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No. 28

11 September 2013

Dear Members of the St. Patrick’s College Community The term is rapidly coming to a conclusion. However, for students in Years 5 to 11 there are examinations over the coming week. It is very important that all students prepare well for these upcoming examinations by consistently revising their work and ensuring they have the correct equipment for their examinations. No reports are issued for Term 3. However, if you have questions or concerns regarding your son’s progress I would encourage you to contact your son’s teacher. In recent weeks there has been some publicity around knives in schools. Two separate incidents have been reported through the media. It is important that we keep these schools and their communities in our thoughts and prayers. I also ask that we remember the Ignatius Park community in Townsville as they struggle with the loss of a Year 9 student this week. This will be a difficult time for all of these school communities. Tomorrow Mr Gardiner begins some long service leave. He will return early next term. At the end of this term Ms Watson, Mr Graham and Mr Will will also be commencing long service leave for Term 4. I wish each of them all the best with their leave, and hope it is valuable and rewarding. Mr Graham will be replaced by Ms Amber Stanley and Ms Watson by Ms Emma Rouse. Mr Will’s replacement is still to be appointed. Finally this week I again remind people about the Deagon Race Day this Sunday. It will be a fantastic day and I am sure that those attending the St. Patrick’s College Marquee (200 people) will enjoy themselves. St. Patrick’s College is sponsoring Race 8, the Jim Douglas Plate, which is the final race of the day. My thanks go to our sponsors, those who are supporting the day and Mrs Stacey Bishop for her coordination of the event. I look forward to catching up with many of you on Sunday.

Have a great week God Bless

Dr Michael Carroll College Principal

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College Dean

Mr David Gardiner

Tomorrow I leave for four weeks in Nepal. I am very much looking forward to experiencing a different culture and enjoying the mountains. I wish everyone a positive end to the term and hope all families enjoy the upcoming holidays.

Br Chris has asked that we are aware of the Pope’s call for prayer for peace in Syria.

NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER AND PENANCE FOR PEACE IN SYRIA On Sunday 1 September 2013, Pope Francis asked the entire Church and the world to join in a day’s prayer and fasting penance to pray for an end of the bloodshed, and peace for the people of Syria. This day was selected to be Saturday 7 September but as the news came so late our Archbishop Mark Coleridge, together with the Cardinal, other Archbishops and Bishops of Australia have transferred this to Friday 12 September. Humanity needs to see these gestures of peace and to hear words of hope and peace! Let us ask Mary to help us to respond to violence, to conflict and to war with the power of dialogue, reconciliation and love. She is our mother: may she help us to find peace; all of us are her children.

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Campus Minister

Mr Paul Corfield

As part of our end of term liturgy next week we will look at theme of Peace in recognition of World Peace day observed on September 21st. It is a very relevant theme at this time as we face the growing escalation of the horribly unfortunate events in Syria, the possibility of a US led strike and the anniversary of the September 11 attacks. As part of the Year 11 Religion unit the boys look at the Christian theory of Just War and explore if war is justified under any circumstances. It is very difficult topic to explore as with the genocide in Rwanda in 1994 the US was criticized for its lack of involvement choosing to debate over definitions of the word genocide while hundreds and thousands of people were killed. Now the US faces criticism for discussing potential strikes on Syria. The Just War theory is a largely Christian philosophy that considers the following: 

taking human life is seriously wrong


states have a duty to defend their citizens, and defend justice


protecting innocent human life and defending important moral values sometimes requires willingness to use force and violence

The point I’m trying to make here is that there is no simple answer and while we strive for peace in our world sometimes it can seem ever so far away. Footage flooded Social Media in late August after a chemical weapons attack on some of the Syrian people allegedly at the hands of the Assad regime. I don’t want to get on a political band wagon here or talk about the very complicated political tensions that exist in the Middle East but I do want to give a voice to all those affected by war. The men, women and children affected by the chemical attacks as they lay in their beds in the early hours of the morning did not deserve the horror and pain that was unleashed upon them. Mathew Makot a former student of this school from Sudan did not deserve to be taken from his home as child of only 9 years old to serve as a child soldier. TimorLeste, one of the most beautiful countries in the world I have had the pleasure of visiting, still holds the scars of many years of violence that was inflicted upon it after it was invaded in 1975. In my brief time in the country I heard stories from the people who had suffered many years of pain and violence and were still haunted by this to this very day. On Saturday Pope Francis held a five hour prayer vigil for peace in Syria urging the world’s leaders to pull humanity out of a "spiral of sorrow and death." At this vigil he said the following: "We have perfected our weapons, our conscience has fallen asleep, and we have sharpened our ideas to justify ourselves. As if it were normal, we continue to sow destruction, pain, death…….. At this point I ask myself: Is it possible to change direction? Can we get out of this spiral of sorrow and death? Can we learn once again to walk and live in the ways of peace.........Each one of us, from the least to the greatest, including those called to govern nations, to respond: Yes, we want it!" His words ring very true to the gospel and in the lead up to World Peace Day we hope that a solution can be found and that peace can prevail for the sake of the lives of people who do not deserve to die at the hands of such terrible conflict. “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbour and hate your enemy.’But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5; 43-45)

St Patrick’s College Calling | 3

AP Curriculum

Mr Chris Campbell



As we draw close to the end of another busy term, I just wanted to highlight a couple of important points within the Mathematics area.


EQUIPMENT This term, we are really challenging the students in Years


7-10 to be prepared in terms of having the correct equipment, both in class and on exam day. Throughout the year, an increasingly large number of boys have been relying on borrowing equipment on the day of the exam. This term, we will not be lending out calculators or other equipment on exam day. Therefore we ask that boys do the following to ensure this doesn’t affect their potential to perform:


YEAR 8 1 3 4 67

8B Drama Test 8E Drama Test 8H Drama Test Science



3-4 (5)


3-4 (5)


34 (5)

YEAR 9 Math s Ess Math s Adv Math s


Know when the exam day is and have it written in their diary Have all equipment (calculator, writing utensils, ruler) ready to go the night before at the latest Be at the exam room early and with the necessary equipment We hope that taking this stand will have longer term positive outcomes in terms of boys being prepared in the future.

TUTORING The mathematics department continues to offer tutoring at lunchtimes so that students who want extra help or a quiet place to study have the opportunity to access this. Years 7-8 continues on Mondays in D102, during Junior lunch. Years 912 continues on Monday, Tuesday and Friday in rooms O205/6. Students can get a stamp to confirm their attendance.

YEAR 10 3-4


3-4 3-4 (5)

CC Ext Maths 1 CC Core Maths




Science Ess Science



CC Ext Maths 2

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8.50 8.50 12.1 0 12.1 0 8.50 8.50 12.1 0 12.1 0 12.1 0 12.1 0 8.50 12.1 0 8.50 12.1 0 8.50 12.1 0 12.1 0



CC Maths A CC Maths B S2C1/2 Accounting S1M1 11A Engineering M101 Maths C S1W2 11B Manufacturing S2G1 Graphics C201 Music M101 IPT S1W2 11A Manufacturing


CC English CC Chemistry


CC Mar Studies CC Study of Religion CC Physics M101 Geography S1M1 11B Engineering



AP Student Formation

Mr Frank Torrisi

HAIR Block Exams is a privilege not a right. While the latest style of having it extremely short on the sides and longer on top may be neat and tidy. The style is not  All normal school rules apply. acceptable at St Patrick’s College Shorncliffe. I ask for your  Students must attend school in full school uniform, support in this matter. If your son has this style please have it even if they are only coming to school for a short rectified by Monday. period of time. END OF TERM  Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds for any reason during the day if they are at All students should be very busy with major pieces of school for the whole day. assessment due in all grades. Parents can assist their sons by ensuring you know their exact assessment schedule. Every  IPods and mobile phone are not permitted to be used student should have a copy and assessment calendars are on the school grounds. also available on the College website. Sometimes a student just needs someone to help get him organized during this EXIT PROCEDURES busy section of the term. It is also vitally important that each All students in Year 8, 9 and 10 will be required to complete a student gets the little things right: grooming, uniform, diary, form before they exit from Term 3. The form has been punctuality, equipment, procedures and manners all help included in the Student Diary on Page 120 and 121. It will be students succeed. If you have any concerns I again encourage required to be signed off by various staff members and parents. laptops by their teachers, library books by library you to contact your son’s House Dean. staff, lockers and locks, by House Deans, assessment by Mr EXAM BLOCK PRIVILEGES Campbell and incomplete duties/detentions by Mr Torrisi. The All students in Years 11 will commence what is known as form has been developed to make students accountable and block exams. This allows boys to stay home when they do not serves as a check that your son has completed all his duties at have an exam. This time should be used in a productive way school. Students who do not complete this form will be that will assist them to achieve the best possible results. It is required to attend school until 3.00pm on the final day of definitely not a time to get extra hours at their part time jobs. school. The library is available for those students who wish to study at school. Some items that need to be reinforced are:

Boys enjoying the library during junior lunch WANTED Rice House supports Indigenous communities in North Queensland with sporting equipment. In 2011, Rice House men collected football boots and sent them to very grateful students in Normanton. We have just found out that the Yarrabah community (an hour outside Cairns) are short of some vital sports supplies, so Rice House is calling for donations of the following:  Rugby League balls  Netballs (size 5)  Skipping ropes  Tennis balls  Cricket equipment

The school and community would also really appreciate any donations of:  Used football boots  Used sports shoes (including girls)  Sports socks Please pass donations on to Mr Walker and we will endeavor to get these to Cairns at the start of Term 4. The children of Yarrabah would very much appreciate all donations. St Patrick’s College Calling | 5

USA/Canada Exchange USA This week I started my first week of school at Moeller High. Being a junior here, we are considered upper class men who often take lead at the school. Walking the halls of school being noticed as one of the Aussies was one of the most exciting things with having the ability to see new faces and meet new people. Often people asked and wanted to know about Australia and wanted to know what stereotypes we really were.

Mr Frank Torrisi one only winning by one run in the 10th innings. Sunday was more of a relaxing day and it felt very nice inside in the air conditioning. By Joshua Potter


So off the plane and my homestay mum brought me home and showed me everything. I dropped my gear off and she In this first week just trying to figure out my way around dropped me at The Gomez family ‘s house (Jack’s family). school was a fun and exciting experience. I have been taking my host’s classes and experiencing what it is like in American We spent two nights at his place and then we were off to classes. I am really getting an insight into what Americans my Whistler. On the way to Whistler, we climbed the Chief. It took about two hours but the view was definitely worth it! Whistler age have to go through and how their schools work. was amazing, words can't even describe how cool it was. All the Australians were put on an overnight retreat giving us While we were at Whistler, we also did zip lining. We went on our first opportunity to really meet people. This retreat really all of them which also included the longest one in Canada at gave me a chance to meet great new friends and I also got to 1.6km long from one mountain to another, that was my favourite. I got up to 98km per hour on it. One of the guys experience all that a retreat has to offer. who came with us got 110km per hour. Lastly my favourite experience from this past week was my trip to The Great American Ball Park where I watched a close After four days at Whistler, it was time to leave. We drove game of baseball between the local Cincinnati Reds vs. the LA back to Richmond and on the way home the Gomezs’ Dodgers. The game going into the 9th innings to decide the dropped me at my home stay where I meet Declan, Connor winner and fortunately the Reds came out with the win after a and Rachel. That night Dec and I went out to a movie. The nail biting finish. This past week has been great and I can’t next day was school. wait for more fun experiences while I’m here. Getting up at 5:30 for a bus then a train then another bus was By Robert Macmillan crazy compared to waking at 8:00 and mum driving me to school. School was good. My favourite subject is gym (PE) and Social Studies (SOSE) which I was a surprise pop quiz about Canadian history. I'm being asked questions like "Do you USA School started on a very hot Tuesday and the wakeup call for really have pet kangaroos?" and "Is Oz really as dangerous as me was 6am on the dot because it takes 45 minutes to get to people say". I love messing with people and seeing their faces school which usually starts at 7:50am not 8:20am. The first when I tell them yes. day was summed up by what happened first period and that was an advanced English test that was so confusing and hard I'm liking it over here, I'm missing home but I know it's a once that James (another Australian boy from Terrace ) and I could in a life time opportunity and I'm going to take it up and not understand. make the most out of it. Once the day finished, it became a regular stop on the way By Ayden Winsen home that my host and I would call into a new fast food shop to try different things including: Steak and Shake, Firehouse Sub and Red Robin but I would have to say Skyline chilly is the weirdest. It is a hot dog with chili sauce and heaps of cheese. Surprisingly it tastes pretty good. On the last two days of the week, we went on a retreat in Dayton (45min drive from Moeller ) and it was more a bonding retreat than a religious retreat. On Friday night, I travelled to Miami College In Ohio to pick up my family’s daughter Sam and we had a look around the place, it was amazing. Saturday was spent at the Reds game and it was a very close

6 | St Patrick’s College Calling 

Director Of Sport

Mr Luke Donatini

This week at our weekly Assembly we presented to the College our Junior Track & Field Team who contested the annual CIC Track & Field Championships on Monday and Wednesday. We will outline highlights from these championships in next week’s edition of the Calling.


Regan Glynn (Year 11) – selected into the Queensland U16 School Boys Rugby Union Team to compete at the National Championships later this year.


Darcy Roper (Year 10) – selected into the Queensland Under 16 Touch Football Team to compete at the National Championships in Melbourne in mid-December. This achievement comes on the back of his selection into the Queensland Under 15 Schoolboys Touch Team earlier this year.


Cody Payne (Year 7), Harry Lawrence (Year 7), Matthew Stride (Year 7) & William Sanders (Year 7) - named as the 2013 Leaders of St Patrick’s College Junior Track & Field Team.

AIC Tennis Teams – over the past two weeks all our AIC Tennis Teams have performed brilliantly winning every age group and every match. They successfully defeated St Edmund’s College outright in Round 2 and Iona College outright in Round 3. We wish them every success this Saturday in Round 4 against Padua College.


Br Chris Pritchard

CIC Tennis Round 7 v Nudgee Junior College Saturday 14 September OPPONENT/LOCATION



1,2,5, 6

Start 8:00am arrive 7:30am

SPC Home Game vs NJC– Deagon Tennis Centre Board Street Deagon

3,4,7,& 8

Start 8:00am arrive 7:30am

SPC Away Game vs NJC – Stuartholme College Birdwood Tce, Rainworth

All players to provide morning tea please.

All players to wear correct St Patrick’s College uniform.

TEAM OPEN 1,2,3 16A & 16B,

15A, 15B, 14A & 14B, 13A & 13B

TIME Start 8:30am arrive 8:00am Start 8:30am Arrive 8:00am

AIC Tennis Round 4 v Padua Saturday 14 September OPPONENT/LOCATION SPC Away Game vs Padua Shaw Tennis Centre, Shaw Road Wooloowin

SPC Home Game vs Padua – Coops Tennis Centre – Beams Road, Carseldine

All players to provide morning tea please.

All players to wear correct St Patrick’s College uniform.

St Patrick’s College Calling | 7

Director Of Sport

8 | St Patrick’s College Calling 

Mr Luke Donatini


Mr Corey Meehan

CIC Basketball Round 7 St Patrick’s College v Nudgee Junior College Friday 13 September




4:50pm – 5:40pm

7B 7C

4:00pm – 4:50pm 4:50pm – 5:40pm

7D 6A

4:00pm – 4:45pm

OPPONENT/LOCATION SPC Home Game vs NJC – Callan Centre Court

4:50pm – 5:40pm 6B

SPC Away Game vs NJC – Nudgee Junior College Court 1, Twigg St, Indooroopilly SPC Away Game vs NJC – Nudgee Junior College Court 2, Twigg St, Indooroopilly

4:00pm – 4:45pm SPC Away Game vs NJC – Nudgee Junior College Court 2, Twigg St, Indooroopilly


4:50pm – 5:40pm


4:50pm – 5:40pm


4:00pm – 4:50pm


4:00pm – 4:50pm

SPC Home Game vs NJC – Morven Outside Court 1 SPC Home Game vs NJC – Morven Outside Court 2 SPC Away Game vs VILLA 5D – Villa Outdoor Courts, Sixth Av, Cooparoo

AIC Basketball Round 4 St Patrick’s College vs Padua College 14 September2013 Padua College:La Cordelle Indoor Court, Turners Road, Kedron Padua Outside Court, Turners Road, Kedron






























La Cordelle Indoor Court, Turners Road, Kedron

Padua College Outside Court, Turners Road Kedron

St Patrick’s College Calling | 9

Track & Field AIC TRACK & FIELD NEWS This Friday 13 September will see the third of our AIC Lead Up Track & Field Meets at the University of Queensland Track (UQ), Sir Fred Schonell Drive, St Lucia. Below is an outline of all events for Friday evening. There will be bus transportation both to and from the venue. The bus will depart the College at 3.15pm and will arrive back at the approximately 8.45pm. We will encourage all students to contact their parents on departure from UQ.


Mr Ryan Schultz AIC TRAINING (YEAR 8 TO YEAR 12)  Monday Afternoons – 3.30pm to 5.00pm at Curlew Park  Tuesday Afternoons – 3.30pm to 5.00pm at Curlew Park  Thursday Afternoons – 3.30pm to 5.00pm at Nudgee College Track Note: Bus transportation will be provided from the College to the Thursday training venue (NC Track). Private transportation will be required for pick up at 5.00pm.

TIME 4:45 pm

All Track events will run 13yrs to Open


EVENT September 13

4:45 pm


4:50 pm


5:05 pm

4 x 100m Relays

5:45 pm


6:15 pm 6:45 pm 7:15 pm

100m 400 m (Sept 13 only) 5 x 400m Relay (Oct 11) 1500m

7:30 pm


5:35 pm

6:25 pm

7:15 pm

10 | St Patrick’s College Calling 




13 YRS 14 YRS 15 YRS 15 YRS 16/OPEN (Pit 1) 16/OPEN


13 YRS 13 YRS 14 YRS 14 (Pit 1) 15 (Pit 2) 15 YRS 16/OPEN


13 YRS (Pits 1 & 2) 13 YRS 14 YRS 14 YRS 15 YRS 16/OPEN


13 YRS 14 YRS 15 YRS 16/OPEN 16/OPEN

Track & Field

Mr Ryan Schultz

St Patrick’s College Calling | 11


12 | St Patrick’s College Calling 

Mr Ryan Schultz

Rosters The Paddies Van is Proudly Sponsored by:

ROSTER FOR UPCOMING SERVICE PROGRAMS Tuesday Morn BBQ Decker Park, Sandgate 7.25 am - 9.00 am

Tuesday Evening Street Van Brisbane City 5.00 pm - 8.45 pm

Thursday Morning BBQ Humpybong School 7. 30 am - 9.00 am

Tuesday, 17 September Lachlan Kearney, Rupert Logan, George Huxtable, Nic Crossan

Tuesday, 17 September Louis Cleary, Alex McDonough, Nick Loftus, Finn McBridge

Thursday, 19 September Jordan Conroy, Owen Smith, Sam Cleary, Clayton Alexander, Sharon Solomon, Kyle Pickering

Saturday Night BBQ Sandgate Sandgate Lagoon 5.45 pm-8.30 pm Saturday, 14 September Jack Henderson, Sam Ricks, Harrison Royley, Jesse Keasley, Kevin Carroll 

Please Note: If you cannot fulfil your commitment to take part in these service programs, please advise Mrs Righetti ASAP.



TRADING HOURS TERM TIME TUES 12-4pm, WED 10AM-2pm, THURS 7.30-11.30am Last trading day this term Thurs 12 Sept reopen Tues 8 Oct. THRIFT SHOP FOR SALE (CRICKET SEASON) CRICKET BAGS, GLOVES, HELMETS, SHOES







Tanya Smith, Shelly Paine, Lorette Atkinson, Helene Finegan


Mon 16/09

Cathy Weir, Mina Buiatti, Janelle Brown

Tue 17/09

Chris Hare, Gina Macpherson, Janelle Lakey, Fiona Foster

WED 18/09

Bonnie Flaherty, Theresa Browning

Thu 19/09

Lisa Cawthorne, Tabitha Baker


Maree Denkes, Leanne Ferris, Leanne Hume, Jenny Evans


St Patrick’s College Calling | 13

Date Claimers

Term 3 Week 10 &11. Term 4 Week 1

WEEK TEN 13 September AIC Track & Field, CIC Basketball v NJC(H) 14 September Sports Trivia Night, AIC Basketball/Tennis v PAD (A), CIC Tennis v NJC (H) 15 September Deagon Race Day

WEEK ELEVEN 18 September Parents and Friends Meeting 7:30pm Waterford Building 20 September Last Day Term 3 All term 3 fees should have been finalised please contact finance to make arrangements. End of term Liturgy. Students dismissed at 1:30pm.

WEEK ONE TERM 4 7 October Labour Day Public Holiday 8 October Term 4 Commences—Term 4 Fees Due 9 October Year 5 Camp 9-11 October 12 October AIC Basketball/Tennis v Villa (H)

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Calling issue 28 (12 september 2013)  

The term is rapidly coming to a conclusion. However, for students in Years 5 to 11 there are examinations over the coming week.