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VOLUME XXXI No 1 7th February, 2014


FEBRUARY P & T Information Evening Yrs 3-6


P & T Information Evening K-2


Camp Years 7 & 8

17th – 19th

Year 10 Outdoor Challenge


Swimming Carnival Yrs 3 - 6


Swimming Carnival SS




MARCH ACER Scholarship Exam


Lent begins


ASISSA Swimming Carnival JS


ISA Cross Country SS


25th March Celebrations


G.O. Swimming Carnival JS CIS Football JS


Annunciation School closed


JS Open Morning & Tour Twilight Tours 5 pm CIS Swimming


ISA Swimming Carnival SS


Vaccinations SS


APRIL Term ends


Good Friday






It is with pleasure that I welcome all students and their families as well as our teachers to the 2014 School Year. The Kindergarten Class 2014, will go down in our books as one of the most confident and school-ready groups to have come through our gates. Their teachers Mrs A. Karpouzos and Miss C. Sotiras are doing a fine job of settling them in for their journey through the College, together with Mrs Kipriotis, Infants Coordinator. The Year 7 Class 2014 has responded to the challenges of Senior School life in a very pleasing manner. Ms Kokinelis and the Home Room teachers have got them down to the business of learning very quickly, and this bodes well for the future. We congratulate the HSC Class of 2013 on their very good results which placed our school in 104th place out of 660 New South Wales schools. Our Distinguished Achievers are commended on their achievements. Congratulations to Andreas Nicholson and Nicholas Stasos who as Top Achievers received a result of 90 or above in every subject. They are the 2013 University Scholarship winners. Over 80% of the Class has received University Course offers. A special mention to Fonini Kapsabellis, Year 11 Accelerant student for achieving First Place in State in Modern Greek Continuers and Top Achiever Maria Mio for 8th in Food Technology. We are proud of all HSC students of 2013 and wish them the best for their chosen studies and future careers. The P & F Committee has started the year with determination to do even better than last year. Everyone is invited to come and enjoy Taverna Night under the Stars on the 15th February, 2014 at the Junior School. Mrs Anna Stamoulis P & F President and the whole Committee will provide you with a very warm welcome. We do also invite you to the P & F AGM to be held on 25th February at the Junior School.

On Thursday, 6th February, the College Litrugy and Blessing was held in our Church. Thank you to Father Steven Scoutas, Father Sotiri Drapaniotis and Deacon Prohoros Anastasiades for their prayers and blessing of the School community. In closing I wish everyone a happy, healthy and productive 2014.


Mrs E. Stefanou-Haag




LIBRARY JUNIOR SCHOOL CAMPUS ALL PARENTS & FRIENDS OF THE COLLEGE COMMUNITY ARE WELCOME! Everyone has something special and different to offer…. so please be in it for the education and future success of our children. 2


COLLEGE STUDENT LEADERS 2014 We congratulate the following students who have been selected to lead the Student Body K-12 in 2014. Eleni Mavrolefteros Yianna Criticos Panayioti Kapodistrias Cassandra Georgiou Nikolas Baratsas George Karapanayiotidis -

Eleni Mavrolefteros College Captain

College Captain Vice Captain Senior Prefect Sports Captain Sports Captain Prefect

Nansia Koukounaris Chloe Kourtesis Rena Lambos Sandra Milisavljevic Stephanie Mio Pamela Prineas Anthony Vasili

Erin Criticos Vice Captain

Student Leaders 2014



Prefect Prefect Prefect Prefect Prefect Prefect Prefect

Panayioti Kapodistrias Senior Prefect






JUNIOR SCHOOL STAFF 2014 Head of College Principal JS Deputy Principal Infants Coordinator Maths/Science & Tech Coordinator Stage 2 Coordinator Stage 3 Coordinator Sports Coordinator Greek Coordinator

Mrs E. Stefanou-Haag Mrs A. Synesios Mr A. Dookie (Maths/Science Focus) Mrs M. Kipriotis Mr A. Dookie Miss T. Bletsogiannis Ms D. McCarthy Mrs C. Diavatiotis Mr A. Amditis

K Cerise K Jade

Mrs A. Karpouzos Miss C. Sotiras

1 Topaz 1 Violet

Miss C. Brocklehurst Mrs G. Zafiropoulos

2 Aqua 2 Crimson

Mrs E. Giokas Miss K. Galanis

3 Amethyst 3 Sapphire

Miss T. Bletsogiannis Ms C. Tsokas

4 Coral 4 Turquoise

Miss R. Besir Miss M. Nicolaou

5 Amber 5 Iris

Mrs N. Economou Mr P. Arnott

6 Magenta 6 Pearl

Miss D. McCarthy Miss A. Sirmanoglou

Science Yr 5/6 Computer I.T. Yr K-6

Mr P. Arnott


Mrs C. Bartlett

Support Teacher K-2

Mrs M. Kipriotis

Music / Choir

Mrs H. Coyne

Support Numeracy/Literacy Stage 2 Literacy Support Stage 3/ Maths Support Yr 6

Mrs A. Xenos Mrs A. Bennett

Maths Support Yr 5 Maths Extension (Yrs 3 - 6)

Miss A. Sirmanoglou Mr A. Dookie

Greek Language

Mr J. Volas Mrs C. Diavatiotis Mrs A. Gambierakis Mr A. Amditis

Greek Dance

Mrs S. Haskas


Mrs E. Kerameas Miss E. Giannakopoulos Mrs M. Doyle Mrs A. Giaras





Dean of Middle School Ms G. Kokinelis – Yr 6-7 Transition Adviser Dean of Senior Programs Mr P. Meintanis

Mr A. Kollias – Curriculum Leader Mr A. Condous (Year 9 Adviser) Mrs H. Dalakiaris (Year 8 Adviser) Ms M. Kalithrakas (Year 11 Adviser)



Father S. Scoutas Father S. Drapaniotis Mr A. Picardi

Mr P. Meintanis – Curriculum Leader Mr A. Condous Mr F. Kaldis – Boys Sport Ms K. O’Shea – Girls Sport (Year 12 Adviser) Mr V. Zafiropoulos

ENGLISH, HISTORY & DRAMA TEAM Dr V. Hickie – Curriculum Leader Ms L. Davis Ms S. Hudson Mrs D. Kefalouros Mrs R. Kiedja Ms G. Kokinelis Mrs I. Koutsoukis

CAREERS & STUDENT WELFARE Mrs R. Fatouros – Student Welfare Adviser Ms G. Hakos – Careers Adviser




Mrs M. Faletas – Curriculum Leader Mrs V. Belajcic Ms E. Gambriell (Year 10 Adviser) Mrs V. Alexandropoulou Mrs A. Petraki (Consulate)

Ms R. Bishop Mrs C. Papadakis – Assistant

SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION TEAM Mrs A. Kringas – PA to Head of College Mrs D. Cross Mrs M. Diakanastasis Mrs M. Doyle Mrs I. Klazoglou

SCIENCE TEAM Mr J. Croft – Curriculum Leader Ms K. Gikas Mr D. Giles Ms A. Hafner Mrs E. Dubossarsky – Assistant

CANTEEN Mrs I. Paraskevas Mrs M. Makridopolus

SOCIAL SCIENCES TEAM Mrs C. Mio – Curriculum Leader Ms J. Gibson Ms D. Kladakis Mr V. Zafiropoulos

CREATIVE ARTS AND TECHNOLOGICAL AND APPLIED STUDIES TEAM Mr G. Georgoulopoulos Mrs V. Grillakis Ms M. Pringle Mrs H. Ferguson-Coyne Ms C. Savva Mr L. Sobolevski Mrs O. Lambi – Assistant





who are past students. Welcome also to George Vlahos (2A), Nikolas Dimaris (3A), Omiros Demetriou (5A), Alexander Papaioannou (5I) and Alexia Costa (5I) and their families. We look forward to a long, happy and fulfilling journey into Senior School and beyond.

P & F AGM We hope to see many parents, old and new at the P & F AGM which will be held on 25th February, 2014 in the Junior School library.


Applications are now invited from new and continuing students to sit for the following ACER Examination Scholarships: Year 6 (Year 7, 2015) A Year 6 Scholarship for the top Year 6 student applying for St Spyridon College will receive their tuition fees paid for four years, from Year 7 to Year 10. Year 10 (Year 11, 2015) Two scholarships for the two top Year 10 students will receive their tuition fees paid for two years. Closing date for applications is Monday, 10th February, 2014, ACER scholarship examination will be held on Saturday, 1st March, 2014. Your may register now online: follow the links Scholarships and Awards the Online Scholarships.

CONGRATULATIONS YEAR 12, 2013 On behalf of the Junior School staff and students I would like to congratulate our Year 12 students of 2013 on their excellent HSC results and wish them happiness and success in their future endeavours.

CONDOLENCES Our deepest sympathy is extended to Mr Meintanis and his family at the recent passing of his mother, Evangelia, aged 89 years old. May God rest her soul and grant strength to the family.

Congratulations George Grillakis… whose Christmas Card design “Christmas in Kingsford Smith” won him first prize in the Hon. Matt Thistlethwaite Member for Kingsford Smith’s annual competition. Well done George.

May her memory be eternal.

UNIFORM SHOP TIMES: 8.30 am to 10.00 am and 2.30 pm to 4.00 pm – Wednesday only school term.

JUNIOR SCHOOL REPORT Welcome back to everyone and I wish you all a happy and healthy 2014. We are blessed to have 53 new students joining our Junior School this year. I warmly welcome all the new Kindergarten children and their families including many parents




Welcome to Mr Harry Mavrolefteros who will be teaching Byzantine Chanting to Years 3-6.

Corinthians Andrew Karaniki & Katerina Darras - Samaras

We welcome back Miss Galanis and congratulate her on her Accreditation for Profession Competence, having completed the NSW Institute of Teachers process last term.

Olympians Thomas Mouratidis & Dominique Koukos Nemeans Michael Konitsas & Nicoletta Tsimboukis

YEAR 6 DUX and AWARD RECIPIENTS Delphians James Hristeff & Roza Papas

Congratulations to the following Year 6 students who were awarded prizes last year. Students were recognised for academic excellence and religious, sporting, social and cultural achievements.

PROCEDURES Morning Morning supervision commences at 8.15am. Parents are requested to leave the school grounds once supervision commences unless they have a scheduled meeting. Afternoon supervision concludes at 3:45pm. After this time children will be placed in After School Care and parents billed accordingly.



Dismissal Infants children need to be collected from their classroom in the afternoon or from the Infants playground – shelter after 3.15pm. Primary children are to be picked up from the Primary playground – undercroft area. Parents and children are to leave the courtyard area immediately so that teachers know which children are still under their supervision.





Eleni Preketes

Parents are requested not to assemble in front of classrooms in the afternoon prior to pick up as this disrupts students’ learning.



Congratulations to the following students who were voted in as the Leadership Team for 2014.

Wednesday Assemblies K-6 will assemble every Wednesday morning in the Primary Courtyard. During this assembly Merit certificates will be awarded to students. Parents are invited to join with us in prayer and anthems, we ask that you please show respect for these proceedings.



Stephanie Augoustis & Connor Giavis


Emmanuel Constantopedos & Efthimia Kollias

After School Care will be held in the Cottage on the Infants side. Infants children will remain in the Infants playground and Primary children will be crossed over. If you require this service, please book your child in with The Greek Welfare Centre on 0410 505 524.

VICE CAPTAINS Nicholas Drakoulis & Nicola Skouteris

PREFECTS George Stavrou, Jordan Frazis, Michael Vlahakis, Angelique Giokas, Frances - Lee Pascalis & Lisa Stamoulis.

BEFORE SCHOOL CARE We are surveying parents again this year to gauge interest in Before School Care. If you feel this


5. Please drop your child/children off in the morning and leave as soon as possible. Similarly in the afternoon after picking up your child please leave so that other parents have room to park.

would be of service to your family, please leave your details at the Office no later than 14th February.


Office hours for the Junior School are 8.15am to 4.15pm. For security reasons no one is permitted to enter the administration building before 8.15am or after 4.15pm unless they have a registered appointment. The Office Staff commence their tasks at 8.15am and end the day at 4.15pm, at which time the answer-machine is activated. Please note that messages left after this time may not be heard until the next morning.

Children are reminded to wear their hat when playing in the school grounds. Children without their hat will be required to sit in the shaded area (Undercroft in the Primary School and under the Shelter in the Infants playground). This is a school rule to protect our children’s health.


Parents are requested NOT to enter the Teachers’ Staffroom to speak to a teacher. Please refer to the secretaries who check to see if the is available to see you. In addition, you may wish to make an appointment at a mutually agreeable time. Please note that parents are not to go to classrooms at any time without signing in and getting a visitor’s badge at the front office.

You may be aware that a number of children at our college are at risk of having a severe allergic reaction to peanut products. This condition is known as Anaphylaxis and is a severe and sudden allergic reaction, which usually occurs after exposure to a particular food. Anaphylaxis is potentially life threatening and always requires an emergency response.

SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED within the School’s boundaries or outside its gates.

In order to minimise the risk to those children in the school who have allergies, the school community has implemented a number of measures. Please do not send foods with peanut products in your child’s lunches or morning recess. We also have children with Sesame intolerance. We ask that you refrain from including these items in your child’s lunch.

Parents and students are to use the Playground Gates as their entry and exit points. Foyer (Gardeners Rd) entry is ONLY to be used if attending to business at the Office.

GATES Commencing Monday 10th February, all gates of the Junior School will be locked at 9am and will be reopened at 2:50pm. If you need to access the school outside these hours, you may enter via the gates on Gardeners Rd.

Please also do not send cakes, lollies or any food to school to be given to other children. The health, wellbeing and safety of the children in our school is of paramount concern to us all. We know that we can depend on your support and assistance in this important matter.



Observance of the following school procedures will greatly assist in the safety of the students, and better relationships with our neighbours. 1. Parents MUST NOT park in any driveway either the neighbours or the college at any time. 2. The practice of parking or stopping in the middle of the road is illegal. 3. Please note that Doran St is a two way street and parking laws apply. 4. Attention is drawn to the extreme danger of leaving motors running while leaving the car to drop off or pick up students from the college, particularly when smaller children are left in the car.

If your child is under the care of a medical specialist, you need to make this known to the school. Students with specific medical conditions such as Asthma, Anaphylaxis etc need to provide the school with an action plan. Medication kept at school needs to be current and clearly labelled with child’s name and instructions for use. Parents are requested to check this regularly and replace as needed. Contact details of parents need to be updated also in case of emergency.


The meetings for K-6 will be held in the Primary Classrooms. The meetings will be held on Monday 10th February for Years 3 – 6 and Tuesday 11th February for K-2.

CANTEEN PROCEDURES In order to streamline procedures and ensure a smoother delivery of Canteen services, it is necessary that the following procedures are observed.


1. All lunch orders to be clearly written on a lunch bag. Parents must provide this bag. 2. Orders need to be written at home and include; child’s name, class, order and correct money. 3. Infants’ milk orders for recess must be put into a separate bag and include: child’s name, class, order and correct money. 4. Please label this bag with INFANTS RECESS. 5. All orders to be handed in during roll call by the children and put in a lunch bucket which will be located in the classroom. 6. NO Child or Parent is to approach the Canteen Supervisor in the morning.

Parental assistance is requested. If you have some free time and like covering books, we would appreciate your help. New books have been purchased and we would like to make them available to students as soon as possible. Please leave your details at the office if you are able to assist.

KALANTA Thank you to all the parents and children who once again spread Christmas cheer to our parishioners in their home. Kαι του χρόνου. We thank the following parents: Mrs Albanakis, Dr A. Bletsas, Mr and Mrs E. Economou, Mr and Mrs Zafiropoulos, Mrs Aroney, Mrs Gemisis, Mrs Giavis, Mrs Makridopolus, Mrs Mastroperos, Mrs Papas, Mrs Patsalis, Mrs Skouteris, Mrs Stamoulis, Mrs Tsimboukis, Mrs Zois.

If your child is late, they are to place their order in the late box at the Front Office when they collect their late slip. Your cooperation and assistance is appreciated.


We also thank the following students: Paris Patsalis, Christian Lynch, Anne-Marie Aroney, Amelia Raptis, Christie Kalis, Paul Giavis, Lucia Zois, Stefan Gemisis, Damascus Economou, Christina Pascalis, Katherine Fragias, Vicki Synesios, Maria-Angela Patsalis, Christina Borean, Athena Demetriou, Emmanuel Aroney, James Bletsas, Christopher Matsoukas, Carolyn Makridopolus, Nicoletta Fatouros, Spiros Zafiropoulos, Christopher Vougioukas, Nicoletta Tsimboukis, Nicolas Skouteris, Anna Papas, Lisa Stamoulis, Samantha Economou, Alexi Kounnas, Angelique Giokas, Peter Synesios, Connor Giavis, Desi Kapodistrias, John Lynch, Eleni Preketes, Roza Papas, Steven Stamoulis, Manny Giokas and Constance Synesios.

Thank you to all the volunteers who assisted in the canteen in 2013. Your time and effort was greatly appreciated. Assistance is required for this year. Please come forward and volunteer for a few hours.



At the commencement of each school year, a general Parent Teacher Information evening is held. The purpose of the meeting is for the Class teacher/s and Greek Language teacher to explain class procedures and expectations, outline the academic program and respond to parental queries.


This is an opportune time for you to familiarise yourself with the daily program of your child and we encourage your attendance. Please note that these meetings are not to discuss individual children. If you wish to discuss concerns about your child, please arrange an interview with your class teacher at a mutually convenient time.

Years 3 – 6 will have their annual Swimming Carnival on Thursday 20th February. All students must attend and participate in at least one event. Please note that this is a school day and attendance is compulsory. Students will assemble at Des Renford Swimming Pool, Robey St, Maroubra at 8:30am for Roll Call. The carnival will begin punctually at 8.30am and conclude at


work levels in Kindergarten will not necessarily dictate their success for the next 12 years.  The levels noted on the reading material sent home will often move too slowly for parents, but it doesn’t matter. Your child will learn to read and comprehend.

2:30pm. All students are to wear the College swimming costume, coloured T-Shirt and Coloured Cap. Mrs A. Synesios Principal

 Your job is never over, Dr Michael Carr Gregg advises establishing a ‘hub’ at home where parents and students can get together to go over homework and discuss the day’s activities. Remember your child will not be perfectly happy every day, but that is when you listen, guide and lead by example by reflecting on the best possible outcome from the situation.

WHAT EVERY PARENT SHOULD KNOW TO HELP THEIR KINDERGARTEN CHILDREN ENJOY SCHOOL Parents play a vital role in helping their children enjoy their educational journey. When schools and families work together children tend to achieve better results, enjoy school more, and tend to pursue education at higher levels.

Enjoy Kindergarten 2014! Mrs M Kipriotis Infants Coordinator

 Research indicates that when parents get involved in the school community children tend to fair better both academically and socially. So get involved with the P&F, attend regular assemblies when possible, help out with the canteen duties, or get involved in the many special events organised throughout the year.

MUSIC TUITION Private music tuition is available with the following people. Parents wishing to have their child tutored in 2014 need to contact the individual tutor.

 There is more to education than ranking children against NAPLAN results. Children should be encouraged to aim for their personal best (PB), Professor A. Martin from the University of Sydney, advises parents to help their children strive to improve their own results or master new skills rather than focussing on ranking children against others. He emphasises the importance of acknowledging consistent and sustained effort children put into achieving their PB. This approach tends to keep students motivated because they are putting effort and are competing against themselves which are factors they can control.

Mr Sam Podjarski for Violin. Contact Number: 0411 366 058 Ms Janet Silverton for Piano. Contact Number: 0417 657 178 Mr Leonidas Kourmadas for Piano, Guitar & Theory Contact Number: 0421 198 747 Mrs Helen Ferguson-Coyne for Singing. Contact Number: 0404 027 702


 Schoolyard gossip is just that. If you want the truth or need a resolution to a problem, see the class teacher first.

STAFF NEWS  Consult the newsletter on a regular basis. You will be amazed at the information listed there.

A warm welcome is extended to Ms Gikas who has joined the Science Team and Ms Gibson who has joined the HSIE Team. We hope their time at St Spyridon College will be rewarding.

 Teachers are professionals, and their classroom may be likened to their office. Always make an appointment to discuss concerns and leave messages at the front office.

NO PARKING Please do not park on the right side of Anzac Parade (in front of school) as the Rangers have warned us that you will be fined. There are ‘No

 Children learn at different rates, and some may veer from the path from time to time. Their


Stopping’ signs in place and these must be adhered to.

CONGRATULATIONS… …to Mrs A. Kringas on the recent wedding of her daughter Georgia (HSC 2008) to Christopher Solomou.


May God shower them with His blessing.

Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding academic achievements in 2013. Year 7 1st place 2nd place

Joanna Skouteris Stephen Bletsas

Year 8 1st place 2nd place

Constantinos Kollias Mersina Hristeff

Year 9 1st place 2nd place

Mariah Stavrou Nicole Adam

Year 10 1st place 2nd place

Theoni Thimakis Maria Bletsas

Year 11 =1st place

Panayiotis Kapodistrias Natalia Srnic

Mrs A. Katsogiannis Principal Senior School


Year 12 1st place 2nd place

Andreas Nicholson Nicholas Stasos


Welcome to all, especially our new students and families who have joined us this year. Everyone should be well rested and ready to tackle the year ahead with gusto and enthusiasm! Our school offers students many opportunities those who are willing to have a go, doing something more, do something different. Now is the perfect time to step out of any comfort zones that have been created in the past, take measured risks, face new challenges and strengthen the positives that already exists.


Congratulations to Year 7 for the great effort made so far in making new friends and settling into the new environment. In week 4 they will have further opportunity to build their relationships with Year 7 peers, Year 10 Peer Support Leader, Home Room teachers and myself when they attend camp. As in 2013 we will be going to ‘The Great Aussie Bush Camp’ located at Tea Gardens near Newcastle. Year 8 students, along with their Home Room teachers and New Year Adviser Mrs Dalakiaris will also be having their annual camp at the same venue during Week 4.

PREFECTS 2014 The first meeting of the 2014 Year 12 Prefect Body will take place every Friday WEEK B, starting next week. They will shortly take up their school duties, and be delivering leadership lessons to Year 7.

NSW SCHOOL IMMUNISATION PROGRAM NSW Ministry of Health offers all school students free vaccinations recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). These vaccines are important and protect students through to adulthood.

Thank You to all the Year 10 Peer Support Leaders who came in one day ahead of their year group to assist Year 7 on their first day at the Senior School, and also for the efficient way they have carried out their duty of escorting our newest and youngest members of our school to each of their classes every day. The contribution and efforts of Peer Support Leaders plays a very important part in the successful transition of Year 7.

At your school all Year 7 Students and Year 9 males will be offered the following vaccines on the following dates: - Visit 1: Friday 28 March - Visit 2: Friday 25 July - Visit 3: Friday 28 Novemeber All Year 7 Students will be offered: Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine - 1 booster dose. This dose was previously recommended at 15 years of age. Your child will only be offered this vaccine in Year 7.

YEAR 7 & 8 CAMPS & YEAR 10 OUTDOOR DAY Recently students were issued with additional information relating to their upcoming camp. Please read these carefully along with all previous documentation, especially about what to pack, and the departure and arrival times. It is advised that valuables such as mobile phones, ipods, hand held game devices etc not be brought to camp. Teachers will not be responsible for any loss or damage to such items.

Varicella (Chickenpox) vaccine - 1 dose. If your child has already had chickenpox disease or been vaccinated, they do not need this vaccine. Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine - a 3 dose course offered to boys and girls (a Catch up Course will only be offered to Year 8 male and female students who didn’t complete it in Year 7)


Year 9 male students only will be offered: Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine - a 3 dose course offered.

STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL Next week most year groups will take part in leadership lessons and SRC nominations will be taken. In week 5, nominees will have to present a 2 minute speech in front of Home Room class, followed by a vote. Three representatives will be selected to represent each class. The SRC will meet every fortnight to discuss issues of concern to students, set goals and plan various events. The meeting time will be at LUNCH every Monday WEEK A in the Lecture Theatre.

Consent Forms Please read the information provided with the consent form to understand facts about the vaccines that will be offered and the diseases that these vaccines protect against before you sign the forms. Please note that the consent forms for Year 7 students needs to be marked on the front of the card, indicating which vaccines you are consenting for. The nurses will not be able to vaccinate your child if this is not done. A Record of Vaccination will be provided to each student vaccinated at the clinic. Keep this vaccination


University of Sydney: ATAR Advice – Follow Your Passions This article discusses how it’s better to study a degree at university in something that you’re passionate about, rather than basing your decision on an ATAR. 2861

records in a safe place, as they may be required for future work or travel. Immunisation Records Childhood vaccination records for children born after January 1996 can be checked by calling the Australian Immunisation Register on 1800 653 809. If you have questions about the program please contact Ms G Kokinelis on 93113340, or the Immunisation Unit, Public Health on 9382 8333. (For translated material on the School Vaccination Program Consent Forms for parents/guardians, please go to the following website: s/school_vaccination_language.aspx)

Hobsons Course Finder: Top 5 ATAR Questions Answered This article aims to answer the 5 most commonly asked questions in regards to ATARs.


Ms G Kokinelis Dean of Middle School


The Australian Tax Office has a school-based program for students to apply for a Tax File Number. These are necessary if anyone has any form of paid employment (e.g. part-time work) as well as for university enrolment. I have recently spoken to the students in Years 10, 11 and 12 and distributed application forms, along with a parent information letter and a consent form. The application and consent forms need to be returned to me by Friday 21st February. They will then be sent in to the Tax Office for processing. Tax File Numbers will then be posted out to the students’ home address after about 5 weeks.


Welcome back to all students and parents - 2014 promises to be a busy but exciting year here at school. I am sure the wonderful HSC results from 2013 will inspire our senior students to do their best this year! I will be having several ‘careers’ sessions with Year 10 throughout the year, to develop their understanding of the working world and to help them explore options for future careers and the associated courses and training available. Year 11 and 12 students will also have some HSC information seminars with me, as well as some lunchtime sessions with guest speakers from tertiary institutions.

Some Relevant information: Young People at Work This website, run by the NSW Government, offers a wide range of advice on getting a job, workers’ rights at work, how to leave jobs, and more.



We have been delighted to find that approximately 80% of the 2013 cohort has been offered a place at University, to study a range of courses. Several others are planning on studying courses at TAFE and also private colleges. Well done! I am currently trying to contact all of last year’s HSC class to confirm their choices and destinations for this year, so that our records are accurate. I would love to hear from any who read this in the meantime. I wish them all well for the future. ATAR INFORMATION: may be of interest:


The Institute of Chartered Accountants have university scholarships available for disadvantaged students. If you know of a student who would benefit from, or may be dependent on, financial assistance to continue their studies from High School to University, the Institute would like to hear from you! Simply email the Institute at and they will contact you to discuss. UNSW Science Parent and Student Information Evening, Wednesday 26 March, 6.30pm – 8.30pm, The John Niland Scientia Building, UNSW Kensington campus. The

The following sites


Faculty of Science invites Year 11 and Year 12 students and their parents to attend an information evening. This evening will include talks and a career market, giving students and parents the opportunity to talk directly to current students and academics. Register online from February through WEP Student Exchange – Applications Open Now! Applications to participate in semester and year-long student exchange programs starting in August '14 are now open for students currently in Year 9 and 10. Students can choose from over 20 countries around the world, most of which don't require prior language study. To request 2014 program information, please contact, call 1300 884 733 or visit

NURSING - interested in studying nursing? My Health Career has just released 5 new videos where a nursing tutor shows how nursing students learn the hands-on skills: For the latest news on nursing in Australia, go to:

OVERSEAS VOLUNTEERING/ GAP YEAR : PROJECTS ABROAD: offers volunteering opportunities in 28 countries across the developing world and have over 1000 unique projects. The projects are all about connecting with and understanding a different world, making a worthy contribution, and personal development. An Information session will be held on Tuesday 18th February from 6.30 – 7.30pm at Sydney Central YHA, 11 Rawson Place, Sydney, 2000. This is free, but you need to register at Or contact

SYDNEY UNIVERSITY ARTS DEGREE INFORMATION: The following site has some very interesting information about the future careers choices for Arts degree graduates: ml Australian Film Television and Radio School: Short Courses AFTRS Open offers a wide range of online and in-person short courses for all ages and skill levels. Many courses are offered throughout the year in a variety of fields, and a full list can be found on the AFTRS Open website. Contact: 1300 065 281 or

LATITUDE GLOBAL VOLUNTEERING: Also have placements overseas available for 2015. Applications are open until 27th June. For more information , see their website: or contact by phone on (03) 98266266 or email :

Hazelhurst Regional Art Gallery: High School Art Courses Term 1 runs from Mon 3rd February to Sat 12th April.

If there are any queries regarding courses or careers or any of the above information, I am available from Tuesday to Friday in the Careers office. Students are encouraged to drop in and see me, or make an appointment for a convenient time. I can also be contacted via the school phone number 93113340, or by email

After-school classes for high school students are offered by the Hazelhurst Regional Art Gallery. These courses are run on a regular basis and courses are available in drawing, digital media/photography, painting, pottery & sculpture. rtainment/Hazelhurst/Art_Classes/High_School

Ms G Hakos Careers Adviser                

STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAMS: Student Exchange Australia Information Sessions



At these information sessions, students & parents can find out about the exchange, gap year and other programs on offer. Sydney - Adina Apartment Hotel Sydney, Corner of Kent & Bathurst Streets, Sydney CBD




BOYS BASKETBALL Round 7 After the long summer break the boys returned to continue the regular season with the first game against St Pius X College and Central Coast Grammar. One training session was held for some teams in the holiday break which had a positive impact. The U13 boys White team played St Pius X were victors by two points. Despite their first loss of the season the boys now need to bounce back next week for their next encounter with St Patricks College.

SWIMMING CARNIVAL St Spyridon College will hold its annual swimming carnival at Des Renford Aquatic Centre in Maroubra on Friday the 21st of February 2014. Students are asked to be at the pool at 8:30 for roll call. It is anticipated that the carnival will end at 3pm with the private bus dropping off and picking up students from the venue.

Congratulations also to the U13 Blue team for their great performance against Central Coast. The boys were victors by 5 points. The 14 Blue team were also winners in Round 7 defeating Central Coast Grammar and in the process winning their first game of the season. Congratulations to all the boys.

Students wishing to represent the College at the ISA must be placed in the top 2/3 students in the timed finals. Students are reminded that in order to compete at the school carnival; they must have a St Spyridon College Swimming costume or alternatively have a plain blue swimming costume in order to compete.

The U14 White team were without doubt the most convincing victors on the day defeating St Pius X College and in the process making a very statement to the rest of the competition. Our U15 boys were under strength and not prepared for their encounter with the strong St Pius X team. Our boys came off second best but tried to the very end. Despite the lop-sided score line the boys still have an opportunity to make this year’s semi -finals.

In order to compete in events for 2014 students are asked to nominate which events they wish to participate in. Heats will be pre-arranged in PE lessons in order to help with the smooth running of the carnival.

The U15/17 boys team played a positive game of basketball and were excellent in their team work and effort. The boys are commended for coming close to their second victory of the season.

Squad Training This year there are squad training sessions booked at All Sorts Aquatic Centre. Students who qualify for the St Spyridon College Swim team will be notified of the times and the days.

Our Open boys maintained their unbeaten run against a very strong and determined opponent, St Pius X. The boys have worked hard this season and the strong disciplined approach and team tactics developed by their coach Mr Koulouriotis.

In addition, two sessions have been booked prior to the carnival for students with an interest and intention to compete for a place in the squad. These dates are Tuesday the 18th and 20th of February 2014. Students interested in attending are asked to forward their names to either Mr Kaldis or Ms O’ Shea.

These boys are the only remaining team in the College that are undefeated. Congratulations. Next Week the boys are playing against St Patricks College and St Pius X College. There are only 3 games remaining in the regular season.


on time to represent the College at this year’s ISA Cross Country Carnival. Further details will be provided for the students after the selection trials.

BOYS FOOTBALL SELECTION TRIALS Open Boys Football trials will be held at the College beginning in week 2 and concluding in week 3 possibly week 4. Students are asked to consult the notice board for selection dates which will be held during lunch at the College. A squad of 12 boys will be selected, with a rotation policy in place for the grade below our First XI. Students wishing to try out must be committed to the football season of 10 weeks (Saturday) with the possibility of finals and 2 friendly games one of which falls on the 22nd April 2014 at Heffron Field.

GIRLS BASKETBALL Round 7 Welcome back to all students as we head into the back end of the season. Each team played Round 7 on the 1st February please read below for individual team results. Open A’s- Playing 1st position Redlands was always going to be a difficult especially back from a long break. Unfortunately some sickness and injury left them with a small squad, however the girls continue to play to the best of their ability in particular Rena Lambos who places her body on the line each week with her determination and perseverance. Final Score Redlands 68 - St Spyridon 45. The girls need to have some wins in the remaining home games to secure a finals position.

Boys trialling for the team must bring boots and shin pads.




Open boys Futsal trials began last year late Term 4. This will continue in week 2 and 3 of this term. Trials will be held during the lunch break. All students are reminded that in order to play they must bring shin guards.

Open C’s- This team were also up against a 1st place Redlands and despite losing 22-14 this was an exceptional effort. Combinations between Theoni Thimakis and Anja Djukic continue to develop each week. It is important in the remaining weeks that these girls continue to enjoy their participation in the basketball season.

All students are eligible for trial for the regional Championships, however the futsal team to represent the school at the Greek Orthodox National Schools Event will only consist of students who will be representing the College in ISA for the current year.

Intermediate A’s- Perhaps one the closest divisions in regards to ability with the score lines throughout the season being very narrow. The girls continue to come very close up against these large schools proving they are more than capable to become the future opens team. Led by Georgia Koukounaris and Lia Albanakis the girls play to the best of their ability each week and all girls are developing into skilful players. Final Score: Redlands 33- St Spyridon 18.

NATIONAL SCHOOLS GREEK ORTHODOX COLLEGES EVENT 2014 This year St Spyridon College will be hosting the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia Schools Event. This event will be held between the 7th - 9th of May 2014 at various venues in Sydney. Teams attending this event will be the most senior grade that represent the College in the ISA. Only students involved in school sport that represent the school on Saturdays in the ISA are eligible. If students are unsure if they can be committed to the competitive sports programme of the school they are asked to speak to the Coordinators of Sport.

Intermediate B’s- This team were also up against a 1st place Redlands and despite losing 20-9 the girls are still on track to qualify for the finals. Much needed wins in the remaining games will help them secure a healthy position on the ladder. Exceptional performances from Anastasia Gousetis in her shooting attack, Chrystal Christie in her anticipation and Eve Barton with her tough defence.


Junior B’s- These girls continue to give their all each week with very competitive matches. They travelled to Sydney University to play against St Andrews Cathedral School where they lost 30-16. It is important that these girls continue to stay

The College team will be selected from the PE lessons. Students will compete in a timed distance event on the school grounds with the top 8-10 students from each age and gender selected based


Tuesday 11th February on the Oval. In order to be considered students need to be participating in ISA Winter season of Sport. Therefore those students who do play Netball and are unable to compete in ISA Football are eligible to trial for the NSWCIS cup team. Please wear sports uniform and correct footwear and shin pads. Please note this is an Opens Competition. This team will also go onto play a friendly match to be held at Heffron Park on the22nd April against All Saints Grammar.

focussed and determined in their remaining games to give them the best possible chance of qualifying for Semi Finals. Junior C’sThese girls have had an overwhelming number of games with 4 double header matches throughout the season, however this has not deterred them and as a result allowed them to improve each game. Having the opportunity to coach these girls on Saturday brought much pleasure as their team cohesion, skills and understanding of the game have improved since the beginning of the season with all credit to their coach Erin Criticos. The girls are currently in first place and need to remain determined in order to win the championship. Outstanding performances from Rhea Tsimboukis, Maria Krassas and Felicity Ginis contributed to two deserving wins. St Spyridon 38- Redlands B 18 and St Spyridon 31- Redlands C 15.

YEAR 7 ISA NETBALL AND JUNIOR FOOTBALL The ISA winter Season will commence Term 2 and as Year 7 students are not currently involved in ISA competition they will have the opportunity during their ISA period on Wednesdays to trial for both Netball and Football. The girls may only commit to one sport with both being played on Saturdays. Once selected they will need to purchase a uniform from the uniform shop please wait for confirmation before doing this. Depending on the number of students and the ability will determine how many teams will be entered, hopefully these decisions will be finalised in the next coming weeks as we trial.

All games are to be played at home for the remaining 3 rounds if any parents can assist with canteen or BBQ duty or provide donations please contact Ms O’Shea.


Ms K. O’Shea (Girls Sport) and Mr F. Kaldis (Boys Sport)

This year we have entered an Open Girls Football team in the NSWCIS cup. The first round needs to be played in the upcoming weeks so there will be trials held on Monday 10th February and possible




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The St Spyridon Newsletter For February 2014

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