established the Math Center in recognition of the importance of providing every Prep student with the opportunity to build upon their math skills foundation. This was done not merely for their current coursework and college entrance exams, but to better prepare each student for the rigor of college-level academics.

There are many more stories of achievement, service and excellence than can be written in one publication. The dedication and spirit of the many present (and former) administrators, faculty and staff members, students, parents, coaches and volunteers perpetuate St. Francis Prep’s fine reputation. Each and every day they build on the great traditions which began more than 150 years ago by the Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn.

St. Francis Prep was the Proud recipient of the U.S. Department of Education’s Excellence in Private Education Award

St. Francis Prep is Accredited by The Middle States Association of Colleges & Secondary Schools

On for Ol’ St. Francis!

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report


Leadership Gifts We are grateful for this special support from our alumni, parents, friends, corporations and foundations. These gifts strengthen Prep’s mission by helping to provide the facilities and programs that are often associated with an outstanding Catholic College Preparatory School. These gifts also help provide the needed flexibility that allows the Prep to develop and maintain new curricula, technology and materials, and to fully support our students in their academic, physical, social and spiritual development. This extraordinary generosity is the catalyst for our growth, has the power to transform our students’ lives, and is in keeping with the Franciscan Brothers’ vision for St. Francis Prep as we plan for The Next 150. Thank you!


St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report

Fiscal year September 1, 2010 through August 31, 2011


Peter Callahan ‘59 Endowers $100,000 +

Paulette H’08 & Vincent Toscano ‘53 Clare and Joseph P. Walker ‘57 Legacy Society $50,000 +

William and Camille Ruggiero Charitable Remainder Trust Cornerstone Donors $25,000 +

Francis J. Aquila ‘75 Anthony T. Corbisiero ‘78 Michael A. Henning ‘60 Soros Fund Charitable Foundation UnitedHealthcare Services, Inc

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report


2010-11 Contributors

We are very grateful for the outpouring of generosity from alumni, parents, friends, corporations and foundations who support St. Francis Preparatory School through the many events, reunions, direct mail appeals and voluntary contributions throughout the year. Grand Patrons $10,000+

Investors $5,000 +

Elizabeth and Robert Adams ‘80 Lisa and Jeffrey Alter ‘80 Anonymous Harvard Maintenance, Inc. Nancy Niedermeyer John S. Pereira, Sr. ‘62 Vincent F. Pitta ‘68 Ridgewood Foundation Gerald P. Scales ‘76 The Brian Murphy Foundation, Inc. BMS, Inc.

Peter M. Corritori ‘59 Robert J. Crimmins ‘56 CulinArt, Inc. William Dunn ‘59 Terence W. Edwards ‘73 Thomas A. Gebert ‘79 Michael P. Lesniak ‘60 Dominick Rapone ‘93 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sherlock The Anna E. Gallagher Charitable Trust Tritec Building Co,. Inc

Principal’s Cabinet $2,500 + Robert G. Adamo ‘72 Rev. Raymond Attanasio Michael Beaury ‘76 Bishop Reilly H.S., Class of 1970 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Buccellato John J. Cahill ‘67 John Campo Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation Mara Dumski Faith In The Future Fannie Mae SERVE Matching Gift Donations John Cregan


St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report

Flynn & O’Hara Uniforms Inc. (Scholastic Specialty Corp.) John M. Jorgensen John J. Lafond, Jr. ‘78 Eileen T. LeMonda ‘78 Michael F. Mongelli, II ‘79 James M. Naughton William J. Skody Troutman Sanders LLP Waldorf and Associates Eileen Walsh

2010-11 Contributors

St. Francis Society $1,000- $2,499

Lisa A. Drivick-Adams ‘85 & Stephen G. Adams ‘85 Advantage Testing of Long Island Michael A. Agnes ‘59 Louis C. Barricelli, Jr. ‘79 Robert C. Benz Walter A. Bishop ‘80 Robert G. Bombara, Sr. ‘64 Brother William Boslet, O.S.F. H’02 Michael A. Brader-Araje ‘86 Martin J. Brennan ‘63 John J. Brown ‘76 Arthur J. Brown ‘53 Peter W. Buchbauer ‘76 Lawrence P. Byrne ‘77 LeeAnn A. Canavan-Black ‘79 Marianne L. Castano-Clemente ‘79 Frank J. Cicha ‘80 John Daley ‘63 Anthony E. D’Andrea ‘91 Alexander V. DelCielo ‘76 M. Anthony DeSantis ‘60 Donald P. Devane ‘61 Lisa M. Ferrara-Donini ’84 & Joseph J. Donini ‘84 John F. Donohue’ 61 Dan Duffy H’03 MaryBeth Dunkak-Marchiony ‘76 Most Rev. John C. Dunne ‘55 F & F Roofing Company Robert Fales ‘63 William R. Ficke ‘60 Catherine M. Finocchio-Rogan ‘82 First Sports Club of College Point, Inc. MaryIrene I. Flynn ‘77 Joseph Forlenza ‘61 Mary Fugelsang

Robert J. Genalo ‘72 Patrick Goulard ‘84 John F. Goydas ‘52 Bart J. Haggerty ‘90 Gerard J. Hevern ‘68 John B. Higgins ‘65 HSBC Land Title Agency Harold D. Jones JP Morgan Chase Foundation Thomas Kasulka Helen and Spiridon Katehis Mr. and Mrs. Emmet P. Kelly Edward C. Kennedy ‘57 Charles J. Kilkuskie ‘54 Charles Krpata ‘63 Margaret Stack-Lennon H’06 & Frank Lennon Maria and Sheldon Lewis Susan E. Loftus ‘76 Nicholas V. LoPrinzi ‘87 Joanne L. Frisoni-Lostritto ’79 & Joseph Lostritto ‘79 Mary and Frank Macchiarola H’00 Anthony P. Maresca ‘74 James R. Mazzeo ‘60 William F. McCaffrey ‘40 Dennis McCarthy Vincent J. McGill ‘73 James E. McGlyn ‘49 James E. McHugh H’92 Aris J. McMahon ‘89 Timothy J. McNicholas ‘75 Elizabeth Olwell-McNulty ’80 & Robert F. McNulty ‘80 Jane Modry H’00 John P. Monaghan ‘54 Dorothy Ann Mulholland Edward R. Murray ‘64

MYC & Associates, Inc Thomas P. Napier, Jr. ‘59 New York Life Foundation Carol and Alfonse Niedermeyer Edward J. Nolan, III John J. O’Boyle ‘60 Debra M. O’Hehir ‘84 Robert G. Ostrander ‘63 Thaddeus W. Paluszek ‘74 Joseph G. Pellechi ‘64 Perkins Eastman Architects, P.C. Joanne L. Persico ‘84 Frank T. Pizzurro Vincent C. Porreca ‘76 Sean M. Prendergast ‘80 Vanessa Pschirrer Lawrence F. Reinalter ‘76 Bryan Schrubbe ‘96 Martin G. Shannon ‘80 Kevin M. Stout ‘81 Martin B. Tener ‘63 The Henry Luce Foundation, Inc. Douglas M. Tynan ‘58 Utility Workers Union AFL-CIO Local 1-2 Christopher V. Waldorf Thomas J. Welling, Sr. ‘61 Peter J. Werner ‘74 Richard B. Werner Alfred Wittine ‘61 Bro. Alan Zodda, O.S.F. H’05

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report


2010-11 Contributors 6100 Society Recognizes donors whose gifts totaled $500-$999 Edward A. Andrie Steven J. Antal Frances J. Arricale Theodore Bajo BNY Mellon Peter Brady Christopher L. Campese Juan P. Campmany Larry Carbone Elaine C. Carroll Michael Cash Brother Greg L. Cellini, O.S.F. Patricia Cinque-Maher and Thomas Maher James F. Clements Kathleen M. ClendeninFurlong Juan S. Cockburn Colgate-Palmolive Company Consultation Service for Religious Personnel, Inc. James W. Corbett, Jr. Roger Daly Caroline A. De Oliveira James DePalma Francis E. DeSantis Lynn DiGirolamo Elaine Diodato-Augello Elda A. DiRe Robert K. Doherty Albert G. Doumar Andrew I. Drazic Michael J. Falabella George M. Feeney Laurie S. Feld Louis G. Fellin Fidelity Foundation Matching Gifts to Education Program Josephine and Walter Foley Robert J. Frank Joseph Freda Leland V. Fuller, Jr. GE Foundation Christopher C. Goetz MaryEllen & Robert Guthenberg Marianne E. Haggerty-Zidar Robert W. Hamilton Barbara A. Hammel William J. Infosino Richard C. Jewell Harold F. Kelly Jean Colucci-Kiley & John E. Kiley


Eileen A. Kilkelly-Westfahl Kevin M. Kispert Mr. & Mrs. Piotr Kumelowski Mr. and Mrs. James Lake Gary R. Lampert Kenneth Lay Patricia E. Loftus Philip LoGrasso Joseph A. LoScalzo Stephen E. Mandia Paul W. Mandzuk Marine & Industrial Hydraulics, Inc. Joseph P. McGowan Eileen & Brian McShane John T. O’Brien Edward R. O’Malley Donna & James O’Meara Teresita and Melchor Pablo Loretta F. Palyo-Rueth John P. Pesce Maria D. Pinto Daniela Posa Christina & Leo Pujdak Bridget Recker Francis J. Regina Harold E. Reynolds Catherine A. RuebenackerMazzola John Scagliola Matthew J. Scannell Gary E. Schantz Mary Schimitsch Martin J. Schretzmann Marcia Scimecca Jerry Shapiro Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Sheehan Donald Sileo Krystyna & Tom Skorczynski Thomas E. Slaymaker St. Francis College St. John’s University St. Joseph’s College Henry Sterbenz James P. Sulecki Maria & William Terrone John A. Thomas Joyson C. Thomas Dorothy E. Torsney Train, Babcock Advisors LLC Maria Vasilyadis Sr. Mary N. Ventricelli, O.P. Theresa E. Werner Mary Ellen & John Wlaysewski Margaret Wolf Kathleen Wright Yan Shen & Xiu Nian Yang Katie & Mike Zambardino

Red & Blue Society Recognizes donors whose gifts totaled $250-$499 Leslie T. Alvarado Douglas M. Amann Ameriprise Financial Robert Angeletti Ronald P. Antal Apple Food Service of New York Bank of America Kathleen Barnes-Romagnano George C. Barone Lawrence K. Becker Bio-Cellular Science Inc Bishop Reilly Alumni Assoc. Class of 1966 Edward P. Boles Thomas J. Brady Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Braithwaite Terry Cain Robert Capen Silvia & Frank Caprio Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Carlino Janet M. Carroll-Blagg Joseph E. Castana Mary C. McHale & Joseph Castellano Theresa Chillianis James A. Chin Mr. & Mrs. James Chu Arlene Coccia Bob Coccia Gerilyn Coccia & Michael Schablin Christine & Kevin Coffey Roger M. Coleman Walt Conry Bro. Leonard Conway, O.S.F. John R. Corbisiero Carissa M. Covatti John J. D’Angelo Gerald A. Davis Roger DeBerardine Thomas DeMaria Dominick P. DePaola Dominic J. DeVincenzo Nancy M. Donato Danielle & Christopher Donelan James P. Donnelly John M. Downing, Sr. John P. Duffy Richard F. Dyas Mr. & Mrs. Jean Edouard Denise A. Egan-Sintetos Dennis M. Esposito John C. Fay

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report

Alejandro R. Finardo Marianna Fior-Brown Lawrence Fischer Jeanne Forster Christine E. Walsh-Freda & Michael Freda Jon Fredas Michael P. Gabbola Joseph E. Garcia Ronald Gentile Peter J. Ghisone Arthur Gormley Kathleen M. Gorta-Canning Janice A. Guerra Al Haag, Jr. Francis J. Hannafey Sharon Harris Brian M. Healy Denise & Paul Heckelman John C. Hemmer Francis A. Higbie Roseann Hinchey Ronald J. Hoefner Joseph M. Hughes Douglas Hunt Rachel Izzo-Micheli Ted D. Jahn, Jr. James P. Jeffers Brian J. Jensen Georgia Kaporis Anthony J. Keck Thomas J. Kelly Dennis J. Klein Jerry Koutsavlis Frank J. Lackner GraceAnn LaForgia Joseph A. LaPiana Margaret Lazo Catherine Longo Jodi E. Passarella-Madden & Michael P. Madden Louis S. Magagna John Mannino Robert P. Maroney Kathleen Martin-Johannsen Frank A. Massuli John R. Mathis Margaret & Donald Mattison John J. McAree Rev. Msgr. J. Edward McCullough Dennis J. McDermott James A. McDonough Arthur F. McMahon Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. McMahon John F. McNicholas James W. McTiernan Barbara J. Mergner-Dunn

2010-11 Contributors John Miksad Edward Miller Mr. & Mrs. Charles Morehouse Robert H. Mulvena Regan Murphy-Myers Raymond Nash Ronald S. Niles Daniel A. Nolan Brian J. O’Donoghue Elizabeth & Joseph Olwell George F. Oristano James P. Pagano John J. Paguaga Louis G. Pastina Mr. & Mrs. Nestor Pastor Peter A. Patrissi Francis X. Pecquex Tracy A. Perlman Mary Perry James C. Petrillo Pfizer Foundation Anissa N. Picarella Benedict J. Pollio Michael J. Prior Andre F. Python, Jr. Luis A. Ramos MaryAnn Raposo Elaine & Rodger Recker Alysoun V. Roach Nicholas C. Rocco, Jr. Roche Molecular System s Rockville Bank Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Jose Rojas Benedict F. Ruggiero Edward P. Russell Albert Sabini James P. Sammon Frank S. Scaduto Pauline M. Scelfo John J. Sceppa Ella M. Schiralli Lawrence F. Schiralli Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Schrubbe Peter J. Schweitzer Maria Scotto-Lagermasini John J. Sidtis George C. Simpson Dominic A. Solimando, Jr. John G. Spicijaric Mr. & Mrs. John M. Steingasser Jacqueline M. StevensSullivan David E. Stimus Paula P. Szturma Thomas W. Terryn Tower Ford, Inc Robert H. Trigg James J. Troy Alexandra M. Tudose

John Vaccaro Carlos Valerio Michael A. Varrone Vivien M. Veloso-Hegarty Mr. & Mrs. Michael Votin Robert A. Waegelein, Jr. Richard Weglarz Wells Fargo Foundation Noelle L. Werner Harry W. Whelpley Thomas E. White Philip J. Wierzbicki William J. Zuk Mr. & Mrs. Bob Zwart

Terrier Society Recognizes donors whose gifts totaled $100-$249 James M. Abbott John D. Abbruzzese Mr. and Mrs. Frank Acevedo Phillip F. Acevedo Robert Ackley Brunilda Acosta Elizabeth M. Acosta-Crommett Dennis Adams John J. Adams Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Adams, Sr. Christine M. Aglietti-Messina Rosemarie Agusta-Carousso Sarah & John Ahearn Ann E. Ahlstrom-Saxer Richard F. Akalski Catherine A. Albaneze Janelle Alexander Edward M. Alexandro Anthony A. Alfano Blair F. Allen Joseph Amadeo American Express American International Group Charles Amorese Jennifer H. Anderson Laura & Philip Andriola Douglas L. Apicella Edward P. Aquilone Marie & Frank Arnone John F. Astarita Michael X. Aufiero Charles V. Austin AXA Foundation AXIS US Services Karen Bischoff-Babich & Raymond Babich Charles J. Badaracco Peter M. Baiardi

Alexander S. Balko Denise F. Barracca-Allmaier Stella M. Barresi Anthony Barricelli Nancy & Robert Basel Emily & Daniel Bash Trinidad Battad Daniel J. Baurkot Gerard J. Baxter Rina A. Beacco Karl T. Bednarek Linda & Andrew Beizer Monica Bejarano-Heredia Philip G. Benjamin, II George C. Bergleitner, Jr. Matthew R. Bernardo Diane Bertoli Anthony J. Biancaniello Dennis C. Black Christopher Blaich Gavin D. Blainey Gerard E. Boeckhaus Gerard H. Boehme Robert H. Bohack, Jr. Mitchell J. Bonanno Thomas A. Booras, Jr. Myrna Bourbigot Vincent C. Bracco Mr. & Mrs. Philip P. Brady Rory O. Braithwaite William Brand James Breslin Edmund E. Brett Alfred L. Brock Cathy Slipkowski-Brostek & Gerard M. Brostek Robert J. Brown Christopher J. Bucaria Paul O. Buchbauer Michele Buoninfante-Blainey Elizabeth Burke Liboria Buscemi John H. Cady Rene Caiazzo Charles J. Cain Mr. & Mrs. George P. Calcagnini George W. Calcagnini Richard A. Calosso Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Camilleri Angelica E. Canales-Babolcsay Michael Cancellieri Edythe M. Canfield Danielle Cannataro-Forte & Jim Forte Robert J. Cannon Diane M. Herbert-Cappello & John A. Cappello Susan & George Cappiello Damon A. Carbo Carroll Cho Cleaners Inc

Kathleen Carroll Marilyn Casalaina-Cote John Casale Maritza A. Giles-Cassidy & Kevin M. Cassidy Suzanna CastellanosBehringer Peter S. Castelli Alexandra V. Casten Catherine T. Castiglia-Canino Barbara & Anthony Catalanotto Anne-Marie Cataldo-Wenger Richard W. Caunitz Teresa M. Cefalo-Alexandrou Mr. & Mrs. James F. Cerven Nicole E. Ceslik-Spaargaren Shant Chalian Chevron Humankind Michael P. Chiara Joseph C. Ciechalski Luann & Joseph Cimino Frank Cioffi Stephanie M. Cipolla Joseph J. Cipri Francis X. Clines Robert A. Cochrane Camille E. Coiro-Penny Karen Colafrancesco Timothy J. Cole, Sr. John Coleman John J. Collins Haydee Colon Kevin Colucci Michael L. Columbia Gerard A. Compito Kerry M. Condon-Dalton Stella & Edward Conlon Danielle Connelly Kevin J. Connors Thomas F. Conroy, Jr. Walter J. Cook, II Msgr. James J. Cooney Sheila M. Coppinger-Palmer Julie Cordero Nicholas Corona, Jr. James Corrigan Daniel V. Corry Marianna Coscia Lori & William Costello Maripat Alger-Cottone & Michael J. Cottone Philip S. Cottone Bruce Cotugno Kerin E. Coughlin William Coultaus Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Covatti Kelly A. Coyle-Hall Eileen Crean Marie-Elena CrimminsWohlmacher

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report


2010-11 Contributors Paul R. Cronen Patrick F. Cunningham Meryl & Sean Cunningham Thomas D’Alto, Jr. Richard G. Danderline Paul R. Dannenhoffer Paul J. DeBenedittis Michael DeCarlo Francis C. Deer Frank X. DeFontes Richard M. DeFronzo George P. DeGeorge AnneMichelle DeGuzman Mr. & Mrs. Glen Deignan Rose L. DeInnocentiis-Ruesing Serge Delak, Jr. Michelle DeLemos Peter DelGrosso, III Anna M. D’Elia-Delaney Michael D. DeLuca Paul V. DeLuca Anthony P. DeNunzio, Sr. Denise G. DeRosa Nicholas J. DeStefano Margaret Devlin Thomas J. DiCanio Claire R. Diele William Dimoulas Frank Dinaro Ria DiPietro Mr. & Mrs. Martin Doherty Thomas E. Doherty James Dollard Lt. Col. Richard E. Donaghy Leonor & Manuel Donis Brian M. Donnellan Eileen E. Donnelly-Buser Caitlin Donovan Linda Donovan Margaret & Michael Donovan Maryellen & Steve Donovan Jessica A. Dowd-Wilde Lawrence J. Doyle Suzanne S. Ducey-Blundi John J. Duffy Pierre Dumaine Shannon Dunleavy James T. Dunphy Paul D. Duran Francine A. Dusolt-Muccin Elder Solutions Corporation Vincent J. Emilio Mr. & Mrs. Martin Eng Alan N. Eremin Joseph J. Failla Craig M. Farrell James F. Farrell Alfred E. Fazio, Jr. Susan L. Feehan-Gidwill Eugene J. Feldhaus


Theresa C. Fennell Kathleen & Frank Ferrari Robert J. Fey Barbara J. Barone-Fierst & Tim J. Fierst Mary L. Filangeri Norma M. Filippi-Quigley Mr. & Mrs. Barry Finkelstein Vincent Finn Robert A. Fischer Angela & Michael Fischetti Megan D. Fitzpatrick-Esposito Daniel J. Flaherty Noreen E. Flaherty Heidi R. Flori Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P. Flynn Eugene J. Flynn Vincent T. Flynn Barbara A. Scotto-Foley & Michael F. Foley Ernest M. Folli Mr. & Mrs. James Ford Theresa C. Forget Jack A. Franceschetti Nicolle Frantellizzi Richard Frasca Salvatore F. Frevola Laurie Fry-Kane Mr. & Mrs. David Fund Rudolph H. Funke Elaina E. Gabriele Barbara A. Gallo-Compton Patricia R. Gambino Phyllis Gambino-Skody Mr. & Mrs. Joe Garafola Linda M. Garger-Vanella Bonita & Dominick Garone John P. Garufi Joan Gasser-Buckley Joseph F. Gavin Laura & Mike Gaynor George R. Gebus, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. Damian George Thomas George Joseph A. Giacalone Bevin K. Meade-Gibbons & Christopher Gibbons Rev. Msgr. William J. Gill James R. Gillespie Nicole C. Gillman Jennifer M. Gilroy-Ruiz James Giordano Toni-Ann A. Girdusky John E. Golden Catherine & Vincent Goodwin Ronald A. Grassi Mr. & Mrs. Michael Greaney Kevin A. Griffith David J. Grondzki Cathleen T. Grosso-O’Hare

Donald J. Guarino Rosemary Gurino Kathy Gutleber-Lawrence Peter C. Haas, Jr. Marie Haig Thomas J. Hall John Hamilton James A. Hannon Robert R. Hans Marybeth Hatton-Kunze Eva Hatzis James M. Healy William F. Heaviside Christopher J. Heiman Sylvia V. Herrera-Roome Nancy J. Hoera-Norton Willie Holmes Marinela Honovich William P. Horohoe Gregory J. Hrycak Arlene T. Huber-Jaklitsch Hudson Valley Arts, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Dennis R. Hughes Mr. & Mrs. William J. Hughes Mario Iannaccone Ray T. Iannicelli Ethel C. Ibanez-Zimmerman Milena Illidge-Yoraschek Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ingenito Leon Jackson Diann & Ted Jahn Mr. & Mrs. Francis S. Jamin Donald Janowitz & Gelsomina Palumbo Claudia Jaramillo-Lee Marita & Charles Jardines Michael P. Jeffrey Gary S. Jendras Ronald S. Jendras Liza Jocson-D’Amelio Debra Johnson Michael Johnston Jan-Marc Jouas Paul M. Jourcin Mary Joyce-Vesnaver Lawrence F. Judd, Jr. Murat Karaca Elzbieta & Miroslaw Karwowski John Kavanagh Christopher Kelly Edward M. Kelly Jenine M. Kelly-Morledge Mary P. Kemler Caitlin Kennedy Catherine M. Kennedy Mary Kennedy Robert L. Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Gene Kenny Michael J. Kiely Brian S. Kightlinger

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report

Laurie A. Killcommons Robert Kirby Helene & Michael Kispert Rhea Knaust-Giraldo Rev. Msgr. Corneilius T. Kneafsey Mary & Roger Kobel Robert F. Koehler Karen & John Kolnsberg Robert G. Koster Brian C. Kramer Robert C. Labriola Anthony F. LaFortezza Rev. Daniel Lanahan, O.F.M. Jeffrey Lane Sr. Mary Kenneth Lane, C.S.J. Debra & Gustavo Laserna John P. Lavin Arleen Cabutto-Lazarus & Gary Lazarus John Lemire Karen A. Lemmo-Barbieri Steven P. Leon Christopher A. Leone John T. Leone Anthony S. Lesica Ulana A. Leskiw-Markiv Rita A. Licari-Tyska Mr. & Mrs. Lester Lindemann Santina Liotta-Petruso Marguerite E. Lipay Sonya H. Listl-Kall Frederick Littmann, Jr. Andrew J. Lombardi Susan Lombardi-Abbott Harvey R. Lydecker Regina A. Lydon-Johnson Daniel F. Lynch James M. Lynch Kathleen M. Lynch Michael P. Lynch Joseph F. MacDougall Elizabeth A. MacEwen-Timken Brendan T. Mahon Viginia S. Maina Bro. Lawrence Makofske, O.S.F. Vincent A. Male William J. Maloney Roseanne Marasak Lucy Marchassalla Maria & Michael Marchassalla Michael J. Marchese Dennis J. Marnick, Jr. Michael & Kristine Marrale Gaetano J. Mascolo Bruce N. Massie James T. Mayberry Dominick Mazzitelli Sarah S. McCarthy Jim McClenahan

2010-11 Contributors John F. McCormack Robert J. McDade Edward P. McDonagh Kenneth McDonagh Patrick J. McEvoy Timothy R. McGinn William McGorry James J. McGovern Edward M. McGowan Thomas J. McGuirk Harold J. McKay Edward G. McKenna, Jr. Peter J. McKenna Karen A. McKeon Matthew T. McKeon Maureen T. McKeon-Carragee Kathy & Patrick McLaughlin Robert McLoughlin Mr. & Mrs. Hank McMahon Hugh J. McMenamin John McNaboe Michael J. McPartland Daria E. Meade-Connolly John A. Meehan Teresa Melius Richard C. Meller Regina Melly Meredith Corporation John Messina Paul B. Michiels Daniel Michitsch Thomas P. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mimnagh Robert C. Minion Lisa A. Miranda-Sloan Lawrence P. Mongelli Michele A. Monteforte Ellen Montuori-Graziano Drew T. Morgan Peter A. Morgan William F. Morgan Brother Roman Morris, O.S.F. Michele A. Wiese-Morris & Wayne A. Morris Lisa N. MorrisseyMacSpadden Josephine Morrone Nicholas D. Mosesso John D. Moten Mt. Alvernia Brothers Arthur C. Mueller Michael A. Mulqueen Chad M. Muney Thomas A. Murawski Bridie Murphy Claudia A. Murphy James M. Murphy Margaret Murphy Rosemarie Murphy Thomas P. Murphy

Sita & Kennedy Mykoo Frank J. Nappi Mary Nardello Martin J. Neville Guy T. Nevirs Jennifer Carotenuto-Nicoletta & Angelo C. Nicoletta Richard T. Nolan Terrance J. Nolan Elizabeth M. Nugent James F. O’Brien Rev. Msgr. John H. O’Brien Patrick F. O’Brien Rachel O’Brien Mary & Dan O’Byrne Daniel D. O’Connell Daniel O’Connor Francis X. O’Connor Jane T. O’Connor Maureen R. O’ConnorMansfield Patrick W. O’Daly Eileen & James O’Dea Raymond O’Donnell Odyssey America Reinsurance Corp.

Maria C. Montagner-O’Gara & Brian P. O’Gara Catherine O’Grady John F. O’Hara Ruth A. O’Hehir-Fitzgerald Daniel J. O’Keefe Catherine O’Kelly-Kerrane Alton J. O’Neil Caroline L. Orlando-Murillo Robert F. O’Rourke Gabriel Ortega Magdalena & Karol Ostaszewski Jaclyn O’Toole Tracy & Brian Ott Michael L. Owens Michael S. Pagano Joyce W. Pak-Mcpherson Albert Palazzo Michael J. Palumbo Robert A. Palumbo Violette Pandzic-Deur Maria Pang-Ho Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Pantaleo Nicholas L. Pantaleo, Jr. Valerie Ciccolilli-Papatheodorou & Angelos Papatheodorou Kalitsa Pappas-Gabriel Paraskevi Paralemos-Tsahas Lawrence J. Pascal Christopher M. Pastina JeanneMarie Boisselle-Patella & Armand Patella Frank Paukowits

Monica S. Peborde Julienne B. Pechulis-Ryan Sandra M. Pecini Joyce L. Pedretti Robert J. Pelizza Bartholomew H. Peluso, Jr. Anna & Robert Pennetti Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Pennington Joseph D. Pepe Sophia Petsas-Prountzos Mary A. Phelan Mr. & Mrs. Selwyn Phillip Debra Picariello Elizabeth M. Picerno Renier Pierantoni Dianna L. Pilate-Virone Francine M. PolokowskiMacGowan Veronica A. Potenza-Marchetti Kevin C. Powell Edward J. Powers Timothy P. Powers Diane & Thomas Pramberger Harry Prassakos Jack M. Prenderville Robert A. Puppa, Jr. Peter J. Purpura Matthew Pursino Richard P. Raaf Dolores Blaskovic-Radovic & Rino Radovic Bernadette & John Rafferty Margaret Raftery-Sbaschnig Paul A. Ragnetti Debra D. Molloy-Ranieri & Kenneth Ranieri Ray J. Ratkowski Ross A. Rauh William C. Reddy Regions Financial Corporation Norman T. Reid Patricia J. Reilly Richard Remshaw Michael Rennard Bernard T. Renzy, III Gerald J. Ricciardo Ann Marie & Frederick Rich Maureen Richardson Hank E. Riehl Denise Riordan-Larkin Rita & Saverio Rizzi Angelo M. Rizzo Marylene Ansa-Rizzo & Frank Rizzo Angela & Frank Rizzo Sam Rizzo Diane C. Rush-Roberts & Mathias M. Roberts Claudia M. Rocco Eugene Roche

John K. Rode Arianna Rodriguez Lisa Rodriguez Bernadette Rolleri Andrea L. Romero-Higgins Robert Rooney Barbara & Matthew Roseanu James T. Roth Robert P. Rourke Kenneth P. Ruane Kimberly S. Rubino-White Jeanne M. Rubsam-Kane Mr. & Mrs. Alejandro Ruiz Mr. & Mrs. George Ruiz Stephen G. Rush Frances Russo Bro. Becket Ryan, O.S.F. Pietro Sabatino Lisa DeRita-Sadler & Thomas Sadler Elizabeth Salerno Carmen Sanchez & Ramon Solares Teresa Sanfratello Luis G. Santos Glenn S. Sarsale Anthony P. Savarese Robert M. Sawicki Connie Sayago Carlo A. Scalia Marcella A. Scalia-Squeglia John R. Scanlon Amelia F. Scarpulla Bro. Robert G. Schaefer, O.S.F. Danielle M. Schaefer-Klyap Suzanne M. Schaefer-Sideris Elizabeth S. Schaub Lorraine Schaum Dario Schiavetta Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Schick Craig Schmidt Jennifer L. Schnarr-Bommarito Anne K. Schnell-Carstensen John L. Schultz Robert Schwartz Louis E. Scimecca Daniel J. Scotti Gregory M. Semashko Carl Serafino Russell Seymour Terry D. Sgarlata James A. Shaughnessy Michael J. Short Show Department, Inc. Kathleen Sicari Luis A. Silva Anthony J. Simeti Margot & Denis Simmons Virginia Simon James J. Simonelli

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report


2010-11 Contributors Ann Marie Sinisi Joseph A. Siolek, Jr. Emily Sityar-Cornell Joseph T. Skerrett, Jr. Carol A. Skinner Thomas M. Sloan Gerald W. Smith Mr. & Mrs. John C. Smith Patricia S. Smith-Nallen Thomas R. Snowden Mr. & Mrs. Kyaw Soe Albert A. Sofia Victor O. Sousa Paul Speckenbach Mr. & Mrs. Luciano Spina Lisa M. Spinoso-Youngclaus Michelle Stimpfel-Zurita George B. Sula Susan Sullivan-Barrett Richard H. Surridge Silvana T. Sutich Emery J. Szlezak Carolyn Szostek Henry B. Szot Bro. Jeremy Sztabnik, O.S.F. Maurice J. Taaffe Anabela & Luiz Tang Leonard R. Tarantino Stephen L. Tatay Joseph F. Taylor Lois & Michael Tedesco Richard T. Tener Gary J. Testa CA Technologies Ingrid C. Thelian-Croak Lori J. Thompson-Saputo Bro. Christopher D. Thurneau, O.S.F. Mr. & Mrs. Philip Titolo Peter C. Tittmann Adele I. Stiene-Tombline & Russell W. Tombline Thomas F. Toomey, Jr. Francisca D. DeVera-Torres & Carlos A. Torres Margaret Travers Lucy P. Tsai Timothy J. Tubridy Christina M. Tubridy-Brennan Jennifer L. Tucci Joy Tumang-Block Kathleen Tyson John J. Uhl John M. Urbielewicz James P. Vafeas Linda & Nicholas Vagra Peggy S. Valdez-Imbesi Sergio B. Valentini Dennis Vanek Doris R. Varlese


Carol A. Vassallo-Cuttita Jason Velazquez Dominic Veneziano Lois Venturella John R. Venuto Verizon Foundation Christine Vetere-Vigliette Mark Vineis Anthony E. Viola Clorinda F. Volpe-Tagios Mr. & Mrs. Deek Voskerichian Robert F. Waegelein, Sr. Joseph F. Wahl Lisa M. Walke Celia Walker Harry B. Wallen F. G. Walsh Robert T. Walsh Jessica L. Watz Thomas L. Weigand Richard J. Weilminster Daniel P. Weitekamp Angela Wen Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. White Christina Wilkinson Kenneth C. Williams Nancy & Robert Williams Tom Wilson Richard J. Witt Ann M. R. Bongiorno-Wolfe & Donald J. Wolfe Joseph J. Woltering Mary C. Woods Jeanne & Jurgen Wriedt Denise A. Wuria Michele D. Ziella-Gallagher Susanne & Rudolph Zientarski Jayne & Charles Zimmermann

Supporters Gifts of $25 -$99 Hanna Abdelhamid Ashley Adamo Ralph E. Addonizio Julie Agate-Lay Robert R. Aglialoro Eleni A. Agopianis Pasquale Alesia Francis Alicata Beth A. Aliverto Edward G. Allcock, Sr. Jennifer Allen-Cook Joseph J. Alonsozana Alexandra Alquiza Tammi L. Alvarez Sonia C. Alvarez-Correnti

John E. Ambery, Jr. Katherine Ambrosio Brenden J. Ames Andrew J. Amitrano Anthony P. Amoroso Gail C. Amurao Victor Andrade Mary R. Andriano-Bosko Daniel Angelastro Louis Angulo Anne-Marie C. Annibale-Baumis Christine Antis Vasiliki Antzoulis Malinda Appel-Faris Gabriella Aquilino Christina D. Aquilon Leonard P. Arcuri Kathleen M. Ardiff-Carroll Ellen & Raphael Arditti Alexander M. Arevalo Michelle H. Arevalo Ellen & Dean Arfanis Laura Arminio-Torcolese Joseph B. Arroyo William B. Ashton Erica Asteinza Luz Astudillo Juliette Austin Sondra A. Austin Robert S. Aydinian Robert Ayello, Jr. Karen Babis Kelley A. Hughes-Bacci & Daniel Bacci Renee V. Badami Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Bagnall Ingrid M. Grein-Bailey & Charles Bailey Jessica Baker Jimmy Baldea Edwin L. Ball Deanna Balla Susan T. Banham-Baran Korey W. Banks Heather Banninger Joseph Barcella James V. Barcia Andrea T. Barcia-Volding Carl F. Baren Jo M. Barnes-Conlan Debra & Steven Barnett Wayne Barnspone Courtney Barrett Catherine R. Barrett-Zedlovich Vita R. Barrile-Ferrantello Vanessa L. Barrios Vicky E. Barrios Denis S. Barry, Jr. Pat & Jim Barry Debbie A. Barry-Stanis

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report

Roxanne Fratianni-Basandella & Franco E. Basandella Regina A. Harding-Bast & William G. Bast John Basti Saidii S. Batroni-Sinacori Marco A. Battaglia John Battaglini Joseph Battista John R. Baumann Maria Bayes-Minetti Spyridon A. Bazigos Daniel Bellington Alex C. Benavides Charles A. Bennett Benjamin J. Berg Katrina A. Bernardo Amanda M. Berner Mary A. Bernstein John A. Bertone Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bertorelli Bro. Michel Bettigole, O.S.F. Ashli Bhoorasingh Karen Biggane Michael P. Blewitt Margaret A. Blewitt-Padley Michelle L. Bloise-Filipakis Herbert T. Blomquist David Bloom Steven L. Bo Katherine Boller Mike Bonasia Patrick D. Bonner Denise Boorman Julie Booth Andrea Borelli Jennifer M. Borgersen-Ennis Jill V. Borowski Karen A. Bournazos Elsie & Hannibal Bourne Anita & Thomas Boyle Mr. & Mrs. Raul Boysillo Michael G. Brady Matthew Branch Elizabeth Brand Karen & John Brannan Diana L. Bratelli-Musich Theresa Braxton Linda A. Bremer-McGuire Michelle Brenes John C. Brennan, Jr. Katie Brent Emerson C. Bretous Lori A. Bridda-Wakie Jennifer J. Briganti-Campillay Gerard Britton Kathleen M. Brix-Fallon Annemarie E. Brostek Eileen Browne Colleen M. Browne-Magarian

2010-11 Contributors Patricia A. Browne-Ronan Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bruckman Lisa M. Bruni-Vene Mr. & Mrs. Louis A. Bruno Maryellen L. Bruno Matthew Bruno Pamela Buccellato Peggy Buckley William A. Budris Tina Bullaro Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bullock Lucy Burich-McNamara Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Burik Christina A. Burke Shane A. Burke Stephen F. Burke Theresa M. Burke-Yarri Chirag C. Burman Jean Buscarino Laura Busuttil-Cantatore Denis J. Butler John P. Butler Mercel & Anthony Cabahug Keri Calabrese Vanessa Calamita Steven R. Calandro Michael F. Califano Eileen Califano-Ibarra Laralyn Calvento Daniel T. Canavan Hank W. Cancel Simone Canfarotta Patricia Capezza-McLoughlin Mariella C. Cappellino Laurie & Frank Cappiello Darlene E. Caprio-Rivera Diana M. Caprio-Seglin James F. Caravella Neil V. Carbone Carl F. Caridi Kristen Carlo Jean & Richard Carlson Mr. & Mrs. Kleber Carrasco Geraldine Carro-Flaven Edward J. Carroll Edward T. Carroll Richard A. Carroll Salvatore Caruso, Jr. Alicia Caruso-Dauro Norma & Galo Carvajal Victoria Maria Casal Joseph A. Casano John B. Casey William J. Cashin Michael J. Cassano Thomas Cassano Joshua Cassuto Frank Castagna Jesse A. Castelli Aida I. Castillo

Linda Castro Anthony Catalanotto Diane Catalanotto-Gafa Philip T. Catanese, Sr. Louise Caudullo Theresa Caulfield-Queren Rocco Cavaliere Natasha Cavalli Lindsay Cavaluzzo-Tortorella Joseph T. Cavanagh Sally C. Cawley-Doukas Rosemary Centeno-Schroyer Franchesk Cepeda Henry F. Chamorro Suzanne Chan Donna O. Charles-Onike Gerard P. Charlot Jenny C. Chavez-Brennan Carol & William Chimento Michael F. Chrostowski John L. Ciglar Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Cino Mr. & Mrs. George Cintron Johnny W. Cintron Jill T. Cirino-Seyfert Eileen Clabby-Speed Gail Clark Jeanne C. Clendenin-Sweeney George J. Clough Michael J. Clune Kerry M. Cohen-Zaris Robin & Louis Colacicco Raymond D. Colalillo John T. Cole Paul J. Colelli Vivian Collica Thomas F. Comiskey Michael L. Composto Michael Concepcion Patrick Connolly Kerri A. Connolly-Kraetzer James J. Conroy James P. Conroy Kevin J. Conroy Nicholas E. Conti Richard J. Conti Nora & John Conway Jean F. Coppola Camille Coppola-Gidich Jennifer Corbett Emily A. Corbin David P. Corbino Stephen G. Cordaro Kristen M. Corrigan Sheila M. Downing-Costello & John F. Costello Anita Costi Joseph C. Cotter Robert V. Cotumaccio Laurene N. Cowhey-Lang

Janis L. Cowhey-McDonagh Thomas J. Creaco Viviana Cristian Vincent M. Cronen Patrick M. Crowley Robert J. Culkin Joe Cunningham Scott E. Curry Michael Curti Stephen C. Dachtera Christine M. Dadic Maria L. D’Agostino-Velissari Edward Dainesi Patricia Daleney-Basani Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dalessio Alexandria M. Dalgish-Choi Angela I. DallaRagioneLudemann Michael R. Dalton Joan M. Dalton-Janssen Karen Mathis & James D’Amato John Damiano Ronald M. D’Amura Annette Daniec Deborah Daniszewski Amanda D’Arangia-Milo Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Davi Catherine A. Davies-Brown Heather Davis-Rinaldi Thomas M. Day Frank A. de Caro Vincent L. DeBenedittis Susan DeBenedittis-Costantin Brian T. Decker Grace I. DeFina-Battaglia Claudia B. DeFrank-McGuinness Louis T. DeGrazia Tita & Andrew Del Giudice Tino Del Greco Roberto DeLaFuente Brian Deleon Christine A. DelFavero-Kurtz Filomena D’Elia Robert D’Elia Safeta Deljanin Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Dellacona Mario R. DeLuca Donna DeLuca-Ferry Joseph J. DeMarco Geraldine A. DeMarco-Bauer Matthew Dematteis Mr. & Mrs. Onofrio Demattia Christopher J. Demers Nancy L. Demers John P. DeRiso Laura DeRiso Lori Derych Mr. & Mrs. Michael DeSio James Desrouleaux

Anthony DeStefano Nancy & Benny DeStefano Francis G. DeVenecia William N. DeVito John P. Devlin Matthew DeVoti Stephen P. Diamond, Jr. Elvira M. DiBiaseFrancischelli Philip A. DiBlasi William J. Diblasi Mr. & Mrs. Peter Dicaro Sebastian V. DiCasoli Yuri Dieujuste Edward V. DiLello Debra DiLillo-Sweeney Salvatore J. Dilorenzo Vincent DiLorenzo Douglas DiMarco Christina M. Dimare Elizabeth DiMola Donna M. DiNoto-Doherty Paul Dipietro Jean E. Dirscherl-Lownds Adam Discepolo Matthew J. Disiena Maria & Joseph DiSomma Cynthia Ditaranto Irving L. Diton Christopher D. Ditta Dennis J. DiTucci Maria L. DiTucci-Petrocine Mr. & Mrs. Andras Divald Estela B. Divino Joanne M. Dixon-Rice Julia Skandul-Dobry & Francis N. Dobry Cora & Steve Dominguez Nicole Blaskovic & Johnny S. Donadic Stefanie Donadic Jacqueline T. Donegan-Treanor Kathleen M. Donnelly Patricia Donoghue Shannon Donohoe Franey Donovan Jadeine Donovan Michael Donovan Elaine H. Dooley-Feerick Francis H. Dowd Eugene J. Downing Joseph P. Downing Raymond Doyle Jennifer L. Dragisics Peter Draper Mairead Duffy-Occhino Frank R. Dukes Mary Dunne Peter P. Dunne Lori E. Dunn-Magliano

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report


2010-11 Contributors Michelle Durante-Maser Brendan C. Durkin Robert Durso , II Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Duval Theodore P. Dymczynski Anna M. Eardley-Arouh David Elliot Yvette C. Ellis-Ramos Maria C. Empaynado-Gilday Lauren Eng Peter A. England Rachel Errico Sister Angela Esposito Harry P. Fagan, Jr. Christine M. LeBlanc-Fahey & James H. Fahey Rev. Anthony J. Failla Toni L. Failla Jamie Farino Sister Clare Farrell Jessica Farrell Martin A. Farrell Ashley Faustin Nathalie Faustin-Lubin Maureen V. Feeney-Tjalma Valerie R. Felicetti-Massimo Josephine Femia Eileen P. Fennell Kenneth Ferguson Anna Ferraiuolo Valerie F. Ferrante Linda E. Ferranti-Conroy Charles Ferraro Denise A. Ferrarotti-Matranga Frank A. Ferri Sal Ferro Joann Festa Susan J. Festa-Romano Mary Ann Ficarola Elizabeth J. Ficarra-Starr Jacquelyn Fidalio Nicole M. Fidalio Elizabeth Figuracion Jenna Filippi Michele Filorimo Gina Filoso-Setaro Tom M. Fini Eileen Finlay-Waters Kathryn Finn Olga A. Finnegan Robert J. Fiordaliso Henry C. Fiorillo Denise E. McBride-Fischetti & Sal A. Fischetti Michael Fitzpatrick Kristine L. Flannigan-Garry Yvonne M. Flesche Anthony Fontanetta Ann Forde-Costello Lauren C. Forgione


Lisa Foris Frank Francica Demetrios G. Frangiskatos Thomas Frank Donna M. Franz-Livecchi Chris A. M. FrielingsdorfAmbery Richard D. Friend Ryan Frontera Steven A. Frosch Samuel Fruner Barbara A. Fuchs-Janny John S. Fusco Ivanhoe A. Gadpaille MaryLee Gaffney-Yamasaki Mr. & Mrs. Frank Galasso Michael A. Galeti Marie T. Gallagher Christine C. Galvin-Kelly Jason C. Gamba Barbara & Louis Gambarini Salvatore G. Gangemi Paul Gangi James G. Gannon Peter J. Gannon Steven Garafalo Reina M. Garcia Juliet Garel-Lownes Veronica Gargone Danielle L. Garitta Theresa Garofalo-Morelli Anthony C. Gazzara Bryan Geffen Anthony Genna Mr. & Mrs. Pasquale Genzale Nicole Georgakopoulos Allison Gerrity Ashley Getchell John F. Ghingo Daniel V. Giaccio, Jr. Evelyn D. Giaccio Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Giaccio Michael Giacomino Gerasimos Giakoumatos Steve Giammona Linda A. Giaquinto-Viviano William G. Giery Thomas J. Giglio Geneva Gill Mr. & Mrs. Cyril G. Gillman Patricia J. Gioieni-Egan Janet E. Tarpey-Giovanelli & Frederick Giovanelli Geraldine Giovanniello-Nuckols Debra A. Giovanniello-Panaro Ryan J. Girdusky Lisa A. Gismondi-Miller Mary Godfrey Carolyn Goldner-Labella Melissa Gomez

Giovanni Gonzalez Andrea L. Gonzalez-Flete Roxana Gonzalez-Hoppe Alietta Gordon James P. Gordon Ann & Robert Gordon Frances & William Gorham Brian Gosioco Colette F. Goulard-Curry Howard T. Gould Joseph Governale Agata Grabowska Anna F. Graci-Calisi Leonard Graczyk Michael Grady Sabrina Grandchamps Angela M. Gray Barbara L. Grein-Napoli Justin R. Grella Michelle Grieco Siobhan Griffin Joseph Griffith Ted F. Grondzki Jeanette Guadalupe Nicholas Guarino Paul Gugliotta Joseph S. Gulino, Jr. Irene L. Gutierrez Maria Salcedo & Eric M. Hafker Daniel Hairston Jane C. Halligan Dana Hamlin-Vezza Carol A. Hammer-Forster John Hammersley Joseph Hannigan Robert J. Hanophy, Jr. Sheila A. Harkin-Moutopoulos Christine H. Harper Mr. & Mrs. Roger Harris, III Mary E. Harrison James R. Hart Catherine Hartnett Steven J. Hartwig Brian C. Hauck Kathy A. Haugh-Romano Karen A. Haunss-Sapinski Frederick E. Haynia AnneMarie E. Healy-Dean Ryane Y. Hecker John J. Hegarty Kevin P. Hehir Joanna C. Heim Caryn Hennelly William T. Hensch John A. Hernandez Luke C. Hester Thomas Hickey Donna J. Hincapie-Epp Elizabeth E. Hiris-Jagde

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report

Stephen C. Hoenigmann Peter J. Hoey Michael S. Hoffman John P. Hogan Margaret & William Hroch Richard V. Hrvatin Kevin F. Hughes William J. Hundt Jennifer Hunt Gabrielle Hurtubise-Hannan Kerry Brusca-Hutchingson & William Hutchingson Sarana Hyatt Lauren Iacovone Luigina & Antonio Iaquinta Maria K. Ieni Janine M. Ilchert-Foreman Intimo Inc. Daniela A. Stankovic-Iocco & Anthony Iocco Joseph T. Italiano Carol A. Jackson-Sorrell Shane M. Jairam Michael Jamin Justin J. Jannone Elizabeth A. Thomas-Janocha & John J. Janocha Joseph Janos Michael J. Janssen Patricia Jaramillo Vilma Jardines-McEnerney Phillip W. Jarquio Jardel Jean-Pierre Peter J. Jellen Eddie Jenkins Cherryl D. Delfin-Jimenez & Ruben Jimenez Kieran Johnson Malcolm Johnson Larry V. Jokhan Donald T. Jones Michael J. Jones Mr. & Mrs. William Jones Sophia Jonides-Wilson Leida A. Jorge-Vasquez Eugene Joseph Fernand Joseph Norma R. Kalkhoff Thomas Kalogiros Bernadette A. Kamin-Gestrich Richard P. Kancler James G. Kandora Heather D. Kane Jennifer Kane Eugene J. Kapela, III Frederick B. Kauber Mr. & Mrs. William Kawka Jennifer E. Keating-Daly Joyce Kechian Thomas Kelleher

2010-11 Contributors Nicole J. Keller-Rini Denis A. Kelly John Kelly Mary A. Kelly Nancy K. Kelly Susan Kelly Mark S. Kempisty Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kennedy Barry Kenney Donald E. Kent Frances & Larry Kersch Patricia Keyes James Kiernan David R. Kilanowski Eunice V. Kim Jean H. Kim Kimberly Clark Foundation Denise A. Kinney-Smith Dana Kirchoff Joseph C. Kirincich Brian W. Kirkpatrick Madeline Kirsch George C. Klein Lorraine M. Klein-Leone Marina Kleva James E. Knott, III Paul D. Kobel Catherine Kobel-Gomez Kenneth H. Kobetitsch Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Kochupurackal Nicole Kolic Reagan Wallace-Koniuch & Peter A. Koniuch Justine & John Kosinski Nastassja J. Kosinski Connie Kotrozos John Koutsoutis Kraft Employee Involvement Programs Marie J. Benik-Kramer & Keith J. Kramer Wendy Kramer William A. Kraus, Jr. Frederick J. Kress Monica Krips Ashish Kumar Lisa Kurz-Mccabe Anthony J. La Bello Laura L. LaBarca-Dzialo Earlston Lafond, Jr. Christine A. Laino Edward Lamadrid Jennifer Lamb Wosny Lambre Anna N. Lam-Chi Mr. & Mrs. Mark Landisman Francis T. Lang Deirdre D. LaPlant Kathleen Larkin-Moore

Kenneth Larney Giovanni A. Larrea Elena Laskow Lawrence M. Laskowski Ana & Gerard Lassen Karen M. Latimer Winifred A. Latvis Charles F. Lauth Mary-Jo T. Lavacca-Bartash John G. Leahey Patrick Leahey Thomas F. Leavens Jason Leberfeld Denis P. LeBeux Kristen Lee Tara J. Lee William R. Lee Erin Leistman Katie Leistman Mark Lekic Jose S. Leon, Jr. Angelica R. Leto Rosina Leto Theresa & Russell Lewis Vanessa Poole-Licari & Anthony Licari Carmelo Licata Jeffrey Ligonde Nicole Lindemann George H. Lippemeier Joseph L. Locurto Joseph Lodato, Jr. Kirsten R. Loderer Peter Loeb Maureen & Martin Logan Stacey A. Logan-Docke Graceann Loguercio-Felson Dolores C. Lois Mr. & Mrs. Vito Lolli Andria Lombardi Christine A. Lombardo Kelly E. Lonergan-Wright Holley D. Longo Maria Marcillo & Jonny Lopez Elizabeth Lorenz Dr. & Mrs. Charles Lownes Nicole M. Lozito-Sheehan Christine & Frank Luca John C. Luckey Caroline Lui-Tong Sheryll Luna-Karroll William T. Luther Teresa Lydon-Curtin Catherine C. Lydon-Mesa Michael F. Lynch Thomas D. Lynch William P. Lynch Elizabeth Lynch-Melo William A. Mabry Kathy Mabry-Valli

Mary F. Macedonio Kathleen A. Mackin-Sciortino Vincent A. Magee Francis A. Maggiore Peter V. Magnani Kelly Magnante-Pilonero Kevin E. Mahoney Timothy D. Mahoney Stephanie Malandrakis John Malarkey Ingrid Malley James J. Maloney Nicole Malvica-Iannuccilli Jennifer L. Manfredi Rocco R. Mangiarano Paul D. Mannix Harry P. Manzick Annunziata ManzolilloPignatelli Anita R. Maraventano Laura A. Marchassalla Robert L. Marchese Samantha-Jo Marciliano Michael Marin Monica A. Marinello-Duffy Molly Marino Vincent L. Marino Catherine M. Markart Stephen Marra Joan Marsh Richard Martialto Lisa Martin Robert Martin Josefina Martinez Gerald B. Martori Daniela Masiello William V. Massaro Peggy & Joseph Masselli Anthony N. Mastandino Kathleen Masterson Bruno Mastropasqua Leonard V. Masucci Gerald J. Matarazzo, III Arthur P. Mattia Maupin Travel Christine Mayer George Mayer Patricia A. McAndrews Ciara Mcardle Kathleen & Brian McCann Kathleen McCann-McKenna John J. McCarthy Ginger Mccartney Sr. Rita M. McCauley, CSJ William G. McConnell Susan A. McCook-Fink John C. McCullough, Jr. Jeanne T. McDermott Karen A. McDermott Sean S. McDermott

Jim McDonald MaryEllen McDonald Deirdre McDonough Tricia L. Candemeres & Peter McEvoy Rory McGee Jennifer A. McGorryMcCormick Pamela A. McGorry-Tully Joseph T. McGrath Patricia A. McKenna Patrick J. McLaughlin Bridie McLoughlin William A. McLoughlin Justin T. McNally Rita M. McNally-O’Rourke Thomas M. McQuail Mr. & Mrs. Raymond W. Meaney Meeting Smart Michael P. Mejia John G. Melito Theresa Mendez Robert F. Meringolo Lori Messana-Bracchitta Donna M. Miano-Cirillo Joseph A. Miccio Tiffany M. Miceli-Vargas Kevin A. Michels Andrea Miele Laura E. Mieszerski Leona & Frank Milano Vito M. Mileo Marie C. Milillo-Leibowitz Joseph A. Miller Susan D. Miller-Brown Gina Minielli-Gunkel Thomas P. Mione Raymond A. Miranda Jessica L. Miranda-Antretter Bro. Louis T. Miritello, O.S.F. Courtney Moavero Stefanie Moelius Adriana M. Mojocoa -McLaughlin Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Molahan Kimberly Molinet Cristina Mollenkopf Lisa A. Monaco Kelley S. Mondesire Bro. Antonio Montera, O.S.F. John Moran Madeline G. Moravek Kristen Moretti Glenn P. Morgan Melissa Morgan Frank D. Morgera Stephen P. Morris Patricia A. Morrissey Patrick J. Morrissey Joan & Peter Mosconi

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report


2010-11 Contributors Michael Mosiurchak Nicole & Michael Moss Danielle R. Mossa John V. Mullane Kevin Mullen Joy A. Mullen-D’Arcio George A. Muller Mr. & Mrs. Michael Muller John J. Mulligan Dawn E. Mulligan-Leimgruber Mary E. Mullins-Rogers Pamela J. Mulvey-Maroney Edward Mulvihill Mario Murillo Francis J. Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Murphy Linda A. Murphy-Hickey Jessica Murphy-Keane Kevin C. Murray Carol A. Murray-Sylvan Louis R. Murren James W. Murtagh Mutual of America Foundation Mary J. Nathan-Hart Skender A. Natiku National Grid Jennifer Catherall-Nayar & Michael C. Nayar Rosa & Michael Neary William Ng Gary T. Nichols Frederick Nicolois Jessica Nieders Erica Nieves Barbara No Vicki A. Noebel-Cignarella Edwin Nolasco Elizabeth Nonaillada-DiMitri Larissa Norris Lea Novara Edward T. Nugent, Jr. Thomas F. Nugent Joseph Nunziata Joseph Nunziato Nicholas M. Nuzzi, Jr. Edward C. O’Brien Patrick J. O’Brien Thomas C. O’Brien Sharon O’Brien-DeNara Margaret M. Ocampo Ashley Ocasio Emily Occhipinti Theresa & Peter Occhipinto Daniel J. O’Connell Lisa O’Connell Martin J. O’Connor Theresa & Michael O’Connor Christina Oddo Catherine O’Dea-Anderson


Mr. & Mrs. Edward O’Donnell Kevin V. O’Donnell Kevin E. O’Grady Kathryn A. O’Hagan Nancy E. O’Hehir Robert W. Okowitz Daniel F. O’Leary Linda Oliver-Gaeta John W. Olsen Edward J. Olson Christina A. Olson-Miller Anthony Oluwanifise Maryann Oluwanifise Timothy Olwell Maureen O’Neill-Regan Helen O’Reilly Leslie A. Orlovsky Terence M. Ormsby Robert W. O’Shea Marion L. Passero-Osojnak & Steven Osojnak Kerry J. O’Sullivan Mark O’Sullivan Laurie & Patrick O’Sullivan William W. Ottoson Roberta M. Ott-Schaaf Elizabeth Owens John Owens John Owens Vivian E. Pablo-DeLillo Robert Paccione, Jr. Michael T. Pan Iva Pannone Luke Pantaleo Peggy Papsdorf Camille G. Paredes Patrick D. Parente Roberta A. Parziale-Lataille Alfred D. Pascale Erika Pascucci Louiza Patsis Stephen P. Pazan Raymond A. Pecini Luigi Pedalino Victor E. Pelaez Robert J. Pellegrinelli Donatina M. Pellegrino Salvatore Pennetti PepsiCo Foundaiton Frank G. Percoco Anthony Perdichizzi Geraldine M. Perret-Ferguson Kenneth Peters Caroline R. Petruzzi Kevin Petry Daniel J. Phelan Erin F. Phelan Patrick J. Piccininni Elizabeth M. Pilato-Schwarz

Shelley A. Pinckney-Chadderton Diana Pinto-LoPiccolo George J. Pipino Joseph Pipitone Adriana Piraquive Mr. & Mrs. Donald Pirone Krystyna Pisarska Kelly Pistone Pitney Bowes John L. Pizzurro Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Planeta Fabricio Plaskocinski Vincent A. Podraza Eugene E. Polak Donna M. Pollard Mr. & Mrs. Charles Polos Joseph T. Ponessa William P. Ponzio Justine P. Popolizio-Augello Paul Portoghese Grace L. Portoghese-Lovallo Mr. & Mrs. Jack Porzio Lyle Posecion John Power Mr. & Mrs. Joaquin Pradas Francis E. Precht Thomas J. Prendergast Kenneth M. Prior Linda S. Prizant Desiree J. Pufal-Cassara Daniella Puitiza Queens County Supreme Court Justice Association Elizabeth K. Queren Campion E. Quinn James D. Quinn Kathleen Quinn Richard A. Quiroz Lauren Raabe Giancarlo Racanelli Alexis A. Raccasi Josephine Raccuglia Gerard Ragan Sita Ragbir Lindsay Raia Ana C. Ramirez Ismael Ramirez Stefanie Ramirez Alicia N. Ramotar-Golan Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Ranalli Rosario Randazzo Anna M. Rapone-Espiscopio Jessica Raposo Dolores A. Rappa Megan Rapple Robert Reavey Salvatore Recupero, Jr. Annette Regan Robert Reggio

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report

Richard Reichard Marie A. Reichling-Renda Deacon Joseph P. Reid Francis V. Reilly Colleen S. Reilly-Fitzpatrick Jason Reis Joseph J. Reitano Elizabeth Renko Ronald H. Rhodes Denise E. Riccobono Stephanie Rice Walter Riebenack Dennis Ring Deirdre A. Ring-Zuccarello Victor W. Ritter Ashly Rivera Charles A. Rivera Lisa Rivera Paul P. Rizzo John F. Roache, Jr. Bonnie & Arthur Robb Diane L. Robello-Brockmann Alfred E. Roberts Frances T. Robles Lisa M. Rocco-Sferrazza Ellen E. Roche Foriza Rodriguez Mr. & Mrs. Joe Rodriguez Joseph Rodriguez Monica Rogan Jaclyn J. Rohan Joseph A. Romano Sonnia & Arcadio Ronquillo Carol Flaim-Rooney & Adam T. Rooney Janet Roos Robert R. Rose Francis V. Rossano Christian M. Rossello Keith D. Rothschild Frank J. Rubino, Jr. Thomas K. Rudzewick Lisa Rueb James Ruebenacker Sylvana Ruggirello Catherine M. Russelman-Robotis Anthony J. Russo Daniel F. Ryan, Jr. Eugenia Sabini-Polin Richard Saccente Michael Sacco Mr. & Mrs. Mario Sacramone Nixon Saget , II Emmanuel Sakatis Rabbe Salameh Anne Salerno-Cornell Carisa Salhab Mark Salonga Jennifer SanAngelo

2010-11 Contributors Jaclyn Sandick John M. Santana Jerome P. Santangelo Lawrence L. Santangelo Siobhan Santiago Kathleen Santoro Vidalia Santos Louisa A. Santulli-Scigowski Jeanine Sapienza-Fernandez Emil L. Sartori Gary Sasiadek Marisa Sausa Kristine M. Savarese Lori A. Savidge-Augugliaro Jean F. Savino-Saladino Frank Scafuri Mary E. Meier-Scala & Peter J. Scala Kristin Scanlon Michael J. Scanlon Eileen & Donald Scardino Richard Scardino Joseph T. Scarfuto Michael A. Sce John E. Schatz Benjamin Scheck Steven J. Schell Linda C. Schifano-Mauro William Schneider William R. Schoeffel, Jr. Walter J. Schubert Lisa M. Olmo-Schulz & Michael J. Schulz Agnes M. Schuppel Colleen A. Schuppel-Stevens Michael Schwemmer Carisa Sciortino Vanessa A. Scotto Michael Scudiero Lori Seeger-Graziano Ralph A. Serpe Lauren & Patrick Sexton Giuseppina Sferrazza Krishna Shah Swati Shah Kristina J. Shain Maureen A. Shanahan-Anderson Deirdre A. Shanahan-Harvey John J. Sharkey Daniel Shea Susan & Michael Shearin Joseph M. Sheehan Cynthia & Thomas Sheehy Michael M. Sheridan James E. Sherlock Patricia M. Shurina-Vail Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Sica Richard J. Silvagni

Tania Silverio Gloria Simpson Patricia M. Simpson Jessica Sinaly Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Singer Patricia Sisk-Gribbon Gary Siwruk Emil Skandul Ellen Skaris Noreen Skinner-Heyer Peter Smergut Christopher Smith Bro. Kevin F. Smith, O.S.F. Rosemarie A. Smith Kristine L. Solimando-Cipri Kate K. Occhipinti-Solis & Victor Solis Carmen Sosa Mary-Ellen & John Sowulski John C. Sowulski, Jr. William J. Spadola Amanda Spallino Antonella A. SpaventaFitzgerald Danielle Spence William Spencer Justine Sperandeo-Buzzetta Tracey Spiess-Waddell Rachael M. Stacom Jennifer L. Staffa Jake Stamoulis Judy Stankes Joseph M. Staszewski Christopher R. Stella Dimitra Stellatos Vincent Stempel, Jr. Vincent F. Stempel Al Stiegler Jonathan T. Stiegler, Jr. Jeannette & Hugh Stone Donna M. Strauch-Goldman Edward J. Strauss Natalie Suarez-Candela Bruce C. Sullivan John P. Sullivan William M. Sullivan Anthony Sweeney William Szabo Susan M. Szabo-Mosquera T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. John P. Tagliaferro Marlene T. Talisaysay Bro. Labre Tallman, O.S.F. Luz A. Tanon-Bove Mariuxi A. Tapia Mary G. Tarrant-Focella Amy Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Lido W. Tenaglia

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Terranova Jessica Tetta Zubin Tharayil The Bank of TokyoMitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Sofia Theofilaktidis Tiffany Thompson Christopher Thorn Matthew Thornton Mario Tilelli Brigitte Tilley Peter Tillman Winifred C. Tobias Brigid Tobin Benedict J. Tockarshewsky Jessica Tombline Edward M. Tonkin Lupe & Frank Tortorella Joseph Tortorella Karina Tortorella Joseph Toscano Patricia A. Toscano-Robertson Charles E. Traina Matthew Tramonte Arthur J. Tremblay, Jr. Patrick J. Trinchese Thomas S. Tripodianos Diana Trivino Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Troina Joseph P. Trotti Jean & Salvatore Truzzolino Cleopatra Tsanis James J. Tsirnikas Margaret & John Tsopanarias Patrick J. Tufano John C. Tuffy David Tung Jodyann Tyrell-Errol Sandra Ulrich Rafael M. Valdes Teddy Valdez Elisa Valentino-Levine Kristina M. ValenzuelaOttomanelli Jennifer C. Vallance Melissa Vangelder John Vannata Rene & Robert Varriano Ann Vecchio Andrew Vecchione Iris Velazquez Jennifer Ventura Vincent A. Verdi Amanda Veres Portia Vesely Michael A. Vetere Robert Vigorito Jose Villa

Frank T. Villano Jennifer Virgilio Judy Virsinger-Kiederling Joseph Visco Felicia Varlese & William A. Viscovich Natalie Vitelli Ravi Vohra John Vouvoudakis Frank Vozos, Jr. Frank Vulpis Heidi W. Waegelein-Hansberry John J. Wagner Frederick J. Walker Lynn E. Walker-Aguirre John Walsh Keith F. Walsh Robert P. Walsh Noreen M. Walsh-LaCour Eileen M. Walsh-Prymaczek James Walton Emily E. Wassler Mr. & Mrs. John F. Waters Kristen Waters Lisa M. Waters Richard Webb Howard K. Weber Kimberly Weigel Mr. & Mrs. Louis Werner Brian Westley Kevin B. Westley Wendy M. Wichern-Murcovich Patricia Wiedman Todd Wigger Martin T. Wilczynski Kevin Will Brandon Wilshere Lynn A. Wilson-Temperini Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wojciechowski Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Wojsnis Linda Wolf Terese Womer Heidi J. Wriedt James Wrynn, Jr. Margaret M. Wuerz Bernard F. Wynn Mary Ann Wynne-Franscioni Linda Yankoschuk-DiCarlo Kathleen M. Young-Murtagh Katherine Yuneman Michael Zacchea Stephanie Zambrano Vincent Zelinsky Rev. Nicholas A. Zientarski David Zivan Susan M. Zollner-Hinners Nancy A. Abraham-Selinske

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report


2010-11 Contributors Other Contributions Mr. and Mrs. Richard Adler Kirk K. Aleman Barbara D. Alfonso Anna Aliberti Lawrence Alvarez Sandra Ambro Rosella and Angelo Angelone Tracey and Frederick Anton Debra Anwar Riad Kathleen M. Apurado Patrizia Arena Cynthia Auerbach Augustine Aversano Katherine Azcona Jeannine Baca-Marino Caroline Barnes Elizabeth A. Bartley-Eldridge Heather C. Barton Michael L. Bellington Marianne Black-Prawda Cynthia Blake Thomas Blankley Edward J. Bohan Marlies and Ernest Bohringer Antoniette M. Bonavita Susan Bruce-Feinsod Philip A. Buttling Thomas F. Cacciola Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Calvaruso Alejandra Camacho Mary Capelonga Grace Carbone John C. Careddu Robert A. Casola Laura Cassini Josephine Catania Christopher P. Centeno Christian Cepeda Dolores Clisti Michael V. Coccia Janet Connolly Eileen and John Cosgrove Eileen and Robert Croland Darlene and Thomas Cummings Phyllis and Kevin Dalton Devin Darmalingum Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dauro Jeanna DeLuca-Lambert Lauren P. DeMaio Glenn Devenish Oscar B. Diaz Michael P. Dispensa Matthew C. Dominguez Matthew P. Donaldson Nancy and John Donaldson Sr. Margaret Donnelly, R.S.M.


Catherine Donohoe Francois Dumaine Gladys and Edward Dunham Richard Dunlop William J. Ehrmanntraut Angelina R. Ezratty Donna and Tarek Farahat Robert N. Fazio Ellen Fischer-Taylor Patricia A. Fleurant Tiffany N. Gaccione Michael H. Gebert Sekou C. Georges Matthew J. Gericke Elena Gil Alexander R. Gilbert Gabriella N. Gitto Patrice Golde Debra M. Thompson-Grande and Keith J. Grande Rosemarie Gravina Michael V. Graziano Philippa and Arthur Green Silvana & Silvestre Gutierrez Jennifer L. Hallinan-LaSerre Philip R. Harris Alison T. Hart-Crombez John N. Hayes Doris Hill Maryann Hill Timothy J. Horgan, Sr. Edward Joyce Angelica Kaminski David B. Keil Melissa D. Kersch Greg Kirmayer Nadene Kotz Michael Koubek Peter J. Kowalenko Theresa Labiento Victoria A. Lassen Timothy J. Lazar Kelly-Ann M. Sinisi-Lennon & William J. Lennon Justin A. Lewis Joan Lohnes Maria Maffucci Audrey S. Mahony Joseph F. Martin, III Daniela G. Mazzara Mr. and Mrs. Christopher McDougall Myles P. McKenna Genevieve K. McNamara Patricia Megerdichian Dorothy Mis Celia and Christopher Molloy Bro. Joseph Moloney, O.S.F. Louise Montello Maritza & Miguel Montesdeoca

Yesenia C. Montesdeoca Marisa Morena Maureen E. Mullarkey Sister Phyllis Murphy, R.S.M. Kiran S. Mykoo Diane Nardozza Kathy A. Newbold-Scalzo Kelly R. Nunziata Miriam and William O’Brien William T. O’Brien Jessica L. Olwell Patrick J. O’Mara Suzette Osadon Mr. and Mrs. Cornell Ottey Maria Otto Frederick Ozone Peter J. Paguaga Anthony J. Palermo Charles A. Pantina Jasmine J. Penny Mr. and Mrs. Domingo Perez Charles J. Pergola Nancy and Ergi Pesiri James V. Petitto Marie Pipia Madeline J. Pitz Lauren N. Portnoy Lauren Puccio Mr. and Mrs. Luciano Radoscoutch Aneesa Rasool Selma J. Rauch Anthony Raziano Robert D. Regan Thomas A. Richardson Laura Ring Phyllis Robert Alicia M. Rodriguez John Roffler Elizabeth & Stanley Routh Patricia A. Russo-DeRupo Jennie Sabella John Sammon Marie A. San Pedro Carlos E. Sanchez Katherine S. Santana Stefan Satoo Charles A. Sauer Edith Scherer Lauren P. Schneider Danielle A. Searle Jennifer Sheridan Keith F. Sidorowicz Michael A. Silano Nicole B. Smith Yvette Soto-Gitelman Wendy & Richard Spiegel Brendan J. Stackpole Brian G. Stackpole Anthony M. Stancati Karen Stellato

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report

Shannon M. Stevens Tamara L. Terzian Valerie M. Theofanis Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Turner Frances Vaiana Marisa M. Veltri-Robles & George Robles Bruno Viscovich Diane M. Viscovich Eileen Walsh Lora Wang-Conway Thomas Weiss Mr. and Mrs. James Weldon Javen K. Williams Rosie Yang Janet M. Yonescu-Zalewski John C. Zurita

Donors whose gifts were made in support of the various Campus Ministry Service Opportunities Nancy & Frank Albaneze Jean Alfano Mr. & Mrs. Selwyn Alves Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. John Baldacchino Sharon & Paul Bennett Barbara J. Omaggio-Bergin & Robert Bergin Mr. & Mrs. Ferdinand Boccone Mavis Bridgeman Brooklyn Benevolent Society Eugene Brophy Mr. & Mrs. James Brown Isabelle F. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Campanaro Helen and Nicholas Capece William J. Caruso Joan R. Cassidy Mary C. McHale & Joseph Castellano Mr. & Mrs. Russ Castrogiovanni Margarette Cesar Crissy Morun Cheng Jennifer Cipollino Loretta Clanton-Simmons Arlene Coccia Gerilyn Coccia & Michael Schablin Pauline & Michael Collins Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Costa Sr. Barbara Coyle, C.S.J. Beulah P. Defour Mr. & Mrs. Dan DePasquale Mr. & Mrs. Michael DiLeonardo Gloria and Michael Dilillo Michael Dilillo Debra DiLillo-Sweeney Brianna K. Dillon Deborah & Andrew Dillon Carol and Louie DiMarco Kenneth Donovan Sr. Martin M. Doran, O.P. Bernard F. Dowd Mr. & Mrs. John Dowling Mr. & Mrs. James F. Doyle Mr. & Mrs. John Dumas Nivine and Magdy Elsharouny Rosemary and Daniel Fabre Olga & Ignacio Failla Richard J. Fanning Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Featherston Marieyolens Fequiere Andrea and Gary Ferranti

Joi & William Fodera Mr. & Mrs. Brian A. Forrler Beryl Gathers-Pearson Mr. & Mrs. Domenick Giammarco Mr. & Mrs. Steven M. Gilmartin Deborah & Peter Giokas James Goodman C.M. Grechkosey William V. Guido Rosemary Gurry Zdenka Hackett Maria Salcedo & Eric M. Hafker Mr. & Mrs. William M. Haid Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Hamilton Rochelle M. Hammock-Noel Mr. & Mrs. Gregory R. Happe Catherine Hartnett Marylyn E. Harvey Laura and Patrick Hassett Maria Romagosa & Jorge Hernandez Patrick Hickey Judy Higgins Cynthia L. Hines Thomas S. Hojnacki Patti & Arthur Holuka Rima Husain J.D. Masters Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Claire Jackson Sr. Maureen Joseph-Zick, O.P. Esther Judge Mr. & Mrs. William Kawka Mr. & Mrs. Bernard V. Keenan Clare T. Knott Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Koppinger Mr. & Mrs. William J. Krejci Maame N. Kwarkye Michael A. LaForgia Tracy & Tsz-Keung Lai Sister Kathlenn Lane Sr. Mary Kenneth Lane, C.S.J. Mr. & Mrs. Fred D. Ledbetter Mary Leissing Melpomene & Nick Litis Nancy & Robert LoCascio Maureen & Martin Logan Mary T. Long Myrtise Losier Lorna Malcolm Patrick McAliney Mary McAliney

Sr. Rita M. McCauley, C.S.J. Mr. & Mrs. Christopher McCormick Catherine McEvoy Krista B. McManus Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. McManus Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Minchella Maria & Stephen Minolts Harrison F. Mitchell, MDPC Margaret Moise Mr. & Mrs. Luke Moore Sr. Mary Francesca Morelli, O.P. Grace & Frank Moreno Catherine Morgese Linda Mullen Ronald A. Murad George Naeder Mary Nagle Eunice & Emmanuel Nwike Margaret O’Neill Ann & Francis O’Reilly Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O’Sullivan Tracy & Brian Ott Mr. & Mrs. Cornell Ottey Our Lady Of The Snows Church Susan & Vassilios Papayannoulis Jean Pareja Bro. DeSales Pergola, O.S.F. Betty & Bennie Pietromonaco Adriana Piraquive Mr. & Mrs. Livinski Plaskett Diane & Kenneth Plaza Bill Polian Angela Powers Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Prevete Lynn & Stephen Pruden Richard P. Raaf Jovan Rashford Sylvia Rasko Nora P. Reape Bridget Recker Ellen Rehm Lorraine Rimoncelli Antoinette & Victor Rivera Merina Rodd Janine Rodd Nancy E. Saldana Maria V. Santiago Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Schleske Laura-Ann & Joseph Sciame Jack E. Scotti Mr. & Mrs. Michael Searson

Peggy Bergin-Sementilli & Paul Sementilli Margaret Shane Virginia Simon Grace Sola Margaret F. Sorahan Aimee Spennato St. Frances Cabrini School Patricia & Joseph Stevens Marianne & William Stolfi Mr. and Mrs. John F. Sullivan Lola Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Brian Sullivan Cynthia Sweeney Nadine Swinney Carolyn Szostek Eng K. Tan, M.D., P.C. Luis C. Taylor Monica Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Keith Thomas Kristin Thomas Kerena R. Thomas Matthew Thornton Mr. and Mrs. Richard Thornton Claire P. Thornton Mrs. & Mr. Dawn M. TortoraMorici Paulette & Vincent Toscano Julie Trinidad Trudy Trotta Carl M. Truffi Jean & Salvatore Truzzolino Jean C. Tuzzo Sandi Vandermostsen-Freund Irene Vella Sr. Mary N. Ventricelli, O.P. Emma Viscovich Patricia & Anthony Viscovich Mr. & Mrs. Steve L. Vlkovic, Jr. JoAnn & Ronald Wagner Edward Weech Diana Whalen Florence Williams Mr. & Mrs. John Wilson Rachel D. Wright Grace & Kenneth Wurtz Johanna Zafferese Shengyong Zou

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report


The Campaign for St. Francis Prep Since our celebration in 2008 of the 150th Anniversary of the founding of St. Francis Prep, we have remained committed to the need to plan and provide for The Next 150 years of Catholic education in the Franciscan Tradition. With this in mind, the Prep is now launching the second stage of its major capital campaign effort. This campaign provides us with a unique opportunity and a great challenge—one that will require the help and participation of all those who believe in the Prep’s mission if we are to reach our goal. Therefore, with your involvement, and with the help and involvement of so many others who believe in the future of this wonderful school, a successful campaign will help insure another 150 years of great Franciscan tradition as demonstrated at St. Francis Prep. The total needed to fund the school’s long-term “Master Plan for Modernization” will be in the $30 million range. The overall goal of our two-stage campaign is to raise at least $15 million from the Prep’s graduates, parents, friends and other supporters (including corporate and other charitable

foundations). The balance will be financed through one or more borrowing and investment plans authorized by the Board of Trustees. Thankfully, as a result of the extraordinary generosity of a select group of devoted alumni and their families (listed on the opposite page) we can report that more than $5 million was committed in the first stage of this effort (The Sesquicentennial Campaign: 2008-11). These funds helped finance Phases I and II of the “Master Plan for Modernization” which included the infrastructure upgrades (heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, etc.) as well as the construction of the new Physical Education & Athletic Training Center and the new Art Education Center.

ART EDUCATION CENTER (Dedicated in Sept. 2011) PHYSICAL EDUCATION CENTER (Dedicated in Sept. 2011) THREE-STORY ADDITION (Part of the Next Construction Phase)

--Music Facilities

--Science Facilities

--Add’l Phys Ed Facilities (Lockers)

--Green Roof


(Part of the Final Construction Phase)

Architectural rendering created by Perkins Eastman


St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report

The Campaign for St. Francis Prep (Stage One): The Sesquicentennial Campaign (2008-11) Goal: $5 Million (Surpassed) Major Donor Pledges $1 million and above

Peter Callahan ’59 and Family (In support of The CoachVince O’Connor Physical Education & Athletic Training Center) Paulette H’08 andVincent A.Toscano ‘53 Clare and Joseph P. Walker ’57 $500,000 and above

John J. Brown ‘76

$250,000 and above

The Estate of Hugh Fredin ‘44 Michael A. Henning ‘57 $150,000 and above

Francis J. Aquila’75

$100,000 and above

Anthony T. Corbisiero ‘78 The 150th Anniversary Gala Harvard Maintenance, Inc. (Dan Duffy H’02) $50,000 and above

Jeffrey Alter ‘80 Lou E. Marino ‘52 The Anna E. Gallagher Charitable Trust The Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn The Estate of William Ruggiero Gerald P. Scales ‘76 The Campaign for St. Francis Prep (Stage Two): The Next 150 (2011-13) Goal: $10 million Major Donor Pledges $1 million and above

The Administration, Faculty, Staff, Students and Parents of St. Francis Prep via the Walk-a-thon 2011-2014 (over $250,000 received in October 2011)

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report


Memorial Gifts Memorial gifts serve as a wonderful way to celebrate and pay tribute to the life of loved ones, special friends, classmates or colleagues while also supporting the day-to-day programming and ongoing needs at St. Francis Prep. In Memory of Jean & Vito Adamo Robert G. Adamo In Memory of Michael & Rose Agnes Michael A. Agnes In Memory of Sister Joseph Agnes Brian C. Kramer In Memory of Matthew Francis Alcuri ‘58 Marie Haig In Memory of John Scott Astarita John F. Astarita In Memory of Harold C. Badaracco Charles J. Badaracco In Memory of William Barnes ‘79 Jo M. Barnes-Conlan In Memory of Sheila Barrett ‘78 Marilyn & Raymond Cote Karen A. McKeon In Memory of Bro. Roger Benignas, O.S.F. Gerard J. Baxter In Memory of Thomas A. Booras, Sr. Gerard J. Baxter Thomas A. Booras, Jr. In Memory of Roger Booras Gerard J. Baxter In Memory of John Brennan, Sr. ‘54 John C. Brennan, Jr. In Memory of Trinity Amber Brennan Christina M. Tubridy-Brennan In Memory of Michael E. Brennan, ‘91 Eileen Walsh In Memory of James G. Brolley’63 Robert G. Ostrander


In Memory of Theresa M. Buccellato ‘12 Brunilda Acosta Sandra Ambro Robert Angeletti Rosella & Angelo Angelone Anonymous Donors Tracey & Frederick Anton Michael L. Bellington Thomas Blankley Jill V. Borowski Elizabeth Brand William Brand Theresa Braxton Pamela Buccellato Mr. & Mrs. Michael Buccellato Mary Capelonga Grace Carbone John C. Careddu Geraldine Carro-Flaven Norma & Galo Carvajal Jesse A. Castelli Linda Castro Josephine Catania Christopher P. Centeno Christian Cepeda Dolores Clisti Michael V. Coccia Jennifer Corbett Emily A. Corbin Julie Cordero Kristen M. Corrigan Eileen & John Cosgrove Karen Mathis & James D’Amato Alexandria M. Dalgish-Choi Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Dauro Leidy C. Delgado John P. DeRiso Ria DiPietro Jadeine Donovan Richard Dunlop Angelina R. Ezratty Josephine Femia Mr. & Mrs. Barry Finkelstein Mr. & Mrs. Frank Galasso Veronica Gargone Theresa Garofalo-Morelli Matthew J. Gericke Alexander R. Gilbert Gabriella N. Gitto Joseph Governale Joseph Governale Michael V. Graziano Doris Hill Maryann Hill Intimo Inc. Marita & Charles Jardines Debra Johnson Angelica Kaminski Joyce Kechian David B. Keil

Susan Kelly Mary Kennedy Mary Kennedy Nastassja J. Kosinski Wendy Kramer Theresa Labiento Anne Lamberson Joan Lohnes Catherine Longo Maria Marcillo & Jonny Lopez Christine & Frank Luca Maria Maffucci John Mannino Catherine M. Markart Richard Martialto Ginger Mccartney Patricia Megerdichian John Messina Courtney Moavero Stefanie Moelius Lisa A. Monaco Louise Montello Yesenia C. Montesdeoca Maritza & Miguel Montesdeoca Madeline G. Moravek Marisa Morena Joan & Peter Mosconi Mr. & Mrs. Michael Muller Sister Phyllis Murphy, R.S.M. Diane Nardozza Erica Nieves Kelly R. Nunziata Suzette Osadon Mr. & Mrs. Cornell Ottey Maria Otto Frederick Ozone Jasmine J. Penny Lauren N. Portnoy Mr. & Mrs. Jack Porzio Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Ranalli MaryAnn Raposo Jessica Raposo Anthony Raziano Marisa M. Veltri-Robles & George Robles Foriza Rodriguez Arianna Rodriguez John Roffler Bernadette Rolleri Elizabeth & Stanley Routh Lisa Rueb Frances Russo Jennie Sabella Kathleen Santoro Vidalia Santos Frank Scafuri Lauren P. Schneider Jennifer Sheridan Kathleen Sicari Yvette Soto-Gitelman Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Terranova

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report

Jean & Salvatore Truzzolino Frances Vaiana Ann Vecchio Natalie Vitelli Mr. & Mrs. Deek Voskerichian Richard Webb Thomas Weiss Javen K. Williams Linda Wolf In Memory of Judy Buttling Philip A. Buttling In Memory of Robert Byrnes ‘71 Kevin A. Griffith In Memory of Mary &Virginia Cady John H. Cady In Memory of Jeffrey Calero ‘91 Renier Pierantoni In Memory of Kevin Canavan Daniel T. Canavan In Memory of Francesco & Gracia Catalanotto Barbara & Anthony Catalanotto In Memory of Dorothy Chiara Michael P. Chiara In Memory of Robert E. Clabby Eileen Clabby-Speed In Memory of all Deceased Members of the Class of 1950 Ronald J. Hoefner In Memory of Bro. Ralph Clifford, O.S.F., ‘48 Brother Leonard Conway, O.S.F. Sister Mary Kenneth Lane, C.S.J. Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. McMahon George F. Oristano Elaine & Rodger Recker In Memory of my parents Cecilia & Edmund Conway Brother Leonard Conway, O.S.F. In Memory of Winifred F. Collins John J. Collins In Memory of Margaret Confessore Joseph D. Pepe

Memorial Gifts In Memory of James Connolly ’64 James F. O’Brien In Memory of Leonard J. Connolly ’55 Janet Connolly In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. John Conti Nicholas E. Conti In Memory of Frank Costi Anita Costi In Memory of Carmel Conti Nicholas E. Conti In Memory of Richard Coppolino, H ‘93 Luis G. Santos In Memory of Rajko Corluka Andrew I. Drazic In Memory of Susan Coscia Marianna Coscia In Memory of James Cotumaccio ’76 Robert V. Cotumaccio In Memory of Bro. Louis Cunningham, O.S.F. William R. Lee In Memory of Gerald J. DeCarlo Michael DeCarlo In Memory of Dominick & Pasquale DePalma James DePalma In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence DeVincenzo Dominic J. DeVincenzo In Memory of Desmond Devlin ’58 Margaret Devlin In Memory of Thomas J. DiCanio Jean DiCanio In Memory of George Dillman ’00 Dennis Adams Anonymous Christopher Blaich William Coultaus Lawrence Fischer Karen & John Kolnsberg Kelly E. Lonergan-Wright Kenneth McDonagh John Miksad

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mimnagh Matthew Pursino Norman T. Reid Mr. & Mrs. George Ruiz In Memory of Francis DiMola ’41 Elizabeth DiMola In Memory of Joseph Dine Amelia F. Scarpulla In Memory of Cosmo J. DiTucci ’48 Roger DeBerardine Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ingenito Queens County Supreme Court Justice Association In Memory of German Divino, Jr. Estela B. Divino In Memory of Martin Doherty, ‘76 Thomas E. Doherty Faith In The Future Joseph T. Scarfuto In Memory of Richard E. Doyle ’36 Raymond Doyle In Memory of Robert J. Dunne Mary Dunne In Memory of Shani Duplessy ‘97 Katherine Ambrosio Erica Asteinza Cynthia Blake Victoria Maria Casal Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Cino Gail Clark Darlene & Thomas Cummings Mr. & Mrs. Glen Deignan Mr. & Mrs. Peter Dicaro Shannon Dunleavy Douglas Hunt John Kavanagh Mr. & Mrs. Mark Landisman Arleen Cabutto-Lazarus & Gary Lazarus Audrey S. Mahony Maupin Travel Meeting Smart Ellen Montuori-Graziano Mr. & Mrs. Edward O’Donnell Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Pennington Mr. & Mrs. Joaquin Pradas Alexis A. Raccasi Rosemarie A. Smith Show Department, Inc. Terese Womer In Memory of Ann Eremin Alan N. Eremin

In Memory of Jason Erhardt ‘97 Susan A. McCook-Fink In Memory of Thomas Farrell ‘74 Martin A. Farrell In Memory of Raymond Ferguson ’83 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Adler Barbara D. Alfonso Tammi L. Alvarez Debra Anwar Riad Ellen & Raphael Arditti Cynthia Auerbach Robert S. Aydinian Kelley A. Hughes-Bacci & Daniel Bacci Debra & Steven Barnett Wayne Barnspone Elizabeth A. Bartley-Eldridge Joseph Battista David Bloom Marlies & Ernest Bohringer Diana L. Bratelli-Musich Eileen Browne Colleen M. Browne-Magarian Susan Bruce-Feinsod Elizabeth Burke Elaine C. Carroll Laura Cassini Joseph J. Cipri Michael J. Clune Robin & Louis Colacicco Eileen & Robert Croland Patrick M. Crowley John Damiano Claudia B. DeFrank-McGuinness Lynn DiGirolamo Paul Dipietro Irving L. Diton Suzanne S. Ducey-Blundi Gladys & Edward Dunham Maria C. Empaynado-Gilday Donna & Tarek Farahat Denise A. Ferrarotti-Matranga Joann Festa Barbara J. Barone-Fierst & Tim J. Fierst Olga A. Finnegan Denise E. McBride-Fischetti & Sal A. Fischetti Kristine L. Flannigan-Garry Chris A. M. Frielingsdorf-Ambery Ivanhoe A. Gadpaille Christine C. Galvin-Kelly Juliet Garel-Lownes Ronald Gentile Patrice Golde Rosemarie Gravina Philippa & Arthur Green Brian M. Healy AnneMarie E. Healy-Dean Luigina & Antonio Iaquinta Nancy K. Kelly Madeline Kirsch

Deirdre D. LaPlant Denis P. LeBeux Kelly-Ann M. Sinisi-Lennon & William J. Lennon Dr. & Mrs. Charles Lownes Joan Marsh Karen A. McDermott Teresa Melius Barbara J. Mergner-Dunn Donna M. Miano-Cirillo Raymond A. Miranda Celia & Christopher Molloy Linda A. Murphy-Hickey Miriam & William O’Brien Laurie & Patrick O’Sullivan Theresa & Peter Occhipinto Robert A. Palumbo Joyce L. Pedretti Nancy & Ergi Pesiri Patrick J. Piccininni Marie Pipia Grace L. Portoghese-Lovallo Selma J. Rauch Annette Regan Ronald H. Rhodes Maureen Richardson Laura Ring Phyllis Robert Alicia M. Rodriguez Connie Sayago Edith Scherer Agnes M. Schuppel Colleen A. Schuppel-Stevens Margot & Denis Simmons David E. Stimus Jeannette & Hugh Stone Luz A. Tanon-Bove Margaret & John Tsopanarias Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Turner Utility Workers Union AFL-CIO Local 1-2 Dennis Vanek Clorinda F. Volpe-Tagios Celia Walker Janet M. Yonescu-Zalewski In Memory of Charles Ferrante Valerie F. Ferrante In Memory of Rev. Salvatore Fink, O.F.M., ‘97 James P. Gordon In Memory of Thomas Finn, H ‘02 Noelle L. Werner In Memory of Bro. Victor Fischer, O.S.F. Robert J. Brown Paul R. Cronen In Memory of Barry Fisk ‘62 George M. Feeney

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report


Memorial Gifts In Memory of My Parents Bob & Dorothy Genalo Robert J. Genalo

In Memory of James E. Knott, Jr. ’58 James E. Knott, III Harvey R. Lydecker

In Memory of Michael A. Maina ’61 Viginia S. Maina

In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Edward McTiernan James W. McTiernan

In Memory of Sally Genova George P. DeGeorge

In Memory of Andrew Kobel ’73 Paul D. Kobel

In Memory of Josephine Melito John G. Melito

In Memory of Vincent F. Giammona ’79 Christine M. Aglietti-Messina Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Duval Rockville Bank Foundation, Inc.

In Memory of Nancy Kostel-Donlon ’76 Anita R. Maraventano

In Memory of Gabriele Pietro Manzolillo Annunziata Manzolillo-Pignatelli

In Memory of Vera & Mathew Grassi Ronald A. Grassi In Memory of Bernard Gray ‘45 Angela M. Gray In Memory of Ann Guthenberg ‘01 MaryEllen & Robert Guthenberg Leona & Frank Milano In Memory of Martin R. Hamburger ‘59 Martin J. Neville In Memory of Timothy M. Hayes John N. Hayes In Memory of Walter & Mary Henning William Maloney In Memory of John Hoenigmann Stephen C. Hoenigmann In Memory of Walter Hoera Nancy J. Hoera-Norton In Memory of Richie Hoffman Michael S. Hoffman In Memory of Bro. John Hoffschmidt, O.S.F. Nicholas E. Conti

In Memory of Robert & Dorothy Koster Robert G. Koster

In Memory of Bro. Aquinas Lanahan, O.S.F. Rev. Daniel Lanahan, O.F.M. In Memory of Msgr. John Lavine Robert Capen In Memory of Edward J. Lennon ’52 Robert L. Kennedy In Memory of Lisa Leon Steven P. Leon In Memory of Giulia Lewis Emily & Daniel Bash Bio-Cellular Science Inc Maria & Sheldon Lewis Daniela Posa In Memory of Raymond J. Lipay ’56 Marguerite Lipay In Memory of George Lis ’64 James F. O’Brien In Memory of Orrilia Listl Sonya H. Listl-Kall In Memory of Albert Lombardo John R. Venuto

In Memory of Jaye Judd Lawrence F. Judd, Jr.

In Memory of Michael F. Lynch ’86 Daniel F. Lynch Sergio B. Valentini

In Memory of Kerry Kenny ’75 Mr. & Mrs. Gene Kenny


In Memory of James F. Marren ’70 Michael Johnston

In Memory of Anna Kozienieski Richard F. Akalski

In Memory of Marian Hrycak ’63 Gregory J. Hrycak

In Memory of Thomas R. Kelly ’80 Michael J. Cassano Mr. & Mrs. Emmet P. Kelly Marion L. Passero-Osojnak & Steven Osojnak

In Memory of John Marchassalla ’79 Gerard E. Boeckhaus Christopher C. Goetz Thomas R. Snowden

In Memory of William Madden ’56 Roger M. Coleman In Memory of the Maggiorie’s Family Francis A. Maggiore

In Memory of Catherine Martello Frances & Larry Kersch In Memory of Janet T. McCaffrey William F. McCaffrey In Memory of Mary McDonough James A. McDonough In Memory of Margaret McDonough James A. McDonough In Memory of John McGinley ’82 David P. Corbino Mr. & Mrs. Selwyn Phillip Mr. & Mrs. John C. Smith In Memory of Bernice R. McHugh Peter M. Corritori Daniel V. Corry William Dunn James T. Dunphy Dennis M. Esposito Ann & Robert Gordon Edward C. Kennedy James E. McHugh Walter Riebenack Dorothy E. Torsney Alfred Wittine Denise A. Wuria In Memory of Hank McMahon Thomas R. Snowden In Memory of James P. McManus ’52 Daniel D. O’Connell In Memory of Eileen A. McNicholas Timothy J. McNicholas

In Memory of Julia & Michael Mahon Brendan T. Mahon

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report

In Memory of Thomas & Irene McPartland Michael J. McPartland

In Memory of Rita J. Mergner Barbara J. Mergner-Dunn In Memory of Liboria Migliore ‘91 Liboria Buscemi In Memory of Larry Morgan ’61 William F. Morgan In Memory of Vincent Maroney Janet Connolly In Memory of Joseph A. Mulholland ‘46 Dorothy Ann Mulholland In Memory of Brian P. Murphy ’83 The Brian Murphy Foundation, Inc. Bridie Murphy John J. Sharkey Thomas R. Snowden In Memory of Richard Murphy Thomas P. Murphy In Memory of Francis X. Murphy ’57 Rosemarie Murphy In Memory of Brother Roger Nagle, O.S.F. Edward C. O’Brien In Memory of Michael Nardello ‘43 Mary Nardello In Memory of Alfonse J. Niedermeyer ’79 Anonymous Nancy & John Donaldson Robert A. Fischer Mary P. Kemler John Lemire Dennis McCarthy Lisa A. Miranda-Sloan Carol & Alfonse Niedermeyer Nancy Niedermeyer Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Schick John Vannata Mr. & Mrs. Bob Zwart In Memory of Brother James O’Grady, O.S.F. Catherine O’Grady In Memory of John F. O’Hara ‘71 Patrick F. O’Brien John F. O’Hara

Memorial Gifts In Memory of Harry & Cecilia Pak Joyce W. Pak-Mcpherson

In Memory of Rose & John Quinn James D. Quinn

In Memory of Beth Sisk ’83 Jon Fredas

In Memory of Barbara Parente Patrick D. Parente

In Memory of Bro. Leo Quinn, O.S.F. James F. Farrell

In Memory of Margaret Sotiriou ’85 Louisa A. Santulli-Scigowski

In Memory of Primo Ragnetti Paul A. Ragnetti

In Memory of Timothy Stackpole ’77 Peter Brady Gerard Britton Faith In The Future John J. Uhl

In Memory of Maureen E. Pastina Louis G. Pastina In Memory of Arthur Pennesi Marianna Coscia In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. John Pepe Joseph D. Pepe

In Memory of William Reilly ’52 Patricia J. Reilly In Memory of Mae Reynolds Harold E. Reynolds

In Memory of Laraine Perdichizzi Anthony Perdichizzi

In Memory of Anthony Rispoli ’74 John J. Uhl

In Memory of Bro. DeSales Pergola, O.S.F., H1985 Joe Cunningham Joseph A. Miller Robert W. Okowitz Michael M. Sheridan

In Memory of Marie & Nicholas Rocco Claudia M. Rocco Nicholas C. Rocco, Jr.

In Memory of Jack Phelan, H ’96 Daniel J. Phelan Mary A. Phelan In Memory of Frankie Pilonero Kelly Magnante-Pilonero In Memory of Viola Podraza Vincent A. Podraza In Memory of Nancy Portoghese-Bauer ‘80 Paul Portoghese In Memory of Regina Powers Timothy P. Powers In Memory of James Prendergast ’79 Michael D. DeLuca Faith In The Future Sean M. Prendergast Thomas R. Snowden In Memory of Daniel Pujdak ’01 Michelle Brenes Faith In The Future Daniel Michitsch Vanessa Pschirrer Christina & Leo Pujdak Ann Marie & Frederick Rich Jose Villa In Memory of Patricia Puppa Robert A. Puppa, Jr.

In Memory of Brother Eugene Roeser, O.S.F. Frank A. Massuli In Memory of Peter Romanello Mr. & Mrs. Lester Lindemann In Memory of George & Mary Sceppa John J. Sceppa In Memory of Joseph Scimecca Robert Capen Tracy & Brian Ott Louis E. Scimecca In Memory of all SFP Alums who died in the Vietnam War John B. Higgins In Memory of Thomas J. Sheehan ‘55 Frank J. Nappi Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Sheehan

In Memory of Irene Zodda-Miranda Bro. Alan Zodda, O.S.F.

In Memory of Frederic Szostek Mr. & Mrs. David Fund Magdalena & Karol Ostaszewski In Memory of Anne & Angelo Taxiarisis Jean & Salvatore Truzzolino In Memory of Alphonse W. Tobias Winifred C. Tobias In Memory of Lawrence Towers John P. DeRiso In Memory of Michael Travers ’51 Margaret Travers In Memory of Katherine Trigg-Schmidt Robert H. Trigg In Memory of Bill Van Dyke John J. Lafond, Jr. In Memory of Elvira & Candido Venuto John R. Venuto In Memory of Thomas P. Walsh ‘60 Eileen Walsh In Memory of Bro. Timothy Walsh, H ’84 George J. Clough

In Memory of Anna & Rudolph Sidorowicz Keith F. Sidorowicz

In Memory of Sister Mary Walsh Joseph A. Miller

In Memory of Hank Sinisi Ann Marie Sinisi

In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Zodda Brother Alan Zodda, O.S.F.

In Memory of James & Josephine Stout Kevin M. Stout

In Memory of Stephen J. Shurina Patricia M. Shurina-Vail

In Memory of Jack Simpson ’46 Gloria Simpson

In Memory of John J. Wright ’44 Marine & Industrial Hydraulics, Inc. Kathleen Wright

In Memory of Anna Walz George C. Bergleitner, Jr. In Memory of Wayne Wiedman Patricia Wiedman

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report


In Honor of... Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or other special occasion with a gift to St. Francis Prep honoring your family member, classmate, friend, or favorite faculty member. They will receive a personal letter from the Prep telling them that you have made a thoughtful gift in their name. What better way to honor someone and support the Prep at the same time! In Honor of Bob Adams ‘80 Lisa A. Drivick-Adams and Stephen G. Adams

In Honor of the Class of 1960 Benedict F. Ruggiero

In Honor of Coach Pete Kalinilos Anthony P. Maresca

In Honor of John F. McNicholas‘74 Timothy J. McNicholas

In Honor of Jeff Alter ‘80 Lisa A. Drivick-Adams and Stephen G. Adams

In Honor of Bro. Leonard Conway, O.S.F., H2001 Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. McMahon Elaine and Rodger Recker

In Honor of Martha Karwoska ‘11 Elzbieta and Miroslaw Karwowski

In Honor of Ann Marie Morgera ‘07 Frank D. Morgera

In Honor of Robyn Armon

Advantage Testing of Long Island

In Honor of Diane Barthe Brother Alan Zodda, O.S.F. In Honor of Coach Thomas Booras ‘55 Robert F. Koehler In Honor of Jack Cahill ‘67 Robert Ackley Joseph Amadeo James Breslin Michael Cancellieri Vincent Finn Mr. & Mrs. Michael Greaney Michael Rennard In Honor of Susan Calvaruso ‘04 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Calvaruso In Honor of Christina Carousso ’09 Rosemarie Agusta-Carousso In Honor of Neil Carousso ‘13 Rosemarie Agusta-Carousso In Honor of Aaron Carrasco, Class of 2010 Mr. & Mrs. Kleber Carrasco In Honor of Katherine Chu ‘00 Mr. and Mrs. James Chu In Honor of Jennifer Chu ’ 02 Mr. and Mrs. James Chu


In Honor of Msgr. James Cooney Joseph A. Miller In Honor of my Brother James W. Corbett, Jr. In Honor of Sr. Barbara Coyle, C.S.J. Mr. & Mrs. Piotr Kumelowski In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. DiBiase Elvira M. DiBiase-Francischelli In Honor of Thomas DiCanio, Sr. Thomas J. DiCanio In Honor of Thomas Doshna ‘64 Joseph C. Ciechalski In Honor of Katie Ferrari ’ 06 Kathleen and Frank Ferrari In Honor of John A. Fry ‘78 Laurie Fry-Kane In Honor of Michael Guadalupe ‘12 Jeanette Guadalupe In Honor of Julia Scarlett Hegarty Vivien M. Veloso-Hegarty In Honor of Danniel Henning ‘60 William J. Maloney

In Honor of Bro. Robert Kent, O.S.F., H’96 Barbara & Matthew Roseanu In Honor of Sr. Mary Kenneth Lane, C.S.J. Leona and Frank Milano In Honor of Victoria Lassen ‘09 Ana and Gerard Lassen In Honor of Coach Timothy Leary ‘63 Charles Krpata In Honor of Harry Francis Logan Stacey A. Logan-Docke In Honor of The Luna Family Sheryll Luna-Karroll In Honor of Elizabeth A. McCann ‘03 Kathleen & Brian McCann In Honor of James McHugh H ‘92 Charles J. Cain Peter M. Corritori Daniel V. Corry William Dunn James T. Dunphy Dennis M. Esposito Ann and Robert Gordon Edward C. Kennedy Walter Riebenack Dorothy E. Torsney Alfred Wittine Denise A. Wuria

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report

In Honor of Christina Morgera ‘10 Frank D. Morgera In Honor of Traci Murphy ‘90 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Murphy In Honor of Brian Murphy ‘93 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Murphy In Honor of Jessica Murphy ’01 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Murphy

In Honor of Bro. Dominic F. Quigley, O.S.F., H’04 Thomas W. Terryn In Honor of Bro. Robert Smith, O.S.F., ‘47 Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. McMahon Elaine and Rodger Recker Philip J. Wierzbicki In Honor of Augusto Solares ‘08 Carmen Sanchez and Ramon Solares In Honor of Carole Steingasser ‘92 Mr. & Mrs. John M. Steingasser

In Honor of Coach Frank Nastro H’85 Anthony P. Maresca

In Honor of Christy Steingasser ‘89 Mr. and Mrs. John M. Steingasser

In Honor of The FDNY Daniel D. O’Connell

In Honor of Albo Veltri Silvana T. Sutich

In Honor of The O’Connor Family Francis X. O’Connor

In Honor of The Ventricelli Family Sr. Mary N. Ventricelli, O.P.

In Honor of Mary & Vincent O’Connor Michael P. Lesniak Anthony P. Maresca Robert Martin Walter Riebenack

In Honor of Jenna Wojciechowski ‘09 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wojciechowski

In Honor of Louis A. Pastina Louis G. Pastina In Honor of Elizabeth Pinzel ‘16 Mari Dumski

The Pathway To St. Francis The Pathway to St. Francis is an ongoing project which affords alumni and friends of Prep the chance to memorialize friends, family and loved ones by purchasing paving stones and other memorials that will remain on permanent display in front of the school. Since its inception, overall contributions to the “Pathway to St. Francis” have totaled over $175,000. During the fiscal year that ended August 31, 2011, the following alumni and friends of St. Francis Prep purchased bricks (as a memorial or special tribute) in support of this project. Charles Amorese ‘72 Jeannine Baca-Marino ‘97 Lawrence K. Becker ‘73 Philip G. Benjamin ‘71 Jenny C. Chavez-Brennan ‘97 Vincent M. Cronen ‘74 Robert J. Culkin ‘62 Darlene & Thomas Cummings Richard G. Danderline ‘72 Dominick P. DePaola ‘60 M. A. DeSantis ‘60 Dominic J. DeVincenzo ‘70 James P. Donnelly ‘56 Francois Dumaine ‘63 Shannon Dunleavy ‘97 Alan N. Eremin ‘55 John C. Fay ‘58 William R. Ficke ‘60 Angela & Michael Fischetti Mary Fugelsang Arthur Gormley ‘63 Thomas J. Hall ‘59 John C. Hemmer ‘61 Anthony F. LaFortezza ‘62 Kathleen Martin-Johannsen ‘76 Frank A. Massuli ‘64 James T. Mayberry ‘74 James R. Mazzeo ‘60 John J. McAree ‘50 Rev. Msgr. J. Edward McCullough ‘59 James J. McGovern ‘53 Joseph P. McGowan ‘79

Matthew J. Scannell ‘78 Elizabeth Olwell-McNulty ’80 Mary Schimitsch ‘87 and Robert F. McNulty ‘80 Craig Schmidt ‘00 Regina Melly ‘80 Bryan Schrubbe ‘96 Robert C. Minion ‘50 Marcia Scimecca Michele A. Wiese-Morris ‘89 & Virginia Simon Wayne A. Morris ‘88 Michelle Stimpfel-Zurita ‘83 Thomas A. Murawski ‘60 Richard H. Surridge ‘50 Margaret Murphy Gary J. Testa ‘78 Guy T. Nevirs ‘76 Joyson C. Thomas ‘99 Daniel A. Nolan ‘61 Brigid Tobin ‘97 Elizabeth M. Nugent ‘80 Alexandra M. Tudose ‘04 Rachel O’Brien ‘00 Maria Vasilyadis ‘96 Patrick J. O’Brien ‘93 Lois Venturella Theresa & Michael O’Connor Noelle L. Werner ‘95 Debra M. O’Hehir ‘84 Mary Ellen & John Wlaysewski Albert Palazzo ‘75 Margaret Wolf ‘82 Thaddeus W. Paluszek ‘74 Jeanne and Jurgen Wriedt Nicholas L. Pantaleo, Jr. ‘01 Bro. Alan Zodda, O.S.F. H’05 John P. Pesce ‘78 Anissa N. Picarella ‘86 Maria D. Pinto ‘78 George J. Pipino ‘62 Frank T. Pizzurro Memorial Gifts Sean M. Prendergast ‘80 from Family, Friends, Andre F. Python, Jr. ‘73 Co-workers Luis A. Ramos ‘85 and Patients Angelo M. Rizzo ‘79 of Benedict F. Ruggiero ‘60 Raymond Ferguson ‘83 Pietro Sabatino ‘95 are listed in the Teresa Sanfratello “Memorial Gifts” section of this Glenn S. Sarsale ‘89 report which begins on page 28. Frank S. Scaduto ‘01 John Scagliola

St. Francis Prep is extremely grateful to Jane and Peter Mazzurco, parents of Vanessa ‘99, Vincent ‘03, and Peter ‘03, and Tony Porcasi, for donating their professional landscaping and design services to create and maintain the Pathway! If you are interested in purchasing a brick, please contact Bro. Robert Kent, O.S.F., in the SFP Alumni Office at (718) 423-8810, ext. 259 or via email at alumni.sfponline.org.

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report


Alumni Spring Reunion Honoring the classes of ‘37, ‘42, ‘47, ‘52, ‘57, ‘62, ‘67, ‘72, ‘77, ‘82, and ‘87

& Hall of Fame Induction S a t u r d a y, A p r i l 2 8 , 2 0 1 2 The Annual Spring Reunion and Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony provides a great opportunity to rediscover what made St. Francis Prep “home” for you and to renew old friendships. All members of the special anniversary classes are invited to “come back home” and celebrate with fellow Terriers!

Old Friends

The Hall of Fame honors graduates who have demonstrated significant lifetime achievement and service to others. Our 2012 Hall of Fame Induction Class will include: Don Kent ‘62, Peter Murphy ‘82 and Julie Chen ‘87.

new at Prep!

Here’s how you can can get involved: • Plan to attend the Alumni Spring Reunion celebration • Update your contact information on alumni.sfponline.org • Share news with your classmates on alumni.sfponline.org • Consider making a gift to Prep to celebrate your special anniversary reunion! • Encourage your classmates to support SFP too! (See chart on the opposite page for last year’s anniversary class giving.) Find complete details (and online registration) on the Reunion & Hall of Fame on alumni.sfponline.org We’re looking for volunteers to help out with the Reunion attendance and to advocate support for St. Francis Prep! It’s easy and it’s fun! Contact Bro. Robert Kent at (718) 423-8810 ext. 259 if you would like to help reach out to your classmates!


Catch up with

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report

and see All that is

Even though it’s been years since you graduated...

Class Participation

still counts!!

Every gift, no matter how large or small, adds up and can have a positive impact on the life of a current or future Prep student. Each year, support and participation from our alumni, parents and friends help fund projects and programs for our young men and women at St. Francis Prep. Show your appreciation to the generations of Franciscan Brothers, Religious Sisters, Lay Faculty and Staff who have paved the way for students like you. Your gift (or pledge) of any amount can help ensure The Next 150 Years of excellence at St. Francis Prep. Top Ten Classes Dollars Raised (2010-11)

Top Ten Classes Participation

Special Anniversary Class Contributions



SFP Class of

Amount Raised

SFP Class of

Participation Rate

SFP Class of

Anniversary Celebration

Amount Raised

1959 1957 1980 1953 1976 1975 1960 1984 1962 1979

$274,553 144,195 115,285 102,425 31,068 29,430 21,440 21,236 18,495 17,185

1959 2005 1991 1981 1986 1961 2001 1971 1976 1960

24% 22% 20% 18% 16% 16% 16% 13% 13% 13%

1951 1956 1961 1966 1971 1976 1981 1986

60th 55th 50th 45th 40th 35th 30th 25th

$1,778 $5,596 $10,647 $648 $2,800 $31,068 $13,405 $11,700

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report


Class Giving Participation

Class of 1938 Peter J. Kowalenko Class of 1939 James F. Farrell Class of 1940 Philip R. Harris William F. McCaffrey William A. McLoughlin James W. McTiernan Francis J. Murphy Thomas C. O’Brien Daniel P. Weitekamp Class of 1941 William J. Cashin George A. Muller Vincent F. Stempel Class of 1942 Blair F. Allen John J. Duffy Salvatore F. Frevola John J. Mulligan Edward M. Tonkin Class of 1943 Lawrence J. Doyle Timothy J. Horgan Harold J. McKay John D. Moten Francis X. O’Connor Walter J. Schubert Maurice J. Taaffe Class of 1944 Daniel T. Canavan William P. Horohoe Robert J. McDade John A. Thomas

Rev. Msgr. William J. Gill John J. Hegarty Daniel F. Lynch Francis E. Precht James D. Quinn Joseph P. Reid Francis V. Reilly Emil L. Sartori Class of 1948 Carl F. Baren Vincent C. Bracco Joseph T. Cavanagh Roger Daly Roger DeBerardine William J. Ehrmanntraut Rev. Anthony J. Failla Joseph M. Hughes Edward C. O’Brien John F. O’Hara George F. Oristano Alfred E. Roberts Anthony J. Russo John R. Scanlon Victor O. Sousa Class of 1949 Nicholas E. Conti Francis J. Hannafey Luke C. Hester Thomas J. Kelly Joseph F. MacDougall Edward P. McDonagh James E. McGlyn Richard T. Nolan Gerald W. Smith

Class of 1946 Thomas F. Cacciola James F. Caravella Richard D. Friend John W. Olsen Patrick J. Tufano

Class of 1950 John E. Ambery Charles V. Austin George J. Clough Ronald J. Hoefner James P. Jeffers Robert F. Koehler Thomas D. Lynch Anthony N. Mastandino John J. McAree James A. McDonough Robert C. Minion Richard P. Raaf Bro. Robert G. Schaefer, O.S.F. John L. Schultz Richard H. Surridge Richard J. Witt

Class of 1947 Joseph E. Castana Timothy J. Cole Francis H. Dowd Paul Gangi

Class of 1951 John J. Adams Edward P. Aquilone Gerard J. Baxter

Class of 1945 John A. Bertone Harry P. Fagan John V. Mullane Alton J. O’Neil


John H. Cady Paul V. DeLuca William F. Heaviside Rev. Msgr. Corneilius T. Kneafsey Rev. Daniel Lanahan, O.F.M. William R. Lee Patrick J. McLaughlin John A. Meehan Thomas P. Miller Bro. Roman Morris, O.S.F. Daniel J. O’Keefe Alfred D. Pascale Jack M. Prenderville Edward J. Strauss Bernard F. Wynn Class of 1952 Edward J. Bohan John T. Cole Kevin J. Connors John P. DeRiso James P. Gordon John F. Goydas Robert L. Kennedy Thomas J. McGuirk John G. Melito Daniel D. O’Connell Benedict J. Pollio Robert Reggio John F. Roache Emery J. Szlezak Robert H. Trigg Robert F. Waegelein Class of 1953 George C. Bergleitner Patrick D. Bonner Arthur J. Brown Joseph C. Cotter Albert G. Doumar Henry C. Fiorillo James M. Healy Brendan T. Mahon Timothy D. Mahoney James J. McGovern Rev. Msgr. John H. O’Brien John K. Rode Vincent A. Toscano Class of 1954 John J. Collins John M. Downing John P. Duffy Robert J. Fey Ernest M. Folli Robert J. Frank John E. Golden Howard T. Gould William J. Hundt

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report

Anthony J. Keck Charles J. Kilkuskie Michael J. McPartland Bro. Joseph Moloney, O.S.F. John P. Monaghan William F. Morgan Edward Mulvihill Edward R. O’Malley John Owens Robert J. Pelizza Peter J. Purpura Joseph F. Wahl Class of 1955 John F. Astarita John R. Baumann Thomas A. Booras Philip A. Buttling Charles J. Cain Edward T. Carroll Frank X. DeFontes Most Rev. John C. Dunne Alan N. Eremin James A. Hannon Anthony J. La Bello Vincent A. Magee Vincent A. Male Frank J. Nappi Robert J. Pellegrinelli Paul A. Ragnetti Robert D. Regan Bernard T. Renzy Joseph M. Sheehan Frank T. Villano F. G. Walsh Robert P. Walsh Class of 1956 Edwin L. Ball John B. Casey Francis X. Clines Roger M. Coleman Robert J. Crimmins Thomas E. Doherty James P. Donnelly Eugene J. Flynn James R. Gillespie James R. Hart Frederick E. Haynia John P. Hogan Edward Joyce Harold F. Kelly Robert C. Labriola Francis T. Lang Patrick W. O’Daly Victor W. Ritter Robert R. Rose Robert P. Rourke Peter J. Schweitzer Ralph A. Serpe

William M. Sullivan Henry B. Szot John C. Tuffy Class of 1957 Edward A. Andrie Bro. Michel Bettigole, O.S.F. Herbert T. Blomquist Edmund E. Brett Richard W. Caunitz John Coleman Philip S. Cottone George P. DeGeorge Robert K. Doherty Vincent J. Emilio Michael A. Henning Michael P. Jeffrey Lawrence F. Judd Edward C. Kennedy Robert Kirby Edward Miller Bro. Louis T. Miritello, O.S.F. Robert W. O’Shea Ray J. Ratkowski Walter Riebenack Joseph P. Walker Class of 1958 Thomas J. Brady Daniel V. Corry Thomas M. Day John P. Devlin John C. Fay William G. Giery Donald J. Guarino Harvey R. Lydecker William G. McConnell Peter A. Morgan Joseph T. Ponessa Charles A. Sauer Bro. Kevin F. Smith, O.S.F. Joseph F. Taylor Douglas M. Tynan Martin T. Wilczynski Joseph J. Woltering Class of 1959 Michael A. Agnes Peter M. Baiardi Peter Callahan Thomas F. Conroy Kevin J. Conroy Peter M. Corritori Anthony P. DeNunzio William Dunn Peter A. England Eugene J. Feldhaus Daniel J. Flaherty Vincent T. Flynn Peter J. Ghisone

Class Giving Participation

Ronald A. Grassi Thomas J. Hall Edward M. Kelly George H. Lippemeier James J. Maloney John R. Mathis Rev. Msgr. J. Edward McCullough Hugh J. McMenamin Thomas P. Murphy Thomas P. Napier Raymond Nash Martin J. Neville Lawrence J. Pascal Thomas J. Prendergast James P. Sammon Class of 1960 Anthony J. Biancaniello Ronald M. D’Amura Frank A. de Caro Dominick P. DePaola M. A. DeSantis Richard E. Donaghy James T. Dunphy Dennis M. Esposito William R. Ficke George R. Gebus John N. Hayes Ray T. Iannicelli John M. Jorgensen George C. Klein Lawrence M. Laskowski Michael P. Lesniak James R. Mazzeo Stephen P. Morris Thomas A. Murawski John J. O’Boyle Robert F. O’Rourke Bartholomew H. Peluso Edward J. Powers Hank E. Riehl Francis V. Rossano Benedict F. Ruggiero Robert M. Sawicki John J. Sceppa Daniel J. Scotti Joseph T. Skerrett William J. Spadola Charles E. Traina Philip J. Wierzbicki William J. Zuk Class of 1961 James M. Abbott Charles A. Bennett Mike Bonasia Francis E. DeSantis Donald P. Devane William Dimoulas

John F. Donohue Eugene J. Downing Pierre Dumaine Joseph Forlenza John P. Garufi John C. Hemmer Frederick Littmann George Mayer John F. McCormack Thomas P. Mione Daniel A. Nolan Raymond O’Donnell Kevin E. O’Grady Francis X. Pecquex Robert Reavey Harold E. Reynolds John Sammon Russell Seymour Terry D. Sgarlata Henry Sterbenz Richard T. Tener John Vaccaro John Walsh Richard J. Weilminster Thomas J. Welling Alfred Wittine Class of 1962 Theodore Bajo Denis S. Barry Robert J. Culkin Richard M. DeFronzo Paul D. Duran George M. Feeney Rudolph H. Funke Ted F. Grondzki John A. Hernandez Francis A. Higbie Joseph T. Italiano Donald E. Kent Anthony F. LaFortezza Joseph F. Martin Leonard V. Masucci John McNaboe Joseph D. Pepe John S. Pereira George J. Pipino Albert Sabini Paul Speckenbach Class of 1963 Robert R. Aglialoro Martin J. Brennan Joseph C. Ciechalski John Daley Francois Dumaine Robert Fales Arthur Gormley Leon Jackson Richard C. Jewell

Richard P. Kancler Charles Krpata Robert G. Ostrander Charles J. Pergola James E. Sherlock Martin B. Tener Thomas L. Weigand Rudolph Zientarski Class of 1964 Ralph E. Addonizio Richard F. Akalski Leonard P. Arcuri Augustine Aversano Robert G. Bombara James A. Chin Leonard Graczyk Peter C. Haas Barry Kenney John T. Leone Frank A. Massuli Edward R. Murray James F. O’Brien Joseph G. Pellechi James J. Simonelli Dominic Veneziano Anthony E. Viola Frederick J. Walker Robert T. Walsh Vincent Zelinsky Class of 1965 Pasquale Alesia Michael P. Chiara Richard F. Dyas Theodore P. Dymczynski John B. Higgins William J. Infosino Ronald S. Jendras Paul M. Jourcin Kenneth Lay Patrick J. O’Mara Kenneth Peters Michael J. Prior Kenneth P. Ruane Peter Smergut Albert A. Sofia George B. Sula Kevin B. Westley Class of 1966 Robert A. Cochrane Richard J. Conti Louis T. DeGrazia James Dollard Alfred E. Fazio Vincent L. Marino Edward G. McKenna Louis R. Murren Robert W. Okowitz John Power

Class of 1967 George C. Barone John J. Cahill Philip T. Catanese Juan S. Cockburn Sebastian V. DiCasoli Frank R. Dukes Robert R. Hans Kevin E. Mahoney Robert Martin Terrance J. Nolan Michael A. Sce Dominic A. Solimando Class of 1968 Alexander S. Balko Michael Donovan Louis G. Fellin Joseph E. Garcia Gerard J. Hevern Eddie Jenkins Thomas Kelleher Joseph A. LaPiana Christopher A. Leone William T. Luther Gerald J. Matarazzo Gary T. Nichols Daniel F. O’Leary Vincent F. Pitta Gerald J. Ricciardo Howard K. Weber Class of 1969 John Basti Sal Ferro David R. Kilanowski Michael P. Lynch Kevin A. Michels John J. Sidtis Joseph Toscano Timothy J. Tubridy John J. Wagner Class of 1970 John C. Brennan Robert J. Brown Joe Cunningham Dominic J. DeVincenzo Edward V. DiLello Robert N. Fazio Richard Frasca Joseph Griffith Nicholas Guarino Michael Johnston Peter V. Magnani Dennis J. McDermott Myles P. McKenna Michael Mosiurchak Frank G. Percoco Michael A. Silano Gary Siwruk

Class of 1971 Philip G. Benjamin Steven R. Calandro Thomas F. Comiskey Paul R. Cronen Brian T. Decker Mario R. DeLuca Thomas J. DiCanio Vincent DiLorenzo Brian M. Donnellan Thomas J. Giglio Gary S. Jendras Michael J. Kiely Gaetano J. Mascolo Arthur P. Mattia Skender A. Natiku Patrick F. O’Brien Kerry J. O’Sullivan John Owens James C. Petrillo Gerard Ragan Ross A. Rauh Richard Reichard Robert Rooney Lawrence L. Santangelo Michael M. Sheridan Thomas M. Sloan John P. Sullivan Mario Tilelli Robert Vigorito Frank Vulpis Harry W. Whelpley Class of 1972 Robert G. Adamo Charles Amorese Charles J. Badaracco Gerard H. Boehme Stephen F. Burke Michael R. Dalton Richard G. Danderline Thomas DeMaria Michael J. Falabella Robert J. Genalo Kevin A. Griffith Charles F. Lauth John T. O’Brien William P. Ponzio Francis J. Regina Dario Schiavetta Keith F. Sidorowicz Anthony J. Simeti Richard Weglarz

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report


Class Giving Participation

Class of 1973 Steven J. Antal Lawrence K. Becker Dennis C. Black Shane A. Burke Terence W. Edwards William A. Mabry Michael J. Marchese Jim McDonald Vincent J. McGill Patrick J. McLaughlin Martin J. O’Connor Kevin V. O’Donnell Andre F. Python Rodger J. Recker Sam Rizzo Thomas F. Toomey James J. Troy John R. Venuto Class of 1974 John D. Abbruzzese Karl T. Bednarek Paul O. Buchbauer Juan P. Campmany Vincent M. Cronen Paul W. Mandzuk Anthony P. Maresca Bruce N. Massie James T. Mayberry John F. McNicholas Michael A. Mulqueen Thaddeus W. Paluszek Michael T. Pan Stephen G. Rush Martin J. Schretzmann Thomas W. Terryn John J. Uhl Peter J. Werner Class of 1975 Francis J. Aquila Anthony Catalanotto Kathleen M. ClendeninFurlong Catherine A. DaviesBrown James DePalma Denise G. DeRosa Elvira M. DiBiaseFrancischelli Claire R. Diele Peter J. Gannon Marybeth Hatton-Kunze Jan-Marc Jouas James G. Kandora Francis A. Maggiore Rocco R. Mangiarano Anita R. Maraventano Gerald B. Martori


Timothy R. McGinn Timothy J. McNicholas Daniel J. O’Connell Albert Palazzo Louis G. Pastina James V. Petitto Gary E. Schantz Joseph A. Siolek Vincent Stempel Peter C. Tittmann Harry B. Wallen Class of 1976 Elizabeth M. Acosta- Crommett Ann E. Ahlstrom-Saxer Brenden J. Ames Kathleen M. Ardiff-Carroll William B. Ashton Michael X. Aufiero Saidii S. Batroni-Sinacori Michael Beaury Benjamin J. Berg Mary A. Bernstein JeanneMarie Boisselle- Patella Kathleen M. Brix-Fallon John J. Brown Peter W. Buchbauer William A. Budris John A. Cappello Joseph A. Casano Peter S. Castelli Theresa Caulfield-Queren Michael F. Chrostowski James F. Clements Kerry M. Cohen-Zaris Camille E. Coiro-Penny Gerard A. Compito John R. Corbisiero Filomena D’Elia Joan M. Dalton-Janssen Vincent L. DeBenedittis Susan DeBenedittis-Costantin Alexander V. DelCielo Donna DeLuca-Ferry Lori Derych Philip A. DiBlasi Dennis J. DiTucci Nancy M. Donato MaryBeth Dunkak-Marchiony Francine A. Dusolt-Muccin Denise A. Egan-Sintetos Charles Ferraro Noreen E. Flaherty Jack A. Franceschetti John S. Fusco Janice A. Guerra Jane C. Halligan John Hamilton Carol A. Hammer-Forster Diane M. Herbert-Cappello

Peter J. Hoey Kevin F. Hughes Mary A. Kelly William A. Kraus Frank J. Lackner Michael A. LaForgia Susan E. Loftus Graceann LoguercioFelson John C. Luckey Kathy Mabry-Valli Mary F. Macedonio Kathleen A. MackinSciortino Louis S. Magagna Stephen E. Mandia Harry P. Manzick Kathleen MartinJohannsen John C. McCullough Joseph T. McGrath Patricia A. McKenna Marie C. Milillo-Leibowitz Robert H. Mulvena Guy T. Nevirs Linda Oliver-Gaeta Peter J. Paguaga Peggy Papsdorf Armand Patella Shelley A. PinckneyChadderton Eugene E. Polak Donna M. Pollard Vincent C. Porreca Campion E. Quinn Lawrence F. Reinalter Nicholas C. Rocco Joseph A. Romano James T. Roth Richard Saccente Gerald P. Scales Joseph T. Scarfuto Pauline M. Scelfo Michael Scudiero Maureen A. Shanahan-Anderson Thomas E. Slaymaker Patricia S. Smith-Nallen Jacqueline M. Stevens-Sullivan Susan Sullivan-Barrett Joseph P. Trotti Linda Yankoschuk-DiCarlo Class of 1977 Anthony A. Alfano Ronald P. Antal Lawrence P. Byrne Karen Colafrancesco Paul R. Dannenhoffer Debra DiLillo-Sweeney Elaine Diodato-Augello

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report

Yvette C. Ellis-Ramos Norma M. Filippi-Quigley MaryIrene I. Flynn Frank Francica Michael P. Gabbola Joan Gasser-Buckley Kathy Gutleber-Lawrence Robert G. Koster Michael P. Madden Karen A. McKeon Joseph A. Miccio Frank D. Morgera James M. Naughton William W. Ottoson Patrick D. Parente Jodi E. Passarella-Madden Stephen P. Pazan Julienne B. Pechulis-Ryan Kevin C. Powell Louis E. Scimecca Gregory M. Semashko Leonard R. Tarantino Michael A. Vetere Class of 1978 Joseph B. Arroyo Marianne Black-Prawda Teresa M. Cefalo-Alexandrou Rosemary CentenoSchroyer Eileen Clabby-Speed Anthony T. Corbisiero Michael J. Cottone Kevin Dalton Phyllis Dalton Maria L. DiTucci-Petrocine Peter P. Dunne Susan L. Feehan-Gidwill Linda E. Ferranti-Conroy Jeanne Forster MaryLee GaffneyYamasaki Evelyn D. Giaccio Vilma Jardines-McEnerney John J. Lafond GraceAnn LaForgia Karen A. Lemmo-Barbieri Eileen T. LeMonda Ulana A. Leskiw-Markiv Maria L. Marchassalla Michael J. Marchassalla Maureen T. McKeon-Carragee John J. Paguaga Raymond A. Pecini John P. Pesce Maria D. Pinto Francine M. PolokowskiMacGowan Diane L. Robello-Brockmann Anthony P. Savarese

Michael J. Scanlon Matthew J. Scannell Gary J. Testa Rafael M. Valdes Marisa M. Veltri-Robles Robert A. Waegelein Class of 1979 Susan T. Banham-Baran Louis C. Barricelli Robert H. Bohack Theresa M. Burke-Yarri LeeAnn A. Canavan-Black Robert J. Cannon Marianne L. CastanoClemente Paul J. Colelli Marie-Elena CrimminsWohlmacher Scott E. Curry Francis C. Deer Geraldine A. DeMarco-Bauer Elda A. DiRe Jean E. Dirscherl-Lownds Joanne L. Frisoni-Lostritto Thomas A. Gebert Ingrid M. Grein-Bailey Alison T. Hart-Crombez Christopher J. Heiman Nancy J. Hoera-Norton Michael J. Jones Edward Lamadrid Christine A. Lombardo Joseph Lostritto Joseph P. McGowan Richard C. Meller Joseph A. Miller Lisa A. Miranda-Sloan Kelley S. Mondesire Michael F. Mongelli Sharon O’Brien-DeNara Caroline L. OrlandoMurillo Dianna L. Pilate-Virone Angelo M. Rizzo Jeanne M. Rubsam-Kane Diane C. Rush-Roberts Jean F. Savino-Saladino Joseph Sciame George C. Simpson Brother Christopher D. Thurneau, O.S.F. Felicia Varlese William A. Viscovich Class of 1980 Robert J. Adams Elizabeth G. Adams Jeffrey Alter Louis Angulo

Class Giving Participation

Kathleen Barnes-Romagnano Stella M. Barresi Walter A. Bishop Gerard E. Boeckhaus Michael J. Cassano Frank J. Cicha Jill T. Cirino-Seyfert Jean Colucci-Kiley Kerri A. ConnollyKraetzer Sheila M. CoppingerPalmer William P. Costello Lori A. Costello Bruce Cotugno Robert V. Cotumaccio Donna M. DiNotoDoherty Joanne M. Dixon-Rice Elaine H. Dooley-Feerick Martin A. Farrell Eileen P. Fennell Gina Filoso-Setaro Barbara A. Fuchs-Janny Barbara L. Grein-Napoli Robert W. Hamilton Elizabeth E. Hiris-Jagde Arlene T. Huber-Jaklitsch Janine M. Ilchert-Foreman Norma R. Kalkhoff John E. Kiley Laurie A. Killcommons Frederick J. Kress John G. Leahey Teresa Lydon-Curtin Elizabeth A. MacEwenTimken Bruno Mastropasqua Kathleen McCann-McKenna Susan A. McCook-Fink Robert F. McNulty Regina Melly Elizabeth M. Nugent Maureen O’Neill-Regan Elizabeth Olwell-McNulty Roberta M. Ott-Schaaf Michael S. Pagano Loretta F. Palyo-Rueth Christopher M. Pastina Sean M. Prendergast Mathias M. Roberts Catherine M. RusselmanRobotis Donald D. Scardino Elizabeth S. Schaub Lawrence F. Schiralli Martin G. Shannon Patricia M. Simpson John G. Spicijaric Mary G. Tarrant-Focella

Sandra Ulrich John M. Urbielewicz Michael A. Varrone Thomas E. White Lynn A. Wilson-Temperini Class of 1981 Rosemarie AgustaCarousso Maripat Alger-Cottone Edward G. Allcock Anne-Marie C. AnnibaleBaumis Douglas L. Apicella Raymond Babich Paul Sementilli Diane Bertoli Karen Bischoff-Babich Edward P. Boles Alfred L. Brock Gerard M. Brostek Kerry Brusca-Hutchingson Christina A. Burke Eileen Califano-Ibarra Christopher L. Campese Patricia CapezzaMcLoughlin Larry Carbone Richard Carlson Alicia Caruso-Dauro John Casale Michael Cash Diane Catalanotto-Gafa Jeanne C. ClendeninSweeney Raymond D. Colalillo Vivian Collica Patrick Connolly John F. Costello Patrick F. Cunningham Michael Curti Edward Dainesi Annette Daniec Peter DelGrosso Lisa DeRita-Sadler Douglas DiMarco Mairead Duffy-Occhino Ellen Fischer-Taylor Ann Forde-Costello Donna M. Franz-Livecchi Joseph Freda Joseph A. Giacalone Frederick Giovanelli Geraldine GiovannielloNuckols Toni-Ann A. Girdusky Carolyn Goldner-Labella Michael Grady Siobhan Griffin Paul Gugliotta

Thomas Hickey Gabrielle HurtubiseHannan Mario Iannaccone Sophia Jonides-Wilson Mary Joyce-Vesnaver Mark S. Kempisty Catherine Kobel-Gomez Peter A. Koniuch Kenneth Larney Elena Laskow John P. Lavin Patrick Leahey Thomas F. Leavens Anthony S. Lesica Sonya H. Listl-Kall Philip LoGrasso William P. Lynch Kelly Magnante-Pilonero Paul D. Mannix Robert L. Marchese Kathleen Masterson Jeanne T. McDermott Deirdre McDonough Edward M. McGowan Peter J. McKenna Rita M. McNally-O’Rourke Paul B. Michiels Laura E. Mieszerski Lawrence P. Mongelli Lisa N. MorrisseyMacSpadden Nicholas D. Mosesso Pamela J. Mulvey-Maroney James M. Murphy Regan Murphy-Myers Carol A. Murray-Sylvan Frederick Nicolois Vicki A. Noebel-Cignarella Edward T. Nugent Joseph Nunziata Nicholas M. Nuzzi Daniel O’Connor Brian J. O’Donoghue Catherine O’Kelly-Kerrane Terence M. Ormsby Steven Osojnak Marion L. Passero-Osojnak Sandra M. Pecini Krystyna Pisarska Kenneth M. Prior Margaret Raftery-Sbaschnig Ismael Ramirez Elizabeth Renko Lisa Rivera Janet Roos Thomas K. Rudzewick Thomas Sadler Anne Salerno-Cornell Eileen Scardino

Ella M. Schiralli William Schneider Anne K. SchnellCarstensen Patricia Sisk-Gribbon Emily Sityar-Cornell Noreen Skinner-Heyer Cathy Slipkowski-Brostek William Spencer Lisa M. Spinoso-Youngclaus Kevin M. Stout Donna M. Strauch-Goldman Bruce C. Sullivan Anthony Sweeney David Tung Doris R. Varlese Vincent A. Verdi Christine Vetere-Vigliette Mark Vineis Judy Virsinger-Kiederling Reagan Wallace-Koniuch Mary Ann Wynne-Franscioni Susan M. Zollner-Hinners Class of 1982 Mary R. Andriano-Bosko Daniel Bacci Denis J. Butler John P. Butler Jean F. Coppola Janis L. Cowhey-McDonagh Michael D. DeLuca Eileen E. Donnelly-Buser Joseph P. Downing Maureen V. Feeney-Tjalma Theresa C. Fennell Catherine M. Finocchio-Rogan Laurie Fry-Kane Joseph F. Gavin Paul D. Heckelman Richard V. Hrvatin Catherine M. Kennedy Lorraine M. Klein-Leone Catherine C. Lydon-Mesa James W. Murtagh Thomas F. Nugent Ruth A. O’Hehir-Fitzgerald Geraldine M. Perret-Ferguson William C. Reddy Denise Riordan-Larkin Suzanne M. Schaefer-Sideris Patricia M. Shurina-Vail Lucy P. Tsai Elisa Valentino-Levine Margaret Wolf Class of 1983 Christine Antis Robert S. Aydinian Renee V. Badami

Barbara J. Barone-Fierst Elizabeth A. BartleyEldridge Rina A. Beacco Diana L. Bratelli-Musich Eileen Browne Colleen M. BrowneMagarian Patricia A. Browne-Ronan Arleen Cabutto-Lazarus Carl F. Caridi Elaine C. Carroll Anne-Marie Cataldo-Wenger Joseph J. Cipri Michael J. Clune Kerry M. Condon-Dalton Patrick M. Crowley Christopher D. Ditta Sheila M. DowningCostello Suzanne S. Ducey-Blundi Maria C. Empaynado-Gilday Denise A. FerrarottiMatranga Tim J. Fierst Olga A. Finnegan Marianna Fior-Brown Sal A. Fischetti Kristine L. Flannigan-Garry Yvonne M. Flesche Heidi R. Flori Jon Fredas Chris A. M. FrielingsdorfAmbery Ivanhoe A. Gadpaille Christine C. Galvin-Kelly James G. Gannon Ronald Gentile Robert J. Hanophy Brian M. Healy AnneMarie E. Healy-Dean Kelley A. Hughes-Bacci Nancy K. Kelly Eileen A. Kilkelly-Westfahl Paul D. Kobel Kenneth H. Kobetitsch Deirdre D. LaPlant Gary Lazarus Denis P. LeBeux Patricia E. Loftus Joseph A. LoScalzo Kathleen M. Lynch Barbara J. Mergner-Dunn Donna M. Miano-Cirillo Raymond A. Miranda Glenn P. Morgan Claudia A. Murphy Linda A. Murphy-Hickey Ronald S. Niles Robert A. Palumbo

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report


Class Giving Participation

Joyce L. Pedretti Patrick J. Piccininni Grace L. Portoghese-Lovallo Robert A. Puppa Anna M. Rapone-Espiscopio Alicia M. Rodriguez Edward P. Russell Bro. Becket Ryan, O.S.F. (H) Connie Sayago Peter J. Scala John E. Schatz Agnes M. Schuppel Kelly-Ann M. Sinisi-Lennon Carol A. Skinner Michelle Stimpfel-Zurita David E. Stimus Silvana T. Sutich Paula P. Szturma Clorinda F. Volpe-Tagios Janet M. Yonescu-Zalewski Class of 1984 Nancy A. Abraham-Selinske Christine M. AgliettiMessina Marylene Ansa-Rizzo Andrea T. Barcia-Volding Debbie A. Barry-Stanis Steven L. Bo Michael G. Brady Suzanna CastellanosBehringer Michael L. Columbia Claudia B. DeFrankMcGuinness Estela B. Divino Joseph J. Donini Anna M. Eardley-Arouh Lisa M. Ferrara-Donini Michael F. Foley Leland V. Fuller Roxana Gonzalez-Hoppe Patrick Goulard Denise M. Heckelman Leida A. Jorge-Vasquez John W. Kosinski Gustavo Laserna William J. Lennon Monica A. MarinelloDuffy Denise E. McBrideFischetti John J. McCarthy Karen A. McDermott Pamela A. McGorry-Tully Mary E. Meier-Scala Robert F. Meringolo Susan D. Miller-Brown Maureen R. O’ConnorMansfield


Debra M. O’Hehir Michael J. Palumbo Joanne L. Persico Sophia Petsas-Prountzos Elizabeth M. Picerno Frank Rizzo Alysoun V. Roach Carlo A. Scalia Amelia F. Scarpulla Colleen A. Schuppel-Stevens Barbara A. Scotto-Foley Thomas R. Snowden Antonella A. SpaventaFitzgerald Ingrid C. Thelian-Croak Benedict J. Tockarshewsky Arthur J. Tremblay Heidi J. Wriedt Class of 1985 Stephen G. Adams Sondra A. Austin Maryellen L. Bruno Laura Busuttil-Cantatore Richard A. Calosso Angelica E. CanalesBabolcsay Janet M. Carroll-Blagg Henry F. Chamorro Laurene N. Cowhey-Lang Amanda D’Arangia-Milo Lisa A. Drivick-Adams Robert J. Fiordaliso Thomas George Jennifer M. Gilroy-Ruiz Christopher C. Goetz Kathleen M. Gorta-Canning Irene L. Gutierrez Justin J. Jannone Frederick B. Kauber Joseph C. Kirincich Steven P. Leon Peter McEvoy Debra A. MedagliaLaserna Kathy A. Newbold-Scalzo Desiree J. Pufal-Cassara Luis A. Ramos Catherine A. RuebenackerMazzola Eugenia Sabini-Polin Louisa A. SantulliScigowski Danielle M. Schaefer-Klyap Steven J. Schell Maria Scotto-Lagermasini John J. Sharkey Patricia A. ToscanoRobertson James P. Vafeas

Sergio B. Valentini Robert A. Varriano Vivien M. Veloso-Hegarty Noreen M. Walsh-LaCour Theresa E. Werner Kenneth C. Williams Class of 1986 Leslie T. Alvarado Douglas M. Amann Frances J. Arricale William G. Bast Spyridon A. Bazigos Alex C. Benavides Mitchell J. Bonanno Jennifer M. BorgersenEnnis Karen A. Bournazos Michael A. Brader-Araje Linda A. Bremer-McGuire Annemarie E. Brostek Lucy Burich-McNamara Hank W. Cancel Tricia L. Candemeres Darlene E. Caprio-Rivera Diana M. Caprio-Seglin Neil V. Carbone Richard A. Carroll James W. Corbett Stephen G. Cordaro Nicholas Corona Thomas J. Creaco Maria L. D’AgostinoVelissari John J. D’Angelo Robert D’Elia Gerald A. Davis Christopher J. Demers William N. DeVito Jacqueline T. DoneganTreanor Christopher A. Donelan Kathleen M. Donnelly Linda Donovan Craig M. Farrell Valerie R. FelicettiMassimo Susan J. Festa-Romano Alejandro R. Finardo Tom M. Fini Megan D. FitzpatrickEsposito Elaina E. Gabriele Jason C. Gamba Patricia R. Gambino Salvatore G. Gangemi Cathleen T. Grosso-O’Hare Eric M. Hafker Dana Hamlin-Vezza Barbara A. Hammel

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report

Sheila A. HarkinMoutopoulos Brian C. Hauck Karen A. Haunss-Sapinski Rachel Izzo-Micheli Carol A. Jackson-Sorrell Larry V. Jokhan Bernadette A. KaminGestrich Jenine M. Kelly-Morledge Dennis J. Klein Jerry Koutsavlis Keith J. Kramer Laura L. LaBarca-Dzialo Kathleen Larkin-Moore Giovanni A. Larrea Santina Liotta-Petruso Kirsten R. Loderer Nicole M. Lozito-Sheehan Regina A. Lydon-Johnson Laura A. Marchassalla Robert P. Maroney Patricia A. McAndrews Sean S. McDermott MaryEllen McDonald Jennifer A. McGorryMcCormick Matthew T. McKeon Thomas M. McQuail Vito M. Mileo Gina Minielli-Gunkel Adriana M. MojocoaMcLaughlin Debra D. Molloy-Ranieri Maria C. MontagnerO’Gara Joy A. Mullen-D’Arcio Kevin C. Murray Catherine O’Dea-Anderson Kathryn A. O’Hagan Nancy E. O’Hehir Edward J. Olson Christina A. Olson-Miller Leslie A. Orlovsky Paraskevi ParalemosTsahas Anissa N. Picarella John L. Pizzurro Veronica A. PotenzaMarchetti Elizabeth K. Queren Kenneth Ranieri Joseph J. Reitano Paul P. Rizzo Frances T. Robles Daniel F. Ryan John M. Santana Jerome P. Santangelo Richard Scardino Linda C. Schifano-Mauro

Jennifer L. SchnarrBommarito Deirdre A. Shanahan-Harvey Janet E. Tarpey-Giovanelli Joy Tumang-Block Linda A. Vagra Lynn E. Walker-Aguirre Christine E. Walsh-Freda Class of 1987 Edward M. Alexandro Sonia C. Alvarez-Correnti Margaret A. Blewitt-Padley Nicole E. CeslikSpaargaren Shant Chalian Walter J. Cook Msgr. James J. Cooney (H) Anna M. D’Elia-Delaney Michael DeCarlo Joseph J. Failla Michael Freda Danielle Gabriele-Donelan Liza Jocson-D’Amelio Jennifer Kane Denis A. Kelly Winifred A. Latvis Jose S. Leon Stacey A. Logan-Docke Nicholas V. LoPrinzi Caroline Lui-Tong Elizabeth Lynch-Melo Lori Messana-Bracchitta Cristina Mollenkopf Arthur C. Mueller Kevin Mullen Brian P. O’Gara Mark O’Sullivan Michael L. Owens Kalitsa Pappas-Gabriel Vincent A. Podraza Eugene Roche Marcella A. Scalia-Squeglia Mary Schimitsch James A. Shaughnessy Lori J. Thompson-Saputo Rene Varriano Class of 1988 Jo M. Barnes-Conlan Marie J. Benik-Kramer Catherine T. CastigliaCanino James P. Conroy Kerin E. Coughlin Paul J. DeBenedittis Kenneth Ferguson Steven Garafalo Ted D. Jahn Claudia Jaramillo-Lee

Class Giving Participation

Kevin M. Kispert Christine A. Laino Mary-Jo T. Lavacca-Bartash Wayne A. Morris Peter A. Patrissi Tracy A. Perlman Rino Radovic Paul Sementilli Michael J. Short Elizabeth A. ThomasJanocha Christina M. TubridyBrennan Heidi W. WaegeleinHansberry Lisa M. Walke Class of 1989 Beth A. Aliverto Laura J. Andriola Philip P. Andriola Alexander M. Arevalo Franco E. Basandella Dolores BlaskovicRadovic Christopher J. Bucaria Liboria Buscemi Edward J. Carroll Aida I. Castillo Theresa Chillianis Frank Cioffi Stephen P. Diamond Valerie F. Ferrante Steven A. Frosch Lisa A. Gismondi-Miller Marianne E. HaggertyZidar Michael S. Hoffman Gregory J. Hrycak Michael Jamin Michael J. Janssen Brian C. Kramer Aris J. McMahon Krista B. McManus ‘89 Drew T. Morgan Dawn E. MulliganLeimgruber Chad M. Muney Mary J. Nathan-Hart Louiza Patsis Glenn S. Sarsale Daniel Shea Marlene T. Talisaysay Carlos A. Torres Thomas S. Tripodianos Diane M. Viscovich Michele A. Wiese-Morris

Class of 1990 Anthony P. Amoroso Ann M. R. BongiornoWolfe Michael F. Califano Barbara M. Catalanotto (H) Anthony J. Catalanotto (H) Andrew I. Drazic Laurie S. Feld Phyllis Gambino-Skody John F. Ghingo Christopher Gibbons Keith J. Grande Bart J. Haggerty Jennifer L. HallinanLaSerre Regina A. Harding-Bast Christine H. Harper Maria K. Ieni Jardel Jean-Pierre Georgia Kaporis Mary E. Kobel (H) Roger J. Kobel (H) Dominick Mazzitelli Sarah S. McCarthy Mary E. Mullins-Rogers Lisa M. Olmo-Schulz Joyce W. Pak-Mcpherson Arthur J. Robb Michael J. Schulz Susan M. Szabo-Mosquera Stephen L. Tatay Debra M. ThompsonGrande Russell W. Tombline Donald J. Wolfe Rev. Nicholas A. Zientarski Class of 1991 Jennifer Allen-Cook Joseph J. Alonsozana Andrew J. Amitrano Michelle H. Arevalo James V. Barcia Denise F. Barracca-Allmaier Marco A. Battaglia Gavin D. Blainey Michael P. Blewitt Michelle L. BloiseFilipakis Denise Boorman Emerson C. Bretous Lori A. Bridda-Wakie Jennifer J. BrigantiCampillay Lisa M. Bruni-Vene Michele Buoninfante-Blainey Damon A. Carbo Jennifer CarotenutoNicoletta

Kathleen Carroll (H) Kevin M. Cassidy Alexandra V. Casten Sally C. Cawley-Doukas Gerard P. Charlot James J. Conroy Kelly A. Coyle-Hall Viviana Cristian Thomas D’Alto Anthony E. D’Andrea Stephen C. Dachtera Roberto DeLaFuente Nancy L. Demers Francisca D. DeVera-Torres Johnny S. Donadic Lori E. Dunn-Magliano Brendan C. Durkin Toni L. Failla Elizabeth J. Ficarra-Starr Michele Filorimo Eileen Finlay-Waters Michael Fitzpatrick Walter L. Foley (H) Roxanne FratianniBasandella Barbara A. Gallo-Compton Linda M. Garger-Vanella Anthony C. Gazzara Linda A. GiaquintoViviano Maritza A. Giles-Cassidy Patricia J. Gioieni-Egan Debra A. GiovannielloPanaro Giovanni Gonzalez Andrea L. Gonzalez-Flete Colette F. Goulard-Curry Anna F. Graci-Calisi Justin R. Grella Kathy A. Haugh-Romano Joanna C. Heim Sylvia V. Herrera-Roome Donna J. Hincapie-Epp Ethel C. Ibanez-Zimmerman Milena Illidge-Yoraschek John J. Janocha Patricia Jaramillo Phillip W. Jarquio Peter J. Jellen Donald T. Jones Fernand Joseph Heather D. Kane Jennifer E. Keating-Daly Nicole J. Keller-Rini Brian S. Kightlinger Denise A. Kinney-Smith Karen M. Latimer Tara J. Lee Joseph L. Locurto Dolores C. Lois

Andrew J. Lombardi Holley D. Longo Michael F. Lynch Patrick J. McEvoy Daria E. Meade-Connolly Michael P. Mejia Jessica L. Miranda-Antretter Michele A. Monteforte Patrick J. Morrissey Michael J. Moss Mario Murillo Angelo C. Nicoletta Elizabeth NonailladaDiMitri Joseph Nunziato Vivian E. Pablo-DeLillo Maria Pang-Ho Elizabeth M. PilatoSchwarz Adriana Piraquive Justine P. PopolizioAugello Richard A. Quiroz Ana C. Ramirez Salvatore Recupero Marie A. ReichlingRenda Colleen S. ReillyFitzpatrick Deirdre A. Ring-Zuccarello Bonnie Robb Lisa M. Rocco-Sferrazza Ellen E. Roche Andrea L. RomeroHiggins Adam T. Rooney Keith D. Rothschild Frank J. Rubino Kimberly S. RubinoWhite Jeanine SapienzaFernandez Kristine M. Savarese Lori A. SavidgeAugugliaro William R. Schoeffel Vanessa A. Scotto Lori Seeger-Graziano Kristine L. SolimandoCipri Justine SperandeoBuzzetta Tracey Spiess-Waddell Jennifer L. Staffa Christopher R. Stella Adele I. Stiene-Tombline Natalie Suarez-Candela William Szabo Peggy S. Valdez-Imbesi Kristina M. Valenzuela-

Ottomanelli Jennifer C. Vallance Carol A. Vassallo-Cuttita Jennifer Ventura Emily E. Wassler Brian Westley Wendy M. WichernMurcovich Christina Wilkinson Class of 1992 Nicole M. Anzalone-Moss Patrizia Arena Christine A. DelFavero-Kurtz James H. Fahey Diane M. Falco-Pramberger James Giordano Brian J. Jensen Christine M. LeBlanc-Fahey James E. McHugh (H) Patricia A. Morrissey Danielle R. Mossa Brian F. Ott Roberta A. ParzialeLataille Thomas G. Pramberger Marie A. San Pedro Jennifer Sheridan Keith F. Walsh Lisa M. Waters Nancy M. Williams Robert Williams Class of 1993 Nicole Blaskovic Danielle Cannataro-Forte Rocco Cavaliere Michelle DeLemos Cherryl D. Delfin-Jimenez Laura DeRiso Nicole C. Gillman Ruben Jimenez James Kiernan Patrick J. O’Brien Violette Pandzic-Deur Alicia N. Ramotar-Golan Dominick Rapone Dennis Ring Rachael M. Stacom Jennifer L. Tucci Jose Villa Class of 1994 Jennifer H. Anderson Jimmy Baldea Maurice Braithwaite (H) Donna O. Charles-Onike Jeanna DeLuca-Lambert Francis N. Dobry Rita A. Licari-Tyska

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report


Class Giving Participation

Bevin K. Meade-Gibbons Frank Paukowits Fabricio Plaskocinski Lyle Posecion Harry Prassakos Michael Sacco Jonathan T. Stiegler Matthew Thornton Matthew Thornton Angela Wen Class of 1995 Catherine R. BarrettZedlovich Frank Castagna Heather Davis-Rinaldi Grace I. DeFina-Battaglia Rose L. DeInnocentiisRuesing Jenna Filippi Carol Flaim-Rooney Reina M. Garcia Elena Gil Susan Lombardi-Abbott Annunziata ManzolilloPignatelli John Moran James Ruebenacker Pietro Sabatino Eileen M. Walsh-Prymaczek Noelle L. Werner Michele D. Ziella-Gallagher Class of 1996 Juliette Austin Korey W. Banks Vanessa L. Barrios Vicky E. Barrios Maria Bayes-Minetti Monica Bejarano-Heredia Rory O. Braithwaite Rene Caiazzo Salvatore Caruso Valerie CiccolilliPapatheodorou James Corrigan Patricia Daleney-Basani Jessica A. Dowd-Wilde Anthony Fontanetta Theresa C. Forget Demetrios G. Frangiskatos Gerasimos Giakoumatos Agata Grabowska Kevin P. Hehir Thomas Kalogiros Patricia Keyes Connie Kotrozos Anthony Licari


Jennifer L. Manfredi Dennis J. Marnick Elizabeth Owens Angelos Papatheodorou Luigi Pedalino Diana Pinto-LoPiccolo Vanessa Poole-Licari Sita Ragbir Monica Rogan Jennifer SanAngelo Bryan Schrubbe Patrick J. Trinchese Diana Trivino Teddy Valdez Maria Vasilyadis James Walton Class of 1997 Jeannine Baca-Marino Jenny C. Chavez-Brennan Carissa M. Covatti Joseph J. DeMarco Francis G. DeVenecia Shannon Dunleavy David J. Grondzki Alexis A. Raccasi Christian M. Rossello James P. Sulecki Luz A. Tanon-Bove Brigid Tobin David Zivan Class of 1998 Julie Agate-Lay Nicholas J. DeStefano Patricia Donoghue Frank A. Ferri Mary Ann Ficarola Anna N. Lam-Chi Kelly E. Lonergan-Wright Rory McGee Kristen Moretti Michael C. Nayar Monica S. Peborde Carl Serafino Class of 1999 Janelle Alexander Anthony Barricelli (H) Julie Booth Jennifer Catherall-Nayar Serge Delak Ryan Frontera Michelle Grieco Stephen C. Hoenigmann Marinela Honovich Lisa Kurz-Mccabe Jennifer Lamb

Sheryll Luna-Karroll James M. Lynch Helen O’Reilly Denise E. Riccobono Charles A. Rivera Joseph Rodriguez Patricia A. Russo-DeRupo Lauren G. Sexton Luis A. Silva Victor Solis Joyson C. Thomas Jessica L. Watz Class of 2000 Laura Arminio-Torcolese Heather C. Barton Sabrina Grandchamps Steven J. Hartwig Jean H. Kim Brian W. Kirkpatrick Rhea Knaust-Giraldo Frank Macchiarola (H) Stephen Marra Jane Modry (H) Rachel O’Brien Kate K. Occhipinti-Solis Iva Pannone Craig Schmidt Carlos Valerio Class of 2001 Alexandra Alquiza Lawrence Alvarez Gail C. Amurao Victor Andrade Malinda Appel-Faris Robert Ayello Karen Babis Vita R. Barrile-Ferrantello Katrina A. Bernardo Ashli Bhoorasingh Karen Biggane Andrea Borelli Laralyn Calvento Natasha Cavalli Lindsay CavaluzzoTortorella John L. Ciglar

Bro. Leonard Conway, O.S.F. (H)

Camille Coppola-Gidich Christine M. Dadic Angela I. DallaRagioneLudemann Tino Del Greco Brian Deleon James Desrouleaux Matthew DeVoti Yuri Dieujuste

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report

Adam Discepolo Stefanie Donadic Shannon Donohoe Peter Draper Michelle Durante-Maser Robert Durso Jessica Farrell Nathalie Faustin-Lubin Nicole M. Fidalio Elizabeth Figuracion Anthony Genna Ashley Getchell Mary Godfrey Melissa Gomez Joseph S. Gulino Rosemary Gurino Jennifer Hunt Anthony Iocco Kieran Johnson Eugene J. Kapela John Kelly Dana Kirchoff Marina Kleva Earlston Lafond Kristen Lee Jeffrey Ligonde Nicole Lindemann Andria Lombardi Nicole Malvica-Iannuccilli Daniela Masiello Christine Mayer Justin T. McNally Tiffany M. Miceli-Vargas Jessica Murphy-Keane William Ng Barbara No Larissa Norris Maryann Oluwanifise Gabriel Ortega Nicholas L. Pantaleo Victor E. Pelaez Joseph Pipitone Linda S. Prizant Megan Rapple Jason Reis Carisa Salhab Mark Salonga Frank S. Scaduto Kristin Scanlon Michael Schwemmer Carisa Sciortino Giuseppina Sferrazza Kristina J. Shain Jessica Sinaly Julia Skandul-Dobry Danielle Spence Daniela A. Stankovic-Iocco Mariuxi A. Tapia

Zubin Tharayil Christopher Thorn Peter Tillman Jessica Tombline Matthew Tramonte Cleopatra Tsanis James J. Tsirnikas Jodyann Tyrell-Errol Joseph Visco Kimberly Weigel Kevin Will Kathleen M. Young-Murtagh Class of 2002 Jessica Baker Very Rev. Brother William Boslet, O.S.F. (H) Jason Leberfeld Emily Occhipinti Joseph M. Staszewski Class of 2003 Deanna Balla Heather Banninger Caroline Barnes Amanda M. Berner David P. Corbino Dan Duffy (H) Jamie Farino Michael Giacomino Caitlin Kennedy Daniel Michitsch Camille G. Paredes Caroline R. Petruzzi Lauren Puccio John P. Tagliaferro Melissa Vangelder Class of 2004 Marianna Coscia Bryan Geffen Alietta Gordon Arthur F. McMahon (H) Giancarlo Racanelli Lisa Rodriguez Emmanuel Sakatis Alexandra M. Tudose Kristen Waters Class of 2005 Hanna Abdelhamid Ashley Adamo Daniel Angelastro Vasiliki Antzoulis Gabriella Aquilino Christina D. Aquilon Joseph Barcella Courtney Barrett

Class Giving Participation

John Battaglini Daniel Bellington Katherine Boller Matthew Branch Katie Brent Matthew Bruno Tina Bullaro Chirag C. Burman Keri Calabrese Vanessa Calamita Simone Canfarotta Mariella C. Cappellino Kristen Carlo Thomas Cassano Joshua Cassuto Franchesk Cepeda Suzanne Chan Johnny W. Cintron Michael L. Composto Michael Concepcion Danielle Connelly Deborah Daniszewski Matthew Dematteis Anthony DeStefano William J. Diblasi Christina M. Dimare Matthew J. Disiena Cynthia Ditaranto Jennifer L. Dragisics Lauren Eng Rachel Errico Ashley Faustin Jacquelyn Fidalio Lauren C. Forgione Lisa Foris Thomas Frank Nicolle Frantellizzi Samuel Fruner Danielle L. Garitta Nicole Georgakopoulos Allison Gerrity Daniel V. Giaccio Geneva Gill Ryan J. Girdusky Brian Gosioco Daniel Hairston Joseph Hannigan Mary E. Harrison Ryane Y. Hecker Caryn Hennelly Sarana Hyatt Lauren Iacovone Malcolm Johnson Nicole Kolic John Koutsoutis Monica Krips Ashish Kumar Wosny Lambre

Erin Leistman Katie Leistman Mark Lekic Carmelo Licata Joseph Lodato Peter Loeb Stephanie Malandrakis Samantha-Jo Marciliano Michael Marin Molly Marino Lisa Martin William V. Massaro Ciara Mcardle Theresa Mendez Andrea Miele Kimberly Molinet Melissa Morgan Jessica Nieders Edwin Nolasco Lisa O’Connell Margaret M. Ocampo Ashley Ocasio Christina Oddo Anthony Oluwanifise Timothy Olwell Robert Paccione Luke Pantaleo Erika Pascucci Erin F. Phelan Kelly Pistone Kathleen Quinn Lauren Raabe Josephine Raccuglia Lindsay Raia Stefanie Ramirez Rosario Randazzo Dolores A. Rappa Stephanie Rice Ashly Rivera Jaclyn J. Rohan Sylvana Ruggirello Nixon Saget Rabbe Salameh Jaclyn Sandick Siobhan Santiago Gary Sasiadek Marisa Sausa Benjamin Scheck Krishna Shah Swati Shah Richard J. Silvagni Tania Silverio Emil Skandul Ellen Skaris Christopher Smith Amanda Spallino Judy Stankes Dimitra Stellatos

Amy Taylor Jessica Tetta Sofia Theofilaktidis Tiffany Thompson Brigitte Tilley Andrew Vecchione Amanda Veres Portia Vesely Jennifer Virgilio Ravi Vohra John Vouvoudakis Frank Vozos Todd Wigger Brandon Wilshere James Wrynn Katherine Yuneman Stephanie Zambrano Bro. Alan Zodda, O.S.F. (H) Class of 2006 Phillip F. Acevedo Caitlin Donovan Jaclyn O’Toole Margaret Stack-Lennon (H) Joseph Tortorella Class of 2007 Kathryn Finn Patricia A. Fleurant Eugene Joseph Class of 2008 Stephanie M. Cipolla Donatina M. Pellegrino John C. Sowulski Karina Tortorella Paulette Toscano (H) Class of 2009 Kirk K. Aleman Kathleen M. Apurado George W. Calcagnini Ted Jahn (H) Eunice V. Kim Victoria A. Lassen Justin A. Lewis Daniella Puitiza Brian G. Stackpole Carolyn Szostek (H) Class of 2010 Joseph Castellano (H) AnneMichelle DeGuzman Matthew C. Dominguez Shane M. Jairam Kiran S. Mykoo Jessica L. Olwell Madeline J. Pitz

Carlos E. Sanchez Danielle A. Searle Jake Stamoulis JoAnn Wagner (H) Class of 2011 Eleni A. Agopianis Anna Aliberti Robert Angeletti (H) Katherine Azcona Matthew R. Bernardo Antoniette M. Bonavita Jill V. Borowski Alejandra Camacho Robert A. Casola Christopher P. Centeno Devin Darmalingum Lauren P. DeMaio Oscar B. Diaz Michael P. Dispensa Matthew P. Donaldson Tiffany N. Gaccione Michael H. Gebert Sekou C. Georges Matthew J. Gericke Angelica Kaminski Melissa D. Kersch Nastassja J. Kosinski Nadene Kotz Timothy J. Lazar Angelica R. Leto Daniela G. Mazzara Genevieve K. McNamara Lisa A. Monaco Maureen E. Mullarkey Anthony J. Palermo Charles A. Pantina Jasmine J. Penny Aneesa Rasool Katherine S. Santana Stefan Satoo Nicole B. Smith Brendan J. Stackpole Anthony M. Stancati Shannon M. Stevens Kerena R. Thomas Tamara L. Terzian Valerie M. Theofanis Rosie Yang John C. Zurita

Alexander R. Gilbert David B. Keil Yesenia C. Montesdeoca Erica Nieves Arianna Rodriguez Lauren P. Schneider Shengyong Zou Class of 2013 Brianna K. Dillon ‘13 Alexandria M. Dalgish-Choi Angelina R. Ezratty Madeline G. Moravek Marisa Morena Kelly R. Nunziata Lauren N. Portnoy Class of 2014 John C. Careddu Gabriella N. Gitto Catherine M. Markart Javen K. Williams

The Young Alumni Club

The purpose of the St. Francis Prep Young Alumni Club is to help more recent graduates reconnect with their former classmates and with their school.The Club is open to students who graduated from Prep within the past five years. The membership fee for joining theYoung Alumni Club is $15 payable annually and entitles young alumni to a variety of benefits. You can find complete information online at: alumni.sfponline.org

Class of 2012 Sandra Ambro Michael L. Bellington Jesse A. Castelli Christian Cepeda Michael V. Coccia Kristen M. Corrigan

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report


Loyalty. Generosity. Commitment. We owe a special debt of gratitude to all of our alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends. Their support has a tremendous impact on our ability to provide an outstanding and affordable education at St. Francis Prep year after year. In a special way, we would like to thank those listed on the following page for their financial gifts and pledges in support of St. Francis Prep for the past 15 and 10 consecutive years! Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your ongoing generosity.


St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report

15 Consecutive Years Fiscal Years 1997 through 2011 Francis J. Aquila ‘75 Robert C. Benz George C. Bergleitner ‘53 Walter A. Bishop ‘80 Peter J. Callahan ‘59 Joseph Castellano H’10 Bro. Leonard Conway, O.S.F. H’01 John J. D’Angelo ‘86 Anna M. D’Elia-Delaney ‘87 John Daley ‘63 M. A. DeSantis ‘60 John P. Duffy ‘54 Paul D. Duran ‘62 Michael J. Falabella ‘72

Flynn & O’Hara Uniforms Inc. (Previously Scholastic Specialty Corp.) The Anna E. Gallagher CharitableTrust Michael A. Henning ‘57 Harold F. Kelly ‘56 Patricia E. Loftus ‘83 Nicholas V. LoPrinzi ‘87 John R. Mathis ‘59 John J. McAree ‘50 Dennis J. McDermott ‘70 James E. McHugh H’92 Patrick J. McLaughlin ‘73 Arthur F. McMahon H’04 James W. McTiernan ‘40

Bro. Louis T. Miritello, O.S.F. ‘57 Michael F. Mongelli ‘79 Daniel D. O’Connell ‘52 James P. Pagano John J. Paguaga ‘78 JeanneMarie Boisselle-Patella ‘76 & Armand Patella ‘76 John S. Pereira ‘62 Andre F. Python ‘73 Gerald P. Scales ‘76 Bro. Robert G. Schaefer, O.S.F. ‘50 Donald Sileo Howard K. Weber ‘68

10 Consecutive Years Fiscal Years 2002 through 2011

Elizabeth ‘80 & Robert Adams ‘80 Lisa and Jeffrey Alter ‘80 Edward A. Andrie ‘57 Francis J. Aquila ‘75 Ingrid M. Grein-Bailey ‘79 & Charles Bailey Robert C. Benz George C. Bergleitner, Jr. ‘53 Walter A. Bishop ‘80 Mike Bonasia ‘61 Rosemary & Maurice Braithwaite H’94 Paul O. Buchbauer ‘74 Thomas F. Cacciola ‘46 John J. Cahill ‘67 Charles J. Cain ‘55 Peter J. Callahan ‘59 John B. Casey ‘56 Joseph E. Castana ‘47 Joseph Castellano H’10 Catherine T. CastigliaCanino ‘88 Barbara H’90 & Anthony Catalanotto H’90 Philip T. Catanese ‘67 Thomas F. Comiskey ‘71 Walt Conry (Preferred Protective Services Inc.) Bro. Leonard Conway, O.S.F. Joseph C. Cotter ‘53 Laurene N. Cowhey-Lang ‘85 Janis L. Cowhey-McDonagh ‘82

Marie-Elena CrimminsWohlmacher ‘79 John J. D’Angelo ‘86 Anna M. D’Elia-Delaney ‘87 John Daley ‘63 George P. DeGeorge ‘57 John P. DeRiso ‘52 M. A. DeSantis ‘60 Thomas J. DiCanio ‘71 Emery J. Dobson ‘52 Richard E. Donaghy ‘60 Albert G. Doumar ‘53 John M. Downing, Sr. ‘54 John P. Duffy ‘54 Paul D. Duran ‘62 Theodore P. Dymczynski ‘65 Michael J. Falabella ‘72 Alfred E. Fazio, Jr. ‘66 Eugene J. Flynn ‘56 Flynn & O’Hara Uniforms Inc. (Scholastic Specialty Corp.) Rudolph H. Funke ‘62 The Anna E. Gallagher Charitable Trust Thomas A. Gebert ‘79 Barbara A. Hammel ‘86 Francis J. Hannafey ‘49 Michael A. Henning ‘57 William J. Infosino ‘65 Mr. & Mrs. Francis S. Jamin Anthony J. Keck ‘54 Harold F. Kelly ‘56 Edward C. Kennedy ‘57

George C. Klein ‘60 Mary H’90 & Roger Kobel H’90 Sr. Mary Kenneth Lane, C.S.J. Eileen T. LeMonda ‘78 Patricia E. Loftus ‘83 Nicholas V. LoPrinzi ‘87 Michael P. Lynch ‘69 Paul D. Mannix ‘81 Maria ‘78 & Michael Marchassalla ‘78 Bruce N. Massie ‘74 John R. Mathis ‘59 John J. McAree ‘50 Dennis J. McDermott ‘70 Timothy R. McGinn ‘75 James E. McHugh H’92 Matthew T. McKeon ‘86 Patrick J. McLaughlin ‘73 Arthur F. McMahon H’04 Elizabeth Olwell-McNulty ‘80 & Robert F. McNulty ‘80 Michael J. McPartland ‘54 James W. McTiernan ‘40 Bro. Louis T. Miritello, O.S.F. ‘57 Michael F. Mongelli ‘79 Nicholas D. Mosesso ‘81 Thomas P. Napier, Jr. ‘59 John J. O’Boyle ‘60 Edward C. O’Brien ‘48 John T. O’Brien ‘72 Daniel D. O’Connell ‘52 Debra M. O’Hehir ‘84 Robert G. Ostrander ‘63

James P. Pagano John J. Paguaga ‘78 Christopher M. Pastina ‘80 JeanneMarie Boisselle-Patella ‘ 76 & Armand Patella ‘76 Francis X. Pecquex ‘61 Joseph G. Pellechi ‘64 John S. Pereira, Sr. ‘62 William P. Ponzio ‘72 Vincent C. Porreca ‘76 Andre F. Python, Jr. ‘73 Richard P. Raaf ‘50 Paul A. Ragnetti ‘55 Benedict F. Ruggiero ‘60 Gerald P. Scales ‘76 John R. Scanlon ‘48 Bro. Robert G. Schaefer, O.S.F. ‘50 Martin G. Shannon ‘80 James E. Sherlock ‘63 Donald Sileo Gerald W. Smith ‘49 Mr. & Mrs. Lido W. Tenaglia Thomas W. Terryn ‘74 Benedict J. Tockarshewsky ‘84 Edward M. Tonkin ‘42 Sandra Ulrich ‘80 Howard K. Weber ‘68 Peter J. Werner ‘74 Thomas E. White ‘80 Richard J. Witt ‘50 Bernard F. Wynn ‘51 Rev. Nicholas A. Zientarski ‘90 William J. Zuk ‘60

Note: This list was compiled by using gift data from each of the Prep’s fiscal years, which run from September 1st through August 31st. If you believe that an error was made, please let us know and accept our sincerest apologies. Simply contact the Office of Development at (718) 423-8810 ext. 269 or email us at: development@sfponline.org

The Brother Ralph Clifford, O.S.F. Planned Giving Society Membership in the Bro. Ralph Clifford, O.S.F. Planned Giving Society is open to those individuals utilizing one or more of the following vehicles to support the education of future Terriers. Please consult your financial advisor or tax professional on how any of the following strategies best suit your personal financial situation. Once you have your plan in place, please contact: Robert T. Angeletti Director of Development, (718) 423-8810, ext. 269 or by e-mail: rangeletti@sfponline.org Life Insurance and Retirement Plans If you own a life insurance policy that is no longer needed, consider it as the perfect vehicle for a charitable gift! To receive a charitable deduction, name St. Francis Prep as Trusts & Wills both the owner and the beneficiary of the policy. If the policy has a cash All or part of what remains after value, you can take a charitable loved ones have been provided for Unit Trusts deduction approximately equal to can be put in trust or directed for the use of St. Francis Prep. Assets A Unit trust has a fixed percentage the cash value at the time of the gift. can be put aside also for a limited rate of return on the initial principal In addition, if annual premiums are period of time and then returned to value. Benefits include an income still to be made and you continue tax deduction, the avoidance of to pay them, those premiums will the donor. capital gains tax (when appreciated become tax-deductible each year. securities are used), as well as an Charitable Gift estate tax reduction. St. Francis Annuity Prep requires a minimum gift of This gift allows the donor to $25,000 to establish this. receive benefits for his/her lifetime and to qualify for a charitable tax deduction. This form of support is attractive when one has highly appreciated assets. St. Francis Prep requires a minimum gift of $10,000 to establish this. Bequests This is a gift made by a provision in one’s will naming St. Francis Prep as a beneficiary. This can help reduce estate taxes.


A Charitable Remainder Trust This form of support transfers assets to a trustee, who then manages the trust and pays an income back to the donor for life or for a specific time period. When the trust terminates, the remainder passes to St. Francis Prep.

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report

The Brother Ralph Clifford, O.S.F. Planned Giving Society Members 2010-11 Thomas P. Aylward ‘54

Brother Ralph Clifford, O.S.F. ‘48*

Brother Leonard Conway, O.S.F. H’01 Robert J. Crimmins ‘56

Paul V. DeLuca ‘51

Brother Ralph Clifford served as Treasurer for 35 years prior to his untimely passing in the fall of 2002. His fiscal policies helped keep St. Francis Prep on sound financial footing. The Prep honored Brother Ralph’s memory in several ways. The Prep’s Auditorium was named in his memory and a special “giving society” was established in his name for alumni, parents, and friends who include St. Francis Prep in their estate plans. Members of this giving society are invited each year to the Principal’s Dinner and will be afforded permanent recognition as members of the Brother Ralph Clifford Society. All estate gifts are unrestricted unless designated otherwise by the donor.

Paul D. Duran ‘62

Estate of Hugh R. Fredin ‘44* Phyllis Gambino-Skody ‘90 Robert G. Healy ‘42*

Michael A. Henning ‘57

Sr. Mary Kenneth Lane, C.S.J. John McGinley H’82* James E. McGlyn ‘49

Francis J. McKenna ‘38* Alton J. O’Neil ‘45

John S. Pereira, Sr. ‘62

The Estate of J.B. Robb*

William & Camille Ruggiero Charitable Remainder Trust*

Michael Sinatra

Estate of Margaret Sorensen Charitable Trust

Estate of Robert Stenger H’83* Joseph P. Walker ‘57*

Daniel P. Weitekamp ‘40

Brother Alan Zodda, O.S.F. H’05 *Rest in Peace

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report


Endowed Scholarship Report For The Fiscal Period September 1, 2010- August 31, 2011

Scholarship Funds with $100,000 or more have been designated as “permanently endowed scholarship funds” and are highlighted on the following pages.

The Mike Abruzzo and Ruth Speer Memorial Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Funds with balances of $25,000-$99,999 are presumed to be building toward permanently endowed status and are highlighted here as well. Our heartfelt thanks to those who have started these funds and whose generosity continues this legacy.

Opening Fund Balance as of Sept. 1, 2010:


2010-11 Contributions and Investment Income:


2010-11 Scholarship Awards and Disbursements:


St. Francis Prep welcomes the establishment of named, Closing Fund Balance permanently endowed scholarship funds in memory or in as of Aug. 31, 2011: $83,535 honor of the individual (s) or family named—by providing an initial contribution of at least $10,000 and a long-term Mike Abruzzo was the Dean of Men and Ruth Speer was the commitment of $100,000 or more. We hope to add many more scholarships in the years ahead through outright gifts made by generous graduates and friends, through bequests-by-will, and through other planned giving methods.

The Michael Brennan ‘91 Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Bro. Ralph Clifford O.S.F., Robert Smith O.S.F. & Leonard Conway O.S.F. Scholarship Fund

Opening Fund Balance as of Sept. 1, 2010:


Opening Fund Balance as of Sept. 1, 2010:


2010-11 Contributions and Investment Income:


2010-11 Contributions and Investment Income:


2010-11 Scholarship Awards and Disbursements:


2010-11 Scholarship Awards and Disbursements: (------)

Closing Fund Balance as of Aug. 31, 2011:


Closing Fund Balance as of Aug. 31, 2011:

This fund was established in memory of one of Prep’s 9-11 heroes, Michael Brennan FDNY, Class of 1991, who was working with Engine Co. 54, Ladder Co. 4, Battalion 9 when he responded to the call that fateful day. “Mikey B” played football at the Prep, and he was an avid snowboarder and surfer who lived in Woodside. His family, especially his older brother Brian Brennan ‘87 and his mother Eileen Walsh, along with classmates and friends, have supported this fund since its inception.


Dean of Women at St. Francis Prep for many years. The scholarship fund established in their memories provides for a financial award to a deserving student at Prep each year.


Established through the generosity of Michael Henning ’57, an SFP Trustee and Hall of Famer, this fund honors the Franciscan Brothers for the tremendous influence they had on his life, most notably the Prep’s long-time Treasurer, the late Bro. Ralph Clifford; long-time Trustee and Hall of Famer, Bro. Robert Smith, and Prep’s Princiapl, Bro. Leonard Conway.

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report

Please note: The value and/or investment returns of a portfolio will fluctuate in accordance with financial market conditions. St. Francis Prep’s Investment andscholarship Portfolio Manager is The Nolanway Group, 7 Dennin Drive, Albany, 11204. life and to sustain the Supporting an Advisor endowed is a powerful to make a difference in NY a student’s Audits Financial Reports are provided by Walter J.InCook ‘60, CPA. valuesand shared by Prep graduates everywhere. addition to providing a student with the support he or she needs to succeed, a permanent, endowed scholarship can immortalize the life and memory of a family member, favorite SFP teacher/administrator or classmate. What a wonderful way to pass along the gift of a Franciscan education!

The George Dillman ’00 Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Corbisiero Family Scholarship Fund Opening Fund Balance as of Sept. 1, 2010:


2010-11 Contributions and Investment Income:


2010-11 Scholarship Awards and Disbursements:


Closing Fund Balance as of Aug. 31, 2011:


Established through the generosity of Anthony Corbisiero ’78 and his family (with matching gifts provided by the George Soros Foundation), this scholarship fund will soon provide assistance to many deserving St. Francis Prep students in perpetuity.

Opening Fund Balance as of Sept. 1, 2010:


2010-11 Contributions and Investment Income:


2010-11 Scholarship Awards and Disbursements:


Closing Fund Balance as of Aug. 31, 2011:


George Dillman ‘00, an employee of Con Edison, died in an explosion as he was carrying out routine electrical maintenance work in a manhole in 2008. He was 26 years old. His colleagues at Con Ed, along with Dillman family members and friends organized a golf outing in his memory. Each year, the proceeds of the golf outing as well as other donations received throughout the year are directed into the building of the George Dillman ‘00 Memorial Scholarship Fund at St. Francis Prep.

The Captain Vincent Giammona ’79 Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Martin Doherty ’76 Memorial Scholarship Fund Opening Fund Balance as of Sept. 1, 2010:


Opening Fund Balance as of Sept. 1, 2010:


2010-11 Contributions and Investment Income:


2010-11 Contributions and Investment Income:


2010-11 Scholarship Awards and Disbursements:


Closing Fund Balance as of Aug. 31, 2011:


2010-11 Scholarship Awards and Disbursements: ($5,000) Closing Fund Balance as of Aug. 31, 2011:


This fund was established by Michael Doherty ’77 in memory of his brother, Marty, who was tragically killed in 1980. Marty played football and rugby as a student at Prep and graduated in 1976. His brother, Michael, who lives in Texas, together with other family members, classmates and friends, continue to honor Marty’s memory through this scholarship fund.

Vincent Giammona was a very high-spirited and well-liked student who participated in the Track program while at Prep. On September 11th , Vinny and more than 300 of his FDNY colleagues lost their lives in the WTC rescue efforts.This annual scholarship award will be made to current member of the SFP Track & Field Team. Preference may be given to children of Firefighters, Police Officers and/or Military personnel.

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report


Endowed Scholarship Report For The Fiscal Period September 1, 2010- August 31, 2011

The Walter and Mary Henning Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Thomas R. Kelly ’80 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Opening Fund Balance as of Sept. 1, 2010:


Opening Fund Balance as of Sept. 1, 2010:


2010-11 Contributions and Investment Income:


2010-11 Contributions and Investment Income:


2010-11 Scholarship Awards and Disbursements: (-----)

2010-11 Scholarship Awards and Disbursements: (-----)

Closing Fund Balance as of Aug. 31, 2011:

Closing Fund Balance as of Aug. 31, 2011:


Established through the generosity of SFP trustee, Michael Henning ’57, this fund honors the memory of his parents, Walter and Mary, who raised six boys in Queens Village, two of whom (Mike and Dan ’60) attended St. Francis Prep on North 6th Street in Brooklyn.

Thomas R. Kelly enjoyed making everyone laugh and could find humor in any situation. He was assigned to FDNY’s Ladder Co. 105 on September 11th and was last seen alive in the lobby of the south tower at the World Trade Center. This scholarship fund provides a financial award each year to a deserving Prep student.

The Bernice and James E. McHugh H’92 Scholarship Fund

The John “Zeek” Marchassalla ’79 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Opening Fund Balance as of Sept. 1, 2010:


Opening Fund Balance as of Sept. 1, 2010:


2010-11 Contributions and Investment Income:


2010-11 Contributions and Investment Income:


2010-11 Scholarship Awards and Disbursements: ($7,250)

2010-11 Scholarship Awards and Disbursements: ($7,250)

Closing Fund Balance as of Aug. 31, 2011:

Closing Fund Balance as of Aug. 31, 2011:


This fund was established in 2007 in honor of the long-time track coach at Prep, Jim McHugh, and his late wife, Bernice. Track alumni and members of the Class of 1957 came together in 2007 under the leadership of Ed Kennedy ’57 and Dan Corry ’58 to raise the money from classmates and track teammates to initiate this fund, and they continue to oversee the annual selection of each scholarship recipient (a senior track athlete in good academic standing who has financial need) as well as ongoing fund-raising efforts.




John “Zeek” Marchassalla was the captain of the SFP 1978 CHSFL City Division Championship team. He was an extraordinary individual who was loved and admired by many. After his untimely passing, legions of Prep alumni rallied to establish this scholarship fund in his memory.

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report

To make a contribution or to get more specific information on any of these funds, please visit the SFP Alumni Website at: alumni.sfponline.org/donations

The Alfonse J. Niedermeyer ’79 Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Brian P. Murphy ’83 Memorial Scholarship Fund Opening Fund Balance as of Sept. 1, 2010: 2010-11 Contributions and Investment Income:


Opening Fund Balance as of Sept. 1, 2010:



2010-11 Contributions and Investment Income:


2010-11 Scholarship Awards and Disbursements: ($8,000)

2010-11 Scholarship Awards and Disbursements: ($7,250) Closing Fund Balance as of Aug. 31, 2011:

Closing Fund Balance as of Aug. 31, 2011:


Brian Murphy played football at the Prep and then at Brown University prior to embarking on a legal career. He succumbed to a brain aneurysm in 1997, and football alumni have honored his memory by establishing this scholarship fund and continuing to support its mission through The Brian Murphy Foundation.


Port Authority Police Officer Alfonse J. Niedermeyer, was a genuine hero even before the heroic rescue efforts at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. In 1992, he received a special citation for rescuing passengers from a jet that skidded off a runway at LaGuardia Airport. Al’s wife and family provided the initial funding, and the ongoing support from family members, classmates and friends will insure that this fund can provide financial assistance to deserving students at the Prep in perpetuity.

The James Prendergast ’79 Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Mary and Vincent O’Connor Scholarship Fund Opening Fund Balance as of Sept. 1, 2010:


Opening Fund Balance as of Sept. 1, 2010:


2010-11 Contributions and Investment Income:


2010-11 Contributions and Investment Income:


2010-11 Scholarship Awards and Disbursements: ($14,500) Closing Fund Balance as of Aug. 31, 2011: $177,256

The Mary and Vincent O’Connor Scholarship is presented each year to one or more Prep football student athletes who demonstrate strong character and above average academic performance, and whose continued progress would be enhanced by the financial assistance provided by this award as determined by the coaches, moderator, and the SFP Principal.

2010-11 Scholarship Awards and Disbursements: (-----) Closing Fund Balance as of Aug. 31, 2011:


This fund honors the memory of James Prendergast, SFP Class of 1979, who battled and eventually succumbed to Cancer at a early age. He and his four siblings all attended St. Francis Prep, and the Prendergast family, together with friends and classmates, provide ongoing support for this scholarship fund.

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report


The Daniel Pujdak ‘01 Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Albert Maxwell Robb Memorial Fine Arts Scholarship Fund

Opening Fund Balance as of Sept. 1, 2010:


Opening Fund Balance as of Sept. 1, 2010:


2010-11 Contributions and Investment Income:


2010-11 Contributions and Investment Income:


2010-11 Scholarship Awards and Disbursements: (-----)

2010-11 Scholarship Awards and Disbursements: ($5,000)

Closing Fund Balance as of Aug. 31, 2011:

Closing Fund Balance as of Aug. 31, 2011:



FDNY Firefighter Daniel Pujdak died while battling a blaze in 2007. Danny was a spirited person who always sought to help others. The love he showed was evident in the response to his sudden and tragic loss. Thousands of individuals including his FDNY colleagues, SFP classmates and those who came to know Danny only through his story in the media, responded with abundant kindness and generosity. This scholarship will continue to help future generations of students at SFP in Danny’s memory!

Established in 2009 through a bequest-by-will left by the late J.B. Robb who stated, “The (Franciscan) Brothers are to establish a Fine Arts Scholarship, the income from which is to be given annually to a graduating high school senior (to assist with his/her final year tuition) whose talents lie in the specific areas of the (Arts). The scholarship was established in honor of the donor’s brother.

The Thomas J. Sheehan ’55 Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Paulette & Vincent A. Toscano ’53 Scholarship Fund

Opening Fund Balance as of Sept. 1, 2010: 2010-11 Contributions and Investment Income:


Opening Fund Balance as of Sept. 1, 2010:



2010-11 Contributions and Investment Income:


2010-11 Scholarship Awards and Disbursements: ($36,250)

2010-11 Scholarship Awards and Disbursements: ($14,500) Closing Fund Balance as of Aug. 31, 2011:

Closing Fund Balance as of Aug. 31, 2011:


Tom was a track star at the Prep in the 1950’s and this fund was started by his classmates as a memorial to this fine man. The fund is managed by investment advisor and Tom’s 1955 classmate at Prep, Jack Ward, and it provides for full or partial scholarships for deserving two-sport student athletes at Prep each year.


Funded through the extraordinary generosity of Paulette H’08 andVincent A.Toscano ’53 this permanently endowed scholarship fund will aim to ease the burden of tuition for four (4) Prep students during any given academic year--one freshman, one sophomore, one junior, and one senior. Each student selected for the scholarship will receive a tuition-free education for that academic year, with the award being renewable in each subsequent year provided the student remains in good academic standing.

Additional scholarship funds with balances under $25,000 (not permanently endowed) have served as another source of financial assistance for deserving students at St. Francis Prep. We thank the generous supporters of these funds as well. Anonymous Donor (Class of 1954) Scholarship Fund The Jefffery Calero ‘91 Memorial Scholarship Fund The Richard Coppolino Memorial Scholarship Fund The Raymond Ferguson ‘83 Memorial Scholarship Fund The Class of 1959 50th Anniversary Scholarship Fund The Michael F. Lynch ‘86 Memorial Scholarship Fund


The Hank “Hawk” McMahon Memorial Scholarship Fund The John McGinley Memorial Scholarship Fund The Stephen J. Shurina Memorial Scholarship Fund The Timothy Stackpole ‘77 Memorial Scholarship Fund The Daniel Weadock ‘57 Memorial Scholarship Fund The Giulia Lewis ‘06 Memorial Student Sponsorship Program

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report

Support St. Francis Prep

Gifts of any size are appreciated and will help make a Prep education more affordable for every student. There are many ways to offer your support:

ONLINE GIVING Gifts made with a credit card help the Prep benefit almost immediately. You may donate to Prep using your American Express, MasterCard, Visa or Discover Card on the St. Francis Prep Alumni Website at: alumni.sfponline.org Just click on the “Donate to the Prep” menu item.

PERSONAL CHECK If you wish to make your gift by check (or money order), kindly forward it to: St. Francis Prep Office of Development 6100 Francis Lewis Blvd. Fresh Meadows, NY 11361

Please make checks (or money orders) payable to St. Francis Prep.

PLEDGED GIFT You may pledge a gift and arrange convenient payment installments. Later this year you will be asked to consider your “pledged” support for The Campaign for St. Francis Prep: The Next 150 to help fund the Prep’s modernization program.

STOCKS & BONDS Donating appreciated securities can provide potential tax advantages. For example, if you purchased stock many years ago for $1,000, and it is now worth $10,000, a gift of that stock to Prep would result in a charitable deduction of $10,000. You would also avoid paying capital gains tax on the $9,000 of appreciation.

For further information, please contact: Robert T. Angeletti, Director of Development at (718) 423-8810 ext. 269 e-mail: development@sfponline.org

Corporate Matching Gifts Did you know that hundreds of companies and corporations will generously match donations made by their employees and some of their retirees? In order to procure the matching funds, the employee would submit a form to his or her employer’s benefits department. Please check with your Human Resources Manager to find out how you can increase your donation. The following companies and foundations supported St. Francis Prep with matching gift donations in 2010-11: American Express American International Group Ameriprise Financial AXA AXIS US Services Bank of America BNY Mellon Chevron Colgate-Palmolive Company Deutsche Bank Americas Fannie Mae

GE Foundation JP Morgan Chase Kimberly Clark Kraft Foods Meredith Corporation Mutual of America Foundation NationalGrid New York Life PepsiCo Pfizer Pitney Bowes

Regions Financial Corporation Ridgewood Foundation Roche Molecular Systems Soros Fund Charitable Foundation T. Rowe Price Associates The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. The Henry Luce Foundation, Inc. CA Technologies Verizon Foundation Wells Fargo

St. Francis Preparatory School 2010-11 Annual Report


St. Francis Preparatory School

Office of Development & Alumni Relations 6100 Francis Lewis Boulevard Fresh Meadows, NY 11365 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PA I D Flushing, NY Permit No. 479

small. And It’s growing into Something really big. It began

This past Fall, the initial commitment of $1 million to The Campaign for St. Francis Prep:The Next 150 began with many small contributions. It was all part of our first ever Walk-a-thon event. The entire student body, along with parents, alumni, friends, relatives, and our dedicated faculty and staff, set out to raise at least $250,000 this year (with $1 million projected over four years). It’s just the first piece of a major $10 million fund raising project (stage two of the overall campaign) that will continue to modernize the Prep. And not only did we have fun with the Walk-a-thon, we were able to surpass our goal. By the day of the event on October 7th there was $268,000 donated or committed to the cause! On for Ol’ St. Francis! Upcoming Events Thursday, February 9, 2012 Healthcare Services & Legal Professions Alumni Chapter Reception

Saturday, March 31, 2012 Principal’s Dinner for Benefactors and Trustees

Saturday, March 3, 2012 Florida Alumni Chapter Reunion

Saturday, April 28, 2012 Alumni Spring Reunion Classes of ‘37, ‘42, . ‘47, ‘52, ‘57, ‘62, ‘67, ‘72, ‘77, ‘82, and ‘87

Saturday, March 10, 2012 Class of 1992 20th Anniversary Reunion & Class of 1997 15th Anniversary Reunion

Thursday, May 3, 2012 Financial Services Alumni Chapter Reception

Saturday, March 17, 2012 St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Thursday, May 24, 2012 Greater Boston Area Alumni Chapter Reception

Monday, June 18, 2012 19th Annual Golf Classic at Cherry Valley Club 2012 Golf Classic Honorees: Patrick J. McLaughlin ‘73 John S. Pereira, Esq. ‘62 For more event details or to register online, go to: alumni.sfponline.org Phone: (718) 423-8810, ext. 259

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St. Francis Prep Annual Report  

Our salute to the loyal parents, students, faculty, staff and friends whose generosity helped St. Francis Prep in many wonderful ways this p...

St. Francis Prep Annual Report  

Our salute to the loyal parents, students, faculty, staff and friends whose generosity helped St. Francis Prep in many wonderful ways this p...