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spring NEWSLETTER jan - april 2016

by euphoria, but by hard work. Failures are not forgotten, but are as useful as praise, to move forward. In my term as Head Girl so far, the moments of happiness outweighed the failures, and now I’m looking back with a smile on my face, wishing to experience them all over again.

Failures are not forgotten, but are as useful as praise, to move forward

As you can see from the contents of this season’s school magazine, the pace of life at St. Ambrose Barlow never slackens. Running through this edition is a sense of the creativity and spark at work in the school.  If you add to this issue the many editions of the newsletter that have come out since January you also build a picture of a community that is very strong in faith.  Our faith is not something that sits separately from learning, it is part of everything we do and it anchors this school to its past and points to its future.  It is central to the success of developments such as the Sixth Form and underpins all decision-making in moments that are challenging or difficult.  One of the many undertakings this term was the revision of the school badge and the introduction of a motto.  The required us to reflect on our faith, our values and to consider the relationship between the school’s successful past and its exciting present and future. That is not easy in times as uncertain as these.  However, the resulting crest and motto blends together these ideas brings together our roots and using the words of Pope Francis (Crescens Discit Vivere or ‘through growing we learn to live’) to provide a compass with which to navigate what is to come.  I do hope that you enjoy reading a summary (and it is only that - there is much more in our newsletters) of the last few months.  Finally, one of the themes of our work over the last few months has been increasing the leadership of pupils so I’m delighted that my introduction is eclipsed by the one below from Ola Kowslowska, Head Girl.

The successes began with the ‘Make Your Mark’ campaign where pupils were given the opportunity to cast the vote on the issues they would like to be debated in Youth Parliament. Alongside the School Council and Pupil Leadership Team, I lead 5 assemblies, accumulating 900 votes, encouraging democracy and freedom of voice within the school. Rebecca Long Bailey (Mp) and Laura Edwards (last year’s MYP) visited not too long after to meet the members of school council and discuss issues that matter to young people today. They managed to stir up quite an enthusiasm within the groups, and all students were very keen to express their views on matters such as the new 9-1 system, mental health and facilities for young people. I was so inspired by the work of both of our visitors that I inquired about joining the youth council for Salford; later that week I was working with Miss Edwards on projects such as Don’t Hate Educate, in Youth Council. Since mental health came up as quite a stimulating topic for the council, the Pupil Leadership team collated ideas to make a series of assemblies for ‘Time to talk, time to change’ week. Our motive was to challenge stigmas on mental health, and to give students a platform to seek help, if they need it; mental illnesses don’t choose their victims, but we decide if we fight them alone, or fight together. A short drama devised by Luke and I portrayed the difference between empathy and sympathy- we should not take it for granted if someone comes to us for help or advice; we are their platform and their voice. Alicia and Hannah added that one in four people suffer from mental health issues; therefore it should not be an invisible illness. Within the ‘Don’t Hate Educate’ campaign in Youth Council, we wanted to tackle other stigmas, relating to racism and LGBTQ+. Our prototype workshop involved four stations: Prejudice and Stereotypes, Religion, Racism and LGBTQ+, and our test subjects were 80 pupils from year 9 from this school. To my relief, the pupils were engaged within every station and acquired further knowledge on each topic. Some great feedback pushed the workshop forward, and now it will be touring in other schools, very soon.

I read an article a few days ago about how time supposedly doesn’t exist; it never has existed, and it never will - a simple invention of mankind to record his activities. I find that with any good thing in life, this is entirely true. As a year 11, and Head Girl of this school, time seems just a passing figure- daily tasks and challenges are differentiated only by how they alter me as a person, in my journey of learning. Successes are not remembered

Our future plans are to create a ‘UniqueUs’ festival, to celebrate the diverse community of Ambrose and continue in supporting our cohesive environment. I wish you all a happy Easter, and the best luck for the present and future! Ola Kozlowska Head Girl

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Art & Design

BBC School Reporters

Ideas Foundation

Peer Mentoring

Selection of Year 10 & 11 Art work

100 Word Challenge

Vivos & School Council

Creativity & Achievement

Manchester Camerata


London Visit

Speaking for Ourselves

Business & Enterprise Religious Studies iMedia

Spanish Theatre Performance John Pridmore Sacrament of Reconciliation Manchester Camerata My Ambrose Ash Wednesday St Joseph’s Penny Easter Fair Teacher Training




Art & Design New York 2016 Pupils had a wonderful time in NYC, they met with the world renowned artist Jon Burgerman and visited galleries such as MOMA, The Met and Whitney Art Gallery. Pupils walked up to 15 miles per day in temperatures as low as -28 without complaining! The trip provided pupils with experiences that they will never forget.

Art & Design Year 9 SHARP Project Pupils visited SHARP to learn about the creative and digital industries. The experience has further ignited pupils’ enthusiasm and interest for art. We expect this to positively impact on uptake at GCSE level and further studies at St. Ambrose Barlow Sixth Form. Evaluations from the experience were extremely positive. Quotes taken from the pupils: “We learnt about lots of different job opportunities that we could do in the future” “I enjoyed a lot including the people we met. I would come again any day and make a career out of this” “It was definitely interesting and did make me think about pursuing a job in the industry”

Business and Enterprise Year 7 Dragons Den Challenge The Dragons’ Den challenge ran in the term up to Christmas 2015 and was a huge success. The year 7 pupils conducted themselves in an extremely mature and professional manner throughout the whole project and pulled off a fantastic Christmas fair. During the challenge the pupils were placed into business teams of 5 or 6 pupils and each group was tasked with developing a product to sell at the fair. The products were fantastic and the work and effort that went into the development of these was spectacular. Products ranged from Christmas cards, cakes, sweet boxes, jewellery and raffles to candles, wine glass decoration and handmade mugs. The pupils were a credit to themselves and the school. School loaned the pupils £10 for each business and this was paid back to school following the fair. Half of the profit was then given to St Ann’s Hospice this totalled £527. The remaining £516 the pupils were given back in their businesses to split between themselves. Feedback from pupils and parents surrounding the challenge was positive.

Young Enterprise The year 10 pupils have carried on developing their business in this competition and are progressing well. They went to the Manchester Christmas markets to sell their handmade Christmas cards and got great feedback on the quality of the cards and personalised frames they had developed. The pupils have just taken part in the Trafford Centre Trade fair where they had to run their stand for the day and answer questions from a panel of judges on their product. They have tailored their final product and service to the needs of the local area and have identified a need for a mother and baby group which they want to run 1 morning a week for 6 weeks in the sixth form restaurant. They have carried out research on this and have developed a clear plan and strategy for the business. The planned group is hoping to start in April or May. The pupils have been excelled in the competition and have grown individually and as a team since October.

Religious Studies

Prolife Group

John Pridmore Visit

Miss Singleton has taken charge of running the Prolife On 16th January, all of Year 11 spent two lessons

Group in school. Assemblies have been delivered to



all year groups and uptake on joining the group has

conversion from gangland to Promised Land. John

been strong. So far, students involved have learnt

has visited the school before and is always well

about issues of Prolife and have collected a range

received by our students and staff. 60 students

of baby clothing and maternity starter kits for young

stayed behind for the Sacrament of Reconciliation

mothers in our area. The Prolife Group continues to

after his talk.


Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Sacrament of Reconciliation

Chapel Lessons (Year 7 and 8)





We have developed a programme of spiritualityOn 17th January we received the Blessed

based lessons, along with lesson plans and

Sacrament into school for Adoration in the Chapel.

resources; encompassing international development

Every year group was given an opportunity to attend

and initiatives, such as the Year of Mercy. In

short liturgies during lunchtimes and RE lessons.

addition, we have been invited to take part in the

Up to 200 students and staff across the school also

ACN Conference at Stonyhurst College. St Ambrose

chose to go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The

Barlow was nominated to take part in the launch

day was a real success.

DVD and a number of our students have entered the

Ash Wednesday Ash Wednesday, whilst not a Holy Day of Obligation,

competition to have their work included.

Charity Fundraising

is an opportunity for Catholics to remember the

We have been supporting Diocesan, national and

true meaning of Lent as a time of self-sacrifice

international charities and we hope to develop a

and mercy. This year, Mr Davies (RE) arranged

calendar of events to involve the whole school for the

Chaplaincy Team led liturgies for all year groups

next academic year. Mrs Dwyer-Moores has taken

at lunchtimes.

the reigns of co-ordinating charity across the school and oversees all events. Christmas Jumper Day was

A number of students from all year groups attended

particularly successful and involved many students

the Parish Mass at St Charles’ Borromeo Church,

and staff. As we move through the season of Lent,

Swinton. We returned to school with the Sacramental

we focus particularly on the work of St Joseph’s

Ashes and distributed to students and staff across

Penny. Other charities supported this term include:

the day. Although the services were voluntary, we

CAFOD Family Fast Day, FairTrade, CARITAS, British

quickly had to relocate to the Hall when attendance

Heart Foundation, St Ann’s Hospice, Senior Citizens’

was so high. It was a wonderful start to Lent.

Community Party (Christmas) & Loaves and Fishes.

iMedia I am Creative - Coutts Project Final On the 26th April 2016 both Year 10 and Year 12 Creative Media students presented their projects, based on the executive bank Coutts , at CHI and Partners in London.  After 3 months of working tirelessly on the projects at lunchtime and in their free time both groups presented their ideas with distinction and confidence.   Year


were awarded



‘Highly Commended award’ from The Ideas Foundation and all students have been entered onto the I am Creative ‘Creative ladder’.  Both sets of students gained a fantastic experience of presenting to other colleges and school, plus were given feedback from executives from CHI and Partners, Ideas Foundation and Coutts bank.

KS5 Creative Media 60th St Ambrose Barlow Anniversary – Sound production with professional sound engineer Mark Pilkington Year 13 students (Liam Cooke, Michael Crossley and Joe Watton-O’Brien) have been working with professional sound engineer Mark Pilkington, in their enrichment time, to create a vibrant and historic sound production with images for the 60th Anniversary celebrations of the school. 6th Form pupil Michael Crossley has commented “working with Mark has been challenging and eye-opening and has shown us what it’s like to work with a real media professional. The experience has also given me an insight into my chosen University options in Sound Production after 6th Form”.


our school

BBC School Reporters A select group of pupils have been working incredibly hard since October to deliver the news. They select news stories based around the interests of teenagers and young adults. These pupils have a dedicated blog, which hosts all of the articles they have written (https://ambroseschoolreport. wordpress.com/) This year has been especially different.

Pupils have

capitalised on many opportunities, from networking via Twitter to reporting from Manchester to speak with members of the public.

These pupils are actively

promoting their work and are raising the profile of the school, as well as their own. On March 10th, the BBC School Report Day will take place. Pupils will report according to deadlines and all of their work will ‘go live’ on the day. Pupils are working to report more creatively. We have a number of exciting projects currently underway, such as: stop-motion filmmaking, the creation of art work, Vlogging on YouTube, creating 60 second reports and many more. We welcomed Georgi K (Georgina Kiedrowski), broadcast journalist, to school to work on the development of news stories and also, for a Q&A session.

Georgi was a

contestant on ‘the Island with Bear Grylls’ and is currently reporting in Jordan on the refugee crisis. We hope that she will return to school upon her return to the country. Alice Rizzo, from the BBC, has been following our progress and called to say that she couldn’t believe how much our pupils had written. She has written an article to highlight our successes.

Peer Mentoring, Vivos, School Council Rewards Since December, a detailed and productive consultation period has surrounded this area of the school’s whole-school wellbeing. After consulting with the Head and SLT, it is obvious that the school’s focus on rewarding positive interactions with all abilities of pupil are at the forefront of behaviour, expectations and progress for the school.

Mentoring Year 10 have designed and organised a ‘Getting to Know You’ lunch that is designed to target our most vulnerable pupils, who might not: know how to set a table; usually have a sit-down meal; engage in dinner conversation. Both Mikhaila Tchangoe and Kajandaeni Kannan (10) have led this with real enthusiasm.

School Council All members attended a Q and A session with our local MP, Rebecca Long-Bailey. It also became a forum for student debate with our Youth MP, Laura Edwards. Due to the success of this, we were invited to afternoon tea with the Mayor at the Civic Centre on 10th February. A video of the event has been displayed on all screens in school.

Manchester Camerata

Maths Trip to London

Melissa Booth, 9J

Tatiana Mangwiro, 8B

Manchester Camerata is a project that boosts your

On Wednesday 2nd March 2016, Year 8 and 9

confidence, shows you good breathing techniques to calm you down and shows you good and bad ways to get out of real life situations. Throughout the project we became stronger as a group and stronger individuals, we found out who we really are and learned about mental and physical health. We created our own song through days of hard work with help from Kate, Kim, Ryan (Manchester Camerata Leaders) and Mrs Adamson about the ups and downs of life. The Manchester Camerata group referred to life being like a ‘roller coaster’ because everybody in life has their good and bad days. We created drama pieces such as ‘A Generous Act of Lending Money Turned into a Trip to the Head Teachers Office’ by Jordan Charlsworth, Melissa Booth and Tom Hughes, ‘A Cruel Act of Cyber Bullying’ played by Chester Jemmet, Daniel Rodgers, Eleanor Clarke and Holly Williams Gardener and also a drama piece where two young teenagers got a tweet from one of their biggest inspirations, played by Ben Whitley, Rachael Murray and Matthew Wheeler. Melissa Booth and Eleanor Clarke made a piece of Art about LGBT issues (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual) with the help of Miss Warner. The final show took place on Monday 14th March 2016. The Manchester Camerata group performed to St Ambrose Barlow year 7 students and later performed to parents, the Headteacher other members of staff and pupils of St Ambrose Barlow. It was a brilliant performance, with a massive amount of help from the Manchester Camerata leaders, Miss Warner and Mrs Adamson.

were on a Maths trip to London with Mrs Ashton, Mr Harrison and Miss Hughes. They first went to the British Museum for a Maths quiz, using the tube as transport. The British Museum is dedicated to human history, art and culture. Its permanent collection is among the largest and most comprehensive in existence from all continents, illustrating and documenting the story of human culture. The winners of the quiz were Emily, Terry, Chelsea and Charlie so well done to them with 12 points. Then, everybody went to Equity Point London hostel. Later on, everyone went to Pizza Hut before setting off to Matilda the Musical. Matilda the Musical is a stage musical based on the children’s novel by Roald Dahl. It was adapted by Dennis Kelly, with music and lyrics by Tim Minchin. The musical’s narrative centres on Matilda, a precocious 5-year-old girl with the gift of telekinesis (the supposed ability to move objects at a distance by mental power or other non-physical) who loves reading, overcomes obstacles caused by her family and school, and helps her teacher to reclaim her life. It was a really good show! The next day, 3rd March 2016, they set off to the London Eye. The ride was so high they could see Buckingham Palace and Big Ben! After that, they went to the Maths Coding Show and the Magic Maths Show. It was brilliant! Everyone had a great time in London but sadly, they had to go home.



Ideas Foundation Project Coutts Bank Media Brief Year 10 and 12 students have been working on a live brief for Coutts, a Bank in London. This brief has been set by the Ideas Foundation and is part of their ‘I am Creative’ project.

The pupils have been working in

groups to answer the brief, ‘How can Coutts bank be promoted to young entrepreneurs?’ which was set by Coutts. The project has enabled pupils to work on their communication and group skills, whilst showing creativity and flair in the media subject area. The pupils have also worked on presentation skills and completed a workshop with Coutts executives. If successful the groups will present their projects in London to Coutts executives.

100 Word Challenge Launch with year 7

business in the Sixth Form run by students for the school and the local community. This is something we will be working towards over

After Julia Skinner (founder of the challenge)

the next few months. As part of this process

visited last term, we launched the challenge

Grindsmith opened a coffee cart at the Year

with Year 7.

Students came to a special

9 Parents’ Evening and worked with students

assembly in the hall, where Mrs Tulloch

from across the school throughout the day.

introduced the challenge and this term’s

We also have more exciting enterprise plans

prompt after which Mr Davis read his own 100

for Year 7 building on the enormous success

words in response. Students then returned to

of the Christmas Fair.

class to write their efforts, returning to share the best of the bunch with the year group.

Creativity and Achievement

Speaking for Ourselves Many of our talented staff are this year undertaking research projects as part of

Debating club every Thursday is growing

their professional development. As teachers

in numbers. Students were involved in a

it is vital that we remain learners so these

Christmas role play and politics training in

projects keep us curious and engaged in

January – a morning of looking at issues such

our own development. Miss Wright is leading

as democracy and the UK’s political system.

a research project on debate, freedom of

Students will then be involved in a PIXL

speech, citizenship and British values.

debating competition in the summer term. This work involves the student council and 13 year 9 students are having their work

this week saw them collaborate with two

published in the Young Writers’ Spine-Chillers

other schools: Abraham Moss High and


Failinge High. Students worked together at the Hopwood Theatre in Middleton to explore

World Book Day was celebrated with Year 7

some of the big ideas in the project that they

with the English department hosting a variety

will investigate later in the year in more detail

of workshops with a fairytale theme. Students

at subsequent gatherings.

were rewarded with stamps on their passport to Enchanted land.

Grindsmiths Partnership

Spanish Theatre Performance Year 8, 10 and 11 Spanish students were treated to an enjoyable and creative performance by

In January we were visited by Peter Gibson,

the Flying Theatre Company who performed

one half of the entrepreneurial duo behind

their piece Viva Espana to the students. Thank

Manchester’s Grindsmith Coffee company.

you to Miss Higson for arranging this.

Peter came in to advise us on setting up a coffee

Vist by John Pridmore & Sacrament of Reconciliation


Year 11 students had the privilege of listening

to try out various instruments and speak with

to speaker John Pridmore on Thursday. John

professional musicians as a prelude to getting

is a regular visitor to the school and spoke

down the serious business of making music.

with the entire year group about his life in organised crime, his upbringing and the transformation that occurred when he opened






inhibitions with a variety of challenging and amusing activities. They also got the chance

My Ambrose

his heart to God. His positive message and

Just before half-term we launched our new

honest reflections were an inspiration to many

campaign to celebrate all that is good about

in the room and we were honoured to spend

St. Ambrose Barlow. Every month we will

time with him praying. John gave each student

be publishing another instalment of the

a business card encouraging them to contact

#MyAmbrose campaign where pupils past

him and also took part in the Sacrament of

and present, as well as staff and parents, talk

Reconcilation with all the year group. Over the

about the difference the school has made

course of two days over 200 students went to

to them. You can view our first contributors,

confession, many of them did so directly after


hearing John speak.


Head of RE Mr. Davies commented: ‘Over 200

Ash Wednesday

pupils and staff took the opportunity to receive


the Sacrament of Reconciliation over the past

A number of students led Ash Wednesday

couple of days; a most significant number and

lunchtime liturgies for all year groups this week

testament to the spirituality we all help instil

and staff. After attending the Parish Mass at St

in our community. This engagement in the

Charles Borromeo Church, Swinton, students

Faith is uncommon and should not be taken

returned to school to lead a liturgy of the

for granted. Our school has been recognised

Imposition of ashes.

as a beacon of good practice. Our visitors congratulated us on the work we do and

Despite the liturgies being voluntary, we

recognised, from the moment they entered the

quickly had to transfer from the Chapel to the

building, a warmth of welcome from us all.’

Main Hall because the attendance was so

Manchester Camerata

high! Students were reminded about the call from Pope Francis to show love and mercy this Lent.

We were delighted to welcome staff from acclaimed local orchestra the Manchester

Thank you to everyone involved and particularly

Camerata to the school to work with pupils

Brendan (Year 10) who took on the role of

from Year 9. The first workshop saw students


Sixth Form St Joseph’s Penny Sixth Form students swapped their books for buckets as they took part in a fundraising car wash. Pupils gave up their time to get stuck in to washing staff cars to raise money for the St Joseph’s Penny appeal for the Caritas charity. Sponges and buckets were donated by staff to support their efforts and many signed up to have their cars cleaned. Over the course of the afternoon the students washed almost 30 cars and raised an impressive £130 for the charity. The event was part of a programme of fundraising activities in support of the charity and sixth formers also held a cake sale to add to their efforts. Mr Paize, Head of Sixth Form, said: “Our students had a lot of fun today taking part in the car wash. They all deserve huge credit for giving up their time and energy to get involved and support St Joseph’s Penny.”

Enterprise Easter Fair

Teacher Training Are you interested in training to become a primary or secondary school teacher? Our school is part of a growing number of schools that is leading the way for more school-led teacher training. This is really important to us because it means we can choose the very best talent and develop them into teachers. Being able to choose who we train as teachers helps us in delivering the best outcomes for the students at St Ambrose Barlow. We have vacancies now to start training from September 2016 and we would be very interested to hear from you if you are thinking of becoming a teacher, or know someone who is. We’re looking for people who have (or will have) a degree, have a passion for teaching and want to inspire young people to fulfil their potential. There are bursaries of up to £30K available for priority subject areas. We’d love for you to come in and have a chat with us about the exciting teacher training opportunities available. We can also provide you with support and guidance on your application form and offer you school experience if you just want a taster of what teaching could be like. For more information contact tracy.reeves@salford.gov.uk or call 0161 9211600. You can also find more information on our website http://www.stambrosebarlowswinton.org/teachingschool/train-with-us/ For any further information on what becoming a teacher might involve more generally, you can also visit http://www.education.gov.uk/get-into-teaching.



Art & Design A selection of year 10 & 11 Artwork.



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Spring Review - April 2016  

A review of the Lent term from January to April at St. Ambrose Barlow RC High School and 6th Form, Swinton, Salford.

Spring Review - April 2016  

A review of the Lent term from January to April at St. Ambrose Barlow RC High School and 6th Form, Swinton, Salford.