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Grade 10 History Exam Format Part A: Multiple Choice (Knowledge: 10 marks) This section tests your memory/knowledge of historical details. You should move quickly through this section of the exam. Answers will be recorded on the Scrantron card provided. Part B: Matching (Knowledge: 10 marks) As above, this section tests your memory/knowledge of details. Move quickly. You will need to make associations between people/places/events. Answers will be recorded on the Scrantron card. Part C: Significance (Thinking: 20 marks) Here you will show how an event/individual/concept impacted or changed history. How is it important to Canada and Canadian history? Do not explain what it is… but what is its significance. Consider how the event/person affected Canada socially, economically, politically and/or internationally. You will be required to choose five topics from a list of 12. You will have to clearly explain your answer for full marks. 4 marks in total. 2 marks for significance and 2 marks for Part D: Cartoon/Image Analysis (Application: 10 marks) Look at details of the image/cartoon to determine the message. Part E: Essay Writing (Application: 10 marks, Communication: 20 marks) Here you apply and demonstrate your historical knowledge on a given topic. Before you write, plan your essay by brainstorming an outline. This will save you time in the long run. The topic of the essay will be something thematic from the course. Consider big topics… like: a. French-English Relations b. Canadian-American Relations c. Canadian-British Relations d. Canadian Identity/Canadian Independence e. Canada and the War (Canada’s Role in the War) First paragraph: Introduction—Here you introduce your topic and capture the interest of the reader. Your thesis statement should be the last sentence of your introductory paragraph (your thesis is your opinion on the given topic) Second/Third/Fourth Paragraph: Arguments 1, 2, 3-- Here you support your thesis with three distinct arguments. Your argument should be the first sentence of each paragraph. Support each argument with factual details and examples. Be specific and show your understanding/knowledge of the topic. Relate all examples to your thesis. All ideas should be in support/development of your thesis statement. Use transitional words throughout and maintain a formal voice. Fifth Paragraph: Conclusion—Here you summarize your main arguments and restate your thesis. Bring your essay to a close. You have 90 minutes to write this exam, so be sure to budge your time accordingly. Part A/B: approx. 15 minutes Part D: approx. 20 minutes

Part C: approx. 25 minutes Part E: approx. 30 minutes

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