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VOLUME XXIX No 14 24th August, 2012




Parent Forum Year 8 (Year 9 2013) 6.30pm, SPACe


Athletics Carnival SS Specialist Photos JS


ASISSA Athletics


Fathers Day Assembly in Church Hall 2.00pm



HSC Success Program begins


Luna Park Maths Excursion Year5/6 1E/1T excursion to Childrens Hospital Year 6 Art Gallery excursion

SPORTS PRESENTATION EVENING to honour our students for their sporting achievements in 2012



On Tuesday 4th September 2012


CIS Athletics Carnival JS


Greek Orthodox Colleges Athletics Carnival JS


Year 5 excursion to Art Gallery


Invites you to the


Sports Presentation Evening 6.45pm for 7.00pm start, SPACe


Guest Speaker Ms Kristina Keneally Chief Executive Officer Basketball Australia



Year 12 Farewell Assembly


K-12 Doxology 8.45am St Spyridon Church Year 12 Farewell Dinner 6.45pm St Spyridon Church Hall Year 1V excursion to Childrens Hospital


Term Ends Open Day JS House Gala Day SS


Staff Development Day


Venue Sports & Performing Arts Centre St Spyridon College Senior School Campus 1130 Anzac Parade, Maroubra Time 6.45pm for 7.00 pm





College were joined by students from Cranbrook, The Emmanuel School, All Saints Bathurst, Central Coast Grammar, Pittwater House, Mosman Preparatory School and Trinity Grammar.

P & F REPORT UPCOMING EVENTS & ACTIVITIES Fathers Day stalls Fathers Day Raffle Spring Fair

The evening included a variety of pieces performed by the individual schools from Baroque to Blues to Sea Shanties. The most moving items were the ones of the Combined Choir that involved over 300 students from the 8 schools. The evening opened with I Am But A Small Voice and concluded with the very inspirational I Vow to Thee My Country which reminded us about the important things in life: faith, love and loyalty.

Monday 27/8 – Friday 31/8 every day Friday 31 August Sunday 28 October

Father’s Day stalls Our traditional Father’s Day stalls will be ready for our eager young shoppers in the Junior school campus during lunch for Upper Primary and after lunch for the infants classes. A flyer will be sent home with the details. Students can buy gifts valued at $5, $10, $15 and $20 to spoil their fathers, grandfathers, godfathers, uncles and great grandfathers. The stalls will be available every day during the week commencing Monday 27 August until Friday 31 August. Happy shopping!

St Spyridon College Junior School brought down the house with the choir’s performance of It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That / Sing, Sing, Sing and the Year 6 Greek Dancing Group’s Kalamatianos and Zorba. Our students understand audience and purpose. Not only were they very well behaved and immaculately dressed, but they performed with real gusto and passion. This only happens with the uncompromising standards of their teachers, Mrs Coyne and Ka. Haska.

Father’s Day Raffle We have some great prizes to surprise those who win the raffle. So as they say, be in it, to win it. Please see flyer with the details of purchasing raffle tickets. Raffle will be drawn on Friday 31 August.

Mrs Coyne taught the students the three combined items and our individual item which involved the teaching of the musical parts in each piece. It was obvious however that the students had also received training on the use of voice and articulation. We thank Mrs Coyne for her enthusiasm with singing and with developing this love and skill in our students.

Spring Fair 2012 – Stalls for hire The P&F members are springing into action bringing some exciting new activities and events for this annual favourite fair. Stallholders are booking fast to secure their positions for this year, so if you are interested to run a stall and promote and sell your goods to the St Spyridon Church and College communities, please contact Maria Pascalis 0414244695 or Jim Sialepis 0431962148 for more details.

Ka Haska being the perfectionist that she is, gained our attention even before the students began to dance with the costumes, from EPIRUS, in the north-western part of Greece. They were commanding in their own right. Of course when the students began to dance, the Town Hall erupted. Ka Haskas’s attention to detail showed in the confidence that the students exuded. They were in control and performed proudly and with enthusiasm.

Mrs M.Pascalis P&F committee


We thank Ka Haska and Mrs Coyne for their tireless efforts and countless hours and rehearsal to ensure that the students were prepared.

On Thursday 9th August, the Junior School participated in the IPSHA Performing Arts Festival held at the Sydney Town Hall. Students from our

We also thank Mr Arnott, Miss Bletsogiannis and Miss McCarthy for assisting with the supervision


on the night. Thank you also to Mrs Economou for being the administrative assistant for the choir and for ensuring that all the little jobs behind the scenes got done.

SPECIALTY PHOTOS On Tuesday 28th August our Specialty Photos will be taken at the Junior School. All sports ASISSA, HICES, Athletics and Swimming Squads, Choir, Violin, Guitar, and other photos will be taken during the day. Please make sure all students are in full school uniform.

Our final thanks are to the parents who willingly and enthusiastically support the work of the College and encourage our students to be the best they can be.



Year One will be presenting a Father’s Day assembly on Friday 31st August in the Church Hall at 2pm.

CONGRATULATIONS We would like to congratulate Mr & Mrs Papadakis and Paola (2I), for the birth of their new son Themi. Also congratulations to Mr and Mrs Bellos on the birth of their new baby girl. A sister for Victor in 1T. We wish these families a long, happy and healthy life filled with wonderful adventures. Mrs A. Synesios Deputy Principal

BOOK WEEK PRODUCTION On Friday 10th August, we were all invited to a play production by the “Perform Group Educational Company” who presented the play “-----And the winner is” This told the story of Jonno who had a solid gold ambition to be crowned champion of something. Anything. But Claire was always around and she had the special ability of bringing books to life. This play celebrated the 2012 Children’s Book Week Theme: “Champions Read”, with a selection of the short-listed books for this year, combining a love of reading with exciting physical competition. The end result being that in all areas of endeavour, participation is more important than winning. Judging by the comments from Kindergarten through to Year 6, the children thoroughly enjoyed the play. Let’s hope that this will carry on in their own reading habits.


Year 6 Credit Stephen Bletsas, Nikki Cardamis, Florence Georges, Harris Papas

READING CHALLENGE A reminder that all reading challenge forms must be returned to Mrs Bartlett no later than Tuesday 28th August for processing.


Mrs C. Bartlett Librarian

Year 3 Distinction Teoni Antonopoulos, James Bletsas, Mary Diamond, Gregory Tsoukalas

ICAS RESULTS ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools) are developed for students in Years 3 to 12 and are sat annually. Each ICAS test is designed to assess students’ academic ability.

Credit Mihalis Dovellos, Anthony Hatzigiakoumis, Anastasi Poulos, Vicki Synesios, Billy Bourdaniotis, Costa Hadjipareskeva, Gianni Keramitzis, Juval Mikhail, Jonathon Mournehis, Madelyn Perdikakis, Peter Petrides, Christopher Vougioukas

Many students from our school achieved outstanding results when they participated in ICAS Science and Computer skills this year. Those students whose achievements were outstanding were rewarded with Certificates of Credit, Distinction and High Distinction. Below is a list of students who must be commended on their results.

Year 4 Distinction Rose Economou, Jordan Frazis, James Hristeff, Anna Papas, Laura Pitharoulis, George Stavrou Credit Peter Agiasotis, Nicholas Drakoulis, Peter Ganis, Panagiota Kappatos, Efthimia Kollias, Dominique Koukos, Angelique Lambrinos, Thomas Mouratidis, Roza Papas, Nicola Skouteris, Lisa Stamoulis

SCIENCE Year 3 Distinction Mary Diamond Credit Teoni Antonopoulos, Anastasi Poulos, James Bletsas, Eleni Haralambides, Greg Hatzon, Dimitra Katsidis, Juval Mikhail, Peter Petrides, Gregory Tsoukalas.

Year 5 Distinction George Leondios, Peter Synesios Credit Christian Jenkins, Austin Papadopoulos, Connor Giavis, Peter Nikas, Tiffany Tsoukalas, Georgia Veryinis

Year 4 Distinction George Stavrou Credit Peter Agiasotis

Year 6 High Distinction Florence Georges

Year 5 Distinction Peter Nikas

Distinction Nikki Cardamis, Harris Papas, Nicole Stramotas, Rhea Tsimboukis

Credit Theoni Apostolopoulos, Dyana Chakos, Deahna Simos, Connor Giavis, Tiffany Tsoukalas

Credit Nathan Adam, Stephen Bletsas, Jennifer-Eve Contominas, Christopher Denize, Catherine Dokos, Carissa Frazis, Nicholas Frazis, Erin Giaras, Alex Gousetis, Christina Hatgis, John Margelis, Sophia Micos, Jennifer Petrides, Joanna


The gold coin donations and the ‘Colouring In’ participation fee of 50 Cents added up to a total of 619 dollars which will help the Institute’s work to research and treat childhood genetic diseases.

Skouteris, Dean Theodorakakis, Deanna Tzivakis, Michael Vetsikas, Victoria Zois Mr A. Dookie Maths/Science & Technology Coordinator

As part of their current “Heredity” science unit, Year 6 students surveyed students in the Junior School, to find out about inherited human traits. Year 6 students then analysed the collected. The results are in the table below: %%TRAIT Yes No Detached earlobes 87% 13% Hitchhiker’s thumb 44% 56% Tongue rolling 73% 27% Dimples 22% 78% Right-handed 92% 8% Freckles 16% 84% Naturally curly hair 20% 80% Cleft chin 13% 87% Allergies 27% 73% Widow’s peak 25% 75%

JEANS FOR GENES DAY 3rd August 2012 ‘1 in 20 children is born with a congenital abnormality or a genetic disease. When you support Jeans for Genes you are helping unravel cures for future generations of children’ Children’s Medical Research Institute. St Spyridon students and teachers decided to support the Children’s Medical Research Institute by participating in their annual “Jeans for Genes Day” fundraising event. It is an initiative to raise much needed funds that the Institute spends on treatment and prevention of childhood genetic diseases. “Jeans for Genes day”, a denim themed mufti day, was organised by Mr Arnott, Mrs Bennett and the passionate Year 6 Prefects, who spent half of their lunch time every day for a week raising funds through a ‘Colouring In’ competition. Infants Jasmin Moros 1V, Tara Zinopoulos KC, Sophia Spyridopoulos 1T

Cross left thumb over right



See the colours red and green



Overall we had a fantastic denim day with everyone enjoying wearing their jeans and supporting a good cause.

Primary Efthimia Kollias 4C, Lisa Stamoulis 4T, Leanna Papaleonidas 2C

Thank you very much for supporting Jeans for Genes Day 2012. Mrs A. Bennett and Mr P. Arnott

On Friday the 3rd of August the students displayed their support by sporting, all colours of the rainbow and every shade of blue, denim pants and of course by donating a gold coin.


SENIOR SCHOOL REPORT YEAR 8 PARENT FORUM - Reminder On Monday 27 August, YEAR 8 parents and students are invited to attend this important Parent Forum which will be held in the SPACe, beginning at 6.30pm. The focus of this event will be on subject selection for Year 9, 2013. Information related to subject choices will be given, an updated Middle School handbook will be distributed, and the perspectives of current Year 9 students who have gone through this process will be heard. In addition to this, we will also have a guest presenter from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) speaking about digital technologies and how to help your children stay safe online. The talk will cover a range of issues including:- the ways children use the internet and emerging technologies - potential risks, such as cyber-bullying, identity theft, inappropriate contact and exposure to inappropriate content - tips to help children stay safe

Mrs A. Katsogiannis Principal Senior School



“Always be a first rate version of yourself,  instead of a second rate version of someone  else.” Judy Garland 



On Tuesday we had the pleasure of hosting Year 4’s first visit to the Senior School. Over a three year period, as part of the transition program from Junior to Senior School, these students will have opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Senior School campus, meet specialist teachers, as well as experience lessons in all subjects they will undertake as Year 7, 2015. During this visit lessons in Visual Arts, Greek and Geography were experienced. The Year 7 SRC’s (Constantinos Kollias, George Raptis, Giorge Gemisis, Peter Giokas, Lewis Athanasopoulos and George Dimas) who accompanied them throughout the visit and were especially excited and proud to be given this leadership opportunity, especially as young siblings were amongst those who were visiting.

Dr Larry Rosen, professor of psychology at California State University in his new book ‘iDisorder: Understanding Our Obsession with Technology and Overcoming Its Hold on Us’ discusses changes that occur to the brain´s ability to process information and the ability to relate to the world due to daily consumption of media and use of technology. This obsession with technology can result in signs and symptoms of psychological disorders (which Dr Rosen has labeled iDisorders) such as stress, sleeplessness, narcissism and a compulsive need to check-in with our technology. Dr Rosen is not anti-technology, far from it. Instead he argues that we need to become more aware of issues that can arise from over use of technology and implement strategies to deal with these. Some of the ideas Dr Rosen discusses are: Parents need to ensure that students get a full night’s sleep and that mobile phones are switched off during the night. If a student wakes in the night and checks their phone, however briefly, this will interrupt the sleep patterns for that night and disrupt essential memory processing.


each student received when they created their online profile. At present we have a number of students who have yet to enter their donations. Please bank online within the next week. Volunteering to assist and then not following through will show a lack of responsibility. Do not let yourselves or the school down, do the right thing and follow through with your commitment. Over the 3 years St Spyridon Senior School students have been involved in this appeal they have raised over $12,000 ($5,500 in 2010). THIS YEAR WE HOPE TO MATCH OR BETTER THIS AMOUNT, BUT YOUR SUPPORT AND COMMITMENT IS NEEDED. Access to the St Spyridon group can be gained by going to then clicking the 40Hour Famine tab or by going directly to the St Spyridon group page at Famine ID N# 60002711

Families should convene regular family dinners where technology is forbidden at the table – parents included! Dr Rosen points to the fact that many parents (and teachers!) are also obsessed with technology and are modeling these behaviours to their children, for example not paying full attention when their child is talking to them, instead answering email on their smart phone at the same time. Rosen believes we are massive selfinterrupters and we are training our children that if something buzzes, beeps or vibrates, we should jump and immediately check to see if there is something we should attend to right now. Given the pervasiveness of technology in our lives as well as the fact that technology evokes high levels of mental activity, we need to start taking technology ‘time-outs’ to reset our brains and refresh our capacity to process information. It is important to recognise that the constant lure of multiple technologies and our obsession with them is overloading our brain. If we want to avoid iDisorder and ensure our use of technology does not make us exhibit signs and symptoms of psychological disorders, then we need to reset our brain on a regular basis. You may decide to take a 10 minute break from technology every 2 hours or you may even decide to allocate at least one day a week where you focus your attention 100% on real life and shut off your technology for a significant portion of that day. The aim is to give the brain a chance to slow down and rest by doing something that does not involve electronic devices. We live in a connected world and we can’t turn the clock back and take away all these fun new technological tools. So the message is, we need to learn to take care of our brains to avoid a potential iDisorder.

PYRAMID Last week all Year 7 attended the filming of the games show Pyramid, in which 12 of our students were selected as contestants. It was an enjoyable event for all who attended and gave everyone a behind the scenes look at the way games shows are created. All contestants will have received a letter detailing when the screening on TV is to occur as well as details about prizes won.

Reference: Study Tip 30 by P. Salter 40 HOUR FAMINE APPEAL – Time to start banking funds raised from sponsorship This year 146 students volunteered to join the 40 Hour Famine Appeal (that’s almost half the school). This involved giving up something for 40Hours and gaining sponsorship from family and friends to help raise awareness and funds for projects that assist individuals and their communities in their daily battle to survive. The money pledged from sponsors is now due for banking. These funds need to be entered into the St Spyridon College group account directly, or through the URL and famine id profile number

GIVE BLOOD In Pastoral Care recently a guest speaker from the RED CROSS came to speak to Year 12 about the need and value of giving blood. Sadly there is always a need, and more people in society need to learn to make this a part of their community


back someone up who is being cyber bullied. They spent about 2 weeks creating the film and are very proud of it. Please support the students efforts by jumping onto the website below and vote for their film. It is called "Don't Back Down... Back Up" and is listed under their Drama Teachers name Ms Laura Davis.

contribution. Next week Year 12 will be travelling to the main RED CROSS Blood Collection Centre at Town Hall to make their donations.

YOUR DONATIONS GO A LONG WAY Each week over 27,000 donations are needed to help people with cancer, those needing surgery, burns victims, premature babies and mums-to-be.

It can be found at: os

As blood has a short shelf life, regular group donations are needed to meet the every day care of people around Australia. At present blood donations are used in the following proportions. 34% 19% 18% 13% 10% 4% 2%

Ms G. Kokinelis Dean of Middle School


Cancer and blood diseases Other causes of anaemia Surgical patients – open heart and burns Other medical problems Orthopaedic patients including fractures and joint replacement Obstetrics, including pregnant women and infants Trauma including road accidents

Αγαπητοί γονείς και φίλοι, Στο τεύχος αυτό δημοσιεύουμε την εργασία μαθητή της Γ΄Λυκείου σχετικά με την ενότητα που μελετήσαμε πρόσφατα κι έχει να κάνει με την «Ψυχαγωγία» και τη θέση της στη ζωή μας. Καλή ανάγνωση! κ. Μ. Φαλέτα

You Can Donate if -


Η ψυχαγωγία στη ζωή μας

you are aged 16-70 years (in some States 16 and 17 year olds require Parental/guardian consent) you are feeling well (e.g. don’t have a cough, cold, sore throat or flu) you weigh more than 45kg (50kg if you are under 18 years old) you meet other guidelines designed to protect both you and the people who will receive your blood.

Προσωπικά πιστεύω ότι η διασκέδαση και η ψυχαγωγία είναι πολύ απαραίτητα πράγματα στην εποχή μας επειδή μας βοηθούν να διατηρήσουμε το κέφι μας και τη χαρά μας. Παρακάτω θα προσπαθήσω να εξηγήσω τους λόγους γι’ αυτό. Πρώτα απ’ όλα η διασκέδαση είναι ιδανική λύση για τη στενοχώρια και το άγχος, που είναι η μεγαλύτερη αρρώστεια της εποχής μας. Ζούμε στην εποχή της τεχνολογίας και της παγκοσμιοποίησης. Δυστυχώς ζούμε σε μια καταναλωτική κοινωνία όπου τα Μέσα Μαζικής Ενημέρωσης διαφημίζουν καθημερινά καινούρια προϊόντα που δεν χρειαζόμαστε. Ως αποτέλεσμα, υπάρχει άγχος και μελαγχολία στην προσπάθεια να βρούμε τρόπο να αγοράσουμε αυτά τα προϊόντα επειδή αλλιώς νιώθουμε στερημένοι. Τα Μέσα Μαζικής Ενημέρωσης μας έχουν καταντήσει μεγάλους καταναλωτές! Έχουμε γίνει επιπόλαιοι και θέλουμε να δείξουμε ότι είμαστε καλύτεροι από τον γείτονά μας με το να έχουμε τα πιο μοντέρνα και ακριβά πράγματα.

BULLY – The Movie Bully is a powerful documentary that seeks to inspire real change in the way we deal with bullying as a society. It will be released in Sydney on the 23 August at the Palace and Village Cinemas. This documentary is recommended viewing for students, parents and teachers.

BACK ME UP Students from the Year 9 Drama class (Aphroditi Zafiropoulos, Jessica Antoniou and Yvette Stemitsiotis) have made and entered a short film in the 'Back Me Up' Cyber Bullying competition, which is about the measures that can be taken to

Κάτι άλλο που μας προκαλεί μεγάλο άγχος είναι ότι ζούμε στην εποχή της οικονομικής κρίσης και είναι πολύ δύσκολο να βρούμε και να


should ask their Year 12 student to show them the notes of the talk and to discuss what options that they are looking towards. I am hoping to interview all of the Year 12 students in the next few weeks now their Trials are over. Please make an appointment now during one of your study periods to see me. I will hold a session for parents of Year 12 students on Wednesday 29 August at 3.30pm at the College. Please rsvp if you would like to attend.

διατηρήσουμε μια θέση εργασίας. Επίσης το ότι πρέπει να μαθαίνουμε καινούρια πράγματα κάθε μέρα εφόσον ζούμε στην εποχή της τεχνολογίας που αλλάζει συνέχεια. Έτσι το άγχος έχει γίνει καθημερινή μας ρουτίνα. Συχνά τα άτομα παίρνουν ηρεμιστικά ή στρέφονται στο πιοτό και το κάπνισμα. Πολλοί νέοι στρέφονται στα ναρκωτικά. Όμως η διασκέδαση είναι η καλύτερη λύση για να ξεφύγουμε από το άγχος και την καθημερινότητα, για να αισθανόμαστε χαρά και πληρότητα. Σίγουρα θα έχετε όλοι προσέξει ότι μετά από κάποια ψυχαγωγία που είχαμε, νιώθουμε πιο γεμάτοι κι έτοιμοι να αγαπήσουμε και πάλι τη ζωή με τα προβήματα και τις στενοχώριες της. Πέρα από την ψυχική ευχαρίστηση, η ψυχαγωγία καλλιεργεί το άτομο, το ενθαρρύνει να κάνει κάτι δημιουργικό δίνοντάς του ευκαιρίες και ερεθίσματα για δημιουργία. Επίσης, η καλή διασκέδαση αναζωογονεί το άτομο, το κάνει να θέλει να βάλει σκοπούς και φιλοδοξίες στη ζωή του.

An OPEN DAY DISPLAY has been arranged on the noticeboard near the careers room. Come and see “WHAT’S ON” at the Various Colleges, TAFE and Universities. Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 are encouraged to attend these days as they can be lots of fun as well as being informative. Ask a couple of friends to go with you or go with your parents *Saturday 25 August The Broadway Universities – Sydney, UTS and Notre Dame Look at their websites for more details *Saturday 25 August TAFE Ultimo College 9am to 4pm *Saturday 25 August Uni of Newcastle 10 to 4pm *Sunday 26 August Uni of Western Sydney Parramatta Campus 10am to 2pm Register online *Saturday 1 September UNSW to download program and plan your day *Saturday 1 Setember Australian Catholic Uni at North Sydney campus *Saturday 1 September National Art School Fine Art degrees Forbes St Darlinghurst (former goal) 10 to 4pm workshops, exhibitions, information for more information *Saturday 8 September Design Centre Enmore 10am to 3pm 110 Edgeware Road Enmore *Saturday 8 September Macquarie Uni *Saturday 8 September Australian International Conservatorium of Music 114 Victoria Rd Rozelle *Saturday 8 Setember Australian Catholic Uni at Strathfield campus *Saturday 15 September Bedford College 9.30am to 3pm 54 Parramatta Rd Glebe (opposite Syd Uni) Business and Child Care courses

Έτσι βλέπουμε ότι η ψυχαγωγία συντελεί στην ψυχική καθώς και τη σωματική ισορροπία του ατόμου, στην ωριμότητα και την κατανόηση του πραγματικού νοήματος της ζωής. Η ψυχαγωγία όπως φαίνεται είναι απαραίτητη για τον άνθρωπο, ιδιαίτερα για τη νεολαία επειδή τώρα είναι που ο κάθε νέος χτίζει τα θεμέλια που πάνω σε αυτά θα στεριώσει αργότερα τη ζωή του. Ο νέος στην εποχή μας έχει ανάγκη από γνήσια ψυχαγωγία διότι υπάρχει ανασφάλεια και άγχος, σύγχυση και ασάφεια ιδεών και στόχων. Ζούμε σ’ έναν κόσμο που έχει χαρακτήρα υλιστικό και χρειαζόμαστε την ψυχαγωγία για να ξεφύγουμε έστω και για λίγο από αυτήν την κατάσταση. Andreas Nicholson Year 12GK (accelerant)



OPTIONS FOR 2013 and Beyond On Thursday 23 August, I gave a presentation, talk and handout to all the Year 12 students during Pastoral Care. This talk covered the various aspects of post Year 12 options – universities, TAFE Colleges, private colleges and university colleges and the procedures for applying to them. Parents



*Sunday 16 September St Patrick’s Cnr Devonshire & Riley Sts Surry Hills Courses in Marketing and Business 11am




UNSW Co-op Program Scholarships Applications for 2013 now open. Prestige scholarships See for more details.



The HSC Chemistry class attended an excursion to the National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour as part of their Shipwrecks, Corrosion and Conservation option. We were able to engage in hands-on activities involving chemical analysis of corrosion products, factors affecting rates of corrosion, desalination of objects various methods of protection against corrosion. Next, we were taken on a tour of the museum to view conserved objects and artefacts such as the Sirius and Vernon anchors and objects retrieved from the wreck of the Dunbar. Finally, we were able to board and taken on a tour of the Destroyer ship the HMAS Vampire and the submarine, the HMAS ONSLOW, the people there even tried to recruit us into joining the Navy. Overall it was an enjoyable learning experience and fun day for all of the people there.


Early Offer Program is designed to attract and select talented and capable students for an early offer into the university. Students should demonstrate academic excellence and have a special talent in community involvement or leadership. Applications due 31 August. See Mrs Skerman. New Courses for 2013. Bachelor of Advertising and Media, Bachelor of Advertising and Media, Bachelor of Philosophy/Bachelor of Theology (course information coming soon), Master of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration (Executive), Master of Business Leadership. Further information regarding these courses is available from

MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY’s “Uni in a Day” Program on Thursday 27 September is your chance to get a taste of university life. You will be able to choose your own subjects, plan your timetable and see what happens in a normal day on campus. It is completely free. See Mrs Skerman for a copy of the program. Register at The Optus Engineering Cadet Program 2013 is a combination of paid on-the-job learning and TAFE studies over 3 years. Applications for this program will close on 15 September. The assessment and selection process will occur in October. If you are interested in engineering and technology, are sitting for the HSC in 2012 and want to combine on-the-job training with studying at Lidcombe TAFE in telecommunications networks and engineering, then look at to see an overview of the cadet program. Mrs A. Skerman Careers Adviser


Ben Sealy Year 12

Knight, Vivika Lynch, Anna Papas, Roza Papas, Katerina Darras-Samaras

JUNIORSCHOOL FUTSAL U12 BOYS: Nathan Adam, Nicholas Kollias, Aaron Nissirios, Alexander Nissirios, Jonathan Lynch, Connor Giavis, Steven Stamoulis, Harris Papas.

On Tuesday 7th August, the U10 Futsal girls went to Penrith to play in the State Futsal Championship after winning the regionals. When we arrived, everyone was SOOOOOOO excited!

Leading goal scorer: Aaron Nissirios

There were so many teams there as the U12 boys were also playing on that day. In the girl’s competition there were 4 pools. We played four games over 4 hours and were pleased that we came first in our pool.

On Tuesday 7th August, the U12 boys went to Penrith to play in the State Futsal Tournament. We were reigning champions which means we won last year and we were defending our titles. We played seven games on the day. In the grouping stage we won all of our games but in the fourth game Nicholas Kollias, our goal keeper, got injured but played the rest of the game.

All the girls in our team were proud of their efforts. Taylysse, Vivika and I, were great defenders. Katerina, Anna & Rosa managed to get the ball from their opponents. Stephanie was everywhere…. she must have had batteries in her body. She did not stop and scored many of our goals. She was as fast as a cheetah! We all agree however that Georgia was the best goalkeeper. She saved so many goals.

Nathan Adam had to go goal keeper for the quarter finals. We won. In the semi’s Nicholas played goal keeper for five minutes but got injured again so Nathan Adam had to go in goals again. We won that game too against Kings Park. This win took us to the Grand final.

We thank Miss Theodossiou and Mr Meintanis for coaching us and look forward to playing together again next year.

We played against Harrington Park. It was a very close game but sadly we lost, and came second. We came runners up and got silver medals for our great efforts during the competition.

Vicki Synesios (3A)

Nathan Adam (6P)

U10 BOYS: Nicholas Tsintominas, Andrew Papandrew, George Stavrou, Paul Giavis, Jameson Darras- Samaras, Spiros Zafiropoulos, Kosta Ioannou, Johnny Dalakiaris

U12 GIRLS: Sophia Micos, Nikki Cardamis, Elaine Andrews, Nicole Stramotas, Christina Vlahos, Christine Frangoulis, Maree Nikitopoulos, Victoria Zois.

On Monday 6th August our U10s boys team went to the School Futsal State Championships, which were held at Penrith Indoor Sports Centre.

On Monday 6th August the under 12 girls Futsal team went to Penrith to play in the State titles. We played four games. We drew our first game 1-1, but sadly lost the other three.

We left early in the morning with a bus. I was very excited to be playing in the Futsal State Championships with the school team. We played 3 matches and made it through to the Quarter Final. We won our first game 8-1 and we also won our second game 3-1.We drew our third game 3-3 but unfortunately we lost in the Quarter Final 2-6.

We should have made it to the quarter finals but I guess it was not our lucky day. It was lots of fun and we supported each other to the very end.

Although it was a hard competition, our team played very well and we were very happy to make it to the State level.

Sophia Micos (6P)


Paul Giavis (2C)



Stephanie Augoustis, Vicki Georgia Athanasopoulos, Taylysse


role in their community and inform us on what their job entails.

Year 6 HSIE students answer the topic question: What do the Olympics represent and how could the Olympics be a symbol of Multiculturalism?

A very big thank you to Mr Economou and Ms Sallos for taking the time out of your busy schedules to come and speak to the students in Year One!

In 776 BC, Ancient Greek men came from all over Greece to an ancient city called Olympia. It was the beginning of the Ancient Games. It was a religious event to honour Zeus. The Ancient Olympics, like the Modern Olympics, represent peace and harmony.

Ms Xenos Year 1E Class Teacher

The Modern Olympics are global and aren’t a religious event, although, they do represent harmony, peace and multiculturalism. The Modern Games are a symbol of multiculturalism because they are global and anyone can qualify and compete in the Olympics. If there is any racial discrimination, it results in disqualification. Also, different countries host the games every four years. The Olympics are a global event for everyone to compete in and enjoy. Joanna Skouteris I believe the Olympics represent games of peace and multiculturalism. The Olympic Rings are a symbol for multiculturalism because the rings represent all countries linked together in a game of peace.

Recount: Our Visit with Mr Economou, Paramedic On Monday 13th August 2012 Year One had a special visitor come and speak to us. His name was Mr Economou and he is a Paramedic. He taught us some very important facts to remember in case of an emergency!

Christopher Denize Every four years the world comes together to watch the best athletes compete against each other. The Olympics also bring together something else. As the creed says; ‘The most important thing in life is not the triumph but the fight; the essential thing is not to have won, but to have fought well.’ The Olympics represent peace and harmony and this brings the world together: this means multiculturalism. Host cities show history, the best part of their location, local food and attractions and many other things. This lures tourists from all around the world and this is multiculturalism.

First, we learnt the difference between a big and little accident. A big accident is when the person is not awake or cannot move. This is when we need to call 000. It is important that we know our address and phone number so we can tell the Ambulance! Then, he showed us lots of different parts of his uniform that he uses in lots of different situations. For example, Mr Economou showed us raincoats, helmets, face masks, jackets and vests. He uses all of these items in different types of weather and emergencies.

Rhea Tsimboukis


After that, we acted out a few role plays where we got to be patients and helpers in an emergency. This helped us practice what to do in case someone gets hurt.

This term, Year One is learning about Workers in the Community as part of their H.S.I.E Unit. We were very fortunate to have two parents from the school, come and speak to Year One about their


a heart monitor. I went in the ambulance and I saw his computer where he makes a report and he takes the patients to the hospital. After, I saw the radio in the ambulance. He put the radio on. He told us if you call 000 someone will say� police, fire, or ambulance�? and you say ambulance. If there is an emergency and people are sick or injured you need the ambulance.

Finally and best of all, Mr Economou let us go into the Ambulance and have a look at all his cool equipment! We had a great time and learnt a lot from his visit. Thank you Mr Economou! From 1E

Hudson Rallis

YEAR ONE AMBULANCE VISIT Year 1 were privileged to have a visit from Mr Economou, who is a paramedic, he presented an information talk about his role and responsibilities as a worker in the community. We were fortunate that he was able to bring an ambulance and equipment to show the students. Year 1 learned important information, including dialling 000 to call for an ambulance and took part in some scenarios. Today the ambulance officer came to school. He brought the ambulance to show us. He described his job. First we put some gloves on, then a vest and a helmet and a jacket. Then we put a heart monitor on Peter. We put Peter on the stretcher. Then we put a seatbelt on Peter. Then he put Peter in the ambulance. Next we went in the ambulance. When there is an emergency we call the ambulance. When people cannot breathe the ambulance gives people oxygen.

OUR VISIT WITH DR ANNA SALLOS On Monday 13th August 2012 Year One had an exciting day. We were very lucky to have Dr Anna Sallos come to our school and talk to us about her fascinating job. First, Dr Sallos talked about what doctors do at the hospital or in their surgery. We learnt that doctors treat people when they are sick, help people that get hurt in accidents, give people information to keep well and get better.

Anastasija Mihajlovic Today the ambulance officer came to school. He brought the ambulance to show us. He described his job. First he showed us the medicine and some children put the clothes on. Next the ambulance officer put Peter in the stretcher and he put a mask on him so he could get more oxygen. Later he had

Next, Dr Sallos showed us some of the equipment she uses when treating people. We saw a sphygmomanometer that checks your blood pressure, a stethoscope that helps her listen to your



heart and lungs and an auroscope that helps her look into your ears to check your ear drums.


After that, she talked about important people who help her do her job well. People like nurses, police officers, fire fighters, paramedics, pharmacists, radiologists and many more.

On Thursday 14th June 2012, the Junior School had their annual Athletics Carnival at ES Marks. It had been raining for the week leading up to the event so we were unsure whether it would go ahead. At 6:00am, I got the all clear from the ground staff at ES Marks which was a relief, so we made our way down and set up for an exciting day.

Then Dr Sallos told us what we can do to stay well. She said that we should eat lots of fruit and vegetables, exercise regularly, sleep 10-12 hour every night, drink water and milk. Finally, we asked many questions and learnt lots of interesting things. We thanked Dr Sallos for coming and giving us such a wonderful talk.

By mid-morning the sun was out and it turned out to be a glorious day. With the help of so many wonderful helpers, the day ran smoothly. I’d like to thank all the parents, senior school students and teachers who assisted on the day.

What a busy and motivating day!

This year we used our new Athletics sports software, so a special thank you to Mr Dookie for all the time he put in preparing the entries and for the recording on the day! And of course Mr Volas who helped me lead my first carnival. I couldn’t have done it without him. Well done to our Age Champions! 8 yrs Girls Athena Demetriou 8 yrs Boys Paul Giavis 9 yrs Girls Efthimia Kollias 9 yrs Boys Juval Mikhail 10 yrs Girls Stephanie Augoustis 10yrs Boys Andrew Papandrew 11 yrs Girls Christina Vlahos 11 yrs Boys Nicholas Kollias 12 yrs Girls Sophia Micos 12 yrs Boys Dominic Augoustis Congratulations to the Corinthians who won it this year! And well done to the sports captains Dominic Augoustis and Sophia Micos who did a great job leading their House! 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place


Corinthians Nemeans Delphians Olympians

Alexander Nissirios, Harilaos Papas, Roza Papas, Alexandros Gousetis, Taylysse Knight, John Dalakiaris, Harry Mavrolefterou, Rose Economou, Joanna Skouteris, Christina Hatgis, George Andrianakos, Panagiota Kappatos, Spiros Zafiropoulos.

FUTSAL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS On Monday and Tuesday 6th and 7th August we took our Futsal teams to Penrith for the State Championships. Four out of our 6 teams made the state finals- under 10 Boys and Girls and under 12 Boys and Girls teams.

Congratulations to these students. We wish them all the best.

Overall, it was a fantastic couple of days for the students, the teachers and the parents. Very nerve racking but also very exciting! The Under 10’s boys did very well in their pool, winning most of their games however they lost in the quarter finals. The Under 10’s girls similarly came first in their pool winning all their games and losing in their quarter finals.

Miss C. Theodossiou Sports Convenor


The Under 12 girls played well, didn’t manage to get to the finals however I was very happy that they made it to the state championships as most of the girls have never played Futsal or soccer before at all. Both our girls’ teams entered for the first time so I am extremely proud of our achievements.

Junior B Netball Team who have qualified for the ISA Grandfinal as they narrowly defeated Chevalier C 27-28. We wish the players and Angelina Flokis their coach the best of luck on Saturday as they play Chevalier B at 10am at Minto Sports Stadium.

The Under 12 boys came first in their pool winning all their games, they won the quarter finals, semifinals but they lost in the Grand final by just one goal in the last couple of minutes. They certainly made us all proud with their Silver medals!

Junior B Football Team who have qualified for the ISA Grandfinal as they narrowly defeated Central Coast Grammar School 3-0. We wish the players and Dr Lakshmir their coach the best of luck on Saturday as they play St Andrews Cathedral School at 9am at Barker College.

I would like to thank Mr Meintanis, Mr Nissirios and Mr Amditis for coaching the teams and to Mrs Synesios and all the parents who assisted.


On Thursday 30th August the following students will be representing St Spyridon at the ASISSA Athletics carnival: Stephanie Augoustis, Alyssa Alas, Melanie Bounatsos, Katherine Tsingos, Andrew Papandrew, Juval Mikhail, Jordan Frazis, Chris Vlahos, Christina Vlahos, Sophia Micos, Christine Frangoulis, Nicole Stramotas, Dominic Augoustis, Jordan Bond, Aaron Nissirios, Nicholas Frazis, Adriana Drakoulis, Athena Demetriou, Paul Giavis, NeofytosTsakirios, Stefan Gemisis, Nixon Kounnas, Efthimia Kollias, Valentina Spyridopoulos, Nicola Skouteris, Valandi Michael, Peter Petrides, Emmanuel Aroney, Katerina Darras Samaras, Peter Agiasotis, Sonya Paradisis, Deahna Simos, Anthony Pascalis, Nicholas Kollias, Nathan Adam, Manny Giokas, Elaine Andrew, Felicity Ginis, Dominiqe Koukos, Nicoletta Tsimboukis, Carissa Frazis, Jennifer Eve Contominas, Rhea Tsimboukis, Connor Giavis, Maree Nikitopoulos,

Ms K. O’Shea Girls Sport

15’S BOYS FOOTBALL I would like to congratulate all the boys that have contributed to the success of this team this year. I would also like to thank them all for showing up in what has been difficult at times especially juggling 2 games a week. We now must prepare for our


first ever GRAND FINAL as a team. I would also like to extend a welcome to all parents and friends to attend if they wish and support our boys. We will have a school bus going so transport will not be a problem.

Christos Kollias played one of his best halves of football in the second outrunning all defense.

The game started well with two quick goals in the first half we could smell victory all we needed to do was consolidate our possession. As we started the second half we continued to dominate field possession scoring a further two goals. With about 10 minutes to go Blue Mountains Grammer came at us hard but the boys remained focused and kept them out.

Thanking all, your coach

Above all, all contributed to a great win well done boys and lets go one more.

Mr V. Zafiropoulos

CONGRATULATIONS… to Harris Fotopoulos of Year 7 who made the Metropolitan East State Titles Under 12’s football team. This is a great effort and wish Harris the best of luck.

Jake was solid in goal making all the right decisions to come out and stay in when needed, his continued guidance of his defensive line is also his strength. At the back Simeon was a standout nothing got through him and he also provided the spark in attack.

Mr A. Condous Boys Sport

Our difference was Andonis in the midfield attacking everything and backing up in defence and also scoring 2 goals.

ISA Boys Football 2012 – GRAND FINAL 25th AUGUST

OAKHILL COLLEGE - 423-513 Old Northern Road, Castle Hill NSW 2154 Team

15’s (Year 9’s) v

Coach: Mr Zafiropoulos 13’s (Year 7’s) v

Coach: Mr Condous

Game Time 11:20am

Bus Times/Venue BUS 1:Brighton RSL: 9:15AM


St Spyridon Church: 9:30AM

Bus will return at approx. 1:30PM


BUS 1:Brighton RSL: 7:10AM


St Spyridon Church: 7:30AM

Bus will return at approx. 11:30AM



Date: Tuesday 28th August 2012 Time: 8.30 am—2.00 pm Venue: Sydney Athletics Field, ES

Marks (Anzac Parade, Moore Park

Compulsory for all students to attend – no school on the day All students must participate Yr 7- 10 House Colour shirt Canteen facilities will be available


The Parents & Friends will be holding a

Father’s Day Stall 2012 for students to buy a small gift in the Church Hall or Undercroft

Mon 27 August - Fri 31 August 12:30 – 2:30 A display of gifts will be set up priced at $5, $10, $15 and $20 Primary students to visit and shop at lunchtime Infant students will visit and shop in their class groups to purchase their gifts. Please place your nominated amount in an envelope and give it to your child on any one of the above dates.

We will also be holding a Fathers Day Raffle. Tickets are 5 for $5.00 Tickets can be returned to front office by Wednesday 29 August With child’s full name, phone number & correct money in an envelope Raffle drawn Friday 31 August 3 Great prizes and some surprises Thank you for your Support


St Spyridon News No 95  

The St Spyridon Newsletter No 95 for August 2012

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