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Volume 3 Issue 04 September 22nd, 2017

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Head’s start .

Mr. Davis, Headteacher, reflects on the Mr. Davis, Headteacher, reflects on the week. week.

From the ofthis thistime yearofwe have committed to It isstart about year that I meet with a neweach and better approach to developing Head of Department to review the relationships in our school community. We did summer’s exam results. This involves this because weuseful are still young and plenty of anda thought-provoking developing schoolbut andit because believe that discussion, is usuallywe talking about numbers and letters. data are with the right culture we canBehind achievethis anything. stories: how pupils did, how they felt, what theyhave likedheard and what they We You may pupils andachieved. students talking always focus on how things can be about teachers shaking their hand on entering improvedor asthat wellthey as celebrating the classroom, are invited what to Hotwent well. As a Catholic school, exam results are Chocolate Fridays with me to celebrate their just one way of expressing the unique, Godachievements. given talents and skills of each pupil. It is

important to look beyond the data so I am Many delighted of our young have of also me thatpeople much more mysaid job to involves that the school feels more relaxed, calmer. This being in classes, walking around the school is in part to our relationships initiative, anddue talking to new pupils, students and staff. but also as a result of the new school day. If ever are feeling at all despondent or Visitors to ouryou school often remark on how quiet, fatigued I reckon a quick tour of the school calm and friendly it feels so with our new would quickly raise your spirits. Letto, mesoinitiative we have decided to build on this show you what I mean. Today (Thursday, to-speak, accentuate the positive. September 29th) for instance, I dropped into Year 10 GCSE Music. There, I was As a Catholic community we must have at the delighted to listen to performances of centreBeethoven’s of our work love forgiveness. Ninthand Symphony, HoldSchool Back is a place that is full of mistakes, they areMarching what the River and When the Saints Go drive our important In. learning, I also gotso to itsitiswith Danielthat andyoung Chester peopleassee there is a fresh start day, DJing they demonstrated their every prodigious every talents. lesson, at every interaction. Next, during lunch, I supervised the canteen and made a point of watching the interactions that take daily. Pupilsour and This does not mean that weplace change or lower staff holding doors open for one another, expectations, but it does mean that we ensure offering thanks, moments personal that young people are little not defined byof the times appreciation and gratitude. Of course, that they fail. Instead, they are celebrated for things don’t always go well in a school, but it the times that they go ‘above and beyond’ in the is lovely to witness a voluntary apology from small things a Year and 9 to the onebigger of the things. lunch time staff, or see one pupil help another who is unsure We know as to staff as well learning from what where gothat for class. we teach our pupils and students learn from how we we are powerful role models. In behave, Sixth Form, I enjoyed a lengthy chat with Aidan who explained both the theory of differentiation and its potential commercial Our aim this year is summarised in the following application.IfIn they were short statement. weEnglish are getting it rightstudying at St. the play Blood Brothers and talking Ambrose Barlow then we will be ‘a strong,with andCatholic excitement about superstitions; vibranthumour and joyful community of love, in Year 7 RE they were dissecting our new hope and learning for all.’ Who wouldn’t want to mission statement and exploring the be partpersonal of that? meanings There arewithin so many influences it. School is a on ourbusy, world, locally and nationally, that create bustling, humming place. barriers, isolate people and strip the hope from life, that we feel it is vital that we represent a

I get to Maths to find all of Year 9 embroiled in a task that is so challenging and exciting that I want to stay and have a go myself. positive place of seen compassion Outsidealternative, it’s: “Sir, have you my tie? and care. Can you open my bottle? What did you think of last night’s game? What time is it, Sir?” and, at given least once day, “Ohtomy We have also someathought how we days!” It can be noisy at times and in a might evaluate ourselves against this statement. community this size we can’t expect Certainly, results for pupils and their future everyone toare getan onimportant with eachpart other the destinations of all this, but we time. But it is our community, and a lively, feel that a more rounded view is needed. lovely, positive one at that. Therefore we have created seven indicators of ‘getting it right.’ Perhaps the single highlight of my week, if I had to pick, would be the conversation I had with Mrs. Fay who is leading the development of our new library. I am a library enthusiast and have been ever since I was little. The furthest reach of my memory is back to moments spent in our local library entranced by its colour and bright possibilities. On Twitter #RememberingMyLibrary reveals the hold that such an institution has: ‘A library card was a free pass to wonderment, words and the ability to roam the world’ observes one user, whilst another quotes the wrought iron For each member of our community we will be gates of Stalybridge library, ‘Read, Mark, asking are they: safe; healthy; achieving and Learn and Inwardly Digest.’ Others talk of fulfilled; nurtured; active and ready; respected the escape that a library represented or of and respectful; responsible; and the refuge it offered from anincluded unkind world. valued. Mrs. Fay spent last Saturday peacefully The voice the andshelves opinionsand of parents, carers and stacking we are inching the community in assessing our effectiveness closer to opening. What thrilled me was her is comment that several boys, of surveys whom vital. That is why we send outsome regular affect a dislike of reading, were Council, electrifiedasby and have established our Parent presence of a library in their school: ‘You well as improving our approach to mean I can borrow this and, like, read it, communication. Miss?’ was the breathless utterance of one pupil. Our library is at the heart of the This year we want to get it right in partnership school: a space for being open to and with parents andand carers: working together sharing ideas experiences. It is openmakes great learning. plan and its shelves serve as a reminder that there should be no barrier to anyone God Bless. using its volumes or seeking knowledge, solace, entertainment or information. I can’t Twitter: wait to@BenDavis1972 see it come to life in the weeks ahead thanks to Mrs. Fay and her band of helpers.

As a Catholic community we must have at the centre of our work love and forgiveness. it is important that young people see there is a fresh start every day, every lesson, at every interaction

Ben Davis, Headteacher Twitter: @BenDavis1972 2


around the school this week We enjoy an excellent relationship with the primary schools in our Learning Community, so it was especially lovely to be invited to celebrate the International Day of Peace on Thursday with staff and pupils from St. Edmund’s Primary School. It is so important to provide opportunities for young people to act as leaders and ambassadors for peace, which our pupils did superbly. Huge thanks for the very hospitable welcome at St. Edmund’s. This week was very much a week of pupils taking the lead. The newly formed Pupil Leadership Team ran assemblies, speaking to pupils about the annual Make Your Mark campaign which consults young people across the country on the priorities for the Youth Parliament. Each of our pupils voted in this. On Wednesday, pupils led staff in their weekly professional development and learning afternoon. They presented on what makes excellent learning and teaching and then led question and answer sessions on the ways they like to learn. Our Parent Council held the first meeting of the year and were delighted to welcome Fr. Gavin to discuss stronger school-home-parish links. They are also planning to organise a community event close to Christmas and wish to trial parent form representatives, a letter will be issued later in the week. Huge thanks too to the Year 7 parents and carers who took the time to come to our Drop-in for new pupils on Thursday evening. Their comments and ideas were very much appreciated. Last year saw the Science Club established by Miss Robb and the garden being built. It is now harvest time this week the pupils brought in the onions, potatoes and carrots by the bucket load. They have plans to cook for parents next week and have named the largest carrot ‘Daniel’. Very tasty he was too. Our Sixth form students have been out and about in Manchester learning about fashion whilst Alice and Shervin were on Radio 5 Live talking about university applications. Shervin also features on our front cover celebrating his award as the Student of the Year on the EY Smart Futures programme. Smart Futures is a 10 month scheme that includes paid work experience for Year 12 students, geared towards strengthening their chances when going for a job or on to higher education. As part of the scheme, Shervin undertook three weeks work experience at the state of the art EY Head Offices in St Peter’s Square, Manchester. EY is a multinational professional services firm and Shervin was able to gain first-hand experience of the aspects of Law, Marketing and Finance that go on within the business. Along with other students he took part in team communication and team leadership exercises and participated in a Dragon’s Den project. The experience culminated with a graduation ceremony for the participants. Shervin was one of 27 students from across the North West that made it on to the 2017 programme. After learning about the programme from the sixth form he had to apply online and get through a rigorous telephone and face to face interview process. As well as the North West, Smart Futures ran 2017 programmes in Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Bristol, Reading, Yorkshire, Luton, Newcastle and Southampton. Being voted Student of the Programme means that Shervin will now attend a national award event for all the areas in October. He has also been assigned a mentor from EY who will work with him during his final year of A-Level studies, meeting in person and keeping in touch through email. Shervin said: “It was really good to understand how a professional environment works and to get that real world experience. I got to meet a lot of people who will be able to help me in the future as contacts or for references and I connected with them on LinkedIn so we can keep in touch. I met lots of new friends, learned new skills, and expanded ones I already had, in communication, presenting and team leading.” Assistant Head of Sixth Form in charge of work experience, Sally Cheshire, said: “"Shervin is an excellent pupil and I am so proud of his achievements on the programme this summer. The programme is an excellent insight into working for a multinational organisation and covers many 3 aspects of working life. Having a mentor throughout year 13 will allow Shervin to carry on learning about the corporate world alongside his studies. The EY programme is a fantastic opportunity for Year 12 students and I would encourage all who can to apply."

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attendance We aim for 100% attendance for all of our students and have set 96% as satisfactory attendance for this year. Attendance is monitored period-by-period and statistics are published each week. Excellent attendance guarantees excellent learning. Attendance by year (Sept 15th):

Year 7 Year 8 year 9 year 10 year 11 School

97.8% 96.5% 95.8% 95.3% 97.1% 96.5%

six forms achieved 100% last week

Attendance and its impact on learning 10 days absence means 95% attendance 19 days absence means 90% attendance 29 days absence means 85% attendance 38 days absence means 80% attendance 47 days absence means 75% attendance Please note: If your child is off school you need to contact student services the same day on

Top: at the Siemens Rollercoaster Challenge; Below: 6th formers at the Teenage Cancer4 Trust fundraiser


Above: Year 12 art students in Manchester learning about fashion Left: The Pupil Leadership Team leading assemblies Right: Alice and Shervin at Radio 5 live


Top: The Chaplaincy Team at St. Edmund’s PS Bottom: Science club with Daniel the carrot


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St Ambrose Barlow Weekly Newsletter Vol. 3 Issue 3 September 22nd 2017  

All the news from St. Ambrose Barlow RC High School and 6th form, Swinton, Salford, UK.

St Ambrose Barlow Weekly Newsletter Vol. 3 Issue 3 September 22nd 2017  

All the news from St. Ambrose Barlow RC High School and 6th form, Swinton, Salford, UK.