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JUNE17th 2016 Issue 20

Our Aim

In accordance with our Mission Statement the School’s aim

Faith and Worship


To help us to grow spiritually as followers of Christ and as members of a C community: to make prayer, worship and liturgy central to school life.

School and Community

Celebrating Years of Celebrating 60 Years of60Outstan Outstanding Learning 1955 - 2015

To encourage and develop relationships between home, parish, school and the wider com in order to prepare our pupils to become responsible, I love comingcaring to workcitizens. here each day.

Often it doesn’t feel like work. We are a Catholic co privilege to see our young people flourishing, to sp Welcome afternoon for new ways and watch grow in confidence. They a To develop an effective of communications and them relationships which is based Malham Trip June system 20th - 24th every lesson great adventures and stories unfold bor care and understanding all member 6th form towards July 14th 
 Gospel values of mutual respect, tolerance,and creativity. Our equally inspiring staff are dedica New Intakeschool Parents’community. Evening June 22nd personcloses in their care. They may July get outstanding re School 15th Year 11 Prom July 1st brings so much more to the education of our studen Individual Support and Development differently so that every child can realise their gifts a Special Event for new Sixth Form Y7 Conway trip July 4th - 8th they are. Doing this means that we are bringing to ethos of theencourage school. To celebrate the unique nature and to theirstudents development We are expecting close to 100 in Year 12as in indi Full Governing Body July 7th of each person

Communications and Relationships IMPORTANT DATES & FORTHCOMING EVENTS

Art Exhibition


Year 10 Plas Menai trip

September, one third of whom will be from schools across Ambrose Barlow. We You c There Salford is greatother spiritthan andSt. energy in this school. are holding a special welcome event on July 14th curricular activities, in the array of research to projec July 11th - 15th begin to help them bond as group and make the most the creativity that flows through our learning. There of the next twoand years. A National Teach pupils to a broad, balanced, relevant differentiated curriculum and t July 7th

To introduce all one is left behind, no-one is left out. Visitors A National often School o pupils with the necessary knowledge, skillsofand Christian values required in a rapidly ch purpose they find in the school; this comes fro

Standing Up for Free Speech Throughout this year a large group of Year 9 pupils has been working on a project entitled Speaking for Ourselves in collaboration with other schools and various artists. This week the group, which is co-ordinated by Miss Wright, worked an artist to design a series of concrete plinths that will create a kind of Speaker’s Corner, symbolising our school’s commitment to free speech and debate. The plinths will form a path and are adorned by various designs and words collated by the pupils. The path will be installed at the back of the school as permanent part of our campus. Duke of Edinburgh trip The weekend saw an intrepid group of DoE explorers head out for their practice expedition. It was an excellent, if damp, weekend and the pupils were nothing less than enthusiastic in their participation. The greatest challenge? Midges!

Rotary Club Citizenship Day This was a lovely day organised by the Rotary Club of Walkden. The pupils met the Lady Mayor, Deputy Mayoress and Deputy Lord Lieutenant. They were excellent ambassadors for the school, taking part and contributing ideas to the group work and received praise about their attitude and conduct from other teachers. Jordan Perris collected an overall citizenship award for all his efforts and enthusiasm for events in and out of school. He was an integral part of the winning team with Charlotte Kenny who have all been invited to have lunch with the Lady Mayor in September who was so impressed that she has asked to come and visit the school. It is fantastic to see our pupils putting citizenship into action each week.

Transition Days This week we welcomed some of next year’s Year 7 to the school. They spent a day working in classes, getting to know the way the school works and meeting staff and pupils. Their responses to the school were very enthusiastic and they took part very effectively in all that was offered to them. The days are co-ordinated by Mrs. Tucker and Mr. Gregson, who will be the Head of Year for them when they join us in September. Our thanks to the teachers from our family of primary schools who supported the days. We have one more to go!

EU Referendum trip Two Year 9 pupils enjoyed a trip to a debate and presentation on the EU Referendum. Tom Bates and Bethany Fraine were lucky enough to attend the discussion and hear in detail the arguments on both sides.

Women of Wonder Breakfast A group of keen students attended a morning of talks by female scientists at Manchester University.

Sports Presentation Evening Our annual celebration of sporting achievement and skill took place at Swinton Golf Club this Thursday evening. Over 100 pupils gathered to receive their awards, enjoy a meal together and then dance the night away. Great credit must go to the PE department who organised the event, especially Mr. Gregson and Mr. Burns for making the arrangements and Mr. Morrison for acted as the incorrigible Master of Ceremonies, assisted by Connor James and Isobel Carter of Year 11. We were treated to a great speech and interview from guest speaker Jamie Moore, former champion boxer and now Sky Sports commentator. He reflected on his career and shared some insights into a life in sport. He remembered being inspired by Nigel Benn as a young man and finding that boxing gave him confidence and skill when he did not excel at other aspects of school. He also shared simple, but effective philosophy for achievement: ‘work hard and persevere, find something that will let you do what you love and pays the bills.’ Athletics Competition We enjoyed great success at this years Salford Athletics competition with many pupils amongst the honours. Of particular worthy mention is the Year 7 relay team who set a new Salford record and Year 10 pupil Philip Chorlton who left other competitors standing the 100 metres and achieved an outstanding 11 second time. Money Week Assembly There were some excellent assemblies this week on managing money and personal finances as pupils presented to their peers on the value of goods, the difference between necessities and luxuries and the importance of budgeting. Tate London Year 8 pupils were the lucky ones who got to visit the Tate Modern in London on the day it opened it’s £200m extension. The pupils toured the building and learnt about the art on display as well as benefiting from an educational day in London.


above: year 8 at tate modern, london

OUR SCHOOL THIS WEEK above: women of wonder breakfast; below: duke of edinburgh on expedition.


OUR SCHOOL THIS WEEK sports presentation evening: jamie moore with pupils receiving their awards


year 10 pupils at the rotary club citizenship day.


Year 8 pupil josh hart rocks g-fest back in may! well done josh..

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St. Ambrose Barlow Weekly Newsletter Issue 20  

All the news from St. Ambrose Barlow RC High School and Sixth Form College, Swinton, Salford, UK.

St. Ambrose Barlow Weekly Newsletter Issue 20  

All the news from St. Ambrose Barlow RC High School and Sixth Form College, Swinton, Salford, UK.