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Volume 3 Issue 05 September 29th, 2017

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Head’s start .

Mr. Davis, Headteacher, reflects on the Mr. Davis, Headteacher, reflects on the week. week.

This week has been filled of with all that that Iismeet bestwith It is about this time year about each our school community. It has been Head of Department to review athe celebration of theexam values we represent, the summer’s results. This involves inspirational learning that is a plenty of useful and and teaching thought-provoking featurediscussion, of our school of the commitment by but and it is usually talking about letters. Behind this data many numbers people toand serve the young people of are stories: how pupils did, how they felt, what Salford. they liked and what they achieved. We always focussaw on how things can be Thursday morning me presenting to the improved as well as celebrating what went Year 11 assembly at Harrop Fold. I love visiting well. As a Catholic school, exam results are other schools and have always enjoyed a warm just one way of expressing the unique, Godwelcome from the staff at Harrop. given talents and and skillspupils of each pupil. It Itis is still important an upliftingtofeeling, one year on from look beyond the data so Ithe am relaunch of our Sixth Form, to stand in front of delighted that much more of my job involves prospective students and be able to saythe that being in classes, walking around school entry to ourtalking college competitive and that we and to is pupils, students and staff. are full. There has been a steady intake at Year If ever youFold, are feeling at forward all despondent or 12 from Harrop so I look to fatigued I reckon a quick tour of the school welcoming more of their current Year 11s in the quickly raise your heartened spirits. Letby me future.would Moreover, I am always the show you what I mean. Today (Thursday, very positive reaction to our Catholic message September for instance, I dropped into of hope, faith and 29th) love when promoting our Sixth Year 10 GCSE Music. There, I was Form. We truly are a school for all. delighted to listen to performances of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, Hold Back That morning a merethe fewSaints hoursGo after I the Rivercame and When Marching returned from London with Mr. McDonagh and In. I also got to sit with Daniel and Chester three former We hadtheir beenprodigious invited to the as theypupils. demonstrated DJing Housetalents. of LordsNext, as guests Lord Knight to talkthe duringoflunch, I supervised and made awork pointwith of watching the about canteen our groundbreaking the Design interactions that take place daily. Pupils Engineer Construct! qualification. To spend theand staff holding Daniel doors open for one another, day with ex-pupils Bateson, Brad Lees offering thanks, little moments of personal and Lauren Cunningham, to see how they have appreciation androles gratitude. course, flourished in their new in the Of construction things don’t always go well in a school, but it industry and to witness the conviction and is lovely to witness a voluntary apology from confidence to anstaff, or a Yearwith 9 towhich one ofthey thespoke lunch time illustrious audience was a genuine privilege. see one pupil help another who is unsure where to go for class. It was a similar honour to welcome prospective Year 7Inpupils their familiesatolengthy the school Sixthand Form, I enjoyed chat on with Aidan who explained both the theory Thursday evening. In my two years at St. of differentiation potential commercial Ambrose Barlow thisand wasitsmy third Open application. English studying Evening and it wasIneasily the they best were attended. the play Blood Brothers and talking with Well over 800 people visited. The buzz around humour and excitement about superstitions; the building was palpable as our staff showed in Year 7 RE they were dissecting our new off all that is wonderful about our school with a mission statement and exploring the smile. personal Just as impressive was the meanings within it. leadership School is aof the helpers all year groupsplace. and the guides busy, from bustling, humming from Year 11.

I get to Maths to find all of Year 9 embroiled in a task that is so challenging and exciting that I want to stay and have a go myself. So, if prospective pupils Outside it’s: “Sir, and haveformer you seen myprovided tie? highlights week, what ofWhat our current Can you this open my bottle? did youcrop of young and staff? Well, theytime did not think people of last night’s game? What is it, Sir?” and, There at least once a day, “Oh my disappoint. are always little nuggets of days!” It can be noisy at times and in a treasure, golden moments in even the most community this size we expect mundane proceedings at can’t school. Let me relate everyone to get on with each other all the these. time. But it is our community, and a lively, lovely, positive one at that. On Friday, I was delighted to welcome, Mrs. Farr, one ofthe our Parent Counciloftomy observe Perhaps single highlight week, ifthe I new lunch time arrangements. There hasI had been had to pick, would be the conversation understandable concern raisedthe by some about with Mrs. Fay who is leading the new arrangements, albeit theyIhave development of our new library. am aworked well andenthusiast we are stilland finding feet.ever Quite apart library haveour been since from thelittle. fact that guestreach witnessed I was The our furthest of my the memoryofisthe back to moments spent in our was success dining arrangements, what local library entranced by its colour and most impressive (and what happens each day) bright Oncalm Twitter was thepossibilities. atmosphere of that pervades three #RememberingMyLibrary hold dining spaces and the yard reveals as over the 1000 young that such an institution has: ‘A library card people eat, drink and interact. No mean feat, was a free pass to wonderment, words and that, and worth celebrating. the ability to roam the world’ observes one user, whilst another quotes the wrought iron gates of Stalybridge library, ‘Read, Mark, Learn and Inwardly Digest.’ Others talk of the escape that a library represented or of the refuge it offered from an unkind world.

in a week that has been filled with all that is best about our community… There are always little nuggets of Mrs. Fay spent last Saturday peacefully treasure, golden moments in even the stacking the shelves and we are inching closermundane to opening.proceedings What thrilled me was her most

comment that several boys, some of whom affect a dislike of reading, were electrified by This week we both school: National‘You Poetry presence of acelebrated library in their Day and the European Day of Modern mean I can borrow this and, like, read it, Languages, pupils writing their own poems Miss?’ waswith the breathless utterance of one about freedom and staff dressing up in national pupil. Our library is at the heart of the costume. youngopen people participated school: aAgain, space our for being to and sharing ideas and experiences. openwith commitment and enthusiasm.ItAis‘time of planindeed and itsas shelves as a reminder gifts’ one ofserve my favourite poets, Louis that there once should be no barrier to anyone MacNiece, said. using its volumes or seeking knowledge, solace, entertainment or information. I can’t God Bless. wait to see it come to life in the weeks ahead @BenDavis1972 thanks to Mrs. Fay and her band of Twitter: helpers.

Ben Davis, Headteacher Twitter: @BenDavis1972 2


around the school this week Thursday saw our annual Open Evening designed particularly for new Year 7 pupils starting in September 2018. There was a huge turn-out, over 800 people came and explored the school, learning about all we have to offer. There were cakes freshly baked by Year 9 (and iced with the school’s initials); the Science Club and made soup to go with the five other dishes all produced by pupils and on offer for guests to taste. In Drama, pupils gave virtuoso performances of their monologues while in English there was a Harry Potter sorting hat, dozens of interactive games and very smiley staff. Up in Science we were setting fire to Mr. Carroll and Mr. Davis and in Maths staff welcomed guests with exciting activities and a cheerful Hello. Guests were amazed by the art and music on display, by the challenging and thought-provoking work in RE and by the skills of pupils and staff in the wide range of sports. It was a hugely successful evening and we look forward to welcoming our new Year 7s in September. Thank you to all who made it such a success, including our Parent Council. On Wednesday staff and former pupils spoke at the House of Lords about the the Design Engineer Construct! programme. They talked about the success of the qualification, the destinations that former pupils have secured and they showcased the extraordinary confidence and skill of the pupils who have been through the programme. This year we become the first school in the UK to have students complete DEC! at level 3 (equivalent to A level). National Poetry Day saw pupils writing poems about freedom and celebrating the power of the written word. Staff got involved, displaying their favourite poems on their classroom doors. Staff were similarly dedicated to the European Day of Modern Languages, selecting their favourite phrases from other languages for use during the day and dressing in national costume. Mr. Deay, the new Head of MfL led assemblies. As usual another week, more trips. The Sixth Form enjoyed their annual bonding outing to Alton Towers, while younger pupils visited Bletchley Park, the home of the World War 2 codebreakers. There they toured the building and learnt about the application of Science and Maths to the war effort. The Science club participated in the Royal Horticultural Society Green PlanIt Challenge, designing sculpture and gardens at the Whitworth Gallery. The Sixth Form visited London to go to galleries as part of the Art course. We also heard this week that James O'Donnel, Kanye Williams and Louis McLaughlin have been selected to represented Salford Schools U14s Football team. Quo Vadis?

As our tradition has it, as St. Peter was leaving Rome, because of the persecutions in the First Century, he encountered Jesus on the road out of Rome. Peter asked Jesus "Quo Vardis?" ("Where are you going?"). Jesus answered "Romam eo iterum crucifigi" ("I'm going to Rome to be crucified again"). Peter, challenged by this, turns around and walks back to Rome to face the persecutions, which will ultimately lead to his own crucifixion - being crucified upside down - for witnessing to Jesus.

Our Catholic community is constantly challenged by this question: "Quo Vadis?" Our response, as a catholic community - parish, home, and school - is to answer: "we are going where you lead us Jesus."

At St. Ambrose Barlow RC High School we respond positively to the challenge of the Lord and take up the task of living our Catholic faith from day to day. Since arriving in the area I've spent some quality time at St. Ambrose RC High School and have witnessed so many ways in which the catholic faith is lived out; year 7 retreats; chaplaincy meetings; Parent Council meeting, teachers coming together for collective worship, and the day to day Christian witness given by the teachers and students. There is always room for growth in our identity as a Catholic School - a Community where no culture, race or creed is rejected - so that the reality of who we are can encounter the reality of who God is: love! (1 John 4: 7-8). 

Let us be open to encountering the Lord who asks each one of us Quo Vadis? May we too have the courage to go where Jesus leads us. Feel encouraged that as Peter walked back to Rome he did not make the journey alone, he was accompanied by Jesus. The same is true for ourselves on our 3 pilgrimage of life; God is with us.
 Fr. Gavin Landers
 Assistant Priest at St. Charles Borromeo RC Church.

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Year 11 retreat

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attendance We aim for 100% attendance for all of our students and have set 96% as satisfactory attendance for this year. Attendance is monitored period-by-period and statistics are published each week. Excellent attendance guarantees excellent learning. Attendance by year (Sept 29th):

Year 7 Year 8 year 9 year 10 year 11 School

97.9% 96.6% 96.3% 94.5% 96.3% 96.3%

Attendance and its impact on learning 10 days absence means 95% attendance 19 days absence means 90% attendance 29 days absence means 85% attendance 38 days absence means 80% attendance 47 days absence means 75% attendance Please note: If your child is off school you need to contact student services the same day on

Top: at the Siemens Rollercoaster Challenge; Below: 6th formers at the Teenage Cancer4 Trust fundraiser

Launch of Hope in the Future Sunday 1st October 2017 Bishop John Arnold has announced the launch of Hope in the Future. An initiative designed to help grow the Church for future generations; and answer the call of Pope Francis for us all to be Missionary Disciples. In a Pastoral Letter read out in the churches in the Diocese this weekend, the Bishop reminded parishes of their missionary purpose: “Pope Francis urges us to be aware of the poverty, isolation, marginalisation and needs of people around us and to bring the practical care of the Gospel to them. In order to do that effectively we must always be strengthening our own communities with a worthy celebration of the Sacraments, a life of prayer, an effective and engaging catechesis of the faith for the young and those who may feel drawn to our Church.” Bishop John went on to highlight how essential this programme is following the terrible events earlier this year: “We must be sure to look after our own community but then be ready to bring our good works to others in need, our brothers and sisters around us. The tragedy of the Manchester bomb has highlighted a need to strengthen the sense of community in our towns and build bridges. We need to respond with positive actions. “ The programme is an invitation to every parish in the Diocese to recognise its potential and develop its missionary identity. It is designed to be a five stage journey. As the programme unfolds there will be resources that will enable every parish, at whatever stage it may be in its development, to strengthen its mission. It aims to nourish those within the parish community while helping to identify what that community may be doing in outreach and service. Hope in the Future will be launched at the Cathedral of St John, on Wednesday 4th October 2017 with representatives from each parish present. The Pastoral letter can be read here and listened to here. You can read more about Hope in the Future and view Bishop John talking about the initiative at http:// www.dioceseofsalford.org.uk/launch-hope-future/



Above: Science Club at the RHS event at the Whitworth. Left: Year 11 Art pupils out and about in Salford



Various pictures from the Open Evening. Clockwise from top left: busy in Science; Head Girl Holly and Head Boy Ryan address the audience; packed in English; celebrating our teachers.



Above: absorbed in Science on Open Evening Right: Getting into Languages Day Below: Hot Choc Friday with Mr. Davis



Celebrating DEC! at the House of Lords. Clockwise from top left: the team on the terrace; Bradley Lees; Lauren Cunningham; Daniel Bateson


Top: A level art students in London Bottom left: Science club preparing soup with their own produce Bottom right: the amazing bakers on Open Evening


TWEET OF THE WEEK Harrop Fold School @HarropFold Sep 29

It's great to welcome Mr. Davis and his team from @SABSalford to talk to our Yr11 students about their fantastic sixth form provision!






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St Ambrose Barlow Weekly Newsletter Vol. 3 Issue 4 September 29th 2017  

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St Ambrose Barlow Weekly Newsletter Vol. 3 Issue 4 September 29th 2017  

All the news from St. Ambrose Barlow RC High School and Sixth Form, Swinton, Salford, UK