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10 March 2011

No. 7

Dear Members of the St Patrick’s Family,

I am very pleased to inform you that the new building is nearing completion and the College will accept the building on the 31 march. This will enable the staff to shift furniture, set up rooms and prepare them for teaching. This will mean that classes will begin in the new building from the beginning of Term 2. The building program has been delayed due to a number of factors however, despite this, the building will be a great asset to the College and particularly to the students. Once the building has been fully set up I will invite parents to an ‘OPEN HOUSE’ style afternoon early in Term 2. An issue that I would like some feedback on is a possible name for the building. If you have any suggestions please email me. This Saturday night the Shindig will be held. I am sure that it will be another great night and I thank those people who have assisted in organising the night. Following the Shindig, the College will celebrate its St Patrick’s Day Liturgy on Friday 18 March. I extend an invitation to parents to attend this Mass and join the staff and students in celebrating the College’s Patron—St Patrick. I have previously invited parents to join a committee to redesign the College’s Honour Pocket process. If you are interested in joining this committee please let me know. Our first meeting will be in the next couple of weeks. Earlier this week the CIC and AIC swimming carnivals were held. They were both great events and I congratulate both coaches and swimmers for their efforts. Again St Patrick’s performed. We were placed 3rd in the Green Division CIC. The AIC result was not available at this stage. Over the last few weeks I and the other members of the College Leadership Team have been conducting enrolment interviews. It has been a great experience meeting the students and their parents. Yet again, the majority of families that I meet know existing families and are here because of your recommendations. Thank you. If there are families who are looking at enrolments for Year 5 or Year 8 in 2013 please contact Mrs Jan Thompson on 3631 9015 for further information. Finally this week, I remind all parents and students that the Term 1 exams are fast approaching and all students need to be ensuring assignments are being completed and exam preparation and study is underway. Have a great week. God Bless

Dr Michael Carroll College Principal

COLLEGE DEAN David Gardiner Our annual Shore to Gate walkathon will be held on Friday 8 April. Every student has been given a sponsor’s card for them to record donations/sponsors . These cards are coloured and numbered specifically for each student and each student must take responsibility for their card. Every student is to return their card before the Shore to Gate as a record of their efforts. This is vital with regards to the accountability of the event and the fundraising. We have asked that each student try to raise a minimum of $20. I believe every student can achieve this if he makes some effort over the next month. Every student was also given two information sheets, one in general and one specific to the House charity that your son is involved with. The funds raised will go towards the air-conditioning of classrooms in the O’Conner and Edmund Rice Buildings. These rooms can get extremely hot on certain days and the air -conditioning of them will greatly enhance the learning environment for the boys. The other part of the funds raised will be directed to the respective House charities. Your son’s House information sheet outlines his charity and I believe your son’s collection may be assisted by him showing this information to prospective donors/ sponsors. The list of charities across all nine Houses is very impressive. You have read about your son’s particular House charity but I will include all the Houses’ charities to inform you of the great work being done across the Houses.

world. So far, we have had two visits from guide dogs ‘Erin’ and ‘Dorie’ plus three of their handlers: firstly, at the inaugural Assembly for Year 5s, and, secondly, at our coca cola sale where we raised over $900. We look forward to continue to work together as a ‘pack’ for this great organisation. MOONEY HOUSE supports a Catholic Nun in India called Sister Magdalene Peter. Sister supports a group of people in her area that are known as Dalits – the Untouchables in the Indian cast system. Sister Magdalene Peter has set up a school for these children to provide an education that would normally not be available to them. Our funds support teachers and volunteers to educate the children and give them a chance to change their futures. COFFEY HOUSE supports reconciliation in East Timor. The people of East Timor face a daily battle in developing their standard of living, education and work. St Patrick’s College, is seeking ways to directly make a difference, locally and internationally. Coffey House has decided to assist with the work of the Community of Edmund Rice (CER) as a means to support and bring about change to the people. The aim of the Just Coffee Project is to establish personal and working relationships with the people of the villages of East Timor and to provide long term assistance through the sale of organic coffee.

RYAN HOUSE supports small entrepreneurs in developing countries to develop a small O’ROURKE HOUSE is currently sponsoring business to create a living for themselves Brother Bill Tynan’s projects in East Timor. and their families. These businesses also help to stimulate the economy of poor Brother Bill works in the mountains just communities, which is one of the most outside Dili where he has built schools, effective ways to eradicate poverty. provided clean drinking water and food The great thing about the loans we give is for the people living in the Villages. Bill Tynan’s work continues to be important for that once they are paid back we re-use the money to give loans to other the people of Timor. Last year O’Rourke entrepreneurs. In this way the money you House helped contribute for the donate will be used over and over again publication of a book used to teach to help more and more people. English in Brother Bill’s schools. XAVIER HOUSE are presently working toward raising $1,500 for Guide Dogs Australia, who support people throughout our community who are sight impaired. It costs $30,000 to raise one guide dog from pup to fully commissioned adult. As such, we are supporting this great organisation buy seeking to sponsor a litter of pedigree Labrador pups that are sourced from bloodlines throughout the

has experienced significant struggles in their lives. Our fund-raising will enable these valuable camps to continue to operate for the benefit of many young people at the margins. KENNEDY HOUSE supports Phambili in South Africa. Phambili is a crisis centre for battered women established by one of our teachers, Marthy Watson. Phambili supports women and children in a safe environment. It allows the women to reestablish their lives and for the children to be educated and to grow up in a safe and comfortable surround. We also support the Humpybong State School Breakfast program. This provides a healthy breakfast and company to disadvantaged local children who otherwise would miss out on having breakfast. QUANE HOUSE supports a project in India based around a leper colony in the town of Puri. Father Kurian supports the families affected by leprosy and operates a school for the children of the leper families. St Beatrix has been so successful educating the children that other families are now wanting to send their children to the school. Unfortunately children of lepers in outlying villages are unable to attend their local schools due to the stigma of the illness. St Beatrix provides hostel accommodation for these children and allows them to gain an education. Last year the funds we raised was used to purchase beds for all the children living in the hostel. RICE HOUSE supports Indigenous Communities with a focus on providing stable education for the young people. The gap between Indigenous and other Australians is significant with regards to life expectancy, health and education. We aim to close the gap.


We will celebrate St Patrick’s Day next Friday (18 March) with a Mass. This will TREACY HOUSE be followed by the annual Great Morven St Patrick’s College is one of forty Race. There will be four races around the Catholic schools in Australia in the Edmund school, for different age groups. Parents Rice tradition. Edmund Rice started his first are invited to join us for the Mass (9am school in Ireland over 200 years ago start) and for the Great Morven Race based on positive relationships and caring (10am start). If your son is interested in for individuals. Today one legacy of competing in the Great Morven Race he Edmund’s vision is the operation of must see his House Dean. Edmund Rice Camps. Individual volunteers are matched with a young person who

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STUDIES Chris Campbell—Assistant Principal Curriculum Now that we are in mid term many boys are in the midst of completing assignments as well as commencing preparations for the upcoming exam block. There is no question that the workload of all students increases during the second half of any term. Effective time management is a vital skill that needs to be developed by all students I know that Mr Torrissi and House Deans spoke to our Year 10 boys regarding this on Monday.

Non submission means that teachers will either (a) only mark draft work which has been completed prior to the due date; or (b) if draft is available, require students to write what is available during the actual lesson. Late submissions are generally no longer accepted.

Students using netbooks have developed a habit of simply putting the device into hibernation rather than shutting it down while transporting it to and from school. This may potentially cause two problems. Firstly, when it is powered up at home that night or back at school the next day it will not connect to any wireless system. The Academic Integrity Policy is also important. Students are required to submit The computers must be shut down and restarted for this to happen. Secondly, their own work when handing in carrying the netbooks in the bag, when assignments. Copying and pasting not shut down can lead to damage to the Both Heads of Curriculum and I, again ask information from a website is not only in breach on our policy, but it is also illegal. machine. all parents and boys to revisit both the Standard academic practice is that if College Assignment Policy as well as the For any boys having issue with email from students use information which is not their College Academic Integrity Policy. As the netbooks, I have included the own (1) it can only be used briefly to indicated previously, students are following information from our IT Team. required to submit all assignments in hard support an idea of the student; and (2) it must be referenced. All referencing at St copy. The day, date and lesson for Patrick’s is done using the APA system submission will be specified on the task sheet as well as on assessment calendars. which is explained in the Student Diary.


1. Go to the College Website 2. 3. 4. 5.

Login via SPC Connect - Student. Select Links from the Student Cafe top menu.  Select Student Email from the Left-hand menu.  Login using the following format for your username:  stpatricks\username.

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STUDENTS Frank Torrisi — Assistant Principal Student Formation Term 2 Uniform: A reminder that all students are required to wear a College tie from the beginning of Term 2. Also all students in Years 10, 11 & 12 require long trousers and blazers. These are available now from the Uniform Shop.

privileges. Students in these year levels only come to school when they have exams. While at home it is important to utilise this time productively for exam preparation. When attending school for exams it is important grounds of the College then return. IPods and Mobile Mobile Phones: We understand the phone are not permitted to be used on need for many students to have a phone, the school grounds. particularly for communication purposes. St Patrick’s has a policy of taking a Green and Gold Day – will be held student’s phone if it is seen or heard next Friday, 18 March. Students are during school hours. This aims to minimize allowed to wear clothes to school that are the inappropriate use of mobile phones at predominantly green and gold. The aim school. The Mobile Phone Policy is clearly of the day is to provide students with a outlined in the College Diary. I encourage chance to wear something different to all parents to read the policy and to school, but also to show their pride in their support the College in maintaining a school. Students can wear blue denim good teaching and learning environment. shorts or jeans but all other pieces of clothing must be predominately green Block Exams: All students in Years 11 and/or gold. Closed are and 12 receive block exam shoes


compulsory and black school shoes are required for Shop classes. No thongs or singlets. We also ask all students to bring a gold coin donation.

St Patrick’s Day celebrations: As

part of our St Patrick’s Day celebrations next Friday, we will be holding the annual Great Morven Race. 200 boys will participate in a flying dash around the school property and past the historic Morven House in the centre of the College grounds.

Mary MacKillop Social - Year 8 to 12 Friday 11 March 7pm to 10pm Cost $10.00. Bring ID. No Cloak Room available. Soft drinks, water and chips available. Dress in Rubix colours.

reen and Gold Day 18 March Gold Coin Donation

CULTURAL ART CLUB —KATIE SPENCER Enrolments are CLOSED for Art Club 2011. I have had an overwhelming response to Art Club this year, but unfortunately, I have to cap the group size somewhere! The following list shows the boys who are in the club this year. My apologies to anyone who has missed out.

SENIOR ART CLUB Luke Smoothy, Jock Power, Joseph Williams, Douglas Howieson, Deepek Singh, Tom Weise, Jake Hollingsworth, Liam Harris, Dipankar Simpkhada, Morgan Blackley, Matthew Trotter, Richard Van Der Nest, Dylan Strathdee, Matthew Harrington, Lachlan Smith, Liam Holm, Nick Durigon,

Henry Weber, Johan Baines, Nicholas Mobbs and Christjan Corias. JUNIOR ART CLUB Johannes Hoehensteiger, James Gilligan, Daniel Aleckson, Joseph Judd, Jayden Callow, Austin Desmond, Will Gregory, Oliver Blansjaar, Nathaniel Lake, Cameron Boon, Daniel McGowan, Zac Caldwell, Tristan Ferla,

DEBATING NEWS —ZOE MORGAN The QDU Debating season began last night with incredible crowd support from many Year 12’s and a selection of staff debating fanatics. Our Year 10 team were successful in defeating Bribie Island State High School with their argument that we should make all tertiary education free.

Whilst our Year 12 Seconds were narrowly defeated, our Firsts had a convincing 5 point victory over Matthew Flinders Anglican College, successfully arguing that we should ban teachers from striking.

With this continued support and debating enthusiasm, next week’s debates should prove a thrilling night out. Our Year 9’s will kick off their season at Albany Creek State High School at 8:15 and our Year 11’s will be here at home at 8:15. Hope to see you there.

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Rice House Report 2011 has been a great “first year” so far for Rice House. In week 3 the Seniors and House Leaders were very proud to receive their badges and blazers at the Induction Mass. Week 3 was also Bully-Awareness Week, where all members of Rice House contributed ideas and thoughts about addressing bullying at St Pats. A sign of how we are coming together as a House was our outstanding effort to come 3rd at the swimming carnivals that took place in week 4. The highlight was the final event of the carnival in which we took out the all age relay – a real sign of a team!! This is an excellent result, considering this is our first year, and we beat all the other new Houses. Overall we are coming 7th in the House Shield so there is plenty more work to do if we want to get into the top spot. All of this along with many retreats and camps, sport and cultural activities; you can see how busy Term 1 has been for everyone. Now that we are at the business end of the term, I’m sure everyone will be busy finishing up assignments and studying hard for upcoming exams. We encourage every boy in Rice House to have fun and in their sporting and cultural activities, but remember to concentrate on school work. Good luck to all boys on their upcoming activities, and we wish you the best of luck in everything you do. Matthew Edgar & Christopher Holley (Rice House Leaders)

Pictured: Year 8 Rice men scale the top of Mt Edwards on their recent camp at Lake Moogerah

Treacy House Report Pancake Tuesday

retreating to our natural physical environment can be life changing and energising to our souls. Just as critical is the fact that through the camp many lifelong friendships are formed between camp instructors (Old Boys & Girls) and participants.

This Tuesday saw the Year 11 students of Treacy House, led by Corbin Steinmuller, conduct a pancake fundraiser. The purpose of the event was to commence raising funds for our House Project as well as bring awareness to Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Tuesday - the commencement of Our House Project program will the Lenten season. shortly expand to include a Lent is a very special time for Christians. remote community in need of In general terms, it’s the time leading up support. Your support with fundraising and to Easter and a time for us to have a go future at sacrificing something in our lives in awareness building initiatives order to gain a greater perspective on will be greatly appreciated by those to our lives as Christians. Ideally, it’s an which we direct our support. All of the opportunity to focus on changing our lives College’s House Projects are a brilliant opportunity for our young men to take for the better – to be better people. on leadership opportunities, forge Our House Project program includes lifelong friendships, gain perspective supporting Edmund Rice Camps. The on global issues, become more camp program provides an outdoor sensitive to humanity and to engage in education experience for disadvantaged making a real difference in our world. youth in our local communities. The camps Have a go at sacrificing something. are run by Old Boys and Girls from Living in the present tense and Edmund Rice schools across Brisbane and chocolate will be my challenge. cater for boys and girls aged 10-14 years of age. If it weren’t for Edmund Charles Brauer Rice Camps, many young people may Treacy House Dean never experience an outdoor camp adventure. This would be real shame as

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IDENTITY & MINISTRY Marthy Watkins — Campus Minister Social Justice Leadership: Caritas

On the 24th of February nine Year 11 students went on a Caritas Leadership Retreat to Mt Alvernia College. The aim of the retreat was to develop further ideas on how St Patrick’s College can enhance and extend the social justice and service programs it currently runs. The day commenced with a group discussion based on how true leaders are those who serve others and that one person can make a difference. We then spoke to students from the other schools about the social justice programs they conduct. This activity was very successful with many ideas gained to improve our own programs. Following morning tea was another group discussion in which we learnt of how Caritas Australia helps people around the world, and of the seven millennium goals to end poverty. Overall the day was a complete success, with many new ideas obtained on how to improve upon the social justice programs at St Patrick’s. The retreat not only taught us that a true leader serves others, but showed us how. Please keep an eye out for the Ministry in Action Group who will definitely be incorporating the ideas learnt into St Patrick’s College. Ricardo Thomas (Year 11)

Pictured Above: Jonathan Ricks, Pat MacCarthy, Angus Lane, Aidan McArthur, Lachlan Marsh, Aidan, Williamson, Pat Smith and Peter Sloss.

INDIA IMMERSION Jackson Da Forno In trying to describe my time in India I could explain our itinerary and nearly 4 weeks of amazing activities and sites. However, on reflection I think a more effective way of explaining my true experience of India might be by sharing this simple story…. In Kolkata there is a very special school called Loretto Sealdah. Like St Patrick’s this school places a lot of importance on helping out and supporting the marginalised, the poorest of the poor. Out of the many programs they run, one definitely stood out to me as the most and will always stay close to my heart. The rainbow kids are the poorest of the poor, kids whose parents have barely enough money for food, and shelter, kids who have to go out and shelter, kids who have to go out and beg for money day by day. The Loretto Sealdah school provides a home for these kids, provides them with the luxuries of food, schooling and friends.

We visited the school three times during our time in India, each time being equally special, in its own way. Our last visit however, something really special happened. I had made friends with girls called Nazma, Guria and Renu, all of them being around Grade 9. In the first two visits we had some great times and formed some very strong friendships.

Our last visit though, the time had come to say goodbye…… I don’t know why but I really clicked with these girls and It was so hard to say goodbye. I will always have the picture of them waving as we left the bus and I will always cherish the friendships we have made.

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MINISTRY Emily Rotta — Counsellor We all know how sleep affects our life – a good night sleep makes life’s dilemmas easier to cope with while a bad night’s sleep (or limited sleep) makes us grumpy, lethargic and mostly no fun to be around. Sleep problems in kids don't just drive parents batty, they also affect children's health and development, including academic performance, growth and even immunity.

So what is enough sleep? Toddlers need 12 to 14 hours sleep daily Primary school kids 10 to12 hours. Adolescents need about 8½ to 9½ hours of sleep per night.

Research suggests without this sleep, children don't function as well. They're more irritable, aggressive, hyperactive, Sleep researcher and psychologist Dr fidgety, and can't concentrate or Sarah Blunden, from the Centre for Sleep remember information, compromising Research at the University of South learning, and exhibiting delayed Australia, told a recent psychology response time. They get sick more and conference in Melbourne (2010) that have an increased risk of accidents. We sleep problems – which can be medical or as adults can also relate to these behavioural – can affect memory, symptoms. attention, thinking ability and behaviour. For children there are also studies that Did You Know? link bed wetting with sleep problems. More than half of "asleep-at-the-wheel" The most common cause of medical sleep car accidents are caused by tired teens. problems is snoring and obstructive sleep Poor sleep can affect all of us at some apnoea (holding the breath), but sleep time. Sleep experts recommend the walking or night terrors, periodic limb following tips. Whether you be young or movement disorder or restless leg old or in the middle: syndrome and other conditions, such as asthma and eczema, can also affect Get into a routine - go to bed around the sleep. same time every night and wake up at Behavioural sleep problems can include the same time every morning. difficulty falling or staying asleep, Investigate if there are any fears or resisting going to bed, changing sleep anxieties that might be keeping you/them hours (like teenagers do), and getting out awake. of bed during the night.

Before bed, do relaxation, breathing or visualisation exercises (imagine a happy place such as the beach or park) Do relaxing activities such as reading, drawing, listening to quiet music in the hour before bed to help wind down. Turn off the television (keep TV out of the bedroom), computer, electronic games and other activities in the hour before bed. Avoid strenuous exercise in the few hours before bed but make sure you/ your child gets plenty of exercise during the day. Avoid caffeine (soft drinks and coffee) and limit spicy or salty food which can cause thirst. If all else fails see a GP who can refer you/ your child to a medical specialist, sleep physician or psychologist to investigate why you or your child struggles with sleep. Adapted from: ABC Health and Well Being – Kids Need a Good Night’s Sleep by Helen Carter KidsHealth

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ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR OF SPORT—LUKE DONATINI This week has been a big week for St Patrick’s College Sport with both CIC and AIC Swimming Championships and a visit to the College on Thursday by Neil Henry (NQ Cowboys Coach) and some of the North Queensland Cowboys players, namely Jonathon Thurston, Dallas Johnson and Aaron Payne. We would like to thank Neil and his players for taking time out of their busy schedule and preparations for Round 1 of the NRL to speak to our Year 5, 6 and 7 students about leadership and teamwork. We wish them well in Friday night’s game where they will take on the Brisbane Broncos at Suncorp Stadium.

Pictured: Jonathon Thurston handballing with students

Pictured left to right: Dallas Johnson, Aaron Payne, Jonathon Thurston, Darcy Devine (student), Neil Henry and Luke Donatini

CONGRATULATIONS St Patrick’s College CIC Swimming Team – on Tuesday 8th March our CIC swim team competed at the CIC Swimming Championships at the Chandler Aquatics Centre. We placed 3rd in the Green Division behind TSS (1st) and NJC (2nd). Well done to both the coaches and the swimmers and we would like to thank you all for your time, effort and dedication to SPC Swimming. Gary Black ,Will Butterworth, Ivan Sladojevic, Tyran Hartley-Wright, Wade Richards, Ben Giuliano, Ben Cox, Lachie McKay and Aedan Berry – All selected into the Metropolitan North Swimming Team to compete at the Queensland Secondary Championships at Chandler in April. Aaidan Benn (Year 6) - played at the National Indoor Soccer (FUTSAL) Titles in January down at Penrith representing Queensland. Subsequently, from those titles Aaidan has been selected to represent the Australian U11 Team at tournaments in Malaysia and Brunei in November and December later this year.


Congratulations to Darcy Roper and Alex Singer who competed well at the Queensland Athletics titles to win representative colours to travel to Sydney, Home Bush, this weekend to compete in the Australian Junior Championships. Darcy qualified in 100m, 200m, relay, 90m hurdles, long jump; high jump and triple jump while Alex will compete in the 100m, relay and long jump. We wish them and their families well.

BRAMBLE BAY DISTRICT PRIMARY SCHOOL SPORTING TRIALS Please be advised that the following Bramble Bay District School Sport nominations are being called for. Students who wish to nominate for selection to any Bramble Bay District School Sporting Trial are expected to participate/ compete within the St Patrick’s College sporting program. LATE NOMINATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED 12 Years and Under District Hockey - Nominations MUST be made to Mr Ryan Schultz NO LATER than 3pm Friday 18th March. 12 Years and Under Tennis - Nominations MUST be made to Mr Ryan Schultz NO LATER than 3pm Tuesday 22nd March. All students wishing to nominate for any Bramble Bay Sport listed above MUST provide Mr Ryan Schultz with the following details: * FULL NAME * DATE OF BIRTH * PREFERRED PLAYING POSITION * PLAYING EXPERIENCE & HISTORY * PARENTAL PERMISSION

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ACTIVITIES CONT’D DIRECTOR OF SPORT—LUKE DONATINI PLEASE SUPPORT OUR COLLEGE - MOUTH GUARDS FUNDRAISER In 2011, St Patrick’s College would like all students and families of St Patrick’s College to support the following fundraising initiative. If your son (or daughter) requires a new fitted mouth guard, we ask that you please contact /make an appointment with the Bracken Ridge Denture Clinic, 2 Wurley St, Bracken Ridge. The clinic is run by a St Patrick’s College family and they have kindly offered to donate some of the proceeds of each mouth guard back to St Patrick’s College. All money raised from this venture will go towards the purchasing of further equipment for our new College Gym (currently under construction). So if you are requiring a mouth guard this year please support this initiative.

SPORTING WET WEATHER PROCEDURES The College provides you the following option when dealing with wet weather or cancellations: Junior and Secondary Sports Information Line is 3631 9080. This line is ‘live’ and will be updated as often as required. Decisions on training status (poor weather) will be made at 2.00pm (training days). Please check for the status of training or weekend sport as often as possible. For Saturday sport, the line will be amended by 7.00 am after consultation with opposition school sports masters and College grounds staff. It is asked that all parents firstly used the Sports Information Line to obtain ‘up to date’ changes on training and game status. We ask that you contact the College’s Student Office or Main Office only if the matter is urgent.

St. Patrick’s College Mouth guard Fundraiser For every mouth guard made by Bracken Ridge Denture Clinic $10 goes directly to St Patrick’s College Teams can order colour matching mouth guards or players can choose their own colours!!! Teams can come on a Saturday or Sunday or players can make their own appointments. (after hours available) Bracken Ridge Denture Clinic ABN: 82361931575 2 Wurley St Bracken Ridge 4017 PH:0403706685 Ken Warland RDT/RDP Dental Prosthetist Medicare Provider No. 4279081H

New Dentures Full & Partial Repairs & Relines

Prices Junior mouth guards Senior mouth guards

single layer $80.00 double layer $120.00

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ACTIVITIES CRICKET CO-ORDINATOR — RYAN SCHULTZ AIC Cricket - Round 6—12th March 2011 St Patrick’s College Vs Padua College Team




1 XI

9.30am - 5.15pm

2nd XI

1.00pm - 5:30pm

3rd XI

1.00pm – 5:30pm

4th XI

1.00pm – 5.30pm

Padua Playing Fields Oval 1 (Turf) Curlew Park Oval 1 (Turf) Curlew Park Oval 2 (Turf) St John Fisher Oval 3 (Syn.)

5th XI

1.00pm – 5.30pm


8.15am – 12.45pm


8.15am – 12.45pm


8.15am – 12.45pm


8.15am – 12.45pm


1.00pm – 5.30pm


1.00pm – 5.30pm


1.00pm – 5.30pm

Padua Playing Fields, Elliott Road, Banyo Curlew Park, Curlew Street Shorncliffe Curlew Park, Curlew Street Shorncliffe St John Fisher College, John Fisher Dr, Bracken Ridge Off Broad Street Sandgate (Behind Club House) Curlew Park, Curlew Street, Shorncliffe Curlew Park, Curlew Street, Shorncliffe Padua Playing Fields, Elliott Road, Banyo Padua Playing Fields, Elliott Road, Banyo Padua Playing Fields, Elliott Road, Banyo Padua Playing Fields, Elliott Road, Banyo Padua College, 80 Turner Road, Kedron


Sandgate/Redcliffe Cricket Fields (Syn.) Curlew Park Oval 1 (Turf) Curlew Park Oval 2 (Turf) Padua Playing Fields Oval 2 (Turf) Padua Playing Fields Oval 3 (Turf) Padua Playing Fields Oval 2 (Turf) Padua Playing Fields Oval 3 (Turf) Padua College Oval (Syn.)

CIC Cricket - Round 6 – 12th March 2011 St Patrick’s College Vs St Laurence’s College Team





7.45am – 11.45am

7B T/20 6A

7.30am – 9.55am

Oval 8 (Syn.) St Laurence’s Playing Fields St John Fisher Oval 4 (Syn.) St John Fisher Oval 3 (Syn.) Gair Field 1(Syn.) St Laurence’s College, South Brisbane St John Fisher Oval 2 (Conc.) Dutton Park SS Oval (Conc.) St John Fisher Oval 1 (Conc.) Junction Park SS Oval (Conc.) St John Fisher Oval 1 (Conc.)

St Laurence’s Playing Fields Nathan Road, Runcorm St John Fisher College, John Fisher Dr, Bracken Ridge St John Fisher College, John Fisher Dr, Bracken Ridge St Laurence’s College Stephens Road, South Brisbane

7.45am – 11.45am

6B T/20

7.30am – 9.55am

6C T/20 5A

7.30am – 9.55am

5B T/20 5C T/20 5D T/20

7.45am – 11.45am 7.30am – 9.55am 7.30am – 9.55am 10.00am –12.25pm

St John Fisher College, John Fisher Dr, Bracken Ridge Dutton Park State School, 112 Annerley Road, Dutton Park St John Fisher College, John Fisher Dr, Bracken Ridge Junction Park State School 50 Waldheim St, Annerley St John Fisher College, John Fisher Dr, Bracken Ridge

We ask that all players, parents and spectators DO NOT wander the grounds of St John Fisher College. Toilet facilities are just down from the BBQ area. All SPC Cricketers playing away are to arrange their own private transportation both to and from their scheduled game. Please Note: A Canteen will be in operation at Curlew Park & BBQ at St John Fisher College

ACTIVITIES CONT’D VOLLEYBALL CO-ORDINATOR —CHRIS CARLILL AIC Volleyball – Round 6 12th March 2011 St Patrick’s College Vs Padua College La Cordelle Centre – Padua College 80 Turner Road, Kedron


Court 1


Court 2























3rd VI


2 VI 1 VI


2010/2011 ST PATRICK’S SWIMMING SEASON Here we are in the final week of Swimming for 2010/11, and of course our two biggest carnivals- the AIC and CIC swimming carnivals to be held at Chandler. At the time of writing our CIC boys had finished an excellent 3rd place overall heading off some very strong competition from the likes of Brisbane Grammar, Brisbane Boys College and Padua College, whilst falling short of overcoming Nudgee Junior College and the day’s winner The Southport School. It was a fantastic effort by all involved with almost 75% of boys swimming personal best times to get us there. Special mention must go to Callum Sanders in Year 5 who dominated most of his events all day. Also Connor Clark who swum whilst still quite sick and managed to pick up some vital points. Matthew Palmer, Sam Ringer and Ross Maybury who showed a lot of guts. And Jack Graham whose determination gave us some vital wins, and demonstrated that he is becoming a real swimming force. In fact there wasn’t a single boy who didn’t throw everything they had into their races. This leaves us with the AIC carnival this Thursday. Our boys have trained exceptionally hard over the last 7 weeks and all that is left is for us to prove where we stand in AIC competition. Good luck to all the boys who swim tomorrow. Finally I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have been involved with the boys and their swimming progress. Mr Alex Paznikov, Mr Peter Bancroft, Ms Selina Fisk, Ms Cassie Harden and Mr Ryan Chapman have all been through the early morning starts twice weekly and the swim camp and Friday night carnivals to ensure our boys got the best preparation they could. I would also like to thank our coaches at the Ken Wood Swim School Ken, Mary and Wanda. Without all these people there wouldn’t be a swim team, particularly such a strong one as the team we have. RUGBY CO-ORDINATOR — RYAN SCHULTZ

FIRST XV RUGBY 2011 A reminder to all students involved with the First XV Training Squad that our first trial is this Monday 14th March vs. Sienna College. The squad will travel on the school bus to and from Sienna College. Can all student please ensure they have all playing equipment and a Green SPC Rugby Uniform. Students will need to meet outside the Morven Building (near Main Office) at PM Tutor Group. Please note that this trial will be used in conjunction with all previous training to finalise and select the First XV Squad that will be taken on Easter Tour. This squad will be named at school the following day Tuesday 15th March. Please see Mr Ryan Schultz if you have any problems. Page 12

SPORT SUPPORT GROUP SPORT SUPPORT GROUP—CAMERON HERPICH To the St. Patrick’s Family on behalf of the Sports Support Group First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all those families new to St Patrick’s this year. Secondly, I would like to apologise for the disrupted start to the cricket season with the canteen at Curlew. As many of you will be aware, the College purchased a brand new canteen for Curlew to replace the old one late last year. It was always the plan to have the new canteen up and running prior to the commencement of Term 1. However, due to a number of factors, this was not possible within that time frame due mainly to the extreme weather events of the Christmas period and the shortage of materials and suppliers. The Sports Support Group set aside funding to completely re-fit the canteen with new stainless steel benches and whilst there is still some minor works to be completed, the canteen should become fully operational this week after the completion of some plumbing. The result will be a canteen that we believe will be the envy of the other schools when they visit us at Curlew. Thanks to Mr. David Rowe for his time and effort with this project. For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to look around Curlew, I believe you will be pleasantly surprised with the transformation of the whole Curlew Park area including Brother Grundy Oval, the surface of the main ovals, the canteen precinct and the toilet block. This work is on-going and you will see still further improvement with a view towards Confraternity in 2012 (St Patrick’s 60th anniversary year). There has been so many people involved in these projects and their time and effort will, I am sure, be appreciated by the young gentleman who use Curlew. In closing, I encourage you all to support any endeavours undertaken by the College, the Parents and Friends, The Old Boy’s and the Sports and Cricket Support Group as these groups strive to provide as much as they can for the benefit of all our children now and for the future.


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COMMUNITY NEWS CONT’D The Paddies Van is Proudly Sponsored by:-

Tuesday Morn BBQ— Decker Park, Sandgate 7.25 am—9.00 am

Thursday Morning BBQ — Humpybong School 7. 30 am—9.00 am

Thursday Evening Street Van — Brisbane City 5.00 pm—8.45 pm

Tuesday, 15 March Joel Arthur, Callum Butkus, Aaron Caruana, Thomas Connolly, Jordan Daly, Kurt D’Amico, Gerard Denkes, Drew Dodswell

Thursday, 17 March Nicholas Durigon, Dominic Gills, Corey Gleadhill, Johannes Hoehensteiger, Oskar Kelly, Mitchell Lee, Liam Leeder

Thursday, 17 March Ethan Rigby, Rowan Flaherty, James Kelly, Lachlan Marsh, Nathan Genocchio

Saturday Night BBQ—Sandgate Sandgate Lagoon 5.45 pm—8.30 pm

Saturday, 19 March Sean O’Donnell,Joshua Sleat Harrison Ward, William Lambre

Please Note: If you cannot fulfil your commitment to take part in these service programs, please advise Mrs Righetti ASAP.

Uniform Shop TERM 2 UNIFORM YEARS 10,11,12 REQUIRE LONG TROUSERS & BLAZERS. ALL STUDENTS REQUIRE A TIE. As this is the first year trousers are compulsory winter wear it would be advisable to purchase these sooner rather later as 300 students all deciding to purchase these in the last week of Term 1 would be a logistical nightmare. Your cooperation in this regard would be appreciated.

Garden of Remembrance Over the past weekend the immediate and extended family of James McEwen (died 1973 as a student of the College) visited our new dedicated Garden of Remembrance to remember James and thank the College for the dedication. May James Rest In Peace.

BLAZERS ORDERED – A number of these have already arrived so please check if your son’s is here and available on balance of payment. MOUTHGUARDS – These are for sale @ $6.50 ea


Lost A tennis racquet has been misplaced outside a Year 5 classroom. It is a green and black Dunlop, Pat Rafter brand. The carry case it black and green. If found please contact the Student Office.


Fri         11/03  Susan Noden Foster, Susan Mobbs, Sue Fuhrmerster, Tanya Smith  Mon     14/03 

Karen Smyth, Melissa McKerihan, Katerina Camiller, Donelle McVeigh,  Francesca Jacovelli 

Tue       15/03  Gina MacPherson, Chris Hare, Judy Jones  Wed     16/03  Bonnie Flaherty, Noelene Jones, Janelle Lake  Thu       17/03  Suzanne Brough, Judith Ringer, Gina Jeffery  Fri         18/03  Nola Pederson, Jenny Evans, Trisha Fitzpatrick, Maree Denkes 

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March 12 AIC V’Ball/Cricket Rnd 6 (A)/ CIC Cricket Rnd 6 (H)

March 16 Year 5 Retreat/ Year 7 Rugby Trial (A) / QDU Rnd 1 Yr 9/11

March 18 Green and Gold Day/ St Patrick’s Day Liturgy/ Great Morven Race / IH Chess Finals

March 19 AIC V’Ball/Cricket Rnd 7 (H)/ CIC Cricket Rnd 7 (H)

March 21 Period 3 & 4 (5) 9 Maths, 10 Sci Exams / Per 5 Yr 12 Exam Procedure / Per 7 Yr 11 Exam Procedure

March 22 11—12 Exam Block / MT—3 Yr 7 Eventide Group

March 23 11-12 Exam Block / Per 3-4 9 Music Exam / Per 4-5 10 Graphics Exam / QDU Rnd 1 Yr 8/ Sen A

March 24 Year 11-12 Exam Block / Per 3-4, 8 Science, 10 Music Exams

March 25 Parent Son Retreat / AIC/CIC Rugby/Football Trials

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Issue 7 - Calling - (10 March 2011)  

I am very pleased to inform you that the new building is nearing completion and the College will accept the building on the 31 march. This w...