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19 July 2012

Dear Members of the St Patrick’s Family Last night over 400 people were treated to an extraordinary experience with Celia Lashlie and her presentation on boys and their journey through adolescence. The insights, the simple practical advice and various pieces of advice were well received by the crowd of parents and friends. I thank the St Patrick’s College Parents and Friends Committee for supporting Celia’s visit to St Patrick’s College. I also thank Celia for her willingness to present to both the staff and parents at St Patrick’s College. Term 3 is well and truly underway. Students have had the opportunity to adjust to the new term and the routine of school. The Parent Teacher meetings held earlier this week provided the opportunity for parents, and staff and students to reflect on Semester 1 and importantly to plan for the term ahead. I again reiterate to parents to contact their son’s teachers as the term progresses to ensure that they are able to maximise their performance during this term. Next week the College prepares for the AIC Cross Country Championships at Limestone Park. St Patrick’s College has won these championships for the last 2 years and whilst the competition is very strong this year the St Patrick’s College athletes have prepared well and are hoping to make it ‘3 in a row’. I encourage members of the St Patrick’s College Community to make the effort to travel to Ipswich to support our runners as they strive to create history. Details of the cross country championships are available elsewhere in this edition of the Calling. Another significant event next week is the Grandparents Mass & lunch. This is a significant event in the College’s Calendar each year. I extend an invitation to all grandparents to attend our special liturgy and share with your grandsons the special relationship you have with them. The Mass begins at 11am and will be followed by a tour of the College & lunch. Finally this week I wish to make a special focus on the upcoming 60 year Gala Dinner. This will be a ‘one off’ event that will celebrate the incredible journey that has unfolded over the last 60 years. Br Damien Price, a former staff member, will be the key speaker. There will be students and staff from 1952 as well as students from each decade of the College’s history. There will be a range of auction items, great entertainment and of course plenty of great stories. Tickets may be booked by phoning the College Office on 3631 9000. Individual tickets or tables of 10 may be booked so don’t be disappointed and book your tickets now. The College needs to finalise bookings by Friday 27 July. I hope to see many of you and your friends at the Brisbane Convention Centre on Saturday 4 August. Have a great week God Bless


Dr Michael Carroll College Principal

A Catholic Boys' School in the Edmund Rice Tradition catering for Years 5 to 12

AP Identity

Mr Matthew Hawkins

At the heart of each experience though lie the themes of dignity, compassion, presence. At the heart of each experience lies the challenge set for us: to act justly, love tenderly, and to walk humbly with our God. The Retreat Program at St Patrick’s continues to offer our young men the opportunity to look at life with fresh eyes and open hearts, and in this instance, our hope is that the boys experience God by The verse from Micah forms the basis of our Year 10 Retreat having just a little time looking at life from the standpoint of the marginalized, the outcast, the victim or the stranger. experiences, held last week. In 2012, we offered our Year For as Matthew’s Gospel tells us, it is the times we feed, 10 students four options for their retreat experience: clothe and visit the “least of our brothers and sisters”, we do those things for the Lord. “SLUM SURVIVOR” RETREAT: This is an overnight Retreat experience which is designed to give the boys a glimpse into what it is like to live in poverty for 36 hours. The program is a very physically challenging one with many activities aimed at opening the eyes of the boys to some of the injustices that exist inside and outside of Australia.

“…and what does the Lord require of you but to act justly, to love tenderly and to walk humbly with your God?” Micah 6:8

“A REFUGEE’S LIFE” RETREAT: Students will learn a little about the life of an asylum seeker and refugee through various activities including practical demonstrations, guest speakers and simulated games. “MAKE A DIFFERENCE” RETREAT: Students will engage in a journey where they will be personally challenged by the themes of acting justly, loving tenderly and walking humbly – they will be asked to actively respond to this challenge in a practical and generous way through working with students with disabilities. “FROM LITTLE THINGS BIG THINGS GROW” INDIGENOUS RETREAT: Students will have a day of Indigenous Cultural activities at the Ngutana-Lui Centre at Inala, followed by a day where they will be asked to find their own way of responding to be a part of a national Reconciliation process. I would like to thank and acknowledge the wonderful leadership and facilitation of the staff involved in the four retreat experiences. The transformational experiences of the boys would not have been possible without the work of staff: Zoe Morgan, Luis Marin, Paul Corfield, Katie Spencer, Richard Gradwell, Marthy Watson, Tim Walker, Susan Corfield, Stan Carr, Andrew Pashley and Cassie Harden. In the upcoming edition of the “Just Us” magazine, you will hear stories from the boys about their eye-opening and confronting experiences. You will hear of a tiring and tedious number of hours in “slum” conditions, difficulties and frustrations in a simulated refugee’s journey, a massive increase in understanding of Indigenous culture and hope for Reconciliation, and an incredible mini-Olympic experience with some new friends with disabilities. 2 | St Patrick’s College Calling 

AP Curriculum

Mr Chris Campbell


erm 3 is a particularly busy term. This is especially the  Using the web case for our Year 10 students. As such there are a num-  Search skills ber of important dates of which we need to be aware.  Databases to use from home  Typing skills games On Friday 10 August Year 10s will meet with Heads of Curric-  Suggestions about how to organise your studies ulum in periods 1 and 2. They will receive a significant  New reads in the library amount of information at this time. This will include a subject booklet with information about courses of study in Year 11 & To find the library webpage, just google: St Patricks College 12, a QTAC booklet indicating the availability of tertiary Shorncliffe Libguides or courses in 2015, information about the SET/planning process The library hosts study club on Mondays and Thursdays until where students and parents must meet with mentors to dis4.30 pm. Teachers call in to see if anyone needs help, boys cuss subject choices for 2013. can study in subject and year groups with their friends, and On Monday 13 August, a subject selection evening for par- students help each other with their work. ents and boys will take place. The evening will commence at Please call the library on 3631 9000 if you have any questions 6.30pm with information about the Queensland Certificate of or would like a good book to read! Education. From 7pm, information will be provided regarding appropriate choice of subjects. Heads of Curriculum will I would encourage all parents and boys to spend some time be available to answer any questions. Parents will also be familiarizing themselves with the College library page. shown how to use the online booking system to (1) select subjects and (2) make SET plan interview times. On Thursday 16 August the College will conduct a Year 10 Careers expo. This will be in periods 3 & 4 in the Waterford Building. There will be representatives from Universities, TAFE, Industry, Police and Military presenting information to parents and students. Friday 24 August is the Year 10 SET planning day. Parents and students must meet with a mentor to discuss subject choices for Year 11 and 12. This is a requirement in all Queensland schools. As such all classes for Year 10 will be cancelled on 24 August. Parents will be shown how to book an interview online. This is a similar process to the parent teacher interviews. We appreciate that Friday is a work day for parents, but we do ask parents to take the time to attend the meetings with their sons. This is by far the most important decision your sons have faced in terms of their school journey and we feel it is important that parents are with the boys to support this pathway.

CSIRO Visits Year 5 and 6 as part of the New Australian Curriculum Science invited the CSIRO out to our College at the end of last term. The Year 6’s in week 4 participates in “Apprentice Scientist”. The year 5’s will have the CSIRO visit on the 13 June. These programs are especially designed for these age groups and supports units of work the boys are completing this term. I have included a report written by Cooper Huxtable and Lachlan Black.

“The CSIRO was a fantastic experience. It had so many different things to do for example, liquid races, drag races, disappearing sugar, how sett it is, electromagnet and so much more. Disappearing sugar increased our understanding about solutes, solvents and solutions. We added the solute (sugar) into the solvent (water) and turned on the magnetic stirrer. In the end the sugar (solute) dissolved into the water (solvent) and turned into a solution. The different sizes of the sugar crystals determined on how long it took the sugar crysLibrary Webpage tals to dissolve for example and the large sugar crystals took The new library webpage, the “libguide”, assists students to 45 seconds. That means that a smaller solute dissolves quickcomplete assignments. For many assignments, we provide: er because it has a smaller area.” Search strategies  Search tools  “how to” clues  Suggested resources Parents are welcome to look at the webpage to see if your son’s latest assignment has had a “libguide” prepared for it. Although it will always be a “work in progress”, there are also helpful tips about:

St Patrick’s College Calling | 3

AP Student Formation

Mr Frank Torrisi

Cyber Bullying The increased use of technology in our soci- The involvement of parents in their son’s work on a daily baety has brought about new opportunities for bullying. Cyber Bullying is a form of bullying which is carried out through an Internet service such as email, facebook chat room, discussion groups, instant messaging or web pages. It can also include bullying through mobile phone technologies such as SMS. It is important parents are aware of these possible forms of bullying, monitor them and follow up any particular cases. Our school policy on bullying applies for both offline and online bullying.

sis is a significant bonus. Parents signing their son’s diary every weekend and discussing issues with them will help them greatly.

Family Information Update: I would request that you please check that all address and parent contact details are correct. This can be completed through Parent Lounge on the College website and by phoning the College Main Office on 3631 9000.

Anyone can be bullied online and the bully can act anonymously if he or she so desires. Examples of Cyber Bullying include teas- Public Transport: St Patrick’s is a great school but it can ing and being made fun of; spreading of rumours online; send- be let down in its public image if the students are poorly behaved on public transport. The College will not tolerate poor ing unwanted messages; and defamation. behaviour on public transport. Students misbehaving in this area will face a range of consequences as a result of their To help protect your son from Cyber Bullies use the following actions. Boys who catch the train to and from school are retechniques: minded that they are not to break their journey. If they are changing trains at Northgate Station they must catch the first Develop clear communication with children about Cyber available train to their destination. Students must not wait Bullying issues. around on the platform for friends and then catch the late Let them know it is all right to discuss any problems they train as this often delays their arrival to school. have. Investigate the different services that children use on the The Year 8-9-10 Social to the following parents Nicole Internet and the potential ways that Cyber Bullying can Riley, Helen Masters, Suzanne Brough, Louise Stringer, Loroccur. raine Durigon, Lyn Cusick, Lisa Scully, Danielle Huxtable, Monitor who your son ‘chats’ to online and what is written Mariper Cruz, Marineth Mauricio, Gail Kitchen who were able Watch out for any behaviour changes with children, espe- to assist with the Social last Saturday night and members of the Sports Support Group together with the following staff cially related to online activity. Talk to your ISP about what "take down" policies they have Mrs Fowlie, Mr Watts, Mr Will, Ms Worthington, Ms Spencer, for inappropriate materials that may be posted by Mr De Villiers, Mrs Hey, Mr Pashley, Mr Locke, Ms Newman, Mr Celegato and Mr Gardiner, without your support the socyber bullies. Regularly check your son’s mobile phone and computer for cial would not have been able to proceed. It was a great night, thank you to all the students who attended. messages.

Uniform Check: This week all House Deans conducted a College Diary The students must get back into the rou- uniform check that included, School Bag, Hat and College tine of using the College Diary every lesson, every day. The blazer for years 10,11 and 12. If your son has misplaced or diary provides an excellent tool for organisation and commu- lost any of these items please replace them promptly. nication. By using the diary properly students assist themselves in terms of organisation and completion of set work.

4 | St Patrick’s College Calling 

AP Staff & Administration

Mr Ray Celegato

St Patrick’s College Photo Day On Friday 20 July our school photographer will be on site to take the following photos. Tutor Groups, sons of old boys, siblings, Debating and Theatresports. Envelopes for orders have been handed out to all students by their Tutor Group teacher. Spare envelopes and sibling envelopes are available in the Curriculum Office. Photo’s can be paid for online or cash and cheque. Students should return the envelope to the Group Tutor or Mrs Parker in the Curriculum Office by Friday morning. If you have any queries please call Mrs Parker on 3631 9057.

Schedule Friday 20 July Callan Centre


Xavier Tutor Groups (6)


Mooney Tutor Groups (6)


Treacy Tutor Groups (6)


O’Rourke Tutor Groups (6)


Morning Tea


Coffey Tutor Groups (6)


Ryan Tutor Groups (6)


Kennedy Tutor Group (6)


Theatre Sport x 2 Teams


Year 12 2nds Debating team


Sons of Old Boys




Rice Tutor Groups (6)


Quane Tutor Groups (6)

St Patrick’s College Calling | 5

HOC VET In the second week of the holidays I, along with Year 10 student Josh O’Loughlin, were privileged enough to be selected to undertake a tour of one of the Australian Navy’s ANZAC Class frigates. We were transported via bus from the Defence Force Recruiting Offices in the city to the dock at Morningside, along with close to forty others. The program was designed to give people interested in/ or in the process of applying for the Navy an insight into some of the aspects of Navy lifestyle.

Mr Jonathan Brough us. I’d also like to wish other Defence Force Officer candidates Corey Burton (Navy) and Michael Xanthopoulo (Army) good luck with their Officer Selection Boards as well. Again, thank you for this amazing and rare opportunity on behalf of both myself and Josh. Lachlan Marsh Year 12 Kennedy House Leader

After being welcomed aboard we were given a thorough tour of the entire ship, where we were shown everything from the accommodation through to the bridge, main gun, officers wardroom, and deck. We were given demonstrations of fire drills, damage control, firing of the main gun (without actual rounds of course) and gas leak procedures. Finally we were split into groups of job interest, and taken to the areas where we would work in our prospective jobs with people currently in those roles. They told us about their role, what they thought of it, and answered any questions we had. Both myself and Josh went to the bridge, as we are both interested in becoming Maritime Warfare Officers. It certainly helped me to gain valuable information that will be useful to me in my upcoming Officer Selection Board in Canberra, and gave both of us a better understanding of the role. All in all, I’d like to thank DFR and Mr Brough for the opportunity to partake in this tour, and Mr Brough especially for supporting me throughout the enlistment process. It has certainly added some extra motivation for me in seeing my goals come ever closer with the end of the year almost upon

Educating Our Future Leaders – Apply NOW for Admission to ADFA Applications are still open for students wishing to undertake an undergraduate degree at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) in Canberra in 2013. ADFA is a university like no other, offering combined military and leadership training with a world class degree from the University of New South Wales (UNSW). It has the best student-to-teacher ratio in the country, amazing sports and recreational facilities and is oneof Australia’s most respected universities. ADFA offers degrees in a wide range of disciplines, including Arts, Business, Engineering, Information Technology, Science and Technology. Navy Midshipmen and Army and Air Force Officer Cadets will receive a salary between $37,088 and $52,358 per year. All Higher HELP fees (previously known as HECS) will be covered and most textbooks are paid for. In addition to academic studies, students will learn the fundamental knowledge, skills and attitudes required to be an officer in the ADF. Top Ten Reasons to Study at ADFA 1. Get Paid to Study; 2. Get a top quality education and graduate with a degree; 3. Study with the best university teacher to student ratio; 4. Learn to be a leader; 5. Challenge yourself with exciting and rewarding experiences; 6. Undertake adventure training and personal development; 7. Meet a diverse range of people; 8. Start an extraordinary career that will take you around Australia and the world; 9. Take advantage of unique post-graduate courses and scholarship opportunities; and 10. Graduate with a guaranteed job. 6 | St Patrick’s College Calling 

Director of Sport

Mr Luke Donatini

Townsville. Lucas finished the Under 12 race in overall 8th We are encouraging our College Community to get behind place. this Rebel Sport incentive. We are asking you all to join Sea-  Lawrence Graham (Year 12) – selected into the son Pass Rebel Sport (totally FREE to join) at seasonQueensland Junior Under 19 Volleyball Program and peted athe the Australian Junior Volleyball Championships earlier this month in Melbourne. Lawrence also recently Once you have joined and whenever you then purchase competed for Queensland in the Under 17 Men's Queensanything at all from Rebel Sport, St Patrick’s College will land Outdoor Netball Team on the Gold Coast. The Queensreceive 5% of your purchase price back to assist our College land Team finished the tournament as ‘runner up’ in second to improve our sporting facilities and sporting equipment. place.  Tobias Steen (Year 11) – invited to referee at the Also, as a member of Season Pass, you will be invited by Queensland Primary Under 12 Football Championships to Rebel Sport to receive preferred pricing, exclusive offers, VIP be held in Mackay next week. shopping nights and members only competitions.


Please see the attached Rebel Sport Flyer for more information and to sign up now. Save some money when purchasing at Rebel Sport and in turn assist St Patrick’s College Sport make some money. We do thank you for your support with this Rebel Sport initiative.

Outstanding Achievements  Harry Smith (Year 9) – selected into the Queensland Under 14 Football Team to compete at the National Championships in Coffs Harbour later this year.  Adam Edgar (Year 9) – selected as a shadow players for the Queensland Under 14 Football Team to compete at the National Championships in Coffs Harbour later this year.  Lucas Lutter (Year 7) – competed at the recent Queensland Primary Cross Country Championships in

SPC Trimester Three Sporting Coordinators Following are the names of coordinators and contact details for this term’s sports. Basketball – Mr Corey Meehan Cross Country – Mr Paul Toohey Tennis - Br Chris Pritchard Track and Field – Mr Rob Morris AFL – Mr Dominic Crowley

FIRST REBEL SPORT DISCOUNT NIGHT  The first discount night for St Patrick’s College is next Thursday night the 26th, 9am to 9pm. 20% off storewide!! What YOU MUST take with you:  Student ID or be a family member of student (Teachers are also eligible). School attire is fine if they can't find or don't have ID.  Be a Rebel Loyalty member. That way their purchase goes back to your school. (If you aren't already signed up they will do it in-store for you). The more people who attend the more money our school will make from it as 5% of all purchase will go back to St Patrick’s College.  St Patrick’s College Calling | 7 

Director of Sport

8 | St Patrick’s College Calling 

Mr Luke Donatini

Director of Sport

Mr Luke Donatini

JUNIOR TRACK & FIELD (CIC) – Ms Cassie Harden & Mr Doug Locke

CIC Track and Field Training Schedule






(6.45am – 7.45am) Drills/Sprints

(6.45am – 7.45am) Drills/Sprints

Before School

Morning Tea

Junior Lunch Time


Team Meeting

Shot Put

After School

(3.15-415pm) High Jump, Long Jump, Shot Put

We are attending 3 lead up meets at UQ Track, St Lucia:4 August, 11 August, 25 August We recommend attending all training sessions, but understand that this may not be possible. If you are doing another sport for the College and are able to turn up to one session we would accept that. Please let us know if this is the case. We also recommend turning up to all lead up meets. We also understand that tennis is on at the same time but we can also work around this. Each week we will be giving out awards, these awards might be best trainer, greatest PB, best attitude. We do look forward to giving these out. If you need any further information about Year 5 to Year 7 Track and Field, please contact: Ms Cassie Harden - or Mr Doug Locke – SENIOR TRACK & FIELD (AIC) – Mr Rob Morris

SPC Senior (AIC) Track & Field Training Schedule for Term 3 2012

Training Day


Middle Distance




Back Oval 3.15 to 4.30pm Back Oval 3.15 to 4.30pm

X/Country Training (as per already scheduled)

Back Oval 6.45am to 8.00am

Curlew Park 3.15pm to 4.30pm Curlew Park 3.15pm to 4.30pm Curlew Park 3.15pm to 4.30pm





High Jump

Triple Jump

Long Jump

Back Oval 3.15 to 4.30pm

Back Oval 3.15 to 4.30pm


Lunchtime s


Back Oval 3.15 to 4.30pm Lunchtimes

This is our working Training Schedule for AIC Track and Field for Term 3 of 2012. Please note that some training sessions may change or be added but those involved will be notified of this by the specific event group coach/es should there be changes.

St Patrick’s College Calling | 9

Director of Sport

Mr Luke Donatini



SPC TRACK & FIELD CAMP 2012 Friday 5 October to Sunday 7 October (Last Weekend of September/October Holidays) This year’s St Patrick’s College Track and Field Camp will be two nights, three days on the Sunshine Coast from Friday 5th October to Sunday 7th October at Glendalough Outdoor Education, Peregian. Our athletes/your son will enjoy wonderful accommodation and training facilities as well as being able to experience training, coaching and tips from some of Queensland’s best athletes and coaches. This is an elite athletic venue and a great opportunity to be experienced by all that attend. The overall cost of the three (3) day camp will be approximately $140.00. For this price the athletes will receive:     

Accommodation. Meals included (students will need to purchase lunch on Friday and Sunday) Educational sessions on self- massage, diet and recovery techniques. Guest Speaker (s) Recovery session(s).

This will be a great opportunity and we ask you allow your son to participate in this years Track and Field Camp. Those wishing to attend must return the attached permission form together with a deposit of $50.00 by Friday August 24, 2012 to Ms Donna Day at the College’s Main Office. Final payment is due by Friday 14 September 2012.


10 | St Patrick’s College Calling 

Director of Sport

Mr Luke Donatini

St Patrick’s College Calling | 11

Basketball Coordinator AIC/CIC Basketball Training Training for all CIC (Year 5, 6 and 7) has begun, please refer to the CIC table below for times and locations. Boys will soon be notified by their coaches of what team they are in, this may change over the course of the season. All boys in YEAR 5 please note that training is now held on TUESDAY AND THURSDAY JUNIOR LUNCH. THERE ARE NO MORE AFTERNOON TRAINING SESSIONS FOR YEAR 5 BASKETBALL. AIC Basketball training commences on Tuesday the 24th at Boondall Entertainment Centre, all boys from Years 8-12 who have signed on are expected to attend. Private transport to Boondall is not required, most boys catch the first available train from Shorncliffe to North Boondall station and it is only a short walk to the sports hall. If students can’t make a training session for any reason they are expected to contact their coach before the session, asking another student to pass on word or simply failing to turn up is not acceptable and will result in disciplinary action whether that be playing a lower grade or playing limited court time.

TEAM 7A 7B 7C 7D 6A 6B 6C 5A 5B TEAM 1ST V 2ND V


3:15pm – 4:45pm


Junior Lunch



3:15 5:00pm

16A 15A 14A 14B 14C


13A 13B 12 | St 13CPatrick’s College Calling 

7A 7B 7C 7D 6A 6B 6C 5A 5B

July 27 vs. SLC HOME (Yr7 & Yr5) 4.45pm – 5.30pm  Callan Centre, Pier Avenue 4.00pm – 4.45pm  Callan Centre, Pier Avenue Vs VILLA  Villanova College Multi-Court 2  4.45pm Vs VILLA  Villanova College Multi-Court 2  4.00pm 4:45pm – 5:30pm  Frasers Hall, St Laurence’s College 4:00pm – 4:45pm  Frasers Hall, St Laurence’s College Vs VILLA  Loreto College Outdoor  Cavendish Rd, Coorparoo  4.00pm 4.45pm – 5.30pm  Morven Outside Court 1, Park Parade 4.00pm – 4.45pm  Morven Outside Court 1, Park Parade

3:30 5:00pm

Please Note: Buses will be provided for all boys playing at away venues; these buses will take boys from school after tutor group and return after the last game arriving back at St Patrick’s at approximately 6:15pm. Please note that buses depart from Signal Row immediately after school, boys must meet at Signal Row immediately after tutor group. Villanova College: Gould Hall & Multi Courts: 24 Sixth Ave, Cooparoo St Laurence’s College: 82 Stephens Rd. South Brisbane

SPC Basketball Uniform





FRONT COURTS Back Oval Half Courts


Mr Corey Meehan


TRAINING: All boys are required to wear their college P.E. uniform or Basketball uniform, at no stage are boys allowed to wear other club singlet’s, NBA singlet’s, rugby jersey’s etc. If boys are found wearing the incorrect uniform they will be asked to sit out of training which may affect selection chances. If boys are continually found wearing the wrong uniform they may lose the opportunity to represent the college in basketball, I ask for all parents support with this matter. GAMES: Boys are permitted to wear the College P.E. uniform during the initial trials but all boys are required to have a college basketball singlet by round one. Boys are permitted to wear College P.E. shorts during games so long as all pockets have zips. SPC basketball shorts are available for purchase from the uniform shop if desired. SPECTATORS: For all boys who wish to stay around and support after their respective game, full College formal uniform is to be worn, you will be not be permitted to stay unless you meet this requirement.

AFL Coordinator

Mr Dom Crowley

More than 70 students have signed up and trialled to be part of AFL at St Patrick’s College this year. As part of the AIC competition we can only offer an Under 14 and Under 16 team. Mr Kerr is coaching the Under 14 team and Mr Crowley is coaching the Under 16 team. Compared to other AIC sports, the AFL season is relatively short. Each College plays four games with the best four teams progressing through to the finals. The College provides players with a jersey each week which must be returned to the coach at the end of each game. Players also require SPC rugby shorts and socks. Training has been changed to Wednesday afternoons from 3.15 – 4.30 at the Sandgate AFL Club ground on Lemke Rd at Sandgate for all players. Players need to make their own transport arrangements to and from training sessions. Games are usually played on a Monday afternoon, with the Under 14 game starting at 4.15pm and the Under 16 game starting at 5.15pm and finishing before 6.30pm. Once again this season the St Patrick’s home ground is Zillmere and students need to make their own transport arrangements to get to and from Zillmere. Below is the game schedule for the season.






Zillmere AFL, Zillmere Rd, Zillmere

Wed 25 July

Own transport required


Zillmere AFL, Zillmere Rd, Zillmere

Mon 23 July

Own transport required


Wynnum AFL, 300 Kianawah Rd, Wynnum West

Mon 30 July

SPC bus leaving the College at 2.50 pm and returning 7pm


Yeronga AFL, Cansdale St, Yeronga

Mon 6 Aug

SPC bus leaving the College at 2.50 pm and returning 7pm


Yeronga AFL, Cansdale St, Yeronga

Mon 13 Aug

SPC bus leaving the College at 2.50 pm and returning 7pm

Please contact Mr Dominic Crowley (Director of AFL) by email for further AFL information.

St Patrick’s College Calling | 13

Tennis/Sport Support Group

Brother Chris Pritchard

Tennis Trials for our Juniors, CIC Competition, and AIC under13 players, will take place on Saturday morning, 21 July, at the Coops Courts corner of Beams Road and Gympie Road Carseldine from 7.45am to 11.30am. Would the Year 7s & 8s please bring a plate for Morning Tea. (Consistent training and coaching produces happy & successful players)

Tennis Coaching Grid 2012 Day of Week



7.00 am to 8.10am Deagon Courts

Open & U.16s U.14 s & U.15 s


Open & U.16s

7.00am – 8.25am College Morven 2 Courts Junior Teams

U.13s 7.00-7:45 Teams 5 & 6 7:45-8:25 Teams 1 & 2 7.00-7:45 Teams 7 & 8 7:45-8:25 Teams 3 & 4



U.14 s & U.15 s Open & U.16s

3.20 pm to 4.45 pm Deagon Courts

Junior Lunch College Morven 2 Courts Junior Teams 12.30-1.10pm Teams 7 & 8


U.14 s & U.15 s


12.30-1.10 Teams 5 & 6

12.30-1.10pm Teams 1 & 2 12.30-1.10pm Teams 3 & 4

Sport Support Group: Sincere thanks to one and all who assisted with the College social last Saturday 14th July at the PCYC. Thank you to all our faithful parents and friends who worked tirelessly in the Curlew Park Canteen during the CIC and AIC Football & Rugby season. All names went into the draw each Saturday and the following won: 21/4 – Trial vs. Villanova – Gretta Peppin; 28/4 - Round 1 vs. St Peters & St Laurence’s – Dan Greentree; 19/5 – Back to Shorncliffe Day vs St Edmunds & Gregory Terrace – Francis Rees.

Date Claimer Trivia Night Saturday 15 September Callan Centre Theme Olympics Please put this in your diary, especially all new parents for a great evening. Anyone who can donate prizes to this event please call Sharie in the College office on

14 | St Patrick’s College Calling 

Cross Country

AIC/CIC SCHEDULE 2012 The following are the proposed remaining meets and events for our AIC Cross Country Runners in 2012. Please note that these details may change on a weekly basis. Date

Host College


Time Commencing

Saturday 21 July


St Laurence’s Playing Fields, Runcorn

AM Meet

July 22 & 23 (Saturday & Sunday) Saturday 28 July

Qld Schools Cross Country Champs. AIC (SPLC/SEC/ PADUA)

Maroochydore Queensland

Am of 22 July

AIC Championships Limestone Park, Ipswich

AM until midday

Organisational details for Saturday July 21 The Bus will depart for Pier Avenue at 7:00 am (no Later). You will need to register for the Bus with Mr Toohey in the Library. You need to have on the St Patrick’s College Cross Country T Shirt. All clothing MUST be St Patrick’s gear including tracksuits. Have your name clearly written on all your clothes You compete in your St Patrick’s Athletic singlet and shorts. The Athletic Singlets and shorts are for sale from the clothing store. The scheduled race times for Saturday are as follows:

Event 13 Years

Time 9.00am

Distance 3 km’s

14 Years


4 km’s

15 Years


4 km’s

16 Years & Opens


6 km’s

St Laurence’s Playing Fields Nathan Road Runcorn  Runners are encouraged to stay and support the other St Patrick’s College runners.  Drink plenty of water and warm down well after your run.  Put on warm clothes for the trip home to avoid catching a cold. Enjoy your run. The Bus will depart Limestone at Approximately 10.45 and we should be back at SPC by Midday. Presentations for the meet will take place on the bus as we return to St Patrick’s.

St Patrick’s College Calling | 15

Director of Culture Mr Geoff Samuels


n Monday 16th of July, the Waterford Drama rooms were packed out with over two hundred spectators to support players in the Brisbane Youth Theatresports Semi-Final. The seating banks were overflowing and two rooms were opened up to add even more chairs in for the overwhelming deluge of Paddy’s families and students to support our gents face off against the rest of the top 18 schools in the tournament. Competition was fierce, especially when Terrace Grand Final winners from 2012 – rolled up to compete. Daunting? Yes. Challenging? Totally – so few of us would be able to stand up and act out a perfectly-timed four minute scene without interrupting fellow players or running out of ideas. Successful? Well, it’s St Pat’s. The answer, in line with our successes over the last five years, was a resounding yes. We finished in first place, and for the third year in a row, have made it into the top 6 schools in the state by qualifying for the Grand Finals.

The boys held an enviable first place the whole way through the night and repeatedly ended their scenes to standing applause. Even more impressive than that is the good sportsmanship and integrity shown by players – who would rather admit to having already done a prompt than take the easy road and recycle a scene. Congratulations to the boys – Aidan McArthur, Duncan Moir, Jonathon Ricks, Regan Samuels, Joshua Smith, and Damian Tatum. Thanks ever so much once again to the awesome coaches in the Theatresports squad and to Marthy Watson and Geoff Samuels for their organization and support. Special thanks must finally go to the College Captains for commanding an impressive contingent of supporters from across the school and for leading us in the most rousing version of the College song that I have ever heard. Details of the Grand Final and tickets will be advertised in the Calling when we have further information.. Ms Rebecca Hewitt (Theartesposrts Coach)

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Director of Culture

Mr Geoff Samuels

Interhouse Debating 2012 ROUND ONE : Note- first team listed is the affirmative team. JUNIOR TEAMS = one student from years 7, 8 and 9 JUNIOR DIVISION

Topic “That homework should be banned”


FRIDAY July 28 Period 5 (Junior Lunch) 12:30pm







QUANE v Winner (X/M)

RICE v Winner (R/K)




Possible tie break games if Quane , Rice or O’Rourke are defeated TUESDAY July 31 Period 5 (Junior Lunch) 12:30pm

QUANE v Loser (X/M)

RICE v Loser (R/K)




Interhouse Debating 2012 SENIOR TEAMS = one student from years 10, 11 and 12. SENIOR DIVISION

Topic “That cell phones should be allowed in schools”


FRIDAY July 28 Period 6 (Senior Lunch) 1:20pm







MOONEY v Winner (O/Q)

COFFEY v Winner (X/K)

TREACY v Winner (E/R)




Possible tie break games if Mooney, Coffey or Treacy are defeated TUESDAY July 31 Period 6 (Senior Lunch) 1:20pm

MOONEY v Loser (O/Q)

COFFEY v Loser (X/K)

TREACY v Loser (E/R)




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College News SCHOOL ACCOUNTS Term 3 school accounts were posted to all families on Monday 9 July. Due to an emailing problem over the holidays fee accounts were not able to be sent via email. The Term 3 account was due and payable on the 16 July 2012 unless alternative payment arrangements have been put in place. Please note any extra charges that appear on this account will need to be paid as soon as possible. You will note that there has been a charge added to your Term 3 account for the 60th Anniversary school photograph for $40.00. A letter explaining this charge has been included with your fees from Dr Michael Carroll. If you have not received a Term 3 account or have any queries regarding your account pleas contact Judy Kelly on 3631 9019.


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Community Notices Boondall Iceworld Hosts Dukes Trophy This year marks the 60th Dukes Trophy, a State of Origin style event in which the fastest short track speed skaters from Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales battle for first place. The Australian public’s knowledge of short track speed skating is limited to footage of our first winter Olympic champion Steven Bradbury. Bradbury’s win was extraordinary as all other competitors in the final crashed out on the last corner. In Australia, Bradbury’s win is often put down to dumb luck, however his final win epitomises the fine line between fast racing and the carnage that routinely occurs in short track racing. Short track speed skating is highly technical, involving tight corners and high speeds which make it difficult to maintain control at all times, even for the world’s best.

A team of researchers (the BRAVE Team) at Griffith University and the University of Queensland is investigating internet-based programs for children suffering from social anxiety. Social Anxiety is extreme shyness, or fear of speaking or performing in front of others. The BRAVE Team is seeking children aged between 8 and 12 years to take part in an internet-based treatment study. The treatment program involves 12 online sessions for children and 8 online sessions for parents, which each session taking approximately an hour to complete. Families are charged a one-off fee of $120 to assist in covering treatment costs. Families will also be asked to complete questionnaires and telephone interviews, but will receive a rebate of $25 in vouchers each time they complete a posttreatment assessment. For more information contact the BRAVE Team: Phone: (07) 3735 3312 Email: Website: socialanxiety

Our aim is the get a full rink and a positive and supportive atmosphere for our skaters. This event is highly entertaining event close to your area don’t miss it! Session 1 : 9 am to 1 pm Saturday 28th July Session 2: 4 pm to 7 pm Saturday 28th July Session 3: 7 am to 11 am Sunday 29th July  

Free entrance – but note that the rink capacity is limited and full is full – to ensure a spot please book now:

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Rosters The Paddies Van is Proudly Sponsored by:

ROSTER FOR UPCOMING SERVICE PROGRAMS Tuesday Morn BBQ Decker Park, Sandgate 7.25 am-9.00 am

Thursday Morning BBQ Humpybong School 7. 30 am-9.00 am

Thursday Evening Street Van Brisbane City 5.00 pm-8.45 pm

Saturday Night BBQ Sandgate Lagoon, Sandgate 5.45 pm-8.30 pm

Tuesday, 24 July

Thursday,26 July

Thursday, 26 July

Saturday, 21 July

Scott Walker, Thomas McInnes, Calvin Traversari, Mitchell Holland

Nic Craiggs, Christian DerhamBrown, Mickaly Dristas, Marcus Fergusen, Aidan Gasgione

Jack Lehfeldt, Cheyne Moodley, Ben Guiliano, Jordan Daley, Jack Gallett

Liam O’Donnell, Jayden Callow, Xavier Stringer, James Matthews, Sam Smith

Please Note: If you cannot fulfil your commitment to take part in these service programs, please advise Mrs Righetti ASAP.


TUES 12- 4 pm WED 10am 2pm THURS 7.30am -11.30am






Jenny Evans, Trisha Fitzpatrick, Marie Denkes



Jen Smith, Michelle Steen, Tricia Vesely



Sharon Mula, Francesca Jacovelli, Donelle McVeigh, Suzanne Steiger



Bronwyn Hawkins, Leigh Shaw, Stephanie Ingeri, Melinda Pahany



Guistina Lawlor, Tabitha Baker, Marianne Refoy, Mandy Crossan



Debra Phillpot, Sandra Messina, Vera Woods

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Date Claimers

Weeks 3 & 4

WEEK THREE July 24 Inter-House Debating Round 1 July 25 Inter-House Debating Round 1 July 26 Grandparents Mass and Lunch 11.30am Callan Centre July 27 Inter-House Debating Round 1 July 28 AIC Cross Country Championships CIC Track &Field Meet 1 CIC Tennis Round 1 (H)

WEEK FOUR July 30 10B Business Studies Excursion August 01 Year 6 retreat August 02 Year 12 Biology/Marine Studies Excursion/Australian Maths Comp August 03 Year 12 Biology/Marine Studies Excursion/Year 11 Dinner Dance/ CIC Basketball Round (H) August 04 CIC Track & Field Meet/CIC Tennis Round 2 (H) AIC Basketball/Tennis Trials

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Calling - Issue 21 - (19 July 2012)  
Calling - Issue 21 - (19 July 2012)  

Last night over 400 people were treated to an extraordinary experience with Celia Lashlie and her presentation on boys and their journey thr...