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21 November 2013

Dear Members of the St. Patrick’s College Community This week I have had the opportunity to spend some time with the Year 11 students as part of their Leadership program. It was a very positive couple of days where the staff and students worked together in preparation for the important journey of leadership in 2014. The group was very focused on ensuring the legacy of the high standard of student leadership which we have experienced previously will be continued in 2014. They are currently finalising their plans for next year with the view of communicating this to the St Patrick’s College Community early in 2014. I am very confident that they will be an outstanding leadership group. We are rapidly approaching the end of the academic year with the holidays just around the corner. Year 10 and 11 students commence their exam block on Monday with students in other year levels also being involved with exams next week. It is very important that all students are spending time preparing for these upcoming exams. Key ingredients to academic success include regular revision, correct equipment, a good nights sleep before exams and of course early planning. These ingredients and others are vital over the next week for your son. Br Col Fitzgerald has been in hospital over the last few weeks and has recently moved into the Holy Spirit Complex at Carseldine. His health is improving however, I do ask the St Patrick’s College Community to continue to keep Br Col in our thoughts and prayers. Finally this week, I wish to publically acknowledge the extraordinary contributions of the Year 12 class of 2013. Last Thursday evening staff, parents and the Year 12 students celebrated liturgy and dinner. It was a special evening and an excellent way to conclude their journey at St Patrick’s College. Congratulations and well done Year 12 2013.

Have a great week

Dr Michael Carroll College Principal


A Catholic Boys' School in the Edmund Rice Tradition catering for Years 5 to 12

College Dean

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Mr David Gardiner

AP Identity

Mr Matthew Hawkins

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Campus Minister

Mr Paul Corfield

In the evening it was a pleasure to hear different perspectives on leadership from two very successful St Pat’s Old Boys, former Courier Mail Editor Michael Crutcher and Damien Gallagher who is Chair of the St Patrick’s Foundation. Both men have been very successful in many business endeavours throughout their careers. One thing that stood out from both the speakers was how they talked about the importance of Seniors setting the tone for the rest of the school to follow. They both discussed how in their time as seniors they had a cohort that was dedicated to making sure that what they did had a positive influence One of the sessions I was involved with was getting the boys to look at their roles of Big Brother and their vision for on the rest of the school. Next we were able to reflect with the boys about the challenge they set for us in turning our themselves as Seniors in the school. The Big Brother program is one of the highlights of the pastoral program at words and pledges into action. As we finished up the St Patrick’s College and being a Group Tutor I really see first retreat the words from Invictus remained and let the boys know that their destiny was in their own hands hand how seniors can really guide the younger students and how by fostering a strong relationship they can set the “ I am the master of my fate: tone for how that young man begins his journey at the I am the captain of my soul” College. In this session we explored the challenges of being a Big Brother and what it took to establish a strong relationship. One student summed it up best when he said that he didn’t think it was too much to ask to take 10 minutes out of the day to talk to little brothers and just ask them how things are going. I hope all our Seniors realise the tremendous impact they have on their little brothers and how they are a big part of the journey of students through their time at the College. On Monday and Tuesday the current Year 11 group began their first steps into the senior leadership they take next year. Over the course of the two day retreat the boys were taken through a variety of different activities each aimed at getting them to explore the responsibilities they take on next year. It is always a pleasure to be able to attend the leadership camps with these young men as it really gives you an indication of how far they have really come in their schooling lives.

Dear Students of St Patricks College. Please accept a cheque for $1,000 which our little school community of St Flannan’s Zillmere raised for those staff and students travelling to India over the holiday period. When Tom Lahey, Hayden Piercy, Mr Hawkins and Fr Liam came to visit our school, they shared with us some extraordinary stories of the work that they are involved in when they travel over to India. Hearing the real and moving stories of these students gave us the inspiration to Fundraise for such a worthy cause. We are proud that our small community of 290 students could raise $1,000. We are also proud to know that our support has been able to help those less fortunate and really make a difference for others. We wish all the staff and students a safe and rewarding trip. We understand that this opportunity for those young men going, will be a life changing and life giving experience. May God’s blessing be on each and every one of them as they carry out Jesus’s message in their own unique way. We will look forward to meeting up with some of the students next year so they can share their stories once again with us. Mrs Louise Olley Assistant Principal Religious Education

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AP Curriculum At the beginning of 2014, it will be necessary to roll out laptops to all new and returning students. This will take place in January when boys arrive to collect uniforms and text books. On the following days students will be required to collect laptops from the top level of the Waterford Building. Friday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

17 January 20 January 21 January 22 January 23 January 24 January

Year 7 Year 8 Years 8 & 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12

AP Student Formation The end of the school year is very near with the Year 10 and 11 students entering Block Examinations and all other year levels having significant assessment to complete. It is essential that studies take utmost priority over the next week. All Year 5-9 students will be dismissed at 1.30pm on Friday, 29 November. I ask parents to ensure their son is attending school right up to this date. Normal buses will be arranged to transport students at this time. Before going on holidays, every student must have all his assessment complete. He must also return all library and textbooks. Year 7-11 students must empty and clean their lockers and leave their locks locked on the outside of the locker. If a student loses his lock he will be charged a $15 replacement fee. I would like to thank all parents for your continuing support and involvement in your son’s education. We frequently promote the value of partnerships with families at St Patrick’s and I have been very pleased with the level of commitment from our families. I am very much looking forward to working with you next year. I would like to wish every family a very happy and holy Christmas. I hope you are all safe and enjoy the valuable family time together.

Mr Chris Campbell The computers will be handed out from W204-205. Parents will be required to have completed the “Acceptable Use Policy” before the laptops can be taken. This policy is available online and can be accessed through the parent portal of the College webpage. Parents can locate the necessary tick box under Annual Permissions. Once the computers are collected parents and students will move downstairs to W103-104, where our Curriculum Leader Blended Learning, Mr Seers, will conduct a laptop induction course. These will take place on the hour and last 20-30 mins. New students must purchase the reinforced laptop bags which were used this year. It is recommended that existing students wanting to purchase a new bag order in advance from Mrs Bowden in the Uniform Shop. Students names will be embroidered onto the bags.

Mr Frank Torrisi EXAM BLOCK PRIVILEGES All students in Years 10 and 11 will commence block exams. This allows boys to stay home when they do not have an exam. This time should be used in a productive way that will assist them to achieve the best possible results. It is definitely not a time to get extra hours at their part time jobs. The library is available for those students who wish to study at school. Some items that need to be reinforced are:  Block Exams is a privilege not a right.  All normal school rules apply.  Students must attend school in full school uniform, even if they are only coming to school for a short period of time.  Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds for any reason during the day if they are at school for the whole day.  IPods and mobile phone are not permitted to be used on the school grounds. LOST PROPERTY

EXIT PROCEDURES FOR YEARS 10 AND 11 All students in Year 10 and 11 will be required to complete a form before they have the privilege of block exams. The form will be required to be signed off by various staff members. Library books by Library Staff, lockers and locks, by House Deans, assessment, by Mr Campbell and incomplete duties/ detentions by Mr Torrisi. The form has been developed to make students accountable and serves as a check that your son has completed all his duties at school. Year 11 students will be dismissed throughout period 5 once they have completed their exit process and the Year 10 students will exit during period 7. If any student has not been able to exit he will be required to remain at school until 3.05. He will be required on Monday 25 November at 8.30am and report to his House Dean until all incomplete assessment or detentions have been completed.

We have a lot of lost property in the Student Office. If your son has misplaced any items throughout the Term could you please come in and check as soon as possible as all uniform items will be sent to the uniform shop to be resold if not claimed by the end of the year

St Patrick’s College Calling | 5

Director of Culture

Mr Geoff Samuels

In 2014, Harvest Rain is giving young amateur performers from across South-East Queensland the opportunity to take part in a large-scale arena presentation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's CATS, the largest production of the classic musical ever staged in the southern hemisphere. Australia's leading lady of musical theatre, Marina Prior, will star as Grizabella in this record breaking production, along with a core cast of professional musical theatre performers. Surrounding this cast will be a large youth ensemble made up of over 500 young amateur performers from across South-East Queensland.

AUDITION DATES Auditions will be held from the 2nd - 7th December 2013 at the Mina Parade Warehouse in Brisbane (81 Mina Parade, Alderley). AUDITION DETAILS Auditions will be held in groups of 30 and auditionees will be taken through a vocal and a dance audition that will last for 90 minutes. Auditionees do not need to prepare anything for this audition. CASTING REQUIREMENTS

We are looking for young singers, dancers, actors, acrobats and gymnasts to audition for this production. You do not need to be an experienced singer or dancer to audition - we are looking for young people with all different levels of experience to audition for this production. The production has been designed as a training experience as well as a performance experience, so all those who are successful in getting in to the production will be given ample training and instruction - no matter their prior experience - to ensure they are well prepared and up to the task of performing in CATS. All auditionees must be 8 years or older at the time of the auditions, but no older than 21 by the 6th July 2014.

For full details or to submit an audition application,!cats-ensemble-audition/csmn

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Director Of Sport

Mr Luke Donatini

THANK YOU We would like to thank the Speirs family for kindly donating some Quick Step hurdles and sporting bibs to the St Patrick’s College Gym. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and we are confident that both the quick step hurdles and large number of bibs given will come in very useful during our 2014 sporting programs.

OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENTS Lachlan Sinclair (Year 8), Elliot Schultz (Year 8), Jacob Caruana (Year 10) and Ross Maybury (Year 9) - all qualified for Queensland Secondary Schools Triathlon Championships to be held in February 2014. They will be representing Metropolitan North Region. Andrew Speirs (Year 7), Bertrum Speirs (Year 5) and Kyle Spiers (Year 7) with some of the donated sporting equipment kindly given to the SPC Gym.

SPC Year 5, Year 6 & Year 7 Football Skill Development Clinics A reminder to all students in Year 5, 6 and 7 who are intending on participating in SPC Football in 2014, the last Thursday morning skill development clinic is being conducted by Michael Angus (and Josh McCloughan) on the College Back Oval. Date: Thursday 28 November Time: 6.45am to 8.00am Please dress appropriately for Football Training

SPC CIC and AIC 2014 Cricket Sign On The sign on for all 2014 CIC Cricket and AIC Cricket is now underway. Any student who would like to play cricket for SPC in 2014 are asked to sign on at the College Sports Department (College Gym) and see Mr Ryan Schultz for any further information. All students wishing to play cricket for St Patrick’s College in 2014 are asked to sign on so that number of teams for 2014 can be established.

Curlew Park Association AGM will be held on 5 February Senior Sportsmen 2014 Liam Roberts and Jeremy Gordon William Sanders The Curlew Park Association would like to thank all thoseJunior whoSportsman helped in 2013. Your contribution was greatly appreciated and helped make 2013 a great success. We wish everyone a great Christmas and holiday break and look forward to working with you all in 2014.

Mr Peter Tyrrell St Patrick’s College Calling | 7


Br Chris Pritchard

Holiday Camp St Pat’s tennis courts December 2, 3, 4 Cost - $50.00 9:00 – 11:00am Daily FUN – GAMES – PRIZES

Call Brad for more details…0412961651


Mr Tim Walker

With the school year drawing to a close next week, your coaches are putting together a schedule to continue AIC pre-season training in January. Training times in January will appear in the Calling next week and through various other forms of communication including the SPC Volleyball Connect page. In the more immediate future, we turn our attention to our U15 team who will travel to Melbourne to compete in the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup 8 - 14 December. This team, consisting of Marcus Ferguson, Tai Reupena, Nic Schimming, Nick Proberts, Tom Short, Caelum Leonard, Matthew Munday, Harrison Royley, Elliot Foster and Saxon Johannessen has qualified to play in the honours division. This is a first for St. Patrick’s College. These young men and their families have been very active in fundraising since May this year. With the support of members of the St. Patrick’s Community, the generosity of the SPC Sports Support Group ($1000 donation) and Dr Michael Carroll’s backing we have been able to significantly reduce the financial burden placed on the families in a bid to allow their sons to compete at the highest level. On behalf of the players and their families I would like to thank parents Mr Ian and Mrs Kerry Johannessen for their enduring efforts over the course of the year organising fundraising opportunities, Mr Baie Ferguson and Mr Wilbur Munday for their contributions to the BBQ and raffle, Mrs Lee Schultz for handling the finances, and all the other parents who contributed to the fundraising efforts at different times. Training will continue to occur next week (Tuesday & Thursday 3.30-5.00pm) even though Year 10 and 11s venture on block exams it is well documented that physical activity is an integral part of a balanced lifestyle. Therefore ALL boys are expected to attend ALL scheduled training sessions. Students should plan study to allow for time in the afternoon to train. Please contact your coach and myself should you be unable to make a session.

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Sport Support Group

Mr Ian Johannessen

SPORT SUPPORT GROUP NEWS The AGM was held on Monday 11 November and to those who attended thank you for your attendance A new Committee was elected for the 2014 year and we are glad to announce the following appointments: Chairman Vice Chairman Secretary Treasurer

Ian Johannessen Matt Grinlaubs Br Chris Prichard David Row

Curlew Park Canteen Convenor

David Row

Curlew Park BBQ Convenor

Andrew Moir

Callan Centre Canteen Coordinator

Amanda Stringfellow

COORDINATORS REQUESTED Functions Coordinators Coordinate fundraising functions with the assistance of the other Sport Support Committee members or get a couple of mates together and create a network of coordinators

CIC Cricket Canteen Coordinator On game day open and serve in the canteen; coordinate with other parents assisting you under the guidance of the canteen convenor. As you can see there are a number of positions that have not been filled and the Sport Support Committee is asking for a number of parents to fill these positions. If you are interested in taking on one of these roles or would like any further information on these roles please contact Br Chris Prichard or Ian Johannessen to discuss. If we cannot fill these positions it may be the case that the service we provide as a group to our College may be greatly reduced, we may not see the canteens open at sporting events or additional funds raised for the betterment of the young men of St Patricks as well as additional services and facilities around the College.

Please Get Involved! We’d love to have you on board.

Best wishes for Christmas and return safely for the New Year St Patrick’s College Calling | 9

College Gym

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Mr Corey Meehan

Finance Department


TUITON FEE PAYMENT GET YOUR FORMS IN NOW. WE MAKE IT EASY FOR YOU. 2014 Tuition Fee Payment Arrangement Forms are due now. This is an easy payment solution for your tuition fees that can be tailored to improve your household cash flow with flexible payment options. Forms have been previously sent by email. Please ring Lee Schultz on 36319027 if you require another form to be sent.

INFORMATON FOR PARENTS WITH OUTSTANDING FEES REMAINING FOR 2013 With the school year rapidly coming to an end, all outstanding fees must be brought up to date. Payments need to reach our office no later than 29 November 2013 Any parents, who feel they are unable to finalise payment of fees before this date, please contact Karen Mattingley on 3631 9082. (If you have a payment plan in place, please just continue as arranged) We are confident that all parents appreciate the necessity of maintaining a healthy cash flow for the College, as it is our boys who benefit. The College would also like to thank parents for their past and future commitments to and involvement in the life and smooth running of the St Patrick’s College community. Yours sincerely

Karen Mattingley Credit Controller

St Patrick’s College Calling | 11

Rosters The Paddies Van is Proudly Sponsored by:

ROSTER FOR UPCOMING SERVICE PROGRAMS Tuesday Morn BBQ Decker Park, Sandgate 7.25 am - 9.00 am

Tuesday Evening Street Van Brisbane City 5.00 pm - 8.45 pm

Thursday Morning BBQ Humpybong School 7. 30 am - 9.00 am

Tuesday, 26 November Tom Hardyman, Lachlan Kearney, Kurt Kitchen

Tuesday, 26 November TBA

Thursday, 28 November N/A

Saturday Night BBQ Sandgate Sandgate Lagoon 5.45 pm-8.30 pm

Saturday, 23 November Elijah Huxtable, Will Tanzer, Jesse Keasley, Masot Makuel, Daniel Bruce

Please Note: If you cannot fulfil your commitment to take part in these service programs, please advise Mrs Righetti ASAP.


Volunteers needed for back to school Uniform Shop. Trading hours are 9am-2pm From Wednesday 15 Jan to Fri 17 Jan and 9am-2pm from Mon 20 Jan to Sat 25 Jan. I will call all volunteers the week before trading commences to confirm your availability as circumstances may have changed. Please let me know if you can help. Pre –order Payment of $75 for embroidered laptop bags is required for students in years 7 and 10 in 2014. New students in Years 8 and 11 will also require these bags. Payment can be made at the Uniform Shop ASAP to allow time for name embroidery. These bags will be handed out with your computer on relevant book collection






Tania Caruana, Natalie Dare, Karen Johns


Mon 25/11

Jen Smith, Michelle Steen, Angela Funnell

Tue 26/11

Sharyn Mula, Sue McPhillips

WED 27/11

Leigh Shaw, Stephanie Ingeri, Melinda Pahany, Bronwyn Hawkins

Thu 28/11

Mandy Crossan, Guistina Lawlor, Marianne Refoy, Tabitha Baker



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Date Claimers

Term 4 - Week 7 & 8

WEEK EIGHT 26 November Year 5 Morning Tea 9 am Callan Centre 29 November End of Semester 2 Christmas Liturgy Students Dismissed at 1-30 pm

The College Office will close on Friday 20 December and will reopen on Monday 6 January.

2014 DATES WEEK ONE - 2014 Monday 27 January Australia Day Public Holiday Tuesday 28 January Year 5 students, Year 12 students and new students in all other Year levels commence. Wednesday 29 January Whole school starts

St Patrick’s College Calling | 13

Calling issue 36 21 november 2013)  

This week I have had the opportunity to spend some time with the Year 11 students as part of their Leadership program.

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