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VOLUME XXIX No 1 3rd February, 2012


FEBRUARY ACER Registrations close Parent & Teacher information meeting JS


Parent & Teacher information meeting JS


K-12 Divine Liturgy and Blessing

Years 7 & 8 Camp



We are pleased to welcome all students, teachers and their families to the 2012 School Year.




15th – th 17

Taverna Night


Swimming Carnival SS


Swimming Carnival JS


ACER Scholarship Exam


Lent begins







MARCH Year 12 Leadership Workshop


2nd th

ASISSA Swimming Carnival


Vaccinations Years 7 and 10 ISA Swimming Carnival


CIS Swimming Carnival


ISA Cross Country Carnival


Annunciation 25th March celebrations


Twilight Tours SS



A special welcome to our new Kindergarten students as well as the Class of Year 7 as they commence on a new journey in their learning lives. Altogether 94 students join the St Spyridon family for the first time this year. We are happy to see how quickly they have made friends and settled into the business of learning. We are proud to congratulate the HSC Class of 2011 on their very good results. A special commendation to our Top All Rounder and University Scholarship winner Renee Hatzistergos on achieving an ATAR of 98.35 as well as Stamati Margelis (ATAR 98.25), Ashli Bergmann (ATAR 97.25) and Michael Lantis (ATAR 97.20). These four students will receive a University Scholarship of $3,000 as they achieved an ATAR score above 97. This is to assist them in the payment of their University fees and costs. As a result of this excellent result, the bar has now been raised. The University Scholarship will now be granted to a student who achieves an ATAR of 98.00 and above. We wish our Year 12 Class 2012 every success as they take up the challenge of the HSC. We congratulate all our Distinguished Achievers and indeed every student who did their best and maximised their marks. Congratulations are extended to Maya Krvavac who was First in the State in Serbian. We acknowledge the work of Mrs Vesna Belajcic in this achievement. St Spyridon College has had three Firsts in State in Serbian, in the last four years.

We wish to encourage all parents to enthusiastically support the P & F Committee in all its functions and activities. This effective professional body has been Year 12 Half Yearly Exams begin instrumental in raising funds for the installation of Year 7 Parent Teacher Conference Greek Orthodox Swimming Carnival JS 2nd computers and interactive whiteboards and has played a major role in promoting the good name of our College K-6 Easter Assembly to the wider community. Equally important, they have a th Term Ends 5 lot of fun and give parents and students a sense of belonging to the St Spyridon family. The P & F AGM will be held on the 28th February. Please join us. APRIL

Mrs E. Stefanou-Haag



PREFECTS 2012 We congratulate the following students who have been selected to lead the Student Body K-12 and the whole school community in 2012. Kostandino Baratsas Demi Flokis Marielle Pizanis Erin Criticos Sofija Belajcic Brannon Bergmann Despina Carpis

Kostandino Baratsas College Captain


College Captain and Sports Captain Vice Captain Senior Prefect Sports Captain Prefect Prefect Prefect

Demi Flokis Vice Captain

Prefects 2012


Sarah Hatzon Nicolette KontakosIrene Koukounaris George MantzavrakosStephanie Satouris Kathy Thimakis Yanni Vlahopoulos -

Marielle Pizanis Senior Prefect

Prefect Prefect Prefect Prefect Prefect Prefect Prefect









JUNIOR SCHOOL STAFFING Head of College Principal JS Deputy Principal Infants Coordinator Maths/Science & Tech Coordinator Stage 2 Coordinator Stage 3 Coordinator Sports Convenor

Mrs Efrosini Stefanou-Haag Mrs Mary Hamer Mrs Aristea Synesios Mrs Maria Kipriotis Mr Alan Dookie Miss Tina Bletsogiannis Ms Danielle McCarthy Miss Christine Theodossiou

K Cerise K Jade

- Ms Vicki Liakatos - Miss Eleni Rogaris

1 Emerald 1 Topaz 1 Violet

- Ms Adriana Xenos - Miss Cathy Brocklehurst - Mrs Georgina Zafiropoulos

2 Aqua 2 Crimson 2 Indigo

- Miss Chrisanthi Sotiras - Mrs Alexandra Karpouzos - Miss Andriana Docos

3 Amethyst 3 Sapphire

- Miss Rosanda Besir - Miss Melpo Nicolaou

4 Coral

- Miss Tina Bletsogiannis

4 Turquoise

- Miss Angela Orfanos

5 Amber 5 Iris

- Mrs Nichole Economou - Mr Peter Arnott

6 Magenta 6 Pearl

- Ms Danielle McCarthy - Mr Alan Dookie

Science Yr 5/6 Computer I.T. Yr K-6

- Mr Peter Arnott - Mr Peter Arnott

Librarian Support Teacher K-2 Support Teacher 3-6

- Miss Karen Galanis - Mrs Maria Kipriotis - Mrs Antje Bennett

Music Choir

- Mrs Helen Ferguson-Coyne

Greek Language

Greek Focus Person

- Mrs Artemisia Ieroklis - Mr John Volas - Mr Angelo Amditis - Miss Christine Theodossiou

Greek Dancing

- Mrs Sophia Haskas

Student Welfare Officer

- Mrs Rea Fatouros


- Mrs Estelle Kerameas - Miss Effie Giannakopoulos - Mrs Maritsa Doyle - Mrs Irene Klazoglou


- Mrs Angela Giaras - Mrs Christine O’Reilly




Dean of Middle School Ms G. Kokinelis – Yr 6-7 Transition Adviser Dean of Senior Programs Mr P. Meintanis

Mr A. Kollias – Curriculum Leader Mr A. Condous (Year 9 Adviser) Mrs H. Dalakiaris Ms M. Kalithrakas (Year 12 Adviser)



Father S. Scoutas Father S. Drapaniotis Mr A. Picardi

Mr P. Meintanis – Curriculum Leader Mr A. Condous – Boys Sport Mr F. Kaldis (Year 11 Adviser) Ms K. O’Shea – Girls Sport (Year 10 Adviser) Mr V. Zafiropoulos

ENGLISH, HISTORY & DRAMA TEAM Dr V. Hickie – Curriculum Leader Ms L. Davis Ms D. Firulovic Mrs R. Kiedja Ms G. Kokinelis Mrs I. Koutsoukis Mrs E. Mulligan

CAREERS & STUDENT WELFARE Mrs R. Fatouros – Student Welfare Adviser Mrs A. Skerman – Careers Adviser




Mrs M. Faletas – Curriculum Leader Mrs V. Belajcic Ms E. Gambriell (Year 8 Adviser) Mrs V. Alexandropoulou Mrs A. Petraki (Consulate)

Ms R. Bishop Mrs C. Papadakis – Assistant

SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION TEAM Mrs S. Balayannis – PA to Head of College Mrs A. Kringas Mrs D. Cross Mrs M. Diakanastasis Mrs M. Doyle

SCIENCE TEAM Mr J. Croft Mr D. Giles Dr. L. Srinivisan Mrs E. Dubossarsky – Assistant

CANTEEN Mrs I. Paraskevas Mrs M. Makridopolus

SOCIAL SCIENCES TEAM Mrs C. Mio – Curriculum Leader Ms N. Gonzalez Ms D. Kladakis Mr V. Zafiropoulos

CREATIVE ARTS AND TECHNOLOGICAL AND APPLIED STUDIES TEAM Mr G. Georgoulopoulos Mrs V. Grillakis Ms M. Pringle Mrs H. Ferguson-Coyne Ms C. Savva Mr L. Sobolevski Mrs O. Lambi – Assistant






SCHOLARSHIPS Year 7 and Year 11, 2013

We hope to see many parents, old and new at the P & F AGM which will be held on 28th February, 2012 in the Junior School library.

Applications are now invited from new and continuing students to sit for the following ACER Examination Scholarships:

CONGRATULATIONS… ... to Mrs Kefalouros (English/History teacher) and her husband on the birth of their second child Nicoletta, sister to James (KC). May God shower them with His blessings.

Year 6 (Year 7, 2013) A Year 6 Scholarship for the top Year 6 student applying for St Spyridon College will receive their tuition fees paid for four years, from Year 7 to Year 10. Year 10 (Year 11, 2013) Two scholarships for the two top Year 10 students will receive their tuition fees paid for two years. Closing date for applications is Monday, 6th February, 2012. ACER scholarship examinations will be held on Saturday, 25th February, 2012.

…to Mrs Stefanou and her husband Mr Haag on the wedding of their daughter Elena (HSC 2002) to George Goulousis (HSC 2002). May God bless them always.

Forms and information are available now online: follow the links Scholarships and Awards, then Online Scholarships.

CONGRATULATIONS Our congratulations are also extended to Mr & Mrs Vlahakis, Dean (KJ), Anika (2C) and Michael (4C) on the birth of the newest member of their family, baby Mariella.

DIVINE LITURGY We wish them many blessings! Our first College Divine Liturgy will be held on Thursday, 9th February, 2012 at St Spyridon Church.

CONDOLENCES Our deepest sympathy is extended to Dr Srinivisan and her family on the recent loss of her mother. May God rest her soul.

Orthodox students are encouraged to prepare to receive Holy Communion through prayer and fasting. Senior School students are to go directly to St Spyridon Church, after the Liturgy they will then be bussed to the Senior School.


After the Divine Liturgy the Blessing (Agiasmo) service will take place.

If you are interested in a bus service and you live in Phillip Bay, Malabar, Little Bay, Matraville or Maroubra, please call Helen on 9313-6899.

All parents are welcome to attend.



them happiness and success in their future endeavours.

Welcome back to everyone and wishing you all a happy and healthy 2012.


We hope you have all had a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday and are now ready to face the exciting challenges of this year.

Congratulations to the following Year 6 students who were awarded prizes at the Graduation Evening last year. Students were recognised for academic excellence and religious, sporting, social and cultural achievements.

A special welcome to all our Kindergarten students starting their educational journey at St Spyridon College. They have had a wonderful start and have settled in beautifully.

School Dux Johnny Mouratidis The Despina Hatjinikitas Memorial Award for Citizenship George Raptis

We also welcome the following new students who have commenced in other grades and hope they will find their time with us enjoyable and productive: Amara Csergo and Natalia Constantinidis in Year 1, Anika Vlahakis in Year 2 and Michael Vlahakis and Peter Agiasotis in Year 4.

The Varnie Kambos Memorial Award for Dance Jacqueline Burleigh Georgia Polydor Prize for Modern Greek Constantinos Kollias

STAFF CHANGES It is with great pleasure that we welcome and introduce new staff for 2012. We welcome Miss A. Docos Year 2 Indigo, Mrs A. Bennett who will be support teacher for Years 3-6 while Mrs Mulligan is on Maternity Leave and Miss K. Galanis who will be relieving Mrs Bartlett in the Library while she is on Long Service Leave. We also welcome back Mrs Economou from Maternity leave.

Orthodox Study Prize Constantinos Kollias Sportsperson of the Year Mitchell Knight and Larissa Andrianakos

STUDENT LEADERSHIP TEAM 2012 School Captains Nicholas Kollias and Maree Nikitopoulos


Vice Captains Dean Albanakis and Joanna Skouteris

The Junior School has made some exciting changes to the leadership positions of the school. Mr Dookie continues as Maths/Science & Technology Coordinator for Grades 3-6 and Mrs Kipriotis as Infants Coordinator. Miss Bletsogiannis is now Stage 2 Coordinator being responsible for Grades 3 and 4 and Miss McCarthy Stage 3 Coordinator for Years 5 and 6. Miss Theodossiou takes on the role of Sports Convenor and Greek Language Convenor.

Prefects Elaine Andrew, Stephen Bletsas, Jennifer-Eve Contominas, Nicholas Frazis, Erin Giaras, Alexandros Gousetis, Christopher Kumar, Nicole Stramotas. HOUSE CAPTAINS Corinthians Dominic Augoustis and Sophia Micos

We wish the Management Team every success in 2012.

Olympians Jordan Bond and Eleni Mastroperos

CONGRATULATIONS HSC 2011 Nemeans Nathan Adam and Nikki Cardamis

On behalf of the Junior School staff and students I would like to congratulate our Year 12 students of 2011 on their excellent HSC results and wish

Delphians George Andrianakos and Maria Krassas


Parents please note that SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED within the School’s boundaries.

PROCEDURES Supervision Morning supervision commences at 8.15am. Parents are requested to leave the school grounds once supervision commences unless they have a scheduled meeting. Afternoon supervision concludes at 3.45pm after this time children will be placed in After School Care and parents billed accordingly.

Foyer (Gardeners Rd) entry is ONLY to be used if attending to business at the Office. Parents and students are to use the Playground Gates as their entry and exit points.

TRAFFIC PROCEDURES Observance of the following school procedures will greatly assist in the safety of the students, and better relationships with out neighbours.

Infants children need to be collected from their classroom in the afternoon or from the Infants playground – shelter after 3.15pm. Primary children to be picked up from the Primary playground – undercroft area. Parents and children are to leave the courtyard area immediately so that teachers know which children are still under their supervision.

1. Parents MUST NOT park in any driveway either the neighbours or the college at any time. 2. The practice of parking or stopping in the middle of the road is illegal.

Parents are requested not to assemble in front of classrooms in the afternoon- prior to pick up as this disrupts students learning.

3. Please note that Doran St is a two way street and parking laws apply.

K-6 will assemble every Wednesday morning in the Primary Courtyard. Parents are invited to join with us in prayer and anthems but please do not talk during these proceedings. During this assembly Merit certificates are awarded.

4. Attention is drawn to the extreme danger of leaving motors running while leaving the car to drop off or pick up students from the college, particularly when smaller children are left in the car. Please drop your child/children off in the morning and leave as soon as possible. Similarly in the afternoon after picking up your child please leave so that other parents have room to park.

AFTER SCHOOL CARE After School Care will now be held in the Cottage on the Infants side. Infants children will remain in the Infants playground and Primary children will be crossed over.


OFFICE HOURS Children are reminded to wear their hat when playing in the school grounds. Children without their hat will be required to sit in the shaded area (Undercroft in the Primary School and under the Shelter in the Infants playground). This is a school rule to protect our children’s health.

Office hours for the Junior School are 8.15am to 4.15pm. For security reasons no one is permitted to enter the administration building before 8.15am and after 4.15pm unless they have a registered appointment. The Office Staff commence their tasks at 8.15am and end the day at 4.15pm, at which time the answer machine is activated. Please note that messages left after this time may not be heard until the next morning.

ALLERGIES / ANAPHYLACTIC REACTION POLICY You may be aware that a number of children at our college are at risk of having a severe allergic reaction to peanut products. This condition is known as Anaphylaxis and is a severe and sudden allergic reaction, which usually occurs after exposure to a particular food. Anaphylaxis is potentially life threatening and always requires an emergency response.

Parents are to please NOT go directly to the Teachers’ Staffroom to speak to a teacher, please refer to the secretaries who will call the teacher out to see you, if available. Parents are also not to go to classrooms at any time without signing in and getting a visitors badge at the front office.


In order to minimise the risk to some children in the school who have allergies, the school community has implemented a number of measures. We strongly urge you not to send foods with peanut products in your child’s lunches or morning recess. Another measure is to, at an appropriate level educate your child about anaphylaxis to develop understanding about this allergy.

ANNUAL SWIMMING CARNIVAL Years 3 – 6 have their annual Swimming Carnival on Friday 24th February. All students must attend and participate in at least one event. Please note that this is a school day and attendance is compulsory. Students will assemble at Des Renford Swimming Pool, Robey St, Maroubra at 8:30am for Roll Call. The carnival will begin punctually at 9am and conclude at 2:30pm. All students are to wear the College swimming costume, coloured T-Shirt and Coloured Cap.

Please also do not send cakes, lollies or any food to school to be given to other children. As the health, well being and safety of the children in our school is of paramount concern to us all, we know that we can depend on your support and assistance with this matter.

Parents are welcome to attend and cheer on the students. As in previous years, the carnival can only be a success with the wonderful support and assistance of parents. If you can assist please see Mr Volas.

CANTEEN PROCEDURES In order to streamline procedures and ensure a smoother delivery of Canteen services, it is necessary that the following procedures are observed. 1. All lunch orders to be clearly written on a lunch bag. Parents must provide this bag. 2. Orders need to be written at home and must include; child’s name, class, order and correct money. 3. Infants’ milk orders for recess must be put into a separate bag and must include: child’s name, class, order and correct money. 4. Please label this bag with INFANTS RECESS. 5. All orders to be handed in during roll call by the children and put in a lunch bucket which will be located in the classroom. NO Child or Parent is to approach the Canteen Supervisor in the morning.

Students who travel on the private bus will be taken directly to the pool and picked up from the pool. After School Care students (Yrs 3 – 6) will be brought back to the Junior School if required. Please notify the class teacher in writing if After School Care is required on the day.

KALANTA With the grace of God we were once again able to share the meaning of Christmas with members of our church family. The traditional Kalanta were sung by the following students to parishioners in their homes. We thank and congratulate the following students and the dedicated parents who drive and supervise the students: Alexander Cardamis, Anna – Maria Borean, Anne Maree Aroney, Athena Demetriou, Bianca Frazis, Carissa Frazis, Carolyn Makridopolus, Christina Borean, Christina Pascalis, Christopher Vougioukas, Connor Giavis, Constance Synesios, Constantinos Kollias, Damascus Economou, Desi Kapodistrias, Efthimia Kollias, Eleni Haralambides, Emmanuel Aroney, Erin Giaras, Frances-Lee Pascalis, George Andrianakos, George Contominas, George Grillakis, George Makris, George Raptis, Jacqueline Burleigh, James Bletsas, James Cardamis, Jennifer – Eve Contominas, John Margelis, Jordan Frazis, Jordan Makridopolus, Katherine Raptis, Kerryanne Syros, Larissa Andrianakos, Lisa Stamoulis, Manuel Margelis, Maria – Angela Patsalis, Mark Grillakis, Markella Roditis, Michael Antoniou, Mitchell Knight, Nicholas Frazis, Nicholas Kollias, Paul Giavis, Paul Janis, Peter Giokas,

If your child is late, they are to place their order in the late box at the Front Office when they collect their late slip. Your cooperation appreciated.





CANTEEN ASSISTANCE Thank you to all the volunteers who assisted in the canteen in 2011. Your time and effort was greatly appreciated. Assistance is desperately needed for this year please come forward and volunteer for a few hours.


Peter Synesios, Samantha Economou, Sarantos Makris, Sophia Micos, Stephen Bletsas, Steven Stamoulis, Tiffany Tsoukalas, Vicki Synesios. Mr. E. Economou, Mrs Patsalis, Mrs. A. Stamoulis, Mrs Antoniou, Dr. A. Bletsas, Mrs Giavis, Mrs Aroney, Mrs Contominas, Mrs Pascalis, Mrs Burleigh, Mrs Raptis, Mrs M. Kollias and Mrs Makridopolus.

Welcome back to Mrs Mulligan, who returns from maternity leave.

Farewell to Mr Reynolds who has been a temporary English/History/Drama teacher at our College. We thank him for all his work over the last two and a half years.


Mrs A. Synesios Deputy Principal

Congratulations to the following students for achieving first place in their year at the end of 2011.

CONGRATULATIONS Last year, Year 3 students took part in a Christmas Card Design competition run by the Member of Heffron and NSW Premier, The Hon. Kristina Keneally, MP. Congratulations are extended to Lisa Stamoulis who was a runner up in the competition.

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

MUSIC TUITION Private music tuition is available with the following people. Parents wishing to have their child tutored in 2012 need to contact the individual tutor.

Nicole Adam

Maria Bletsas

Year 10

Year 11

Panayioti Kapodistrias

Year 12

Mr Sam Podjarski for Violin Contact Number: 0411 366 058 Ms Janet Silverton for Piano and violin Contact Number: 0417 657 178 Mr Leonidas Kourmadas for Piano, Guitar & Theory Contact Number: 0421 198 747 Leonidas Andrew Kathy Thimakis Ashli Bergmann

Mrs Helen Ferguson-Coyne for Singing Contact Number: 0404 027 702

Mrs A. Katsogiannis Principal Senior School

Mrs M. Hamer Principal Junior School



“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it” Anonymous


A warm welcome is extended to our new teachers:

Welcome back everyone to what promises to be a very exciting and dynamic year. Hopefully there will be many students who will choose to be the candle, standing tall, strong and resolute in their determination to achieve to the best of their abilities and thereby be great role models to their peers. To all our new parents, students and of

Ms D. Firulovic English/History (maternity leave replacement for Mrs Kefalouros) Mr A. Picardi


Orthodox Studies


Weekly Planner checks are conducted by the Home Room Teacher for the previous full school week every Thursday during the timetabled Pastoral Care lesson.

course Year 7, happy new beginnings and every success in all your endeavours, as you begin your education with us here at the Senior School. While the first few days of High School gave rise to a mixture of emotions for all students, I am pleased to report that the year has began well, showing a positive attitude and a desire to build on strengths.

PREMIERS READING CHALLENGE All Middle School students will once again be encouraged to read widely and regularly through Pastoral Care as part of the Premiers Reading Challenge (PRC). This activity requires students to read 15 books from a set PRC list & 5 of their own choice, from now until September. For the second year in a row St Spyridon students from Year 9 had the honour to be awarded the PRC Gold Medal. This is an acknowledgement of their consistent reading efforts since Year 3 !!! Only a very small number of students across the state (less than 20 in total) are awarded this medal. Studies have shown that regular reading, a minimum of ½ hour each day, perhaps before bed, greatly assists students in their literacy development and furthers their understanding of curriculum across all learning areas. In our school library we have an entire section of reading material (PRC books) for students to choose from. Students must bring their current PRC novel to each Pastoral Care lesson, as time is dedicated at the start of this lesson to this activity.

REMINDER TO PARENTS Appearance and Grooming i. Pride in personal appearance and regard for the good name of the College should lead to care by parents and students that the uniform is clean, pressed and tidy. The full and proper uniform is to be worn at all times, i.e.: * When students are travelling to and from College. * At College functions except when otherwise stated. * At ISA games and other Sports events. * After sports training, students are permitted to wear the official College track suit in place of the uniform to go home. ii. Length of Girls Uniform should be to the knee or below. iii. Girls – socks must fully cover the ankle. iv. Boys must be clean-shaven at all times. v. The only badges to be worn are approved College badges. vi. Hairstyles are to be kept neat and wellgroomed according to the College standards set down from time to time. * Boys hair must be kept reasonably short. NO extreme styles are acceptable. * Girls’ hair, if long, must be tied back away from their faces with blue ribbon. * Extreme hair colouration is not permitted. vii. The only acceptable adornments for boys are a watch and a cross which is worn inside the shirt. Strictly no piercings. viii. The only acceptable adornments for girls are a watch, a cross, which is worn inside the shirt or dress and stud or sleeper earrings, one in each earlobe. ix. No coloured nails or extreme length.

YEAR 7 & YEAR 10 OUTDOOR /PEER SUPPORT CAMP, AND YEAR 8 OUTDOOR EDUCATION CAMP In Week 3 from Wednesday 15th February until Friday16th February, Year 7 and Year 10 Peer Support Leaders, along with Year 8, will be travelling to Gosford as part of our annual camp program. All students must be at school no later than 8 am, as buses need to depart promptly by 8.30am. This week students were provided with a check list of what they must pack, along with the camp program. We ask all parents to check this list in order to ensure students have everything they need. Electronic devices such as mobile phones, ipods, hand-held game devices should not be brought to camp. Teachers will not be responsible for loss or damage to these. If any student needs to be contacted for emergency purposes please call the school and a message will be relayed to attending staff members. Alternately, in extreme circumstances, call the camp directly using the contact details provided in the camp information pack. It is anticipated that all students will return to school between 2.30pm and 3pm. Parents must make arrangements to pick children up from the front of the school at this

STUDY PLANNERS All students were issued with their school planners on Day 1. These are to be used for recording homework and other school activities ONLY, and not as a personal diary. It is expected that parents check their child’s planner on a weekly basis, and sign it in the designated area.


Students need to bring lunch with them.

time. As it will be close to end of day dismissal time, parents need to park away from the immediate front of school area for safety reasons and to enable school buses and coaches clear access.

STUDENT LEADERSHIP Last year the new group of Year 10 Peer Support Leaders and Prefects were announced. We once again congratulate these students and wish them well in all the projects and activities they will undertake this year. Year 10 Peer Support have begun their duties by coming in a day early from their vacation break to assist Year 7 on their first day at the Senior School as well as undertake training in preparation for the upcoming camp, where they will facilitate group activities focussed on building positive relationships and resilience.


Year 12 Prefects have also been busy preparing for the first student led assembly for the year and for the leadership presentations they will give next week. Our three Senior Prefects will also be attending the annual Leadership Forum at SCEGGS Darlinghurst next Friday where we hope they will be able to build and share their knowledge and leadership experiences with other student school leaders from across the Sydney area. We look forward to reading their report in the next newsletter

BOYS BASKETBALL - season continues from last year Round 7 4th February St Spyridon v Oakhill College Navy Venue: Oakhill College Bus times: 6:30am Brighton and 6:45am Church and will return at about 12pm Round 8 11th February St Spyridon v Redlands B Venue: St Spyridon Sport and Performing Arts Centre 8:30am 13’s 9:30am 14’s 10:30am Opens Round 9 18th February St Spyridon v Oakhill WHITE Venue: Oakhill College Round 10 25th February St Spyridon v St Andrew’s B Venue: St Spyridon Sport and Performing Arts Centre 10am 13’s 11am 14’s 12pm Opens

Ms G Kokinelis Dean of Middle School



ST SPYRIDON COLLEGE SWIMMING CARNIVAL - 2012 Compulsory for Years 7-12 Date: Thursday 23rd February 2012 Time: 8:30am – 2:00pm Venue: Des Renford Aquatic Centre (Heffron Pool) Students are to make their own way.

Semi Finals – 3rd March Finals 10th March 13’s – COACH - Mr Sobolevski 14’S COACH – Mr Giles Opens – COACH - Mr Georgoulopoulos Mr A. Condous Boys Sport



PRINCIPALS’ DIGESTS 30 Palliser Drive •Hamilton• NZ 3210• Tel 07 855 7101 digests y Digests may be copied and distributed in the school community of the subscriber.


Volume 18 Number 4

ORGANISING THE HOUSE FOR BACK TO SCHOOL With so many storage options available, make use of them to help keep the family organised for school. Good systems and training in good habits will reduce morning panics and stress and give everyone a smooth start to the day.

choose attractive labels to stick on everything.

Display in the kitchen a large wipe-off calendar as the family master schedule. Use a different coloured pen for each member of the family.

Put a basket for each child by the door so they can easily store and then grab sports shoes, everyday equipment and bags.

Use the same colours for each child for magazine files to store homework material.

A named hook above each basket will help keep items like jackets off the floor.

Again, use the same colours for plastic pockets for each child to leave permission slips, notes and notices from the school.

When you do the folding and ironing at the weekend, sort clothes into outfits for each day of the school week. Putting these outfits in a drawer or shelf labelled with the days of the week means children can easily grab the clothes they need every day.

Explore the wide range of lunch boxes available and let each child choose the one that appeals most and allows safe storage of their favourite food. When you stack the lunch boxes in the fridge the night before, leave the car keys on top so nobody forgets their lunch (or where the keys are!) in the mad morning rush.

If you all leave together, set a timer to ring loudly when there are 10 minutes to go before everyone has to be ready.

Give each child a fabric marker pen and a permanent marker and encourage them to name all their bags, cases and folders so they are less likely to get lost. Let them

Make sure every child has five dollars hidden somewhere in their gear in case of emergencies like forgetting their lunch money.



2012 DATES

TERM 1 th

Friday 27 January 2012 Monday 30th January 2012 Tuesday 31st January 2012 Wednesday 1st February 2012

Staff Development Day Staff Development Day Years 1 to 7, 11 & 12 commence Kindergarten and Years 8 – 10 commence

Thursday 5th April 2012

Term ends

Friday 6th April 2012 Sunday 8th April 2012 Monday 9th April 2012

Public Holiday – Western Good Friday Western Easter Public Holiday – Western Easter Monday

Friday 13th April Sunday 15th April

Good Friday Orthodox Easter

TERM 2 rd

Monday 23 April 2012 Tuesday 24th April 2012 Wednesday 25th April 2012

Staff Development Day Students return Anzac day – Public Holiday

Monday 11th June 2012

Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday, School closed

Friday 22nd June 2012

Term ends for staff and students

TERM 3 th

Monday 16 July 2012 Tuesday 17th July 2012

Staff Development Day Students return

Wednesday 15th August 2012

Dormition of the Theotokos - school closed

Thursday 20th September 2012 Friday 21st September 2012

Term ends for students Staff Development Day

TERM 4 th

Monday 8 October 2012

Staff and students return

Thursday 6th December 2012 Friday 7th December 2012

Term ends for students Staff Development day





SCHOOL LIBRARY JUNIOR SCHOOL CAMPUS ALL PARENTS & FRIENDS OF THE COLLEGE COMMUNITY ARE WELCOME! Everyone has something special and different to offer…. so please be in it for the education and future success of our children. 22

St Spyridon News 82 January 2012  

The St Spyridon Newsletter #82 January 2012

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