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No. 18

12 June 2014

Dear Members of the St. Patrick’s College Community, The term is fast approaching its conclusion and I am sure that everyone is looking forward to the holiday break. I remind students about maintaining focus over the next few days so that they are able to achieve to their potential in their examinations. Report cards will be posted over the holiday period and parent/teacher meeting information will also be communicated. Over the last few weeks there has been a significant amount of illness among both students and staff. I hope that people are recovering and feeling better. It is important that we look after ourselves, and the boys need to ensure they get adequate amounts of rest and a good night’s sleep. This is critical for adolescent development. I hope this week is a better one for all who have been unwell. As part of the role of both myself and the College we have a responsibility to support and nurture staff so that they do have opportunities to progress their careers. Sometimes that progression can occur at St. Patricks College whilst at other times it results in the staff member leaving St. Patrick’s College to continue his or her career journey. It is my pleasure to announce that Mr Charles Brauer has been appointed Head of Middle School at Ambrose Treacy and Mr Tim Walker has been appointed Years 7 and 8 Coordinator and Head of Curriculum HPE at Ambrose Treacy. Both appointments are for 2015. Whilst it will be disappointing to see these gentlemen leave at the end of the year, I congratulate them on their appointments. In other staff news, Ms Marthy Watson will be on leave for Semester 2, 2014 and Semester 1, 2015, as she completes her PhD studies. I wish Marthy all the best over the next 12 months and look forward to her return later in 2015. As well, Ms Grace Gillions will be on maternity leave in Semester 2. We wish Grace all the best with the upcoming birth. This weekend sees the conclusion of the CIC and AIC seasons. I thank all involved in the various programs. Term 2 is always a significant term and I congratulate players, coaches, coordinators and supporters on what has been a successful season. My thanks also go to the large numbers of parents who have volunteered throughout the season. I particularly acknowledge the Sports Support Group for their outstanding efforts. I acknowledge the great work our Curlew Park grounds staff have done. This season Curlew Park has been maintained to an excellent standard and I thank and congratulate the grounds staff on their efforts. Our last fixture for the term is against St. Laurence’s and we need to finish the season strongly. Finally this week, with the State of Origin on Wednesday, 18 June, the P & F meeting has been rescheduled to Tuesday, 17 June, at 7:30 pm in the Waterford Building. Have a great week. God Bless

End of Semester 1 End of Semester Liturgy 12:30pm Callan Centre Students dismissed 1:30pm regular bus service will operate for early departure

Dr Michael Carroll College Principal

Semester 2 Monday 14 June - Students return Date Claimer—Sunday 14 September 2014 Deagon Community Race Day St. Patrick’s College will once again Host a marquee details in next week’s Calling

A Catholic Boys' School in the Edmund Rice Tradition Catering for Years 5 to 12

AP Curriculum In last week’s edition of the Calling I outlined some of the changes which will take place in Year 11 for 2015. The information was particularly relevant for students in Year 10 who will be involved in the subject selection process in August. To recap briefly, students in Year 11 will now study 6 subjects instead of the traditional 7. As well, the College will offer Certificate III courses in the areas of Fitness, IT and Business. These courses provide a pathway for students who do not wish to be part of either the OP strand or the Vocational Education strand.

Mr Chris Campbell allocated to the teaching of Physical Education. Hence, the amount of time allocated to the compulsory Physical Education subject will be doubled. The growth of the College laptop program has meant that the teaching of Information Technology can be done in accordance with a student’s core subjects. As such the IT elective is not being offered in Year 9. A very popular elective in recent years has been Advanced Mathematics. This has provided an opportunity for stronger academic students to pursue extra studies in this challenging subject. This is important as the Maths B/C subjects in Year 11 and 12 are quite complex, so the more opportunities the students get to immerse themselves in Mathematics the better.

The other year level who will be involved in a subject selection process in August will be Year 8. Once again there are changes to the options which have been in place for some years. The first change will be to the number of electives that the boys will be able to choose. For Year 9 2015 As a result of the success of the Advanced Mathematics elective, the College will now offer Advanced Science and and beyond, students will select two electives rather than Advanced English electives for Year 9 in 2015. These are two three. year courses and once again provide an opportunity for students looking to pursue a challenging academic program. This is because in Year 9 from next year, all students will undertake a program called ‘The Rite Journey’ in lieu of one Next week I will continue this discussion regarding elective elective. The Rite Journey is both a spiritual formation and personal development program and is explained in detail in choices for Year 9 and also for Year 10. Mr Torrisi’s column this week. The Rite Journey program is only for Year 9, which will require boys to choose a third elective for Year 10 only. At The two electives that the boys may choose have also the end of next week’s article I will publish a full list of undergone changes. Health and Physical Education is no longer offered in accordance with the Australian Curriculum, elective choices for 2015 and again for 2016. instead, increased time must be

2 | St. Patrick’s College Calling

College Dean Student Formation This week is the final week of all Football and Ruby fixtures for both CIC and AIC it is important for all boys to fulfil their commitments with their teams. All households should also be in full preparation for exams. It is important that students are aware when exams are scheduled and be prepared with all the necessary equipment to complete the exam. Students need to make sure all distractions are put on hold during this time.

Mr Frank Torrisi Mobile phone are not permitted to be used on the school grounds. If students are staying at school to study the Resource Centre will be available.

YEAR 7 CAMP This week the Year 7 students attended camp. From all reports so far it has been an extremely positive experience YEAR 10 AND 11 STUDENTS - TERM EXIT PROCEDURE for both staff and students. I would like to thank the following staff who attended camp: Mr Reid, Mrs Deacon, On Friday 13 June students in Years 11 and 12 will be Mrs Mulvihill, Mr Seers, Mr Greenfield, Mr Maynard, and Mr involved in an end of Semester exit process. This process N Toohey. will involve students being signed off by the Academic and Pastoral areas of the College. Year 12 students will meet with their House Deans during Period 5 and once they have SENIOR FORMAL AND YEAR 11 DINNER DANCE been processed are able to leave the College to commence Year 11 Dinner Dance payment is due on Friday 13 June. their block exams. Year 11 students will follow the same process during period 7. If a student has not fulfilled his LOST PROPERTY academic or pastoral commitments he will be required There is an abundance of lost property in the Student to stay at school until all those commitments have been Office, from lunch boxes to uniforms and particularly shoes fulfilled during exam block. All students must have (black leather and sporting). At the end of this term we their parents/guardians sign the form (which is in your will be doing our usual donation to St Vincent de Paul with any lost property that has not been claimed before then. son’s diary). Please come in and ensure that any lost property is claimed. BLOCK EXAMS All students in Years 11 and 12 receive block exam privileges. Students in these year levels only come to school when they have exams. While at home it is important to utilise this time productively for exam preparation. When attending school for exams it is important to stay on the grounds of the College. IPods and

The Rite Journey - Forming Men of Action

with Spirit; Relationship with the World.

Car bumper stickers are thought provoking. Our College’s new bumper sticker is no different. We proudly promote the ideal of forming Men of Action. This phrase provides a clear outcome and direction for our College’s Student Formation program. It is with this clarity that the staff of the College have explored and identified ways to better meet the developmental needs of our young men. As a result, 2015 will see our Year 9 students, and their families, participate in the year-long Rite Journey program.

The Rite Journey demands that our young men are provided with guidance from family, friends and a College mentor (College teacher). Together, the young men, family, friends and mentors will participate in several landmark rituals. Students and mentors will meet with each other for three lessons per week. These formation lessons will see our Year 9 students engaging in discussions and challenges that aim to support and encourage their development into strong characters that are motivated to form right and responsible relationships and to explore their potential across a range of experiences.

The Rite Journey The Rite Journey is a school-based program for Year 9 students that celebrates the journey out of adolescence and into manhood. Such a rite of passage aims to empower young men to connect with, and rise to, the challenges of manhood and to develop a deeper and more sensitive understanding of themselves and others. In striving for this, our young men will encounter four termly themes: Relationship with Self; Relationship with Others; Relationship

Parents of 2015 Year 9 students will be invited to attend an information evening in Term 3 that will provide more details about The Rite Journey. Please keep an eye out for further details regarding this occasion.

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AP Identity In my outstandingly hard-working Year 12 Religion and Ethics class this term, we have been studying the very broad issue of “social justice”. Obviously, this is a term we use frequently here at St Patrick’s. In fact, some might even say that we talk too much about service and social justice, and even Edmund Rice, and not enough about God and Jesus Christ.

Mr Matthew Hawkins The aim is that our service programs, our retreat programs and our curriculum work in harmony to educate the hearts and minds of our students so that they can develop the skills and desire to make a positive contribution in whatever field they choose to study beyond Year 12. These programs are not standalone programs. It is not the case that our curriculum is merely there to ensure our students get good OP scores, or attain great vocational pathways; it is not the case that our service programs are merely there to ensure our students turn out to be good, generous men; it is not the case that our retreat program and liturgies are merely there to ensure our students become men of faith. All of these aspects of our College work together in achieving our aims.

I have heard t he challenge before, “We are a good Edmund Rice school, but are we a good Catholic school?” I understand the question, but I think it contains a fundamental misunderstanding, for to be a good Edmund Rice school, I believe you have to be, by definition, a good Catholic school. Edmund was a deeply religious, reflective and spiritual man. He also happened to live his faith not just through reading the scriptures and prayer, but also through In my class this term, the boys have been learning more deeply about specific social justice issues, and they have action. been challenged to think of creative ways that St. Patrick’s can engage in some of our society’s injustices, as well as There is indeed an ongoing challenge for St. Patrick’s to provide opportunities for our students not only to use their how they can individually respond. There have been some excellent ideas presented, and no doubt some of them will hands and feet through service, but to engage their minds appear in the next issue of Just Us. They have been and hearts through transformational curriculum and challenged to educate their minds about injustice, to reflective practice. We put a great deal of effort into these transform their hearts as they focus on our world’s least two aspects of our students’ spiritual formation, firstly fortunate people, and to engage their hands as they involve through our formal Justice and Peace in the Curriculum themselves in justice and service work. I guess this is what’s Program, often highlighted in the Just Us magazine, and secondly through our extensive, sequential Retreat Program meant by the term, “holistic education”. from Years 5-12.

AP Curriculum YEAR 6 GETS SLIMED! As part of their science unit this term, Year 6 have been studying the concept of solids, liquids and gases. To apply their previous science knowledge, they have completed many chemistry experiments, including mixing baking soda and vinegar and making glitter slime. Glitter slime involved creating slime using topical ingredients such as glue, water and borax powder. Students were focusing on irreversible and reversible changes to objects. The slime-like substance caused an irreversible change. Students were asked to reflect and respond on the completed task. Many students thoroughly enjoyed the experiment even though various groups failed, due to the overflow of glue, water and powder. The Year 6 class was excited because it was joyous and amusing due to the stickiness of the goo, which made our hands very slimy! By Lewis Dittberner and Henry Swan. 4 | St. Patrick’s College Calling

Mr Chris Campbell

Director of Culture Below is a brief overview with links to the Cultural Connect pages containing more detailed information on each of the activities.

MUSIC Coordinator - Stephen Fischer Yesterday was a real treat in the Co-Curricular Music area. We had the debut performance of our Junior Percussion with a couple of older guests from Senior Percussion, Brandon Clover and Jesse Keasley. Playing a Brazilian street dance inspired piece, "Street Beat" they confidently executed rhythms with ease. Special mention to Luka Bellgardt (Year 5) for getting up the front and leading the group. We also had our Term 2 Music Performance evening in Waterford last night. This saw performers from five of our Music Ensembles as well as many performances from solo, duos and trios amongst the students and staff. Special mention to my player of the night, with his debut appearance at one of these events, Dylan Strathdee (Year 12) for his contribution to the Senior Vocal Group. A big thank you and congratulations to all our students and staff involved whether playing, or as part of the crew.

Mr Geoff Samuels MUSIC CAMP—JULY 10/11 We will conduct a "Music Intensive: Day Camp" at the College as preparation for our big events and ventures in Term 3. These include preparations for Showcase, Celebration of Excellence as well as performing in the community at events such as Einbunpin (July), Catholic Colleges Music Festival (August), Jazzin' Up the Mall - QSM (July). Details will be released on the web page soon! Lots of events, camps and exciting things coming up. Please refer to our newsletter and CONNECT page for information. Please also feel free to email with any enquires to Instrumental tuition – Timetables are listed on CONNECT Ensembles Rehearsals – See CONNECT for details For further information refer to the INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PAGE click here

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Director of Culture DEBATING Coordinator - Lorraine O’Sullivan Draw for QDU fixtures is now available on the Debating Page (see link below) For further information refer to the DEBATING PAGE click here BIS JUNIOR CULTURAL COMPETITION Coordinator - MS Andrea Hey Even though in our final round of the BIS cultural competition our opposition withdrew, our boys with their enthusiasm continued on with the round and competed against each other. Our four public speakers were Jack Wright (Year 6), Jayden Dunbar (Year 6), Jack Wilson (Year 5) Speaker of the round was Lewis Rosevear (Year 6).

Mr Geoff Samuels

ART CLUB Coordinator - Katie Moro Art Club finishes for the year at the end of term.  Final Senior Art Club— Friday 13/06/2014 (due to early finish on the last day of term).  Final Junior Art Club—Thursday 19/06/2014 Thank you to all students who participated this year and helped make Art Club awesome! We will display your work at the Open Day Art Show in Term 3. Junior Art Club—Years 5 -7, Thursday 3:00pm – 4:30pm Senior Art Club—Years 8 - 12, Friday 3:00pm – 4:30pm For further information refer to the ART CLUB PAGE


Coordinator - Marthy Watson Congratulations on a great competition and well done to all Please check the webpage for team lists and training times speakers. (see link below) The Debating teams also did a great job with some fantastic For further information refer to the THEATRESPORTS PAGE arguments about whether or not we should drink recycled water. Well done to our debaters Mitchell White, Nicholas click here Gecks-Preston, Sean Grew-Figuerola, and Ben Simpson. Speakers of the round were Marcus Birthisel and Craig PUBLIC SPEAKING Gilpin. As chairperson and timekeeper Patrick Taylor did a Coordinator – Jonathan Brough distinguished job keeping everyone informed and timed. All grades can compete in the School Oratory Comp later in An enjoyable time was also had by our Chess players. the year Great job gentlemen! For further information refer to the PUBLIC SPEAKING PAGE A big thank you must go out to the coaches for Debating Ms click here Amber Stanley and Mr Allan Clark, to Ms Jan Mair for coaching Chess and finally to Mrs Rosemary Butt for CHESS assisting with Chess. Coordinator - Scott Little Chess Club: Mondays 3:00 – 4:15pm AIC DRAW ROUND 7


HOME - Friday June 13

For further information refer to the CHESS PAGE

click here

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Director of Sport This Saturday is the last round (Round 7) of Football and Rugby. St. Patrick’s College will verse St Laurence’s College in both CIC and AIC. All our games this Saturday are away at the St Laurence’s College Playing Fields, Nathan Road, Runcorn.

Mr Luke Donatini OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENTS  Regan Glynn (Year 12) – selected into the

AIC 1 Rugby Team to compete at the Queensland Schoolboys Rugby Trials from Friday 20 June to Sunday 22 June at Ballymore. As this will be the last St. Patrick’s College game of rugby or  Daniel Robinson (Year 12) & Jack Kelly (Year 11) – both selected into the Chairman’s XV Rugby Team to football for our current Year 12 students, we wish them every success and thank them for their contribution over the compete at the Queensland Schoolboys Rugby Trials from Friday 20 June to Sunday 22 June at Ballymore. many years they have represented St. Patrick’s College in  Max Grimshaw (Year 7), Keegan Vandenberg (Year either (or both) codes of sport. 7), Lachlan Dionysius (Year 7), Tallis Payne (Year 7), Caleb Sturgess (Year 6) & Jasper Simmons (Year 6) – all We would also like to acknowledge and thank all the selected into the Bramble Bay District Primary Under 12 volunteer parents and those involve with the College’s Rugby Union Team to compete at the Metropolitan North Sports Support Group for the time and effort they have Primary Rugby Union Championships on Wednesday 30 afforded to run the Curlew Park Canteen and BBQ on our July. ‘home’ game days in 2014. The assistance of all parents is greatly appreciated and it is wonderful knowing that we  Jack Kelly (Year 11) – selected into the 2014 National have such great support of the College’s sporting program. Indigenous U18 Rugby Union Squad to compete at the National Open Schoolboy’s Rugby Championships later this For this Saturday, we ask that all students are at St year. Laurence’s College Playing Fields, at least 45 minutes before the start of their game and that any student who comes Bramble Bay District and Metropolitan along to support or stays behind after their game is dressed North Regional Trials in their College’s Formal Uniform. Please refer to information supplied on Connect or the College App for details about times and exact playing venues for Round 6.


Should a St. Patrick’s College student be attending a Bramble Bay District sporting trial or a Metropolitan North Regional sporting trial, it is the responsibility of the student’s parents/guardian to notify the College (Student Office) of their son’s absence on the day of the trial. The only exceptions to this will be when St. Patrick’s College nominates students in the championship sports of Swimming, Cross Country and Track & Field. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation of the above mentioned.

SPC GYM Term 2 Gym Timetables are now up on connect. Please click on the below link for further details:

click here SPC BASKETBALL For more information about SPC Basketball, please click on the below link:

click here SPC CROSS COUNTRY For further details about this Friday’s AIC Cross Country Meet, please click on the below link:

click here SPC TENNIS

SPC Track & Field Sign On NEXT WEEK MONDAY 16 to FRIDAY 20 JUNE

College Gym

For further details about this Friday’s AIC Cross Country Meet, please click on the below link:

click here St. Patrick’s College Calling | 7

Director of Sport CROSS COUNTRY AIC MEET – THIS FRIDAY, MARIST COLLEGE ASHGROVE Marist College Ashgrove Invitational Cross Country Meet Friday 13 June, 2014 142 Frasers Rd, Ashgrove Bus entry via Frasers Rd with bus parking available in bus shelter.

Mr Luke Donatini This is the last meet for term 2 – all AIC cross country boys are expected to attend, regardless of exam block sign off. The bus sign on is in the library if you have not done so yet. A bus will be available to and from the event. It will depart at 3.10pm, all boys to meet straight after tutor group in the Plaza area. Bus will arrive back at St Pat’s at approximately 6 – 6.15pm, depending on traffic. Awards will be presented to the first 3 place getters for each age group. CROSS COUNTRY TRAINING TIMES:

Program of Events Marshalling

Starting Time

3km Race (U13)



4km Race (U14/15) 6km Race (U16/ Open)

4:10pm 4:30pm

4:20pm 4:40pm

MONDAY 3.15 – 4.30 pm WEDNESDAY 6.45 – 8.00 am FRIDAY 3.15 – 4.30 pm SUNDAY SHUFFLERS 7am – 8am *families welcome

SPORT SUPPORT GROUP The Sport Support Group assisted touring teams to raise funds by organising Meat Trays to raffle on our Home Game Days. The touring teams sold the tickets produced by the Sport Support Group who purchased the meat trays and claimed a refund at the conclusion of the raffle. The results were: 3 May Volley ball $615.00 10 May Cross Country $519.00 31 May Tennis $442.50 7 June Confraternity RL $468.30 All in all the funds raised from the meat trays were $2,044.80. The raffle for the Wallabies Jersey raised a gross of $1200.00 the results are published below. Thanks to everyone who supported our raffles. We wish to thank the cheerful parents and friends who assisted us at the home games at Curlew Park during Term Two, which came to a close with our last home match, Saturday 7 June, against St. Peter’s Lutheran College. A special thanks go to Mr David Row as Curlew Park Canteen Convenor. Many hands make light work.

Rain will not stop the XMen from training.

8 | St. Patrick’s College Calling

Rosters PADDIES VAN ROSTER Tuesday Morn BBQ Decker Park, Sandgate 7.25 am - 9.00 am

Tuesday Evening Street Van Brisbane City 5.00 pm - 7.30 pm

Thursday Morning BBQ Humpybong School 7. 30 am - 9.00 am

Saturday Night BBQ Sandgate Sandgate Lagoon 5.15 pm - 7.30 pm

Tuesday, 17 June Jack Colbert, Miles Dittberner, Cody Erb, Des Farrell, Mitch Hare, Nathan Hicks

Tuesday, 17 June Ben Rooney, Josh Wright, Ethan Aylward, Fabian Power

Thursday, 19 June Evan Irish, Wesley Lam, Brock McLean, Kodie Messina, James Nott, Hunter Pusterla

Saturday, 21 June Jack Pashley, DJ Copping, Joshua Willmott, Jesse Keasley

Please Note: If you cannot fulfil your commitment to take part in these service programs, please advise Mrs Righetti ASAP.


TERM TIME TRADING HOURS TUES 12-4pm, WED 10am-2pm, THURS 7.30am-11.30am

FINANCE The Term 2 school fee accounts were emailed or posted on the 7 April and were DUE FOR PAYMENT ON THE 22 APRIL 2014 unless alternative payment arrangements have been put in place. Please note that if your account has extra levy charges these will need to be paid separately. If you did not receive a Term 2 account please contact Karen Mattingley on 36319082 or via email on






Joanne Casey, Marney Merritt, Jodie Mc Ateer, Tanya Smith


Bernadette Waqavou, Vicki Jeffrey - Help Needed


Chris Hare, Janelle Lakey, Fiona Foster


Shelley Paine, Susan Botting, Alison Gilpin, Shelli Hulcombe


Susanne Brough, Lisa Cawthorne, Melinda Pahany, Cynthia Scott-Francis


Maree Denkes, Joanne Tebble, Leanne Hume

On some Mondays. Please call Demetria on 3631 9050 if you can assist.

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June Calendar

Calling issue 18 (12 june 2014)  

The term is fast approaching its conclusion and I am sure that everyone is looking forward to the holiday break.