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We study, work, and play hard(er).

STEP ONTO THE ST. AGNES CAMPUS AND YOU MIGHT FIND MORE THAN YOU EXPECT. An advanced calculus problem solved on the back of a notebook, the fifth draft of a college essay spread out on a desk, eraser specks cast off a finished sketch, a practice-before-practice swimmer, an after-debate-class debate. You find a vivid, indisputable tenacity within every Academy woman. When her teachers set high expectations, when her classmates challenge her to defend her opinions, when her coaches say “let’s run this again,” she lights up, she digs deep, she pushes longer, she surpasses. How does St. Agnes see (to) this quality in each and all?

St. Agnes has pushed me past what I thought I could do. My teachers and classmates have shown me that I’m limitless. –STUDENT

We study (more) deeply WE’RE ALL LEARNERS AND TEACHERS AT ST. AGNES ACADEMY. Our expert faculty members enter into equal partnership with their students—establishing a covenant of authentic, wholehearted learning that far exceeds the traditional classroom experience. They debate the nature of perfection in theology, play Latin Scrabble in the library, question Shakespeare’s Ophelia from a feminist perspective and the creation of the universe in the minds of scientists. Whether in speech class, a peace and justice seminar, an astronomy or anatomy lecture, our students seek more than the superficial answer—the why behind and the truth within each lesson.

We want to more creatively capture our students’ imaginations, draw them in, and then link them into deep inquiry in every subject area. – FACULT Y MEMBER

We create (beyond) art AT ST. AGNES ACADEMY, CREATIVIT Y TAKES THE FORM OF A CONSTANT CHALLENGE: TO BE CURIOUS, TO RESEARCH AND KNOW MORE, TO QUESTION MORE DEEPLY, TO MATCH ONE ANOTHER’S INTELLECTUAL HUNGER. This kind of creativity isn’t confined to the art studio. Our students engineer robots that can score goals or pass a ball, they write compelling documentaries, curate their own art shows, and build imaginative stage sets. You might say we celebrate all our students as artists, each with a unique medium—from the theater to the laboratory, the field to the podium. Guided by our curiosity-driven, always-encouraging teachers, each St. Agnes student finds and hones her ability to innovate, express herself, and solve problems with ingenuity.

St. Agnes students know what they want. This school teaches them to stand up and advocate for themselves, to take ownership, to challenge the status quo. – PARENT OF ALUMNAE

We compete with our (whole) selves ST. AGNES CONTINUOUSLY FIELDS CHAMPIONSHIPWINNING TEAMS. We also continuously field compassionate, considerate sportswomen. By finding each girl’s strengths and encouraging her to candidly explore her individual struggles, both athletically and intellectually, our students learn to bring it, and leave it, all on the line. Playing on any one, or three, of our twelve ambitious teams, whether beginners or seasoned players, St. Agnes Tigers compete with the same vigor and persistence they demonstrate in all their pursuits. Our students compel each other with loving support to become always-strivers, go-getters, and self-starters no matter what field of play they enter.

As an Academy woman, I know I can do whatever I put my heart into. Most of all, I want to remain true to my values and to represent them wherever I go. –STUDENT

We minister with(out) words OUR STUDENTS LEARN TO ACT WITH COMPASSION, TO STAND FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE. In their theology classes, afterschool clubs, preaching team, and yearly retreats they question their impact and influence. They debate what it means to be Dominican in the world today. And then they take the next step: serving in Kenya or Guatemala, mentoring young girls in the Houston community, working at Texas Children’s Hospital, or tutoring non-native English speakers after school. At St. Agnes, we don’t just “practice what we preach”—we make sure our lives speak for themselves.

The girls see that we are insanely passionate about what we teach, but they also learn we are just as insanely passionate about them as people. – FACULT Y MEMBER

We unite and we’re strong(er) WE BELIEVE THE STRENGTH OF EACH INDIVIDUAL DICTATES THE POWER OF OUR WHOLE COMMUNIT Y. From her first day at St. Agnes, we recognize and celebrate the worthiness of each young woman and challenge her to be herself. When she’s having a bad day, her classmates strive to make her smile, when she discovers a new interest in fencing or gymnastics, her teachers ask about it, when the intense pace of the school year feels too heavy, we come together to enjoy a surprise “day off” filled with fun and relaxation. Enveloped in a school family of strong support, our students come to understand the importance of solidarity and sisterhood, and to appreciate the value of each person to all.

The most important thing to me about choosing a college is continuing to grow. I never want to be stagnant. –STUDENT

We prepare (more) fully ST. AGNES IS MORE THAN COLLEGE PREPARATION. From day one, our entire community commissions each student to craft her future courageously and deliberately, to consider what comes next after her next school. And they do—as environmental attorneys, doctors abroad, geologists, officers in the armed forces, engineers and energy researchers, business owners, mothers, humanitarians, professors. Every path is different, but one thing remains the same: for an Academy woman, college is only the beginning.

Curious about some of the specifics St. Agnes offers (you)?


Explore new areas as a curiosity-driven scholar through courses like physiology, forensic science, seeking God through film, astronomy, intro to law, geology, peace, technical theatre, healing racism, psychology, human rights, graphic arts, the 1960s, or digital photography.


Solve problems and think with ingenuity no matter the medium through speech and debate, the Rube Goldberg competition, the Spectrum Engineering robotics team, choreography, co-ed choir and theater productions, studio arts, leadership and student council opportunities, or Dominican Preaching team.


Play with, and cheer for, your fellow Tigers in volleyball, cross country, field hockey, basketball, soccer, swimming, softball, lacrosse, golf, tennis, track and field, water polo, cheer, or the Tiger Girls dance team.


Serve throughout the school and community during alumnae or father-daughter service days, internationally in Kenya, Guatemala, or the Dominican Republic, locally at camps for differently abled, hospitals like MD Anderson or Texas Children’s, or during our Be the Change summer program for disadvantaged youth.


Participate in clubs and activities like Asian and Latino culture, green club, voices of black youth, club med (for future doctors), theatre arts, yearbook, campus ministry, diversity club, and journalism, or travel to Harvard Model Congress, Model UN, or on an immersion trip to Spain.


Like Academy women before you, prepare to succeed at top universities and graduate schools like these: UT, Texas A&M, Baylor, NYU, Franklin University Switzerland, LSU, Rhode Island School of Design, Rice University, Stanford, UNC, Notre Dame, Le Cordon Bleu, Georgetown, Harvard, Rhodes College, Duke, UVA, Seattle University, Cooper Union for Advancement of Science and Art, Yale, Vanderbilt, University of Colorado.

St. Agnes isn’t easy. But it made me the woman I am today. And who is that woman? She’s capable of anything. She’s fallen down and picked herself back up. She’s strong. She’s independent. She’s unstoppable. –ALUMNA


We dig deep(er) Together. Because at St. Agnes Academy, we know that when we each study, play, create, write, speak, serve, preach, and pray with our whole and authentic selves, we can all contribute more—more peace, more positivity, more service, more humility, more compassion, more curiosity, more ambition, more impact, more change. And that means our young women are (more than) ready to pursue lives of truth, passion, and purpose. Want to know more about St. Agnes? Dig deep(er) for yourself at


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