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VOLUME XXIX No 16 19th September, 2012


SEPTEMBER Term Ends Open Day JS House Gala Day SS


Staff Development Day



OCTOBER Students and staff return


HSC Begins


Year 5 visit


HICES Junior and Senior School Principals meeting


OHI Day Celebrations Church Years 7-9 P & F Spring Fair


VET Work Placement



NOVEMBER Vaccinations Year 7 Final Assessment period begins Years 7-10 Years 4-6 Camp

Years 3 – 6 Camp

Pi Day SS

2nd 7th 8th – 9th 9th

Parent Forum Year 7, 2012


Orientation Day Year 7, 2013 Musical Showcase SS




EXTRACT FROM SPEECH OF FAREWELLL YEAR 12 CLASS OF 2012 Tonight we gather to farewell the students of the Year 12 Class of 2012, with every good wish for their HSC success and future happiness. We would like to thank the Reverend Father Steven Scoutas and Father Sotiri, for their spiritual guidance to you, and the Parish President and Board Chairman Mr Elia Economou and his co-workers, for his work in taking the school forward. We thank Ms Marina Kalithrakas, your Year Adviser for her professionalism, and genuine commitment to your care. She deserves your gratitude and ours. I can confidently say that she has done everything humanly possible to get you to focus and to maximise your potential. We also thank your home room teacher Mrs Vesna Belajic who has been a wonderful support to our Year 12s, thank you. We thank all Year 12 teachers for their hard work at this critical juncture of your academic journey; and indeed all your teachers from Kindergarten to this point, for their impact on your lives. We wish you every success in your HSC Examinations. We are pleased to note that you have made exceptional progress; and we expect very good results the Year 12 Class of 2012. I cannot overstate the role of the Principal Senior School Mrs Amelia Katsogiannis, in your education. I am most grateful to Mrs Katsogiannis, for the direction and guidance she gives to our students in becoming honourable people of faith. We are truly blessed here at St Spyridon to have such a person at the helm of our Senior School. As a group, and as individuals, you have achieved so much in your journey through school - in academics; in sports; in music; in Greek and English theatre productions; in the visual arts and in technology. You have represented your College in state, national and international forums with honour and exceptional style.


We have witnessed your compassion in action, through so many community action and global connection initiatives. We thank Ms Kokinelis for providing these opportunities to you. We commend the Prefects of 2012 for their exemplary leadership to the student body. We thank our College and Sports Captain, Kostandino Baratsas, the Vice-Captain Demi Flokis, and Senior Prefect Marielle Pizanis, for their excellent work in promoting the good name of the College. The Girls Sports Captain, Erin Criticos is also warmly acknowledged. This Evening we have before us, an accomplished and confident group of young people with the whole world at their feet. We consider ourselves blessed in the knowledge, that the world will be a better place by your presence - no matter what career pathway you may choose to take. We are proud to have been part of your learning journey. But this does not mean that it is easy for us to say goodbye to you. It is not easy to let you go, when you have been at the centre of our attention, our devotion and care for so many years. You will be much missed by us. We will also miss the families of our graduating students. Together with your parents and families, we have done our best to prepare you for the challenges of the future. But in trying to keep you safe, we have also tried to shield you from the worst aspects of this troubled and confused world. We have emphasised the wonder and glory of Creation - the love of family, and the centrality of friendship; Not the cruelty, ruthlessness and selfishness that can harm – and even destroy, every aspect of human endeavour. Tonight together with your parents we pray that we have given you the strength of character and the capacity to “stand well” in the presence of evil and foolish people. Remember that compassion is good, but excessive pity can be devil’s last resort. Never let greedy, lazy and manipulative people take advantage of your good nature. In Jesus’ words, we want you to be “wise as serpents and as innocent as doves”. We trust that your inner strength, your faith, your implicit understanding of the difference between right and wrong, will be as a shield and armour for you, in all life’s adventures. You may not know this, but when you graduate from St Spyridon College, you are immediately inducted as a life-long member of a select, exclusive group. You will have ready-made contacts and support networks everywhere - in the universities, in business, and in every possible sphere of interest. And if you think for a moment that you are an anonymous tourist in Hawaii, or in New York, or in any part of Europe of Greece, think again - you may well turn round and see an old friend there. I close with an Irish blessing for our dearest students. May God Grant you: A sunbeam to warm you, A moonbeam to charm you, A sheltering Angel so nothing can harm you; Laughter to cheer you, Faithful friends near you; And whenever you pray, for heaven to hear you. And until we meet again May God hold you in the hollow of His Hand.









Contact Kim Georgas 0402047207 Pascalis 0414244695 for details.


Mrs M. Pascalis P&F Assistant Secretary

We commend our teachers and students on the outstanding results that were achieved in the NAPLAN tests, which show that St Spyridon College students are performing at a very high level in Reading, Persuasive Writing, Overall Literacy and Numeracy.

JUNIOR SCHOOL REPORT ICAS - Mathematics ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools) are developed for students in Years 3 to 12 and are sat annually. Below is a list of students who need to be commended for their excellent performance in Mathematics this year

Students have been issued directly with their individual results.

TERM FOUR Students are to wear their summer uniform at the commencement of Term Four

Year 3 DISTINCTION Anastasi Poulos , Juval Mikhail, Gregory Tsoukalas


CREDIT Teoni Antonopoulos, Billy Bourdaniotis, Mihalis Dovellos, Anthony Hatzigiakoumis, Emmanuel Aroney , James Bletsas , Mary Diamond, Peter Petrides , Franklin Pyliotis, Vicki Synesios

Students enjoyed Father’s Day shopping at the stalls this year in preparation to spoil their father figures. We are thrilled to announce that the profits resulting from this fundraiser amounted to $3422 and $835 from the Raffle. Many thanks to you all who supported this very successful activity.



or Maria

Year 5 HIGH DISTINCTION Connor Giavis


DISTINCTION Peter Nikas, Vivienne Hatzigiakoumis

This mammoth event is slowly approaching. We are so thrilled to bring you some of our good old favourites as well as some new offers. Pencil in SUNDAY 28 OCTOBER for a truly fun-filled family day at our very own Junior school. Spread the word!

CREDIT Kristina Poulos, Georgia Veryinis Year 4 CREDIT Thomas Mouratidis, Katherine Tsingos , Peter Ganis, Roza Papas, Laura Pitharoulis, George Stavrou


Year 6 CREDIT Nathan Adam, Dean Albanakis , Stephen Bletsas, Nicholas Frazis , Florence Georges, Felicity Ginis, Harris Papas, Nicole Stramotas, Michael Vetsikas

Remember STALL HIRE is available but limited! An excellent opportunity for promoting your business and selling your goods and services to our local community and beyond.


silver medals and Samsung Galaxy Tabs for the top schools and students.


The school’s computer room was buzzing with activity on these 2 days. The competition had different activities set on each of the days. On the first day, we had to answer curriculum based questions (similar to mathletics homework) from our year group until we could reach a maximum of 15000 points. This took many hours if you wanted to achieve that many points, but you learnt so much on the way.

The Australian Mathematics Competition held annually from its inception in 1978, was the first Competition in Australian Schools. It has become a truly international event, with countries throughout the Pacific and South East Asia and some from even further afield now taking part. The questions in this competition use mathematics from within the school syllabus and the questions range from broadly accessible to challenging, requiring problem solving skills. The problems get progressively more difficult until the end when they are challenging to the most gifted student. Students from Years 3 to 6 were invited to experience this competition and we are proud of all those students who participated. Below is a list of students who deserve special mention.

On the second day is where all the fun began. We had to participate in a live online challenge and answer as many questions correctly as we could in 60 seconds. There were a total of 100 questions over 10 levels that we needed to complete. The more you answered correctly, the more points you got. You had to be careful not to get more than 3 wrong answers in one game or you were locked out until the next one!

Year 3 CREDIT Keramitzis Gianni, Antonopoulos Teoni

It was very exciting, enjoyable and fun competing against friends and other students from around Australia and watching our names pop up on the website’s Hall of Fame. I look forward to next year’s challenge and aim to try and do even better.

Year 4 CREDIT Skouteris Nicola, Hristeff James, Papas Roza Papas Anna, Tsingos Katherine

Desi Kapodistrias (5A)

Year 5 DISTINCTION Nikas Peter, Giavis Connor

Mrs M. Hamer Principal


CREDIT Jenkins Christian, Synesios Peter, Kapodistrias Desi, Veryinis Georgia


Year 6 CREDIT Albanakis Dean, Bletsas Stephen, Georges Florence, Andrew Elaine, Contominas JenniferEve, Tsimboukis Rhea, Vetsikas Michael, Zois Victoria, Micos Sophia, Tzivakis Deanna

Congratulations to Panayioti Kapodistrias who came 4th in Australia in secondary schools division and 2nd in NSW. Combined secondary and primary results show he came 5th.


Farewell to Ms Hudson who leaves St Spyridon College after completing one Term as the maternity leave replacement for Mrs Kefalouros.


On the 4th and 5th of September 2012, our school participated in the Commonwealth Bank of Australia Maths Challenge. This is an online maths competition for all students and schools around Australia. It is considered to be a warm up event for World Maths Day. Prizes include gold and

We thank her for her commitment to our students during this time. Mrs Kefalouros will return in Term 4. Mrs A. Katsogiannis Principal Senior School




formal schooling at St Spyridon College. At the special Farewell Assembly held on Monday, our younger students presented Year 12 with cards they had made filled with well wishes for the future. It was a heartwarming to witness Year 7’s with siblings and cousins in Year 12 share this event together.

YEAR 7 EXCURSION Last week Year 7 History students visited the Nicholson Museum at Sydney University to view Egyptian, Greek and Roman exhibits, and IMAX at Darling Harbour to watch “ Egypt 3D – Secrets of the Mummies”. During the museum leg of this excursion, students also had the privileged of examining and handling such things as ancient Greek and Roman pottery, flint tools, alabaster Canopic Jars, and various funerary charms that had at some stage been placed in between the bandages of mummies. Students impressed the museum guides not only with their exemplary behaviour but also with the knowledge they displayed on the periods of history being focussed up.

MIDDLE SCHOOL ASSEMBLY The end of term Middle School Assembly celebrating the achievements of students in Managing a Positive Learning Environment occurred on Thursday. This Term an unprecedented number of students qualified for the Principals Award. To be eligible students needed to achieve 200 or more Maples. Having 47 winners is proof of the outstanding efforts of Middle School students this term. We are also pleased to report that 40 students have qualified for Perfect Attendance Awards in Term 3. Clearly these students have not allowed any illness or other commitment get in the way of turning up each day. This is further testament to the fact that school is an enjoyable and not to be missed experience for many. Congratulations to all recipients!

2012 PREFECTS As the Prefect Body step down from their leadership roles I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation of the admirable job they have done this year. This group has consistently carried out their duties with dignity and efficiency. It has been my pleasure to have worked with all of you especially Kostantino Baratsas (College Captain), Demi Flokis (Vice Captain) and Marielle Pizanis (Senior Prefect). Farewell and good luck in your HSC preparations. We look forward to hearing good news of your future achievements.

YEAR 7 2013 INTERVIEWS Interviews with Year 6 who will make up the Year 7, 2013 cohort, along with their parents, have now concluded. These interviews have provide valuable opportunity for all to find out a little more about the school and its structures, as well as enabled both parents and students to ask questions on matters of concerns. Up-coming events for our new Year 7’s and parents include a welcome BBQ followed by a Parent Information Evening hosted by our current Year 7 SRC’s and Year 9 Peer Support Leaders on Tuesday 13 November, and an Orientation Day for students on Wednesday 28 November. A letter will be sent home to all families during the term holidays which will provide more specific details about each event.

PREFECTS 2013 Following the final round vote for Prefects by Year 11 and teachers in recent weeks, a short list of applicants will now move towards preparing their portfolios over the Term 3 holiday period so that they are ready for interviews to be held at the start of next term. We wish all students well in their endeavors.

STUDENT LEADERS Farewell Year 12 Student Council Representatives from Year 7 to Year 11 delivered warm farewell messages to our departing Year 12 who are now at the end of their

Ms G. Kokinelis Dean of Middle School




giving common people citizenship. He gave citizenship to any man who could furnish a set of weapons and these formed an assembly called the εκκλησία and elected the officers of state and the members of a new council called βουλή which consisted of 401 members. But the functions of the βουλή must not have been very important because the Areopagus continued to be in charge.

Αγαπητοί γονεις και φίλοι, Στο τεύχος αυτό δημοσιεύουμε μία ακόμη εργασία μαθητή της τάξης των Αρχαίων Ελληνικών. Το θέμα της είναι το πολιτικό σύστημα της Αθήνας στον 5ο αιώνα π.Χ.

Dracon did nothing to ease the people who owed debt, whose families were falling into slavery. Because of this desperate conflict between the rich and the poor was about to happen when both sides agreed to refer the differences to Solon, the son of Execestides. As archon, he cancelled all debts (this reform is known as the famous σεισάχθεια), abolished Dracon’s laws and put in a new system, more humane than the previous. He revised the constitution so that even the poorest class had some control over the officers and the law.

Καλή ανάγνωση και καλές διακοπές! κ. Μ. Φαλέτα The political system of Athens in the 5th Century BC ….Today I will be speaking to you about the political system of Athens during the 5th Century BC. I will start by talking about the structure of Athens and the development of the Athenian Democracy.

The population of Attica was now divided into πεντακοσιομέδιμνοι, ιππείς, ζευγίται, θήτες. The πεντακοσιομέδιμνοι were the only class eligible for the chief positions (archon), the ιππείς and ζευγίται were eligible for minor offices and the θήτες weren’t admitted to office at all but were now members of the φυλαί and each could now be part of the εκκλησία.

Until quite recently, our knowledge of the development of Athens has been limited to brief statements by historians such as Plutarch (AD 100). They didn’t always agree but they did make great use of a certain document which they ascribed to Aristotle. About a hundred years ago, a papyrus was brought to the British Museum from Egypt, which turned out to consist of a large chunk of this document.

The Aeropagus continued to be the guardian of the laws and overseer of the officers and Solon’s reforms, although much better than Dracon’s did not last long. In 508 BC, Cleisthenes once more reformed the constitution. In order to make more men citizens, he divided Attica into 30 parts and the βουλή was increased to 500 members, 50 from each of the 10 tribes.

From this document historians have learnt that the people of Attica were originally divided into four φυλαί called γελέοντες, αιγικορείς και οπλίτες. Each φυλή was divided into three φατρίαι and each φατρία into thirty γένη. There were Ευπατρίδαι (nobles) in every φυλή (tribe) and they ruled. The people were governed by kings provided by the nobles. But after some time, kings came into power not by being heirs to the throne but by the amount of wealth they had and their value. Later on a πολέμαρχος assisted the king, and later archons and θεσμοθέται were also added. The job of the θεσμοθέται was to keep track of the judicial decisions made by the archons. The archons were elected by the Areopagus and were in charge of judging the people.

In the 5th Century BC further reforms were made in which archons were selected by lot from the selected candidates put forth by the tribes. After the battle of Salamis in 480 BC, the Aeropagus, which consisted of wealthy men who had shown great public spirit, recovered nearly all of its old authority and ruled with great success for seventeen years. The leaders of the people at this time were Themistocles and Aristides. As wealth increased rapidly democrats began to get the upper hand again. Finally, in 462 BC, Ephialtes with the help of Themistocles took away all the Aeropagus’ important functions which he distributed among the βουλή, the εκκλησία and the law courts. Now, the function of the βουλή was to prepare the matters that were to be discussed at the εκκλησία.

There‘s no doubt that this ruling system was entirely in the hands of the nobles and the common people didn’t like it. So in obedience to the demand of the people, a man called Dracon published a system in 621 BC that revealed the harshness of the law and took some steps towards


The βουλή met in the βουλευτήριον on the western side of the Agora. Now, the εκκλησία was the most important decision making body in Athens met four times every 36 days. The law courts consisted of a larger number of citizens. All Athenian citizens were able to be part of the jury. Usually the jury would be quite large so it would be more difficult to bribe the jury. There were always an odd number to prevent odds being equal. Some could even contain up to 5001 men. In 457 BC, the ζευγίται were allowed to be archons and soon the archonship became open to any citizen. In 450 BC, Pericles, who was now the leader of the people, further reduced the power of the Aeropagus and introduced the payment of jurymen. This also encouraged poorer citizens to be part of the jury. After the death of Pericles, the democracy gained more and more power and strengthened itself by further demands on the treasury.

Samantha Economou Nicholas Drakoulis Katerina Darras Samaras Laura Pitharoulis Roza Papas Anna Papas Frances-Lee Pascalis Peter Nikas

ΛΙΑΝ ΚΑΛΩΣ (Very good) ΑΡΙΣΤΑ (Outstanding) ΛΙΑΝ ΚΑΛΩΣ (Very good) ΛΙΑΝ ΚΑΛΩΣ (Very good) ΚΑΛΩΣ (Good) ΚΑΛΩΣ (Good) ΑΡΙΣΤΑ ( Outstanding) ΑΡΙΣΤΑ (Outstanding)

Συγχαρητήρια στα παιδιά! Ευχαριστούμε τον κ. Άγγελο Αμδίτη για την εξαιρετική δουλειά που έκανε με τα παιδιά. Συγχαρητήρια και στην κ. Αθηνά Συρμανόγλου που έκανε και αυτή τις εξετάσεις στο Γ΄1 επίπεδο και πήρε Λιαν Καλώς.

In conclusion, the Athenian government took a while to get where it was at the start of the 5th Century BC. A lot of reforms were made to create democracy, a way of government which nearly all countries use today.

Κ. Χριστίνα Θεοδοσίου

Christos Kollias Year 9

Σκέφτομαι και γράφω.. Ζηλέυω... Η κοπέλα στο βιβλίο ‘Ζηλεύω..’ ζηλεύει διάφορα πράγματα. Ζηλεύει την μικρή της αδελφή, τον αδελφό της και την καλύτερή της φίλη. Δεν της αρέσει να ζηλεύει και προσπαθεί να σκέφτεται ωραία πράγματα όταν αισθάνεται έτσι. Αλλά κάποιες φορές κάνει πράγματα και ζηλεύουν τα άλλα παιδιά. Στο τέλος καταλαβαίνει ότι δεν πρέπει να ζηλεύει και ότι πρέπει να πετάξει τη ζήλια στα σκουπίδια. Γιάννης Μιχαήλ 3΄1

JUNIOR SCHOOL GREEK COLUMN Εξετάσεις για την πιστοποιήση ελληνομάθειας – Greek Certificate of Attainment 2012 Μια ομάδα παιδιών πήραν μέρος στο διαγωνισμό για το πιστωποιητικό Ελληνομάθειας (Greek Certificate of Attainment 2012). Στο διαγωνισμό αυτό οι υποψήφιοι εξετάζονται σε τέσσερα επίπεδα γλωσσικής επάρκειας και αξιολογούνται σε τέσσερις δεξιότητες, δηλαδή στην κατανόηση και παραγωγή γραπτού κειμένου και στην κατανόηση και παραγωγή προφορικού λόγου. Για να χορηγηθεί πιστοποιητικό ελληνομάθειας, πρέπει ο υποψήφιος να έχει βαθμό επιτυχίας και στις τέσσερις δεξιότητες.

Οι Δώδεκα θεοί του Ολύμπου Οι δώδεκα εκλεκτοί θεοί ζούσαν στον Όλυμπο, οι τυχεροί. Τα παιδιά της Ρέας τα έσωσε ο ισχυρός Δίας από τον Κρόνο, τον πατέρα τους. Πάλεψαν τους Τιτάνες στα Τάρταρα για δέκα χρόνια και στο τέλος νίκησαν. Έπειτα τα τρία αδέλφια έριξαν κλήρο για το ποιος θα κυβερνήσει τη Γη. Ο Δίας, ο βασιλιάς του ουρανού, ο Ποσειδώνας της θάλασσας και ο Άδης του Κάτω Κόσμου. Γιάννης Κεραμιτζής 3’1

Τα παιδιά μας τα πήγαν πολύ καλά και φέτος. Μερικοί πήραν και ‘Άριστα’. Παρακάτω είναι τα ονόματά τους και η βαθμολογία τους.


amazing experience and we thank him very much for taking his time to come to our school.

Ο Θησέας Ο Θησέας ήταν της Αθήνας ο μεγαλύτερος ήρωας. Του Θησέα οι περιπέτειες ήταν για το καλό της πόλης και της περιοχής. Ο Θησέας απόκτησε φήμη γιατί βοηθούσε τους φτωχούς.. Ήταν και επικεφαλής του στρατού της Αθήνας και ήταν νικητής. Μεγαλώνοντας ο Θησέας ήθελε να γίνει σαν το μεγάλο ήρωα τον Ηρακλή. Ο Θησέας και ο Ηρακλής σώζουν ο καθένας τις ζωές των άλλων. Ο Ηρακλής μέσω της δύναμής του και ο Θησέας με τη σοφία του. Τσαμπίκα 4’1

Christina Mazis 5A

Ο Τρωικός Πόλεμος Ο Δούρειος Ίππος ήταν ένα σχέδιο που επέτρεψε στους Έλληνες να μπουν τελικά στην πόλη της Τροίας και να τερματίσουν τον πόλεμο. Μετά από δέκα χρόνια πολιορκία, οι Έλληνες κατασκεύασαν ένα τεράστιο ξύλινο άλογο και μέσα του έκρυψαν μία επίλεκτη δύναμη στρατιωτών. Οι Έλληνες προσποιήθηκαν πως έφευγαν από την Τροία και οι Τρώες τράβηξαν το άλογο στην πόλη τους γιατί πίστευαν ότι ήταν δώρο από τους θεούς για την νίκη τους. Εκείνο το βράδυ η ελληνική δύναμη βγήκε από το άλογο και άνοιξε τις πόρτες της πόλης για τον υπόλοιπο ελληνικό στρατό που περίμενε έξω. Οι Έλληνες κατάστρεψαν την πόλη της Τροίας κι έτσι ο πόλεμος τελείωσε. Χρήστος Βλάχος 5’1 Miss C. Theodossiou Modern Greek




HUMAN CALCULATOR On Wednesday 5th September, K-6 got the opportunity to watch a very famous and intelligent mathematician, Scott Flansburg. Scott is known throughout the world as be had been in the Guinness Book of records for his speed in mental computations. It was a fantastic experience to see how fast he could calculate and taught us easier and quicker ways to compute sums. He also competed against a calculator and won. What he did was input a number then press equals repeatedly, and could beat the calculator by doing it in his head. Scott Flansburg was really good fun to watch and made maths very fun. This was an



“It was exciting and interesting. The guided tour was fun. Our favourite artworks were a painting that showed Sydney Harbour turned into a sphere and the one that showed the City of London. We also enjoyed the Botanical Gardens in spring with beautiful flowers and cherry blossoms”

“Outstanding behaviour, very enthusiastic and interested, welcome back any time” That was the feedback we received from the Museum Educators who took our Year 6 students on a one hour guided tour through the Art Gallery. The students were shown different artwork and were encouraged to ”look” hence the name of the tour “Learning to look”. Instead of cruising through the gallery and glancing superficially at the artwork, the students had to describe in detail what they saw and were given lots of background information to interpret the artwork.

Anastasija Stanojevik, Joanna Skouteris and Christina Hatgis 6M

After an hour of intense “looking” we proceeded to the Domain for recess. A few very keen ibises were causing the girls to give their vocal chords a work out. We then went back to the Gallery for another hour of Art indulgence in the 20th and 21st century Australian Art exhibition. Each student got a workbook and equipped with pencils we made our way through the exhibition, completed the activities in the workbook and enjoyed original artwork from famous Australian artists such as Sidney Nolan, George Lambert, Elioth Gruner, Margaret Olley and many more. Time was slipping by quickly and in order to do some creative photography we strolled down to the Botanical Gardens after a quick lunch. The students took amazing photos e.g. close ups of wonderful tulips. They really tried hard to put into practice their prior acquired knowledge about photography and used different angles and views, shadow and light for a more dramatic effect and the Rule of Thirds which advises to have the object of interest NOT in the centre of your picture.

LUNA PARK Students in Stage 3 were taken to Luna Park to demonstrate the use of Mathematics in everyday life as well as to have fun while learning. They were expected to complete set activities which addressed particular parts of the Stage 3 Mathematics Syllabus.

Overall it was a great day out and a new experience for our wonderful Year 6! “The Art Gallery was a colourful inspiring place. My favourite artwork was the one with the windows that were actually mirrors. It was based on the theme ‘time’ and represented the present time. There were 52 mirrors that equalled the weeks in a year”

Below are a few student recounts.

Andrew Karedis 6P


a picture of me and I looked very funny in it. This ride happened to be my favourite. Just for a little while we all went to this room which has massive slides in it and a glass maze which got me really confused. Sadly, it was time to leave Luna Park. All that time went so quick. I wish that day would never end, I can’t wait for next year. A Big thanks to Mr Dookie! Rianna Papas

LUNA PARK On the 7th September, it was a super exciting day because Year 5 and Year 6 were going to Luna Park. When I first got there I went on the Rotor. On that ride you stuck to the wall and it spins around very fast, which makes you very dizzy. I didn’t last long on that ride as I started to feel very sick and I asked the owner to stop the ride. When all of my friends got of that ride we all decided to go on the Ferris wheel, which is one of my favourite rides because the view is so lovely. We were all talking too much that when the Ferris wheel started to go around we all got a big shock and started screaming. I loved being at the top because we could see all of Luna Park.

When we arrived at Luna Park, we were astounded to see the amazing views of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Some of us had already been to Luna Park beforehand, while others, like me saw it for the first time. It was my first time as I have recently immigrated from London to Sydney, so this was very new to me.

A ride that I was really looking forward to was the tango train so I had to go on that next. The line to it was quite long but it went fast. On the tango train I sat next to my good friends Christine and Connor. First it started going backwards then forwards. On the ride Connor lost his hat, which made me laugh a lot. When we were getting off he found that the hat was behind him, which made me laugh even more.

As we walked past the entrance, we saw so many rides and started making a list in our heads of what we wanted to go on first! We arrived early before the rides opened so we had time to do the worksheets we got given. We had some easy questions to answer, but also more challenging ones as well. Shortly before the rides opened, some of us went to line up for the Tango Train, the staff were doing test runs to check if the rides were safe, and standing there watching them felt like we were being teased! When we finally got on the ride we had the time of our life, it was worth the wait! That was not the only ride we found thrilling and so much fun, there were so many to mention! There were rides that spinned, some which made you stick to the wall, others that went upside-down and others that made you feel like you were going to fall off the edge! It was so much fun and we all had such a wonderful time that I would love to go back again sometime soon!

I saw a ride called music trip, which looked like a bit of fun. It was a ride that goes around then drops. When I was in the line waiting I didn’t think it would be that scary but, and it didn’t look like it went so high, but when I actually got on the ride it went so high and dropped really fast which made my body shake. Half way through the ride my body got used to it and that’s when I started to like the ride The rollercoaster is a ride I always have to go on, so I went on a rollercoaster called the crazy mouse. I was very excited to go on that although I was a bit nervous. When I was on the rollercoaster it took

Georgia Bull 5A


First we ate crunch and sip. Next we went into the x-ray room and the doctor put some bones on the screen for us to see. After that we surprised Captain Starlight and we danced in the Starlight room. Finally we went to the exercise room and we used lots of equipment. Overall we were tired because we met a lot of doctors today. Nicholas Giallafos 1E

WORKERS IN THE COMMUNITY To conclude the Term 3 topic for HSIE, Year One were lucky enough to be invited to the Sydney Children’s Hospital to learn about the different workers and their roles in the hospital. It was an enjoyable day with students enthralled from beginning to end. From doctors and stethoscopes to Captain Starlight and the Fairy Garden, Year one was fortunate enough to explore the hospital from top to bottom! Ms Xenos 1E Recount to the Sydney Children’s Hospital On Tuesday 11th September Year One went to the Sydney Children’s Hospital to learn about workers in the community and their roles and responsibilities. First we went outside to have crunch and sip. Then we had to put our bags down. We also went inside to listen to our hearts using stethoscopes! Next we tried to surprise Captain Starlight from the Starlight room. After that we went to the dietician and we saw the x-ray room. Overall we saw the whole hospital! Finally I was very happy at the end of the day. Willem Chellos 1E Recount to the Sydney Children’s Hospital



On Tuesday 11 September Year One went to the Sydney Children’s Hospital to learn about workers in the community and their roles and responsibilities.

Three students and myself of the University of New South Wales had the opportunity to design and implement a health initiative in the local community as a part of studying Health Psychology. We chose the area of healthy eating



among children. Eating healthy from a young age assists in the growth and development of a child. We felt this area is of great importance as children’s eating habits follow them into their adult years. Furthermore, adequate nutrition avoids illness and health complications that can be detrimental to a child’s life as they grow.

JUNIOR SCHOOL SPORTS REPORT CIS ATHLETICS On Wednesday 12th September, the CIS Athletics Carnival took place at the Homebush Athletics field in Olympic Park. Ten of our students represented ASISSA and St Spyridon at this event.

Our initiative involved giving the students of Kindergarten a small and interactive presentation on the importance of healthy eating and what the consequences could be if they choose to eat unhealthy foods. To reinforce this we then played a game with the children called Fruit Salad. Students needed to get into pairs where each pair was assigned a fruit. Students sat in a line and when their fruit was called they raced their partner back to their starting position. At the end of the game, each student received a piece of fruit, as well as a Fun Facts sheet about fruit that they could share with family and friends.

These students were: Dominic Augoustic, Stephanie Augoustis, George Andrianakos, Nicholas Kollias, Sophia Micos, Anthony Pascalis, Katherine Tsingos, Alexandros Gousetis, Juval Mikhail, Christina Vlahos, Maree Nikitopoulos, Spiros Zafiropoulos. It is a tough competition but overall our students did a great job! An excellent performance by the mighty Stephanie Augoustis! She had an action packed day running around from event to event. She came third in her heat for the 100m and fourth overall in the finals making it through as a reserve in the State finals! She also came third overall in the 10yrs Long jump and took home a medal! She will be going to the state finals for that event. An outstanding achievement for Stephanie. We were all so proud of her.

The children from both Kindergarten classes were lovely and very well behaved! They seemed to know a lot about the importance of having a healthy diet and what could happen if they ate foods that might taste good but are not necessary good for them. We would like to thank Mrs Hamer for giving us this opportunity as well as the Kindergarten teachers Ms Rogaris and Ms Liakatos for their time and assistance. Katerina Kerameas, Madeline Palfrey, Kieran O'Brien and Aneesha Ramani

GREEK ORTHODOX ATHLETICS CARNIVAL On Thursday 13th September we had our Annual Greek Orthodox Athletics Carnival at ES Marks, hosted by All Saints Grammar. Thank you to all the parents and teachers who helped on the day. It was a great day and St Spyridon took home the trophy! A great year for us this year with both the swimming and athletics trophies! All Saints came in second place and St Euphemia in third. Below are the new records from the day: 1500m Open Girls Maria Skarmoutsos St Euphemia 6.13.78 1500m Open Boys


Junior B Netball team were also Champions defeating Chevalier College. These girls worked extremely hard training many lunch times and the level of improvement has been outstanding.

Alexander Nissirios St Spyridon 5.34.16 Junior Discus Girls Stephanie Augoustis St Spyridon 18.68m Junior Boys Discus William Hatzis ASG 23m

Thank you to Angelina Flokis an ex- student who took the time out of her study and work commitments to coach the girls each week despite having to travel many hours. Her dedication and sincere passion to give back to her school is sincerely appreciated. Also my thanks to Mrs Mulligan with her assistance and support each Saturday.

Junior Girls Javelin Stephanie Augoustis St Spyridon 18.49m Under 10 Girls Long Jump Stephanie Augoustis St Spyridon 4.00m Junior Girls Shot Put Stephanie Augoustis St Spyridon 7.02m Junior Boys Shot Put Spiros Zafiropoulos St Spyridon 8.63m Well done to all those who took part. Miss C. Theodossiou Sports Convenor

SENIOR SCHOOL SPORT CONGRATULATIONS………. Junior B Soccer team who competed in the ISA Football finals against St Andrews Cathedral School last week at Barker College. The girls were Champions defeating St Andrews College 2-1.

Thank you to the many teachers who helped with the organisation each Saturday and to the parents for supporting your children in their sporting endeavours.

Thank you to Dr Srinivisan who supported the girls each Saturday and Mrs Mulligan with her assistance with training the girls each week.

Ms K. O’Shea Girls Sport





St Spyridon News 97  
St Spyridon News 97  

The St Spyridon Newsletter No. 97 for September 2012