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You Can Always Come Home


One clear indicator of a strong and vibrant school is the continued engagement of alumni and alumni parents years after graduation. It illustrates an appreciation for the lasting impact of the community and a desire to pay those benefits forward to future generations. It is also a sign that although every community evolves, grows, and undergoes change over time, alumni and alumni parents feel confident that the fundamental mission, values, and core principles remain intact and well-attended. In short, alumni stay connected if they feel the heart of their earlier community remains intact. Typically, colleges, followed by high schools, enjoy the strongest levels of alumni engagement, due in part to the ability of alumni to recognize impact at an older age while attending the institution. St. Anne’s, however, enjoys a strong and growing level of alumni engagement virtually unparalleled in PS-8 day schools. There are many reasons for this, but alumni regularly report via surveys and anecdotal feedback during visits, notes, and events that the remaining culture of care and warmth is the inspiring individuality that makes St. Anne’s unique. They also frequently credit the school for the most meaningful influence in future academic and professional success. Below is a list of just a few illustrations from this year of the healthy and critical connections between the school and our alumni base: • Currently, seven faculty and staff members are alums of the school. When asked why they returned to St. Anne’s for a professional career, their responses universally include reference to a passion for the place based on their own youthful experiences, a belief in the mission and purpose of the school, and a desire to play a meaningful part in providing a similar education for today’s children during these most formative of years. • Next year, twelve alumni will also be parents of children at St. Anne’s. Clearly they would not be entrusting the education of their children to a school if their own

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