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ITS CHRISTMAS Melissa Booth Christmas is a time for happiness and joy, Adults receive stress and kids receive toys. Christmas is a time for the big turkey/chicken If you’ve got the pigs in blankets then you’re winning. Christmas time full of different bright lights, Lighting up the streets and awakening the winter nights. Frost and snow covers the floor with ice, Mist and fog covers the winter skies. Some Christmas trees stand bright and tall, Some Christmas trees stand bright and small. Christmas is near, A time for joy and cheer. So everybody have a great Christmas and don’t forget your Christmas hat, Everybody have a great Christmas I hope you all get fat.


Cover Artwork - Hannah Hewitt 11J

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Our Autumn Term in Pictures


Year 7

“Hope is believing in yourself and others”


Year 8

“Manchester came together as a community to support each other”


Year 9

“Help us to always help others in need”


Year 10

“Our 2017 highlights are...”


Year 11

“Hope is what drives you through life in the toughest of time”



A tribute in hope to the victims of the Jackson Street Fire


September - December 2017


Newsletter September - December 2017


That’s Christmas to me...


Sixth Form PE: Autumn Blog

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017


BEN DAVIS Headteacher I am delighted that this first edition of Horizons is finally with us. For some time we have wanted to put together a school magazine that showcases pupils’ contributions. It is intended as an alternative to the newsletter at this time of year. We will be retaining the weekly newsletter as we go into 2018, but through the magazine and other projects we are aiming to put greater emphasis on sharing the talents and output of the talented young people we teach. This magazine is also an expression of the diversity of our community. In one place you can read about all that we have done and achieved, but you can also read about our young people’s thoughts, concerns and perspectives. As I have often said, ours is a diverse school, representing all of Salford, including, welcoming and nurturing everyone. Our mission statement doesn’t say ‘Everybody Matters’ simply for the sake of it; that commitment to welcome and tolerance is key to our development as a school. I believe it is fundamental to improving exam results and outcomes for our pupils - it is hard to see how someone who does not feel part of a community can thrive within it. For those reasons, in putting together this magazine, we challenged every form to contribute and most have done that resulting in a publication that represents us all. Within these pages you can read pieces from pupils of all ages, from parents and carers, from governors and from the clergy, including Bishop Arnold. Assembling such a range of voices allows to reflect on the building blocks of our community, apt when such bonds are challenged by terrible events (such as the recent fire on Jackson Street) or by the many stresses of modern life. Mindful of this we have themed the magazine around the idea of ‘hope’, something we are often told is in short supply. Our mission statement is made up of three clauses, the third of which is ‘Hope In Better’. It is an attempt to reflect the three graces


spoken of in the well-known Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians;

can achieve. If you wish to offer an alternative name we are keen to

three concepts that are vital for life to flourish and grow: faith, love

hear from you. Similarly, if for subsequent issues you would like to

and hope. A Catholic school must be founded on hope: learning has

write something, whatever your connection, then please email the

at its heart the idea of progress, of the hope that development and

address at the foot of this page.

growth brings. Young people, also, are the most clear representation of hope I think of. With them reside all the possibilities of the

Finally, some ‘thank yous’. Firstly, to the form tutors who cajoled

future, the solutions to problems, the inventions yet to be realised,

and chivvied the pupils to offer their work; to the contributors

the innovations yet to be discovered, the families and relationships

themselves, especially Bishop John Arnold; and to Michael Connor

still to come. That is why educating young people is such a serious

for his fabulous design. Secondly, to you, the parents, carers and

business and why, in our school, addressing the issues that place

community of our school who throughout 2017 and a time of

barriers in the way of learning is such an urgent enterprise. It also

evident change in the school, have been supportive, have offered

reminds me of the Christmas carol ‘O Little Town of Bethlehem’ and

advice, challenge and constructive criticism. Thirdly, to our staff

its line, “the hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight.”

who remain deeply committed to serving this community and who

Within each child is all of human nature, the blessing of new life.

work so hard to provide an excellent standard of care and education.

This magazine is a unique window into the hopes of our pupils.

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and

Throughout the many articles, this hope is most commonly and

hope that the Christmas season for you and yours is enjoyable. I

powerfully communicated through reflections on the Manchester

very much look forward to seeing you in 2018 and continuing the

Arena bombing. It is both moving and impressive that our pupils

journey of our school.

are able to find hope in such a dark event. Others explore some of the global challenges of our time such as gun control in the USA,

God Bless

tensions around North Korea, while one contributor writes of the hope he feels in the presidency of Donald Trump and Brexit. Many pupils have chosen to write prayers, often profound and simple; others have contributed poems or raps that demonstrate a gift for wordplay and humour. In all cases the pieces we have

Ben Davis

published, whether written individually or collaboratively, are


honest, a reminder of the importance of being given a voice in a


school of nearly 1200 people.

Twitter: @BenDavis1972

I hope that you enjoy this magazine and find it as uplifting to read as

Contributions for future newsletters and editions of Horizons

we have to create. We chose the name ‘Horizons’ as an expression of

magazine can be emailed to:

our mission statement, but also to hint at the idea that through this


publication we can always look forward to what our young people

(Please send images as JPEG attachments)

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017




Hope always has a place in our lives. If things are going well and we

Christmas to me is all about wonder and amazement. The

feel that we are achieving good results, building strong friendships

traditional Midnight Mass, preceded by the singing of Carols, is

and achieving all that we set out to do, then Hope has a place in

the best way I can enter into the mystery of Christmas. From being

helping us to set our goals for the future. Hope helps us to see where

a small child I was always brought to Midnight Mass (which was

we want to go, what we want to do and to be and how we may take

actually at Midnight), by my Mum and Dad, and, although I could

the next step and to build on our achievements.

barely keep my eyes open, the night always seemed so full of hope and excitement. As a child, and even to today, I try each year to

But Hope is also very important when things are not going so well.

pretend, just for a moment, that Jesus has not yet been born, so

For everyone there will be times when we feel frustrated that we

that when the bells start ringing at the ‘Gloria in Excelsis Deo’, my

do not easily understand the things we need to be learning, when

heart once again begins to gain pace and I feel so excited that this

friendships seem broken or lost, when we find ourselves in new and

night is a new night; a night just like like 2000 years ago when the

strange surroundings and do not know what direction to take, when

shepherds heard the angels singing the Gloria on the very first

the future looks very uncertain. These times occur in everyone’s


lives because life is always about change and finding ourselves in new circumstances, in unfamiliar territory. Then Hope is essential

What is Christmas if not that ‘a child has been born, a son has been

because it tells us that there is always a way out, a way ahead, and a

given and his name is Emmanuel - God with us!’ This is the radical

way to progress. And it shows us the way to go.

‘craziness’ of God; He humbles Himself and is born into this world. God is with us! This is the experience of the magi or ‘wise men’, who

Hope is very important for us Christians. We call it a virtue and it

were so struck by the appearing of the star, that they were impelled

tells us that, no matter how alone we may feel at times, in fact we are

by wonder to see what the star shone upon. Just as the magi had

never alone. When Jesus was finishing his ministry among us, he

renewal in their lives by seeing Jesus and offering Him gifts, so too

said to his disciples “I am with you always, until the end of time”. If

I desire this renewal, and wish, once again, to offer myself as gift to

we believe that and trust in it then we will always have Hope. When

Him who gave me life.

we celebrate Christmas we celebrate God’s love for us in sending His Son to live among us and to show us the way. We celebrate Hope.

This year I will celebrate Midnight Mass as a Priest for the first time, and God’s craziness is shown again; God will use me, as His

Let us be sure to recognise Hope every day. Whether things are good

priest, to make Himself present during the Mass in the Eucharist.

or perhaps feeling difficult or uncertain there is never a reason to be


without Hope for the future. This year I will once again pretend, just for a moment, that Jesus has not yet been born into the world, and at that moment, for me, this world is covered in darkness and sin, but, at the ringing of the bells, I will be ready to welcome Him into my life; welcome the light into the world; welcome the prince of peace; welcome the Saviour of the World! Jesus makes sense of my life, and that’s Christmas to me.


St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017



Chair of Governors

Chair Parent Council

Hope is the engine which drives the human condition. Even in the

Christmas is the time of year when we are all focused on the plans

Bible, we see stories of hope, such as that of a blind man who was

we are making for the coming festivities, which usually means

begging for charity when he heard Jesus and his followers passing.

doing everything at twice the speed we normally do in order to get

Though he had been told he would never see again, he shouted to

ourselves and our families ready for it.

Jesus for help. Though Jesus’ acolytes dismissed him and told him to be quiet, he kept shouting for the recognition he hoped for.

So I hope that at some point in the next few days you manage to find some time to stop, sit down and take a few minutes to take a rest

In the end, his hope paid off: Jesus went to the man personally and

from all the madness and have a read of this magazine instead ! The

cured him of his blindness. Though everything and everyone had

theme for this one is ‘hope’, something very relevant at Christmas

suggested his cause was hopeless, the blind man believed just the

time, when we are looking back on the events of the year we’re


leaving behind, and hoping for joy and happiness in the one to come.

Our Ambrose is ambitious and inclusive, with a vision and values that embodies that hope for all. At this time of year, a time of quiet

They say a person needs just three things to be happy in this world;

endings and fresh starts, it always pays to look back and reflect on

someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.

what we hope for and what we have achieved. We hope you find all three this Christmas time and in the coming We have many things, as a school, to be hopeful for. We hope for all

year. On behalf of the Parent Council I would like to wish you all

our students to work hard and achieve everything they deserve in

a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - thank you for your

the days ahead. We hope that our teachings will develop them into

support throughout 2017.

rational and compassionate adults. We hope that our teaching staff remain dedicated and inclusive in all they do, and all they seek to achieve. I would like to personally acknowledge the parent council and the governing body for their on-going support and dedication. I wish you all a restful and holy Christmas, and I am hopeful that 2018 builds on the successes already so prominent in our community and school. This is our Ambrose. We are one Ambrose. With best wishes.

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017


Our first CPDL evening for staff using oracy to

Well done to the year 10 rugby team. Undefeated

Shervin and Alice enjoyed their radio debut

discuss school culture and community

in the Salford 9’s rugby league competition.

talking UCAS. BBC5 Live.

The brand new pupil leadership team in all its glory. Inspiring pupils ‘getting it right’

Science club with some of the i Y7 retreats at Wardley Hall.

harvest this year


The first ‘Hot Chocolate Friday’ five.

Y11 enjoyed an afternoon listening to the testimony of 8 John Pridmore.

Yr12 Fashion students working on their styling.

The Chaplaincy Team joined St Edmund’s.

Shervin graduated from the EY Foundation ’s fantastic Smart

Pupil Leade

Futures programme

mark campa

Art & Design trip to London

An amazing Open Evening

Sixth Form Chaplaincy meeting with Fr.Gavin

Depts working

incredible edible

together to illustrate Talking DEC! With Lauren, Brad, Dan

The fantastic Food Tech team. Open Evening.

their vision


Art students at the Balenciaga show

Sixth Form Open Morning.

ership Team leading the make your

GCSE Art and Photography are out and about around Salford



Assembly on fair trade at St. Charles’ PS.

The Lowry.


Phoebe won an iPad at the

The St Ambrose Barlow School Council have had

Our October Rosary group walked to St Charles’

National Apprenticeship Show

another creative meeting!


Look at the gang celebrating their Monologue and Duologue

Students are already back on location

Careers Convention meeting p

evening. An excellent event.

photographing Salford Quays.

through career paths


Lunch at the markets... Munich.

Well done Charlotte scoring a try in your

Crafting sentences for the written exam section

debut for Cheshire u18s.

on Live Theatre Review

Saturday morning adventures in Munich. Walking tour in the 10 glorious sunshine!

Year 7 celebrating their Welcome Mass at St. Edmund’s in Little

Look who so

Hulton. Fantastic evening.


Busy sowing garlic, beans and radish

Y9 Geographers

On our way to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Octagon Theatre,

pupils and talking Our annual Celebration Evening at Maxwell Hall

Year 11 Mock Interviews.



Chris Lubbe. Life-changing talks on forgiveness.

ome of our culinary superstars met

The newYear 7 Parents’ and Carers’ Evening.

Now that’s real work.The hard graft behind the incredible art on display at our GCSE exhibition.

Sixth Form Open Morning

STEM: Networking with their new 11 business mentors

Christmas Fair 2017.

Advent Liturgy and Music & Drama Performance Evening

Working with Francine for our final week, model gardens almost finished ready for RHS competition

A great privilege to be involved Advent liturgies going swimmingly - such talent!

rary production of the Modern


Christmas Fair 2017.

Sixth Formers supporting a good cause in their

Year 11 in their outfits. Loads of money raised

festive jumpers today

for charity and food collected for the homeless.

Christmas Fair! Year 7 should be proud of themselves. Their stalls 12 were fantastic!

What a success! Thank you to all who came along to the Christmas

Our sixth fo

Fair and Fun Run.

with acts of

Christmas Service

Christmas Service

Christmas Service

d with a comtempo-

n Day Holy Family.

Y9 making latkes to mark the end of Hanukkah

Christmas service this morning.

ormers in the community spreading the real message of Christmas kindness.

Film Studies - IMAX

Film Studies - Star Wars

Art & Design Students in Blackpool



Artwork - Alex Horan 7M 14


A POEM ABOUT HOPE Georgia Birchall Hope in believing in yourself and others. Others believe that sometimes it is hard to do things you are not used to. People don’t always think everyone has it in them. Energy helps in hope because if you have a lot of energy you have more chance of believing in yourself.

PRAYER FOR HOPE James Edwards Hoping for a life worth living Owing everything to the Father, always Praying for the people around me Every person to get a chance in life Amen

UK TERROR ATTACK - MANCHESTER ARENA Elizabeth Grundy On the 22nd May 2016 at an Ariana Grande concert, something very unfortunate happened. A bomb went off at the Manchester arena, killing 22 people and injuring over 59. These people were so innocent. Why? Would you do anything like this? I didn’t think so. So many innocent children, parents and families died. These children experienced something terrible at their young age. They are scared for life and will never get over this hurdle if they don’t have the love and support they need. To help these people Ariana Grande did a concert for everyone who survived the attack to see a good concert and enjoy it. She brought hope to these people. Everyone around the community helped to comfort and help the people. I hope you can do the same.

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017




nuclear war and both armies boasting a lot of soldiers which could make for a terrifying WW3.


Starting the New Year and getting to know new people.


The first time it has snowed in ages.


When we went to Wardley Hall together.



Doing our advent assembly.

Ruby, Millie, Isobel, Georgina and Shani


Doing secret Santa.


Dragons Den.

On the 22nd of May 2017, something terrible happened at


Christmas time in form.

Manchester Arena. When Arianna Grande finished her last song,


Someone new joining our form.

a bomb went off. Sadly 23 people died and 500 people got injured


Christmas Jumper Day.

including children. People from Saint Ambrose Barlow went to this

10. Sorting Hat Ceremony.

concert. This occasion happened at 10:31pm. This left people going home and to school with a tragic memory.

A POEM OF HOPE Hope is the faith that something good will come along, that when you think everything is bad you will be proved wrong, in the end is always hope, even when you think that you cannot cope, hope has the power to set us all free, you just have to believe that is the key.

TENSIONS IN NORTH KOREA Noth Korea is a awfully uncivilized dictatorship and it is probably going to sink. This unlawful land is run by Kim Jong-un, a dictator who treats his people with no respect and starves them. He openly approves of public execution and death camps. Many have even compared him to Adolf Hitler. He tries to hide the fact that his country is falling apart by pretending to hold elections every year however he is the only candidate running for power. In the news it is widely known he heavily dislikes America as they are the most wealthy capitalist country in the world. As well as already being a bit mad he is severely delusional. He loves to make up lies about him, his family, and his dad. Supposedly his father scored a hole in one the first ever time he played golf. Overall the feud between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un does not seem to be settling down any time soon with them both threatening


St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017




Gloria Shitta, Phoebe Smout and Hannah O’Malley

Myles Thompson and Brayden Bates

I hope for many things this year,

The terror attacks this year have been heartbreaking. The

For everyone to have a Christmas cheer.

Westminster Bridge incident, but especially the Manchester Arena

For more joy and happiness,

attack. Think of all the lives lost to a tragic event. Imagine the

And not too much craziness.

families who lost someone to this horrible event. All the money that was raised was unbelievable to help the families who lost someone.

I hope for lots of family fun,

There was a One Love concert shortly after this event to help

And to play out in the warm sun.

Manchester stay strong and stay together as a community.

Please don’t give us a rainy day, So we can go out and play.

22 people died in this bombing-a number of children have died. Around 120 people were badly injured at the pop up concert in May.

I hope that everyone is safe and warm, And there are no thunderstorms. I wish that everyone is kind and caring, So that everyone around us is sharing. I hope to read, I hope to learn, We hope to make a good return. We all love God, we all have grew, We wish our hopes will come true.

HOPE IN GOD Livia Kelly and Lena Kondracka During World War II Adolf Hitler was in control of the German army. He wanted to take over the world and he wanted to get rid of all the Jews. In May 1940 all the people that the Nazis had found were sent to a concentration camps in. They were separated into groups away from their family and friends. They probably were going to die and never see their family again (which is true for many, sadly) but they still had hope because they had faith in God

Artwork - Livia Kelly 7C

and prayed to him everyday knowing that he would do what is right. In January 1945 the prisoners were freed with some survivors. This shows that there was hope because they never lost faith. Today even when things are really bad we shouldn’t give up in God because we are part of his plan.

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017




the streets and remembered the children who sadly lost their lives

Abigail Dawson

due to the terrorist attack. People put together a remembrance concert and many famous artists came and supported Arianna in

Nelson Mandela was an African black man who fought for equality

the traumatic event. It shows hope because they stuck together

and against racism. He protested many times he even went to prison

and made an effort. It shows how hope can make an effect; many

as he would never give up trying. After serving 26 years in prison

lives lost and Arianna stood up and made herself proud in the One

Nelson was freed and as an election was coming up the African

Love concert. She showed emotion whilst crying in her last song:

public voted for Nelson Mandela to be the new African president,

One Last Time. She tried to make the world a better place in those

and guess what – he won! Nelson Mandela was elected as president

difficult times, being kind and generous. These qualities can get

of Africa. Since this amazing event the world is still affected by

you far in life. Manchester people also represented hope by putting

racism but not as racist as it was before the outstanding Nelson

Manchester bees around and many shops had “I Love MCR” stuck


on the windows.



Ashton Hughes

Emmanuel Adekunle

The Manchester terrorist attack was an event of hope to me because

As the Manchester attack happened, taxi drivers and many people

everyone came together and helped the injured and the rest who

from Liverpool and other parts of Britain had come down just to

were in the arena at the time the bomb went off. People helped and

save people’s lives and get them away from the Arena. This made the

cared for each other which inspired and made hope possible. They

job for Police and Ambulance easier for them. Bravely, they carried

were brave to go in and help.

on with their lives as If nothing had happened. They put flowers in St Ann’s Square to show respect and pray for the people that had

This showed hope to me because, what I saw was a horrible

died. They had the Manchester Bee as well. Everyone moved on, and

experience for the people inside when the bomb went off. Everyone

some acted like it never happened. Hope!

would have been frightened, which made me scared but the aftermath is what really surprised me. The amount of people who ran in to help the injured and get them to safety and to a secure


environment and a few days later another concert was held for the people who didn’t make I and for everyone just in general. We have

Nicholas Winton is a heroic and inspirational man. A symbol of

made a massive impact on our own country with this unity. We were

hope. He saved 669 children from the holocaust. He risked his life

strong together and we made a difference and that’s what showed

to save others. He was on a holiday when his friend alerted him

hope to me.

about what was going on in Germany. That is when he had the life changing idea of The Kinder Transport. Despite doing one of the most incredible things a human can do, no one knew he was the


person who organised it. It was only when his wife went into the loft

Daizie Mae Hughes

one day and she found the old files in a briefcase over 50 year later that we found out. Unfortunately, the biggest train he organised was

I think the Manchester attack created hope because of the way the

stopped. It was the day war broke out. All 250 children on the train

whole of Manchester came together. People laid flowers down in

were sent to concentration camps and there is only record of 1 or 2


St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017

of those children making it out of the concentration camps. In my

the most important thing about Christmas and that is family and the

opinion, even if Nicholas had only saved one child he would still

birth of baby Jesus.

have been a hero. Amen. MANCHESTER ATTACK, HOPE HOPE

Fionn Devlin

Mya-Jade Casey Manchester was affected by terrorism, and our city came together and this represents hope to me. The hundreds of flowers laid down

Dear Lord,

in St Ann’s Square represented a light in our dark world. Homeless people probably have more disrespect than you can imagine, but

Please help the people who are suffering and dying. Lord, give us

they were the first to risk their lives and offer help. Even though

hope that there is light in the world and that there are good people.

terrorists try and destroy our light, it only ends up shining brighter.

St Ambrose Barlow pray for us. Amen

MANCHESTER ATTACK, HOPE Chloe Lea HOPE We’re running, rapidly sprinting out of the house

Bethany McClafferty

We’ve been getting ready for this all evening We get there dead on time and rush in

H appiness

The performance is beautiful, even enjoyable

O pportunity

Everyone throws their hands up and sings along

P eace

It finishes

E verlasting Love

We had a great time We took so many photos


And the times we didn’t take any, we did take memories

Obviously the right choice

Every person starts to decide whether to wait or go

Peace throughout the world

We make our way to the middle of the seats

Everlasting Justice

One last photo, a selfie A phenomenal night turned into the worst ever BANG!


A nail flew into my shoulder

Sharon Okwu

My best friend on the floor, her leg traumatically bloody I shout and scream for help. Every body rushing towards us

Long ago, my great, great grandfather sat in this chair, under this

Other people are bleeding as well

same roof, telling this same story to his young daughter. He spoke

Everybody came together that night at the Manchester Arena.

about myths, dreams, emotions and great desires. She was so excited


to hear what he had planned for her today because he was such a

But we should come together every time of year, not just when

great storyteller. She sat waiting impatiently while her father settled

tragedies happen.

down into his chair. She went up to bed feeling sad that night as he had told her about many tales with not such a good ending. She lay wondering in her bed that night.

HOPE Finley Foley 7J

It was dawn, she could smell her breakfast from her room, buttered toast, pancakes soaked in maple syrup and a healthy fresh tropical

Our Father,

drink spread out on the table. While they were eating she asked

Please help the world so that we can bring hope to people. Not

“Father, how is it that while all these horrible things happen around

allowing violence and helping the world once again. Please help this

us nobody does anything about it? Her father took a strong sip of his

world so there is not terrorism attacks and help the world so there is

tea and answered “All those things I spoke to you about last night,

no more violence. At this time of year, please help us to remember

they aren’t happening now, they were all in the past….”

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017


“But…….” She exclaimed. “They don’t happen now because someone gave hose people hope, to help them fight for their future, some people are even fighting now” her father went on. “Father, what is hope?” She asked. “It is something that helps people stay strong and keep fighting, even in the worst of times”. He explained. Lord, grant us peace, grant us hope for a better future. Bless us with great grace to help us have faith in the darkest of moments. Be our light in the depths of darkness. Give those who are cursed by the chains of torture and suffering a happy life, a life they deserve. Lord grant us hope and be our light, our example. Amen Artwork - Alex Horan 7M

HOPE Joseph Grundy There once was a quiet town. It was wealthy and rich in foods. And at the crack of dawn one morning, the clouds split open, to make way for an unmentionable beast­-A DRAGON! With no army to defend them, the villagers were vulnerable. In its fearsome flames , it stood upon a young boy. The Dragon let out it’s worst fearsome roar: but he did not hesitate. Another fearsome howl from the dragon: he did not flinch. An old man joined the boy, the others followed. The whole village came and said, “We will fall together”. The dragon was confused by this and knew he could not conquer the whole village. At once he flew to the skies, never to return again. Dear God, Thank you for giving us hope in the darkest of times. We pray for those affected and harmed by something they did not deserve. Please give us your strength in the darkest of moments so that we may hope. St Ambrose Barlow, pray for us. Amen


St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017



And to heal the sick

Francisca Bojuwoye

We hope for all this for everyone.

I pray that all the great things that we accomplished in St Ambrose


this year will not end when it becomes the 1st of January 2017, but that we will fulfil bigger and greater things. PRAYER FOR HOPE I pray for a school which is a family and community, where no-one

Nicola Misiarz

is left out or shunned upon, but a school that embraces diversity. It is important to have hope somewhere in you, I hope that every student can be resilient and never give up, but

Hope is important.

challenge ourselves to be better.

Hope isn’t something you should be afraid of telling. So I hope to have a great family and also friends.

I pray that even all the monstrosities that happened this year will not

With no bad illnesses that can cause bad things,

make us stop hoping for a greater world.

And for there to be luck and kindness in the world.

I pray that when we are alone and depressed, that just a little piece of


hope that someone or something will comfort us, and let us believe again. PRAYER FOR HOPE I hope that one day everyone can live in peace and accepts

Benjy Knight

everyone’s similarities and differences in this world. Dear God I pray for a world with happiness and love, but not one filled with hatred and bitterness.

Very often we have a dilemma and our first reaction is either “I can’t do it”, or “that’s nothing I can do to change it”.


But, that’s the problem, we need to think “I can do this”. Every problem has an answer. Like rope, you can tie any knot, but it can always be taken apart.


Don’t give up, try!

Jessica Eckersley

As we go through advent, help us to achieve the goal of having selfconfidence and hope.

Dear Jesus

Please guide us through the correct path and make choices in thought of others.

We hope for equality We hope for wars to stop


We hope to put an end to sexism And to stop racism We hope to stop poverty We hope to feed the hungry

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017





Manchester is strong whatever happens Ariana Grande bombing

I hope for the best in the New Year 7, where everyone gets along and

No one can stop Manchester

no scraps in the playground trying to act all hard. I hope every one

Can’t is not a word in Manchester

will go home to a wonderful, loving family who will look after the

Hope no more terror attacks happen

and cook their tea. I hate anyone on their own with no friends to

Equality matters in Manchester

talk to or anyone to turn ro. I wish all the poor and rich had some

Stay strong no matter what happens in Manchester

money to at least share a council house. I don’t think it’s nice to be a

The community of Manchester is so amazing

bully or person who doesn’t care about anyone. I hope that everyone

Remember the victims of all terrorist attacks in Manchester

is treated the same no matter if they’re black, white, blonde, no hair, hair everyone should be treated the same. I hope all terrorists stop what they are doing and think what they have done wrong and what


they should be doing right. I hope for good in everyone.

Lauren Gatley Peace and love were brought together after the Manchester Arena bombing attack happened even though it was such a tragic time for everyone. People were killed, injured and some even went missing. Everyone’s hearts broke when they found out that the youngest victim was just 8 years old. After that day the whole nation came together to do the ‘One Love’ concert. Manchester has now become a much stronger nation and now uses the bee to be a symbol of Manchester. We are very lucky to have such a supportive country – we live in a great country.

THE MANCHESTER ARENA BOMBING Halle On the 22nd of May a tragic event occurred at Manchester Arena. People had gone to the arena on that night to see the popular music artist Arianna Grande. A terrorist planned to bomb outside the arena while fans were leaving. The bomb contained nuts and bolts. 22 people lost their lives in this terrible attack. It was chaos; people screaming, pushing and trying to get out.


St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017


Artwork - Hannah Carr238M



Abramson, Jack Niles and Gerald A.Lawson. They are only 3 people but there are many more who helped in the creation of something as good as technology and who advanced it further.


Mase Smith’s new haircut


Leo Turner dancing with Mrs Dwyer-Moores


Lucas Loriente and Leo Turner falling in the 3 legged race on

Technology us probably the world most wanted resource, however

Sports Day

many people don’t have it so be glad that you have hope that you

New members of the form – Mase Smith, Ruby Ward and

will be able to see the world of technology and even be a part of it.

Charlie Andrew

Be happy you are someone and that this thing gives us hope.

4. 5.

Own Clothes Day




Sports Presentation Evening


Success of the Rugby and Football teams


Raising money for charity – St Joseph’s Penny, Family Fast Day,

On the 22nd May 2017, a night what was supposed to be filled with

Christmas Jumper Day etc.

fun and laughter, turned into a night of tragedy. A bomb was set


off in the arena at around 22:31. 22 people died during the attack,

10. Oracy speeches

including a number of children. Around 120 people got caught up in the blast, many were seriously injured. Terrorist Salman Abedi was TECHNOLOGY

named as the suicide bomber who carried out the attack.

Technology has given the world many things such as ways to

Singer, Arianna Grande tweeted a couple of hours after the accident

call someone on the other side of the world, watch videos from

occurred, ‘”Broken. From the bottom of my heart. I am so so sorry. I

anywhere in the world and it gave some people HOPE.

have no words.’’ Many other celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Austin Corini, Harry Styles and Ellie Goulding also tweeted about the

For instance Alan Turing. He broke Nazi codes in WW2 and saved


millions of lives. Through the power of technology, through the power of technology we can travel overseas in little to no time. It has

On the 4th June 2017, Arianna Grande hosted one of the biggest

saved countless lives through medical practicals and also made our

concerts in the world. One love Manchester. Many artists such as

lives easier than ever.

Niall Horan, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Robbie Williams attended the show.

Many people say that we could not live without technology, and some have said that we would go back to the prehistoric times

Girl band little mix turned down an award show just to perform at

without it! This proves that we inevitably need technology.

the concert.

WI-FI is also a gigantic part of technology, without it we couldn’t

Throughout the show, many people got a bee tattoo to show respect

have the things like playing online games and such. Even extremely

to the people who died in the tragedy.

large organisations such as NASA and army all across the world need WI-FI and technology to operate properly. Without it we

Ariana Grande paid for every funeral, and all the money raised was

would have a gigantic step back in history and the human evolution.

going to the ‘we love Manchester emergency fund.’

The creator of the Internet isn’t specified, since it wasn’t one group

The last song was the most emotional. Ariana invited all the artists

of people or just one person. Some of them include Norman

who showed up, to go onstage with her. During one last time,


St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017

Ariana’s boyfriend, Mac miller, was stood behind her, holding her hand. It was an emotional 3 hour show, but it shows how Manchester came together as a community to support each other. In total, they raised around 10 million pounds. At the arena, there is a lot more security. Police are surrounding the outside of the arena and the inside. Police vans/cars are on standby. You have to show your tickets to the staff before you enter. Once you enter, you have to walk through a metal detector. If it beeps, you get searched. Because of this tragedy, many concerts had to be cancelled. It was closed throughout the whole summer so the government can repair any damages and upgrade the speakers and lighting. Since the arena re-opened, many concerts have taken place such as Little Mix, Key 103 and many more. People are scared to go to the arena, but they shouldn’t be. We go to this place to have fun and

Artwork - Hannah Carr 8M

enjoy seeing the people we love perform live. We can’t let fear get the best of us. We have to be strong and confident. Even though this has affected all of us, we have to live life normally and go into that arena and forget about everything that has happened in the past.

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017



PRAYER OF HOPE Dear Lord, Thank you for everything we have ate and drank, but there are still some people are around the world who don’t have food and shelter. Please help those who don’t have food or shelter this winter, help them to afford food and a place to stay in. Give them hope and peace so they can survive this winter. Help our form so they can be quiet when the teacher says so, so the teacher won’t get annoyed. Amen

PRAYER OF HOPE Mackenzie Brooks and Taylor Smith Dear Lord, Bring us Hope for 2018 and help us to forgive many tragic events that have happened this past year and help us to pray for those who were affected by these events, and let us hope these events will stop. Lord give us hope, so we can hope some of the people in these events can go back to their normal lives. In the name of the Father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

MANCHESTER ARENA ATTACK Grace and Rose On May 22nd 2017 a suicide bomber set off a bomb which killed 22 people and left 50 injured. People thought it was a balloon popping and the stewards said it was fine and told everyone to sit down. After they found out it was a bomb everyone started running away and people got minor injuries from getting crushed by people running out of the exits.


St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017




Collaboratively written by members of 8F

Collaboratively written by members of 8F

Many terrorist attacks have reached the news headlines recently

Dear Lord,

with many tragic injuries and fatalities and because of these attacks many families were affected. One of the attacks that happened to

We pray for Hope.

our community was the one which happened at the Arianna Grande

Hope is:

concert in Manchester. This happened late in the night on the 22nd

Happiness in our holy soul.

May, 2017 at the Manchester Arena. An Islamic terrorist set off a

Our community coming together as one big family.

nail bomb at the end of Arianna Grande concert. ‘You are not alone’

People caring for each other and being there when we need it.

by Michael Jackson was playing in the background while a massive

Everyone having the strength to do the right thing and show

bang from the bomb went off. Everyone started running away in

kindness towards each other.

panic. Amen Before the concert, the man named Salman Ramadan Abedi who was aged 22 was spotted before he did the horrific thing of bombing the innocent people. He had said he was there picking someone up. Terrorism is a dreadful, devastating thing and it is hard to understand how some extremists believe that this is the right thing to do to please their God. How can taking innocent lives ever be right? As the people were running out of the arena, it was announced that there were 512 non-fatal injuries and that young innocent children who should safely be able to enjoy a concert within our community were now injured, some having nails sticking inside their arms and legs. Many ambulances arrived to help the injured and people had to help each other out. This event will never be forgotten. In total 22 people were killed in the attack and their families lives will be changed forever because of this one man. However, there was a story of hope that came out of this horrific event, our community came together to support those who were affected and to show that we are strong and have hope for the future if we stick together. Arianna Grande stopped her tour straight away after the attack and created a concert called ‘One Love.’ This was supported by celebrities and people from around the world showing that we are not alone and that we need to come together as one huge community in these times. As a community we will overcome anything with hope and faith.

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017




them as it grew nearer to Christmas. It would seem like they were all alone at this point but you see you are quite wrong. They had each

1. 2. 3.

This summer we were the winners of Year 7 sports day. 7C won

other. It only takes one bit of kindness to change someone’s day. This

most of the races!

was the thought path of one little girl.

Jayden Taylor’s smile! He is always smiling, he just walks into our form room grinning every morning.

Even though she was quite poor she still had enough to share, so

Dragons Den – Mrs Cheshire helped us with a business

she set off bulbuls and tinsel outside. Of course, they need fixing out

enterprise session. We got to miss lessons to work in groups

she had all she needed all except a tree. It was now Christmas Eve

to design products and then sell things after school to family,

and still no tree.

friends and our teachers. 4.

St Ambrose Barlow had its first own clothes day in years!

She looked and looked but everywhere was plenty sold out. All


Anthony Gangoue joined our school and our form near the

until a salesman offered to help her out. He knew of a tree that was

end of last year. We love him!

different to the rest and it could be painful but was pretty to the eye.

At the beginning of year 7 we all went to Wardley Hall. We had

He was, of course, talking about a Holly bush.


a look around and got a tour round the entire building. We saw 7. 8.

St Ambrose’s skull.

She had no other chose so she had the tree moved to the middle

In December last year our form did Secret Santa and everybody

of town and with everyone’s help it was decorated. So now that

got a gift.

Christmas was a magical for all as they celebrated together around

To raise money for St Joseph’s Penny we did the beanboozled

the Christmas Holly.

challenge in form. 9.

On the last day before the holiday everyone in our form did the MANCHESTER ARENA ATTACK

Mannequin Challenge. 10. Last year we all had to evacuate school due to the chemical spillage. The fire brigade attended. We all had to stand in the

On Monday 22nd May, 2017, a tragic event happened that shook the

freezing cold outside for the whole afternoon. Our school was

world, and in particular, Manchester.at an innocent, fun Arianna

on the news!!

Grande concert, a suicide bomb took the lives of 22 angels, the youngest being seven years old. For days, worried friends and family were anxiously waiting to hear the news to see is their loved ones


had made it out or not. Memorials were held to remember the ones who had sadly passed away. Millions of flowers and posters were laid

Once upon a winter night, there was a terrible fright. The winds

down at Saint Ann’s square.

blew as snow fell, while people slipped and slid on the frozen road. Families were happy and warm inside while sitting beside a newly

Even though the attack was negative, it brought positivity – it

lit fireplace with hot chocolate and blankets. The tables were set

brought us together and gave us something that we didn’t have

with plenty of food and everyone was dressed ready to eat but not

before: hope. Hope that everything will get better and hope that

everyone was this lucky.

something like this will never happen again.

There were orphans and homeless and many more. All shivering in

A charity concert was held at old Trafford cricket grounds to raise

the cold. Some only had rags to keep them warm. The winds and

money for those injured in the attack and for the families that were

snow hit hard as they blew. The food supplies were growing how for

affected. Many famous singers participated, such as Arianna Grande,


St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017

who hosted it, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and many more. 10 million pounds were raised – a staggering amount. This concert proved that the most terrible thing cannot split us apart; they bring us closer and give us hope. Artwork - Lucy Roberts 8C

Artwork - Tara Peers 8C

Artwork - Minh Hao Le 8C

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017






Collaboratively written by members of 8J

McKenzie Figueiredo, Liam Berry, Harrison Birkett & Victor Iyumva


We did our Oracy Speech in front of parents and our year


Year 7 football team won the Salford Cup


Most took part in form fasting


Year 7 rugby team won the Salford Cup


Made loads of money selling things at last year’s Christmas fair


7L won the basketball tournament


We have over 500 positive SIMS comments already this year


7L won the volleyball tournament


We made really cool stuff in Dragons Dens


7L won the dodge ball tournament


Secret Santa!


We organised the charity football tournament


Some of our form were in the Rugby team, best in Salford!


The Christmas Dragon’s Den Advent event


Some of our form were in the Football team, best in Salford!


Oracy speeches in which everyone gave a speech to an


Going to Conway


10. The Art Trip


The party on the last day of summer term

10. Mr Lawford’s festive Challenge (knowing in advance that we will win) PRAYER OF HOPE POEM OF HOPE

Dear God,

Emra Sagalam Let there be respect for the Earth Because life moves in the blink of an eye

Hope brings us peace,

But you are forever

Hope brings us joy,

Remind us that you do not send bad things to hurt us

Just two of the reasons it thrives

But to awaken us to you

Throughout us all.

Help us to be true to you

A life without hope is no life

Not by our bad, but by our good

At all so help us spread the message

Not by the pen, but by our actions

Of hope to those

Whatever religion our brothers believe

Who are feeling small.

It is always for love and joy To help and feed our friends and enemies alike For you god Amen


St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017






Dear God,

Lord, thank you so much for all the blessings you have provided in my life. I have so much, and I know it is all because of you. I ask you

I hope you are still helping anyone who was affected and anyone

today to continue to provide me with these blessings and to provide

who is still recovering from the Grenfell Tower fire. I hope you

me with the opportunities I need to continue to do your work here.

are helping all the recovering families from the Manchester bomb

You always stand beside me. You provide me with a future full of

on the 22nd of May 2017 and the 22 who died in the bombing are

your love, blessings, and guidance. I know that, no matter how bad

happy in heaven with you. I hope the children who died in the

things get, you will always be by my side. I know I may not see you.

Walkden house fire are happy in heaven and anyone who did live

I know I may not feel you, but I thank You for giving us Your Word

through that fire will have a good and happy life.

that tells us you are here.


You know my dreams, Lord, and I know it is a lot to ask to realize those dreams, but I ask that you hear my prayer of hope. I would like to think that my hopes and dreams are all part of your plans for


me, but I trust that you always know better. I put my dreams in your

Ashlena Kochera

hands to mould and fit to your will. I surrender my hopes to you. In your holy name, Amen.

Help us, Lord Jesus, to hold steadfast to prayer, relying on the word of God, in all despair, that’s our hopes in you will ever increase and our doubts and fears will slowly decrease. Hope. Let us Lord, to be


a light of hope to those who are in need. To be an example of your

Faith Yardley

love and mercy, and to tell others of your great grace and glory. Dear lord, Amen I hope that our form gets more good referrals than bad. I hope as well that our form will listen more in form and other lessons. Also A PRAYER FOR HOPE

I would like a chance to do more charity work within our form so

Grace Warke

I hope that carries on. Lastly I hope our form continues to support each other throughout the year.

Dear Lord, Amen I hope that people will one day realise that violence isn’t the answer, so that we can have world peace. I hope that world hunger and poverty will stop. I hope that everyone will be treated equally one day. I hope that homeless people will have a home this Christmas. Amen

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017





Libby Muryn.

Dear God,

Dear God,

I hope that in 2018 our form will be the best, everyone will be happy

Give everyone the hope of winning, let everyone be happy. For

and cheerful every day. I don’t want anyone to be in a mood and

Christmas let everyone have presents and all the supplies they

everyone will get along but also that even if you don’t like someone

need and let all the families be together and enjoy their day in the

just don’t speak to them, don’t start anything with them. But most

winter and when it’s cold let them be all nice and warm under their

importantly there will be more love than hate in the world.

blankets next to the fireplace with their hot chocolates. But wishing a merry Christmas, let this Christmas be a miracle.




Hannah Carr.

Charlie and Luke Having faith in believing in the optimistic side of never giving up on the unknown future and Providing a way to open a window when

Gun control in the US is a big part of the media especially since

the door is shut, out of Every problem, with a bit of hope.

the terror attacks in 2017 in Las Vegas and Orlando. The second

amendment to the US Constitution protects the right of people to


keep bear arms and was adopted on December 15, 1791, as part of the first ten amendments contained in the Bill of Rights. Americans defend this law by saying they feel safe and protected from terrorists


with a gun, although statistics show an American person is more


likely to die from a toddler than said terrorists.

Dear Lord,

These terror attacks in the US were both caused by guns and the one in Las Vegas was the worst mass shooting in US history. If all

I pray that one day there will be world peace, no poverty, no

these terror attacks are happening why not illegalise guns, because

homeless people and there’s happiness. I also pray that no-one will

‘the constitution cant be changed.’ In its 200 year history it has been

be alone this Christmas.

changed 27 times.


Trump will blame anything but guns , he blamed mentally ill people for gun crime, yet last year he signed a bill allowing mentally ill people to have guns. I feel like the gun law in the US is totally stupid


and the constitution should be changed right away, but will that

Liam B


Dear lord, Thank you for helping us stay strong in even the darkest of times like the Manchester arena attack, but instead of us building up hatred it brought us closer together. Please help us stay strong like this and never give up hope for it’s the key to strength and love. Please help the people to have had to leave their homes and flee to another country which has a more peaceful community. Thank you God for the strength you have gave us through history.


St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017


Artwork - Pebbles Whailing Mills339C





Harry Dwyer

Dear God,

In the year 2017 an inspirational hero was revealed to us all during the American election. This hero’s name was Donald J Trump. He

We hope that terrorism stops, and we hope that people will heal

started his career as an aspiring businessman with a loan from his

from the sickening events that have occurred over the year. As we

father. By the time of his resignation, he had multiplied the result by

are near the end of 2017 we reflect and remember the injured and

3000 in profits. Why such a prosperous businessman had sacrificed

the unfortunate people who sadly lost their lives. We hope to stop

his luxury to partake in the political game? Money was not the aim

the cowardly attacks and the behaviour for all our safety and for

of Mr Trump but to help his country. As an average day working

other people’s lives. We will always remember the innocent lives

man part of the working class, he had promised himself that he

that were lost. Help us to always help others in need and take in the

would step in to help his country if any more ruin occurred to it.

injured and unsafe families. Through the corrupted eight years of the Obama administration, he St Ambrose Barlow Pray for us,

had decided that enough was enough and campaigned. He spoke


out vastly during the run for presidency and for this the media twisted his words in pursuit of staying anonymous to the people for the lies they had committed. Mass campaigns arose with violence


and death threats to Mr Trump. His crime? Speaking the truth. His

Sam, Fernley and Kane

efforts were not in vain however because on the awaited for Election Day, it was proclaimed that Mr Trump had run victorious, despite

In 2017, North Korea carried out a series of nuclear tests that

the hatred forced upon him.

showed the country’s ability to launch missiles beyond the region and suggested that North Korea’s nuclear weapons capability

The event of the 2016 election proved a hopeful time for the many

was developing at a faster rate than had been assessed by the

who could realise it. It proved that the people of America have

U.S. intelligence community. This, coupled with the regular joint

finally managed to break free of a forcing oppression and the

U.S- South Korea military exercises in August 2017; as well as U.S.

brainwashing of the common media and its bias. The bias of which

threats, raise tensions in the region and beyond.

is formed only for the benefit and profit of the news sources. It also proved American people had a better understanding of the

Since North Korea’s first nuclear test and missile launches in

reliability of the specific sources and have been able to determine

2006, The UN Security Council has passed a number of sanctions,

an opinion on facts rather than being based on lies or bias. Despite

including restrictions on economic activity. Nevertheless, the

the conflict that arose deriving from the result of the media, a sense

economy has grown by an estimated 3.9 percent in 2016, to about

of hope is shared in the fact that American people now have a voice

28.5 billion dollars, the fastest pace in 17 years. The progress was

that can be heard and can hopefully encourage other nations to do

largely attributed to the continued trade with China, which accounts

the same.

for more than 90 percent of North Korea’s trade. Brexit Kin Jong Un is their dictator and he provides all the rules by which the country is run. These can sometimes be very unfair.

The event of the 2016 election was a second example of a nation finally breaking free from the media, the first: Brexit. Earlier in


St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017

the year of 2016, Mr Prime Minister David Cameron allowed us a choice through a long while of protest, to finally have a choice whether or not our nation should be part of the European Union. As a result a heavy mass of propaganda was implemented to direct our decisions toward the desired result of the media. On Election Day, it was found that the British people had the desire to remove our nation from the union. So far this has showed an opportunity for our nation to prosper already as the pound’s value has increased and has allowed us to become an independent nation again. Both events of the US presidential election and the EU referendum have helped the countries break free from the tyranny of globalism and have allowed our independent nations to prosper once again.

Artwork - Pebbles Whailing Mills 9C

Artwork - Stephanie Onyemaechi 9B

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017




As we pupils are learning and carry on learning for the rest of

Poppy Mills

our lives as we “treat one another as how we wish to be treated.” And “everyone is equal but unique in their own individual way. We maybe the next Steve jobs, Steven king, Nelson Mandela or

The start of this year is something.

something better as we are making progress every minute of our I have been a witness of defiance and I have been defiant. I have

new inventions, brands ad facts of the new world but we must

disrespected with the most minority of little regret Unaware of their

remember those who died too tragically. I hope this can motivate

pain and effort that is suffocated from the bottom of their ambition.

throughout your hard struggles as they will not get the chance and

After little empathy. After a restart. After a new beginning, after

the opportunities you do to experience this world. Do it for them!

being forgiven with these unsymbolic words ”sorry Miss” or “sorry

As they are no longer able to do so but I hope we can keep them

sir” I know that I can do better.

alive as a memory of that ephemeral night.

Educating is about inspiring us not filling your heads with statistics.

Thank you

But we take it as a renewable energy that is available everywhere, it’s not. Redefine how you view education, understand its true meanings. Ambrose unites as a community to help us be benevolent, to inspire us to become leaders. Make the world a better one. Over this past term I have become closer with these teachers, understanding my mistakes and improving my behaviour and I hope this has also dilated other peoples perceptive and made them look at themselves. But no matter how accidental and minor my actions maybe, I have realised my mistakes which will help me improve in the future. Friends have helped support throughout the hard times; teachers give every inch of oxygen (inhaled and exhaled) to make sure us pupils don’t just get good grades and behaviour but come out as motivated, decent human beings ready to take on any obstacle course that will pressure and intimidate, to face this wrapped, curious world. One of the things that shocked me the most was the Manchester terror attack. These actions were unspeakable, which had no influence for others to do such a thing again nobody deserves to lose a child, parent, aunt, grandmother or nephew; these callous acts are by sick minded people who may not have been educated with what we are learning today: right from wrong or wrong from right. St Ambrose will stay strong.


St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017



country were affected. As a community Manchester joined together to show we were stronger. Support from places across the world like


Doing form reading in the afternoon together.

Dubai, America and Italy came in. Not only our community, but


Reaching the Irish Dancing World Championships in

the world showed kindness, Hope, Support and Care. Flowers were


placed around Manchester in memory, Other countries contacted


Being part of the colour run

our Emergency services to ask if they needed support, Even


Getting gold in a swimming competition

companies like Tesco went around offering food and drinks to those


Climbing a mountain

injured and the people working so hard to help save as many lives


Getting above my target in maths and science tests

as possible as they worked through the night. Hotels opened their


Getting Mrs Robb as our form tutor

doors to let in people who had got split up from their families as


Becoming an English Ambassador

parents and loved ones rushed into the centre of Manchester hoping


Being a part of the schools monologue evening

their families and friends were safe.

10. Getting lots of achievement points One day during June all the greater Manchester pipe bands went into Manchester and Amazing grace was played by over 100 people POEM ABOUT HOPE

on their own instruments to help us remember to stick together, to love and to car for others. It was not only the physical injuries that

Hope, a four letter word

people received but some were mentally hurt by either losing friends

H, O, P and E

or family or perhaps just being scared that something like this

But what is hope, really?

happened so close to them. Centres were set up with people to talk

What can it truly be?

to if you needed support, school did the same meaning we could

Is it hoping your favourite sports team wins?

talk to anyone to help with how we felt. This is showing our true

As you sit in front of the TV

British values coming together no matter what your difference are to

Or is it hoping your new glasses

care for each other.

Actually help you see Is it hoping Santa brings you a bike? Or even a new trampoline Or playing hide and seek and not being seen. Perhaps hope is inside us And is willing us to do good We have hope in our soul It’s running in our blood Hope is more than just 4 letters Hope is part of all of us.

MANCHESTER ARENA ATTACK On the 22nd May 2017, Manchester was hit by a terrible attack. Families, friends, our community and many people across the

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017




For example, one of the first attacks in the UK was where there was a bomb planted inside a van but luckily people found out about it and

Adam – Got full marks in an RE test

stopped it. A massive incident that happened over 7 months ago

Kevin – Winning a big football match

on 22nd May 2017 was the Manchester Arena attack at the Arianna

Nathan – Going to Australia to visit family

Grande concert. Over 22 people died during the attack and many

Mark – Got black belt in karate

more suffered after.

Kate – Becoming a teenager Fern – Going to Munich

13 days after the attack Arianna held a benefit concert in memory of

Ricki-Lea – Going to Australia

all those who suffered. Many other artists supported her and helped

Cael – Brother passing his driving test

her to stay strong. This shows that love can conquer hate over

Finn – Becoming a teenager

anything and we should all love each other because no-one deserves

Philip – Going to Disneyland

to suffer.

Mia – Becoming an Aunty to James Lillie – Getting a new cousin Yna – Coming 1st in the karate World Championships in Madrid


Lucas – Brothers wife getting pregnant and due next year

Kade Dardis

Amanda – Meeting new people Finlay – Met his 2 year old brother for the first time as he lives in the

When the terror attack happened in Manchester I was really

Czech Republic

shocked because I didn’t expect it to happen here. It hurt loads of people and it was so close to home. When it was on the news I was really sad because people that I knew were there and all the


homeless people went to help everyone and all the taxis were free to

Finlay Taun

get all of the people away from the arena. All of Manchester united together after the event.

It was a fantastic trip. To relax after a long day of walking and learning about Munich we went to the Olympic stadium which was amazing. We also went to the concentration camp which was


emotional to see how people had been held. I really enjoyed going

Kate and Amanda

to the food market and the beer festival. We went to the original Disney castle and we also had a tour around Hitler’s base. The

The partition of India was a horrific event that sparked a war that

whole trip was absolutely brilliant and I would love to go again.

happened over religion, Muslims and Hindus fought over land. People who once played together became enemies: throats slit, blood spilled, friendships ended all over land. Were all the deaths worth


it? No is the answer.

Yna Montarde NORTH KOREA This year has become a roller-coaster for all of us, especially the

Mark Lobete

people who have witnessed a tragedy in front of their eyes and now have to cope with it.

North Korea is the most isolated country in the world. People of authority restrict as much information as they can by not


St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017


letting their people leave the country. Tourists are not allowed to


roam freely, they are only allowed strict tours from government appointed tour guides. Violence and force is often used to control


Winning sports day every year since we started.

their citizens. North Korean citizens are often brainwashed by


History lessons with Mr Stephenson

propaganda that is used. There are only 3 channels on the television


Winning form football

and only 26 haircuts allowed, 13 for each gender.


Top of the league for rugby


Getting captain and vice-captain of the rugby team


Jack Thompson (Tommo) got on the school council….again


Getting Ms Morris for a form tutor.


Christmas Jumper Day


Bringing in so much for the Happy Hampers

10. Reward Trips and residential trips

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017



Artwork - 10A 40





The Ski Trip to Val Di Fiemme


Breaking the Salford girls Javelin record for KS3

Hope is striving to get your goals and be the best version of yourself


Learning a new language

Hope is love


Representing school for the football team

Hope is life


Visiting the Manchester Velodrome and the Etihad Stadium for

Hope is the spur of life

‘School Report’

I hope that the poor become rich and the homeless become homed


Speaking to Professionals in DEC, gaining an insight into their careers

Hope is learning how to find stars in the darkness


Playing in the Salford Rugby League final

Hope is a dream


Going to the Clothes Show, purchasing lots of gifts

Hope that all wars stop


Form trip to laser quest

Hope is having a belief Hope is something with us every day, it is creating dreams & ambitions and making them come true

ASPIRATIONS FOR 2018 Everything that is done in the world is done with hope, no matter 10. Going on the Ski trip

how dark it is, hope is possible

11. Watching Man City winning the premier league

Hope for no world hunger

12. Taking part in museum takeover day

Hope for world peace

13. Going to Plas Menai with PE

Hope means anything is possible

14. Going on the school trip to Beijing

Ensure hope for the future is high, as we don’t want to say goodbye

15. Getting the school rugby team to the final again Hope is the reassurance that everything is going to be ok in the end Hope for it and anything is possible Hope is ambition and desire Hope is having a dream Hope is a wish and dream your heart makes I hope and aspire to be like my mum I hope I am rich and I am really cool with a fast car and a beautiful girlfriend Remember: Hope is dope Being unfaithful is a joke C’mon man can’t you see that hope is the only thing people need to cope Hope is what keeps you going and keeps you focused on the future.

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017




80 deaths and about 78 people treated in hospital with 228 people

Hollie Mellor

escaping the fire.

On the 12th December 13 pupils from St Ambrose Barlow took

50 artists come together and created a cover for the victims of

part in and indoor rowing competition. With schools from all over

Grenfell. With all the proceeds going to the victims of Grenfell.

Salford competing with each other. Everybody who competed in

Simon Cowell got the artist together to create this song. With artist

team Ambrose came 1st or 2nd. Overall, we won the competition

such as Stormzy, Robbie Williams, Craig David, James Blunt and

with Ambrose scoring 185 points, and got awarded a trophy. Two

many more. Simon Cowell said he doesn’t care what the song Bridge

people broke the indoor rowing record which will then get put in a

over Troubled waters sounds like as long as it raises money for the

book so next year somebody else has to try and beat the record to

victims and their families of Grenfell.

make a new one To this day some of the victims of Grenfell have still not been rehomed and they are homeless. The victims are worrying because #HOPE IN BETTER

Christmas is only a couple of weeks around the corner and they

Hollie Mellor

might not have a home for Christmas.

Dear God

It has been a challenging year this year with Grenfell not being there

We pray for hope each day

anymore for people to live happily, in their homes, but this when we

We live in this universe.

put our values to the test. What does British values mean. It basically

We hope that each day

means true values, democracy, laws and respect. We have been

Is going to get better and better

challenged because we have helped the victims bit by bit but there

With accepting every opportunity

isn’t enough help for the victims though. This is why a small amount

In life.

if the victims haven’t been rehomed for Christmas and New Year.

We also hope and pray for That we will always have love, joy, peace and guidance To make the right choices in life And to create a path for us To walk down St Ambrose Barlow Pray For Us Amen

THE GRENFELL TOWER FIRE Hollie Mellor and Holly Traynor On the 24th June 2017 a 24-story building broke into flames. Leaving the people of London waking up the next morning heartbroken with this devastating news. Grenfell tower had about


St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017





Dear God,

Penicillin has saved many lives over the years and continues to do so today and hopefully for many years to come.

We pray for the people who are suffering, and those who are innocent and are the victims of unnecessary violence.

How many times have you been ill, trying to fight off an infection

We pray that people can forgive and forget and we pray for the

and struggled to get better? A trip to the doctors may result in a

world which needs hope.

course of antibiotics. But where did this wonder drug all start?

We pray that you will be able to shine light on the places in our

In 1928 the first true antibiotic was discovered accidently by

world which seem at their darkest point, and we pray that you will

Alexander Fleming. After returning from holiday he started to clear

rekindle the hope in those who have lost it

up some of the mess he had left behind and in the petri dishes of bacteria there were clear areas surrounding a patch of mould. It


was as if the mould had secreted something that inhibited bacterial growth. Fleming found that his “mould juice” was capable of killing a wide range of harmful bacteria, such as streptococcus and meningococcus. It is impossible to know how many lives have been saved by penicillin but it is estimated that penicillin saved 80,000,000 to 200,000,000 lives. Penicillin has saved, and is still saving, millions of people around the world. Fleming was knighted in 1944 and in 1945 he shared the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

HOPE, FAITH, LOVE Father, please give hope to people suffering in the world. Give hope to all those in war zones, starving, struggling to survive. Please give light to those who need it. Please help all the homeless and give them shelter from the cold. We pray today that you spread your love to the people in need. Bring them your hope and kindness. Bring them your love and safety. Bring them the support and happiness they need. We hope that the year ahead is peaceful. Keep us in your thoughts. Amen

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017




competitions and showing their talent. They are proud of the school rugby team winning the Salford Schools’ Tournament. Cole, who

In 2017, many of us went to Ullswater and really enjoyed the

is training to be a professional rugby player says his highlight was

climbing, swimming, walking and canoeing (even the falling in!).

beating Woolston the in the Rugby finals.

We had to work together to battle against the strong wind it was something they had never done before. The hiking was hard work

One of our form is publishing her first novel “The Curse of

but it shows that if you challenge yourself you can get over your


fears. We made stronger friendships because of the amount of trust we had to place in each other.

One of our form is proud of her dancing skills.

The ski trips are expensive but they are worth every penny. It was an

The last, but perhaps the best reason to be thankful, is from me.

enduring test of fitness as it was 5 days of constant skiing on rough

What an amazing set of young people with so many gifts and talents,

terrain. The mountains were bitterly cold. We took the gondola up

experiences and challenges to celebrate. I feel very proud of them

to the black slope overlooking the depths below. Alex says his legs

(says Mrs. Chalk).

felt like jelly, it seemed so far. It was a perfect trip but the week went too quickly and before they knew it they were departing for home. AN ORIGINAL STORY The Duke of Edinburgh’s ward involved us doing charity / volunteer

Molly Doyle

work, and walks as long as 12 hours on our own. We had to set up I was abandoned. I have no ability to see so I was too much of a

tents and cook – it was amazing!

burden on my mother. Her scent, lost. The only thing I remember Bletchley Park was a memorable trip. We got to see the Enigma

is hearing my brothers and sisters cry to the snapping of sticks. I

machine, bomb machine and WW2 offices. The history of this place

was left; I was cold. Scared, I cried for my mother; the last sign of

is amazing and interesting.

affection she gave me was her rough tongue go over my body. Then, she was gone.

Our form was selected to go on an art trip and work with clay at the Manchester Metropolitan University. It was a project to create our

The warmth had gone so I presumed it was night. My cries echoed

own clay pots to put on show. We enjoyed seeing the work of other

in the surroundings for a while until I gave up. She wasn’t coming

students and ours on display.

back. I was prepared to leave this world. My life would not be the same blind anyway. I believe this until something soft and warm

Josh recalls “I remember turning up to the venue, Manchester City

wraps around me.

campus running track. Thousands of empty seats soon to be filled by screaming kids and mayors from various towns. I was shown to


the VIP area. Then the stands filled up until 2,000 people were in their seats. I performed “One Last Time” with pop artist Tasia Sky

But it wasn’t her. It was my human, Amanda. That was the day

as it was in aid of the Manchester Bomb victims.” He has grown to

she rescued me. Even though, I will never see her face, her scent is

internet stardom – 7 ½ thousand views on Facebook. A true guitar

beautiful. Lilac and roses. She remade my life. At three weeks old,


I was willing to die, now at thirteen years I realise how foolish I was. Amanda gave me hope when her hands wrapped around me and

Some of our form have been sporting heroes – winning


lifted me to hope.

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017


Artwork - Hannah Hewitt4511J





New comers to the form – Joe and Ethan.


12 form students being made prefects. Brilliant news and there

2017 wow what’s happened,

are hopefully more to come.

Manchester Arena blackened,

Numerous stars awarded for EXCELLENT interviews on mock

One man, one weapon,


interview day.

All them man are sweating,


Whole form participation in delivering year group assembly.

Kids coming to see Ariana,


We all became a family

Thinking they are lucky ‘cos they ain’t starving in Ghana, Over 20 lives lost, You know the line they crossed,


Some of them kids are as precious as a feather,


But Manchester we stick together, Man remember when I was slanging dope,

Year of 17, you can say it was alright,

All I had was a hope,

But what about Manchester’s sorrowful night,

Zannotis, yeezys, loubs don’t buy you happiness,

So many attacks, so much fright,

Nah that just fills me with angriness.

We’re surrounded by darkness, trying to find some light.

Bape, moncler it makes you look good on the outside,

Grenfell tower, it did burn,

But on the inside I have died,

All these deaths, yet we don’t learn,

So many man died in that fire,

You think a stronger community is what we earn,

Sort the flats out Theresa u liar.

But to the vulnerable our backs we turn.

Pray for Manchester Pray for Barca man when we gonna stop

The rich sit in their penthouses and look upon the ones who



I’m sick of this government we still underpaying.

They’ll walk all over you like a puddle.

Man the bad people are the minority it’s our earth,

A materialistic world, people selling drugs,

We need to slap these silly guys of our turf,

Trying to get a pearl for their girl.

So to end it lets give a thought to those who aren’t with us today,

Raising prices trying to cut people out,

Lets make the most of this life before we fly away.

flexin dey roleys to get some clout, There’s no hope for the poor, ain’t got a voice to shout, No money or help, it’s a drought.

2017 RAP

And no we didn’t help the immigrants,

Daniel Platt

Parliament trying to protest their innocence, Money on warfare, should’ve gone to healthcare,

2017 what a year,

Playing with peoples wages like a fair.

Yeezys always very dear, (Shoes by Adidas.)

2017, wasn’t exactly clean,

But when the site dont load it brings me a tear,

Just looking for a beam of light,

If one day I cop them, Ill scream out and cheer.

The fun and the laughter, what a sight, 2017, you can say it was alright.

Them Kors belts are very nice, Idubbz dropped a banger on rice, (Ricegum a Youtuber.)


St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017

11A “... HELP EACH OTHER, LEARN AND GROW AS ONE UNIT BUT STAY UNIQUE” Dem lads in manny always on spice, (The common drug in


Manchester at the moment.)

Thomas Bates

Dem really need to take the advice. Dear God, But please dont fret, there’s always hope,

Youse gotta evangelise just like the pope,

Please help us with our up and coming exams in 2018, help us stay

Don’t take the yeezy way out by rope,

wise, committed and humble. Let our form be a community where

Coz as long as we together, there always gonna be hope.

we can help each other, learn and grow as one unit but stay unique.

Always hope. Amen PRAYER FOR HOPE


Joe and Chris

Dylan McGee

Dear God,

Some days are grey, Some we say hooray,

I pray you would keep your hope in our world no matter all the pain

Others we play,

we have caused it.

And we live, laugh and love today, A loving world we pray,

May you trust in us to work everything out for good and may you

Hoping it is a bright benevolent day,

give us grace and peace for now and for all time.

All we have to say is, We are 11A.

Also may you help us to keep our faith in you and keep our relationship strong so we may pass the vision of the Holy Spirit for generations to come.

WHAT IS HOPE? Charlotte, Sophie, Imogen and Alvina Hope is seeing the future in a bright and beautiful place, Hope is what drives you through life in the toughest of time, Hope is what takes you to sleep and wakes you up in the morning, Hope is what keeps the soul going, Hope is what keeps you happiest in the midst of evil, Family is hope, Friends are hope, Love is hope Hope for a better future.

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017




many religions such as Islam because of terrorist attacks that have happened as well as his abhorrent rules he wants to come into

In the upcoming months we all hope to pass our GCSE`s and excel

power, like the wall on the border between the USA and Mexico.

in them, achieving grades that are expected and beyond. To become

Our mutual respect as a country for Donald Trump has disappeared;

successful well rounded members of society who genuinely make

he doesn’t care for others way of life and wants everyone to bow

a difference. Use the skills we’ve learnt in our time at school to

down to his will. Why?

progress further. We all hope to become more independent getting onto the courses


that we need to further develop our education and get jobs that will help us advance and better our futures. We hope to leave as many

The Suffragettes, it’s a name we all know. It’s the name of the group

options open as we can so that if we don’t know what we want to do

that got us, as women, the vote, something everyone takes for

with our lives that we can decide later along the line when we have

granted. Just think before 1918 women weren’t allowed to vote on

more of an idea what we want to do with ourselves.

who would come into office and basically rule over their country. It took lots of hard work, protests and even some deaths to allow the

We all have individual hopes and aspirations which we will aim to

government let a few women vote in 1918. But that wasn’t enough,

achieve. Our form hopefully has a bright future ahead of us.

the Suffragettes wanted equal voting rights for all women, not just

We hope to all stay safe and happy, we want to remain well minded

a select few. Nancy Astor broke the stereotypes that women should

and optimistic. We hope that our home life and families are safe and

stay at home and look after the house and children and became the

that we don’t take advantage of our happiness and pray that it will

first female MP to sit in the House of Commons in 1919, this caused

only improve further.

a stir amongst England and in 1928 everyone over the age of 21 could vote.

We also hope to all stay in contact and know that even though we`re going out separate ways that will all still remain part of the form.

There were two types of women’s rights advocates, the Suffrages and the Suffragettes. The Suffrages were founded in 1897, by Millicent Fawcett, a woman who believed that women should be given equal


rights. Fawcett fought relentlessly through peaceful protests and


organised marches. The suffragettes however, were more extreme and were, along with their founder Emmeline Pankhurst, part of

20th January 2017 saw Donald Trump inaugurated as the 45th

violent rebels and less feminine movements.

president of the United States. His presidency has brought lots of

There have been many controversies surrounding the suffragettes

controversy and tension within the States and overseas. Our nation

however you can’t deny, they did pave the way for future generations

was heavily dismayed at his election into presidency and his new-

of feminists to change the world for all women.

found importance in international relations; this first year has tested many fundamental values of Britain.

The Vote:

We hold at heart our strong value of mutual respect and tolerance

In 1918 the Representation of the People Act was passed which

for others. Though we always regarded all of the American

allowed women over the age of 30 who met a property qualification

Presidents in high favour, Donald Trump has received our blatant

to vote. Although 8.5 million women met this criteria, it only

disregard of his incompetent statements. He has disrespected

represented 40 per cent of the total population of women in the UK.


St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017

The same act abolished property and other restrictions for men, and extended the vote to all men over the age of 21. Additionally, men in the armed forces could vote from the age of 19. The electorate increased from eight to 21 million, but there was still huge inequality between women and men. Votes for women has been a gradual improvement in women’s rights. The same movement has also been part of the education, right to divorce and to have careers such as professors and doctors. The Women’s Vote gives us hope that one day there will be total equality amongst all humans. It also give us hope because it shows determination and motivation can go a long way and to never stop achieving our beliefs. Artwork - Olivia Fair 11M

Artwork - Hannah Hewitt 11J

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017




suffering, ensure that, even if they lose everything, they still retain

Marcus Belcher


What is Hope?

Fill the young people of our school community with hope: hope that they can succeed, enjoy a bright future, and hope that they

Many people are asking that question today,

can receive many opportunities in their lives which will leave them

Well the answer isn’t very simple, it’s hard to say,

fulfilled and, above all, content.

Hope can differ depending on me and you, Fill the adults in our school community with hope: hope that they

Hope is a matter opinion, that much is true.

can provide the academic and pastoral support that the pupils here Hope for me is the dreams I want to achieve,

are so reliant upon; take away all anxiety, doubt and stress, instead

Hope is the freedom to believe.

filling them with zeal, perseverance and hope.

I hope for a future where everyone is equal, I hope we can stop the hate and see that we’re all the same people.


Many people say that hope is dangerous, They say too much hope can endanger us,


But having hope in awful situations can save lives,


Hope is the reason many of us survive.

Autumn coomber

So I’ll ask again: what is hope?

In 2016, 432 innocent bystanders were killed as a result of mass

You can ask your parents, your teachers or even the Pope,

shootings and 15000 of firearm-related crimes. Only 2000 of these

But they won’t be able to tell you what hope means to you,

deaths were consequences of defensive use to save an innocent life,

You have to look inside yourself if you want your own truth.

and still Republicans insist that to own a potentially fatal weapon is a basic right of all Americans. Surely the right to life is more important than the right to the possession of a gun and yet the US


government has failed to pass any major gun control legislation for

Ryan Roberts

over 20 years.


Less than a month after the mass shooting in Texas, killing 26 church-goers, US Congress passed a Trump-endorsed bill to restrict the state’s power to regulate who is allowed to carry a loaded weapon

Please grant us hope in times of despair.

on the streets and who can obtain a gun license. Despite the clear disputes from many police representatives, the legislation will now

Grant hope to those who struggle to see the light.

be debated by the Senate, the only obstacle to the probable rise in Bring a bright future for those who cannot perceive one, for those

gun violence.

who are downtrodden, for those who live in darkness. Statistics show that countries with restrictive gun laws have lower Bring us the hope that will fuel us in everything we undertake.

homicide and suicide rates; Switzerland is ranked third in gun

For those who endure the endless misery of persecution and

ownership rates but only 277 people died in shootings, almost 100


St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017

times less than the US. These figures leave no room for dispute, it is clear that gun restriction dramatically reduces gun violence. From a Christian point of view, our point of view is that life is sacred, and guns are a threat to the general welfare to the people of the United States. As a matter of fact, shouldn’t it be everyone’s priority to protect human life and ensure everyone a right to exist safely?

Artwork - Olivia Fair 11M

Artwork - Olivia Fair 11M

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017




which only happened a couple of months ago on the 22nd of May

Danielle Rogers

at the Ariana Grande concert in the MEN Arena. Horrifically 22 people died and many more were injured by the dreadful bomb that

In the first term of year 11 I was invited to attend a Mass to celebrate

had exploded. Our friend Megan witnessed this happen and here

the pupil leadership team. It was organised by Mr Holden and

is what she experienced: “as the Arianna Grande concert ended,

the mass was led by Father Gavin, the mass was based on silent

everybody was leaving and in the foyer outside of stall 106 a big

reflection. However Mr Davies tried to break the silence through

bang went off. For a second people looked around confused, near

his unique playing of the piano! The Mass was a fantastic way to

the stage, but where I was 10 stairs down from 106, people starting

introduce and celebrate the new pupil leadership team ranging

charging down with horror on their faces. Straight to the fire exit

from year 7 to year 11. The pupil leadership team consists of school

where people were jumping from the high stalls, all I could hear

council members, chaplaincy team, prefects, senior prefects, house

was screaming. After the concert people were shaking, some were

captains, deputy head boy and girl and finally head boy and head

even sat down because they were so scared and wondering what had


happened.” Saffie Rose was the youngest victim of the terror attack. Saffie’s mum


Lisa, 48, was injured in the bomb blast and was taken to hospital

Liliana Abrahamyan

unconscious and gravely ill. Her older sister Ashlee Bromwich, 26, was also injured. It was so tragic for a girl as young as Saffie to have

Dear Lord,

her life taken fr0m her so quickly, and has caused many upsetting

Help us to share the Hope of our hearts with one another,

problems for the family left behind.

And to seek the truth amongst us. We ask you to forgive our

Terrorism doesn’t just affect the families of the victims or even the

Mistakes and sins,

people around. It affects everybody all over the world. It restricts

And enlighten the path for a new start.

people on the places they go due to them being frightened of the

We pray for those in need who

terrorists dominating us. We came together as a community to

Suffer from hunger and fear

overcome this tragedy, and may tribute in many different ways. For

And that we share the love and joy for them

example St Ann’s square was covered for acres with flowers, teddy

Our hope and trust are in you,

bears, balloons, people lighting candles, saying prayers. Which

To guide us through the toughest of times

shows how much respect we have got for our fellow humans.

As you are our strength and wisdom And inspire us with the everlasting courage,

To conclude, terrorism is affecting the lives of each individual all

By sharing love in our hopes for better,

around the world, and it is hard to understand what mental state


these horrific people are going through to ruin so many innocent lives. We should carry on together like we have done in our actions and work together as a community to overcome the evil that has


confronted us.

Teresa Grennan, Holly Williams Gardner and Megan Wade There have sadly been many terrorist attacks in the UK. However the main one that stands out due to it being Manchester is one of


St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017


By Hasmukh Patel: ‘I am lost for words. My condolences to the


family and friends. I pray that mother and little child recovers.’


By Lesa Craig: ‘Absolute hell for all their families that have the heartache of burying these angels. God knows what hell they’re

Don’t be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before we

going through, my thoughts are with them’

can meet again and meeting again, after moments or a lifetime, is We are never going to forget you and your little brother and sister.

certain for those who are friends.

We all miss you so much. We are all heart-broken ...... We love you Our friendship is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

so much xx

Talking to you made me smile and meeting you set me free. I can’t believe that fate has taken you away and ripped us apart. I just want to say that I will miss you from the bottom of my heart. Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime. We’ll take the best, forget the rest, and someday, will find that these are the best of times. We will never forget the loss of Demi and her mum and siblings. There will always be people you love and miss, and you will always be that person for someone else. You’ll want to hold on forever and never let go. But the thing is, you can’t say hello again if you haven’t said goodbye. WE ALL MISS YOU SO MUCH – YOU’RE IN A BETTER PLACE NOW The Headteacher of her school Drew Povey: ”We are devastated at the tragic loss of life today in our community. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family involved.” By Karen Gill: ‘Sincere condolences to all their family and friends at this difficult time. Absolutely heart-breaking, rest peacefully together hand in hand.’ By Wendy J Jones: ‘Heart breaking. My thoughts are with the immediate family and friends... sweet dreams little ones.’ By Paula Beven: ‘This is heart breaking. I feel such sadness for the whole family. Just hope and pray that Mum and her 3 year old daughter pull through.’

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017



Artwork - Ellie Stephens - Sixth Form 54



Assistant Head of Sixth Form in charge of work experience, Sally


Cheshire, said: ““Shervin is an excellent pupil and I am so proud of his achievements on the programme this summer. The programme

Congratulations to St Ambrose Barlow Sixth Form Student, Shervin,

is an excellent insight into working for a multinational organisation

who has graduated from the EY Foundation’s Smart Futures

and covers many aspects of working life. Having a mentor

programme as Student of the Programme!

throughout year 13 will allow Shervin to carry on learning about the corporate world alongside his studies. The EY programme is a

Smart Futures is a 10 month scheme that includes paid work

fantastic opportunity for Year 12 students and I would encourage all

experience for Year 12 students, geared towards strengthening their

who can to apply.”

chances when going for a job or on to higher education. As part of the scheme, Shervin undertook three weeks work experience at the

Applications for next year will open in late October. Visit the EY

state of the art EY Head Offices in St Peter’s Square, Manchester.

Foundation’s Smart Futures website to find out more.

EY is a multinational professional services firm and Shervin was able to gain first-hand experience of the aspects of Law, Marketing and Finance that go on within the business. Along with other


students he took part in team communication and team leadership exercises and participated in a Dragon’s Den project. The experience

Sixth Form students Shervin and Alice enjoyed their debut on

culminated with a graduation ceremony for the participants.

BBC 5Live talking all things personal statements! The BBC invited them along to take part in a discussion on UCAS and university

Shervin was one of 27 students from across the North West that

applications. The pair shared their experiences on making

made it on to the 2017 programme. After learning about the

applications and writing personal statements.

programme from the sixth form he had to apply online and get through a rigorous telephone and face to face interview process.

At St Ambrose Barlow sixth form all students who wish to apply to

As well as the North West, Smart Futures ran 2017 programmes

university are given support and guidence throughout the process

in Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Bristol, Reading,

including tutor sessions on writing personal statements, to ensure

Yorkshire, Luton, Newcastle and Southampton. Being voted Student

they have the best possible chance of getting to their top choice

of the Programme means that Shervin will now attend a national


award event for all the areas in October. He has also been assigned a mentor from EY who will work with him during his final year of A-Level studies, meeting in person and keeping in touch through


email. Art, Fashion and Photography students at St Ambrose Barlow Sixth Shervin said: “It was really good to understand how a professional

Form visited London to gather ideas and inspiration as part of their

environment works and to get that real world experience. I got to


meet a lot of people who will be able to help me in the future as contacts or for references and I connected with them on LinkedIn so

Students visited the Turbine Hall and permanent exhibition spaces

we can keep in touch. I met lots of new friends, learned new skills,

at the TATE Modern and the Victoria and Albert Museum. They

and expanded ones I already had, in communication, presenting and

also had the chance to do see the sights of London and of course

team leading.”

squeeze a little shopping in.

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017



The course offers all students the opportunity to undertake a work


placement module in your second year, with past students doing placements at brands such as Alexander McQueen, American

St Ambrose Barlow Student Jess was extremely lucky to have the

Apparel, Christopher Kane, Henri Lloyd, Jonathan Saunders, Karl

opportunity to take part in a work experience placement on the

Lagerfeld, Markus Lupfer, Selfridges & Co, Anna Sui, Vera Wang

Neurosurgery ward at Salford Royal, where she was even able to

and Viktor & Rolf.

observe brain surgery. Our students came away with ideas and unlimited ambitions for The work experience, organised by the college, saw Jessica Spending

their future careers.

four days with the department. Jess got to spend time in CT/MRI scanning, in Physio, on the wards, and in surgery where she was able to scrub up and observe the brain surgery.


Jess, who is studying BTEC Health and Social Care, alongside

It was fantastic to see our Year 13 leavers at their Presentation

Biology and Psychology A Levels at St Ambrose Sixth Form,

Evening as we celebrated their fantastic achievements.

undertook the experience to help her decide which area of medicine/nursing she would like to pursue in the future. This was

It was great to see them successfully moving on to their destinations

an amazing opportunity as it is rare for sixth form students to get a

of choice and continuing to be happy and successful. The great

placement in a hospital, never mind to get so close up.

results are down to their hard work and dedication, as well as the continued effort and support from staff.


Well done - you deserve all your success!

Art and Design and Photography students at St Ambrose Barlow Sixth Form enjoyed a visit to windy Blackpool to collect


photographic evidence for their current and upcoming projects.


They visited all the local attractions including the piers and the

St Ambrose Barlow Sixth Form student Shannon has been awarded

promenade, the arcades, gift shops and of course the famous tower,

a prestigious GSR football scholarship which will allow her to study

to capture scenes, memories, collections, objects, food, memorabilia,

and train in America next year.

people, and urban landscape inspiration. Shannon, who plays for Curzon Ashton Ladies first team, took part They ended the day in traditional Blackpool style with fish and chips

in mixed trials at Platt Lane Sports Complex in Manchester and was

and the illuminations and returned to college full of ideas for new

one of four selected from over one hundred candidates.

creative projects. Global Sports Recruitment (GSR) provides talented amateur sportsmen and women from the UK and around the world with FASHION FUTURES ADVICE FROM SALFORD

an exclusive opportunity to pursue simultaneously an academic


and athletic career. After completing her BTEC Sport course at St Ambrose Barlow Shannon will move over to California to attend

Fashion students at St Ambrose Barlow Sixth Form went along

a selected university in California. She will combine a university

to Salford University to get top tips from current students and

degree with a highly competitive full-time sport schedule.

department staff on how to get into the industry. Shannon has been playing football since the age of six, previously The department at Salford is a high achieving fashion department,

for Manchester City and FC United. She was inspired by her Auntie,

consistently winning awards and competitions, including the

Amanda Barr who used to play for England Ladies, and who

British Fashion Council Best Portfolio Award and Digital Award.

Shannon even had the opportunity to travel on tour with when she

Student winners have included the Best Childrenswear GFW award

was young.

for George at Asda in 2015 and Mothercare in 2016; and the 2016 Sophie Hallette Lace competition.


St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017



St Ambrose Sixth Form student Megan has been crowned

Sixth form students enjoyed a festive trip to the Manchester Xmas

Nationwide Medallist of the Year in Freestyle Disco!

markets and a meal at the Chinese Buffet to celebrate nearing the end of term.

Megan competed at the Blackpool Winter Gardens at the weekend and triumphed over 80 others in her age category to be crowned

It was a chance for students and staff to all get together and get

Champion. Over 500 dancers competed in the event. Megan has

into the festive spirit! They enjoyed an all you can eat buffet before

been dancing since she was two years old and attends classes at

heading to the markets to soak up the atmosphere, browse the stalls

Swinton Palais.

and sample even more food.



Staff and pupils at St Ambrose Barlow Sixth Form helped to spread

Film studies students at St Ambrose Barlow Sixth Form College

a little festive cheer to the community as they welcomed local

enjoyed a trip to the IMAX Cinema at the Trafford Centre to see

residents for a Senior Citizens Christmas concert.

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ last week.

Guests were treated to an advent liturgy with a range of musical

The visit wasn’t just for fun though – it also allowed them to study

performances and readings by the students from the sixth form and

micro elements in film as part of their course.

the high school, from traditional Christmas carols to contemporary songs, drama and musical instrument solos. The audience were able to join in and sing along during some of the carols and by the end nearly everyone was up dancing! The annual event is a chance for the school and college to give something back to the community. This year, sixth form students were given the responsibility of organising the event, which was held in the Sixth Form Centre café area. Guests were invited to sit down for a buffet before the show began, and also enjoyed sherry and homemade mince pies. Donations from students enabled each guest to leave with a hamper full of festive goodies including Christmas cake and mince pies made by Food Technology students. As well as receiving their hamper, each guest left with a wrapped gift handed out by our very own student ‘Santa’ and helpers! The event allows young and old alike to celebrate and enjoy festivities together. One guest said: “I would like to say a massive thank you for the wonderful Senior Citizens party given by your staff and students. It was a truly uplifting afternoon with beautiful readings, drama, music, singing and a lovely buffet lunch served with smiles by the students who seemed to be enjoying themselves almost as much as their older guests. It was a joy to have Father Gavin present, he got the balance just right in impressing on everyone the true meaning of Christmas and then getting the party started by getting those who wanted, up to dance. It was fantastic to see the different generations enjoying themselves as one, just as the students’ dramatisation of ‘One Child’.”

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017



Artwork - Ellie Stephens - Sixth Form 58



games in the Greater Manchester Cup. After a defeat from Wade Deacon High School, the lads, captained by Finley Irwin, bounced

St Ambrose Barlow are Indoor Rowing Champions 2017! Well done

back to beat St. John Fisher 30 -20. The most recent win came at

to all those who took part. Special mention to Danny & Emily who

Cowley International College (St. Helens) where St. Ambrose won

set new competition records!

30 - 12 with a Man of the Match performance from Will Bradley. They now have the opportunity to showcase their ability and

Triple success with the Ambrose Triplets! 1st Pebbles, 2nd Poppy,

teamwork in the next round of the cup and could possibly earn a

3rd Peaches in the indoor rowing competition 2017.

place in the final at Wembley Stadium.

Emily does one better than last year and wins the year 8 girls indoor

The Year 9 Rugby team have had their best season so far, playing

rowing competition! Cogratulations to Emily on this and bring on

4 games, winning 3 of them and narrowly losing 1 game to Buile

next year.

Hill. Within the Year 9 victories, they have beaten the 2 schools that made it to the final last year - Moorside and Wright Robinson High School. We are awaiting other results to see if we have done


enough to progress through to the final of the Salford Schools Rugby Championships.

The brave year 8 girls getting ready to face the tropical waters of Salford! The trip has provided girls with an exciting taster session of

On Thursday 12th October the year 11 Rugby team tasted success

what takes place as part of GCSE PE in the future.

in their first game of the season away at local rivals Swinton High School. Managed by Mr. Lomax, the team put in a valiant effort

The girls took part in Canoeing with two fantastic instructors. The

from the off which saw the first try scored within a minute. The

girls had the opportunity to work in pairs to successfully make their

scoring continued with Lewis Turner, Peter Nzeye, Aaron Gill,

way around the Quays using various techniques.

Daniel Murphy (4) and Will Timmins adding the extras with a number of successful conversions. Final score 38 - 6.

Although it was a cold December day the girls had a fantastic time The year 10 Rugby team have remained undefeated in the Salford

on the trip enjoying every minute of this.

Schools League. The girls also had the opportunity to take part in Rock Climbing. The girls learnt new skills throughout this experience and some of

They are looking forward to playing in the final later in the year.

them even made it to the top with great confidence. Overall, it was a They have also reached the final of the Salford Rugby 9’s competition

fantastic day and a brilliant experience for the girls.

which will played in March 2018. The girls will have the opportunity in the New Year to take part in two more trips that will be running to give them even more of a

They have not been as successful in the North West county

taste of what GCSE PE will be like in the future.

competition but have put up a good fight against tough opposition.

RUGBY LEAGUE Well done to the Year 8 Rugby team who have won 2 out of 3 of their

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017



Year 7 and was wonderful at left back. The Year 8 boys have also progressed to the Knock-out stages of the Salford Schools

Year 7 Football Team

Championships. Well done to all the boys for showing a great attitude at training and matches.

The impressive Year 7 Football team have confirmed their place in the next round of the cup with impressive 5-1 and 13-0 wins against

Girls Football

Swinton and Moorside respectively, to top the league table. Man of the Match performances from James Westwood and Louis Hallows,

Both the junior and senior teams have had a good start in the

combined with goals from the majority of the team and brilliant

Salford league and cup.

man management by Mr. Riley and Mr. Walker has seen this Year 7 Well done Girls!

team become a force to be reckoned with. The year 7 Football team are now through to the Semi Finals of the Salford Schools Cup after an emphatic 6-2 win versus Buile Hill.


Goals and a man of the match performance from Fenton Davies ensured that the year 7 team are now booked in for the Semi Final

Two fantastic performances from the year 7 and year 8 netball

which is to be played after Christmas against either Bridgewater or

teams, both achieving wins in their first matches of the year against

St. Patricks who are yet to play their Quarter Final.

Harrop Fold. The Year 7 team led by Captain Fionn Devlin took the lead early on in the game and with the successful shots from Ellie

Year 7 Football B Team

Dunning and Lily Gabrielides the team went on to win 9-3. There were star performances from the whole team with Annabel Pattison

After huge participation rates at year 7 Football training held by

standing out in the GD position. The Player of the game as selected

Mr. Riley and Mr. Lomax every Monday after school, both teachers

by the opposing team was Fionn Devlin.

decided that it was time to start another year 7 Football team. Whilst Mr. Lomax decided which players were going to be selected

Team: Zara Burns, Ruby Godsell, Ellie Dunning, Dawn Hosey,

and make the team, Mr. Riley was working on getting the boys some

Faridah Seriki, Sophie Godsell, Lily Gabrielides, Annabel Pattison.

fixtures to play. The Year 8 team led by Captain Darcy Cavanagh won convincingly Within two weeks the B team had two fixtures. The first fixture

with a 10-0 victory over Harrop Fold. Star performances came from

was against Salford City Academy (SCA) A team and the boys

Eva Shea who communicated well with the team from the Centre

performed superb for their first game against strong opposition with

position and performed some excellent passes. Excellent shooting

only 9 men (no subs)! At half time, it was 2-2 but in the second half

skills came from Darcy Cavanagh and Jess Lancashire to secure the

SCA had too much for us and ended the game 6-2 winners. The

teams win. The Woman of the match as selected by the opposing

result flattered SCA as St. Ambrose missed several opportunities but

team was Darcy Cavanagh.

there was an outstanding man of the match performance from Joe Team: Leanna Grundy, Libby Muryn, Jess Lancashire, Darcy

Dunne in central midfield.

Cavanagh, Eva Shea, Jessica Clarke, Eleanor Hignett, Esme Stead. The B team’s second fixture was against Irlam High School B team. St. Ambrose were able to field a fully strength side for the first time (5 subs) and ran out 5-2 winners! A brace and last minute


winner from Brayden Bates off the bench on his debut made all the difference after the visitors made it back to 3-3 from 3-0 down at

As part of the GCSE course the PE department are organising a

half time! The B team’s next fixture is against Walkden B team after

residential trip to Plas Menai National Water Sports Centre in North


Wales in July 2018.

Year 8 football Team

The main aim of the trip is for our GCSE students to experience and develop skills and understanding in two outdoor adventurous

Still undefeated this year. They have progressed to the Greater

activities. The practical assessment marks the students achieve can

Manchester Cup Quarter Final, by beating a very tough Audenshaw

then be used as part of the practical coursework for the overall

team 2-0 AWAY. Man of the Match Sol Momoh stepped up from

GCSE PE mark.


St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017

Ski Trip Ambrose pupils were very excited about the Ski trip taking place over the Easter break. 30 pupils will attend the six day trip to Italy. The pupils experienced fantastic weather with perfect skiing conditions set in the scenic dolomite Mountains. It will be a fun packed six days with skiing and activities throughout the week. Activities included, fun quiz, ice skating, pizza night and karaoke. The pupils had a fantastic time but were exhausted by the end of the week.

ST AMBROSE BARLOW SUPERSTARS YEAR 7 Leon Ismail, Louis Hallows, Fionn Devlin & Isabelle Bryan! Well done! YEAR 8 McKenzie Healey and Kiera Batty. Well Done! YEAR 8 George Jamieson & Luke Hogan Dewar! Well done! (George your medal is at PE!) YEAR 9 Poppy Wailing MIlls, Ines Tetero, James O’Donnell and Jack Broadie! Well done! (Girls to shy for a picture). YEAR 10 GCSE PE Erin Horsefieldand Evie Denton, Well Done! YEAR 10 GCSE PE Josh Dawes Grady & Kade Paton! Well done!

TWITTER The PE department are now on twitter!! Follow us at: @StAmbroseBarlow for all of our latest fixtures, results and clubs.

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017



BEN DAVIS, HEADTEACHER Christmas turns in a moment from anticipation of the day to the sadness of presents opened and feasts consumed. The smallest details are of great significance at this time of year. I remember the worn, years-old and faded tissue paper that crinkled off the ancient German tree decorations with which my mother would dress the tree on Christmas Eve. As a child I used to snip the top four inches off the tree in January as it was being taken down and disposed of, in desperate attempt to create a secret little relic of Christmas that would keep the celebration alive for the rest of the year. Beyond the twigs and twinkling glass there is the build-up to the day, a process that is both frenetic and slow. When will it come? Why isn’t there enough time to prepare? Most of us operate between these two poles in December; the chilly contradictions of Advent. Another of these is the clash between the huge spending and the evident need of those on the margins of society, those who cannot afford the Christmas idealised in magazines, those whose struggles obliterate any impulse to celebrate, to come together. It seems Christmas challenges us to reconcile many things that feel incompatible: our enjoyment of the season with perhaps our guilt at having what others cannot or our good fortune to be able to spend while others go without. That makes Christmas all the more important as a time to reflect on our good fortune, to consider the possibilities of the event we are celebrate and look for this spirit in the details as well as big events.


St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017

to live a life of peace and hope, not fear and anger. Before Jesus was I have always loved a houseful at Christmas, a proper gathering, all

even born, he had something in store for us whether it’s big or small.

messy and unpredictable, the kind of get together you do not want

The majority of people at Christmas time enjoy giving gifts to one

to end. But I also appreciate the quiet of early Christmas morning,

another! This was derived from the three wise men giving gifts to

the late night stillness of waiting, empty stocking on the bed, the

Jesus following his birth. Family and friends take great pleasure in

moment when everyone is gone. Christmas is a time to focus on

exchanging beautifully wrapped gifts and love gathering together to

appreciation, savouring that which is important to us. Christmas

share a large festive dinner.

is memory and legacy. It is expectation. It is the well-worn and the surprise; consumption and want side-by-side.

Matthew 2:11 tells us about the wise men at Jesus’ birth: ‘On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary,

That’s Christmas to me.

and they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense and



Christmas to me has a variety of meanings! As a Cristian, Christmas

At Christmas, you get to eat a ton of food! Houses have a big

is one of the most important times in my year! It’s a time to stop and

banquet of various dishes. A lovely Christmas dinner just tops off

reflect on what God did for me and the rest of His children. God

the day and Christmas pudding is a great way to end the meal.

loves us so much that He sent His only Son - Jesus down to earth so

Spending time with family and friends, giving and receiving

that we could be saved.

presents, eating too much food but most of all celebrating the birth of Our Saviour Jesus Christ… and that’s Christmas to me!

Mary, the mother of Jesus, was asked to give birth to The Son of God. This was a huge thing for a normal, town girl. Mary agreed to


do what God had asked of her this means that I can do whatever God asks me to do and trust Him and His plan for me.

Christmas to me is….prompted by my first memory of Christmas - sitting in front of a big blazing coal fire in our very modest two-up-

Christmas is all about GODS AWESOME RESCUE PLAN! God has

twodown terraced house. A big Christmas tree was in the corner of

a plan for each and every one of us. Do you think He would have

the room with some modest gifts underneath it (and no television in

sent his Son to save us so that we could go to heaven with God if he

those days!).

didn’t care about us? God loves us unconditionally and He wants us

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017


But it was the fire that lives in my memory – don’t forget in

It means all the friends and colleagues you make that extra effort

“those days” there was no central heating. The warmth and lovely

to make sure you see. It’s the school family; singing along at carol

way it lit the room along with the Christmas tree lights gave a great

concerts, helping out at Christmas Fairs, making Christmas hats and

sense of being safe from the severe winter outside.

watching school plays. It’s the Church family; the excitement and joy that surround Mass, celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.

It made me feel very loved – my sister and two brothers had not

How the church community come together, greet each other, hug

yet come into the world so I was still the full focus of my parents’

and send Christmas wishes and messages of love.

love and I certainly was aware of that. It’s the local community; friendly greetings become more frequent, That is a very blessed experience and I know that so many children

there is a push to help those who are less fortunate with Christmas

and families are not so blessed. Being without a home, knowing

present appeals, collections of drawstring bags full of food and

divided families, chronic sickness, being in prison are just some of

toiletries for the homeless and collection tins jingling with coins.

so many peoples lives in our times.

There is an increase in the general willingness to help those less fortunate. It is the time of year, despite the frenzy of activity, you

Thank God Christmas brings out so much goodness and generosity

stop and be thankful for what you have, for the family and friends

in so many individuals and communities. I would hope that those in

that you love.

need feel something of the warm glow of God’s love given through others. Jesus continues to take on flesh through you and I. Even the

That’s Christmas to me.

smallest outreach to someone in need can be felt like the warm glow of a fire and a source of hope to someone this Christmas.


That’s Christmas to me.

Nowadays, Christmas is so much different to when I was a child. Special people are missing from around the table and the mad rush


to open your presents just isn’t the same, however, Christmas Day still remains really special in the Riley household.

Christmas to me is Family. That’s the first thing I think of when someone mentions Christmas. Of course being Mum to two young

The Christmas Day wake up is usually around 10/11am, rather than

daughters I suppose that is to be expected. But it’s not just about

6am when I was a kid - and breakfast is my main priority (in the

them, it’s the time of year my parents and sister stay over so we can

past it was straight to opening my presents!). My Mum STILL gets

all wake up together on Christmas morning. It’s the traditions

me and my brother a Christmas stocking which is usually full of

that you set as a family.

everyday items such as deodorant, hair wax, hairspray etc. and the amount of presents has sadly fallen dramatically compared to when

The ‘jingle bell of the reindeers’ on Christmas Eve dropping off

I was little. However, now I usually get one big present which I really

new pyjamas and a little early Christmas present to the girls for

want whereas before I used to get loads of little presents which I

being good.Getting dressed up and stepping out into the crisp

would play with for around 5 minutes.

cold winter air to go to Church on Christmas Eve. Waking at the crack of dawn on Christmas Day, following the chocolate coin trail

Now that I am an adult, Christmas is now about buying presents

Father Christmas has left. Then of course, the excitement of present

as well. I think I am buying my dad a new iPad and I can’t tell

unwrapping on Christmas morning; the joy I take from watching

you what I’m buying my mum because I can bet she will read this

my daughters’ faces as they open their presents is something

blog! (Nothing better to do at work). Christmas dinner is usually


at around 6pm and it is usually beef or lamb as I find turkey bland and boring! This year there will be my mum, dad, brother, gran

The whole family squeezing around the dining table for Christmas

and granddad as well as myself sat around the table and my dog

dinner, cutlery clattering, laughing, chatting, Christmas crackers

Zip usually gets a seat after a few too many beers! After the food

and eating too much turkey. Followed by the inevitable comatose

we usually listen to music and play some kind of family game and

state on the sofa around the television, yet still finding the room for

the night usually ends listening to my mum and dad’s embarrassing

one more chocolate.

story’s from when me and my brother were little kids.

I suppose now I’m thinking about it, when I say family, that expands

The next day, Boxing Day, is the real day of Christmas (for the

at Christmas.

lads)! A full day of football and this year I will be at Man Utd away


St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017

watching an easy 3 points for the Clarets followed by a night out

I love Christmas. Christmas trees, the roast dinner, pulling crackers,

with the boys.

staying in your pyjamas until late afternoon…oh, and don’t even get me started on the presents; that’s the best bit! Inside we all know that

That’s Christmas to me!

the presents are the best bit, well, that’s what I think.


I really like putting up the Christmas tree and all the decorations with my brother and sister, it gets me even more into the festive

During Advent I prepare my Nativity: I stick on the wall my starry

mood, though I am told off for singing Christmas songs in the

sky, make the mountains with empty boxes and old newspapers, a

middle of July so it good when I’m finally allowed to sing them!

small river, the grotto, few lights, then I start filling the scene with my little statues: shepherds, sheep, donkey and ox, the Angel, Mary

On Christmas’ eve we go to Mass which is special because it’s

and Joseph. I prepare the crib with straw, and at last I place baby

normally by candelight. The Church is always full of all the Mums

Jesus. Everything is just perfect, and I find myself looking often at

and Dads, little children and Grandparents, excited for the day

this scene, in silence and wonder.

ahead. Being with my family is another reason why I love Christmas SOOO much even though I’m forced to listen to my Dad’s (mostly)

Everything goes so fast these days, and Christmas has become a

unfunny jokes! What is great about my family Christmas, is

peak of this stressful time, where we all run like headless chickens

that we get to have two Christmases; one with my Dad’s parents

shopping, decorating, buying useless presents; what a contrast with

and brothers because they live so far away and one with my Mum’s

baby Jesus laying in the crib, his arms open to embrace the whole

side, but all in all both are as good as the other.

world… Though I like opening my own presents I also enjoy watching my When I was little, on Christmas day at my parent’s table there was

younger siblings open theirs’. Seeing their surprised and excited

always an outsider, the neighbour who had lost her husband a few

faces and their eyes filled with glee and sometimes confusion trying

weeks earlier, a distant relative popped out from nowhere, a poor

to work out what the present actually is. 

man met in church; that’s how I learnt how lucky I was and how important it was to share our wealth.

Obviously eating Christmas dinners are a great part of the day. At my Dad’s parents we listen to Christmas music whist eating dinner,

‘Enough with these immigrants, they should stay in their countries,

at my mum’s family dinner, (which my Grandmother cooks every

they come and steal our jobs’, we come first! We close our doors;

year because my Mum is rubbish at cooking roast dinners!) we tell

we build walls around us. My little baby Jesus lies there, in the

jokes, talk about our presents, all whilst tucking into our amazing

cold under the starry sky; he knows about rejection and poverty…

feast that was prepared for this special day.

I look at my child with Down Syndrome, with a contagious

After dinner when we have eaten much more than we would ever

happiness, spreading joy around him. What a shame! I overhear a

need, we go and play board games together and try on the clothes

lady saying in church. The real shame is that we will soon eradicate

that we have been given. Often we’ll go to the park together and end

Down Syndrome – how good we are with words – as effectively we

the day with a film, which my mum never gets to watch because she

will just kill them all, like Herod killed all the babies in Bethlehem.

always falls asleep!

Mary and Joseph flew to Egypt to protect Jesus, and I wonder how am I going to protect my son from all the Herods he will meet

I love Christmas time, it’s a time when we all get together and take a

along his life. We are in this world to learn to love, and my child is

break from our busy lives, from work and school, to be together as a

so much ahead than me in this journey, he is often leading the way,

family. Really, I guess that’s Christmas to me.

and I follow and learn. “A child is born, to us a son is given”. MGR. DALE A brand-new baby to start afresh, to make everything new. Christmas means hope for the future, it’s God telling us: it’s going to

My dad was a great man – as tough and strong as they come (a

be ok, and that’s Christmas to me…

former paratrooper) but as soft as can be. He had inherited from his mum the notion that children can do no wrong – except when


they did! Nothing was too much trouble for him on our account – that was his love. For him, Christmas was all about children,

Christmas to me is …

and so he made sure that every Christmas was special. He

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017


created the best celebration that he could; even when money was

magical. Truly magical. But I’m not here to romanticise Christmas.

tight, he ensured that our stockings were filled and there were

No. I’m here instead to tell you about my Christmas. A Christmas

always wonderful presents under the tree – the best ones were

the exact same as anybody else’s. Only with a bit more spirit.

those he made himself. In doing so, he built for all his children and grandchildren a huge stock of memories which will give us joy

You see, it’s not the amount of money a person can spend that

and laughter for years to come.

interests me; it’s the amount of time. The precious hours we unconsciously throw away, those few moments in which at

In my later years, however, I realise that what he was really doing

Christmas time we cherish and just for those few frosty weeks

was enabling his children to see the great wonder which is at he

society becomes a family of God again. A neighbourhood of friendly

heart of the feast – the birth of the one child that makes the whole

faces not distant arrogance, a community of care not rejection

world of difference to each of us. The sense of wonder when we open

and a church of brothers and sisters not complete strangers. My

presents is simply a foretaste of that which we experience when we

Christmas is a time I take to notice God in every one of us, to notice

ponder the love that God the Father shares when he gives us the

how everyone has this same smitten smile, the warm comfort of

greatest present of all – Jesus, his son. In doing so, he has created the

utter kindness, and that kindness, that is our piece of God within us.

best of all possible memories for all his children. But it’s a memory which never fades - it grows and grows the more we try to celebrate

My advice is, if you don’t notice this like I do then open your eyes.

it. It’s a present which takes a lifetime and more to properly unwrap

Stop spending money and spend your time instead. Invest in this

..... and that’s Christmas for me.

Christmas, it’s a chance for you to show the holiness inside, this celebration is a gift from God, so appreciate it. Well all that and I get


loads of free stuff... so yeah... that’s good... So yes; that’s Christmas to me.

Christmas to me is all about Christ – it’s in the name. What God has done in sending his son Jesus to live on this earth has changed


everything, for now the one who made us has become one of us. This means he now knows us in a new way – from the inside. So,

Christmas to me spurs me on to think about how Christmas is cold

your deepest fears – he understands; your strongest challenge – he’s

on the outside and warm on the inside!

already met it; your greatest joys – he shares. But there’s something else as well – your darkest secrets he also knows, from the inside.

A mid-winter celebration which began as a purely human response

This could cause us to run from him, until we realise that this is why

to the coldness and hardness of winter and a celebration of light in

he came – to give his life and die for our worst secrets, the sin that

darkness lit by the burning of a live tree in the forest accompanied

separates us from God, so that we can know God for ourselves; his

by singing and dancing as a show of human bravado against the

love and forgiveness.

cold elements of this world, has been taken, by the God who created us, loves us and sustains us, and made into something even more

Sometimes Christmas ends all too quickly, getting packed away with

spectacular: the celebration of the birth in earthly time of the Son of

everything else on boxing day – but what Jesus has done can never

God through whom all things were created; Jesus Christ, true Light

be shut away in a box, for he broke through the barrier of death,

of the World.

rising from the dead on the third day to open for us a life without limits. For the worst darkness can never put out the Light of the

Christmastime, when we now celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ,

World, and that’s Christmas to me.

is the warmth of God’s love penetrating the coldness of our world which, without God, is simply a piece of cold rock swirling around


in a universe of darkness and gloom. The birth of Jesus Christ is a gift to us all; the greatest gift we could ever have because it tells us

Christmas to me is the time of year for giving, for creating

where we came from, shows us where we are now and gives us hope

memories, the time of family gatherings with old women you have

for a better future.

never seen in your life, claiming that you have grown since ‘last time’. The time for silly arguments about which bauble goes where

One of my favourite Christmas poems is simply called ‘Christmas’

and ‘who ate my advent chocolate’. We love it all, the built up to

by the poet John Betjeman. The last verse sums it all up for me

Christmas Eve in our cosy pyjamas, the excitement of snow falling

because it makes a link with the gift of the Eucharist through

on the first day even the goose bumps which appear when Santa

which every day can be Christmas Day for those who have the

comes down your street on his slay for all the kids to see. It’s

eyes to see and the ears to hear: “No love that in a family dwells, no


St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017

carolling in frosty air, nor all the steeple-shaking bells can with this

people of this world, but I also see it as a holiday where I can bask in

single Truth compare; that God was man in Palestine and lives today

the joy of presents, food and family… And that’s Christmas to me.

in Bread and Wine.” (Christmas by John Betjeman)


At Christmas the Son of God became the Son of Mary so that all of

Christmas to me is taking any opportunity to eat and drink with

us might become the adopted children of God and with Jesus have the right to call God our Father. That is pure gift and it is the reason we give and receive gifts from one another at Christmas. May you experience the warmth, generosity and love of Christmas this year and every year. Warmth, generosity and love from God to everyone and from each of us to one other… and that’s Christmas to me. O God, who have made this most sacred night radiant with the splendour of the true light, grant, we pray, that we, who have known the mysteries of his light on earth, may also delight in his gladness in heaven. Who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.

friends just because, “it’s Christmas!” Putting cinnamon on top of everything to make it festive and not being allowed to eat any food at home because apparently it is all for Christmas day. Sharing food with all your favourite people and getting a bit merry is my favourite kind of Christmas activity. Everybody makes even more of an effort to make plans and gets into the Christmas spirit. Christmas Eve is one of my favourite days as me and my older brother get to relive our childhood through our younger brother. Only food containing sugar is consumed and new pyjamas are put on before we’ve even had tea. We watch the Grinch and do a treasure hunt to stop him painstakingly counting down the minutes until Christmas day.

(The Opening Prayer of Christmas Midnight Mass)

In the morning we always have to check if he’s been, just in case we

Canon Tony McBride

haven’t made it on to the nice list this year. After we have exchanged gifts I always need to have a nap as the excitement is already too


much. As I’ve grown older it is a privilege to be able to treat my family and buy them something really special and wrap it up with as

Christmas to me…

many bows and ribbons I can get my hands on.

Christmas is usually seen as a time when colds plague us, yet we’re still as jolly and merry as we can be. Fairy lights are strung above a cosy fireplace and wrapped around a pine tree interlocking with tinsel and vibrant bubbles. Wrapping paper gets turned into confetti as smile stretch from cheek to cheek as presents are opened and stomachs grow full of turkey and Christmas puddings. On the other hand, like everything, Christmas has many sides… If you are religious, you’ll know that Christmas isn’t just about having fun and eating food. For example, if you are a Christian you would know that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ. Nativity shows every year re-enact the birth of Christ and show Mary receiving gifts of Myrrh, Gold and Frankincense from the three wise men. At Christmas, Christians reflect on what Jesus has done for them.

I wake up just in time to set the table, a job I take very seriously before my Granddad arrives for Christmas lunch. Taking a moment to notice the empty place where my nana should be sitting, we put on Frank Sinatra’s Christmas album and dig in. Next stop on our very busy Christmas day is my other grandparents’ house where the main battle is to find somewhere to sit due to our extremely large family. Chairs are reserved for elders only and once you find a place on the floor there’s no way you can leave it for the rest of the night. This year myself and my cousins have chosen a charity each for our families to donate to rather than buying gifts, a new tradition which I am very happy about. We are a very noisy bunch and the whole street can probably hear us laughing and playing silly games. The adults test out the little kids toys and enjoy playing with them a bit too much. Every minute of the day is spent

Another example is if you are Hindu, Sikh are Jain, Christmas isn’t seen as a religious time but as a holiday. Many Hindus, Sikhs and Jains do you celebrate Christmas but they don’t see it as as

surrounded by people but growing up in such a large family with lots of cousins to run riot with I wouldn’t have it any way…. And that’s Christmas to me.

important as Diwali which is the festival of lights.


However, Christmas to me is not just one of these things, it’s a mix

What is Christmas for you?

of everything. I reflected on what the Lord has done for me and the

After all the rushing around shopping and preparing the house,

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017


Christmas for me starts with the children’s mass at St. Charles.

the table with my heavily pregnant sister due to give birth on New

It really feels like Christmas when the primary children dressed

Year’s Eve, making our family bigger once again. It will be my first

in nativity costumes, and the occasional superhero, are gathered

niece or nephew, the first baby in our family for 27 years, and I

around the altar.

could not be more excited! Time for family and magic and those childhood rituals again …. That’s Christmas to me.

Whether I have the right presents under the tree or the cake is as good as last year doesn’t seem important any more. I have my


family around me and I feel part of a community that believes the same as me. Seeing good friends, some familiar faces and relative

Christmas to me…

strangers all celebrating Mass together is a very special time. Being brought up in Poland, Christmas has always been the most Over the years we have developed family traditions which make

‘family’ event in the whole year. As a kid I used to stare at the sky to

Christmas more than just presents and good food, which has helped

catch a glimpse of the first star which was ultimately a sign to begin

us grow as a family. Even arguing over when the Christmas tree

our ‘Wigilia’ (Christmas supper) - on 24th December around 5pm.

should go up makes me smile, as we do this every year. Once the

Wigilia is just packed with so many beautiful traditions which my

tree is in place unwrapping of the decorations we have collected

family cherish and cultivate here in England.

over the years always sparks memories and discussions of previous Christmases. And it is these small moments, often with cheesy

On our Christmas table there are always 12 vegetarian dishes in

Christmas music in the background that I cherish.

memory of the 12 Apostles. We place bits of hay under the table cloth, which is a must, to remind us about the crib. Several types

To me, Christmas is more than a day, it is a time to make a bit more

of dumplings and smaller tortellini-like dumplings endlessly take

effort to spent time with family and friends. It is a time to reflect and

my fancy. The latter is eaten only at Christmas, so each year I have

think about others and contemplate why we celebrate Christmas

to wait for a long time for this very special delicatessen. Last but not

at all. It is impossible not to get caught up in the commercial

least, there is an empty space at the table for a traveller (I have

whirlwind and I can’t deny that I enjoy giving and receiving

wondered so many times how I would react if one really knocks at

presents. I love good food but it’s who I share it with that makes

our door).

Christmas such a special time and “that’s Christmas to me”. One of the earliest memories related to Christmas for me is a picture MISS MOORE

of my father polishing his shoes and putting on his ‘Sunday best’ to go to a Church at midnight. Before the mass the Church would

Christmas to me …

always immersed in darkness, then the orchestra or a choir would

Growing up Christmas was about magic. I remember sleepless

joy. Emmanuel is with us! The Good News! The light defeats the

start singing Christmas carols – the church is fulfilled with light and

Christmas Eve nights, barely able to contain my excitement, me and my sister hatching a plan to catch Santa in the act of eating his mice pies and drinking sherry. The ritual of Christmas Eve as a child, new pyjamas, grandparents sleeping over, a Chinese takeaway (tradition in our house!) and a surprise early present from Santa. Every year without fail a mysterious gift would appear; under our pillows, dropped at the front door, delivered with the Chinese – I still to this day don’t know who did it and how, and I don’t want to know….it

nightfall. Later on I learnt that the Romans before Jesus’ birth had their celebration on 24th December called Solus Invictus. From around that time of the year days become longer and nights get shorter. For me 24th December is the day when God reminds us that He is with us. He had chosen us before we made up our minds to choose Him. He keeps his promises despite our fallings. Always. Joy! That is

was magic.

Christmas for me.

As we grew older Christmas became less about Santa and more


about the magic of family. Our family growing in size each year as partners came to celebrate with us, bringing parents

Christmas to me is…….a reminder of a childhood filled with

and grandparents along too. Last Christmas we were an 18 strong

happiness and joy...of open fires, woolly jumpers, hats and

group, all squashed around one table eating together. It was

gloves, warm drinks and hot food, warmth against the harsh

complete chaos! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. And this year

winter months....being tucked up in bed on Christmas eve full of

is set to be the most chaotic of all. It literally will be a squash around

anticipation,... of decorations and lights that sparkle and shine,....


St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017

watching Laurel and Hardy each morning on TV, having an

takes place on this day, celebrates the arrival of the wise man (magi)

abundance of food & treats……my sister always up first, shouting,

who visit Jesus soon after his birth.

“its Christmas”…..opening stocking’s with whoop’s of joy at the amounts of chocolates and little surprises.

In terms of how Christmas is conducted, many of our customers such as gift-giving, being charitable, Yule logs and various

As a family attending midnight mass…..it was magical coming

foods, coupled with the origins of the Christmas Day to self, are

home in the early hours to a warm home full of Christmas

purportedly based on paganism. Some people actually claim

excitement and sharing family gifts before going to bed…..not for

that Christian beliefs are tantamount to paganism anyway as

long…..we’d be downstairs on Christmas morning to check if Santa

they perceive beliefs such as the Trinity to be incompatible with

had been…….no matter how old we were!

claiming to follow a monotheistic religion; it is fascinating how we see the 25th at such a special day without there being much

My Christmas memories as a child are filled with time spent with

foundation for this as the date of Jesus’s birth, or even without

family, happiness, sharing the joy of giving and receiving……….

knowing whether celebrating Jesus’s birth is the right thing to do

as an adult I recall these easily to prepare for Christmas and

– this certainly was in the opinion of many early Christian leaders.

hopefully contribute in creating equally as happy times & memories for my family now.

On me, however, the most important aspect of Christmas is spending plenty of time relaxing with the family and enjoying one

To be nurtured, valued, shown respect & be free from worry should

another’s company. Christmas provides a wonderful opportunity

be every child’s right growing up. Christmas time is a poignant

for some respite and joyful celebrations with those who are

reminder that not all children are so fortunate and makes me

most important to us. I Joe watching films on TV, in addition to

appreciate that I am blessed to have had the opportunity to enjoy

celebrating my dogs birthday on Christmas Eve and, of course

and experience a childhood full of love & support within my

indulging in sumptuous feasts such as Christmas dinner or even the

family........ and that’s Christmas to me.

annual buffet at my grandma’s house in the evening with my closest and extended family alike.

RYAN ROBERTS, HEAD BOY For many people, Christmas is undoubtedly the best occasion of Christmas to me…

the year because of the festivities and customs: the exchanges of presents, the singing, the eating, the dancing (possibly), or even just

Why is the 25th of December considered to be the most important

having a laugh. Although countries such as Britain are becoming

day of the year? It seems obvious, yet it is a question few of us

increasingly secular, thankfully the emphasis on celebrating

actually answer.

Christmas has not been relaxed in the slightest.

For Christians of most denominations, Christmas Day is certainly

I love Christmas because the occasion unites families to enjoy

the most important day of the year. It is a celebration of Jesus’s

festivities together and simply have fun. Christmas provides a

arrival into the world – God coming in flesh – yet there is a

reminder of the significance of the simple pleasures in our lives, and

little substantive evidence to even suggest such Jesus was born

so this makes Christmas a special day of the year, and invariably

on 25 December. In fact, the first ever recorded celebration of

the most memorable. Families often cherish memories of nativity

Jesus’s birthday on this day was in 336AD during the time of the

plays and carol singing, and all the quirky traditions associated with

Roman Emperor Constantine, several centuries after Jesus’s birth.

Christmas-time - it is wonderful… and that’s Christmas to me

Furthermore, there is not a single mention of 25th December in the Bible. And so, for the first three centuries of the churches


existence, Christmas was never celebrated in December nor on the calendar at all – it didn’t exist. Some of the original church leaders

Christmas to me is …

actually oppose the notion of celebrating a birth, even of the son of God, rejecting birthday celebrations as ‘Pagan’ practices.

I am certainly glad that in the dark and cold days of winter, which can be gloomy and often depressing, that there is a focal point for

Some Christians of traditions such as Armenian Churches view

some fun and celebration. Christmas provides us with a time of

6th January is the most sacred and significant day. Again, there is

holiday and relaxation. I hope that, when it comes, your Christmas

no mention of 6th January in the Bible; this date was instituted by

celebration with be happy and full of enjoyment. For many people

Saint Agustine in the UK. Epiphany, the Christian festival which

Christmas is a time when families are able to spend time together. It

St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017


can be a great opportunity for members of the family who may have moved away for studies or jobs to come home and be with family members and close friends. It is important that we plan and prepare well and that we are generous in giving cards and presents. They are signs of our love and friendship. But in amongst all the noise and the celebration it is even more important that we remember the whole reason for celebrating at all. It’s a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. I need to remember the reason for my celebration. It is remembering that Jesus’ birth is the most wonderful proof of God’s love for us – that he actually sent His Son to be with us and live among us. So my Christmas will be busy and I hope to visit lots of people but I also need to include quiet moments when I remind myself what I am celebrating and why. That’s Christmas to me. Lord Jesus, in a time of fun and celebration, may we not forget what Christmas is all about: Your love for us today, and every day. Amen


St Ambrose Barlow - Horizons - Issue 1 2017

Heavenly Father, You sent your son Jesus to reveal your love for us, help each one of us during this season of Christmas to have greater faith in you, hope in a better world of your making, and love in learning how to foster family life like that of the Holy Family of Nazareth. Amen Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. From Ben Davis, Governors, Staff and Pupils of St Ambrose Barlow RC High School and Sixth Form College


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Horizons issue 1 Christmas 2017  

The quarterly journal of St Ambrose Barlow RC High School and Sixth Form College, Swinton, Salford, UK.

Horizons issue 1 Christmas 2017  

The quarterly journal of St Ambrose Barlow RC High School and Sixth Form College, Swinton, Salford, UK.