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VOLUME XXXV No 1 9th February, 2018



FEBRUARY HSC 2017 Awards’ Archdiocese 7pm


Lent begins


Intensive Swim Program for Yr 3-6

19th to 23rd



Swimming Carnival SS


ACER Scholarship Exam


It is with pleasure that we welcome all students, parents and teachers to the 2018 school year. The new Kindergarten children are settling in very well and we wish their parents all joy and strength in the years ahead. The Year 7 class of 2018 have impressed their teachers with their good manners and the way they have stepped up to the demands of Senior Schooling.

We congratulate the HSC Class of 2017 on their outstanding results, and extend every good wish Swimming Carnival Yr 3-6 2nd for their future studies and their life beyond school. We especially acknowledge our 26 th Twilight Tours SS 6 Distinguished Achievers whose results placed St Information Morning JS 6th Spyridon College in the top 18% of schools in th NSW according to the Sydney Morning Herald ISA Swimming 14 rankings. The Dux of 2017 George Raptis Year 7 2018 Entrance Exams 17th achieved an ATAR of 99.20. George and 25th March Celebrations 25th Constantinos Kollias were Top HSC All Rounders, having achieved 90 or above in all subjects. We congratulate Nikola Pechanats for achieving First in Place in Serbian Continuers. We also congratulate other high achievers in Modern Greek, Margarita Psaras (4th in Course), Joanna Skouteris, Rhea Tsimboukis and Georgio Svolos. MARCH

I am pleased to announce that the College Board of Governors has approved for the Principal Senior School Mrs Katsogiannis to take the addition of Deputy Head of College to her title. This means that she will now represent the Head of College in her absence on key professional and Government bodies as well as adopt a broader role in K – 12 initiatives. Mrs Synesios and I are delighted with this arrangement and wish Mrs Katsogiannis every success. We thank the P&F Committee members of 2017, for their excellent work in taking our school forward, and for raising $70,000 for our beloved College. We encourage all parents K-12, to attend the P&F AGM to be held on the 20th February and to join in the organisation and running of some of the many events and activities that help create our unique school ethos. We look forward to another year, when teachers and parents work together to prepare our students to achieve and accomplish in ways pleasing to God. In closing we share a quote from St Maximus The Confessor. “As the memory of fire does not warm the body, so faith without love does not bring about the illumination of knowledge in the soul”. Mrs E. Stefanou-Haag



COLLEGE STUDENT LEADERS 2018 We congratulate the following students who have been selected to lead the Student Body K-12 in 2018.

Dean Albanakis College Captain

Joanna Skouteris Vice Captain

Anastasia Hatzidis Senior Prefect

Nicholas Kollias Sports Captain

Rhea Tsimboukis Sports Captain

Prefects : Nathan Adam Steven Bletsas Harris Christofa Jennifer-Eve Contominas Bianca Frazis Nicholas Frazis Florence Georges

Dean Albanakis College Captain

Joanna Skouteris Vice Captain

Erin Giaras Felicity Ginis Christina Hatgis Dayna Kostantakis Christopher Kumar John Margelis Victoria Zois

Anastasia Hatzidis Senior Prefect



Eleni Mastroperos Kalliopi Mentis Margarita Psaras Victoria Tzavaras Lefteri Valmas Briannon Walker



Mrs E. Stefanou-Haag K-12OFSTAFF 2018 HEAD COLLEGE

HEAD OF COLLEGE PRINCIPAL SENIOR SCHOOL/DEPUTY HEAD OF COLLEGE PRINCIPAL JUNIOR SCHOOL JUNIOR SCHOOL STAFF: Deputy Principal Infants Coordinator Primary Coordinator Curriculum Coordinator Sports Coordinator Greek Coordinator

Mr A. Dookie Mrs M. Kipriotis Miss D. McCarthy Miss T. Bletsogiannis Mrs C. Diavatiotis Mrs A. Gambierakis

Cerise Mrs A. Stavrou K Jade Mrs S. Anastasopoulos 1 Emerald Mrs C. Alaydrus 1 Topaz Miss T. Bletsogiannis 1 Violet Mrs C. Daskalakis 2 Aqua Miss A. Sirmanoglou 2 Crimson Mrs G. Zafiropolous 3 Amethyst Miss M. Nicolaou 3 Sapphire Miss C. Brocklehurst 3 Garnet Mrs L. Yeomans 4 Coral Miss K. Wright 4 Turquoise Miss K. Galanis 5 Amber Miss R. Besir 5 Iris Mrs N. Economou 6 Magenta Miss D. McCarthy 6 Pearl Mrs A. Bennett

Yr 5 & 6 Maths Mr I. Davies ICT / Science Mr P. Arnott Librarian Mrs C. Bartlett Support Teacher K-2 Mrs M. Kipriotis Music Teacher Mrs H. Ferguson-Coyne Orthodox Studies Mrs E. Giokas Support Yr 2 Mrs V. Liakatos Support Literacy Mrs C. Mantsis Support Numeracy Mrs A. Bennett Greek Language Mrs A. Gambierakis Mr A. Amditis Mr J. Volas Mrs S. Georgakopoulos Mrs C. Diavatiotis Greek Dancing Mrs S. Haskas Byzantine Chanting Mr V. Psilacos Administration Mrs E. Kerameas Miss E. Giannakopoulos Miss C. Tsousta Canteen Mrs A. Giaras


Mrs E. Stefanou-Haag Mrs A. Katsogiannis Mrs A. Synesios

Mr Picardi Mr V. Zafiropoulos

SENIOR SCHOOL STAFF: MANAGEMENT TEAM Dean of Middle School Ms G. Kokinelis – Yr 6-7 Transition Adviser Dean of Senior Programs Mr P. Meintanis

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & MUSIC TEAM Mr P. Meintanis – Curriculum Leader Mr G. Georgoulopoulos Mr L. Sobolevski Ms C. Savva

ORTHODOX STUDIES TEAM Very Rev. Father S. Scoutas Rev. Father S. Drapaniotis Mr. A. Picardi Mr M. Stanimirovic

CREATIVE ARTS AND TECHNOLOGICAL AND APPLIED STUDIES TEAM Mrs V. Grillakis – Team Leader TAS Mrs E. Hatzopoulos Ms M. Pringle Mrs A. Evans Ms T. Zervos Mrs O. Lambi – Assistant

ENGLISH, HISTORY & DRAMA TEAM Mrs I. Koutsoukis – Curriculum Leader Ms E. Gambriell – Year 8 Adviser Mrs D. Kefalouros – Year 11 Adviser Mrs R. Kiedja Ms G. Kokinelis Mrs V. Laskas Mr S. Mouhtaris Mr Sialepis Miss Kyriacou Mr A. Vassiliadis

P.D. HEALTH P.E. TEAM Mr P. Meintanis – Curriculum Leader Ms A. Flokis – Year 10 Adviser Mr F. Kaldis – Boys Sport Mr S. Magoulias Ms K. O’Shea – Girls Sport Mr V. Zafiropoulos

MATHEMATICS TEAM Mr A. Kollias – Curriculum Leader Mr A. Condous Mrs H. Dalakiaris – Year 12 Adviser Ms M. Kalithrakas – Year 9 Adviser Ms F. Kilias Dr J. McPhee

CAREERS & STUDENT WELFARE Mrs R. Fatouros – Student Welfare Adviser Ms G. Hakos – Careers Adviser STUDENT SUPPORT/ESL Ms M. Barbouttis

LANGUAGE OTHER THAN ENGLISH TEAM Mrs M. Faletas – Curriculum Leader Mrs V. Alexandropoulou Mrs V. Belajcic Ms E. Gambriell – Year 8 Adviser Mrs Petrakis

LIBRARIAN Ms R. Bishop Mrs C. Papadakis – Assistant SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION TEAM Mrs A. Kringas – PA to Head of College Mrs. I. Klazoglou Mrs A. Winnel Mrs M. Diakanastasis Mrs M. Doyle

SCIENCE TEAM Mr J. Croft – Curriculum Leader Mr D. Giles Mr A. Karras Dr J. McPhee Dr L. Srinivasan Mrs E. Dubossarsky – Assistant

CANTEEN Mrs I. Paraskevas Mrs Georgas Mrs Moufarrege

SOCIAL SCIENCES TEAM Mrs C. Mio – Curriculum Leader Ms A. Flokis – Year 10 Adviser Ms S. He Ms Vardas 7


JUNIOR SCHOOL REPORT 2018 has begun with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.

SPYSCHOOL You should all have received login details for our new portal SpySchool. This portal provides College news, events and academic reports for your child. As it develops, many more features will be added. SpySchool can be accessed from the St Spyridon Web Site or directly using the following URL l/

Our Kindergarten children amazed us with how easily they transitioned to school. We also welcome to our St. Spyridon family, Panaiyia Comninos, Coco Tsigouris, Ethan Tsigouris, Vakina Cilmi, Ioannis Koliopanos and families who have joined us for the first time this year. STAFF NEWS

Your user name is your first initial of your first We welcome Mrs Daskalakis (1V) and Mrs name followed by your surname. Yeomans (3G) who are joining us this year. Example: Kris Kringle is Welcome back to Mrs Mantsis, Mrs Giokas and Initial Password is: Password123! Ms Liakatos who will be working with us part time in Learning Support and Orthodox Studies. Once you have logged in for the first time, you will be prompted to change your password to one AGIASMO / BLESSING SERVICE of your own choosing. On Friday the 2nd February, our Reverend Fathers If you have any questions or concerns, please Steven and Sotiris conducted a blessing service to email us at commemorate the beginning of the school year. We prayed for the health of all our children, staff, We thank our Matt and Maritsa Doyle who have parents and extended families. The Reverend been working behind the scenes to get this portal Fathers then came by and blessed all our off the ground. classrooms. SYMPATHY Our sincere condolences are extended to Mr & Mrs Kefalouros, Nicola (1T) and James (6M) on the passing of the beloved mother and grandmother Christina. May Christ grant rest to her soul and long life to her family to remember her.


INFANTS RELOCATION Congratulations to Mr Hatzitoulousis, father of Panayiotis (1E) and Erene (4T) retrieved the Holy Cross from the waters of Yarra Bay at the annual Epiphany Day Festival. A great blessing for him, his family and our school community.

We thank Mr Livissianis and the Parish and Board for working on the building project. We are grateful to Mrs Tsaconas, our Parish Executive Officer who worked tirelessly during the holidays to ensure the streamline relocation of the Infants and for the state of the art demountables. Thank you to the teachers who came in during the holidays to ensure the children came back to organised and beautiful classrooms. CONGRATULATIONS Congratulations to Mrs Katsogiannis who has been appointed to the position of Deputy Head of College. A fitting acknowledgment for her educational leadership at the College and for her love and dedication to the students.


We congratulate Mr & Mrs Stavrou (nee: Docos) on their marriage in the holidays. May Christ bless their lives with all that is good.

Congratulations to the following students who were voted in as the Leadership Team for 2018. CAPTAIN Alexandra Bizannes VICE CAPTAIN Catherine Coutts PREFECTS Chloe Kristallis Holly Durrant Angelique Drakakis Julia Kamaras

CAPTAIN Denny Poulos VICE CAPTAIN Connor Kristallis PREFECTS Andrew Dalessis Peter Bebonis Alexandros Pambris Steven Varvaritis

HOUSE CAPTAINS CORINTHIANS Gabriel Leondaris DELPHIANS George Manos NEMEANS Myles O’Reilly OLYMPIANS Sotiri Demetriou

CORINTHIANS Phoebe Economou DELPHIANS Dimitra Kasmas NEMEANS Ioanna Panayi OLYMPIANS Julia Costa


Congratulations to the HSC Class of 2017 for the outstanding results but more importantly for the wonderful young people you have grown up to be. We are very proud of you. We pray for your continued good health. May the light of Christ shine before you.

on a casual or permanent basis. The cost is $5 per child and you will be invoiced through the College. You may book your child in by contacting the Junior School Office. Mrs Debby Nicolaou will be running the Before School Care. After School Care will be held in the Music Room in Doran House. If you require this service, please book your child in with Patricia at The Greek Welfare Centre on 0410 505 524.

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Chen on the birth of their daughter Emily, a sister for Danny (1E) and to Ellie (1E) and Mia (4C) Magoulias on the birth of their brother Xavier. We wish them good health and long life.

OFFICE HOURS Office hours for the Junior School are 8.15am to 4.15pm. For security reasons no one is permitted to enter the administration building before 8.15am and after 4.15pm unless they have a registered appointment. The Office Staff commence their tasks at 8.15am and end the day at 4.15pm, at which time the answer machine is activated. Please note that messages left after this time may not be heard until the next morning.

PROCEDURES Supervision Morning supervision commences at 8.15am. Parents are requested to leave the school grounds once supervision commences unless they have a scheduled meeting. Please do not loiter around classrooms. Parents are requested not to assemble in front of classrooms in the afternoon prior to pick up as this disrupts students learning. Infants children are to be collected from their classroom in the afternoon or from the steps near the Assembly area after 3.15pm. Once you collect your child please leave immediately so that teachers know which children are still under their supervision. Afternoon supervision concludes at 3:45pm after this time children will be placed in After School Care and parents billed accordingly.

Parents are requested NOT to enter the Teachers’ Staffroom to speak to a teacher, please refer to the secretaries who will call the teacher out to see you, if available. Parents are also not to go to classrooms at any time without signing in and getting a visitors badge at the front office. SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED within or around the School’s boundaries. Foyer (Gardeners Rd) entry is ONLY to be used if attending to business at the Office. Parents and students are to use the Playground Gates as their entry and exit points. Please note gates will be locked at 9am and will reopen at 2:50pm.

K-6 will assemble every Wednesday morning in the Primary quadrangle. Parents are invited to join with us in prayer and anthems but please do not talk during these proceedings. During this assembly Merit certificates will be awarded.

TRAFFIC PROCEDURES Parking The parking in Mary Hamer Lane near the playground is strictly teacher parking.

Doran St is a one way for school traffic. All parents are requested to approach the school via Mary Hamer Lane and exit via the lane or through Doncaster Ave. The streets are two way for residents. Please give way to our neighbours and to any veterinary emergencies.

Church Driveway is also a No Stopping area. Please do not park your cars there. BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL CARE

Kiss n Go is operational for Yrs 1 - 6 from 8:10am – 8:30am in the morning and from 3:20 – 3:40pm in the afternoon. Please let your child know if you

Before School Care is available between 7:15 – 8:15am each morning in the Library. It is available 10

will be using this service. We may make this service available to Kindergarten from next term. I ask that you relay traffic procedures to grandparents who may be doing the pick up and drop off to avoid congestion.

In order to minimise the risk to those children in the school who have allergies, please do not send foods with nut products in your child’s lunches. We ask that you refrain from including these items.

Just some reminders:


1. Parents are to approach the College via Mary Hamer Lane from Borrodale Rd and exit via Doran St if participating in Kiss and Go. Please do not block off the intersection of Mary Hamer Lane and Doran St as you approach. Wait in the lane if there are three cars ahead of you.

We discourage the sharing of food to try and eliminate possible allergic reactions. For this reason, do not send birthday cakes, lollies, donuts, Easter Eggs or any food to school to be given to other children. As the health, well being and safety of the children in our school is of paramount concern to us all, we know that we can depend on your support and assistance with this matter.

2. Parents MUST NOT park in any driveway either the neighbours or the college at any time. As the area between the Church and the Infants School in Mary Hamer Lane is restricted parking, it is recommended that you park in Bruce St or Doncaster Ave. Please ensure you follow the rules to avoid being booked.

UNIFORM It is requested that all students have the correct items of uniform. If you are unsure, the Study Planner has the requirements listed. Please note that Primary must have laced up shoes. No Velcro or buckles.

3. The practice of parking or stopping in the middle of the road is illegal. 4. Attention is drawn to the extreme danger of leaving motors running while leaving the car to drop off or pick up students from the college, particularly when smaller children are left in the car.

Reminders:  Sport shoes can be any colour.  Primary School Shoes and Sport shoes must have laces. Buckles and Velcro not permitted.  Infants may have Velcro.  Broad brimmed school hat to be worn when outdoors.  Raincoats to be in the student’s bags each day.  In Summer, Blazers only to be worn on special occasions such as Church.

5. Please drop your child/ren off in the morning and leave as soon as possible. Similarly in the afternoon after picking up your child please leave so that other parents have room to park. 6. The angled parking behind the Church is for Staff Parking only. Please do not park there. I urge you to be mindful of the messages you send your children about parking, being courteous etc.

MEDICAL UPDATES If your child is under the care of a medical specialist, you need to make this known to the school. Students with specific medical conditions such as Asthma, Diabetes, Anaphylaxis etc need to provide the school with an action plan.

ANAPHYLAXIS POLICY Anaphylaxis and is a severe and sudden allergic reaction, which usually occurs after exposure to a particular food. Anaphylaxis is potentially life threatening and always requires an emergency response.

Medication kept at school needs to be current and clearly labelled with child’s name and instructions


for use. Parents are requested to check this regularly and replace as needed.

Panayiota Kranidiotis Jonathon Gouveros Erene Hatzitoulousis Steve Petratos Peter Bizannes Chrissy Drakakis Ellie Liaskos Lara Stathis Denny Poulos Ellie Tsoukalas Catherine Coutts Dimitra Kasmas Gabriella Gouveros Andrew Dalessis Alexandra Bizannes Juia Kamaras Ioanna Panayi Holly Durrant Christos Paraschos Sarah Constantinidis Paris Patsalis Angelique Drakakis Antonios Kourliaftis Nicoletta Koufou Anne-Marie Aroney Nektarios Kollias Natalia Constantinidis Panayioti Hatzitoulousis Oscar Skarlatos Vicki Synesios Mary Diamond Alexia Costa Angelina Costa Julia Costa Teoni Antonopoulos Sophia Karatasos Lucia Zois Aria Papadopoulos Amali Roumanos Aston Roumanos Nicola Lisgaris Maria Kappatos

All parents are to ensure that emergency contact details are current. Please see the secretaries who will be happy to assist you. CANTEEN PROCEDURES All orders need to be placed through Flexischools. If you require further assistance, Mrs Chris Alexandratos in the Junior School Office will be happy to assist you. Canteen will only be available to Infants at Lunch time. Children need to bring their own recess. VOLUNTEERS We would like to introduce some new menu options to the Canteen but need help to assist with the preparation. You do not have to commit weekly, or stay for a whole day. A of couple hours a term would be wonderful. If you are interested, kindly contact Mrs Giaras in the canteen or leave your name at the office. KALANTA Thank you to the parents, grandparents and children who shared the Kalanta with parishioners in their homes before Christmas. The joy was shared by those who sang and those that the received the children in their homes. Thank you: Annie Syros Demitra Aroney Antonia Pizanis Markella Economou Chloe Liaskos Demi Eliopoulos Christian Liaskos Connor Kasmas Oliver Borean Sophia Gatsis Kostan Papadopoulos Zoe Leondaris Christos Kamaras Sean Durrant Michaela Deftereos 12

Mrs Zois, Mrs Roumanous, 2 Mrs Papadopoulos, Mrs Steve Mangos, Mrs Sophia Petratos, Mr Liaskos, Prof. Stenzel, Mrs Pizanis, Mrs N. Economou, Mrs Eliopoulos, Mrs Gouveros, Mrs Bizannes, Mrs Patsalis, Mrs Costa, Mrs Petratos, Mrs Skarlatos, Mrs Kasmas, Ms Constantinidis, Mrs Deftereos, Mrs Kranidiotis, Mrs Dalessis, Mrs Durrant, Mrs Syros, Mrs Gatsis, Mrs Coutts, & Mrs Hatzitoulousis.

Teoni Antonopoulos Year 8

Mrs A. Synesios Principal Junior School

SENIOR SCHOOL REPORT A warm welcome to the following teachers: Mrs Evans – Technology & Visual Arts Mr Stanimirovic – Orthodox Studies Mr Sialepis – English / History Ms Kyriacou – Drama and welcome back to Mr Sobolevski – Music.

Nicola Skouteris Year 9

EXCURSIONS Please read information in this Newsletter on Flexischools which will be used for all excursions and major events. ΑΡΙΣΤΕΥΕΙΝ AWARDS Anthea Condous Year 10

Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding academic achievements in 2017. First placings 2017 Years 7-11:

Rhea Tsimboukis Year 11 Adriana Drakoulis Year 7


DIVINE LITURGY On Thursday 8th February 2018 Senior School students attended their first Divine Liturgy. The chanting by current and ex- students was very moving.



BLESSING OF LAW TERM On Tuesday the 6th of February, the HSC Legal Studies class of 2018, along with Mrs Stefanou, Mr Meintanis and Mr Picardi, attended the 35th Annual Pan-Orthodox Doxology Service at the Cathedral of “The Annunciation of Our Lady” at Redfern, NSW marking the commencement of the new Law Term. The service was presided by His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos, the primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in Australia in the presence of the Chief Justice of New South Wales, the Hon. Tom Bathurst AC and many other members of the legal profession. Following the service, light refreshments were provided in the Grand Hall of the Archdiocese. Students were given the opportunity to speak with prominent members of the legal profession including the Hon. Tom Bathurst AC as well as the Hon. John Hatzistergos, Judge of the District Court of NSW.

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. We are not a team because we work together We are a team because we RESPECT, trust and care for each other

Welcome to all, especially our new students and families who have joined us this year. Congratulations to Year 7 2018 for the great effort you have shown so far in making new friends and settling into your new environment. It can be very challenging in the first few weeks with so much to remember and negotiate. With each new-year, we always see a number of students join us from other schools. Often they do not know anyone from the cohort they are about to join and just like the experiences of Year 7, can feel anxious and confused. However, I am confident in saying that due to the efforts of our excellent Year Advisers and the friendly nature of our student body, these new school members quickly and happily assimilate. Well done to all in years 8, 9, 10 and 11 who took on the role of ’buddy’. I am sure that your efforts befriending the new students has made their transition happy and less stressful.

Mrs A. Katsogiannis Principal Senior School


Year 7 Getting to Know You Activity Days This week Year 7 spent three days engaged in a variety of activities that were aimed at developing new relationships with each other, their Peer Support Leaders and Home Room teachers. All involved had a joy filled week with many new friendships formed…but it was also clearly exhausting!! SKY ZONE & ARCHIE BROS ELECTRIC CIRCUS The first activity of the ‘Getting to Know You’ program involved a morning excursion to Sky Zone where Year 7 and their Peer Support Leaders bounced, flipped, played dodge ball and till their hearts content. Later that day the fun continued with more action packed challenges at Archie Brothers Electric Circus. There they played laser tag, enjoyed various arcade games and rides, including Dodgem cars, ten pin bowling and high ropes climbing.


iFLY AND AQUA GOLF Our second activity day was without a doubt both challenging and a highlight. Year 7 flew like superman in the sky diving chamber, and were “AWESOME” to watch. Even though some were a little apprehensive at first, the nerves quickly gave way to excitement, once the jump-suits, goggles and helmets were worn. The instructors were very impressed and said “…your students have great free flying ability…clearly one of the best groups we have had through !!! In between the flying sessions students went to Panthers aqua golf centre where they practised their skills at hitting golf balls into a lake, with the objective of hitting various targets that were set up in the water. Leon Kalyvas (Year 7) in particular stood out with his excellent swing and marksmanship. Leon managed to get three golf balls into target nets!!


FRIENDSHIP DAY On the last day, facilitators from ‘Burn Bright’ provided an action packed program that created a positive atmosphere and left all students feeling valued and more prepared for the future. There were three sessions on this day: Session 1 – focussed on assisting students to build healthy friendships and connections as well as learning the importance of supporting others Session 2 – aimed at empowering students with skills to further understand how they can create a positive group culture. Session 3 – pulled the key ideas from the first two sessions together to help students identify ways they can make a difference at Senior School. A key theme that also explored was resilience and how students can bounce back from challenges.

STUDENT LEADERSHIP PEER SUPPORT LEADERS 2018 A big well done to the Year 10 Peer Support Leaders who have been busy helping Year 7 with their transition to the Senior School. All came in a day ahead of their year group to welcome and assist our youngest students on their first day. Furthermore, they have shown great leadership in organizing and escorting Year 7 to each of their classes over the past 2 weeks as well as accompanying them on the ‘Getting To Know You –Getting to Know Us” activity days.


students were encouraged to think about how they interact with friends and family online and also to think about the effects that their behavior online can have on their own feelings and the feelings of other people. This complimented the campaign theme “CREATE, CONNECT AND SHARE RESPECT: A better internet starts with you”

NSW SCHOOL VACCINATION PROGRAM NSW Ministry of Health offers all school students free vaccinations recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). These vaccines are important and protect students through to adulthood. This year all Year 7 Students and Year 11 will be offered the following vaccines 

 

Ms G Kokinelis Dean of Middle School

Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine - 1 booster dose. This dose was previously recommended at 15 years of age. Children will only be offered this vaccine in Year 7 Varicella (Chickenpox) vaccine - 1 dose. If your child has already had chickenpox disease or been vaccinated, they do not need this vaccine (Yr 7) Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine a 3 dose course offered to Year 7 boys and girls Meningococcal ACWY vaccine- Year 11

GREEK COLUMN Αγαπητοί γονείς και φίλοι, Να ‘μαστε και πάλι πίσω στα θρανία! Καλή σχολική χρονιά σε όλους τους μαθητές μας. Η στήλη αυτή ως γνωστό, σας κρατάει συντροφιά με εργασίες μαθητών στα Ελληνικά. Στην έκδοση αυτή όμως οφείλω να συγχαρώ τους μαθητές της περισυνής Γ΄ Λυκείου. Από δώδεκα μαθητές που είχε η τάξη αυτή, οχτώ βρέθηκαν στην υψηλότερη βαθμολογία (Band 6) και τέσσερις στην αμέσως επόμενη (middle or high Band 5). Μόνο ένας μαθητής ήταν της Γ΄ Λυκείου επειδή ήρθε στο σχολείο μας αργά. Οι άλλοι όλοι ήταν μαθητές και μαθήτριες της Β΄ και τώρα της Γ΄ Λυκείου.

Vaccinations will be held on the following dates: - Visit 1: Wednesday 21st February - Visit 2: Friday 3rd August - Visit 3: Wednesday 12th September

Στο επίπεδο των προχωρημένων Ελληνικών (Modern Greek Extension) και οι έξι μαθητές που το είχαν επιλέξει, βρέθηκαν στην ανώτερη βαθμολογία (Band 4, which is the highest for the extension course). Συγχαρητήρια λοιπόν σε όλους και καλή πρόοδο στα υπόλοιπα μαθήματά τους φέτος. Τέλος συγχαρητήρια τόσο στο μαθητή Nikοla Pechanats, όσο και στην καθηγήτρια, η οποία διδάσκει Σέρβικα στο σχολείο μας, την κυρία V. Belajcic, μια και ο μαθητής αυτός ήρθε πρώτος στο μάθημα αυτό στη ΝΝΟ, αλλά και στην κυρία Β. Αλεξανδροπούλου για τα αποτελέσματα των

Safer Internet Day was celebrated globally this week. Our College proudly declared its support on our school sign. Senior Prefects also spoke about the importance of this day at the Friday student assembly, while Year 8 and 9 had dedicated awareness raising lessons. In Pastoral Care 19

Αρχαίων Ελληνικών και ιδιαίτερα για την απόδοση του Κωνσταντίνου Κόλλια που βρέθηκε στην ανώτερη βαθμολογία (Band 6).

να μοιράζομαι αυτή την ευτυχία και με άλλους ανθρώπους. Όταν ήμουν μικρή και ζούσαμε στο παλιό μας σπίτι, είχα μια πολύ καλή φίλη, που παίζαμε μαζί. Όταν εκείνη έλεγε ή έκανε κάτι κακό, οι παππούδες της τής έλεγαν πως θα της βάλουν πιπέρι στο στόμα. Τους άκουγα τρομαγμένη επειδή οι δικοί μου παππούδες δεν με μάλωναν ποτέ έτσι. Αντίθετα, όταν εγώ έκανα κάτι κακό, οι δικοί μου με έπαιρναν αγκαλιά και μου εξηγούσαν με παραδείγματα ποιο είναι το σωστό. Έτσι, από μικρή, μπόρεσα να διακρίνω ποιος τρόπος είναι πιο σωστός για να διαπαιδαγωγήσεις ένα παιδί. Πιστεύω λοιπόν, πως και τα δικά μου παιδιά θα έχουν την ευλογία να μεγαλώσουν με παππούδες όπως εγώ, δηλαδή οι γονείς μου θα μιμηθούν μια μέρα τη συμπεριφορά των γονιών τους.

Στη συνέχεια η μαθήτρια Φερενίκη Γκέλη θα σας κρατήσει συντροφιά με ένα γραπτό της (ομιλία στην γιορτή των γενεθλίων της). Η όλη εργασία σχετίζεται με την ενότητα «΄Ηθη κι Έθιμα»με την οποία εργαζόμαστε αυτή την περίοδο. Συγχαρητήρια και πάλι και καλά να περνάτε! κα Μ. Φαλέτα Πολυαγαπημένοι μου γονείς, συγγενείς, φίλοι και γείτονες,


Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ που με τιμήσατε με την παρουσία σας για να γιορτάσουμε όλοι μαζί τα γενέθλιά μου.

Θέλω να ευχαριστήσω επίσης τους παππούδες μου γιατί μου πρόσφεραν την ευκαιρία να έχω ένα μεγάλο «σόι» από αγαπημένους θείους, θείες και αμέτρητα ξαδέλφια, με τα οποία παραμένουμε πάντα ενωμένοι, δεμένοι στενά, όχι μόνο στα γλέντια αλλά και στην αληθινή, καθημερινή μας ζωή και τις δυσκολίες της. Δεν έμεινα ποτέ μόνη μια και πάντα είχα κοντά μου όλα τα ξαδέλφια μου που παίζαμε, πηγαίναμε ταξίδια, διασκεδάζαμε μαζί στο σινεμά, σε μπαράκια, αλλά δουλεύαμε και μαζί, για παράδειγμα στο σχολείο. Όπως βλέπετε, αγαπητοί μου φίλοι, η τύχη με προίκισε με πολλά –πολλά αγαπημένα πρόσωπα.

Πρώτα από όλα, θέλω να ευχαριστήσω ιδιαίτερα τους γονείς μου γιατί για μένα είναι οι καλύτεροι γονείς του κόσμου. Μητέρα και πατέρα μου, είστε πάντα κοντά μου, στις καλές και στις κακές μου στιγμές, χωρίς να με κρίνετε και χωρίς να με πιέζετε για οτιδήποτε! Μεγαλώνω νιώθοντας ότι δεν είστε μόνο γονείς μου, αλλά και φίλοι μου, πάντα πρόθυμοι να με ακούσετε και να με συμβουλέψετε χωρίς να θέλετε απαραίτητα να ακολουθήσω αυτό που μου λέτε. Αντιθέτως, πάντα με αφήνετε να αποφασίζω εγώ το δρόμο που θέλω να ακολουθήσω, κάτι που είναι εντελώς αντίθετο από αυτό που κάνουν οι περισσότεροι άλλοι γονείς. Σας είμαι αληθινά ευγνώμων γι’αυτό! Ελπίζω να νιώθετε με τη σειρά σας περήφανοι για μένα και να μην πήγαν χαμένοι οι κόποι σας μέχρι τώρα.

Αρκετά μακρυγόρησα για την οικογένεια. Σειρά έχουν οι φίλοι μου, οι οποίοι μαζί με τα ξαδέλφια, τους θείους, τους γονείς και τους παππούδες μου, μπήκαν στη ζωή μου και την ομόρφυναν με την παρουσία τους. Αγαπημένοι μου φίλοι, για μένα είσαστε ό, τι κι η οικογένεια αφού καλές και κακές στιγμές τις μοιραζόμαστε και τις αντιμετωπίζουμε βοηθώντας ο ένας τον άλλο. Είστε όλοι αγαπημένοι στη ζωή μου και σας ευχαριστώ που υπάρχετε σε αυτήν , που την ομορφαίνετε και την κάνετε ενδιαφέρουσα. Χίλια

Φυσικά, έχοντας τους παππούδες που έχω, καταλαβαίνω γιατί οι γονείς μου είναι τόσο υπέροχοι! Η τύχη μου έδωσε υπέροχους γονείς και ακόμη πιο υπέροχους παππούδες, που μου έμαθαν να εκτιμώ και να χαίρομαι την ζωή, αλλά


ευχαριστώ που με τιμάτε σήμερα, χίλια ευχαριστώ για την αγάπη, τα δώρα σας και την εμπιστοσύνη σας.

A reminder to all families that we will continue to use the team app and email as a means of correspondents with parents for the remaining games this semester.

Σας αγαπώ όλους και τώρα... χορό!

Water Polo Trials Marko Gacevic of Year 10 and Matija Gacevic of Year 8 attended the water polo trials on Tuesday 6th February at Ashfield Pool. The brothers competed admirably and deservingly earned their place in the ISA team. We now wish them the best of luck at the CIS trials. Congratulations to both boys.

Fereniki Ghelis Year 11 (Modern Greek Year 12)

SPORTS COLUMN HOUSE CAPTAINS 2018 Congratulations to the House Captains for 2018. Corinthians: Dimitrios Dimas and Vivienne Hatzigiakoumis Olympians: Charlie Christofides and Tiffany Tsoukalas Nemeans: Spiros Zafiropoulos and Christina Vlahos Delphians: Connor Giavis and Sonya Paradisis

Cricket Trials Congratulations also to Nicholas Kollias (Υear 12), Spiros Zafiropoulos (Υear 11) and Christian Jenkins (Υear 11) for their involvement in the ISA First XI Cricket representative trials. This trial is a very well attended trial and our boys did their school proud. We wish the boys and their school team the best of luck in their remaining games for the cricket season.

BOYS SPORTS Welcome back to all families. We are very much looking forward to another great year of sport. Our sports have already begun with the boys resuming their involvement in both the Cricket competition and Basketball competition. We also have a number of exciting upcoming events in sport and we are looking forward to the finals of the summer season. 21

U13 – Won 33-27 U14 – Won 33-22 U15 – Won 20-15 Our boy’s basketball teams were very impressive in U17 – Won 32-16 their first week back after the break. In fact their Opens – Won 55-47 holiday training session had the desired impact with all the boys teams victorious on Saturday 3rd Basketball Representative Trials 2018 February. Basketball - Round 7 Saturday 3rd February v Oxley College

While the outcome was impressive the manner in which they performed and the sportsmanship they displayed was very commendable. The great start to the year now means that all the boys teams are a real chance of making the Semi Finals series. A highlight from the day was the outstanding performance of the U15 boys who despite only having 5 players managed to win the game. This after being down at the half time break. Another important outcome on the weekend was the great performance form the Open boys team who were clinical despite loosing their regular point guard in Nathan Adam to injury mid way through the first quarter. Ioannis Lekkas took the opportunity to take on a leadership role and did so with conviction leading the team and organising set attacking plays that ultimately paid off. Another student who really managed to assert himself in the game was Alexandros Gousetis the team captain who enjoyed a wealth of possession and high scored once again for the team.

This year our school will be nominating 2 Open boys to trial for the ISA Basketball representative trials. We wish Alexandros Gousetis of year 12 and Dimitrios Dimas of year 11 the best of luck the trials will be held on Monday 19th February @ Penrith sports Stadium.

First XI Cricket On Saturday the Open boys cricket team played against Blue Mountains Grammar in what was a significant sporting day for their College. Blue Mountains Grammar played their inaugural game of Cricket on their new turf wicket. Our boys were outplayed and while they enjoyed a good day in the field or at least so it seemed after getting all the BMG batting line up out for just under 100. Our batting really did not stack up and the boys were dismissed for a small total. Despite the loss the boys welcomed a new member to the team in Theofanis Barlas from Year 9. This was Theofanis’ first game for the school and he now looks set to continue to develop and take part in future games for the College.

All the teams now travel to Oxford Falls to play St Pius X College. We wish them the best of luck.

Congratulations to Theofanis Barlas and good luck to all the boys in their remaining two games for the season.

Results from the fixtures on Saturday 3rd February 2018 are listed below.


First XI Soccer Trials


All students interested in trialling for the Open Boys football team have been involved in lunch try outs. Successful students will be informed on the school notice board by the beginning of week 3 of this term.

ISA GIRLS BASKETBALL Welcome back to the second half of the ISA Basketball Season. All teams have resumed training and motivated to end the season strong in order to secure a semi -finals position.

Upcoming Sports Events:  

  

Last Saturday February 3rd our Opens Girls travelled to Barker College to play and were unfortunately defeated by 11 points. All other teams travelled to Narrabeen to verse Redlands a school which holds the reputation of a strong basketball school.

St Andrews Invitational Swimming Carnival Friday evening 9th February 2018 6pm @ Homebush Aquatic Centre Squad Swimming training at All Sorts Fitness and Aquatic Centre to commence on Tuesday 13th February at 6am. More details to be given to students at school. Round 8 ISA Boys Basketball Saturday 10th February @ Oxford Falls Round 9 ISA Boys Basketball Saturday 17th February @ Sydney University Round 9 ISA Boys Cricket Saturday 17th February @ Bathurst

The Intermediate girls have a tough day playing the very competitive 1st place Redlands in an extremely fast paced game most certainly a shock after a long summer break. Although defeated by a large margin the girls continued to play with integrity and were able to more competitive against Redlands 2 only narrowly defeated. The girls remain optimistic as they will undoubtedly compete in the Semi Finals when the divisions are split. All players demonstrate tremendous talent and should be proud of their efforts and improvements shown throughout the season.

St Spyridon College annual school Swimming Carnival Friday 23rd February 2018 @ Des Renford Leisure and Aquatic Centre     

The Open B girls resumed the season on a positive note with an excellent win against Redlands. The girls won 27-11 and are currently in 3rd place. With a Bye and two games remaining hopefully the girls can continue their good form and secure a Semi Finals position.

Carnival start time 9am and finish time 3pm. Students to meet at Heffron playing fields at 8:25am for roll call House colour shirt to be worn on the day Students to pre-register events they wish to compete in at school with Mr Kaldis during PE /ISA lessons. All events are timed finals

The Junior B girls were defeated 24-2 however they continue to improve each week and show excellent determination both in the games and at training. The Junior C girls continue to surprise us each week with their sheer determination to win. These girls demonstrated a dominant performance against Redlands winning 22-7. This team has only lost to one school CCGS and are currently in 2nd place therefore they look certain for a Semi Final place.

Mr. F. Kaldis Boys Sports


YEAR 9 – 12 GIRLS ONLY Girls who trial commitments: -

Well done to all girls for a great start to Saturday sport in 2018. Upcoming dates for Girls Basketball are as follows: Round 8- 10th February – All games at home in the SPACE Round 9- 17th February – All games at Blue Mountains Grammar School Round 10 – 24th February – All games at Chevalier or Oxley Semi Finals- 3rd March Finals – 10th March ISA OPEN NETBALL TRIALS Any girl wishing to trial for the 2018 ISA Open Netball Team, please see details below: WHEN: TUESDAY 13th FEBRUARY WHERE: SPACE 3.30-5pm





One morning training a week Thursday Period 5 ISA training Wednesday Night Tempe Netball Competition 12 week ISA Winter Season of Sport






Online Ordering will be Available Term 1 2018! St Spyridon Senior School has now introduced a great new online ordering system for our Excursions and Main Events called FlexiSchools. This system allows parents, students and staff to place orders from home, work or school at any time. The payment is processed online, so less paper bags, cash, cheques, and envelopes are sent via your student to school. As well as being convenient for parents, the online orders are much faster and easier for the school coordinator to process - so it makes everyone’s life a little easier. FlexiSchools is well established and tested, operating in hundreds of schools across Australia. Getting online is easy and only takes a few minutes to register. Simply go to and click “Register Now”. You will be sent an email with further instructions on how to complete the registration. Once registered, you can start placing orders immediately. If you have any questions, FlexiSchools provide a great help desk on 1300 361 769, or you can contact them via their website. There are a variety of payment options supported, including Visa, Mastercard (credit and debit) and Bank Transfer. The system operates via a pre-paid account, so you no longer have to worry about the manual process of sending payments into school. The system will be available in Term 1 2018, so it would be greatly appreciated if you could register your child so they don’t miss out on any upcoming events, as cash payments will no longer be available. Currently our Junior School is using Flexischools for Excursions, Main Events and the Canteen. Please keep in mind the services for the canteen are only available for the Junior School and not for the Senior School. We look forward to seeing your next order online! If you have any questions about the online service we are introducing, please ask for Chris Alexandratos at the Junior School office for more information.


Information Sheet New Cashless System will be Available Term 1 2018! St Spyridon Senior School is constantly on the lookout for new ways to make your interactions with school more convenient. That’s why we’ve engaged with Flexischools, Australia’s leading school payment system, to provide a new cashless way for you to pay for school services. Order and pay for a range of school services online with Flexischools online ordering… Flexischools is the fast, convenient and secure way to order and pay for your Excursions and Main Events with Flexischools from home or on your mobile. Flexischools makes our school services available to you 24/7   

Parents set up a Flexischools account online and pre-load the account with funds. Parent can use the funds in their account to order and pay for a range of services online. Parents can view their orders online.

Get Started with Flexischools… Set up an account for online ordering… You can set up an account online – it only takes a minute. 1. Register for Flexischools by visiting Add your student, their school and form class to get started. 2. Top-Up your account via Visa, Mastercard, PayPal or direct deposit. 3. Make an order by selecting from the range of options made available by your school and proceed to make payment for the order listed in your order pad. 4. Review Orders by logging back in to your Flexischools account. You can set recurring orders, view transaction history or cancel orders via your Flexischools login. What does it cost? Online Ordering Fees Account Top-Up Fees -

$0.29 per order Direct Deposit FREE Credit card (visa/mastercard) 15c + 1% PayPal 15c + 1%



News 190 1 2018  

The St Spyridon Newsletter No1 Jan 2018

News 190 1 2018  

The St Spyridon Newsletter No1 Jan 2018