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FAITH&WORK Spring 2020

Gotta Dance

Experience Apart From the Ordinary —VIRTUAL REALITY

It’s a beautiful day in Paris, France—and the sights our residents are experiencing are breathtaking. The St. Barnabas Memory Care Team is collaborating with renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Joseph Maroon and MyndVR to introduce virtual reality as an aid in the care and comfort of residents living with Alzheimer’s and other dementia. Using special equipment, residents experience a walk along the beach, a live concert or a trip to Paris. For our residents, this exciting advancement sets us apart from the ordinary. It would be our privilege to provide exceptional services to you and your loved ones. Contact us at 724-443-0700 or visit StBarnabasHealthSystem.com to learn more.

FAITH&WORK St. Barnabas Health System


Spring 2020

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Windle Dental Practice Joins St. Barnabas 14


St. Barnabas Health System Board of Trustees John J. Curran, Chair Thomas M. Schmidt, Vice Chair William V. Day, Secretary Richard J. Andrus Walter DeForest Daniel S. Henderson Joseph C. Scaletta Sr. St. Barnabas Health System Officers William V. Day, EdD, President Douglas W. Day, Senior Vice President Karen Tabacchi, Senior Vice President James D. Turco, Senior Vice President Margaret Horton, Assistant Vice President Faith & Work is published quarterly by St. Barnabas Health System Nancy Brem, Editor Donna Herrle, Designer Rick Armstrong, Photographer Reed & Witting, Printer The Official Registration and Financial information of St. Barnabas Charities may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania, (800) 732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.





120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 2 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 Celebrating 120 120120 Years 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 020 marks the 120th anniversary of St. Barnabas. As you know, many organizations do not reach seven years before they close or merge. So the Christian principles and good business sense laid down by our founder Gouverneur Hance in 1900 have withstood the tests of time and man.

A Message from William V. Day

So what could I share with you today regarding our past that benefits the future? Well only three of us have been CEOs of St Barnabas in the last 120 years. I never met Brother Hance, but I did work with his successor Paul Hopkinson for many years.

So my first observation is that Hance and the men and women who followed him are the first reason for the tenure of St. Barnabas. This organization has been blessed with outstanding employees and volunteers.

My second observation is the various Boards of Trustees ALWAYS stayed true to the mission – help the poor. We started with that goal in 1900 and we continue it today. I believe Hance would be amazed at our spending $7 million a year on free care.

My third observation is that we have remained viable because we have expanded our range of services and lessened financial risks associated with reimbursement programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.

From our humble beginnings in downtown Pittsburgh to the Free Home in Gibsonia with 65 beds, we have grown to a multifaceted Health System operating on more than six campuses in three counties – Allegheny, Beaver and Butler – with 800 plus employees. Offering independent life styles, living assistance, skilled care, rehabilitative and outpatient medical services, memory care, home and hospice care. And fourth, we have turned to donors for contributions. And they have responded wonderfully. Without donors, St. Barnabas would not exist.

But in today’s world, with so many worthwhile charities competing for the same dollars, we have had to be creative in raising funds. An automotive service and repair station – Rudolph Auto Repair – two thriving golf courses – Conley Resort and Golf Club and Suncrest Golf and Grille – and two high-end thrift stores benefit the St. Barnabas Free Care Fund. And now we welcome the Tusca Plaza Shop ‘n Save supermarket in Brighton Township! With God’s help we will continue to serve and grow, create new jobs and be good Christian neighbors for another 120 years. God bless, WVD President@StBarnabasHealthSystem.com



Secure Memory Care Unit Opens at The Arbors, Valencia








Memory Care Manager Marjorie Hobaugh (l.) and Memory Care Specialist Anna Foust (c) join resident Diana in her new room.


afety and comfort are the key words to describe the Secure Memory Care Unit opening this Spring at St. Barnabas Arbors Valencia.

For more information about the Secure Memory Care Unit, please contact Anne Nelson, Director of Clinical Admissions, 724-625-4000.

This locked unit features a high staff to resident ratio with a trained staff including a dedicated Memory Care Specialist certified by the Alzheimer’s Association. Residents will benefit from a number of special therapies such as art, music, pet and the diversion therapy of Virtual Reality utilizing goggles to explore a variety of subjects: travel, music, animals and much more. The on-unit Memory Care office is a resource for residents, families and staff. Large, airy, beautifully decorated rooms have over-sized windows that capture the sunlight and frame the seasonal outdoor settings. A formal dining room and casual lounge are perfect gathering areas for residents, friends and families, all in safety and comfort.

The lounge is perfect for a painting session. FAITH & WORK


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oon vi M e a th Co g m n i pu r o l


The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter simulated what Neil Armstrong saw in the final minutes as he guided the Lunar Module to the surface of the Moon.

he sky is no limit to Dr. Bruce Hapke, who daily travels to the moon from his apartment in The Village at St. Barnabas. This award-winning planetary scientist is tracking the unmanned satellite, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, launched by NASA in 2009. He is part of the camera team assigned to analyze the images the orbiter is sending via computer. And his own mathematical theory – the Hapke Equation – is being used to understand the images. The equation is used to analyze the light being reflected from the surface of the moon – enabling scientists to determine if the surface is hard rock, sand or fine powder. Every scientist throughout the world who analyzes sunlight uses Dr. Hapke’s equation. When Dr. Hapke and his wife Joyce moved into The Village in 2015, one of the requirements was an extra room for his study so he could continue his work with NASA. And he has, carrying on even after Joyce’s death in 2017. Fortunately Dr. Hapke has family nearby. His son Kevin lives in Hampton Township and Geoffrey lives in New Martinsburg, PA. His daughter Cheryl, the only one who followed in his footsteps, is a geologist in St. Petersburg, FL.

Dr. Hapke has been fascinated by planets all his life. He did his undergraduate work in physics and astronomy at the University of Wisconsin and his masters and graduate studies at Cornell University. It was at Cornell that he worked under the famous astronomer Thomas Gold. In 1967 he was recruited by the University of Pittsburgh to be Professor of Geology and Planetary Science. He continued to teach at Pitt until he retired in 2001. That was the year he was awarded the coveted Kuiper Prize, given by the American Astronomical Society to the scientist who has made significant contributions to planetary science. His book the Theory of Reflectance and Emittance Spectroscopy, is in its second edition.

His honors include having an asteroid named after him: 3549 Hapke – each asteroid has a number given in the order of its discovery. And a mineral, commonly found in lunar rock, is named Hapkeite. And of course his equation bears his name. At The Village he often lectures on the planets, plays bridge, enjoys the various restaurants and participates in The Wine Society. But always, a certain portion of his day is spent pursuing his life-long love – studying the planets. “The images the lunar orbiter sends to us enable us to learn about the surface of the moon without ever touching it – referred to as remote sensing,” he explains. Always the scientist, Dr. Hapke stresses, “But we still need ground truth to prove our remote sensing.” The exploration continues.



to Their World Campaign


or more than a century St. Barnabas Nursing Home has been noted for its beautiful arched windows, connecting thousands of patients to the world outside. These original windows must be replaced. And we need the help of caring friends and family to do this. A gift of $2,000 will install a new arched window for a patient to enjoy, to mark the beginning of Spring and the arrival of the robins, and, perhaps, a glimpse of a flock of turkeys or a doe with her fawn. You can make this happen with a gift in honor or in memory of a loved one or of a patient who has outlived loved ones. A one-time gift or a payment pledge will provide that window. Please join us in opening up the world to our patients. Visit www.StBarnabasHealthSystem.com and click on ‘Donate Now’ or send a check to St. Barnabas Charities Inc. 5850 Meridian Rd., Gibsonia, PA 15044 or call 724-625-3770 to make your pledge. Pledges may be payable over 18 months. All donations are tax deductible and they will be matched!



veryone has a story to tell, and as you well know, I am the biggest story-teller of all time. Aesop or O. Henry may be a close second.

Jim Roddey, Special Assistant to the President St. Barnabas Health System

But the stories being told on The Best of Beaver County WBVP Radio every Thursday at 11 a.m. are not mine. Nor on the brandnew The Best of Allegheny County show on WJAS Radio, Pittsburgh on Saturday at 9 a.m. and Sunday at noon. I am just the host of these St. Barnabas-sponsored programs. Men and women who have hidden their special talents under the “proverbial” bushel are highlighted as well as many popular and well known figures. The fun for me and, I hope, for you is that I get to “expose” them – in the nicest way. Take Rocky Bleier. Who doesn’t know this Steeler Super Bowl Champion? But do you know that he was the last player taken in the seventh round of the NFL draft… that he was known as one of the slowest backs in the league…that he visits veterans in local nursing homes every Christmas? And then there was my interview with U.S. Space Commander

Story Time Dave Thompson, a three-star Air Force General, who arrived in full uniform with a staff of five. Everyone had to stand sideways in the tiny broadcast booth. I think I stood at attention for the entire show. The interview that really surprised me was with Jennifer Brinker, Marketing Vice President for Bruster’s Real Ice Cream. What I thought was a small, local ice cream business, headquartered in tiny Bridgewater Borough, is actually a worldwide enterprise with 200 stores as far away as North Korea and Guyana. Ice cream in Guyana? Tune into WBVP and WJAS. Like that box of chocolates in Forrest Gump, you never know what you may get…or learn.



e c Gotta Dan S

tars were born on the Kean Theatre stage as eight men and women danced their hearts out in the Joy through Dance program hosted by St. Barnabas Memory Care Services along with Pittsburgh Ballroom and the Alzheimer’s Association. Enjoying their favorite tunes, each was paired with a dancer trained in the basics of dementia. For 14 weeks they rehearsed for their full dress performance on March 2 before family and friends. And what a performance!


e c n a D a t t o G e… St. Barnabas Memory Care Services thanks the Joy through Dance participants, their families, Pittsburgh Ballroom volunteers and our HealthCare Partner Alzheimer’s Association. The Program is designed to aid mobility and music recall, to foster relationships and to provide a sense of purpose and joy. We believe we’ve accomplished that and so much more.

Dancing Benefits Brain Health by Renowned Neurosurgeon, Triathlete, Nutrition and Brain Health Expert Joseph C. Maroon, MD, FACS and Jeff Bost PAC


ancing is a great way for your body to stay in shape. It improves strength, endurance and balance.

As consultant to St. Barnabas’ Cognitive Brain Health Program, I was pleased to learn the positive responses from residents who participated in the Joy through Dance Program offered by a collaboration of Pittsburgh Ballroom, The Alzheimer’s Association and St. Barnabas. What many people don’t realize is that coordinated physical activity such as dancing can have significant brain benefits. Dance requires mental, physical, emotional and social skills. All these functions work together to benefit the brain and overall health. According to a 2017 study, published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience,


dancing may be better exercise than traditional fitness training when it comes to slowing the signs of aging. The study evaluated brain MRIs of dancers and non-dancers and found improved functional connectivity of the visual brain systems and the general motor learning network among the dancers. Dancing has also been shown to reduce the risk of developing dementia. A 2003 Study in the New England Journal of Medicine indicated that dance can improve brain health.

Dr. Joseph Maroon partners with St. Barnabas Health System and its Memory Care program. playing musical instruments, dancing, walking, tennis, swimming and golf. Dance was the one activity that significantly reduced dementia risk. Regular dancing reduced the risk by 76 percent, twice as much as reading; working crossword puzzles four times a week reduced the risk 47 percent. Cycling and swimming offered no benefit at all.

This 21-year study of senior citizens, aged 75 and older, monitored the rates of dementia, including Alzheimer’s, by measuring each participant’s mental alertness – studying cognitive and physical activities such as reading, writing, Stay healthy physically and mentally… doing crossword puzzles, playing cards, and dance!

And the winner of the 2019 Hoppy…

Berdella “Bert” Williams


eam player who wears many hats, always on time with a wonderful attitude and great work ethic…this is Bert Williams, awarded the 2019 Hoppy by St. Barnabas President William V. Day on February 6, 2020. This outstanding employee of the year has been with St. Barnabas for 25 years, first as a nursing assistant and then a rehab assistant. A graduate of Deer Lakes High School and School of Computer Tech, Bert lives in Gibsonia with her husband Ralph and sons Matthew and Nicholas. The “Hoppy” is given in honor of the original Hoppy, Ralph L. Blessley, beloved patient and maintenance worker, who died in 1984.

Windle Dental Practice Joins St. Barnabas


r. Henry Windle and staff of Brighton Township have become part of St. Barnabas Medical Center. Left to right are Christine Barger, Stephanie Alonso, Dr. Henry Windle, Terri Windle, Heather Keener and Lena Smith. Dr. Windle’s 39-year practice provides the latest full-service dental procedures as well as sleep apnea treatments. Located at 5060 Tuscarawas Rd., Beaver, PA, the office is next to St. Barnabas Beaver Meadows living assistance and just across the road from St. Barnabas Tusca Plaza and Tusca Plaza Shop ’n Save.



D edicating your St. Barnabas Donation

Tribute gifts celebrate the lives of loved ones and make a difference in the lives of impoverished patients served by St. Barnabas Free Care Fund. Honorary funds recognize living persons and memorial funds pay tribute to those who have passed away. Both are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law and acknowledged with personal letters to friends, family and honorees. August 27, 2019 — February 11, 2020

Donating In Honor

Personalized gifts honor special people, especially those who positively impact the lives of others. Contributions celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, milestones and accomplishments. Lisa and Terry Anderson Karen and Bill Siters

Diana Belt Kathleen Bendel

Mr. and Mrs. William V. Day Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Greback

Lawrence J. Fix James E. Fix

Donating In Memory

Donations to St. Barnabas Free Care Fund establish a legacy of giving and inspire hope for others dealing with loss. Gifts are made in lieu of flowers at funerals and memorial services and as living tributes throughout the years to follow. George S. Ahmuty Patti Trudel John Anania Mr. and Mrs. Guy Bauman Guy and Dorothy Dille Carol Dorko Joanna, Suzanne, and James Dorko Linda and James Freytag Barbara Hertel The Johe Family Robert Lew and Loretta Metz Patricia Malloy Norman Curtis Radcliffe Fran Savukynas and Rose Schultheis Nancy Schick Ann Sherry Shirley Streff Dee Strunk John Timbario Grace Wargo Wanda Antoszewski Dorothy Sutch


Ruth Appleton John and Naomi Brenneman Maureen Frenz Carl and Marie A. Beattie David M. and Nancy L. Santory Evelyn Beckley GCU Lodge 994, Beaver Mary and David Haney Cathy Kerr The Konchar and Mengel families Jonathan W. Lutton Susan Odell Karen and Bill Siters Paul and Donna Underiner Lorraine Bernarding Ray Bernarding Edna Brown Kathy Kordesich Albert Caretto Cornelius Murphy Jr. John T. Carr Hugh, Joe and Dan Carr Robert Crusan Guy and Dorothy Dille

Doris and Ollie English Patrice Paton Helen Fleischer Charles Fleischer John and Grace Gazdacko Jay Gazdacko Helen and Harry Harris Mr. and Mrs. Guy P. Bauman Donnie Hersh Jr. Donald and Sylvia Hersh Rose and Joe Jacobowski Jim and Bobbi Friedrich Gertrude Karolyi Susan Radage Robert King Mr. and Mrs. Jay Sommariva Dorothy Krause Glenn H. Krause Evelyn Kutschbach Susan Radage Ruth LaMagna Rebecca Dunbar Mary Jane LaMagna and Wendy Cerminara

Charles and Elizabeth Lang Mr. and Mrs. Steven Powell Janice Leopold Brian and Gail Leopold Frank and Dolores Little Joseph and Karen Scaletta Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Loehlein Steven Loehlein Harold Mahrer Jeffrey and Susan Lumley Paul Brooks Mason Franklin and Bonnie Blackstone Marian McCoy Robert McCoy Joseph and Dora Metzger Kirk and Barbara Metzger Evelyn Meyers Jerilyn Antonino Alexander J. Murphy Nancy B. Dix Mathilda Muto Rich and Geraldine Muto Richard (Mickey) Oliver Guy and Dorothy Dille

Donating In Memory John J. (Pete) Petrone Jean Fagernes Eileen M. Petrone Robert D. Pfischner Denise Zeller Jeanne A. Reiff Robin and Max Heckman Max, Amelia, Mark and Adesha Rein Diana Rein

David R. and Elma J. Santory David M. and Nancy L. Santory Joe Sarknas Laura Romeo Frank and Rose Scaletta Joseph and Karen Scaletta Ken Sharpe Anne Sharpe Greg Shire Andrew Shire

Angel Simpson Mary Katsuleris Paul and Ruth Smail Diane S. Robertson Joseph Sommariva Mr. and Mrs. Jay Sommariva Mildred Taylor Autumn T. LeSueur


Hugh Teitelbaum Richard and Eugenia Righter Norma Troppman Donald and Beverly Smith Ruth A. Wilson Max and Robin Heckman Agnes Wright Kathleen White

January 1, 2019 — December 31, 2019

Gouverneur P. Hance League: $5,000+ • President’s Club: $1,000 - $4,999 • Supporter’s Club: $450 - $999 • Founder’s Club: $150 - $449 • Century Club: $100 - $149

From the coins tossed to its founder in the early 1900s to today’s online giving, support to St. Barnabas Free Care Fund continues in many forms, all vital to impoverished patients who seek medicine, wellness and rehabilitation. Your donations and sponsorships boost St. Barnabas’ ability to remain the refuge for many turned away by other facilities. God bless you!

Gouverneur P. Hance League Alera Group Anonymous Armstrong Arnett Carbis Toothman LLP Balfurd Linen Service Bayer HealthCare BurMac Commercial Roofing Inc. C.U.E. Inc. CIBC Civil & Environmental Consultants Inc. Rosemarie J. Coleman Consolidated Communications CooksonPeirce Costa Painting Covestro Mr. and Mrs. William V. Day DeForest Koscelnik Yokitis & Berardinelli Diamond Pharmacy Dollar Bank Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh Fiducia Group LLC Fort Pitt Capital Group

Frank B. Fuhrer Wholesale Co. Geyer Construction & Development Company J V Electronics Estate of Anne D. Joyce Michael Lazzara Leech Tishman Fuscaldo & Lampl LLC McCarl’s Services Inc. John R. and Margaret S. McCartan Charitable Fund MMC Land Management Dr. Richard A. Morledge Nationwide Life Insurance Company NET Xperts LLC Walter F. and Ellen H. Nicoden Fund Northern Connection Magazine Paracca Interiors Flooring America PCA Pharmacy Purvis Brothers Inc. R.I.C.G.C. Reinhart Food Service RiversEdge Advanced Retirement Solutions LLC RJW Media Sarver Landscape Maintenance Co. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Scaletta Sr. Schellhaas Funeral Home & Cremation Services Ltd. Shorebridge Wealth Management Simpson & McCrady Smullin Asphalt & Concrete LLC Mary Soukup Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Thompson TRIB Total Media

Turner Dairy Farms Inc. UPMC Health Plan WPXI‑TV

President's Club ABC Glass & Mirror LLC AMCOM Office Systems Teena Anania Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. James Armour AVI Food Systems Emily Baehr David E. Barensfeld Mr. and Mrs. Brooks M. Bartlett Joe Bayura Beaver County Radio Mr. and Mrs. James Bendel Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Blackstone Jr. Nick Blicha Blueprint Financial Partners LLC Jeff Bost Dr. and Mrs. Larry Campoli Chaffee Excavating Clearview Federal Credit Union Cowden Associates Creese Smith & Co. LLC John J. Curran Dave Sutter Auto Body

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Day Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. DeForest Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dennis Robert and Vivian Donley effectv Duncan Oil Company Efficient Energy Solutions Drs. Jonathon and Judith Erlen Fayette Parts Service Inc. (NAPA) First National Bank Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Fuellgraf Jr. Furniture at the Firehouse/ General Store George and Rita Patterson Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Greig III Alan Groover H. P. Starr Lumber Co. LLC James Harbison Headrick Elevator Company Margaret Horton Intalere Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kaminsky Kosakowski Wallcovering Jacqueline Koscelnik Kress Tire Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kwadrat Kathy Lagnese Linda LaMagna James Lauteri Liberty Tire Services LLC Linx Marketing Vince Locher Mack Gerberich & Associates PC Dr. Joseph Maroon John and Kristin McKinney Medline Industries Inc. Mehmert Stores Services LLC


Gouverneur P. Hance League: $5,000+ • President’s Club: $1,000 - $4,999 • Supporter’s Club: $450 - $999 • Founder’s Club: $150 - $449 • Century Club: $100 - $149 Minuteman Press Allison Park Owen Law Group Paper Products Co. Inc. Parks Moving & Storage Inc. Pittsburgh Marriott North Premium Brokerage Service Mac Purvis Jr. Robert F. Ranallo Jr. Reed & Witting Company Kenton Rexford Diane S. Robertson Mr. and Mrs. James C. Roddey John Roofner Rudolph Auto Repair Mr. and Mrs. David M. Santory Shields Asphalt Paving Inc. Andrew T. Shire Sean Smarick Mr. and Mrs. David Smith Southern Scripts William Straub Mr. and Mrs. Kim Tabacchi Melissa Tambellini Tires for Less Tom Henry Chevrolet Dr. Jack Tomayko Mr. and Mrs. James D. Turco Vision Benefits of America Belinda D. Wilker Willard M. Lewis Co. Marla Zielinski

Supporter's Club Adler & Sons Tree Service Inc. Anonymous Jon Barr Beaver Meadows at St. Barnabas Benedum Interests Angela L. Borgo Mr. and Mrs. David Bradley Jane Brandenstein Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Brem Barbara Burford Caldwell’s Windoware Inc. Richard Casale Dr. and Mrs. William Christie Debra Cochran Community Management Group Inc. Conley Resort & Golf Club Joan Craig Elk Air Conditioning & Heating


Mr. and Mrs. William Ewart Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Fennell Kristi Festa FJ Baehr Architects Michael Garczynski George A. Pegher Inc. Patty Ann Geyer Glass Box Group LLC John Graf Michael Green George Grisnik Francis P. Hanrahan Linda Harrell Jeffrey K. Haus Kevin Hayes J. C. Ehrlich Co. Inc. Shelly Jenkins Tony Kesslak Kathy Kosty Kramer Fiduciary Services Kress Restoration Jacqueline Laird Leonard Crawford Heating & AC Mr. and Mrs. Edward Maziarz Mr. and Mrs. William McIlroy Vicky L. McKinney Mr. and Mrs. Rick McMillan Jr. Medi‑Hair Inc. Robert Mitchell Barbara Moeller Josephine Morgan Greg Nelis Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Norton Owen Law Group Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pasko Patterson Dental Company Paytime Inc. Penn Bridge Land Abstract Company PINNACLE Financial Strategies Dennis Pittman Julia Ragon Linda Rumcik Annmarie Sandor Scherer Lock & Supply Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Schmidt Katherine Schneider Courtney Shields Michele Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Jay Sommariva St. Barnabas Health System ‑ Security St. Barnabas Nursing Home Suncrest Golf Course Martha Taylor TEC Electric Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thaw The Arbors at St. Barnabas Gibsonia The Arbors at St. Barnabas Valencia Woods Campus The Arbors III at St. Barnabas The Hodges Rash Company Inc. The Village at St. Barnabas

The Washington Place at St. Barnabas The Woodlands at St. Barnabas Mr. and Mrs. Joe Turner UPMC Centers for Rehab Services Up‑N‑Running Valencia Woods at St. Barnabas Vogel Disposal Service John Wisneski WJAS 1320 AM

Founder's Club Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Andrus Michele Angelini Anonymous John T. Austin Carole A. Baierl Donald L. Balla Jr. Dennis Baran Mr. and Mrs. David J. Berardinelli Ray Bernarding William Bianco Doris Blair Paul E. Block James B. Boltz Sharon Bowers Richard Buletko William E. Bullis Carol Buttignol Caputo Law Office Dr. Coleen Carignan and Dr. Michael Farrell Kathy Ceranic Mr. and Mrs. Waiman Cheung Michele Conway Coraopolis Light Metal Inc. Jamie L. Crater Janet Crayton Robert Crnjarich Matthew Curtis Paul R. Daisley Mr. and Mrs. Michael Daniels David W. Tyree P.C. Law Joyce DeBlasio Joseph Decker Debbie Dedominicis Mr. and Mrs. Peter Demas Angela Desiderato Heather Detch Diamond at Lowe’s Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Di Antonio Mr. and Mrs. Guy Dille Jim and Shirley Dillon

Carol DiTullio Christian Dombroskie John C. Downey Theresa Drzik Mr. and Mrs. Karl Feitl David Fellabaum Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Ferguson Chris Fierro Donald Fiorilli James E. Fix Charles J. Fleischer Mr. and Mrs. William Franz Mr. and Mrs. Michael Giobbi Linda Gladriszewski Steven R. Glenn Ralph Goetz Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Greback Elaine Gribar Laura Guentert Terri Guerre Bryan Hinds Patricia Hirsh HM Design Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hobaugh Nathaniel Hodges Pamela Horne Nancy A. Huckestein Sandra Hutchins Michael A. Hutchinson J & J Fire Protection Company Inc. Rev. and Mrs. William Jackson Deborah A. Jankowski Jewels, Bags & More…The Traveling Boutique Jerome F. Jocuns Mr. and Mrs. John Keller Kellie Kelly George Killeen Kim’s Kleen Tim Kirkland Kimberly Kisner Jamie L. Klein Mr. and Mrs. William Klenk Donald and Peggy Kopelic Jennifer Kranik Deborah Krause Glenn H. Krause Nancy Kuhns Maureen A. Larkin Team Lehman Mr. and Mrs. Brian Leopold Bridget K. Loftus Paul London Margaret Martin Master Machine & Manufacturing Inc. Matoka and Sons Plumbing Inc. Glenn McEvoy Janice L. McKinney Natalie McMurtrie Dan Meyers Garry Mrozek Cornelius F. Murphy Jr. Michele Mushinsky


Gouverneur P. Hance League: $5,000+ • President’s Club: $1,000 - $4,999 • Supporter’s Club: $450 - $999 • Founder’s Club: $150 - $449 • Century Club: $100 - $149 My Shoe Girl Anne W. Nelson New Castle Harley‑Davidson Nutrien Services Rosanne Nwranski Tracey Nypaver Susan L. Owens Mr. and Mrs. Gary Pandolfo Daryl Patten Craig Patterson Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Perry Mr. and Mrs. Eric Peter Joan Peterson Jeffrey J. Petrell Eileen Petrone Colleen Pietrusinski Michael Platt Lynne Popash Bradley Posey Mr. and Ms. Steven Powell Print King R. L. Swearer Co. Inc. Margaret Rechter George and Jackie (Rizzo) Ringeisen Mr. and Mrs. J. Chris Rudolph Rulis & Bochicchio LLC Terry and Beverly Rupp Erica L. Rusek Mr. and Mrs. Roger Russo Mr. and Mrs. Vince Russo Marc Sachs Aaron Salyards Helen Sarver Kathy Sauers Joseph C. Scaletta Jr. Rachel Seifried Sherwin Williams Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Smith Judith L. Smith Sound Ideas Media LLC Barbara Spithaler St. Barnabas Medical Center Cindy Stein Diane Stevens Dr. Jason Strcula Joseph Stromei Dolores Strunk Julie Sturges The Dental Group at St. Barnabas Tucker Arensberg PC Gloria Uhlig Linda VanDyke Tammy Voke Byron Wardropper Lou Ann White Gwenn C. Whiteford Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Wilden Mr. and Mrs. John A. Yokim Cat J. Zaney Denise Zeller Dr. William Zillweger Casper Zimmer

Century Club Laurie Adams Beth and Daniel Albers Anonymous C. Dale Bailey Patricia A. Baker Mark and Allison Barno Dr. David L. Bartlett Melissa Battaglia Mr. and Mrs. Guy Bauman Marjorie S. Bauschard Mr. and Mrs. Reese Berdanier Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blair Brooke Brandt Kathleen Brenneman John and Lori Brinker Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Brooks Elaine Brown Audrey J. Burkett Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Calabrese Rev. and Mrs. Lawrence Camberg Celedore Fine Wallpapers Helen Clark Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Connors Mr. and Mrs. Robert Curtin Laura Davis Mr. and Mrs. Marshall L. Day Jan DeMartini Gerald DiLoreto Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Dorchak DoubleTree Hotel Pittsburgh‑ Cranberry Patrick Doyle E.H. Griffith Inc. Michelle L. Farrell Tony Ferraro Kara Fischer Kirwan and Gennine Flannery Tessa Franchi Chris Gacci John J. Gazdacko Shannon Gerst Jeanine Gravatt Mr. and Mrs. Harvey E. Gumto Nicole Haberman Tina Hapanowicz Bill Hayes Mr. and Mrs. David Heflin Ryan C. Helsel Donna Herrle Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Hersh Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hirth James R. Hune

April Iman Clairice Imhof Ron and Brenda Jesteadt Karen Juliano Georgiana Julkowski Lori Kennah Joyce Kirkbride John Klein Tara Kline Rose Kozemka Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kurlandski Donald Larva Richard Lewis Steven Loehlein LongHorn Steakhouse McCandless Dean Lyons Janice Mall Patricia Malloy Darlene Martino Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McCartney Rita McClaine Christopher P. McClure Robert McCoy Annamary McMullen Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Meisel Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Metzger Kathleen Mikszan Jacqueline Murphy Miller Jill Miller Jolene Miller Rob Modany Monteverde’s Inc. Loraine Murphey Mr. and Mrs. Richard Muto Mr. and Mrs. John Nichols Michael C. O’Hare Kristen Olson‑Gaia Zygmunt V. Osiecki Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Page Mike Palaschak Patrice Paton Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Patton Mr. and Mrs. Chris Patton

Irene Payne Jean Pletcher Mr. and Mrs. Mark Provenzano Jeffrey T. Quail Norman Curtis Radcliffe Maricris Regino Mr. and Mrs. Ray Riesmeyer Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Righter Richard Rocereto Laura S. Romeo Barbara Ross and Dennis Glover Mr. and Mrs. John Rudolph Pete and Amy Sacco Jennifer Schnore Lucille Schofield Anne Sharpe Jodie Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Gary Sheffler Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shoemaker Margaret Slye Elizabeth Smith Tony Spalvieri Shawn Spithaler Eileen Sporrer Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Story Thomas Stuart Sarah Taber Thomas L. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Albert Timms Dianne Trapuzzano Michael J. Tulley Jr. Jeannine Tupper Kathleen M. Tynan Marie Walls Charles M. Watson Norman G. Werner Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Williams Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Wolf Barbara Wood Rosalind J. Yarchak Louise Yates Amy Zahalsky

January 1, 2019 – February 6, 2020

FUND Established in 2018, the God Bless Fund commemorates William V. Day and his 50th year presiding over St. Barnabas Health System. Reflecting his signature “God bless, WVD” in this publication and in his correspondence, the fund is a legacy of charity for generations to come.

Mr. and Mrs. William Franz Terri Guerre Margaret Horton Joyce Kirkbride Nancy Kuhns Christopher P. McClure Vicky L. McKinney Susan L. Owens Mr. and Mrs. James C. Roddey Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Sommariva Mr. and Mrs. Kim Tabacchi



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The St. Barnabas Charities’ mission is to provide new resources to its living assistance, medical center, skilled nursing and independent living facilities. The Charities exists to enable St. Barnabas to better respond to the health needs of the western Pennsylvania community. The Charities’ resources help provide the finest personnel and latest technology to the community to promote a better quality of life. The Charities is accountable to those who support its activities and reports regularly to these constituencies. Through the efforts of the Charities, St. Barnabas is able to realize its full potential to serve society.

SHOP. SAVE. DONATE. furniture at the FIREHOUSE

Furniture at the Firehouse is a resale thrift shoppe filled with high-quality, gently-used furniture and home accessories...PRICED JUST RIGHT. Donations accepted in good condition. 68 Dambach Avenue, Valencia 4965 Tuscarawas Road, Beaver Donations accepted during business hours.

Call to purchase or donate! Call/Text: 724-316-1977 • FurnitureAtTheFirehouse.com PROCEEDS BENEFIT THE ST. BARNABAS FREE CARE FUND

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