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VOLUME XXVIII No 3 11th March, 2011



MARCH NSWCIS Cricket Boys Trials JS


ASISSA Swimming Carnival SS Spalding Parent Course JS



ISA Swimming Carnival SS


CIS Swimming Carnival JS Spalding Parent Course JS


NSWCIS Softball Trials JS


Year 5 Vision Centre UNSW ASISSA Netball Gala Day JS


Annunciation – school closed


ISA Cross Country SS PSSA Swimming Carnival JS


25th March Celebrations


NSWCIS Girls Soccer JS


Spalding Parent Course JS After School Care Sports Program ends for Term 1


Twilight Tours SS Year 1 to Vision Centre UNSW


APRIL Year 12 Half Yearly Exams begin


Spalding Parent Course JS


ACER Registrations close Term ends


Easter Monday Public Holiday


Anzac Day Public Holiday


Staff Development Day


Term 2 begins for students


26th March, 2011



Extract from the Scholarship and Student Leadership Assembly The Annual Scholarships and Student Leadership Assembly celebrates academic achievement and student leadership. This begs the question as to what constitutes leadership and its development and what in the end is its ultimate purpose. For us at St Spyridon College leadership development means giving students the opportunity to develop character and conscience; to exercise initiative; and to contribute to the good progress of the school, the community and the world at large. In an increasingly connected world, this means having an awareness not only national but also global issues; and questioning your role within that world. We want students to develop a strong sense of responsibility for their actions and choices in relation to their studies and their relationships with others. Leadership development is not an option at St Spyridon College. It is an expectation of every student, since everyone is responsible for their choices-and these choices will inevitably impact on other people. Taking responsibility for this impact on others, and actively seeking to make this impact a positive one, is an exercise in leadership. This requires us to put aside our own ego-centric desires and to act for the general good. This demands discipline and generosity of heart and soul. Essential to leadership is the capacity to think clearly and to analyze critically. The reason why the first pillar of education Learning to Know is important, is so that students may grow up to be powerful and independent people. In a technology-driven world, where there is much information, but very little wisdom, it is easy for us to become slaves to other people’s interests, prejudices and lies. As tomorrow’s global citizens, we want students to exercise judgment in whom to follow. Alexander Vatiliotis in his address to the Assembly in 2010 in his role as College Captain, warned us against bad leadership and bad followership-using Christ’s analogy of the blind leading the blind.

The exercise of leadership is not about exercising power over others, but working powerfully with others for the common good. Principled leadership demands self reflection, and an awareness of our own shortcomings, so that we can avoid self righteousness and hypocrisy. And this brings us to the stumbling blocks, all of which are born out of our fears. •

Fear of failure -“What if I fail?” “What if people laugh at me?” “I will feel so bad, so I won’t try.”

Fear of Success-“What if I succeed this once and then find it was a just fluke?” “It’s going to hurt more when I fail the next time.”

Fear of work & effort-“I don’t want to do this, its too hard.” “They expect too much”.

Fear of taking responsibility “It’s not my fault”. “It’s not fair”. “They are picking on me”.

Fear of giving & sharing-“Why should I help?”- “Why should I put myself out?” “What about me?”

All of us share these fears from time to time, we are only human. What distinguishes leaders from others is that they find the strength to face and overcome them, to act in good faith. The Assembly acknowledges some of those who have done just this, to achieve academic excellence or recognition by virtue of their contribution to their College and the general community. We congratulate them. We commend their teachers and parents for their part in their upbringing and education. And we do not forget the grandparents who play such a vital role in our families. We congratulate all students who choose their student representatives well, showing by the caliber of past and present Prefects, Senior prefects, Vice Captains and Captains, that St Spyridon students are indeed people of judgment, character and conscience. In closing I wish to say that I have felt privileged to have known George and Marina Pappas. I feel truly blessed, to have had the benefit of Professor Manuel Aroney’s counsel and support in my 10 years’ of knowing him on the Board of Governors. Mrs E. Stefanou-Haag

Alexander Vatiliotis HSC 2010 – recipient of the Prof. Manuel Aroney Award and Academic Scholarship 2

Academic Scholarship recipients

Goldstein Awards

Ashli Bergmann – College Captain

Alexander Vatiliotis

SRC 2011

Peer Support Leaders Year 10 3



PREFECT PROFILE Name: Subjects: Future aspirations: Role models: Favourite quote:

Extra-curricular Activities: Achievements:

Ashli Bergmann Business Studies, Legal Studies, Economics, Maths Extension 1, English Extension 1. I would like to go to university and hopefully study Psychology maybe combined with Law, or Criminology. Mum and Dad, Charlie Teo (neurosurgeon), Li Cunxin (dancer) “During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.” (From the poem “Footprints in the Sand” – Carolyn Carty 1963). Tennis I am most proud of my tennis and academic achievements. I have a few tennis trophies and some academic awards from Years 7 to 11. One of my proudest achievements was being awarded with the Archimedes Prize for Science in Year 10.

PREFECT PROFILE Name: Rank: Subjects: Favourite Quote: Achievements: Extra-curricular Activities: Future Aspirations:

Role Model:

Elleni Mavrolefterou Senior Prefect 2011 Chemistry, Economics, English Advanced, English Extension. 1, English Extension. 2, Mathematics, Visual Art “Be the change you want to see in the world” MC Ghandi Various academic achievements over the years Swimming • Initiate fundraisers toward worthy causes that go beyond ourselves. • Continue with further studies at University. Christ is my ultimate role model. He did not claim glory or honour for Himself but for God. He is compassionate. He humbled himself and served others, teaching us to seek first the Kingdom of God. “Let all that you do be done with love.” 1 Corinthians 16:24

PREFECTS LUNCH Last Wednesday, 2nd March, our first Head of College and Principal Prefect’s Lunch was held in the new Sports and Performing Arts Centre. It was a great success and hopefully it will become a regular event. We would like to thank Mrs Lambi for her support and expertise for all such occasions.





Jesus Christ, Who is infinitely stronger than our opponent, has given us the greatest weaponry to win this battle as long as we are willing to compete according to the rules.

GREAT LENT Great Lent began on Monday, 7th March. During Lent we recite the following prayer as part of our preparation and efforts during Lent.

Our armour against evil is the Cross of Christ. The enemy cannot hurt us if we put up this armour. The sign of the Cross overcomes all evils. The defensive wall which repels all the vain attempts of the enemy is unshakeable faith in God and trust in His mercy. As a breastplate, the armour closest to our heart we have prayer. Prayer to fight evil, to help us in times of need. Prayer for God’s Grace to persist in times of temptation. As a helmet to protect our mind from vain thoughts, to help us remain humble we are given the weapon of charity, putting others and their needs ahead of ourselves. And finally, as a sword, not to strike away the enemy, but the enemy within, the evil in our hearts we are given fasting, fasting from food, fasting from excesses and fasting from sin.

Prayer of St Ephraim Lord and Master of my life, give me not a spirit of idleness, meddling, love of power and idle talk. But grant me, Your servant, A spirit of soberness ,humility, patience and love. Yes, Lord and King, grant me to see my own faults, and not condemn my brother; For blessed are you, to the ages of ages. Amen

GREAT LENT 2011 Athletes are called to overcome pain and fatigue to compete. Musicians are called to rehearse in order to perform. Everyone has a calling. The Orthodox Christian, is called to overcome the challenges and temptations of this life, and to fight against the evil of the world. This battle is a very real one, and a very difficult one. In fact, one of the hymns that usher in Great and Holy Lent describes the challenges of the fasting period as a gladiatorial struggle, a struggle between each Orthodox Christian and all manner of evil.

To help us prepare for the battle of Great Lent, the five Sunday period of the Triodion that has just ended, has empowered us, giving us the weapons to enter into this spiritual battle prepared. On the Sunday of Zaccheus we learnt about the need to seek Christ, to go to any length to be with Him. The following week we learnt about the correct way to pray in the Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector. The parable of the Prodigal Son taught us to examine ourselves and repent for our sins in order to be restored. Last Sunday Christ’s words instruct us to recognise the Image of God in every person, and treat every person as we would treat Christ. And finally, yesterday we were reminded to forgive so that we too are forgiven, and how to truly fast.

The arena of the virtues is opened, those of you who wish to compete may enter, having girded yourselves for the good battle of fasting; those who complete according to the rules will be rightfully crowned. And, putting on the armour of the Cross - battle the enemy. As an impenetrable fortification - faith, and prayer as a breastplate, charitable deeds as a helmet, fasting as a sword which cuts away all evil from the heart. The one who does this receives the real crown from Christ the King of All on the Day of Judgment.

These are the tactics which we ought to use against sin. The self examination that comes with confronting and challenging sin is not easy. It can be painful but like the gladiator disregards pain and fatigue in preparation for, and during competition, so too the Christian looks forward to the challenges of Great Lent. If we apply these tactics throughout this coming Great Lent and throughout our lives, we will be given the prize of victory by Christ our God at His second coming.

There is nothing that I can add to the words of the hymnographer. The picture that is drawn is very clear. As we enter Great Lent we enter into a battle against evil. The battle is a difficult one because our opponent is strong. But, just as an athlete gives everything, even his/her life seeking the crown of victory, so too, we give our all in pursuit of God’s Kingdom. And, just like an athlete is well prepared with the best coaching, techniques and equipment, so too, our Coach,

Καλή Σαρακοστή! Mr P. Mavrommatis Orthodox Studies Teacher Year 10 Adviser



Students are to remain seated in their grade groups in the care of their teachers until the conclusion of the formalities.

All students of St Spyridon College will be expected to attend Church with their teachers on Sunday 27th March and Martin Place.

At the conclusion parents are to collect their child from their Roll Teacher. Please inform the teacher so that your child can be crossed off the roll.

This is a compulsory event for all students Year 1 to 12. The march is optional for Kindergarten. All students are expected to be present until the conclusion of the program.

Staff supervision will conclude at approximately 3.30pm


The program for the day is as follows: 9.30am: Junior School children to gather in class groups with their teacher in the Primary Playground. Senior School students Infants Playground.

Students are to wear their summer uniform with the blazer to St Spyridon Church in the morning and the Cenotaph, Martin Place in the afternoon. Parents are to ensure that students’ shoes are polished, that buttons on blazers, shirts and dress are replaced and that hems are sewn. A reminder that hems of dresses should be knee length. Girls’ socks should turn over at the ankle. Anklet socks are not permitted.

10am: Children and staff enter the Church and proceed to the front. At the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy, Father Steven will speak on the significance of the day. Poems will be recited by students from St Spyridon College and Afternoon School.

The combined Choir of students from the three Greek Orthodox Day schools will be performing at the 25th March celebrations

10.45am: Children are dismissed to go home and have lunch and freshen up.


1.15pm: Staff and students are to assemble behind our school banner in the assigned area at Martin Place. They are to first go to their roll class teacher to be marked present. Teachers will organise the students in their positions ready for the march. Parents are asked to move away from the line up area allowing teachers the space to assemble the students appropriately. Staff will walk on either side of their year group.

SCHOLARSHIPS Year 7 and Year 11, 2012 Applications are now invited from new and continuing students to sit for the following ACER Examination Scholarships: Year 6 (Year 7, 2012) A Year 6 Scholarship for the top Year 6 student applying for St Spyridon College will receive their tuition fees paid for four years, from Year 7 to Year 10. Year 10 (Year 11, 2012) Two scholarships for the two top Year 10 students will receive their tuition fees paid for two years. Closing date for applications is Friday, 8th April, 2011. ACER scholarship examinations will be held on Saturday, 14th May, 2011.

We ask that parents please stay at a distance from the children and leave them in the care of their teachers while marching. The Opera House forecourt is undergoing renovations. The procession this year will be through to George Street, King Street, Castlereagh Street to the Ampitheatre at Martin Place. The Concert and Speeches will take place at the Ampitheatre at Martin Place. The day is a special occasion for all, but particularly for our Orthodox Colleges as we are very much in the public eye for most of the day. We ask you, as parents, to reinforce what we are saying at school regarding appearance, behaviour and courtesy, so that we as a school community can be proud of our students. The P&F will provide water and a snack.

Forms and information are available online on or from: Principal Senior School Mrs A. Katsogiannis Tel: 02 9311 3340 Fax: 02 9311 4532 E:


Spyridon. Mr E Economou highlighted the importance of setting a positive example for our children who wanted to form a kids P&F and follow the successful footsteps of their parents and their great team work.

DOOR TO DOOR BUS SERVICE – ONE VACANCY There is one vacancy on the Canon Shuttles Bus. If you are interested, please call Helen 9313-6899.

It was hoped that there would be a better representation of our College families with more parents attending this meeting and joining a new team. Nevertheless, the majority of the new committee is the 2009/2010 “old” loyal faces with a couple of welcomed new members including Christine O’Reilly and Angela Vergotis who will bring on a bright fresh wave of ideas.

UNIFORM SHOP – VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED Uniform Shop help is needed every Wednesday afternoon between 2.45 pm and 4.15 pm. If you would like to volunteer your services, please call Helen at the Parish Administration Office on 9313-6899.

The following parents have formed the new team: Anna Stamoulis (President), Jim Sialepis (Vice President), Erenie Bourdaniotis (Treasurer), Mike Lisgaris (Assistant Treasurer), Christine O’Reilly (Secretary), Maria Pascalis (Assistant Secretary), Executive Members including: Vicki Denison, Maria Frazis, Conrad Nissirios, George Tsoukalas, Elena Albanakis, Rita Georges, and Gina Panselinos and Committee Members including: Martha Nissirios, Angela Vergiotis, Angela Giaras, Alexia Stramotas and Helen Makris.

UNIFORM SHOP Please note in your diaries that the Uniform Shop will be closed on the following days. Wednesday, 20th July 2011 Wednesday, 27th July 2011 and Wednesday, 3rd August 2011 Mrs H. Simicos




WELCOME 2011 NEW COMMITTEE On 1st March, the annual P&F AGM was held in the Hall of the new building Doran House. This is a warm cosy space with a well equipped kitchen which gives you the impression you are in someone’s home – very welcoming and comfortable.

We are so pleased we have our tireless and popular team leader Anna Stamoulis who keeps us all together, happy and focused.


The forum was addressed by Mrs Stefanou-Haag, Father Steven and Mr E Economou who were all praising sincerely the 2010 committee for its impressive achievements not only for the fundraising efforts but for the strong team spirit and great commitment shown. Mrs Stefanou-Haag spoke passionately about the strengths of our Church, Greek culture and history and partnerships with one another in the College and Parish communities. She proudly announced the exciting celebrations which await us with the blessing ceremony of the Sports and Performing Arts Centre on 19 May and the new addition of the “jewel” to the Junior campus – Doran House. Father Steven reminded us all of the incredible progress the College has made over the years despite all the painful obstacles the Parish and College communities have had to face and overcome thanks to our wonderworker St

In the near future we will inform you of our old favourite events as well as some new activities to come. Flyers with details to come with each event/activity.




YEAR 12 The Half Yearly exams will be held from Monday, 4th April – Friday, 8th April, 2011. A timetable will be issued next week.

PARKING Parents it is very disappointing and very embarrassing when parents of our school do not do the right thing where both our neighbours and the law is concerned. Parents who park in front of driveways and garages of our neighbours are preventing them from getting out to either go to work, take their children to school or come back home. Our neighbours have been patient with us but now enough is enough. Council Traffic Rangers regularly patrol the area and you will be fined if you are illegally parked or stopped. Please note that you are also not to park in the school driveways or in the disabled parking unless you have a disability permit. Stopping in the middle of the lane or double park is also against the law.

LEADERSHIP THROUGH COMMUNITY ACTION Well done to all the Prefects who recently assisted at the ESTIA fundraising dinner held at La Montage, Leichhardt, and those who took time out of their busy schedules to help promote our school at the Independent Schools EXPO. Thank you Mr Kaldis for accompanying the students to the Dinner.

SPALDING PARENT COURSE The Spalding Parent Course commenced on Tuesday 8th March with 20 parents in attendance. It was wonderful to see so many interested in doing the course, so that they can help their children, as well as, understand how they learn.

With Mary (Effie) Coustas

INFANTS LOST PROPERTY There are a number of labelled uniform items that have been lost by children in the first weeks of school that have not been returned. As all caps, jumpers and blazers look identical, there is a chance that they have been mistakenly put inside another child’s bag. Could all parents please check all items of clothing and make sure that the clothing you have at home belongs to your own child. Please return any items with another name to the school office. Thanking you for your cooperation.

With Peter Overton

Mrs M. Hamer Principal Junior School

With Peter Overton

SENIOR SCHOOL REPORT YEAR 10 Last week during Pastoral Care students received their Year 10 Assessment Handbook. They were given information about the Scholarships for 2012 and the Progression Policy. The Prefects

The Expression of Interest forms to progress to Years 11 and 12 at St Spyridon College are due to me at the end of Term 1.


Mrs A. Katsogiannis Principal Senior School

World Maths Day and supported this day by taking their classes into the computer rooms.

WORLD MATHS DAY The marathon of ‘World Maths Day’ is over for another year. Students from Years 7-9 can now rest their weary fingers and get some well earned sleep.

All prizes, (to the top two students in each year group) and certificates will be given at the Middle school Assembly, at the end of this term. Til’ next year: ‘WORLD MATHS DAY: UNITING THE WORLD IN NUMBERS!

In total 142 St Spyridon students participated in this exciting, global event on Tuesday 1st March, competing against more than two million students in over 235 countries!

Ms M. Kalithrakas Mathematics Team

Here is a snapshot of how our students performed this year: • Total correct answers for the whole Middle school was 163 675 (that is an average of 1 153 questions answered correctly per student!) •

EARTH HOUR 2011 Its time to go beyond the hour!!!! The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. (Genesis 2:15)

The top two students per year group were:



YEAR 9 Panayioti Kapodistrias Pearl Hannah

4024 1025

YEAR 8 Emmanuel Kapodistrias Christos Kollias

4120 3939

YEAR 7 Alexander Cardamis Demitra Nikas

2607 2295

Ever wondered how much “nature” your lifestyle requires? During the month the March, each and every one of us is asked to take stock of our God given stewardship of the Earth. On the 26th March all of us, as members of the Global Community are asked to show leadership on environmental solutions through our actions and to use Earth Hour as a platform to showcase to the world what measures we all must take to reduce our environmental impact. The Social Science team will be focusing, within the learning journey of the student body, that to come to some solution to our environmental challenges we must take into account the aggregate of our actions. This year, when the lights go back on, we want all students to think about what we can change in our daily life that will benefit the planet. Act locally, Think Globally!!!

TOP 10 STUDENTS- TOTAL CORRECT ANSWERS Aaron-Paul Kostantakis Emanuel Kapodistrias Christos Raptis Allyssa Stemitsiotis Christina Balayannis Christos Kollias Demitra Nikas Panayioti Kapodistrias Alexander Cardamis

8 206 5 237 5 203 5 129 5 115 4 872 4 389 4 201 4 155 Mrs C. Mio Social Science Curriculum Leader

So, a BIG congratulations to all the above mentioned students and to all Year 7-9 students who stopped everything from their normal routine and went ‘Math’s crazy’ for 24 hours! A special thank you to all the parents who allowed their children to stay up late and compete in these fun battles of mental arithmetic. Also, thank you to all the teachers who took the time out of their busy program to join in on the fun and excitement of





following students to the Student Leadership Team.

“Jingshen is the Mandarin word for spirit and vivacity. It is an important word for those who lead, because above all things spirit and vivacity set effective organisations apart from those that decline and wither away” James L. Hayes

SRC 2011

Week 6 finds us just past the half way point of this term. Feelings of excitement, nervousness and even confusion have begun to settle and be replaced with animated activity as routines are established and goals are set. All Middle School students, especially Year 7, should by now be allocating 1.5- 2 hours a night to home study, reading their PRC books for at least half an hour before bed time, carrying out the ritual of packing their bag according to the next days timetable, and making sure all aspects of uniform are attended to. Being prepared for what is to come is one of the best ways of beginning the day on a positive footing. Getting the basics correct now, will help prepare for the challenges ahead.

Year 8 8R- Kalioppe Kefalas 8D- Nicholas Georgou Year 9 9D - Dylan Kontos 9G - Nikolas Baratsas


Year 12 Ashli Bergmann Stamati Margelis Elleni Mavrolefterou

Year 7 7Z - Nicole Adam 7S - Aaron –Paul Kostandakis 7G - Elias Hatzon

Year 10 10G - Alex Stellatos 10K - Daniel Daneshzand 10D - Maria Mio Year 11 11B - Despina Carpis 11K - Kosta Baratsas

Congratulations to Panos Armenakas & Ethan Tsiribas of Year 7 who will be travelling overseas soon to further enhance their soccer skills. Panos will be playing for AC Milan in the largest international junior football tournament, to be held in Florence, Italy. Ethan, will be travelling to both the United Kingdom and Greece on a football tour to expand his experiences in this area. We wish both boys well in their upcoming endeavors

Panos Armenakas

PEER SUPPORT LEADERS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

LeonidasAndrew Michael Arfanis Penny Bounatsos Niko Fotopoulos Chrisovalantou Georgou Mathew Kambos Theodore Kipriotis Estelle Krassas Dean Michos Maria Mio Alexandros Moraitis Stephanie Pizanis Nicholas Stasos Constance Synesios Valanti Toras Ellen Tsoukalas

Ms G Kokinelis Dean of Middle School

Ethan Tsiribas

STUDENT LEADERS This week we acknowledge and congratulate students who have set themselves apart through their displays of commitment, citizenship, leadership, their desire to represent others, and by trying their best. We officially welcome the





έγραψε το µεγαλύτερο µέρος της πνευµατικής του εργασίας. Λέγεται ότι ήταν µικρού αναστήµατος, µε λίγα µαλλιά, χωρίς γενειάδα και δέρµα ζαρωµένο και ξερό. Επίσης λέγεται ότι είχε κλάψει πολύ στη ζωή του και ουδέποτε γέλασε. Επέµενε στην αληθινή γνώση της θεότητας του Χριστού και της τέλειας ανθρώπινης ύπαρξής του. Έγραψε για πολλά θέµατα όπως για την Αγάπη του Θεού, την µετά θάνατον ζωή, την Θεία Ευχαριστία και το προπατορικό αµάρτηµα. Τα έργα του περιγράφονται ως µια «αποθήκη από θησαυρούς» και στον ίδιο έχουν αποδοθεί οι παρακάτω χαρακτηρισµοί: «Άρπα του Αγίου Πνεύµατος», «Γιατρός του κόσµου» και «Κολώνα της Εκκλησίας». Περί το 370 µ. Χ. έκανε ένα ταξίδι από την Έδεσσα στην Καισάρεια και την Καππαδοκία για να επισκεφτεί τον Μέγα Βασίλειο για τον οποίο είχε ακούσει πολλά. Χειροτονήθηκε ∆ιάκονος από τον Μέγα Βασίλειο, αλλά αρνήθηκε να γίνει ιερέας ή επίσκοπος. Ως έτος του θανάτου του δόθηκε από τα «Χρονικά» της Έδεσσας το 373µ.Χ., αλλά µερικοί συγγραφείς ισχυρίζονται ότι έζησε µέχρι το 378 ή 379 µ.Χ..

During the period of Holy and Great Lent the prayer written by St Ephraim is said frequently. It is truly a prayer on which each and every one of us should carefully mediate, as in many ways it reflects the pattern of our own everyday lives. Allow the prayer into your heart and mind, meditate upon it, and it will inevitable speak to us in some way or another. In fact it is like a warning us; we need to spiritually be on our guard, avoiding the temptations that each day brings, and making amends for our shortcomings first by recognizing them and then bringing them before our Lord God with humility and contrition. Why does this short and simple prayer occupy such an important position in the entire Lenten worship? Because is enumerates in a unique way all the “negative” and “positive” elements of repentance and constitutes, so to speak, a “check list” or our individual Lenten effort. This effort is aimed first at our liberation from some fundamental spiritual diseases which shape our life and make it virtually impossible for us even to start turning ourselves to God.

Λεωνιδας Ανδρεου.

As St Anatoly of Optina said:

Leonidas Andrew Year 10

You cannot destroy the passions on your own, but ask God, and He will destroy them if this is profitable for you.

Великопосна Сирина




Господе и Владико живота мога, Дух лењости, чамотиње, властољубља и празнословља не дај ми, Дух целомудрености, смиреноумља, трпљења и љубави даруј мени, Слузи Твоме, Да, Господе, Царе, даруј ми да видим сагрешења своја и да не осуђујем Брата свога, јер си благословен у векове векова. Амин

Let us remember, in His boundless love for us, God is always ready to help us and take us into his embrace. All we need to so is turn to Him. Maria Mio Year 10 Ο Άγιος Εφραίµ Ο Άγιος Εφραίµ γεννήθηκε περίπου το 306 µ.Χ. στη Νισίπη της Μεσοποταµίας. Βαπτίστηκε όταν ήταν δεκαοχτώ ετών και έγινε µαθητής του φηµισµένου επισκόπου της Νισίπης, Αγίου Ιακώβου. Επειδή είχε µεγάλη γνώση στα θεολογικά και εκκλησιαστικά ζητήµατα, τέθηκε υπεύθυνος της Θεολογικής Σχολής της Νισίπης. Οι χριστιανοί τα χρόνια εκείνα εγκατέλειψαν την πόλη και ο Άγιος Εφραίµ αποσύρθηκε σ’ ένα σπήλαιο, σ’ ένα βραχώδες ύψωµα µε θέα την Έδεσσα. Στην Έδεσσα ο Άγιος ζούσε µια σκληρή ζωή και κρατήθηκε ζωντανός µόνο µε λίγο κριθαρένιο ψωµί και λαχανικά. Ήταν εδώ που

Древне су ово речи. Древан језик. Али шта значи ова једноставна молитва? Ако је пажљиво протумачимо постајемо свесни лажности свога живота, као и свега онога што чини ту лажност: “ Дух лењости, чамотиње,, властољубља и празнословља не дај ми.” То је оно право-“ не дај ми”, а то значи одбрани ме, заштити ме, избави ме. Од чега?


Шта је то дух лењости? То није стање физичког нерада, већ стање духовне опуштености и обамрлости. Темпо живота је такав, да нам стално недостаје времена. А живот пролази. Не смемо ни да се упитамо шта је циљ и смисао таквог живота. И , гле загледавши се и удубивши се у тајну дара тог- тако прекратког живота, ми почињемо да молимо Бога да нас спаси и заштити, да нас избави од суштине сваког зла: бесмислености, пустоте. Властољубље не означава само жељу за политичком влашћу, већ подређивање свих и свега себи. Мишљења да су сви ту ради мене, моје користи, мојих интереса, односно, одређеног човека, појединца, као највише и јединствене вредности, више од свих других. Властољубље је сваки однос према другом човеку при коме желимо да га искористимо као средство за остварење нашег циља. За хришћанство је дар речи – Божански дар. Речима се изражава и чини добро, лепота и мудрост. Међутим, реч може да отрује душу, да је напуни злобом , мржњом и цинизмом. Клевета, издаја, лаж, превара сплетка- све су то страшне појаве и све се оне дешавају посредством речи и искључиво посредством речи. Свако од нас би све дао само да празне речи које су му отровале читав живот никада нису ни биле изговорене! Целомудреност је дивна, стара, скоро сасвим заборављена реч, јер смо њен смисао заборавили. Данас се ова реч употребљава само кад се мисли на телесну чистоту, насупрот разврату и разузданости. Али то је тек један делић њеног значења. Том речју је изражено хришћанско схватање добра, односно доброг, праведног и истинитог живота као целовитисти личности и отуда као мудрости. Целовитост је оно што је супротно злу које је увек распад, раздељење и разарање првобитне целовитости и отуда удаљавање од мудрости...Зато дух целомудрености јесте управо та целовитост која собом обухвата сав живот, тај повратак животу као целовитости, та радост поново пронађене целовитости то јест мира и хармоније душе, ума, срца и тела, радост мудрости, радост “целомудрености”. Последњи дар за који се молимо је дар духа љубави. Све молитве, у основи, имају управо тражење љубави. Када се молимо Богу да нас ослободи од лењости, властољубља и празнословља, ми Му се , уствари молимо да нас ослободи од свега онога што представља

препреку љубави, што не допушта љубави да уђе у наше срце. И зато када се коначно, у молитви- као са небајави реч љубав, ми већ знамо да је та љубав не само од Бога, већ да је љубав – сам Бог који улази у наше срце, очишћено и украшено целомудреношћу, смиреноумљем, очишћено и спремно да постане храм Божји. Љубав јесте завршни акорд ове молитве. Љубав је истовремено и скривени покретач нашег живота и његов крајњи циљ. Све што живи, живи љубављу, све је ка њој усмерено и ми љубављу долазимо до познања да наш Бог јесте Љубав. Ivana Bojanovic and Milica Simonovic Year 12



UNSW Year 10 Subject Selection and Information Evenings These evenings are a fantastic opportunity for students and parents to hear directly from the NSW Board of Studies, UNSW's UAC Admissions and a UNSW Student Ambassador about HSC Subject Selection and what you need to know. The evenings begin at 6:30pm with presentations from the Board of Studies and UNSW's UAC Admissions. A current UNSW student then relates their HSC Subject Selection experience. The evening concludes with time for students to ask questions of current UNSW students and staff representing all 9 of UNSW's Faculties as well as representatives from UNSW's Scholarships Office and Co-Op Program, and Admissions. Registration is essential and will be available in the near future. Please keep one of these nights available. The dates are as follows: May 9, 11, 23 – UNSW Kensington Campus, Scientia Building May 12 – Riverside Theatre, Parramatta May 19 – Wenona School, North Sydney TAX FILE NUMBERS (TFN) I will be running a program here at the College in Weeks 7 and 8 of Term 1 so that students can apply for their Tax File Numbers via the school. They will need these for part time employment now and in the future when they begin full-time work. Students will need to complete some forms with their personal details including their birth certificate details. Please talk to your parents if you think that you may need your TFN at some time in the future. See Mrs Skerman from Monday 14 March to collect all the information. All completed Application Forms and Consent Forms need to be returned by Monday 21st March. No Forms can be accepted after this date.

12 Mrs A. Skerman Careers Adviser



Αυστραλία; Ελισάβετ:Αισθανόµαστε µεγάλη µοναξιά. ∆εν ξέρουµε ακόµη κανέναν εδώ, αλλά, στο ταξίδι για εδώ γνωρίσαµε µια άλλη οικογένεια από το Ιράν και τώρα ευτυχώς έχουµε κάποιους να κάνουµε παρέα. ∆εν ξέρουµε την Αγγλική γλώσσα καλά και δυσκολευόµαστε αρκετά. Βλέπουµε ότι εδώ οι άνθρωποι είναι ελεύθεροι να εκφράζουν τη γνώµη τους, να πηγαίνουν όπου θέλουν και να κάνουν ό,τι θέλουν και αυτό, αν και δυσκολευόµαστε ακόµη να το κάνουµε εµείς, επειδή έχουµε συνηθίσει διαφορετικά, όµως µας αρέσει και είµαστε χαρούµενοι για τα παιδιά µας και για το µέλλον τους, που διαγράφεται αισιόδοξο. Μάρκος: Πολύ ωραία! Σκοπεύετε να γυρίσετε ποτέ πίσω; Ελισάβετ:Όχι για πάντα! Αλλά, θέλουµε να πάµε εκεί κάποτε να δούµε τους δικούς µας. Μάρκος: Σας το εύχοµαι.

Αγαπητοί γονείς και φίλοι, Στην έκδοση αυτή θα σας κρατήσουµε συντροφιά µε τα γραπτά µιας µαθήτριας της Β΄Λυκείου η οποία παρακολουθεί τα µαθήµατα της Γ΄Λυκείου. Τα θέµατα είναι σχετικά µε τα θέµατα της κινηµατογραφικής ταινίας που µελετούν και προετοιµάζονται για τις πολιτειακές εξετάσεις (HSC) Καλά να περνάτε! κ. Μ. Φαλέτα Θέµα: «Συνέντευξη µε έναν πρόσφυγα που ήρθε στην Αυστραλία.» Ραδιοφωνική εκποµπή. Μάρκος: Ελισάβετ, γιατί φύγατε από το Ιράν; Ελισάβετ: Τα πράγµατα εκεί είναι πολύ δύσκολα. Οι νόµοι εκεί είναι πολύ αυστηροί και πολύ σκληρές οι τιµωρίες. Εκεί η θρησκεία είναι µόνο µία, η µουσουλµανική και δεν επιτρέπουν να υπάρχει άλλη θρησκεία. Γίνονται συνέχεια µάχες στους δρόµους, βάζουν βόµβες και πολλοί άνθρωποι σκοτώνονται.Τα κορίτσια τα παντρεύουν από πολύ µικρά και αν αρνηθούν η τιµωρία µπορεί να είναι ακόµη και ο θάνατος. ∆εν ήθελα τα παιδιά µου να µεγαλώσουν εκεί. Είναι πολύ επικίνδυνα τα πράγµατα και δεν θέλω να ζω µε αγωνία. Ο άντρας µου είχε και κάποιες δυσκολίες µε τη δουλειά του και έτσι µε όλα αυτά τα προβλήµατα, αποφασίσαµε να φύγουµε και να φτάσουµε εδώ στην Αυστραλία για να φτιάξουµε µια καλύτερη ζωή για µας και τα παιδιά µας. Μάρκος: Ήτανε δύσκολο να αφήσετε τη χώρα σας πίσω και να έρθετε εδώ; Ελισάβετ:Ναι, πολύ! Όλοι οι συγγενείς µας εκεί µένουν. Φοβόνταν την ιδέα να ζούνε σε µια ξένη χώρα, µακριά απ’ την οικογένειά τους και δεν µας ακολούθησαν. Όταν αποφασίσαµε να φύγουµε για πάντα, ξέραµε ότι αυτό µπορεί να σήµαινε ότι ίσως αυτή ήταν η τελευταία φορά που βλέπαµε τη χώρα µας, το σπιτάκι µας, τους φίλους µας και το πιο σηµαντικό, τους συγγενείς µας. Ήδη, αν και µόλις φτάσαµε, µου λείπουν οι γονείς µου. Μακάρι να τους είχαµε εδώ µαζί µας. Μάρκος: Πώς βρίσκετε την κατάσταση στην

Mariam Spilioti Year 12 Extension Greek

Θέµα: «Τα παιδιά που µεγαλώνουν µε τη γιαγιά και µε τον παππού είναι τυχερά» Στην εποχή µας και οι δύο γονείς δουλεύουν πολλές ώρες και δεν έχουν το χρόνο να φροντίζουν το σπίτι και τα παιδιά τους όπως παλιά και όπως θα ήθελαν. Οι παππούδες και οι γιαγιάδες συνήθως βοηθάνε τους γονείς να µεγαλώσουν τα παιδιά. Κάποιες φορές φτιάχνουν και το βραδινό φαγητό για τα εγγόνια τους και πάντα φροντίζουν να τρέφουν σωστά τα παιδιά των παιδιών τους. Πάντα το φαγητό θα είναι φρέσκο και λαχταριστό! Η παροιµία που λέει « του παιδιού µου το παιδί είναι δυο φορές παιδί µου» θέλει να εκφράσει την αγάπη και τη στοργή που έχουν οι πππούδες και οι γιαγιάδες για τα εγγόνια τους. Μέσα από το µεγάλωµα των εγγονιών τους, οι παππούδες και οι για-γιάδες ξαναζούν το µεγάλωµα των δικών τους παιδιών, που δεν τα χάρηκαν όσο θα ήθελαν γιατί κι εκείνοι δούλευαν όταν ήταν νέοι. Έτσι δείχνουν τώρα όλη τους την αγάπη και την στοργή στα εγγόνια τους, την αγάπη που έκρυβαν από τα δικά τους παιδιά για να µην τα «κακοµάθουν» ή γιατί δεν είχαν το χρόνο όπως αναφέραµε αφού ήταν σκληρά εργαζόµενοι άνθρωποι. Οι παππούδες και οι γιαγιάδες είναι κυρίως εκείνοι που µιλούν και µαθαίνουν στα εγγόνια


6M 6M 5A 5A 5A 5A 5A 5A 5A 5I 5I 5I 5I 5I 4T 4T 4T 4T 4T 4T 4C 4C 4C 3A 3A 3A 3A 3A 3A 3S 3S 3S

τους τη θρησκεία τους, παίρνοντάς τα µαζί τους στην εκκλησία από µικρή ηλικία, τα µαθαίνουν τα ήθη κι έθιµα και τις ελληνικές παραδόσεις όπως αυτές του Πάσχα. Τα παιδιά µαθαίνουν την ελληνική γλώσσα καλύτερα µαζί τους γιατί τώρα οι γονείς που έχουν γεννηθεί εδώ, δεν µιλούν ελληνικά στο σπίτι. Στο σπίτι της γιαγιάς τα εγγόνια τρώνε πιο πολλά γλυκά από ό,τι στο δικό τους και κατά ένα παράξενο τρόπο, το φαγητό της γιαγιάς είναι πιο νόστιµο από της µαµάς! Οι παππούδες και οι γιαγιάδες, στην εποχή µας, θα µπορούσαµε να πούµε ότι έχουν γίνει οι «φύλακες άγγελοι των εγγονιών τους». Αυτοί τους µαθαίνουν τρόπους, τις αξίες της ζωής, τα φέρνουν κοντά µε την κουλτούρα τους µέσα από παραµύθια και ιστορίες και τελικά διαµορφώνουν µ’ έναν όµορφο και στοργικό τρόπο την όλη προσωπικότητα των εγγονιών του. Τελικά, τα εγγόνια βλέπουν και τον κύκλο της ζωής, βλέπουν τους γονείς τους και τους παππούδες να γερνάνε έχοντας το σεβασµό και την φροντίδα των παιδιών τους και καταλαβαίνουν τι θα πρέπει να κάνουν και πώς να φερθούν στους δικούς τους γονείς όταν γεράσουν. Για όλα αυτά, τα παιδιά που µεγαλώνουν µε τον παππού και τη γιαγιά είναι σίγουρα πολύ τυχερά! Mariam Spilioti Year 12 Extension Greek



Unfortunately we lost the cup to All Saints College this year by 2 points. We congratulate them for their great win and for hosting a wonderful carnival. I would also like to that Mr Dookie and Mrs Mulligan for their assistance on the day.

JUNIOR SPORTS REPORT GREEK ORTHODOX SWIMMING CARNIVAL Our annual Combined Orthodox Schools’ Junior Swimming carnival was held on Monday 7th March at Canterbury Aquatic Centre.

UPCOMING SPORTING EVENTS On Tuesday 15th March the ASISSA Swimming Carnival will be held at Warringah Aquatic Centre. More details with results to follow in the next newsletter.

From early in the events it became apparent that things were going to be difficult to select a winning school. Congratulations to all our students who represented our college on the day and for their great effort and behaviour. 6P 6P 6P 6P 6P 6M 6M 6M

Michael Constantopedos Jordan Makridopolus Felicity Ginis Patricia Frazis Victoria Zois Sophia Micos Maree Nikitopoulos Harilaos Papas Nathan Adam Joanna Skouteris Carissa Frazis Jennifer Contominas Dominic Augoustis Nicholas Frazis Christina Vlahos Deahna Simos Connor Giavis Andrew Papandrew John Dalakiaris Jonathan Lynch Desi Kapodistrias Steven Stamoulis Stephanie Augoustis Frances Lee Pascalis Vanessa Cassimatis Marissa Diakoumis Destin Chandra Vivika Lynch James Zouroudis Emmanuel Constantopedos Michael Konitsas Jordan Frazis

Mr J. Volas Sports Coordinator Junior School

Christina Theofanidis Markella Roditis Larissa Andrianakos Tina Ventoura George Contominas Gabriel Cassimatis Giorgen Rokos John Tsakiris


Georgiou, Elias Hatzon, Theodore Kipriotis, Keira Kipriotis, Christopher Kolistasis, Peter Kolistasis, Dylan Kontos, George Malomitis, Maria Mio, Stephanie Mio, Lena Nesterenko, Dean Ronotis, Alex Stamoulis, Martha Spilioti, Peter Zinopoulos, Sebastian Zois Reserves Alexander Michos, Dean Michos, Natalie Michos, Yianna Criticos , Leonidas Andrew

SENIOR SPORTS REPORT ST SPYRIDON SWIMMING Congratulations to all students who participated in the School Swimming Carnival. It was a successful day with many school records broken and many students selected to represent St Spyridon College at the ISA Carnival.

Basketball - Girls

Martha Spilioti 15 years Girls 25m Butterfly 15.35 15 years Girls 100m Freestyle 1.05.01

Congratulations to the 3 teams who qualified for the Semi Finals. Unfortunately Junior C’s and Open B’s were narrowly defeated in the last minutes.

Theodore Kipriotis 16 years Boys 25m Butterfly 13.97 16 years Boys 100m Freestyle 1.01.86 16 years Boys 25m Freestyle 12.53 Niko Fotopoulos 15 years Boys 50m 15 years Boys 25m

Junior A’s consisting of Rena Lambos, Nansia Koukounaris, Andriane Efstratiou, Cassie Georgiou, Nicola Demetri, Stephanie Mio, Lena Nesterenko, Natalie Michos, Yianna Criticos made the Grandfinal. We wish them the best of luck!

Freestyle 28.09 Freestyle 12.74

Congratulations to the following students who have qualified to represent St Spyridon College at the ISA Swimming Carnival to be held Friday 18th March 2011 at Homebush Aquatic Centre from 3.00pm-10.30pm. Students will be advised of further details such as events, training and competition details. Nicole Adam, Leah Albanakis, Christina Andrew, Anastasia Barton, Eve Barton, Maria Bletsas, Alexander P Cardamis, Alexander Cardamis, Peter Contominas, Demi Flokis, Niko Fotopoulos, Ellen Fotopoulos, Cassie Georgiou, Alex Theodore Kipriotis

Thanks to all staff and parents involved with their commitment and dedication to the sports program. Ms K. O’Shea Girls Sport Basketball - Boys Good luck to the U14’s team this weekend in their finals.

Martha Spilioti

Mr A Condous Boys Sport

Niko Fotopoulos



St Spyridon March News  

The Newsletter of St Spyridon. March 2011 edition.

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