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st ambrose barlow april - july 2018



The School Day

September 2018



April - July 2018


Sixth Form

April - July 2018


September 2017 - July 2018


Our Year in Pictures

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 3 2018


Ben davis Headteacher Welcome to the third issue of our quarterly magazine, Horizons. We have established a structure for previous editions that sees every form represented in the magazine. For this edition we have suspended this approach as a result of the move to vertical tutoring. Therefore, what follows is a summary of the many events, achievements and successes throughout the school year. As in previous years this newsletter showcases the huge variety of inspiring experiences that young people enjoy at St. Ambrose Barlow. It is worth considering these simply in terms of statistics. This year there have been 582 trips and visits, 23 of which have been overseas, residential or adventurous. So many pupils have been involved in these that they equate to over 15000 days of learning time. That’s a huge commitment from staff and pupils as well as being an indication of the extent to which these trips enrich the curriculum. This newsletter also celebrates the character and commitment of pupils in meeting our standards and living out our values and mission. Again, the numbers tell a powerful story. The vast majority of our pupils are exemplary in their behaviour. Over 160 pupils have 100 or more achievement points and 135 can celebrate 100% attendance and 100% punctuality. As the certificates issued in form time show some pupils have accrued over 200 achievement points. It is lovely to be part of a school that is developing its culture of celebration and praise so systematically. As with every end of term, this week brings changes in staffing as people leave and new staff join. I am delighted to say that we have filled all but one of our vacancies meaning that the school opens in


we are a community where everyone is, in the words of Pope Benedict, ‘loved, willed and necessary’ and, as St. Paul said, ‘ambitious for the higher gifts.’ Each day this school seeks to be about more than just results, more than an education and we can achieve this with a strong partnership between home, school and parish.

September with a strong and vibrant group of staff. Nevertheless

‘ambitious for the higher gifts.’ Each day this school seeks to be

it is always sad to see colleagues move on whether it is through

about more than just results, more than an education and we can

retirement or because they are heading off to new opportunities.

achieve this with a strong partnership between home, school and

Two lucky members of staff are going abroad to work in schools in

parish. I look forward to this continuing next year.

Australia and Thailand and they will be returning in due course. To all the others I am sure that you will join me in extending a message

With best wishes for the summer,

of gratitude for years of service to the school community and for their unfailing commitment to young people. By the same token

God Bless,

many pupils and parents have been generous in their recognition of staff and we would like to say thank you for you for the kind gifts and cards received over the past weeks. I would also like to record my thanks to our staff who work so hard to offer the best possible care and education to all pupils. Finally, I would like to add a personal note of thanks. Schools are

Ben Davis

complex organisations: a building full of a 1000 teenagers is always


going to be an unpredictable and stimulating place to work! This

school benefits from the loyal service of its governors who give

Twitter: @BenDavis1972

generously of their time and expertise throughout the year. More recently, we have been blessed with the involvement of Fr. Gavin

Contributions for future newsletters and editions of Horizons

Landers who has brought great energy and inspiration to our school.

magazine can be emailed to:

In addition, our Parent Council is now well established as a forum

for parents and carers and as a engine room of school improvement

(Please send images as JPEG attachments)

and community development. My sincere thanks to all of these people, it is a joy to work closely with them. My last thanks for this year is to you, the parents and carers and by extension to our pupils and students. I view my job as a great honour and I take serving this community very seriously. I am fortunate that it brings me each day into contact with so many wonderful people. As was said in the Embrace week of Year 7 speeches we are a community where everyone is, in the words of Pope Benedict, ‘loved, willed and necessary’ and, as St. Paul said,

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 3 2018


The School Day september 2018

Monday - Friday



08.40 – 09.00

Lesson 1

09.00 – 10.00

Lesson 2

10.00 – 11.00


11.00 – 11.15

Lesson 3

11.15 – 12.15

Lesson 4

12.15 – 13.15


13.15 – 14.05

Lesson 5

14.05 – 15.05

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 3 2018



our school: spring - summer 2018

ITV Loves Talent competition    

Whitworth Art Gallery CDDiR:

This competition ran for the first time this year. Manchester was the

The Year 9 pupils showcased their collaborative animation and

first city. Three schools participated: us, Falinge Park and Abraham

printed zine produced during their CDDiR project ‘Voices Through


Zines’ at The Whitworth Art Gallery. In the Grand Hall of the gallery they presented their project journey to members of their

The brief was to increase awareness of apprenticeships and

family and representatives from the organisations that made the

traineeships with ITV. The idea was also to make teachers and

project possible.

parents more aware of what was available to young people and how they could guide teenagers toward the right opportunity. McCann Summer School Our school entered 3 teams and one went through to the final. On Monday 16th July, the boys travelled to ITV Studios at Media City

Six pupils from Year 9 and Year 10 visited McCann, one of the UK’s

and competed against the other schools. IT was a great day.   The

leading marketing communications agencies, to take part in their

boys presented on the Coronation Street bistro set, before taking a

Summer School. They were given a guided tour of the innovative

tour of the Street.

campus and learnt about the different disciplines of the marketing landscape. Pupils worked on a live brief over two days in which they

The boys won the competition, being named Best Presentation, Best

had to create an advertising campaign for Smyths Toys. The pupils

Pitch, Best Branding and Most Professional by the judges.

had a fantastic few days and worked incredibly hard on their pitch, which they presented to a panel of McCann’s creative directors.

Sports Day 2018

ICE/ SAB Bridge Days

Sports Day for year 7 and 8 was fantastic. Congratulations to MIss. Toone’s Maroon’s who won both Year groups.

St Charles, St Luke’s and Christ the King Primary Schools each attended our school for the annual ICE/ SAB Bridge Days. The days were a huge success and the visiting students were a credit to their

Digital Advantage


The Digital Advantage pop up agency arrived at St Ambrose

3 of our Year 13 students were flown over to Jersey to deliver a full

Barlow in July. A team of twelve very talented year 10 pupils

days training to 22 Year 8 students and teachers from Le Rocquier

from Computer Science, Media and Art spent the week learning

School. The students were commended for their maturity, passion

about careers in the digital media industry. During an extremely

and knowledge of the built environment and have been invited back

productive and enjoyable week the pupils set up a digital business,

to support the school in January.

conducted market research, developed a fantastic idea for a digital business and created an amazing pitch video. The video can be

The Primary Rocket project was completed with Christ the King

viewed at

Y5 pupils with good response from staff, pupils and volunteers. St Edmunds were supported in delivering the project at their school.

Best of luck to the team, SABSpirit, who have been entered into the

Unfortunately due to unforeseen calendar issues St Edmunds have

regional finals which takes place in September.

not been here for the celebration rocket launch but this is still being


St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 3 2018

looked into to see if it can be done before we break up for Summer.

vibrant culture, iconic figures and buildings, as well as our school’s

Feedback from rocket project:

ethos and mission statement. Pupils attended the Hive of Creativity Festival and visited our bee which is placed in the beautiful setting

“The objectives of the rocket project linked and fitted the year five

of Manchester Cathedral, we are so proud of our amazing, creative

curriculum perfectly for science and maths - there were plenty of

and quirky bee and all left with massive smiles on our faces.

opportunities for literacy and team work/problem solving. The project also linked work in Tinkology to classroom work as well. Thanks to Natalie, Kate and St Ambrose for giving us an opportunity

Vertical Tutoring

to have links with our local high school. The children really enjoyed their visit to St Ambrose as they saw the school in action - having

The last 5 days of the year has seen a transition to Vertical Tutoring

access to the equipment used in secondary schools helps us to

with pupils and staff embracing the changes with great enthusiasm

achieve some science objectives more easily. The air powered rockets

and zest.

were a great success.” Shane Nolan Y5 Teacher​ There are 6 Houses: St Francis, St Michael, Oscar Romero, St Teresa, St Benedict and St Bernadette. The Heads of Houses have worked Bletchley park

tirelessly ensuring the Forms are committed to the House identity

A small group of Y10 pupils who were part of the initial Bletchley

system. The Vertical Tutoring system provides a wealth of benefits

park visit were taken to the final event where they had the chance

not least helping to support our pledge to develop our community.

to use the Enigma machine to crack codes and create a better

The Form Tutors will be the key support for pupils and ensure that

understanding of how the system worked. Students have thoroughly

their pastoral needs are met and should you wish to engage with the

enjoyed this experience when they have had hands on experiences.

school, please use these as your first point of contact.

in recent weeks and this has been instrumental in embedding the

Mrs Taylor has been developing an after school project for our primary schools. It will be an after school club which will be offered

There have been several extended Form Times already with pupils

to one primary school each half term, where the pupils will work in

engaged in team building activities with their peers from other year

the workshop to develop design and practical skills. This is to help

groups to develop the ethos and culture behind the system. Parents

improve transition links but to also try to improve the starting point

and pupils have spoken positively of this change and meetings with

of students when they arrive to us in Technology in Y7.

parents have highlighted the benefits of the change.

​A STEM enterprise club is also in the initial stages with students

The Sports Day, hosted by the PE Department, and supported by

from Y7. Students are going to be designing and making ‘gift

our newly elected Pupil Leaders, was the first opportunity to see the

products’ and putting an order booklet together so that staff can

competitive element of the House system with ‘Mrs Toone’s Maroon’

order products to be made at a cost. This will give pupils further

House winning the first Sports Day under this new system.

skills with design and practical as well as being able to consider cost. We are all excited to embrace the Yr 6 pupils into this system in September and look forward to the next chapter in these exciting Bee in the City project


Our school were lucky enough to take part in the Bee in the City

Mike Carroll

project which sees 100s of large artist designed bees and smaller

Deputy Headteacher

school bees placed around the city over summer. Chosen art superstars in Year 7/8/9 worked with street artist Rich Roberts to create our very own “Salford Wanna-Bee”. We quickly decided that our bee sculpture should very much represent where we are from; Salford. After discovering that Shaun Ryder is an ex pupil of the school, pupils took inspiration from the Happy Mondays’ psychedelic artwork to create a Bee which celebrates Salford’s

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 3 2018


sixth form


sixth form april - july 2018


complete a Construction Law module on the Level 3 Design, Engineer Construct! Course.

Biology students at St Ambrose Barlow Sixth Form headed out on a field trip to Grange Over Sands in the Lake District for a few days of

Katie Saunders, partner at Trowers and Hamlins International

immersive ecology!

law firm, visited St Ambrose Barlow Sixth Form to present students Shania, Joe, Laura, Christian, Tom and Shervin with their

Succession studies at Sandscale Haws was the order of the day (for


non-Biologists this is the process of change in the species structure of an ecological community over time!) and despite a windy start, the sun did eventually make an appearance for the students too!


Students stayed at Castle Head Field Centre, an Outdoor Education and Activity Centre that offers a range of courses for school, college

Year 13 students and staff had a fantastic time at the Hilton Hotel in

and university groups

Manchester celebrating the end of their time at St Ambrose Barlow Sixth Form.


The glitzy Leavers Prom was a fitting goodbye send off for our lovely students and a fabulous night was had by all!

Art, Photography and Fashion students at St Ambrose Barlow Sixth Although it is sad to say goodbye they are going on to some great

Form took part in the trip of a lifetime to Beijing!

things with fantastic opportunities ahead of them - we wish them all The students travelled to the Chinese capital where they were able

well in the future!

to immerse themselves in the culture of this amazing place. The students enjoyed a number of the top sights and attractions and were able to absorb the colours and atmosphere of the city from an


artistic point of view. Year 12 Philosophy, Ethics and Theology students at St Ambrose Experiences included climbing the Great Wall of China, taking a

Barlow Sixth Form had the opportunity to visit Manchester Crown

tour of the Changling Tomb (one of the Ming Tombs, a collection

Court, in order to see the legal profession in action.

of mausoleums built by the emperors of the Ming dynasty of China) and visits to the Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square, the oldest

The students were able to sit in the public gallery during a live trial,

Teahouse in Beijing, and the Birds Nest Olympic Stadium.

giving them the chance to consider legalism in ethics and learn more about proceedings in the justice system.

The students all had an fantastic time and were an absolute credit to the college. NATWEST HELPS STUDENTS DREAM BIGGER DEC STUDENTS ARE FIRST TO COMPLETE

St Ambrose Barlow Sixth Form Students took part in Dream Bigger,


a free education programme for young women provided by NatWest (Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc) which aims to develop their

Students at St Ambrose Barlow Sixth Form are the very first to

purpose, mindset, leadership skills, and confidence in order to help

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 3 2018


them towards further education or the world of work. At the one-day event the students will took part in various activities and workshops designed to challenge them to think with an entrepreneurial mindset and step outside of their comfort zone to believe they can achieve anything that they put effort towards.

TASTER DAYS SHOWCASE OUR UNIQUE SIXTH FORM Students from Year 10 at St Ambrose Barlow High School and Moorside High School took part in a taster day to find out what our life in our Sixth Form is really like and what we can offer. The students were able to sample Level 3 lessons in a range of A Level and BTEC courses, work with our specialist tutors, make use of our fantastic facilities and get a feel for what our sixth form is like on a daily basis. We hope to see them all in the future as students of St Ambrose Barlow Sixth Form!

STUDENTS GET WORK READY WITH TOP PLACEMENTS Year 12 students at St Ambrose Barlow Sixth Form have been undertaking meaningful and relevant work placements this week to prepare them for their future careers. Placements took place at a wide range of top companies and industries including Urban Vision, CAPITA, Northern Rail, Salford Royal Hospital, Trafford Council, Astra Zeneca, PZ Cuzzons, All Saints and a range of schools and nursery’s. Many had the chance to rotate between different departments within their company to gain a broad insight into how they operate. All students have the chance to complete a work placement while at the sixth form. We recognise the work place demand for students with modern employability skills and we want our students to be prepared for their future work life as much as they are for their academic assessments. We work closely with a number of top businesses who offer placements and mentoring to our students.


St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 3 2018

our year in pictures


Our first CPDL evening for staff using oracy to discuss school culture and community

Well done to the year 10 rugby team. Undefeated in

Shervin and Alice enjoyed their radio debut

the Salford 9’s rugby league competition.

talking UCAS. BBC5 Live.

Y7 retreats at Wardley Hall. The brand new pupil leadership team in all its glory. Inspiring pupils ‘getting it right’

Science club with some of the incredible

september Yr12 Fashion students working on their styling.

The first ‘Hot Chocolate Friday’ five.


The Chaplaincy Team joined St Edmund’s.

Y11 enjoyed an afternoon listening to the testimony of

Shervin graduated from the EY Foundation ’s fantastic Smart

Pupil Leaders

John Pridmore.

Futures programme

mark campaig

An amazing Open Evening

Sixth Form Chaplaincy meeting with Fr.Gavin

Art & Design trip to London

edible harvest this year

Talking DEC! With Lauren, Brad, Dan

The fantastic Food Tech team. Open Evening.

october Sixth Form Open Morning.

Assembly on fair trade at

Art students at the Balenciaga show

St. Charles’ PS.

ship Team leading the make your

GCSE Art and Photography are out and about around Salford




The Lowry.

Phoebe won an iPad at the

The St Ambrose Barlow School Council have had

Our October Rosary group walked to St Charles’

National Apprenticeship Show

another creative meeting!


Look at the gang celebrating their Monologue and Duologue

Students are already back on location

Careers Convention meeting p

evening. An excellent event.

photographing Salford Quays.

through career paths


Lunch at the markets... Munich.


Well done Charlotte scoring a try in your

Crafting sentences for the written exam section

debut for Cheshire u18s.

on Live Theatre Review

Saturday morning adventures in Munich. Walking tour in the

Year 7 celebrating their Welcome Mass at St. Edmund’s in Little

Look who so

glorious sunshine!

Hulton. Fantastic evening.


Busy sowing garlic, beans Y9 Geographers

and radish

On our way to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Octagon Theatre,

pupils and talking Our annual Celebration Evening at Maxwell Hall

Year 11 Mock Interviews.



Chris Lubbe. Life-changing talks on forgiveness.

ome of our culinary superstars met

The newYear 7 Parents’ and Carers’ Evening.

Sixth Form Open Morning


Now that’s real work.The hard graft behind the incredible art on

STEM: Networking with their new

display at our GCSE exhibition.

business mentors

Christmas Fair 2017.

Advent Liturgy and Music & Drama Performance Evening

Working with Francine for our final week, model gardens almost

A great privilege to be involved Advent liturgies going swimmingly - such talent!

finished ready for RHS competition

rary production of the Modern


Christmas Fair 2017.


Sixth Formers supporting a good cause in their

Year 11 in their outfits. Loads of money raised

festive jumpers today

for charity and food collected for the homeless.

Christmas Fair! Year 7 should be proud of themselves. Their stalls

What a success! Thank you to all who came along to the Christmas

Our sixth fo

were fantastic!

Fair and Fun Run.

with acts of

Christmas Service

Christmas Service

Christmas Service

d with a comtempo-

n Day Holy Family.

Y9 making latkes to mark the end of Hanukkah

Christmas service this morning.

ormers in the community spreading the real message of Christmas kindness.

Film Studies - IMAX

Film Studies - Star Wars


Art & Design Students in Blackpool

A brilliant and hilarious #hotchocfri to start the year with Isabella, Federica, Aimee, Josh (with 101 achievement points!), Ruby, Georgia and Jessica.

7C #timetochange #timetotalk

Amazing CPD session led by our students

A brilliant and hilarious Sixth Form students met with pupils

#hotchocfri to start the year

from St. Charles to start working on a

with Isabella, Federica,

very exciting project!

Aimee, Josh (with 101 achievement points!), Ruby, Georgia and Jessica.

january Revision session pre-exam this afternoon -

Year 8 really getting into their retreats last

Good Luck Everyone. Believe in yourselves!

week. A wonderful week of activities.

Year 7 Anti-Bullying Ambassadors got creative at their training

Congratulations to the St. Teresa of Calcutta House Ambassadors recently appointed and celebrated today in House assemblies.

Year 11 leading an excellent 20

Holocaust Remembrance Day assembly for Year 7 today.

Art and Photography students are out and about in Blackpool today!

Ellie Stephens creating her amazing portrait of Joseph.

Marking Holocaust Memorial Day with a series of special talks by Judith Hayman. Powerful and resonant and very in keeping with our theme last week. NWCCC - so proud of these amazing young people today.

Our second CDDIR project kicked off today with a trip to The Whitworth for Year 9 art pupils!

A day of absolute Joy, hope, faith, love and community.


Today we commissioned 30 Year 7 Anti-Bullying Ambassadors at our assembly. Brilliant performance and workshop for Macbeth.

A fantastically attended lunchtime liturgy Mr. Riley puts his PE class through their paces

and visit to Wardley Hall for the Shroud

today. Great to see this commitment to health

of Turin exhibition

and wellbeing.

Year 9 learning the difference between ‘beaucoup’ and ‘beau curl’ with Mr. Deay

february Sixth formers during their visit to Wardley Hall today.

Year 9 developing their collages for their zines with Connie our digital designer in residence

Our award winners tonight awaiting the celebration of their efforts and skill. What a fantastic evening

Pupils enjoying a special AshWednesday opportunity to view the Shroud of Turin at 22

Wardley Hall. Thanks to Bishop John and the team for making us welcome.

The Big Book Quiz is over for a year - 3rd Place!

MMU with Year 10 Photography finishing off our GIFs for the CDDIR project!

Paris! Arrived safe and well after a long journey!

Brilliant Lenten assembly this week from our Chaplaincy team.

Amazing evening at the theatre!! We Are Kneehigh at The Lowry that was stunning! Just stunning.

Celebrating International Women’s Day.

Enrichment trip to the Whitworth Art Gallery to launch our Ambrose Baccalaureate with Year 12.


Thankyou Fr Gavin and Caritas for making the unveiling of Ellie’s work so special.

Year 7 flash mob at the Lowry Busy outside in the garden, it

Anti bullying ambassadors being given their creative

was very cold this afternoon

bullying reporting logs they designed themselves!

so went back in to plant some herbs and tomatoes and of course hot chocolate for the gardeners

BBC School Report Can’t wait to see what everyone’s stories are about.

march A passion play at Wardley Hall for A’Level Drama on tour! Service station stop en route home after

Passion Sunday. Thank you for your

an awesome performance and epic Q&A with the actors

amazing passion, Fr.Gavin


Year 7 superstars went to The Whitworth Art Gallery for our art rewards trip. We had a fantastic time, hot chocolates and even managed a quick trip to the park!

Stephen makes the St Ambrose Barlow Wall of Fame another DEC student lands a dream job. Thank you to LouiseWallwein and Isaiah Hull.. you were both amazing and an inspiration to our year 11s.

Another great evening for our yr 13 students meeting with their creative business mentors.

Anti-bullying mural design have had an inspiring day working with graffiti artist Rich on the final designs!

Mr Waterworth’s Y7 DT class made up they can finally take their Ball Bearing Games home.

Our Biologists have arrived safely at Castle Head FSC.

Exploring the Gistory of Science Museum in Geneva

Holy Week Liturgies led by the Pupil Chaplains

Art Students arrive in Beijing, China.


Parents Evening

Ambrose Got Talent 2018

Hot chocolate with the Headteacher

Ambrose Got Talent 2018

april A passion play at Wardley Hall for Celebrating the end of five years at tonight’s Leavers’ Mass. Lots of

Passion Sunday. Thank you for your

laughter, tears and memories.

amazing passion, Fr.Gavin


The Oracy team arrive at Northern Rocks 2018

Conway 2018

Dancing in memory of the Manchester Arena at assembly. Ambrose Got Talent. Yna took the prize!

Embrace Week 2018

may Remember last Friday and the Year 11 Prom - Such a great night.

They all looked Amazing!

47 eggs and 7 bags of flour later...

Baking Challah bread in RE this weekend...


Lots more sessions today for Year 7 at The Conway Centre! Brilliant performance and workshop for Macbeth.

Year 10 setting into the sunshine in Malham. Year 7 at the Conway Centre 2018

june Beijing Trip 2018.

Conway Centre 2018

Josh performing his monologue in preparation for A Level drama acting 28


ICE/ SAB Bridge Days

Blackpool Rewards Trip 2018

july Sports Day for year 7 and 8 was fantastic. Congratulations to MIss. Toone’s Maroon’s who won both Year groups.

Sports Day 2018

Sports Day 2018


St Ambrose Barlow RC High School & Sixth Form College A National School of Creativity


Profile for St. Ambrose Barlow RC High School

Horizons Issue 3 Summer 2018  

The quarterly journal of St Ambrose Barlow RC High School and Sixth Form College, Swinton, Salford, UK.

Horizons Issue 3 Summer 2018  

The quarterly journal of St Ambrose Barlow RC High School and Sixth Form College, Swinton, Salford, UK.