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VOLUME XXIX No 10 22nd June, 2012



JULY Staff Development Day Parish Trip to Greece returns


Students return


Parent Teacher Conferences Years 7-9


Parent Teacher Conferences Years 10 & 11


K2013 Interviews


K2013 Interviews UMAT Exam


HSC Trials begin K2013 Interviews



Our students arrived safely in Greece and are having a wonderful time. So far they have visited: the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where they laid a wreath; day cruise to Aegina, Hydra and Poros; the Acropolis; ancient sites in Olympia; Monasteries at Meteora; St Spyridon Church; and had a restful day in Corfu.

AUGUST K2013 Interviews

st nd 1 &2

Debating Competition JS


K2013 Interviews


State FUTSAL U14’s boys K2013 Interviews




ICAS Mathematics Competition JS


The Dormition of the Theotokos School closed


K2013 interviews


Debating Competition JS


ISA Semi Finals


Showcase SS











ST SPYRIDON COLLEGE HSC Elevate Winter Programs The following subjects are offered to our students to further prepare them for their H.S.C.

At College

Ancient History Friday, 13th July, 2012 from 10.00 am—12.00 pm

Biology Thursday, 12th July, 2012 from 12.30 pm—2.30 pm

Chemistry Wednesday, 11th July, 2012 from 12.30 pm—2.30 pm

IPT Wednesday, 11th July, 2012 from 10.00 am—12.00 pm

Physics Thursday, 12th July, 2012 from 10.00 am—12.00 pm


English (Advanced/Standard/ESL) All day at UTS Friday 15th June, 2012

Modern History All day at Sydney University Saturday 16th June, 2012

Economics All day at UTS, Sunday 8th July and Tuesday, 10th July, 2012

Mathematics (2 unit/Ext 1/Ext 2) All day at Sydney University Monday, 9th July and Tuesday 10th July, 2012 2




Please Note: Before your child begins attending care, please ensure an enrolment form is filled out and returned to staff at the centre. A copy can be emailed to you, please call Patricia on 9516 2188 or email to receive a copy.

CONGRATULATIONS Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Demetriou, Athena (3S) and Sotiri (KC) on the birth of their baby boy and brother Christopher.

Miss P. Doyle



Our deepest sympathy is extended to Mr P. Meintanis and his family on the recent loss of his father.

ATHLETICS CARNIVAL NEW UNIFORM SHOP HOURS… What an absolutely beautiful day we had at the Junior School Athletics Carnival last week. Even though we experienced a lot of stress with the weather and whether to go ahead or not it eventually worked out well. Congratulations to the Corinthians for winning the carnival.

…are as follows:8.30 am to 10.00 am and 2.30 pm to 4.00 pm. every Wednesday during school Term.

VACATION CARE Congratulations to Ms Theodossiou our Sports Convenor for doing a fantastic job with organising the carnival and special thanks to Mr Volas for his assistance and support, also to Mr Dookie who worked hard all day on a new computer program to record all the results.

Our vacation care program for the fast approaching June/July Holiday period is available and we are now taking bookings. The program is attached to this newsletter. Should you wish you enrol and book your children in, please call Christine on 0410 505 524 or email Patricia

Thanks to all the staff who worked tirelessly throughout the day most of them not even having a break, and of course our appreciation to all our volunteer parents and the Senior School students who without their help we would not have been able to have such a successful day.

As it is the nature of our centre to have fluctuating attendance numbers, I ask that parents please book your children in ahead of time to ensure your child’s position at vacation care for that day and to ensure the correct staff/child ratio is met for the day.

AFTER SCHOOL CARE After School Care fees are $18 per day and we are able to reduce fees if your family receives the child care benefit. Your family may be eligible to receive help with the cost of child care. Our operating hours are 3.30pm - 6.30pm in the white house on the Infants Campus. At after school care children are given the opportunity to complete homework and play games. There are art and craft activities and a nutritious afternoon tea is served also. For enquiries or to book your children in, please call Christine on 0410 505 524.


CHILDREN’S ILLNESS Parents we do realize how difficult it is for working parents when their child is ill to take time off work. However please understand that we do not have either the staffing or the facilities to look after such children. Lately children are being sent to school even though it is obvious they are sick with temperatures, headaches, stomach aches and vomiting. Please do not send your child to school sick, as it is not fair to the other children and on the staff who, also catch whatever the illness is and we end up with more sick children and very short staffed.

END OF TERM Friday 22nd June is the last day of term and the students will return on Tuesday 17th July. On behalf of the staff we wish you a happy and restful holiday and a time to enjoy some quality time. Mrs M. Hamer Principal Junior School



Junior School students from Stage 3 completed their Peer Support Leadership Training recently with flying colours!

Our debating team has also been very successful and are displaying great talent. Last week they competed against St Catherines on the topics ‘Should all learning be done on line or in the traditional manner’. Both St Spyridon teams won the positive and the negative point of view. Considering we have only been doing competitive debating for such a short time we are all proud of their achievements.

In preparation for co-leading peer support groups K-6, the students worked hard to gain knowledge about their role as leaders and the responsibilities that leadership entails. In addition, after completing the two day training, they have acquired new skills to lead with confidence. The training consisted of a mixture of theory and practical application including games, partner work and small group participation. The students thoroughly enjoyed each task and participated to the best of their ability. All students were very focussed and settled for the two days which was very pleasing and reflects their determination to be excellent leaders this year. The students most enjoyed the following activities: 9 Creating movie costumes out of newspaper 9 Giving instructions that could not use key words 9 Role plays 9 Leading the small group


9 Learning and practising strategies to manage younger students 9 Practising a sample peer support session, including the ‘Can you land it?’ coin toss game and ‘Bird and Worm’ game. A special thank you to the teachers involved in the training days; Mr Dookie, Mr Arnott, Ms Orfanos and Ms Xenos. Thank you to the parents who also facilitated groups of students; Mrs Mastroperos, Mrs O’Reilly and Mrs Giokas. Thank you for your energy! Thank you to Mrs Economou who has not only supported the program but really led from the beginning. This program would not be possible without your organisation and enthusiasm.

LOST AND FOUND If anyone has lost a bracelet please see the staff at the office Junior School.


To sum up, as one student commented, “I wish I could do more training ‘cause it’s so much fun and learning… I can’t wait to find out who is in my group and what activities I get to lead! I’m so excited!”



REPORT Program


Applications for 2013 now open. Prestige scholarships See for more details.

Miss McCarthy

Academy of Information Technology (AIT) have organised a School Holiday Program which will run from 2nd to 6th July. Students can attend from 1 to 5 days, $95 per day or $427.50 for all sessions. Each day will focus on a different area. In order of days, Graphic Design, Filmmaking Challenge, Intro to Animation, 3D Modelling & Animation, Express Games Design. See poster on careers noticeboard or

NSW MOUNTED POLICE OPEN DAY will be held on Saturday 21 July at the Mounted Police Stables, 7 Baptist Street, Redfern from 10am to 2pm – Week 1 of Term 3. Many of the special units will have displays – Rescue and Bomb Squad, Police Order & Riot Squad, Dog Squad, Marine & police Diving Unit, PCYC activities. Students who may be looking at a career in the Police Force are encouraged to attend.

SHORT VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS for Years 10 and 11 Students run over 2 weeks during holidays and give students an opportunity to be involved in volunteering in a child care setting and helping with simple construction work in India, Cambodia and Fiji. Look at for more information.

METRO SCREEN SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAMS There are 2 programs for these 5

holidays. See for more details. Video Game Design for Kids: 10 to 13 July This aims to teach kids how to develop and create their own video games. Young Filmmakers 3 to 5 July. If you’re between 11 – 17 and you’re ready to learn how to create a short film this is the course for you. Learn the basics of filmmaking all the way from script to screen over 3 days in a class of 21 students at Metro Screen in Paddington.

Hospitality Management William Blue College of Hospitality Management $50 includes 3 course lunch in their restaurant Ph 1300 851 237. The School For Excellence (TSFX) is a private educational institution that provides educational services to Year 11 and 12 students. These services include revision courses and study skills lectures. See the Careers Adviser’s area. For more information,

TOCAL COLLEGE is recognised as one of

Mrs A. Skerman Careers Adviser

Australia’s leading agricultural training organizations. They will hold 4 Open Days on the 2 Fridays of the July and October holidays. (6th and 13th July and 28th Sept and 5th Oct) or 1800 025520 for more information.





BOND UNIVERSITY Experience Day for

On the 6th of June, a group of students went to Menai Indoor Soccer Centre to play other schools in a Futsal Tournament. There were different teams for girls and boys; I was in the 12 girl’s team with Sophia, Elaine, Nicole, Carissa, Nikki, Christina and Christine.

Year 11 and 12 students will take place on Thursday 12 July. This tour will depart from Sydney around 7am, fly to the Gold Coast and return around 7pm in the evening. The cost is $90 per person. The day tour includes return airfare, transfers to and from the campus, campus tour, briefings from each of the 5 faculties, morning tea and lunch and an information pack. Register at

When we first arrived many of us were feeling very nervous; especially since we were about to have our first game. Then we won our first match 2-1 and we all felt much more comfortable and very excited. We had to wait a while after some of our matches so we watched the other St Spyridon teams play.

NOTRE DAME UNIVERSITY Early Offer Program is designed to attract and select talented and capable students for an early offer into the university. Students should demonstrate academic excellence and have a special talent in community involvement or leadership. Applications due 31 August. See Mrs Skerman. ‘A Day in the Life’ Programs These programs ( run by Think Education Group) give students the opportunity of experiencing what some career areas would be like. Be an Event Manager, work in Marketing, Business, Public Relations or Journalism, a Designer, Hotel Manager, Head Chef, Photographer, Interior Designer or Graphic Designer. See Careers door area. APM Alive North Sydney, Thursday 12 July $50 includes lunch and materials 10am to 4pm Ph 1300 880610. Billy Blue’s Day in the Life as a Designer Workshop $80 all inclusive lunch etc. Sat 14 July 10am to 4pm Ph 9492 3288. Day of Beauty and Day in the Life of a Natural Therapist 1300 885 385 Australian National College of Beauty Saturday 10am to 4pm $50 includes lunch and materials. 11 August and 20 October.

Later we played our second game which we won 5-0 and the final round game that counted us into the semi-final which we won 3-2!!!! In this final game the scores were equal but in the last few minutes, we scored again to pinch the win. Well done Elaine who scored this great team goal. We were so excited because we never knew that we would make it so far in the competition. We played the final but we lost 4-0. This doesn’t matter because at least we got there, came second and still get to go to State!!!! We all had so much fun and I loved this experience and can’t wait to do it again. And the hot chips were amazing too! Maree Nikitopoulos 6P

CAMP QUALITY PUPPET SHOW The McDonald’s Camp Quality Puppets were invited to perform at the Junior School on Friday the 8th of June. It is an educational program using life size puppets to deliver a fun and positive


was about a girl who was living with cancer and hadn’t been to school for a long time. Now that she is better (well actually in remission) she has gone back to school but she has changed. Going back to school for her is challenging since she has lost her hair which was a side effect from the medicine she had to take. She also felt very sensitive and self conscious about her appearance because she didn’t want to look different from everyone else.

message about supporting children living with cancer and other serious illnesses. The information shared aimed to help children heighten their awareness of the need to care for and support others who may look, or be a little ‘different’, particularly because of physical problems, such as hair loss, because of cancer treatment. This program links well with Community Awareness and Personal Development in the school program, and is most certainly not limited to schools with ill children. The contents relate very much to our children’s contribution to a more caring society.

This performance showed friendship and how, no matter how much people’s appearance may have changed, they are still the same person inside. We should never judge a book by its cover. We all learnt something very valuable from this session and it was a very informative and funny puppet show.

Puppets have, for many generations, been a fantastic communication tool. Our children have benefited from the lessons shared by listening to the Camp Quality Puppet Show stories. Here are a few responses from the students:

Maree Nikitopoulos Junior School Captain •

Sienna: “When people have cancer you should make them laugh so they can feel better.” • Amelia: “If you know someone with cancer you can still play, hug and give them a high-five.” • Jennifer: “It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, it matters what you look like on the inside.” Comments by 1V • • • • •

The medicine makes the hair fall out. It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, but who you are on the inside. Not to be a bully and mean to other people and don’t tease them. When you stop taking the medicine your hair grows back. The medicine is strong and helps the person get better.

Comments by KJ Miss McCarthy

Camp Quality On Friday 8th June, Camp Quality made a visit to the Junior School. The aim was for the puppets to perform for us as a reward for Starlight Day. The puppet play explained to us what life is like for children who are living with cancer. Before performing the puppet show, the two performers explained what cancer was and the treatments that are available. The puppet show


Trying to pick them up, Mum and dad are happy.

YEAR 4 POETRY Year 4 have been enjoying reading and listening to a variety of poems. Inspired by these they have produced their own poems. We became aware that poems do not have to rhyme, and that they often express emotions to the reader. We hope you enjoy them!

Stephanie Andreou 4C A Trip to the Garbage Dump Red, yellow, green To a garbage stream With a bag full of rubbish I’m recycling you see.

Miss Bletsogiannis The Black Swan

As I opened the bin, I fell down with a thump In the disgusting DUMP! When I go home I will stump, stump, STUMP!

Black swans, sailing near and far. North, East, South, West, they’re countless. A myriad of fishermen Looking dreadfully upon them, Behind the jail bar.

Efthimia Kollias 4C

The scent came near in a horrid sight. Unhappiness filled the air, with darkness. Be careful, they might bite. The blackness filled the air with sadness. They covered their wings with a nest Full of hay, Lay in a warm nice rest, But away from the depths of despair.

SPORTS REPORT JUNIOR SCHOOL SPORTS REPORT ASISSA CROSS COUNTRY On the 30th May the ASISSA Cross Country trials took place at Queens Park. It was an enjoyable day for students, parents and teachers. There are always so many St Spyridon parents who come to watch their children in anything they take part in. I have noticed this working at this school and it really is nice to see how much love, time and support parents give to their children. This was definitely not as evident in any of the other schools I have worked in.

Katherine Tsingos 4C The Errand: Making Coffee Hurry up! Wake up! Make a coffee. Hurry, hurry, You’re going to be very sorry. Get the coffee and the milk, Put a teaspoon of coffee and a blob of milk. Now give it to father Go go go!

Well done to the students who finished in the top 15 of their age group and made it to the next level in representing ASISSA in the CIS Cross Country Carnival. Congratulations to Alyssa Alas and Jordan Frazis in Year 4, and Alexander Nissirios, Aaron Nissirios, Nicholas Frazis, Sarantos Makris and Dominic Augoustis from Year 6. An outstanding achievement for Alexander Nissirios who came 1st out of over 100 students in his age group. Well done Alex!

Fotoulla Hadjiparaskeva 4C Picking Up Apples Looking at the trees, Seeing how they sway. All of the apples falling off, Trying to pick them up.

CIS BASKETBALL Sophia Micos represented CIS in basketball. They came 3rd overall which was a very good achievement and she would like to thank Mr Volas for being the ‘best coach’ she has ever had.

Looking at the other trees, There’s no apples. Looking at the ground, Seeing all the apples,


CIS SOCCER Overall it was a great experience for everyone who attended and we all look forward to the State Championships in August. On Monday 6thAugust- the 10yrs boys and 12yrs girls will be playing and on Tuesday the 7th August, the 10yrs girls and 12yrs boys.

Aaron Nissirios was away in the Central Coast representing CIS in the State Soccer Championships. He was one of the only students who was selected from the ASISSA team. They came 4th overall. Well done Aaron. Aaron was the leading goal scorer for his team.

Student reports on the day U10 BOYS


Squad: Spiros Zafiropoulos (GK), Nicholas Tsintominas, John Dalakiaris, Andrew Papandrew, Paul Giavis, Kosta Ioannou, Nicholas Drakoulis, George Stavrou and Jameson DarrasSamaras.


On Wednesday 6 June St Spyridon took part in the Sutherland Region Futsal Championships. This year we entered 6 teams- 10yrs Boys, two 12yrs Boys teams, 10yrs girls and two 12yrs Girls teams.

A great day it was with 4 out of 6 St. Spyridon College teams progressing to the State Futsal championships. Unfortunately 2 teams just missed out by a margin. The u10 boys were awarded a silver medal (runners up). In their first game the boys unfortunately lost 5-3 against Laguna St ‘a’ team but bounced back with a 6-0 win against St Patricks Sutherland ‘b’ team. They won their third game 4-1 against Laguna St ‘c’ and again won their fourth game 2-1 against Grays Point. Their fifth game was against St Patricks Sutherland ’a’ resulting in a 6-1 win and another win in their sixth game 6-0 against Laguna St ‘c’. After their first loss they turned around winning 5 games in a row but unluckily lost against their rivals Laguna St ‘a’ in the grand final 3-9, which had defeated the boys in the first round. All up St. Spyridon u10 boys played 7 hard matches. Overall after a tiring day they ended up second, a fabulous result! Well done u10 boys!

What an amazing day! The day was overwhelming and filled with excitement, nerves, sweat, tears, and great sportsmanship. This is the first year we have taken more than one girls team and the first year we got this far! Out of the three teams we entered, two made it to the finals and will be going to the State Championships. The 10yrs girls’ team won the Grand final and the 12A team were runners up. I was very pleased with the results and so very proud of all the girls. I would like to thank Mr Meintanis who has been helping me. He is a great coach and the girls have learnt so much from him. Thank you to the parents who also assisted in some of the early morning training sessions, Mr Knight and Mr Nissirios. The boys also did so well, like every year. Out of the three teams we entered, again two will be going to Penrith. The 10 yrs Boys were runners up in the finals and the 12A team won the Grand final! The 12B team made it to the Semi-finals. Another great achievement! Well done.

U12 ‘A’ BOYS Squad: Nicholas Kollias (GK), Aaron Nissirios, Alexander Nissirios, Connor Giavis, Nathan Adam, Jonathon Lynch, Harris Papas and Steven Stamoulis.

Mr Nissirios who coached the 10yrs and 12A teams, has really given up a great deal of his time and the school is very lucky to have him on board. He is an amazing coach and the boys really respect and appreciate him as their mentor. His training sessions were intense and all the hard work both he and the students put in paid off. Thank you to Mr Amditis who assisted in the training sessions and on the day of the tournament.

The u12 boys played a very high standard of Futsal. After winning the Grand Final they were full of joy and happiness. Their first game was a wakeup call to the tough encounters yet to come. They lost their first match 3-4 against Laguna St ‘a’. They won their second match 8-2 against Newington College ‘b’ and added another 6 to win their third game 14-0 against Laguna St ‘c’. The u12 boys beat Grays Point 8-0 to make it through to the Semi-finals on goal difference. It was an all-out St. Spyridon battle in the semi-

I’d also like to thank Mr Karagiannis who coached the 12B team, also out of school hours. The boys worked hard and their determination is to be commended.


finals resulting in an 11-0 win to our squad. We then proceeded to the grand final. A tough team Newington College ‘a’ was, but the St. Spyridon u12 boys came out on top with a 4-1 victory! All the boys came limping off the field as they were exhausted after 6 intense and challenging games.

Junior C’s- Developing the fundamental skills needed in Netball has been the focus this year and the girls have been improving each week. The girls secured their first win which is a result of the hard work and commitment from both the girls and Deanne Constantinou their coach.

Both squads would like to thank Mr Nissirios and Mr Amditis for their commitment and expertise in our very early Monday morning training sessions and for coaching us on the day. We also thank Miss Theodossiou for entering our teams in the Futsal tournament which was very successful.

ISA Football Junior A’s- The girls have been unfortunate in many games however, the commitment of some girls to continue to try their best each week is to be commended. With greater commitment of all students this team should produce some pleasing results in the second half of the season. Junior B’s- With only one game lost the girls are in good stead to secure a finals position. The girls have displayed strong team commitment and demonstrated some exceptional talent. We wish them good luck for the remainder of the season.


ISA Representative Cassandra Georgiou was selected in the Opens ISA Netball team - this is an outstanding achievement as she is only currently in Year 10. We wish her the best of luck in the upcoming CIS carnival.

due to poor weather. We endeavour to secure an alternative date and will inform all students when this date is confirmed.


Tuesday Afternoon Netball Competition Two teams consisting of Year 10 and Year 8 students have been competing in an Afternoon Competition held by Emmanuel School at Moore Park. The final games were completed this week and the Year 8 students were undefeated champions and will be rewarded at the Sports Presentation Evening. This opportunity allowed the girls to develop their existing skills and showcase their abilities to other schools not involved in the ISA competition.

Half way through the season and we have some pleasing results to report. ISA Netball Opens- Currently in third place, with many exciting matches the girls have been most competitive in a high division and are gaining the respect from our competitors. Much more work and training needs to be done in order to maintain a position in the finals. Intermediate – It amazes me to see the commitment these girls apply to each game and their ability to remain positive each week. Their skills have most certainly developed however, Division 2 is proving quite difficult. Nevertheless, the girls are to be commended on their effort. Junior A’s- The girls were briefly promoted to Division 1 however, now in their correct Division they are performing extremely well and will remain undefeated. Angelina Flokis, their coach, has been working hard to refine their existing skills to develop talented netballers.

Well done, Georgia Koukounaris, Nicole Adam, Lia Albanakis, Anastasia Barton, Tiana Milisavljevic, Anastasia Gousetis and Erin Hennessey. Ms K. O’Shea Girls Sport




St Spyridon News No 91  

The St Spyridon Newsletter No.91 for June 2012