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18 November 2010

No. 36

Dear Members of the St Patrick’s Family, It is amazing how quickly this year is coming to a conclusion. Tonight we host the 2010 Year 12 Graduation Mass and Dinner. This is traditionally a very special night and I have no doubt that this year will be no different. Again I congratulate all those young men in Year 12 on successfully completing their journey at St. Patrick’s College and for being such good role models to the rest of the students. I wish each of them the very best and I am confident that their experiences at St. Patrick’s College will put them in good stead for what confronts them in their journey ahead. With the Year 12 students finishing up there are also many families who finish their association with St. Patrick’s College. To all of those families finishing up I express my deepest appreciation for the support you have given to your son whilst he has been at St. Patrick’s College. I wish all those families leaving St. Patrick’s College this year the very best and extend an invitation for them to remain part of the extended St. Patrick’s College Community. The Ashes Dinner is on this weekend. There are still some seats available so come along and have a great night and at the same time help support the Cricket program at St. Patrick’s College. All bookings can be made via the College Office. As the end of year approaches I am currently finalising staffing for 2011. The following staff movement and new staff arrivals have been finalised: Staff Departures  Natalie Phelan  Luke O’Grady  Mark Mewburn (leave for two years)  Tim Draper (end of contract)  Lisa Preeby (end of contract) Staff Arrivals  Emily Rotta—Counsellor  Katerina Georgakis—Head of Curriculum SOSE  Matthew Seers—Head of Curriculum Blended Learning  John Cross—Rice House Dean  Selina Fisk—HPE, Maths and Science teacher Clinton Hall and Anne-Louise Newman will be returning from leave. The College has also appointed Josh McCloughan as Director of Football for 2011. Last week I commented on the importance of appropriate preparation by students for their assignments and exams. The assessment period continues and it is imperative that all students prepare as well as possible for these exams. As parents we can support our children by ensuring distractions to study such as TV, computers, phones and Facebook are removed leading into their exams. This can sometimes be difficult but the benefits are worth it. On Monday 29 November the India Immersion from St. Patrick’s College departs. Fr Liam, along with staff David Gardiner, Matthew Hawkins and Michael Phillips and Year 11 Students Blake Henley, Nick Siliato, Joe Shearman, Jackson Da Forno, Aaron Hogg, Jock Power, Aaron Loader and Jack Nolan travel for 3 weeks throughout India. We wish each of them the very best and look forward to their reflections when they return. Finally this week, school will finish next Friday, 26 November, at 1.30pm. There will be a Christmas Liturgy in the Callan Centre beginning at 12.45pm. All parents are very welcome to attend this final liturgy for 2010. Have a great week. God Bless

End of Year Christmas Liturgy Friday, 26 November in the Callan Centre Commencing at 12.45pm

Dr Michael Carroll College Principal

STUDENTS Frank Torrisi The end of the school year is very near with the Year 10 and 11 students entering Block Examinations and all other year levels having significant assessment to complete. It is essential that studies take utmost priority over the next week. All Year 5-9 students will be dismissed at 1.30pm on Friday, 26 November. I ask parents to ensure their son is attending school right up to this date. Normal buses will be arranged to transport the students at this time. Before going on holidays, every student must have all his assessment complete. He must also return all library and textbooks. Year 8-11 students must empty and clean their lockers and leave their locks locked on the outside of the locker. If a student loses his lock he will be charged a $10 replacement fee. I would like to thank all parents for your continuing support and involvement in your son’s education. We frequently promote the value of partnerships with families at St Patrick’s and I have been very pleased with the level of commitment from our families.

time together.

 Block Exams is a privilege not a

Exit Procedures for Years 10 and 11: All students in Year 10 and 11 will be required to complete a form before they have the privilege of Block exams. The form will be required to be signed off by various staff members. Library books by Library Staff, Lockers and Locks by House Deans, Assessment by Mr Campbell and incomplete duties/detentions by Mr Torrisi. The form has been developed to make students accountable and serves as a check that your son has completed all his duties at school. Yr 11 students will be dismissed throughout period 7 once they have completed their exit process

 All normal school rules apply.  Students must attend school in full


Exam Block Privileges: All students in Years 10 and 11 will commence what is known as block exams. This allows boys to stay home when they do not have an exam. This time should be used in a productive way that will assist them to achieve the best possible results. It is definitely not a time to get extra hours at their part time jobs. The library is available for those students who wish to study at school. Some items that need to I would like to wish every family a very be reinforced are: happy and holy Christmas. I hope you are all safe and enjoy the valuable family

school uniform, even if they are only coming to school for a short period of time.  Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds for any reason during the day if they are at school for the whole day.  IPods and Mobile phone are not permitted to be used on the school grounds. Lost Property—We have a lot of lost property in the Student Office. If your son has misplaced any items throughout the Term could you please come in and check as soon as possible as all uniform items will be sent to the uniform shop to be resold if not claimed by the end of the year.

COLLEGE DEAN David Gardiner Employment Opportunity - IT Student Support Officer To support the College’s newly introduced Netbook program we are seeking a full-time IT Student Support Officer to join our IT Department commencing January 2011. This position is a School Officer Level 3 Step 1. Applications close 22nd November 2010. Please refer to our College Website under ‘Discover St Patrick’s’ and ‘Employment Opportunities’ for further information Tertiary qualifications at Certificate level or equivalent qualifications relevant to the position may be required or such knowledge, qualifications and experience that are deemed by the College as necessary to successfully carry out the duties of the position.

2011 Business Directory The College has begun production of the 2011 Family and Business Directory. The St Patrick’s College Family and Business Directory is a listing of family contact details plus businesses that are actively associated with or suppliers to the College. The Business Directory is a great way to advertise your business and support St Patrick’s College. Participating in the Directory also includes electronic exposure through our St Patrick’s College Online Business Directory. Please check it out online at the College Website, under ‘Our Community’ and ‘Business and Community Links’. This publication goes to every family in our College plus to the wider community. To become an advertiser on the St Patrick’s College Business Directory and Online Business Directory, please contact the Business Directory Administrator for advertising costs and application requirements. Business Directory Administrator - Phone (07) 3631 9057 Fax (07) 3631 9001 Email Please apply before 30 November to enable us to meet printing deadlines.

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Mon B 22 Nov


Per 1-2 Science Per 3-4 (5) Maths Per 3-4 (5) Ext Maths

Tue B 23 Nov

(No Assembly) Per 3-4 Maths

(No Assembly) Per 3-4 Science

Wed B 24 Nov


8.50 CC Cr Maths 8.50 CC Ext Maths (1)

12.00 CC Shop A Th

8.40 CC Ext Maths (2) 12.30 O210 Indonesian Reading 8.50 S2G1/2 Graphics

Thu B 25 Nov Per 4-5 Shop B Th

12.00 CC Geog 12.00 CC SoSE Fri B 26 Nov

8.50 CC Shop B Th


8.30 E209 Chemistry 11.40 S2G1/2 Graphics 2.00 D0C5-6 Cert I/II in IT 8.50 CC Maths A 8.50 CC Maths B 12.00 CC IPT 12.00 S1W1 11B Furn 8.40 CC SoR 10.50 CC Mar St 1.10 CC Leg St 8.40 CC PE 11.00 CC History 11.00 S1M1 11A Engineering 1.20 CC Geog 1.20 CC MultiStrand 8.50 CC Maths C 8.50 C201 Music 8.50 S1M1 11B Engin 12.00 S2C1 Accounting 12.00 S1W1 11A Furn

experience. We recognise that not all 3. Current Year 12 Students For our Year 12s, this stage of life’s students will need to access these long journey is completed. We have sites, but the White Card course reached the end of the section, and forms a valuable introduction to their At this time of year there emerges an many of you are still at the Industrial Safety unit. If your son did extra year group which needs to be crossroads, wondering where to go not attend this course and he is taking considered when planning activities within from here. Many of our VET students Work Environment next year, please the Vocational Education Department. We have secured apprenticeships and see Mr Webb in the Vocational now need to plan for our current Year traineeships, and are “set”. Others Education Office. 10s who will begin their vocational have opted for further studies, and education studies in Year 11 in the new have enrolled in selected T.A.F.E. school year. As well as students who have 2. Current Year 11 Students courses. Well done to you all. For By this stage, Year 11s will be selected vocational competency courses in those who are still a little confused, completing their last day at their the Industrial Arts areas of Furnishing and remember that the school is still open final work placement for the year. Engineering, we also have vocational for two more weeks after this, and Please make sure that all Log Books education students in I.T., Live Production, my office remains open to you for are completed and returned to the Community Recreation and Work any assistance that you need. I also Vocational Education Office. Environment subjects. Attendance at SWL is the final am frequently sent lists of vacant competency that needs to be 1. Current Year 10 Students apprenticeships for which you can demonstrated for the Certificate I to I would like to quickly draw the apply. For example, Powerlink is still be awarded. By now, the Year 11 attention of students who have looking for applicants to work in the students will have completed four enrolled in the Work Environment electricity supply industry. We have work placements, and many of them (Certificate I in Work Education) an Auto Mechanic apprenticeship have decided on their future subject for next year. By now, you which is still open for applications, directions. Students may have made should all have received an Daikin Air Conditioning, etc, just to their choices as to which trade or information pack about Structured name a few. Ms Moody has quite an work area they would like to get into. Workplace Learning (SWL or Work extensive list ... but remember, these If this is the case, it will be very Placement). This work experience are positions that you can apply for, valuable to start considering the component is a compulsory aspect of you must win them on your merits, so possibility of a School-based this course. If you have not completed let us help you with your application Apprenticeship or Traineeship. There the forms enclosed in that information and resume. are currently ten students at this pack and returned them to Ms College who are undertaking SchoolMoody, please address this straight Best of luck for all your future based Apprenticeships, with a couple away, as Ms Moody is starting to endeavours. more ready for signing in the very organise the work placements for near future. If you require more First Term. Also, students should have Phil Webb information about Australian Schoolattended the Construction Safety Head of Department, Vocational based Apprenticeships (ASbA), Induction White Card Course at Education and Careers. please contact the Vocational College to allow them to enter Education Office on 3631 9072. construction sites as part of their SWL VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND CAREERS DEPARTMENT

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ATTENTION YEAR 10 2011 MATH EXTENSION STUDENTS The Ti-nspire CAS click pad (grey in colour) is the compulsory calculator for students in Year 10 Math Extension for 2011. We may have a small number of these calculators available to buy second hand from students who no longer require them after this year. Please contact Mr Schultz through if you are looking to purchase this way. Page 4

IDENTITY & MINISTRY Mark Ellison This too shall pass. With the end of the 2010 school year just one week away, this phrase seems an appropriate theme for my final Calling article. It is another phrase taken from Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth, and one which I have found myself repeating many times during the past 12 months. At face value, “this too shall pass” is a thought that provides comfort during the tough times in life - a reminder that all difficulties, and all forms of suffering will one day subside. In his first book, Lance Armstrong, who underwent surgery to remove cancer from his brain, lungs and testicles, followed by the most aggressive chemotherapy available, and then went on to win the most gruelling event on earth – the Tour de France – seven years in a row, wrote: “Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit however, it lasts forever. So when I feel like quitting, I ask myself, which would I rather live with? Finding a way to go on is the real reward, better than any trophy”. However, while the thought this too shall pass is helpful during tough times - like when my kids are throwing another tantrum, at a deeper level it is so much more valuable during the good times – like this afternoon listening to Charlie, who is now four months old, having his first real

laugh, or tonight when I was dancing with Will and Ruby. The reminder that this too shall pass - that I will never get this moment again - that my kids will grow up - that they too someday shall pass, as will all my possessions and positions, and indeed my own life - is a reminder to immerse myself completely and utterly in the present moment. Rather than spoiling the good stuff in our lives by being afraid of losing it, the knowledge and acceptance that losing the good stuff is an absolute certainty, enables us to fully enjoy what we have now, and to soak up every last drop of this very moment. The impermanence of all things is a major teaching of Buddhism, and is also found within Christianity. However, while Jesus tells us not to store up treasures on earth where moth and rust destroy, he says the treasures we store up in heaven can never be destroyed. St Paul’s most famous reading reminds us that while all else will disappear, faith, hope and love remain, and the greatest of these is love. We believe as Christians that while all earthly effects will pass, that which we call God is eternal. And science agrees. I remember the first time I heard as a child that our sun would one day explode, taking the Earth and all of the planets of our solar system with it, and the feeling of dread that accompanied this knowledge. But our sun will die, every one of us will

die, and every physical thing that exists in our universe will also die. However, as Tolle says “death is not the opposite of life. Life has no opposite”. Science tells us that every death is that start of new life. Our planet only exists because of the explosion of a massive star some five billion years ago, the remnants of which form every atom in our bodies. The death of our own sun will create a whole new series of stars, planets and life forms billions of years into the future. In the same way science tells us that every one of the atoms that forms our physical body upon our death will flow through billions of other living organisms for billions of years to come. The 2010 school year will conclude next week. And while the joys, successes, tragedy and heartache we have experienced will be felt for years to come, the ending of this year signifies the birth of a new school year, with new joys and sufferings, and with endless possibilities and opportunities to make it the best year of our lives, and to live every moment as if it is our last. I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a very happy new year. God bless.

Mark Mewburn Parents – Participate in Parenting Questionnaire and be rewarded A PHD candidate seeks approximately 1000 parents to complete a questionnaire which takes around 30 minutes to complete online. The study is really a simple series of questionnaires about being a parent, and about general wellbeing. By completing the survey in full, participants will be placed into the draw to win one of four (4) Westfield Vouchers, valued at either $250, $100, $100, or

$50! By completing the survey in full, participants will also receive a free ebook (valued at $19.95) describing three keys to successful childrearing. The ebook includes one of the questionnaires in this survey with a score chart so you can see exactly how participants score on this survey. If you would like to participate in the questionnaire: parentingsurvey

Coming Careers Events  20th Nov - UQ Bay Fest at Moreton Bay – 10-3pm - 34099058  20th Dec – UQ Options Evening – St Lucia Campus  21st Dec – Real Decisions at QUT – Garden’s Point campus – 10 – 2pm

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ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR OF SPORT—LUKE DONATINI As we are now nearing the close of 2010 schooling year it is vital that not only do all St Patrick’s College students really focus on their studies and exams but also remember the importance of constantly staying fit and active as well. It is terrific to see so many students getting prepared for the 2011 sporting seasons of swimming, cricket and volleyball (as well as Rugby and Football) with good numbers turning up to training, skills and fitness sessions. I encourage any student who is wishing to have a successful 2011 sporting year, not to take your preparation for granted and make sure that you get started on some good ‘base fitness’ work within your chosen sport/s now until the start of the 2011 CIC and AIC season. Once again, please remember that your main priority and focus should always be your school work and study but also to find a good balance of sporting and social activity. Please stay committed to your goals and do everything possible to achieve them each and every day. Last Monday evenings was the SPC Sports Support Group AGM and Meeting. We really do appreciate that we have so many interested parents who are willing and prepared to assist with the support of our sporting program at St Patrick’s College. The meeting had a positive feel about it with lots of energy and if this is an indicator of what it is to be like in 2011 we are confident that more great things will be accomplished and a good time had by all involved.

parents getting involved in the next chapter of this exciting support group in 2011. We invite all SPC parents to assist the Sport Support Group and hope you can make it to the next meeting which will be held on the first Monday in February of 2011. To register your interest please contact the Sport Support Group Secretary – Br Chris Pritchard via e-mail on It would be remiss of me not to also acknowledge the hard work of all those involved in the SPC Cricket Support Group and the great contribution they have made to Cricket at the College. To Mark and Helen Jones, together with the handful of loyal cricketing parents who consistently assist the College with its cricketing program, we sincerely thank you for your support, commitment and enthusiasm for SPC Cricket in 2010 and leading into 2011 with the running of SPC Half Season Cricket. The added fundraising in 2010 that the Cricket Support Group has offered to both our cricketing program and the betterment of facilities has been greatly appreciated. We are extremely fortunate to have such devoted parents and families involved both in the SSG and the CSG. Once again THANK YOU!!

St Patrick’s College Family Home Stays Over the past months we have received some enquiries and interest from families We would like to take this opportunity to living in regional areas asking whether St publicly acknowledge the work and Patrick’s College were able to commitment by all those involved in 2010 accommodate their son. From such with supporting St Patrick’s College sport. enquiries both Dr Carroll and I have had Many thanks for the many hours of work lengthy discussions and we would like to with the running of the Curlew Park and explore the avenue of possible future Callan Centre Canteen on game days, the ‘Home Stay’ situations that may be a annual Trivia Night and all the other viable option for such regional families minor fundraising ventures. Their efforts giving their son the opportunity to attend are extremely appreciated and we thank St Patrick’s College. them for their dedication to the SPC Sports Support Group. We look forward If there are any current St Patrick’s to seeing even more families involved in College families who may be interested in 2011as active members of the College’s being part of this potential ‘Home Stay Sport Support Group. Program’, we ask that you contact Mr Donatini (Director of Sport) during We would also like to thank Cameron College working hours for further Herpich who has again accepted the information. Mr Donatini can be contacted position of Sports Support Group Chair in on 3631 9029 or alternately 2011 along with Terry McMahon as Deputy Chair. The current interest in the College’s Sports Support Group is very good and we look forward to even more

Congratulations on Recent Success  Ty Collins (Year 12) – This week Ty Collins was offered a 100% athletics scholarship to the NCAA Division One University, Old Dominion College, Virginia Beach USA. Not only will Ty be training and swimming for Old Dominion, he will also be studying Psychology as part of this scholarship. We not only congratulate Ty but believe that this will be a wonderful opportunity for him to further his swimming aspirations. Ty will begin his scholarship in August of 2011.  Hamish Thompson (Year 9) – We have received some glowing reports from people outside of the SPC cricketing community about the notable leadership qualities displayed by Hamish whilst he participates in this year’s Anstey La Franz cricket competition. We would also like to congratulate Hamish as his as proven to be a great ambassador for our College both on and off the sporting field. Well done mate! SPC Cricket Coaches We are calling for anyone within the St Patrick’s community who is interested and wishing to coach cricket for our College in 2011 to contact our Ryan Schultz (SPC Coaching Administrator) and pass on the following information:  Name  Contact details (phone numbers, e-mail address etc)  Cricket Coaching Experience  Coaching year level preference  Blue Card Details (If you have one. If you do not we can arrange for your application)  Shirt size All interested coaches can send the above information to: Mr Ryan Schultz – Ryan can be contacted on 3631 9045 during College office hours. .

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SPC CIC and AIC 2011 Cricket Sign On The sign on for all 2011 CIC Cricket and AIC Cricket was held last week on various Lunchtimes. Should any student miss this sign on, they are to see Mr Ryan Schultz to register their name and have it added to the list. All students wishing to play cricket for St Patrick’s College in 2011 are asked to sign on so that number of teams for 2011 can be established.

SWIMMING CO-ORDINATOR—SHANE BOWDEN St. Patrick’s Swimming in Season 2010/2011 Swimming training is in full swing for 2010/11 with large numbers of boys training very hard to drop their times and get the most out of their swimming. Whether you are an elite swimmer looking to train with some of Australia’s and the world’s best coaches in Ken Wood and his staff, or just someone who is looking to improve their fitness, please come down and get involved. Swimming times for Term 4 are as follows: TUESDAY (SANDGATE POOL, FLINDERS PDE): 6:15am – 7:30am WEDNESDAY (REDCLIFFE POOL, SYDNEY ST REDCLIFFE): 5:45am – 7:30am THURSDAY (REDCLIFFE POOL, SYDNEY ST REDCLIFFE):3:45pm – 5:00pm There will be buses to take the boys to school after morning training and a bus take the boys to Thursday afternoon training at Redcliffe. Parents will need to drop the boys off to morning training and pick up after Thursday training. Could all boys please wear their St. Pat’s swim caps and bring swim fins if they have them. The College has purchased a limited supply of fins for the boys but we will run out, particularly in the bigger sizes. If any boys are interested in becoming involved with extra training, or holiday training at Redcliffe, please see me or contact the ladies at the pool during training. There are a range of squads and lessons available ranging from stroke correction and technique work, right through to elite national training squads. The coaching here is the best available. The swim camp this year runs from Sunday the 9th of January until Wednesday the 12th of January and is at the Gold Coast Sports Super Centre, Runaway Bay. The cost for the 4 days is $305.00. This includes all meals, use of state of the art training facilities and accommodation. The cost has risen this year due to the Sports Super Centre increasing their prices. Over the course of the 4 days, the boys will be training up to 3 sessions per day, plus engaging in a mini-lifesaving carnival, trips to the beach and the movies. Every year places fill very fast for the camp with the cut-off date to have names in being this Friday (19/11), so if interested please contact Ms Donna Day at the front office as soon as possible. Letters are available at the Student Office for collection.

GYM CO-ORDINATOR—COREY MEEHAN Gym Holiday Hours: 29 November 2010 to 17 December 2010 Mon – Thurs 8am-11am Gym Closed 20 December 2010 – 7 January 2011 10 January 2011 – 24 January 2011 Mon – Thurs 8am-11am

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RESOURCE CENTRE There are less than three weeks to end of term. All library resources are due back NO LATER than 19th November. There are a large number of resources still outstanding or “missing”. Please have a “mothers’ look” at home to check you have nothing overdue or if you are unsure of your borrowings pop into the Resource Centre and the ladies will be able to help you. Books are very expensive to replace and any outstanding books at the end of the year will be added to your school fees. (No one needs this expense at Christmas). No questions will be asked – just place books into return box. Happy hunting!

Uniform Shop WATER BOTTLES FOR NEW HOUSES now available for $6. HELP NEEDED BACK TO SCHOOL TRADING 9am – 2pm 12 TO 22 JANUARY 2011 – If you think you may be able to help next year please let me know at the shop or phone 36319055. I always confirm the week before trading starts as circumstances may change. THANKYOU to the ladies who have volunteered for Saturday 20/11 9am-2pm. SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR FOR YEARS 7 & 8 & CORE MATHS STUDENTS available from the shop for $27. THANKYOU TO ALL THE HELPERS IN THE UNIFORM SHOP THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. It has been a great help and very much appreciated. Last trading day for this year Thurs 25 November. Trading Hours term time Tues 12-4pm, Wed 10am-2pm, Thurs 7.30-11.30am.

Ordination to the Presbyterate of Bryan Roe Bryan Gerard Roe was a student of St Patrick’s College from Year 4 through to Year 12 when he graduated in 1986. While at the College, Bryan was an above average academic student and represented his College in Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics (1500m) and 1st IV Tennis. Bryan felt the Call to the Priesthood at the age of 12 as an altar server at Sacred Heart, Sandgate, but put it on hold to further a Professional Tennis career. At the Australian Open, 1988, he narrowly went down to World Number 5, Ivan Lendl, having had one Match Point. In 1989, Bryan suddenly contracted Guillain-Barre disease, named after the French Doctors who worked it out, which left him paralysed for a while and in a wheel chair for three years. During his convalescence, Bryan pursued the University Degrees of Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Business. Then he continued studying to complete a Master Degree in IT and a Master of Theology. Bryan returned to accept his Call, was received by the Archbishop of Brisbane and now, the first from his Alma Mater in three decades, will be ordained to the Presbyterate, Priesthood, on Wednesday 8th December at 7.30pm in the Cathedral of St Stephen. St Patrick’s College rejoices with Bryan. Congratulations.

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Lost Property               

Hat embroidered with name ‘D. Lucas’ Spray Jacket embroidered with name ‘Weekes’ Spray Jacket with name Patrick Squire Blue Esky with a Thermos Flask inside Spray Jacket embroidered with name ‘Wieland’ Hat embroidered with ‘E. Harvey’ Spray Jacket embroidered with name “Turk’ Grey Pullover size 16 with name ‘Browning’ on the label Lost BMX Bike Helmut Grey Pullover with name Steven Pettigrew on tag Grey Adidas drawstring bag with Smash Pencil Case, Diary and Glasses belonging to Tyler Caruana TI-30XB Calculator belonging to Robert Peredo Yr 8 Lost Basketball singlet lent to a Year 9 or 10 student at the Ipswich game. Hat embroidered with ‘R. Browning’ Asics Joggers belonging to Liam Campbell—Please return to the Student Office immediately

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COMMUNITY NEWS CONT’D Publication of school financial information INSERT 1 - School financial information to be published This year, for the first time, the Australian Government requires all schools to provide specific information about the sources of income they receive. This information will be published on the My School website at from December 3. While Catholic school authorities have reported financial information to government for many years, this website will now allow comparisons of funding and income levels both between Catholic schools and between schooling sectors. Particularly with a review of Federal government school funding currently underway, it is important that parents and school communities are aware of the facts in relation to school funding and the reasons why it varies. Over the next few weeks I will include some information about how Catholic schools are funded that has been provided by the Queensland Catholic Education Commission. QCEC has also prepared a series of Questions and Answers in relation to the school income information and I encourage you to visit and follow the Publication of school financial information link to find out more details. INSERT 2 – How are Catholic schools funded ? The information that will be published on the My School website is designed to show the resources available to different schools. Catholic schools are funded by Australian and State Government grants as well as by school fees and other contributions. On average, Catholic schools receive 52% of their income from the Australian Government, 21% from State Government and the rest, 27%, is made up by contributions from parents and the community. According to the latest figures available from the National Report on Schooling 2008, the Catholic school sector in Australia on average received $5,673 per student from the Australian Government, $2,012 from the State Government, and $3,059 from parent and community contributions. This was a total of $10,744 per student. In 2008/09 state schools nationally received on average $12,639 per student in government funding. Therefore, Catholic schools receive only about 61% of the total government funding received by state schools.

It is hoped that the review of Australian Government funding currently underway will help close the gap between the amount of government funding received by Catholic schools and that received by government schools. For more details about how Catholic schools are funded I encourage you to visit and follow the Publication of school financial information link. INSERT 3 – Why does the level of income received by Catholic schools vary? The school income information to be published on the My School website will show that levels of school income vary, in some cases significantly. Every school community is unique in its circumstances and the families it serves, and there is a range of factors that affect the level of government grants and other income received. These factors include things such as the size of a school, its socio -economic status score, numbers of Indigenous students or students with special needs, a rural or remote location, among others. Special targeted funding programs such as the National Partnerships Program in literacy and numeracy can account for differences in income levels of schools. Catholic schools in Queensland have also agreed to work together to help allocate government funding in the fairest way possible according to their own needs criteria. Fees and levies for Catholic schools are set by our Diocese/Board/Parish taking into account the costs of operating our school that cannot be met by the government grants received. We need to strike a balance in setting fees which allows us to keep our school viable, while providing a quality education comparable with other schools, which in the case of State schools, are fully funded by government. The capacity of school communities to raise additional funds through fundraising activities also accounts for some variations in income levels. Our philosophy in Catholic education is to strive to make our schools accessible to all families who seek their values. For more details about why income levels of schools vary I encourage you to visit follow the Publication of school financial information link. Page 11


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The Paddies Van is Proudly Sponsored by:Tuesday Morn BBQ— Decker Park, Sandgate 7.25 am—9.00 am

Thursday Morning BBQ — Humpybong School 7. 30 am—9.00 am

Thursday Evening Street Van — Brisbane City 5.00 pm—8.45 pm

Saturday Night BBQ—Sandgate Rotunda 5.45 pm—8.30 pm

Tuesday, 23 November Josh Smith, Daniel McLaughlin

Thursday, 25 November Josh Smith, Daniel McLaughlin

Thursday, 25 November William Hayes, Liam Powell

Saturday, 27 November TBA

Please Note: If you cannot fulfil your commitment to take part in these service programs, please advise Mr Ellison ASAP.



Fri          19/11 

Nola Pedersen, Trisha Fitzpatrick, Jenny Evans 

Mon      22/11 

Gerry Polkinghorne, Jen Smith, Michelle Steen 

Tue        23/11 

Kerri Wrench, Carmel Moir, Sharyn Mula 

Wed      24/11 

Leigh Shaw, Bronwyn Hawkins, Stephanie Ingeri, Melinda Pahany 

Thu        25/11 

Marianne ReFoy, Gius na Lawlor, Tabitha Baker, Jodi Hansen 

Fri          26/11 

Debra Phillpot, Sandra Messina, Maria Neilson, Vera Woods 

I am proud to announce that the winner or the Kennedy House Herpich Family Perpetual Award for 2010 goes to Kurt Hoffmann (Year 12) for his outstanding contributions throughout the year. The stunning glass trophy and accompanying perpetual shield award is presented every year to the student in Kennedy House who demonstrates a strong commitment to all areas across the House and “has held the sword and shield of Kennedy House high”. Many thanks to Cameron & Angela Herpich who have generously continued to sponsor this award and who also take a keen interest in its presentation each year. Congratulations Kurt! John Tucker Kennedy House Dean

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What a finish to 2010 for Quane House a comprehensive first in Debating with all three teams taking out their respective divisions, what an effort. What can be said about House Choir two in a row, what a polished performance again, look out for 2011 and three in a row. Richard Gradwell—Quane House Dean

Ryan House Christmas Appeal Traditionally, the Christmas period usually ignites a sense of giving within us all. In the past we have given generously to a number of causes. This year Ryan House would like to help a particularly worthy cause with their unique Christmas celebrations. The Edmund Rice Camps are a charity that runs recreational camps for children aged 6-16 years that are experiencing some form of disadvantage in their life (ranging from abuse and neglect to physical and psychological disorders). This year the camps have managed to attract so many volunteers that they will be able to take 60 young people away for a well-deserved respite in the lead up to Christmas. However, fundraising barely covers their costs, let alone extras. We are looking to provide at least 60 gifts to the camps so that each child will not only enjoy a break, but will also receive what might be their only gift this year. Donations of toys (or other suitable gifts) that would suit children aged 6-10 and 11-14 would be most welcome. Mostly boys attend the camps, though there are some girls lucky enough to attend this year. Items such as movie tickets and store gift vouchers would be ideal. If you can’t afford a toy or voucher, we’d love to give them plenty of chocolates and lollies too, so feel free to send along any treats that you can afford. Donations can be left with Mr Charles Brauer (Acting Ryan House Dean).

Ryan House will gratefully accept donations of any of the above items from any St Pat’s family! THANKS Page 14


November 19 Year 7 Retreat / Year 9 Core A Expo

November 22

Year 10-11 Exam Block / Year 8 Science Exam / Year 9 Maths/Adv Maths Exam

November 23 Year 10-11 Exam Block / Year 8 Maths and Year 9 Science Exams

November 24

Year 10-11 Exam Block

November 25 Year 10-11 Exam Block / Year 9 Shop B Theory Test

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Issue 36 - Calling - 18 November 2010  

It is amazing how quickly this year is coming to a conclusion. Tonight we host the 2010 Year 12 Graduation Mass and Dinner. This is tradit...

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