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17 June 2010

No. 19

Dear Members of the St Patrick’s Family, The end of Semester 1 is now upon us and as I reflect back on the term I am pleased with what I see. Term 2 is always a full term, particularly at the co-curricular level. The involvement and dedication of the students in and out of the classroom has been pleasing. Reports will be finalised next week and hopefully will reflect the effort and application the students given to their studies. The reports will also include information pertaining to the parent teacher meetings and other important issues for Term 3. Over the holidays a number of staff, students and parents will be involved in a range of school activities. The cross country runners will participate in the Straddie Marathon; Under 16 Rugby and Football teams will travel to New Zealand, and the Open Rugby League team participates in the Confraternity Shield. Good luck to all of these teams! The building work is progressing well and we should see some significant progress by the time we return in Term 3. I thank people for their consideration regarding parking, traffic, and movement in and out of the College during this construction period. On a staff level there a number of announcements. Mr David Gardiner is recovering well from his surgery and will return in Term 3. Congratulations go to Mr Troy Schultz and his wife Kate on the birth of their second child, Lachlan Murray. We farewell Ms Selina Fisk, who had a contract position for Term 2, and Mrs Donna Wyers in her role as a teacher aide. We thank Mrs Dionne Tually who finishes as acting Head of Department—Religious Education. We also wish Mr Craig McDonald all the best as he takes some long service leave during Term 3. Mr Michael Bramwell will take his classes during Term 3 and Mrs Anne-Maree Bliss also returns in Term 3. Tomorrow we conclude the term with a liturgy in the Callan Centre beginning at 12.45pm. Parents are very welcome. Students will be dismissed at 1.30pm. I remind ALL AIC Rugby and Football players that they are required to complete their commitment to Term 2 sport this Saturday at Iona. All players must attend. You would be aware that the College developed its new website earlier this year. Feedback has been very positive and I believe that the website has assisted parents, students and staff with communication. Recently the College website was recognised by the Interactive Media Awards. These awards are international and recognise ‘high standards of excellence in website design and development’. We received the Best In Class Award which is the highest recognition bestowed in the Interactive Media Awards. It represents the best in planning, execution and overall professionalism. This is an excellent result and I congratulate all the St Patrick’s College staff involved, as well as the Bluewire staff and project team. Well done! Finally this week I thank the St Patrick’s College community for your support in Term 2. As I have previously mentioned, I will be absent for the first two weeks of Term 3 completing some study at Boston College. I will be returning on Monday, 26 July. Mr David Gardiner will assume the role of acting principal in my absence. Thankyou for your support. Have a great week.

Term 3 Starts Monday 12 July at 8.30am

God Bless

Curlew Park Association Update Dr Michael Carroll College Principal

B.C.C. is upgrading the back oval. We have a $30,000 grant for new handicap and ladies toilets. Our AGM is on 14 July at 7.30pm in the Jack Stevens Room—All welcome.

STUDENTS Frank Torrisi I would like to take the opportunity to wish all members of the St Patrick’s community all the best for the upcoming winter break and hope that it is both restful and energizing. Congratulations to all the boys on a great semester. It certainly has been a very full but positive semester. Enjoy the break – it is well deserved.

is an expectation that hair be kept neat, tidy and above the collar, ears and eyebrows at all times”. I ask that all boys make the necessary arrangements to have their hair cut to meet the College guidelines before the start of Term 3. Students will be sent home on the first day of Term 3 if they do not meet these College guidelines.

Shorncliffe State School Dance for Years 5-7 - Shorncliffe State School is holding a dance for students in Years 5-7. Entry: $7 includes hot dog, packet of chips and drink. Location: Callan Centre. Date: 22 June. Time: 6.30pm to 8.30pm. College ID required. Past pupils most welcome.

I would like to raise some important information regarding Hair/Grooming and Uniform before the commencement of Term 3.

Term 3 Uniform – Term 3 commences on Monday, 13 July, for all students. All students are to wear the school winter uniform during Term 3. Please ensure your son has his full uniform for the first day of Term 3. Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 must wear the College blazer to and from school each day, as well as during the day if they wish. All students in Years 5 to 10 must carry a College bag to and from school every day. Tour fleeces are not to be worn at school.

Year 8, 9 and 10 St Patrick’s Social—17 July at Sandgate PCYC. Time: 7pm-10pm. Cost: $10. ID required for entry. Invited girl schools only. Adult supervision is required on the night. If you are able to assist, please contact Mrs Sandra Fowlie 36319070.

Hair: It is important that all students and parents review the Hair and Grooming Policy that is located on Pages 21 and 22 of the College diary. The underlying principle is “St Patrick’s College requires students to maintain a high standard of dress and grooming so as to present an appropriate image of the College to the broader community and to each other. It

STUDIES Chris Campbell An addition to our assignment policy in 2010 has been the requirement for students to complete and submit a draft of the final assignment. This is such an important step in assisting students to maximize their performance in all “Perseverance and resilience assessment tasks. The feedback provided Dedication and ambition on these drafts is essential in refining the From good to great” finished product. As with the final copy of the assignment, the submission of the draft - I feel the boys have performed well. The majority of our young men have is compulsory and, like the final copy, is a clear vision of where they wish to head required on a date set by the teacher. in life. Many of the boys I speak to know At a recent Heads of Department from an early age whether they wish to meeting, there was an excellent discussion follow an academic or industry pathway. As well, in most cases they are on the need to teach boys the correct way very determined and focused in how they to reference the sources which they use to compile an assignment. This is still an will achieve these goals. area where students can at times be I have indicated on numerous occasions to confused. Just how much of a book, magazine or internet site can be included the student body that the cornerstone to in an essay and at what point does the achieving these goals is an education. It student need to acknowledge where the is pleasing that many of the students information came from. As an accepted appear to be responding to this advice. This is particularly relevant to the academic convention, the use of a legitimate system and compilation of a submission of assignments throughout the bibliography remains a key focus at St year. For the most part, teachers report that, on assignment collection days, almost Patrick’s. For clarification of this area, as all work is being submitted on time. Well well as information on academic integrity, could I encourage both parents and done, boys! Let’s continue this impressive students to reread the College diary performance next term. where all academic procedures are explained. In reviewing the first semester of 2010, a number of challenges were laid down to the boys. In reflecting on the key focus statement of the College for this year -

Next term is especially busy. The month of August is very important for both year 8 and Year 10 who will undertake subject selection for 2011. Further correspondence will be forwarded next term regarding this process. Also, year 12s undertake the QCS Test, which is so important for the boys in terms of their exit statements. Again, we will speak in greater detail about this next term. Please enjoy the vacation and I look forward to continuing the excellent work by the boys in Semester 2. Doing a book clean out? Do you have any previously loved books you wish to donate to 5W (Miss Harden’s Class)? I am trying to put together a reading bookcase for my classroom so that your children have the opportunity to read a variety of books throughout the year so if you have any suitable books that you won’t be reading again, and would like to donate, please send them in. Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated.

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STUDIES CONT’D MISSING LIBRARY BOOKS We currently have quite a few books unaccounted for in our library. Perhaps they have gone astray at your place. Books can be removed from the shelves and not recorded on our system and we are keen to have them returned. Lost books can attract replacement costs, so let’s avoid any unnecessary fees and look for those lost books around home please. Thank you for your support. Happy holiday reading.

IDENTITY & MINISTRY Matthew Hawkins I love major world sporting events – I become engrossed in them very quickly and easily. Last weekend, like many others, I set the alarm to watch our Socceroos take on Germany in the opening round of the FIFA World Cup. While I was disappointed, I tried to turn my attention to the next game, and remain optimistic about Australia’s chances of advancing through the tournament. And, yes, I will wait up for the midnight kick-off on Saturday night to watch the Socceroos take on Ghana, hoping for a much needed win. I know I won’t be alone in joining in the celebration of this wonderful event that is the Soccer (or Football) World Cup. In fact, a cumulative viewing audience of over 30 billion people worldwide are expected to tune in to the event. There is certainly something unifying about the World Cup – I think it reminds us that we are actually all the same. Each of us is, of

course, unique, but in being created in God’s image, we are also the same – we are all perfect, no matter the colour of our skin or the language we speak. We need reminding of this every now and then. At a time in Australia when some leaders encourage us to have an “us and them” perspective in relation to those seeking asylum in our country; at a time when some high profile Australians make errors in judgement while referring to sportsmen from different cultural backgrounds; at a time when we know our lack of action in caring for the climate affects others in low lying Pacific Islands more directly than it affects ourselves, we need reminding that we are indeed all members of the one club – humankind. And although the World Cup encourages competition between countries, sometimes fierce competition, it also encourages us to shake hands after the battle, and it teaches us to see great qualities in others,

particularly those from cultures foreign to our own. No doubt there will be some wonderful moments during this World Cup, memorable sporting moments and simply beautiful human moments – moments when the hair on the back of our necks will stand up. We may even call them “God moments”. These will be those moments when we are reminded of our common humanity. And what an amazing place for these lessons to be taught, and these moments to take place: in the birthplace of humankind – Africa. Tomorrow, we will use the World Cup as the inspiration for our End of Semester Liturgy, commencing at 1pm in the Callan Centre. Please feel free to join us. I wish everyone in the St Patrick’s community a safe and enjoyable holiday, and look forward to seeing you next term. Go the Socceroos!

program will be presented by Ross Chapman, educator, coach and current Australian Cricket Team psychologist. Topics include surviving the stress, finding your motivational rudder, career planning, negotiation and interactive skills, and dealing with distractions. Positive Families 3368 1307

more information is available at  Tertiary Studies Expo - This expo showcases a wide variety of Tertiary studies options: universities, TAFE, private providers. 17-18 July 10am-4pm  Asperger Parenting – Laying the Foundations (workshop) - 20 July at 7pm St Joseph’s Parish Centre, Bracken Ridge – more information can be found at

Mark Mewburn POSITIVE FAMILIES PSYCHOLOGY clinic Term 3 Group Programs: Confident Kids® and Teens Program: This is an eight-week evidence-based group program designed to assist children and teens aged between 5 and 14 years develop social and emotional skills to boost confidence and resilience, and reach their full potential. Parent workshop, weekly email support, advice and parenting strategies will assist your child and help you achieve a happy family environment. Medicare and private health fund rebates apply. Year 11 and 12 Student Success Program: A 4 week group coaching

Coming Events  Rock and Water workshop for boys 10-15 is designed to build resilience and skills to handle conflict situations in life. 6-7 July mornings – St Joseph’s Parish Centre, Bracken Ridge –

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ACTIVITIES ACTING DIRECTOR OF SPORT—RYAN SCHULTZ As previously noted Mr Luke Donatini is with his family enjoying the lovely sights of Europe from Sunday, 13 June, until Thursday, 15 July. During this time I will be looking after all matters sporting with the assistance of Mrs Donna Day and Mr Elias Power.

would like to commend all the students who either played or supported for their efforts and the way they conducted themselves. We had a huge crowd on hand and it was great to see all involved singing the school song in the middle of Oval 1 after a great First XV victory.

Should you require any assistance pertaining to SPC Sport you can contact me on:

Congratulations to the following:  Open Rugby 1st XV, 2nd XV, 3rd XV all victorious.  Year 7A Football Undefeated Season  All CIC Rugby and Football participants for a great 2010 season  Brenden Cousins Selected in the U17 Brisbane Stingers Rugby League Side to play South West Queensland at Ipswich on 3 July. Well done!

E-mail – Direct Line – 3631 9045 Mobile – 0432 329 877 “Back to Shorncliffe Day” Back to Shorncliffe day was a great success with some great Rugby and Football played in the spirit of the day. I

I encourage all AIC Rugby and Football players to finish off the season well this weekend by keeping up the high standard of dress and the great way we have conducted ourselves both on and off the field. I would like to thank all players and coaches for their involvement in the 2010 AIC Rugby and Football season and look forward to continuing the outstanding work from 2010 into a bigger and better 2011 season.

RUGBY CO-ORDINATOR—HEATH MACKINTOSH Rugby St Patrick’s College Vs Iona College Saturday 19 June 2010 at Iona College Match Times

Davine Oval

McCarthy Oval

9.00am 10.00am 11.00pm 12.00pm 1.00pm 2.00pm 3.15pm

13C 13B 13A 14A 15A 2nd XV 1st XV

14C 14B 15B 3rd XV 16B 16A

PLEASE NOTE:  QRRA appointed referees for SPC 13A, SPC 14A, SPC 15A, SPC 2ndXV, SPC 1stXV.  Canteen will be in operation on the day  Sports Medicine will be on site on the day Iona College Location: Corner North Road and Sandy Camp Road Iona College is situated west of Wynnum and is close to the Port of Brisbane. Iona College is accessible from the Gateway Motorway (via the Port of Brisbane Motorway), Wynnum Road (via Kianawah Road) or from the Cleveland Trainline (Lindum Station). AIC REPRESENTATIVE SELECTION Congratulations to the following First XV players on their selection in the AIC Representative teams to compete in the 2010 Queensland Open Schoolboy Rugby Union Trials.

     

AIC 1: AIC 1: AIC 2: AIC 2: AIC 2: Shadow Player:

Ryan Hill Cameron Myers Ben Lowis Giles Beveridge Matt Robinson Jarred Watson

(Run on Inside Centre) (Reserve Outside Back) (Run On Loosehead Prop) (Run On Openside Flanker) (Reserve Inside Back)

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ACTIVITIES CONT’D FOOTBALL CO-ORDINATOR —LUKE DONATINI FOOTBALL St Patrick’s College Vs Iona College Saturday 19 June 2010 at Iona College Match Times

Fuller Oval

Coghill Oval

14A 15A

13A 13B 14B

8.30am 9.45am 10.45am 11.00am 11.45am 12.15pm 12.45pm 1.30pm

16A 15B nd


XI 3rd XI

1st XI


 AIC appointed referee for SPC 2ndXI, SPC 1stXI.  Canteen will be in operation on the day  Sports Medicine will be on site on the day Iona College Location: Corner North Road and Sandy Camp Road Iona College is situated west of Wynnum and is close to the Port of Brisbane. Iona College is accessible from the Gateway Motorway (via the Port of Brisbane Motorway), Wynnum Road (via Kianawah Road) or from the Cleveland Trainline (Lindum Station) AIC REPRESENTATIVE SELECTION Congratulations to the following First XI player on his selection in the Open AIC Representative Football team to compete against the Open GPS Representative Team.

 Liam Kelly

AIC Representative

SPC OPEN HOCKEY NAB Hockey Competition The U/19 SPC hockey team is playing Ferny Grove SHS this Friday at Burringbar, Chermside, at 4 pm. All players must be there 30 minutes before the game.

SPC TENNIS St Patrick’s College Holiday Tennis Clinics During the coming school holidays we will hold Tennis clinics and round robin tournaments at the Sandgate and Districts Courts, Broad Street, Deagon, for those who are able and willing to attend. The dates and times are as follows: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 30 June, 1-2 July, 10.30am to 1pm for Junior School players. Monday - Friday, 5-9 July, 2pm to 4.30pm for U15, U16 and Open players. Tuesday – Friday, 6-9 July, 10.30am to 1pm for U13 and U14 players. In the past this system has greatly assisted our Tennis players for the forthcoming season and helped produce premierships for our College.

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Tennis Clinic by Professional Coach Tuesday and Wednesday— 7-8 July

Clinic Times:

8am to 10am

Held on College courts

Clinic Ground strokes-forehand, backhand, topspin and slice Net play-volley, overhead Serves-flat, slice, kicker, slider Game play Rules Clinic fee-$50 Fastest serve competition-radar gun

      

Call Brad on 0412 961651 to register. Numbers are limited

CROSS COUNTRY CO-ORDINATOR —CRAIG GUNN St Patrick’s College is hosting an official AIC trial meet this Friday, 18 June. All athletes must be there in singlet and cross country shirt by 3:30pm for the following race times: U/13 3km – 4pm U/14/15 4km – 4:20pm U/16/Open 6km – 4:45pm Mr. Toohey and staff would appreciate any parents who would like to act as race marshals contacting him at and arriving for duty at 3:30pm.

Training Calendar - Holidays Date Fri 18 June Sun 20 – Tue 22 Jun Wed 23 June

Time 3:30pm 7:00am

Place St Patrick’s – Curlew Park Tennis Court Area – to Straddie Island

Event AIC Trial meet 2 (last day of school)

Cost Nil

Cross Country Camp



St Patrick’s – meet at oval



Fri 25 June


St Patrick’s – meet at oval



Sat 26 June


Carseldine (Old QUT Beams Rd)

Monday 28 June


St Patrick’s – meet at oval




St Patrick’s – meet at oval

Long recovery


Friday 2 July


St Patrick’s – meet at oval

Captains’ lead


Monday 5 July

8:30am – 11:30am

St Patrick’s – meet at tennis courts

School bus to South Bank

7.30am – 11:30am

St Patrick’s – meet at tennis courts

Wednesday 30 June

Wednesday 7 July Friday 9 July


Queensland Athletics Cross Country Races


$5-$10 for breaky/lunch

School bus to Limestone Park Ips-

$5-$10 for

wich (trial run)


St Patrick’s – meet at tennis courts

School bus to Caloundra for train-

(bring towel)

ing/time trial

$5-$10 for lunch

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Semester 1 in Review As Semester 1 draws to a close I look back on what has been a busy, eventful and very satisfying program of Cultural Activities. We have had record numbers of boys participating across a broader range of activities than ever before. Of particular note is the commencement of a number of different Instrumental bands this semester featuring students of all ages. This is a significant step forward for our music program with a Concert Band, Stage Band and Orchestra all polishing up performances in the lead up to performances on assembly, competitions and Open Day in coming months. We hope to add a string ensemble and a percussion group next term. I would like to congratulate Josh Cathcart (Year11) who will be touring China with the Brisbane Regional Youth Orchestra in Term 3 and Josh Sutton (Year 7) who will represent us in the national Best Up and Coming Junior Drummer Competition. We wish both boys the best of luck. The profile of Chess continues to grow with great levels of participation in our Inter-House Competition during Term One. Kennedy House took the honours this year. AIC Chess teams are continuing to display the form which took us to third place outright last year. We are also thrilled to have three of our debating teams continuing on to the finals of the QDU debating competition this year. This success is reward for the students and coaches who have dedicated a great deal of time and energy to preparation and training this year, commencing with a Training School program back in February. Once again our Theatresport teams have displayed great skill, creativity and energy. All three teams progressed to the quarter finals of this state wide competition with our two senior teams winning the quarterfinals to progress to the semi-finals. This cements our place as a real powerhouse in Queensland Theatresport with no other school producing the consistent results we have obtained over the past three years. Our special interest programs continue to grow with Art Club, Film Crew and SPC Dance Crew meeting regularly and producing some work of real quality. The Spirit videos have been a real highlight of our assemblies throughout the semester and we look forward to the upcoming displays by other groups on Open Day in August. I would like to thank the students, parents and staff who support the cultural programs for the work which has gone into making the past six months such a success. I wish you all a very relaxing holiday and look forward to all that the second half of the year will bring us.

AIC Chess Two words..... well earned! On Friday night we travelled to Ipswich looking for AIC redemption. After a strong start to the year, we had a couple of close losses to SLC and Ashgrove. Our goal of cementing a top 3 spot in 2010 meant we needed a favourable result. Friday night’s meet against SEC had to be ours. It needed to be our night to shine. SEC is always tough opposition and we needed to be thinking five moves ahead. Their Junior teams had been undefeated so far and their Senior teams, having not fared as well, still had good wins over rival AIC schools. The 16 men representing St Patrick’s were looking to revisit their form from the start of the season. After two exhausting rounds of competitive chess, we achieved two wins, a draw and a loss: not a perfect result but, given the talent of our opposition, it is pretty impressive. Congratulations to both of our Senior teams who had convincing wins and our Junior A team who crawled back from 2-6 down to tie the match at 8 all. Round 7 is against Iona College at home. It is the last round of the 2010 season. We need all our teams to win if we want to cement our top 3 spot. I would like to encourage all parents and players to come this Friday to support the team. It would be great to finish the season off the way it started! Paul Arcodia Chess Coordinator.

Debating Tonight Year 10 (1) will compete against Grace Lutheran in a Secret Topic Debate at 7pm at Northside Christian College. Debaters need to be there by 5.45pm at the latest. If the boys win this debate it will mean four of our nine teams will have qualified for the finals rounds. Congratulations to all our debaters and coaches this term on their efforts in the preliminary rounds! Go Paddies boys!

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The Paddies Van is Proudly Sponsored by:Tuesday Morn BBQ— Decker Park, Sandgate 7.25 am—9.00 am

Thursday Morning BBQ — Humpybong School 7. 30 am—9.00 am

Tuesday, 22 June N/A

Thursday, 24 June N/A

Thursday Evening Street Van — Brisbane City 5.00 pm—8.45 pm

Saturday Night BBQ—Sandgate Rotunda 5.45 pm—8.30 pm

Saturday, 26 June Thursday, 24 June Keegan Harman, Dylan Strathdee, Jacqui Lewis, Dan Greentree, Callum Brodie, Jackson Crossan, Ryan Nathan Gennochio, Kyle and Jeff Hollyman Wagstaff, Corbin Steinmuller

Please Note: If you cannot fulfil your commitment to take part in these service programs, please advise Mr Ellison ASAP.



Fri          18/06 

Kelly Taylor, Jenny Fowler, Jenny Evans, Trisha Fitzpatrick 

Mon      21/06 


Tue        22/06 


Wed      23/06 


Thu        24/06 


Fri          25/06 





Uniform Shop HONOUR POCKETS – Blazers with appropriate paperwork need to be presented at the Uniform Shop on Tuesday, 15 June, so pockets can be done over the holiday break. TERM TIME TRADING HOURS TUESDAY 12-4PM, WEDNESDAY 10AM-2PM, THURSDAY 7.30-11.30AM

ST PATRICK’S COLLEGE BUSINESS DIRECTORY If you would like extra copies of the College Business Directory, please contact Mrs Julie Parker on 3631 9057 or email

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SPORTS SUPPORT THANK YOU The final whistle of the 1st XV game on Saturday also concluded the home games for the St Patrick's Rugby and Football season. It only seems like yesterday that we moved into Term 2 sports and the year’s traditional biggest fundraising opportunities for the Sports Support Group. I can say that the season has gone quickly and I know that the success of the season in terms of fundraising has been due to our continued loyal support by the St Pat's community. This year has, I believe, been our most successful for some time. Without the exact figures, Back to Shorncliffe Day capped off a tremendous year for fundraising during the Rugby and Football season. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who has supported us in our endeavours whether it be supporting, or working in the canteen or on the barbecue, or even setting up the fields each Saturday. Your combined efforts have ensured the success that our boys will enjoy in future years. I would also like to thank the group of dedicated and passionate volunteers of the Sports Support Group who give freely of their time not just on Saturdays but also during the week to ensure that our home games run smoothly. I would also like to thank the ground staff and the many parents who still come and help set up in the mornings although their boys have left the College. The spirit of support lives on long after our boys complete their education at St Pat's. Thank you all again. I take this opportunity, on behalf of the Sports Support Group, to thank all our coordinators, coaches, managers, referees, linesmen and all those people who, without whom, our boys could not participate in their chosen sports. In particular, I would like to thank Mr. Donatini who, behind the scenes, exhibits endless enthusiasm and commitment to sport within our College. As we move into the second semester, we still have sports to support including Basketball and Athletics to name just two. A canteen will be operating during Basketball. Our fund raising endeavours will continue and we are well advanced in the planning for our trivia night in September. This year we hope to outdo last year’s night when we had over three hundred people in attendance with abundant quality prizes. This year promises to be even better, with similar prizes for this fun themed night. Please start getting your tables of ten together for this event. More details will follow shortly. One of the things that has struck me this year is the level of support and assistance that is offered each and every week. It has been absolutely tremendous to see the sense of commitment and willingness to help that exists within our College community in everything that we do. Our Group, and the College, are only as good as the community that supports us. If what I have seen this year is any indication, our College will go from strength to strength. Thank you all once again. Cameron Herpich Chairman Sports Support Group



 

Hat embroidered with ‘B. Woods’ and a Coffey House shirt—Please return to Ben Woods Year 8 Coffey 9 or to the Student Office St Patrick’s spray jacket embroidered with ‘Panaretos’ Lost at Curlew Park—SPC spray jacket embroidered with ‘M. Budgen’ and SPC Soccer Jersey. If found please contact Mr Andrew Pashley

CONFRATERNITY STATE OF ORIGIN DOUBLES Winning numbers: Homeside 3 Opposition 10 Congratulations to: Frank Torrisi

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Australia v Ireland Rugby Pre-game Cocktail Event Saturday, 26 June, 2010. The Mimiki Foundation together with The Summit Events (above the Iceworks) are proud to be hosting the 2010 Australia v Ireland Pre-game Cocktail Event with special guest speaker, Tony McGahon, Head Coach of Munster Rugby. Date: Saturday, 26 June, 2010 Time: 3:30pm – 7.30pm Venue: Summit Events Centre, Level One, Iceworks Building, 157 Given Terrace, Paddington. Cost: $100 per person (premium canapes, beer, wine and spirits) 7.30pm-12.00am – If you're not going to watch the Rugby game live at Suncorp Stadium, please feel free to stay at Summit Events to view the test match on the big screen. Full cash bar provided and all proceeds will be directed to the Mimiki Foundation.

Bookings essential - numbers limited. RSVP by Thursday, 17 June, 2010 PAYMENTS can be made via the website:

Our Guest Speaker Tony (Dumper) McGahan, Director of Rugby The 37 year old joined Munster in February 2005 as Defence Coach and the following season - with his role expanded to Defence / Backs / Skills Coach - played a central role in Munster securing their first ever Heineken Cup title. He enjoyed further Heineken Cup success in 2008 when Munster triumphed against Toulouse and last season, his first season as Munster Director of Rugby, took the squad to the semi final of the Heineken Cup and victory in the Magners League.

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June 18 Year 11-12 Examination Block/ Year 10 Advanced Mathematics Examination / AIC Chess Rnd 7 / AIC Cross Country June 19 AIC Rugby/Football Rnd 7

July 12 Year 12 SOR Presentations

July 13 Yr 10 Drama Presentation / Year 7-8 Drama Presentation

July 14 QDU Finals—Preliminary Round

July 15 UNSW Writing Competition Year 10-12 / UNSW Writing Competition Year 5-7

July 17 AIC Cross Country Trial / CIC Tennis Trials / Yr 8-10 Social

July 19 Parent Teacher Meetings / AIC AFL Rnd 1 / Theatresports semi finals

July 20 Co-Curricular Awards Assembly / Theatresports semi finals / Yr 12 Leadership Afternoon

July 21 Inter-House Debating Rnd 1 / Theatresports semi finals / QDU Finals Rnd 1

July 22 Year 12 QCS Practice / Inter-House Debating Rnd 1

July 23 Photo Day

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Issue 19 (17 June 2010)  

The end of Semester 1 is now upon us and as I reflect back on the term I am pleased with what I see. Term 2 is always a full term, particula...