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Michigan Horseshoe Pitchers Association

The Ringer Report Volume 51 Issue 4

March 2017

AIN'T IT THE TRUTH? Of all the games conceived by man, With views toward life enriching; Best by test, o'er all the rest, The art of horseshoe pitching! R.O.Brotherton

SPRING MEETING Our spring meeting has been scheduled for Saturday, March 25, at the Jackson Horseshoe Club at 10:00 a.m. All tournament directors are encouraged to attend to pick up supplies and discuss directing successful tournaments.

Inside this Issue President Notes 2 Officers 2 Tom Burns Memorial 3 Tournament Results 4-5 Publicity Notes 5 Tournament Director Reports 6-7 Editor Notes 7 WT, Condolences 7 World Tournament Application 8 Constitution By-Law changes, NHPF 9 Tournament Schedule 9-10 NHPA letter 10 St. Jude Sponsor Form 11 Membership Application 12

Upcoming Tournaments See pages 9-10 for the complete schedule.

Long-time Statistician Paula Summerlin Transfers Job to Michele Bearinger Paula began attending horseshoe tournaments in 1987. Two years later she joined the MHPA and started pitching. She has been a very competitive pitcher and has finished respectfully in sanctioned and state tournaments. She will be sorely missed by the horseshoe pitching community. A few of the Offices & Accomplishments of Paula: • Second Vice-President • Women's Most Improved Award • Secretary • Editor of the Ringer Report • First Vice-President • Statistician Paula and Riley at work. • Editor of the NHPA magazine "Horseshoe Pitching NEWSLINE” • Inducted MHPA Hall of Fame, 2000 • Developed computer programs for the MHPA • Attended World Tournaments in many capacities • Recipient of the NHPA "Presidential" Award, 2004

And much, much more… Editor’s Note: As a green volunteer to be the TD for the St. Clair Shores Club, Paula has lent her knowledge in just about every phase of running a tournament. I greatly appreciate her work with the development of scorekeeping forms, advice, and teaching me the importance of what the great sport of horseshoe pitching means. I have learned many tricks of the trade from her. I have always said that Paula and Steve are the heartbeat of the MHPA. Thanks, Paula.

Michele Bearinger The heart of the MHPA takes on a new beat as Paula Summerlin transfers her Statistician duties to Michele Bearinger. Michele works at the University of Michigan as an Executive Secretary to the Associate Deans for the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences within the College of Literature, Sciences, and the Arts. Before working at UM, she was the Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent/Athletic Director at Britton-Macon Area School, which was her Alma-mater. 


"Paula Summerlin has left some pretty big shoes to fill and I will do my best to continue to support the MHPA, just as she did. I look forward to watching the association grow and can't wait to meet everyone.” The MHPA welcomes Michele as our new statistician.


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The Ringer Report - Michigan Horseshoe Pitchers Association - March 2017

PRESIDENT’S Notes Paul Bachelor

Hi, All MHPA horseshoe pitchers. We are in the midst of winter. Some of you may be in warmer states, but most of us are left here to freeze in Michigan. However, we are fortunate to have the Jackson indoor facility and continue to hold tournaments all winter long. Hopefully you can make it to some of the indoor tournaments. So far, the turnout at the tournaments has been much better this year than in the previous couple of years. MHPA MEMBERSHIP The MHPA is facing many challenges – as are many of the other NHPA Charters (States). One of the primary issues is declining membership nationwide. This is affecting many areas, including less turnout at tournaments, which means great ringer percent spread in classes, which means classes are less competitive for the pitchers. A similar effect is happening at our State Tournament. Lower membership combined with the fact that less than half of our members participate in our State Tournament, has resulted in classes that are smaller and less competitive. There is some good news however. There seems to be an upswing in new members to the MHPA. There are many new faces at tournaments the past couple of years. Hopefully, this trend will continue. PLAYING FORMAT COMMITTEE We have formed a new committee named the “MHPA Playing Format Committee.” The goals of the committee are as follows: 1. To evaluate the current MHPA Tournament Format and identify proposals to improve the tournament experience for the PLAYERS. 2. Implement changes proposed above, but not requiring changes to the

The Ringer Report Official Newsletter of the Michigan Horseshoe Pitchers Association Michigan Division of the NHPA - Established 1935 Five issues published per year - March, May, August, October and December Dean Schmitz, Editor - (586) 463-7488 -

Letters to the Editor are encouraged.


Paul Bachelor, President

(810) 772-8678

6037 Kinyon Road, Brighton, MI 48116-9578

John Stephenson, 1st Vice-President 12389 Crab Apple Ln. Grand Ledge, MI 48837-8952

(517) 980-6122

Mark Burns, 2nd Vice-President

(734) 323-9116

5060 Horstman Road, Williamston, MI 48895

Roger Higgins, Secretary/Treasurer

(248) 634-1948

16440 Ridgeview Ct., Holly, MI 48442-8392 Committee Chairs

Bob Wells, Audit & Finance

(734) 847-6429

PO Box 205, Temperance, MI 48182-0205

Doug Bailey, Hall of Fame

(248) 268-2417

9540 Woodside Dr., Clarkston, MI 48383-3166 Constitution/Bylaws: 1st Vice-President Grievance: 2nd Vice-President Membership: Secretary/Treasurer Website, Stats & More

MHPA Website/Email

NHPA Website/Email

Michele Bearinger, MHPA Statistician

(734) 323-9116

5060 Horstman Road, Williamston, MI 48895

Keith Schafer, Publicity, St. Jude’s Coordinator 832 Hyatt St., Eaton Rapids, MI 48827-1406

Dean Schmitz, Editor 799 Chippewa St., Mount Clemens, MI 48043 NHPA Contacts

(586) 463-7488

Stuart Sipma, President

(701) 258-5686

2826 Domino Dr., Bismarck, ND 58503-0831

David Sidles, Secretary/Treasurer

(515) 450-3557

17259 Jefferson St., Omaha, NE 68135

Roger Higgins, Regional Director

(248) 634-1948

16440 Ridgeview Ct., Holly, MI 48442-8392

Steve Summerlin, Assistant Regional Director (President continued on Page 5) 2 of 12

(517) 256-8224

PO Box 536, Webberville, MI 48892-0536

(517) 582-1940


The Ringer Report - Michigan Horseshoe Pitchers Association - March 2017

Mark Burns and Michele Bearinger at work during the first Tom Burns Memorial.

The entire Burns clan. Front row: Mary Burns, Betty Whiteside, Jami McDaniel, David Sherwood Back row: Michele Bearinger, Mark Burns, Howard Whiteside, Michael Palmer-Burns, Mark Burns II.

On January 14, 2017, the first Tom Burns Memorial Horseshoe Tournament was held in Jackson with 28 contestants competing. Results on page 4.

Labor of Love: THE TOM BURNS MEMORIAL HORSESHOE TOURNAMENT By Mark Burns, MHPA Second Vice-President When I joined the MHPA in 2010, it was because I loved the game so much! It was what my dad and I did together, A LOT!  My dad and I talked about joining the the Wolverine/MHPA at one time or another but never did because we both were alcoholics and didn't want to drive all over the place to pitch shoes because, when we pitched we drank our beers. We did pitch in the Romulus Horseshoe Club and the Dexter Horseshoe Club. I still pitch in the Dexter Horseshoe club with my sons, Markie and Michael.   My dad passed away in 2002 with cancer and and I got sober in 2008. I met Roger Higgins in 2010 and now I am here to stay until I get kicked out. Horseshoes are my life!!! The Tom Burns Memorial Tournament is something I never even knew or thought was possible until I talked with Bob Beagle at the 2016 State Tournament. If I would have known it was possible to honor my dad in this way, I would have done this when I first joined the association.   The first annual tournament was held on 1/14/2017 at the Jackson indoor facility. We had 30 pitchers (the max for the indoor courts) on the pre-registration list; however, due to unforeseen circumstances 3 pitchers were unable to make it, so, I stepped in and pitched in Class B. I was fortunate enough to place first in Class B, but did not

accept the prize money (that was redistributed to the first and second place winners in the other classes.) I did accept the Class Champion patch, however! This patch will be displayed in my home along with a T-shirt, family photo and my round robin card. With each tournament, I am more and more impressed with the level of competition in the MHPA and this tournament was no exception.    My family added $600 bonus prize money. We sold Tshirts for $15 and were able to donate $120 from the T-shirt sales to the MHPA. It was a great feeling to look at the courts and see the participants wearing their "Tom Burns Memorial" T-shirts!  One of the best parts of the day was that my mother Mary, sister Betty and her husband Howard, my two sons, Markie & Michael, his girlfriend Jami, and my cousin David were all there to honor my dad and experience the thrill of the tournament! Thank you to all of the participants and to the Jackson Horseshoe Club for making this a tournament to remember. Looking forward to hosting the Tom Burns Memorial in 2018. Watch for the date; looking to move to the outdoors season!   Thank you to my fiancée, Michele, because without her help, this tournament would not have been a success!  See you on the courts!


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The Ringer Report - Michigan Horseshoe Pitchers Association - March 2017

Tom Burns Memorial Tournament January 14, 2017 Jackson Horseshoe Club Saturday, January 7, 2017 Class A 1. Tom Williams 2. Andrew Adams 3. George Parsons 4. Lawrence Hinton 5. Eric Soltis

W-L 4-0 3-1 1-3 1-3 1-3

Rgrs 150 133 136 129 99

Sh 200 220 232 232 192

R% 75.00 60.45 58.62 55.60 51.56

Class B W-L Rgrs Sh R% 1. Tom Hosler 4-1 91 194 46.91 2. Larry Budziszewski 3-2 91 220 41.36 3. Roger Higgins 3-2 91 234 38.89 4. Boyd Howe 3-2 95 248 38.31 5. Mark Burns 1-4 116 282 41.13 6. Delbert Metcalf 1-4 68 206 33.01 Class C 1. Robert Blum 2. Warren Westbrook 3. Clayton Champion 4. Carl Rennell

W-L Rgrs Sh R% 6-0 86 256 33.59 4-2 92 262 35.11 2-4 58 264 21.97 0-6 40 254 15.75

Class D 1. Brad Reynolds 2. Mark Burns II 3. Richard Hare 4. Tim Burkholder 5. Chad Fleisher

W-L Rgrs Sh R% 3-1 49 172 28.49 3-1 52 190 27.37 2-2 52 174 29.89 2-2 49 188 26.06 0-4 30 156 19.23

Class E 1. Kevin Nielsen 2. Mike Kolb 3 Russ Hoeve 4. Jerry Clay 5. Jim Cooper

W-L Rgrs Sh R% 4-0 31 202 15.35 2-2 33 192 17.19 2-2 28 190 14.74 1-3 22 196 11.22 1-3 18 192 9.38

Lansing Horseshoe Club Saturday, January 21, 2017 Class A 1. Tom Williams 2. Eric Soltis 3. Lawrence Hinton 4. Tom Hosler 5. Russ Sageman

W-L 4-0 3-1 2-2 1-3 0-4

Rgrs 148 125 128 94 81

Sh 200 202 228 190 180

R% 74.00 61.88 56.14 49.47 45.00

Class B 1. Sheryll Card 2. Larry Budziszewski 3. Mark Burns 4. Dean Schmitz 5. Mike Hess

W-L 4-0 3-1 2-2 1-3 0-4

Rgrs 102 107 67 52 64

Sh 204 206 176 190 196

R% 50.00 51.94 38.07 27.37 32.65

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Class C 1. Randall Kamm 2. John Stephenson 3. Owen Mergen 4. Keith Schafer

W-L Rgrs Sh R% 5-1 93 272 34.19 4-2 85 302 28.15 2-4 75 242 30.99 1-5 80 276 28.99

Class D 1. Harry Grant 2. Jim Clark 3. Jerry Clay 4. Ken Kuss 5. Kary Christiansen 6. Becky Sullivan

W-L 5-0 3-2 2-3 2-3 2-3 1-4

Rgrs 58 51 43 36 28 41

Sh 240 220 238 248 240 254

R% 24.17 23.18 18.07 14.52 11.67 16.14

Class E 1. Tyler Davis 2. Cathy Ardelean 3. Carl Rennell 4. Russ Hoeve 5. Jim Cooper 6. Jack Craw

W-L Rgrs Sh R% 4-1 59 234 25.21 4-1 44 240 18.33 3-2 40 204 19.61 3-2 27 236 11.44 1-4 12 222 5.41 0-5 2 204 0.98


The Ringer Report - Michigan Horseshoe Pitchers Association - March 2017

Brighton Horseshoe Club Saturday, January 28, 2017 Class A 1. Tom Williams 2. Lawrence Hinton 3. Paul Bachelor 4. Danny Markley

W-L 4-2 4-2 4-2 0-6

Rgrs 152 193 160 110

Sh 222 310 268 236

R% 68.47 62.26 59.70 46.61

Class B W-L Rgrs Sh R% 1. Mark Burns 5-0 95 234 40.60 2. Larry Budziszewski 4-1 88 222 39.64 3. Dan Brenner 2-3 84 228 36.84 4. Roger Higgins 2-3 75 210 35.71 5. Boyd Howe 2-3 83 234 35.47 6. Delbert Metcalf 0-5 78 248 31.45 Class C 1. Owen Mergen 2. Dan LaCroix 3. Keith Schafer 4. Ryan LaCroix 5. Sean Saumier

W-L Rgrs Sh R% 3-1 62 194 31.96 3-1 51 188 27.13 2-2 65 206 31.55 1-3 56 188 29.79 1-3 52 196 26.53

Class D 1. Harry Grant 2. Jim Clark 3 Chris LaCroix 4. Dawn Seese 5. Jerry Clay 6. Jim Cooper

W-L Rgrs Sh R% 4-1 58 214 27.10 4-1 57 242 23.55 3-2 59 200 29.50 3-2 44 236 18.64 1-4 21 218 9.63 0-5 18 210 8.57

Lapeer Horseshoe Club Saturday, February 4, 2017 Rgrs 110 85 63 67 74 24

Sh 150 138 164 164 188 140

R% 73.33 61.59 38.41 40.85 39.36 17.14

Publicity, Promotions, St. Jude Fundraising Keith Schafer

With my recent retirement, I will begin contacting local newspapers to print tournament information for the association. I am starting in the Lansing and Jackson areas in this effort.I have found that for most papers, face to face meetings seem to make it a lot easier to get things printed. If someone knows a newspaper you would like me to speak with to help publicize our group, contact me. The next St. Jude tournament

looking for a 2002 schedule, a schedule for 1994 and 1995, and some pictures and location information for the tournaments in Adrian at the fairgrounds. If you know something, or have the information, please let me know. Thanks to all. —Keith (President continued from Page 2)

Constitution and By-Laws. 3. Create formal proposals to amend the current MHPA Constitution and By-Laws per item #1 above, and submit to the MHPA (2nd V.P.) to be considered (voted on) at the 2017 State Tournament Members meeting. 4. Do items 1-3 above, for the “State Championship Tournament.” The committee members are: Paul will be on a Sunday indoors, March 26. Bachelor (Chair), Richard C. Colbert, Pledges will be collected, and the court JD Drake, Randall Kamm, Joe Kristoff, fees will all be forwarded to St. Jude Dean Schmitz, Becky Sullivan and Children’s Research Hospital. This Mark Wolffradt. Cathy Ardelean and tournament and the April 23 Ken Kuss will be joining the team at tournament are being held on a our next meeting. Sunday in response to a request for The committee has identified several tournaments on those dates. issues needing improvement and is The April 23 tournament is being formulating action items to address held to supplement the State them. More details will be available by tournament fund. the next Ringer Report publication. I am working on creating a history of If you have any key concerns or tournament sites, and am in need of issues you would like the committee to some information from the past. I am consider, please contact any one of the members. —Paul

Class A 1. Tom Williams 2. Lawrence Hinton 3. Larry Budziszewski 4. Danny Markley 5. Mark Burns 6. Doug Bailey

W-L 5-0 4-1 3-2 2-3 1-4 0-5

Class B 1. Richard Nighingale 2. Quincy Johnson 3. Robert Blum 4. Ryan LaCroix 5. Richard C. Colbert 6. Dan Brenner

W-L Rgrs Sh R% 4-1 87 236 36.86 3-2 76 220 34.55 3-2 86 278 30.94 2-3 88 252 34.92 2-3 67 222 30.18 1-4 64 224 28.57

Class A 1. Tom Williams 2. Lawrence Hinton 3. George Parsons

Class C 1. Sean Saumier 2. Tyler Davis 3. Russ Dice 4. Chris LaCroix 5. Daniel LaCroix

W-L Rgrs Sh R% 4-0 59 202 29.21 3-1 54 182 29.67 2-2 44 214 20.56 1-3 38 188 20.21 0-4 49 198 24.75

Class B W-L Rgrs Sh R% 1. John Banks 4-0 82 164 50.00 2. Mark Burns 2-2 72 166 43.37 3. Boyd Howe 2-2 81 190 42.63 4. Larry Budziszewski 1-3 60 162 37.04 5. Dan Brenner 1-3 52 182 28.57

Class D 1. Ken Kuss 2. Dawn Seese 3. Russ Hoeve 4. Cathy Ardelean 5. Jim Cooper

W-L Rgrs Sh R% 4-0 44 170 25.88 3-1 36 158 22.78 2-2 25 194 12.89 1-3 29 186 15.59 0-4 17 180 9.44

HALL OF FAME Saturday, February 11, 2017 W-L 4-0 2-2 0-4

Rgrs Sh R% 118 158 74.68 122 194 62.89 52 128 40.63


Class C 1. Ryan LaCroix 2. Richard C. Colbert 3. Robert Blum 4. Keith Schafer 5. Owen Mergen 6. Clayton Champion

W-L Rgrs Sh R% 4-1 82 222 36.94 4-1 62 210 29.52 4-1 62 220 28.18 2-3 71 224 31.70 1-4 43 212 20.28 0-5 36 212 16.98

Class D 1. Quincy Johnson 2. Tina Schafer 3. Robert Roesler 4. Chris LaCroix 5. Zachary Spanke

W-L Rgrs Sh R% 3-1 57 162 35.19 3-1 57 166 34.34 2-2 67 178 37.64 2-2 45 168 26.79 0-4 10 110 9.09

Class E 1. Dawn Seese 2. Harry Grant 3. Jerry Clay 4. Jim Cooper

W-L Rgrs Sh R% 5-1 61 264 23.11 5-1 46 294 15.65 2-4 38 270 14.07 0-6 21 264 7.95 5 of 12

The Ringer The Ringer ReportReport - Michigan - Michigan Horseshoe Horseshoe Pitchers Pitchers Association Association - March 2017 Berkley - Mark Lankin - 248-542-3251

May 20, Berkley Days Increased Entry Fee & Prize Money May 21, Regular Tournament Hello, everyone! Just so everyone knows, there is an issue with the Berkley Ice Arena but we will be OK for our tournament in May. Hope everyone is having a good winter. See you all soon! —Mark Brighton - Paul Bachelor - 810-772-8678

The Brighton Club has been in existence since the mid 1990’s. We pitch on Tuesday evenings using “all count” 40 shoe games with a 90% handicap system. Our league is currently very small – generally attendance in the single digits. But several new members have joined in the last year. All pitchers are welcome. Since early on, the Brighton Club has hosted MHPA tournaments on the weekend of the 4th of July, and the weekend just before the State Tournament. However, this year we are changing the weekends for our tournaments. They will be held June 3rd and 4th, and July 15th and 16th. –Paul Holt/Lansing - Tina Schafer - 517-256-3882

Congratulations to Mark Burns and Michele Bearinger on their engagement. What a great couple you make. On January 21, 2017, Lansing held their first tournament of the year. We had a terrific turnout with 26 pitchers participating. We also celebrated Keith’s retirement from the State of Michigan. I’d like to thank everyone who came out and supported this tournament. Upcoming indoor tournaments for Lansing and Holt are as follows: April 1st Lansing April 8th Holt Looking forward to seeing you on the courts. —Tina 6 of 12

Tournament Director & Club Reports Kalamazoo - Josh Lull - 269-838-7698

Indoor Tournament, March 4 The Kalamazoo Club is kicking back, just watching the snow fly. Ha Ha. Actually, we have just started to meet a bit to discuss our next phases of court \club improvement. Most everyone who attended the State tournament last year had a chance to see some of the hard work put in by our members and how nice the improvements looked. Now, it is just deciding what we accomplish next to gain the most value and keep our membership happy. Membership has been a bit on the small side, but our average attendance has increased slightly over the last couple years. We cannot wait until spring, so we can open the courts and get back to Horseshoe Wednesdays! —Josh

current with the winter leagues, there is open pitching for a small fee. Tom Williams does a great job in making sure that the leagues are full and that the members are pitching for competition, not just pitching a “dummy” team.


Business Card

Eagle Award

Service Award Calendar

These are things Jackson does in attempt to gain members and promote the game. My brother Bob has created a new website, which is listed on our new Indoor Tournament business cards. We hope to be more April 29, Thrun/Vincent Memorial informative and add a bit more flare with this new site. We've had business cards I have to start by saying I am honored to be the TD at Jackson. Steve since 2013. The calendar is something we started in Summerlin has done a tremendous job 2014, featuring previous season highlights at Jackson and in the MHPA, as we all and champions. know. To fill his shoes will not be easy, We have a large trophy showing a but with the support of the Jackson picture of our 5 founding members, along club and some hard work by me, I am with a list of persons receiving what we call service and dedication award. We started willing to take on this job and this last year; the 15 people who are on this everything that comes with it. I have list also received the eagle award for been an active member in the summer themselves, acknowledging their service and dedication to Jackson County and winter leagues in Jackson for the Horseshoe Club. —Tom Williams past 3 years. Jackson - Mark Burns

The club sponsors two leagues in the winter, one on Tuesday nights with 33

Tom Williams, afterthought…

One more thing I think our MHPA members and one on Thursday nights with members may find interesting. This summer I was 27 members. There is one league in the summer that pitches on Tuesday nights contacted by the organizers of with 84 members. The Jackson club has Amazing Race 74 lifetime members since 1973. Both Jackson, a spin winter and summer leagues are very off to the national TV Amazing Race, only at a local level. strong and always have a waiting list After a short conversation I agreed to to join. All the leagues are run with a have JCHC a stop as a challenge location

90 percent handicap and non –walking doubles. On Thursday during the day from 1-5 during the winter running

(Reports continued on Page 7)


The Ringer The Ringer ReportReport - Michigan - Michigan Horseshoe Horseshoe Pitchers Pitchers Association Association - March 2017

EDITOR’S Notes Dean Schmitz

Thank you, Tina Schafer, for the many years of being The Ringer Report Editor. And, for all you have done to relay horseshoe pitching knowledge to all of our members. You will be missed, and I will be the first one to know it. What does an Editor do? I see myself more as compiler who collects horseshoe pitching information in order to produce something, especially this newsletter, by assembling information collected from other sources. I have always loved horseshoe pitching. I have been a member of the NHPA since 1998. That is not much time compared to others in the MHPA. Pitching in sanctioned tournaments, the State and World Tournaments have always been a thrill. Horseshoe pitching never gets old for me. Hopefully, I can bring some enthusiasm to our sport while being your Editor. Your Job I will be in contact with the Executive Board to produce reports for each issue. I will call on all Tournament Directors to give The Ringer Report an update of their club, and concerns about their club, whether it be positive or negative. I encourage all MHPA members to send an old fashioned letter to the editor. (now via email) If words are hard to come by there’s always the camera. A picture can tell a different story for all of us. Take lots of pictures, and email them to me at Clubs, tournaments, and leagues do not run themselves. Don’t be afraid to volunteer. Learn and observe the rules of the game and have fun.

Keep Horseshoe Pitching Alive!

(Reports continued from Page 6) pitching horseshoes. Forty teams of two biked to our location and had the task of getting 7 points or a ringer whichever came first before they could move on to their next task. The entire event consisted of some 24 stops between 1-6 pm Saturday. At the award ceremony, our horseshoe pitching task was deemed the most fun and, not surprisingly, our own Jackson residents didn't realize this type of facility existed. I had seven volunteers help me operate our site and we had a blast interacting with the racers. Local TV recorded a segment. Lake Orion - Doug Bailey - 248-628-2417

St. Clair Shores - Dean Schmitz - 586-463-7488

A Proclamation celebrating the club’s 25th anniversary was awarded by the St. Clair Shores City Council. The plaque was presented by Mayor Kip C. Walby. Pictured is President John Thomachefski with Recreation Council member Bob Pylar. Mr. Pylar has been the liaison between the club and Recreation Department. He initiated this award and is working to improve court lighting.

The Lake Orion Horseshoe Club has been very fortunate in maintaining a membership level that supports an Zach Spanke’s extremely competitive Grandpa, David A. 15 weeks of league Spanke, died play. To enhance February 1. competition, 3 years He was a member ago we added a of the defunct Mt. Championship Trophy David A. Spanke Clemens Indoor and to track and document 1935-2017 Lake Orion Clubs. league winners by year. He was very enthusiastic about Bob Bennet, 2014 pitching. He visited the SCSHC courts George Parsons, 2015 last summer with Zach. His name will Ken Kuss, 2016 appear on SCSHC/MHPA Memorial. The Championship Trophy and our end of season Banquet continue to be a celebration of our membership accomplishments with trophies, door prizes, raffle, great food and fellowship. Many members bring family and friends. The Lake Orion Horseshoe Club is looking for trophies that could be repurposed. They do not have to be horseshoe trophies because we can The 2017 World Tournament is in retrofit them. Contact Doug Bailey at St. George Utah, July 17-30. Those 248-628-2417 or myself at 248-909-4946. that have been in St. George in 2013 —Ron Price can assure you that it is worth the drive or flight. Lincoln Park - Mark Wolffradt - 313-682-3600 There are plenty of motels fitting every price range. The restaurant Tournament, May 13 selection is terrific, and the natural Romulus Horseshoe Club hosts a beauty is beyond description. doubles league on Tuesday nights from Get your sanctioned tournaments May until September. Elmer Johnson in early, and make plans to attend. Park in Romulus. Start at 6:30 p.m. We Entry form is located on page 8. play five games and switch partners Details are on the NHPA website. each game. Please contact Mark Wolffradt at (313) 682-3600.


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The Ringer Report - Michigan Horseshoe Pitchers Association - March 2017

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The Ringer Report - Michigan Horseshoe Pitchers Association - March 2017

2017 Pitching Schedule Indoor Tournaments @ Jackson Facility Must pre-register with the Tournament Director - Check-in by 9:30 a.m. - Starting time 10:00 a.m. HORSESHOE PITCHERS: Be Alert, there are two Sundays scheduled on the Indoor Courts in Jackson. For those that can’t make it to the Saturday tournaments, here is your chance to get in a couple on Sunday. March 26 St. Jude's - Bob Wells/Sunday Tournament Keith Schafer 517.256.8224 April 23 State Tournament Fund/Sunday Tournament Keith Schafer 517.256.8224

Dates March 4 11 18 25 26 April 1 8 15 23 29 30 September 23 October 7 14 21 28 November 4 11 18 25

Host Club

Tournament Director

Phone #

Kalamazoo Brighton Lincoln Park MHPA Spring Meeting @ 10:00 St. Jude's - Bob Wells/Sunday Tournament

Josh Lull Paul Bachelor Mark Wolffradt Paul Bachelor Keith Schafer

269.838.7698 810.772.8678 313.682.3600 810.772.8678 517.256.8224

Lansing Holt

Tina Schafer Tina Schafer

517.256.3882 517.256.3882

State Tournament Fund/Sunday Tournament Jackson Thrun/Vincent Memorial

Keith Schafer Mark Burns

517.256.8224 734-323-9116

MHPA Scheduling Meeting @ 10:00

Paul Bachelor



Mark Burns


Lansing Holt

Tina Schafer Tina Schafer

517.256.3882 517.256.3882

Lake Orion St. Jude's - Mike Ardelean Lansing

Doug Bailey Keith Schafer Tina Schafer

248.628.2417 517.256.8224 517.256.3882

Participants: Help the TD’s by bringing the correct fee money. It will speed up check-in. Bring dollars for scorekeepers. It is good etiquette to wear a tournament shirt at all events.

Constitution and By-laws Changes The Constitution and By-laws may be revised by submitting changes at any membership meeting or sent to the chairperson of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee, 1st Vice-President John Stephenson, by July 15th. All proposed revisions are voted on at the State Tournament meeting. Any additions, deletions and/or changes takes a two-thirds vote of members present at the meeting and become effective January 1st of the following year. Hall of Fame nomination forms must be received by June 15th for the nominee to be included in the voting for that year. Send HOF form to Doug Bailey. (See page 2 for addresses.) OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF THE MICHIGAN HORSESHOE PITCHERS ASSOCIATION

Deadline for grant Applications: March 1st and September 1st. Mail Inquires & contributions to: NHPF 100 Bluestem Way Wentzville, MO 63385 9 of 12

The Ringer Report - Michigan Horseshoe Pitchers Association - March 2017

2017 Pitching Schedule Outdoor Tournament Dates Sign-in by 9:30 a.m. Tournament Dates Locations MAY 6 Hillsdale, Mt. Morris 7 Mt. Morris 13 Lincoln Park 14 20 Berkley Days/Increased Entry Fee & Prize Money 21 Berkley 27-28 Lansing 29 JUNE 3-4 Brighton 9 Kalamazoo/Friday Evening Tournament, Sign-in 7:00 p.m. 10 Kalamazoo, Manton and St. Clair Shores Memorial 11 17 Terry Beagle Open @ Jackson/$300.00 Added Prize Money 18th 24-25 Holt, Lapeer JULY 1-2 8 Manton, St. Clair Shores 9 15-16 Brighton 17-29 World Tournament @ St. George, Utah 22-23 Lapeer 29-30 AUGUST 5 Lincoln Park, Gary Bramhill/Ralph Matchko Memorial 6 12 State Doubles @ Lake Orion 13 Lake Orion 19-20 Manton 24 St. Clair Shores/Thurs. Eve. Tournament, Sign-in 6:00 p.m. 26 St. Jude @ Lansing 27 Lansing SEPTEMBER 1 Seniors Open - Site to be named 2-3 State Tournament Class Play - Site to be named 4 State Tournament Championship Play - Site to be named 9-10 16 Woody Cup @ Lake Orion 11:00 a.m.

Letter from NHPA Council and a Note of Clarification Fellow members, At the 2016 NHPA annual delegate meeting at Montgomery AL, it was announced that at our next winter meeting the Executive Council would be reviewing the future of our Game Related Sales division. When it started out, GRS was the sole source of horseshoe pitching equipment outside of the local hardware store. Times have changed. At our winter meeting, we came to the conclusion that this portion of our overall business is no longer viable. In what we feel is in the best interest of the NHPA, the decision was made to close down GRS. This will occur at the conclusion of the 2017 World Tournament. GRS will be selling horseshoes and other game related products at that tournament this summer. It’s likely that for many of you this will be a barely noticeable change. The NHPA will be there to help direct you to one of the many independent distributors. Many of these same distributors will also be at tournaments around the country selling horseshoes and related products. And we will always have horseshoe sales at our world tournaments. We do appreciate your understanding in this matter. Thank You. NHPA Council

Clarification: There will be SOMEONE selling to all NHPA clubs and distributors in the place of NHPA GRS. The NHPA is just selling the business, if possible, and we hope there will be a NEW company providing the same or similar service to all members, club distributors, retail distributors and anyone wishing to purchase horseshoe items! Dee Vadnais-Null & Gary Null NHPA Game Related Sales Directors

Participants: Help the TD’s by bringing the correct fee money. It will speed up check-in. Bring dollars for scorekeepers. It is good etiquette to wear a tournament shirt at all events. 10 of 12


St. Jude Sponsor Form Name (Please Print)

Consent and Release of Liability

Address City, State, Zip Code Phone Those turning in $75 or more will receive a sports bag and T-Shirt. Those turning in $35 or more receive a T-Shirt. Please Circle your size: Adult sizes: M L XL Child sizes: 10-12 or 14-15

In consideration of the furtherance of your purposes, directives and work and in consideration of your permitting me to participae in your pledge event, on behalf of myself, my heirs, exceutors, administrators and assigns. I hereby waive and release and and all rights and claims for damages which I may have against you, the muncipalities in which the event takes place as well as any other person connected with the event, their heirs, exceutors, administrators, successors and assigns for any and all injuries which I may suffer while taking part in or as a result thereof. IMPORTANT: Participants under age 18 must have this form signed by parent or guardian. Date

Participant Signature


Parent or Guardian Signature

Dear Sponsor: Please help St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital by pledging 25 cents, 50 cents or more for each unit. For the safety and convenience of the participant, we request that you do not give cash. Please make your tax-deductible check payable to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Thank you for your support of our life-saving research and treatment programs. Sponsor’s Name Please Print

Sponsor’s Address Street - City - State - Zip


Pledge per Unit

Units* Scored

Total Pledge

Total pledge per point/unit $_________ x total number of point/units_________ = Total pledge due__________ TOTAL POINTS VERIFIED BY__________ (Official’s Initials)


*A unit is a measurement which will vary for different types of events: Ringers, Laps, Miles, etc.


List additional sponsors on a separate sheet of paper. OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF THE MICHIGAN HORSESHOE PITCHERS ASSOCIATION

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MHPA Ringer Report Editor Dean Schmitz 799 Chippewa St. Mount Clemens, MI 48043


NHPA/MHPA Membership Application Name:__________________________________________________ Last NHPA Card #:________________ Mailing Address:_________________________________________________________________________ City:_____________________________________ Zip Code:_____________ Is this a new address? [ ] Yes Phone: (

) ______________________, Email:_______________________________________________ How do you wish to get the Ringer Report?

(Circle One) Category:

Man 40’

Man 30’

□ website □ standard mail


Junior Girl

Junior Boy


Date of Birth: ________/________/________ Mandatory for Juniors and Men Pitching at 30’. (We would appreciate all pitchers providing birth date for statistical purposes.) Make Check Payable to: MHPA Mail to: Roger Higgins, 16440 Ridgeview Ct., Holly, MI 48442-8392 Card Costs: $35.00 Adults $0.00 Juniors

$28.00 for second card in the same household.

$7.00 for a junior wanting to receive the newsletter

$8.00 Ringer Report Subscription only. (Subscription included in full membership.) 12 of 12



Michigan Horseshoe Pitching Association Horseshoe Pitching Newsletter March 2017

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