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12 July 2012

Dear Members of the St Patrick’s Family Welcome back to Term 3 and I hope that you and your families had an enjoyable holiday break. During the break there was much activity at the school level. Firstly, for those who have driven past the College in the last couple of weeks, you will notice that the old drama house and Troy Horse have been removed and a clean site has been left. The removal of these buildings is part of the College’s Masterplan and although no building is planned in the near future this site will be where the College will build over the next two or three years. Secondly, there were a number of activities over the holidays. The cross country camp was very successful with large numbers of students and staff involved. The Confraternity Rugby League Carnival was very successful despite the rain. There was a large number of students, staff and parents involved with assisting the carnival. Finally the Open and Under 15 basketball teams travelled to Sydney for the EREA Basketball Tournament. To all students, staff and parents who assisted with any of these activities over the holidays I thank you very much. This term we welcome a number of new students to the College and I know that they will be well supported in their journey at St Patrick’s College. We also welcome Mr Simon Wells (replacing Mr Bernie Haughey on long service leave) and Miss Brooke McInnes (ESL teacher) to the College. Sadly we farewell Mr John Cross, who will leave St Patrick’s College in a couple of weeks. John has been a valued member of the St Patrick’s College Community during his time on staff. I thank him for his contributions, particularly as Rice House Dean and wish him the best in his future journey. The selection of the new Rice House Dean will take place over the next couple of weeks. Term 3 is a critical term for all students and it is very important that students begin their focus on school work from week 1. Homework, assignments and regular study is critical throughout this term. Semester 1 reports were posted during the holidays with parent teacher meetings scheduled for next Monday (16 July). If you have any queries regarding your son’s progress I encourage you to make contact with your son’s teachers early this term. Over the next few weeks the College has a number of special events planned including Co-Curricular Assembly, Spirit Assembly, Academic Assembly, Grandparents Mass, Tutor Group Photos and Parent Teacher Interviews. Information regarding these events are in the College calendar and more details will be made available via the Calling in subsequent weeks. I do wish to draw your attention to two special events. The first is the presentation by Celia Lashlie on Wednesday 18 July. Celia is a world renowned presenter on boys and this journey through adolescence. She is a very entertaining presenter and with the support of the Parents and Friends we are able to host Celia at St Patrick’s College. The second event I wish to highlight is the 60 Year Gala Dinner on Saturday 4 August. This week I have sent a letter and invitation to all families for the Gala Dinner. It will be a fantastic night and I hope that many families, past, present and future can attend. Bookings can be made by phoning the College Office on 3631 9000. We need to finalise bookings by Friday 27 July so be quick. I would like to extend the College’s deepest condolences to Jann Bebb (staff member) and son’s Daniel (Year 12) and Troy (2010) on the passing of Gordon, their husband and father. Please keep the Bebb family in your prayers at this time.. Finally this week I encourage all families to take an active interest in their son’s educational journey during this term. The ongoing support by parents is a critical factor in determining the success for young people. The PARTNERSHIP between here and school is a critical factor for success at St Patrick’s College.

Have a great term God Bless

Dr Michael Carroll College Principal

A Catholic Boys' School in the Edmund Rice Tradition catering for Years 5 to 12

Curriculum Leader Justice & Peace

St Patrick’s College A UN Global Peace School As part of the St. Patrick’s College community, you are no doubt aware of the fantastic work our students and teachers do in the areas of justice and peace. As a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition, we promote a vision of a just society that is grounded in the Bible. The last few years has seen a transformation in the College Curriculum to embed more of these somewhat challenging themes across all subjects. Church, nutrition and homelessness, the state of immunisation in India, and human trafficking are some prime examples. St. Patrick’s College has embarked upon a bid to become part of the Save the Children Global Peace School Program. This is an initiative developed by the United Nations. Through official involvement in the program we seek to further promote dispositions, values and actions that contribute to building a culture of peace and respect for children’s rights in the classroom, school and wider community. Students will be engaged as ambassadors for peace and advocates for the Rights of the Child.

AP Identity Grandparents Liturgy On Thursday 26 July at 11am the College will be holding a Grandparents Liturgy followed by a light lunch. We would like to extend an invitation to all Grandparents of St Patrick’s College students to attend this special Liturgy and light lunch . If you are able to attend, please refer to the letter on page 4 and return the rsvp slip to Mrs Helen Righetti in the Student Office or call her on 3631 9014 by Thursday 19 July

2 | St Patrick’s College Calling 

Mr Tim Walker Accreditation does require a whole school approach. The College Mission Statement and many long term college structures promote us as being a prime candidate. The College’s pastoral care system seeks to foster right relationships through initiatives such as ‘big brothers’ and a strong anti-bullying message. In the application we are seeking to draw on the outstanding service St Patrick’s provides to our community through the Paddies Van and associated service learning programs. Our continued partnership with local Aboriginal elders and community members, and college retreats and immersions will also address key criteria. The initial evaluation outlined a key focus for St. Patrick’s to develop before achieving accreditation. That is, the teaching of the “UN Convention of the Rights of the Child”. Over the coming weeks, College Assemblies will follow this theme. Assemblies will begin with the teaching of the rights (and responsibilities) of the child and a strong justice and peace message through the opening prayer. Students in Mooney and O’Rourke house will be presenting these with the guidance of their tutor group teacher. As a community, many of us are aware of the admirable work our College does in the areas of justice and peace. On September 21 2012, St. Patrick’s College aims to celebrate becoming Queensland’s first UN Global Peace School!

Mr Matthew Hawkins

AP Identity

Mr Matthew Hawkins

St Patrick’s College Calling | 3

AP Curriculum

Mr Chris Campbell

The University of Queensland is offering the Year 11 students The cost of the program will include all activities, meals and the opportunity to participate in their young scholars pro- accommodation. gram. Nominees will be selected from a wide range of schools, The objective of the program is to work with high achieving backgrounds and interest areas. To be eligible for selection students through the provision of extension and enrichment students must be enrolled in Year 11, OP eligible and intendactivities. Students are challenged to think critically about ing to pursue University studies on completion of Year 12. contemporary global issues and at the same time are ex- Selection will be based on academic excellence, leadership posed to potential future study areas and career opportuni- achievements and/or contribution to the student’s school ort community. ties. If you are interested and would like more information, please contact me at the College ort visit: 1. a five-day (four night) residential camp from Sunday or phone the University of Queensland on 3365 2835. 25-Thursday 29 November 2012 Applications with supporting documentation are to be sub2. A two-day (overnight) residential camp from Monday mitted by Friday 10 August. 24-Tuesday 25 June 2013. The commencement of a new term, indeed a new semester is It is envisaged that students will gain insights into both Uni- time for reflection on academic achievement, as will an opversity life and fields of study which they may not have en- portunity to revisit academic goals. I would encourage all countered as part of the College Curriculum. The program parents to take the opportunity to meet with relevant class will involve lectures from leading academies along with dis- teachers at this Monday’s parent teacher meetings. Hearing cussions and collaborative forums. feedback and asking questions regarding the best ways to improve performance is an excellent way to commence the semester. The program is divided into two segments as follows:

Year 9 English Skills Workbook

Year 8 & 9 SOSE Big Ideas Textbooks

The 2012 stationery list for Year 9 contained a Macmillan English Skills Workbook. The publishing date for the book was pushed back and we worked with page proof information from the text for Semester 1. The book has now been released and the publishers have made us aware that backorders made through Direct Stationery at Geebung will be sent to the school this week. Some students may have purchased the text through the local newsagent – you will need to follow up on this personally.

Year 8 and 9 SOSE students need to return the Big Ideas Humanities I (Year 8) and Big Ideas Humanities II (Year 9) textbooks to the library please by no later than Wednesday 18 July.

We are aware that a significant number of students did not purchase the text through Direct Stationery. Please be aware that the workbook is a required text for students in Year 9 and they will require this for English classes ASAP. Could you please make arrangements to purchase the text through your preferred supplier ASAP – most newsagents will need to order the book. Ms Zoe Morgan

4 | St Patrick’s College Calling 

Head of Curriculum English

Ms Susan Corfield

A/C/L English & SOSE Yrs 7-9

AP Student Formation

Mr Frank Torrisi

Welcome back to Semester 2. I hope everyone had a relax- Year 12 Leadership Afternoon-All Year 12 students are ing break and used the time to spend with family and friends. required to attend the Leadership Afternoon on Tuesday 17 July 3.05 to 6.30pm. This afternoon program is a valuable Semester 1 Reports Please discuss your son’s Semester One experience to refocus and re-evaluate their role as leaders of report with him and help him set clear goals for the second St Patrick’s College. Afternoon Tea and Dinner will be providsemester. It is important to acknowledge the good work your ed. All Year 12 students are expected to attend. son is doing but also take note of the teacher’s comments about areas to work on. Overall the results across the College The Yr 8-9-10 Social will be held this Saturday 14 July. Norwere quite good but each individual student must take steps mal school rules and expectations apply. I would like to to continue to improve. Students who are performing well in thank the Staff and Parents who have indicated that they will assist on the night with the running of the Social – on the their classes generally are also showing positive behaviour. front door, in the cloakroom, selling drinks, general superviPlease also maintain strong communication with the staff, either by writing notes in the Student Diary, Email or via the sion. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Venue – Sandgate PCYC Dempster Street, Deagon phone. Time- 7.00 to 10.00 pm Uniform and Grooming – The appearance of many students Clothing – closed footwear is essential, no Singlet’s, offensive was excellent to start the term. I was pleased how the young T-Shirts etc Cost - $10 men of St Patrick’s College returned to school adhering to the College’s Hair and Grooming Policy. Thank you to all fam- Attendence – only St Patrick’s Yr 8-9-10 boys plus female ilies for their support and cooperation in this matter. students from invited Colleges – St Rita’s, St John Fisher, Mt Alvernia, Mt St Michael’s, All Hallows, Mt Maria –Petrie,

YEAR 12 Year 12 Leadership A ernoon   Tuesday 17 July  A ernoon Tea & Dinner provided 

St Patrick’s College Calling | 5


6 | St Patrick’s College Calling 

Mr John Tucker

Director of Sport

Mr Luke Donatini

2012 Confraternity Rugby League Carnival – A Huge (and wet) Success

Outstanding Achievements

For those who witnessed the 2012 Confraternity Rugby League Carnival at Curlew Park, you would agree that it was a huge success despite the miserable weather. The standard of rugby league for a schoolboy’s competition was also of high quality and standard.

land Primary Schools Rugby League Team to compete at the National Primary Rugby League Championships in Mackay later this month.  Jeral Skelton (Year 8) – selected into the Queensland Merit Under 13 Rugby League Team.

 Ryan Shepherd (Year 7) – selected into the Queens-

I would really like to thank and acknowledge all the students, staff, parents and volunteers who gave up their time SPC Trimester Three Sporting to brave the cold rainy days to assist with making this carni- Coordinators val a success. Following are the names of coordinators and contact details for next term’s sports. It would be remiss of me not to make a special mention and thanks to Mrs Narelle Cathcart, Mr John Tucker and Mr Mur- Basketball – Mr Corey Meehan ray Schultz for their dedication, time and hard work over the past twelve months in bringing this year’s Confraternity Rugby League Carnival together. They should be applaud- Cross Country – Mr Paul Toohey ed and congratulated for all their efforts as it was truly evi- dent in the quality of carnival that they convened. Tennis - Br Chris Pritchard To the members of the SPC Sports Support Group, thank you for the many hours for canteen and BBQ service you put in each day to ensure that all who attended were well Track and Field – Mr Rob Morris catered for. Many thanks also to Mr Tony Gadsby, Mr Shane Perry and AFL – Mr Dominic Crowley Mr Steve Lawrence for coaching and managing of our 2012 St Patrick’s College Confraternity Rugby League Team. I am certain that our players enjoyed their Confraternity Carnival experience this year

Sports Information Line (Wet Weather) The telephone number for St Patrick’s College Sports Information Line/Wet Weather Update is 3631 9080. Please be reminded that in the event of Wet Weather, any changes to the published schedule for sporting fixtures will be made just before 7.00am on the day of the fixtures. St Patrick’s College Calling | 7

Director of Sport

Mr Luke Donatini


We would like ALL SPC students from Yr 5 to Yr 12 to seriously consider being part of the 2012 SPC Track & Field Experience.


8 | St Patrick’s College Calling 

Director of Sport

Mr Luke Donatini

JUNIOR TRACK & FIELD (CIC) – Ms Cassie Harden & Mr Doug Locke Term 3 has started with a BANG; athletics, basketball and tennis all starting very quickly. We can understand that this is a little over whelming, however, we are trying to make it a little easier to understand. Ms Cassie Harden (with the assistance of Mr Doug Locke) coordinates CIC athletics and would like to welcome all Year 5 to Year 7 students to get involved in our CIC Track and Field Program. This is an outline how it works. We train (changed slightly from last term):


Before School Morning Tea Junior Lunch Time





(6.45am – 7.45am) Drills/Sprints

(6.45am – 7.45am) Drills/Sprints


Team Meeting

After School

Shot Put


(3.15-415pm) High Jump, Long Jump, Shot Put

We are attending 3 lead up meets at UQ Track, St Lucia:

 4th August,  11th August  25th August We recommend attending all training sessions, but understand that this may not be possible. If you are doing another sport for the College and are able to turn up to one session we would accept that. Please let us know if this is the case. We also recommend turning up to all lead up meets. We also understand that tennis is on at the same time but we can also work around this. Each week we will be giving out awards, these awards might be best trainer, greatest PB, best attitude. We do look forward to giving these out. If you need any further information about Year 5 to Year 7 Track and Field, please contact: Ms Cassie Harden - or Mr Doug Locke –

St Patrick’s College Calling | 9

Director of Sport

Mr Luke Donatini

SENIOR TRACK & FIELD (AIC) – Mr Rob Morris SPC Senior (AIC) Track & Field Training Schedule for Term3 2012 We Start Training DAY 1 of Term 3

Training Day


Middle Distance




Back Oval 3.15 to 4.30pm Back Oval 3.15 to 4.30pm

X/Country Training (as per already scheduled)

Back Oval 6.45am to 8.00am

Curlew Park 3.15pm to 4.30pm Curlew Park 3.15pm to 4.30pm Curlew Park 3.15pm to 4.30pm



High Jump

Long Jump

Back Oval 3.15 to 4.30pm

Back Oval 3.15 to 4.30pm




Back Oval 3.15 to 4.30pm


Triple Jump



This is our working Training Schedule for AIC Track and Field for Term 3 of 2012. Please note that some training sessions may change or be added but those involved will be notified of this by the specific event group coach/es should there be changes.



CIC (Year 5 to 7)

Ms Cassie Harden (


Mr Doug Locke ( Mr Doug Locke ( Mr Blair Drabble (


Mr Ryan Schultz ( Mr Ryan Schultz (


Mr Tom Lonergan ( Mr Tom Lonergan (


Mr Craig Gunn ( Mr Luke Donatini (

High Jump

Ms Selena Frisk (

Long Jump

Mr Luke Donatini ( Mrs Marthy Watson (

Triple Jump

Mr Jesse D’Amico (

Throws (Shot/Discus/ Javelin)

Mrs Kate Colahan ( Mrs Helen Roberts (

10 | St Patrick’s College Calling 

IMPORTANT DATE (Put It In Your Diary!) SPC Track & Field Camp Friday 5 October to Sunday 7 October (Last Weekend of Sept/ October Holidays). WE WANT ALL OUR ATHLETES TO ATTEND THIS YEAR’S CAMP!

SPC T&F Event Group Coaches in 2012 T&F Administration Mr Luke Donatini (, Mr Robert Morris ( & Mr Ryan Schultz (

Director of Sport

Mr Luke Donatini

SPC CROSS COUNTRY AIC/CIC SCHEDULE 2012 The following are the proposed remaining meets and events for our AIC Cross Country Runners in 2012. Please note that these details may change on a weekly basis.


Host College


Time Commencing

Saturday 14 July


Limestone Park, Ipswich

AM Meet

Saturday 21 July


St Laurence’s Playing Fields, Runcorn

AM Meet

July 22 & 23 (Saturday & Sunday)

Qld Schools Cross Country Champs.

Maroochydore Queensland

Am of 22 July

Saturday 28 July


AIC Championships Limestone Park, Ipswich

AM until midday

Organisational details for Saturday July 14 The Bus will depart for Pier Avenue at 7:00 am (no later). You will need to register for the Bus with Mr Toohey in the Library. You need to have on the St Patrick’s College Cross Country T Shirt. All clothing MUST be St Patrick’s gear including tracksuits. Have your name clearly written on all your clothes You compete in your St Patrick’s Athletic singlet and shorts. The Athletic Singlets and shorts are for sale from the clothing store. The scheduled race times for Saturday are as follows:

   

Event 13 Years

Time 9.00am

Distance 3 km’s

14 Years


4 km’s

15 Years


4 km’s

16 Years & Opens


6 km’s

Runners are encouraged to stay and support the other St Patrick’s College runners. Drink plenty of water and warm down well after your run. Put on warm clothes for the trip home to avoid catching a cold. Enjoy your run.

The Bus will depart Limestone at Approximately 10.45 and we should be back at St Patrick’s College by Midday. Presentations for the meet will take place on the bus as we return to St Patrick’s.

St Patrick’s College Calling | 11

Basketball Coordinator EREA Basketball Tour During the last week of holidays 20 students from St Patrick’s represented the College in the Edmund Rice Education Australia annual basketball tournament hosted by St Dominic’s, Penrith, NSW. The standard of competition was extremely competitive yet all boys represented the College and themselves to the fullest of their abilities. At no stage did the boys drop their heads and the Senior Team managed to enjoy wins over Waverley College (VIC) and Gregory Terrace (QLD). All boys who attended the tour are to be commended on their behaviour both on and off the courts and special thanks must go to Dr Michael Carroll and Mr Richard Saunders for volunteering their time.

AIC/CIC Basketball Training Training for all CIC teams commenced on Tuesday and will be held at the College every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon for the remainder of the season. Year 5 and 6 teams may have lunch time training sessions at the discretion of their respective coaches, information regarding year 5 and year 6 training times will be sent home this week. AIC training commences on the 24th of July and is held every Tuesday and Thursday at Boondall entertainment Center from 3:30pm – 5:00pm If boys have signed on to play they are expected to attend all training sessions and games or communicate any difficulties with their respective coaches. It is not acceptable to simply fail to show up to training or games without prior notification; boys are to make every effort to fulfill their basketball responsibilities. Please continue to regularly check both student and parental email accounts for more information regarding Basketball in 2012. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Basketball please contact me directly: or phone 3631 9028 or 0435 869 131.

SPC Basketball Uniform TRAINING All boys are required to wear their college P.E. uniform or Basketball uniform, at no stage are boys allowed to wear other club singlet’s, NBA singlet’s, rugby jersey’s etc. If boys are found wearing the incorrect uniform they will be asked to sit out of training which may affect selection chances. If boys are continually found wearing the wrong uniform they may lose the opportunity to represent the college in basketball, I ask for all parents support with this matter. GAMES Boys are permitted to wear the College P.E. uniform during the initial trials but all boys are required to have a college basketball singlet by round one. Boys are permitted to wear college P.E. shorts during games so long as all pockets have zips. SPC basketball shorts are available for purchase from the uniform shop if desired. 12 | St Patrick’s College Calling 

Mr Corey Meehan A draft training schedule for AIC/CIC is as follows

(this may be subject to change): CIC TEAM 7A 7B 7C 7D 6A 6B




3:15pm to  4:45pm


Front Court 1 Back oval courts Front Court 2


Back Oval Courts

5A 5B

Front Court 1

Lunch time x2/week on P.E. days to be negotiated by coach AIC

TEAM 1ST V 2ND V 3RD V 16A 15A 15B 14A 14B 14C 13A 13B 13C



TIME 3:15 5:00pm

3:30 5:00pm



NOTE Private transport to Boondall is not required, most boys catch the first available train from Shorncliffe to North Boondall station, it is only a short walk to the sports hall. SPECTATORS For all boys who wish to stay around and spectate after their respective game, full College formal uniform is to be worn, you will be not be permitted to stay unless you meet this requirement.

Gym Coordinator

Mr Corey Meehan

Parents/Students, Please take note of the new gym timetable, due to the amount of sport training during the afternoons this term gym will primarily be open in the mornings. Boys have plenty of time after gym to have breakfast, shower and dress for school, I would encourage all boys to make the effort to attend morning sessions. As always if you have questions regarding the SPC GYM please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time. Corey Meehan : 3631 9028


MORNING 6:30am8:00am

JUNIOR LUNCH  12:35pm1:15pm



  YEAR 8

SENIOR LUNCH 1.15pm2.00pm


AFTER SCHOOL 3:00pm4:30pm










YEAR 5, 6&7















St Patrick’s College Calling | 13

Tennis/Sport Support Group

Brother Chris Pritchard

Tennis Trials for our Juniors, CIC Competition, will take place on Saturday morning, 14th July, at the Deagon Courts, Sandgate & Districts Junior Tennis Association courts, from 7.45am to 11.30am. Would the Year 7s please bring a plate for Morning Tea. There are no Tennis Trials or any match for the Secondary AIC players. (Consistent training and coaching produces happy & successful players)

Tennis Coaching Grid 2012 Day of Week




7.00 am to 8.10am Deagon Courts

Open & U.16s U.14 s & U.15 s

Open & U.16s

7.00am – 8.25am College Morven 2 Courts Junior Teams

3.20 pm to 4.45 pm Deagon Courts

U.13s 7.00-7:45 Teams 5 & 6


7:45-8:25 Teams 1 & 2 7.00-7:45 Teams 7 & 8

U.14 s & U.15 s

7:45-8:25 Teams 3 & 4 Thursday


Junior Lunch College Morven 2 Courts Junior Teams 12.30-1.10pm Teams 7 & 8

U.14 s & U.15 s Open & U.16s


12.30-1.10 Teams 5 & 6

12.30-1.10pm Teams 1 & 2 12.30-1.10pm Teams 3 & 4

SPC MATCH HOME COURTS Saturdays for CIC at Deagon Complex (Braun Street Deagon)4 Courts 7.45 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. Saturdays for AIC at Coops Complex (Beams Road)7 Courts 8.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

Sport Support Group: Sincere thanks to one and all who assisted in the Curlew Park Canteen during the Confraternity Week. All names were in the draw officiated by Mr Luke Donatini on Monday 9th July at our Monthly Meeting. The $250 Family Beautiful Portrait Photography voucher was won by Steve Robinson. Thank you to all our faithful parents and friends who worked tirelessly in the Curlew Park Canteen during the CIC and AIC Football & Rugby season. All names went into the draw each Saturday and the following won: 21/4 – Trial vs. Villanova – Gretta Peppin; 28/4 - Round 1 vs. St Peters & St Laurence’s – Dan Greentree; 19/5 – Back to Shorncliffe Day vs St Edmunds & Gregory Terrace – Francis Rees. This Saturday, 14th July we have our College Social from 7.00pm to 10.00pm. Parental assistance is sought for a period to cover both the cloak room and the canteen. If you are available please contact David Row on 3869 4585 or 0409 531457. Thank you in anticipation. Date Claimer: Trivia Night Saturday 15 September Callan Centre Please put this in your diary, especially all new parents for a great evening. Anyone who can donate prizes to this event please call Sharie in the College office on 3631 9000. 14 | St Patrick’s College Calling 

Director of Sport

Mr Luke Donatini

Co-Curricular Awards

Team 1st XI 2nd XI

July 17 2012 9.35am Callan Centre


Outstanding Player Award

1st XV 2nd XV 3rd XV 16A 16B 15A 15B 15C 14A 14B

Jack Hamilton Lachlan Bettington Diarmaid McDonald Matthew Brown David Lawrence Conor Hoelscher Harry Cottrell Christopher Reitano Riley Cecil & Jack Kelly Jack Buckland

14C 13A 13B 13C 7A 7B 6A 6B 6C 5A 5B

Isaac Blansjaar Liam Jacobsen Braydn Rees James Easey Morne Knop Kieran Taylor Jake Pappin Joseph McKeering Zachary Doohan Morgan Prendergast Oliver Duffy

3rd XI 16A 15A 15B 14A 14B

Serviam Award Michael Xanthopoulo Ryan Kruse Samuel John Daniel Seagrott Vaughan McGrath Jack Churchill Samuel Laydon Kyle Vesely Dominic Bourke Isaak Woods Tyran HartleyWright Xavier Power Caleb Fischle Jake O'Halloran Matthew Weir James Cardwell Jack Smith Jarred Megaw Thomas Lee Kel Neil Jack Phillpott


13A 13B 7A 7B 7C 6A 6B 5A

Outstanding Player Award Joshua McMillan Corey Burton Tyler Ryan & David Arnold Jakob Rosenblatt Jack Huxtable Zachary Jahnke Adam Edgar & Harrison Smith Matthew Beard Harrison McVeigh & Rhys Gywnn Jones Kurt Kitchen George Smith Jack Pike Harrison Matthews Louis Irish Samuel Prince Tallis Payne

Joseph Champness Ashley Herold Jack Boxsell Alexander Hollis Alex Kallenbach Alister Kerr Calum McLennan Bayden Lohrey Will McDonald Aiden Robins Liam Smith Angus Evans Kodie Messina Tom Kelman Cameron Finegan Matthew Lisignoli



Recipient Rupert Bugden

Ray Kratzman Perpetual Trophy

1st XI Captain College Captain of Football College Football Player  of the Year

Joshua McMillan

2012 7A Football Undefeated Season Criteria

Vince Maguire Perpetual Trophy Northern Districts Rugby Union Football Club Perpetual Trophy

Serviam Award


1st XV Captain College Captain of Rugby

Jacob Davis

College Rugby Player of the Year

Thomas Drew

Captain of Confraternity

Serviam Award

Benjamin Kecek

Matthew Brown

“Kentroits Rugby League Cup” - Player of the Carnival Mitchell Walker St Patrick’s College Calling | 15

Director of Culture

Mr Geoff Samuels

DEBATING Congratulations to all QDU Debating teams. The preliminary season has finished and we are now into the knockout finals rounds. This year a number of teams have made it through: Year 8 Team 1 (coaches Ms Georgakis and Mr Seers) Year 10 - all teams (Year 10 clearly the Debating powerhouse of St Patrick’s) Year 11 Team 1 (coach Dr Owens) Year 12 Team 1 (coach Mr Brough) The finals draw and topics will be made available late this week. Students should stay in contact with their relevant coaches for details. Don’t let 2012 slip away without getting to see some of St Patrick’s finest debaters in action – get along and support a team if you can. Ms Zoe Morgan Debating Coordinator

16 | St Patrick’s College Calling 

College News SCHOOL ACCOUNTS Term 3 school accounts were posted to all families on Monday 9 July. Due to an emailing problem over the holidays fee accounts were not able to be sent. The term 3 account is due and payable on the 16 July 2012 unless alternative payment arrangements have been set in place. Please note any extra charges that appear on this account will need to be paid by the 16 July 2012. You will note that there has been a charge added to your Term 3 account for the 60th Anniversary school photograph of $40.00. A letter explaining this charge has been included with your fees from Dr Michael Carroll. If you have not received a Term 3 account or have any queries regarding your account pleas contact Judy Kelly on 3631 9019.

WANTED Prizes to auction at the Gala Dinner. If you can help please call Kath Richardson on 0412772123.


SOLD OR UNSOLD St Patrick’s College Calling | 17

College News

Senior Schooling What’s Next? An information evening for parents of senior high school students Time: Day: Date: Venue:

6:30 – 8:00pm Wednesday 22 August 2012 The Community Centre Kedron Wavell Services Club 375 Hamilton Road (entrance via Kittyhawk Dve) CHERMSIDE

Information will be provided on: •How parents can help young people make career decisions •Where the jobs will be and skills shortages in the near future •Alternate entry into tertiary education

RSVP: 15 August 2012 Heidi Newton 07 3267 2201 or THIS IS A FREE EVENT please register for catering purposes

18 | St Patrick’s College Calling 

College News

St Patrick’s College Calling | 19

Rosters The Paddies Van is Proudly Sponsored by:

ROSTER FOR UPCOMING SERVICE PROGRAMS Tuesday Morn BBQ Decker Park, Sandgate 7.25 am-9.00 am

Thursday Morning BBQ Humpybong School 7. 30 am-9.00 am

Thursday Evening Street Van Brisbane City 5.00 pm-8.45 pm

Saturday Night BBQ Sandgate Lagoon, Sandgate 5.45 pm-8.30 pm

Tuesday, 17 July

Thursday,19 July

Thursday, 19 July

Saturday, 21 July

Lachlan Payne, Nathaniel Batson, Joshua Potter, Aidan Gascoigne

Bede Jennings, Reece Myers, Isaac Wilkinson, Calum McLennan

Joseph Champness, Damian McMahon, Jackson Crossan, Tom Lahey, Ben Woods

Liam O’Donnell, Jayden Callow, Xavier Stringer, James Matthews, Sam Smith

Please Note: If you cannot fulfil your commitment to take part in these service programs, please advise Mrs Righetti ASAP.



TRADING HOURS TERM TIME TUES 12-4 pm WED 10am-2pm THURS 7.30am-11.30am

Seats Still Available On The Bus Please see Lee Schultz as soon as possible or phone on 36319027






Sue Fuhrmeister, Tanya Smith - Help Needed



Madonna Holscher, Colleen White, Monique Bubendorfer



Chris Hare, Gina Macpherson, Janelle Lakey



Bonnie Flaherty, Noelene Jones, Theresa Browning, Sue McPhillips



Suzanne Brough, Gina Jeffery, Leanne Hardyman



Jenny Evans, Trisha Fitzpatrick, Marie Denkes

20 | St Patrick’s College Calling 

Date Claimers

Weeks 2 & Week 3

WEEK TWO July 16 Parent Teacher Interviews July 17 Trimester 2 Co-Curricular Awards Assembly Year 12 Leadership Afternoon July 18 Year 7.1 & 7.2 Museum Excursion AIC AFL Round 1 July 20 Photo Day July 21 AIC Cross Country Trial AIC/CIC Tennis Trials

WEEK THREE July 23 Student Leaders In service July 24 Inter-House Debating Round 1 July 25 Inter-House Debating Round 1 July 26 Grandparents Mass and Lunch 11.30am Callan Centre July 27 Inter-House Debating Round 1 July 28 AIC Cross Country Championships CIC Track &Field Meet 1 CIC Tennis Round 1 (H)

St Patrick’s College Calling | 21

Calling - Issue 20 (12 July 2012)  

Welcome back to Term 3 and I hope that you and your families had an enjoyable holiday break.

Calling - Issue 20 (12 July 2012)  

Welcome back to Term 3 and I hope that you and your families had an enjoyable holiday break.