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Volume 4 Issue 13 December 14th, 2018

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Head’s start .

Mr. Davis, Headteacher, reflects on the Mr. Davis, Headteacher, reflects on the week. week.

The Senior Citizens’ Christmas a longIt is about this time of yearParty that Iismeet with established highlight of the school year. each Head of Department to reviewThis the season the eventexam was co-ordinated the Sixth summer’s results. This involves Form students in collaboration with a team of plenty of useful and thought-provoking staff. discussion, but it is usually talking about

numbers and letters. Behind this data are It is often a theme of this did, column talk what stories: how pupils howthat theyI felt, about they the development of a sense of service liked and what they achieved. We and civic responsibility in young always focus on how thingspeople can beas being improved central to as ourwell mission as a Catholic as celebrating what went school. ForAs some these ideas areexam outdated or are well. a Catholic school, results out of just touch with ideas of modern young one way of expressing the unique, Godpeople. Despite this I think duty It tois given talents and skillswe of have each apupil. put this idea at the heart of schooling. As I important to look beyond the data so I am have often articulated, it ismore no good simply delighted that much of my job involves accruing qualifications if you have no being in classes, walking arounddeveloped the school capacity doingtosomething with them andfor talking pupils, students and that staff. improves the lives of others.

If ever you are feeling at all despondent or Our collective to make fatigued responsibility I reckon a quick tour ofathe school difference to those in need or those would quickly raise your spirits.who Letrequire me help orshow simply those who have earned it you what I mean. Today (Thursday, through their own29th) experiences and selflessness September for instance, I dropped into (like our senior citizens) cannot be ignored. Year 10 GCSE Music. There, I was I am very proud that in our we celebrate delighted to listen toschool performances of this sense of duty. Events like the lunch Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, Holdthis Back week are brilliant this. Go Marching the a River andexample When theofSaints In. I also got to sit with Daniel and Chester The preparation undertaken their was significant, as they demonstrated prodigious DJing with the Sixth Form care turned a talents. Next, during lunch,into I supervised the restaurant complete with dance floor and the canteen and made a point of watching performance space. and pupils wentand interactions thatThe takestaff place daily. Pupils to great lengths (with virtually no staff holding doors open for one another, encouragement) to dress as elvesofand, in the offering thanks, littleup moments personal case of Mr. Pemberton, a very lanky, pot-bellied appreciation and gratitude. Of course, Santa things Claus.don’t

always go well in a school, but it is lovely to witness a voluntary apology from Mrs. McGowan’s Yearof9 the catering set about a Year 9 to one lunchteam time staff, or making vast quantities of sandwiches, see one pupil help another who iscakes, unsure mincewhere pies and other treats to be served to the to go for class. guests. Mrs. Adamson put together an enthusiastic and Mrs. Tulloch ensured In Sixthchoir Form, I enjoyed a lengthy chatthat with the lunch was greatly enhanced with some Aidan who explained both the theory of festivedifferentiation performances. Gavin and Sister andFather its potential commercial Linda application. arrived to join in the with the celebrations, In English they were studying both of them strangers to the the playno Blood Brothers anddance talkingfloor! with

humour and excitement about superstitions; After over two7hours of lunch and festivities our in Year RE they were dissecting our new guestsmission made their way out of the school so statement and exploring the happypersonal with the meanings welcome that had within it. been School is a extended.

busy, bustling, humming place.

I get to Maths to find all of Year 9 embroiled in a task that is so challenging and exciting that I want to stay and have a go myself. They spoke warmly of the way that a large Outside it’s: “Sir, have you seen my tie? group of pupils had looked after them, had Can you open my bottle? What did you spent time with them and they praised their think of last night’s game? What time is it, maturity and their engagement. It makes me Sir?” and, at least once a day, “Oh my wonder how some people form the all-toodays!” It can be noisy at times and in a popular view that young people are lazy, community this size we can’t expect threatening and menace. Myother experience everyone to getaon with each all the of 1000s of them is the very opposite our time. But it is our community, and athey lively, looking for meaning, purpose and a place in lovely, positive one at that. society. Providing opportunities for this through serving others alwayshighlight results in risingif to Perhaps the single of them my week, I the challenge and exceeding expectations.

had to pick, would be the conversation I had with Mrs. Fay who is leading the development of our new library. I am a library enthusiast and have been ever since I was little. The furthest reach of my memory is back to moments spent in our local library entranced by its colour and bright possibilities. On Twitter #RememberingMyLibrary reveals the hold that such an institution has: ‘A library card was a free pass to wonderment, words and the ability to roam the world’ observes one user, whilst another quotes the wrought iron Also thisofweek a smaller group of pupils took gates Stalybridge library, ‘Read, Mark, their talents out of school, aided by Mrs. Learn and Inwardly Digest.’ Others talk of Adamson andthat Mr aHulton, perform inor of the escape library to represented Walkden. They received a great number of the refuge it offered from an unkind world. compliments from passers-by and from the workers in spent the shopping centrepeacefully who praised Mrs. Fay last Saturday them on their behaviour and commitment.

stacking the shelves and we are inching closer to opening. What thrilled me was her Now that we areseveral well into Advent, worth comment that boys, someit of whom recording that for the last two weeks Mr. by affect a dislike of reading, were electrified Lawford hasofbeen leading excellent, presence a library in their school:prayerful ‘You assemblies on the meaning of Advent. These mean I can borrow this and, like, read it, have taken place for each house and in Miss?’ was the breathless utterance of doing one sopupil. have Our had library at theirisheart skills at thethe heart of and the talents ofschool: our young people a space for themselves.

being open to and sharing ideas and experiences. It is openThis beits the last weekly of the planwill and shelves servenewsletter as a reminder calendar year as next week we will published that there should be no barrier to anyone our Christmas edition of Horizons, our quarterly using its volumes or seeking knowledge, magazine containing contributions fromI every solace, entertainment or information. can’t form looking back on the last few months.

wait to see it come to life in the weeks ahead thanks to Mrs. Fay and her band of God bless, helpers.

we have a duty to place service at the heart of schooling… young people are looking for meaning and purpose and rise to the challenge when it is presented

Ben BenDavis Davis, Headteacher Headteacher Twitter: @BenDavis1972 Twitter: @BenDavis1972 2


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Advance Notice School re-opens for the Spring Term, January 7th, 2019.

House Advent Services

All pupils must arrive to be in from no later than 8:40am.

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attendance We aim for 100% attendance for all of our students and have set 96% as satisfactory attendance for this year. Attendance is monitored period-by-period and statistics are published each week. Excellent attendance guarantees excellent learning. Attendance by year (w/b December 4th)

Year 7 Year 8 year 9 year 10 year 11 School

96.7% 95.9% 95.0% 95.4% 93.2% 95.3%

Attendance and its impact on learning 10 days absence means 95% attendance 19 days absence means 90% attendance 29 days absence means 85% attendance 38 days absence means 80% attendance 47 days absence means 75% attendance Please note: If your child is off school you need to contact student services the same day on 0161 921 1589/1551. If the school has not been contacted within five days, the absences will automatically be unauthorised. Ten Challenge; Top: at the Siemens Rollercoaster unauthorised marks may lead to a fixed penalty Below: 6th formers at the Teenage Cancer3 notice being served.

Trust fundraiser


The Senior Citizens’ Christmas Party, Wednesday, December 12th.

Top: at the Siemens Rollercoaster Challenge; Below: 6th formers at the Teenage



Clockwise from top left: Christopher McCarthy, in St Benedict House BN4 year 10. He currently swims for Swinton Amateur swimming club and previously swam for Salford Squad. He has received lots of trophies and medals over the years and has swam in international galas in Lunan Germany. His most recent award he has received is Swimmer of the year 2018; the Year 8 and Year 9 Netball Teams at Walkden High; Sixth Formers Craig, Joe, Lewis and Morgan who have completed a week of work experience at Laing Top: at the Siemens Rollercoaster Challenge; O’Rourke. Below: 6th formers at the Teenage Cancer5 Trust fundraiser


Our wonderful choir performing in Walkden Shopping Centre this week.

Top: at the Siemens Rollercoaster Challenge; Below: 6th formers at the Teenage Cancer6 Trust fundraiser


Class of Your Own @DECinSchools Dec 11 And this is why we work with this BRILLIANT school - so much good news to celebrate! Well done staff and students at @SABSalford - super proud to work with you.





ST AMBROSE BARLOW RC HIGH SCHOOL & SIXTH FORM www.stambrosebarlowswinton.org 37 Ash Drive Swinton Salford M27 9QP 0161 921 1570 @SABSalford Headteacher: Ben Davis 8

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St. Ambrose Barlow Weekly Newsletter Vol.4 Issue 13 December 14th, 2018  

All the news from St. Ambrose Barlow RC High School and Sixth Form, Swinton, Salford, UK.

St. Ambrose Barlow Weekly Newsletter Vol.4 Issue 13 December 14th, 2018  

All the news from St. Ambrose Barlow RC High School and Sixth Form, Swinton, Salford, UK.