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JUNE10th 2016 Issue 19

Our Aim

In accordance with our Mission Statement the School’s aim

Faith and Worship


To help us to grow spiritually as followers of Christ and as members of a C community: to make prayer, worship and liturgy central to school life.

School and Community

Celebrating Years of Celebrating 60 Years of60Outstan Outstanding Learning 1955 - 2015

To encourage and develop relationships between home, parish, school and the wider com in order to prepare our pupils to become responsible, I love comingcaring to workcitizens. here each day.

Often it doesn’t feel like work. We are a Catholic co privilege to see our young people flourishing, to sp Y7 Conway July 4th - 8th ways and trip watch grow in confidence. They a To develop an effective system of communications and them relationships which is based every lesson great adventures and stories unfold bor School re-opens June 6th care andMenai understanding towards all -member Year 10 Plas trip July 11th 15th 
 Gospel values of mutual respect, tolerance, and creativity. Our equally inspiring staff are dedica school community. June 7th - 10th Year 9 Retreat personcloses in their care. They may July get outstanding re School 15th brings so much more to the education of our studen Year 10 reviews June 13th -15th Individual Support and Development differently so that every child can realise their gifts a Armed Forces Day they are. Doing this means that we are bringing to Y6 Transition Days June 16th - 20th ethos of to the school. To celebrate the unique nature of each person and encourage their development as indi June 27th sees us mark national Armed Forces Day.

Communications and Relationships IMPORTANT DATES & FORTHCOMING EVENTS

Sports Presentation Evening

June 16th

Malham Trip Curriculum

June 20th - 24th

New Intake Parents’ Evening

June 22nd

All pupils and students who are members of the cadets organisations There or is other greatservice spirit and energy in are thisencouraged school. You c tocurricular come to school in their uniforms. activities, in the array of research projec

the creativity that flows through our learning. There

A National Teach To introduce all pupils to a broad, balanced, and differentiated curriculum and t onerelevant is left behind, no-one is left out. Visitors A National often School o Year 11 Prom July 1st pupils with the necessary knowledge, skillsofand Christian values required a rapidly ch purpose they find in the school; in this comes fro

Speaking for Ourselves Top performance poet Louise Wallwein joined us on the Friday we broke up for half-term to work with a group of Year 9 pupils. Together they explored all sorts of exciting and challenging themes and ideas through poetry. Under Louise’s keen guiding eye each pupil wrote and read out their work, with many pieces provoking strong reactions and thoughtful debate and discussion. We intend to publish the pupils’ work later in the year. Imperial War Museum trip “It’s much better than copying out of a text book,’ observed one pupil as he got lost in modern history this week at the Imperial War Museum, Salford Quays. Led by Miss Chester a class of Year 9 pupils learnt about conflict and found that through engagement with objects, first-hand accounts and displays the past came to life and understanding was improved.

Faith Formation Day We were delighted to welcome over 300 primary pupils to the Year 9 Retreat school on Thursday. They were Earlier this week an excitable group of from schools across the Diocese Year 9s headed south on the M6 to Alton of Salford and were here to work Towers and then on to the Soli Centre for with an educator and performer several days of retreat, prayer and from Sydney, Australia. They reflection. Led by the Head of RE, Mr spent the day being looked after Davies, the pupils already seem to have by Year 10 guides and leaders had an excellent time. More to follow in and the event was organised in the next edition. school by Mr. Sanders. World Environment Day Sunday, June 5th was World Environment Day and several forms from all year groups took the lead in marking this in assembly.

First Aid Training Salford Foundation and Street Doctors came to school to work with pupils on developing the skills needed for life-saving and looking after the injured. The They focused on the many challenges work was very challenging and faced by the environment, particularly exciting and our pupils rose to water shortages, deforestation and those challenges. Great to see population increase. A thoughtful and citizenship and commitment to arresting series of presentations from our others in action. talented pupils.

Pro-life The pro-life group met with volunteers from the charity Life to hand over their baby baskets and other donations collected over the last 6 months. Many thanks to all those who contributed second hand or new items, they will be so valuable to the expectant mothers who are struggling to prepare for the birth of their new babies. Life were very grateful for the donations and commented once again on how impressive our pupils have been in rallying around this issue. Special Assemblies: Standards and Expectations In our first week back after the holiday we held special assemblies for all year groups to remind them of our standards and expectations and to encourage them to seek to be the best versions of themselves this term. A letter has been sent home outlining three of the issues discussed: uniform, energy drinks and the use of social media. ACTS OF KINDNESS The following pupils were nominated by their peers for a variety of reasons: Year 7: Ella Whitling - Creativity and confidence; Jessica Jones - Kindness; Fern Williams-Gardner - Service to others; Abigail Sutton - Kindness Year 8: Katie Moss - Courage and Honesty; Emily Costello - Kindness and Service to others 6th Form: Alison More - determination/service to others Winning Forms Our trial run of the new house points system has been successful. In the last week of term the winning forms all enjoyed a special treat. They are: 7C, 8B, 9M, 10F, 11B.



above: year 9 at the imperial war museum; below: the pro-life group presenting donations to Life Charity

OUR SCHOOL THIS WEEK above: working with poet louise wallwein; below: learning about first aid from salford foundation.

OUR SCHOOL THIS WEEK above: year 11 art on display; team-building on retreat at the soli centre.

Profile for St. Ambrose Barlow RC High School

St. Ambrose Barlow Weekly Newsletter Issue 19  

All the news from St. Ambrose Barlow RC High School and Sixth Form College, Swinton, Salford, UK.

St. Ambrose Barlow Weekly Newsletter Issue 19  

All the news from St. Ambrose Barlow RC High School and Sixth Form College, Swinton, Salford, UK.