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| DECEMBER 2007 | NUMBER 7 |

Celebrating the importance of family years in th e pursuit of excellence

stylus Upcoming

Events The term Stylus is used to describe a myriad of different devices used in computing, science, medicine, art and technology. In ancient times, a stylus was the bone or ivory

Term 1 – 2009 Staff Development Day

Tu – 27th Jan

Staff Development Day

We – 28th Jan

Years 1 to 7, 11 & 12 commence Kindergarten and Years 8 – 10 commence Annunciation – school closed

Th – 9th Apr

Public Holiday – Good Friday (Western Easter)

Fr – 10th Apr

Public Holiday – Easter Monday Orthodox Good Friday

clay tablets. Stylus is also the

Orthodox Easter

denoting strength and grace.

Fr – 30th Jan We – 25th Mar

Term ends for staff and students

pen used to write on wax or

Greek word for pillar,

Th – 29th Jan

Mo – 13th Apr Fr – 17th Apr Su – 19th Apr

term 2 – 2009 Anzac Day Public Holiday Staff Development Day Students return Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday, School closed Term ends for staff and students

Mo – 27th Apr Tu – 28th Apr We – 29th Apr Mo – 8th Jun Fr – 3rd Jul

term 3 – 2009 Staff Development Day Students return

Mo – 27th Jul Tu – 28th Jul

Term ends for students

Th – 1st Oct

Staff Development Day

Fr – 2nd Oct

term 4 – 2009 Staff and students return

Mo – 19th Oct

Term ends for students

Th – 10th Dec

Staff Development Day

Fr – 11th Dec

n Internal Event

n Public Event

Address from Head of College


Mrs Efrosini Stefanou-Haag Head of College, with the Parish President Dr. Thomas Savoulis and Mrs. Deanne Coucouvinis, Chairman of the Board at the Sports Presentation Evening.

This has been a very good year for St Spyridon College. We celebrated the Golden Jubilee of our Parish and the Silver Jubilee of our College with special events such as the Gala Dinner and the Greek Theatre Production “In this Strange Land – Exile & Refuge”, followed by the Art Exhibition and the Appreciating Culture Lecture given by the Attorney General of New South Wales & Minister for Justice, the Honourable John Hatzistergos. The Junior School Open Day brought the whole world into our courtyard with song, dance, recitation and presentations on the theme of cultural infusions and global connections. Our young people showed us that they know, understand and are able to appreciate and empathise with people across the globe. Through snapshots of their integrated class-work, they demonstrated the deep learning in which their teachers have engaged them. The spectacular NAPLAN results were a cause of celebration in themselves, as were the outstanding HSC Music performances enjoyed by parents and students. We will very much miss the HSC Class of 2008 and bestow on them every good wish for the future. The Parents & Friends Spring Fair was the culmination of many functions that this committee organised in the course of this year. The hard work of many months paid off, as much in monetary terms as in strengthening our sense of community and school spirit. This year’s Spring Fair was topped off with the announcement of DA Approval for the new building works at the Senior School Campus. We are happy to announce that the St Spyridon College Scholarships Foundation which has been in the planning for some time was established this year. This offers tax deductibility to those persons who wish to contribute funds for this purpose. In closing, we thank all those who with good works and good words contribute to the progress of our College, and invite everyone to be a dynamic part of our school’s development in the future. Our students deserve our continued hard work and best efforts”. Mrs E. Stefanou-Haag Head of College

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Academic Excellence SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS 2009 Upper Scholarship Years 11 & 12 2009 - 2010

Congratulations to Aleksandra Djordjevic and Alexander Vatiliotis who have each been granted a two year Scholarship for continued study in Years 11 and 12. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of ACER External Examinations. We commend all students who sat for the examinations and wish our students every success in the future.

Scholarship Year 7 2009 Congratulations to Mark Mina presently a student from St Michael’s, Daceyville, who has been granted the 2009 four year scholarship to study at St Spyridon College. His brother Matthew is currently in Year 8 at St Spyridon College. The Scholarships are based on the results of the ACER scholarship examinations. There was a strong field of candidates. We commend all students who attempted this challenging exam.

FUTURE AUTHORS FUEL THE MIND – BOOK WEEK On the 22nd August I was lucky enough to receive an honour certificate and Dymocks gift voucher from the Mayor of Randwick, Mr Bruce Notley – Smith. I had to design a menu around the Book Week Theme of “Fuel Your Mind”. My entry was one of 350 from children from other schools in the Randwick area. They were all on display at the Bowen Library. Paul Mandadakis 4T STYLUS Page 2

Day in the life of a Doctor...

By Victoria Tsingos, 10 years old

It’s 5am and I’m already up and running. There’s an emergency, I just got a call from the hospital and I don’ t even have time for breakfast. I fling out the door with my black bag in my hand; I get in the car and start the engine. Away I go, as fast as the wind. I rush to the hospital, I’m already late. My bag is opened, I take out my emergency tools I’ve got to give this person a needle immediately! I can’ t stop now, there’s still a long way to go. Great, my phone is ringing, I’m writing a script, don’ t bug me now, I’m not even in the car yet! Back in the car now, thank goodness for that, but the engine’s not on, the car has not moved out of the parking spot, I am still looking at my map! Quick, there’s a house call to attend. I am positive I am not allowed to unwind yet! I go to the house call immediately after I have written the script; a man is standing at the door. “My baby’s sick!” he says with an extremely worried look on his face. I’m not smiling (neither is the baby!). I give the baby some medicine and feel his forehead. “He doesn’ t have a fever,” I say, “but he does have a cold.” I leave the house; I rush to the car, shut the door and throw my bag in the back seat. I’m off to the surgery ... When I arrive, there are patients already waiting outside the door; there is a huge line going down the footpath. I’m sweating! Is it time to go home? Is this ever going to stop? Am I going to work my whole entire life? It has become evening so fast, I haven’ t had lunch and it’s hours past it! I still haven’ t stopped; I’ve got a lecture to present at a physician’s dinner. He is expecting me to be there at exactly 6pm. If I don’ t turn up, I’ ll be in serious trouble! Not much time to prepare! I’ve got to get there soon, I’m running late

already. I run outside with my shoes in my hands, I open the door and jump in the car. I start the engine and try to put my shoes on at the same time! I close the door and put my seatbelt on. I’m on the road AGAIN! F inally I arrive. I close the door and quickly lock the car. The venue is very nice. All my colleagues are waiting for me. T ime to give the lecture! When I arrive home, I am extremely exhausted. I am so tired I don’t even bother to take my clothes off. There I am, struggling to get to the top of the stairs. F inally, I reach the bed, at last the day is over and I can get some rest. I fall onto the soft, warm blanket. Ring! Ring! Victoria wins a $50 Dymocks voucher for her article and illustration. Young readers interested in writing in on any medical topic of their choice can do so by e-mailing Magazine: Waiting Room - Spring 2008 (an Australian Doctor Publication) STYLUS Page 3

Junior School Students Write 4 Fun Congratulations to the following students who, at such a young age are published authors!

Staying Alive in Year 6

Beware The Alien In The Sea

Andrew and Mark

by Martha Spilioti Yr 6M

by Emanuel Kapodistrias Yr 5I

by Nicholas Makridopolus Yr 5I

Year 6 Poem

The Hunt For The Golden Treasure

Bobby’s Goal

by Anthony Vasili Yr 6M

by Andreas Veryinis Yr 3A

Halloween Town

by Allyssa Stemitsiotis Yr 5I

Good Things

by Panayioti Kapodistrias Yr 6M

The Machine

by Jordan Makridopolus Yr 3A

Chaotic and Historic Year 6

by Maria Spanoudakis Yr 5I

Anzac Day

A Day in The Shopping Centre

by Jacqueline Burleigh Yr 3A

by Lena Sialepis Yr 6M

by Niki Papaleonidas Yr 5A As a result of entering the Write 4 Fun Writing Competition earlier this year, these children were asked if their work could be published in “Bee Cre8tive”, a book of children’s literature, written by children. We are proud of the achievement of these

children and thank parents for their support in assisting their child to become to become part of such an event. Mrs Dimitrelis Primary Coordinator

NAPLAN RESULTS We commend our teachers and students on the outstanding results that were achieved in the NAPLAN tests, which show

that St Spyridon students are performing at a very high level, in reading Writing, Overall Literacy and Numeracy.



ello, my name is Sylvia. I come from China from Shanghai. It’s a prosperous city. I spent my last 15 years in Shanghai. There are four people in my family. My parents and a younger brother. We live in a flat. Because my parents are very busy my grandparents look after me sometimes but usually I stayed in a boarding school from Monday to Friday. After Year 9 I graduated from Junior High School. I came to Sydney last year. I’ve stayed here for one and a half years and I’ve studied in an International school. It was full of Chinese students. I think it’s not good for my English so I changed to St Spyridon College. Students here are very enthusiastic and it’s good for


me so that I don’t feel alone. People talk to me even though my English is not good. It’s a new environment for me. I start my new life.



n Stage 3 H.S.I.E., the Year 5 and Year 6 students have incorporated their language, musical and artistic skills to create an amazing array of cultural flavours across the 4 middle school classrooms. 5A have been studying Italy and some of our famous Italian/Australians including Mr. Morris Iemma. 5I have been studying Spain and some of the unique Spanish traditions such as Flamenco, Running of the Bulls, La Tomatina and Bull Fighting. Next week they will create artworks using the influence of Salvador Dali.

the Olympic Games. In addition, they have learnt about a number of customs and traditions from this African nation. Part of the learning program encouraged students to design and make clay pots as well as assemble their own African masks from a variety of materials. Next, 6M will be using stencils to print Kenyan silhouettes. Check out some of this great artwork! Of course all of Stage 3 have been learning about our athletes the Olympics and preparing speeches based on topics they are interested in. We are encouraging the students to become creative presenters. All of the classes have made their own booklets reflecting their adopted country “at a glance”.

6P have been studying China which included trade with Australia and some famous Chinese/Australians such as Victor Chang. 6M have followed Kenya’s progress during


n Monday 15th September, the whole school went to see a performance in the hall called Cultural Infusion. First we saw an African performance. They played the drums. It was fun to listen to them as they played on the Jembi. It was also interesting to listen to the explanation on how they play the drums. They play as a team as it sounds better. I liked the Africans! Then we saw the Chinese performance. They played on a big drum and danced a lion dance. One performer jumped on the others shoulders and underneath the lion. The Chinese lion was trying to get the Kindergarten children. He went up and down the hall and all of Year five and six were laughing. The Mexican people played on a harp and a Cello. We all did the Mexican wave. They told us about their instruments and their country. They introduced the types of clothes they wore like the Sombrero. The Indian dance was exciting too. I like it as it was another favourite. The Indian performer wore a Sari and told a story. As she told the story she performed actions with her fingers which represented different animals in the story.

The Brazilian people played the tambourine and drums as they were doing some amazing tricks. All the performances were exciting to watch, but my favourite had to be the Brazilian performance because they did Capoeira which is like Martial Arts but as a dance. Aaron Nissirios 2C


Fostering the Beautiful Things in Life. The Appreciating Culture Lecture event was established in 2003, to celebrate the 21st Anniversary of St Spyridon College. Tonight’s Lecture is a key event in the Silver Jubilee celebrations of our College, and the Golden Jubilee of our parish. The first “Appreciating Culture” lecture in 2003 was given by Professor Gavin Brown, Vice-Chancellor and Principal of Sydney University. He put to us “ The Case for Universities in a Civilized Society”. In it, he proposed that Universities should remain places of Light, Liberty and Learning helping to create culture; and to resist the temptation of merely selling career credentials. So too, we at St Spyridon College have the ambition to go beyond the transactional view of education. The second Lecture was given in 2005, by His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos, Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in Australia, who spoke to us on “Priorities in True Culture”. This Lecture was seminal in that it took us on


a journey from Classical thought to the Greek Orthodox tradition, which remains in ceaseless continuation with the first Christian Millennium. He defined for us the five essential values on which true culture is predicated-as freedom, health, property education and interpersonal relations. We note that first and most important is the value of freedom. And yet as he emphasized each of these values would be as nothing if they are not pursued with the personal and moral conviction of the sacredness and uniqueness that defines each human person. So too in our College we endeavour to educate our students to respect every human person always working towards justice, truth and beauty. If the first and most important value of true culture is freedom, then as citizens of a democratic nation, it is critical for us to know how the Australian constitution protects the rights and the dignity of each human person. It was therefore a great privilege for us

that the Attorney General and Minister for Justice in this State Mr. John Hatzistergos, spoke to us on the Australian Constitution. The Art Exhibition was held on the same evening. It was a special joy for us that for the first time this year, we had on display works from our sister schools in Sydney-All Saints Grammar School and St Euphemia College, together with St George College Adelaide. We commend the students, teachers and Principals across the four schools on the high standard of the works on show. We congratulate the curator of this year’s exhibition Mrs. Jennifer Michalski, Dean of Upper School on an outstanding event. We wish to congratulate Mrs Grillakis and Mrs Lambi for the Appreciating Culture canapés and cocktails, which were prepared with the Senior Hospitality students. Everyone left the evening with the best impressions. Mrs E. Stefanou-Haag

HSC Music performance Congratulations to Miss Savva and the Year 12 music students: Adam Neou, Lydia Hamer, Stephen Kalithrakas, Anastasia Peric, Maria Mavrolefterou, Jamie Georgiou and Stefan

Cvetkovic for outstanding HSC performances. They completed their HSC Music exam on Monday, 8th September and performed to Year 7-10 on Wednesday.


A tribute to Year 12 Class 2008


n behalf of the whole school community K-12 together with His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos, Reverend Father Steven and Father Andreas, the teachers, parents and fellow students, I take the opportunity to farewell the YEAR 12 class of 2008 with all the mixed emotions that this merits. The Year 12 Class of 2008 was one of the most diverse and most talented Classes to go through this College. They are so different from one another in personality, interests and temperament. We have our super sports stars and our magical musicians-our thoughtful intellectuals and our technological wizards-our quiet achievers and our dramatic extraverts-our visual artists and our budding authors. They are from many more cultural backgrounds than past Year 12s; and more of them joined St Spyridon after the Junior School years.

outstanding musical talent; they moved us with their dramatic performances; the dignity with which they stood up, in front of the whole school to receive the Holy Bible from His Eminences’ hands, took our breath away.

It has been a privilege to watch them grow into their better selves. And how they have grown! We look at them and wonder when did they become such an accomplished, confident and poised group of young people? They impressed with their attention to their studies; they stunned us with their

Mrs. Katsogiannis together with the teachers has done her best to keep them safe and to support each of them on your personal journey. But St. Spyridon College is not a refuge from the world-it is strong preparation for life. This is


We admire them for the strong and lasting bonds they forged with one another. Not because they never disagreed or because there was never been conflicts between them; but because they cared enough to do something about them. They stood by one another at some really difficult times and this sustained them and kept them strong. In other words, they have been blessed to have one another - and we have been blessed to have had such fine young people in our care.


not Hollywood ladies and gentlemen; life can be difficult, sad, and troubled and sometimes brutal. We would not have our students believe that they, unlike everyone else in the history of humanity, are entitled to a life in which they get everything they need and all the things they want; where nothing terrible or tragic ever happens to anyone they care about. What we have tried to teach them, is that it is their job to live an honourable life, and to face everything that happens to them, with strength of character and faith in God. And that they are very

lucky to have family and friends who share in your problems and celebrate their joys. Our students know all these things of course, at a deep level. They may not articulate them, but we can see 窶田learly and presently that they are ready to take their place in a complex world with confidence and success-that they are indeed people of faith, people of discipline and people of character. Mrs E Stefanou-Haag


Celebrating Students and Teachers Past & Future student news We congratulate Lianna Stamparidis on her recent graduation with a Bachelor of Architecture, Honours Class 1, from the University of New South Wales.

Lianna completed her H.S.C. at the College in 2002. She was the College Dux of her year. Congratulations.

Profile of Mrs Synesios – Infants Co-ordinator Qualifications: • Diploma of Teaching (Catholic Teacher’s College) • Bachelor of Education (Sydney University) • Certificate of Gifted Education (UNSW)

Responsibililities: • Overseeing K – 2

• Curriculum K -2

• Overseeing Support K -2

• Transition to School

• Year 2 / 3 Transition

• Overseeing Gifted Education K – 6

Mrs Synesios is a passionate educator who has over 19 years teaching experience, 18 of these at St. Spyridon College. For her, teaching is a vocation, and a Greek Orthodox school the ideal place. Mrs Synesios is married and has three children. Her two school aged children, Constance (Year 7) and Peter (Year 1) attend St. Spyridon College, where education is about the whole child and where Orthodox Faith and Hellenic

Ideals are respected, valued and fundamental to all other learning. She believes that each child is an individual and that effective teaching is not a specific method but one that recognises the needs of the learners and responds accordingly. Curriculum should challenge and encourage children to meet their potential. Mrs Synesios knows each child by name and takes pride in the achievements

Parish trip to Greece 2008 Memorable moments from the Parish trip to Greece and Cyprus.

STYLUS Page 10

of the children she has taught. Mrs Synesios has held several roles over the years; as class teacher, Computer Co-ordinator, Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator, Infants Support Teacher and Acting Assistant Principal. She has been recognised by Rotary and has received a “Pride of Workmanship Award”.


ST SPYRIDON WELCOMES MINISTER GARRETT We were delighted to have had a visit from the Federal Minister for the Environment and member for Kingsford Smith on Friday, 13th June. He brought the good news that St Spyridon College was to receive 75 computers as part of the Federal Plan for ICT in schools. Mr Garrett took the opportunity to see the school in action; he praised the Year

12 students’ talents in music and gave them some much appreciated advice on how to enhance their performance skills. He also visited the ICT centre in the Technology Wing. The College naturally gave Mr Garrett an enthusiastic welcome given its interests in technocracy in the future!

STYLUS Page 11


esterday Year 5 tried Yum Cha. Yum Cha evolved from China. It was started by the Chinese Emperor thinking tea shouldn’t be drunk while eating. Why? There were two chefs waiting for us in the playground. The chefs gave us two servings of food. The first serving was three dumplings. One was yellow and filled with vegetables. Another looked like a shell and was filled with meat. The last was white and round and filled with a salad and was extraordinary! The second serving had a meat dumpling and a pork bun. A pork bun is pork covered in a tasty sauce wrapped up in what tasted like very sweet bread. It was delicious!

The chefs only used four pots of various sizes and a spoon to cook the foods. All of the food was steamed. The chefs served the food on plastic plates and gave us a napkin. Surprisingly they did not give us any utensils. They said that you must eat the food with your hands. Yum Cha means drinking tea. It is called this because the Chinese use to eat little portions of food. In between each food they would drink tea. They drank the tea so they could taste the next food. Theoni Thimakis 5I

A sporting life at St. Spyridon College CONGRATULATIONS…

…to Amanda Horafios and Ivana Bojanovic on making the NSWCIS Girls Soccer team… to Martha Spilioti, Year 6 who has qualified for the Swimming State Championships and the National Swimming Championships 2009. Well done.

STYLUS Page 12

Congratulations to George Malomitis Yr 6 – Free Sparring 1st Place 2008 South Hunter Open Championships.

Football 2008 The boys’ soccer team excelled this year in the traditional fixtures. Not only did they perform sportingly on the park but they were outstanding SPY vs Trinity win 2-1 SPY vs Cranbrook win 4-0

ambassadors of the school. Parents and MIC’s of all opposing schools commended our students on the way they conducted themselves. SPY vs St Aloysius win 4-1 SPY vs St Josephs win 3-0

U 13’s ISA FOOTBALL Champions

Congratulations to all the boys and Mr Kaldis for being a great coach.

SPY vs Shore win 4-0

Alex Coplin, Nicholas Stasos, Niko Fotopoulos, John Kirkis, Peter Faros, Alex Spiropoulos, Mathew Kambos, Peter Skoulis, John Marantos, Petros Stefadouros, James Andrew, Chris Kolistakis, Dean Michos, Sotiri Kastanas, Alex Moraitis, Leonidas Andrew. Coach: Mr Vesalas

What best characterizes season 2008 is not only excellent sportsmanship on and off the field but also determination, passion and pride. Of the three teams in

semi finals two made the finals and made everyone proud. In soccer as in many other team sports it is always comforting knowing that as a team you have done all

you can on any given day. My congratulations to all teams and to the U13’s a special well done for winning their final against St Patricks College. STYLUS Page 13

A sporting life at St. Spyridon College Netball 2008 – ISA Netball 2008

Our success this year was partly due to a new direction undertaken by the school whereby the students participated in a pre-season training program. Three of our teams qualified for the finals in the ISA Competition with the Open A’s undefeated for the first half of the season.

Orthodox Colleges proved to be very successful with the girls once again undefeated champions. However, it was the development of Years 8-10 players that was most satisfying. This year we propose to have a pre-season training program for all girls irrespective of age.

ISA Atheltics Carnival 2008 St Spyidon College hosted the 2008 ISA Athletics Carnival. It was seen by many sportsmasters and Athletic MIC’s as one of the most organised Athletics carnivals to date. Special Thank you to all the Year 10’s who helped make this day a success and many thanks to Mr Mavrommatis (for organising Year 10’s), Miss Kalithrakas and Mrs Melas (girls team manager), Miss Gambriell (shot put official), and Mr McCallum (boys manager) and Mr Papaikonomou (chief time keeper) who supported and helped run our second ISA Athletics. Thank

you also to Christian Alexander, Athletics Coach. Congratulations to all athletes, sporting excellence is perhaps the best way to describe the students efforts. What inspired all St Spyridon staff on the day was to see our students before events do their cross and look to the heavens above for help. Their prayers were answered on many occasions when many students received placings in their events. The intermediate girls did particularly well coming second overall.

NSWCIS Athletics Congratulations to Phillip Fotiou who made the ISA Athletics Squad and competed at the NSWCIS Carnival on Friday 19th September. He came 2nd in the 100m and 200m at the NSWCIS Athletics. Also, I would like to thank the year 9 students who helped at the NSWCIS Athletics Carnival. They were outstanding and that St Spyridon are proud of these STYLUS Page 14

sudents who did not stop helping all day in the hot sun. Leah Balayiannis, Ivana Bojanovic, Deanne Constantinou, Alex Georgiou, Maria Ishak, Milica Janjetovic, Leah Meletis, Ben Papadopoulos, Billy Rokos, Dean Roniotis, Milica Simonovic, Peter Theodosi, Peter Zinopoulos                                         Mr A. Condous Boys Sport

stylus 2008 National Schools Event

St Spyridon College hosted the 2008 Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia National Schools Event which brought together over 250 students from the six Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Schools. Students from Melbourne and Adelaide joined students from Sydney to compete for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Championships in Football, Basketball, Netball, Volleyball and Indoor Soccer (Futsal).

For the first time a Languages Spoken Arts Festival was held. Year 11 and 12 students rehearsed and performed poetry and prose recitations, dialogues and theatre skits in Greek, Classical Greek, Serbian and Italian. In a spirit of fellowship, challenges were met, old friendships across the six schools were renewed and new friendships were formed.

Sports Breakfast On the 30th October, Womensport and Recreation NSW hosted the Sydney Schoolgirls Breakfast with the Stars. A group of girls from the 2008 St Spyridon College Sports teams were provided with the opportunity to meet elite female sport stars and hear their motivational stories. When we arrived we were seated at our tables in the hall that was filled with over 800 girls from schools all around NSW, who have impacted their school with their selected sports.

Pottharst (volleyball), Heather Garriock (soccer- Maltidas) and many others. Throughout the breakfast, we heard many stories of great achievements during the highs and the struggles faced during their low times. This was a great motivation factor, which can help us when we are faced with issues and how to overcome them e.g. balancing school with training.

A healthy breakfast was awaiting us as well as many dynamic sports performances including dancing, aerobics and double Dutch.

Overall it was a great experience, which we all appreciated and I’m sure we all took something away with us.

During the break we were given the opportunity to walk around and meet stars, which included, Elka Graham (swimming), Kerri

Thank you to Ms O’Shea and Mr Meintanis for accompanying us to and from the venue.

STYLUS Page 15

Academics The Australian Mathematics Competition for the Westpac Awards 2008 Sponsored by the Westpac Banking Corporation, the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC), is the original and largest of its kind in the world and is in now in its 31st year. The Competition is renowned for its high standard and integrity and has three aims: • To highlight the importance of mathematics as a curriculum subject • To give students an opportunity to discover talent in mathematics • To provide resources for the classroom and general discussion St Spyridon College-Senior School entered 110 students in the AMC held on 31 July. We received 3 High Distinctions (a record), 5 Distinctions, 37 Credits and 27 awards of Proficiency. The introduction of a Proficiency certificate awarded to all

In Year 7

Proficiency Proficiency Proficiency Proficiency Proficiency Proficiency Proficiency Proficiency Proficiency Proficiency Proficiency Proficiency Proficiency

In Year 9

In Year 8

STYLUS Page 16

It is with pleasure that I list below the students at St Spyridon College-Senior School that received a certificate in this year’s competition. Congratulations to all the students who took on the challenge.

Christopher Avgoustou Kostandino Baratsas George Dokos Demi Flokis Katerina Hillelis Nicolette Kontakos Joseph Mavrolefterou Ben Sealy Michael Skoulis Mariam Spilioti Kerry Stathis James Syros Arthur Tsounis

Jaime Blignaut Distinction Leonidas Andrew Credit Michael Arfanis Credit Penny Bounatsos Credit Filix Filix Credit Chrisovalantou Georgou Credit Joanna Karageorgis Credit John Kirkis Credit Estelle Krassas Credit Alexandros Moraitis Credit Peter Skoulis Credit Nicholas Stasos Credit Alex Stellatos Credit James Andrew Proficiency Mathew Kambos Proficiency Sotiri Kastanas Proficiency Stephanie Pizanis Proficiency Valantis Toras Proficiency

Brannon Bergmann Distinction and Prudence Award Georgio Lambos Credit Matthew Mina Credit Marielle Pizanis Credit Stephanie Satouris Credit Brendan Terrett Credit Kathy Thimakis Credit Adriana Tsounis Credit

students who have achieved a pre-set score but have not been awarded a Credit (or higher) certificate, was an innovation for students entering the 2008 AMC. All students were asked to solve thirty problems, twenty five of which were multiple-choice, in 75 minutes. Brannon Bergmann (8 Archimedes Class), who received a Distinction and was also the Prudence Award winner had this to say: “The Australian Maths Competition was challenging for me. I went home the day I did it thinking that I would receive at most a credit. It was just that challenging! When the results finally came in, I was shocked! The test began with simple questions, but they got hard very quickly, but I enjoy a challenge which is why this test was perfect for me.”

Evangelia Balayannis Elpiniki Andrew Bianca Anastasas Renee Hatzistergos Stamati Margelis Leaya Stemitsiotis Angela Kardamis Lysia Rakis Anastasia Simiakos

Distinction Credit Credit Credit Credit Credit Proficiency Proficiency Proficiency

Makrina Spilioti Milton Spiropoulos Alexander Vatiliotis Patrice Calopedos Phoebe Ganis Gregory Lazaridis Gregory Rotis George Sialepis

Credit Credit Credit Proficiency Proficiency Proficiency Proficiency Proficiency

In Year 11 Stefan Cvetkovic High Distinction Tina Piperides Distinction Peter Koureas Credit Sylvia Lin Credit Erik Papadimatos Credit Christopher Stasos Credit Ilias Coplin Proficiency In Year 12 Stamati Anastasopoulos High Distinction Mark Xin High Distinction Danny Bernard Distinction Farhad Heidari Credit Maria Mavrolefteros Credit

In Year 10 Sotiri Abouyianni Aleksandra Djordjevic Angelina Flokis Natasha Pavlova

Credit Credit Credit Credit

Mr A. Kollias Curriculum Leader - Mathematics

stylus Experience Work in Year 10 The College would like to thank all those businesses who acted as host organizations for the recent work experience period. Below, I have included some of the comments that were made by their supervisors, over the telephone and on site visits. I think that they even exceeded our high expectations of them. “Very enthusiastic”, “doing very well on the design task set for him”, “absolutely fantastic”, “very professional”, “good people skills”, “was able to work unsupervised”, “enjoying all the different activities”, “fantastic, a pleasure to have”, “is enjoying all the aspects of the work”, “very welcome to come again”, “a very mature young woman”, “the student has changed our minds about having work experience students – a pleasure to have”, “usually we have uni students for work experience – not school students – she was excellent!”

Nikola Simonovic – “We have had some bad experiences with work experience students, but Nikola has changed our minds.” Natalie Pizanis – “We usually have university students here at ACP. We cannot believe Natalie is a high school student because she is a very mature and capable young lady.”

Infants honour National Tree Day

First 2C and 2A gathered with Mrs Hamer, Mrs Synesios, Mrs Kipriotis and Miss Brocklehurst. When we were there we talked about why we were going to plant the shrub and who gave it to the school. Mrs Sobbel brought a special type of a plant to the school. It was given to her when she became an Australian Citizen. Mrs Kipriotis picked George to dig a hole and Miss Brocklehurst picked Sophia to put the plant in. Next George and Georgina watered the shrub. Mrs Hamer spoke about the shrub and

to sales and marketing, operations/ manufacturing and commercial construction sites. While she was undertaking the tasks, she showed herself to be very astute, asking relevant questions. She was keen to learn over and above that which was assigned to her. After reviewing and checking her results, she liaised with the marketing team to discuss the changes which were subsequently incorporated in the new Boral Masonry Design Guide. She will make an excellent engineer should she choose to follow this path.” Congratulations to all the students involved in the programme.

One company sent back a formal appraisal of one student, Connie Bouhoutsos. I have selected some sections of this report. “She was exposed

On Wednesday the 30th July, Year Two planted a shrub for National Tree Day. We planted it in the Harmony Garden that Year Six, 2007 had started.

told us that it would grow flowers in Spring. While George and Georgina were watering the plant we were standing behind them. I was actually standing in front of Mr. Volas’ office with other people. While we were standing there Mrs Kipriotis took photos of the shrub and the children watering it. Mrs Hamer told 2A and 2C that they were responsible for looking after the plant and that we would have to take care of it for four and a half years. Finally we left the Harmony Garden. I liked that day very much. Chrysanthi Diasinos 2C STYLUS Page 17

It’s all about building young lives.

An Invitation to Help Build the Future of our College It is with great pleasure that we announce that St Spyridon College has been granted DA Approval for the Senior School Building Programme. We expect to break ground in 2009. The new building will be a real and lasting investment in the future of our children, and of their children, in the years to come.

Friend of College Spartan Warrior Bronze Donor Silver Donor

($2 - $999) ($1,000) ($10,000) ($25,000)

We call on our St Spyridon Family to help us raise the funds we need to complete our project. Everyone can contribute. The Benefactor’s Scheme starts with tax deductible donations form $2 to $200,000. Every dollar is appreciated and every dollar counts.

Gold Donor Benefactor Esteemed Benefactor Grand Benefactor

($50,000) ($100,000) ($150,000) ($200,000)

For further information on contributing please contact the Parish Executive officer on (02) 9313 6899. 1130 Anzac Parade, Maroubra NSW 2035, PO Box 462, Maroubra NSW 2035 Phone: 61 2 9311 3340 Fax: 61 2 9311 4532 Email: Website: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia, St Spyridon Parish of South-East Sydney A.C.N. 000 410 891 A.B.N. 84 480 080 247 CRICOS Provider Numbers: Junior School ~ Years K-6 ~ 061558A Senior School ~ Years 7-12 ~ 02319E

Stylus Volume No.7  

The voice of St. Spyridon College | DECEMBER 2007 | NUMBER 7

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